Belle 20 Zane 24

Chapter One

Zane tossed in his bed, unable to get comfortable without Belle to hold. He had slept at most four hours a night since she left. They had gone to see King Gabriels cousin and Zane wasn’t allowed to come since he and Belle weren’t married. Gabriels cousin thought it was unseemly that Gabriel even allowed them sleepovers atall when they weren’t wed. Gabriel thought his cousin was ridiculous trying to tell two grown people what to do but he had to respect his cousins wishes in his home. Zane decided the two hours of sleep he had already obtained was all he was going to get so he rose from the bed and went into the kitchen for coffee. “Four more days” he said to himself as he poured the black liquid into a cup.
He drank until all the coffee he made was gone then walked out of his home without brushing his hair or changing the clothes he had worn the day before. He barely felt like doing anything much less his upkeep when nobody he cared about was going to see him. Zane was going to wait for the mail woman that came to their kingdom to ask if he had a letter from Belle yet. Zane climbed up in a tree and awaited her arrival. Soon as he expected he heard her horse coming, jumping down right before they passed his tree. He startled the horse making it stand on its hind legs and neigh in distress.
The mail woman quieted her mare “jesus Zane. You’re going to kill my horse with fear. I have nothing for you from Belle. I’m sorry”
“Are you sure”
“Yes, you’re worse than the children when I bring letters from Santa. I’m sure she will write you soon” Zane frowned and walked off without saying anything else to them. The mail carrier sighed and stroked her horse “I wish somebody missed me that much” She said to her mare then encouraged her to walk again. Belle sat in the room she had been given trying to write as quietly as possible so nobody would know she was awake. She promised Zane to write and tell him about her trip but every single time she tried it was like her second cousin had radar that alerted her to what Belle was doing. Laurie would always come bounding into the room or up the tree she was writing in and demand they spend time together.
Belle was very nearly done when once again Laurie discovered her “Belle! I didn’t know you were awake! Stop writing and come out with me”
“Laurie please, I’m almost done” Laurie began to whine “Belle” she said as if Belle had added forty or so ls to her name. “I’m coming in a second. I’m putting my foot down today. I made a promise and I’m going to keep it. I need to at least send one letter to my boyfriend” Laurie huffed and sat in the chair by Belles window, her white and yellow dress flowing over her legs. “writings boring”
“Not to hurt your feelings but how would you know since you can’t read or write”
“I dont want to learn because it’s boring”
“It’s not and you can keep in touch with the people you love when you’re away”
“Does Zane even love you?” Belle sighed “Laurie, don’t piss me off”
“what? He’s been dating you for five years and hasn’t popped the question”
“he loves me. I’m happy how we are. I don’t need marriage to be happy with Zane. He’s sweet and a lot of fun”
“An Assassin is sweet?”
“Yes he is”
“whatever you say cousin. Just hurry and finish. I’m sorry I upset you”
“If you’re sorry you’ll never talk about Zane like that again”
“I wont” Belle finished her letter and placed it in an envelope then went downstairs to eat breakfast with everyone. After breakfast she informed everybody that she was heading to the post office. Laurie as always tagged along with Belle. “why didn’t you ask one of the servants to do it?”
“i have legs and they work just fine.”
“I guess, so what did you tell Zane?”
“That I missed him and about all the things we’ve done”
“Is it a long letter?”
“Two pages and a half”
“wow, thats a lot of words”
“Yeah, I needed that many to tell him everything”
“How’s sex with an assassin? I hear they are wild men”
“I don’t discuss my sex life Laurie”
“Oh come on Belle”
“Seriously” Laurie made a whining noise “fine”
“is your fiance hanging out with us again today?’ Belle asked and Laurie smiled “yep, we’ll need some privacy for a little bit if you know what i mean” Belle gave a small laugh “alright, I don’t mind”
“he has a pretty big cock that makes me moan really loud when he rams me so you may want to give us a lot of distance”
“too much information Laurie” Laurie laughed “sorry”
“it’s fine, just don’t tell me any more”

Chapter Two

They arrived at the post office and dropped off Belles letter before heading over to Lauries fiances home. Normally he came to them but today Laurie was impatient. Belle was astonished by Lauries fiances mansion. It was absolutely gorgeous from the outside “want a tour while we’re here?”
“One condition?”
“what is it?”
“I told you the size of my man. Is yours plump and pleasant or does he leave you wanting” Belle sighed “the first one” Belles face flushed and Laurie giggled “then I’ll ask my fiance to give you a tour” They were soon guided in by a servant who took them to the head butler “Oh the two miss Henris. Welcome. Laurie, your fiance is in a meeting so you should wait out here.”
“But I dont want to. Take me to him” The butler already accustomed to Laurie needing her way decided just to take her. He knew his employer would understand. Belles head was constantly moving around to view the art and gorgeous furnishings. They stopped at two large, pure white doors where the butler knocked. He was beckoned inside so the girls followed. Philo rose from his seat “Laurie, I’m meeting with an assassin. You shouldn’t be in here”
“but I missed you. You aren’t happy to see me? Jerk”
“Of course I’m happy. Will you just wait outside?”
“I”ll go home” Laurie said with her arms crossed. Philo walked from around his desk and took his fiances hands “I’ve bought you a present”
“You have?”
“Yes, come with me and I’ll give it to you. Belle, you’re fine with this assassin right? You go as far as to date one don’t you?”
“yes, this man is my friend actually”
“Oh good, we’ll be back” Laurie and Philo left the room while Belle and Argyos exchanged hugs “Belle, what’re you doing here?”
“Visiting family.”
“You’re related to that?” The butler laughed briefly then made false coughing sounds to stop himself. “yes I am, she’s alright”
“where’s Zane?”
“He couldn’t come. We’re staying with my fathers cousin and he doesn’t approve of unweds sleeping in the same house” Argyos rolled his eyes. “how long have you been visiting?”
“Five days, dads been handling some business here aswell as visiting which is why he could afford to be gone so long. I feel bad that I’ve only just gotten a letter into the mail for Zane but it’s nearly impossible to write when someone is whining in your ear. Laurie is always pouting when i sit to write and it becomes impossible to think. I made sure i included that in the letter. I’m sure his feelings are hurt but she truly made it impossible.”
“I know he’ll understand. I’m sorry he couldn’t come.”
“Me too, I almost stayed but my father asked me to reconsider. He doesn’t ask much of me so I came. I just miss Zane a lot”
“If I know him he misses you” they made more small talk until Lauri and Philo returned. They were both in disarray from making love to eachother but Belle and Argyos made no mention. “sorry for that Argyos”
“It’s fine, do I have all the information I need”
“yes, go forth” Argyos bowed then ran out.Instead of heading straight out on his job he stopped at the post office. When he cleared his throat everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at him as if he might attack at any moment. “I require a letter that a miss Belle Koppmann mailed to Zane Koopmann. I am taking it to him myself. I don’t have any time to waste so make haste in finding it. She’s only just dropped it off.” Everyone in the office moved to find it. A young man found it easily since he wasn’t stressed like the others. Kaelani handed it to Argyos “thank you”
‘No problem”

