Blaise & Lorenzo 3

Chapter One

Blaise sat up on the catwalk watching Pricilla as she danced across the stage in this evenings Broadway musical. He always thought she looked so cool and loved when he got to go up on the catwalk and watch her and the rest of the singers and dancers. This was the last number and he was excited because Lorenzo had promised to take him out on a date tonight. They had both had a long week and were looking forward to having the weekend off. Even if it meant sleeping the whole time, all that mattered was they were together. He suddenly felt like he was being watched and his eyes traveled over the crowd, resting on a man in the front row. He was looking right up at him and Blaise nearly jumped out of his skin. He wondered why he was looking at him with such intensity and how he had even spotted him when clearly no one else in the crowd could see him. He swallowed nervously and got to his feet, walking to the end of the catwalk and climbing down so he was backstage once more. He shivered, still feeling that man’s eyes on him.

When the musical was over Blaise helped put things away, unable to stop himself from constantly looking over his shoulder. When he saw Pricilla come out of the dressing room he propped his ladder against the wall and approached her. “Hey Pricilla, can I ask you something?”

“Sure honey, you look pale. Is everything alright?”

“There was this man in the front row today watching me while I was on the catwalk. I mean no one can see me when I’m up there, especially with the stage lights, but he looked right at me. It freaked me out. I couldn’t see him very well, but he looked like he had blue hair.”

“I saw him, he’s some rich philanthropist named uh Nolan…Nolan Kesher. As far as I know he’s nice enough. Maybe he’s one of those wolves or something.”

“I hope not, just thinking one of them might be interested in me gives me the willies.”

“He probably just smelled you up there and was trying to get a good look at who it was.”

“I hope so, it freaked me out. I guess I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Alright sweetie, night.” He let her leave and quickly finished his work. It was as he was coming out from behind the curtain that he felt eyes on him again. The man, Nolan, was standing at the far end of the stage. When Blaise blinked he was suddenly right in front of him, making him yelp.

“Wh…what do you want?” He demanded and Nolan sniffed the air.

“You have a certain smell about you, you’ve been marked by one like me.” He sniffed him again. “He’s a very dominant male, every inch of you is marked.”

“Huh, I don’t understand.”

Nolan grabbed his arm and leaned in, inhaling deeply. “Hey, let him go.” Nolan’s head snapped up and Blaise tugged his arm away then hopped off the stage and practically ran to Lorenzo.

“So this is the one who has claimed you. His scent is strange.”

“Are you high?” Lorenzo asked in an irritated tone.
“Not atall, I was just admiring your boyfriend until i realized you had scented him”

“Scented him?” Nolan realized that Lorenzo was genuinely confused while Blaise was just freaked out. “you dont know you’re a demon Lorenzo?”

“Look, you need to go home and come down off the drugs”

“Lorenzo, you are. It must have not been told to you because you have such little demon blood you’ll only live the lifespan of a human. You have trouble managing your temper don’t you? Havent you noticed that you are naturally stronger than other humans? Havent you always been?” Lorenzo just stared at Nolan. Nolan sighed “I saw the recognition in your eyes Lorenzo. You know I’m speaking the truth”

“well i am but I still think you’re crazy”

“You don’t believe in demons atall?”
Lorenzo pushed Blaise behind him. “If you come near Blaise again, I will hurt you. Don’t touch him, don’t talk to him, just leave him alone. He’s had enough trouble with men to last him a life time.”

“I mean him no harm, nor you, and you are incredibly protective of him. You feel like he belongs to you, that he’s yours.”

“He is mine.”

“There, see, that temper. It flares up when you’re faced with something or someone you don’t like. I bet growing up was hard for you.”

“Of course it was, I’m gay.”

Blaise grabbed his hand. “Lorenzo please, lets just go home.” Blaise didn’t want him getting in a fight, especially in the theatre. “Please.”

Lorenzo glanced back at him then at the man who had touched Blaise. “Alright and you, back off. This is the only warning you’re getting.”

Nolan grinned. “You let your temper cloud your judgement youngling, I’m incredibly powerful.”

“And I’m prone to bouts of rage.” They stared at each other for what seemed like forever, Lorenzo pissed and Nolan looking slightly amused, until Blaise pulled Lorenzo to the door and outside. He took a deep breath and hugged Lorenzo. “You okay?” Lorenzo asked.

“Yeah, he didn’t hurt me, just freaked me out. I don’t what draws people like that to me, but I don’t like it.”

“All this business about demons, it’s insanity.”

“So you don’t believe?”

“That I’m a demon, yeah right. I may have a short temper, but I’m no monster and besides demons, really?”

“But there are so many other things in this world that are strange, why not demons?”

Lorenzo sighed. “Lets not talk about it right now okay, I’m still wound up from all that.” He checked his watch. “How about we eat in tonight, we can order Thai or Chinese or something, pizza even.”

“Okay, sounds good then we can go out on our date tomorrow night.”
“perfect, it would be better to wait so that I’m not in such a bad mood” Blaise kissed Lorenzo before heading over to a nice Thai place and picking up food to take home. The two of them just relaxed happily on the couch and ate until they needed to get some sleep. They could still cuddle in their rest and after their work weeks sleep is what they needed. They slept until it was nearly lunch the next morning. Lorenzo still didn’t feel like having either of them cook so he kissed Blaise’s cheek then went to pick up burgers from Burger King.

When he arrived back Blaise was sitting at their table waiting on him “you could have woken me up handsome. I almost called you”

“I was hoping to wake you up to burgers.” Lorenzo set the bag on the table and they began to eat while discussing plans for their weekend. Blaise was still thinking of what Nolan told them yesterday. To Blaise it really wasn’t farfetched that Lorenzo could have demon blood in him.
“How about we go swimming?” Blaise suggested.

“Sounds like fun. We’ll go after we’re finished here.”

Lorenzo tried not to think about the man in the theatre, about his assumptions that he was a demon. He didn’t like it, that being temperamental was just who he was and he couldn’t get rid of it. Once they were finished eating they went and pulled their swim trunks on, grabbed towels and sunscreen then headed out to Lorenzo’s car. “You look upset.” Blaise said.

