Bishin & Olivia: Year 2

Chapter One

Bishin and Ava laid up in bed with the same bug. Nobody knew what was wrong with them but whatever it was, it was really bad. They threw up everything, water, soup, crackers and all else besides fruit smoothies. It wasn’t easy keeping a stock of fruit since they lived in the desert but Olivia and Avas boyfriend Azayle would just make trips out to find some when they ran out. Bishin had been staying in a guest bedroom ever since the day he and Ava fell ill. Olivia wanted him here so she could care for him. It was time yet again to collect berries so Olivia was making sure Bishin and Ava were comfortable before they left. Azayle just watched Olivia, resenting having to tend to Ava and growing more and more lustful for Olivia. Ever since his lover became ill he had taken notice of how curvy Olivias frame was and how soft her boobs looked. He would often imagine biting her lips or bending Olivia over a table and slamming every inch of himself in.

He got hard when Olivia dropped the cold rag for Bishins head and bent to fetch it. Bishin may have noticed the demons lustful eyes if he hadn’t been so miserable or a little less concentrated on Olivia himself. Olivia fussed over Bishin and Ava for quite awhile before Azayle snapped ‘they’re fine, lets get this over with” She didn’t like how he spoke to her but knew she was fussing too much so she walked out with him. Ava sighed, planning on leaving him for what a jerk he had become while she was ill. Not that they had really defined the relationship. At no point had either said it was more than sex but since he moved in Ava considered it more than being fuck buddies.

Azayle was taking shameless glances of Olivia as they walked out with containers in hand to find fruit in the nearest wooded area. Azayle plotted ways to get Olivia in bed. He could tell living there she wasn’t a sexual woman so just asking probably wouldn’t work. They were almost there when he decided that showing her his powers might impress Olivia enough to make her wet and lustful. It was afterall what first attracted Ava. They were twins so may be lured by the same things. He kept silent about his wish to put on a show until their containers were filled “Olivia, they always pass out when they drink these. Can I put on a show for you after they are sleeping? You deserve somthing fun”

“sure, sounds great”

Azayle smiled and offered to carry Olivias container home. “I’ve got it but thank you. I’ve been building my arm strength.”

“You don’t want to get muscular. Even a beautiful woman looks terrible with muscles.”

“I’m sure there are plenty of women with muscle that look good. Having a little is my only option since I’m such a weak demon.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a female not having much ability. It’s perfect really, no man wants a girl showing them up”

“You know Ava would slap you if she was here right? Why are you such a jerk?”

“All men think as I do. I just have the balls to say it. Not to Ava of course but a sweet, docile thing like you I don’t mind speaking the truth”

“Bishin doesn’t feel like you do.”

“Please, that man is so fake. Atleast I hope he’s just putting on an act because he likes you” Olivia blushed “You are just trying to mess with me aren’t you?” Azayle could tell he was making Olivia angry so he lied “yes, I’m only playing. Stop taking everything I say so seriously. I love to joke”

“You should pick funnier jokes”

“I’ll keep that in mind. On the non joking side, where did you get those clothes? They make you so stunning. Not that your body needs any help with it’s natural allure” Olivia was a little shocked at first and planned on telling Ava of Azayles comments when she felt better. Ava didn’t need any drama while she was already this miserable. “My grandpa had these clothes made for us. When we left his castle we took all the clothing we had”

“Your grandpa had good taste”

“Our grandpa was an amazing man when his mate was alive”

“How’d she pass?”

“Old age, she was human” Azayle looked surprised then took in Olivas scent “I never caught that before. Your human scent is subtle. Your mother must have married a demon to offset the human”

“Yes, my father came from a long line of pure bread demon. He was the prince of Holvincora. A real bastard. He was nice to mom but didn’t care about anyone else, even us”

“You’re lieing, are you two seriously the lost princesses of Holvincora?!” Azayle thought and remembered their names were indeed Olivia and Ava. His mouth actually hung open a few moments “Holvincora demons are known for being assholes, especially the royal line. I can’t believe you and Ava are such nice demons.”

“Our mothers side of the family is really good and came to visit a lot. Zeus’s mom was also wonderful and loved us. She didn’t speak or hug us but we could tell in how she looked at us.”

