Bishin & Olivia: Year 4

Chapter One

Olivia tossed and turned in her bed. Out of the blue she started having nightmares about Azayle. He would viciously rip her apart then she’d leave her body. She guessed it was some sort of ghost form. Olivia would see havoc unleashed on Barense. So many horrific sights until her mind could no longer bear it and she’d wake up, panting and drenched in sweat. Olivia woke again from the same nightmare and looked around as she always did. She got up and changed her sweat covered sheets then went to check on her sister. Ava was sleeping soundly and would be for many more hours so Olivia went to her bathroom to get a shower. She didn’t want to upset Bishin by letting him know the horrible nightmares she was having so she needed to wash the sweat off of herself and calm down before he arrived for breakfast.

Glimpses of her dreams kept flashing as the water ran over her. She wished she could quit dreaming of that horrible man. She wondered if maybe she was dreaming of him because Ava had just broken up with yet another jerk. She wondered if maybe it just reminded her of the jerk before this one. Olivia really hoped the next guy would be different’. She was growing tired of all these men that only wanted Ava for sex. Her sister didn’t seem to mind it until they became assholes but it always bothered Olivia. It bothered Olivia enough for the both of them. When Olivia was dry she wrapped herself in a towel and sat down on her bed. She sighed, hoping Azayle was never going to show his face again.

Olivia stayed nude aside from the towel covering her until she knew Bishin would be coming soon. She threw on a dress and brushed her hair before walking downstairs for his arrival. She always liked having Bishin over but after nightmares she needed him to come over. She stayed upset over the dream until seeing Bishins smile chased away all teh negativity in her head. She would very nearly forget the bad dream all together once he stepped through the doorway.

Ava walked down the stairs in her fuzzy pajamas while stretching “Gosh Olivia, how are you always so awake and lively in the morning? There should be laws about being dressed an beautiful at this time” Olivia smiled “Bishin will be here soon.”

“Your little boyfriend” Ava teased “He’s not my boyfriend. He’s OUR friend”

“He’s my friend and your boyfriend without the title.” Olivia blushed “stop that Ava, he isn’t” Ava laughed “You know I tease sister. It’s fun to pick at you two”

“You’ll make Bishin uncomfortable”

“Right, Bishin” Olivia flicked her sister between the eyes “Ouch” Ava said, touching where Olivias fingers had hit “stop it” Avas mouth moved in a silly way as she tried not to laugh again “I’ll stop” Ava was just returning up the staris to get ready for the day when Bishin arrived “Morning” He said with a bright smile. “Morning Bishin” Olivia said running into his arms. She needed his hug more than ever this morning. “what have I done to make you this happy to see me?” Bishin asked cheerily. “Just being you” Bishin smiled, making the hug tighter right before he let her go “ready to make breakfast while sleeping beauty readies herself?”

“None of your mouth!” Ava called from her room. Bishin and Olivia exchanged smiles “Lets just eat fruit this morning” Olivia said then Bishin answered ‘If that’s what you want that’s what we’ll have” They took some fruit out of the fridge and rinsed it before dividing some into three bowls. They all sat down together and ate. “So Olivia, you been sneaking boys into your room?” Olivia blushed “what’re you talking about Ava?”

“I was up late reading and I heard a lot of noise in your room. Whenever I’m up late recently I hear noise in your room”

“I think your imagining things sister”

“Maybe, I always toss it off as me hearing things since you are never up late. I mainly asked to make you flush. You are too easy to embarrass” She had also said such a thing to pick on Bishin. She heard his heart rate pick up at the mention of another man in Olivias room. Ava thought they were being silly so would tease as a way of punishment and to make them just stop being stupid. She wanted to see them as real mates instead of being gaga over eachother and not expressing it. Bishin would move the earth for Olivia and she was oblivious to it. Bishin was no better with how he couldn’t see just how deeply Olivia loved him in return. If she didn’t know better she would think their senses didn’t work atall.

