Capricia & Kellen

Chapter One

Capricia walked through the snowy park. The night air had a cold bite to it, but she was so angry that she didn’t really feel it. Tears slid down her face, making her cheeks turn bright red and sting. She wiped her face and smeared blood across her nose. She had not realized her hand was bleeding. She looked at her hand, staring at the cut. She could not believe that Cayden had thrown a glass at her. If she had not blocked, her face might be cut up instead.

“Excuse me miss.” She jumped at the voice behind her and spun around. A man slowly approached her, his soft brown eyes looked down at her with concern. His short, black hair had snow caught in it.

“Can I help you?” She asked, glancing around to make sure she had a good escape route.

“That’s what I was about to ask. I followed your blood.”

“I cut myself.” She held up her hand so he could see.

“If that were true, you would have cleaned and bandaged it at home, but instead you’re out here dripping blood everywhere. There was so much that I thought someone had been stabbed.” He took the scarf from around his neck and wrapped it around her hand.

“You’ll ruin it if you do that.”

“It’s just a scarf, come with me.” He grabbed her other hand and pulled her behind him. She suddenly felt very nervous. He was handsome, strong, and making her go somewhere unfamiliar. He took her four blocks from the park to an apartment complex. He took her to the top floor and unlocked number seven. He tugged her inside then closed and locked the door behind them. “Take a seat in the living room, I’ll be right back.” She did as she was told and sat in the living room. He had a bookshelf with books on it by the same author, Kellen Logan. She had read most of them, absolutely adored them. He came back with a first aid kit and sat down next to her.

“Do you like Kellen Logan?” She asked and pointed at the books.

“I suppose I do, I mean I guess I would have to. If I hated myself, that would be bad.”

She stared at him open mouthed. “How cool, you write the best books. I am absolutely in love with Declan. He’s so tough and always catches the bad guy.”

“So what happened to your hand?”

“My homophobic, now ex, boyfriend threw a glass at me. My brother James is gay and wanted to come spend some time with me. I said yes and Cayden flipped out. Now I have to call my brother and cancel.” The sad look in her eyes tugged at his heart.

“Nonsense, tell him to meet you here. You can both sleep here. I have a guest room for him, you can have my bed and I’ll take the couch.” He didn’t know why, but he would do anything to make her stay. “How long will he be here?”

“A week.”

“Then a week it is.”

“why are you being so kind to me?”

“You seem like a nice girl and I could use the company. Let me clean and properly bandage your hand. Follow me to my bathroom” She followed him then he cleaned her hand and wrapped bandage around it. “There, I’m glad you broke up with Cayden. What kind of an asshole throws glass at his girlfriend.”

“I had already broken up with him when he threw it. I’m not going to stay with a man who can’t accept my brother. It’s not like James was going to molest him or anything. It seems everybody thinks that gay men just want to have sex with every man they meet.” Kellen laughed “Yeah, I don’t think that atall. I’m sure I’ll like your brother.”

“well I already like you alot. Thanks for coming to help me and letting ym brother stay here too. I hope you don’t end up regretting letting us stay. I’ll figure out my new living arrangements as fast as I can.”

“You don’t have to rush, Don’t worry about it until after your brother leaves.” She smiled and butterfly wings rubbed his heart. He came very close to blushing but managed not to. “You’re already doing so much so I hate to ask but would you come with me to get some of my things in the morning. He’ll be at work but I’d still feel better if you came.?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want you to go back alone anyway. If he’ll throw a glass at you then he could hurt you in other ways too.”

“I don’t think he would. He was just angry. I’d still feel more comfortable if you were there though. I’ll be quick”

“want to go ahead and call your brother?”

“Yeah, I’ll go on your porch and do it”

“Alright, I’ll make you somthing warm to drink.” Capricia walked out then dialed her brothers number on her cellphone. She explained all that went on and where to meet her. He started to tease his sister about Kellen. “shush you” she said sharply and he just laughed. “I’m excited to meet him.” Kellen decided on hot chocolate since he wasn’t sure how she felt about tea. Capricia walked back in and hungup. “He’s excited about coming and told me to thank you”

“I sure hope you aren’t the only person in the world who doesn’t like hot choclate.”

“I love it” Kellen handed her the mug and they went back into his living room to sit on the couch.

“I didn’t get your name.” Kellen said and took a sip of his hot chocolate.

“Oh, it’s Capricia.” She smiled, letting the mug warm her hands.

“Beautiful and Italian, meaning impulsive. It suits you.”

“I’m not impulsive.”

“You went out into the snow without a sweater and with blood dripping off your fingers. Sounds pretty impulsive to me.”

She opened her mouth to retort, but couldn’t find anything good to counter with. She took a sip of her hot chocolate and he chuckled. “You better watch it or I’ll get James to put you in an arm bar.”

“Did I make you angry Capricia?” He reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear and she blushed. “Your face is still cold. Drink that.” He stood, crossing the room and turning up the heat. He left the room and came back with a blanket. He placed it across her lap then pulled her shoes off. “I’m glad you didn’t forget your shoes. If you don’t start wearing a sweater, I swear I will follow you everywhere to make sure you put one on.”

Kellen smiled at her red face. She was far to adorable and extremely beautiful. He loved her long chocolate curls and her bright blue eyes. Her blush made them look a light violet. She reminded him of the female protagonist in his books, Lynn. “Hello Mr. Logan, you’re staring and still holding my shoes.” Capricia said and he found himself growing embarrassed. He took her shoes and sat them by the front door. He sat back down next to her and they finished their hot chocolate in silence.

“Would you like me to show you which room is yours?”

“Yes please. Oh, can I take one of your books to read until I’m tired?” He nodded and she jumped up, still clinging to the blanket as she went to his bookshelf and pulled down the newest book in the series. He couldn’t help but laugh at her child like excitement. It made her blush again, something he was enjoying very much. He took her down the hall to his bedroom which he was glad to find clean.

“If you need anything please come and wake me. I won’t get mad. I tend to stay up late writing, but if my typing becomes irritating tell me.”

“Thank you so much.” She gave him a hug and then flopped down on his bed.

He smiled then walked out. How much she seemed to love his books gave him all the more fuel to write. He was happy somthing he had created brought Capricia such joy. Words seemed to fly off his keyboard even though he had been walking to try and clear the temporary writers block he had gotten. Capricia laid there in his bed wide awake as she read. She got so engrossed in the story she wasn’t even in his apartment anymore in her head. Her mind played a movie of what was going on as she read each word excitedly. She always wished she could read faster when she opened one of his books.

When she reached the tenth chapter she realized she was very thirsty but wasn’t sure if he was sleeping or not. He said to ask him if she needed anything but she didn’t want to wake him up. Capricia got up and put her ear against the door to see if she could hear typing. She smiled when she did and opened the door. He heard it and stood. She came into the room and he said “I’m surprised you’re still up. We both should be sleeping.”

“Like with all your books before i can’t stop reading it. You’re an amazing writer.”

“Thank you, what did you come out here for?”

“I got thirsty.”

“Come with me, I want you to know where the cups are.” Capricia followed Kellen into the kitchen and opened every cabinet to show her where things were. Capricia felt bad for the man because she knew that she would probably forget by morning and he’d have to tell her all over again. He poured Capricia a glass of water and handed it to her. “anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thanks for showing me everything. I’ll go ahead and tell you now that I’ll probably forget almost everything you just told me.”

“It’s ok, I’ll show you where things are as many times as I have to.”

“Goodnight, I think now that my thirst has drug me out of your book I will go to sleep before I get sucked in again and don’t sleep atall tonight” Kellen felt a burst of pride and happiness every time she complimented his books. He got many compliments when he’d do signings but they seemed to mean more coming from Capricia. He hoped she’d like this next book just as much.

Capricia was happy she would be seeing her brother tomorrow. She took another sip of water before crawling into bed and pulling the blanket up to her chin. She fell asleep quickly even though her hand still stung. She woke the next morning to the sound of birds tweeting just outside the window. She sat up, yawning and stretching before getting out of bed. She went into the living room and smiled when she saw Kellen sitting there asleep with his laptop on his lap. She moved quietly over and lifted it slowly off his lap then sat it on the coffee table.

“Hey, wake up.” He jerked awake, looking startled.

“Sorry, I pulled another all nighter.” He rubbed his eyes.

“Why don’t you shower and I’ll make some coffee.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“You’re letting me and my brother stay here for a week, it’s the least. I can do.”

“Thank you.” He pushed himself to his feet, his back cramped from being in the same position all night. He made his way into the bathroom while she went into the kitchen. He pulled his clothes off and switched on the water, making it cooler than usual so it would wake him up. He stepped under the water, inhaling sharply and getting goosebumps. He washed quickly, wanting to get back to Capricia. He enjoyed being in her presence. She filled every corner of his apartment with her beauty and happiness. He got out and dried then poked his head out to make sure she wasn’t in his room before slipping out.