“Holvincora queens never spoke until Lucy, your mother I guess”

“I….well..until Zeus killed her there wasn’t a demon in the world that could make her quit talking” A few tears escaped Olivias eyes. Azayle stopped and set his box down before taking hers and setting it on top. He hugged her, seizing the opportunity to have her soft, appetizing body close to his. He began to rub her back and arms as if he was trying to comfort her. He didn’t care one bit about her mothers passing or that the Holvincora royal line fell to ruin. Zeus was making their kingdom an embarrassment with how he treated his queen. Queens weren’t supposed to speak and were supposed to be totally submissive. He was setting a faulty president by allowing Lucy to be a person. Iit was good to lose that line before it ruined all of Holvincora. If he was a strong enough demon to get by there he would have moved there long ago.

Olivia pushed away from Azayle. The way he touched her gave her the chills and not in a good way. She felt dirty now that his hands had been on her. His hold had been no comfort atall but she wasn’t rude enough to say it. “we need to get back and make the smoothies for Bishin and Ava.”

“I guess we do.” Azayle picked up both boxes and wouldn’t allow Olivia to grab one. She sighed when she got tired of trying to get it and failing. “You don’t like the words no do you”

“Nope” Olivia was annoyed so didn’t speak to Azayle the rest of the walk home. This was why she wanted to be stronger. Unless Bishin or Ava was around to stick up for her she was easily pushed around because she knew she wouldn’t win a fight. It wasn’t fair and annoying. She hated needing them. The world was so filled with powerful creatures and she was barely stronger than a human. Azayle could easily kill her if he wanted and Olivia didn’t like to push other demons far since her kind were so fast to kill eachother. She had been born into a truly violent race and wish if she was going to be this weak anyway that she could have been born among humans so she could be on a equal field among her peers.

They made it back and Olivia got to work the second Azayle put the boxes down. He laid on the couch as he always did, never lifting a finger to help Ava. Fuck buddies or not it was unbelievable how little he cared about her. Olivia hated seeing her sister with him and hoped when she told Ava of his talk on the way back today she would make him leave. Olivia felt her sister deserved a lot better than this self absorbed jerk. It took a lot to be kind to him but she tried since this was who her sister wanted to be with.

Bishin was happy to hear the sound of the blender when Olivia turned it on. That noise meant she was about to bring the smoothies which made his throat feel tremendously better. It stayed sore constantly so the smoothies were his only relief. They even made him feel better in general. For a few moments his muscles weren’t cramping and his head didn’t feel so swollen. Ava was laying in her bed thinking the same happy thoughts about Olivias smoothie. When the contents were blended Olivia divided it equally for Ava and Bishin before heading up the stairs. Azayle let his head fall off the couch and touch the floor so he could see up Olivias skirt when she got to the fifth step. It was somthing he found out accidently but it was a great find that always made his shaft grow firm.

Oliva took Avas first “Thank you Olivia.”

“Sh, your throat hurts. I just want you to drink. I know you and Bishin are grateful for my help. How many times must I tell you?” Ava smiled then gratefully drank her smoothie. “You’re drinking too fast Ava.” Ava slowed down then Olivia left the room to take Bishin his. He smiled at her, looking worse than yesterday. It almost made Olivia frown but she kept her bright smile. She knew her sadness would only add to how miserable she felt. She would give anything to know how to help them. Olivia was just holding to hope their bodies would fight it off soon. Olivia helped Bishin sit up since he had more trouble than Ava then handed him his smoothie. She sat with him until it was gone then set it on the floor to hug him “woah, Olivia, you could get sick too.”

“I’ve been tending to you two since you got sick. I’ll obviously be fine. Don’t speak. You and Ava drive me crazy with that. Your throats are very sore and only need to speak to ask me for things” Bishin just burried his head into her shoulder, making sure his horns didn’t touch her. Bishin didn’t have much will to fight her since this was the greatest comfort he had. He doubted he would even notice how horrible he felt if Olivia would stay up here and cuddle with him. Bishin was tempted to ask but couldn’t let her be exposed to his germs more than needed.