Chapter Three

Kaelani didn’t understand why most people were afraid of all assassins. It was only the shady ones that bothered him. Argyos went to the stable housing his horse and took off. Belle walked with Philo and Laurie as she was given a tour of Philos home. “wont it be somthing when I live here” Laurie said and Belle nodded. “it’s so beautiful”
“where will you and Zane live if he ever proposes?”
“What do you mean?”
“Does he have a mansion?”
“No he likes to live in a simple home. I like it.”
“You’re a princess though”
“Your point?” Laurie sighed “You are better than that”
“Laurie, i will go home this instant. You told me you’d stop talking like that about Zane”
“It just baffles me. You’re a princess and can have any man you want because of it. Yet, you choose an assassin. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around it”
“well stop trying. I love him and he loves me. He’s a sweet, wonderful man and I’ll be lucky if he decides to marry me. He wants me to live with him you know. I just say no because we aren’t married. I’m going back to your home. I’ll see you later”
“Belle, don’t be angry. I’m really just trying to understand you” Belle still walked out. She wouldn’t stand by while Laurie acted like Zane was below her. Belle just wanted to go home and wished she would have asked Argyos to escort her. Gabriel could tell somthing was troubling his daughter by how she entered the house and her serious face. He stood “excuse me please. I think my daughter is in need of me” They let Gabriel go and he followed Belle to her room. He walked in without knocking “you ok sweetheart?”
“Why does our family have such a big problem with me and Zane?” Gabriel sighed and shut the door. “Because you are a princess and are expected to marry somebody else royal.”
“That’s stupid”
“I agree, I like you with Zane. he truly loves you and you seem so happy when he’s around”
“Why can’t anybody else see that?”
“I’m not sure sweetheart but you have my blessing and truly if you are happy you don’t need anybody blessing to do what you want”
“I miss him dad”
“I know, I just needed you to come with me this trip. I promised some of the people that you have met they’d get to meet you. Mind you i promised when I didn’t know my cousin would have such a gripe with your boyfriend coming too.”
“I’m not upset with you for asking me to come. You never ask anything of me”
“I promised you’d be at the ball aswell tomorrow but if you truly want to go home I’ll arrange it”
“No, I am a princess and you gave your word as a king. I’ll stay”
‘Thank you, I love you so much Belle”
“I love you too. Where’s Rapunzel and Ariel?”
“May took them to a nearby farm to play with the animals. Why don’t you go join them. Lauries been attached to your hip since we arrived. I’m sure you need a breather from her.”
“I do, I made a bit of a scene at her fiances house. I’m sorry for embarrassing you” Gabriel sighed “The last time you made an unwarranted scene you were a toddler. I’m sure you were just to get however upset you were.” Belle hugged her father “go back to your meeting dad. Thank you for coming to talk to me”
“You and your siblings will always be foremost in my heart and mind Belle. I love you”
“Love you dad” They both left the room. Gabriel returned to the men while Belle asked a maid where the nearest farm was then left before Laurie appeared again.

Chapter Four

Gabriel didn’t have to be upset for Belle to feel bad as she walked. A lot was expected of him as king and how they behaved reflected on him. She should have kept her cool instead of getting angry. Argyos arrived at Zanes house just an hour after most were having their dinner. When Zane answered the door Argyos was taken back “wow, you ok man?”
“Yes, why?”
“I don’t know. You look ill”
“I’m fine, would you like to come in for a drink or maybe a place to rest for the night?”
“No, I need to get going but i wanted to give you this letter from Belle. I was taking a job from a royal in the same town she’s visiting and we got to talking. She told me she had written a letter for you and dropped it off just that morning. I thought you might appreciate an express delivery”
“thank you so much. Wait here one second” Zane quickly went to his dresser and pulled out some gold for Argyos “hey, we’re friends. I was just being one”
“Take it, please. You don’t know what this means to me”
“I do judging by your appearance. I have to get going on my job now. I’ll see you and Belle another time”
“safe travels and best of luck”
“You know I don’t need luck” Argyos said then took off. Zane sat at his kitchen table and opened his beloveds letter. He smiled all the way through it, his sad and lonely heart warming and piecing together just as it did the day he found out he had a shot with Belle. He read it twice before taking it over to his desk to write a return letter.

My Sweet Belle

It’s so wonderful to finally hear from you. I understand, I struggle to be in the same room as your second cousin and her whining. It makes me wonder if she ever passed the toddler stage or if her body got bigger without her mind. Although I was eager to hear from you I was never upset with you. I knew if you had a moment you would have written. You told me before you left the trip was about business too for your father and not just family. I want to be there so badly, to be able to hold and kiss you but I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder. I’ve actually been hoping we might go away together once you get back. Just you and I since I’ve had to be without you for so long. We always have so much fun when we travel together. I’ll be coming up with more ideas to run by you when you return if you want to travel again with me.
Know while you’re away that you are all I think about. My life doesn’t have a point when you’re gone. I barely know what to do with myself. My cooking has been suffering since my mind is forever drifting to what you are doing and if you are safe. I hope you’ll find another opportunity to write me but if you don’t that’s ok. I hope the ball is fun tomorrow. I know how you love to dance. Enjoy yourself and don’t sit to the side because I’m not there. I’d rather have you dancing and having fun than being the wallflower you aren’t. I promise I wont get jealous no matter who you dance with since I know your heart belongs to me.
To be honest when i read the letter I was tempted to come to the ball but I know that will only upset your uncle and make things tense for your father. We don’t have to endure too many more days apart so I’ll be good my love.

~ Forever yours, Zane Koopmann

He sealed the letter and left it on the desk. He wouldn’t be able to mail it off until tomorrow since currently the post office was closed. Feeling much better now that he had a letter from Belle, Zane took a shower and made himself a nice meal. After he finished eating and cleaned up his kitchen he took Belles letter to bed and read it again before setting it on the nightstand and actually catching a good nights sleep. In the morning he woke refreshed and decided he really should clean up his whole house. Laundry laid everywhere along with dishes and trash. He hadn’t been doing anything with how depressed he felt with her gone.
It didn’t take him long to get the house clean but it was long enough that the post office opened so he could drop off Belles letter. He paid them extra to ensure somebody took it that day. Zane decided he would also sharpen his knives today since they were due. It would eat up some of the time out of this day since he still had three more days to be without Belle. He walked into his home and quickly began gathering and sheathing all his blades. Once they were together he walked into town to talk to the local smith. “wow Zane, all at once?”
“May aswell”
“The princess will be home soon.” The smith said in almost a chuckle. “Not soon enough. I did finally get a letter from her though.”
“That’s good. Come check on this in about two hours. Hopefully I’ll have them all done”
“Thank you” Zane walked away to waste time in town. The smiths shop was too far into town to merit Zane walking all the way home. He stopped at the jewelry shop first and browsed. “Morning Zane” The shopkeep said through her smile “morning, how’re things?”
“Fine, I don’t have anything new. I doubt you’ll find somthing for Belle”
“I could have missed somthing” Zane didn’t let himself look at the rings. He would just get sad with want to marry Belle, knowing that would probably be over reaching with her father. The king was allowing him to date her and that would be enough. The last thing he wanted to do was push the king too far and he forbid them to see eachother. No doubt Gabriel was waiting for someone more suitable for Belles hand to catch her eye.