Capricia drummed her fingers on the counter as she waited. She went back into the living room and sat down in front of Kellen’s lap top. She was curious about what he had written so far. She ran her finger over the mouse so the black screen disappeared. She scrolled up and started reading. From the very first word she was hooked. He was an amazing writer, making the characters believable, giving them flaws and fears. She had become attached to both Declan and Lynn, wishing that their rock relationship would become more steady. She always wanted to slap Declan when he would once again push Lynn away. He was afraid of her being hurt. She constantly pushed herself into his life, forcing him to admit his feelings and confront his worst fear.

“Any good?” Kellen asked, making her jump.

“Sorry, I got curious.” She said, a blush creeping up her neck.

“It’s okay, read all you want. If you like it then I’m sure others will. Feel free to give me ideas.” He went into the kitchen and she followed. He poured coffee into two cups and she made hers with lots of sugar and lots of creamer. He drank his black, making her wrinkle her nose in disgust. He laughed because he thought she looked cute making such a face.

“I don’t understand how you drink that.”

“it’s even more enjoyable with you making such a face”

“you ready to go get my clothes and some of my other things?”

“As soon as I finish my coffee.”

“You mean your pure black sludge” Kellen laughed again making Capricia smile. Kellen finished his coffee then grabbed his car keys and a suitcase. “This way you don’t have to waste time looking for somthing to put your stuff in. You can just grab what you need and go so we don’t encounter that jerk. Put your address into my GPS.” Kellen said as he handed Capricia the phone. She did and they walked down to his car. It wasn’t far but she was glad they could just quickly get over there and come back since her brother was coming. She wasn’t worried about her ex because she knew he’d be at work.

Work was more important to him than anything else so he’d have no reason to be home. She could remember days where he’d be hurling the night before from being sick and still head into work the next morning. Even on days she’d beg him to stay for whatever reason he’d just leave without even considering calling in sick to play hooky with her. She sighed sadly, it was a horrible relationship but one she had none the less. She was glad she atleast had Kellen to make things easier. She’d also have her brother soon. With him around it would be impossible to frown even if she wanted to.

Growing up he could make her smile no matter what happened. They pulled up to her building and Kellen grabbed the suitcase before following Capricia up the snowy stairs. Her stairs were m,ore exposed to the weather so they were a bit icy. In her haste to get away from Cayden yesterday she almost slipped and fell down. Luckily her hands moved fast enough to catch the railing. She was extra careful going up today to make sure she didn’t look like and idiot in front of Kellen.

Kellen waited in the living room while Capricia gathered the things she needed. He looked at the photos on the wall. He came across one of her and a young man of the same age. They were identical. He took it off the wall, thinking she would want it. “Hey, are you and James twins?” He asked when she made her way into the living room with the suitcase.

“Yeah, he’s two minutes older.” She took the picture from him. “He’s a lot bigger than me though. Over six feet and muscular. Women love him, it’s funny because they don’t know he’s gay. We always laugh about it.”

“Is this everything you need?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

He took the case from her and they left. She almost wanted to see the look on Cayden’s face when he came home and realized she had taken some of her things, but she didn’t want Kellen to get hurt if he lost his temper. Hitting her with a glass had been his first and last act of violence. He took her quickly back to his place and carried the case up for her. He showed her which drawers were empty so she could put her clothes away. When she finally came out of his room he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him.

“I need to check your hand.” He said as he pulled her into the living room. They sat down and he gently unwrapped her hand. He looked it over for a few minutes then nodded. “We’ll leave it uncovered now so it can breathe. No washing dishes or lifting with this hand. The cut wasn’t to deep, but I want it to heal as quickly as possible.”

“Yes sir doctor Logan.”

“Now, now don’t get cute. You know what happens to cute things don’t you?”

“They get cookies and flowers?”

“Smart ass.”

She giggled. “Thank you.” There was a knock on his door that stopped him from kissing her. He slowly let her hand go, allowing his fingers to drift over her skin just to see her reaction. She flushed and her pupils enlarged. She was attracted to him. She quickly stood and rushed excitedly to the door.

Within seconds of answering the door Capricia was lifted off the ground and into a tight hug. “I’ve missed you so much”

“I’ve missed you too” she had to struggle to say since he was holding her so tightly. James laughed then walked over to Kellen and offered his hand. They shook and he said “Nice to meet you Kellen. Thanks for helping my sister out and letting me stay here.”

“It’s not any trouble atall. Let me show you to your room” James followed Kellen while Capricia just waited in the living room for the two to come back. When they came back James asked “have you two eaten breakfast because I haven’t.”


“Then lets go to Waffle House. I haven’t been there in years.”

“Ok, you coming too Kellen?”

“If I’m welcome, sure. You don’t want to be alone with Capricia James?”

“Nah, I’ve known her all her life. I’m about sick of this girl. I figured she was missing me too much so I came to visit for her before she became too depressed. have you been crying Capricia? It’s ok to admit it. I’m the most amazing brother on earth after all” Capricia punched James in the harm “hush you, when we were little you were always the one following me around you know”

“I had to as a big brother. Had to keep you safe from all the men and maybe steal a few for myself” Capricia laughed “let me change and we’ll go” Caprica said and the two men nodded before sitting on the couch to wait. Capricia dressed then brushed her hair. She came back out and the two men were fake sleeping. “I didn’t take that long.” They both chuckled and got up. They laughed even more at the angry look she was giving them with her arms crossed. Kellen could get used to having Capricia and James around.

They walked down the stairs and got into Kellens car. There wasn’t much traffic this morning so they got to Waffle House fairly quickly. Once they were seated Kellen and James picked up the menu but Capricia just sat there. “you still get the same thing?” James asked. “Yep, so now It’s my turn to wait on you two.” James smiled and Capricia said ‘Yeah, I know you chose this place because I like it. I just wasn’t going to point it out.”

Kellen stared at Capricia as she ate three blueberry waffles with blueberry topping and powdered sugar. She looked up, stopping on mid bite. “What?” She said.

“That’s a lot of sugar.” Kellen replied.

“Makes her look like she’s doing coke.” James teased and she turned red then wiped off her mouth.

“I’ll smother you in it if you don’t watch it.”

“Oh no, smothered by soft powdery goodness. What am I going to do?” She punched James in the shoulder and he grabbed his arm as if it hurt. “So what has my baby sister been up to?”

“I’m not that much younger than you. It’s just a two minute difference.”

“Still younger.”

She rolled her eyes and Kellen had to suppress a laugh. “I’ve been defending you from homophobes and volunteering at different places. Last week I worked at the animal shelter for three days, the week before at a retirement home. How about you?”

“Same as always, doing mixed martial arts. I have a fight next month, you have to come.” James gave her his best puppy dog eyes and she had no choice but to give in. He gave her a big squeeze. “Oh, I broke up with Bobby. Found out he was cheating on me. The last thing I need is an STD.”

“You should have busted him in the chops.” Kellen chimed in.

“I almost did, but remembered that I could seriously injure him. So I did the next best thing, I literally threw him out.”

“Don’t worry, some day you’ll find true love. Some cute, petite little thing with blonde hair and baby blues will catch your eye then I’ll have to deal with mushy James. All smoochy smoochy and wanting to cuddle with his new little boyfriend. You’ll be so cute.” She pinched his cheek and he turned red.

She laughed “I’m glad you’re not bitter after being cheated on”

“His loss not mine.” Capricia smiled and they all finished their food. “what’re we doing now little sis? You’re my tour guide as always.”

“Do we have time to go anywhere else Kellen? Do you have any plans?”

“I’ll take you two anywhere you wish. Since I’m a writer I just work when i want to work really. I still have plenty of time before my deadline with my publisher.”

“Oh god no…..He’s Kellen Logan.” James started laughing hystericly. ‘Do not make me stab you with a for James. I’ll do it” It only made James laugh harder. “I think we shoudl leave him here Kellen.” James wiped tears from his eyes and said “why so you can go off kissing and gushing over his books. She’s read every one. Some multiple times. I think you got this mans attnetion on purpose” Capricia blushed “I didn’t know who he was when he approached me”

“Riiiight…uh huh. I just bet Kellen buys that story. Has she been gushing?” Capricia stood and walked out. James laughed again. “I better stop before she slaughters me. She does really love your books though.”

“I’m glad, I realized that last night. I really did just follow her.”

“I know, she’s not crazy fan girl or anything. I just wanted to tease her. It’s funny that it so happened to be you that helped her out though.”

“Lets go outside so she gets in the car. She’ll get too cold as she is” James smiled “you’ve got yourself a little crush on my baby sister huh?” Kellen blushed and James patted his back. “It’s ok, I think she likes you too.” They got up and walked outside “Lets get in the car and decide where to go. I promise to stop Capricia.” She followed and they all got in. “so what should we do little sis?”

