Carter & Joy

Chapter One

Carter stared dispassionately down at the begging man, his assigned target. Even when the man begged, when he offered to double the price on his head, Carter felt nothing. He pulled the trigger so easily, silenced the target quickly. This is what he had been made for, like the others, even the one who had escaped. They were killers and if they didn’t conform, they were executed. He left without so much as a sound, slid behind the wheel of his car and drove away from that house. He needed to report in then receive his next assignment.

The Compound was done in shades of grey, even the trees, leafless from winter, were grey. The building had the sterility of a hospital. This was his home and the home of his brothers and sisters. There were twenty of them total now, each with their own gifts. Carter had heightened senses, even his skin was more sensitive, giving him better awareness. He could sense a snipers scope on him, could hear bullets and arrows and the quietest of whispers, his vision was perfect and he could see further than regular humans. His body was always primed for the hunt.

“Carter, welcome back.” Forrester, the man in charge of assignments, said.

“He’s been neutralized. Ready for my next target sir.”

“Quick and clean as always. I wish Roche and Brin followed your example.” Carter waited patiently as Forrester typed on his computer. He turned the screen toward Carter. “Joy Stone, daughter of Reginald Stone, kill her, send a message.”

Carter studied the woman’s face. She was young, maybe early twenties, bright blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Joy, it wasn’t just her name it seemed. His eyes lingered, his heart stuttering a bit the more he studied her. He took in every detail. Forrester cleared his throat and Carter snapped back to reality. Something was wrong with him, but he put on the mask. “I understand sir.”


Carter left again, that beautiful face in his head. He was actually feeling something and it was strange. It was only a slight stirring in him but he was feeling. He wasn’t even aware until now he could feel anything atall. He didn’t even truly feel triumph when he completed task. It was simply what he did. He was actually thinking about what she might have done to deserve a price on her head. That was another first for him. He honestly never cared so he never wondered. This girl, Joy, she just didn’t look like someone who deserved to die.

Joy sat in the back of her shop, getting roses ready to sell the next day. She didn’t understand why so many women wanted roses. They were such awful smelling flowers. She could name twenty or so different types she’d prefer over roses but they were one of her highest sellers so she kept plenty. Her dad called her phone and she answered “Hello sweetheart, what’re you doing?”

“I’m still at my shop”

“You work too hard”

“It’s not really work dad. It makes me happy.”

“So you say sweetie, but you should get out some time, have fun. You’re still young so live your life.”

She laughed. “I am living my life so please don’t worry so much.” She heard the bell above the front door ring. “I have to go dad, love you.”

“Love you too.”

She hung up and went out to the front. She paused when she saw him standing there staring at a vase of roses. His eyes seemed to see them yet not see them at the same time. “Sir?” He didn’t answer so she approached him. “Excuse me sir?” He raised his head then turned his eyes on her, sending a shiver up her spine. There was such a coldness about him, a distance he kept between himself and her even though he was standing so close. “Sorry, are you looking for roses?”

“No, not really. I was just looking. I spotted your flowers and thought I’d get a closer look.”

“Oh, do you like roses?”

“I’m not sure, they’re quite deceitful in their beauty.”

“Deceitful?” She was confused by his behavior.

He turned back to them, plucking one out of the vase. “They draw you in with their beauty, with their smell, but if you get to close, they prick your skin. Beautiful, but dangerous.”

“I prefer things like lilies or jasmine. I find them more attractive.” She smiled warmly and he felt his heart flutter in his chest, once again confusing him.

“The smell, you hate the smell of roses. I can tell by the way you slightly wrinkle your nose.” He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Perhaps I don’t know much about flowers.” He could so easily snuff out her life, but he was unable to reach for the gun. He put the rose back. “Not that it matters, I have no one to take them to.”

“Maybe if you learned about them, you could impress someone. Women love flowers or men even.”

“May I come back then for a lesson?” He had to know why she confused him, why he was feeling this tugging in his chest and what she had done to earn death.