Chapter Five

The next morning Lauries personal seamstress measured Belle and Laurie to make perfectly fitting dresses for the nights ball. Ariel and Rapunzel were just going to join the sleepover of children in another part of the great mansion the ball was being held at. Snow was offered a new dress but she took offense at it even though all the women of the household were going to be made new dresses. Gabriel was frustrated with Snow for yet again turning a simple non offensive gesture into somthing terrible. He wished he had Cantaly to help him know what to do with her. She was always so good at making Snow mind and not snap the necks of all who approached her.
When Lauries seamstress and her mothers mothers seamstress were done with the measurements all were allowed to go about their day until the ball. “Laurie, why do you have your own seamstress?”
“I never wear the same thing twice so I need one of my own. You haven’t noticed”
“I just see you so little I thought nothing of you always in somthing different”
“I didn’t mean to make you so angry yesterday Belle. Please understand, It’s just that I envy your position”
“You are a princess. Men would literally kill to have your hand and yet you choose a man of Zanes profession. Granted it’s a noble job but does not fit a man to marry someone of your stature. You could marry into far more money than he could offer you. Think of your descendants and what if you want your own seamstress one day and he cant afford it” Belle sighed, honestly pitying her cousins point of view “dear cousin, I’m sorry i took offense. I am an adult and shouldn’t have stormed off like I did but I think differently than you. I don’t care how much money Zane has though he does have a lot of it. He is the most highly recommended and renowned assassin. He gets jobs that most assassin will never even hear about. I’m proud to be by his side when we go out because he protects the kingdoms from lowlifes who ruin peoples lives. Many men asked for my hand before I started dating Zane but the only man I’ve ever wanted is him. He makes me happy and you should be happy for me”
Laurie thought for a time then hugged Belle “Forgive me please?”
“Of course”
“I will not talk down about your boyfriend again”
“Thank you” That day was far more pleasant than any day Belle had with her second cousin before. Night came and they were all getting ready for the ball when a knock sounding at the front door. A servant answered and took the letter for Belle that was handed to him by Kaelani. Belle wanted to run down the stairs but kept in mind she wasn’t home and was representing her father right now. She waked gracefully as she was taught by her mother and took the letter with feminine charm. Gabriel smiled approvingly and Snow just huffed with her arms still crossed. She had been sitting at her fathers side talking to their fathers uncle and aunt and was sickened by Belles performance. It was truly jealously she couldn’t walk with such grace but Snow ever not realizing the depth of envy she felt for her younger sisters just felt hatred.
“I know we need to head to the ball but may I please read it before we go dad?”
“I wont mind waiting” Gabriels Uncle said so Gabriel told Belle it was ok. Belle walked over to a chair and opened her letter. She read it quick though she didn’t want to. Everyone was waiting and it would be rude to make them wait too long. When she was done she put it back in it’s envelope and walked it up stairs to put with her belongings. Gabriel was happy his Uncle didn’t mind. Belle was now glowing with happiness to hear from Zane. “I’m ready, thank you so much for your patience” Belle said when she came back down. “it’s no trouble, I remember being young and in love. Let us be going now”

Chapter Six

At the ball Belle stood against a wall drinking punch. Zane had told her to dance but she couldn’t find anybody that she knew there. Suddenly she heard “Belle!” She turned to see Marvin, Keltie, Embrae and Kepu “Marvin! Everyone, oh I’m so glad to see somebody I know here”
“It’s been a long time” Marvin said as he hugged Belle. “Yes it has, I believe this is only the fourth time I’ve met Embrae, Kepu and your sister.”
“You and Zane should come for a visit. We could all go on an adventure together” Keltie suggested in excitement making her husband smile. “Zane and I have been talking about going off somwhere together. When the sun rises again I’ll be going home in three days. I don’t know where you live but if you give me a general idea I know my boyfriend can find your house. If you’re serious that is” Kelties face lit up “I was absolutely serious! Kepu, do you want to?”
“Of course i do” Keltie hugged Belle then explained where she lived to the best of her ability. Kepu added a few tips to make sure they found their home easily. Afterward Embrae asked ‘so you’re here alone then?”
“Yeah, Zane couldn’t come because we aren’t married and since he isn’t of high enough ranking it would be a scene to bring him to this ball. He didn’t want to make trouble for my father” Marvin made an annoyed noise “such stupidity. I’m sorry Belle”
‘I’m fine”
“My cousin Hoashnal is here if you would like to dance with him.” Marvin leaned closer and whispered “he is attracted to women as much as cats are attracted to swimming in the pond if you know what I mean so you wont have to worry about unwanted advances” Belle smiled “thank you Marvin, point him out and I’ll see if he wants to dance” Marvin did and Belle walked over “excuse me, Hoashnal correct?”
‘Would you dance with me?”
“It would be an honor princess but will Zane mind” Belle giggled “he wont” Hoashnal offered his hand and he soon began twirling her around the dance floor. During a slow song Belle whispered in his ear the names of a couple men at this ball that also liked men. Hoshnal blushed “thank you”
“No problem, I’ll let you ask one to dance. ” Hoashnal kissed Belles hand then she went to find her father. He stopped drinking his wine and said “this is my beautiful daughter Belle” Belle gave a curtsy. “my how you’ve grown” one woman said and Belle smiled “I haven’t seen you since I was still a child.”
“I’m flattered you remember me” Belle chatted as much as she thought was proper then said “may i talk to my father alone?” They left and Belle asked “may I go back to the house dad?’
“Yes, you’ve done plenty. Good work remembering those people.”
“I try, mom always told me a princess should remember every face she meets” Gabriel sighed ‘she did such a good job with all of you. I can only pray I’m doing so well with Rapunzel and Ariel”
“You are, I can already see they will be amazing women” Gabriel kissed his daughters cheek “go write Zane and then rest”
“Have fun tonight dad, dance with someone”
“There’s too much business to be talked about”
‘Uh huh, you haven’t danced with anybody but my siblings and I since moms passing. Go dance”
“Maybe one”
“One is good” Belle walked out and went back to her second cousins home. She pulled out Zanes letter and read it slowly, listening to his voice in her head as she read his writing. That silky, smooth voice she loved so much. Goosebumps began to form as she imagined him whispering “my sweet Belle” in her ear. She put the letter down, blushing. She decided to go ahead and write back before she got lost in fantasys. In her letter she told him what little had happened since her last letter then asked if he would like to go on an adventure with Keltie and Kepu. Belle knew he would want to which is why she already agreed to it but she still asked anyway. She completed the letter with her sent love then sealed it to take to the post tomorrow morning.

