Brandy & Lowell

Chapter One

He was killing again, killing for his love. The man laying dead on his own kitchen floor had come on to her in the bar they were in two weeks ago. He was telling her how beautiful she was, his girl, his only love. Brandy was his and only his. He had been by her side for two years now, two years of death tolls at foolish people who bothered his possession. She thought they were friends, friend indeed he chuckled to himself as he cut up the man she had kissed on the cheek and given her number too.

It was this mans fault, he lured her, tricked her. She was his but all these men got in the way of their love. She would know his love if they didn’t smother her and try to come between them. Once the body was in pieces he stuffed each piece into seperate trash bags. He then dipped his hands into the dead mans blood and wrote a note for Brandy as he always did. He wrote a different note almost every time, rarely leaving the same one at more than one crime scene. “I love you B. ¬†Now maybe you can see”

A perturbed, twisted smile appeared on his face as he had to hold back a laugh. If he laughed too much his neighbors may hear. Rex gleefully began hiding the body parts around the dead mans house so he could play scavenger hunt with the police officers tomorrow. He could always imagine them, searching every inch for his garbage. Now all there was to do was to go home. He quickly went to his car and drove back to his house.

When he arrived he started removing his gloves, saran wrap, socks, jackets, pants and the plethora of other things he used to make sure not a shred of evidence was ever there. He felt such victory when he watched the news and always saw that they couldn’t find a thing. He also always hoped Brandy would be watching and see how much he loved her. If she didn’t figure out soon he would just have to tell her, maybe show her his work, his tokens of love and admiration.

When everything was clean and stored in his basement he recovered the entrance with his rug and went into his bathroom. He started and adjusted the water before stepping in. All could think about was how excited he was to see Brandy at work tomorrow. He was a veterinarian and she took care of everything at the front desk. From time to time he would have her help with the animals since she loved them so much. It was what made her apply there. After work they had plans for her to come over and play cards. Another evening with his Brandy, another evening for her to realize she was his.

Brandy tossed and turned, getting that sick feeling in the pit of her stomach again. She opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling, wondering why she was having another one of these nights. Her mother called it woman’s intuition, it never failed to let you know when something was wrong. She sighed and got out of bed, going into the kitchen and getting herself a glass of cold water. She took a sip as she headed into the living room and switched on the TV. She curled up on the couch and stared at the moving images, not really seeing what she was watching. She just liked the noise on nights like this. Her eyelids grew heavy and she slowly drifted back into sleep.

The next morning she woke to the sound of her alarm going off in her bedroom. She yawned and hurried into her room and shut it off before it woke Kurtis. She stretched, her neck sore after sleeping in one position all night. She showered and dressed then grabbed her phone and keys before hurrying out her front door. She stopped for coffee and a bagel on the way, eating as she drove and listened to her favorite CD. It was one her friend Lowell had given her, a mix of many different songs he found interesting. He had promised to bring her lunch on his way to Video and More to return some movies she had suggested.

She pulled into the parking lot of the veterinary clinic, grabbing her coffee and her CD as she got out. She hurried to the front door, unlocking it and going inside. She put the CD in the small stereo and turned it on before booting up her computer and making a pot of coffee for Rex. She turned around and nearly screamed when she saw him standing there. “Jesus, don’t do that. You almost gave me a heart attack.” She said, placing a hand on her chest as if she was trying to keep her thundering heart from beating out of her chest.

“I’m sorry, I came in early today. I didn’t sleep much last night and I figured I should come in. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just about to give Nala her final shots. Her owner will be able to take her home today. She should be coming by in a few hours” Brandy smiled and her heart slowed. “I just don’t know how you are always so quiet. I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep. I had trouble last night too. I slept in my living room so I could lul myself to sleep with the TV. My neck really hurts” Rex moved closer “why don’t you let me rub your neck and then we’ll go help Nala.”

“we?” she said with a little excitement and he grinned “there’s nobody here yet so I’d love to let you help.” Brandy felt a thrill shoot through her and she couldn’t resist her urge to hug him. She then turned off her music since he was there and sat down. Rex got behind her and began to gently work her shoulders and neck. “you don’t have to do my shoulders too”

“I may aswell, I can’t have my lovely friend and receptionist hurting in any way. You could call me some nights you know, if you can’t sleep.”

“I’m a big girl but thank you” Brandy sighed making Rex feel warm. He was so tempted to lean down and kiss her neck. He finished then said “come on so we can give Nala her shots’ Brandy got up and followed him into the back. He pulled medicine into needles then went to the cage where she was being kept. The puppy got up excitedly, her pink tounge flopping out of her mouth as she held it open. Rex handed Brandy the needles then picked up the dog. They walked over to the table and he said “put the other two down and give her the first shot”

“I’m not holding the dog?” Brandy asked nervously. He gave her a reasuring smile “You’ve seen me do this many times. You are always so happy when you help me. I can only imagine how happy you’ll feel actually doing it instead of comforting the puppy” She put the two down and held what she thought was the first one “this one?” He nodded and she came over and injected the puppy then with more confidence did the other two shots. Nala didn’t act bothered atall which made Brandy happy. Some animals didn’t take well to shots. When Rex had the dog back in it’s cage Brandy hugged him again “thank you so much!”

“You know how to thank me Brandy” She laughed and let him go as he leaned down a little. Brandy gave him a quick kiss on the cheek “Better get back in front. You seriously need a girlfriend though.” he chuckled “why?”

“I guess it would feel less weird to kiss you on the cheek if you were taken. I don’t know, we’re friends but I work for you so when you do somthing like that and ask me to kiss your cheek I just, I don’t know” He tilted his head and gave a charming smile “nobody thinks anything weird Brandy. You are an affectionate women and I am a close friend of yours, why would it be weird to kiss my cheek when you kiss your roomates too?”

“Yeah, I guess. Like I said, I should be infront incase someone comes”

“I’ll come too for my coffee”

They chatted and drank coffee as the other veterinarians and techs showed up. She smiled warmly at them and offered to make them coffee. They all said yes and she poured them each a cup, making it how they liked it then handing them out. The first appointment showed up with a beautiful collie. Brandy checked them in and asked them to go to the first room while she found their file and handed it to one of the techs. Two other people showed up and she directed them to rooms befor handing their files off to the other two techs. She hummed one of the songs from her CD, I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding.

Rex glanced at her face as he passed through the room to exam room one. She had a happy smile on her face as she hummed softly to herself. Her eyes had this dreamy look in them and for a moment he wondered of she had a boyfriend. He shook his head, quickly dispelling such thoughts. She would have told him and he would have made sure the man never came between them. It was hard for him to focus on the collie, but he managed. The old dog had arthritis in it left hip and its owner said he seemed to be in more pain. He prescribed some pain medication and told her to try and keep him from jumping off of things. He smiled as the woman thanked him then hurried out of the room to spend more time with Brandy. He refilled his coffee cup and pulled a chair up next to her.

“What time will you be over tonight?” He asked and took a sip of his coffee.

“People are going to think we’re dating if I keep going to your house alone.” She answered with a sweet smile. “I was planning on heading over right after I locked up.”

“I’ll have to shower as soon as I get home so I don’t smell the whole time. This job is all blood, sweat, and animal fluids.”

“If I thought you were stinky I would say so silly. I don’t mind the animal smell. I do have to remind Kurtis not to wait up for me though, he worries when I get home late.”

Chapter Two

“alright, you need to quit worrying what others think. I am the head around here. Everyone works for me and they can leave if they have a problem with our friendship. Besides, we’ve been friends for two years and you’ve been coming to my home for a year and a half. If anybody had somthing to say they would have said it.”

“I guess, so we’re just playing cards?”

“would you like to do anything else?”

“there’s this movie that I rented but Kurtis is always hogging our tv. I’m tempted to buy one for my room.”

“You don’t normally have that problem with him.”

