Charles 15 Sophie 14

~ Chapter 1 ~

One morning Charles walked in on Sophie changing. He was excited to tell her about a huge beast he killed the night before while she was sleeping. He was so excited he forgot to knock. The two of them froze as Charles went into a full bodied blush at Sophies nude and very attractive form. When he could force his own body to move he quickly slammed her door “I’m so so so so so sorry” He had his hands over his face, he hoped to get his redness under control but it was the first time he had seen her with nothing on.

She looked so perfect, every inch of her was going through his head making him almost sweat. He ran home, he was too embarrassed to face her now. Charles mother looked at him confused since he was back so suddenly and went straight for his room. She followed up the stairs. “Honey? Is something wrong?”

“No, please just go away.” What would his mother say? He hadn’t done it on purpose. Then a worse thought came into his head¬†“Oh god, sophies going to think I’m a pervert now!”¬†Then another horrible realization hit him. He had become hard. “Mom!” he said hoping she was still near his door.¬†“Yes dear?”

“Don’t let Sophie in, please and don’t make me explain.”

“alright honey, are you ok?”

“Yes mam just please.” Charles began to pace trying to will himself down. He couldn’t get her body out of his head though. He really didn’t want it out but had to push it away so he could face Sophie at some point. No matter what thoughts he tried Sophie naked kept creeping back in. At this point he was painfully hard.

Sophie was standing in front of his house wanting to knock but she just couldn’t. She ended up going to their favorite tree instead. She figured if he wanted to see her he’d find her there. Her heart was still pounding. She was overwhelmingly embarrassed. She could tell how shocked he was and that he didn’t mean to.

Charles had never masturbated before. All his time was spent working out or being with Sophie. Philip was his friend but it was very rare to do anything with him unless Sophie was also there. It was obviously the only option he had to be able to leave his room without his manhood standing at full salute. He had tried everything else.

His thoughts filled with Sophie and he found his release. His blush wasn’t as bad now and he was finally down. He took a deep breath and then sat on his bed wondering how he was going to talk to Sophie after that. He felt so bad, so horrible for walking in on her like that. He should have knocked instead of bursting in there. He almost cried worrying that she’d be angry or think he was a pervert.

He finally collected himself and went to her house “She’s not here, what happened this morning? She seemed upset.”

“Oh no, she was upset?” Charles assumed it was anger. “She hates me doesn’t she? I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry.”

“Didn’t mean to what?” He was once again in a full bodied blush. “Nu…nu….nothing sir” Charles ran. Rowne looked out very puzzled, he hoped Sophie would tell him what happened between the two of them. Charles felt like if Rowne knew he’d never let him around Sophie again. Charles checked all the places they went to frequently until he found her in their tree. “Can I come up?” He said looking at his feet. “Of course you can.” She said slightly red herself.

When he got up to her he said “I’m so sorry Sophie. I promise I didn’t mean to. Please believe me.”

“I could tell by your face. I think it’s best if we dont talk about it.”

“I agree as long as you dont think any less of me for it. I would never disrespect your privacy like that.” Sophie grabbed his hand to assure him “I know Charles” His heart hammered still but he was glad she didn’t hate him.

~ Chapter 2 ~

A week past with Charles being weird. The fact that he barely hugged her or even looked her in the eyes anymore was starting to hurt her feelings really badly. They planned to go on a walk outside the village first thing in the morning so Sophie asked “would you like to spend the night so we can go sooner in the morning?”

“Uh..uh no thank you. I’ll make sure I’m here early enough. Goodnight Sophie” Once again he turned without hugging her like he used to do every time they parted. She fought back tears and went inside. “Dinners ready Sophie.” Her mother said as she passed “I’m not hungry” Sophie said as she started to cry. “Honey” her father said as he came to hug her. “what’s wrong baby?”

“Charles wont hug me any more, he wont look me in the eyes and if we touch in the slightest he jumps, he freaking jumps like I’m some sort of poison. He doesn’t like me atall any longer.”

“But he still hangs out with you when he can.” Sophie was bawling so hard she couldn’t speak. Her father carried her upstairs and held her until the tears died down. “what happened last week Sophie? I bet that has something to do with it”

“He was coming over to tell me about somthing and forgot to knock so he saw me naked. I think he was repulsed, it’s the only thing I can think of that would make him act this way. He’s disgusted by me and things wont ever be the same.”

“Oh Sophie, honey. I’m sure he’s just embarrassed.”

“A week later?” the tears got harder again. “Sweetheart calm down, I’m positive he’s just embarrassed and doesn’t know how to act any longer. You’re a beautiful woman Sophie.” She shook her head. “You’re my dad, what you say doesn’t count” Rowne would’ve laughed but he could see Sophie was distraught. “I’m not going with him in the morning.”

“Sophie, don’t do that. Go, he wants to hangout with you.”

“He’s just nice, our friendship is ruined. I should have had my door locked. Then things would be like they were. i just want to go back in time.” Rowne held Sophie until she asked him to leave and to tell Charles not to come in the morning. “Is she ok?” Her mother asked when Rowne came back into the kitchen. “Apparently Charles saw Sophie naked on accident and he wont touch her any more. Not even look her in the eyes. She thinks he was repulsed by what he saw and that their friendship is ruined.”

