Bernadette & Jerry

Chapter One

Bernadette practiced with Casimer, their swords clashing against each other. The tip of her sword caught his shirt, slicing it open and he called a stop to their match. “Is something wrong Bernadette?” He asked.

“No, of course not. Why would there be?” She replied as she sheathed her sword.

“Come on, you can tell me.”

She sighed. “It’s your stupid brother. The asshole stood me up last night. He wanted to take me out and I even put a dress on of all things. I hate him.”

“Have you talked to him about it?”

“No, he wasn’t in the barracks this morning and I haven’t seen him all day.”

Casimer became worried. “That’s not like him Bernadette. He would never skip out on his duties no matter what happened. Even making one of us angry wouldn’t deter him. Where was he supposed to meet you?”

“On the bridge in town. I waited for an hour.”

“Let me tell Rapunzel what’s going on then you and I can go look for him.”

Jerry’s head throbbed, dry blood matted in his hair. His vision was blurry, but slowly started to clear. He was hanging by his wrists, his feet dangling off the ground. The last thing he remembered was picking flowers for Bernadette when he heard a woman screaming. He had rushed into the woods, finding her being attacked by a demon. He fought off the big male long enough for the woman to escape then someone had attacked him. “Oh look Hewie he’s awake.” His eyes jumped to the woman’s face. He had not remembered her, but the man standing next to her was another story.

“You helped our meal escape.” Hewie said. “What do you think we should do with him sister?”

“I don’t know brother dear, perhaps he would make a wonderful new pet. I’ve always wanted a sexy young man to call me master. Come now, call me master.” Hewie looked at him with what Jerry believed was jealousy and he wondered if there was more to this brother/sister relationship than met the eye. He simply glared at them, refusing to say a word. “He’s not a very good boy Hewie, how should we break him of his bad habits?”

“Perhaps we could make him like us and feed him the powder. Watching him lose his mind would be amusing.”

They quickly found Rapunzel and Erminia talking. She could tell how upset they were “what’s wrong?”

“Jerry didn’t see Bernadette on their date last night and he hasn’t shown this morning. You know that’s not him.”

“I’ll get all our nights searching, Ermina, will you help?”

“Of course” Rapunzel had a servant gather all the knights in front of the castle. When everyone was present she said “we need to look for Knight Jerry Daxon. He has been missing since last night so we need to look with haste.” In unison they said “yes your majesty” then divided to search. Erminia, Casimer, Rapunzel and Bernadette formed a group of their own to find Jerry. Bernadette already felt guilty for just thinking Jerry blew her off.

They searched everywhere, expanding further and further out. Zane soon heard what was going on and left Belle with their children while he helped. Hewie completed the ritual to make Jerry a demon like them. Jerry felt weak and sick from the change. he wanted desperately to lay down but they kept him hanging in his discomfort. Now they would just wait until he was over the side effects of the change before they started feeding him powder.

“If you give in we won’t have to do anything else to you.” The woman said.

“Fuck…you.” Jerry managed then spit at them. Hewie punched him in the stomach and he gritted his teeth against the pain.

“Suit yourself then.” She said ¬†as she pulled her brother away. “Come brother, let me bandage your hand.

He grabbed her by her hair. “I think I want more than a bandage Shiva.” He pulled her to their tent and shoved her inside. Jerry felt disgusted as he heard her laugh and then moan, wishing he could get loose and kill them both, but far to weak to do anything but close his eyes and try to focus his hearing elsewhere.

Bernadette felt tears in her eyes as the sun began to fall past its midpoint. She was sick to her stomach with worry and wished she had him with her so she could tell him how much she loved him. “Hey, we’ll find him.” Rapunzel said, squeezing Bernadette’s shoulder in reassurance.

“What if he’s injured somewhere?”

“He’s tough as nails, you know that.”

“Yeah I know, lets keep going.”

Jerry opened his eyes when he heard them getting out of the tent and immediately glared at them. “Looks like he’s a little more lively.” Hewie said.