“He got this new video game and he is addicted. I don’t have the heart to ask him to stop and by the time he does I need to go to sleep. You don’t have to watch it with me”

“whatever it is I’d love to watch it. We’ll play a round of spit and then we’ll watch the movie.”

“Then I’ll definitely have to text Kurtis so he knows I’ll be late. If I stay for a movie after we play cards who knows when I’ll get home. I’ll probably leave my car here and take a cab home from your house so I don’t drive tired.”

“why do that when you can just ride with me home and then I’ll drive you back to your apartment myself. I have no problems driving when I’m tired. I’ve done it many times”

“If you dont mind thats good. Kurtis hates when I take cabs. He is such an older brother” Rex laughed “well I’m glad you have somone that is so mindful of you. I like to know he’s making sure you’re alright when I’m not around. You are the closest friend I have”

“somtimes i think the only friend. How come I’ve never met your other friends”

“you are so sweet, they are too rowdy for you.”

“Please, most my friends are boys”

“Maybe you can meet some soon then. Walter has been dyeing to meet you. He was just telling me last night. Speaking of last night, how was bowling?”

“fun as always, i wish you could have joined us. I” Brandy was interupted by a woman coming in with a very sick looking kitten. They both stood and the woman spoke “I was taking a walk and as I passed this duct tapped cardboard box I heard the weak meows of a kitten. I used my keys to open it and this poor half starved thing was inside. Can you help it?’ Rex took it “yes, just sit out here.” Brandy hugged the crying woman. “he’ll help her, if anybody can get that kitten in good shape it’s him. He’s so caring and good with the animals. ”

“I hope so, the poor baby”

Rex told the woman the kitten was underfed, dehydrated, and had a cold. He told her he would be keeping the kitten for a few days to make sure it would eat and to hook it up to an IV. “How much is that going to cost?” The woman asked, looking guilty for even posing such a question.

“I tell you what, I’ll treat the little girl for free and afterwards you can take her home or find a good place for her.” He answered, wanting to impress Brandy.

“Really?” Rex nodded. “Thank you so much.”

“I’ll get the papers for you to fill out so we have your contact information.” Brandy said and mouthed a thank you to Rex as she grabbed a pen, paper, and a clipboard. She brought them back and sat with the woman while she filled everything out. The woman thanked her then left. A couple more people came in for check ups and vaccinations. Nala’s owner showed up and Brandy asked one of the techs to bring her out. The woman paid then left just as Lowell pulled to a stop in the parking lot. He smiled at Nala’s owner as he ran up the steps and inside.

“Lowell, you made it just in time.” She got up and went around to hug him.

“I’m actually a few minutes late, I had to run an errand for my mom. She needed milk.” He squeezed her and smiled. “I brought Chinese from the buffet in the mall. I got your favorite teriyaki chicken with fried rice.” He held up the plastic bag then sat it down. “You go ahead and get started, I have to get out drinks out of the car.”

She grabbed her container of food and popped it open, using one of the plastic forks and taking a bite of chicken. Rex watched jealously from the adjoining room, not liking Lowell and the way he touched Brandy. He watched as Lowell came back and handed Brandy her drink. “You got me cola again.” She said after taking a sip.

“Sorry, that’s actually mine. Here’s yours.” He switched cups and she giggled. It was like a stab in Rex’s heart and he felt that all to familiar rage building inside him. “So are you, me, and Kurtis still on for the movies tomorrow night?”

“Still my pick right?”

“Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way beautiful.”

That sent him further off the deep end. Brandy was his, his perfect angel. Only he should be calling her beautiful. He normally picked people off before they got close and put up with people near her as much as he could. Killing someone close was more risky when the cops started asking questions. He didn’t want them questioning Brandy or thinking she might have anything to do with the murders. He had gotten away clear when he killed her cousin so he was confident he could kill Lowell without casting suspicion on his love. Even if they were suspicious it wouldn’t matter, he always made sure Brandy had plans all night the nights he would commit the murders. So she would always have an alibi and there would never be a shred of evidence at the scene. Rex watched them all through lunch, keeping control and not going out and killing him right this second for how he talked to her, how he touched her. He was trying to confuse and manipulate his pure little Brandy. He was just like those other men.

They could all tell she was a virgin and came running. She had been saving herself just for him. Brandy wanted to wait until their wedding night to have sex which Rex was more than happy to wait for. It was endearing and he wished he would have known she was coming or he would have saved himself for her too. He couldn’t undo the nights his mother had forced him to have sex with her when he was a child but afterward he wished he would have waited for his Brandy. To tame himself before speaking to Brandy he just thought of the beautiful wedding dress and ring he bought her that he kept in the basement. He brought it up yesterday and put it in his closet, intending to get Brandy to wear it so he could see it on her. Rex planned to tell her he picked up the dress for his cousin Lisa and that they were the same size. Lisa was impatient to see it and wouldn’t be able to get there for a few days so she would be thrilling the bride to be if she would put it on and he would take a picture to send to his quote on quote cousin. Brandy loved nothing more than making people happy so he knew she would do it.

Rex decided to leave Brandy to her work the rest of the day and go over everything he knew about Lowell. Lowell had been in Brandys life for five years so Brandy spoke of him often. Just that had always bothered him but he put up with it for the sake of not killing anybody too close. He also started thinking of a way to get invited to that movie. Maybe he could fein a family death and need her support that night. Either way that would get him invited or she might even come over again. He smiled his manic smile and decided somthing even better. He could fake getting the call tonight. How could he drive her home in that state. He always kept his tear inducing eyes drops and was good at making the tears worse. He wouldn’t be able to drive her anywhere and she wouldn’t have her car. The possibility of her sleeping in his bed and filling it with her sweet scent and purity was actually very probable this way. He knew Brandy was too innocent to let him share the bed with her but atleast she could spend a night making it better.

The rest of the day glided by and he made sure to grab more tranquilizer. He was running low at home and tonight he would need some if she stayed. Once she was sleeping he could inject her and maybe spend a few hours holding her and get a few pictures of them together for him to add to his collection. He made sure they were deep in his messanger bag so just incase she saw inside for whatever reason she wouldnt see he was taking those home. It was doubtful since she was so respectful of personal space but he couldn’t be too careful. He only wanted her to know of the murders if it was the only way for her to see how much he loved her and how they were meant for eachother. To show her thats why she really saved herself, she was waiting for him. He got in his car and set his bag behind the seat. Now all he had to do was wait for Brandy to lock up. Thrill rushed through him as he saw her locking the doors and coming to his car. She got in the passanger side and smiled at him “sorry, I forgot to text Kurtis and didn’t until just now. It’s why it took me a little bit longer to lock up and come out”

“It’s no problem. My only plans are with you.”

“Is it okay if I play my CD?” She asked as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“Sure, anything you want.”

She smiled and put it in his CD player, changing it to number three which was Remember Me by The Birthday Massacre. The song was beautiful and kind of sad and eerie. She really enjoyed it and had even asked Lowell to make her a CD of just this band. Rex had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. He would hate for them to get into an accident over his staring so he would only glance at her every now and then. She smiled at him and his heart slammed against his chest. He would give anything to kiss those lips. They looked so soft and he was sure they tasted amazing.

He listened to her singing the songs and realized that a lot of them were love songs or damn near close. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and wondered if someone had given her the CD. “This music is amazing.” He said as they turned down his street.

“Yeah, I really love it.”

“Where did you get it?”

“It was a birthday present from Lowell. He’s always finding new music and burning me CDs so I never run out of things to listen to.”

He pulled into his driveway, trying not to lose his temper. Lowell was coming between them again. He still knew nothing about him other than he and Brandy were close and had been for awhile. He also knew Lowell had had a nasty break up and that Brandy had been the one to comfort him. He got out of his car and walked around to Brandy’s side and opened the door. She smiled up at him as she unbuckled and got out.

“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.”

