Capricia & Kellen 2

Chapter One

Kellen was a little nervous that Capricia’s parents were coming to visit and he wasn’t the only one. Ashton had been pacing back and forth for half an hour. Capricia and James were excited, especially with the news that she had for their parents. She was three months pregnant and excited. Even though both she and her brother had reassured them that their parents were way laid back and very open, they were still very nervous. Kellen knew how even in this day and age pregnant, unmarried women were still sometimes treated badly. He was afraid that her very open parents would be disappointed.

“Ashton stop pacing.” Capricia said and grabbed his arm as he passed by and pulled him onto the couch so he was setting next to James. “Hold him down bro or he might wear a hole in the carpet.” James laughed and wrapped his arms around Ashton.

“You are such a tiny little thing.” James teased and kissed his cheek.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Ashton replied. “You know, since I don’t hear you complaining.”

Kellen started bouncing his leg and stared at the clock. Her parents were coming to visit now because they wouldn’t be here for Christmas. They were going on a cruise. He hoped they thought he was good enough for her. Capricia placed a calming hand on his knee and he looked at her happy, smiling face. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want them to get mad at you.” He said.

“I promise they will be so excited they are going to be grandparents. You have no idea how many times they asked me to have a baby.” She leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips, making him feel a little calmer. There was a knock on the door and Capricia was on her feet in an instant. She practically ran to the door and ripped it open, jumping into the outstretched arms of her mom and dad, Ingrid and David.

Ashton got even more tense so James kissed his head. James stood, dragging Ashton with him. As soon as they let Capricia go James said proudly “This is my boyfriend Ashton” Ingrid walked over to hug him while David hugged James. “It’s so nice to meet you. James has told us nothing but wonderful things” Ashton gave a nervous smile. Before he could say thank you David was hugging him. “It’s nice to meet you. James tells us you make him very happy”

“I’m glad” Caprica looked at Kellen to tell him to stand so he did. “Mom, dad, this is Kellen.” They took turns hugging Kellen and expressing how happy they were to meet him. Even though it had eased Ashton, Kellen was still stressed about Capricai telling them the news. He was over the moon with happiness and he wanted them to be. He especially didn’t want anyone making her feel bad for it. He felt bad for not asking her to marry him before this happened but it hadn’t really crossed his mind. He wanted to be with Capricia forever but he didn’t need a piece of paper for that to happen. Since the moment Capricia told him she was pregnant he decided to ask her to marry him as soon as his newest book was finished so he could take some time off from writing. He loved her indescribably and wanted to spend his whole life with her. Now he just had to let the rest of the world know that so they wouldn’t think poorly of her.

“Kellen, why don’t you show them our room?” Capricia said, trying to contain her excitement. They had a bassinet at the foot of their bed for the new baby. ¬†James pulled Ashton back on the couch making Ashton fall into James lap. James started to kiss him and Ashton blushed, pushing him back. “They will be so wrapped up in a second they wont notice us kissing. I assure you they wouldn’t even care if they saw it so let me kiss you or I’ll hold you down to do it.” Ashton went a deeper red as James moved back into kissing him.

Capricia had to cover her ears when her mom let out a high pitched squeal that reminded her of teenage girls who had just met their favorite band. Her mom almost knocked her over hugging her and if her father had not been standing behind her, she probably would have. She found herself sandwiched between them, being squeezed. “I can’t believe it.” Ingrid said excitedly. “We’re going to be grandparents.”

“It’s about time.” David said and Capricia rolled her eyes.

“Get over here Kellen, we have to thank for this.” Ingrid grabbed him and pulled him into the their tight hug. They finally let them go when Capricia told them she couldn’t breathe. “Have you two thought of any names yet?”

“Not yet mom, but we will.” They went back into the living room, making Ashton jump out of James’s lap and turn a bright red. “Stop being so embarrassed, my parents have seen me and James kiss people before. So how long are you guys staying?”

“The whole week if that’s okay.” David said with a smile.

“Have you rented a room yet?” Kellen asked and they shook their heads. “Then you will be staying here. The guest room is still a guest room until the baby is old enough to be alone. So please bring your bags up.”

“Are you sure? I mean, we wouldn’t want to intrude. We’re sure you two like your privacy.” Ingrid winked, making Kellen blush and Capricia laugh.

“See, told you they were very open.” She nudged him with her elbow. “Why don’t you and Ashton go get the bags, you two look like you need a breather after meeting these two crazies.” David pulled out his keys and handed them to Kellen. Ashton quickly got up and followed him out the front door.

“I hope we didn’t scare those two.” David said.

“Nah, they’ve just never been around a family like ours.” James replied. “You two need to figure out what you want to do tomorrow so Ashton and me know how early we need to get up.”

“I thought we would all go to IHOP for breakfast. Could you two meet us at nine am?”


“Is that good with you two aswell?” Ingrid asked looking at Capricia. “Of course, I can get some yummy strawberry pancakes”

“well then, we’re tired from the drive. Want to just relax and watch some movies?”

“Of course” Capricia turned on the TV and their wii then started Netflix up. “Pick whatever you two feel like.”

“If you pick something scary or gory I’d appreciate it so my boyfriend will sit closer to me.” James said with a grin. Ingrid and David laughed “he does seem overly nervous”

“Well his last boyfriends parents weren’t very accepting. I’ve told him you guys ahve never been upset about it and were happy when I admitted it.” Just then Kellen and Ashton walked in with their things and took them to the guest room. Kellen hugged Capricia from behing while Ashton sat down beside James. “We’re going to IHOP in the morning and we’re going to spend the rest of today watching movies since they are tired from the trip.” Kellen kissed her head “Then lets sit” Kellen sat on the floor then Caprica got comfortable between his legs while Ashton, James, David and Ingrid shared the couch. Ingrid selected Bestseller since she really loved Japanese, Chinese and Korean Horror. Ashton was fluent in Korean so was the only one in the room not reading subtitles.

