Bishin & Olivia Meet

Chapter One

In full demon form Bishin ran at his mother and slashed. He tattered her clothing since she didn’t move out of the way fast enough. She laughed and called a time out “Damn, I guess I really did need the practice in fighting. Can’t believe you got me”

“sorry mom”

“No, I asked you for a serious practice battle. I made you promise to fight as hard as you could without injuring me and you kept your word. I haven’t been fighting much lately so I need it incase someone or somthing attacks me. Let me change my clothes so I’m not flashing you and we’ll fight some more. When I return please keep fighting me seriously son. I need it”

“alright but I need to shave down my horns today so I wont stay too much longer. They are giving me a headache with how heavy they are”

“oh, well you can go baby.”

“I’m fine for now. I’ll fight you longer. I don’t want somthing hurting you because you’re out of practice.” Devina smiled “you are such a good son. I love you very much”

“Love you too mom. Go change so we can fight more.” Devina hurried, knowing how much his horns hurt his neck and head when they were too large. It meant a lot to her that he had agreed to practice with her anyway since it was hard and long work for him to get them down. His horns were thick and tough like his fathers so very hard to work with. Once her body was covered she went outside to fight with Bishin for as long as he could tolerate his heavy, overgrown horns. Devina cast her blue lightening at her son with half power since he had almost no resistance to that sort of magic. He threw up a wall, stopping it before it hit him “You cast too slow mom. I could see it coming”

“I was afraid of hurting you”

“Mom, be serious. I’ll call time out if i need it”

“Ok” They went at eachother with nearly full power until Bishin just couldn’t stand his head a second longer “I’ll come back another day mom. These horns are slaughtering me. I’m going to get serious neck cramps” Devina hugged her son tightly “Alright, you want to lay down first? You’ve used a lot of energy and may get attacked on the way home”

“I’ll lay down there. I might fall asleep and would rather wake up with my tools near.” Devina kissed her sons head “alright, just be safe for me.” Bishin smiled “you know I’ll be fine mom”

“It’s a mothers job to worry”

“You take your job too seriously” He said with a wink then ran off. He was thankful nothing attempted to attack him on his way home since he lived so far from his mother. Bishin made himself a sandwich then decided he should probably rest a bit before beginning the hard labor of making his horns smaller. He settled in his bed and allowed slumber to take him. He woke about an hour later feeling almost fully rested. Bishin didn’t require very much sleep. He only felt like he needed it after a fight or helping his sisters hone their skills. Bishin stretched, enjoying the feeling it caused in his muscles then grabbed his tools.

He walked across the blazing desert sand. Just now noticing how sweaty he was from fighting with his mother. He wasn’t bothered by it though. It wasn’t as if he would be seeing anybody else that day. Once he found his spot he sat down and began his work. Olivia finished her cactus fruit then said “I’m going to go on a walk Ava. I’m feeling restless.” Ava looked up from her book “want me to go?”

“No, enjoy your story. I’ll be fine on my own.”

“You sure, i wont mind stopping”

“I’m sure.” Olivia walked out and began her trek over the desert sands. She would occasionally spin around for the fun of it. Suddenly she heard a male voice that startled her “Hello sexy, what’re you doing out here all by yourself?”

“I was just going on a quick walk. My name’s Olivia” He licked his teeth “I want some of you Olivia.” Olivia started backing up as he kept coming forward. His eyes said he wasn’t going to take no for an answer so she went to bolt but he had already slammed her into the sand. Olivia frantically fought until she broke loose from his grip and ran. She used her full speed, not sure of where to go. She didn’t want to lead him to Olivia but she couldn’t fight him, she knew she wasn’t strong enough. It was nothing short of a miracle she had managed to get out of his grasp. He gave chase, annoyed by how fast she was. Olivia wished she knew what to do as she kept running. She hoped maybe some demon would care enough to help her.

Not very many demons were caring so all Olivia felt she could hope for was that he would get tired before she did. Bishin had just finished fixing one of his horns and started working on the other when he heard demons coming. He stood and readied to fight though his horns would keep him off balance now. As they got closer he could smell the females fear and the males lust. He realized what was going on and instantly grew pissed off. He wouldn’t let happen to this woman what happened to his sister. Olivia saw Bishin and prayed he was going to help His scent was angry, aggressive even. She hoped it was aggression at just the bastard chasing her. She would apologize for the intrusion and leave quickly if this demon allowed her.