Chapter Seven

The last days of Belles trip felt incredibly slow but she got through them and was finally able to start heading home. She was excited as she rode with her family. Belle planned to go straight to Zanes house if he wasn’t waiting on the rode. Zane was out in a field of wild flowers making a bouquet for Belle when a bee stung him. He cursed it then continued plucking until he was satisfied. Once a ribbon was tied around them to keep the flowers together he walked home to place them at the table and start on his lasagna. One of Belles most favored things to eat was lasagna and he wanted tonight to be extra romantic since they would be traveling with friends instead of alone.
He definitely didn’t care after so many days without her. All he wanted was Belle in his arms and sight again. Zane also really liked Kepu. He had made a good first impression by simply not being afraid of him. Zane respected men greatly that didn’t fear him just for being an assassin. To him it showed good character because why fear him if you don’t plan on doing somthing to piss him off. Keltie and Belle clicked really well too. They hadn’t hungout many times but they seemed to truly enjoy eachothers company.
Zane made quick work of preparing the layers of his lasagna. Lasagna was about one of the longest things to make but Belle was worth the effort. When it was finally ready Zane went into his bathroom to shower and shave for Belle. Shaving was another thing that went out the window when she wasn’t around. He had nobody to look good for so he didn’t see the reason to bother. He checked his lasagna even though he knew it wouldn’t be ready. Zane just had to be sure it was baking properly. Next he began to clean up his home in the spring cleaning sense. He dusted, swept and did every bit of detail work he could think of but then realized the folly in his plans. He should have taken a shower after this because now he was dirty again. He was so excited over Belle he hadn’t thought of that.
It truly didn’t matter though. Zane checked the lasagna again then went back into the bathroom for a quick shower this time. When he got out the lasagna was finally ready so he turned the oven off, leaving it in there to keep it warm. He would set it on low closer to evening to heat it for Belle. Zane had run out of things to do to prepare for Belle so he went outside to sit and wait on his porch. Zane only went in to turn the oven on low then he came back out. No more than ten minuets later he heard the gallop of Belles horse and quickly came to his feet. He didn’t even let Belle get off the horse before taking her in his arms. He just snatched her right off the horses back and cradled her in his hug.
“come with me to put my horse in the stable baby. I’m sure she wants water and food”
“let me turn the oven off real quick then” Zane walked with Belle into the house and turned the oven off without setting her down. She just smiled, loving he didn’t want to let go of her. He was always like this when they had to spend days apart. Zane set Belle on her horse then got on behind her. Zane guided the horse to the kings stables then walked away carrying Belle. “I missed you so much” Belle said softly. “missed you does not do justice to what I do when you’re gone” Zane answered making a bigger smile stretch across Belles face. The second they were in Zanes house and his door was closed he began kissing Belle. They could each feel how much the other missed them in their kiss. When Zane parted their lips he set Belle down to give her the flowers “I picked those for you today”
“They’re beautiful, thank you”
“Are you hungry?”
“I made lasagna” Belle hugged him again “yay, I love your lasagna”
“That’s why i made it. Sit down and I’ll serve us both some” Zane made the plates as his heart rested on cloud nine to have Belle in his home again. They talked all through dinner, the only thing keeping her out of his arms is the fact they did need to eat. She had barely set her fork in the empty plate when Zane was taking her out of her chair again. Belle laughed and he kissed her head. When they were in his bedroom Zane sat her on the bed to take her shoes off. She smiled saying coyly “what’s about our clothes?”
“that is all I needed to hear.” Zane said then stripped before stripping Belle. Belle giggled happily at his neediness as her jerked off their clothing.

Chapter Eight

Zane froze, deeply admiring Belles curvy body. He pushed Belle gently down so that she was laying then he grabbed her sides and began giving long kisses to her stomach. Belle had been so excited she only just the moment thought about she had been traveling all day “wait baby, shouldn’t I shower first. I’ve been traveling” Zane lifted his mouth from Belles stomach but it was still so close that she could feel his breath as he spoke “Don’t be silly my love. I want you, need you even. I’ve missed you in this way and all the others and I need you right now. You smell and taste amazing. Just let me enjoy you” Zanes stomach kisses became side kisses before becoming neck then rained kisses on Belles face.
Zane stopped to look into Belles eyes. Gently running the back of his hand over her cheek Zane said “those stunning green eyes..have you any idea what they do to me Belle?”
“Probably the same as your blue ones do to me” Her tone now reflecting how much just his kisses had excited her. Zane pulled Belle closer to the edge of his bed then nudged her legs apart before devouring her. Even Zane moaned a few times as he licked and sucked at her. He had missed this taste. She always tasted like candy and he couldn’t keep himself from being a glutton when between her legs. Sometimes it was all he could do to stop. When his rock hard shaft forced him to stop he got on the bed with Belle and brought her into his lap where he pushed her down on him. She had grown quite from his wild tongue but now she let out another loud moan which somehow made him harder.
Zane hugged Belle as he pumped into her and listened to her moans that could easily drive him mad. He came into her, still hard and needy so he laid Belle on the bed and kept thrusting. Now her moans were more like the whimpers she made earlier right before she could longer make sounds. Zane deeply moaned as he came the second time. He pulled the blankets then settled himself beside Belle under them. He pulled her into his arms so he could wrap his body around her then gently pressed his lips onto her head “I’m so happy you’re home. I love you monumentally Belle” Zanes fingers began to glide along Belle, continuing even after she had fallen asleep. He let a few silent tears of happiness drip from his eyes then kissed her again “it’s ridiculous how much I need you” was the last words he spoke before letting himself fall into the clutches of rest.
Belle smiled when her eyes opened the next morning and she was looking into Zanes chest. She kissed it and he woke “good morning my beautiful princess”
“Morning, let me make you breakfast” she said happily through a smile. “I’m not ready to let you go” Zane replied an Belle kissed his chest again “but our friends will be waiting on us.”
“They can wait” Belle giggled “ok, a little longer.” It felt perfect to finally be in his arms again anyway so she wasn’t ready to get up herself. It took a few more times of coaxing but Belle convinced Zane to let her make them breakfast. She decided on biscuits and gravy since they hadn’t had it in awhile. Zane propped his elbow on the table to hold his head as he watched Belle prepare the gravy in one of his shirts. “what?” Belle asked.
“Nothing, you look adorable in my shirt. They are all so big on you”
“well we do have quite the height difference”
“adorably so my love.” When the biscuits were in the oven Belle walked over to sit in Zanes lap. He gave her a long kiss then said ‘I forgot about my present yesterday. I bought you a new dress. I think you will make it look beautiful. I hope you like it”
“where is it?” She asked excitedly. Zane smiled then carried her back to their room. He set her on the bed then opened their closet. He pulled out a box and opened it, taking out the dress inside then holding it up for Belle to see. The look on her face was precisely what he was hoping to see. She took it from him then stripped her clothes. Zane becoming erect at the sight and Belle gave a small chuckle that made Zane blush. “You’ve been making love to me for two years and you still can’t see me naked without becoming erect”
“is that a bad thing?” he asked in a way that said he knew it wasn’t “Not atall, it makes me feel good” Belle answered then slid her new dress on. She modeled it in front of the full length mirror Zane bought her and squealed. “It’s quintessential Zane! Thank you!” She ran from the mirror to hug him and he lifted her up happily. “I bought you a present too but it’s at the castle since it was in my bag”
“Can I have it before we leave?”
“of course”

