Blaise & Lorenzo 2

Chapter One

Blaise was just finishing putting away some props when he heard someone come into the theatre. he knew everyone, but him and the other stagehands should be gone and wondered if maybe Pricilla had forgotten something. He closed and locked the big door to the prop room then headed out onto the stage. He saw someone sitting in the front when he came out and it took him a minute to realize it was his ex. “Eli, what are you doing here?” He asked as he hopped off the stage.

“I came to see you.”

“Why, I already accepted you apology.”

Eli smiled as he came to his feet. “I want you back.” Blaise swallowed and crossed his arms.

“No way, I’m already dating someone else and even if I wasn’t there is no way I’d take you back. You left me when I needed you most, there’s no way Lorenzo would do that?”

“Lorenzo, Lorenzo who?”

“Forester, he’s a veterinarian.”

“You started dating someone who plays with dogs and cats all day?”

“Something like that and we’re living together. I gave Pricilla the apartment.”

Eli frowned. “How long have you been dating?”

“None of your business Eli. Just leave me alone.” Eli grabbed his wrist and Blaise punched him, making him let go. “Don’t touch me.”

“You little fucking…”

“It would be in your best interests to not finish that sentence.” Blaise sighed with relief as Lorenzo walked down the center isle to them, a smile on his face. He grabbed Blaise’s hand and tugged him close. “How you doing baby?”

“I’m fine, just finishing up. How was work?”

“Good, really good and who might this be?”

“This is Eli, the ex I told you about.”
“so why are you touching Blaise when he doesn’t want you to touch him? Why are yoiu even back when you high tailed it the second there was danger and left him alone to be beaten up and tormented?”

“I said I was sorry”

“Sorry cuts it for Blaise but not me. That was low and selfish. It says a lot about you that you’d do that to him and then have the nerve to come here, grabbing him”

“I want him back, I miss him. I missed Blaise from the start but now it’s too much. We have a long history and I will win him back”

“I’m happier with Lorenzo than I ever was with you” Blaise interjected. “No you aren’t. We were perfect”

“Not perfect enough to fight for apparently” Lorenzo said before Blaise got the chance to say the very same thing. “I’m not giving up Blaise”

“I’ll have you banned from the theater if you keep coming here” Blaise threatened. “You seem to forget I know all the places you love to go and you can’t ban me from all of them. I’ll leave here for now but I will win you over”

“Theres nothing you can do that will undo what you did Eli. How can you even tell yourself you love me?”

“I do, you dont have to be willing to put your life on the line for someone you love”

“Yeah you do, loving someone means caring about them more than yourself”

“survival instinct comes first. It’s human nature.”

“I’d die for him” Lorenzo added and Eli rolled his eyes. “I doubt you would”
“Tell that to the guys who had him cornered in an alley. They thought they could pick on Blaise just because he was smaller than them, but I showed them otherwise.”

Eli glared at him before turning his back and leaving the theatre. “I’m so sorry Lorenzo, he just showed up.”

Lorenzo smiled sweetly at him and brushed his knuckles over Blaise’s cheek. “Hey, it’s not your fault. How was your day?”

“It was good until Eli came along, now I’m upset and just want to go home.”

Lorenzo took his hands and kissed him. “How about we go out for dinner tonight, to one of my favorite places.”

“I’m all sweaty and dusty though, I had to help rebuild one of the set pieces because it broke and I swept off the cat walk. So I’m pretty dirty.”

“And I smell like animal, but I still want to take you out. Come on, that way neither of us has to cook tonight.”

“You know I can never say no to you.”

Lorenzo smiled and gave him a longer kiss than before, savoring the sweetness of his lips. “Come on and don’t worry about Eli, he’ll admit defeat soon.”

Blaise couldn’t help but laugh as they exited the theatre. “Like two dogs fighting over a scrap of meat.”

“Well you are a particularly delicious piece of meat.” He winked and Blaise turned bright red.
Lorenzo chuckled happily. Over dinner they practically forgot all about Eli and went home with him the furthest thing from their minds. They took off their clothes and hopped in the shower together. Soon it was the scent of body wash filling their noses instead of their jobs. Blaise had barely finished washing when Lorenzo began sucking and licking at his neck. Blaise gripped Lorenzos pillar and began to stroke him. Lorenzo moaned as his tongue continued to travel Blaise. Lorenzo released all over Blaise but since they were in the shower it easily rinsed off. “turn around” Blaise said huskily so Lorenzo turned so he could place his hands on the wall.