As the male tried to pass him he threw up a wall. Laughing when he slammed into it. He yelled angrily as Bishin quickly out him in a box.” The demon started slamming himself into the walls “I’m going to lose her you asshole!”

“That was the fucking point you creep.” Bishin ran off to find the woman. She had just kept running. Olivia glanced behind her, noticing she wasn’t being chased any longer. She dropped down in exhaustion, sobbing into her hands. She couldn’t remember ever being that scared. Bishin slowed down when he heard her crying. He wanted to quickly get to Olivia but he didn’t want to scare her by coming on too fast either. He knelt down by her side “did he hurt you?” Olivia had been crying so hard she didn’t notice Bishin coming. It startled her, making Olivia jump away and stand up. “I wont hurt you, calm down. I trapped that man so he cant do anything to you. I want to help you miss”

“not really…thank you…are you sure he cant get out?”

“I’m sure, let me take you home. I swear I’m not going to do anything to harm you. I hate demons like him. I’m Bishin, what’s your name?”


“Could I carry you to my home Olivia. I’m sure you were running for quite some time” This man helped her and nothing about him was threatening so she nodded as a few new tears traced her face. Bishin picked her up much slower than needed because he didn’t want to upset her. He started to run and she wrapped her arms tightly around him. Continuing to cry in his chest. She felt like a baby since the demon hadn’t been successful but nothing she had ever fought or been through scared her quite like that demon just did.

When he got home he walked upstairs to his bed since it was the most comfortable. He sat down on it and held her. “want me to stay?”

“Please” Bishin allowed his hold to be a bit tighter so she’d feel secure. He wanted her to know he wouldn’t let any disgusting men have her. He stayed there until she was sleeping soundly that night. He couldn’t help but notice what a gorgeous woman she was. He sighed, feeling both sad for what almost happened  and being hopelessly attracted to her. He set her down slowly so he wouldn’t wake her then went to take care of the scum who tried to force himself on her. His anger only grew as he approached his make shift prison. The demon jumped up growling “You better let me out you fucking annoying little shit!”

“what made you think you had the right to force yourself on her?”

“Women are just toys, they are here for our pleasure you foolish boy. Don’t let her manipulate you. Women love when we take them. They say no just for the fun of fighting”

“Monsters like you make me fucking sick. They do not like it! My sister Rika was raped by a demon like you. She had night terrors for years. It’s been twenty three years and she still has bad nights from time to time. For moments of pleasure you hurt a woman for the rest of her life.” The demon laughed angering Bishin more. He took down the walls and his fingers turned into sharp claws as his back slightly arched and his canines grew so they were actually out of his mouth and he had to keep it slightly open. His yellow eyes turned blood red while the cornea disappeared. He mauled the demon until he just lay in pieces across the desert sands.

Bishin stood there a few moments and he went back to normal. He spit on the ground where the demons flesh laid in tatters “you piece of trash” Bishin said as he walked away. He shifted back and went into his home. He checked on Olivia who was still sound asleep. He smiled then went into his bathroom to get cleaned up. As he passed his mirror he noticed how ridiculous he looked with only one horn the proper size. It was embarrassing to Bishin that Olivia saw him looking like that. He stepped under the water, whole body aching from practicing with his mother and defending Olivia today. He enjoyed the hot water until it was gone then dried off thourghly so he could go back outside and finish his work. He didn’t want to still look ridiculous in the morning.

He struggled to finish his work but finally his horns looked proper. He walked back in the house, put away his tools then fell on the couch. It wasn’t worth the effort to get a pillow and blanket. The next morning Olivia jumped up, heart racing. She looked around in a panic until she realized it was Bishins room. She stayed in the bed until her heart rate slowed then got up to thank her host. She walked downstairs and saw that he was sleeping rather awkwardly on the couch. She half smiled then went back up to grab his blanket. She tried to place it on Bishin without rousing him form slumber but her attempts failed. Bishin opened his eyes and sat up “thank you for the blanket”

“Sorry i woke you”

“I was sleepig lightly. I didn’t want anything to hurt you.”