“we could show Kellen how professionals like us ice skate.”

“That sounds fun.” James responded then Kellen said “Then we will go ice skating. I’ve only been once in my life though. I’m sorry”

“My little sister can help you get good at it after we show off a bit”

“I like how you just offer me up.”

“well he’s your friend. I’m sure he’s only dealing with me to spend time with you”

“James, you’re begging for silverware in the eye”

Kellen sat on a bench on the edge of the lake and watched as James tossed Capricia into the air and caught her. He held her up with one hand then dropped her into his other arm. She laughed happily as he pulled her back onto her feet. He spun her out, releasing her hand so she twirled away from him. They both jumped into the air, doing a double axel and landing on their feet. He was amazed at their grace. Especially James’s since he wasn’t exactly light. Capricia reminded him of an angel, her face alight with joy and excitement. She took her brother’s hand and they skated over to Kellen.

“That was amazing. There is no way I can compete with that.” He said as they came to a halt.

“It’s not about competing, we’ll not anymore. We used to do couples skating events when we were teens. Anyway, let my sister take you for a spin.” He sat down on the bench and slapped Kellen on the back. Capricia held out her hands and he took them. She pulled him onto the ice and held his hand as they moved over the frozen lake.

“I thought you said you were no good.” She said with a smile.

“I’m not, I just know the basics.” He replied.

“Lets try something a little more complicated.” She moved so she was in front of him and placed his hands on her hips. “Just do what I do. Right now we’ll be farther apart, but once you get more confident we’ll try it closer and then maybe a lift.”

“What if I drop you?”

“James has dropped me plenty of times. I broke my arm once in two places and our parents had to ground me to keep me off the ice.” She spun around, taking his hands and skating backwards. “If you drop me then I’ll just get right back up again. I won’t hold it against you.”

Chapter Two

They glided around the ring for awhile longer then Capricia asked “are you ready to try and lift me?”

“As ready as I can be. I’m so sorry if I drop you”

“Dont apologize for somthing that hasn’t even happened. I have faith in you” They went a little faster then Kellen lifted Capricia. She smiled down at him and he smiled back before putting her down “I think you have done this sort of thing before and are lieing. You did that perfectly.” Kellen chuckled happily. I really have only ice skated the one time. You don’t know though, I could have been a professional in a past life.”


“I’m just glad I didn’t drop you. Even if you weren’t upset it would have upset me”

“Why don’t er go find lunch somewhere. I can hear my brothers stomach growl all the way over here” Kellen laughed again. “Alright” They skated over to James then went to exchange their skates back for their shoes. Once they had their shoes pulled back on and tied they walked out of the rink and back to Kellens car. “where are we eating little sis?”

“I don’t really care”

“Do you like sushi?” Kellen asked. They both said yes so he said “well then we could go to Thai Spices and Sushi. They have a roll there that I really like.”

“Awesome, lets go” Capricia responded giving him a warm smile that made him get lost in her beautiful face for a moment. Capricia just looked back at him until James’s laughter brought them both back to reality. Kellen and Capricia both blushed as Kellen started the car and drove. That Spices and Sushi wasn’t far from the ice rink so they made it fairly quickly. When they went in and sat down a waiter came up and took their drink orders then disappeared into the back. “what is it that you get?”

“The Athena roll” Capricia looked for it on the menu then read the description. “That does seem good. I’ll try it.” Kellen smiled and James just kept reading the menu. He decided on a curry. James had never met a curry he didn’t love. They decided so quickly they were ready to order when the waiter came back with their drinks. The man jotted down their orders then disappeared again.

It didn’t take long for their food to arrive and they all ate happily. “You’re just going to stink later you know.” Capricia said to James as he stuffed his mouth with curry.

“Stink of sexiness.” He replied, making Kellen laugh. “So Kellen, do you have any siblings?”

“Three brothers and two sisters. I’m the second oldest at twenty five.”

“Any of your brothers as good looking as you?”

“James!” Capricia said as she punched him in the shoulder.

“What? There’s no harm in asking. I can flirt with them right?”

She rolled her eyes and they both laughed. They heard the restaurant door open and Capricia jumped up. James glared and Kellen turned around to see what had them on edge. A man crossed the room, his bright green eyes staring angrily at Capricia.

“Did you think you could just up and disappear?” He snapped.

“Go away Cayden.” Capricia said angrily.

Cayden grabbed her arm and both Kellen and James came to their feet. Kellen shoved him back and inserted himself between them. James came up beside him and crossed his arms. “So you’re the piece of shit who likes to throw glasses at women.” Kellen said, his eyes biting cooly into Cayden’s.

“Who the fuck are you, Capricia’s faggot brother?”

“Actually I’m the faggot brother. In case you haven’t noticed I look just like her. What’s this about you throwing things at my baby sister?”

“Get out of my way fairy. This is between me and that little bitch.”

“If you want to fight with someone, how about we take this outside.” Kellen caught the other man’s attention again. “Come on woman beater. Big brother can stay here with Capricia.”

“Fine, I’ll deal with you when I’m done with this you ungrateful little bitch. I should’ve done more than throw that damn glass at you” Kellen was ready to¬†punch him right there in the restaurant but he managed to just walk out into the parking lot with him. The parking lot was icy and the wind had a deep chill to it due to all the snow. Capricia was nervous and afraid Kellen would get hurt. “You should go help him James.”

“He wanted to go alone Capricia. Give him that. If Cayden starts to win I will help him but let him try on his own.” Caprica didn’t feel like she knew Cayden atall now. She didn’t expect when she stayed at Kellens house she’d bring him such trouble. She was still in shock Cayden wished he’d done more to her. He was always self absorbed but she wouldn’t have believed anyone when they first got together if they would have told her Cayden could be abusive.

Everyone in the restaurant looked outside at the two men while she restaurant manager ran to the back to call the police so he wouldn’t lose customers or have anybody get too badly hurt. Cayden tried to throw the first punch but obviously he had never fought another man before because it was a horrible shot that Kellen dodged easily as he threw a punch at Caydens face as hard as he could. Cayden slipped on the ice below his feet, hitting the ground hard as his nose gushed blood. Kellen kicked Cayden making the man slide as he almost fell over himself.

“Don’t get back up.” Kellen commanded as he righted himself. “If you do, it’ll be more than your nose.” Capricia came running out to him and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

“Please no more fighting. You made your point.” She just wanted to keep him safe. He glared over her at Cayden who was trying to get his nose to stop bleeding.

“If he gets up, I’ll break every bone in his body.”

She grabbed his face in her hands and forced him to look at her. “Calm down and lets go home.”

A police cruiser pulled up as Cayden finally got back to his feet. An officer stepped out and James turned on his charm, explaining to the officer that Cayden had simply slipped and fell on the icy parking lot. Since Cayden didn’t want to be arrested for assaulting Capricia he went along with it. The officer told him to watch his step and Cayden left. He let the rest of them go and they all got in Kellen’s car. He took them back to the apartment, still seething at the sight of Cayden manhandling Capricia.

“Hey why don’t we watch a movie?” James said as they made their way upstairs.

“They’re in drawers at the bottom of the entertainment center.” Kellen replied and James went right over to look through them.

Capricia followed Kellen into his room. He was still very angry. She wanted him to calm down and forget about Cayden. “Kellen, he’s not worth it. Please be happy again.” She said as he pulled off his jacket and tossed it on the bed.

“The way he touched you was unacceptable. I want to kill him so bad I can taste it.” He pulled off his shoes and tossed them angrily in the closet. She wrapped her arms around him from behind and held him tightly.

“I’m sorry I drew you into my drama. Lets just forget about it and enjoy this time with my brother.” He turned and wrapped his arms around her, running his hand up and down her back.

“This is not your fault. I shouldn’t be mad since you’re safe here with me and your brother, but seeing him treat you so poorly made something in me snap.”

They just held eachother for awhile until Capricia said “lets go see what James wants to watch”

“Ok” He said then kissed her forehead. Capricia blushed and Kellen smiled. “will you sit beside me while we watch? It’ll help me calm down more” Capricia hugged him again “Yeah, wouldn’t want you going to my old apartment and continuing what went on outside the restaurant” They walked in the living room Capricia took off her shoes and jacket then put them in his living room closet. “what’re we watching James?”

“Red Lights. I heard it’s really good and it’s the kind of movie you would like.” Kellen sat on the couch then Capricia settled herself as close to him as possible while James put the movie in. He smiled at them before sitting down. Once it started Kellen wrapped an arm around Capricia making her lean into him. He couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to watch this movie with her in his lap. This was amazing in itself though. All his anger quickly washed away having her so near him. Kellen really enjoyed this movie so was happy to watch it again with her.

It wasn’t very long into it when Capricia was sucked into it fully. She almost wasn’t in the room with the two boys she liked it so much. “I knew it” James said with a smile as he noticed his sister. “Knew what?”

