Charles 12 Sophie 11

~ Chapter 1 ~

Charles was hanging out with some of the other boys in the village when girls came up. Thomas said “I think Sophies the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen.” Philip responded “Be careful Thomas those are fighting words with Charles. He fancies her, Always has.”

“So, you don’t own her Charles. In fact I’m going to ask her out as soon as she isn’t sick any longer.”

“You can’t! I’m going to marry her when we grow up!”

“Says who? You can’t stop me from asking her out.”

“I can too” Charles said punching Thomas in the face as hard as he could. The boys started punching and kicking at eachother until an elderly woman came over and snapped “Break it up right this second boys before I tell your mothers!” Charles had a black eye but Thomas had a broken nose and many bruises.

The old woman walked away and Thomas says “I bet she doesn’t even like you Charles. When she rejects you I’ll ask her out. Its just a matter of time. Besides I think you know it which is why you’ve never told her how you feel.”

“Shut up before I slug you again.” The boys started ¬†a glaring match until the old woman cleared her throat. Thomas took off for home and Charles went to see how Sophie was doing. The other boys stayed where they were talking excitedly about what just happened. Charles knocked on Sophies door. Her mother answered “hey sweetheart, she still isn’t feeling well.”

“I know I just wanted to check on her.” Sophies mother smiled “I’m sure she’d love some company if you aren’t scared of getting sick.” Charlies face lit up “No mam I’d love to see her!” Charles exclaimed not able to hide his excitement. He wanted to run up the stairs but walked so he wouldn’t look quite so eager. He tried to hide how much he liked Sophie but her parents knew.

Sophies dad smiled “when is that boy going to ask our girl out?”

“I don’t know, he is so cute though.”

“You would think Sophie would notice with how obvious he is.” Sophies mom laughed “I know right.” He slowly opened Sophies door. Sophie noticed it was Charles and sat up ‘You might get sick. What’re you doing up here?”

“I’m not scared, I just wanted to see how you were. I’ve missed playing with you.”

“I’ve really missed you too. I’ve been so lonely and bored.” She then noticed his eye “What happend?” She said the concern pouring out of her voice. “It’s nothing, I was playing with the other boys and we got too rough.” He was now sitting on the side of her bed. She cupped his cheek on the side his eye was bruised. “close your eyes Charles” He looked at her confused then did as he was told. She kissed his bruised eye effectively making his face resemble a cherry. “There, my mom always kisses my wounds better. I think it actually helps.”

Charles couldn’t respond. His stomach was now packed with butterflies and he couldn’t find his voice. “Th..th.thank you Sophie” He said stuttering very badly. She hugged him “dont go getting yourself hurt too badly while I’m stuck in the bed.” He hugged her back smiling “I’ll try” he said whispering. Her hugs were so amazing. They brought him so much comfort. He could stay in her arms forever. He would if he could. He just couldn’t find the courage to tell her how he felt. He didn’t know if he would be able to take it if she rejected him.

~ Chapter 2 ~

She let go much to his disappointment. “Oh my head hurts.”

“Can I do anything to help it?”

“Would you read to me? If you dont want to my mom will do it.”

“I’d love to read to you Sophie. I’ll read to you the rest of the day if you want.”

“You’re such a good friend Charles.” He grabbed a really big book off her shelf wanting to make sure it could last all day. He wanted to be able to stay as long as possible. Sophie laid back down and Charles sat on her bed again. He opened the book and began to read. Sophies mom came upstairs to get something and peaked in the room. She covered her mouth and smiled. She went back downstairs and told Sophies dad. “He is such a sweetheart.”

“He better be. That’s what my girl deserves in a husband.”

“You really think?”

“Is that a serious question?”

“No, it’s just too precious watching those two.” Charles glanced at Sophie after every chapter to see if she was still awake. He couldn’t lie to himself though. It was also to see those beautiful eyes looking at him. Around the sixth chapter he noticed her jerk her eyes open when he looked over “You can go to sleep Sophie.”

“You’ll leave if I do.” Charles smiled “I wont leave until your parents make me. I promise.”

“Thank you, I’m sorry. Don’t stay because you feel bad. I’m sure you’d have more fun playing with the boys.”

“You’re my best friend Sophie. I really do just want to stay here with you.”