Chapter Three

Lowell was at home making the new CD he promised Brandy. He planned on giving it to her when they met for the movies tomorrow. Lowell enjoyed getting to eat lunch with Brandy today but somthing about where she worked gave him the chills. He always felt stared at and not by Brandy. Like sombodies eyes were burning into him with fury but he could never see anybody else around that would be looking at him that way. He just concentrated on that beautiful laugh and how pretty those soft green eyes were. He often wondered how he could have felt so much for her for so long and didn’t know. He was disappointed in himself for letting his hatred and anger for his ex make him so blind. He felt embarrassed for himself, especially for his hateful comments a few times to Brandy.

Brandy wasn’t a gossip and hated when people talked bad about others, even when it was true. Brandy was always there anyway and comforted him. It was during those nights together and long phone calls for comfort that he realized just how in love he had been with Brandy all along. Even when he was dating he loved her and he just hadn’t realized it. So many of his feelings, actions and thoughts made sense once he realized he was in love with her. He planned on telling her soon. Brandy always had weekends off so on Saturday him and Kurtis had planned out this whole romantic gesture he could do for Brandy and then ask her to be his girlfriend. Lowell was extremely nervous but he knew he had to man up and ask her before another man swept her up.

Kurtis laid on the couch, unable to play his game. Brandy was going to be hanging out at that mans house again. Kurtis didn’t understand why but somthing in the pit of his stomach told him somthing was off about Rex. It was somthing in the way he talked, his eyes or maybe even the way he seemed to push out this aura that Brandy was his property. Even though Kurtis couldn’t pinpoint why Rex gave him such a bad feeling he hated Brandy going to his house. If he was in the position top forbid her to go he would but she was a grown woman who would take advice but not commands. He also was afraid to say anything about Rex because he had attempted to voice his concerns a few months ago but Brandy got defensive and mad. She went on about all the good work he does as a vet and how kind he is in general. He also had to hear about his abusive childhood and that the last thing he needed was judgement. She had made him feel like dirt beneath someones shoes for saying anything bad about Rex.

Brandy smiled and laughed as she and Rex played cards and ate the pizza he had ordered. He allowed himself to become wrapped up in her, losing himself in her warmth and beauty. He lost the round, but didn’t care. He was just so happy to be alone with her again. “Brandy can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course.”

“My cousin Lisa is going to be getting married and I picked up her dress last week. You two are the same size so I was wondering if maybe you would model it for me so I can send her a few pictures. I just want to make sure it is to her specifications.”

“That sounds like fun, sure bring it out.”

He smiled, feeling a jolt of excitement run through him. He went into his room and grabbed the dress, carrying it out. He smiled when she gasped and said it looked beautiful. He took her to the bathroom and grabbed his camera. Brandy pulled the dress on, loving how snugly it fit and how soft the material was. She couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that she looked like a real bride. She couldn’t wait to get married. She started thinking about Lowell as she stared at herself in the mirror and blushed. She wondered what he would say if he saw her. He would probably look at her in that adoring way that he didn’t think she noticed and call her beautiful like he always did. It always made her happy when he would say such things.

“Brandy are you okay?” Rex asked from outside the door.

“Sorry, yes, just a second.”

She stopped admiring herself and came out. Rexs pupils dilated and he lost his breath for a few moments “I know, isn’t it stunning. She is going to be so pleased. I only hope my wedding dress will be this beautiful and perfect. It fits me so nice and I love the material. I was being a little vain and admiring myself in it. Sorry I took so long” He composed himself quickly and swallowed before speaking “it is, if you love it I know the woman its intended for will love it. I will email her these pictures tomorrow. Go into the living room where theres better light” Brandy smiled and walked into the living room. He took as many pictures as he could of her without it seeming weird or like he was keeping them for himself. “thank nyou, Lisa will appreciate this”

“Not a problem” Brandy went back to the bathroom and Rex waited in the living room. He was just trying to breath from seeing Brandy in her dress and hearing her rave reviews of it. He had such a hard time picking it out for her. He went to many shops trying to find the perfect dress and it turns out he did. He wanted so badly to run get her ring but he knew his Brandy wasn’t ready, not with Lowell around deceiving her, taking advantage of how trusting and kind she was. It sickened him to know yet another man was trying to defile his angel.

When Brandy came back he asked “do you have your movie?”

“Yeah, i was pretty sure you’d say yes so I brought it in my purse” Brandy blushed and he smiled “That’s nothing to be embaressed over when you know I’m always happy to do whatever you want Brandy.”

“It’s The Perfect Host, last chance to back out” Rex stood and took the movie from her “sit down, what woudl you like to drink as we watch the movie?”

“More Cherry Pepsi please” He put the movie in then went to get them each a drink. When he came back in he pressed play then sat on the couch. He wanted to be closer to Brandy but knew an innocent woman like herself wouldn’t want to be hung on by a man until she was married to him. It was another thing he looked forward to after their wedding day.

Brandy stared at the movie, her eyes wide with shock as her heart slammed against her chest. “No way.” She said softly as she watched John Taylor waking up from the dead. Rex watched her out of the corner of his eye. By the end of the movie she was watching the credits in disbelief. “That was amazing. Did you like it?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it a lot actually.”

“That guy was psycho for sure. Now I have to make Kurtis and Lowell watch it.”

He smiled even though her mentioning Lowell stung. She said his name so innocently and with more warmth than he liked. “I’m sure they’ll love it.”

“Thank you for inviting me over and watching it with me. I guess you can take me home now.”

“Of course just give me a moment to get my keys and phone.” Brandy pulled her shoes on as he disappeared down the hall to his room. Rex grabbed his home phone and eye drops then called his cell. He made sure Brandy heard his phone ringing then answered it. He pretended like he was talking on the phone then hung up and put a couple of drops in each eye. It burned a little and made his eyes start running. He went back out, clutching his cell and looking absolutely heartbroken.

“Rex, what’s wrong?” She asked softly as he flopped down on the couch and buried his face in his hands. She sat down next him as he sobbed. “Tell me what happened?”

“My aunt Margot, she…she’s dead.” He cried harder and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“What happened?”

“She had a heart attack, they couldn’t save her.” He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair as he wept uncontrollably. She shushed him and rubbed his back, talking sweetly in his ear. “Can you please stay with me? I don’t want to be alone.”

“Of course I can, just let me call Kurtis and let him know.”

“Thank you” He said as he managed a lip quiver for show. Rex was so lost to reality he didn’t even realize he was all the things he hated in the men that approached her. He manipulated her all the time to get what he wanted and yet he was disgusted by what he¬†perceived¬†as other men trying to manipulate her. This was the first time he had tricked her into sleeping over and he knew it may be the only time until they were married since Brandy didn’t have sleep overs with men and he knew it wouldnt be believeable for more of his family to just start dieing. Brandy called Kurtis and he answered quickly “whats wrong?” He said in a near panic voice “Why do you always assume somthing wrong when I call you from Rex’s? This time there is, his Aunt died and he’s so heartbroken. I’m staying over tonight because he doesn’t want to be alone right now. He just got the call about it and he’s really torn up.”

“where are you sleep?”

“On his couch I guess, maybe his bed if he sleeps out here”

“You dont have to sleep over. You can stay as late as you can stay awake and I’ll come get you”

“Stop being worried, I’m with Rex. He’s nothing but a cuddly kitten who needs me for support right now. I will not leave him tonight. Just enjoy the apartment to yourself and I’ll text you when i get to work tomorrow.”

“we still have our plans tomorrow night though right?”

“If he can part with me. I’m his only real friend. His others are never here. I’m all he’s got for support so if he needs me I might not be able to go” Kurtis knew if he pushed much further he would make Brandy angry so he just said “Ok, don’t be afriad to call if you change your mind. I will sleep with my phone”

“Thanks, try not to worry too much big brother” Kurtis laughed “be safe little sis” Brandy hung up then hugged Rex again “where should I sleep tonight?”