“Of course you can” He looked at her a few more moments. She was so bright, more alive than he had ever seen a person. It was hard for Carter to leave such a presence. When he did finally walk out Joy looked at the roses, a little confused by the seemingly empty man in her shop. She finished what she needed to do to close her store for the day then went home, grabbing some food on the way there to eat for dinner. As she ate she wished she would have asked the mans name. If he really did come back to her store she would make sure to ask him next time.

After dinner she checked her Facebook and messed around online for awhile before doing a couple sudoku puzzles. To her it was a nice way to wind herself down so she could sleep. When she arrived at her shop the next morning there was a car sitting in front which confused her until Carter came out of it “Oh, you’re early”

“I don’t sleep much.”

“what’s your name? I forgot to ask yesterday”

“Carter.” He replied, glad he was a bit more calm this morning.

“That’s a nice name, I’m Joy.”

“It suits you.”

Her bright smile had his heart dancing again. “So I’ve been told.” She unlocked the front door and he followed her in, his nose filling with the sweet scent of her flowers. It was a little overwhelming at first, just like it had been yesterday, but he made himself continue forward. “Would you like to help me with orders today?”

“I’d love too.”

“You sound so noncommittal.”

“Apologies, I’ve never done anything like this.”

“You don’t get out much do you?”

“I’m always busy, it’s what I was born for.” a small frown tugged her lips down and for a moment the feeling of panic set in and it shocked him. He didn’t wish to make her upset. He cleared his throat. “Please, show me what to do.”

She tried to smile but he could still see the concern for him in it and he actually hoped her teaching him would make her glow again. She patiently let him help her in the back and he felt relief when she seemed to be happy once more. “what is going on with me?” he had to ask himself again. A customer came in and she said “I’ll go help them. Do you want to keep doing this?”

“Yes, you should really hire someone. You shouldn’t be doing all this work alone”

“I had one employee but she gave her notice a few months back. She moved for this guy she met online. I’m really happy for her. I’ll hire someone again eventually.” With that she went out to the front of the store to help her customers.He kept working until she heard her happily conversing with a man. That voice was so sweet and soothing. It froze him there. He simply couldn’t do anything else but listen.

His phone vibrating brought him out daydreaming and he quickly pulled it out and answered. “Sir.”

“Is the target neutralized?”

“Waiting for the right time sir, too many witnesses coming in and out.”

“You must get on with it Carter, she is nothing but a means to an end.”

“Yes sir.”

He hung up as Joy returned. “Business?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes, my boss. I’m afraid I’ve neglected my work.”

“Carter, why would you do that? You shouldn’t.”

He huffed out an emotionless laugh. “You wouldn’t be saying that if you knew who I was, what I do.”

“Work is important.” He reached into his jacket, his hand wrapping around the gun. She was right of course, work was important, it was all there was, all he needed. He was fast, she would be dead before she even had time to blink, but he couldn’t do it, not with her watching him like that.

He sighed. “I should go Joy.”

“What’s wrong, did I say something bad?”

“I’m not good for you, forget me okay?” He stood and she moved in front of the door, her hand coming up so he froze.

“Please don’t go, I’m worried about you. Won’t you stay until closing, maybe have dinner with me?”


“Please” He sighed, staring at the beautiful woman before him again. He hated not understanding how she made him feel or why he was suddenly feeling at all. In this moment he couldn’t leave, not with those sweet, pleading eyes looking right at him. He had to wonder again how this woman deserved to die. He couldn’t imagine a reason for anybody to want such a precious creature gone from this world. “I’ll stay and have dinner with you I suppose”

She felt bad he seemed so not interested in being around her but she hoped she could make him happy. She couldn’t just let him leave looking so upset. He kept his word and stayed until closing. Once they were standing outside she said “do you have a GPS?”