“I’m not, just thinking.”

Blaise grabbed his hand. “Don’t think too much, your head might pop off.”

Lorenzo chuckled and kissed Blaise’s knuckles. “Good thing I have you to do all the extra thinking for me.”

They made it to the river an hour and a half later and rubbed sunscreen on each other before heading down to the water. “The water’s cold.” Blaise said.

“That’s because you have to get used to it first. Come on.” Lorenzo grabbed his hands and pulled him into the water, making him gasp as the cold water touched what bare skin there was exposed. Lorenzo smiled and pulled him further in until the water was up to his shoulders. “Take a deep breath and relax, your body’ll get used to it.”

“I know, it’s the part I hate the most.” Lorenzo pulled him into his arms and Blaise rested his head on his chest. He tangled his fingers in Blaise’s hair and pulled his head back, giving him a gentle kiss. Blaise lifted his arms, wrapping them around Lorenzo’s neck, dribbling cold water down his back so goosebumps covered his skin. “Looks like I’m not the only one whose cold.”

“Are you saying you’d like me to warm you up?”

Blaise blushed. “Out here, in the river? What if someone sees us?”

“If what that man…”


“Yes, if what that man said was true then that means I should be able to hear anyone who might just happen by. Besides there are plenty of places to hide, all these rocks and trees. It’ll be fine.”

“And what if he happens by?”

“Then I’ll break his nose.”
Blaise smiled then began kissing Lorenzo again. “I love you so much Blaise” Lorenzo said as he jerked off Blaise’s swimtrunks and positioned Blaise so he could slide his hard length into his lover. Blaise’s moans soon consumed Lorenzos mind and increased his lust for Blaise. Every sound and movement Blaise made no matter how they were having sex incited him more and more until the pleasure came to be so much he released.

“see, nobody came but you and I” Lorenzo said with a pleased smile and kissed Blaise again before they both pulled their swimtrunks back on. Blaise was still blushing as they began to enjoy the water. Lorenzo chuckled making Blaise ask ‘what?” even though he knew. “You are just too cute when you’re blushing. Somtimes you’d think we have our first time everytime”
“I can’t help that you’re a fantastic lover and a bit of a pervert. Having sex outside is risky, but exciting.” His face turned a deeper shade of red and he covered it with his hands. “I’m such a girl sometimes.”

“I don’t think being shy constitutes you being a girl.” He grabbed Blaise and pulled him close. “Look at me.” Blaise moved his hands. “I like that you’re shy, it’s cute and your blush is sexy and not girly at all.”

“Sometimes it sucks not being tough and manly like you.”

“You’re pretty tough and plenty strong.”

Blaise swallowed. “What Nolan said about you being a demon or part one.”

“I’d prefer we didn’t talk about him.”

“Lorenzo, it’s not so bad. I mean it doesn’t make you bad.”

“I nearly beat a kid to death.”

“That was a long time ago, you learned how to control your anger. You’re a good man and I’ll love you no matter what so what’s the problem?”

Lorenzo rubbed the back of his neck. “I just hate knowing that that part of me is genetic. It’s like I have some sort of mental disease or something.”

“Not everything has to be in your control. Maybe we should talk to Nolan about it.”

Lorenzo frowned. “I didn’t like him touching you or smelling you. It made me want to rip his heart out.”

Blaise laughed and kissed him. “He’s not so bad, creepy sure, but he didn’t hurt us and knowing more about your ancestry is a good thing.”

“We don’t even know where he is.”

“Well, since you don’t know about yourself I’m sure he’ll find us.”
“yeah, he’ll find us looking for you”

“Lorenzo” Blaise said with a smile “sorry, I guess we’ll hear him out if he shows up again”

“Thank you, I really think we should know if he’s right or not. It’ll help you” they stayed until they were hungry. They dried, threw on shirts then ate at the nearest restaurant together. Lorenzo seemed to be looking around so Blaise grabbed his hand “you don’t need to be on the lookout for him. He’ll most likely just come back to the theatre”

“I guess”

“come on handsome” Lorenzo held Blaise’s hand in both of his and smiled “sorry, You’ve got me thinking about his words. Hows everything at the theater lately?”

“same old stuff. No real problems. All the performances lately have gone great”

“good, same with the animals. Only routine stuff, nothing major”

“thats nicer to hear than me telling you about the theatre. I feel so bad when an animal needs surgery or somthing. Who cares if a performance goes bad”

“Well, the theater could lose money when people demand refunds”

“very true”

Chapter Two

“How about we go to the theatre tonight. I know Pricilla isn’t performing tonight, but you said Nolan might be there again and if he is he’ll be looking for you.” He didn’t sound happy when he said that last part.

“We’d better go now then.”

“Okay.” Blaise could hear the reluctance in his voice, but knew this would be good for him. Blaise believed it would let him know that the rage issues he had had in the past wasn’t his fault, that it was simply a part of him he didn’t understand and with understanding came the ability to control that part of him.

When they made it to the theatre Blaise pulled him in the back way, smiling and waving at everyone. Not all of them had seen Lorenzo so they were a little curious. “Come on, lets head up to the catwalk.” Blaise started up the ladder and Lorenzo followed close behind. When the made it to the top Lorenzo sat down and Blaise laid down, resting his head in Lorenzo’s lap.

“This is quite the view.” Lorenzo said.

“Yeah, I love it up here. No one can see me because of the lights, but I can see everyone. It’s really cool.”

Lorenzo’s eyes moved over the audience, searching for Nolan. He didn’t want to talk to him, but he knew Blaise was right. He needed to know everything about his bloodline, about where the demon ended and the man began. He had never lost his temper with Blaise, not even once, but he feared a day may come when he would and he would regret that. “Don’t look so worried.” Blaise said and Lorenzo looked down at him.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t know what to think about all of this.”