“I’ll get the powder, I want to see him going crazy.” Hewie lowered him to the ground and pinned him down. Jerry fought as hard as he could, but was no match for the demon’s inhuman strength. Shiva came running over, a demented smile on her face as she opened a small pouch. “Open your mouth.” She said and he just stared at the canopy above him. “Hewie, please make him open his mouth.” Hewie grabbed his chin and pulled down until his mouth was hanging open and Shiva poured some of the powder in his mouth. Hewie then covered Jerry’s mouth, forcing him to swallow. He strung him back up and they just grinned at him.

He suddenly felt anger bubbling slowly to the surface. It was a red haze he didn’t understand. He began to struggle against his bonds, growling angrily at them. The sun began to fall and Rapunzel called a stop to the search. Bernadette insisted on continuing, but Rapunzel said they all needed rest. They made camp, Bernadette staring out into the darkness.

Casimer forced Bernadette to eat when she refused. ‘you wont be any help to him on an empty stomach Bernadette” She sighed and ate her food reluctantly. Zane had already eaten and was laying down, thinking about his wife reading to their children as she normally did before they went to sleep. He normally wouldn’t miss it but Jerry was a close friend of the families and he wouldn’t let someone dear to his family be missing or hurt any longer than they had to be. When Bernadette finished her food and everybody laid down she struggled to force herself asleep. All the horrible things that could be happening to her love was playing in her head and torturing her with worry.

Rapunzel decided as she lay there that if they hadn’t found Jerry by lunch tomorrow she would call Irim to them. She didn’t like to bother her sisters boyfriend but they needed to find Jerry. He was a strong man so for him to not be back meant somthing terrible had gotten a hold of him and wasn’t letting go. Late into the night Bernadette shut her tired eyes to rest for the search when the sun rose. Morning came and to spite the little slepe Bernadette got she jumped right up to find Jerry.

Shiva laughed as she watched Jerry struggling against his bonds, his face contorted into a mask of muderous rage. She taunted him, staying just far enough back that he couldn’t kick her. “Oh does the wittle demon want to come down? Not until you can behave like a good little boy.”

“Shiva come from there and eat some breakfast.” Hewie commanded and she pouted.

“Fine, if I must. I wish he would stop with all the growling and teth snapping. You would think he’d be cnsumed by just as much lust as anger.” Hewie growled making her giggle at his jealousy. “Oh Hewie you know I love you and only you, but I would love to have a little toy to play with when you have to leave me.”

“If that’s what you want then you shall have it, now eat.”

Bernadette wasn’t in the mood for breakfast and gave no one else any time to eat. She had to find Jerry and make sure he was okay. If he was she would punch him right in the face for worrying her. They moved through the forest yelling his name, but recieved no answer. She hoped he wasn’t unconcious some where wild animals could get to him. Hewie and Shiva heard the yelling and came to their feet. “Shit they are getting closer. We must go sister.” He said.

“But what about…”

“Screw him, we’ll just release him to hunt his companions.”

Around noon Rapunzel called Irirm. He came swiftly, shifting into human form and dropping onto a tree branch. “What is it my queen?”

“Jerry is missing, one of our knights, please see if you can see him.” He nodded then shifted, taking to the sky. Shiva and Hewie made sure they had everything before taking off a little ways. Hewie used his bow and shot the rope holding Jerry. He landed on his feet, growling angrily. He caught the scent of people and broke the ropes around his wrists. There were females in the group. He took off running through the forest, focused on one in particular. Irim spotted him running through the woods and roared, alerting the others. they took off at a run. Jerry burst through the trees, startling them, the look in his eyes wild and needy. He focused them on Bernadette and her heart actually leapt in her chest. Casimer started to move forward and Bernadette waved him off.

“Everyone back.” She said. “Jerry, it’s me.” He growled, suddenly close to her. He snatched her up and took off through the woods at an incredibly fast speed.

Chapter Two

Everyones hearts were racing as they gave chase. Irim followed in the sky so the others would know where Jerry was with Bernadette. Irim could tell Jerry was now a demon and wondered if his now fellow dragons could tell. As Jerry ran with her Bernadette kept talking to him as calmly as she could make herself speak “Jerry, I love you. It’s me. Bernadette. I know you don’t want to hurt me. Please, lets just go back to the others.” All she got in response were growls and his continued running away from the group with her. When Jerry was sure he was far enough away to take this gorgeous female before her companions came he slammed her on the ground.