Today they had to go hunting to replenish their supply of meat. Only Ava and Bishin could kill beasts to gather meat but Olivia would tag along to cut it up, wrap it and store it in a bag. She would also carry containers to gather any fruit they may pass. In the dessert fruit was scarce aside from cactus fruit and the girls liked variety. Olivia didn’t mind merely being the one who carved up the meat and gathered the berries. Someone had to do it and it let Bishin and Ava keep busy so the job went faster. She had become more comfortable with herself anyway since Humble told her one day she would be strong. She held on tightly to hope that Humble was telling the truth and she would be able to rely on herself. It’s not like she ever wanted to leave her sister and Bishin but somtimes she still felt guilty for not being able to help more.

After breakfast Bishin asked “what should we hunt first?”

“I want Boar personally. What about you Olivia?” Ava asked. “Boar sounds great we can target that first.”

“Awesome, I’m also thinking about some Zulns, Bulkix and Guanxi”

“all sounds perfect” Olivia said in response to Ava. Bishin smiled “well lets get going.” They ran keeping their searching for any boar. When they finally hit woods their noses locked onto boar. They followed the scent until they found and slayed the beast. Boars were just regular animals so they were easy targets. Bishin drug the carcass over to Olivia then put her in a box so they could find another boar while she carved safely in the confines of his walls. She got busy and they ran off. Olivia was only half done with this one when Bishin removed a wall to put the second one in. He replaced the wall then said “we’re going to track the Bulkix now. You good?”

“yeah, go on” Bishin removed a small sliver of the wall incase it took them awhile. He didn’t want her to be trapped in dead animal stench or run out of clean air to breath. Bishin and Ava darted through the woods to find water since Bulkix needed water to survive. They were capable of breathing air but could stay out of water no more than eight hours at a time. Traveling through the woods became more of parkour as they progressed. Bishin and Ava liked to make hunting fun. They laughed as they did their flips and jumps. Avas sides about split open with laughter when Bishin just barely missed a branch and fell to the ground. It was the way he fell that was hilarious, especially the face he made. When Bishin stood he said “Don’t tell Olivia”

“Oh I’m so telling Olivia. That was just too hilarious” She stopped laughing only briefly to say those words then began again. Bishin sighed and gave her a look that said “really?” Ava eventually wiped the tears from her eyes as she caught her breath. When she was ready they took off again. They began to walk when they were near the water. It was harder to catch scents when they were submerged. “I think there’s one over here’ bishin said “Ok, ladies first” Ava answered then dove in the water.

Olivia was working on the second one when Devina happened by. She took Bishins walls down “hey sweetheart, stocking your fridge?”

“Yep, Bishin and Ava are after a Blukix while I finish up carving and wrapping this.”

“I could wrap and save you a step”

“If you want to”

“I wasn’t doing anything anyways and I do love spending time with you” Olivia finished quickly with Devinas help. “They don’t even smell like they are near. Do you want to find fruit with me?”

“sure” They found the scent of apples and pears quickly and began to follow it. “where’s Jeff?” Olivia asked “Oh he left, I got bored again”

“do you think you’ll ever want one to stay?”

“No, serious relationships aren’t for me. I just like to play awhile then have them move on. The men I do this with are fine and don’t mind. It’s a rare demon male that wants to settle down anyways. A lot of men find me more attractive because I don’t want for a mate” They soon came upon the fruit trees they smelled and gathered enough to fill one of the containers Olivia brought. Devina took the bag from her. “You have two boar in there already and now we’re adding this. I’ll carry the bag”

“Thanks” Olivia said and Devins could feel the slight embaresment that came over Olivia when people had her stop doing somthing because she wasn’t strong enough. Devina hated making Olivia sad “Don’t feel bad” Devina said “I’m fine, I really am. I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself. I just can’t help but feel a little bad”