“You are and will always be my loving Lorenzo, nothing will change that.”
“I just never want to lose my temper with you”

“do I make you that angry?’


“regardless we’ll work through it. Somtimes people lose their cool” Just as they thought Nolan showed up and looked directly at them. He smiled, a mixture between a friendly smile and amused. When the show was over they met him in the parking lot by their car. “You guys ready to talk?’

“Yeah but come to our house so we can be more comfortable” Blaise said, much to Lorenzos dismay. He didn’t want this man in their house. It was as appealing as talking to him in general. Lorenzo drove home so he could concentrate on somthing. When they got out they went straight to their apartment and sat on the couch.
“So,” Blaise said after a long tense silence, “Lorenzo has demon blood.”

“Yes he does, though it is but a little it still packs quite a punch. It makes him faster, stronger, short tempered. He may have inherited other gifts. Any psychic powers?” Nolan replied.

“Not that I know of.” Lorenzo answered.

“I was right in assuming he is the dominant one in your relationship?”

“Yes, he is. He’s not threatening in any way, just very persuasive.” Blaise answered.

“How about his sexual prowess?” Nolan asked.

Lorenzo glared at him. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“It is a simple question to help determine your heritage.” He turned his attention back to Blaise. “On a scale of one to ten?”

“An eleven.” Blaise blushed as images of them in the river filled his head. “Again, he can be very persuasive.”

“Are people overly attracted to him or tend to listen when he speaks?”

“He can be quite charming to some people, but to others not so much. My ex hates his guts and his parents don’t like that he’s gay.”

“What about his temper? Does he ever lose it with you?”

“Not really, he tends to only get mad when people touch me uninvited or try to hurt me. He’s kind of jealous sometimes, but he’s not controlling. He’s aggressive yet compassionate, he loves animals. He boxes if he’s really mad.”

Nolan turned his attention to Lorenzo. “How was your childhood?”

“Rough once I came out, I also nearly beat a kid to death for harassing a friend, then went to juvie.”

“I have to say taking up boxing was smart. You learned to channel that anger.” He leaned in and inhaled Lorenzo’s scent. “I’m having trouble deciding whether you are incubus or not. I may have to look at your family line.” Nolan seemed to be thinking. “I have an estate here, come and stay with me for a few days so we can get to know each other while I look up your lineage. I have a pool a sauna, the rooms have been charmed to hide noise, the beds are fantastic, you’ll be quite comfortable. You can think of it as a mini vacation.”
“You wont get handsy with my boyfriend will you?” Lorenzo asked and Nolan chuckled. “I’m a flirt but I’m not low enough to break up a relationship. Only assholes do that”

“good” Nolan smiled “that demon possessiveness. I mean, human men can get like that too but its a part of who you are as a demon. Its a rare demon male that isn’t possessive of their mate. Go pack bags and lets head to my place” Lorenzo and Blaise went into their room and packed a suitcase together, feeling they only needed one. They made sure to grab their chargers aswell before telling Nolan they were ready.
“Don’t look so worried, it’s not like I’m going to murder you two or anything. I’m nice enough.” Nolan said to Lorenzo.

“I’m sure you are.”

Nolan got in his car and Blaise couldn’t help but admire it. It was really nice and looked incredibly expensive. They decided to take his car so Lorenzo climbed into the passenger seat and sat there, arms crossed as Blaise followed Nolan. “It’s going to be okay, try not to be so defensive.” Blaise said encouragingly.

“How can I not be, he’s so in your face about everything. Asking all those questions and then inviting us to his place.”

“Lorenzo, it’s for a good reason.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I just don’t like this. Why did he of all people have to be at the theatre?”

“The universe works in mysterious ways.” Lorenzo smiled and rested a hand on Blaise’s knee.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Blaise’s eyes grew wide when Nolan’s house came into view. It rested at the end of a long road lined with Japanese maples. The house was a huge white plantation home with a driveway that wrapped around a beautifully crafted fountain. He had never seen anything like it. “This place is amazing.” Blaise said when he and Lorenzo got out of the car.

“Thank you. The pool is in the back and if you need help with anything, and can’t find me, just ask Roady. He takes care of this place when I’m not here. He’s a werewolf just so you know, but tends to keep to himself. Don’t let him scare you though, he’s a good man and very reliable. Lorenzo I’ll need to know all the names of any ancestors you can remember, starting with your parents and working back. Just write them down when you have a moment, we’re in no hurry.”
“alright, thanks for letting us stay” Lorenzo said for Blaise’s sake even though he was still apprehensive. They found a room to put their things down in then Blaise hugged Lorenzo “thanks for being a little nicer” Lorenzo kissed Blaise’s head “anything for you”

“why don’t we get making the list out of the way?”

“Precisely what i wanted to do. I don’t want to be here any longer than we have to be” There was a desk with paper in their room so Lorenzo sat down to begin writing. Blaise wrapped his arms around Lorenzos neck and let himself rest on his shoulders. Every now and then Blaise would kiss Lorenzo’s cheek, making him smile.

Lorenzo had to think harder for older relatives but managed to compile a decent list for Nolan. Lorenzo atleast hoped this was good enough. They followed the directions Nolan gave them to his bedroom and were glad he was actually there when they knocked.
“Here’s the list.”

“Thank you, you’ve done quite a bit. Most people don’t even know their great grandparent’s names.”

“They were alive for a few years after I was born so I go to know them a little. They liked to talk about the old days as did my grandparents. So I know quite a bit.”

“How did they feel about you coming out?”

Lorenzo shrugged. “I don’t even know if my parents told them and after mom and dad turned on me I figured I’d just let them go on believing I was straight. Anyway, I hope that helps.”

“I’ll get to work right now, why don’t you two relax.”

“Thanks.” Blaise said and grabbed Lorenzo’s hand then pulled him away. “I love this house.” He said once they were down the hall.

“It’s pretty amazing.”

“But, you don’t like saying so because it belongs to Nolan. You really don’t like him do you?”

“It’s not that, it’s just that he had to say something about me. He could have ignored my scent on you and just walked away.”