‘type in Rosies Italian Grille. It’s a really amazing place. I’ll meet you at the front door”


Joy made herself leave, trying not to comment on his lack of emotion. She wondered for a moment if he was emotionally disturbed, but reprimanded herself. She didn’t know him, not where he came from or what troubles he faced. She sighed, heading straight to Rosie’s and waiting patiently for him. He didn’t take long to show up and she caught the brief look of confusion on his face as he exited his car. He looked almost distressed, but the moment their eyes met the mask was back in place. “I hope you like this place.”

“I’m sure I will, I’m not picky.”

She let out a little laugh. “Everyone has something they hate.”

He opened the door for her. “Not me.”

They were seated quickly and Joy glanced at him as they looked at their menus. He was incredibly handsome, seemingly kind and polite, but there was still such a distance. She wanted to push past the wall he had put between himself and the rest of the world to the man underneath. He suddenly raised his eyes, making her blush when he just stared at her. “Sorry.” She said.

“It’s fine.” He put his menu down, sitting there in silence until a waitress came to take their order. He could see the woman was uncomfortable in his presence as she quickly jotted down what they wanted and left. “So, what do your parents do?” He asked, needing more information.

“Mom teaches culinary classes, she really loves cooking and dad is an activist.”

That piqued his interest. “An activist?”

“Not the angry don’t eat meat kind. He can eat more burgers than any man I’ve ever met and he manages to stay so fit.” She laughed. “He’s a human rights activist.”

“So he’s stepped on a lot of toes then?”

She shrugged. “He would never tell me if he did. He doesn’t like me to worry.”

“The world is a dangerous place Joy, you never know what kind of monsters you’ll meet.”

“Carter, you’re not a bad person.” He smiled again and she reached across the table, taking his hand and sending a shock up his arm. “I mean it, you’ve been fun to hang out with and you’re so good with my flowers. I’m happy you came here with me and whatever is bothering you, I wish you’d let me help.”

Chapter Two

He rested his free hand on hers wondering how this felt so good. Not used to a lot of socialization beyond hunting to kill he began to let his fingers slide up her arm, loving the sensation it brought him. He was enjoying this, he was actually enjoying somthing. He wasn’t aware of anything but the feel of her skin until he felt goosebumps and heat. He looked at her and she was blushing and he worried that she was unhappy with what he was doing “I’m sorry”

“No, um, you just surprised me. What were you doing?”

“I’m sorry”

“You’re fine Carter”

“You aren’t displeased with what I was doing?”

“No, again just surprised.”

Their food came and she still watched him, still waiting for him to answer her. “I don’t touch many people and those I have don’t make me feel like this.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.” He took a bite of his food as he mulled over the best way to describe what was happening. “I don’t feel like normal people, I don’t desire anything so it’s strange to feel enjoyment, excitement.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not what you think I am, I’m not kind or gentle. It’s just a mask Joy. I don’t know love or lust, I don’t know happiness or sadness. I was made to feel nothing, to only hunt, it’s my purpose. Sex is meaningless, just a means to an end.”

Joy swallowed what was in her mouth, her heart beating faster at his admission. “What are you trying to say?”

“I…” His ears picked up the sound, the click of the safety, the pulling of a trigger and he hooked his foot in her chair, tipping it back so the bullet shattered the window, but missed her head. People screamed as he pulled his gun free and opened fire in the direction of the sniper. He knew he wouldn’t hit anyone, but it would force them to take cover. Joy looked up at him from the floor and he grabbed her arm, ignoring the shock in her eyes as he hauled her to her feet and pulled her out of the restaurant.

“Carter?” Her voice shook and he felt her fear like a stab in the heart. He pulled her to his car, putting her in the passenger seat.

“Stay down.” A bullet grazed his cheek, his oversensitive skin feeling it like a shock to the system that he forced down as he fired at the sniper again. It had to be Jude, she never missed and unlike him, she would be pissed she had missed her target. His handler must have sent her after he failed to follow orders. He slid behind the wheel of the car, his tires screeching as he pulled away from the restaurant.

“Carter, what’s happening?”

“Does your father have some sort of safe house, somewhere secluded?”

“You’re bleeding.”

“Does he?”