“I’m so glad.” After he finished the next chapter Sophie was sound asleep. He wondered how long she had been fighting it to make him stay. Realizing she had done that made him feel amazing. He felt warm with his happiness. Charles just looked down at her trying to get brave enough to lay his hand on her face. He slowly moved his hand and gently touched her cheek. Skin contact with her filled him with so much emotion. It was like waves of peace and happiness would start pouring down on him rushing through his body.

He stayed like that until he heard the door open, he jumped. Charles jerked his hand away so fast it hurt “sorry son.” Sophies dad said “it’s dinner time if you’re hungry.” Charles nodded and walked down to their kitchen. He nervously explained why he was in there after she had fallen asleep “I promised her I wouldn’t go home until you two made me. I wasn’t trying to be weird. I’m so sorry”

“Calm down” Sophies mom said “why dont you spend the night? We can make you a little bed on Sophies floor if we can trust you to be a proper gentleman.”

“Yes mam, yes sir. Thank you so much. You know I have nothing but respect for Sophie.”

“It’s why we’d let you do such a thing” Sophies dad said smiling at how flustered Charles was. Sophies dad finished eating “I’m going to tell your parents you are staying over. I’ll be right back.”

“Ok sir” When he was gone Sophies mom asked “what happened to your eye?”

“Playing too rough with the boys.”

“I see” she said knowing he was probably lieing. She stood ‘i’ll get you some blankets and a pillow.”

“Thank you”

~ Chapter 3 ~

Charles got comfortable on the floor. It had been a very long time since he slept over. They did this all the time up until his ninth birthday. Charles hoped Sophie would be well in the morning. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully. He felt pride in helping her get to sleep. Last time he came to check on her her mother said she wasn’t sleeping but maybe an hour at a time. Now that he’d read to her she had been asleep for hours. He guessed her lack of being able to sleep is why he was allowed to spend the night. That way he could keep her company if she got up.

Charlies eye was slightly bothering him but it was well worth it. Getting in a¬†fight with Thomas scored him a kiss from Sophie. He laid there imagining it over and over. It felt so nice when she did it. He wished he could know what a real kiss from her was like but he was too much of a coward to ask her out. He tried many times, each time he would get too nervous and afraid she’d tell him she didn’t like him that way.

Charles was soon stolen by slumber. Sophie sat up quickly coughing a few hours after Charles had gone to sleep. Her room was pitch dark and she sighed before coughing again. Her coughing woke Charles so he turned on the light. It made Sophie jump, she thought he would be home. “what’re you doing here?”

“Your parents said I could sleep on your floor” charles said as he took back his position on the side of her bed. “I’m glad, sorry i woke you up.”

“Don’t be, do you need anything?”

“Would you mind getting me a drink?”

“Not in the slightest.” Charles said happily. He got up and quietly went downstairs. He brought back some water as fast as possible. “Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart.” She drank almost all of it then set the cup on her nightstand. Sophie laid back down. “Go back to sleep Charles. I’ll try not to wake you again.”

“Don’t be silly Sophie. I’ll go to sleep when you do. What else can I do for you?”

“You’ve done plenty Charles.”

“What else Sophie?” Sophie smiled “Hard head”

“You know it” Charles smiled “would you gently rub my back? It’s so comforting when my mother does it.” Charles got in to bed on the side her back was facing and laid down. He slowly slid his hand into her loose sleep shirt and ran it up and down. Sophie sighed with contentment. He felt her loosen up and he smiled “I guess I’m doing good?”

“Yes, thank you so much”

“It’s really not a problem.” This was actually a treat for Charles. He was getting to lay with her and make her more comfortable. Her happiness meant the world to him. Her skin was incredibly soft. Sophie closed her eyes. There was so much tenderness and care in his touch. She found herself enjoying the light rubbings from him more than when her mom did it.

As much as he loved being there as soon as she was sleeping again he got out of her bed. He didn’t want her father to get angry if he fell asleep there. He gave Sophie a gentle kiss on the cheek “Please stay asleep until morning. You need rest to feel better.” he whispered. Charles turned off the light then got back in his spot. Nothing woke him again until Sophies mom was shaking him “I made breakfast honey, Sophies already down stairs.”

“How is she?”

“Good as new” Charles smiled and got up. He sat in the empty chair next to Sophie. “Thank you for everything yesterday.”

“That’s what best friends are for.”

“I can go out and play now right dad?”

“You sure you’re better?”

