Bryan & Bella 2

Chapter One

Bryan was being beat again, this time for breaking a plate. As usual his father was drunk and raged about something so small. He had dragged Bryan outside and ripped a switch off of a tree. He screamed for his mother, begged for her even, but it only made his father beat him harder. Someone gripped his shoulders and shook him. “Bryan wake up.” He could hear her voice. It broke through the intensity of the nightmare and his eyes snapped open. He looked into Bella’s eyes a little confused. He looked around the dark room, wondering if he was there in the shadowed corners. She pulled him into her arms and he rested his head on her chest. He settled his hand on her stomach. She was seven months pregnant and he was terrified.

“Another nightmare about him?” Bella asked, stroking his hair.

“Yeah, he was beating me.” Bryan stroked her round belly.

“We can call your mom and tell them not to come. You know I don’t mind telling your dad off.”

“I want to see my mom and he won’t stay home. I can get through a week with him.” His nightmares had intensified since his mother had called and asked if they could visit. Bryan had told her she was going to be a grandma and of course she had let it slip to his father. It wasn’t just that though. He was worried he would be just like him. From the moment Bella found out she was pregnant he had been afraid. He loved her and his unborn son Malcolm, ¬†would do anything for them. “I can handle it. I have too for my mom and for you and the baby. I can be tough.”

“I know you can. I’ve seen it first hand.” She kissed the top of his head. “They’re going to be here in the morning so we better get some sleep.” He snuggled close, listening as her breathing became soft and even. He closed his eyes and drifted off next to her, his worries never leaving his mind.

When Bella woke up Bryan had both arms wrapped around her tightly. She hated how much his dad coming was ripping him apart. All she knew is he better not touch Bryan. Pregnant or not she’d kick his ass. Unlike Bryan, Bella had no worries about Bryan being a father. She knew he’d be a wonderful dad. He was so kind hearted. In fact the only time she had ever even seen him angry was on their honeymoon with the pirates and it was only because of them hurting her.

She wanted him to rest as long as possible so she layed still. All the nightmares he had been having were keeping him up at night. She felt so bad for him. She rubbed his head and started crying softly. Her pregnancy had made her really weepy. It was easy for her to cry about anything. It was very upsetting for Bryan. He hated making her cry. The alarm started going off because his parents would be arriving in an hour. Bryan slowly woke up then looked at his wife. His face went from sleepy to worried in an instant “Why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry. It’s not for a real reason. Don’t worry about it.”

“It doesnt matter what the reason. It’s always important” He wiped away her tears. Him being so sweet made her cry worse. He just held her until she could manage to stop. “We have to get ready.” They both got dressed and made another round through the house to make sure all was ready for his parents.

Bryan paced nervously while Bella made a pot of coffee. He didn’t know what he was going to say or do. He sat down at the kitchen table and decided instantly that he couldn’t sit still. He had to move. He felt like a caged animal. “Honey if you don’t stop you’re going to wear a hole in the floor and I like to wood.” Bella said and he stopped pacing, taking a deep breath.

“You’re not going to drinking coffee are you?” He asked.

“I’m having one cup and then I’ll make me some non caffeinated tea.” He frowned and she laughed. She walked around the counter and wrapped him in a hug. “Don’t worry, one cup is okay. More than one is okay, but I don’t want you frowning at me all day.”

He was about to tell her how much he loved her when a silver BMW pulled into their driveway. He was out the door as his mother stepped out of her car. He wrapped her in a big hug. He loved his mother. She was still as beautiful as always. The passenger door opened and his father stepped out. He felt his heart beat speed up and his hands get clammy. His father was a big man, six foot five, and thickly built. He walked around the car with his mother who smiled nervously. “Dad.” He said, trying to muster a smile.

“Bryan, good to see you.” His father replied.