She let Bishin go then grabbed his glass “sweet dreams” He nodded and Olivia left to collect Avas glass. She was already passed out when Olivia entered the room. She kissed her sisters head “I’m so sorry” Olivia took the cups down to the sink and cleaned everything up for the next use. She then put their berries in the fridge before going into the living room. Azayle was sitting up now and smiling “you ready for my show?”

“yeah, lets go out. If it will be loud we need to get away from the house so those two can rest.”

“Alright then, where should we go?”

“Lets go somewhere between Bishins house and ours.”

“I don’t know where Bishin lives”

“Just follow me” They walked out the door and crossed the sands yet again until Olivia felt they were far enough away not to disturb anybody. She sat down then swished her hand slowly in front of her to tell him to perform. He laughed “you really are a princess”He backed up a bit then suddenly a big mass of dirt rise from the ground. It formed a tiger but what impressed Olivia most was when it roared, the sound echoing and sounding like a real one. She actually came to her feet and watched as he then morphed it into a rhino. The sand rhino ran around, charging at invisible things. It started running at Olivia which scared her until it became a group of rabbits. They hopped around her then back to Azayle who kept the sand animals coming. He kept an eye on Olivias expressions, knowing he was going to get laid this evening with how impressed she was.

Next azayle showed off how agile he was. Performing tricks like he was an experienced acrobat. Olivia hated being so impressed by an assholes skill but couldn’t quit watching or wipe the expression off her face. When he was done showing everything he wanted to show her Azayle walked up to Olivia with a proud smile “you seemed to enjoy the show”

“as hard as it is to admit, I did. You are a very skilled demon”

“I am, very strong too. If we go somewhere else I could demonstrate further”

“No, I dont want to see you hurt somthing or cause needless wreckage” His smile widened, showing his fangs. “you are a strange demon woman”

“I like being different”

“I like you, a lot. You are very sexy in a sweet, cutsie kind of way. Those curves, those big golden eyes, you are delectable my sweet” Olivia got really uncomfortable “you’re with my sister.”

“I only have sex with your sister Olivia. I desire you so badly. Weren’t you impressed with my power? I could show you more if you need it to be ready for me” Olivia backed up as a creeped out look filled her face ‘I dont know if I’ve sent some sort of wrong signals or what but I dont want you. I could never sleep with a man my sister has slept with because it would be wrong. On top of that I dont even like you very much. Especially now, why dont you just leave if you don’t care about my sister”

“How can you expect me to still be attracted to her when she throws up on herself because she can’t get up. Even when she manages it’s all over the floor. The two of them are filthy and you should just let them die. Come away with me and I’ll protect you. You will end up a mans toy if you’re caught alone. You wont be much more to me than sex but I can assure you wont be beaten and kicked around. Come now while the offer is still there Olivia. You know you’re too weak and they are going to die. They are damn near close to it. You really want to wait around and then be alone, at the mercy of the next male demon that finds you?” Tears streamed down Olivias face “How can you be so heartless after all this time you’ve spent with us. You’ve been living in our home for months and…you’d really just let Ava die. I love them, I love them both so much. Don’t you think I see how sick they are? Bishin barely looked alive when I brought him his smoothie. I go to sleep every night afraid they wont be breathing when I wake which is why I’ve been up and down since they fell ill.Those two are my everything and I would never abandon them for anything. I don’t care what you do, say or threaten I will not just let them die. I will fight for them and pray they get better”

Azayle growled and his eyes grew more lustful “Every demon knows that love only makes you weak and vulnerable. It’s foolish to love but I guess you don’t understand that since you aren’t a pure blood. It’s why demons and humans shouldn’t breed. It weakens our species. Atleast this time human and demon breeding produced such a tasty morsel. I’ll show you how badly you want me”Suddenly the back of his shirt was grabbed and he was slammed into the desert sands. Light brown spewed up against the blue sky so Olivia coudln’t see who did it. She only realized who it was when she saw blue sparks and heard Azayle screaming as you’d imagine a teenage girl would. Olivia jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see an elderly demon woman. “Don’t be afraid Olivia. My name is Humble and I fetched Devina to protect you. I don’t wish you to know what would have happened if I had not intervened but I had to. History would have taken on such a bleak course. I paid my dues to the universe so I could stop this day from happening.”