“Yes sir”

“Then you may play today, just don’t over do it please.”

“I wont daddy.”

~ Chapter 4 ~

The two of them finished then Sophie ran upstairs to change into some clothes. “That was really nice of you to read to Sophie yesterday and keep her company.”

“It wasn’t like it was work or anything.” Charles said smiling. “I guess not for a boy who seems so taken by our Sophie.” Charles flushed and Sophies dad laughed. “We wont tell Sophie, we’ve known a while.” Sophie came down the stairs. “You ready Charles?”

“yes” He said a little shaken. She smiled brightly and he followed her out the door. “You didn’t have to embarrass him like that.”

“It’s so fun though.” Charles and Sophie walked side by side around their little village “what would you like to do Charles?”

“What do you feel up to?”

“anything, I swear I feel one hundred percent better. Oh I know, lets go climb some trees!”

“Ok” They turned to go into the woods. They climbed up their favorite tree and sat on the biggest branch. They talked and laughed until Charles heard someone coming. He looked around and soon saw Thomas. Charles grunted “what do you want?” Thomas came around so Sophie could see him. “Wow Thomas, what happened to you? Sombody kicked your ass really good.” Thomas was embarrassed, he was three years older than Charles. He should’ve been able to beat him easily but had gotten his ass handed to him. There was no way he was going to admit to Sophie it was Charles who had done it.

“I’ve got a question for you.” Charles began to glare at Thomas but Thomas payed no heed. He knew Charles wouldn’t fight with him in front of Sophie. “what is it?”

“Would you be my girl?” Thomas said smirking at how pissed Charles was. He then noticed a bit of fear in Charles. Charles was afraid she’d say yes. He didn’t want her with any other man but him. He begged her in his mind to tell Thomas no. “That’s sweet of you to ask. I hope you aren’t hurt too badly but I don’t want to be with you. I’ll be your friend though.” Now Charles was smiling and looking triumphantly at Thomas who said “Charles likes you Sophie!” Thomas told her out of spite. How dare Charles look at him like that, his ego was still wounded from the fight yesterday and this was his way to get back at him. Terror was now all over Charlies face.

“Get over yourself he does not. He’s just my best friend. A very good friend and you’re sore because I just rejected you. Now go.” Thomas walked off in a huff. Sophie turned her gaze at Charles who was trying to collect himself and look normal. “why would he think I’d date him. He’s kind of an ass isn’t he?” Charles chuckled nervously “Yeah, he really is.”

“So is he why you’ve got that black eye?”

“Yeah, but I’m the one who did all that to him.”

“I thought so. I’m glad you won.” Charles smiled “I’m going to be able to beat anybody in this village one day. You wait and see.” Charles had started training earlier than most children. He wanted to impress Sophie so badly. He wanted to be the best at everything so she would love him like he did her. He wanted her to admire him and think he was amazing. Even half as amazing as he found her to be. “speaking of that I want to show you something I can do now. Lets get down.”

“Ok” They jumped out of the tree and Charles picked up Sophie. He had tried to carry her when she hurt herself about six months ago and he couldn’t go very far. It saddened and embarrassed him greatly. Ever since then he worked out nightly when she’d go home to rest. He wanted to be strong enough to carry her around if he needed or wanted to for any length of time. He could’ve carried her two months ago with ease but he wanted to be sure before he tried.

Sophie smiled and Charles said “I can carry you now. I’m going to carry you all the way to the Yuno Lake.”

“That’s much too far Charles.” He smiled and put his forehead against hers “Nowhere is too far for me to carry you.” Sophie felt the faintest blush on her cheeks. Somthing about the way he said it, the way he looked into her eyes made her heart race. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Charles walked happily and very proud with Sophie. Some of the village women whispered and giggled to eachother about how adorable Charles and Sophie were.

~ Chapter 5 ~

He carried her there with no problems but was slightly tired when they arrived. That wasn’t good enough for him. He had to be able to do it with no strain to his body atall. He decided to work even harder. Charles looked into the water and could see how bad his eye looked “I can believe you kissed this eye. It’s gross.”

“The rest of your face is so handsome it offsets the eye.” He turned to her “You think I’m handsome?”

“Very” She smiled and he blushed finding it hard to breath. She continued “How does it feel today?”

“I forgot it was there it feels so much better.”

“I’m so happy to hear that.”

“Want to find something to eat?”