“I would imagine people like him like to keep tabs on any other demons in the area in case anything happens. I imagine they’re not all as nice as Nolan.”

“Yeah, I guess.” They went back to their room and pulled their clothes off then climbed into bed.

“Don’t worry so much and give Nolan a break, he seems like a good guy, a little scary, but good.”

“I’ll try, I really will.” Blaise fell asleep with his head pillowed on Lorenzo’s chest and Lorenzo stared up at the ceiling. He wondered what kind of demons he came from, if they had been bad or good. He remembered Nolan saying he had a human’s lifespan and if that meant his demon ancestor or ancestors still lived. He sighed and turned slowly onto his side so he was facing Blaise. He gently kissed his lips then pressed his forehead against his. “Love you.” He said softly then closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall asleep.

The next morning the were woke by a light knocking and Blaise climbed sleepily out of bed and walked over to the door. He pulled it open and looked at the man standing there in confusion. “Yes?”

“Sorry, I’m Roady. Breakfast is ready if you two are hungry.”
“Oh thanks, nice to meet you” Blaise offered his hand before finishing “I’m Blaise” Roady smiled then left them so they could get ready for breakfast. Lorenzo stretched “come here” he said and Blaise walked over. Lorenzo hugged him tightly “morning, that bed was so comfortable”


“Lets get dressed before breakfast gets cold” Blaise said with a smile as he tugged Lorenzo off the bed. Lorenzo slapped Blaise on his ass as Blaise was pulling his pants up. Blaise blushed and Lorenzo laughed “couldn’t stop myself. We need to have sex after breakfast”

“No complaints here” Blaise answered as he buttoned his jeans. They walked hand in hand, having to figure out where breakfast was. They sat down infront of plates that were obviously made for them and began to eat. Nolan came in shortly after them “Morning guys” he said much to cheerfully for morning time. “morning” Blaise smiled back.

Chapter Three

“Not morning people?” Nolan asked and they both shook their heads. “But you’re a veterinarian.”

Lorenzo paused mid bite. “How did you know that?”

“Background check, I needed to know as much about you as possible. Don’t worry, I put together a little present for you two.” He held up a couple of pieces of paper that had been stapled together and handed them to Blaise. “Everything you need to know about me, even my original homeland and actual age. Now you won’t feel like I constantly have the upper hand.”

“Thank you.”Blaise said and Lorenzo nodded as he chewed his food. “Have you found anything out about Lorenzo’s lineage?”

“Plenty.” He held up a packet of papers he had setting on the table. “I went back as far as I could and I must say you have quite the interesting bloodline. Dukes, cattle barons, and even circus performers and I mean old school circus. There is one story I found particularly interesting. There was a Baroness named Anna who was seduced by a musician who happened through the city she and her husband lorded over. She called him only Techne. He took nothing from her, didn’t hurt her or those around her, but a month later he vanished as if he had never been. She got pregnant and no one knew if it belonged to her husband or not so the Baron adopted the child as his own in case it was his. As an adult, the child had the uncanny ability to attract both men and women to him, earning him quite a reputation. He knocked up a few women, their children had children and so on and so forth, diluting the blood.”

“So what kind of history do my ancestors have?”

“You had good and bad in your family just like everyone else, some of them were human and some of them were demon spawn. Your mother is a direct descendant of Techne and Anna as are you. I know his name though I can’t remember from where exactly. Anyway I have concluded that you are indeed part incubus. They’re incredibly good at seducing, feed on sexual energy, but like all demons they have a bit of a temper. There is a rumor that says your health will deteriorate if one continuously feeds on you, but let me tell you that that is a load of crap. I’ve been with my fair share of succubi and incubi and I’m not dead. You will feel tired though, just a little since his demon blood is so weak.”

“Well that explains a lot.” Blaise muttered with a blush.

“Is there any way we can find this Techne so maybe I could learn more about my heritage?” Lorenzo asked.

“I could try locating him if you’d like.”

“Please, I think it would benefit Lorenzo if he could talk to his great whatever he is.”
“I’ll get on it after breakfast. How did you two sleep?”

“the bed was amazing”

‘beds are my favorite place to be so they have to be in my homes” Nolan had the thought to not wink but he did it so much it happened against his better judgement. Lorenzo decided to let it slide. His mind was still dealing with soaking in that he actually was related to a demon. he was glad to hear he wasn’t hurting Blaise though. He didn’t know what he would have done with that information. Obviously he would have had to let Blaise go but that would. He stopped there with his thought process. He wouldn’t depress himself by thinking of his life without Blaise in it.

After breakfast Nolan walked away to get an idea of where to start looking for Techne. “what would you like to do Lorenzo?” Blaise asked. “why don’t we change into swimsuits and enjoy his pool for a bit” Blaise stood “sounds fun to me” they went back to their room where Blaise thought he was stripping to change but Lorenzo pulled him into a passionate kiss when they were both naked. He didn’t want to think of anything but Blaise right now. He wanted to be in and all over him, only hearing the exciting sounds Blaise made when they were making love.

“Shh, just let me please.”

Blaise nodded and Lorenzo lifted him and slammed him against the wall, his tongue thrashing around in Blaise’s mouth as he thrust into him. Blaise clung to him, his loud cries filling the room as Lorenzo moved in him harder and faster. “So good.” He whimpered out. Lorenzo sank his teeth into Blaise’s shoulder and then his chest and over to his other shoulder, marking him so everyone knew who he belonged to.

“You’re mine and no one else’s.”

“I know, only your’s.”

Lorenzo turned and pressed Blaise into the bed, kissing him hungrily as he buried himself completely. They both cried out as they came together, clinging tightly to each and panting. “I love you.” Lorenzo said and pressed a gentle kiss into Blaise’s lips. “I love you more than anything.”

“I love you too.” He ran his fingers through Lorenzo’s hair. “Lets rinse off real quick then we can go swimming.”