Chapter Nine

The oven let them know their biscuits were done so they went back into the kitchen. Belle heated their gravy a little more then they both enjoyed her mouth watering creation.  Zane ate like a starving man. Mostly because he loved her cooking but also because his body craved sustenance due to how poorly he ate while she was gone. As soon as they were done Belle changed and they prepared a small bag with one change of clothes for each of them. They could just wash the dirty ones in rivers along the way. The next stop was the castle to grab Zanes present and take their horses.
Belle walked in her bedroom to find her suitcase from the trip on her bed. She unzipped it then pulled out the small box. She turned with a buoyant smile “here, I hope it’s as amazing to you as this dress was to me”
“I’m sure it will be” Zane said even as he was opening the box. Inside lay a blue and black necklace made of stone and strong twine. “I thought it would look handsome on you. That blue is the same color as your eyes” Zane smiled then put it on “I will wear it always”
“you like it?”
“prodigiously my love” Zane leaned down for a kiss then asked “anything from your room you want to bring” She grabbed her hairbrush and a few hair bands and put them in the bag. “I should be fine with just those things”
“Then let us say bye to your father and head out. Does he know yet?”
“Yep but I would like to say bye” They walked to his office but he wasn’t in there so they decided to check Rapunzels room. That room also was vacant so they went to Ariels where they found Gabriel and a few of th servants putting on a puppet show for the young girls. Belle smiled, remembering a time when Zane had joined in on a show for her. They watched the show to its compelation then Belle said bye to everybody. “we’ll miss you” Rapunzel said “I’ll miss you girls too. Be good for dad” Ariel and Rapunzel nodded then Gabriel gave Belle another hug before shaking Zanes hand “I’m trusting you to bring her back home safe. I know she’s in no better hands than when she’s in yours”
“I would die to keep her safe. Thank you for allowing her to travel with me my king”
“Gabriel” Belles father corrected. Gabriel followed them outside and watched until he could no longer see Zane and Belle. “so, you think you can figure out where they live?”
“I’ve been in the area they described before. I’m pretty sure I’ve run right by their house”
“Did you three decide where we’re going?”
“No, I wanted to wait until you were with us so we could all talk about it”
“You know I’m happy to follow you anywhere”
“I know, I still wanted your input though” Their travels were safe and uneventful all the way to Keltie and Kepus house. They were greeted with excited hugs and a warm meal since they arrived at lunch. “so, where would you two like to go?” Keltie asked as they all ate. “where were you and Kepu thinking?” Belle asked in return. “If you guys want we can go to double rainbow valley. It always had so many fairy folk and wondrous creatures. Mt Manta is over there aswell, if we feel like we can explore it a little”
“That sounds fun, you like that idea Zane” He nodded since his mouth was full “great!” Keltie exclaimed and Kepu chuckled. She nudged him in the side and he kissed her cheek.

Chapter Ten

They decided to visit the rest of the day so Belle and Zanes horses could rest after traveling a few days just to get to them. Keltie and Kepu gave Belle and Zane Embraes old room since she now lived at the castle with her husband, King Marvin. The next morning Keltie had an upset stomach again so she woke early and started on french toast for everybody. She wished she knew why she felt so sickly lately and hoped it would soon pass. The yummy smell that started to fill her nose eased Kelties stomach and she felt better before anybody else was even awake and experiencing the new day. She woke their guests with a knock then went to kiss Kepu awake.
After breakfast everyone thanked Keltie for getting up early to cook then they packed to go. They took an extra horse to carry the two small tents and their changes of clothes. “so you helped my cousin score” Keltie said and Belle giggled “I’m glad”
“He’s always so shy about asking men because straight guys tend to flip out on him”
“Hm?” Zane asked since he had no idea what they were talking about “Belle gave my cousin a few tips on the gay men at the ball. He was who she danced with”
“Oh” They spent the days travel talking of many things until finally it was time to rest for the night. Zane and Kepu set up tents while Keltie and Belle went to hunt somthing to eat. Belle wouldn’t be much help to Keltie but she tagged along anyway so not to be doing nothing atall.
The girls weren’t back when the men finished with the tents so they rolled out sleeping bags and then made a fire. “Kelties a good hunter?”
“The best with her arrows” Kepu answered. Kepu smiled as Zane stared into the fire “Belle is safe out there with her. Don’t worry”
“I’m not worried”
“You’re not a good liar”
“Don’t let Belle hear I worried or I’ll get an earful” Kepu laughed “ok, you’re not worried. I heard they sent you after Sampson Duvont. I’m glad he finally got charged with high enough crimes for your blade.”
“He was a sick bastard but why?”
“One time he robbed and beat my mother, left her for dead on the road” Kepu said angrily even years after the fact. “rest assured that he’s removed from the population, raping and killing that royal earned him what he was due”
“He was just arrested too many times. Every time they let him out he hurt more people”
“I know, that’s why they called me to end him”
“well, I respect your work Zane. Its an ugly, dirty job but I’m glad there are men and women who do it. I hate killing, I do it if I have to but I couldn’t have your job”
“Not many can, then theres though who have the stomach but not the skill. Many assassins arise yearly only to fail at the trade”
“I don’t know your job but it can’t be easy”
“I’m sure it isn’t for most. I was born to do this, atleast thats what my father says”
“Do you ever see your father?”
“Rarely, I dislike him around Belle”
“Though she doesn’t notice it he can be rude to her at times and i dont appreciate it. He’s jealous I can keep a relationship when he never has been able to. He takes it out on her. Sometimes I feel he’s trying to chase her off. Last time he really crossed the line, especially after I almost lost her because of that prick Neef. I told him he wasn’t welcome any longer if he couldn’t respect my wi…my girlfriend”
“I heard about that. Talk of his scars spread like wildfire. Also, did you almost call Belle your wife?” Zane sighed “yes. it’s wishfulness. Ignore it”
“why don’t you marry her?”  Before Zane could answer the girls returned so Kepu would wait to talk about it without Belle in earshot. They brought a wild boar that Kepu prepared while the girls rested. Belle sat near Zane and rested against him.