“I owe you so much for your help”

“You owe me nothing. I would like your friendship though” Olivia smiled “Ok, I need to go home though. My sister is probably in a panic”

“want me to escort you?” Bishin asked feeling sad that she would be going already. “Please do, I was hoping you would” Bishin stood “would you like a drink before we travel?” Him asking made Olivia realize how thirsty she was “That’s a good idea” He made them each a glass of water then they walked out. They talked the whole way back, Bishin steadily becoming more and more enamoured by her. Bishin could listen to Olivia talk for eternity. They were almost home when Avas voice carried across the desert “Olivia! Oh thank god your safe!” They ran into eachother with a tight hug. “You scared me so badly” Ava added then Olivia responded “A demon tried to rape me but Bishin here saved me. Bishin trapped him so he culdn’t get to me then comforted me in his home until I asked to return this morning. I’m sorry for worrying you but I was so upset i wasn’t thinking”

“all that matters is your safe. I’ve been frantic since dinner rolled around and you didn’t return” Ava broke the hug then hugged Bishin “thank you so much for saving her. What can we do to repay you”

“I already told Olivia. I want nothing in return but I would like to befriend you two” Ava smiled “how about breakfast. I must do somthing” Bishin laughed “I am hungry and would love more time with you two so sure” They guided Bishin to their home where they made him sit down so they could cook. He noticed how similar they were which prompted him to ask “are you two twins?”

“Yep” Olivia answered enthusiasticly.

Chapter Two

Bishin smiled “That’s cool. How long have you lived alone?” Olivia was the one to answer again “Well, we lived with our grandpa because our dad didn’t like having us. Our grandpa went into a deep depression when his wife died and we didn’t want to stick around to watch him destroy himself with alcohol. We ended up here and built this house. It isn’t much but we aren’t very skilled. This was all we could manage” Olivia went back to cooking with her sister as Bishin stood “could I examine your work? I’m extremely skilled when it comes to building. Maybe I could improve what the two of you have started”

“You’ve done enough Bishin” Ava said but Bishin insisted “Beautiful young women need a sturdy house. Let me check things out” He walked out the kitchen, not letting them protest any longer. He wandered around and was instantly glad he did. This place was at best a shack. He could see many places that weren’t secured good enough. One desert storm could destroy their house as soon as it started with how flimsy it was. He was glad desert storms were so rare. It wasn’t their fault, they had nobody to teach them as he had. Bishin decided it would honestly be easier for him to just rebuild the whole thing. Especially because he wanted Olivia to have a bigger place than this. It was much too small and not nearly secure enough for his liking. He walked back in and waited for the girls to finish. They gave him a plate and he thanked them before eating.

After they were all done he cleared his throat “I hope I don’t offend you two but this house is very easily breakable. It would take only one desert storm and you wouldn’t have a home any longer. To make it how it needs to be I just need to start over and build you a home the right way. I’d be happy for you girls to move in with me for awhile until I get this to where it needs to be. I have plenty of guests rooms in my abode.”

“You really want to rebuild our home for us?”

“Yes, I can’t have my friends living in a house that’s not good enough for them” Olivia smiled and blushed as he looked her in the eyes. He hadn’t broken eye contact with her since he started talking. She loved their soft yellow coloring. “what do you say Olivia? Want to do it?” Ava asked and Olivia nodded. They both got up at the same time and hugged Bishin. “Lets gather your belongings.” They had to make multiple trips so it took a long time to get all their things in a small shed Bishin had. He made sure all their clothes and things they would be needing while they stayed were in the rooms he gave them. “alright, let me get my tools and I shall get to work. You ladies just enjoy my home”

“You sure you don’t want help Bishin?” Olivia asked. Bishin didn’t want Olivia to leave his side anyway so he asked “well do you want to learn? I can teach you girls while I work.”

“Of course, we can’t make you rebuild our home by yourself anyway” Olivia said with a smile that seemed to touch his very soul. Ava smiled, holding back a laugh at how much Olivia turned this demon into pudding. It was especially funny because Olivia didn’t seem to notice that she had Bishin wrapped around her little finger even though they just met. Bishin filled jugs with water so they wouldn’t dehydrate and had the girls carry them while he carried his tools. They got straight to work, carefully following Bishins instructions. Ava and Olivia were excited to see what their home would end up looking like.