“You shouldn’t atall. Helping you guys stock gives me somthing to do. I’m merely performing a part in filling your fridge.” Olivia smiled and hugged her “I really do love you Devina. You are the only mom I have now that my moms gone. I’ve been thinking about her alot..it’s her birthday soon. Ava and I used to run in her room early in the morning even though dad would yell at us. Mom would always scold him right back and she’d get up to play with us. We’d always bake somthing yummy and she’d spend as much time as she could with us before dad got too whiney and she had to go be alone with him awhile. At night to make up for it she’d wait for him to sleep and we’d spend all night just having fun and admiring the beautiful night sky. I miss her so much..she was so wonderful Devina. I know without her mating with my father I wouldn’t exist and neither would my sister but somtimes I wish she hadn’t met him so she could still be alive. She was a blessing to the world and my bastard father killed her…he hogged our mother growing up and then he just stole her from us completely.”

Chapter Two

Devina hugged Olivia as she began to cry. Olivia had been needing to cry after all the nightmares and her mothers birthday coming so soon. She had been happy and strong as her mother would have wanted but the nightmares were a lot in themselves. They were so morbid and terrible and only made her mind dwell on her mothers death more so that she was unable to stay happy this year. Devina held Olivia lovingly for the few moments Olivia allowed herself to shed tears. She wiped at her face and took deep breaths “sorry”

“don’t be sorry, you can let it all out” Olivia shook hr head “your son gets too upset when i cry. I guess he’s just sensitive to female tears. He’ll be back before we know it so I don’t want to be crying and upset him. Bishin is really sweet” Devina smiled “You don’t normally get upset over your mothers birthday. Why is it so bad this year?”

“I’ve just been having nightmares every night for awhile now. That piled on to moms birthday is whats making it hard”

“I see, have you talked to Ava or Bishin?” Devina asked, sure she knew the answer ‘No, I’m a grown woman and I can get through this on my own. Lets find some black berries”

“alright, if you’re sure”

“yes, come on” They found the scent of black berries and ran off. Bishin and Ava went back to the spot they left Olivia with their dead carcas. They looked at eachother puzzled until Bishin smelled his mother “My mom must be helping Olivia find fruits for us”

“I’ll stay here and get a fire going while you find them. We’ll sleep out here tonight and hopefully finish up hunting before the days out tomorrow” Ava said and Bishin nodded before running off to find Olivia and Devina. He smiled when he heard the two women laughing They could tell he was coming and stood from where they were sitting “Hey son” Devina said happily. “Hey mom, want to have dinner with us? Avas making a fire right now”

“sure, Olivia and I have filled all the fruit containers”

“awesome, let me carry the bag”

“You’ll do no such thing. Lets go” Devina said sternly.

They ran back to find Ava already cooking some of the Bulkix. “Hey sister, hey Devina” Ava said as they sat around the fire “hey, I’ll cut up what we don’t eat when dinner is over”

“I’ll help” Bishin offered “thanks, you sure? I can do it myself.”

“I want to help” Bishin insisted. Olivia smiled, filling Bishins heart with warmth. They ate and much to Bishins dismay Ava told the story of him falling and looking like an idiot. Devina and Olivia both laughed. they could see it perfectly with how much detail Ava described the moment in. He felt embarrassed to the core and stayed that way until he and Olivia began carving up the beast. “you two got a lot done today. Hunting went so well it seems”

“WE got a lot done today. You gather, carve and store. We wouldn’t have been able to get this thing if you hadnt done what you did today Olivia. We three are a team and always will be. It’s not measured by what we accomplish alone but what we do together. So what we do is what you do and what you do is what we do.” Olivia smiled “always so sweet, thank you Bishin”

“what’s there to thank me for? Lets just cut this up and go to sleep” Olivia nodded and they finished. Bishin couldn’t help but think how fast he could do this in full demon form. The speed just wasn’t worth Olivia seeing him as a hideous beast like that one they carved. “did you get hurt earlier Bishin?”


“when you fell. It was a funny story but I also worried that you may have gotten hurt. You ok?” Bishin blushed “yeah, it barely hurt.”