“Take my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch. I really appreciate you staying since I know you don’t sleep over at mens houses”

“a friend in need is always an exception to that rule”

“Could I please hold you? I just feel so broken and I think it would help if I could just hold you”

“sure, you can hold me as long as you need to Rex” Rex positioned himself against the arm of the couch and Brandy laid back into him. Rex locked his arms around her and kept pushing out the tears, worried that if the tears stopped she would get up. He was still planning on sedating her later but he wanted to hold her while she was awake as long as possible since to be safe he was only going to give her enough to keep her out for a definitine three hours. He wanted longer but didn’t want to risk hurting her. Brandy still offered kind words, trying to make him feel better. Eventually she began yawning “you can go to sleep, we should sleep for work in the morning. Thank you for staying out here so long”

“It’s not a problem. I want to keep comforting you but I will fall asleep if we sit here too long” Brandy pushed out of his arms and asked “Do you have a friend who would come here tomorrow night so you’re not alone? I’m supposed to go to the movies with Lowell and Kurtis”

“Can’t I come too? I’d love to get to know your roomate and other friend better. Nobody cares about me like you do Brandy, I’d really like to keep your company if I’m welcome to go”

“of course you are. I’ll tell Lowell and Kurtis in the morning you are coming too. I’m sorry, I should have thought of inviting you”

“don’t be sorry, come with me to my room” Brandy followed Rex into his bedroom “there’s a bathroom in here as you cna see if you need it and you should know my kitchen if you get hungry or thirsty in the night. I’m a light sleeper so get me if you have any needs you cant manage by yourself”

“alright, goodnight” Rex hugged Brandy “thank you so much. You truly are a blessing in my life” Brandy smiled “I’m just doing what friends are supposed to do”

Chapter Four

Kurtis was so worried that he called Lowell who answered immediately. “Hey man what’s up?”

“Brandy is with Rex again and I’m worried.”

“It’s not like he’s done anything wrong. He’s just a friend.”

Kurtis sighed. “I know, but something about him chills me to the bone and you know I’m never wrong.”

“Have you talked to her about your concerns?”

“Yeah and she made me feel like the lowest of the low. She’s so damn innocent and trusting. I hate how she a;ways wants to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Sorry for calling so late, but I needed someone to rant to since I can’t do it to Brandy, she’d tear me to pieces for talking bad about someone.”

“It’s no problem man, you’ve always been protective of her.” Lowell yawned without meaning to.

“I’ll let you get back to sleep man, see you tomorrow.”

Rex waited until he was sure Brandy was asleep before getting the sedatives and syringe out of his bag. He drew out enough to keep her unconcious for awhile and snuck quietly into his room. She looked like an angel sleeping there. He injected her at her hairline so the puncture mark wouldn’t be overly noticable. She mumbled in her sleep and he sat down on the edge of the bed as he waited for the sedative take effect.

When he was sure she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon he got under his covers and pulled Brandy into his arms. He slowly moved his face around in her hair before taking in how good it smelled. He decided he needed more pictures. He got up quickly, knowing he didnt have to be careful and grabbed his camera. He got back in bed with her, placing his head by Brandys and snapping a photo. He knelt on the bed and took a couple more before realizing he could kiss her and she wouldn’t even know. He set his camera down and then slowly moved his lips into hers. They were just as sweet as he imagined. He stopped when he felt himself get hungry for more of her. Brandy had saved herself all the time for him, the least he could do was wait until their wedding night like she wanted.

Rex moved Brandy a little then sat against his headboard. He pulled Brandy in his arms and grabbed his camera to take pictures of her laying against him. He event ook a few with him kissing her. He put his camera down again and just held her. His mind thinking of their future when she saw the light. Another thing crossed his mind, this may be his only chance until marriage and he really wanted to see her naked. He wasn’t sure if he could trust himself if he took her pants off but he could admire her torso without worrying about making love to her before she was ready. Rex took off Brandys shirt then laid her out on the bed. He thought he was breathless before but now he wondered if he was going to pass out from lack of air.

Rex let his hands move up her and gave her one last kiss “you are so perfect” He whispered then took another picture before putting her shirt back on. He hadn’t been paying attention to time so decided to leave before his angel woke and got angry with him. He made sure to put her back they way he found her and that her bra and shirt were just how they were before going into his basement and retreaving his flashdrive. He brought it up to his computer room and put the pictures of Brandy in it. He had stalked Brandy numerous times and gotten pictures of her but these were the best and his new favorites. He now really knew what she looked like without a shirt on.

He admired the pictures for awhile then took out his flashdrive and cleared the pictures from his memory card. The hardest picture to look away from was honestly Brandy in her wedding dress. She looked so beautiful and happy in it. He was excited for the day he coudl tell her it was hers. He imagined the pleasant ways she would react. Rex took his flashdrive back into the basement, locked it then covered it with his rug before checking his bedroom to make sure he had grabbed his syringe. It turned out good he went back because there it was, by his bed. He picked it up and and unlocked the basement again to store it along with the other sedatives before locking it up and covering it again.

Brandy woke the next morning feeling groggy and her neck was sore. She felt a little sick to her stomach and rested her hand over it and willed herself not to puke. A chill moved through her, it was that same bad feeling but amplified. She sat up and pushed her hair out of her face before getting to her feet. She needed some water. She went into the kitchen and filled a glass, gulping down the whole thing before filling it again.

“You okay?” Rex’s voice startled her and she almost dropped her glass. She smiled up at him, but still felt sick.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thirsty. Did you sleep okay last night?”

“I tossed and turned honestly, I’m thinking of staying home today.”

“You’re the boss so do what you like, but you need to take me home so I can get ready for work.”

He didn’t want her to leave, he wanted her to stay with him all day. “Of course.” She pulled her shoes on and waited patiently for him to come back. She smiled when he finally re-entered the living room. He drove her home, feeling depressed the whole time, but managing to smile.

“Just wait here, it won’t take me long.” She said as she got out and headed inside. Kurtis was passed out on the couch and she shook him awake.

“Brandy? I’m so glad you’re home.”

“Of course I am silly. I need to get ready for work and so do you.”

“I’m off today, are we still on for the movie? Lowell is really looking forward to it as am I.”

Brandy blushed. “Yes, but I told Rex he could go too. Is that okay?”

Kurtis wanted to tell her no, but he felt like if he did that he would be punishing Lowell. “Yeah sure. Lowell’s coming to pick us up so tell Rex where to meet us.”

“Thank you so much Kurtis.” She kissed his cheek and headed into her room. She pulled her clothes off and took a quick shower. She flinched when she touched her neck. It felt bruised. She got out and dried then dressed. She looked at her neck in the mirror, but didn’t see anything. She thought she must have slept really funny for it to hurt so bad.

Brandy quickly threw on clothes for work and went back down to Rex who was crying again. He had brought the eye drops in his pocket. “Oh Rex” Brandy said then hugged him “I’m sorry, I’ve been trying so hard to keep it together this morning”

“You don’t have to try and be strong. Don’t you remember me when my cousin Arthur died a last year? It took me a long time to go a day without crying. We had always been so close”

“yeah, I’m sorry that happened”

“now isn’t the time to talk about that. Do you need a moment before you take me to work?”

“No but could you text with me today so I dont get too depressed?”

“of course, text me as much as you want and I’ll respond as quickly as possible”

“Thank you” Rex pulled out and started driving to the clinic. Brandy spoke again “we’re going to the theatre in the mall. The movie is at 8:15. Just meet us in front of the theatre”

“ok” Rex dropped her off, wishing his tears would have done what he wanted and made her stay at his house today. Brandy waved goodbye with a smile but for whatever reason felt a little relieved to be away from him. She actually didn’t feel so nauseous now that he wasnt near her. The back of her neck was still sore but she felt better. She chalked it up to maybe the car just making her feel worse and now that she wasn’t in it she felt better. Kurtis called Lowell but he was working and didn’t answer. Kurtis groaned and left a voicemail “he invited himself. Just thought I should warn you that Rex is coming too now. He guilted Brandy into letting him come” Kurtis hungup angrily. He was determined to figure out what was off about Rex and get Brandy away from him. Two years of this was enough.