“That she’d love this movie. She is totally tuning out the fact we’re talking right now.” Kellen smiled “What about this movie is so interesting to her?”

“She likes magical movies is I guess the way to put it. You throw a wizard, sombody discovering they have powers or some kind of thing like that she is all over it. I wanted to pick somthing she’d be really into since she had to deal with that asshat earlier.”

“I’ll keep that in mind” Kellen said before turning his attention back to the movie and holding Capricia a little bit tighter. She sat back and laid her head on his shoulder. Unable to help himself he kissed her head again. When the movie was over James stretched and fake yawned “I really need a nap you two. Why don’t you pick another movie then wake me up.”

“Ok” Capricia got up and hugged James before he walked to the room Kellen gave him. Capricia turned to Kellen “what do you want to watch now?”

“You pick, I’ve seen all the movies I own”

“Ok” She started to look through the spot he had directed James to until she pulled out The Scapegoat. “This one seems good, want to watch it?”

“Of course, put it in”

Capricia popped the movie in and turned to Kellen with a smile. He looked away from her, but she still caught the look of adoration. She crossed the room and sat down next to him. “Do you like me?” She asked and he snapped his head toward her.

“Of course I do. You’re beautiful and sweet and brave.” He answered.

“No, I mean like me like me. Not as a friend, but as a girlfriend or lover.”

He ran his fingers through his hair, his heart thundering loudly in his chest. He had never had a woman ask him something like this before. He was usually the one doing the talking. “You are very blunt aren’t you?” He smiled and her face turned red. “I love it when you do that. You look so nervous when you blush.”

“I am nervous.” She held up her hand so he could see she was shaking. He grabbed her hand and pressed his lips against her palm. She gave a soft little moan and he pulled back to look at her face. Her lips parted and her breath came out in a gasp. He tangled his fingers in her hair and pressed his lips against hers. He pulled at her bottom lip with his teeth so she opened her mouth to him. His tongue dueled with hers and slid over her teeth. He pulled her onto his lap and held her tightly against him. She parted their lips, leaving him feeling disappointed.

“Sorry, to much?”

“No, it’s just we’re in the living room and I don’t want to ruin my brother’s brain.”

“You are so beautiful and sweet.”

“Am I? I thought I was impulsive.”

“You are all three which I’m sure makes you a force to be reckoned with. We can wait until after the movie.”

She gave him a brief, but warm kiss then jumped up and went to get James. He opened the door and she pulled him into the living room. He winked at Kellen who threw a pillow at him, making him laugh. “Naughty, naughty doing things on the couch. Should. ¬†Be afraid to sit?”

“Shut up.” Capricia said and shoved him down onto the couch then sat in between them. Kellen grabbed the controller and played the movie.

After that movie was over it was time for dinner. “Why don’t I buy us some pizza?” James suggested. “sure” Capricia said then James pulled out his phone. “what kind do you like James?”

“As long as theirs no anchovies I’m up for any kind”

“We’ll get along then” James said before calling a pizza place and ordering two pizzas. “Yuck, It’ll be here in a half hour. Should have ordered during the movie.”

“I think you’ll survive James.”

“I don’t know, I’m considering cannibalism right now. You look awfully tasty little sis. Huh Kellen?” James said with a teasing wink. Kellen blushed and Capricia punched her brother in the shoulder. “what happened to the big brother who didn’t like boys who liked me”

“I didn’t like them, I like this guy. You finally picked a winner instead of some loser. I mean you two are dating now right or are you both going to be dumb and just pine for eachother?” Capricia laughed then looked at Kellen “would you say we’re dating?” He smiled “Yeah, I mean I’d hope we are after that amazing kiss”

“Yep, we’re dating then”

“Good, if this one acts up just call me. I know where he lives now and where the knives are hidden.”

“Don’t scare him off already James!”

“I dont think this one scares easy”

“To want to be with me he can’t scare easy” Kellen laughed. They chatted happily until the pizza came and then they all ate while planning what they’d do tomorrow. Before they knew it, it was ten pm. “we all need to go to sleep. You two be quiet if you decide to be bunnies”

“James” Capricia said with a blush and Kellen laughed again. His laugh was so warm and amazing. She loved she had been causing him to laugh so much. “Is there anything I should know about your shower before i use it Kellen?”

“No, you should be able to work the one in your bathroom fine”

“alright then, night you two” James said before kissing his sisters head and walking away to get clean. He was happy for his sister and couldn’t wait to find someone to be with. A petite blonde boy sounded nice. “so um, can we share my bed tonight or is that too forward?”

“I’d love to sleep with you. I’m a cuddler.”

“Me too” Kellen said softly. They walked into his bedroom and he said “I need to shower before going to bed. Do you want one too? You can take one before me.”

“I’ll take one in the morning.”

“alright” Kellen said then disappeared into the bathroom. Capricia changed into a comfortable bra and some shorts to sleep in before picking up Kellens book and reading while she awaited him coming out. She hoped he’d come out naked and they could continue what they were doing on the couch. Just the thought made her skin grow warm and her heart race. When Kellen turned off the water and dried he paused, wondering if he shoudl just walk out in the nude or not.

He stuck his head out and she glanced over the top of the book. “You coming to bed?” She asked and he nodded. He stepped into his room and she immediately hid her face behind her book. “Talented and sexy. Damn.”

He laughed and crawled onto the bed so he was on hands and knees over her. He pulled the book out of her hands and sat it on his bed side table. “You should be naked too.” He said and she turned a deeper shade of red.

“I don’t think I’m that pretty.”

“Let me be the judge of that.” He tugged her bra off then her shorts. He inhaled sharply and ran his fingers lightly over her skin. Her breath quickened as he ran his hand down to her abdomen. He grinned at the little gold ring in her belly button. “This is a sexy little thing.”

“I got it when I was fifteen. I sometimes think I should take it out.”

“No, you’re definitely keeping it. I like it to much.”

He ran his hand lower, sliding his fingers over and then in her. She moaned loudly then blushed and covered her mouth. She didn’t want to wake her brother. He pulled her hands away and pinned her arms above her head, thrusting into her wet warmth. “Kellen.” She cried. He pushed himself into her harder and faster, her cries of ecstasy coming out as breathy pleading moans. Her back arched off the bed and he sucked and bit at her breasts, making her quiver and clamp down around him.

“I love you Capricia.” He whispered and spilled himself into her, his own moan mingling with hers. He moved to lay next to her, pulling her into his arms as they caught their breath.

“I never want to move again.” Capricia whispered.

“Then don’t. I can always bring my laptop in here to write. We can stay here forever.”

“My brother is still here. We can live in this room after he leaves” Kellen sighed and Capricia laughed. He smiled “I really do love you”

“I love you too. I’m happy Cayden threw that glass at me so we could meet”

“i would say I’m happy too but I’m not. There were nicer ways we could have gotten together.”

“I guess” Capricia said in a tired tone. “Lets go to sleep beautiful” They both fell asleep quickly in the warmth of one another. When morning came Capricia woke up first and bit Kellen to wake him. He bit down on her neck and began to lick it sensually. “Don’t bite me if you don’t want to be biten back” Kellen said then kissed her cheek. “Now you have me excited.”

“Too bad, your brother is here after all.”

“I’ll pay you back for that tonight”

“I hope so” Kellen said before getting up to pull clothes on. They both dressed and brushed their hair before walking out. James laughed when Capricia sat at the kitchen table. “what?”

“So you two consumated the union last night? He pulled that train into the station?” Capricia turned red again and punched her brother. “shut up! Next time you get a boyfriend I’m going to give you some serious payback”

“Hopefully that’s soon, anyway lets eat some breakfast so that we can start our day.”

“do you have the stuff to make french toast Kellen?”


“Ok, I’ll make french toast then” Capricia got back up and began cooking while the three of them talked. Once breakfast was ready Kellen set the table then Capricia served the food. “so what did we agree on doing today?”

“I wanted to start by playing in the snow if you two felt like it.” James said hopefully. “sounds fun to me. Want to Kellen.”

“anything you two want to do”

‘Snow it is. I’m not going to go easy on you Kellen so don’t go easy on me when we have a snowball fight. It wont be fun if you go easy on me.”

“I wont” They finished their food then got bundled up in warm clothes before exiting the house and walking to the park Capricia first met Kellen. “I know this si so child like of me Capricia but I’ve been missing when we used to make snowmen. Can we do that first?” Capricia laughed and Kellen smiled again. James noticed that Kellen smiled every time his sister laughed. “alright, I haven’t made one since the last time I made one with you.”

“Me neither.”