“Yeah but”

“Theres no time for anything else. Tell me where it is and we’ll talk once you’re safe” He hated being an ass to her but he couldn’t lose her, not the one thing in the world that actually made him feel. She started giving him directions and he followed, looking completely serious. Somthing was going on, whatever happened in that restaurant he knew about and had been keeping it from her. Joy just hoped he would finally talk to her now that whatever it was was out in the open.

When they arrived he collected her almost the second she was out of the car and ran in. He held her tightly to him as they went inside. He set her down to make the safe house lock down and then she spoke insistently “Carter, tell me what’s going on? You really can’t hide whatever it is any longer”

“I was sent to kill you.”

He eyes widened. “What?”

“But I failed, I couldn’t do it so they sent Jude.”

“Who is Jude?”

“Another assassin like me. I was sent to kill you as a warning to your father. Human rights, he must have caught wind of something big, maybe even us.”

“I don’t understand, who are you?”

He turned to her, his hands grabbing her shoulders. “An experiment. I was made to hunt and kill. I was trained to feel nothing emotionally and my body was modified as were those of my brothers and sisters.”


“In a lab, made only for the purpose of following orders and spilling blood, but I…I couldn’t do it this time.” He stroked her cheek, his eyes searching hers for something, for a reason behind his disobedience. “You’ve done something to me. I should have killed you but you are so different.” His thumb brushed over her lips. “So soft and beautiful and bright. I feel so much at once, so many things that I don’t know what to do.”

He sounded so distressed and Joy could feel him shaking. She reached up, lightly touching his cheek and he squeezed his eyes closed as if he was in pain. “It’s okay.”

“I have extremely sensitive skin, it’s part of my modification. They heightened my senses so everything is heightened.”

“Does it hurt to be touched?”

“No, but it’s never felt like this. Just the brush of your fingers is enough to…sorry, I’m sorry.”

“You’re in danger now aren’t you?” He nodded and she hugged him. “They’ll come for us won’t they?”

“I won’t let them hurt you, I’ll kill them.” He had betrayed everything he knew and he didn’t understand it, understand his want for this woman. She was so fragile, so innocent and had to keep her safe even if it meant dying.

She pulled back to look up at his face. “Your cheek, let me help you.”

She knew her father kept plenty of medical supplies here just incase. She now regretted not asking much about her fathers work. He had been doing good things but it might have helped her to know. She found what she needed then had Carter sit down for her. He still seemed on edge, ready to protect her the second he noticed trouble. He stared at her as she tended to his face which had her blushing again. He truly was incredibly handsome and she had a feeling he didn’t know it.

“I don’t think you’ll need stitches.” She said as she examined the graze. “A little more to the side and it would have been much worse.”

“She was warning me.”

She gave him a small smile, her palm sliding over his cheek. His eyes closed and his hand covered hers, holding it there. Her heart skipped a beat when he turned his head and pressed a kiss into her hand. “Carter.”

“Sorry, I can’t help myself. I just want to feel you, to understand these emotions. It’s frighteningly overwhelming.” He had never known fear and he let it wash over him, holding onto it for a moment so he would always know it. “Is it bad?” He let his fingers slide up her arm, amazed at the goosebumps and the heat of her skin. He could hear her heart beating and marveled at how fast it was going. It took him a moment to realize his was doing the same thing. “Should I stop?”

“It’s okay, I’m just nervous.” His eyes met hers and she swallowed. Everything was there, his desire, his confusion and fear.

“I won’t hurt you.” He didn’t know if that was true. He didn’t know how to be a person, how to explain things, how to be gentle and caring.

“I’m not afraid of you. I know you wont hurt me. You could have so many times and you didn’t have to protect me tonight. I’m just not used to being touched like this.”

“Tell me if I do somthing bad or if I hurt you. I’m not used to this either. I don’t know what’s okay and I’ve never been gentle with anything.”

“You’re doing amazing so far. I..I really like that way you touch me”

“Is that what your skins reaction means?”


“good” he seemed genuinely relieved. “should I call my father?” He went completely serious again “you have a phone on you?”