When Lowell got a chance to listen to the voicemail he was disappointed. Rex always nudged him out of conversations as best he could. He was going to make tonight much less fun. he had honestly wanted to go to this movie alone with Brandy but hadn’t had the balls to tell her he wanted to have a date. That’s why he and Kurtis planned a romantic gesture this weekend. Kurtis told him if he didn’t ask her out he would kick his ass. Kurtis said it so seriously that Lowell feared he just might. It was just the boost he needed to man up and confess his feelings.

At home between texting Brandy, Rex was looking up everything he could find on Lowell. There wasn’t much to find on him aside from his work accomplishments. Rex learned that Lowell was a computer engineer for Apple. Apple was too big of a company to try to abduct him from. They probably had cameras in their parking lot. He wasn’t as computer smart as he would like but he kept searching and trying to figure out as much as he could. He would ask Lowell questions while they were out tonight to see what sort of places he liked to frequent.

Brandy was excited about the movie tonight. She loved spending time with Lowell and Kurtis most of all. She kind of felt bad letting Rex come, but she didn’t have the heart to leave him alone tonight. She started to feel uneasy at the thought of her boss being near her. She didn’t understand what was going on. He had always seemed so friendly and open, but now she got the chills just thinking about him. It saddened her that she was having such depressing thoughts and she tried as hard as she could to push them away.

When it was time to close up, she made sure everything was locked, double checking since they had drugs inside that junkies or dealers would want. She walked to her car and got in, driving quickly home. Kurtis was already ready so she quickly changed into a cute grey blue dress and black flats. She thought she looked cute and hoped Lowell thought so too. She blushed at her thoughts. The sound of knocking pulled her back into the present and she hurried into the living room.

“Wow, look how beautiful you are.” Lowell said and she smiled, her cheeks still red.

“Do you really think so?” She asked.

“Don’t I always tell you how beautiful you are? I’ll keep saying it if you don’t believe me. You’re beautiful, gorgeous, breath taking even. Now, lets get going so everyone can see how beautiful you are.” He held out his hand and she took it, the sick feeling still lingering in her stomach vanishing.

Chapter Five

Brandy got in the front with Lowell while Kurtis jumped in the back. Brandy wanted Lowels hand again, the thought tinting her cheeks and making Lowell smile. He wondered why she was blushing and while he took in how cute it was. They came right after work so they could eat in the foodcourt before the movie. “Rex isn’t coming now is he?” Kurtis asked and Brandy answered “No, I wanted to eat alone with you guys. He’ll be here right before the movie starts. I’m sorry I had to invite him”

“whats going on with him that he needed to be invited?” Lowell asked, trying not to let out his disappointment Rex was coming. Even when they were dating he would try not to be one of those boyfriends who chased off their girlfriends guy friends. He also knew if he could trust any girl again it was Brandy. Brandy was enough to give him hope for the entire human race. She was so giving, sweet and understanding. He couldn’t even remember her truly being angry at anyone in the five years he had known her.

“His Aunt died of a heart attack. He got a call about it just as I asked him to take me home.” That rang suspicious for Kurtis “so it just so happened, when you asked him to take you home he suddenly got a call about a relative dieing”

“I know that tone Kurtis, please don’t do this again”

“I’m sorry, lets just eat” This time, due to her uneasiness today, Kurtis was able to push doubt in her mind. It was a bit odd that he didn’t get any calls until he went back into his room alone. He had both a house phone and a cell so maybe. She shook it off. She didn’t want to become negative and untrusting like Kurtis. He was a great friend but when it came to trsuting others he was her full opposite. You had to earn his trust rather than her where she trusted you until you gave her a reason not to.

“I need to go to the bathroom guys.” Kurtis said. He wanted to give them some alone time before the movie and Rex.

“Is your food good?” Lowell asked, feeling stupid.

“Delicious.” She smiled at him and he sighed.

He opened his mouth to speak then snapped it shut again. He was getting cold feet and hated himself for it. Brandy noticed he looked like he was about to burst. She could tell he had something important on his mind and he kept opening and closing his mouth as if he was trying to say something. She reached across the table and grabbed his hand. “Lowell, are you okay?” She asked softly.

“I need to tell you something.”

“Then tell me, you know you can tell me anything.”

Rex had followed them to the mall and was now spying on Brandy and Lowell. He hated she was holding his hand and smiling so sweetly at him. He felt rage boiling to the surface and started shaking. He wondered what they were talking about and wanted to break up their conversation.

“Brandy,” Lowell said and froze again. He took a deep breath. “Brandy I love you.” He finally forced out. She opened her mouth to respond when a shadow fell across them. It was Rex.

“You’re early Rex.” Brandy said with a happy smile.

“Better early than late.” He replied as he sat down, putting on his most charming smile.

“That’s true, Kurtis should be getting back soon then we can head to the theater.” Lowell chimed in, making himself sound friendly even though he was disappointed he had not got to hear Brandy’s response to his confession.

Rex, as always, dominated the conversation. Kurtis groaned as he came back and saw Rex. He didn’t even try to act happy he was there. Kurtis was convinced last night was a manipulation “you seem miraculously better. You have such a big grin for a family member having died.”

“who could be upset around Brandy?”

“Well you, last night with teh crying. You seem perfect now”

“her spending the night made me feel better” Rex answered, not appreciating his tone. Brandy worried they might fight so she quickly stood “lets go in and get our drinks for the movie” They all got up, Lowell extreamly dissapointed she hadn’t answered. He hoped when she did it would be I love you too. He tried not to think about how painful it would be if she didn’t love him too. They ordered their sodas then purchased their tickets. Brandy had chosen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The reviews all said it was great. They went into the theatre they were directed to and then took their seats near the top since that’s where Brandy liked to sit.

Rex had pushed his way past Kurtis so that he could sit beside Brandy. Kurtis held his tonuge, knowing he’d just sound childish since Brandy hadn’t seen Rex do it. Kurtis happily let Lowell take Brandys other side. They had come in too early but moving the men had been Brandys only prevention from a fight happening. She wished Kurtis wasn’t on such a crusade against Rex. She also wished she now wasn’t doubting him too. Rex had never been anything but sweet to her and to the animals that came into their clinic.

Lowell went for Brandys hand. Mainly looking for an indication as to what her answer would be. She took it and flashed him her sweet, beautiful smile. Lowell sighed happily and held hers tightly. Rex noticed and without meaning to squeezed his cup with his anger, spilling the contents all over his shirt and pants. “shit!” he said in almost a growl.

“Are you okay Rex?” Brandy asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be right back okay.”

“Okay, hurry please.”

Rex took his cup out and threw it away then went into the bathroom to clean the soda off of him. He wanted to crush Lowell, grab him by the throat and choke the life out of him. That pig was taking his Brandy away from him. Lowell would pay for manipulating her. No one loved her like he did and he would kill Lowell like all the other men who stood in his way and after Lowell he would even take out Kurtis if he had to. When his pants and shirt were dry he went out and bought a tub of popcorn then headed back into the theater. He sat down next to Brandy, the voice inside his head screaming at him to do something when he saw Lowell stroke Brandy’s hand with his thumb.

Brandy got a sinking feeling and her heart began to beat out a fearful rhythm. She wondered what was wrong with her. She had been so happy just moments ago, an excited thrill had run through her when Lowell had said he loved her, but now she felt sick again and he skin was covered in goosebumps. “You okay Brandy? You look cold.” Rex asked.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Would you like some popcorn?”

“Yes please.” She took a hand full and offered a little to Lowell and Kurtis. They both declined, stating they were full from dinner. She let herself get lost in the movie, loving Ben Stiller’s character. Every once in awhile Lowell would run his thumb along her hand, his gentle touch making her smile.

Rex couldn’t wait for this one. He couldn’t wait until Brandy had plans for the evening to kill Lowell, he was touching her and she mistakenly thought she liked it. Lowell and Kurtis had somehow managed to make her think she liked Lowell when her heart could only be his. Rex had found his address online since he remembered copying down all of Brandys phone contacts. It was amazing how much you could learn about a person just by searching their cellphone number. He would go home and ready himself after their evening out and then he would pay Lowell a visit in his home. This would be the last night Lowell touched his Brandy or stole one of his smiles.

