Caine & Rajin

Chapter One

Caine was behind the wheel of his F-Type Jaguar Coupe again. This time he was headed to Cannock Chase in the United Kingdom. He went to these places in the US more than he did anywhere else but he had been at this since he was seventeen so he needed to branch out a little now. He was now thirty eight and had struck gold with an invention at only eleven so he could afford to pretty much do as he pleased. Especially since he had invented plenty since then. He didn’t even really have family to share it with. His mothers family had hated and shunned her for being with an abusive drunk and didn’t even bother coming to her funeral. When they started sniffing around once he came into money he couldn’t have been angrier.

There had been so many times as a child that he thought if they would have just been there for his mom, maybe she wouldn’t have stayed and maybe she wouldn’t have died giving birth to him because that piece of shit had beaten her earlier that day. It was bad enough to have learned his father beat her but to also learn her being pregnant didn’t even stop him. When it came to his father he didn’t quite know why he didn’t know family from that side but the day he was able to leave he had and he had never looked back.

He hoped to never be like his dad. That a monster didn’t live inside him. His fear he might hurt someone like his dad hurt his mom was mostly why he had stayed single. Plus he didn’t know anybody who would be fine traveling this much and he couldn’t live without doing this. It terrified the hell out of him but it’s what he lived for. Another haunted place, more ghosts, more unexplained things he could experience was all he needed.

Rajin yawned as he strolled through the woods at a leisurely pace, hands in his pockets as he waited for the spirits to come to him. They always did whether out of curiosity or hoping to drive him away. He was sure it would be the former, these were the spirits of children after all. He could feel the echoes here, the fear, the pain, the sudden enveloping darkness. He further expanded his senses, letting the vibrations of their souls wash over him. He projected kindness, wanting them to see him as a friend. This was his second visit here and they still had not shown themselves, but he was patient.

Caine pulled up and made sure his camera was ready so he could take a few pictures for his blog. Another form of income he had was blogging about these ventures into haunted places. It wasn’t a huge form of income but it wasn’t like he really needed it. Blogging about it was more like a scrapbook to him for his adventures. The camera was all he took though, no recorders or anything of that sort. As soon as he entered the wood he felt an overwhelming sadness to this place but places that were haunted by children always felt sad to him.If he knew how he’d help them move on rather than just exploring but that was an area he didn’t think people should mess with if they didn’t know what they were doing.

Caine actually hoped he would see some Fallow Deer. They were known to thrive out here and he thought they were a beautiful type of deer. He also knew a number of rare and endangered birds were around here and he would feel this a pretty successful trip if he could snap a shot of at least one. He was about a half hour in when he actually spotted a European nightjar. He missed his shot of the beautiful little bird because it flew away the second he turned his camera on. He was disappointed but at the very least he had seen one of the rare birds he was hoping to.

Rajin felt the spirit before he saw it and he turned, looking down at the little girl standing there. Black eyes looked back at him, just studying him. “Well hello little one.” She was silent, never blinking so he squatted down to he was at her level. “Not much of a talker I take it, that’s okay.” The little girl reached out, her hand touching his cheek. It felt like ice. “What is it little one?” She turned his head and pointed with her other hand. “What is it?” When he looked back, she was gone and he stood. The ghosts of children were rarely ever this serious. They tended to be more mischievous than anything, but this one had something to show him. He started walking in the direction she had pointed, inhaling the air. The out of place scent curled through the trees, carried by a slight breeze. Male, human, and he was alone.

Caine raised his camera, taking a few shots of the woods. They were beautiful in an eerie sort of way and he could feel the chill of the place tingling over his skin, leaving goosebumps. There was definitely something here. He had heard the stories, seen the blurry videos. The black eyed children resided here, victims of a murder. There was also rumor of a black dog that haunted the area and he wondered if the two were connected. He raised his camera again and froze when he saw what looked like a small child in his viewfinder. He dropped the camera, his heart thumping in his chest when he saw her still standing there. He took a quick shot then started to move closer, causing her to vanish.

“She’s playing with you.” The voice startled him and he nearly dropped his camera as he turned around.

“woah” Rajin said then chuckled before continuing “I’m sorry”

“No, um..I’m okay’ he said nervously. The man before him was attractive and surprisingly a little taller than he was. Caine was 6’2 so it was pretty rare to find anyone even his height. His blue eyes and black hair were both the things Caine was a sucker for in a man so he felt instant attraction. Rajin picked up on it and a smug smile appeared on his face. It was a good stroke to his ego to have such an attractive man getting butterflies over him. It wordless answered the question if this human was gay or not. “I’m Rajin, What’re you doing here?”

