Brandy & Lowell 2

Chapter One

Brandy stared wide eyed at her reflection in the dress store mirror. She looked so beautiful in the long white dress, like a real bride. She suddenly frowned, her thoughts drifting to the night Rex had “married” her in his basement. Even though he was doing much better and the voice of his dark alter ego had been silenced, she was still unable to get past that night and hated it. She was going to be getting married to the most amazing man in the world and she was ruining it by thinking of such dark things.

“Brandy?” The voice brought her back and she turned and smiled at her mother. “You okay sweetie?”

“Yeah, sorry. What do you think?”

“I think you look beautiful, absolutely radiant. Lowell is going to be rendered speechless, just wait and see.” Her mother’s enthusiam helped to brighten her up again and she turned to look at herself once more. She had to stay positive, she had to think only of Lowell and how much he loved her.

Lowell’s thoughts drifted to Brandy as he worked. He was excited about their wedding, about seeing her smiling face as she walked down the isle and vowed to be his. He had made sure the tuxes were ready and that he had the ring. He had helped Brandy pick out flowers and a cake and even her shoes. The only thing he had been absolutely forbidden from seing was her dress. Her mother had made it absolutely clear that if he even took a peek he would lose an eye. He had laughed, but promised to keep his eyes off of it until the day of the wedding.

Now that they had the dress Brandys mother wanted to walk around the mall so they drove over there since Lowell would still be at work a few more hours. ¬†“you ok Brandy? You seem to have a lot on your mind”

“My weddings coming up mom”

“I know, I just need to check”

“I know, I love you”

“Love you too. It’s going to be so sweet to watch you walk down the aisle. I’m going to take a video”

“Thanks, please send us a copy”

“I will, no worries”¬†They chatted and walked around stores until they grew hungry. They found an Auntie Annes and grabbed pretzels since they couldn’t eat a meal just yet. “the best thing about coming to the mall is these pretzels”¬†Brandy said after swallowing. Her mother had a mouthful so just nodded. When she had swallowed she said “lets go on to your house Brandy.”

“ok mom” They ate as they walked to their mothers car, done with their pretzels upon sitting down. Brandys mother kept a grocery bag for trash in her car so they threw what trash they had away in that. “I should keep a bag in my car too” Brandy said and her mom hesitated to agree since she wanted to tell her daughter she should keep her car better picked up.

When they got to Brandy and Lowell’s house her mother took the dress and put it in their closet. She wasn’t really worried about him seeing it since it was in a big bag. “I’ll make us some tea mom.” Brandy said when she came back out.

“Okay sweetie.” Brandy heated up some water then dropped a chai tea bag in each cup with some honey. She stirred it and brought a cup to her mother before taking a seat across from her. “So are you nervous?”

“Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. Lowell has been so sweet and patient, I’m surprised I’m nervous at all.”

“I’m very proud of you sweetie and I’m so happy you have Lowell, he’s such a sweet young man. Have you figured out where you’ll be honeymooning?”

“He’s taking me to Florida. I’m so excited to go.”

They spent the rest of the time talking about the wedding and her mother even started in on having babies. Brandy just smiled happily as she sipped her tea. Half an hour before it was time for Lowell to get home Brandy’s mom told her goodybye and Brandy got to making dinner. She decided on chicken pita wraps with spinach leaves and pulled out a couple of chicken breasts to defrost. When the microwave beeped she quickly chopped up the chicken and put it in a skillet with olive oil and garlic salt, glancing at the clock and smiling.

Brandy already had their places at the dinner table set when Lowell walked through their front door. She walked to greet him and they exchanged hugs. “how was work?”

“Long as always, how was your day with your mother?”

‘Fun, we picked the perfect dress”

“Don’t tease me by talking about it since I don’t get to see”

“come eat then handsome. Dinners ready” They sat down together and talked about their days until their plates were cleared then decided to watch some television. Lowell sat up with his back against the couch while Brandy laid her head in his lap. “just four more days” Lowell said looking as if their wedding brought him complete bliss. Brandy smiled ‘yeah, then I’ll be Brandy Katz.” Brandy went back to watching tv while most of Lowells attention was on her. He could tell she was nervous and he hoped walking down the aisle she wouldn’t remember that night Rex took her and they married in his basement.

