Caine & Rajin 2

Chapter One

“Rajin, why don’t we go to Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon” Rajin had expressed the desire to go and help spirits move on again. Caine had visited the tunnels once for his blog and the stories broke his heart. So many sad and horrible things happened in them and he hated knowing spirits were trapped there, left to suffer with how they died for eternity. If they were going to help more spirits, he really wanted it to be them. “Alright, Oregon it is. Lets go spend some time with my parents then leave in the morning” Rajin picked up their house phone and dialed his mother “Hey baby”

“Hey mom, I’m going to go help some spirits tomorrow in Oregon. I was just calling to see if you and dad were available this evening so I could see you for a bit before my husband and I head out”

“Yeah, come on over. Your brother Gregory is here with his wife Kifa. I’m so glad you called instead of just leaving. He was just talking about wanting to see you”

“Will be over then, love you.”

“Love you too, sweetie, I’ll make you something to eat so you aren’t out there on an empty stomach.”

“Thanks mom.”

“She’s going to make your favorite.” Caine said as he headed upstairs, Rajin following close behind.

“She always does and I could eat it for eternity.”

Caine smiled as he got his camera off his desk and put it in its bag. He made sure he had an extra battery. “You’re a good son.”

Rajin hugged him from behind, pressing a kiss to his neck. “I’m a better husband.” He ran his nose over Caine’s ear.

“Be good.”

“I’m always good.”

“Only if your definition of good is bad.”

Rajin chuckled “You love how bad I am so it makes me good when I’m being bad” Caine leaned into Rajin and looked up at him, “what my love” Rajin asked even as he leaned down to kiss him. “You’re always making me fall even more helplessly in love with you”

“Good, I want to keep you forever as my dad has kept my mom”

“They are a really good couple”

“always have been, good parents too” Rajin kissed him again as he undid the button on Caines pants and began to push them off. Caine just kept kissing, wanting to make love to Rajin every bit as much as Rajin wanted to make love to him. Rajin wrapped his hand around Caines length and began moving it back and forth in the way they discovered felt intensel amazing to him “Rajin” Caine broke the kiss with the pleasure that ran through him immedietly. Rajin smiled roguish, starting the kiss again and sliding his tongue in his mouth.

Caine’s moan as he came parted their lips and Rajin smiled when he pushed back against him, practically begging to be taken. He stripped his clothes off and pushed Caine onto the bed, moving behind him. He pulled him up so Caine’s back was pressed to his chest, pulled him down onto his waiting erection, his lips finding Caine’s to catch his moans. His pace was slow, each thrust burying him deep. “Rajin, faster.” Caine begged, his body shaking, a whimper slipping past his lips.

Rajin pushed him down, slamming into him. He wanted to hang on, take his time since they would be busy, but everything about Caine consumed him. Fangs sank into his neck, the sweet taste of Caine’s blood washing over his tongue. Caine’s body shook as Rajin flowed into him and they both collapsed, spent. “You okay?” Rajin asked through his labored breaths.

“Mmhmm.” Caine replied tiredly.

Rajin chuckled, a smug grin on his face as he kissed Caine’s cheek. “I really love you.”

“Love you too.”

“I’ll draw us a bath, you wait here, my love.”

After their soak they rushed over to Rylan and Declans home where they were greeted by Gregory and Declan “Rylan and Kifa are nearly done cooking you two”

“She can’t be cooking us, we’re right here” Rajin said, making Caine punch him in the shoulder. Declan and Rajin laughed while Gregory shook his head “why do you have to encourage dads sense of humor?”

“Because it’s fun” Gregory hugged Rajin “it’s good to see you dork”

“It’s good to see you too. Is your youngest child here?”

“No, Kifa’s mother has her right now”

“That’s too bad, I had another story for her about a ghost dog.”

“She’s going to be just as obsessed with ghosts as you are.”

“I’m not obsessed, but hey at least she won’t be scared of them.”

“She’ll be bringing them home.” He turned his attention to Caine. “How are you? Is my brother being good?”

“Define good.”

“Not breaking too many trespassing laws or causing property damage because ghost.”

“That was one time.” Rajin said.

Caine smiled. “He’s being good then.”