James held Ashtons hand, Ashtons grip getting tighter during the scary points in the movie which made James smile though he tried not to so Ashton wouldn’t get mad. Next they picked Darkness Falls. Once that movie was over it was time to make dinner which Capricie and James got up to make so their parents could have some one on one time with their significant others. “There isn’t much we don’t know about the two of you with how crazy our children are about you. Is there anything you’d like to know about them? We brought childhood pictures”

“Oh please bring those out” Kellen said excitedly and Ashton said “where are they? I’ll get them for you.”

“In the purple suitcase” Ashton nodded then went to fetch the photo album. It was sitting on top of the clothes so was very easy to find. Ingrid and David scooted to the middle of the couch prompting the two boys to sit at either side. They laughed and talked about each picture. Kellen insisted he let them scan every one into their computer while Ashton made him promise to email them to him when Kellen had them scanned.

“What are you all laughing at?” James asked as he popped his head out of the kitchen. Ingrid held up the photo album, showing a picture of Capricia and James in the tub together. You could hardly tell them apart. “Ah, no. Capricia they have baby pictures.”

“What?” Capricia leaned out and both siblings turned a bright red. Both wore the same embarrassed expression and it had everyone laughing. “Put those away and you two are total traitors for going along with it.”

“Awe come on sweet cheeks, you were a cute baby.” Kellen replied. “I really love the picture of you two in baseball uniforms. So cute.”

“Shut up.” James glared.

“You used to be so lanky.” Ashton chimed in. “And you call me little. You and Capricia were the same size for awhile.”

“You two are in so much trouble once mom and dad go to bed.” Capricia gave both Ashton and Kellen a very mischievous look.

“Agreed sis. Lets formulate a plan of attack while we cook.” They disappeared back into the kitchen.

Kellen just chuckled, but Ashton looked a little scared. “Come on man, don’t look so terrified, it’s not like they’d actually hurt us.”

“Looks like we really got them in trouble.” David said with a laugh. “Oh well, I suppose it can’t be helped.” They watched TV until Capricia called them for dinner. They went into the kitchen and made their plates.

“Thank you for making dinner angel.” Kellen said sweetly and kissed Capricia’s cheek. “And thank you James! but I’m not kissing you.”

“Darn, how depressing.” James joked then leaned down and kissed Ashton. “I prefer him anyway.”

They sat down in the living room and watched Hugo. It was a really sweet movie that Capricia really enjoyed and gave Ashton a break from almost jumping over the back of the couch in terror. “This tastes like heaven.” Ingrid said. “I remember when there was a time you refused to cook James. What happened?”

“I got tired of ramen and took a few classes. Now I am the cooking king.” Capricia looked at him. “Loyal and trusted servant of the cooking empress.”

They all laughed and enjoyed their meal. When the movie was over they didn’t select another. Instead they just talked. Ashton was completely loose and carefree by the time James got up and said “I’m really tired. We will meet you guys at IHOP in the morning!”

“Drive safe you two and don’t be mean to Ashton. The pictures were our idea.”

“I’ll be mean to him in the best way” James winked and Ashton blushed. James grabbed his boyfriends hand and they both left. “Ashton seems like such a nice man, we like you too Kellen”

“I’m glad because I love your daughter very much”

“well you should, she’s an amazing woman” They talked awhile longer until Ingrid needed to go to sleep too. Once Capricia was sure her parents were comfortable she went with Kellen to their bedroom. “See? I told you they would be thrilled. They don’t think you have to be married to have children and love eachother. They are only married because my dad wanted to make sure everybody knew how much he loved her. More guys stay away when they see a wedding band. I just use my fist in their face to keep them at bay. Kellen gave her a soft kiss “You’re so wonderful, I’m relieved things went so well today. I should have listened to you. I just love you and would hate to disappoint you by disappointing your parents.”

“If they didn’t like you I wouldn’t care.”

“I would still care” Capricai giggled “we’re getting up early so lets get some rest. Your payback will happen tomorrow night. I’m really too tired”

“alright” They stripped down then brushed their teeth before getting close underneath their covers. Kellen graoned when he realized he didn’t set an alarm before snuggling in the bed. He let her go just long enough to set it then pulled Capricia back into his arms. His mind wnet quite until the blaring of his alarm roused him from his comfortable sleep. He rubbed his eyes then woke Capricia with a kiss. ¬†She reluctantly stood and they both hopped in the shower. Her early bird parents were already dressed and sititng on the couch waiting.

“Good morning parental units.” Capricia said, making her mom and dad laugh.

“Good morning child 2.0.” David replied.

“Did you two sleep okay?” Kellen asked as they headed out the front door and climbed into the backseat of David and Ingrid’s car.

“We slept just fine sweety, no need to fuss.” Ingrid responded with a warm smile.

They listened to Mozart as David took them to IHOP where James and Ashton were waiting patiently on the trunk of Ashton’s car. “How was last night’s punishment?” Capricia asked and Ashton blushed.

“I think he’s learned a thing or two.” James replied with a blush of his own.

“You two are just so cute together.” Capricia hooked an arm over Ashton’s shoulders and kissed his cheek. He turned an even deeper shade of red and she giggled. “Don’t be embarrassed, even my brother is red.” She let him go and laced her fingers through Kellen’s before heading inside. She ordered her drenched in powdered sugar waffles with a glass of juice. The baby made her absolutely ravenous at times, but she stopped herself from over eating. As usual Kellen watched her eat as if he wasn’t sure how a woman her size could consume so much sugar.

“You must think she’s gorgeous or something.” David said, interrupting Kellen’s thoughts.


“You were staring at my daughter.”

“Oh, well I think she is the most amazing creature in the world! beautiful in every way, but what I was really thinking of is why she eats so much sugar.”

“Because it’s delicious.” Capricia said. “I’m right here you know.”

“You’re just so short that you’re easy to miss.” James teased and she flung some lowedered sugar at him. “Oh no, I’ve been hit.” He fell dramatically out of his chair, drawing the attention of a few customers. He got back onto his chair and dusted himself off. “Looks like my impenetrable shield of awesome protected me.”


“At least I’m a cute dork.”