He wanted their wedding day to be as happy for her as it was for him. They relaxed on the couch until both of them were at risk of passing out. They went back into their bedroom and changed into pajamas for rest. “you have two weeks off now right?”

“yep, I’m all yours” Lowell said as he rested his head on her chest. “I’m so glad” Brandy responded then stated running her fingers through his hair. He was powerless against sleep with that added to how relaxed he was so ¬†he didn’t stay among the aware that much longer. Brandy soon followed him into rest, glad that he woudl be around for the next two weeks.

The next morning Lowell woke first and propped his head up to look at Brandy. He always thought she was so gorgeous, even in her sleep. She tried to say she looked terrible, but he really loved how disheveled she looked. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, waking her and making her blush. He kissed over to her cheek and and down to her neck so she got goosebumps. “Lowell?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just kissing you.” He kissed back to her lips then pulled back and smiled. “I respect your decision Brandy and I’m willing to wait for as long as you want me to.”

“Only four days.”

“Even after that. I’m happy just being in your company.”

“You’re so sweet.”

He smiled. “It’s my job to be sweet. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Ham and cheese omelets.”

“Omelets it is.” He kissed her one more time before getting out of bed and heading into the kitchen. She sat down at the table and watched him cook, not knowing what she did to deserve such an amazing man. She thought it was a little too quiet so she went and popped one of the many CDs he had made for her into their player. All the music he got for her was always amazing and made her smile, especially the love songs.

Lowell smiled happily as he cooked, loving she enjoyed his CDs so much, his professions of love when he was having trouble telling her. He sang along with a few of the songs which Brandy enjoyed. Loweel had an amazing singing voice and could probably sing professionally if thats what he wanted. Lowell enjoyed the tech world though and wouldn’t give it up for any job.Brandy got up and turned the music lower to hear his voice better. Lowell smiled and kept singing, knowing why she got up and did that.

When the omelets were done Brandy poured orangejuice while Lowell put their meal on plates. “it’s a shame you’re done cooking” Brandy said then Lowell kissed her cheek “I can sing more after we finish eating.” She smiled and enjoyed the meal he prepared her. They washed the breakfast dishes together then Lowell changed the CD and skipped to track seventeen, he had a specific song he wanted to sing to her.

The music started and she couldn’t help but smile. He smiled back and pulled her into his arms, wanting to dance while he sang to her. “If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.” She blushed and he kissed her nose. “Kind woman, I give you my all. Kind woman, nothing more. Little drops of rain, whispers of the pain. Tears of love lost in the days gone by. My love is strong, with you there is no wrong. Together we shall go until we die.” She felt herself tearing up and rested he head on his chest so he wouldn’t see. “Inspiration’s what you are to me. Inspiration, look and see.”

“You’re so sweet.” She said and he tipped her head back.

“Song’s not over yet beautiful.” He replied, making her smile. “And so today my world it smiles. Your hand in mine, we walk the miles. Thanks to you it will be done. For you, to me, are the only one. Happiness, no more be sad. Happiness, I’m glad. If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. Mountains crumble to the sea. There will still be you and me.”

She started crying and he kissed her softly as he wiped away her tears. “I definitely don’t deserve you.” She managed to say.

“You deserve much better. I’m the lucky one Brandy. I didn’t think you’d ever give me a chance, but I’m glad you did. I can’t even think of vows that would do justice to how much you mean to me.”

“If they’re as sweet as that song I don’t think I’ll be able to keep myself from crying.”

“If I manage to put into words how I feel about you it will make you cry. I’ll try to keep in mind they are tears od happiness so I don’t feel bad” Brandy smiled “do you know when Kurtis is supposed to get her? I never talked ot him again”

“Tomorrow night”

“lets have tacos” Lowell kissed Brandy “sounds good, want me to sing another song?”

“Why don’t we play somthing together?”

‘A board game?”