“Good” They finished and packed the meat away. When they looked over at everyone else they were already sleeping. They went over to everyone as quietly as possible then settled down in the soft blades of grass. Olivia laid down by her sister and Bishin laid down by Olivia. He wanted to be close but gave her space anyway. When they’d choose to sleep outside during hunts all Bishin could think about at night was wanting to close the distance between them and hold her. He eventually surrendered to sleep after his laborious day but Olivia laid awake. She didn’t want to have the dream again and panic in front of everybody. She’d also have nowhere to shower if she woke drenched in sweat as she normally did after the dream.

Chapter Three

The night sounds she normally found comforting were only scareing Olivia more. Flashes of her dreams filled her head and her heart pounded painfully against her rib cage. She knew her heart beat would wake them all if she didn’t get it under control so she scooted closer to Bishin and took his hand. She slowly started to breath easier and relax. The simple touch of Bishins warm hand relaxed her so much she fell asleep without even realizing. Devina woke and stood to do her morning stretches when she noticed how Bishin and Olivia were sleeping. She smiled warmly, wondering if somthing had happened between the two while she and Ava slept. Devina stretched and then sat down quietly so she wouldn’t wake them. Soon after Devina sat Ava also arose from her slumber.

Devina held a silencing finger to her lips and then pointed to Bishin and Olivia. Ava looked over and smiled. She then mouthed “ddi somthing happen?” Devina whispered “I don’t know, I went to bed when you did”

“god I hope so. They belong together and need to quit being stupid” The whispering woek Bishin. His sleepy eyes slowly drifted open and saw how close Olvia was. Devina could tell by her sons happily shocked expression they had not gone to sleep this way/ All Devinas excitment and hope vanished like that. Ava got closer and whispered “oh Bishin, what sort of moves did you put on her last night?” Bishin looked up at her and whispered in an annoyed tone ” Nothing happened atall. She obviously did this in her sleep so don’t make her embaressed when she wakes up. It’s ok” Ava let out a breath of laughter “of course it’s ok with you” Ava winked.

Devina put a hand on Avas shoulder “stop before you wake her. Why don’t we go out and hunt the rest of the meat so Bishin doesn’t have to move. She’s not been sleeping well lately and I know she’s exhausted. Ava stood up straight “be a good boy Bishin” she said playfully then ran off with Devina. When they were far away Ava asked “how do you know my sisters not sleeping well?”

“she told me”

“is she ok?”

“You should ask her when it’s just the two of you.”Bishin allowed himself to get lost in Olivia. His eyes sinking deep into her and his senses taking in everything about her. This was the best he ever felt and he never wanted her to let go of his hand. It wasn’t too much later when Olivias eyes opened. Bishin was so lost in her he didn’t move “good morning Olivia” He said with a smile. “Morning Bishin” she said then instantly blushed when she remembered what she was doing. She took her hand away, jerking Bishin out of his dream like state. “you didn’t have to keep laying there” They both sat up and he hugged her “I didn’t want to wake you. Don’t be embarrassed about that. I know you did it while you were sleeping”

“Thanks for letting me sleep”

“No problem, Ava and my mother are doing the last but of hunting so we can just sit here. Do you want somthing to eat?”

“want to go walk to the apple and pear tree Devina and I found yesterday?”

“sure” He grabbed their bag of food then walked along side Olivia. She had been holding his hand so long he could still feel her grip. He hoped it would last atleast through most of the day. On the way Olivia realized she hadn’t had the dream that night. For the firts night in such a long time she got to sleep peacefully. She blushed wondering if it was because she had held Bishins hand and stayed so close to him. “hey, I told you it was alright” Olivia smiled at him shyly “I know Bishin, I’m ok” They arrived at the tree then began to eat breakfast. They stayed under the shade it provided until Devina and Ava came back with the final kills they needed. All four of them pitched in to get it cut, wrapped and in the bag then they took off for home.

