Blaise & Lorenzo

Chapter One

Blaise was cornered, this was the third time after work that he had been threatened by the same men. He had thought going out the back door of the theatre would keep him safe, but they had been waiting for him. “Hey faggot, where’d you think you were going?” One of the men said as he jabbed Blaise in the chest.

“Please, leave me alone. I’m just a stage hand.” He pushed himself against the wall of the building. They had started harrassing him after seeing him kissing his boyfriend in a diner. After that they had started stalking him. His boyfriend had broken up with him out of fear for himself. Now he was alone and cornered.

“I wonder what he’ll do not to get his ass kicked. What will you do?” When he didn’t answer the man who had been talking grabbed him by his throat and pinned him against the wall. “Answer me.”

“Pl…please. Don’t hurt me, I…I’ll do anything.”

“What the fuck is going on back here?” The men turned, the one holding Blaise let him go. He could see someone standing at the other end of the alley. He was leaning against the wall of the building next to the theatre.

“Keep walking.” One of the men said.

“Not as long as you’re hurting that, what did you call him, faggot was it.”

“What, are you some sort of queer lover?”

He lauged. “Wow you saw right through me, you must be a real genius. I bet your parents are proud.”

“Fuck you, we’re going to kick your ass then make you watch while we kick the shit out of this little wimp.”

He laughed again. “Bring it on.” They ran at him and he grabbed the lid off of one of the metal garbage cans and smacked the first man in the face. He blocked a punch with it and elbowed the third guy in the nose, breaking it. He mercilessly attacked the last man with the lid until he was unconcious. He put the lid back where he got it then turned his steely blue gaze on Blaise. “You okay?” He asked as he stepped over the unconcious men and walked over to him.

“Yes thank you.”

“Your neck is red, it might bruise. I’m glad I happened by. My name is Lorenzo.”

“I’m Blaise. I work here at the theatre. They’ve been harassing me for quite awhile”

“If you’d let me I could teach you how to defend yourself. Gay men need to know how to fight back the men that are in the closet and jealous of us” Blaise smiled “Could I buy you dinner for helping me?”

“If you’re agreeing to come by my place every now and then so i can teach you how to protect yourself”

“deal” Lorenzo smiled ‘well then, take me anywhere you want to eat. I’m not picky”

“Bonefish Grill?”

“Wow, I was expecting McDonalds or somthing. You don’t have to take me somewhere nice”

“I want to. I really appreciate your help”

“Who could say no to such a handsome man? Very well then, lets go” They each took their own car and met infront of the restaurant. They walked in together and soon were seated. After they were given menus Lorenzo said “I’m paying tip. That’s not negotiable”

“That’s cool” Blaise answered as he browsed the menu. Blaise decided on Chilean Sea Bass with warm mango salsa and Lorenzo decided to get Lilys Chicken. The waitress took their order adn was soon gone. Blaise felt a little shy under Lorenzos confident stare. Nobody had ever studied him so shamelessly before. “what had you passing by?” Blaise finally asked. “I like to take night walks to clear my head. How did those men know you were gay?”

“They say me kissing my ex boyfriend”

“why were you kissing your ex?”

“He was my boyfriend at the time. He got worried over his own safety when they began to harass me so broke things off between us”

“What a dick move. Jeez. I guess it’s good those jerks were bothering you. Shows you how little you meant to that guy” Blaise frowned and Lorenzo regretted saying that out loud “don’t be sad” Lorenzo added. “sorry, I cared about him so it does hurt he just ditched me at any sign of trouble”

“Well now you get to drown your sorrows in sex and booze so grab a bottle of your favorite drink and party.” Blaise laughed and Lorenzo smiled. “That’s more like it, there’s no reason to shed tears over an jerk who wouldn’t even stay to defend you. Just say fuck him and move on.”

“That’s easier said than done. We were together for three years.” Blaise’s phone vibrated in his pocket, startling him and cutting Lorenzo off. Blaise quickly pulled it out and saw it was Pricilla. He quickly answered. “Hey Pricilla.”

“Are you okay, you’re later than usual.”

“I ran into some trouble after work, but I’m okay. I was rescued.”

“Are you hurt?” He rubbed his throat.

“No, I’m fine, just having dinner with the guy who saved me.”