‘A card game, I want to play Skip Bo” Brandy broke from his arms and grabbed the deck. They sat around the coffee table then selected a documentary on Netflix to watch as they played. Brandy beat Lowell the first two times but then he win the next three rounds. Lowell looked at the clock ‘why don’t we go out for Mexican?”

“sounds yummy.” They made themselves presentable for the public to look at them then locked up before loading into Lowells car. Their favorite one was about twenty minuets from their house but they passed the time briskly just talking and holding eachothers hand.

Brandy was humming the song he had sang to her when they got there and he smiled as they got out of the car and went inside. They were shown to their seats and handed their menus which they didn’t need since they always ordered the same thing. The waitress seemed happy that they made her job easy and went off to have their order filled. “So, did you decided on having a bachelor party or not?” Brandy asked.

“Kurtis wants to take me out for drinks, but I told him it’s have to be either tonight or tomorrow night that way he won’t have a hangover.”

Brandy laughed. “It’s nice being engaged to a man who doesn’t overindulge in booze.”

“You know me, one or two is fine, but I’m not big on the idea of having a splitting headache and a sick stomach. What about you?”

“Me? No way, I don’t need a bachelorette party. A couple of my girlfriends wanted to take me shopping though.”

“For what exactly?” Brandy blushed and he chuckled. “Are they taking you lingerie shopping?”

“Yeah and bikini shopping since we’re going to Florida.”

“I’m sure you’ll look cute in whatever they pick out.”

“I don’t think cute was the idea.”

“you’ll look cute and sexy at the same time. It’s amazing how you achieve that” Brandys face turned a darker shade of red and Lowell took her hands in his. We can save the lingere for whenever you’re ready. It doesn’t have to be used on our wedding night.”

“I want to use it on our wedding night. I do want you” Lowell brought her hand up to his lips “and I want you when you’re ready” When their food came it was just as good as it always was. They ate happily then confirmed their plans with their friends so they’d know for sure when their parties were. They were going to go out on both tomorrow night. “good, I can have you to myself until then. We’ve been so busy with all this wedding planning.”

“yeah” They paid for their food then left. Lowell decided it would be a nice day to walk in the park so he drove her there instead of home. They held hands, enjoying the fresh air and eachothers voice. Brandy spotted some childrne playing and thought back on her mothers questions about children. She really wanted them and knew Lowell would be a great dad. She blushed deeply again as she thought of them trying for children.

Lowell pulled her over to the swings and pushed her. Every now and then he would catch the swing and pull her back against him to kiss her, making her smile and blush. He loved how shy she could be and thought she looked beautiful with her rosy cheeks. When she was ready to go home he brought the swing to a gentle stop and took her hand in his, brushing his thumb lovingly over skin as they walked back to the car. She had a blissful smile on her face that let him know that he made her very happy which in turn brought joy to his heart. He always wanted to make her feel as loved as possible.

“What would you like for dinner tonight?” He asked when he pulled into their driveway.


He leaned over and kissed her. “How about I make spaghetti and meatballs.”

“Sounds good.” He got out of the car and ran around to her side as she was unbuckling then tugged her door open. He handed her out then lifted her in his arms. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Practicing carrying you over the threshold.” She laughed softly and wrapped her arms around his neck. He always did the sweetest things and it warmed her heart. She had never met a man as devoted as he was and knew she never would. When they came to the door she fished his keys out of his pocket then unlocked and opened it. “Guess I didn’t think this through.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s incredibly sweet and I love you for doing it.”

“Good because it could have been a lot worse. I could have dropped you.”

She gave him her warmest smile. “I don’t believe for a second you would drop me.”

“Before we cook dinner can we dance in our living room?” Lowell asked then Brandy answered “sounds fun” Lowell went to their Cd played and put in his Thompson Square CD and started the song I Got You. He quickly moved the coffee table out of the way then began dancing as the fun upbeat song carried them away. He twirled and swished her around their living room until she was laughing and smiling non stop. When the song was finished Lowell kissed Brandys cheek “now that I’ve lit up your face let me fill up your stomach”

“I’ll make the garlic toast” Brandy offered and followed Lowell into the kitchen. their was more laughter and smiles as they got their dinner ready. Brandy was feeling foolish about all her worry. Lowell was an amazing man who made her laugh and smile every day of their lives. There was nobody better to spend forever with than him and she wouldn’t let the past taint their special day.