Bella stepped off the porch and made her way over to them. Bryan’s fist was clenched at his side and she wanted to stop him from doing anything he’d regret. She slipped her hand in his and he seemed to relax a little. “Good morning Walter, how nice of you to come.” She said.

“It’s nice to be here. You look so beautiful today” Bryans mom then hugged her and felt her belly. “Oh I’m so excited”

“Come inside” She smiled. They all walked in and sat down. “Would you guys like a drink or anything?”

“I’ll help myself to some coffee if I may. I don’t want you getting it Bella.” Bryans mom said smiling at her. Bella laughed “Ok mom go ahead.” She could practically feel how nervous Bryan was. She wished there was any way to comfort him. Even as a grown man his father scared him. She mainly didn’t understand why because of how strong he now was. He absolutely amazed her on that pirate ship.

Bryans mom came back with her coffee. “How’re you feeling?”

“Not too bad. I seem to cry a lot though.” His mother smiled “I was the same way when I was pregnant” Bryans mom looked so excited and happy to be there. Due to the relationship Bryan had with his dad she never saw her son and probably wasn’t going to be seeing her grandbaby much. Bella didn’t feel bad for her though. It’s her own fault for staying with such a monster.

“So, why the visit?” Bryan asked his mother. “Did something happen?”

His mother looked sad for a moment then smiled and shook her head. “Of course not dear, I just missed you. We missed you.” Bryan doubted his dad had missed anything. It was shocking not to see the man with a beer in his hand.

“You thirsty dad?”

“Some water would be nice if you don’t mind.” The old man said and Bryan got up from the table. He filled a glass and brought it back. His dad smiled and said thank you. He had never seen his dad smile and he never thanked anyone. Something was going on. He looked between his parents, becoming worried.

Bella could feel the tension in the air. Walter and Debra were acting so strange and Bryan looked so confused and little scared. “Let me show you your room.” She said, smiling at her mother in law.

“Of course dear. Walt why don’t you and Bryan get the bags. Mind the box we brought for them dear.” Debra said.¬†Walter pushed his chair back and stood. Bryan actually flinched a little. He hoped no one had noticed.

Bella noticed and wanted to hug him. She walked with Debra to see the room. “I hope you’ll be comfortable in here mom. Make sure you tell us if you need anything. More blankets or somthing. I’m hot all the time so the house has been pretty cold. You’re son just deals with it. Somtimes I touch him and he feels like an iceburg. I wish he’d tell me more when he’s uncomfortable.” His mom laughed “He’d probably deal with anything for you. Just by the way he looks at you I can tell you’re his world. It’s so sweet. I’m glad he found somone to make him happy. The poor boy deserves it.”

His mother got a really sad look on her face. “Are you ok mom?”

“Oh yes dear I’m fine.” Their husbands were suddenly behind them and they moved out of the way for the bags to be set down. Bella almost tripped and laughed at herself. Debra cracked a smile. “Be careful sweetheart”

“Are you okay?” Bryan asked.

“I didn’t fall, I just stumbled a little.” She smiled.¬†“Are you two hungry?” She asked.

“You don’t have to cook anything for us Bella, we can always go get something.” Walter said. He picked up a square package and handed it to her. “We had this done for you. Hope you like it.” Bella looked at him suspiciously for a moment. He was never this nice. She tore the wrapping paper off and opened the box. Inside was a picture frame with two squares. The one on top had a picture of Debra, Walter, and Bryan when he was a baby. The bottom one was empty.

“The bottom one is for a picture of you two and the baby when he’s born. We want you to always remember we love you.” Debra said with a sad smile.

“Thanks mom.” Bryan hugged her, but not his father. He couldn’t make himself do it. So he just said thank you.

“I’ll hang it in the living room. Now come on, I’ll make us some breakfast burritos. It’s no trouble, then you guys can relax. I’m sure it was a long drive.” She said.