“Good, you two be careful on this next job. I’ve heard some of the ghosts there go poltergeist bad if you piss them off”

“We’re vampires, we’ll be fine. Even if Caine was still human I’d never let him be harmed”

“I just didn’t know how deeply you looked into it was all. I want to make sure there are no injuries if possible. My kids are sort of attached to you and I think mom would care a little bit if something happened”

“If anything ever happened to me while helping spirits move on I think our mother would find a way to kill ghosts”

“damn right I would” Rylan called, making the boys chuckle.

They talked and joked with one another until Rylan told them to come and eat and Caine glanced at Rajin when he saw that is was indeed Rajin’s favorite meal. Rajin just winked at him and thanked his mother before digging in. Caine loved being a part of this family. They always made him feel like he belonged and they never asked him for anything other than always loving Rajin. He had started to wonder if maybe he and Rajin should start a family of their own. Rylan and Declan loved all of their children and grandchildren so he knew they would be amazing. “Hey space man, where’d you go?” Rajin asked and Caine’s heart jumped in his chest.

“Sorry, just thinking. Did I miss anything?”

“Just me talking about ghosts and the best way of approaching them.”

“I want you guys to have an exit plan.” Declan said. “I trust in you both, but you should never underestimate anything mystical or supernatural.”

“I understand, anything could happen. You’ve fought a lot of different creatures.”

“He was just reminding me of the basics. Always know where the doorway is, never panic, and if one sense betrays you then use the others.”

“And don’t be afraid to drop everything and go back for it later.”

“we never forget dad. Caine is a good partner on jobs and keeps me focused. I’m even better now with him by my side than I ever was working alone” Declan smiled at his son when he finished speaking “I know, It’s sad to me that there are people in this world, especially immortals that just sleep around and never even try to find a mate. Having a life partner, someone who knows all your strengths and weakness’s is a blessing. Having a mate is never being alone, having a mate it having two minds working together instead of one working by itself. Having a mate is nothing but amazing benefits as long as you pick the right one. I’m so happy all my children grew up understanding this and have all picked amazing people to spend your lives with. I feel fortunate to not have to deal with an in law yet I didn’t like from you kids”

“Well, you haven’t met my dad.” Caine said. “Not that I want you to, he’s not worth your time.”

Rajin took his hand. “You never have to worry about him, my parents can be your parents.” He kissed his cheek. “We’ll always be your family.”

“That’s right, honey, you never have to worry about a thing with us.” Rylan added. “We’ll love you no matter what.”

“Thank you.” Caine replied, smiling happily as warmth moved through him.

When they were finished eating, they told everyone bye, Declan reminding Rajin once again to stay safe and to call if anything happened. “Love you guys.” Rajin said.

“Your family really is something.” Caine said once they were in the car and on the road.

“Yeah, I got pretty lucky and getting to share them with you makes it that much better.”

“It’s nice, especially after living with that drunk. He just used me, I hated it.”

“well now he can’t touch your money. He shouldn’t have been able to spend it before but there’s nothing that can be done now.”

“He still emails me from time to time asking for hand outs”

“I’m glad you don’t send him any to just drink away”

“I feel nothing for that man. I doubt I’d even send any if he had an actual need” Rajin didn’t want his lover to get upset so he asked “I haven’t seen you tinkering much lately, whats up with that?”

“Nothing has really inspired me. I have plenty of money, if I never invent something again you and I will be fine so I don’t really sit down any more and brain storm. I’d rather be with you or looking up souls for us to save you know”

“You’re happy though?”

“Of course”

“Good, you’re an inventor, it’s a big part of you. I don’t want you to ever think you can’t just seclude yourself a bit to brainstorm. I love you and I accept all there is to you”

“I know Rajin, thats one of the best things about you. If something inspires me sure but until then I just want to be with you, doing whatever it is you want to do with me”

“There’s plenty I want to do with you.” He winked and Caine laughed, feeling so incredibly loved. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

He rested his head on Rajin’s shoulder, giving a contented sigh as he enjoyed the drive. He started thinking about children again and an hour later he said. “Rajin?”


“I was wondering, do you think I’d be a good dad?”

Rajin’s heart stuttered. “Are you thinking about children?”

“Yeah, I mean if that’s something that appeals to you.”

“I’d love children.”


“Yeah and to answer your question I think you’d make a wonderful father.”

“and they’d have good grandparents with Rylan and Declan. Your siblings would be such amazing Aunts and Uncles too”

“well we’ll do this job then look into adoption. Do you want a human child?”