“I like to explore haunted areas. I am from the US but I’ve been doing this since I was seventeen so I have to branch out a bit now. You must not be from here either, I can’t really place your accent though” Rajin smiled almost humorously “You pegged I’m not from here. I like to come to these places but to free the spirits. Don’t worry, I’m a professional”

“Could I help you? I’d rather help them than gawk. I just don’t know how and feel I should leave that to people who know what they are doing?” Rajins smile shone again, he liked this human a lot. “Okay, You might be able to help me out if you really want to”

“I do”

“Follow me then and don’t be afraid.”

“Ghosts don’t scare me.”

Rajin smiled, showing a pair of pointy canines. “Even the dog isn’t dangerous unless provoked.”

“The black dog, it’s real?”

“Very and they love the English country side.”

Caine studied the area around them, pausing briefly to take pictures. Rajin was patient, not in any real rush. He was waiting for the spirits anyway. They had obviously wanted him to meet this human and when the spirits spoke, it was always important to listen. It made him wonder what secrets this man had, why he projected a hint of nervousness and doubt. “I would love to get some pictures of the animals.”

“After I’m done with the spirits, I’ll show you some. Sometimes certain spirits make them go quiet. They might be waiting.”

“I was a little surprised to be so close to one of the children.”

“They seem to be attracted to you. Spirits know things about people.”

“I’m not sure what would attract them to me”

“These children were killed. They’d connect with abuse, especially if you went through abuse as a child. I know it’s prying but is it that?” Rajin hoped it wasn’t but it was likely. Caine’s heart sunk and that was all Rajin needed to know that was it. Caine surprised him when he took his shirt off to expose the permanent marks on his body his father had left. “My father was a bit of a bastard”

“a bit?” Rajin looked saddened by the marks on his body and Caine put his shirt back on “sorry”

“don’t be, I asked. Want me to go put him in his place?”

“No, he’s an old, lonely man now if hes still alive. Being alone is probably punishment enough”

“did your mother pass or did she leave him eventually?” Caine sighed and looked as if he might cry, she had passed and Rajin felt like an asshole “sorry, I’ll stop being such a nosey jerk”

“No, I don’t know, I mean most people do sound nosey but you seem to actually care about the answers. I doubt you know me but I’m an inventor so people like to learn about me like I’m some sort of collectors card or a book or somthing. You just really want to know about me” Caine didn’t know if he was being naive or not because he thought this man was attractive but he really did feel what he was saying.

“Then you’ll be happy to know that I don’t tend to keep up on current events, too busy traveling. So no matter how famous you are, I wouldn’t know until later.” He chuckled. “Come on, stay close to me and keep me company.”

Caine stayed by his side, not understanding why this man of all people made him want something more than his self induced isolation. He had stopped himself so many times from getting close to others, but Rajin had this understanding air about him. Rajin grabbed his arm, pulling him to a stop, his head tipping to the side. “What is it?” Caine asked.

“Be still.” His eyes fluttered closed and Caine took that moment to admire him. He was slender, but well built, long dark lashes stood out against his pale skin. His black hair looked soft to the touch and he had to resist the urge to run his fingers through it. Growling broke his concentration and his eyes jumped away as Rajin’s eyes snapped open. Another growl filled the forest and their eyes were drawn to the black dog. At first it seemed like nothing more than a shadow, but as it took shape, Caine could see more distinctive features.

“What do I do?”

“Just stay calm, he’s not as dangerous as he sounds.” Rajin moved slowly between Caine and the hound. “Easy boy, I’m not here to hurt anyone, I just want to help.” He reached out, and the dog nipped at him, but didn’t bite. “It’s okay, let me help them, they need to move on. You’re protecting them right? Well I want to help too.”

Chapter Two

He kept talking to the dog like this as Caine watched. His eyes were large with awe until the dog vanished. Rajin looked up, his handsome face looking pleased. Rajin walked back over to Caine “He’s resting in peace now”

“That was nothing like I thought it would be”

“I’m just using a talent I seem to have been born with. I’ll tell you the story of how I discovered it after I send the children off for death to finally collect them”

“Dogs are even loyal in death huh?”

“Yep, he just wanted to keep their spirits safe.”

“Did you summon him? Why did you stop?”