Blaise thrust into Lorenzo making him cry out with pleasure again. Their moans mingled until both Blaise and Lorenzo came. Blaise seeded deep within Lorenzo while Lorenzo had spent himself in the tub. They got out and allowed the rushing water to rinse away the semen then turned off the shower to dry before hopping in bed.
The next morning Blaise woke to his phone vibrating and almost fell out of bed trying to get to it. He grabbed his jeans and pulled it out of his pocket and sighed when he saw it was Eli. He swiped his thumb across the screen and said, “What do you want?”

“Where are you, I thought you’d be at work.”

“No, it’s my day off and I’m at home with Lorenzo.”

“Blaise, he’s violent.”

“Why, because he beat up some homophobes who might have killed me?”

“I did some research on him last night, a background check and all that. Come and have coffee with me so we can talk about it.”

“Look I don’t know what you’re trying to pull but…” Lorenzo grabbed the phone out of his hand, startling Blaise.

“If you don’t hang up right now I’m going to have sex with Blaise while you listen so cut the shit.” Lorenzo snapped.

“I know about your past Lorenzo.”

“Good for you, tell whoever you wish, I could care less.” He hung up and sat Blaise’s phone on the end table. “Asshole.”

“What was he talking about Lorenzo?” Blaise asked and Lorenzo sighed.

“I spent three years in a juvenile detention center for assault, I beat the crap out of some kid who was harassing a friend of mine, but because they were only saying things and not actually touching him, I got arrested. I put the kid in the hospital, I had rage issues, but once I got into boxing that all went away. Sure, I beat up those guys who were hurting you, but I didn’t do nearly as much damage to them as I could have.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You never asked and it was so long ago that I didn’t think it mattered, I was a kid dealing with all the ups and downs of being gay and one day I just snapped. I got out, I went to college and got my degree. I would never hurt you and I will never hurt anyone that bad again.”

Blaise slipped his hand in Lorenzo’s. “I know, I trust you I just wish you would have said something. I still love you, I really do.”
Lorenzo kissed Blaze “I’m glad, I didn’t think you’d leave me. You aren’t like that. It is good to hear you say you still love me. Eli is low”

“Apparently, I didn’t know him atall when we were together it seems. I thought I was with this warm caring guy and now he is nothing like he was.”

“good, can’t have you leaving me for a man you share more years with. We’ll have all those years and more. I want to always be with you”

“I wouldn’t leave you for anybody. You’ve already proven you’ll stay by my side no matter what and there isn’t a sane person out there who would leave someone who will stick by them. Besides, I’m incredibly happy with you. Being with you shows me all the signs I had Eli wasn’t a great guy. I just never had anything better than him before you so I didn’t know he was a jerk”

“Maybe we should get you a new phone number”

“He can still come to work. He’ll figure out how to get in touch with me regardless. I’m not changing my number because of him”

“want to go out to breakfast?”


“sure” They dressed, loaded into the car then dined in at Hardess. They ate slowly, both phones on silent incase Eli tried to ruin their morning.
“So what would you like to do today on your day off?” Lorenzo asked as they stepped out of the diner and into the warm sun.

“I don’t know, just be with you I guess. We could always go an visit my parents. Mom has been bugging me like mad to bring you over.”

“Alright then, anything you want. Give them a call.”

Blaise pulled his phone out of his pocket and speed dialed his parents. His mother answered on the fourth ring. “Blaise, how are you?”

“I’m fine mom, I wanted to know if Lorenzo and I could come over for a couple of hours?”

“You know you never have to ask. You can help me make oatmeal cookies while Lorenzo visits with your father. I honestly don’t now why you didn’t bring him over before.”

“I didn’t want you thinking I had made some mistake getting another boyfriend so soon after Eli.”