They sat down in the living room to eat, watching Pulp Fiction and laughing at the funny parts. When they were finished with dinner they washed the dishes together then got ready for bed, Lowell changing in the bathroom so Brandy wouldn’t get embarassed or nervous. He smiled at her when he came out, making her heart flutter. He always looked so amazing shirtless and she couldn’t help but stare. His smile got bigger and she blushed. He crossed over to her and traced his fingers ove her cheek before sliding them into her hair and giving her a long, love filled kiss.

“I love when you blush, it’s just that perfect mix of adorable and sexy I was talking about.”

She covered her face and he chuckled as he pulled her hands away. “I wish I wasn’t so shy.” She said as he pulled her onto the bed and covered them.

“I like how shy you are.” He pulled her into his arms and she pillowed her head on his chest. “I also like that you think I’m sexy.”

“You should be outlawed, banned, hidden from view. You make my heart beat so fast I’m surprised it doesn’t explode.”

“Good, all part of my master plan to make you fall madly in love with all of me.” He tipped her head back and kissed her again, unable to help from lingering there until her face was so hot it felt like she had a fever. When he parted their lips they were both breathless and flushed. “I love you Brandy.”

“I love you too Lowell, so much.”

Brandy stayed warm until she had been asleep a little bit. Lowell was excited and having trouble so he just stayed awake holding Brandy until eventually sleep drug him under it’s spell aswell. The next morning they had scrambled eggs and bacon. Brandys friends didn’t even wait until lunch to come and get her for shopping. ¬†“have fun” Lowell said as they drug her out the door. They went to a local, high reviewed lingerie store first and her friends made sure everybody in there knew Brandy was getting married. Brandy blushed at all the attention on her but soon her friends high spirits helped her relax despite the fact she was looking at lingerie to wear for Lowell.

She ended up with four sets and then they went to the mall to look around and buy some Dip N Dots. At this point it was a little past lunch so they decided to eat in the Food Court before grabbing ice cream. It turned out good they were at the mall because none of the girls wanted the same thing to eat aside from Brandy and Mia who wanted subs from Subway. There wasn’t much of a line for Subway so they were the ones charged with finding a table. When they spotted one big enough for all of them they sat down and began to eat.

Brandy got a little upset again remembering being in the food court with Lowell the night he was attacked by Rex. It killed Brandy Lowell was hurt because of her. She felt she should have recognized somehow they Rex was crazy and prevented Lowell from the few scars he now wore. “you okay?” Brandy asked, noticing the bride to be wasn’t happy. “yeah I’m fine”

“Don’t lie Brandy”

“It’s just that stuff with Rex”

“I’m sorry, you were at a mall before hand right?”


“We shouldn’t have come to a mall…I’m sorry”

“No no, I can’t avoid malls the rest of my life. I like the mall and come frequently. The food court and movie theatre in the mall somtimes makes me sad but I can’t quit going to them. I wont let that time in my life ruin the rest of my life. We all made it out alive and it could have been worse so i just concentrate on that.”

“How does Lowell feel about it?”

Brandy smiled. “He just shrugs it off. I think if it wasn’t for the scars he would have already forgotten he was attacked. I wish I could be more like that, just let things go.”

“You’re doing just fine and I’m sure Lowell doesn’t mind comforting you.” Mia winked and Bandy blushed.

“You know we haven’t done that yet.”

Mia laughed as their friends were walking over. “I know sweetie, I was just teasing.” They all ate and talked about the wedding, some of their comments embarrassing Brandy so bad she had to stop eating at times to compose herself.