Bryan helped Bella cook while his parents sat in the living room. He could hear them talking. His father was trying to shush his mother, but wasn’t doing a very good job. He waited for the sound of a slap, but none came his mother just kept talking. He wanted to eavesdrop and find out what was going on, but decided against it. He didn’t know why he cared so much anyway.

“Are you okay?” Bella asked and nudged him with her elbow.

“Nervous and confused. He’s different and I don’t know what to think.” He dumped cooked sausages into the pot with the scrambled eggs and cheese.

“It’ll be alright. Just stay calm.” She moved the pot to the counter and grabbed the tortillas. They rolled burritos and sat them on a cookie sheet.

“I’m so glad you’re hear with me. I don’t think I could do this alone.”

“You can do anything love, stop underestimating yourself. You killed three pirates while I panicked. I never panic. You were so brave then and you’re twice as brave now.” He leaned down and kissed her. She was so amazing.

“How did I ever win you over?” She smiled “I love you” Breakfast was ready. Bryan set everything out while Bella got his parents. They all sat down. It was an awkward silence at first then Bella said “That was a really nice gift. I can’t wait to put our picture in it.” Debra said “I’m so glad you like it. You two did such a good job on breakfast. Did my son really help with this?”

“Oh yes he’s an amazing cook”

“I’m so proud of you Bryan. You turned into such a good man.” Bryan smiled. “Thanks mom” They ate without further conversation. Nobody really knowing what to say. Bella decided to break the silence by asking “What would you like to do today. I’m up for anything.”

“You aren’t tired?” Bella giggled at her mother in law “No mom I’m fine. I’d love to do something fun with you two.” His mother thought and then said “Why don’t we go look at a baby store today. Oh how I’d love to pick out some things for the baby. With you there I’ll know you like the things I buy too. You better be honest with me.”

“I will I promise. That sounds like so much fun!”

They finished breakfast and quickly cleaned up. Bella let Bryan drive. He didn’t like having her behind the wheel anymore. He didn’t want anything to happen to the baby if they got in an accident. His parents followed in their car. Walter’s legs were too long for the back seat. They pulled into the parking lot of large baby store. Displayed in the windows were beautiful bassinets and baby clothes. She tried getting out of the car on her own, but couldn’t manage. Bryan ran around to her side of the car, trying not to smile as he helped her up.

“I remember having to do the same thing for your mother. You were a big boy and her getting up and down was a nightmare.” Walter said as he shut Bella’s door.

“Oh my yes and remember when I couldn’t get out of the tub. I cried and cried and finally called for Walt. He had this big grin on his face, but lifted me out. My goodness, I was so upset.” Debra said and laughed.

They went into the baby store and Debra told Bryan and Walter to go look at baby clothes while she took Bella to look at bassinets and toys. Bryan was really uncomfortable around his dad. He wanted to say everything he wished he could have before. “So, mom looks good.” He said instead.

“She is. She misses you though. She wishes you’d visit.” Walter said as he looked through the baby clothes.

“I don’t think that’ll be happening.”

“I understand.”

“Do you?” He felt so angry all of a sudden.

“It’s my fault. You hate me the way I hated your grandpa. You’re better than both of us.” Bryan wondered if he was having a stroke or dreaming. He had not expected his father to admit he was a bad parent. He flipped through the onesies, coming across one with dancing bears. He liked that one and showed it to his dad who nodded with approval.

Bella and ¬†Debra were practically giddy over all the toys. They were laughing and saying aw almost constantly. ¬†They had a bunch of things picked out. Their little basket was filled with bears, book, rattles and various other things. Bella noticed and said “I think we should put some of this stuff back mom”

“Oh no dear it’s fine. This was Walters idea. It’s a way to make things up to Bryan. He knows forgiveness can’t be bought but he is different. He’s quit drinking.” Bella stood there shocked “What?”

“Yeah, some point he’s going to have a talk with Bryan. He’s hoping they can end up with some kind of relationship. He actually cries remembering all the things he did to Bryan while drinking. He hasn’t had a drop for months. Don’t tell Bryan, Walter really wants to talk to him himself.” Bella didn’t know what to say. She didn’t even know how that conversation would go.