“Oh Eli, your father never liked him, too polite he said. Anyway, get over here and spend some time with us, we miss you.”
“we’ll be right over. You’ll love Lorenzo” They drove over and approached the door. Lorenzo wasn’t nervous in the slightest about meeting the wonderful people he had heard about from Blaise. He wanted them to like him but knew stressing wouldn’t help. All he could do was be himself and hope they approved. Blaise’s father answered “welcome! You must be Lorenzo. I’m Jake and don’t like to be called sir. If my mother intended for me to be called sir it would be on my birth certificate” Lorenzo laughed “Nice to meet you” Jake showed them in and Maggie came out of the kitchen “Lorenzo, hey.”

“Hey Maggie”

“Oh, you know my name?”

“Your son talks a lot of you guys and his childhood”

“well now we can learn about you. I hope now you’ll come see us more often since you arent somtbhing hes tucking away”

“Of course”

“Blaise and I need to get cooking. You have fun with Jake” Lorenzo sat down with Jake while Blaise followed his mother into the kitchen. “I already like him. He seems real”


“as I said, Eli was so fake. Lorenzo seems to be just Lorenzo’

“He is amazing.”

“so you’re happy?”

“Very, he’s a great guy. Eli has butted his head though. Keeps trying to get me back”

“He lost a great guy when he left you. Of course he’s crawling back now. I just hope you keep in mind you deserve more than him” Blaise smiled “thanks mom. I wont fall for him. I have Lorenzo and he’s all I need.” They kept haring Lorenzo and Jake laughing as they baked their cookies. When they were out Maggie took the cookies to the living room while Blaise poured milk for everyone.
“So what about your parents Lorenzo, where are they?”

Lorenzo stopped mid-chew. He swallowed what was in his mouth. “We don’t get along, I’m a bit of a disappointment or so I’ve been told. I was put in a juvenile detention center when I was a kid and on top of that I’m gay which didn’t fly with them. Even becoming a veterinarian didn’t smooth things over.”

“Well that’s too bad. We’re very sorry.”

“Oh please, don’t be. Blaise is all the family I need.” He grabbed Blaise’s hand, making him blush. “He is lucky to have a family that accepts him though.”

“We could never turn our backs on our son. I nearly killed some of those little bastards that bullied him.” Jake replied. “He would come home crying and if his mother had not held me back then I would have done something violent. I wish he had had a friend like you back then.”

“Well, thank you. I promise to always protect him and love him. No one can take him from me without a fight and it would be a knock down, drag out fight.”

“You two are just so adorable.” Maggie said with a big smile.

“Stop mom, it’s not funny. Lorenzo has tattoos and a belly button ring, focus on that.” They all laughed and Lorenzo leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Chapter Two

“do you know how to play bullshit Lorenzo?”

“not atall”

“Its a card game. Blaise or Maggie always win but you and i can dream of winning” Lorenzo smiled “I’d love to learn. Can’t believe Blaise hasn’t taught me if he’s so good”

“Maybe hes afraid you’ll start kicking his butt at this game” Jake said with a wink to his son. They played a couple practice rounds until Lorenzo had the game down then began the real games. This first two round Maggie won then Blaise won four. It was after that Lorenzo became unbeatable. It shocked them all how good he was. They stopped at lunch, Blaise going into to kitchen with his mother again while Lorenzo stayed at the table with Jake “beginners luck i see”

“I guess, it’s fun. I had fun even when I wasn’t winning” Maggie used her grill pan to grill salmon while Blaise prepared the potatoes. He diced them, seasoned them then stir fried them in a pan. By the time he was done with all that his mother was still working on salmon for everyone so he seasoned and cooked up some asparagus to go with it.

“I miss you living here and always cooking with me like this” Maggie said and Blaise nodded “I really am going to come more”

“we’re glad.”
Blaise set the table then called Lorenzo and his father who came into the dining room still talking, this time about fishing. He was ecstatic that they were getting along so well and it made it all the better that Lorenzo knew so much about his dad’s hobbies. Eli had never liked fishing or hunting or boxing. He was a complete city boy through and through, liking his food already caught and cleaned. He himself had cooked most of the meals when they were together simply because Eli was no good at it. Once the food had been dished out they all sat down. The minute Blaise’s butt hit the seat his phone vibrated. He pulled it out and sighed when he saw it was a text from Eli.

“It’s from Eli.” He read it and rolled his eyes. “He wants me to go out for coffee tomorrow.”