Chapter Eleven

After dinner they went ahead into their tents so they could wake as early as possible. “take off your shirt and I’ll gently rub your back” Zane pulled it off then laid on his stomach. Belle climbed on top of him and began to trail her fingers across Zanes skin, goosebumps following where ever her fingers flowed. Zane let out a gentle, content sigh that made Belle smile. She kept going until she had almost put him to sleep. Before getting off she gave him three long kisses across his shoulders then slipped into the sleeping bags he zipped together. Belle took the hand nearest to her and enclosed it between her two hands “goodnight Zane”
“Goodnight my beautiful treasure. Thank you” He said just loud enough to be considered whispering. She smiled sweetly “you’re welcome” They fell asleep, Zane and Keltie waking first. She began on breakfast while Zane scooted closer to Belle. He touched their heads together and just breathed in the calm she always made wash over him. He had nearly fallen asleep again when Keltie approached their tent “breakfast is ready” Belle didn’t stir so he kissed her head then removed his hand from hers “wake up Belle, we need to eat and go if we want to get to our destination by lunch”
She gave a small, bonny sigh. “don’t be cute Belle. I’ll never be able to get you up” She opened her eyes looking as prepossessing as ever. She slowly sat up and Zane pulled her into a kiss. She smiled against his lips then he stopped so they could get out of the tent. Everyone ate and then they took down the tents before making sure the horses were fed and watered well for their journey. It was a nice day so Zane never put his shirt back on from taking it off last night so Belle could rub him. He was enjoying the comforting air on his bare chest much like Kepu whom he had never seen wear a shirt. Zane wondered if it was too much hassle since he probably already paid extra just for pants to be made for him. Zane had traveled many places but Kepu was still the largest man he had encountered that wasn’t of giant lineage.
A loud roar shook the earth with it’s mighty sound and they stopped. A large monster that stood at 9ft tall was running at them. It was a scaly beast with a mouth full of sharp, blood stained teeth. Kepu and Zane jumped off their horses and ran right back at it. Keltie, wanting to help slid an arrow from her holder and grabbed her bow that was hanging off the side of her horse. She enchanted it with ice and shot at the monster as Kepu slammed his hammer into one of it’s legs. That was all the distraction time Zane needed to climb on it’s back and chop the beasts head off. “smart thinking Zane” Kepu said as Zane jumped to the ground. “can’t harm anybody without a head to think with”
Zane walked over to Belle, taking her hand and placing a kiss on it before saddling back on his horse. The beasts death put a slight damper on Belles excitement levels. No matter what it was she hated death even though it was a part of life she knew the world had to have. She also knew that monster was ravenous and killed any creature it came across so it was absolutely necessary to kill it.

Chapter Twelve

“so Keltie, when did you start waking so early?” Belle asked “Just recently, probably been doing it about a month. Haven’t really kept track”
“well I’m enjoying your breakfast” Keltie giggled ‘I’m glad, I make it every morning now so I’ve gotten better. The girls just kept talking as they traveled while Zane and kepu didn’t say much atall unless they were interjecting on Belles and Kelties conversation. Kepu didn’t have much to say to Zane since he just wanted to talk about why he isn’t married to Belle if he wants to be while Zane just rarely spoke unless he had Belle to speak to and she was talking to Keltie right now.
They made good time and were at Double Rainbow Valley with the great Mt Manta towering near by. They excitedly got off their horses and took the camping gear off of the carrier horse so they could all run free and do as they pleased. The valley was very open so they’d be able to see the horses no matter where they wanted to be. They left the camping gear where it was for the same reason. If somebody tried to steal the tents and sleeping bags one of them would probably see and be able to stop the criminals. If not, none of them would mind sleeping without them.
Keltie and Belle ran ahead and into the flowers, stirring pixies out from them. They twirled around the girls, sprinkling their glittery dust all over them so that the two women shimmered. Kepu laughed and Zane smiled. Belle and Keltie wore big grins listening to the pixies laugh. The pixies flew away and the girls decided they needed to rinse off. “there’s a hot spring near by. If you two are comfortable we can all get down to our underwear and enjoy the warmth while getting this pixie dust off of us” Knowing how jealous Zane could be Belle looked to him for an answer since Kepu would be there. “Yes, lets” Zane answered, knowing Kepu loved his wife, he still felt jealousy but knew it was dumb since Kepu only had eyes for Keltie.
They walked guided by Keltie until the hot spring came into view. They all began stripping their clothes until only a bra and panty set covered the girls while just boxers covered the men. They slid in, all feeling instant relaxation. As if Kepu and Zane shared a mind they each put an arm around their girl. They hadn’t been in long when a demon spoke who had gone unnoticed by them on a rock nearby. “Young woman, what are you doing in there” They all looked his way. The demon being a demon felt Zane and Kepus anger that he was so near their nearly naked women. “I’m sorry, It’s just not healthy for babies to be in such hot waters. You should get out for the sake of your baby” They gave him a look that said none of them knew. He laughed “Blue eyes is pregnant. I can feel the babies life force”
“really” Keltie asked excitedly as she got out. Kepu quickly got out too, wanting to stand between her and the demon while she dressed. Keltie gave a humoring grin and dressed. “I’ll get going now. I’m sorry if I upset you guys.”
“No, thank you” Keltie now dressed hugged him. “I’m glad this babys a happy blessing. You mate doesn’t appreciate me right now”
“Oh, he’ll be fine. Hangout with us until dinner so we can thank you for telling me. I’m so happy. No wonder I haven’t been feeling well in the mornings.” The demon knew who Zane was and was too afraid to accept the offer “No, I’m ok, really. I have a mate to get back to. Thank you so much though” The male demon ran off, to nowhere really since he was mateless. Keltie frowned “you guys, jeez. our underwear covers us just as much as a bikini. Get over it. He just gave me wonderful news and now he’s gone.” Kepu frowned “I wasn’t trying to scare him away Keltie”
“Mmhmm. For that you men are catching dinner tonight. Isn’t that right Belle?”
“I think that’s fair, you idiots”

Chapter Thirteen

Belle got out of the water “I guess we’ll all get out then” Zane quickly followed, wondering if Belle was angry with him. It was a rarity for her to ever insult him, even when they would argue it was rare so it stung deeply to even be called an idiot since she didn’t say those things lightly. Our clothes are still covered in the dust Keltie. Lets grab new ones and wash these”
“Good idea” They walked back to their belongings and fished out new clothes then walked to the nearby river. The men followed, not sure what to say or do with themselves and the women hadn’t said anything since decided to wash their clothes. When they arrived at the river Kepu asked “could I do that for you Keltie?” His voice sad and Belle could also feel Zane was upset so the girls glanced at eachother, deciding not to hold a grudge and just enjoy their time out here. They each hugged their significant other and Keltie said “I guess, so you can make it up to me for being a cave man” Kepu took Kelties clothes and set her on the ground. Zane was having trouble releasing Belle from her hug. It scared him beyond reason that she had called him an idiot. “It’s ok Zane, let me wash my clothes”
“I’m doing it. Kelties letting Kepu”
“Alright” Zane did the same as Kepu then they hung the girls clothes in a tree to dry. “there’s some amazing nuts closer to the mountain. Lets all walk that way and gather some before the men set up camp then cook.” Belle smiled “want to guys?’ They both nodded and off they went. Kepu lifted Keltie and set her on his shoulders while Zane took Belles hand. “thanks for washing the fairy dust off of my clothes baby” Belle said making Keltie kiss the top of Kepus head and agree “yeah, thank you handsome”
“You’re welcome” Both men said. They kept walking until they reached the nuts Keltie was talking about. They gathered as much as they could then started back to where their camping gear was. Keltie and Belle started gathering wood to light a fire while the boys were doing that. A chill was coming over the valley and they were already getting cold.
The men finished then ran off to find somthing to cook. “we should cook whatever they bring back. They only get jealous because they love us”
“I know, I was planning to. It’s hard to be angry when they look so upset”
“I know, absolute sweethearts no matter how fearsome they may be to others”
“Nobody would fear those two if they knew how sweet they really are”
“Nope, Zane would be out of a job” They exchanged happy grins and scooted closer to the fire. When the boys came back with meat the girls insisted they do the skinning and preparing of the meal. The men eventually agreed and the girls got to work while the men went to wash the blood off they had gotten on themselves. Despite the lack of ingredients he women made the carcass taste amazing. There wasn’t anything left to leave in the woods they picked the bones so much. With full stomachs they said goodnight to eachother then crawled into their tents for rest.