Around lunch time Bishin glanced over at the girls again who were busy at the task he had given them. Ava looked fine but Olivia looked haggard. Bishin frowned “Lets go back to my place girls and have lunch.” They stopped and Bishin walked over “Can I carry you back Olivia? You look so worn” Olivia looked down. She felt embarrassed how weak of a demon she was, was showing once again.” He lifted her chin “It’s ok. You just don’t have very much stamina. Well not as much as Ava and I anyway. We all have limitations. After we finish your house I could train you and make you better” Her eyes looked crushingly sad. His heart was crumbling and he felt like an asshole for offering to carry her. He felt it may have been better if he hadn’t said anything. Ava decided to speak while any of the pieces of his heart were still together.

“Bishin, many demons have tried to make Olivia stronger but she just doesn’t have it in her. You aren’t making her sad so wipe that guilty look off. She’s sad because she can’t be better than she is and she’s self conscious about it. Olivia simply isn’t a very strong demon. She has a few very magnificent powers but she got the short end of the stick with strength and stamina. I apparently stole it all from her in my mothers belly. She just gets sad in general when she can’t keep up with other demons. We come from a strong line too which only makes it worse. Olivia, let him carry you. He is our friend now and would have figured it out at somepoint. Don’t be sad. I love you and Bishin still likes you. He doesn’t care how strong you are”

Bishin hugged Olivia “I do like you, I like you a lot and I don’t care how strong you are. I was only offering to train you because I wanted to help like I do with my mom and sisters. I didn’t realize you were at your full potential. Please forgive me if I made you feel worse. It wasn’t my intention atall. I would however love to carry you so you don’t wear yourself out any more.”

“Ok, thank you” She said in a small voice. Bishin picked her up feeling like the biggest ass in the world. When they arrived back at his house he offered to cook while the girls hungout in his living room. Ava whispered to her sister “Try to stop looking sad. I knwo how bad it makes you feel when other demons notice you don’t have very much strength but Bishin honestly doesnt care. He doesn’t think less of you atall. You are killing him with how sad you look. I know how hard you were trying to not let it be obvious how tired you were and as your sister I pretended not to notice. I’m glad he asked you to stop so you wouldn’t work yourself sick trying to keep up with the two of us. It’s ok not to be powerful. Bishins a real friend”

“I just wanted it to take a little longer”

“I know but he doesn’t care Oli”

“Ok, I’ll try and stop. I really am exhausted and cramping everywhere.”

“If Bishin plans to work more on teh house today why don’t you stay here and rest. That way when we’re done at the end of the day you can have a nice hot meal waiting for us when we return. You could help us that way. Bishins house also seems a bit dirty. You could take a nap then get up and clean this place if you regain enough energy. You’d still be helping but not killing yourself”

“Ok, I love you Ava. Thank you for the pep talk” Ava lightly laughed “You’re welcome. What’re sisters for if they aren’t put here to encourage us when we’re down? I remember a certain sister helping me when I was a basket case just a few months ago about mom” Olivia smiled “I hope we’re making her proud”

“I know we are. Especially you Olivia. You’ve turned out to be a better person than me and that you can’t even dispute. You are much more forgiving and sweet than I could ever be”

“You are still wonderful yourself. I hope mom can see us.”

“and I hope dad can’t, I hope he’s rotting in some horrible place” She sighed then giggled at herself “see what I mean Oli?”

“In that area you just say what I think.” Olivia scoffed before continuing “It wasn’t enough he had to treat us like crap he had to kill our mother”

“well, lets put on some smiling faces for Bishin before you rip his soul from his chest” They had lighter conversation until Bishin called them. He was relieved to see the smile return to Olivias face. He smiled back, it was a sad, guilty smile but a smile none the less. During lunch Ava said “Olivias going to stay here and rest. She might clean but she’s definitely going to have dinner ready when we return. Is that fine Bishin”

“Of course it is. You two can do whatever you want” They finished then the girls hugged before Bishin and Ava left. He wanted a hug but couldn’t shake the fact he had caused Olivia to get upset. Olivia went straight to her room to catch some sleep before cleaning the house. As Ava and Bishin started on their way back to work Ava slapped him on the back of the head “snap out of it idiot. It’s all fine. She was happy at lunch wasn’t she?”