“I just felt like that was the right spot. They sort of tell me where to go. I guess in a way I’m using my intuition.” Blushing Caine had to admit “You’re pretty amazing” Rajin wore a big smile again and this time Caine noticed the fangs. Rajin caught that realization in his eyes and was simply honest with him “I hope you believe it but I am a vampire. I like you too much to dance around it”

“This might be an ignorant statement but it’s sunlight outside” Rajin gave an understanding smile “I get that that might be confusing. My mother was human before my father changed her and her blood is special somehow. It made my father able to walk in the sun and all my siblings can. Regardless a lot of vampires can put on sunscreen and be fine”

“So you guys can really change people into vampires?”

“Yeah but we only do it if we fall in love with someone who isn’t immortal. My dad has never regretted making Rylan immortal. They have an extremely happy marriage. I hope mine is as happy as that some day”

“You..you want to get married some day” Rajin moved so close they were almost touching “yes” Having Rajin so close made Caines heartbeat pick up and the vampire chuckled “you seem to have accepted I’m telling the truth. I’m glad, I’m gay too by the way”

“Oh, I…I see.” He stammered, a blush creeping up his neck.

“There they are.” Rajin said and Caine looked around, seeing the little girls, all black eyed and watching them. “Are you ready to go now?” Rajin asked them. The oldest of the three pointed at Caine. “He’ll be fine, he’s in good hands.” The little girl shook her head and moved closer, stopping right in front of Caine. “I think she wants to tell you something.”

“Me? Okay.” He squatted down and she moved her face right next to his, her soft voice making his eyes widen. She then pulled back and gently patted his cheek then turned to Rajin.

“It won’t hurt you know, all you have to do is let go. I think everyone will feel better knowing the reaper has you, I hear he’s a nice guy.” She nodded and rejoined the other two, taking their hands. They vanished as Caine pushed himself up and wiped at his face. “You okay? What did she say?”

“Just a message from my mom.”

Rajin patted his back then hugged him. “Good message?”


“That’s all that matters then.” He gave him a gentle squeeze then let him go. “Some first date huh?”

“Yeah…wait date?”

“Kidding, but it got you to stop crying.”

Caine smiled “thanks for letting me join you.”

“You’re saying that like we’re done with eachother. Didn’t I tell you after I sent the children off I’d tell you about how I discovered my gift?”

“Oh, yeah, want to grab something to eat then?”

“If it’s a date”

“are you still teasing?” Rajin caressed Caines cheek “not at all” A happy smile grew on Rajins face as he made this humans heart rate go up again. “wha..what if I” Caine couldn’t finish his sentence as he looked into Rajins eyes. “I’m a vampire, I can handle anything. I feel the worry in you. Is it about your dad?”

“I’ve always been afraid since I’m his son that I might hurt someone if I got into a relationship”

“we are not our parents and nothing about you says you are anything like that. Besides, at this moment I just want you to sit down to a nice meal with me so I can talk to you some more. I like you quite a bit” Caine couldn’t throw those walls up he always did so he said “okay, where would you like to eat?”

“I want it just to be you and I so if you let me take you to my home I want to do it there.”

“You live close?”

“Nope but I can get you there using a handy trick of mine. We’ll be there before you even realize it”

“Okay, how does it work?”

Rajin took his hand. “It’s like teleportation, one minute you’re here and the next you’re there.”

“I still don’t…” he blinked and they were standing in the middle of a gravel driveway, “understand?” He let go of Rajin and turned in a circle. “How did you do that?”



“I’m incredibly talented.” He once again took Caine’s hand and pulled him onto the front porch as he fished out his keys. “I hope you like my home, my father drew up the floor plan for it.” He pushed the door open and pulled him inside.

“Such a big house for just you?”

“My parents wanted me to have enough room for guests or pets or a family of my own. My father believes in being prepared for everything.”

This is amazing”

“I take it you have a good amount of money. I bet yours is better or similar”

“Nah, I travel so much I don’t have much need for a big home”

“How do you have time to invent?”

“At this point I don’t really have to. I only really go home to do it when an idea pops in my head. What do you do for money?”

“My father has a great deal of it. I don’t have a house payment because my family built it. I don’t need a car and I can gather my own food. If I want clothes I have access to my dads money and some of the members of my family can make clothes”

“You and our family sound so close. It must be nice” Rajin hated how sad he sounded. He surprised Caine with a hug “whats that for?”

“stop getting that sad look or I’ll have to kiss you. This is your last chance with the hugs” Caine blushed again as Rajin held him “I’m..I’m okay” Rajin smiled, taking in his scent. He pulled back, thinking Caine smelled amazing. “Food, um, are you allergic to anything?” Now Rajin was starting to get a little nervous.