“Definitly” Charles ran off knowing where a apple tree was nearby. He grabbed two for each of them and brought them back to Sophie. She looked so beautiful sitting beside the water. Her hair being gently pulled by the soft breeze. He sat down next to her and they ate. Eating brought most of Charlies energy back to him. He was always starving due to how hard he worked out so he could be impressive for Sophie.

“Thanks for going to get these Charles”

“No problem, ready for me to carry you back?”

“Yeah, dad probably wouldn’t like we’re so far out without an adult.”

“Yeah, I dont want him angry at me for bringing you here. I just wanted to show you that I can carry you now anytime you need me.” Sophie hugged him. Charles sweeped Sophie off her feet and began home. She fell asleep obviously still tired from being sick for a few days. Charles smiled and looked down at her. “I love you” he whispered then set his eyes back on the path ahead. When they got to their village he took Sophie to her house. Her father told him to just take Sophie to her room and lay her down.

He did it as gently as possible then gave her a tender kiss on the forhead before leaving to go to his own home. His arms were slightly sore. After he rested them abit he was going to work out hard and long. He had to be better than that. He was going to be. Charles goal was to be the best and the strongest. He felt Sophie was too amazing for anything less. If he wanted the honor of marrying her he had to deserve it.

When he got home his father greeted Charles proudly. “I heard you beat Thomas pretty good son.”

“Yes sir”

“That boy is three years older than you. I’ve got some good bragging rights now with my buddies.” He rubbed his sons head “I couldn’t be prouder of you. Your mothers been bragging all day.” Charles smiled. “I am tired, I’m going to lay in my room for awhile.”

“alright son, I’ll see you for dinner.”

“Love you dad”

“Love you too” Charles walked up to his room and laid on the bed. He got to the side he was on when he rubbed Sophies back and shut his eyes pretending she was there with him. He always slept better when he imagined her beside him. Soon he was dreaming. He was kissing Sophie in his dreams when his mother woke him “dinner time baby.”

“alright mom I’m coming” He sighed frustrated. That was a horrible time to wake up. Charles stretched and went down to eat with his parents. He ate as fast as possible. “I’m going out again.”

“why” his mother asked “I need to work out more.” His father smiled “That’s my boy. You’ll make a fine man when you grow up”

“I hope so.”

“Why? For Sophie.” His mother teased “jeez does everybody know?”

“Every one but Sophie it seems.” His mother smiled. Charles ran out blood red. He didn’t come back until half the night was over. He wasn’t willing to stop until his body just couldn’t work any more. Charles dragged himself up the stairs and ended up sleeping on his floor because he couldn’t make it to his bed. One of his feet was outside his bedroom door when his mother came out in the morning. She giggled and told her husband to put Charles in his bed. When her husband came back out of the room she said “I really hope Sophie doesn’t break his heart when he finally tells her.”

“I hope so too. He really has his heart set on her. Everything he does seems to be about Sophie. Don’t worry about it though. I think she feels the same and even may know how he feels. Her father told me he thinks she’s not saying anything because she’s waiting for him to be comfortable enough to tell her.”

“I pray that’s the case. He will be crushed if she doesnt love him too.”

~ Chapter 6 ~

Charles came every morning after breakfast to play with her unless he told her he couldn’t the day before. Sophie waited patiently on her couch until lunch time rolled around. She started feeling bad and wondered if she had made him upset with her because she fell asleep when they were supposed to be spending time together. She hoped he wasn’t mad. Her mother called Sophie for lunch but Sophie told her she wasn’t hungry. “I’m going to Charlies. I think I upset him yesterday.”

“He didn’t seem upset when he dropped you off.”

“I want to be sure. He’s always here in the mornings and he hasn’t come today.”

“Maybe his father needed some last second help. He is leaving today for a week.”

“I hope so” Sophie said sadly. She couldn’t stand the thought of Charles being angry or hurt by her. She ran to his house and knocked on the door. His mother answered “where’s Charles?”

“Still sleeping, he had a late night dear.”

“really?” She said over excitedly. She laughed “why does that make you happy?”

“i was scared he was mad at me. I fell asleep yesterday while we were out and I thought it may have upset him since he didn’t come see me this morning.” His mother smiled and realized she had nothing to fear when it came to if Sophie cared about her son. “Want to go wake him up?”