They ate, happily teasing eachother. Once their food was clear Ingrid insisted on going to a library she saw online. It was five stories and the walls on the outside were all glass. Everybody agreed and hopped in their cars. James and Ashton followed their parents car since they had never been to this library. It was on the other side of town so took awhile to get to but they made it in decent time then jumped out of their cars. Capricia had been here with Kellen a few times but she had the same look of awe her mother had when she first came “It’s even more amazing inside mom” Caprica said happily. Her mother was back into teenager mode and locked arms with her daughter before taking off. David, Kellen, James and Ashton all laughed then followed the women inside.

There was a Starbucks on the first floor so they all got drinks then began to explore. A nineteen year old was sitting in the library reading one of Kellens books since she couldnt afford to buy it and had to do a triple take when she saw Kellen. She dropped the book and almost knocked Kellen down with a hug. His eyes grew wide as his heart pounded because he was so freaked out by her. She let go and said “I love your books” Now Kellen realized why this woman was attacking him and became glad he didn’t instantly throw her off “Thank you”

“Thank you for wriitng them. Are you going to be here long?”

“Probably, why?”

“I ahve your first two books at home and I’d love an autograph.” Kellen looked at Capricia and Ingrid who both nodded. “alright then, please hurry though. I’m spending time with my girlfriends parents.”

“You ahve a girlfriend now?”

“I have for quite a while now.”

“She’s so lucky”

“I am, thank you” Capricia said taking Kellens hand. “Can I get your autograph too?”

“Why would you want mine?”

“You’re his girlfriend. The other girls will go crazy and I’m going to add this information to Kellens fan website. We have get togethers and talk about his books”

“Doesn’t sound creepy atall”¬†Capricia thought to herself then said “I’ll sign them too. Just hurry please” Pamela nodded then ran out of the library. “That girl was a little scary” Ingrid said. Kellen ran a hand through his hair. “She about made me jump out of my skin when she glomped me”

“You know you love it”

“You know I don’t”

“Come on son,’ David said as he nudged him with his elbow. “having a bunch of cute girls melting at the sight of you isn’t so bad.”

“I only want one girl melting over me.” He smiled lovingly down at Capricia and she felt her cheeks grow hot. He leaned down and kissed her and she smiled against his lips. “My next book signing we’ll have to get that on camera so all those women know I belong to you.”

“Cue the creepy jealous stalker.” She replied and he brushed her hair behind her ear.

“None of them have found where I live yet. It pays to live in an apartment. No one thinks a famous writer would live in a two bedroom in a complex with normal people.”

Pamela returned ten minutes later out of breath, clutching Kellen’s books as if they were the holy grail. Kellen signed them with a smile then passed the pen to Capricia. She wrote her name down and briefly marveled at how elegant Kellen’s signature looked. “Thank you so much. Is it okay if I get a picture with you?”

“Sure.” Capricia went to move out of the way and Kellen pulled her back, wrapping his arm around her waist and putting the other over Pamela’s shoulders while James took a couple of pictures with her phone. She squealed and took the phone back.

“My friends are going to flip.”

“You have a nice day now.” They hurried away, going to a different part of the library.

“Holy shit man, that was a little terrifying.” Ashton said and they all agreed.

“That actually hasn’t happened since my first book started selling. She certainly scared the crap out of me. I just about had a heart attack and shoved her away.”

“That’s what you get for writing police, romance, murder mysteries.” James said.

“I know, but I’m good at it so I write it.”

They all looked at books for awhile and Capricia decided to get a couple of fantasy novels. One was called The Navigator and the other called Wyrd Sisters. She wanted to read them to Kellen and the baby at night. She was sure he would like them. She thought maybe the others would like to hear her read too.

Once they were all checked out they decided to grab lunch at Taco Bell. Capricia loved going there because it was the only place that had Baha Blast. They ordered and got their drinks. “I can’t believe you can still drink that syrup” Ingrid said with a disgusted look. “It’s delicious”

“You are going to get diabetes sweetness”

“I use up all this sugar being the sweet little angel I am” James choked on his drink making Capricia glare at him. Ashton laughed “I really love this family”

“Well we love you” Capricia said with a warm smile. “Haven’t you already read those books you bought Caprica?” Ingrid asked “yes but Cayden burned them one night when we had been fighting so I didn’t have them any longer.” David shook his head and looked angry “I don’t know why you stayed with that man as long as you did. I hated him”

“I know dad, you made that very clear when I was with him. I’m not sure why I stayed so long either.”

“Well, atleast you found Kellen this time. He’s wonderful” Kellen, Ingrid and Capricia smiled. Once the food was gone Ingrid said “we should go on a walk around a nice park. Walking helps keep you healthy.”

“Sounds fun, lets go to Livingston park” They went to their cars. This time Ingrid and David followed Ashton since they didn’t know the way. Once they arrived they all walked to the path and began to walk. Ashton and Ingrid pulled out camera to take pictures of the scenery. They walked around until Capricai was too tired to go on. They went back to the car and drove home. “We will be right back. I want to make homemade pot pie so we’re going to buy ingridienta” Ingrid said then walked back out with David. “You two have fun on the couch. I’m going to lay down with Capricia until David and Ingrid get back” As soon as Kellen was gone James licked Ashtons ear “he didn’t mean that kind of fun”

James chuckled “I just wanted a taste, lets cuddle. I promise I’ll be good until we’re in our room tonight”

“You better be good in there too. You about killed me last night”

“You shouldn’t have been bad. Bad boys get tortured with pleasure” Ashton turned red and James kissed his irresistable lips. James sat against the arm rest then Ashton situated himself between his boyfriends legs. James kissed his head “I love you so much Ashton. If we could get married I’d marry you.”

“Do you mean that” James tilted Ashtons head up “Of course I do” James locked their lips in a slow kiss. Kellen came out to get Capricia a drink and Ashton tried to pull away but James wouldn’t let him and intensified the kiss. Ashtons whoel face turned red and warm. James smiled then released him “You’re unbearably cute”

Kellen did his best not to laugh. Ashton was already being embarrassed enough. He got a glass of water and then headed back to their room without giving them any indication that he noticed them kissing. Capricia smiled at him when he came back and reached for the glass. He shook his head and tapped his lips. She pushed herself onto her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a very passionate kiss. She slipped her hand up his arm and wrapped her fingers around the already sweating glass. She pulled back, taking the glass from him and leaving him speechless.