Lowell decided to clean the house while Brandy was away so she wouldn’t have to worry about it. He swept and mopped the floors, vacuumed, and washed clothes. He knew it wasn;t much since the house usually stayed pretty clean, but he felt like doing something nice for Brandy. After he had one load of clothes in the dryer and another in the washer he went and sat down in front of his computer, wanting to work on his vows. He didn’t know what he would say to her since he couldn’t find any words to do his feelings justice. Even though he told her he loved her all the time, he didn’t think it was enough. He always wished he was more poetic.

He sat there for half an hour and hadn’t added a thing to his vows so he went to his fridge and grabbed a soda, hoping the caffeine might get his mind moving. He drank as he played all the years of memories he had with Brandy. He thought about how she had been there for him through his break up and had even stayed by his side being a good friend when he was bitter and could be an ass because of it. He still felt bad for somtimes taking out his anger on Brandy when it was his ex who had ripped his heart out, not her.

He then thought about all the fun times, the sleepovers, the amusement parks, the trips to the mall and frankies fun park. They had done so much together and every memory made him smile. He felt so lucky to have found his soulmate. It was a rarity for people to find the one and actually win them over. Thinking back on all that stuff got Lowell moving and he was actually able to type up more for his vows. He managed to finish and breathed easier. The day after tomorrow was their wedding so he had finished his vows just in time.

Lowell printed them then set the paper in a box in the top of the closet, knowing Brandy never looked up there. She couldn’t even reach since he could only just reach. It was long after that Brandy texted him “I’m coming home baby and Kurtis should be at the airport soon. You going to pick him up?”

“yeah, love you”

“Love you too”

He threw on a shirt and his shoes then grabbed his keys. locking up as he headed out. He was excited about seeing Kurtis again and he was sure Brandy was doubly excited. He go there just as Kurtis’ plane landed and listened to music while he waited. When he saw Kurtis walk out the front door he rolled the passenger window down and yelled at him then popped the trunk as he made his way over. Once he had his suitcase in the trunk and was in the passenger seat he said, “Hey man, how’s it been?”

“Oh you know same as always, working and making sure Brandy stays happy.”

“I’m sure you have no problem doing that. Every time I talk to her she seems to be laughing and smiling. So, are we still on for drinks?”

“Of course, but we’ll have dinner first. No point in drinking on an empty stomach.”

When Brandy got home she immediately put the bag of lingerie in their closet, not wanting Lowell to see them when he came home. She checked the clock and seeing it was still to early to start dinner grabbed a book. She noticed the house was clean and smiled as she sat down. She loved how Lowell always wanted to help her even when she didn’t ask him too. He would do things like clean the house or wash her car without her even saying anything. It was really sweet and made her want to kiss him. She flipped her book open and started reading, only semi paying attention since she was so excited and nervous about their wedding day. When she heard Lowell’s car pull up she closed her book and slipped it back on the bookcase before running outside to greet Kurtis. She gave him the biggest hug and he laughed as he hugged her back.

Chapter Two

“It’s so good to see you.” She said with a happy smile.

“it’s good to see you too. After living with you so long it’s weird to be without you”

“I know, have a girlfriend yet?” Brandy asked and Kurtis laughed “you no my luck with the girls.”

“I hope it changes someday”

“somday perhaps, for now lets go on up for some dinner”

“we’re having tacos” Brandy said as they walked into the front door. “great, you know how much I love them” Kurtis answered. Kurtis and Lowell sat in chairs just outside the kitchen while Brandy prepared the taco meat. When it was ready and the shells toasted ¬†she pulled out the lettuce, shredded cheese and various other toppings they kept for tacos. As their guest Kurtis made his first though he told them it was ridiculous. When everybody had tacos they sat down at the table and talked about what had been going on in Kurtis’s life lately.

Kurtis even incluided some of his rejection stories which made Brandy sad. Kurtis was such a sweet guy but always struck out. Kurtis wasn’t handsome but he wasn’t ugly either and regardless Brandy didn’t think that should matter. She wished she coudl slap some sense into the women who wouldn’t date him.

When they were finished eating Kurtis tried to help clean up, but Brandy shooed him and Lowell away. “Go on, go do man stuff. I’ll clean up.” She said.

“Are you sure?” Lowell asked.