“Not that I know of.”

“Good, great. Does Asian chicken salad sound okay?”

“Anything is fine, I’ll try anything once.”

“Just relax or give yourself a tour, I’ll try not to take too long. My home is your home.”

His smile had Caine blushing again and he exhaled the breath he was holding once Rajin was out of sight. The vampire already had such a hold on him, making him desire more in life, making him want a home. He sighed as he found his way into the living room. There were a couple of bookshelves here and he took a moment to look over the spines of each book. Some of them he recognized and had even read himself. He plucked one off the shelf and sat down, flipping it open.

Rajin had entered the room to ask him what he was going to want to drink but just ended up smiling silently. He was glad Caine had found a book that interested him. He had already read it twice so it would give them something to talk about over dinner. Rajin didn’t spend a whole lot of time with humans so he was glad for a topic of conversation for later. Rajin returned to the kitchen and finished up on dinner before pouring them both a little wine. Rajin added a little bit of blood to his own to make sure he was tempted too much by Caine this evening. He was pretty sure asking for a bit of blood wasn’t something you do on a first date.

He set the table then pulled Caines attention away from the book “Like it so far?” Rajin asked as Caine followed him to the table “Yeah, it’s really good. You have great taste in books”

“Thank you, have you read any on my shelf?”

“Quite a few actually”

“which ones”

“Well, most of the ghost story books, the Anne Rice novels, and you have the same book of poetry I have. It was part of a gift basket and I really liked it. Most of the stuff I read tends to be fiction with the exception of some technology books and magazines I own.”

“Being a nerd is actually really cute.”

Caine blushed. “Thank you.” He took a bite of his food. “This is amazing.”

“It’s not much and really easy to make. I can teach you if you like.”

“I’m afraid I don’t do much cooking, always moving.”

“You don’t like staying places?”

Caine looked at his plate. “Keeping myself moving is what has kept me from worrying about things like becoming my dad and I enjoy getting to see so many new places. I bet you’ve been everywhere.” He raised his head and smiled. “I have admit you being able to jump from place to place makes me a little jealous.”

“Well, I’ll take you wherever you want to go, just say the word and we’ll go.”

“Why would you do that? I mean you don’t even really know me.”

As a vampire I can sense a lot of things humans can’t. I know you’re a good person and i’m really interested in you. You’re pretty hot for a human” he winked and Caine blushed. Rajin gave a small chuckled again before continuing “you have good taste in books, you care about people. I want to get to know you so I know if you’re mate material. You’re attracted to me too right? More than just physically. As a vampire I already know you’re attracted to me”

“Ye yeah, I like your personality too”

“good then, so we’ll be spending a lot of time together?”


“Don’t let stupid things like your dad make you feel bad. You aren’t him, you’re a good man. I already know that”

“Thank you for saying that”

“It’s true” The conversation went back to books as they finished eating which was fine with Rajin. He knew he probably wasn’t used to someone being so forward and he didn’t want to overwhelm him. After dinner Rajin asked “don’t laugh but” he rubbed the back of his head “would you let me hold you?”

“Why would I laugh” Caine asked, honestly confused. Rajin answered “I’m a vampire, I guess just thought you’d find me wanting to cuddle funny”

“I’d like to aswell. I..I’m glad you want to” Rajin gently tugged Caine to his couch and pulled him into his arms.

Caine had to admit that he felt safe being held by Rajin and he relaxed completely into him, letting out a little sigh. He had never thought he would feel this content just being with someone. “You alright?” Rajin asked, his lips close to Caine’s ear.

“Yeah, perfect.” His heart was beating fast again and he tried to get it to slow down, embarrassed that Rajin could hear it.

“You’re all red again.”

“I can’t help it, you’re just so…so…”


“No, I mean yes.”

Rajin let out a soft laugh. “Want to know something?”


“I’m a little nervous too.”


“I am, I swear.” He let his nose brush Caine’s neck, inhaling his scent and making goosebumps cover Caine’s body.