“Thank you.” She said as she leaned back against the headboard and took a drink. “Hello, I said thank you.”

“Sorry, you’re welcome.” He flopped down next to her, making some of the cold water bounce out of the glass and onto her chest. She gasped and nearly choked on what was in her mouth. “Sorry babe.” She put the glass down and pulled off her shirt.

“That was so cold.” She looked at his face and almost started laughing. “Stop looking at my breasts and get me a rag.”

His eyes jumped to her face and he tangled his fingers in her hair, kissing her and pushing her down into the mattress. “Little temptress.” He whispered.

“Am I?”

“You had no reason to take your shirt off. Is this part of my punishment for looking at your baby pictures?”

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. You won’t know until after dinner.”

“That’s not fair.”

“I’m sorry, but my parents should be back soon and I’m sure they don’t want to hears us having sex.” He nibbled at her chin so she bit his ear, making him jump back. “My parents are deep sleepers and you know I lack the ability to be quiet.”

“Alright, I’ll be good.” He kissed her one more time before moving down so his head was resting on her stomach. “I hope you’re as stubborn as your mother.” He said to the baby then kissed her just above her belly button.

Chapter Two

Caprica changed into another shirt when she heard her parents enter. Ingrid went straight to the kitchen with her husband close behind to help her with what he could. Capricia, Kellen, James and Ashton hungout in the kitchen to visit while Ingrid and David cooked. It smelled mouth watering good. Especially to Kellen and Ashton who hadn’t had Ingrids home made pot pie before. Once it was prepared Ingrid put it in bowls then they all went to the table. Kellen and James ate as if it were a race to hit the bottom of the bowl. Capricia and Ashton could barely contain their giggles. Ingrid just smiled happily which made David happy. “want to watch one movie before bed children?” David asked not feeling ready to sleep. “lets watch Psych” James suggested. Ingrid nodded “Oh those boys are so funny. Especially Shawn”

“Then it’s settled, we’ll watch Pysch” Capricia said as they all went over to the couch. They searched for it on Netflix then played the episode Capricai was currently on. They watched three episodes then her parents had finally had enough for one day. “when and where should we meet you tomorrow?” James asked. “just meet us here around eight. We’ll make french toast”

“Sounds amazing” Ashton said with a charming smile that made Ingrid and David reciprocate. Once Ingrid and David were in their rooms Kellen lifted Capricia and walked her into their bedroom. He laid her down then went to turn out all of their lights and check to be sure the door was locked. ¬†Once he was sure his family was safely locked in for the night he returned to their bedroom. He was pleased when he walked in to see Capricia had already stripped down. He chuckled “so I guess you’re ready for me”

“No, your punishment is you have to sleep naked with me and you can’t have me”

“That’s not even right Capricia”

“It wasn’t right to look at my baby pictures”

“You’ve seen mine”

“You were a cute baby, I wasn’t”

‘You were an adorable baby, much cuter than me! Please, I’ll be hard all night if I have to hold your naked body without making love to it”

She crossed her arms and he narrowed his eyes at her. “Well there’s no point in me just being miserable.” Before she could ask him what he meant he pushed her down on the bed and kissed her hungrily. He slid his hand between her legs and pushed his fingers inside her. She moaned loudly into his mouth as he rubbed her most sensitive spot. She could feel herself getting close, her back arched off the bed and he stopped. He pulled back and kissed her forehead the crawled up the bed and lay down.

“You going to get up here and cuddle with me or not?” He asked, sounding completely unfazed. She swallowed and crawled up to lay next to him. He set the alarm and switched off the light. She draped her leg over his thighs and felt herself grow hotter when she felt how hard he was. “Goodnight beautiful.”

“I’m supposed to be punishing you, not the other way around.”

“We’re punishing each other. We’ll get to see who has the stronger will.”

“Not fair, this is torture.”

“I know now get some sleep my love. We have to be up for breakfast in the morning.”

She groaned and turned over and he spooned her, pulling her tightly against him. “I could always take care of myself you know?”

“Mmm sounds like something I’d enjoy watching.” He whispered in her ear, his warm breath giving her goosebumps. “If it’s that bad just say the word and I’ll fuck you nice and hard.”

“Never, I’m not letting you win.” He chuckled and kissed her cheek.

“We’ll see love, we’ll see. I love you very much, never forget that.” He rested his head back on his pillow and she couldn’t help but smile at his warm sincerity. She laced her fingers through his and snuggled as close as she could.

Kellen was slightly disappointed when she fell asleep without giving in. He kissed her shoulder then tried to go to sleep but his throbbing manhood made it extremely difficult. Eventually he manged but he was really tired when morning came due to how long it took him to fall asleep. He didn’t know how Capricia went to sleep so fast when she was hot and bothered too. Capricia helped her mother make breakfast while Kellen sat at the table with David. It wasn’t too long before James and Ashton got there.Ashton had a large bruise on his face while James had a look of shame and heartbreak. Ashton smiled and greeted everyone. They sat down at the table and everybody didn’t know if they should ask or not since Ashton acted as though nothing was wrong. They knew it wasn’t abuse but whatever happened was obviously James fault or he wouldn’t look so heartbreaking. Ashton set his hand on James leg and squeezed it. When James looked at him Ashton smiled at him and wordlessly tried to tell him it was ok but it gave James no comfort.

Once the plates were cleared and washed they all decided to go to an amusement par k about a half hour away and spend the day there. They got into their cars and set off down the road. “If I didn’t know my son so well I’d be worried about Ashton. HIs face looked really bad. That was one nasty bruise” Ingrid said and Capricia agreed. Kellen asked “do you think we should ask what happend?”

“Not with how James looks. It may just make the situation worse for him. It was obviously his fault even though we know James wouldn’t hit Ashton. We’ll ask once Ashtons face is healed up”

“I could cover it with makeup so James doesn’t have to be reminded of it all day.” Capricia said and everybody thought that was a good idea. When they arrived at the amusement park. Capricia grabbed Ashton “You guys go ahead in. Just give us a second alone” They all nodded and walked ahead “I’m going to cover that nasty bruise if that’s ok?”