“then she is on her way. Cellphones can be tracked”

“I’m sorry”

He pressed his lips to her fingers. “It wasn’t your fault, I should have said something. I was in a hurry.”

“It’s my fault.”

“Don’t say that, I should have kept a clear head.” He stood. “I’ll get rid of her, but you must promise to stay put.”

“Carter, promise me you won’t die.” He brushed his fingers through her hair, loving how soft it was. She had so easily bewitched him.

“May I kiss you?” He asked and she nodded through her nervousness. He bent down, his hand holding her cheek as he pressed his lips into hers. He moaned, his arms wrapping around her waist and lifting her off the ground. Her hands against his chest as their lips moved, her nearly smiling at how quick his heart was beneath her palm. He pulled back breathless, his entire body seemingly on fire. “I should go now before I can’t hold back. I’m so weak to you.”

“You haven’t promised me yet.”

“I will come back to you, I need more of this.”

She didn’t want to let him walk away but Joy knew he needed to. She found a good place to hide just incase. She trusted him but if the woman after them got in Joy didn’t want to make the situation harder on Carter by becoming a hostage. It didn’t take long for Jude to arrive and face down Carter outside “what’s wrong with you Carter? You’re the best out of all of us. Our creators have always wanted us to be more like you and then you do somthing like this? I don’t understand. Why would you spare her? Shes just a job”

“She isn’t just a job to me. She stopped being my next kill the moment my eyes met hers. She..she makes me feel so much. I can’t kill her and I can’t let you kill her. I’ll die before I let you snuff out the one thing that has ever made me glad I’m alive.” Jude was stunned into silence as she stared at him. She felt envy rise up or what she supposed was envy, he was feeling. Somthing she wished she was able to do. He aimed his gun at her “Please, just leave her alone.”

Jude didn’t know how she could fault him for somthing she wanted.

They will ask for proof.”

Carter looked down at his gun then back at her. “Alright, but then you leave and you never show your face again or I will kill you.”


He slipped his gun back in its holster and tossed it to her. “They know I would never drop it so take it and leave.”

“I never saw you as the disobedient type.” Jude picked up the holster. “It’s surprising?”

“I am not the first and I maybe not the last.” He hazarded a glance back at the house. “She is all that matters now, she is everything.”

“Stay out of trouble Carter.” Jude left him, but he waited, listening for her, for any signs she was circling around. When he was sure she was gone, he backed toward the house. Finding Joy was easy, her heart and breathing easily tracked to the crawl space hidden inside one of the room closets.

“Is it safe?” She asked.

“Yes, please come here.” He held out his hand and she allowed him to help her out. “Jude was much easier to persuade than planned. I sensed something in her, confusion perhaps.”

“She didn’t hurt you?”


Chapter Three

He hugged her to him, rubbing his cheek against her face. She smiled “You’re really sweet”

“For you” there was a short pause “I need another kiss, please” Joy moved so he could kiss her. He moaned again. It was such an intense feeling, especially since he wasn’t yet used to being able to feel so much. When he broke this kiss he said “Thank you for letting me be with you. Especially now that you know how it is we met”

“You didn’t do it and that’s all that matters to me Carter”

“I’m sure you’d like to go home. Can I take you home?”

“Yeah and you can. I mean, do you even have a home to go back to now?”

“No and I’d like to stay with you. Especially if they decide to still kill you at somepoint. I need to be there to keep you safe. I’m going to help your father. I’ll give him all the information I have so hopefully he can swiftly ruin them and anybody associated with them.”

She ran her fingers through his hair, soothing him and he lifted her into his arms. “Why are you so tall?” She asked and he looked down.

“I never noticed. Is that bad?”

“No, you’re perfect.”

He felt his heart do a little flip as he carried her out to the car. Once they were on the road, Joy called her father and explained to him what was happening. His voice shook as he asked her if she was okay and she told him she was the safest person on the planet right now. Carter felt a smile pulling at his lips and was surprised by the sudden rush of happiness. He found that her words could so easily make or break him and he hung on every syllable. When Joy hung up she sighed.