Bernadettes head hit a rock. It stung and bled but she kept consciousness to continue trying to bring her love back to reality. She could see no recognition in his eyes and knew he would never do this in his right mind. Jerry growled in frustration as he tried to remove her knights armor. In his angered, crazed state he didn’t remember how to take it off since nothing was going through his head but taking this woman.

Irim roared again since they were haulted. Irim would only let this go so far before he intervened. He wasn’t willing to let Jerry rape Bernadette no matter if she wanted to do this alone or not. “Jerry! You idiot! Come on back to me! Please Jerry! This isn’t you. The demons in the forest have done somthing to your mind! Don’t let them win. If you rape me they win! Please Jerry! I love you so much!”

Jerry finally managed to rip her breast plate off, but hesitated at her clothes. He knew that voice, that smell, and that face. He knew it very well, had caught himself staring at it more than once, but he could find a name to match it. In the depths of his lust and rage it had escaped him and he was working hard to find it. He started shaking, his hand going around her throat, but not squeezing. It was simply a warning gor her to be still. The others came upon them and Bernadette held her hand up to warn them off. She didn’t need unecessary blood spilled on her behalf. She waved them away, her eyes practically yelling at them to back off.

“Jerry, it’s okay, whatever happens it’s okay and I’ll still love you.” She reached slowly up, her hands framing his face, his eyes filling with bewilderment. “It’s okay.” She pulled him down and kissed him and he felt his heart stutter in his chest. She parted their lips and hugged him tightly to her and recognition dawned as his head cleared a little.

“Bernadette?” He said, sounding lost and confused.

“Yes, it’s me.” He wrapped his arms around her and sat up, pulling her onto her knees and resting his head against her shoulder as tears slid down his face.

“Bernadette, I’m sorry so sorry.” He said between sobs.

“It’s okay, you’re back with me.”

“No, you need to get away from me. I can still feel the lust and rage and I don’t want to hurt you.”

She tightened her hold on him. “I’m not going anywhere.”

That made him cry harder and cling to Bernadette. He had almost done a horrible thing to her but she wanted to be there for him, hold him. “I love you too Bernadette” He sobbed. Their friends all watched feeling for them. Irim landed “I can fly you all back to the castle where you can be more comfortable while he calms down” They all agreed to it and they climbed upon Irim. Jerry held Tightly to Bernadette and she him as they flew. He was afraid of himself and what he might do while she just wanted to help him return to a sound state of mind. When Irim landed Jerry was still struggling “what’s going on? Do you know Irim?”

“My educated guess is that they’ve turned him into a demon and have given him dismornfia powder. The demon part I know for certain”

“When will he calm?” Casimer asked. “It varies on the will. Having this much control is a good sign. Hopefully by tomorrow he wont be in such a rageful and lusting state. I will stay here in case things get out of hand. A demon hyped on that stuff would be too much for just your knights my queen”

“Thank you Irim” He bowed, wishing he wasn’t spending the night away from his mate but it was needed. Irim was glad he didn’t bring her along. He didn’t want Ariel around a demon on Dismornfia powder. :I’m taking him to my room in the barracks” bernadette announced and they walked with her until she was at her room. “you have to but scream and I’ll help” irim told Bernadette before she shut her door.

“Bernadette, you should leave me.” Jerry said, his voice cracking.

“I’ll do no such thing.” She sat her breast plate on top of her chest of drawers then started removing the rest of her armor. His eyes watched her, hungry still even though he was upset. She pulled her boots off then slowly approached him.

“Just stay away.” His voice was a husky mix of panic and lust, his mind wrestling with the two emotions and unable to let either of them go.

“I told you it’s okay. Lets lay down and rest.”

“I can’t be this close to you, your scent is intoxicating.” She actually blushed at his admission, but kept moving forward until she was sitting next to him. He gripped the blanket beneath him, shaking as his senses became ovewhelmed with her. She opened her mouth to speak and he grabbed her by her throat and pushed her down onto her bed. “Why do you tempt me?”

“I’m not trying to my love.” She answered. He kissed her, loving the sweetness of her lips. He deepened the kiss, his tongue dancing with hers as a moan slipped past his lips. She kissed him back, willing to give herself to him completely if it kept him sane. He pulled back, his eyes widening in shock.