“Oh good, maybe then your brother wont be so sad. I promise this didn’t happen on purpose”

“I know it didn’t” Capricia grabbed her makeup bag and got to work. When her work was complete you would never be able to notice a thing happened to Ashton. She pulled out a mirror and showed him. Ashtons jaw almost dropped “holy shit”

“I know right”

She hooked her arm with his and pulled him along. When the didn’t immediately find everyone they decided to get cotton candy. “I think everyone thinks you’re my boyfriend.” Capricia said with a laugh.

“People always jump to conclusions. I mean it’s not like we’re flirting or kissing or anything. I could be your brother for all they know.” He replied. “You know this bruise was an accident right?”

“Of course I do, I would never think my brother was abusive.”

“It was my fault anyway. I asked him to show me some moves, you know mixed martial arts stuff, and I stepped into one of his spinning backwards elbow things. He caught me right in my cheek. I saw stars and not the good kind.” He laughed. “I told him it was okay, that he hadn’t meant to give me brain damage, but that little joke made it worse.”

“James is actually a really sensitive guy. One time he accidentally hit me with a baseball while were were playing catch and he just kept crying no matter how many times I told him I was okay. He’s always been that way with the people he loves.”

They noticed Kellen waving at them from the Ferris wheel and ran over. “I thought for sure we would be separated the whole time we were here.” Kellen said as he took Capricia’s hand. “I have something to show you.”

“Okay, you guys have fun, we’ll be back.” She allowed Kellen to pull her away and hoped the makeup helped put James in a better mood. Kellen pulled her all the way to the other side of the amusement park where they had a building with arts and crafts on display. When they didn’t stop to look at anything she became confused. “Where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.” He pulled her into what looked like a break room then closed and locked the door. “You falling asleep last night like nothing was going on was completely unfair so now I’m going to exact my revenge.”

“Here? What if someone comes in?” He grabbed a chair and wedged it beneath the door knob. She swallowed nervously, but felt an excited thrill move through her. “How did you find this room?”

“I had to use the bathroom while you and Ashton were MIA and happened upon it. The bathrooms are right down the hall.” He moved closer to her, making her step back until she bumped into a table. She swallowed again and he ran his fingers from her jaw to her chin and down her neck. “You are so soft Capricia. I love how soft you are.”

“You just want to win”

“Oh I know I’ve lost. You’re far too beautiful but I plan on giving you a torturous amount of pleasure.” Caprcia got goosebumps. Making Kellen smile, even that was sexy. The look in his eyes was so wild. Kellen did everything he could to keep her near orgasm without giving her one. She moaned and begged, just as he wanted her too. He finally finished, only out of worry somebody would hear Capricias sounds. Those were only for his ears. They both panted. Once their bretah was caught Kellen smiled “In the end you begged for me” Capricia smiled “Lets go spend time with my family.” Kellen kissed Capricia softly. “You’re my universe, do you know that?”

“Of course I do”

“Good” They walked out and started searching for the rest of their family. They found them waiting in line for the log ride. James looked a little better but his face still held an underotne of sadness. Ashton was trying to make James laugh but James looked at Ashton like he could see right through the makeup. Capricia was glad it was water resistant so a few spalshes from this ride wouldn’t wash it off. Finally Ashton got James to crack a genuine smile. Ashton hugged him “That’s what I want, stop being so sad” James kissed Ashtons head “I just love you so much”

“and I love you, especialyl that handsome smile.” James smiled again. His face looking happier. The line for this ride was pretty long but their family was so playful and chatty it didn’t matter. Capricia and James loved how well Kellen and Ashton fit into their family. When it was their turn they all couldn’t get on one so they decided to let James and Ashton go seperatly, knowing James was still ripped apart inside. His expression was happier but James didn’t recover easily from hurting those he loved.

“James please stop looking so worried. It’s just a bruise, my face isn’t even swollen or anything. I stepped into it.” Ashton said as they climbed on their log.

“I should have been more aware. I’m trained to be aware of everything when I’m fighting some guy in a ring, but I allowed myself to get careless.” He replied, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

Ashton laced his fingers through James’s. “It was just an accident. It’s not like I’m mad or anything. I laughed it off. Please just let it go. I hate seeing you this way, it makes me sad.”

James sighed, but stayed silent the rest of the ride. When they got off he pulled Ashton into a hug then kissed him softly on the lips. “I’m sorry for making you sad. I just hate that I hurt you. I know it was an accident, but it makes me furious that it happened. Next time I’ll pay attention.”

“Next time I’ll try not to walk into your elbow.” James gave him a big smile that lit up his whole face. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and headed over to the Zipper. Afterwards Capricia immediately threw up and Kellen thought they should go home, but she waved him off.

“No, it was stupid of me to get on that thing pregnant. Lets get something to drink so I can get this taste out of my mouth.” She said and Kellen carried her to a hamburger stand and ordered her a Pepsi and him some curly fries.

“Would you like some?” He asked and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I’ll share with you.” They waited patiently while everyone else ordered then moved on to look at the reptile exhibit. Capricia marveled at the venomous snakes and wished she could hold one. She managed to charm one of the keepers into letting her pet the alligator and Kellen nearly had a heart attack. “Look at you, you cute little chomper. I bet you just like to eat me up.” She said in a sweet baby voice as if she were talking to a dog. The gator actually seemed to like her touch.

“He’s never acted like that before.” The keeper said and Capricia smiled.

“He just needs a little affection huh boy.”

When Capricia noticed that nearly all the color in Kellens face was gone she smiled over at him and went into a bathroom to wash her hands. They then decided to play some games so they could win somthing. They walked around until Capricia about jumped out of her skin. She was a Toothless toy from How To Train Your Dragon. Kellen smiled and paid the man so they could play. “what do you want” James said putting his hand on top of Ashtons head and tilting it towards him with a loving smile. “I’m no good at these games.”

“But I am, what do you want. If I win you something it will clear my conscious so you better tell me handsome.”