They met back up at the cash register. Walter had a basket full of baby clothes and blankets in his hand. Bryan was trying to talk him out of buying so much, but Walter wasn’t listening. The cashier rang everything up and Walter payed for it, ignoring Bryan asking to pay for at least half. He handed the bags to his son and they left the store. When they got back to the house Walter said he was going to take a nap. Debra went with him and Bella helped Bryan carry the bags into the baby’s room. They started pulling things out. Bella loved the onesies. They were so cute and had pictures of bears and monkeys on them.

“Dad picked out most of those.” Bryan said as he played with the teddy bears then sat them on top of the chest of drawers he’d had made for Malcolm.

“He has good taste. Looks like that’s another good thing you got from him.” She said as she folded the clothes and put them away.

“I didn’t realize he had good traits.”

“Bryan, stop thinking you’re going to turn out like he did. We don’t even keep booze in the house. You’ve never touched a drop.”

“I think I’ll always worry. There are so many things I want to tell him.” He grabbed her hands in his and kissed her knuckles.

“Take him out fishing tomorrow. My dad gave us a boat when you mentioned wanting to get out more.” She wished he didn’t look so nervous. She would do anything to get that look off his face.

“Maybe in a couple of days. I have to go pick up the crib we ordered tomorrow. Maybe he could help me.”

Chapter Two

“That sounds good” She smiled at him again and he suddenly didn’t feel any anxiety atall. It was amazing how much just her smile could comfort him. He grabbed her and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him. They then continued putting things away in the room. Bella was so excited. she was glad Walter wanted to do that for them. She started crying again because she was so happy.

“Oh hunny” Bryan went over to her holding her tightly. “I can’t wait for this baby to come. It kills me when you cry”

“I’m sorry Bryan.”

“Don’t be sorry. Besides it gives me more reasons to hold you and do nice things for you. I’ll do anything it takes to make you smile. Nothings more amazing than that smile of yours.” She pushed her face into his chest. When she let him go he kneeled down and kissed the baby whispering to him “You’ve got to stop making your mommy cry.”

When they went back downstairs Debra was sitting in the living room reading. “Want to help me with lunch?” Bella asked and she was on her feet in an instant. “We can make a salad.” They chopped veges and Bella sprinkled bacon bits on the top. She got in the fridge and grabbed the dressings they had and sat them on the table. Debra went upstairs and woke Walter. They all sat down to eat. Bella nudged Bryan with her foot.

“Uh dad, would you like to go with me tomorrow and pick up Malcolm’s crib?” Bryan asked.

“Sure, wouldn’t want you breaking your back.” Walter smiled and popped a cherry tomatoe in his mouth.

“You’re one to talk old man.” He looked so shocked at himself for a moment. He was teasing his dad. Bella squeezed his knee and he cleared his throat. “We can leave tomorrow afternoon. We have a truck in the garage so it should be easy enough to haul.”

“Whatever you want son.”

They finished lunch and Bella told everyone she was feeling a little sick and needed to lay down. Walter asked where the remote to the TV was. “It’s on top of the entertainment center.” Bryan said as he helped Bella to her feet. He lifted her in his arms and carried her up to their room.

“You don’t have to do that.” She said, but enjoyed the closeness.

“Sure I do Mrs. Adventure. I’ve seen how exhausted you get running up and down the stairs all day.” He lay her down and kissed her.

“Well, it’s kind of your fault.” She laid a hand on her belly and laughed.

“Do you hear that Malcolm, you’re my fault. I’m glad, how about you?” He rubbed her belly and felt his son kick excitedly. “I think that’s a yes.” He kissed her again. “Do you want me to stay up here?”

“Go spend some time with your parents. If I need anything I’ll yell, I promise. No getting in the tub without telling you first.”