She giggled. “Just met and already on the first date. You move fast bud.”

“Stop, it’s not like that. I just wanted to thank him. Don’t jump to conclusions.”

“Alright, I’ll stop, but be sure to text me if you don’t plan on coming home.” When he didn’t say anything she giggled and hung up.

“Sorry, that was my roommate. She worries about me, she’s like an older sister.”

“that’s sweet, so you want to come to my house this weekend so i can teach you how to defend yourself?”

“sure, How about after lunch Saturday?”

“Why not have lunch together. I’ll cook for you” Lorenzo offered.¬†Blaise¬†smiled, that gorgeous, jaw dropping smile that actually made Lorenzo ever so slightly lose the cool¬†demeanor¬†he always had. “I’d love to have lunch with you” Their food soon came out and they ate together, talking between mouthfuls. The talk got lighter as they asked questions to get to know¬†eachother.Both of them charmed by¬†eachother¬†the more they learned. Just as they were finishing their food Lorenzo wrote his adress down on a napkin along with his number. “Don’t lose that or stand me up. I know where you work”

Blaise smiled again “I wont” After they recived the check Blaise paid the balance while Lorenzo covered the tip. Once they were outside Lorenzo hugged Blaise and gave him a kiss on the cheek “I look forward to seeing you again.”

“me too” Blaise said with slightly star struck eyes. Blaise rushed to his car, his heart a flutter. He could feel Lorenzos kiss on his cheek and he blushed. Glad he hadn’t blushed in front of him. At home Blaise sent Lorenzo a quick text so he would have his number then walked into his bathroom for a shower. Pricilla walke din as he was stripping. Blaise had become used to this so it didn’t phase him “so, how was the date?”

“The thank you dinner” Blaise corrected.

“Right, the thank you dinner. How did it go?”

“It went fine, Lorenzo’s a nice guy. He said he wants to teach me self defense.”

“Right, self defense. I mean who wouldn’t want to wrestle with someone so cute.” Pricilla pinched his cheek and he blushed. “Hey your throat is bruising, did someone choke you?”

“Just the trouble I ran into.”

“What did they look like?”

“Unconscious, Lorenzo beat the crap out of them. It was amazing.”

Pricilla giggled. “You’ve got it bad, he must be sexy as hell.” Blaise turned beet red and she laughed as she left him to finish undressing. He switched on the water and stepped underneath, his mind drifting to Lorenzo as he allowed the warm water to soothe his sore muscles from work.

Lorenzo grabbed a beer and flopped down on his couch then switched on the TV. He had work in the morning, but his mind was to busy with Blaise. He was absolutely adorable and incredibly shy it seemed. He loved his big blue eyes and his messy blonde hair and he unashamedly wanted to gobble him up. The little guy really got his heart racing. He leaned back against the arm of the couch and sighed. He knew if he wasn’t careful he might chase Blaise off. He had always been the aggressive type, the one who pursued what he wanted. For a couple of his boyfriends it had been a little unsettling so he had started making it clear to any man he met that they would only have a sexual relationship. It had worked up until now, Blaise made him want more.

When his first beer was empty he wanted a second but knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. He threw his bottle away, brushed his teeth then went to bed. Work moved slow for the both of them Friday. They just wanted Saturday to come so they could spend more time together. After work Lorenzo walked straight to the theater. In part it was to see Blaise again but another part wanted to be sure none of those assholes came back to hurt him. He was glad to see Blaise walking out, unfollowed by anyone. Lorenzo called over “Hey!” Blaise gave him a surprised smile “hey, walking again?”

“Checking on you. I was worried they might be dumb enough to come back”

“That’s really nice. Thanks”

“can I walk you to your car?”

“We could have dinner together again if you want” Blaise blushed then continued ‘a thank you for checking on me” He knew it was a flimsy excuse at best but it was all he could come up with. Lorenzo smiled knowingly though he tried not to. He didn’t want to come off pompus or too sure of himself. He was confident but his forwardness always ended up making men think he was full of himself when he wasn’t. “I want to treat you this time” Lorenzo said to stop smiling like that. “then it wouldn’t be a thank you dinner”

“I know, I’d like a date with you”

Blaise shifted awkwardly under his gaze. “Don’t you think it’s a little to soon for a date?” He was looking at his boots, his face bright red, looking embarrassed.