“No, I don’t want to bother him.” His mother laughed again “I don’t think you could do anything to bother that boy. Go on up there.” She ran up the stairs excitedly and opened his door. He was sprawled out on the bed. He looked so funny she almost laughed. She walked over and could see he was sleeping hard. She wondered what he had been doing all night. She crawled over him since his head was almost against his wall. She pushed her hand through his hair and said “wake up Charles” He moved his head to face it in the opposite direction. She just kept running her hands through his hair and saying his name until his mother came in. “That boy sleeps like he’s dead Sophie. Charles!” She yelled really loudly and he jerked. Sophie moved off of him and sat in the corner of his bed. “That’s how you wake him up sweetheart.”

Sophies laughter filled Charlies room and he looked out the window. “Oh god it must be past lunch time now”

“It is, you made this poor girl think you were mad at her. Then you don’t even get up after she spends about ten minuets up here trying. She was doing it much too gently though. I’m telling you hun, Charles sleeps like a dead man. You cant just rub his hair and whisper to him.” Sophie nodded and Charles blushed at the thought of Sophie doing that. “Have you eaten lunch Sophie?”

“No, I kinda lost my appetite worried about Charles.”

“well let me go cook something for the two of you.” His mother disappeared down the stairs and Charles tugged Sophie against him “I could never be mad at you about anything. Don’t ever assume that if I dont show up in the morning. Why would you think that?” He sounded slightly upset. “I fell asleep yesterday and I thought it may have upset you. It was rude.”

“No, no it was fine. I didn’t mind atall. Shows how comfortable you are with me. Sorry I didn’t wake up. You do have to yell at me or hit me really hard.”

“I dont think I could do that.” Charles smiled. “Let me change my clothes.”

“Ok, I’ll close my eyes.” She just sat there with her eyes closed. He looked at her for a moment then grabbed something to wear. He felt really sore, he had pushed himself too hard last night. Normally he could just sleep off the soreness but apparently not today. When he was dressed he said “Ok, open your eyes.” She did and smiled at him. “do you feel like playing with me? You seem so tired.”

“I’m ok, don’t worry about it.” He laid down beside where she was sitting. He made a face like it hurt. “You sure you’re fine?”

“Just a little sore, I told you to stop worrying Sophie.”

“want me to rub your back for you?”

“That would be really nice of you Sophie.” He rolled to his stomach and she sat on his hips. Her hands starting to work his muscles. His body got warm as he tried not to blush. “You are a professional at this Sophie.” He said softly. “I’ve watched my mom do this for my dad many times. I learn best from watching.” When his mother called them for lunch he had to contain an upset grunt. He didn’t want Sophie to stop. He loved the contact and his muscles were feeling so much better from just that short amount of her amazing massage

~ Chapter 7 ~

They both ran down the stairs and sat at the table. When they finished Sophie said “would you like me to finish rubbing your back?” His mother smiled as he said “yes please.” They went back up stairs as his mother cleared the table. She rubbed his back for awhile then told him to sit up. He did and she started to massage his left arm. He gritted his teeth in pain. “What on earth were you doing last night that got your muscles so tense?”

“Training, I told you that I’m going to be the best swordsman this village has seen right? I’ll be able to beat anybody. I train every night but last night I over did it.”

“You’re not even supposed to start until next year silly.”

“To be the best i felt I should start early.” He said smiling at her hoping she was impressed. She laughed slightly and said “You’re so driven. I love that about you. Please don’t work yourself too hard though.” She hugged him from behind. Charlies thoughts saying “she loves somthing about me! Yesterday she said I was handsome and now this today.”¬†Charles was absolutely over the moon with happiness. That was until she started rubbing his other arm. When she finished she said “What should we do?”

“what would you like to do?”

“You always do that! Tell me what you want to do. The world doesn’t revolve around me.” He laughed “I’m sorry, let me think” He paused then said “lets go exploring in the woods. Lets go past the point we’re alound.”

“what if our parents find out?” she said in a whisper. “Only I’ll get in trouble. I’ll say I forced you.”

“They wouldn’t believe that.”

“They will, I wont let you get in trouble.” Sophie nodded and they left “Bye mom” Charles said as he ran by his mother. “be safe children” they could hear her say. Charles grabbed his sword from outside and put it in it’s holder flinging it around him. “why are you bringing that?”

“Incase there are monsters. I can’t let anything happen to you.”