“I like the charzard” Ashton answered so they could go ahead and play somthing and his boyfriend could feel guilt free. Ingrid like a stuffed dog in the same game so her and David played too. That game was a ring toss so they could all play at once due to be given different colored rings. It took James a while to throw it each time but the wind could have knocked Ashton over when James got a winning bottle on his second try. Ingrid said “That’s my baby!” James smiled and kissed his boyfriends cheek. He told the man what he wanted and then handed it to Ashton. James sighed, it was a very happy and relaxed sigh that was music to James ears. “want me to win somthing for you mom?” Ingrid shook her head “we mainly just have fun playing.”

“what do you want to play now?” Ashton asked and James lifted him up “I want to go sit with you on that bench until everybody is ready to move on. Is that ok?”

“I’d really like that.” The man who ran the ring toss stand tried to hide his repulsed look but it showed. James was too wrapped up in Ashton to notice but James’s parents did. After they used what rings they had they went to play another game so they wouldn’t have to be around such a closed minded ass. Even though Kellen didn’t know them he could see very clearly that somthing had bothered them. “what do you think happened?” Capricia looked over “judging by the look on my moms face somebody probably said somthing negative about James and Ashton. Leave it alone though. If James would have noticed whoever would be laying bloodied on the ground. He only just got happy and wont notice being so wrapped up in Ashton”

“Ok, I’ll leave it alone”

“Let’s go shoot hoops.” She pulled him over to the stand and he payed the man. There was a ten year old little girl playing the same game and missing every shot. She looked really heartbroken when her dad told her she didn’t get anything. Capricia made her last shot and asked for the giant teddy bear. She went over to the little girl and her father and told her she could have the bear. Her eyes lit up and her father told her she could have it then thanked Capricia.

“You have the biggest heart.” Kellen said and kissed her cheek.

“Not really, but I try.”

They heard a familiar voice raised in anger as they made their way through the crowd and realized it was James. He was standing facing three guys with Ashton pushed behind him. James looked furious and Ashton was trying to pull him away. Capricia shoved her way through the crowd, apologizing and stumbling a little when she finally made it through. She heard one of the guys call them a couple of sick faggots and she became instantly enraged. The leader of the little group raised his fist and Capricia stepped between them.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on my brother.” She said and placed her hands on her hips.

“It’s okay sis, just a couple of ignorant homophobes.”

“You better move girl before you get hurt.” The leader said.

“I’m on the corner of pregnancy hormones avenue and bitch street, if you want to rumble you piece of shit then lets go because right now I’m itching for a fight.” Kellen rested a hand on her shoulder and stared angrily at the men.

“Come on Matt, lets just go. Picking on a pregnant woman is stupid, besides she looks like she’s serious.”

“I’m not scared of this little bitch.”

“Go ahead and touch my wife you asshole and I’ll ruin you.” Kellen said cooly. “I’ll take you for everything you’re worth and won’t stop even if you beg me to. Now get the hell out of here and be thankful that you still have both your kneecaps.”

They all walked away laving James still angry. Ingrid and David come over “maybe we should go home and watch some movies. We could order some pizza”

“Sounds like a good idea” Caprica said and they all made their way out of the amusement park. James proudly held Ashtons hand as they were walking out and would break anyones jaw if they dared say anything about the two of them again. Ashton just wished James hadn’t let those men get him so upset. He didn’t care about anybodies opinion as long as he got to stay with James. They loaded into their cars and set off for Kellen and Capricias apartment. “Please calm down” Ashton asked softly. James sighed “People should mind their own business.”

“Yes they should but few do. Don’t let jerks upset you. I don’t care what anybody has to say about us. As long as I can be with you what anybody says is meaningless.” James smiled “Stop being so cute and making it hard for me to be angry”

“Oh good, my plans working. I’m only going to turn up the cute when I’m not driving.” James chuckled feeling most of his rage leave him. James leaned over and kissed Ashtons cheek. “I’m sorry you had to see me that way. Honestly, I just didn’t want them upsetting you”

“Well now you know I don’t care. I love you and you love me, thats all that matters” They pulled up to Capricia and Kellens apartment. Their family was happy to see James already looking much more at ease. They went in and settled on the couch. Kellen picked up the phone and ordered more pizza than they would probably eat. Ingrid searched Netflix for short while then decided on Upside Down. She thought a nice romantic movie was just the way to completely ease the room. Ashton shamelessly crawled into James lap making his heart melt. Every bit of James was filled with happiness as he pulled his boyfriend down a bit so Ashton would lay his head on his shoulder. James wrapped his arms tightly around him, unwilling to let Ashton move away from his heart. A groan filled the room as David paused the movie to get the pizza “I’ll pay for it” Kellen quickly said as he stood “Just because you’re an author doesn’t mean I can’t pay for somthing every now and then. Its a sweet sentiment though son. Just sit with my little girl” Kellen nodded then went to grab plates and some sodas for everyone. Once everybody had their drink and food they pushed play.

After Upside Down they watched Love Birds then a few episodes of My Cat From Hell. Another day came to it’s end and they all needed rest. James stood with Ashton, still unwilling to release him. “Bye everyone, we love you”

“Love you too” They all said at once. Once Capricia was sure James was long gone she said “I doubt we will be seeing those two tomorrow” Ingrid smiled “We should let them be. I’ll text them before I lay down so they know we will be happy for them to have a day without us” David nodded then said “yeah, poor James accidentally hits him then assholes give them trouble. They need a day” The sun rose on Capricias parents fourth day visiting. It didn’t feel like they had been there four days atall. Capricia woke Kellen and they both hopped in the shower. Once they were clean they walked into the kitchen where Ingrid said “I loved playing board games when you and James were children. Could we go to a few stores and buy all the board games that look fun? We can spend today playing them then play with Ashton and James tomorrow. James texted me back last night thanking me and saying they would be here bright and early the next day”

“sounds really fun! You want to Kellen?”

“Anything you want baby, theres a board game store in the mall we can shop at first”

“awesome! We were waiting on you two to eat breakfast, want to stop and buy biscuits from somwhere on the way?”