“Thank you” Olivia said though wondering if this woman was alright in the head. She wasn’t convinced anybody knew what would happen in the future. Devina left the demon male barely alive then whispered in a seething tone “don’t you dare ever come near Olivia again you understand me you pathetic punk. That girl is my sons life so next time I even think you came anywhere near her I will hunt you down and gut you. It will be painful and slow. Think about that if you ever consider coming back once you can move.” Devina got off of him and walked over to Humble and Oliva. “you ok sweetheart?”


“good, I’m not sure what Humble has said to you if anything but she isn’t crazy. Few demons are blessed with the gift of future sight. They aren’t allowed to intervene in what they see though which makes it a double edge sword. They can however, pay the universe is the best way to put it if they really want to stop somthing. She didn’t tell me much aside from the fact he was going to hurt you very badly. She came to me so that you would be spared this day and all things that would have happened because of it. We both owe her a great thanks for giving up somthing to spare you” Olivia hugged Humble “thank you, why help me though? not that I’m complaining”

“Your grandfather is a very good man. One day someone special is going to return and she will want to see you. On top of that a lot of terrible things would have been triggered by the events today. The world would have been a much darker place because of it. You have no idea the impact of your life has on this earth. We were all born with purpose. Not everyone fufills their purpose but yours you have been filling well. You were born to make this world a brighter place. If only I had the time to explain to you all the things your life prevents from happening.”

Olivias eyes shimmered with want to cry due to how wonderful it felt to hear she meant somthing in the universe. She hugged Humble again then embraced Devina “thank you both.” Humble reached into her satchel and pulled out purple vials. “pour one into each of their smoothies next time you make them and I promise they will be better no later than tomorrow night. Azayle was from a different world and in that world they are all immune to the bug they all carry. When he moved in he introduced the bug to your home. One thing I want to point out to you is do you remember ever getting sick Olivia?” Olivia thought then said “no, Ava would but I wouldn’t”

“That’s a gift nobody has noticed you have. You were born immune to all disease. Nothing can wipe you out short of murder. It’s why you were the only one in that home not eaten up by the germ he carried from his world. You are greater than you think Olivia. In the far future you’re going to gain more abilities aswell. All demons get stronger as they age and I’e seen that powers awaken in you with time. Just be patient. You wont be dependant and need protecting forever. I also have every confidence in the world Ava and Bishin don’t mind defending you when needed. it’s just as you don’t mind tending to them while they are sick.” Olivia nodded then they walked back to Olivia and Avas house. “you go in honey. I need to speak with Humble.”

“alright, I’ll go make more smoothies and give them the antidote.”

“Perfect” Humble said. Olivia rushed into the kitchen and pulled the fruit out of the fridge. Devina beseeched upon Humble “please Humble, tell me what was going to happen if we didn’t stop it. I didn’t push things before because you made it obvious we were crunched for time”

“you wont tell a soul?”


“Azayle was going to rape Olivia. She was going to put up such a struggle it enraged him into killing her. Her Innocent blood would have covered those sands when he finished defiling her. Ava would have died without Olivias care but Bishins body would beat it just as it neared killing him. Once he had his strength he would have gone looking for Olivia and found the tatters Azayle left her in. I’m sure you’re aware of how deep your sons love runs for Olivia. He would not have been able to handle the loss and would have succumb to demonic, mindless rage. He would have destroyed whole villages, forests and even killed many other innocents in his mindless rage. I do want you to know it would be mindless. Seeing Olivia dead was enough to break his sanity so it wouldn’t have been the son you know Devina. Zeus is going to come back from the dead. If his daughters werent alive to forgive him his wrong doings he would never forgive himself. Those are the only things her loss would seem to directly effect but I assure you, the domino effect would be devastating on this world and many others. Shes destinedĀ to affect so much positively in her life that the world couldn’t afford to lose her which is why the universe granted me permission to change this day in history. I was hoping events wouldn’t lead to this but they did so I stepped in.”