Lorenzo just grinned, liking Blaise more and more. “Okay, then it’s just a date between friends. I have somewhere special I want to take you so how about we get Thai food.”

“Okay I guess. Did you bring your car?”

“Nope, I walked. I was hoping to ride with you.”

“Oh, okay.” They made their way to the front of the building and got in his car then Lorenzo directed him to a really good Thai food place. They ordered then Lorenzo paid and they left.

“You’ll want to drive to the zoo.”

“The zoo? Why, isn’t it closed?”

“Not to me, I work there so to the zoo.”

Blaise glanced at Lorenzo and blushed when he saw he was being stared at. Not even is ex had given him this much attention, it was both thrilling and scary at the same time. His heart was beating so fast he thought he might have a heart attack. He saw Lorenzo smirk and his face got even more hot. He didn’t know why someone so cool and collected was interested in someone small and weak. When they got to the zoo Blaise almost bolted from the car, needing to breathe air that didn’t smell like Lorenzo’s cologne. “Come on, we can eat while I give you a backstage tour of the exhibits.”

“ok” Blaise said nervously. They walked from exhibit to exhibit, Lorenzo telling him all about each animal. He included their names, thigns they liked and disliked. Lorenzo loved how interest Blaise actually was in everything. They stopped at the fox exhibit and Lorenzo noticed the awe in Blaise’s face “you like foxes?”

“They’re my favorite animal” Blaise smiled “They’re really nice and used to humans. Want to touch one” A look of disbelief covered Blaise’s face “Yeah” They put down what was left of their food and walked in. Lorenzo grabbed Blaise’s hand which made him instantly warm. They knelt down and Lorenzo called the female “hey, Sasha, come here pretty” The fox came hesitantly at first since it didn’t know Blaise but she gained her conifdence and walked a little quicker. Lorenzo rubbed her fur first then said “go ahead Blaise”

“You have to let go of my hadn first” Blaise said shyly. Lorenzo almost lifted it to his lips so he could kiss Blaise but knew he was already coming on far too strong so he let go and was determined not to take it again no matter how bad he wanted to hold hands with Blaise.

“She’s so soft.” He lifted the fox slowly into his lap and scratched her head. “You’re so cute.” He said and Sasha put her paws on his chest and licked his face. He started laughing when she licked in his ear then sat her back down. “Thank you so much Lorenzo. What do you do here?”

“I thought I told you I’m a veterinarian.”

“Did you?” He had been staring at him like some sort of weirdo during their first dinner together. He blushed, thinking he must have spaced out and not heard. “Sorry, I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

Lorenzo laughed as he got off the ground then pulled Blaise to his feet. “You really are adorable.” He had meant to say it in his head, but it slipped out of his mouth instead and Blaise ducked his head. “Hey don’t get shy on me, I’m sorry. I won’t say stuff like that anymore.”

“Sorry, I hate this. I’m such a girl.” Lorenzo tipped his head up so he could see his eyes.

“Are you scared of me or something? Tell me and I’ll stop whatever it is that bothers you.”

“Well maybe a little, but it’s okay. I’m just not used to having someone pay so much attention to me. It makes me nervous I guess. Plus, you’re such a bad ass and I’m kind overly shy and pathetic.”

“I like how shy you are, it’s cute, especially when your whole face turns red. It makes me want to kiss you.” Blaise played with his jacket and swallowed nervously.

“Then maybe that’ll be your payment for teaching me to defend myself.”

“You don’t have to pay me.”

“I want to so just let me. You already saved me and now you brought me here, so let me at least give you something in return.”

Chapter two

Lorenzo smiled, once again resisting just kissing him right there. A kiss from Blaise was somthing he deeply wanted so he said “then I’ll let you. Do I get a kiss after every lesson or just when you’re done?’

“what do you want?” Blaise said seemingly to Lorenzos shoulder. “It’s your kisses Blaise. I would love one after every lesson but you don’t have to.”

“I will, just a small one”

“that’s all i thought it would be. Do you want to go home?” Lorenzo asked, worried he might mess up things between him if they stayed together too much longer. “I probably should. Can we finish this tour another time?”