They went into the adjoining bathroom and hopped into the shower, rinsing off their bodies. They got out and while they were drying Blaise caught a glimpse of the bite marks in the mirror. “Holy crap, you almost drew blood. What am I steak?”

Lorenzo wrapped his arms around him from behind and kissed his temple. “You are pretty delicious.”

Blaise blushed. “Perv.”

“I don’t hear you complaining nightly.”

“It’s hard to complain when you’re as amazing as you. You’re a very generous lover and an amazing husband so I guess I can overlook a few bite marks.” He smiled lovingly up at Lorenzo and pulled him down for a kiss. “Lets go swimming.”
They pulled their swimsuits on then grabbed towels before heading out back. The pool water was much more comfortable than the river but it was still chilly. Per the norm Blaise’s nipples getting hard from the cold caught Lorenzos attention. “keep it in your trunks” Blaise said and Lorenzo smiled before giving his left nipple a lick. “Lorenzo” Blaise said with a blush “You love every second I’m bad” Blaise’s blush deepened so Lorenzo playfully put his hand on his husbands head and dunked him under.

Blaise came up laughing and splashed Lorenzo. They horsed around until they heard Nolan clear his throat. They both came out of the water and grabbed their towels. “what’s going on?”

“He wasn’t hard to find. Isn’t trying to hide himself so it didn’t take too long to find him. He’s not a bad demon though it is in bad taste to seduce taken women but hey, as far as demons go he could be doing much worse things. I’ve had to deal with or call someone to help me deal with a few bad ones that needed to be sent back to hell.
Lorenzo wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Great I’m descended from a man whore. He’s probably fathered more children with women he’ll never see again.”

“It’s okay baby, what he does has no bearing on who you are.” Blaise said then turned to Nolan. “Where is he?”

“California, I can give him a call and see if he’d like to come and visit. Look, doing the things he does is just in his nature. Incubi have the drive to mate more so than other demons so seducing and impregnating women is the way he is. That doesn’t mean you will be that way, but I recommend you decline his offer to make you a demon if he offers it. I don’t know what the transformation could do to you and you don’t want to be out of control. If it is something you decide to do for both of you then there is someone I can call who is very adept at that sort of thing. I don’t know the ritual since I’m kind of on the younger side.”

“Over two hundred years is young?” Blaise asked.

“Compared to some, yes.”

“If you think he’ll come and see us then call him, if he tries wasting my time then I won’t talk to him.”

“I understand. Roady made lunch so if you’re hungry please come inside and have something to eat.”

“Um are you and Roady…you know?”

Nolan chuckled. “No and as far as I know he doesn’t swing that way though if he did I’d have no objections. He’s a good friend, we grew up together and he’s always kind of stuck to me. So, lunch?”

“Yeah sounds good.”
They walked with Nolan back to his large, beautiful table and began eating. Lorenzo was glad there was a different, less perverted demon he could have make him into a full demon. This was all still a bit crazy to him but he wouldn’t turn down the chance to actually be with Blaise forever. He wondered what the ritual consisted of and how badly it would hurt to be changed. He imagined it had to hurt atleast a little since it was changing your bodies make up.

With lunch over Nolan fetched his cellphone and called the number he had for Techne. Nolan stepped out to speak with him, leaving Blaise and Lorenzo waiting anxiously to know what was going to happen next. Blaise took Lorenzos hand “I love you baby” he said to Lorenzo for comfort. “I love you too Blaise. More than you could ever understand”

“I have a pretty good idea” Blaise said then pulled Lorenzos hand to his lips to kiss them. Lorenzo lifted Blaise from his chair and set him in his lap. “Much better” Nolan came back in and smiled “He seems happy to meet you and your boyfriend. I’m just going to buy some tickets if you two can leave”

“we’ll have to make some calls to see” Blaise answered and Nolan nodded “call away and let me know. I’ll buy the tickets for whenever”
“Thank you.” Blaise and Lorenzo pulled out their phones and called work. Both of their bosses understood that they were dealing with family problems and gave them three extra days off. They both hung up at the same time. “Now that that’s taken care of, we should go tell Nolan he can buy our tickets. I want us to talk to your uh great great grand whatever as soon as possible.”

“I wonder what he’ll have to say. I bet he’ll ask weird questions about my sex life like Nolan did. This is all so much to take in. I mean I was promiscuous too, so doesn’t that make me like him.”

“You are a better man than he is and you always will be.” Blaise kissed him then they went to talk to Nolan.

“So did you get time off?” Nolan asked.

“Yeah three extra days so we can go as soon as you book our flight.”

“I will be joining you which means Roady will be coming along as well. We’ll be your mediators.”

“If you think that would be best then okay.”
“I just dont want him trying to convince you guys to let him change you or anything else weird. Demons can have for lack of a better word weird ways of looking at things and since you two are new to all this I don’t want to send you in without someone to back you up or knock sense into someone”

“we really appreciate it” Blaise said and Lorenzo added ‘we do”

“you seem to mean that more now” Nolan pointed out and Lorenzo responded “You’re being very generous. This is just all hard for me”

“well yeah, I mean I can’t truly relate but i get it. One minute you’re a normal human, next here I pop into your life. Fliritng with your mate, telling you you’re a demon, getting you in contact with old demons. I get it. Why don’t you get some mor alone time with Blaise while I purchase our tickets. I’m picky so it wont be fast but I know I’ll get us a flight out today”

“we’ll be in our room and ready to go so just get us when it’s time” Blaise answered and Nolan nodded. Lorenzo swept Blaise off his feet and they went to their room. They changed into regular clothes then used the bathroom blow dryer to dry their swimsuits so they could be packed and ready. They plugged their cells in to hopefully obtain a full charge before they headed out. If not it didn’t matter. They were with eachother so they’d barely use their cellphones anyway. Blaise did one last look around the room to be sure everything of theirs was packed then cuddled with Lorenzo.

They hadn’t realized they had fallen asleep with eachother until Nolan and Roady came to their door. “lets head over to the airport guys” Nolan said with a smile. Lorenzo unplugged their cellphones and packed the charges so they could leave. Nolan had the tickets printed at home so they only had to deal with baggage check.