Chapter Two

Devina hugged Humble crushingly tight “thank you” She said unable to keep from crying. Humble ran her hands through Devinas hair “I cried too when i saw that future. It was heart breaking when the history changed to that. Sadly, Ava meeting Azayle could have been prevented but we creatures have free will which is why the futureĀ is always changing. A bad chain started when Ava met that horrible demon. I’m just glad we could stop it”

“me too” Devina said, wiping her face. “Lets both go home” Humble responded and both women parted ways. Devina was going back to Azayle to get him further from Oliva. Azayle who still coudln’t move panicked when he saw Devina coming back. his heart raced and he put all his strength into trying to get up. She got a handful of his hair and he started screaming again “shut your damn mouth! I’m just dragging you further from my son and his love” Devina took off in a run, not caring how bad it hurt Azayle to be drug by his hair at this speed. She flung him into a portal then ran home. She didn’t know what world she flung him in but she wanted him out of hers.

Olivia went up the stairs as quickly as she could without spilling the smoothies. Ava was still sleeping so she set the cups down and shook her “Please wake up Ava! Please!” Ava woke “you ok?”

“Yeah, Bishins mom and this woman named Humble gave me somthing to cure you two. All you have to do is drink your smoothie” Ava didn’t have to be told twice and sprang up faster than she had the whole time she was sick. Once Ava was drinking Olivia ran to Bishins room. He was also still soundly sleeping. “she set his cup down and shook him as she had her sister. He jumped up even though he had been having trouble doing it on his own “you ok? Whats wrong?” he asked in a panicked voice. “Nothing, your mother and Humble brought potions for me to give you two. It’s going to make you better” Olivia grabbed his glass and he downed it, desperatly wanting to be better so Olivia didn’t worry or have to do so much for him.

He laid back down “How long should it take?”

“They said no later than tomorrow night” Bishin was disappointed wanting it to work faster but he was still grateful there was an end in sight now. “I’m sorry to have woken you but I wanted to hurry and give you guys the antidote.”

“No no, thank you. I would prefer to go ahead and get it in me so I can be better.” Olivia smiled and kissed his cheek. If he wasnt so sick he probably would have blushed but his body just didn’t have the strength to do it. “Rest now, I’ll bbe reading right down stairs if you need me. Try to keep the potion down. I’m not sure itll work if you throw it up”

“I’ll do my best. Thats another reason i want to get better so badly. I hate all the messes you’ve had to clean because I’m too weak to get to the bathroom.”

“it hasn’t been a problem Bishin. I don’t mind taking care of you two. You guys are always doing so much for me” Bishin smiled as Olivia walked away with his glass. Olivia went to collect Avas who said “thank you so much sister”

“Thank me by getting more sleep. Call for me if you need me. Try your best not to throw up so we can be sure the potion works”

“Ive tried to do that anyway. I’ve felt so guilty”

“You and Bishin” Olivia said shaking her head “you guys can’t help it so stop it and rest. I’ll be downstairs reading”

“alright, would you mind giving my legs a rub. They are aching so badly again”

“Of course” Olivia got on the bed and started rubbing her sisters legs. Olivia hated how Ava winced as if she wa sbeing tortured but kept going, knowing it would hurt worse if she didn’t get rubbed. When Ava asked her to stop she did and went to clean up the mess she made in the kitchen. When that was done Olivia grabbed her book and settled on the couch, glad Azayle was gone. Olivia wasn’t looking forward to talking to Ava about what happened. Just as she finished a chapter Olivia heard her sister moaning for her. Olivia quickly went upstairs “I need to use the bathroom really bad Oli” Olivia helped her sister up and walked her into the bathroom. Olivia sat her sister down then walked out until she needed to help her sister back in the bed. “thanks”

“No problem” Olivia decided to check on Bishin while she was up there. He was staring at the cieling “you shoudl be resting” He smiled “I tried, honest. I can’t stop waking up in hopes I’ll be better and able to tend to myself again”

“I actually came in here to see if you needed anything. I just took Ava to the bathroom, do you need to go?” Bishin sighed, he had been trying to hold it “yes” Olivia helped him up and into the bathroom. She closed her eyes as he took his pants down then blindly helped him sit which was just as humiliating for Bishin every time that he couldn’t even stand to piss. Olivia walked out and waited to be called back in. She closed her eyes upon her return like always until Bishins pants were up. She supported him while he washed his hands then she laid him down. “anything else Bishin?”