He tried thinking about kissing her last night to keep his temper in check. He almost closed his eyes with the euphoric memory. He wasn’t even watching the movie any longer when he thought of her in her wedding dress. After he killed Lowell he would propose and awaken her. He would open her eyes to how deeply they were in love. he hoped maybe they could just have a courthouse wedding so they could quickly marry and he could be with her in his bedroom.

When the movie was over they waited a little bit for people to leave since Brandy didn’t like trying to move through the crowd. She was so short she got stepped on a lot due to people not noticing her. Without a movie to keep him distracted Rex felt his rage rising again since they hadn’t stopped holding hands. Kurtis was getting that bad feeling again and coudl recognize the mania in Rexs eyes. It looked both sexual and frankly like he was about to snap mentally.

Chapter Six

“Ready to get home Brandy?” Lowell asked. He wanted to get her away from Rex.

“Yes, I’m really tired.” Brandy replied.

They walked out of the theater together, Rex seething and both Lowell and Kurtis worried. Brandy had to work with Rex on almost a daily basis. “I’ll see you at work tomorrow Brandy.” Rex said and kissed her cheek before heading to his car. She almost cringed at the touch of his lips on her skin. She let Lowell pull her to his car and open the passenger door for her. She thanked him and got in.

Rex followed them, staying far enough back that they would not be able to see his face. He squeezed the steering wheel so tight taht his knuckles turned white. When Lowell pulled into Brandy’s driveway he kept going then turned around as they got out of the car. He parked a little ways down the street, watching the love of his life falling into another man’s trap.

“Thank you for taking us out tonight.” Brandy said softly as Kurtis disappeared inside, leaving her alone on the porch with Lowell.

“I’ll take you anywhere beautiful as long as it makes you smile.” He reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear. “You look so amazing.” She blushed. “Can I have a goodnight kiss?” He asked and she turned a deeper shade of red then nodded. He grabbed her chin between his thumb and index finger, smiling at how shy she suddenly was before pressing his lips against hers and kissing her softly. Her entire body grew hot and she found herself clinging to his shirt. He parted their lips leaving them both breathless and flushed. “Wow, that was amazing.” He whispered.

“I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

“I really do love you Brandy, more than anything. You healed my heart and made me whole. Hell, I loved you even before the break up. So, be with me and love me back.”

“I have always loved you Lowell. Why do you think I stayed with you through your heartache even when you tried to push me away? Just promise me you won’t leave me because I want to wait to get married before we have sex.”

“I would never leave you and besides there are other things we can do.” He winked and eyes widened, making him laugh. “I promise to marry you first my love and I’ll never get frustrated with you for your choices. It makes me happy that I’ll be your first.”

“I’m glad” Brandy said with her crimson face. She knew Lowell actually meant it. So many men had lied and said they were ok with it but then got frustrated only weeks to months later and left her. They hugged and he gave Brandy one more soft kiss before walking away and getting into his car. Brandy watched Lowell drive off, finding herself not wanting him to leave. Rex couldn’t feel his hands any longer by the time Lowell left Brandys apartment complex. He drove home angrily and ignoring most traffic laws. He’d kill any officer who dared stop him tonight. Rex had to make multiple attempts at getting his key in his front door due to his anger. Once the house was open he quickly went inside and violently jerked the carpet off of his basement, unlocked it and went down.

His second personality manifested as another person as it often did when he’d go this deep into rage. Walter started speaking “Did you see how he dared touch our Brandy. His lips were on hers. Only our lips belong on Brandy”

“No just mine, I told you Walter. You can’t touch Brandy”

“what about last week?”

“You forced your way into control last week. I’m still mad about that Walter”

“what? I just wanted to hug her”

“she’s fucking mine.”

“Lets not argue and get ready. Put your wig on and I’ll grab the wrap.”

“Just don’t touch anything and go the hell away. I need to concentrate and kill this piece of shit”

“if you dont feel you need me to get ready fine, dont go whining to me if you forget somthing because I’m not here” Rex started to ignore Walter as his mother taught him growing up. Walter always went away when Rex didn’t indulge or fight him as long as he was just coming out instead of taking control. Rex put everything on he needed then readied a syringe to knock Lowell out.

Lowell was over the moon by the time he got home. He finally had Brandy, the woman of his dreams. He tossed his keys onto the counter and flopped down on the couch with a happy sigh. He pulled out his cell and texted: I love you, let me take you to work in the morning. Brandy texted back: You have to be here by six thirty. Just as he was about to text back someone knocked on his door. He got up, leaving his phone on the coffee table. He pulled the door open and was met by a sharp needle in his neck. He stumbled backwards, clutching his neck as Rex stepped into his apartment and closed the door.

“Rex…what the…” His vision spun and he stumbled and fell, landing face up.

“No one touches my Brandy.” Rex growled, his eyes manic and depraved.¬†Rex laid out the large plastic tarp and dragged Lowell’s limp body onto it. He was going to take his time torturing him. He pulled out a roll of duct tape and put a piece over his mouth then taped his wrists and ankles together. “Shall we start with the scalpel or the butcher knife?” Walter asked. “Go away, this is mine and mine alone to enjoy.” Rex hissed back.

Brandy started to feel sick when Lowell didn’t text her back. She had a horrible, horrible feeling that was bordering on panic. He had also forgotten to give her her CD so she decided to go see him and make sure he was okay. “Kurtis, I’m going to go see Lowell, he forgot to give me my CD.” She said as she came out of her room.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“You don’t have to, it’s more than just the CD. He didn’t answer my text. He’s always been so vigilant about it.”

“Let me go so I can punch him.” She waited as Kurtis pulled his shoes on and then followed her out to her car.

Lowell couldn’t move at all, his whole body felt like lead. His vision was blurry, but he could still make out Rex to his left rifling through a bag and babbling to himself. He pulled something out that was shiny and Lowell guessed sharp. He wondered what the man had planned for him and felt instant regret that he might never see Brandy again. His heart gave a sad lurch and he felt a lump forming in his throat. He refused to cry in front of Rex though. He wished he had control of his body so he could fight back instead of laying there like a weakling.

Rex decided on a knife “Go away Walter, this is my time.”

“No, I’m going to watch”

“whatever, just don’t interfere” Rex turned his eveil gaze to Lowell “how dare you manipulate my Brandy. She is mine and mine only. We’re getting married and we’re both in love. She has saved herself for me. You’re trying to take her virginity you dog” Rex took off the tape to see what he had to say for himself. Lowell could barely speak due to the drugs “youre…youre crazy Rex. She doesn’t love you as any more than a friend”

“stop lieing! She does! She loves her wedding dress.” Rex put the tape back on. Lowell realized how right Kurtis was. Rex was obviously crazy and he had figured it out far too late. Brandy drove quickly to Lowells. Kurtis put a hand on her shoulder “calm down, I’m sure he’s ok”

“No he’s not, you don’t understand. He always answers my texts, always” Kurtis really was going to punch Lowell for freaking Brandy out so much. She seemed in absolute panic over Lowell. Kurtis had to admit somthing didn’t feel right too but he was trying to relax Brandy before she got them into an accident with her worry. Brandy was glad that Lowells house was so near her apartment complex. She had been going so fast her car actually screetched and semi slide when she stopped. She got out and Kurtis quickly followed. Now he felt terror when he saw Rex’s car in Lowells yard.

There was no reason for him to be there so Brandy ran for the door and went straight in. She screamed when she saw Rex over Lowell with a bloody knife. He had been slowly cutting into Lowells shoulder, taunting him and enjoy his misery and the weak screams through the duct tape. Rex stood “don’t look Brandy. You’re too pure to see this.”