That night Ava stretched “I’m going to bed guys. All that hunting has me beat. I’ll see you both in the morning” Ava went upstairs, leaving Olivia and Bishin alone. Olivia thought of everything she coudl to keep Bishin entertained and staying. She was afraid of sleeping and afraid of asking him to sleep with her so she could sleep soundly through the night. Olivia couldn’t hold back the yawn that escaped her mouth and Bishin said “do you need to sleep Olivia? I’ll go” She shook her head almost franticly “no, please don’t go yet. I’m not tired” Bishins face grew concerned “you are, I can see it”

“I don’t….” Bishin cupped Olivias cheek “Talk to me, what’s up with you? You never stay up this late and you’ve been different lately” Olivia knew she had to tell him. He would persist until the issue was resolved as he always did. “I’ve just been having horrible nightmares lately Bishin. Azayle murders me and then I see a bunch of horrific things happen. It’s so…it’s so horrible and gross and bloody. I wake up in panic and covered in sweat. It doesn’t end, night after night I dream this and i hate sleeping. The only break I’ve gotten is when I held your hand last night. I don’t want you to leave”

Olivias voice was desperate and potrayed just how scared she was of sleeping. “I don’t have to leave Olivia.” She lunged at him, wrapping her arms tightly around his torso. “Would you stay the night and hold me? Please. I feel so safe when you’re here” Bishins heart stammered “Of course I’ll stay, I’ll stay any night you want me to Olivia. Why didn’t you just ask me?’

“I didn’t want to upset you”

“I’m only upset you’ve been miserable and I could have fixed it if you asked”

“I didn’ know you could fix it until last night”

“You wouldn’t have told me if I hadn’t pushed the issue”

“Probably not…I’m glad you did. I’m so tired. Will you come to bed with me?” Bishin stood, lifting her with him. He walked up her stairs then into her bedroom before setting Olivia down “want to change in somthing more comfortable to sleep in?”

“I just want to sleep”

“ok then” Bishin laid down in her bed and held his arms open “come here” He commanded in a gentle, loving tone. Olivia crawled on the bed and laid her head on his chest. Bishin held her close, all his muscles loosening at once with how good it felt to really hold her. “Thank you Bishin”

“It’s not a problem atall. Just sleep. I’ll be right here if you need me” Olivia faded fast. She had gotten so little rest since the nightmares started and she could finally sleep confidently knowing her dearest friend was right there with her. Bishin tuned his hearing into Olivias heart. He was glad it was so relaxed as she laid against him. He wondered if she could tell how happy he was to be able to hold her. Bishin almost wished his body would tell her how he felt so he didn’t have to try and say the words he was terrified to. Olivia fell asleep quickly, desperately needing it with how much she had been depriving herself.

Bishin just rubbed her back to help keep Olivia relaxed. It took almost more self control than Bishin had to not kiss her head but he refrained. As much as he’d love it, it would feel wrong to kiss her in any way without her permission. He would be able to kiss her one day. The day he finally made olivia love him and see him as more than a friend. He prayed that day was coming and soon. He chaged what he was listening to from her heart to her soft breathing. He sighed ina  relaxed, at peace way. That was such a soothing sound that he wished he was lucky enough to hear every night. He wondered if he would be invited up here again since these nghtmares happened so much. He wanted them to stop and hoped they would but couldn’t deny loving having a reason to hold her. Not by Bishins choosing he fell asleep. Her breathing was such a soft melody it pulled him into rest without him giving it his permission.

The next morning Olivia woke first and sat up. Olivia pulling out of his arms woke Bishin so he sat up too. “did you have the dream?”

“No, you seem to have cured me. Thank you”

“Anything for you Olivia. All you have to do is ask” Olivia smiled and kissed Bishins cheek “you’re off the hook tonight. Hopefully you cured me for good” Bishin smiled back ‘yeah, hopefully” life went back to normal the days following. Bishin had infact chased off the bad dreams so she didn’t have to endure them a night longer. Sleeping with her that night had only intensified his feelings further and he knew he’d have to tell her soon.

~ the end ~

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