“You sure you want to go?”

“You trust me don’t you?”

“Of course” she smiled. He was almost hurt she was so cautious about going. She should know he’d let nothing hurt her. She grabbed his hand as they stepped past the point children were aloud. He smiled but made sure not to let his grin get too big. Sophie began looking all around at things she never got to see. She couldn’t wait to prove herself an adult so she could go wherever she wanted when she wanted.

He just watched her facial expressions filling with joy. He wanted to take her because he knew how much she liked to see new things. This was really the last new thing he had. He’d only take her so far. He was good but couldn’t bare it if something hurt her if he wasn’t fast enough. His mother didn’t know it but he came past here at night most nights to fight things. Charles hoped his mother would never find out. God forbid he ever gets wounded and she sees.

~ Chapter 8 ~

They walked around until Charles could hear somthing moving. He yanked Sophie behind him as a creature lunged at them. Sophie watched Charles almost expertly fight and kill the beast. Then it dawned on her and she gasped. He came back over and hugged her “it’s ok, lets get back though. Those normally aren’t alone.” Sophie didn’t speak. “Sophie?” She looked back up at him angry “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Charles was taken off guard. She’d never been angry at him and he felt panic stirring inside of his mind. “What? What are you angry about?”

“Are you really asking me what I’m angry about? You fought that thing like you’ve done it countless times. You come out here to train nightly. You arent doing what the normal boys do you’re being a maniac and coming out here! There’s a reason we aren’t allowed out here Charlie! Also I know your mom wouldnt let you do this if she knew so you’ve been putting your life at risk with not a soul knowing where you are! You could be wounded terribly and bleed to death before anybody knew you were gone. You’re so damn stupid.”

Charlies heart was pounding painfully and he wanted to cry. He hadn’t thought about dieing. His thoughts were always to get really tough for Sophie. Now who he did all his hard work for was angry at him and yelling. His gut was wrenching with want to cry. “I’m sorry” was all he could force out. “lets just go home.” She said still angry. They walked in silence with Charles hanging his head. “You’re my best friend Charles, You and I are together every day and I’d be so heart broken if you weren’t around any more. I shouldn’t have yelled at you I guess but I was really upset. I still am. Promise me you wont go out there until your training starts with your teacher.”

“I promise” he said shakily. She grabbed his hand and he held tight. Charles was still forcing back his tears. When they were home it was only an hour until dinner. “I’m going home, I’ll see you tomorrow morning” He was glad she said that, otherwise he wouldn’t have known if he could still come. “I’m sorry Sophie”

“Being strong isn’t worth your whole life.” She hugged him “I need you not to do things that’ll get you killed” He almost lost control of his tears but still managed. She let go and went in the direction of her home. He ran to his home bursting through the door and up to his room. He got under his blankets and cried. Sophie could so easily fill his world with joy or make him feel as low as could be. Her anger and the way she looked at him when she realized smashed his heart to pieces. He prayed to never make her that angry ever again.

Charlies mother came to his door “is everything alright son.”

“please go mom”

“You knwo I’m not going to leave you in here this upset. What happened?”

“I made Sophie mad at me. She yelled at me mom.” his mother scooped him up and held him “it’ll be ok son. I’m sure she’ll forgive you.” He just cried until he fell asleep. She wondered what happened but decided if he wanted to tell her he would have. She prayed it would be resolved by tomorrow. His mother laid Charles down and covered him up then exited her sons room.

~ Chapter 9 ~

Sophie laid in bed agonizing over all the things that could’ve happened to Charles. She hoped he wasn’t doing anything else dumb. How could training be so important that he’d risk his life. She wished she hadn’t yelled at him. Charles looked so crushed but she couldn’t stop herself. She cared about him so much. She wasn’t going to be able to sleep until she talked to Charles. Made sure he wasn’t doing anything else risky like that and make sure he knew it was really just concern not true anger.

Sophie walked down the stairs. Her father was reading a small book. “where are you going?”

“I have to talk to Charles. Please let me go daddy.”

“alright sweetheart, be safe.”

“Thank you dad” she said then took off to Charlies. She hoped he wasn’t asleep. Sophie knocked on his door. Drea answered “I know it’s late…way too late but I really really need to talk to Charles.”

“By all means please do. He came home in tears. I dont know what happened but I’d love nothing more than you two to fix it.”