Capricia held the snowman’s head while Kellen and James put the middle on. She put the head on then found a few stones to make a face and some sticks for arms. Just as she got the second stick in the snowman’s side she was pelted in the side of head with a snowball. She turned her gaze to James as she brushed snow off her face. He grinned and she rushed him, jumping on him and forcing him to the ground. He screamed as she scooped up a hand full of snow and shoved it in his jeans. She jumped off of him so he could stand and shake the snow out. A snowball hit her in the back of the head and a second followed, hitting James in the face.

Kellen looked innocently at them then took off running when they scooped up some snow. They pelted him with snowballs and he threw just as many back, never missing. James tackled him and pinned him down. Capricia put snow in his pants and under his sweater so he was gasping. “Cold, cold, cold. Ah get off you bastard.” He said and James laughed! finally letting him up.

“You should have known better than to go after the wonder twins.” James said and flexed. Capricia rolled her eyes and smacked him in the stomach so he coughed. “Bad move sis.” He put her in a head lock. “Get her Kellen.”

Kellen got his revenge with the snow, leaving her kicking and screaming at both him and James. Her brother let her go and she fell on her butt in the snow. She was up in an instant trying to get the snow out of her pants, but they were to tight. She started shivering and they decided to go back inside before she froze to death. Kellen lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs. James opened the door for them and told them he’d be watching TV. Kellen carried her into his bathroom and sat her on the counter. He switched on the water, wanting to soak with her in the tub. He plugged the drain and turned back to her. He pulled off her shoes and socks then lowered her feet to the ground. He undressed them both, running his hands over her soft skin. He bent his head to her breasts, tugging at her nipples with his teeth.

She moaned and tangled her fingers in his hair as he kissed and bit lower. He dropped to his knees, nudging her legs apart as he ran his tongue over her belly button ring. He moved lower, his tongue sliding over her then swirling in circles. He tipped her hips forward so he could dip his tongue inside and taste her. He ate her like he was a starving man, sucking and biting until her legs shook and she didn’t think she would be able to stand up any longer.

“The water.” She gasped.

“We have plenty of time.” He stood and lifted her back onto the counter. He pushed himself slowly into her, loving the way her eyes widened. He moaned as she enveloped him in her soft heat. He gripped her hips, pulling back then slamming into her. Her moan came out a scream and she threw her head back. Tears pooled in her eyes as he made love to her. She clung to him as an earth shattering orgasm tore through her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him as another followed, making her whimper. His lips captured hers as he found his release. He pulled back to look at her and she saw that he had tears in his eyes too.

“That good huh?”

“You will never know how amazing you are. It’s like everything we are comes crashing together, our hearts and souls are tangled up so tight that there is nothing that could undo the knots.”

Chapter Three

“I feel the same” They had to drain the tub a little because it had gotten too full as they made love. Once it was low enough they both got in. Capricia laid back against Kellen and sighed “That was so much fun outside”

“yeah, we should go out again before your brother leaves. ¬†He’s welcome back here as often as he wants to come. That is assuming you wont move out. I’d love for you to live with me Capricia.”

“Well thats good because I was staying regardless if you liked it or not. Decided last night” Kellen laughed and kissed the top of her head. “Glad that’s settled” They soaked in the tub until all the warmth but their own was gone then got out. Kellen couldn’t help but get arroused again as she got out of the tub. Capricia said “You want to go again?”

“No, your brother has waited long enough. When this week is over I’ll have you to myself and I can really make you moan.” Capricia blushed and they dried themselves off. They tugged on some clothes then joined James in the living room. “You’ll be calling me in a matter of months saying your pregnant if you two keep going at it like that.”

“Oh, you’d love to be an Uncle so can it!”

“ddn’t say it was a bad thing. What’re we doing about lunch you two?”

“always thinking about food.”

“I’m a big man. It takes a lot of food to run me”

“I want a burger”

“How about Burger King then?” She started to turn to ask Kellen but James grabbed her shoulder “He says the same thing every time. Lets just go to the car because he’ll go wherever you want”

“Its true, dont ask just tell Caprica” Kellen said happily. They got in the car and ordered their food. When they finished eating they headed towards a three story mall about twenty minuets away to look around for the rest of the day. “so are you going to be man shopping while Kellen and I look at things?”

“well if I meet someone here I can always move here too and be near my sister and whatever little hottie I find”

“In that case I want you to hunt. I miss you a lot”

“I miss you too.”

“If you want I could always help you man hunt.” Kellen said and they both arched a quizzical eyebrow. “I’m a writer so I observe. Like look at the guy running the sprint kiosk. Twenty-four years old, just got out of a relationship. How do I know that? Every time I have seen him he has been immaculate, but today his shirt is slightly wrinkled and he looks flustered. Implies that he had a woman doing all the ironing for him. He’s not gay by the way, just trying to make a point.”

“Wow, that was amazing.” James said and Kellen shrugged. “Could I borrow your man for a little bit?”

“He’s not a car. If you want him to help then just ask him. I’m going to go look at soaps and shampoos for Kellen’s apartment.”

“Thank you sis.” He kissed her cheek and Kellen kissed her lips, lingering there for a moment so the taste of her would stay on his lips.

“Here, take my card and get what you want.” Kellen said as he pulled his wallet out and handed her his credit card.

“Thank you.” She kissed his cheek and he smiled happily down at her. “Go on boys, have fun man hunting.”

They took off and she made her way to a store called the Mossy Rose. There were a lot of homemade soaps and shampoos. She found a bottle of green tea shampoo and conditioner and some green tea body wash. She loved the smell.it made her feel refreshed. She paid for them and left. She decided to do some clothes shopping. She figured Cayden would throw her things out anyway and she had already grabbed the important things. She walked over to J.C. Penny to look around. She had an eerie feeling, like she was being watched. She grabbed a couple of pairs of jeans and some shorts then some shirts. She wanted to hurry and find Kellen and her brother.

Capricia paid then had an overwhelming sensation of needing to go to the bathroom. She sighed frustratedly and hurried into the womens bathroom. She was relieved to see there wasn’t a line and rushed into a stall. Seh heard the door open again but thought nothing of it since ti was a busy mall. When she was done she opened the stall door again only to have a chloroform rag shoved in her face. Cayden picked her up after she dropped to the floor and threw the rag away. As he stepped out the bathroom another man came out of the mens restroom. ayden had already planned someone seeing him since it was a big mall. “Oh good, will you grab my sisters bags out of the bathroom. She’s diabetic and didn’t drink her juice like she was supposed to. I can’t carry her and her bags.”

“Of course, just dont let another woman walk in the bathroom.”

“Thanks man” The other man quickly went in and came out “I’ll carry them to your car. My mom is diabetic and has passed out like this before.”

“It’s a pain, she pushes herself too far”

“tell me about it” The man said laughing. Then asked seriously “you alreayd gave her one of her shots right?”

“Yeah” Cayden said not knowing what he was talking about since he didn’t know a whole lot about diabetes. The man followed Cayden to his car and loaded Caprices bags into the back while Cayden laid her in the back seat. “are you sure you gave her enough? She should be awake again by now.”

“She goes in deep oince she gets to the point of passing out.”

“Well you should take her to a hospital”

“I am”

“Good, I hope she’s alright”

“She will be” The man walked away and Cayden got in his car and drove off as quickly as possible. He was glad he had managed to get away with it even though he didn’t know anything about whatever shots. He was taking her back to his apartment where she belonged. She had no right just leaving him like that after he had taken care of her for so long and let her do her stupid volunteer work.

“You really think that guy liked me?” James asked as they walked through the mall.

“He was practically drooling. I thought I was going to have to call a janitor.” Kellen replied, making James laugh. He suddenly frown and looked around. “You okay James?”

“Something happened to Capricia.”


“We shared a very tight, dark space for almost nine months. We just know, it’s like mother’s intuition. We need to find a security guard.”

Kellen followed James through the mall. Luckily one of the two security guards was on patrol and they quickly pulled him aside. “Something has happened to my sister. She’s gone missing from this mall.”

“How old is she?”

“Excuse me sir, my name’s Kellen Logan.” The security guards eyes widened. “Yes, that Kellen Logan. The woman who went missing is the love of my life and if something happened to her I need to know. So please help us.”

“Come with me to the security room and we can take a look at the videos.”

“Thank you.”

Capricia woke with a pounding headache and feeling nauseas. She sat up and realized she was handcuffed to a very familiar metal headboard. Her heart slammed against her chest when she realized she was in Cayden’s house. She jerked at the handcuffs, wanting to get home to Kellen. She knew he would be worried.

“Now, now calm down Capricia before you hurt yourself.” Cayden said from the doorway. She pressed her back against the headboard as he crossed the room.

“Don’t you dare touch me you piece of shit.” He slapped her, making her yelp.

“Watch your mouth.” He cleared his throat. “You are mine, understand.”

“No I’m not. I belong to Kellen. He’s wonderful and talented and everything you’re not. He’s the love of my life. You are nothing compared to him.” He slapped her again and this time she just glared at him. She refused to be broken by this pig.