“Bernadette I…”

“It’s okay, I’m not afraid and I want you too my love. Take me if you need me.”

He swallowed, afraid of hurting her and making her regret him. The powder Irim had mentioned still had its hold on him and he worried he would get so lost in his lust for her that he wouldn’t stop if she asked. “Are you sure?” He asked.

“If you can ask me that even under the influence of a powerful drug then yes I am sure. I love you and I trust you and I am sure that I want you to make love to me.”

He ripped her clothes off instantly, fabric falling in pieces on the bed and floor. Jerry then tore his own clothes from his body as he took a  mouthful of her left breast. Jerry began to rub Bernadette, needing to hear her moan. Her moans soon came and he lost any thoughts other than lust for her and his demanding need to hear louder and intense moans from her mouth. Jerry feasted on her breasts then moved higher to taste those sweet lips again. The second their lips touched he launched his throbbing shaft into her depths. She let out just the moan he was looking for which made him go at a fast pace. Each moan sped him up until he was slamming into her almost violently.

Bernadette actually found herself enjoying how wild he was. Orgasm after orgasm surged through her body, gripping every inch of her in pleasure. She was no virgin and neither was he but neither had felt anything like this before. He came but kept going so that he might spurt his milk in her a second time. Bernadette started going hoarse from her deep moans as he moved in her. He began to slow down. Jerry went slower and slower until he pumped out what he had left.

He looked down into her eyes. They were filled with a deep love he hadn’t been expecting. He rested his forehead against hers “I’m sorry”

“Don’t be” she cleared her throat and continued “that was amazing Jerry. You can have me as much as you need to. I don’t care if I get sore you can still have me”

“You cannot say such things, I don’t want to hurt you. This feeling is overwhelming. Even now I want you again.”

“It’s okay my love, I trust you completely.” He felt tears in his eyes as he moved to lay next to her and pulled her into his arms. She hated how upset he was, hated those demons for breaking such a great man. She wanted his teasing, sarcastic manner back. She wanted him to make her flustered and infuriated with his teasing. She had always loved that part of him.

“You have no idea how much this means to me, to be able to hold you and touch you. I’m so sorry I didn’t make our date.”

She raised her head to look at him. “That is the last thing you should be thinking about. We can always set up another.”

“I was getting you flowers when I heard this woman screaming. I’m afraid I lost them.”

She brushed her fingers over his cheek and he turned his toubled gaze to her. “It’s okay baby, you can always get me more if you want. Please don’t let it get to you, I’m just glad you’re safe here with me.” He pulled her back down, kissing her as he let his hands drift over her.

“I love you so much.” He said softly.

“I love you too.”

“We have to find them Bernadette, we have to find them and stop them before someone else suffers my fate.”

“We will, but you must rest first. You’ve been through hell and you need to recharge.”

Jerry laid down with Bernadette. He still felt miserable, especially thinking about the date he missed out on with her. He felt like a dick for taking her straight to bed and not even romancing her. Jerry began to rub her skin. he wanted to be in her so badly but he wanted to rest too so they could stop the bastards who had made him into this lustful beast. He eventually fell asleep, desperately needing it after everything. When Bernadette had no doubts he was out she let herself sleep too.

The whole castle was restless with worry over Jerry and Bernadette. All hoping Jerry wouldn’t hurt her and only add to his own suffering. Everybody knew he had fallen in love with Bernadette so knew how badly it would hurt him when he returned to normal if he hurt her. Irim wrote to Ariel to tell her he didn’t know when he would return to her but he loved and would miss her very much. He called to a bird and asked it to take the letter. it did as he had a good relationship with all birds.

He felt a little better staying now that he had sent that and just relaxed until he was needed. A few hours later Jerry roused form his sleep with a jerk. Bernadettes eyes flew open and she looked at him. Je looked back, relieved he no longer felt violent or insatiably lustful. He pulled Bernadette up into a hug “thank god it’s over”

“You look pale my love. Why don’t we go eat something and let the others know you’re okay.” She pulled back and brushed some of his hair away from his face.