“Everything alright?”

“He wants to see me in the morning. He needs to check me himself.”

“We can go now.”

“I just want to spend the rest of the night with you.” She took his hand in both of hers. “Our date was ruined.”


“Yeah so we have to have another one to make up for it.”

“would you like to go out to eat again?”

“Can I show you my favorite park for the date?”

“Of course, when can we go?”

“we’ll see what happens with my dad tomorrow. Soon though, I want our make up date to be really soon” He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. The next day they went to see her father early in the morning so they could have breakfast with him and put his worrys to rest. He checked her four times from head to toe, sighing with relief when he was satisfied. He then approached Carter, offering his hand “Thank you for not killing her and then protecting my baby. She’s my world…and I hate knowing that’s why she was put in danger. I’m glad you’re going to stay by her side and keep her safe”

“I also want to give you all the information I have on them”

“Thank you, when can I get it?” Carter looked at Joy who said “this is important, go ahead and talk to my dad” The two men went into her fathers office. Carter hated having her out of his site but she was in her fathers house and with her mother no doubt. Joy’s mother hugged her now “we didn’t sleep a wink last night”

“sorry mom”

“It wasn’t your fault. We’re just relieved we didn’t lose you. We couldn’t handle that” Joy hungout with her mom until Carter returned to her “he says you want to go on a date at your favorite park. Go ahead, we’ll see you another time sweetheart”

“I love you”

“I love you too. Hopefully before the day is over that assholes will be headed for prison”

Carter didn’t feel anything at the thought of the institution being shut down. It wasn’t like he had been close to anyone, it wasn’t the type of place for forming bonds. Never trust anyone, not even your own. It had been drilled in their heads from a young age. They were the only family he had ever known, but from being with Joy he knew they were not a real family, simply people raised together by circumstance. “Let’s pick something up before we go to the park.” Joy’s sweet voice brought him out of his musings as he drove.

“What would you like?”

“How about pizza?”

“Pizza, I’ve never had pizza.”

Her eyes widened. “Seriously? You can’t go another moment without pizza.”

He gave her a small smile. “You have so much to teach me and show me, I hope it doesn’t get too tiring.”

“I don’t mind, it’s fun. You’re the one who should worry about getting tired.”

He huffed. “We were made into the perfect specimens mentally and physically. I have incredible stamina.”

She blushed and he glanced at her. “Oh.”


“It’s nothing.”

“Your heart and face say otherwise. Have I done something wrong?”

She shook her head. “Of course not. People blush when they hear something embarrassing or when they’re shy or flustered. It’s just a reaction.”

“I see, so I embarrassed you.”

“You’re fine Carter” He could tell she was only getting more embarrassed and he hated he didn’t understand interaction better. He wanted to make her happy, not shy or upset in anyway. He stopped at a pizza place she pointed out and they ordered a pepperoni pizza. He still looked bothered by the fact he embarrassed her so she took his hand “Carter, you didn’t say or do anything wrong?”

“Then why did you blush?”

“I’ll try to explain at the park but it wasn’t bad.” He lovingly stroked her hand with his free one “good, I just want to make you happy”

“You’ve been amazing Carter” He just stared down at her, seeming to be relieved. The pizza was soon ready and they took it to eat at the park. She guided him to the large lake she had always loved so much. She couldn’t get enough of watching the ducks and their babies. Once they were sitting and each had their slice Carter asked “would you explain now please?” She chewed and swallowed before setting her pizza down. “I was just being silly. When you said you had incredible stamina” she was already blushing again “My mind sort of jumped to sex” Now she was in a full bodied blush.

“Oh, I’m sorry. For us sex was different, it wasn’t so much for enjoyment or an act of love. It never occurred to me to think of stamina and strength as a sexual thing, it’s just part of who I am and what I was as pretty much a machine.”

“It’s okay. It’s just I haven’t exactly you know had sex with anyone.” She was burning up with her blush and her heart skipped a beat when he looked at her.