“You will not speak his name any more!”

“Kellen” he kept hitting her and she just kept saying Kellen over and over. They searched through video feed of different parts of the mall until Kellen yelled “there she is!” They saw her walkout of JC Penny then switched to another camera that followed her into the bathroom. They weren’t even shocked when they saw Cayden close behind and then walk back out holding Caprcia. “That man is her crazy ass ex boyfriend Cayden Clorence. We know where he lives and I’m sure he’s stupid enough to take her there.” James said angrily. “I’ll call the real police department and send them to the address. What is it?”

They gave it to him and he called up the local department. When the guard turned around to tell them the police said to stay out of it and they would handle it the two men were gone. They were rushing to Kellens car to get to Caydens apartment. James barely had the passenger door shut when Kellen put the car in reverse and sped out of the parking lot. He cut off quite a few people who were honking. Kellen barely noticed them and James didn’t much care. James felt guilty. He was out trying to pick up men while Cayden had kidnapped Capricia.

Capricia sat against the headboard with her blood dripping on Caydens bed from how many times he had hit her for repeating Kellens name. Capricia was too pissed to cry or beg him to let her go.She glared as he stood there seething because she wouldn’t just submit to his wants. Cayden stomped out to get the gun he bought. If she wouldn’t stay with him then nobody could have her. He loaded the gun then walked back into the room.

“Go ahead and do it you coward. My last thoughts will not be ones of fear. My only regret will be not seeing what Kellen and James are going to do to you when they find me dead.” He gripped her hair in one hand while he pressed the barrel of the gun against her forehead so hard it broke the skin.

“You stupid selfish bitch.” He said between gritted teeth, his hand shaking.

“You don’t have the balls Cayden.”

His finger tightened on the trigger and she kept glaring up at him. “Capricia?” Kellen’s voice brought her both fear and relief.

“He’s got a gun.” She screamed and Cayden pistol whipped her so she fell off the bed, her vision spinning.

Kellen directed James to go through the kitchen since Cayden had Capricia in his room. The kitchen opened out into the hall. Kellen could keep Cayden distracted long enough for James to get to his sister. “Come and find me Cayden if you can.” He said as he ducked into the living room. He listened intently and heard the hard wood floor creak.

“You took her from me.” Cayden said as he stepped into the living room. Kellen hid behind the recliner, waiting. He peeked around the side and saw Cayden turn away for just a moment. He bolted into the kitchen, a bullet hitting the wall. He hid behind the island, keeping his breathing shallow.

“Took her? I found her dripping blood out in the cold. What kind of man hurts a woman? You’re nothing but a coward and a moron.” He reached up and grabbed a knife out of the knife block. Cayden stepped into the kitchen and Kellen moved around the island as he went around the left side.

“She wanted to bring that homo into my house. Now she’s whoring around with you. She should have known better.” Kellen pressed his back against the island and waited. Cayden came into view and he stabbed him in the leg. He came up off the ground, grabbing Cayden’s wrists and slamming him back into the refrigerator. James came into view as he ran to the front door, carrying an unconscious Capricia. Kellen saw the hesitation on his face as he grappled with Cayden.

“Get her out of here now.” He ordered.

Not long after James was out with Capricia did the police show up with ambulances in toe. James handed his sister to the paramedics then talked to one police officer while the others approached Caydens apartment. Kellen still had Cayden pinned against the refrigerator. Kellen held Cayden until the police were right beside him then handed the bastard off. One officer cuffed Cayden while the other talked to Kellen. All Kellen cared about was where Capricia was. When the officer was done he told Kellen what hospital to go to. Kellen ran out and saw James waiting by the car “they wouldn’t let me go with her because they insisted I answer their questions right away”

“It’s fine, just get in my car” James jumped in the passenger side then they raced off to the hospital. Kellen parked in the first space he could find and ran through he parking garage and into the hospital. They went up to the counter and asked “what room is Capricia Bates in?” The woman typed in the name then grabbed a map. She circled a room and handed it to the two men. They wanted to run but knew it wasn’t allowed in the hospital. “How was she James?”

“He beat her pretty bad but she looked like she’ll be ok” They finally made it to her room where she was still unconsious. A doctor was standing by her bed so they asked “how is she?”

“Once she wakes up she’ll be ok. Her face will heal. The man didn’t do any serious damage to her besides emotional. She’ll be free to go home in the morning.” Kellen and Jame sighed with relief. Kellen hugged James when the doctor left the room. “whats that for?”

“For knowing Capricia needed help. You better move here.”

“well now I have that hottie to look forward to if he actually calls me.”

“I know he will. Stay with me and we’ll get you set up in my apartment building’

“sounds good, hopefully Cayden gets in a lot of trouble for this.” The two men sat down and just waited for Capricia to wake up. They paced and grunted as time moved in slow motion. “I’m going to buy some cards to pass time” James said. “I need the distraction.” Kellen responded then James walked out to find a shop. He knew they’d have playing cards. Capricia had ended up in the hospital many times in her life and they always had cards for sale somwhere.

Capricia woke with another headache. She felt like she had been stomped on. She groaned, reaching up and clutching her head. She felt cool fingers brush across her face and she opened her eyes. She smiled up at Kellen and her brother. “Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?” Kellen asked as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Like I lost a wrestling match with James.” She replied and her brother laughed as he took her hand in his.

“You have no idea how scared I was sister.”

“You always know when I’m in trouble. Can I set up?”

Kellen pushed the button on the side of her bed that lifted the head of the bed. He situated her pillows behind her so she was comfortable. “Do you need anything?” Kellen sat down next to her.

“A bottle of Tylenol and some good sex aught to do it.” James laughed harder and hugged her. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and kissed his cheek.

“I’m going to go get you some Tylenol, but I think you and Kellen will have to wait for the second part.” He kissed her forehead and left the room to go to the nurses station.

“Thank you for coming for me. I was terrified he would kill you. He wanted me to leave you, but I refused. He did all this because I wouldn’t stop saying your name.” She rubbed the side of her face, wincing as she touched the bruises. He pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair. She felt wetness on her shoulder and held tightly to him. “Please don’t cry.” She said softly.

“You have no idea how terrified I was. You wouldn’t know it by how I was acting in the mall, but I was screaming on the inside. When he came out with that gun, I thought for sure he had done something terrible. I wanted to kill him, but I didn’t.” He pulled back and kissed her. “I will never leave you alone again. If it had not been for James, I wouldn’t have known until it was to late.”

“Hush now love, I’m safe now. A little shaken up, but I’ll be okay as long as I have you.”

James came back with a nurse who had Tylenol and water. Capricia took it happily and the nurse gave her face a quick once over. “Can I leave?” She asked and the nurse smiled.

“You’ll be staying until morning to ensure that there is no lasting damage to your skull. Sometimes concussion symptoms don’t show up right away. In a couple of hours we’ll do a cat scan to make sure everything is okay.”

“Alright then, thank you.” The nurse left and James moved the cards over to Capricia’s table so she could play too.

They played until Capricia grew tired again. A few moments later when the men were settling down to sleep in the room a nurse walked in “are you two related to Mrs Bates?” before Kellen coudl open his mouth James said “yeah I’m her brother and thats her cousin”

“alright goodnight”

“why’d you lie?” Kellen asked when the woman left. “They only let family stay the night. They would have kicked you out.”

“Thank you for not letting me open my mouth”

“No problem” The next morning Kellens neck hurt badly from how he had been sleeping. It wasn’t long after he got up that a docotr came in a disturbed Capricia for the tests so they could discharge her if she was alright. Kellen kissed Capricias cheek then let the doctors take her out to get her scans. Kellen paced around the room and accidently kicked somthing. It woke James and he asked where Capricia was “she’s getting her tests to see if she’s fine to go. I thought they were going to do it yesterday?”

“Its a hospital. When they say stuff will happen isnt always when it does. You’ll learn that dating Capricia. She’s always getting herself hurt. Granted this time wasn’t her fault but still. Never actually go by the time frame the doctor gives you.”

“I hope she really is ok”

“She’s fine Kellen, calm down. Stressing wont help my sister” James phone beeped and he looked down. If he wasn’t also worried about his sister he would have smiled because it was the man he gave his number to. “what’s that James?” Kellen asked as he read the message. “You were right about the guy. He does like me”

“I’m glad somthing good happened yesterday”

“Me too, Capricia will be thrilled for me. Somtimes she gets more excited about my relationships than I do. With this one I doubt she could. Ashton seems really nice and is definitly handsome. I wouldn’t have found him if it weren’t for you. Thanks Kellen.”

“I dont regret helping you. We just should’ve brought Capricia along”


Capricia lay as still as she could in the machine. The technician sat in another room staring at a screen. When the test was done she came in and helped Capricia set up. The nurse brought a wheelchair and they both helped her down off the table. When she was finally wheeled back into her room, Kellen ran over to her and lifted her out. He lay her gently on the bed and hugged her. His heart was beating overly fast in her ear. She couldn’t believe how scared he was.