Chapter Four

Being at the airport made Lorenzo nervous, being on the plane and in the air meant there was no going back. Now that they were flying he wished he could yell at the pilot to turn back around. Blaise squeezed his hand and smiled sweetly at him. “If that man so much as looks at you I might rip his head off.” Lorenzo whispered and Blaise started laughing then covered his mouth so it would disturb the other passengers.

“You can’t kill someone for looking or even flirting, it’s not fair, especially when some people do it unintentionally.” Blaise replied once his laughter was under control.

“Well that doesn’t seem fair.”

“Just let me handle it okay and if he doesn’t back off then you can break his arms.”

“Fine, deal.” He sighed. “Five hours is such a long flight.”

“It’s not so bad, why don’t you just relax, take a nap or something.”

“I’m too wired to sleep.” He rested his head on top of Blaise’s. “So, do you still want kids?” He asked.

“Yeah, but I would have to quit working depending on the age and I love working at the theatre.”

“We could always adopt an older child, you know it’s harder for them to get taken in than a baby.”

Blaise lifted his head and smiled at Lorenzo. “Are you really serious, you want to adopt?”

“Why wouldn’t I be, we’ve both expressed wanting children and there are only two ways to get one, surrogacy or adoption.”

“A baby with your genes would be pretty cute. Maybe we could do both, I mean if we decide to let Nolan or whoever change us then we’ll have forever to decide.”
Lorenzo smiled “Ok, doing both would be pretty amazing. We can give a child a good home and bring one of our own into the world. I’d want you to do a surrogate too so we can have a child from us both.”

“Three children, sounds perfect”

“with you it really does Blaise” Lorenzo let that thought relax him though he was still a little tense with worry over his relative coming on to Blaise. He didn’t even want the pervert looking at Blaise. When they landed it took their bags a ridiculous amount of time to come out but they were finally able to collect their bags. Nolan called Techne who said he was already there and waiting for them. Blaise and Lorenzo followed Nolan while he followed Technes directions on the phone. Lorenzo began to crush Blaises hand so Blaise wiggled his fingers to let his husband know.

Lorenzo loosened up a bit though it was still a tight grip. Soon Techne came into view, only bearing a small resemblance to Lorenzo which really could have passed off as human resemblance. It’s easy to find similarities in peoples looks because people aren’t as unique as they’d like to feel they look. He greeted them with a smile “you must be Lorenzo. I can smell you are from me” Techne said as he looked directly at Lorenzo.
“I’m sure you can.”

“You have my look you know minus the blue hair and weird eyes.” Techne’s eyes moved to Blaise. “And this must be your boyfriend.” He held out his hand and Blaise shook it.

“Husband actually.” Blaise replied politely.

“You’re very cute, I love blondes.”

“That’s nice to know, I love Lorenzo.”

Techne chuckled. “Well that’s a first, I’ve never met anyone who could resist my charm nor have I met an incubus who can only stay in one relationship. It’s quite extraordinary.”

Blaise pulled his hand away and Lorenzo said, “Before Blaise I had no reason to be in a serious relationship. Most men thought I was too aggressive anyway.”

“Why don’t we go get something to eat and talk more. I’m guessing your friends will be joining us?” He indicated Nolan and Roady. Lorenzo just nodded. “Well come on then.”

They followed Techne into the parking lot to his car. Lorenzo wanted to sit with Blaise, but Blaise urged him to take the front seat so he did. He watched Techne out of the corner of his eye, studying him. It was so strange to be in a car with him. He took them to The Griddle Cafe, a place neither of them had been. “The food is amazing here.” Techne said as they got out. They went inside and got a seat. One of the waitresses came by and Techne gave her his most charming smile before taking his menu. “That one knows me.” He said, not even bothering to look through his menu.

“So you just bang whoever, married or not like Anna?”

Techne’s smile faltered. “That is who I am.”

“So none of these people mean anything to you, your children, your grandchildren and so on? We’re just means to an end from Anna on down?”

“Anna was different, I stayed with her the longest, but I’m a drifter.”

“Sure.” Lorenzo rubbed the back of his neck. “So uh am I the first to seek you out?”

“Yeah, no one else really noticed what they were I suppose. Nolan here said he sniffed you out, that your smell was covering Blaise. And how are you coping Blaise with him being what he is?”

“Fine, he’s still my Lorenzo. It just explains a lot of things I would have otherwise brushed off as personality quirks. I now know it’s genetics. The thing is, as far as he’s told me, his mother never acted like you.”

“Females, Succubi, tend to be more delicate and have a harder time with unwanted attention. His mother, who also has a minuscule amount, probably never had to deal with being constantly hit on or sexually harassed. How are do you get along with your family?”

“I don’t, they don’t like have a gay juvenile delinquent as their son. They’ve never met Blaise and they won’t ever if I can help it.”
“I’m sorry to hear that” Lorenzo shrugged “I quit caring a long time ago, especially after finding Blaise. He is all I need” Blaise smiled at Lorenzos words. They were always sincere and heartwarming. “if staying with someone works for you I’m happy for you Lorenzo”

“You’d probably be happier if you did. I’m a million times happier than I ever was just being with people for sex” Techen shrugged “you are not a full incubus as I am. I cant be with anyone too long. Anna was about the limit”

“Do you have to try and attract people?”

“Nope, i can turn of my charms but I never see a point. Anything is open to you as long as the world is attracted to you. You might want to tune into your skills if you ever leave Blaise, no offense to you Blaise”

“I can say without doubt I wont ever be leaving Blaise. He also wont be leaving me.”

“I seem to have struck your nerve a bit. I’m sorry”
The waitress came back with food for Techne and took everyone elses orders. They were filled quickly and delivered just as fast. “So tell me what it means to be like you, the pros the cons?”

“The pros, you can have whatever you want anytime you want and no one ever questions you. One smile, one look, one little touch and everything you desire is yours. The cons I guess would be a bunch of pissed off husbands and boyfriends out for blood, but I’ve talked my way out of plenty of fights, not that they could do much damage.”