“No, thank you.”

“I’ll be downstairs” He nodded and she left. Bishin felt better just havign peed. His bladder hurt frequently because he didn’t want Olivia to take him as if he were a child. Now that he didn’t have to go it was easy to sleep. He slept until Olivia was waking him for breakfast the next morning. “I’m glad you were able to go to sleep after I helped you. You were holding it again weren’t you?” He frowned and she sighed “you two make the worst sick people, you know that? I honestly don’t mind. All I do is read when I’m not tending to you guys”

“It’s just embaressing Oli, I’ve told you that”

“It shouldn’t be, you’d help me if I needed it. You can’t help you can barely stand”

“Ava can stand”

“It’s just eating you worse than her, that’s all. Sickness doesn’t effect two people the same way. Youll be better before the day is out so don’t hesitate to call for me Bishin. Want another hug?”

“Please” Olivia went to help him up but he shook his head. He actually managed on his own which excited him “its working!” he exclaimed. Olivia smiled “I can see that” She wrapped her arms around him, holding the hug until Ava yelled for her. Bishin was sad Olivia wa going to let him go but knew Ava didn’t yell unless she really needed somthing just as he did. Bishin laid back down, excited he wouldn’t need Olivia to help him go to the bathroom for the rest of the time he was sick. When Olivia entered Ava asked “why haven’t I heard Azayle?”

Olivia sat on the bed. Ava knew that look “what did he do?” Ava asked, her voice a mixture of concern and anger at the thought Azayle did somthing. “Well, he’s been getting more and more flirty since you fell ill until he made some innapropriate comments earlier yesterday. Later in the evening while you and Bishin were resting he took me out in the desert to put on a show for me. At the end of the show he asked me to have sex with him. He also wanted me to run away and leave you two to die alone. When I rejected him his lust filled eyes also filled with anger. I coudl feel the agitation coming off of him in waves. I’m not sure what he was planning on doing but he came at me. That’s when Bishins mom showed up out of nowhere with this elderly demon woman. Devina fought with Azayle, well if you could call it a fight, until he was barely alive. They took me home after giving me the potions. I’m really sorry. It’s so hard to tell you all this but we’ve always been honest with one another. ”

Ava grabbed her hand “You have nothing to be sorry over. I’m sorry that creep bothered you. I don’t care what he was going to do I’m glad Bishins mom handed him his ass. I’m so pissed off. I’m glad he’s gone and you weren’t hurt” Ava hugged her sister “I still hate that he’s hurt you” Ava rubbe dher sisters back “I wasn’t all that attached to him anyway. It hurts he wanted to cheat on me but I knew he wasn’t a nice man. He was just a good lay” Olivia got up before the pressure on Ava made her hurl “I’ll be going downstairs now. Don’t hesitate to call me sister”

“I wont” Olivia fell asleep reading so the book rested on her chest. She woke to being lifted which only scared her momentarily. She opened her eyes and could see Bishins white hair and could feel his tight hug. Not only was he standing on his own but he picked her up to hug her. She hugged him back excitedly “Oh Bishin! You’re better! Yay!” He made a happy noise then set her down “yep, I coudln’t wait so I just picked you up off the couch for a hug”

“This is so exciting, how’s Ava?”

“sleeping” Bishin looked so overwhlemed with joy it made Olivia unable to quit smiling. His happy energy was radiating around her. “It’s so nice seeing you this happy”

“could I make you dinner? Please” he acted as if it would be the greatest thing to do on earth so Olivia couldn’t say no. “I’d like that” He grabbed her hand and pulled her inot the kitchen where she sat down. Bishin got to work right away. He glided around and acted as if he hadn’t been sick a single day. Before long Ava was running down the stairs “Yay! You’re better too!” They hugged and giggled “Thanks for everything Olivia. Bishin! I’m helping cook” Ava commanded then joined him. Olivia kept smiling as she watched them. Soon they had a meal prepared and sat down with her. She took her first bite then said “this is wonderful”