“Sounds like a plan” Kellen said with a smile. They stopped at McDonalds and ordered. They ate on the way, getting crumbs everywhere. They all giggled at the mess and hopped out of the car. Kellen guided them to the board game shop and told them to pick as many as they wanted. “You’re going to regret that” Capricia said. Kellen pulled her into a brief kiss “No I wont, now go look with your parents” Capricia smiled and ran off with her mother. David laughed “You’re a sweet man.”

“I think you’ve said that”

“I can’t help it, Capricia has always attracted the wrong sort of men. None have ever been as kind to her as you have. I thank you for that” The girls had nine board games when they checked out. Kellen chuckled “Toys R Us has a big selection too if you want to go there.” Capricia and Ingrid shook their heads then Ingrid said “we found enough. We can go there tomorrow with Ashton and James so they get choices”

“alright then, lets go home and begin the fun. Should we go buy the stuff for sundaes to eat while we play?”

“Perfect idea!” Capricia squealed making her family smile. Kellen and David dropped the girls off at the house to start reading directions while they bought the dessert items. Capricia and Ingrid excitedly learned how to play everything so they could show the boys when they returned. The boys still werent back when they got a handle on things so they waited impatiently. When Kellen and David walked through the door Capricia said “finally!” Kellen laughed “sorry honey” The day flew by as they ate and laughed happily together. This day went faster than the others. Capricia went to her bedroom very sad, hating tomorrow was her parents fifth day.

“Don’t be sad baby, they’re always welcome to visit anytime they want. Our home is their home.” Kellen said as he climbed in next to her and pulled her into his arms.

“I know, it still sucks though. I’m glad they like you and Ashton. It’s funny how nervous you two were.” She gave a soft laugh and he kissed her head.

“I need to ask you something.”


“I haven’t asked you anything yet.”

She tipped her head back and smiled. “You want to know if I’ll marry you and the answer is yes, but are you asking because you feel obligated or because you really want to?”

“I want to marry you because I want everyone to know that you are mine and I am yours. I don’t need a ring or piece of paper to say I love you, but I want everyone else to see it. I want to let every fan know that I have been absolutely captivated by you.”

“You are the most amazing man. You already called me your wife anyway.”

“Did I?”

She nodded. “When you were talking to those idiots.”

He laughed and kissed her. “It must have just come out. That means I’m serious.”

“I already knew that.” She snuggled in close and rested her head on his chest. “I really love you.”

“I love you too angel. Get some rest okay.” He kissed the top of her head then they both relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Three

It wasn’t long after Ingrid started cooking banana nut pancakes that Ashton and James arrived. Capricia was glad they got there so early so they would have plenty of time for board games today. “What’re the plans?” Ashton asked. Kellen responded “After breakfast we’re going to Toys R Us and we’re picking out some more board games. We spent all day yesterday playing some we bought at the board game store in the mall.”

“Sounds fun” They all ate then went over to Toys R Us. They were there for a little over an hour choosing what to play. Once they had all the games they wanted Kellen bought them and James put them in his car. Once they were back at the house they didn’t waste any time. They opened up Star Fluxx and began playing. James was ridiculously good at this one. He beat everyone time and time again except once when Ashton one but they were all certain he let Ashton win. Next they opened FURT which was a hit with everyone. They played this game over and over until they realized it was lunch. Nobody wanted to leave so Kellen ordered some Chinese delivery. They played this a few more times after eating then decided to play Apples to Apples again. That and Cranium took up the rest of their day. During dinner it was hard for Capricia and Ashton to eat because they were still laughing about a few of the things they did in FURT. They got stuck doing the most silly things out of everybody which Capricia tried to say was a set up by Kellen and James.

Tomorrow they wanted to look at some art exhibits so decided to all meet at IHOP again. Once the time was set Ashton and James left. Capricias back was hurting really bad this evening so Kellen grabbed some lotion and massaged it for her. Her moan of pleasure from the knots being released turned him on but kept rubbing her back anyway. When he stopped Capricia turned around to kiss Kellen and noticed he was hard. She smiled “if you want me take me. You ceetainly did at the fair” Kellen chuckled then gently pushed Capricia down. He was glad her parents slept hard as he made passionate love to his fiance. Now he just needed a ring to make it official. He decided to pull her father to the side at sompoint tomorrow and make plans to go buy a ring. Kellen had plenty of money so it was onlt a matter of finding it. He had told himself he would wait until his newest book was finished but he just couldn’t wait. there wasn’t a better way to end her parents trip anyways.

He collapsed beside Capricia after finishing and they both effortlessly fell asleep. Morning came and they took their shower. They pulled on their clothes then walked out of the apartment with David and Ingrid. When they pulled up to IHOP James and Ashton were just holding eachother by Ashtons car. They saw Ashton pull away when he noticed them but James didn’t let him go. “James, we’re here to eat. You can hold him later.” Capricia said when they approached James and Ashton. Ashton smiled “I guess” he let go of his boyfriend and they walked inside.

“What are we doing today?” James asked as they ate.

“I thought maybe David and I could hang out, while you and Ashton took the girls to do some baby shopping.” Kellen answered.

“We don’t even know what it is yet.” Capricia said.

“You can buy a bunch of unisex stuff. It’ll give your dad and I a chance to get to know each other better.”

“Sounds a good plan to me. I mean he is the father of my grandchild.” David agreed and winked at Kellen.

“Alright, do you guys mind escorting us helpless women around?” Capricia asked and James started laughing.

“Don’t you mean won’t you come with us and protect all of those homophobes from my pregnancy hormones?”

“Yes, exactly.”

They finished eating and Kellen went to the ATM outside and withdrew some money for Capricia. He kissed her and told her to meet him at the park where they had first met. She went with James, Ashton and her mother excited about buying baby clothes. They went to the mall first and Capricia immediately found a sling she liked. It had cute little puppies all over it. The boys helped them pick out baby clothes, Ashton being better at it than James. He had to keep reminding him that they didn’t know the sex of the baby yet and he couldn’t keep picking out blue stuff with footballs on it.

“I just really want them to have a boy.” James said as he picked out a yellow outfit with a monkey face on the butt. “Is this one okay?”

“Yes, it’s very cute.” Capricia said with a smile and took the onesie from him. “Why a boy?” She asked.