“How do you use those powers?”

“At first I had to think about it, but now it just comes naturally. Not only does it make people attracted to you, but it also helps you to be more receptive of the things they want. You can sense their emotions and desires. Why don’t you try it on your husband?”

“I don’t want to manipulate him.”

“It wouldn’t be you manipulating him, it would just make you more attractive.” He looked at Blaise who was eating a hamburger. “You trust him right, completely?”

Blaise swallowed what was in his mouth. “Of course.”

“So if he used his powers on you as a test run you wouldn’t rip his heart out?”

“It wouldn’t bother me if that’s what you’re asking, but I’d prefer to not do something like that out in the open. He doesn’t have control over them like you.”

“Alright, I’ll have to agree with you there. You married well Lorenzo, brains and beauty. Where did you find him?”

“In an alley getting harassed by a group of homophobes. He’s a stagehand at a theatre.”

“Is that job fun?”

“I get to watch all the performances for free when I’m not hauling stuff around or helping clean up.” He looked back at Lorenzo. “You know if you become a demon, your powers would get stronger. I could…”

“No thanks and Nolan has already offered. I don’t like the idea of being a full fledged incubus, no offense.”
“You obviously don’t approve of my lifestyle so i understand. I love it but dont expect you to”

“thanks for not trying to charm my husband”

‘I hadn’t turned it off to be honest. Blaise is just very faithful to you. A true faithful partner can’t be swayed by me. he’s the first one I’ve met though with absolute devotion. He really is a keeper”

‘I know, we’re going to adopt kids”

“Nice, wont it be hard since you’re planning to be demons?’

“I hadn’t thought about that but when they are eighteen we can give them the choice and see if they want to be. I know we’ll love them so I hope they will change into demons”

“I’ve never been with kids, like really had them around so I wouldn’t know” After eating they went to Technes house. Lorenzo felt a little easier but still couldn’t fully relax. Nolan and Roady seemed totally at ease. Lorenzo didn’t doubt they had some defense against his incubus magic so didn’t have to worry about anything getting out of their control.
“This place is nice. Do all you demons have nice homes?” Blaise asked.

“There are many kinds of demons just like there are many kinds of humans. Not all of us take the time to collect a fortune. We have our junkies, our serial killers, out broken families, our politicians both good and bad, our wealthy, our poor. We’re incredibly diverse.” Techne explained.

“You could have said we’re just like human only immortal and weird.”

Techne chuckled. “I guess that’s true. Please make yourselves at home, I have some business to attend to.”

Lorenzo was finally able to relax when Techne left the room. He knew it would be some time before he was fully comfortable with his ancestor being around Blaise. “So he’s nice.” Nolan said.

“He’s a weird, creepy, man whore.” Lorenzo shot back.

“Lorenzo be good.” Blaise was trying not to laugh and cleared his throat. “He’s been very polite, but I am glad you aren’t a full fledged incubus, I don’t think I’d survive.” Blaise turned to Nolan and Roady. “How come you two aren’t effected by Techne’s charm?”

“My earrings, they’re charmed.” Nolan answered.

“And I’m loyal to Nolan, I am his friend and protector, that makes it incredibly hard for incubi or succubi to seduce me.”

They just nodded, not quite sure what to make of his words. They explored Techne’s house and a couple of hours later he was back. “Sorry about that. I own a restaurant and as you know they are the hardest thing to keep open. I’ve been gone for a month and every now and then I put in a call to make sure everything is running smoothly. So, do you like the house?”

“Yeah, it’s great. We’re going to have to get a bigger place since we plan on having kids.”
“I could help you out with that if you’d like. I mena, if we’re going to be seeing more of eachother I’d love to help you out”

“really?” Lorenzo asked in honest confusion. Techne shrugged “It might be nice to have a little family. I want to try it. As I hear families help eachother out. Want me to get you somwhere nice?It will be nothing for me but I’m sure a struggle for you two”

“Um, sure, thanks” Lorenzo said a little hesitantly. Techne smiled “has Nolan given you my cellphone number?”

“Give me your phones you two” Nolan answered before they could. He out in Technes number “there”

“I wont answer if a lover has my time but between sexual victories I’d like to be around you guys”

‘So you dont plan to bring them around our kids?”

“Oh no, I may not have family but I do know basic social respect. I’m not going to bring just a temporary fuck buddy around your children. I don’t want to set a poor example”

“Thank you” Lorenzo said and Techne smiled again “Your welcome. What should I call you in relation to me?”

“Instead of a ridiculous amount of greats just call me your grandson I guess”

“That works, when would you like me to help you use your powers?”

“I’m still not so sure I want to mess with people like that. It seems kind of wrong”

“Blaise, he has your permission right?”

“Of course Lorenzo. It’s ok”

“You sure”

“Yeah, I already think you’re incredible sexy. You’re just going to make yourself look better to me”

‘I guess then. I doubt I’ll be useing this sine I only want Blaise but I can try”

“Ok then, you and Blaise stand right in front of eachother” Techne now interjected. They did and Techne said “its much easier than you might think Lorenzo. I literally just want you to think about it and believe you are irresistible. I cant do it on Blaise because he is absolutely faithful to you and cant be swayed but you are the one he’s faithful to so I’m sure you can do it” Lorenzo swallowed then looked his husband in the eyes. “you’re too unsure about even doing this Lorenzo” Techne said a few minuets earlier. ‘Lorenzo, I said it was fine” Blaise added. Lorenzo kissed him. “I know, I’m being dumb. I’m seriously going got do it now”

It still took some time but suddenly Blaise just started kissing Lorenzo passionately. Blaise coudln’t help it, needed to even. Lorenzo stopped and was absolutely breathless from his lovers kiss. Techne was just smiling proudly as if he had just taught Lorenzo how to ride a bike. “see? Easy” Techne said as Lorenzo hugged Blaise “I love you”

“I love you too”

“are you ok?” Blaise chuckled lightly “I’m fine honey.” Techne couldn’t imagine feeling sorry for attracting people. He felt it didn’t hurt anybody since people who were absolutely loyal to someone else couldn’t be effected. “lets do somthing more normal” Techne suggested. “Like what?’ Blaise asked and Techne shrugged “I guess we could look at houses in your area while you decide. Sex is mostly what I do’

“I can’t believe you’re serious about that” Blaise answered and Techne gave that charming smile “I am, please come” They looked around online until they found a house they were interested in. Techne emailed the Realtor and told them he would handle the rest when it came time. The rest of the day was actually fun once Lorenzo was more loosened up and Techen got the hang of really hanging out with people. They stayed until they had to return to work. Once Blaise and Lorenzo got to actually tour their house to make sure they wanted it Techne said just to give him a call and he would get it paid for.