They both beamed as if they had just learned to cook and this was their first bit of praise. It amde her giggle which only seemed to make them both happier. “That stuff really worked”

“Yep” they both said. After dinner they just talked and enjoyed eachother, What happened to Azayle was explained to Bishin which actually managed to drop his happy mood down a few levels. He had a pretty good idea of what that demon was going to do to Olivia and he planned on thanking his mother for preventing it. When Olvia grew tired Bishin hugged her “I’m going home tonight since I’m better. Can I kiss your cheek in thanks?” Olivia smiled “I told you to quit asking. It’s always fine” Bishin smiled with sparkling eyes and gave her cheek a soft kiss. “bye”

Instead of going home Bishin ran straight to his mothers. He pounded on the door and she answered quickly. Devina was thrilled to see her son alright she hugged him tightly, standing in the doorway. When they parted Bishin asked “what was he going to do to Olivia? I know you know mother”

“I’m not allowed to say” Bishin sighed frustratedly. “Just answer me this, was he going to force himself on her?” Devina looked at the ground, giving him her answer. Bishin growled “where is that little bastard!?” Devina pulled her son into another hug “He’s taken care of. He wont come after her again.”

“if he knows whats good for his bones he wont. I’ll break every bone in his damn body”

“shh, I know you would son. He wont hurt her so dont worry. I frightened him pretty badly. Please just calm down. He didn’t lay a finger on her”

“Thanks mom”

“I know how much you love her son. I would never let anything happen to her I could prevent. How could i when my only son wants her for a mate? I wish you’d tell her how you felt son”

“I will someday mom”

“what will you do if another man wins her?”

“Remain her friend. Most of what I want is her happiness. Nothings more important that her happiness and safety. I hate she could have been hurt while I was little more than a vegetable. My weakness could have left her wounded like Rika’

“You had a really bad illness according to Humble.”

“It was the sickest I’ve ever been…It would have been much worse if Olivia hadn’t been so attentive. She made me fall even deeper in love while I was ill. It’s astounding that was even possible but she did. She was so loving and patient. She went above and beyond to make Ava and I comfortable.”

“I’m glad baby. Want to stay here tonight?”

“No, It takes longer to get to Olivias house from here and I plan on getting over there at the crack of dawn. I need to be with her” Devina nodded “goodnight son, travel safely”

“I will mom, thank you so much for protective Olivia. I doubt I could handle loseing her.” Devina couldn’t stop her frown as she thought about the future that could have been. “Your my baby and she’s your love. I honestly already consider her your mate. Mainly because i know you’d have no other woman.” Bishin smiled “yeah, its her or nobody for me. I will always belong to that woman even if she chooses another man over me” Bishin ran off for home. He wanted to make Olivia a new choker as his thanks. The second he walked in his home he grabbed a drink and somthing to snack on before decending into his workshop. He worked through the night to make it ready by the morning. Bishin was proud of his creation when he looked it over. He hoped Olivia would be thrilled and maybe treat him with a kiss.

Bishin went into his kitchen to prepare banana nut muffins. It was four am so he didn’t worry about them already cooking. When they were ready he put them in a basket then sat on teh couch impatiently. He knew Oliva wouldn’t be up until six am at the earliest. Ava insturcted him not to come before then. When the sky told Bishin he coudl leave he grabbed his basket along with Olivias choker then headed over. Bishin walked so that he wouldn’t get sand on the muffins. He knocked hopefully when he arrived, glad to instantly hear Olivias feet against the stairs. She opened the door with a smile “Missed me that much?” Bishin blushed “I was just eager to thank you”

“You already did”

“ah but now I have gifts to thank you with. Come sit with me” They walked to the couch and sat down. “the muffins smell delicious”

“I’m glad” He took the choker out of his jacket pocket “I thought you might like a new choker. I made it last night” Olivia hugged Bishin and just as he hoped she kissed his cheek too. “It’s cute! Thank you!” Olivias loud talking woke Ava. “yay muffins!” she said when the smell hit her nose. Olivia and Bishin chuckled. They ate breakfast together happily, forgetting everything they all endured the past couple of days.

~ The End

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