“I can’t believe that little twit is bothering you.” Jake said.

“He’s not going to stop.”

“Lets go out with him, might as well.” Lorenzo replied and Blaise gave him a questioning look. “Tell him that you and I would love to have coffee tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” He sent a text back repeating what Lorenzo had said. It didn’t take long for Eli to send one back asking why Lorenzo had to come, that he just wanted it to be them. “He says he doesn’t want you there.”

“Tell him either I come or you don’t go at all.” Blaise did as Lorenzo said and Eli sent back a fine then the place where he wanted to meet.

“Why are we having coffee with him tomorrow?”

“To make him understand that you’re mine, I’m yours and nothing’s going to change that.”

“What if he corners me at work again?”

“I taught you how to fight so just give him the old one-two and run.”
Blaise nodded and they ate without discussing Eli more. Lorenzo and Blaise visited with Blaise’s parents a little longer and even set up a fishing trip two weekends from now. In the car Lorenzo sighed with relief then smiled at Blaise “they like me”

“They love you”

“I didn’t know you liked fishing”

“We haven’t been together all that long yet so we still have a lot to learn. It’s understandable you didn’t know”

“I should just start asking you random questions to learn more. I want to know everything Blaise. The more I know the happier I can make you so you will keep making me happy.” Blaise blushed “I hope coffee isn’t too bad in the morning”

“It wont be. We have eachohter” When they arrived at the house Blaise called his boss to tell her he was going to be a late. She just went ahead and gave him another day off which Blaise was grateful for. “she gave me tomorrow off”

“awesome. After coffee I’ll spend the day making you forget all about Eli” Lorenzo said in an insinuating manner. “I look forward to it” Blaise answered then kissed Lorenzo. The two decided to head into bed early so they could just talk and cuddle. With their alarm set to make sure they didn’t sleep in Lorenzo and Blaise cuddled and talked until they had both drifted off. The alarm was a rude awakening, especially since it signified them getting ready to meet Eli. They dressed and left, planning to grab a bagel at the coffee shop.
When they had their bagels they headed to the coffee shop. They saw Eli waiting out front and once they were stopped Lorenzo pulled Blaise into a kiss. “You can be really aggressive sometimes.” Blaise said after Lorenzo parted their lips.

“I’m just staking my claim my love, showing him who the dominant male is.” He replied with a smile.

“You’ve been working at the zoo too long.”

“Come on, you love how aggressive I am, especially in bed.”

Blaise blushed as they got out of the car and made their way over to Eli who was glaring at them. “Hey Eli um good morning.”

“Good morning.” He replied with false civility. “Lets get inside.” They headed into the cafe and ordered their drinks then sat down in front of the window.

“Thanks for inviting us.” Lorenzo said with a polite smile.

“Well I actually invited Blaise.”

“After you tried getting him to leave me because of my record. What did you expect to happen Eli, that he would come running back to you. I beat a kid half to death for being an ignorant homophobe and harassing a friend of mine. You’re gay so you should know how it feels to be an outcast.”

Their coffee came and Blaise sipped at his while Lorenzo and Eli talked. It felt kind of strange to having his ex and his boyfriend in the same room together. Lorenzo rested a hand on Blaise’s thigh, making him inhale sharply and then clear his throat. Lorenzo smiled against his cup at Blaise’s reaction to his touch. “I just don’t understand how Blaise could be with someone so violent.”

“I’m not as violent as I was then and I was going through hell. Boxing did wonders for my rage issues. The last time I had to beat someone was when Blaise was in danger.”

“Look, I said I was sorry and looking back yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have left him alone.”

“Anything could have happened to him. He could have been beat, raped, or killed.”
“thankfully he wasn’t”

“he wasn’t because of me Eli. What happens the next time you’re in danger? He’ll be left alone again and you know it. You were just going on in the theater about survival instinct.” Eli sighed frustratedly and looked at Blaise “I love you, I love you so much Blaise. I wish I hadn’t left when those men started to bother us. We have so many good memories. Why are you throwing so many good years away Blaise? All the times we cuddled, made love, went to the movies, laughed together. Don’t throw it away”

“You threw it away first” Blaise said seriously. “and now I’m trying to fix it. I need you. I’ve missed you so bad”

“You just miss eating good food. No doubt you eat nothing but take out and microwavable things”

“You know thats not it. I miss your cooking but I miss everything else more”

“No Eli, You weren’t a horrible boyfriend but you sure as hell weren’t a good one. Now that I’m away from you and look back you were an asshole frequently.”