“anytime you want. Is there anything specific you want me to make tomorrow? Any allergies?”

“No allergies”


“Yeah, just anything you want to make me” They walked out of the zoo. Lorenzo fighting ridiculously hard not to hold Blaise’s hand. Blaise drove Lorenzo back to his car “Night”

“goodnight Blaise. I’ll see you at tweleve?”

“Yep” Lorenzo shut Blaise’s passenger door then climbed into his car. Lorenzo needed to be sure he locked everything up since Blaise hogged every bit of brain function he had. When Lorenzo returned to the zoo he was happy to find his brain had been working enough to lock everything back so no animals would escape and no humans would bother them. Lorenzo was exhausted by the time he returned home so he went staright to his room. When Saturdays morning light woke him he walked to his fridge to see what he had. After a survey of his cabinets, freezer and fridge he decided he would make Blaise Salmon Teriyaki with a side salad. That would be at lunch so for breakfast he dropped Eggo Mini Bites in the toaster. As Lorenzo waited for them to pop up he already knew this was going to be a really long morning.

“Wake up sleepy head.” Pricilla said and Blaise opened his eyes.

“What time is it?” He asked as he sat up.

“It’s nine, don’t you have a hot date or something?”

He blushed. “It’s not a date, he’s just teaching me how to fight.” He got out of bed and went over to his chest of drawers.

“Your face says otherwise. Come on, tell me what happened last night.”

“You’re so nosey.” He pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top then grabbed dome ankle socks and sat on the edg of his bed. “Nothing happened. We got some Thai food then he took me to the zoo and gave me a tour of some the stuff employess only get to see, and then I…” he blushed and she giggled as she flopped down next to him.

“You what?”

He covered his face. “I told him I would kiss him as payment for my lessons.”

“Awe how cute. Better not let him take advantage. He kind of sounds like the aggressive type, like he might pounce and…” she snapped her teeth together, “take a bite right out of you.”

“You’d know all about biting men wouldn’t you?”

“Butt head.” She hit him with his pillow and they both laughed as he pulled his tennis shoes on. He found the napkin Lorenzo had put his address on and quickly put it in his phone then grabbed his keys and headed out.

“I’ll be back later.”

“Sure you will. Call if you need saving.”

It was only when Blaise sat down in the drivers seat he realized he left much too early. He was meeting Lorenzo at twelve and judging by the address it definitely wasn’t going to take two and a half hours to get there. Blaise knew if he went back into the apartment Pricilla would tease him so he decided to drive almost all the way there then waste time at some small store for a little bit. He drove until he was about five minuets away then stopped at a Dollar General to browse. He kept checking his phone, anxious to be able to go see Lorenzo. Lorenzo watched the food he was preparing like a hawk, wanting it to be perfect.

Blaise left Dollar General earlier than he intended. He was too excited to see Lorenzo for him to wait any longer. Blaise drove over to Lorenzos apartment complex, parked then walked up to his door. Lorenzo smiled when he heard Blaise’s knock. He was just about to put the food on the plates but knew it could wait the moment he needed to answer his door. Lorenzo opened up with a welcoming smile “you came early”

“is that ok?”

“Of course, come in” Blaise walked in amd Lorenzo said “are you hungry? The food is ready”

“Very” Blaise hadn’t eaten breakfast so was starving at this point. Lorenzo served the salmon on plats the grabbed small bowls. He set the table with a large salad bowl in the middle of the table so Blaise could make whatever size salad he wanted. When it was all out the two man sat down together and began to eat.

“This is really good, thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it. So were you afraid of being late or what?”

“Uh no, Pricilla was teasing me so I just left. I was at the dollar store not far from here to waste time. I didn’t want to get here two hours early and be a bother.”

He chuckled. “You could never bother me, I like hanging out with you. So what was she teasing you about?”

Blaise blushed and Lorenzo smiled as he took another bite of food. “Well I kind of told her about our arrangement. You know the whole kissing thing and she started teasing me so I got out to my car and realized it was still to early, but I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to go back. Stupid right?”

“Not at all.” His smile and the look in his eyes told Blaise that no matter what he did he would still be seen as cute. It gave him butterflies. They finished eating and Lorenzo quickly washed their dishes then grabbed his keys.