“It was just a cat scan Kellen, take a breath.” She said and ran her fingers over his chest.

“I just want to take you home. I’m tired of this hospital. I hate the smell and feel of it.”

“We’ll be home soon.” He sat with her on the bed while James texted away on her other side. Capricia reached down and snatched his phone out of his hand.

“Hey, give it back.” He said and tried to grab it.

“I’m injured so back off.” His mouth dropped open and she went through his messages. “He’s way cute. Look at this big blue eyes.” She started texting him, telling him who she was.

“Come on Capi, give it back.” James begged. She shook her head and continued talking to him.

“He’s has a wonderful sense of humor. We’ll get along just fine.” She finally handed him his phone back and he looked embarrassingly down at everything she had said.

“Why did you have to go and tell him about my first crush. Not funny.”

“He thought it was cute. James here had the biggest crush on our high school football teams quarter back Jesse Spence. They played together and you can only imagine how shower time went.” Kellen coughed to stifle his laughter and James turned cherry red. “Everyone knew he was gay even then and I think Jesse loved to show off for him. James said Jesse was as straight as an arrow and I used to tell James it depends on who made the arrow. Sometimes they aren’t so straight.”

Chapter Four

About an hour later the doctor came in and said Capricia was fine and they would have her discharged soon. “Look you worry warts. I’m fine and am going home soon.” Kellen kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand. “How long will it take them to discharge you?”

“Depends how busy they are” Kellen could relax a little more now that he knew for sure Capricia was alright. James was still blushing as he texted Ashton. “You seem to really like him?” Capricia said with a smile. “Yeah, I’m definitly moving here.”

“Good, invite him to dinner tomorrow night.”

“You finally mastered ot asking Kellen and just telling us things. I’ll invite him. Thanks for the offer. I want to see him again.”

“You mean you want to admire that body again. maybe he’ll send you a naked picture” Capricia said with a wink making Kellen laugh and James blush a deeper red than an apple. A few moments later James said “he’ll be there.”

“wow, you two are speedy texters” Kellen chimed in “that phones been on fire since James first got a message from him. They’ve been talking non stop.”

“That’s really sweet James. I’m so happy for you.”

“Looks like we both found amazing men within the same week. Maybe we can get married together too” James added playfully. It wasn’t too much later when Capricia was discharged and aloud to go home. She didn’t bring any clothes so she had to put on her dirty ones. “we’re showering first thing when we get home Kellen.”

“ok” They all went to the car and drove back to Kellens apartment. James went straight to his bedroom to plug in his phone and add Ashton to Facebook. Capricia and Kellen went into Kellens room and pulled off their clothes to hop in the shower. Capricia looked in the mirror “gross, I’m sorry this is what you have to look at for awhile. I’ll let you skip out on the sex.” Kellen pulled Capricia into a kiss. “You still look breathtaking to me”

“Maybe you need glasses” Kellen laughed “I do not, now get that beautiful butt in the shower.” They took a long relaxing shower while James was now looking through Ashtons pictures and talking to him. When the water grew cold Kellen and Capricia got out. Capricia pulle don a dress while Kellen got on pajama pants and a tshirt since he didn’t plan on leaving the apartment the rest of the day.

Kellen picked up his laptop and opened the folder where his newest work in progress was. His fingers flew over the keyboard as he brought Declan and Lynn together once again. This time he was having to save her from a serial killer who had kidnapped her because of how much she meant to Declan. He wanted to give them a chance the way Capricia had given him one. Lynn and Capricia were a lot alike. They both stuck to their convictions and they never backed down even when facing death. She had told him Cayden had beat her because she refused to leave him and that humbled Kellen beyond words. The small cut on her forehead said he had threatened to blow her brains out and she still showed courage. Lynn never backed away from Declan no matter how many times he told her he wanted her gone. She stood by his side, ready to do whatever it took to help him be the hero.

Capricia came into the living room and smiled when she saw Kellen hard at work. He was so engrossed in what he was typing that he didn’t even hear her. She decided she would make some tea and let him work a little while longer. She went through his pantry until she found a box of mint tea. She heated a cup of water in the microwave then dropped the tea bag in, letting it steep for a few minutes. She found the honey and squirted a bunch into it then mixed it. She went back into the living room and sat down next to him.

“Having fun?” She asked and he nodded. She looked at the document as he typed. She saw that Lynn was in danger and couldn’t wait to get the computer in her hands so she could read from where she had left off. “Is Lynn going to die?” He shrugged and she narrowed her eyes at him. She sat her cup down then leaned in and bit his earlobe, making him jump.

“Ah, okay I’ll take a break.” He saved what he had written and sat the computer on the coffee table.

“You have sensitive ears. I’m definitely going to have fun with that.”

“No, down girl. You just got out of the hospital so no rough housing.”

“If biting your ears make you turn to jelly then there won’t be any rough housing, just you begging me to stop.”

“James,” he yelled as she pounced on him, “James stop talking to your boyfriend and help me.”

“No can do man, you need to learn to handle capricia on your own!”

“You just dont want to quit talking to Ashton!”

“Hit the nail on the head!” Capricia laughed “nobodies coming for you.” She said before licking and biting at his ear again. “Capricia, it’s not fair!” she laughed again “I wonder how ticklish you are”

“No!” she started to tickle him and he let out the cutest sounding laughter she had ever heard. She loved how he laughed when it was absolutely out of control. She kept tickling him until she felt he probably needed to breath. “You are getting that back when I’m not so nervous to play with you.”

“I’m fine”

“I know, I just am still worried. I love you so much”

“Love me by playing with me.”

“I’ll love you with kisses and cuddling. Want to watch a movie in my bedroom since your brother doesn’t care to see us any more.”

“Oh he’ll hangout with us.” Capricia got up and went into her brothers room. She stole the computer he was using and sent “come over right now and watch movies with us. You can spend the night with me. She added a winking face to the end and James about died. “Caprcia! I’ve just met him!” his heart stopped when he heard it ding in response. James couldn’t believe Ashton was coming. “I need a shower!” he ran past Capricia which got her laughing again. She went in the living room and said “Ashton is coming over. I figure thats the only way to make him spend more time with me”

“You embaress the hell out of that man.”

“He’s done the same to me many times. Lets get pretty for his new boyfriend.” Kellen stood and they went into the bedroom. Capricia just brushed her hair since she was already wearing a dress. Kellen pulled on some jeans and a band tshirt. Capricia looked sadly in the mirror again “stop that now. You’re gorgeous Capricia. It means a lot to me you didn’t give in because you love me.”

“You’re an easy man to love Kellen. Thank you for everything. I’ve been so much trouble to you already”

“It hasn’t been trouble. You’re worth anything.”

Capricia pulled the front door open when Ashton knocked. She gave him a tight hug then let him go to smile at him. “Wow, you really are twins.” He said as she stepped aside to let him in.

“Yep, two minutes apart and you are a cutey. I love your eyes.” She said and he blushed. “I’m sure you already know my name and this is my boyfriend Kellen.”

“Nice to meet both of you.”

“James should be out soon. Would you like something to drink? We have milk, water, and tea.”

“Tea sounds great.” She bounded happily off into the kitchen while Ashton followed Kellen onto the living room. “What happened to her, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m surprised James didn’t tell you. Her ex beat her up. She left him after he threw a glass at her when she invited James over. Her ex is a homophobic piece of shit.”

“Poor girl. I’m glad she’s okay.” They sat down and Capricia and James came out at the same time. She handed Ashton his cup of tea and James turned a bright red when she winked at him.

“Gosh James I thought I was going to have to send this little hottie in after you. I was afraid maybe you’d fallen into the sink or something.” He turned a deeper shade of red and everyone laughed. “Go on big bro don’t be shy. Take a seat next to Ashton.”

“Yeah come on, I don’t bite. We’ll not unless you want me to.” Ashton said and Capricia nearly fell over she was laughing so hard. She went through Kellen’s movies, pulling out The Grey. She loved this movie because it was so emotional and some times scary. She popped it in then flopped down next to Kellen who pushed play on the controller. He pulled her onto his lap and she rested her head on his shoulder. By the time the movie ended Capricia was nearly in tears. Kellen kissed her and stroked her cheek.

“We’re going to go to bed. If you two need anything please wake me.” Kellen said with a smile as he stood with Capricia in his arms.

“Thanks for letting me stay over.” Ashton said.

“No problem, please make yourself at home.”

James was blushing and very nervous. Ashton smiled “I can’t believe such a big sexy guy is so shy. Where’s the man I was talking to through texts and IM? You were flirty then.”