“what the fuck is wrong with you! You fucking psycho” Everyone else in the room stood there shocked at curse words actually coming out of Brandys mouth. “angel, you don’t cuss”

“and I thought you werent crazy. Kurtis help Lowell”

“no!” Rex said savagely “he needs to pay for tricking you my love. You and I are in love. I kill these men for us. They trick you and make it so you don’t realize that you’re mine. If they werent in the way we’d be married. You loved your wedding dress so much baby. That dress isn’t for my cousin. I bought it for you. I have a suit. We can get married tomorrow my love and be so happy. I’ve alreayd figured out our childrens names. I’ve killed so many men for you, more than you realize. I’ve even killed a few women that have hurt you. Remeber that lady who yelled at you in the clinc then threw a nail polish bottle at your face? I got revenge for you, I tortured her for hours before I let her die…nobdoy hurts you…I woudl never let a thing hurt you Brandy. You’re my love.” Brandys mouth was hanging open with disgust and horror. Rex continued “remember your cousin? I’m sorry his death made you sad but he had impure thoughts about you. He wanted to have sex with you. I coudl tell”

“he was my cousin”

“he’s still a man. It doesnt matter that he was your cousin. You know how my mother wanted me and she was my mother”

“Your mother was sick Rex. That isn’t normal. Family doesnt have sex with family. He didn’t want me that way. We had just been close since we were babies” Brandy began to cry. Rex was why she didn’t have Andy any longer. She felt as if every murder Rex comitted was all her fault for being naive and not listening to Kurtis. “How many people have you killed?” She asked through her tears. Rex smiled, thinking she was crying from being touched by his actions for her “I’m guessing about twenty three. I made sure every guy that hit on you and every woman that was cruel to you paid for their actions. I did it all for ytou Brandy. If you want to know about each one we can go into my basement. I saved the articles on their death. I can give you why for each one and you can thank me by marrying me tomorrow”

Brandy felt sick, her stomach churned and bile rose in her throat. She forced herself to swallow it. She knew if she told him no that he might fly into a rage and kill not only Lowell, but her and Kurtis as well. She had to give Kurtis and Lowell time to contact the authorities. She put on her best smile. “Okay, please show me everything you’ve done for me.” She said, surprised that her voice wasn’t shaking.

“What are you thinking?” Kurtis said and she held up her hand to silence him.

“Come on baby, take me home and show me.” She held out her hand to him and he approached her with a big, hungry smile on his face. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door to his car.

Kurtis ran to Lowell and tore the duct tape off. “Go, I’m…alright.” Lowell managed to say.

Kurtis pulled out his cell and called the cops, alerting them to the fact that Brandy had been kidnapped by a psychopathic serial killer who had an obsession with her. He also made sure they sent an ambulance to Lowell’s address. Brandy sat shaking in the passenger seat of Rex’s car, listening to him whispering to himself. It was terrifying and sickening. He screeched to a halt in front of his house and got out, quickly running around to her side and pulling her door open. She smiled at him and let him hand her out and pull her inside. He took her down to the basement where she almost screamed. The wedding dress and tux were down there along with pictures of her taken from far away. He had been stalking her. He pulled out a box and opened it.

“Look these are my trophies and news articles. I took Andy’s shell bracelet and that woman with the nail polish, this was her favorite shade.” He held up a bottle of lime green polish. The more he showed her, the sicker she got. “Can’t you see how much I love you.” He smiled gleefully. “Please don’t look so scared.” He said softly and reached for her. She took a step back and his eyes suddenly filled with anger. “Maybe we should just make her ours Rex.” “No Walter, I will not force her.” “She needs to be broken or she’ll never love us.”

Chapter Seven

“No, she just wants to wait until we’re married. I could never force her. Go away! I’m sick of you.”

“Then have her put on her dress and marry her. We’ve waited for two years”

“No just me, she will only be with me!”

“she will be with both of us or I’ll take over right now and make love to her without your consent”

“don’t you dare, I’ll hurt you again”

“You almost killed yourself the last time you tried, do you want to die?”

“I’d rather die than force my angel into bed before marriage. She’s saved herself for me” The fighting was terrifying her. There was no Walter in the room and he was answering himself. It was justa ¬†constant exchange with himself. She hoped the police were on their way. She wanted to run but feared he’d hurt her. She had to calm him down but didn’t want him to touch her. Rex sighed “Put on your dress Brandy. We’re getting married”

“Can I go in the bathroom agaiun to change?”

“You’ll be my wife soon and I’ve seen you almost fully naked so you can change here.”

“no you havent”

“When you spent the night I was wanting to cuddle with you longer so I sedated you. I’m sorry for my impatience but I took your shirt off to see what your torso looked like. Don’t worry, your pants stayed on. I got such sweet pictures of us. I’ll show you after your dress is on” Brandy felt sick again and¬†violated. Now she knew why she felt so sick the next day. She hated herself for not listening to Kurtis. If she had not nearly as many people would be dead and whatever happened last night wouldn’t have happened. Brandy stood there trying not to cry so rex spoke again “please put on your dress Brandy. I’ll put on my suit. We can get ready together”

Rex started stripping so Brandy grabbed her shirt. Having trouble forcing herself to take it off. A steady stream of tears was now running down her face. She slowly removed it and he stopped what he was doing “you are so gorgeous” The words that meant so much when Lowell said it only upset her more coming from Rex. “Th..thank you” she forced out and he smiled “wait till you see you’re wedding ring Brandy. I paid quite a bit for it but you are worth it”

Lowell felt utterly useless as he was driven to the hospital. Kurtis had gone with the police and promised to bring Brandy back. He wanted desperately to be there, but he was still unable to do much. “When will I be able to move?” He asked.

“The doctor will test you to see what is was then give you something to counteract the drug’s effect. I know you are afraid for your girlfriend, but you must be patient.”

Kurtis bounced his leg impatiently as the police cruiser sped to Rex’s house. He was terrified of what could be happening to Brandy. It would kill him if he lost his little sister and it would devastate Lowell. Brandy covered her breasts with one arm and grabbed the dress with her free hand. She turned her back to Rex and pulled it quickly on.

“Now come here Brandy.” Rex ordered softly and she turned slowly around and moved closer to him. “You look so beautiful my sweet.”

“You look very handsome.” She was trembling like a leaf and bunched her hands in the skirt of her dress. “Who is going to marry us?”

“Walter is.” “I want her to marry me too.” Shut up she can’t have two husbands. Now, do as you’re told.” Rex took Brandy’s hands in his and she felt her skin grow clammy. Who she assumed was Walter started talking and then Rex. She listened to Rex’s vows, forcing a smile. She then made up some of her own, making them long to stall for time. She swore she heard sirens in the distance. The ring he had bought for her was slipped on her finger and Walter finished his speech before telling Rex to kiss her. She nearly threw up when he kissed her. “Now you’re mine.” He whispered, his eyes dancing with manical glee.

“Of course, forever and always.”

“Now that we’re married I can make love to you right. You’ve always told me that’s what you were waiting on” She was grateful when she heard the police come into the house. Rex got angry and grabbed brandy “nobodies taking you away! You’re mine! All mine and they can’t have you! nobody else can have you!” He crushed her into him so that she was barely breathing. Cops started walking down into the basement “let her go sir or we’ll shoot”

“No, you can’t take her. We belong together. We just got married” Kurtis was at the top of the stairs. a cop was holding him back so he couldn’t go down to her. “sir, we just need to take you to the station and discuss a few things. Let your bride go. I’m sure she’ll come. You’ll come wont you Brandy?”

“Yes, of course I will” She forced out. “promise?” Rex asked “yes, I’m coming. Let me go and I’ll hold your hand until you are in the cop car. Rex kissed her again and she very nearly threw up in his mouth. He held her hand in just as crushingly a manner as he had hugged her. They walked right past Kurtis who looked distressed “I’m alright Kurtis. I’m just going to the station with my husband. We just got married down there. You and the other cops should check out all the wonderful things he did for me”

Brandy made sure to keep Rex calm as they rode to the police station. She held his hand and talked to him in a soft tone. Once they were in the station they were taken to an interrogation room and forcefully separated. Rex screamed for her to come back or maybe it was Walter, she didn’t really know. She was taken into a separate room while Rex was restrained. She couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy for him. His mother had truly broken him. Kurtis came running in half an hour later and she jumped up and hugged him, crying into his shirt.