“I was not”

“Yeah you were. You’ve just been self centered so long you don’t realize your self centered. A majority of jerks don’t realize they’re jerks. Just move on and find someone else. You will”

“Blaise” Eli insisted and Lorenzo spoke “Stop begging”

“Nobodys talking to you right now. This was supposed to be coffee with just us two”

“I think i have the right to interject when another mans trying to take my boyfriend from me”

“He was mine first”

“Lorenzo lets go. This is starting to be a scene.” They got up and walked out, hearing Eli slam a fist into the table as they exited the coffee shop. “I am so glad I have another day off now” Blaise said as they drove away. “Me too” Lorenzo placed his hand on Blaise’s leg again as he tried to remember that Blaise wouldn’t leave him for Eli. It didn’t matter that they had years together. When they arrived home Blaise turned his phone off ‘you’re here and I don’t want to deal with Eli anymore today”

“Then you shouldn’t. He pisses me off”

“I can see that. You turn into an animal marking your territory when he’s around” Lorenzo hugged Blaise “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me Blaise. I don’t really think you’ll leave me for him but I think it can be understood that I’d worry just a little anyway.”

“makes me feel loved”

“You are, more than you know”

“Lets just have fun today. No more Eli or thinking about loseing anybody”

Chapter Three

“I’m really glad you don’t live with Pricilla anymore or he’d have your address. Maybe I should take to locking you up so no one can get to you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I might if I’m so inclined to do so.” He pulled him over to the couch where he flopped down and pulled Blaise onto his lap. He grabbed the controller and switched on the TV, flipping through the channels until he found a rerun episode of Bones. “Is this okay?”

“You know I’ll watch just about anything.”

They sat there, both of them getting lost in the episode and Blaise tearing up a little bit near the end. “You okay?” Lorenzo had a laugh in his voice and his eyes glimmered with amusement.

“Yeah, stupid show and crying’s not funny.”

“I’m sorry, you’re just so damn adorable.” He cupped the side of Blaise’s face and brushed his thumb lovingly over his cheek. “Don’t be mad okay, I love you.”

“I love you too and I’m actually really happy you didn’t beat the crap out of Eli. I know he’s a selfish jerk, but I would hate for you to be arrested.”

“I would never risk losing you over a beating.”

“There are just so many things I didn’t realize about him until I got with you, like how selfish of a lover he was, or how he would complain about little things like me wanting to go fishing or hunting with my dad and wanting him to come with me. I mean I loved him, but I wasn’t happy.”

“And what about me, do I make you happy?”

“Yes, really and truly.” Lorenzo kissed him then pulled back and smiled.

“Marry me then.”
Blaise didn’t believe his ears at first “what?” he asked to make sure what he thought he heard was honestly what was said. “I asked you to marry me. I dont have a ring but I’ll buy us bands if you say yes” Blaise’s bottom lip quivered and he kissed Lorenzo so he wouldn’t cry. When he pulled back Blaise answered “yes, I love you and it would be amazing to be your husband. My parents will be so happy”

Lorenzo grinned “you better call them” Blaise kissed Lorenzo again before getting up and calling his parents. They were ecstatic which only excited Blaise more. Lorenzos heart warmed as he watched his fiance talk to his parents happily about a marriage between them. As soon as Blaise hungup Lorenzo had to kiss him again.
“Do you know how excited I am that you’re willing to marry me?” Lorenzo asked as he kissed Blaise, his lips moving down his neck.

“I have an idea.” Blaise whispered back. Lorenzo pulled him into the bedroom and pushed him down as they pulled at each others clothes. They were all hands and tongues, teasing each other until they were both begging for release. Lorenzo rolled onto his back and pulled Blaise on top of him, making him blush.

“Grab the lube.” Lorenzo said in a husky tone and Blaise pulled the drawer to the bedside table open. He grabbed the bottle and rubbed some on Lorenzo who lifted him then thrust into him. He tangled his fingers in Blaise’s hair and pulled him down, giving him a kiss then whispering, “Ride me.” Blaise’s heart beat skyrocketed as he raised and lowered himself, moving at an almost frantic pace as Lorenzo gripped and stroked him. They released together, Blaise collapsing on top of Lorenzo as they gasped for air.