“Oh we’re not training here?” Blaise asked.

“Well no, for one I have neighbors and two the gym has boxing gloves and helmets and mouthguards oh and a boxing ring. It’ll be safer that way, I mean I would hate to hurt you.”

“Oh okay.” He followed Lorenzo outside and climbed in the passenger side of his car. He looked at his hand almost the whole drive, to nervous to look at Lorenzo. When they made it to the gym Lorenzo could see Blaise was nervous. He could tell he had never fought a day in his life. He greeted the owner and explained to him he was going to teach his friend how to box and wanted the boxing ring to themselves for awhile. He gave him the okay and Lorenzo motion for Blaise to follow.

“Lets find some gloves and a helmet that fits.”

Blaise followed nervously, his eyes darting around. Blaise just knew he was going to make a fool of himself. He also knew Lorenzo would probably just think it was cute but he really didn’t want to look stupid. They went into the locker room where Lorenzo set different helmets on Blaise’s head until he was satisfied with the perfect one. H epulled a mouth guard out of his pocket that he had stuffed there from home. He always had extra ones. Lorenzo had Blaise stick it in his mouth before putting the gloves on.

Lorenzo felt like kissing Balise yet again. He had never thought a man looked cute in boxing gear but somehow Blaise had made this cute too. Lorenzo got ready then they walked out to the ring. “Don’t be nervous. It’s your first time and all I’m doing is teaching you Blaise”

“I’ve never fought atall before”

“Everyone has to have their first time and I want you safe so just relax and let me teach”

Lorenzo kept having to remind Blaise to keep his guard up after smacking him in the side of the head a couple of times. Blaise just blushed and looked embarrassed. “Hey it’s okay, just remember that there are no helmets in real life do keep that guard up.”

“Okay.” He taught him different punches and all the sweet spots on the body. Every time Lorenzo touched him he got goosebumps and turned red from head to toe. After awhile he started to loosen up and have fun, punching and blocking. Lorenzo gave him permission to hit him so he would know what it was like to make actual contact which he hesitated with.

“Come on, it’s alright.” Lorenzo coaxed. Blaise hit him harder and Lorenzo praised him, making him smile. “See not so bad.” When they were both drenched in sweat and Blaise was to tired to continue they left the ring and cleaned their equipment before putting it up. Lorenzo’s cell vibrated and he pulled out of the locker he always used. “Hold on, it’s work.” He answered. “What’s up Lou?”

“I need you to come in asap. I know it’s the weekend and we’re supposed to be off, but I came in and took some xrays of Cisco since he was acting weird yesterday and I found a tumor in his lung. We need to remove it.”

“Shit, alright just give me half an hour.”

“Sorry man.”

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it.” They hung up and he turned to Blaise. “I have to go into work to help perform surgery. Can I have my kiss?”

“Well we’re both kind of sweaty and uh I’m to embarrassed to do it here where anyone could walk in. So can it wait?”

“I don’t mind, but if you’re to shy how about I come to your place after the surgery and you can give it to me.”

“O…okay I guess. Let me see your phone.” Lorenzo handed it over and Blaise put his address inside. “Just come over whenever.”

They walked out to Lorenzos car and drove back to his apartment complex. Lorenzo didn’t drive off until he saw Blaise close his car door. He sighed, wishing their day hadn’t ended but the Cisco needed him. The first thing Blaise did when he got back to his apartment was shower to get all the sweat off. He was glad Pricilla wasn’t home. She probably would have had a million jokes about him coming back so sweaty after being with Lorenzo. Blaise was overly nervous about Lorenzo coming over for a kiss later. He knew that but he couldn’t calm down as he dried and changed into clean clothes. He walked over to his junk drawer and pulled out some ¬†Spearmint gum to make sure his breath smelled good.

He planned on chewing a new piece throughout the day until Lorenzo came over. He wondered how long an animal surgery would last. His heart rate was going to stay at this painful pace until the kiss happened, their first one. As Lorenzo and ¬†Lou washed their arms and hands for surgery Lou asked “You always care when the animals are in pain or suffering but you sounded disappointed for more than just that on the phone. What did I pull you away from?”