“I don’t have any clothes in here. I tore them.” He looked a little ashamed and embarrassed so she kissed him.

“Please don’t be sad, it’s okay. I’ll go get some for you.”

Chapter Three

She got out of bed and pulled her chest of drawers open, grabbing a pair of pants and a shirt and quickly pulling them on. She left her room and headed down the hall to Jerry’s. She pushed his door open, surprised when she saw a waist basket full of crumpled up papers. She was curious as to what they were so she picked one up and unfolded it. She smiled when she saw it was the start of a letter to her. She looked at a couple more, finding them to be the same. She wondered how long this had been going on and decided to keep one to ask him what he had been trying to say.

She grabbed him some clothes and hurried back to her room. He looked so relieved to see her and pulled her into his arms when she was close enough. “Are you okay?” She aksed.

“I find that I need you close to me right now or I start to panic. I’m sorry.” He answered, his lips moving over her cheek and down her neck to her shoulder.

“It’s okay, cling to me as much as you need to. I’m here to comfort you whenever you need it.”

“Thank you for staying with me Bernadette. It was foolish and dangerous, but I’m glad you did. I’m glad you were here to pull me back from the darkness.”

“I love you Jerry and I refuse to let anyone take you away from me.” She gave him a gentle kiss then handed him his clothes. He got up and pulled them on and when he looked back up she was holding a piece of paper in her hand. His heart stuttered when he saw it was one of his letters to her. “Before we go, why don’t you tell me about all the letters you wrote me and what you wanted to tell me.”

“Well, I’ve been trying to tell you how much I love you for a long time.Whenever i just try to say it I end up teasing you instead until you’re mad at me and storm off. I guess I get nervous because I just can’t come up with what i want to say besides the fact that I want to always be with you. I know you’ve seen me flirt with a thousand women before I took serious interest in you but you are special so I just can’t find the words that give what I want to say justice. I thought if i wrote it out and I failed to tell you i could give you the letter or just make a fool out of myself and read from it like a script. I’m rambling even now because I’m nervous and I apologize. To cut things to the chase is i don’t know how to tell you that i want to marry you if you’ll have me.”

Bernadette flew into his arms “i would love to marry you Jerry”

“even after this?”

“are you kidding? You were turned into a crazed demon and given drugs yet you still didn’t hurt me and we’re concerned¬†about me. Yes, especially after this” They both shed a few happy tears as they embraced one another. “I have a ring for you. lets go get it together and then we’ll go get everybody so we can hunt those demons”

“alright” Bernadette said happily. they walked to his room where he pulled out a beautiful diamond ring. He slipped it on her finger then kissed just above it. “I’m so glad you’re willing to marry a pain in the ass like me”

“You’re my pain in the ass and I’m glad it’s forever”

They walked hand in hand out of the barracks and headed into the castle. They found everyone sitting in the dining room, their worried looks melting into relieved ones when they saw them both alive and smiling. Casimer jumped up and hugged his brother. “I was terrified I would lose you.” He said and Jerry hugged him back. Rapunzel and the others followed, Irim using his nose to make sure there was not a hint of the powder left.

“I’m sorry I worried you all so much, but I am fine now. Bernadette helped me through everything.” Casimer gave her a tight hug, one that said he was very thankful.

“You are truly an amazing friend, thank you for saving him.”

“I could do nothing else for my fiance.” She replied and everyone gasped then congratulated them. She showed them the ring and they exchanged hugs once again.

“It’s about time you two settled down. I know for a fact you two will be happy.” Casimer said as he slapped his brother on the back.

“So how are you feeling?” Irim asked.

“Fine I guess, my sense of smell seems to be much better and I can hear everything. It’s strange, but nothing I can’t handle.” Jerry answered.

“I must warn you that male tend to have very large sexual appetites. It is in their nature and they can’t help it.” Jerry ran his fingers through his hair and to everyones surprise Bernadette actually blushed, making everyone laugh.

“I guess you’ve already found that out eh Bernadette.” Casimer said and she punched his shoulder.

“Shut it.” She replied. “Anyway, we’re both starving and we need to talk about hunting down those two monsters who attacked Jerry.”

“There is also the question of you becoming immortal Bernadette.” Irim stated in his always calm tone.