“Yes, especially since you cleaned the house for me so go on, have fun and stay safe.” Lowell gave her a quick kiss and promised to be home before one so she wouldn’t worry. She just smiled and waved bye to them then finished the dishes. When the dishes were dry and put away she went into their room and grabbed the bag of lingerie. She pulled each set out, trying to decide which pair she should wear under her dress. She blushed at the thought of Lowell seeing her in them, but wanted to look sexy for him. She decided on the pair made of green lace that matched her eyes, took the tags off and stuck them in the bag with her dress. She grabbed their suit case, pulled the tags off the other sets and put them in there.

She decided to go ahead and get packing while Lowell was gone to save them some trouble. She knew she could wait until tomorrow, but she really wanted to keep the other sets of bras and panties a surprise. She made sure she had her iPod which Lowell had filled with music she loved. She didn’t bother with hygiene stuff since they would need them tomorrow and the day of the wedding. She would just throw them in the suitcase the morning of their wedding. She zipped it up and put it next to the bedroom door then went back into the living room where she switched on the TV and watched re-runs of Supernatural.

“Make sure you remember to give me that ring the day after tomorrow.” Kurtis said as they sat at a table a drank. “A best man without the bride’s ring is pretty useless.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget. It’s crazy it’s happening so soon.”

“You nervous?”

Lowell smiled. “No, but you know me. I’m excited, extremely excited.”

“Did you get your vows done?”

Finished them today. You sound worse than my mother.”

Kurtis laughed. “I’m the best man, I’m supposed to nag you until your ears bleed.”

They laughed and talked over drinks until about twelve when they decided to head home. Kurtis wasn’t quite drunk but had only been a few drinks from it while Lowell had quit drinking alcohol after two drinks. Brandy had fallen asleep reading so didn’t see her fiances text. When Lowell and Kurtis walked in the door Lowell smiled at the sleeping Brandy. he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom. Once she was settled under the covers Lowell came out and showed Kurtis his bedroom and told him he was welcome to anything they had to eat or drink. Kurtis thanked him then went into the guest bathroom for a shower to sober himself up a little. Lowell happily got in bed next to Brandy and pulled her into his arms.

The next morning Brandy woke with a jump which woke Lowell “morning beautiful” he said sleepily. “Dammnit, I wanted to wait up for you”

“it’s ok, we took a cab back even though I wasn’t drunk. Want to ride with me to get it? Kurtis is going to be out a long time”

“sure” They got ready for the day then took Brandys car to pick up Lowells. Before they went into seperate cars they decided to stop by Chik Fil A to buy breakfast. Brandy knew what Kurtis liked from there so he didn’t need to be asked. With breakfast in the passenger seat Brandy drove home. They parked and went inside to find Kurtis still sleeping. “how much did he drink?” Brandy asked and Lowell said “He wasn’t drunk but he was close to it”

“Should we wake him?”

“His breakfast will get cold if we don’t. You start eating your food and I’ll get him” Lowell said then went to the room they had given Kurtis. Brandy sat down and opened her orange juice, she was more thirsty than she was hungry. She smiled and mentally shook her head when Kurtis groaned at Lowell.

“Come on, get up and stop complaining. You decided to drink too much.” Lowell said.

“Just let me sleep.”

“No way man we got you breakfast and I’ll even bring you some tylenol.”

“Alright, thank you.” Kurtis dragged himself out of bed, rubbing his neck all the way to the kitchen. He flopped down in one of the chairs and Brandy tried not to laugh as she pushed his breakfast toward him.

“Eat, it’ll make you feel better.” Lowell said as he sat two tylenol on the table.

“I wasn’t even drunk.”

“You weren’t just drinking beer.”

Kurtis popped the tylenol in his mouth and washed it down with juice. “That explains a lot. I’m so glad we did that last night instead of tonight. I don’t understand how people can get up and get married after a night of boozing it up.”

“No one said they were smart Kurtis.” Brandy chimed in.

“That’s true. I think my brain has liquified.”