“Wel, if you asked Blaise it was two friends hanging out while I taught him how to defend himself but to me it was a first date with an amazing man”

“amazing? Wow, this one isn’t just sex?”

“No, I want a lot more with him and it scares me. I’ve always chased serious relationships off because I can be really¬†unnerving when I dont mean to be. I make him so nervous”

“You’ll be ok. I hope this works out for you. Having a real relationship is so much better than just sex.”

‘I’m trying, I’ve wanted to kiss him so many times but I’ve managed to keep ymself at bay” Lou chuckled “good, don’t go raping people faces with yours”

Lorenzo laughed as the dried then pulled on their smocks, masks and gloves. Cisco the hyena lay unconcious on the operating table, an IV hooked up to his leg and a mask over his nose that put out anesthesia. They had already shaved where they would be cutting and had all the sterile equipment out so they got to work. “I thought maybe the poor thing was just developing asthma.” Lou said as he worked.

“Good thing you decided to take a second look.”

“So tell me about Blaise.”

Lorenzo smiled. “He’s cute, easily pushed around, extremely shy and works as a stagehand at a theatre. He’s a little guy, but a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for. He doesn’t realize that carrying all that equiptment around at work has made him strong. He also seems like he doesn’t like disappointing people.”

“So he’s pretty much your polar opposite.”

“Yeah, he’s not very confident, but I hope with all the training he gets some.”

“I’m sure he will, suck out some of that blood.”

Blaise sat reading a book or at least tried reading a book. His mind kept going to Lorenzo and them kissing so he didn’t retain anything of what he read. He heard meowing coming from the door and jumped up and pulled it open. His cat Ethel came in and he smiled as he picked her up. “Well hello kitty, I was wondering when you’d be back. You must have found lots of delicious mice.” She purred and rubbed her head against his chin, making him laugh. “Come on, lets get you some water.” He took her into the kitchen and sat her on the counter. Blaise didn’t mind her up there since she never shed or tried to get into anything. He filled her bowl and sat it down and she hopped off the counter. “I have someone for you to meet later. He’s really nice and a vet so I think you’ll like him.”

Blaise decided to text Pricilla to see what she was up to since reading was a waste of time. He would have to start back over from the chapter he was at when he began reading today. She didn’t text back at first but when Pricilla did she said she was at the mall with some friends and he was welcome to come. Blaise rejected the offer since he wanted to be home when Lorenzo came over. ¬†It was about the time Blaise went for his fifth spearmint that he heard a knock on his door. He answered it and saw Lorenzo smiling down at him. It was an expectant, flirty smile which made Blaise’s face flush. Lorenzo had gone home to shower before coming over so had freshly put cologne on and was wearing new clothes.

“Am I going to get my kiss right here or should I come in?” Blaise didn’t want Pricilla to get back and have her giggling at them so he said “In my room so my roommate doesn’t tease me” Lorenzos smile grew wider and Blaise nearly lost his nerve completely for the kiss. Lorenzo came in, shutting the door behing him then followed Blaise to his bedroom. Once that door was shut Blaise looked as if he wanted to run away and it made Lorenzo feel bad. “hey, you don’t have to kiss me. I told you I don’t need payment”

At first Blaise said nothing, just stood there looking at Lorenzos chest instead of his face. “I want to kiss you.” He said just before he closed the gap between them. Lorenzo moved down slightly then Blaise finished bringing their lips together. Lorenzo let out soft moan then wrapped one arm around Blaise’s waste and slid his hadn behind his head to hold him in the kiss. Blaise’s lips on his had truly blown his mind and he was no longer thinking. He was far too lost in how godo this felt.

Blaise gripped Lorenzo’s shirt, his skin growing hot. His heart beat overly fast in his chest and he was completely breathless. “Wait.” He said as he turned his head and swallowed nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Lorenzo asked, his voice husky with desire.

“You said a small kiss.”

Lorenzo smiled and grabbed Blaise’s chin, making him look at him. “I like kissing you, your lips taste really sweet.”

“That’s because I have gum in my mouth.”

“Had you mean.” Lorenzo pulled a piece of gum out of his mouth, making Blaise blush as he tossed it in the small wastebasket next to his bed.