“There is no question that I will become immortal. I want to spend forever with Jerry and this family, but that can be taken care of after we catch and kill those monsters.”

“Very well then. Jerry, we follow your nose. I know it’s odd to you but you know their scent since you were a demon while with them. Track them like a blood hound would and we will all follow. You can each get a horse from the royal stables. I on the other hand will fly high in the sky, high enough I wont chance ruining your trail” They all rushed out to get horses then Irim took off into the sky. Jerry and Bernadette headed the front as they bid their horses run. Jerry was amazed he could simply follow their smell. It was a revolting scent to him but it was still amazing he could follow them.

Chapter Four

Jerry was glad Irim was around to explain all of this to him so it was easier to grasp this new way of living. He wondered if Bernadette was going to choose to be a dragon with Rapunzels family or a demon like him. He didn’t much care which as long as she became immortal with him. Their scents got stronger as they rode so they must be gaining. No doubt the disgusting pair were stopping to have sex. It was enough to make him puke as he thought of siblings having sex.

The sound of their moans and Shiva’s giggles reached his ears, making him growl. He pulled his horse to a stop and the others followed, hearing the sounds of the two demons. He swung off his horse and unsheathed his sword, rage moving through him the closer he got. When the couple came into sight he said, “Nice to see you two again.” His voice startled the two demons and Hew quickly lowered Shiva to her feet and pulled up his pants.

“Impossible.” Shiva said.

“Did you really think you could successfully turn me on my own? It’s your turn to suffer you sick pieces of shit.”

Bernadette worried about Jerry as he looked upon his tormentors with murderous intent. She had never seen him this angry. He had always been laid back and seemingly uncaring, but now he was showing himself as the monster they had made him. She hoped after this was over she would get her old Jerry back. “You are nothing but a weak newborn.” Hewie said, a growl in his voice. “I’ll kill you and then I’ll kill your friends. I think I’ll save that woman next to you for last since she is covered in your scent. Maybe I will make her our new toy.”

Jerry growled and rushed Hewie who met him halfway. Their swords slammed into each other, their inhuman strength threatening to break the blades. Shiva jumped in, going straight for Jerry’s back, but Bernadette headed her off, swords at the ready. “Come on you bitch.” She snapped.

“Oh does the little human want to play, well come on human.” Shiva taunted. Irim landed on the other side of the fight while Rapunzel, Casimer, and the others formed a semi circle on the other side, not wanting the demons to escape. They would only intervene if it was necessary.

Bernadette managed to slice her blade into Shivas side. She screamed in pain, distracting her brother as he looked over angrily at Bernadette. Jerry used the opportunity to stab him in the stomach. He slid the blade up insuring he wouldn’t survive. “No!” Shiva wailed and quit fighting as she cried for her brother and lover. Jerry walked over, raising his blade to slay her and Bernadette held up a hand “she’s quit fighting Jerry”

“She’s still a heartless bitch”

“Obviously not, she’s crying over her brothers death. Don’t let the demon that’s now in you claim your soul Jerry. She will be arrested, not slain today” Jerry calmed down at the look of disappointment and seriousness in Bernadettes eyes. He lowered his blade while Bernadette tied the demons hands together. Irim walked over “I’ll carry her in my claws so she doesn’t escape us”

“thank you” Irim changed and took Shiva in his claws before flying up to return to the castle. Jerry grew sad and worried as they traveled back. He had been a monster and he hoped his engagement was still on with his love. Casimer and Rapunzel personally escorted the she demon into her cell specifically made for her kind. It had many enchantments on it to make sure she couldn’t escape.Jerry follow Bernadette to her room “Baby?”

“Yes?” She answered. “Are you angry?”

“No, I understand why you’d be so upset at them. You just need to get a handle on your new inner demon. Don’t be a monster. Be my Jerry, the one I’ve fallen in love with” He hugged her “I swear, I will try hard to learn control. Just be patient please. this is harder than you might imagine”

“I know baby. As long as you’re trying I will be happy” He smiled then kissed her “I love you so deeply”

“and I you Jerry. Always and forever”

“When can I make that date up to you?”

“When do you want to?”