Rajin made a content noise “You should stay the night here. Tomorrow I’ll take you anywhere and I really mean that. If you want to see Hawaii we’ll go, if you want to see a supposed mythical creature I’ll take you. Just stay the night with me. No sex required”

Caine instantly accepted, still throwing all the caution he had always carried in the wind. They stayed cuddling as they talked until both men fell asleep on the couch. The next morning Rajin woke to Caines lips gently pressed into his. Rajin just kissed back, happy for this contact. Rajin wore a happy smile when Caine pulled back and Caine explained himself “I just…I didn’t think I’d have the nerve if I tried to do it later”

“I’m not complaining either way” Rajin rested his head on Caines “How am I ever supposed to let you leave my home doing things like that?” Caine blushed “I don’t know if I ever want to leave your side. It’s insane, I vowed a long time ago not to be with anybody and here I am wanting to be with you”

“well I’m a vampire. I can take care of myself no matter what life throws at me but you, you shouldn’t worry about letting yourself love. I’m not saying you love me but let yourself enjoy being with me because I am already crazy about you.”

“I think I’m going to easily fall in love with you”

“Thats the plan” Rajin said and Caine smiled.

Rajin made him breakfast, refusing to let Caine help, but happy for the company in the kitchen. Caine was thinking about all the places he wanted to go, excited to see something new and to do it with Rajin. He was also going to have to figure out what to do with his car. He couldn’t just leave it, people might think he had gone missing and he didn’t want to worry anyone. “Is there anyway you can bring my car here or teleport it back home?” He asked when Rajin sat a plate in front of him.

“That would take me a lot of energy.” Rajin sat down with his own plate.


“It’s not impossible, just exhausting. I can do it though.”

“You don’t have to trouble yourself.”

“It’s never trouble when it’s you. I’ll take it anywhere you like.”

“Thank you. I just don’t want there to be stories of my disappearance.”

“I’ll go back and do it after breakfast. Do you want to stay here alone or would you like to sit with two of my siblings? Ella and Atticus live pretty close to me.”

“Don’t bother them, I can just read to pass the time”

“Alright, I’d rather be with you while you get to know them anyway. They are nice, it’s nothing like that. I just want to be there too and not exhausted. Where should I move the car?”

“Back at my home with the others. People will just think I bought a new car again and am traveling as always.” Caine gave Rajin the address and they finished their breakfast. “I want a kiss I’m awake enough to fully enjoy before I go” Caines heart fluttered but he still pressed a kiss unto Rajins lips. Rajin stroked the side of Caines face when they parted, looking at him adoringly “I’m so damn glad we both went to those woods and that the spirits didn’t just come to me. If they had I wouldn’t have been there long enough to see you”

“Me too Rajin”

Rajin left and Caine sat down with the book again, but he was too distracted to truly absorb anything. He was too busy thinking about Rajin, about his sexy smile and his sweet lips. He blushed, embarrassed at his train of thought. they had just met and here he was already fantasizing. Rajin suddenly reappearing startled him and he yelped, dropping his book. “Whoa, sorry.” He sounded exhausted as he flopped down on the couch.

“Are you alright?” Caine asked as he sat his book down and scooted closer.

“Car took more out of me than I thought.”


Rajin stroked his cheek and pulled him into a hug. “Stop apologizing, I was happy to do it. Bigger things take more to move. I do have my limits though, I couldn’t move something like a building.”

“That would be frightening.”

Rajin chuckled. “Could you imagine the faces of the people inside. One minute they’re in New York and the next Egypt next to a pyramid.”

“That wouldn’t be very nice.”

“I’d put them back.”

Having read quite a bit Caine asked “would feeding off me make you feel better?”

“You’d be okay with that? Seriously, if that is too much don’t. I wasn’t even thinking of asking you. I’d be really upset if it caused you to not want to be around me”

“It only hurts at first right?”


“then do it, it’s okay. It wont make me go away” He sat Caine down and straddled him. He leaned down, his arms at either side of Caine. Rajin gave Caines neck a long kiss then asked “are you ready?”

“Yeah” Caine felt a small prick of pain but it quickly went away. Rajins fangs barely had hurt him atall. Rajin only took enough to not be sleepy any longer, kissing Caines neck once more when he removed his fangs. “That really meant a lot to me Caine. Thank you” Caines looked back into Rajins eyes, they looked so sincere and touched.

“If I couldn’t trust you I wouldn’t be here with you. I would have gone home.” Rajin framed Caines face, passionately kissing him. The two spent the next weeks in absolute bliss. If someone would have told Caine his paranormal adventures would lead him to the love of his life he would have rolled his eyes, feeling nothing but disbelief but here he was. He was happy with an amazing man who had a good family and a big heart. Caine felt incredibly lucky and he swore to himself he’d never mess this up by becoming anything like his father.

~ The End

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