“I’m sorry, I guess it’s different online”

“It doesn’t have to be. I really like you James. I’m happy you’re going to move here.” James looked at Ashton who kept the eye contact but started blushing right along with James. Ashton nervously moved closer then started drawing nearer to James to kiss him. James swallowed nervously then met their lips. An instant spark flew between them. The kiss making both men feel weak. Ashton pulled back slowly “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first saw you. It was better than I even expected” James smiled, feeling a bit more confident. “same for me. Would you like to come with me to my room?” Ashton stood “lead the way handsome”

James took Ashtons hand as soon as they were near enough to eachother and pulled him to his room. “do…well um.. Do you like to cuddle?” James asked and Ashton smiled “I thought you were a sweetie. I love cuddling. I’m glad you asked that instead of just wanting to fuck me right away” James smiled and took off his shirt making Ashtons jaw drop. James had to stiffle a laugh. All his nervousness was gone. “are you going to wear all of your clothes to bed Ashton?”

“I can’t follow that”

“I’ll help you. I like my men cute, not burly like me” James grabbed Ashtons shirt and pulled it off. Ashton blushed and looked away. James surprised Ashton by picking him up “even cuter without a shirt.” James laid Ashton on the bed then crawled in after him. They wrapped around eachother sending butterflies rushing through both men. James couldn’t believe how great it felt to hold Ashton. He was grateful to Capricia for inviting him to spend the night.

“You did a really good job helping James find a boyfriend. I’m also glad he’ll be moving here to be with Ashton. I miss spending time with him.” Capricia said as she pulled her dress off. He stared at her, making her blush. He reached out and ran his fingers lightly over her skin, moving down to trace the edge of her panties. “Someone always has sex on the brain.”

“It’s not just sex with you Capricia. Every time I touch you, it’s like this jolt of electricity moves through me. I long to pour all of my love and desire into you, to show you just how much you mean to me. I need you more than anything and without you I am nothing.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him.

“You’re a writer, that’s something.”

“Here I am trying to be sweet and romantic and you’re giving me sarcasm.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop. You are truly amazing. I mean I just volunteer, but you write the coolest books with the coolest characters. I feel a little inadequate.”

He tangled his fingers in her hair and tipped her head back. “You are the most beautiful and courageous person I know. You make many people happy with your volunteer work so there is nothing to feel inadequate about. It is I who should feel inadequate and undeserving.” His words brought tears to her eyes. “Please don’t cry, my heart can’t take it.”

“They are tears of happiness. I love you so much.”

“I love you too and I always will.”

He kissed her softly as he lowered her to the bed. She pulled at his clothes and he quickly took them off then pushed her legs open. He licked and bit her inner thigh and she moaned, he slid his tongue up to play over her most sensitive spot. She covered her mouth to muffle her cries and he reached up, pulling then away. “I need to hear your voice.” He said as he kissed his way up her. He rolled onto his back, taking her with him so she straddled him. He gripped her hips and lowered her slowly onto him. He tangled his fingers with hers and she rode him at a fast and needy pace. “Capricia.” He whispered her name and it excited her that she could make him want her so much. He sat up to kiss her, making her heart do a little flip. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as they finished together. He lay down and she rested her head on his chest, listening to his pounding heart.

“Goodnight Kellen.”

“Goodnight my love. Sweet dreams.”

When James woke in the morning he smiled and kissed Ashtons head. Ashtons eyes opened and he looked up at James. James held the side of Ashtons face with one hand. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, you’re very comfortabel to sleep with.”

“You too. I could wake up to those beautiful eyes every morning” That had Ashton blushing again. Ashton¬†got on top of James and began kissing him. Their tongues rolled around eachother making them both lustful. Ashton pulled back and asked softly “This is probably too forward of me but since you want to move here and its paartially for me anyway…you could always move into my place so you dont have to get an apartment” James pulled Ashton down again and kissed him even more passionatly for a few moments before breaking their lips contact, leaving Ashton flushed. “I was hoping you’d offer. Maybe there we can enjoy eachother a little bit more.” James said before letting his tongue drift over Ashtons neck.

James felt Ashton grow hard against him. James had been hard since they were first kissing but he knew Ashton was aware of that since it was pressing into him. “I see you want me too. Could I suck you then feel what it’s like to be inside of you?”

“yeah” James smiled again then rolled Ashton beneath him. James quickly pulled Ashtons belt off and dropped it on the floor before tugging off his pants and sliding his underwear off. James started his tongue on the very bottom of Ashton then slowly slid it up, allowing his tongue to play with the tip. Ashton gripped the bed and began to breath heavy. James then slid Ashton all the way in his mouth and began sucking and licking him. Ashton didn’t know a blow job could feel so intense. His moans grew heavy and loud only making James harder. When he pushed Ashton over his edge James sat on the bed and pulled Ashton into his lap since he could tell that he had sapped all of Ashtons energy with the pleasure he felt.

In James excitement to be inside of Ashton he slammed Ashton down onto him making Ashton give out a loud cry. Ashton moved up and down on him until James was going absolutely crazy and had to have it faster. James moved so Ashton was on all fours on the bed. James went fast and hard into Ashton. They both moaned until James also found his release. “You feel so good” James said in a breathy voice. “That was amazing. I hope your sister didn’t hear.”

“If she did I have to hear them anyway.”

Capricia woke before Kellen and decided she would let him sleep since he had been worrying himself nearly to death over her well being. She kissed his cheek then pulled on a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt. She walked out of the bedroom and right into Ashton. He grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling, look shocked and apologetic. She laughed and patted his shoulder.

“You’re not much bigger than me, but you sure are stout. You nearly knocked me on my butt.” She said with a smile. James was standing behind him trying not to laugh.

“Sorry about that, I should have been paying attention.” Ashton replied.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure walking straight after doing it with my brother is pretty complicated.” Both men blushed and Ashton looked like he was about to die of embarrassment.

“Capricia, you are so horrible.” James said.

“But lovable, plus you started it.” She headed into the kitchen and went through the pantry. She would make her apple muffins for breakfast.

“Hey, can I help?” Ashton asked as he stepped into the kitchen.

“Chop me two apples please.”

Capricia preheated the oven then made the batter while he chopped. When he was done she had him dump the apple bits into the batter then she mixed them in and poured them into a muffin pan. She slid them into the oven and set a timer. “Now we can just sit around and wait.” She hooked her arms in his and pulled him into the living room. “Please tell me you are keeping this one James, he’s a wonderful helper. Plus he’s just so cute. I just want to squeeze him until he pops.”

“She’s incredibly affectionate.” Ashton said with a smile.

“Unless you piss her off. If anyone had tried to hurt me in high school, she would have murdered them and no one would have found the body.” James replied. “Hell, the only reason we didn’t find Cayden dead was because he had her cuffed to his bed. By the way sis, your face looks a lot better today. The swelling has gone down quite a bit.”

“Oh good, I was beginning to worry. Anyway, how about I read to you guys while we wait for the muffins.”

“We would love that sis. I’m guessing one of Kellen’s books?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Whatever you want.”

She picked up the first one since Ashton probably hadn’t heard any of Kellens books and began to read. Even though she had read this one before Capricia was disappointed when she had to stop because the timer went off. Capricia book marked the page then put the book back on the shelf. “he really is good” Ashton said. “do you mind getting the muffins out while I wake Kellen?”

“No problem” Capricia went into their bedroom and gave Kellen a kiss. He woke smiling. “I made breakfast. If you’re still sleepy after I can cuddle with you in here.” Kellen sat up and hugged Capricia. “No, I shouldn’t sleep all day.” Kellen pulled on some sweats then walked into the dining room holding Capricias hand. Ashton had already poured everybody orangejuice. “Thanks Ashton” Capricia said with a smile. They all sat down and ate. Kellen asked “so you want to look for apartments today James?”

“No, I’m moving in with Ashton. Thankfully I mentioned moving here enough times for him to offer his place.” Ashton laughed “You really were trying to get me to offer”

“Yeah, who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to such a cutie?”

“I’ll call a moving company and get your stuff delivered here. I’m sure Capricia knows your old address so she can help me set it up.”

“Thanks Kellen”

“I’ll be happy to have you and Ashton around” After breakfast James said “I love you little sis but I’m really interested in seeing what my new home will look like.” Capricia laughed ‘I love you too but I know that really means you’re interested in getting your boyfriend naked again” Ashton was once again red and Kellen said “you’ve got to get used to how blunt these two are.”

“I guess so” Ashton said smiling. “You ready then James?” James stood and Ashton jotted down his address for Kellen. Once they were out the door Kellen asked “can we just have a lazy day? I want to cuddle and watch movies”

“sounds perfect to me.” They went into the bedroom and stripped down then turned on the TV to Syfy. They cuddled close in the bed and just relaxed to let their day pass. Capricia could see herself spending many more days just wrapped up with Kellen, enjoying movies and the warmth of one another.

~ The End ~

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