“Alright love.”

He came back downstairs and his mother looked at him with a smile “You two are so sweet. I’m glad you’re so happy son.”

“She’s amazing” His mom hugged him and they went to watch TV with Walter. Walter was sitting in the middle and Debra sat close to him and they held hands. Bryan was shocked to see it. He was almost as cruel to his mother as he had been to him. He still sat as far away as he could from his dad. They watched Animal Planet. It had been one of Bryans favorite shows when he was a kid but his dad hardly ever let him watch it. Bryan was just baffled. His dad was being nothing like he remembered him.

When dinner time rolled around Bryan decided he would cook and let Bella sleep. She did far too much, hardly ever asked for help. Her parents had raised a wild child. He went through the freezer, pulling out some hamburger meat. He grabbed noodles and sauce out of the pantry. Bella loved spaghetti. His mom and dad talked in the other room while he cooked. He hoped everything was alright.

Bella woke to the smell of something delicious. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and walked slowly downstairs. “Why didn’t you wake me?” She asked, making Bryan jump.

“You needed to rest. Besides I made spaghetti.” He smiled. He grabbed plates and silverware and set the table.

“It smells amazing.”

“You can say that again.” Walter said as he walked into the kitchen. “You two are going to make an old man fat.”

“I don’t know Walter, you look like you could be pregnant yourself.” Bella teased and he let out a loud laugh.

“Maybe we’re due at the same time.”

Bryan carried the pot of noodles over to the table and dished out pasta. He grabbed the skillet of meat sauce and scooped some onto their plates. Everyone ate and actually talked. Walter told them about Bryan falling out of a tree when he was six and breaking his arm. He had rushed his son to the hospital. Bella guessed it was on one of his sober days. She began to wonder if Walter getting sober had anything to do with Malcolm. “Come on dad, you and I both know I went up that tree because you said you held the record for highest climb. It was only after I got out of my cast that you told me you were only joking.” Bryan said and then ate his last bite of spaghetti.

“True, but I also remember saying not to go in the tree until you were older.”

“I guess I ignored that part.”

“As usual.”

They both left out the part about Walter smacking him around over it. That had put a stop to Bryan’s adventurous streak and instilled in him a fear of the unknown. If it had not been for Bella he would never have started living. “This was delicious honey, you’ll have to cook for us more often.” Debra said.

“Anytime mom.” He cleared the table. “Lets watch a movie. We have tons thanks to Bella.”

Bella asked “What kind of movie would you guys like to watch?” Bryans mom got excited “We should watch somthing funny. Do you have Yes Man?”

“Yes mam we do” She said in a joking tone that made Walter laugh again. “You are too much Bella. I see why my son loves you.” She smiled at him. Bryan was glad he was being nice to Bella. Him hurting her was one of his biggest worries when they said they were coming. Bella started trying to get up adn was obviously having trouble. Before Bryan could walk over there his father was by her side helping her. Bryan stopped in his tracks. He couldn’t even hide his shocked expression. He stammered “Um, thanks dad. I could’ve helped her.”

“Well I know you could have but I was already right here.” He was still holding onto Bella. Even though Walter had been nice the whole time it really bothered Bryan. It made his heart race seeing his hands on his wife. He walked over to them quickly grabbing her hand and leading her to the living room. Walter could tell Bryan was afraid of him being near Bella. It made him sad but he knew he didn’t deserve his sons trust. He doubted even after their talk that Bryan would trust him atall.

“It’s okay, just breathe.” Bella could see how upset he was. His breathing was rapid and she could feel his heart beating furiously against his chest.

“I’m sorry. He used to grab my mom and jerk her around.” He whispered, a pained expression on his face.

“I know and I’m fine. He didn’t hurt me.” She found Yes Man on the bookshelf of movies and popped it in. Bryan helped her onto the couch and he sat between her and his father. His dad laughed hardest during the Red Bull scene. Bryan wouldn’t admit it to his father, but it was his favorite part. When the movie was over Bella gave a big yawn and rubbed her eyes.