As Techne watched them board their plane he actually felt sad to see them go and hoped to see them again soon. He couldn’t just make them like him so he had no idea if they actually did. This was all weird and new to him but it was a path he very much wanted to go down. It was just hard to actually earn sombody liking you when you spent your whole life making people. It wasn’t until they were back at Nolans place that he asked ‘you two still serious about being demons?”
“Yeah, we want forever with each other.” Blaise answered with a big smile.

“I put in a call while we were in California and was actually able to get a hold of one of the most terrifying demons in existence and asked him about the ritual.”

“You were scared of someone?” Lorenzo asked.

“You don’t understand, this guy is well known in the demon community. He’s a good guy, but he shows no mercy to evil men and women. No one messes with him, me included.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway, he explained to me how to do the ritual, had me write down the words and told me to memorize them so I did. I can change one of you tonight and the other tomorrow.”

“I’ll go first.” Lorenzo said.

“You don’t have to do that baby.” Blaise replied.

“Yes I do, me first so I can better comfort you if anything happens.”

“I was told it’s a painful process, but there is a potion you can take for after. Roady, there is a book in my study desk please go get it. The pages for two potions are marked, one for healing wounds and one for pain, please get to work brewing those.”

Roady nodded and headed upstairs. “He never questions you does he?” Blaise asked.

“I don’t know why, he’s always been like that. Why don’t you head to your room, I have to grab a knife and then I’ll be right up.”
“alright thanks” They hurried up to their bedroom where they took their shoes off “Oh my god I was tired of wearing shoes” Blaise said as his feet felt the relief of taking them off. Lorenzo chuckled “lets call work again, somthing tells me we wont be getting in tomorrow” They both dialed their jobs and were relieved to get one more day off. Knowing their jobs were fine without them one more day they snuggled in bed together until Roady and Nolan came in “we could have been having sex” Lorenzo said with a slight reprimand in his tone. Nolan laughed “Oh no, my virgin eyes” he said in a mocking tone that made Roady and Blaise smile. “ass” Lorenzo said as he got up with Blaise to sit on the floor.

“You’re still going first Lorenzo?’


‘alright, this is going to hurt but I can tell you’re no sissy” The ceremony went smoothly despite Nolan doing this for his first time. By all accounts it seemed like it did since Chthon warned Nolan that it was very likely for Lorenzo to get sick to his stomach because of the pain. Roady and Blaise got the barely conscious Lorenzo in bed then Nolan left Bliase alone with him. “you just call my cell to get me in here ok?” Nolan said and Blaise nodded, fresh tears in his eyes. In the morning Blaise’s transformation was just as hard, if not harder for Lorenzo to watch.

It wasn’t until the next weekend finally came around they looked at the house they picked online and they decided they definitely wanted it. They called Techne who didn’t answer but called back a little later that day and said he had already gotten the house. He also nervously asked if he could come see it in person which they were happy to let him do, he did buy it and they enjoyed their trip once it wasn’t tense.
They made plans for him to come at the end of the week so they had time to get everything set up and make sure he had a place to sleep. Pricilla, Lou, Nolan, and Roady all helped them move in. Lorenzo and Blaise flopped down on the couch after the second day of unpacking and organizing, exhausted but happy to be in their new home. Lorenzo made a good amount of money being a veterinarian, but he never made enough to get Blaise such a wonderful place and he would have to thank Techne once he arrived.

“Man I’m glad we’re demons now, we didn’t get tired nearly as fast as we normally would.” Blaise said as he stretched.

“I think that has more to do with our jobs than being demons, though it does help. I’m really glad no one freaked out when we told them we were demons now.”

Blaise smiled. “It’s like coming out all over again. Good thing we’re so loved.”

Lorenzo leaned in and kissed Blaise on the cheek then turned his head to get at his lips. “I love you, you always taste so good.”

“It has been awhile with all the changing and moving.”

Lorenzo grinned and lifted him off the couch, kissing him as he took him to their room where he lowered him to his feet. They pulled at each others clothes and Blaise pulled him onto the bed. He allowed himself to be completely swept away by Lorenzo’s lust and love. Lorenzo stopped when Blaise fell unconscious, his body having been completely drained of energy. He slipped out of bed and turned on the bath, plugged the drain then went back and lifted Blaise out of bed. He jerked awake as his body touched the water and he looked momentarily confused. “Just getting us clean.” Lorenzo said softly in his ear.

“Okay, I feel like jello.”

Lorenzo chuckled as he ran his hands over Blaise’s body. “I guess I got a little overzealous.”

“It’s okay, you were amazing.” Once they were clean Lorenzo helped him out and dried them both then carried him back to bed. Blaise fell asleep quickly and Lorenzo followed after half an hour, too energized after making love to Blaise. The rest of the work week went by fast and they drove to the airport to meet Techne who seemed happy to see them. He stayed for a week, getting to know them better and even meeting Blaise’s parents. They were a little disappointed to see him go by the end of the week, but they promised to get together again and told him goodbye.

“Ready to go home?” Blaise asked.

“I’m ready to go anywhere as long as it’s with you.” Lorenzo answered and kissed Blaise happily on the lips.


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