“It doesn’t really matter to me”

“There aren’t many orphanages for supernatural children but maybe we adopt some human children and some supernatural ones, mix it up”


“I bet they’d love you’re an inventor”

“I bet they’d love how skilled you are at helping spirits move on”

“I could take them with me.”

“Only if you promise no big jobs. I don’t want them getting hurt by a poltergeist or a spirit prone to possessing others.”

Rajin chuckled. “See, you’d be a fantastic father. You’re already thinking of their safety and how to make them happy.”

Caine looked at his hands. “I just worry sometimes that I’ll end up like him. I never want to hurt you or any of our children. My mother died because of him and I would hate myself if I ever did anything like that.”

Rajin took his hand, smiling lovingly. “There’s no way you’d ever do that, I mean the fact that you worry about all the what ifs means that you know what you don’t want to be, what you won’t allow yourself to be. You’re such an incredible person, there’s no way any of your old man’s traits rubbed off on you.”

Caine swallowed the little lump that had formed in his throat. “Thank you.”

Chapter Two

They talked for awhile longer then Caine pulled out his tablet to start another blog post. He still documented his trips to haunted places just not quite the same way he had before Rajin. To Caines surprise more people followed him now than had before. “Theres a comment again asking for me to post a picture of you” Caine said and Rajin replied “only if you really want me to”

“No, it’s fine. Some people don’t like their picture taken and you’re one of them. I care more about your feelings than my followers”

“It’s really fine”

” I just brought it up for conversations sake. You get so stone silent when I’m typing up a blog post.”

“I just don’t want to interrupt a thought process”

“well I love you”

“I love you too”

The drive there was absolutely beautiful and they checked into a hotel when they got there, Rajin telling the woman at the front desk that they didn’t know when they would be leaving. “So what’s the plan?” Caine asked when they had settled into their room.

“Take the tour.” He put their suitcase next to the bed. “I want to see what I’ll be working with before we sneak in there tonight.”

“Sounds fun, I’m really excited.”

“We should get tickets then, the website said to be there early.”

Caine checked his camera again before slipping it around his neck then they left the hotel to get their tickets. “We should grab something to eat before we go.” Caine said when they had their tickets in hand.

“We passed a pizza place.”

“Sounds perfect.”

They drove back and tried out one of their specialty pizzas. As they were eating Rajin asked “so kids, care about age range?”

“Not really, I just thought we’d see some and see which ones fit with us you know”

“Thats the best plan. Getting to experience everything by adopting a baby or toddler would of course be amazing but the older kids need a family too. I hear most kids have almost no hope of getting adopted once they are over eight years old”

“Thats so sad”

“yeah, I mean, we’re immortal so we can spend our lives adopting kids if we want so maybe we’ll end up with a baby one day”

“the good thing about older kids is we can jump right into fun stuff like them inventing with me or going on these jobs”

“Yeah, plus skipping diapers is fine with me” Rajins words made Caine laugh which in turn made a huge grin shine on Rajins face. “I love you” Rajin couldn’t help but say as his ears filled with that perfect laughter “I love you more”

“I love you most”


“Most times infinity”

“I love you so much, if it was between you and inventing, I’d choose you.”

Rajin laughed. “Now how can I compete with that, that’s not fair.”

“All’s fair in love and war.”

He leaned over and kissed him. “If that’s the case then I guess I’ll have to use every tactic to prove you wrong.”

“You’re on after we’re done working.”

They finished eating then walked hand in hand to the meeting spot. There were already about a dozen people there, some of them taking pictures of the surrounding location. When the tour guide was sure everyone he got everyone’s attention, made an introductory speech and made sure everyone knew that they could opt out if small spaces made them uncomfortable. They then started walking, him telling stories of the history behind the tunnels. Since some of it was above ground, both Caine and Rajin just absorbed the information.

Rajin wound up glad they went on a tour first instead of coming in blind to precisely what type of spirits lurked here. He could feel there were at least four malicious, angry spirits that would give them trouble. He and Caine would have to do a lot of prep, mostly because he wanted to be sure Caine remembered everything he had taught him about ealing with angry souls. Caine getting hurt on a job couldn’t happen, even if Caine got annoyed at being told again and again things he already knew. He knew Caine realized he only did that because he loved him so much.

When the tour was over and they were back in their car Caine said “so I felt some poltergeists right?”