Chapter Four


“I’m not ready for sleep Belle. Can we go on a night walk? If you get tired I’ll carry you” Zane asked hopefully “sure baby” They stepped out the tent and walked away. “besides walking can we sit in those hot springs again Zane? Or are you set on walking?”
“No, it was just the only thing I could think of” They returned to the hot springs and both stripped before sinking into the comforting heat. Zane pulled Belle into his lap “are you angry?”
“I promise, why?”
“You called me an idiot” Belle could tell by his tone when he said that how deeply she had wounded him with just that word. Belle gave him a small, loving kiss “baby, did I hurt your feelings?”
“tremendously, you never call me names. In the five years we’ve been together I can recall two times you called me a name.”
“and what was going on those two times?”
“We were fighting”
“Yes but during what time?”
“I don’t understand Belle” She sighed “I had my time of month while I was away. It ended only two days before i returned home. I’m still a bit hormonal. Those other two times were actually during my time of month. I’m sorry honey, I didn’t realize me calling you a name hurt so bad.”
“It’s because you don’t. It’s more profound when you do and I feel I’ve majorly angered you”
“I wasn’t that upset Zane. you two were being idiots but now I’m sorry I called you one”
“I just don’t like other men seeing how beautiful you are”
“Who cares, I only love you. I’d never leave you so even if they want me what does it matter?”
“I don’t know, I’m sorry”
“You really need to work on your jealousy. You rode all the way here shirtless and did I care? No. I know you’d never leave me” Zane gave her a confused look then smiled. She smiled back ‘you are sexy, too sexy to be running around shirtless but if thats how you’re comfortable” Zane happily kissed Belle. “you feel better?” She asked when he broke the kiss “yes”
“Good, are you going to try and be less jealous. Just remember you’re the only man I could ever want” Zane wished he could, had even tried since his confession to her that he got this way. The insecurity of not being royal and she being a princess always loomed making it hard to be confident she would forever be by his side. He didn’t want some royal to come and sweep his love away. Belle was the only woman for him and he knew he would fall into hopeless despair if the time came she realized he wasn’t good enough. They just sat there enjoying the water until Belles eyes became heavy “I’m getting really tired baby. Lets get back”
Zane stepped out of the water still holding Belle then walked them back to the camp sight. He only set her down when they had to get into the tent. Once she was in his arms again she smiled, loving how much her happiness meant to her boyfriend. Idiot was only barely an insult and he took it so hard. She wished he would have talked to her about it earlier in the day though so he didn’t have to be upset this long. Her thoughts then floated to Keltie and Kepus baby. She felt her friend was abundantly lucky and hoped Zane would marry her soon so they could have children. He obviously loved her enough so Belle didn’t understand the hold up.

Chapter Fifteen

The next morning after breakfast they walked to Mt Manta, both women exited but Kepu nervous about his pregnant wife climbing a mountain. Keltie was so happy exploring with Belle Kepu forgot his worry. She wasn’t that far along and confining Keltie would make her miserable. The next four days were fun and carefree until the mountain shook. The four shifted their attention to the noise and saw there was a mountain slide. Belle and Keltie, against their significants others wishes had been staying far ahead of them. They tried to come together but were too far apart when the slide slammed into them.
It felt to Keltie she woudl never stop rolling as she worried about her baby. When she finally stopped she was buried deep under the dirt. She didn’t allow herself to panic and just did her best to get herself out. Belle only had half her body under and managed herself out quickly. She walked around searching for everybody else, they had gotten pretty high up when the landslide hit so they could be anywhere and night would be coming soon. She wished they would have been closer to the men when this happened so there would be more of a chance they would all be together. Belles eyes widened when she saw Kelties hand above the dirt. She ran over and began frantically digging her friend out yelling “I’m coming Keltie, please don’t suffocate!” Keltie only heard muffled sounds until Belle had her head free. Keltie began to gasp, now panicking even though she was out.
Belle gave Keltie her space while she was finally able to breath even though Belle really wanted a hug. Once Keltie felt she had plenty of air she hugged Belle and cried. Keltie spoke a little too but was crying so hard all Belle understood was “baby” out of everything she said. “I’m sure you’re baby is fine. Zane and I will take you to my sister in law Laura. She’ll be able to check on the baby and heal you if anythings wrong atall. You and your baby will be ok” Belle kept trying to comfort Keltie until she was done crying. Keltie wiped at her muddy face and looked at the sky “It’s going to be dark within the hour”
“Lets hope we can find Kepu and Zane by then. Are you hurt? Can you walk ok?” Keltie tried to stand and only found a few bruises and cuts “I’m fine, did you notice your legs bleeding Belle? We better get it clean before you get infection from whatever is in the dirt”
“If we pass water we’ll stop to clean my leg.” Belle said. They weren’t sure where to go since the men could easily be higher up the mountain or lower but they had to look somwhere so decided to try going down the mountain. They walked, too afraid to scream Zane and Kepus names and upset the mountain again. They didn’t happen upon any water in that hour either so they had to stop with Belles cut still packed with dirt. “I want to keep searching” Keltie said but Belle insisted she not push herself. “we could need to fight somthing Keltie and you’re pregnant. You have that baby to think about and yes we’d be safer with Zane and Kepu but we don’t even know if we’re going the right way. They could have stopped before us so we might have to go down this whole thing by ourselves. We’ve been on this mountain four days, always going up and last night we hiked through half the night. We have to rest Keltie, I’m sorry”
“what about your leg, we didn’t find water”
“Who knows if we will keltie. There might be mud filling all the water holes”
“I didn’t think of that”
“I’ll be fine, just relax. Stress isn’t good for your little one”
“I’m so glad you found me Belle. Did I thank you for digging me out?”
“No but I didn’t need one. Especially with how upset you were for your baby. He or she will be just fine and we’ll be fine.”