“So I can teach him mixed martial arts.”

“You can’t do that with a girl?”

“Uh oh someone got caught being sexist.” Ingrid said and Ashton and Capricia laughed.

“Unententionally. Of course I’ll teach a little girl. I want her to be able to kick any little brats ass if she has to. I don’t want any boy to mess with her.”

They laughed and kept shopping. David was excited to be ring shopping with Kellen. They were going to store after store until Kellen finally found one that would be perfect for her. Kellen pointed out the silver band with the gorgeous blue diamond in it. The diamond was modest but he knew Capricia would be unhappy with somthing gaudy. David agreed that Capricia would love that ring so Kellen paid for it. Kellen had butterflys but he wasn’t nervous since she had already given him her answer. David was just filled with happiness that he would be attending his daughters wedding and getting a grandchild soon. David hoped they would do somthing really big but wasn’t sure if Capricia would want that so he planned on keeping his mouth shut since it would be her day not his. When they were nearing the park Kellen called Capricia and told her to come. She knew what was about to happen but acted as though she knew nothing.

Kellen stood in the same spot he had seen Capricia that day. It was the luckiest spot in the world so there wasn’t a better place to ask her to marry him. When they all arrived Capricia ran over to Kellen and hugged him. Ashton, Ingrid, James and David all had wide smiles. When the hug stopped Kellen slowly got down on one knee and opened the ring box. Capricia s smile tried to waver as her eyes dampened. “will you marry me Capricia?” She nodded and he slid the ring on. Capricias family clapped as Ingrids eys grew damp too. James hugged his mother. “Dont fall apart on us now” The second Kellen let Capricia go Ingrid wrapped her daughter in a hug. “Congratulations baby! Your father and I couldn’t be happier.” Kellen already knew he wanted James as his best man so asked him right there. James happily accepted then Kellen asked if Ashton would be a groomsman. “Of course” Ashton replied happily. He thought about what James said in Capricias living room and wished he could marry James. He looked at his boyfriend and could tell he had the same thought.

Ashton grabbed James’s hand as they all walked back to their cars to go to Yamatos to eat an early dinner. Kellen held Capricia on the car ride over. Kellen didn’t realize until Capricia stepped out that she had cried a little bit in the car. He smiled and kissed her forhead “I’m glad you’re so happy”

“How could I not be? I’m going to have a baby soon and I get to marry you”

“I wonder what we’ll have.”

“James wants us to give him a nephew, but a niece is okay too.”

“I’ll be worried either way. I already have doubts sometimes. I want to be a good father to our children.”

“You will be, I promise.”

They sat down and ordered then ate as they talked about wedding plans. Capricia wanted all of her family and Kellen’s family there. She decided she wanted the colors to match her ring. The maid of honor and brides maids would wear silver and blue dresses while the best man and groomsmen would wear silver shirts and blue ties under black tuxes. She wanted her dress to be blue.

“You can help me pick out flowers mom and we can send the boys off to find a good venue.” Capricia said excitedly. “I wonder where we should go on our honeymoon? I’ll be bigger I’m sure so maybe we shouldn’t go to far.”

“We could always go to Hawaii for a babymoon and then after he or she is old enough to be away from us we can take a real honeymoon.” Kellen replied and she nodded.

“Good idea. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Hawaii. It should be fun. I hope you won’t mind sharing the beach with a whale.”

“You will be just as sexy pregnant as you are now.” She smiled and they finished their meal. “We should go to one of the theaters that play old movies. I was reading in the paper that they have Congo at one. We should go watch it.”

“You and that movie.” James said as they left the restaurant.

“Amy the gorilla is so cute. Come on, please?” She gave her best out and puppy dog eyes. No one could resist that face and they finally gave in. She jumped up and down with joy. They went to the small theater and paid for tickets then went and sat down to watch a gorilla that knew sign language fight evil white gorillas.

When the movie was over Ashton and James asked if they could spend the night on the floor since David and Ingrid had to leave at two the next day. Kellen and Capricia thought it was stupid they thought they had to ask. They decided to stop at Target on the way home and buy more ice cream. Ingrid and David wanted to watch one more movie tonight with their children before they left tomorrow. They quickly purchased what they wanted then went to Kellen and Capricias apartment. Once inside the started Netflix and selected DIE. It didn’t really impress any of them but they enjoyed eachothers company. As much as everybody wanted to stay up they didn’t want their parents to be groggy on the road. Everybody gave long hugs goodnight. Kellen pulled out the sleeper sofa shocking Capricia, James and Ashton. “I didnt even know that was a pull out. I could have slept there when my brother came to visit”

“Thats why you didn’t know, I wanted you in my bed.” Kellen said with a wink. James and Ashton chuckled at the playful angry look on Capricias face. Kellen provided the two men with pillows then went into the bedroom with his fiance. Ashton tried to give space between himself and James out of respect for his parents but James wrapped in arm arounf Ashtons stomach and pulled him close “Like I would have let you do that. I can’t sleep without the feel of your body touching mine. My heart and mind has to have you close to relax.” James whispered and kissed the back then side of Ashtons neck. Ashton lightly blushed “You’re so sweet James”

“I can’t help it, you turn me into a mound of sugar” Ashton smiled and wrapped his arms around the one James held him tight with. After breakfast the following day nobody really knew what to do since they only had until one thirty to make sure Ingrid and David got to the airport on time. Capricia suggested Zombie Fluxx since it wasn’t a very long game. They played until lunch then went out for burgers. They ate and talked until the clock told them to leave. They gave long, sad hugs at the parting and followed David and Ingrid to their car. Capricia had the water works running before they even left the parking lot. Kellen held her tight “They’ll be back soon”

“I hope so, I dont realize how much I miss them until they visit me” James suggested they talk about the wedding more and make more choices so the day wouldn’t be so sad. Everyone agreed and they went to Kellen and Capricias apartment to look online and discuss the possibilties. Capricia planned to email her parents anything they discussed so they would have somthing happy when they arrived home. This had been such a fun and amazing week. Espcially Kellen asking her to marry him. She was happy they could afford the wedding of their dreams and couldn’t wait to bring it to life.

~ The End ~

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