“I think we’re going to bed.” Bryan said.

“We will in a bit.” Debra said.

They told them goodnight and Bryan carried her upstairs. She was asleep before he got her to bed. He crawled in next to her and pulled her into his arms. He was worried about spending alone time with his father tomorrow, but he needed to know what was going on. His father’s normal behavior frightened him a little.

He needed his wifes comfort but even just holding her comforted him. Everything about her relaxed him and made him happy. He layed his face so close to hers his forehead was touching her cheek. He gently rubbed her. Her skin was so soft. He then layed his hand on her belly “You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful mom. I hope I can be the dad you deserve little one.” He fell asleep, hand still on her stomach and forehead still up against her cheek.

She woke up before him. She loved when he slept so close to her. She moved her head and slightly tilted his up so she could kiss him. It was the way he preferred her to wake him up. “Good morning beautiful”

“Good morning handsome.” She smiled “Lets get a shower before breakfast.” He followed her into the bathroom. When they were clean he just held her “It really scared me seeing my dad holding you. I knew he was just helping you but I don’t trust him not to hurt you. I couldn’t bare for him to hurt you.” She couldn’t tell him about his dad being sober so she just said “I really doubt he’ll hurt me. He seems to be trying really hard to be nice.”

“Maybe he wants somthing from me. It’s the only thing that could make him nice.” He said a little angrily. She sighed and hugged him. “We better get out” They got out and got dressed then walked downstairs to make breakfast. ¬†They all talked about the crib. Bella was so excited. ¬†When they finished Bryan said “Dad we better get going to get the crib.” His father got up “Ok, you girls have fun while we are gone.”

Bryan drove while his dad sat next to him in silence. He kept glancing at him out of the corner of his eye. He thought the old man looked nervous. He opened his mouth to say something, his father looked at him and he closed it. They pulled into the baby store parking lot and went inside. He gave the woman behind the counter his name and told her he should have an order in. She smiled and asked two of the male workers to get it. They brought out the preassembled crib and Bryan was delighted to see it was perfect. He had asked for zoo animals to be carved into the inside and outside of the head and footboard. The crib was made of a dark wood and the animals were painted with non toxic paint. He was very happy with it. The two men carried it out to the truck and waited for Bryan to lower the tailgate before lifting it in. He thanked them and him and his dad tied it down. They got in the truck and drove out of the parking lot.

“Can we go somewhere to talk?” His father asked.

“Sure dad, there’s a lake not far from here.” He said, nervously.

Bella paced back and forth. She wondered if they were talking. She hoped Bryan didn’t take a swing at his dad, god knew the man deserved it, but she’d rather not have to deal with a hospital visit and explaining to a doctor what had happened. She ran her fingers through her hair and ran her hand over her stomach. Malcolm rolled and kicked, obviously feeling her distress. “Bella hon, come sit. Everything’s going to be alright.” Debra said from the couch.

She smiled at the woman. “I’m okay, really. I just hope they aren’t getting in a fist fight.”

“Walter has better control of his temper now.” It wasn’t Walter she was worried about.

Bryan parked neither of them moving or saying anything for a few minuets. “What is it dad?” He couldn’t believe how nervous his father was. “Lets get out and sit by the lake first ok?” He agreed and jumped out and they sat right next to the water. “I’ve been running through what I’m going to say over and over in my head and I just can’t find the right words but hopfully what I have managed to get together will be good.” Bryan got nervous.

“I was a shitty father. It’s an understatement but I know how much of a bastard I was when I drank. You didn’t deserve all the monstrous things I did to you. It’s a miracle you and your mother even survived me.” He started to tear up & his words started to break. “Son I’m not asking you to forgive me. What I did to you isn’t¬†forgivable. When I heard you were having a baby it hit me hard. I never see you, not that i deserve to. It’s just turned me around. I promise you I haven’t had a drink in months. We don’t keep any in the house and I dont go to bars. Your mother can even tell you I havent laid a hand on her.”