“I love you so much.” Blaise whispered.

“I love you too.” Lorenzo kissed the top of his head and ran his hand up and down his back. “Lets go take a shower.” They got up and went into the bathroom where Lorenzo got the water started. They stepped under the warm spray and washed each other, their hands moving slowly and adoringly over each other.
“we should have lunch” Blaise said as they got out. They both pulled on pajama pants then made themselves lunch. Eli paced his apartment, growing angry Blaise wouldn’t take him back. Blaise calling him selfish at breakfast was only making him further pissed. He brooded all day and went to the theater that night to confront Blaise but didnt see him. He guessed he went home early since Eli assumed he should have been working that day. Eli was going to come back every evening until he found Blaise alone so he could demand what he wanted.

The following morning Lorenzo nor Blaise wanted to go to work but they had to. They reluctantly dressed, ate their cereal, kissed eachother bye then loaded into their cars. Lorenzo worried as he drove to work. He was going to text Blaise every half hour to make sure he was alright and not being bothered by Eli. He knew Lou wouldn’t mind and Blaise would be patient with him.

As the day went on Blaise smiled with every check in though somtimes he just couldn’t answer Lorenzo. Lorenzo didnt panic since Blaise was answering atleast within an hour and knew right now he was in a theater full of people. Lorenzo would only truly worry after work since it took him awhile to get over there and Blaise was almost always alone at the end of the night.

Pricilla lingered a short time after work to excitedly talk to Blaise about his wedding to Lorenzo. She talked about it as if she had been planning his wedding forever “with a friend like you this wedding will be easy to put together” Blaise said and Pricilla smiled “Its going to be so much fun! I deman you hire a professional photographer. Please, everybody will take pictures but you can get a photographer to take the ones you really want and you’ll be sure to get good ones”

“I’ve heard Max Tulfer is really good. I’ll ask him”

“oh he is. I had him take some sexy pictures of me for my last boyfriend”

“Isn’t he married?”

“yeah but he still takes naughty pictures. I don’t see how being married should change that.”

“I guess, just seems weird to me that a married man makes money looking at half naked women” Pricilla laughed “he must have a very secure wife.”

“yeah” Eli waited impatiently in the parking lot across from the theater for Pricilla to leave and became infuriated with his impatience when Lorenzo pulled up before she left. He groaned and drove home to wait until tomorrow night. He wasn’t brave enough to fight Lorenzo for Blaise since he wasn’t sure if he could over power him. Pricilla ran to Lorenzo and hugged him tightly “congratulations! Also I’ve picked out what brand of suits you two will wear, some of the decorations, a few catering places and a photographer” Lorenzo laughed “so we have a wedding planner too?”

“well yeah, I’ve elected myself that position” The three talked a little more then went their separate ways. At home it was another romance filled night since they were still on a high from deciding to get married. Today it seemed harder to part than the previous morning. Lorenzo just didn’t want to be away from Blaise but Blaise reminded him that they needed money to fund a wedding. The two men went to work again, Lorenzo texting just as often as the previous day.
The day seemed to fly by quickly until Lou came and told Lorenzo that they would be doing an emergency surgery on one of the tigers named Raja. He had some sort of obstruction in his lower intestine that they had to get out or the animal would be in excruciating pain. “Alright, let me text Blaise and tell him I won’t be stopping by to escort him home.”

“His ex still bothering him?”

“Not since the coffee shop, but that doesn’t mean anything.” He sent a text to Blaise apologizing for not being able to come and watch over him and made sure he knew he would probably be late getting home. Blaise stopped what he was doing and looked at the message, smiling as he sent back that it was okay and he’s have dinner ready so Lorenzo could relax and eat. He slipped his phone back in his pocket and continued to watch the stage from the catwalk as he coiled up some extra rope. After the show was over he climbed down to tell Pricilla and the other actors bye.

“Be sure to call me if you have anything wedding related you want to talk about.” She said as she gave him a tight squeeze.