“if I know you you’ll be over it by lunch”

“Yeah, sorry”

“don’t be. I’m glad you two had fun. Want to play Skip Bo?” Lowell laughed “she can’t get enough of that game lately”

“sure, nice and quite while I recover” they played, watched Tv and just talked the day away until night was upon them. Lowell fetched the ring and gave it to Kurtis so he would have it in the morning when it was needed. Before bed they showered so they could pack their bathroom supplies then settled into bed. “my moms going to be here early”

“I’ll leave with Kurtis early so you can start getting into your dress. You’re going to be so beautiful”

“I hope so”

“I know so” morning came and Lowell drug Kurtis out of bed so they could take their suits over to another one of Lowells friends houses to get ready. Before Lowell and Kurtis were even out the door Brandys mother was there “get you two” she said and they hurried out. Brandys mom hugged her “lets get you into your dress then I’ll do your make up and hair”

“Ok” When Brandy showed her mom the lingerie she blushed and her mom said “Lowells going to love that” She slid it on then ¬†her mother helped Brandy into the dress. Once the dress was perfect Brandy gave her mother her hairbrush and makeup bag. It didn’t take long since her mother knew precisely what she wanted to do. Brandy adored how she looked when she was finished. “oh mom, thanks for the help”

“You’re a gorgeous woman, even more so if you knew how to make it pop in you”

“Lowell likes me without make up”

“Your so beautiful you dont truly need make up like my uggo self” Brandy gave her mother a look “mom”

“It’s true.”

“Is not, you’ve always been very beautiful.” A few minutes later Brandy’s uncle showed up and teared up at the sight of his niece in her dress.

Lowell made sure everything on him looked perfect before moving away from the mirror. He wanted to look good for Brandy and he got Kurtis’ approval before they left. Mia was waiting at the church, looking beautiful in the dress Brandy had picked out for her as her maid of honor. “Well look at these handsome devils.” She said, making them both smile. “Come here Kurtis, let me adjust your tie.” She sat down her bouquet that was a miniature version of Brandy’s and fixed Kurtis’ tie. “There, perfect.”

“Do you have Lowell’s ring?” Kurtis asked.

“Do you have Brandy’s?”

“Well yeah.”

“Then yeah, I do.” She held up her hand so she could see the ring on her thumb. “Best place to hold it.”

Lowell just shook his head and smiled at them. They were so much alike it was funny. Kurtis ushered him to his spot at the end of the isle then he and Mia took their places in the back as they waited for Brandy. When she arrived they both let out a gasp at how beautiful she looked and she blushed. “Do I look okay?” She asked.

“Oh sweetie you look absolutely radiant.” Mia said as she retrieved Brandy’s bouquet and handed it to her.

“You’re going to knock him dead.” Kurtis added.

When it was time for Brandy to walk down the aisle Lowell felt his first bit of anxiousness. He kept saying his vows, not wanting to mess them up. He hadn’t gotten nearly enough time to practice since he had finished them so late. When Brandy walked in their were gasps all around at her radiance. The anxiousness vanished from Lowell and all he wanted was for her to get up there so he could kiss his beautiful bride. ¬†Brandy could hear her mother crying as she stood infront of her husband. She had expected her mother to cry but not quite so hard. The preacher spoke, Brandy not having any thoughts of Rex and the terror she felt that night she “married” him. All she could see was Lowells handsome face, all she thought about was how happy she’d be as his wife.

The preacher prompted Lowell to say his vows so he started “we’ve been best friends for almost seven years now and I was an idiot for not realizing I loved you sooner. I stayed with someone I couldn’t have loved for three years while I had no idea how much I loved you. Then when she cheated on me you stayed by my side, even when I was a jerk you stayed by my side Brandy. You’ve always been my stone in a stormy sea and you’ve never stopped being there for me even when I didn’t deserve you by my side. When i finalyl wasn’t angry i realized how deeply I’d loved you all along. You captured my heart from day one with your sweetness and how much fun you can be. The first day we ever hungout my sides could have burst with how hard I was laughing at your jokes. Everyone says you only fall in love once but I know now that’s a lie. I fall in love with you every time you smile, every time you kiss me and every time a word comes out of that beautiful mouth. I feel deep in my heart we were brought together by somthing higher. I know without a doubt I am meant for you and you for me and I promise to stay by your side as you’ve stayed by mine. I’ll stay when you’re sick, angry, and even if you become just unpleasant to be around which I’m sure is impossible but I would Brandy. My heart will always beat for you and only you until the day it stops beating all together”