“I forgot to take it out, I’m sorry.” Blaise was completely embarrassed and a little turned on so he just covered his face.

“I just love when you get embarrassed, it’s so damn adorable and it makes me want to see how much more embarrassed I can make you.”

“You’re terrible, sexy and terrible, it’s not fair.”

Lorenzo chuckled, making Blaise’s heart flutter. “I wasn’t aware you thought I was sexy, tell me more and uncover your face.”

Blaise dropped his hands and forced himself to look up at Lorenzo. “Well, you’re funny and nice and you have a really cool job. Oh speaking of, how did the surgery go?”

“It went off without a hitch. Cisco will be just fine.” He sat down on the bed and pulled Blaise onto his lap. “Do you want to hear what I think about you now that you’ve let on how sexy you think I am?”

“You think I’m cute.”

“I think you’re intelligent, adorable, always truthful even when you’re scared or embarassed. You’re easily pushed around so you never put up much of a fight which is fine as long as it’s me you can’t resist and you have very little confidence in yourself which I would like to change.”

Blaise could feel as he sat in Lorenzos lap that he was half hard which made Blaise blush worse. Lorenzo smiled, guessing what was making that adorable face grow redder “You’re a very sexy man with an intense kiss. You know I can’t help it. We can wait for sex if you need a little more time.”

“It is a little soon though I do want it.”

“If you’re conflicted atall we don’t need to have sex yet. I’ll wait. It’s not somthing I’m always good at but I’ll try not to be too handsy” Blaise moved Lorenzos face so they could kiss again. Lorenzo kissed back hugnrily, growing harder the longer their lips moved over eachothers. In a breathy voice Lorenzo pulled back and said “You’re making me need you Blaise.”

“Then lets make love” Blaise felt feverishly hot from how bad his full body blush was “you sure you’re ready for me?” Lorenzo asked though he was having trouble restraining himself. “Don’t keep asking me or I wont be able to. I want you so take me” Lorenzo started pulling at Blaises clothes until they were off of his body and laying on the bedroom floor. Lorenzo may have removed Blaise’s clothes fast but his came off even quicker. Lorenzo went down on Blaise, wanting to feel him in his mouth and taste his seed when he finally teased it out of him. Blaise was much noisier than he wanted to be and he hoped Pricilla wasn’t home. He couldn’t control his moans no matter how hard he concentrated on doing so.

When Blaise released Lorenzo swallowed then asked “do you have any lubricant? I don’t want to risk hurting you our first time”

“Yeah, my nightstand” Blaise coudl barely speak, his answer coming out weakly and making Lorenzo smile. Lorenzo rubbed himself down then lifted Blaise’s legs over his shoulders and thrust into him. They both let out a loud moan, now Blaise desperately hoping Pricilla wasn’t here. Their moans continued to mingle until Lorenzo had spent himself deep within Blaise and Blaise had cum once again all over himself. Lorenzo pulled out then said “I’ll get you a towel. Just wait” Lorenzo ran into Blaise’s bathroom, happy to see a towel in the hamper. He came back and rubbed Blaise off then they both got dressed.

For the first time Lorenzo actualyl seemed nervous when he asked ‘do you cuddle? I like to cuddle afterwards”

“I love cuddling” Lorenzo smiled and they got under Blaise’s covers. Blaise laid his head on lorenzos chest and Lorenzo kissed the top of his head. “You’re really important to me Blaise. It’s been along time since I actually wanted somthing serious”

“It’s crazy but you’re really important to me too Lorenzo. I just hope Pricilla didn’t hear all that” Lorenzo laughed. Blaise loved how joyous it sounded. “We can start doing that at my place then. You’re welcome there as often as you like”

“you’re always welcome here too”

“Can we start meeting every day after work for dinner?”

“That sounds nice”

“We’ll take turns picking up the tab” Lorenzo said as he kissed Blaise’s head again. They laid there happily, getting lost in eachother scent and the euphoria of what they just did together. Blaise was now glad those jerks had been harassing him or he may have never met Lorenzo. Blaise eventually fell asleep from the comforts of Lorenzos gentle hand movements on his arm and back. Lorenzo let out a small breath of laughter when he noticed and kissed Blaise again “I love you” He whispered then shut his own eyes to sleep.

~ The End ~

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