“I was thinking while I was working, I’d like black tuxes with dark red shirts. Lorenzo looks really good in red.”

“Awe, so cute.”

Blaise blushed. “Stop teasing, it’s just the truth.”

“Black and red sounds amazing honey. You two will have to get measured of course.”

“We’ll do that tomorrow, thanks Pricilla.”
“you’re welcome” They left and he finished up with the little he had to take care of before heading home. Soon he heard footsteps in the theater and hoped with everything in him someone forgot somthing. He looked over and saw Eli coming “I thought you were done”

“You are mine Blaise. Stop this and come back to me”

“Get out of here” Eli tried to grab Blaise but Blaise punched him in the gut before giving him two fingers to the throat. Blaise could have done more but knew that was enough to make Eli fall to his knees. He was about the wimpiest gay man Blaise knew. Elis image of himself was over proportioned. Eli groaned then to Blaises shock Eli jerked his feet from under him. Blaise just began to wail on Eli with everything he had been taught until Eli was unable to keep fighting “let me take you to the hospital you bastard” Blaise said in an annoyed tone. He tried to help Eli up but he jerked away. Blaise sighed and called an ambulance, explaining the events that lead to now and what just happened so Eli couldn’t lie.

When Blaise hungup he said “helps coming” Blaise was a little banged up aswell but he knew it was nothing that wouldn’t mend on its own at home. He drove staright home where he cleaned himself up then began dinner for Lorenzo. He wanted to text Lorenzo with what happened but he knew it would only distract him from the surgery and the tiger deserved Lorenzos full attention. When dinner was on the table Blaise crashed on the couch, feeling sore from work and fighting.

When Lorenzo walked in awhile later he gasped “baby? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, fine. I swear”

“what happened?” Blaise explained and Lorenzo hugged him “I really want to go finish the job”

“I know but please don’t”

“Hes not worth it.”

“Come eat dinner with me. Afterwards I want to soak in the bath with you” Lorenzo gave Blaise a loving kiss then sat with him at the dinner table to eat. After the brawl in the theater Eli truly did leave them alone. They didn’t receive calls, apologies, texts, nothing and it made them both extremely happy. Months went into planning their wedding since it absolutely had to be perfect. When the big day came everything went according to plan. They were even able to hire Max and allowed his family to attend the wedding with him.

It seemed like their wedding would be one for the fairytails until the pastor asked anybody to speak if they protested this marriage. It seemed out of nowhere there was Eli again to make a dick of himself. “I object! I’ll never let you two get married!” Jake stood “you best get out of here boy!”

“or I’ll make you leave” Lorenzo added. The pastor cleared his throat “calm down, he cant say a thing. He can’t stop me from wedding you too. You may kiss your groom.” They slipped the rings on eachothers fingers as their family members showed Eli the door. They gave eachother a long, deep kiss. A deeper kiss than they should have shared in front of their family but they needed it. It sucked Eli was going to be in their wedding video now but all that truly mattered to them was that they were now married and going to have a happily ever after as long as they could get Eli to move on.

As they danced at their reception Lorenzo said “relax and be happy baby”

“He had to try and ruin today of all days”

“It wasnt ruined though”

“I know”

“Lets talk about somthing happier”

“Like what?”

“Like adopting children”

“but we live in an apartment”

“We’ll get a house and then children. We make enough, especially together”

“Truly Lorenzo?”

“yes” Blaise kissed him and Lorenzo smiled against his lips. “House hunting right after our honeymoon”

“Sounds amazing” Blaise said softly as he held Lorenzo closer. Lorenzo talking about a house and family put Blaise back in the mood he started in which was what Lorenzo was aiming for. He wanted nothing but his grooms happiness for the rest of their lives. Lorenzo hoped Eli knew he’d do anything to insure that happiness. As they got in their car that night to drive to their honeymoon Blaise got choked up with his happiness which only made Lorenzos heart warm further. He pulled Blaise against him “I love you Blaise”

“I love you too Lorenzo”

“Don’t cry”

“I’m just so happy we’re married”

“me too but show me with those pearly whites and not your tears” Blaise smiled “ok handsome”

“save that talk for our hotel” Blaise blushed and Lorenzo chuckled, clutching his husbands hand blissfully as Blaise drove with the other into their new life together.

~ The End ~

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