He stared at his son hoping he’d say anything to him. Walter couldn’t tell what his son was thinking. “How can I trust you dad? Do you realize I don’t have a single good memory of you? Not even one fucking time were you ever nice to me even sober. You just weren’t as violent sober.” Bryan started looking really angry “How can I fucking trust you around the love of my life. You may be sober now but what about next month?! It’s not so much me but my family I worry about.”

His dad started crying. It calmed Bryan down a bit. He didn’t know the man could cry. “Please just give me a chance son. I want to know you, your wife and my grandson.” Bryan stood there silent. “I think I need to talk to my wife before I give you a real answer” His dad nodded through his tears. They got back in the car and headed home.

When they got out of the truck Bella could tell something had happened. Bryan looked mad and Walter looked upset. They unloaded the crib and she opened the front door for them. They carried it upstairs in silence. She wasn’t sure what to think. She didn’t see any marks on either of them. She wanted to get Bryan alone and see if he was alright. Walter nodded to her as he left the baby’s room and went back downstairs. She closed and locked the door behind him. “What happened?” She asked.

“We just talked is all.” He sounded so lost. She wrapped her arms around his neck so he had to look at her.

“Tell me.”

“He apologized for being a worthless father, apologized for his drinking. He says he hasn’t even had a drop since he found out you were pregnant. I just don’t know what to think or say or do anymore. I expected him to come here and put me down, not ask for forgiveness.” He had to swallow the lump in his throat. He clenched his fists at his sides.

“Seven months is a big step for someone like him.” She brushed his bangs off of his forehead.

“Would you forgive him? Would you start over?” He wrapped his arms around her, needing her warmth.

“I don’t know. I’m not the one he hurt and I’m not the one he’s asking. All I can say is when I saw that picture of all of you he looked so happy, so in love, and proud. I saw another side of him in that picture that he’s showing now. If you could have felt the way he touched me when he helped me up you would understand. It was like he was holding his grandson, like he was lifting the most fragile thing in the world and was going out of his way not to break it.” She kissed his chin.

He didn’t know how she did that, how she lit up his entire world and pushed back the shadows. He kissed her, tangling his fingers in her soft hair. He loved her so much. He pulled her out of their son’s room and into their room. He undressed both of them, needing to be skin to skin. He lay on the bed and pulled her on top of him so she straddled him. He kissed her as he thrust up into her, her cry muffled by his lips. They made love quickly and quietly, his fingers tangling with hers. They lay gasping together, holding each other close. He truly loved her with all his heart. They pulled their close back on and walked hand in hand downstairs. He still had to give his father his answer.

He walked up to his dad still holding Bellas hand. He needed her to give him strength. “I don’t forgive how you treated me but I would like to get to know the new you. I think it would be nice if we were all close.” It seemed both wives started crying at the same time. Debra ran over to hug Bella and suddenly Walter was hugging Bryan. “Thank you son. I promise I’m not going to let you down.” Bryan slowly hugged him back. He had to force his arms up. He was giving his dad a chance but he still had a lot of anger to let go of.

The rest of their visit was nothing but laughter and happiness. They all went fishing together and had a picnic afterwards. When it was time for them to leave they all huged eachother happily and said their I love yous. As they got in the car Bella yelled “Please come back soon!” Walter said “we will!” Their car became smaller until it was gone. Bryan swept his wife off her feet. He just stared into her eyes then carried her into the house. “I hope you know I’d be nothing without you Bella. I wouldn’t have had the courage to forgive him if it weren’t for you. Hell I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things without you. I hope I always make you happy because I sure as hell don’t know how I deserve you.”

“Oh Bryan” She kissed him and he gently rubbed her face.

~The End~

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