Brandy couldn’t fight wrapping her arms around him as she cried with happiness. He held her back with a smile that his words had touched her heart like he intended them too. The whole church looked at them with smiles and misty eyes until Brandy let go then recited her own vows. The preacher pronounced them man and wife then allowed Lowell to get the kiss he had been waiting on.

Brandy cried as people stood, her mother giving her a kiss on the cheek as they made their way down the isle together. The reception was being held at their favorite park and everyone drove there under a cloud of happiness. The tables had already been set up for everyone and the food was being laid out. They sat down to eat, greatly enjoying the food the catering company provided. After they were finished eating they got up and cut the cake, the flashes from cameras letting them know everyone was capturing this special moment. They fed each other a bit of cake which they playfully smashed in each others face, making everyone laugh and take more photos.

Lowell loving fed Brandy some cake once they had taken their seats, making her blush at all the attention this simple act was getting them. He leaned over and kissed her, enjoying the sweet taste on her lips that left him craving more when he pulled back. After cake was the bouquet toss which Mia caught and turned red when everyone told her she was next. They then opened gifts and read cards, the ones from Brandy’s mother and uncle making her cry. They talked and danced until it was time for Brandy and Lowell to get going so they didn’t miss their plane and they hugged and thanked everyone. Kurtis took their spare key since he would be watching their place while they were gone.

On the plane Brandy and Lowell slept with Brandys head on his shoulder and his head on hers. They were roused as they felt the plane descending “well that was a quick flight” Brandy said with a smile. Lowell smiled back then kissed her, wanting more and hoping she was ready to make love to him tonight. They easily found their luggage before hailing a cab and riding over to their hotel. They received congratulations from the staff as they were given keys which made Brandy blush as she thanked them. They went up to their room, Brandy replaying Lowells vows as they went up. When they were alone her blush deepend and he smiled before kissing her cheek “I want you so badly Brandy but if you still aren’t ready I’m fine”

“I want you too”

“Do you really or do you feel you have to because this is our wedding night?”

“I really want to”

“You just seem so uncomfortable gorgeous”

“I’m just nervous. I’ll be nervous about it until we make love so please just make love to me.” Lowell stripped for Brandy, showing he was already half hard which made her blush more. He then began to strip her, becoming fully erect almost instantly at the sight of her lingerie. She looked away, becoming feverish in her blush. Lowell pulled Brandy against him then kissed up her neck before turning her face to look at his lust filled eyes. “you’re so beautiful Brandy. Don’t look away from me.” He lifted Brandy up then laid her on the hotels bed. Lowell admired her form in the lingerie for a short time then removed it. Brandy was so shy about her body she had to refrain from trying to cover herself from Lowells view.

“It’s¬†flummoxing how one woman can be this insainly gorgeous and sexy” Lowell said in a husky voice. He put Brandys hands on him “explore me baby” He said as he rained kisses, sucks and bites over her body. He had her moaning and writhing before he even entered her. Lowell took her virginity quickly then took on a steady pace as their moans mingled. Brandy clung to him, softly crying and loving every second of this. When Lowell spurt he pulled himself out of Brandy so he could lay with her in his arms. ‘did I hurt you too badly?”

“No, I’m just so happy we’re married and that we finally made love. It was amazing Lowell”

“Next time I’ll make sure it’s even more so” They cuddled that night, falling asleep again quickly despite sleeping on the plane. Their honeymoon could only be described as magical and filled with laughter. Brandy was excited for this new chapter in her life and felt lucky to be Mrs Katz ¬†while Lowell felt lucky to have her as his bride and to have experienced making love to someone he truly and deeply loved.

~ The End ~

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