“He was crying?” Drea could see the sadness on Sophies face “yes, he’s sleeping now but wake him up and talk it out. Stay up there as long as you need to.” Sophie nodded and ran up the stairs. Drea was relieved to see Sophie. Glad to know she wanted to work out whatever happend. She had never seen her son so heartbroken. When Sophie closed Charlies door Drea left to let Sophies parents know she had arrived safe.

“Charlie wake up” she shook him as hard as she could while she said it. His eyes flew open. They were still puffy and his face showed how heartbroken he was. Sophie sat down “I’m really sorry I yelled. I’m sorry to wake you up too but I had to make sure you knew I was really yelling because it scared me. I could’ve lost you forever all these nights. I care about you so much and don’t want you doing things that could kill you. ”

“You don’t hate me?”

“Of course not.” She hugged him and he hugged her back forgetting to watch how hard. Sophie could barely breath but she just kept hugging him. He released a little realizing it was too tight. Charles was trying not to cry again. He didn’t want to be a baby in front of Sophie “It’s ok to cry Charles” Sophie said “I actually think higher of men who let themselves cry.”


‘Really, now go ahead.” He laid down pulling her on top of him and holding on tight. He cried for what must have been nearly an hour. He was so happy she wasn’t angry but it still pained him greatly to remember her yelling and looking at him the way she did earlier. “do you want me to stay Charles?”

“You want to?”

“yeah, I’ll sleep on the floor like you did in my room.”

“No, you’re too good for my floor. You stay on this bed. I’m moving and don’t you argue with me please.” Sophie nodded as he got up. She laid down and went to sleep. When he knew she was out he went to the side of his bed and knelt. Charles laid his head up against hers since she fell asleep with it near the edge. Charles softly laid his hand on hers just barely holding it as he looked at her. A few minuets passed and his mother opened the door. “Is all well now son?”

“Yes mam, she forgave me. Please don’t make her leave though. I think I’ll start uncontrollably sobbing again if she isn’t here and my face hurts too much for that.”

“Of course she can stay Charles. Do you have all you need for the floor?”

“Another blanket would be nice.”

“One second love.” His mother quickly came back with ¬†a blanket and left again. Drea decided it would be important to let her parents know Sophie was staying. They also wanted to know if the two of them made up or not. Now she could give them the good news. When Charles heard his mother go to bed he crawled on his bed with Sophie to hold her. He kissed her forehead every now and then. She smelled so pretty, looked so stunning even while she slept. Charles wished she was his girlfriend. He still didn’t feel worthy of her though and now he had to quit training until his birthday came in a few months.

As much as he wanted to keep going out there he wasn’t willing to break a promise to Sophie. When his mind and heart were fully at peace he got off the bed and laid on the floor. He looked forward to the morning coming so he could make Sophie smile at him again. He needed another smile from her to chase away all the pain of her yelling at him.

~ Chapter 10 ~

Sophie woke first and went downstairs to see if Drea needed help with breakfast. Drea hugged Sophie. “Thanks for coming last night.”

“I could tell how upset he was. I couldn’t sleep knowing he was sad.”

“Sad is an understatement.”

“Yeah” Sophie said looking at the floor. “Men are impossible at times.” Sophie smiled “They do stupid stuff.”

“I just pray you two never fight like that again. I don’t think you realize how much he cares about you Sophie.”

“We’re best friends so of course we each mean the most to eachother. That’s why I got so mad at what he was doing. I can’t tell you what we fought about if that’s ok.”

“It’s fine” Drea said smiling and then continuing to cook. Drea was trying to figure out if she really thought it was on a friendship level or if she knew yet that Charles loved her. Both Drea and her husband along with Sophies parents wanted to ask but couldn’t. If Sophie didn’t know they could possibly ruin things by pointing it out to her. It was somthing only time would tell. Drea and Sophie ate and talking. Their voices carried up the stairs and woke Charles. He straightened his hair and came downstairs. The second his feet touched the floor Sophie looked over and gave him her warmest smile.There it was, what he needed most. He smiled back and sat down beside Sophie. He ate and talked happily like yesterday didn’t happen atall. Sophie and Drea were glad that Charles was happy once more. They both had their hopes up all morning he’d come down and be ok. Sophie was in shock last night at how much her anger had upset him. She’d keep it in mind the next time she felt like yelling.

~ The End ~

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