“This is all my fault.” She wailed.

“No it’s not. He’s sick in the head Brandy and I mean really sick. He’s been stalking you since he first met you. He took pictures of his favorite victims.”


“Yes, I’m sorry.” A police officer came in to get her statement and she told him everything that had happened.

“What’s going to happen to him?”

“He’ll probably be committed. We had to call a doctor to sedate him.”

“I have to tell you he was raped by his mother when he was a kid. She was sick and it screwed him up.”


“Do you have something I can change into before I go, I’m sure you’ll want this dress for evidence.”

“Give me a moment and I’ll grab you a sweat suit.”

Brandy say back down and buried her face in her hands. Kurtis rubbed her back and sat down next to her. She looked at him and he gave her a small smile. “Is Lowell okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, he’ll need stitches though. He was upset he couldn’t come for you. He really loves you Brandy.”

“I know he does and look what it got him.”

“No one blames you.” The officer came back and escorted her to the women’s restroom. Kurtis stood guard outside the door with the officer and when she came back out she handed the officer the dress and ring, glad to be rid of them. “Want to go see Lowell?”

“please” she said in a tone that was happy to see Lowell but still sad over everything. She felt guilt for everyone that died, she felt bad for Rex because he didn’t have to become this. His mother had messed him up and robbed him of any possible life, she felt the worst knowing the love of her life had gotten so badly injured because she was stupid. Brandy¬†couldn’t¬†trust her own judgment any longer. “I’ll never ignore your advice again Kurtis” she said in the car “Brandy, none of this is your fault. I didn’t even know¬†thats¬†why he gave me the creeps. You are a wonderful person. What he did doesn’t reflect on you”

“If I just would have seen it. How could I have been so blind?”

“Because you have such a ¬†good heart. You love everybody and try to see the best in everyone. That’s part of what makes you you and why I love you so much. Please don’t feel bad over what he did. I know since youhave such a¬† big heart you can’t help it but try. He is the monster not you”

“but he isn’t, thats the worst part. He truly is just crazy because of his mother”

“I know Brandy.” Was all Kurtis¬†could¬†say. He wished he knew how to comfort her. He hoped Lowell would know how to make her feel better. Right now Kurtis was just grateful Brandy was alive after seeing that basement and seeing all the gruesome things Rex had done. He couldn’t believe the man was so twisted and delusional he had a wedding dress and ring for Brandy. That he had followed her so much and took so many pictures. What pissed him off was what Rex had done to her the night she spent the night. He didn’t want to bring it up though so he seethed about it on he inside. They pulled up to the hospital and went inside. They were guided to Lowells room. He was already cleaned and stitched up but they hadn’t discharged him yet.

Brandy ran over to hug him “I’m so sorry Lowell” He kissed her head “you have nothing to be sorry about. Don’t you dare blame yourself Brandy. You are a wonderful woman who sees the good in everybody. I wish I saw the world like you do. Rex’s actions are his, not yours.” Brandy just cried into Lowells shoulder as he held her tightly. Kurtis just leaned against the wall with his deep frown and watched them. Hoping that Brandy would quit wrenching his insides with her tears soon and really listened to what everybody was telling her. That it would sink in this was not her fault.

Brandy curled up next to Lowell on the bed while Kurtis took the chair. He fell asleep fairly quickly, the adrenaline finally wearing off. Brandy was still afraid even though she was completely sapped of all energy. “Go to sleep baby.” Lowell whispered.

“I can’t, I’m to scared.”

“Don’t be, I’m here and I’ll protect you.” He wanted a kiss, but couldn’t move his arm to tip her head back. “Can I have a kiss?”

She raised up and gave him a soft kiss and ran her fingers through his hair. “I love you Lowell.” She whispered as she laid back down.

“I love you too, now rest.”

Her exhaustion finally got the best of her and she passed out. He kissed the top of her head and allowed himself to drift off. The next day the docto came in and checked his stitches and made sure he was able to move with ease. When he was given a clean bill of health his discharge papers were written up and brought in for him to sign. “You’re going to be staying with us.” Brandy said with a warm smile.

“There’s my beautiful girl. I love your smile. I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me.”

Kurtis drove them to his and Brandy’s apartment. Brandy fussed over Lowell while Kurtis made breakfast. Lowell grabbed Brandy and pulled her down on his lap, wrapping his good arm around her tightly. “I’m fine, stop worrying and just relax with me.”

Brandy was blushing again and Lowell smiled “I wish you knew how adorable you are when you blush”

“want me to call your job about you not being able to work?”

“The hospital did and I’m getting paid to be home”

“That’s good, I dont know what to do about my work. That place is going to have so many memories of Rex. Bryan should be in charge now and I still have a job there. I’m just not sure if I want to go back” Kurtis yelled from the kitchen “Then don’t go back. I’ll pay for everything until you have another job.”

“I can’t let you do that” Brandy called back and Lowell said “yes you can, let him. You probably shouldn’t go there since you do have so many memories of Rex. I want you happy. I love that smile so much.”

“theres other clinics I guess. I love animals so much”

“don’t think about it just yet Brandy. I know Kurtis isn’t in a rush.” Lowell said sweetly and Kurtis yelled ‘I’m not, just relax with your new boyfriend.” Brandy just laid her head on him as he held her. Getting his arm cut into by Rex was more than worth this. He was finally with Brandy, he could finally kiss and hold her. Now he just had t chase all the bad memories of this event away which he was more than happy to go. He would show her his deep, undying love and eventually she would be so lost in it she wouldn’t think or Rex atall any longer. He wondered if ti would be better to go to a different town where she woudlnt have memories all over the place of him. There were plenty work from home jobs that Apple offered. He sighed, that woudl entail his dream of marrying her and he worried Rex had ruined that for her. Lowell worried asking her to marry him would only be upsetting.

“whatre you thinking about?”

“lots of things”

“Like what?”

“That maybe it would be best for you to move to a different town so you dont have memories of Rex. I could get an at home job and still work for Apple. I would want to get a place with you though and…well you’ve just been through so much. I would love to marry you and everything but I’m pretty sure Rex has ruined all of that.”

Brandy felt herself tearing up and kissed him. He tangled his fingers in her hair, holding her to him. She pulled back and wiped at the tears on her face. “It’s okay, don’t cry. We can just stay like this.” He smiled up at her and brushed her hair away from her face.

“I want to marry you too.” She said.

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because I’m happy.”

“It’s about freaking time.” Kurtis chimed in, making Brandy laugh.

“Can it.” Lowell yelled back. He turned his attention back to Brandy. “I have waited so long to be with you.” He leaned closer so his lips were close to her ear. “I plan on making love to every day after we’re married to show you how cherished you truly are.”

She blushed as Kurtis brought them plates with over stuffed breakfast burritos on them. “Hey, you better not be dirty talking in the living room, that’s bedroom stuff.” She blushed a deep crimson as she moved sit next to Lowell and eat. The next couple of weeks were focused on Lowell’s recovery and looking for potential houses. Between the three of them they could easily afford a bigger place. Lowell also bought Brandy a ring with the word beautiful engraved in the band. She almost started crying again. She also checked on Rex and found out he had tried to commit suicide. He was put on suicide watch and was receiving psychiatric help. Her heart still ached for him and the loss of his childhood.

That night Brandy cuddled with Lowell in bed, losing herself in the love and warmth that seemed to come off him in waves. She kissed his chest and he let out a contented sigh. “I love you Lowell.”

“I love you too beautiful.”


“And longer if I can.” He replied softly, quoting one of her favorite songs. She smiled and they finally drifted off together, in utter bliss.


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