“How is that possible?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re so beautiful, you would think men would see that. You would think they would be clambering for your attention.”

She couldn’t help but laugh at how serious he was. “I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, but nothing that stuck.”

“They were obviously stupid and blind.” He cocked his head to the side. “What’s so funny?”

“How mad you sound.”

“I can’t help it,” he reached up, letting his fingers slide over her cheek and into her hair, “you’re so amazing to me. A gift.” His heart was beating so fast it was almost distressing. Being near her, touching her and kissing her made him react in ways he never imagined. “I feel like my heart might explode. What do you call that, what does it mean when you want to give everything to someone?”

“Oh, well you’d call it love.”

“Love, I like that. I love you.”

“I love you too” They ate together then enjoyed their day at the park. That night as they were settling into her bed to rest he asked “Joy? Would you like me to have sex with you? I get so much out of just kissing and holding you, I want to know the feeling of having sex with you” Her little heart was beating so fast again “don’t be nervous..I’m sorry” he added and she said “no, um…yeah, I think i’d like that”


“Yeah, with you I think it would be amazing. I really do love you”

“I love you too Joy” Carter wasn’t sure how he should start so he just began kissing her slowly. She almost shakily started to push his shirt up. Joy wanted to feel his torso, to see how he looked without his clothes. He stopped kissing her long enough for it to be removed. He felt so amazing and sculpted. They really had made him perfect. She got a good look at him when he went to undress himself and undress her. “wow” she said and he smiled, he was beyond happy that she was pleased with how he looked.

Carter began raining feather light kisses over her body, just enjoying her reactions and her sweet, perfect skin. He loved every dip and curve and felt blessed she was letting him explore her. The way she was breathing was addicting and he now understood why stamina made this better. He could keep enjoying this for a long time.

Joy let out a little whimper when he finally pushed into her and he paused, his eyes searching hers. “It’s okay.” She said softly and she pulled him down to kiss him, feeling him shaking as he moved. His self control slipped further and further, making him wild and rougher than he wanted. She held tightly to him, her moans parting their lips, her body quivering beneath him. This feeling of being completely one with her was overwhelming and he felt tears sting his eyes. He rested his forehead against hers, his eyes closing as he lost himself fully in her. The sensation of her pulsing around him pushed him over the edge so he flowed into her, his own loud cry mingling with hers.

“I love you Joy, love you so much it’s driving me crazy.”

“I love you too.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

She smiled, her fingers stroking through his hair so he let out a contented sigh. “It was perfect, amazing.”

“Better than amazing, like magic. I’ve never felt so…well everything.” He let his knuckles brush her cheek, unable to keep from touching her. “Stay with me always, I can’t go back after this. I need this, you and your love, this warmth.”

“I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

He felt a sense of relief and he moved to lay beside her, his arms keeping her pressed against him. He admired her, giving her random kisses. He wanted her again, but he could tell she was exhausted. It had been a stressful couple of days for her so he let her drift off, his fingers trailing slowly up and down her spine to lull her into a deep sleep.

He admired her for a long while after she had already fallen asleep before finally going to sleep himself. In the morning he woke before her, happy just to lay there until she was awake. “did you sleep?” she asked softly. He kissed her head, knowing he’d never bore of how it felt to kiss her. “Yeah, I just wake up early. In general I don’t need very much sleep” She giggled and the two just laid there talking. It didn’t take long for her father to get the place that made Carter shut down and them all brought up on charges. He conveniently left Carters existence out to make sure his daughter didn’t lose her new boyfriend. Joy was happier than he had ever seen her and he couldn’t risk her heart being broken.

Eventually they were all serving jail time, most of them would be in for the rest of their lives but Carter was relieved. Even his fellow experiments couldn’t truly be trusted. They didn’t feel so were capable of anything. Before Joy, he was just as much a monster as they were. He had killed so many people and done it with zero emotion. If she hadn’t stumbled into his life he didn’t want to think about how many more lives he would have taken and not cared.

~ The End

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