Chapter Six


Zane and Kepu who weren’t worried about their stamina in the slightest were each going their own way. After much debating Kepu was going up the mountain while Zane was going down. They had watched all of their hour of daylight debating what they should do and then who was going up and who was going down. All night the men went without stop, unable to find Keltie or Belle. Zane spotted a demon and quickly pinned it on the ground with his knife at the males throat “Have you seen two blond, human women on this mountain? One has the brightest green eyes while the other has blue.”
“No, I haven’t”
“You do know I’m not bluffing with this blade at your throat”
“I know who you are, let me go. I swear I don’t know”
“Help me find them”
“Ok, just get off of me please”
“If you try to deceive me I’ll kill you on the spot. Belle and I have been together non stop for awhile now so her scent is mingled with mine, track her” Zane let the demon up and take in his and Belles scent. “You are heading the right way. They are further down”
“Then guide me” The male he had found wasn’t a very strong demon and knew that Zane could easily take down even some of the fieriest demons. He was quick and cunning. Zane was known to be able to kill anything no matter how much power it had. The demon guided him at a run since Zane requested it and soon saw the two girls walking along. “you may flee now. Thank you” Zane said and without a word the demon ran off, glad to be away and free of Zane. “Belle! Keltie!” He called. They turned around in disbelief and ran to him.
Zane noticed before Belle leapt into his arms the dry blood on her leg “what happened?”
“It happened while I was still sliding”
“Let me carry you”
“Carry Keltie, she’s pregnant”
“Belle, I’m fine”
“No, please let my boyfriend carry you”
“Thank you, do you mind Zane?”
“Of course not” Zane lifted Keltie then said “Kepu is searching up the mountain but atleast i know the precise path. Let me get you girls safely to the bottom then I’ll go upward alone for him. You two need to be off of this wreck.” Belle nor Keltie argued and let Zane proceed with taking them down. Kepu was still traveling upward, hoping to find Belle or Keltie soon. His heart beat with worry for his wife and baby. He hoped they hadn’t lost what they had only just discovered they gained. Kepu heard a woman in distress and decided to go towards it even though it wasn’t Keltie or Belle. It turned out to be a fairy woman stuck under three trees. She could barely talk and looked to be in massive pain “please, help me” she wheezed out.
Kepu took the trees off as fast as he could then the fairy stood up with a wobble, wincing in her pain. “How wounded are you?”
“I think ribs are broken and my legs hurt so bad”
“They are bruised. Let me carry you on my shoulders. Your wings seem too damaged to fly”
“Oh thank you”
“Before I take you wherever you need to go I must find my wife and friend”
“In about an hour or so I’ll be healed up enough to fly. I just needed to be free of the constant pressure to fully heal myself”
“You’re a healer?” Kepu asked hopefully “yes, how do you think I’ve survived under those trees since the slide?”
“My wife, she’s pregnant and possibly hurt? Could you mend her if she needs it”
“I’d be happy to. I owe you for helping me”
“I’m sorry i have to hurt you but I must lift you to my shoulders since you can’t fly”
“I’m tough, don’t worry about it” She said as she braced herself for his touch. Kepu lifted her quickly then lightly held her legs “Holding too tight?”
“No, I’m fine. When I can fly I’ll go up in the air and give you their location”
“Thank you”
“We are both helpful to eachother. I couldn’t have survived much longer under those trees. We are both a blessing” They walked until she was healed then she left his shoulders to fly high until she saw the woman he described. She spotted them quickly then flew back down to Kepu. “They are heading down the mountain! they are with a purple haired man”
“That’s Zane, thank god they’re with him. Please come down with me”
“Of course”

Chapter Seven


Kepu ran as fast as he could, hoeing he could catch up soon. They past by some water that was actually dirt and debris free so Keltie said “lets clean ourselves up”
“Good idea” Zane said then set Keltie down. “give me your clothes and I’ll start cleaning them while you two wash your bodies. I’ll clean myself next’ He said to both girls who thanked him before starting to strip. The two had a few bruises under their clothing but nothing serious. Zane just concentrated on cleaning their clothes so he wouldn’t get upset over Belles injuries or their friends baby.
He atleast knew she didn’t miscarry. Keltie would have easily known that and would most likely be crying if that were the case. The girls couldn’t believe how much dirt was coming off of them as they moved the water through their hair and over their bodies. They cleaned to the best of their ability then Belle took Zanes clothes to wash them for him as he washed their clothes. “let me hunt us somthing to eat. I need to eat somthing for the baby”
“You sure?”
“yeah, hunting isn’t hard for me. I don’t have my arrows or bow anymore Zane, could I borrow a dagger?”
“I’ll hunt keltie if you let me finish.”
“I swear I’m fine. Sitting wont help my worry and it wont get my baby food any faster.” Zane sighed “grab one” She took one of the daggers Belle had pulled out of Zanes clothing then ran off. “don’t be worried Belle. You two would know if she lost her baby”
“still, what if its hurt in some way.”
“Your sister in law will be able to help if anything has happened atall” Belle nodded and kept at Zanes clothes. When Zane got out he started a fire for Kelties return. She came back bearing two rabbits “I wanted one for each of us but I couldn’t find another”
“Two will be fine Keltie, thank you for hunting” They were all still in their underwear, allowing the clothes to hang so they wouldn’t have to wear them sopping wet. “can we wait here for Kepu?”
“Sure, I can keep you girls safe and fed. That’s the last time you’ll be hunting” Zane answered. Keltie nodded and wiped at her face as a tear came down. Belle went over and pulled Keltie into a hug “everything will be ok”
“I just want to know my babys ok”
“I know” Belle held Keltie wishing Kepu was with them. Belle knew his comfort would mean a lot more than the comfort she could give as just a friend. When the food was ready they ate then Zane put out the fire. They waited there,just biding time until the next morning just as dawn covered the mountain Keltie woke to Kepu lifting her into a hug. She hugged back and nearly started crying again. “Hey” The fairy said and Keltie turned her head “I can heal. Will you let me feel your stomach? If anything is wrong with your little one I’ll be able to heal it.” Keltie nodded and Kepu set her down. The fairy smiled almost as soon as she had her hands on Kelties stomach “little one is ok mommy, don’t stress.”
“Thank you”
“I’ll mend your muscles so they quit aching” A small bit of warmth came from the fairies hand then she fluttered over to Belle who had woken up along with Zane “could i check you princess?”
“Please and thank you” Belle felt the warmth too then the fairy said “I must be going now. Thank you again Kepu for saving me”
“Thank you for helping Keltie and Belle” Kepu answered then she took off.

Chapter Eight


They made their way down the mountain as quickly as possible, only stopping when they needed to. Zane called to the horses. No answer came so they walked a little more into the meadow. Zane called again and this time they came running. Zane breathed with relief then they all got on their horses. The carrier horse had it easy on the way home since they had lost all their belongings. When they arrived at Keltie and Kepus house Belle and Zane only spent one night so they could have their time alone after all that. “It was still fun” Keltie said as Zane and Belle were leaving “It was, we’ll have to do it again” They hugged then Zane and Belle went home.
After their horses were set up in the castle stables they let Belles family know they were home and Belle told her father she would be sleeping at Zanes tonight. It was something Zane was overjoyed to hear, especially after being afraid for her life when they were separated on the mountain. Belle hadn’t told her father of the slide but was planning to tomorrow over some tea and cookies if he had time for it. As they walked back to Zanes he said “I’m so happy you’re staying the night”
“I need to be wrapped in your arms but tomorrow I’m going home”
“Because I need to talk to my father about all that happened. You can join me”
“I’d like that” That night Zane couldn’t sleep. He hadn’t been sleeping a whole lot since they lost eachother. It was terrifying to him that anything was able to rip Belle away. At any moment nature itself could decide to rain havoc. He hoped nothing like that would ever happen again but was grateful none of them were too badly hurt from the ordeal. The next morning they dressed, ate breakfast then returned to the castle to arrange a tea time with Belles father. Zane went there knowing he would lose major points with Gabriel and was sad feeling as if he was even less likely to bless a marriage between them. Gabriel of course wasn’t angry but pleased that Zane had gotten his daughter out of that alive and well but Zanes mind still translated it as a disappointment to the king. As Belle and Gabriel talked Zanes mind was busy thinking of ways he could redeem himself to be seen as a worthy suitor for the woman he loved.

~ The End ~

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