“Yeah, I just feel like a jerk for pointing out she was tired”

“you did it because you care about her and wanted to offer help. It was sweet. I can see how much you care about my sister. You just so happened to hit a sensitive spot on my sister and that’s okay. You’ve just met us and didn’t know. She’s all better.”

“You sure?”

“I’m her twin sister, of course I’m sure”

“good, I’m glad you know I had no intention of hurting her feelings or making her feel small”

“Please, you saved her from a rapist and now you’re rebuilding our house for us. I know you only have the best intentions for us. Mainly Olivia” Ava winked and Bishin blushed. “So you can see my attraction to her? She is truly the most entrancing woman I’ve ever met. She means a great deal to me which I know it’s crazy. The truth, but crazy” Ava smiled “yeah, I wont tell if you don’t want me to”

“I wish that you wouldn’t.”

“That’s between you and my sister. I’ll keep out of it”

“Thank you and thank you for whatever pep talk you gave her.”

“We’re always there for eachother. One of us is down we bring them up. She would have done the same for me. She has many times. I somtimes have a hard time handling what happened to our mother. She misses mom too but she carries it better than me”

“what happened to your mother?”

“we dont know much because we were pretty young when it happened and we didn’t live with them any longer. Our father killed her…our bastard father killed our mother. I hate him…I hate him so much and am glad he died too….I wish mom would have left with us. She was a wonderful mom and made us so happy..”

“I’m sorry to hear that” Ava sighed “Thats life I guess. It’s why I’m so protective of Ava. I’ve lost my mother, I can’t lose her too…not ever. It’s why I was in such panic when she didn’t return home last night. I was terrified I had lost my sister and hated myself for letting her go off alone when i know all she has for defense is her speed. Thank you so much for protecting her. It’s why you’re ok in my book to be with her. I owe you big time and feel free to collect the favor if you choose since you don’t seem to feel we owe you anything”

“My sister Rika was raped. It has hurt her so much mentally. I could never allow any woman to go through that, not with how much pain my sisters been through.”

“Poor thing, did the bastard pay?”

“No but I wish I could have made him pay. By the time she came and got me the demon was long gone. he left her with child but it turned out to be a blessing. She loves her daughter so much. They have a tight bond despite how Kandara was conceived.”

“I’m glad she got pregnant then so somthing good could come of a horrible situation”

“Rika was too. While she was pregnant she had trouble but she fell in love with Kandara the second she looked at her” Olivias nap lasted longer than she wanted it to but she was glad for some rest. Her muscles felt tremendously better and she decided to have a shower. Olivia cleaned herself quickly then began to straighten up the kitchen. It was still a mess from lunch. Olivia hummed songs her mother used to sing as she cleaned. They made her feel close to her mom even though she wasn’t around any longer.

Chapter Three

Time flew as she dusted Bishins home. Besides dusting there wasn’t much to clean. He had a few books out and tools scattered but it wasn’t a big job. She was surprised by how tidy Bishin actually was. She guessed her sister only said his house was really dirty to make her staying home feel more important. When Olivia was done she looked to see what he had. She decided on making a nice soup for them and began her work. Olivia hoped Bishin liked it as much as breakfast. She was used to always cooking with her sister and didn’t know how good she would really do on her own. She had just finished serving it out when Bishin and Ava walked in “hey sis! Feel better?”

“yeah, how’d working on our house go”

“amazing. We made a lot of progress.” The three sat down and began to eat. After Bishin took a few bites he said “thank you, this is really good. ”

“I’m glad you like it. Um, I want to go help you guys again tomorrow. I can just help every day until lunch.”

“alright” Ava said and Bishin nodded. Bishin wasn’t a big fan of soup but really enjoyed Olivias. He was glad because he was scared he wouldn’t be able to fake liking it when he walked in and saw what she made. He would have tried but he was glad he actually did like the taste. As their home got closer to being done Bishin worked alone a lot more. He was carving beautiful designs in the wood on the inside of the house and making them gorgeous furniture. He had fallen hopelessly in love with Olivia while coming to think of Ava as a close friend. He wanted the house to be nice for both of them but what Olivia was going to think meant the most.