“I’m getting better” Rajin smiled at how proud Caine sounded. “You are but I want to remind you” Caine cut him off “I know”

“I know you know but please give me the comfort of reminding you”

“alright” Rajin rattled off everything he had ever told Caine about dealing with them when you irritated the spirit by trying to make it leave.’Rajin, I’ll be careful. I swear”

“I know…I just need you Caine. I really do”

“I know baby, I need you too.”

They hung out in their room until nightfall and then they headed over to the tunnel entrance. The door to them was locked, but it was pretty weak and Rajin picked it easily. “Some security.”

“It’s probably more about keeping homeless people out or something.”

“Probably, didn’t really plan for someone with a lockpick and supernatural abilities. You would think they would, it’s Oregon.”

Caine chuckled. “You’re such a dork.”

“At least I’m cute.”

When the cool air of the underground hit their faces, Rajin took Caine’s hand, wanting to keep him close. He let his senses flare out, searching for the spirits that he knew would be there. If he could, he wanted to save the poltergeists for last. They were always much tougher, they hung on to the living world often with anger as their anchor.

They made quick, easy work of the calmer ones, the ones only there due to the horrible nature of their death or their kidnapping here that made their final days a living hell. The last one had Caine crying “I’m sorry” he said to Rajin who continued to rub his back “it’s okay, you have a big heart”

“That woman went through so much”

“She’s resting peacefully now though and you helped me do that for her and all the other souls trapped here. The peaceful ones anyway. We have those few poltergists left. Are you tired? I don’t want you going into a situation with them tired”

“I’m fine Rajin. Just give me a second to dry it up”

When Caine had caught his breath and was able to calm his tears, they moved onto the first poltergeist. Rajin made sure to keep Caine behind him at all times, not wanting him in the line of fire of any flying debris. Depending on the strength of the rage, a poltergeist could move anything from a teddy bear to a vending machine. The spirit’s eyes were already spitting fire, his teeth were grit, his entire body was ready to attack. He paced back and forth, constantly clenching and unclenching his hands. “Excuse me, sir?” Rajin said and the spirit’s eyes looked right at him, a rock flying off the ground at his head. He caught it easily and dropped it. “Easy, just take a breath and hear me out. We’re not the monsters who hurt you, we’re here to help. My name is Rajin.” Another rock came flying at him and he caught that one too. “This is Caine, we’re just here to talk. Won’t you listen?” The spirit froze, eyes still glaring. “I know you’re angry, I would be too, but you need need to let go of this anger and move on to something better than this.”

It wasn’t listening to reason but Rajin stood his ground, being as calm as he could possibly be. He managed to make the first one go on then they walked to where he had felt the other. The woman poltergeist was humming as they approached it. It was a soft, soothing melody but Rajin reminded Caine not to be fooled by it. Caine nodded, hoping they could make this one move on as well without harm befalling either one of them. “can I try Rajin?”

“Okay but seriously, be careful”

Caine did his best not to appear nervous as he moved around Rajin. He knew this could easily go south if he didn’t pick his words carefully. “Excuse me miss.” He said as gently as he could. She turned to look at him, glaring. “Please, I know you’re upset, but I want to help.” He head something slide across the floor and Rajin reached out, catching a large stone an inch from his nose.

“That was close.” Rajin dropped it.

“Listen, you can throw as many things at me as you want, but I’m not leaving you here to suffer.” Caine said to the angry spirit. “I just want you to be free. There are so many people waiting for you, I just know it.”

Rajin was honestly impressed by how well his mate did talking the sprit down and helping them pass. “I did it” Caine exclaimed jubilantly as he hugged his mate “you did, that was perfect”

“Thanks for trusting me”

“It’s not that I didn’t before Caine”

“I know, I’m just excited”

“You’ll have to let me help you tinker more”

“Like 10 minuets in you’re always trying to seduce me” Rajin chuckled and they began walking around a bit more to make sure everything had been freed. “This place seems clear Caine, we can head home”

“To start with adoption stuff”

“Of course” They stopped at Rajins parents first to let them know they wanted to begin the process and they were both over joyed to hear they’d be grandparents again soon. “Oh can we come to the orphanages with you?”

“sure mom”

“You two would really be fine with that?” Declan checked and Rajin nodded “yeah, they can meet their grandparents when they are meeting their new dads” They discussed the places they could look for children and printed out a couple things for orphanages around where they lived. They still weren’t sure how many children they wanted but they were beyond excited to start this new chapter of their lives. They were guides for spirits, inventors and now, best of all, they could add dads to that.

~ The End

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