“Tomorrow, please”

“Tomorrow it is then” He kissed her again. “Lets talk to Irim about changing you”

“ok” They looked around until they found Irim “yes?’ He said since he coudl tell he was who they were looking for “can you change her?”

“Yes, I have to make her a dragon though. I don’t know the demon spell”

“Dragon is amazing”

“That it is. Lets go to your room and I’ll change you if you’re ready”

“I’m ready’ She answered.

Bernadette and Jerry watched in fascination as Irim mixed blood and wine in a cup then mixed it together and breathed fire over it. Like all of the others they were amazed to see him do this in human form. He started speaking in a language neither of them understood, but both knew were words of power. He turned to Bernadette who was sitting on the bed between Jerry’s and handed her the cup. “You must drink it all.” He said. “I must go now and get my hand bandaged, but I will be back to check on you before I go home to Ariel.”

“Thank you Irim.” He nodded and left then Bernadette downed the contents of the cup and sat it on the end table. Her body grew hotter and hotter until it felt like there was fire crawling through her insides and over her skin. She screamed, pulling at her clothes as they became uncomfortable against her sensitized skin. Jerry helped her pull them off and held her tightly against him as she whimpered and screamed and writhed in agony. His heart felt as if it shattered into a million pieces as he watched her suffering and he thanked the gods when she finally fell limp in his embrace.

He kissed her lips softly, feeling tears in his eyes as he stroked his fingers over her cheek. “I’m sorry baby, I love you.” He kissed her once more before sliding her to the top of the bed and climbing under the covers with her. He pulled her into his arms, feeling upset for her being in pain. He was too worried to sleep so he just laid there and stared up at the ceiling, tuning into her steady heart beat. There was a tap on the door around dinner time. It was Rapunzel with a bowl of soup for him and Irim behind her. He slid himself slowly out from under her and took the bowl.

“Hey how are you doing?” Rapunzel asked softly.

“I’m fine, but is it normal for her to be out for so long?” He replied.

“Her body went through a trauma so it’s completely normal.” Irim answered. “Believe me when I say that I was just as scared as you when I put Ariel through the change, but she woke up just fine. She was very thirsty though as was everyone else so no doubt Bernadette will want something to drink.”

“Thank you Irim for giving us forever.”

“Rapunzel’s and Ariel’s friends and family are my friends and family and I will do everything in my power to make them happy. Speaking of, I wish to get back to Ariel so if you do not need me then I will take my leave.”

“Go ahead Irim, I’m sure my sister misses you as well.” Rapunzel said and he nodded before leaving.

It took all of Irims control not to run out the castle. He walked slow, respectfully of where he was until he was out the doors. Then he changed, spreading his mighty wings and flying as fast as they could carry him. Raounzel waited for Jerry to be done with his soup so she could take the bowl. When he gave it to her Rapunzel said “I’m going to have a maid wait right here so when she wakes and needs a drink just call to her.”

“Thank you”

“Bernadette is one of my best friends. I remember how thirsty I was”Jerry laid back down with Bernadette. He prayed she’d wake up soon and was grateful he could heart her heart beat so clearly with his new ears. It gave him comfort to hear it beating. She woke the next day and he called to the maid to fetch her water. It was a different maid than the night before since Rapunzel had told them to take shifts until Bernadette awoke. “Morning beautiful. They are fetching you a drink right now” She smiled “thank you”

“I’m so lad you’re awake. I’ve been worried this whole time.”

“You don’t look like you slept”

“I couldn’t” A maid entered with a glass of water along with a pitcher of it to refill. “Thank you” Bernadette said and the maid answered ‘you’re welcome” Bernadette drank two glasses worth before laying back down in Jerrys arms. She looked at her ring, making Jerry smile. “It looks good on you.”

“It does, when do you want to get married?”

“as fast as we can plan the ceremony” Bernadette giggled. “what of my date? I slept through it didn’t I?”

“we’ll have our date when you’re ready to move around”

“Can we talk about the wedding now?” Bernadette asked making a bigger smile appear on his face “What better way to pass the time?” He held her a little tighter as she told him all she wanted their wedding day to be. He listened and occasionally through in his own idea. They spent the rest of that day resting and discussing their wedding day when it came. Both happy and excited about their true eternity together.

~ The End ~

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