In everything he carved he was thinking of her. He wanted to cause awe in Olivias face when she walked inside. He got so lost thinking about her that he cut himself. Bishin dropped his tool and began to groan. It was a deep cut, almost severing his finger off. He held his finger on and began his run across the desert to get home. He burst through his doors making Olivia and Ava jolt up. They had just been laying in the living room talking. Olivia noticed the blood and gasped “what happened?”

“I really need you to grab a potion from the kitchen and put it in my good hand. Olivia did what she was told and he downed it. “Please follow me Olivia” She nodded and he quickly guided her into his workplace. He told her to open the wooden box by his lamp and find somthing to wrap his finger on with. Olivia did it as quickly as possible, making sure it was tight. Bishin sighed “thank you Olivia” He walked back up and drank another potion “it’ll heal” Olivia hugged him “what did you do?”

“I was working on your home and I guess I started daydreaming” he pulled back “You’ve been working on it every day. Maybe you should take a break. You’re obviously getting burnt out on it since you’re daydreaming. I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

“I’m fine Olivia. I want to get it finished for you two. I wont day dream again. Don’t worry”

“I can’t help but worry. Your finger was barely on” It sent tingles into Bishins heart that Olivia cared so much. He held her tightly to him “It’ll be ok. The potions will take care of it.”

“you’re sure?”

“completely sure Olivia. Just relax. I’m having fun building your home. I don’t want to stop. I will take tomorrow off though.”

“Thank you, we need to make sure you’re fingers fine” Ava then made a joke in her head“there are ways you two could test his fingers out tomorrow” She almost giggled imagining her sisters face if she would have said that out loud. Olivia spent the rest of the day doing everything for Bishin even though he kept assuring her he was fine. Bishin drank two more potions before settling into bed that night. He didn’t want to worry Olivia any longer than he had to. The next morning he took his bandage off to see his finger was once again attached. He still went out and drank another potion anyway to be sure. Olivia heard Bishin walk by her door and followed him. He smiled when he noticed her, holding up his hand “see? All better. Please quit worrying” Olivia hugged him “I’m so glad.”

Bishin took the whole day off as promised. It was nice to just get to relax with Olivia and Ava. He told about every joke he knew that day trying to keep Olivas laughter in the air. In the following weeks Bishin completed their home and blindfolded the girls when they were almost there. Olivia and Avas anticipation was high to see what he had down. Once they were in the living room he took off their blind folds. Both girls gasped “Bishin” Olivia said breathlessly. He smiled “You like it?”

“it’s beautiful” They both said at the same time. They walked around in awe, Bishin not able to keep his eyes off Olivias face. She looked so happy and it filled his heart with glee. “I can’t believe you made us new furniture too” Olivia said as she ran her hand over the sofa. “Like I said, you two deserved so much more than what you were living in. I couldn’t do anything less for you Olivia’ She glomped Bishin then gave him a long kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much” she said with her arms still wrapped around him. It would have been easy to lean in and get a real kiss buthe didn’t know how she felt about relationships. His mother thought they were dumb and wasn’t interested in anything more than sex. He was afraid to know what Olivia thought.

There wasn’t any way he could just be physical with her. Bishin knew he was too madly in love for that. He would just wait it out, he’d wait for the sign she wanted to be with him for eternity. He could be patient, knowing sex would just be a tease to what he really wanted with Olivia. She let him go when Ava wanted a hug. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek aswell. It made Bishin wish Olivia was kissing him again. The girls remained on cloud nine for the whole evening and many days afterward. they kept finding new details in his work that made them squeal and thank him. He must have gotten hundreds of thank yous from both girls which he appreciated but all the thanks he needed was being in their lives. Ava was an amazing friend and Olivia had shown herself to be the love of his life. Bishin wanted to stay by her side and protect her from anything that wished her harm. He would always love her and be there for her even if his feelings were never reciprocated. It was a dream to him to even be so near. The only sad thing for Bishin about completing their home was that they were no longer at his. Each night he would just remind himself that he would see the girls tomorrow and every day after.

~ The End ~

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