“I doubt that. He loves that girl.”

“I told her I thought he was just embarrassed. I’m debating if I should talk to him or not. I apparently have to atleast go over and tell him not to come in the morning for their walk”


“Yeah, I’ll be back in a moment.” Rowne walked over and knocked on the door. “Hey Rowne what’s up?” Charles Father said. “Sophie wanted me to tell Charles to not come see her tomorrow. She doesn’t want to go with him on the walk.”

“why?” Rowne sighed “I dont want to butt in. Hell I dont even know what to say, just tell him to not come in the morning.” Charlies dad nodded and shut the door. He went upstairs “son are you still up?”

“Yes sir”

“Can I come in?”

“Yes” His father entered the room. “Sophies dad was just here, I’m supposed to tell you that Sophie doesn’t want to go out with you in the morning.”

“why?” Charles said obviously upset. “He didn’t tell me.” Charles frowned “alright”

“is there something wrong between you and Sophie?” Charles shook his head. “are you sure because this seems out of the blue and the two of you have been odd lately.”

“I saw Sophie naked last week. Now I just feel horrible and like I’m a pervert. I didn’t mean to, i swear I didn’t mean to walk in on her like that but I did and now I’ve been having dreams about making love to her. I wake up every morning painfully hard. I want it to stop, I feel like I’m doing something wrong when I have to release myself in the mornings thinking about her. I feel guilty when I touch her and those eyes, her eyes crush me. I love her so much and I can’t stop having these dreams. Do you know how to make it stop?”

His father chuckled “youre an ass!” Charles snapped.¬†“No son I’m sorry, you’re fifteen Charlie. It’s normal to think that way of Sophie.”

“But I love her”

“So, you’re only supposed to have sex with the ones you love. You dream about it every night because it’s on your mind all day because you feel guilty. It wouldn’t happen half as often if you’d accept it’s normal and quit hating yourself for it. You aren’t a horrible person Charles” Charles just sat there hanging his head. His father continued “why do you think she doesnt want to be around you?” Charles shook his head not knowing “well maybe it’ll get better son. Go see her tomorrow, Maybe she just changed her mind about going out.”

“I hope so, what if she found out somhow.” His father couldn’t stifle the laugh “get out you jerk”

“Son there is no way she could find out short of her walking in on you in the morning.”

“Just go dad”

~ Chapter 3 ~

The next morning Charles pulled out the shirt Sophie had made him. The first one she made he almost ripped trying to put on last month so it now just sat in a box in the bottom of his closet. He could still wear the second one comfortably but he hadn’t felt good enough to wear it since he started having his dreams. He felt the first step to not acting so weird around her was allowing himself to wear the shirt. He slowly slid it on and sighed. He loved Sophie with every fiber in his being, he kept telling himself it was alright and he wasn’t doing anything wrong having those thoughts.

She was so beautiful, she was sexy but most of it was pure beauty. He had never seen anything like her naked body. He cursed when he felt himself rise again. He cleared his head and much to his glee it went down on its own. ¬†Charles sat down and took deep breaths saying over and over in his head¬†“it’s ok to think those thoughts, you love her and its normal. She wont find out and think you’re a pervert. Thinking those things doesnt mean you cant hug her or look into those magnificent eyes”¬†He still felt bad but better than he normally did in the mornings.

Charles finished getting ready and went to Sophies. He hoped she’d be waiting like always “sorry Charles she left as soon as she came out of her room. I believe she’s going to the meadow where we hold celebrations with Philip.” Charles felt a great sadness in his heart “ok sir thank you” He started walking to the meadow and saw Sophie talking to Kaji and Philip. He felt his normal jealousy and tension seeing Kaji so near her. He knew he could trust Philip so he didn’t bother Charles in the slightest.

Just when he thought he couldnt feel any sadder Sophie stood when he got there. She looked at him for a second and said “I’m going, you can stay.”

“why? Please don’t go” Charles grabbed her hand when she tried to pass him. She jerked her hand away along with his heart “Don’t touch me, it’s not like you want to anyway. I don’t want to hang out with you. Didn’t my father tell you that last night?”

“Sophie please I just” She walked off and he fell to the ground. His legs wouldn’t hold him up. Tears started to pour down his cheeks. Kaji and Philip didn’t know what to say. That scene was something they wouldn’t even have imagined happening. “what’s going on man?” Kaji asked. Charles didn’t answer and just cried. Sophie just kept walking, she couldn’t spend another day with him acting like she was disgusting. Refusing to look at her or touch her in any way. Even one more day would be too much. Her heart couldn’t bare it. It would just be easier if they didn’t see eachother atall.

She kept going even when she was outside of town. She just kept going forward even though she didn’t have any food or anything to heal herself with. She couldn’t risk Charles finding her and torturing her yet again. She sat down by a small pond when she got too tired to go any further. She wasn’t sure where she was but she wasn’t lost either. She laid down and enjoyed the sounds. Her heart aching as she tried to accept that Charles didn’t like how she looked. That it was so horrible he wouldn’t look at her even with clothes on.

Sophie laid there wollowing when a man startled her. “so sorry my dear. Why are you so sad?”

“It’s not a topic I would talk about with a stranger.”

“”I’m Josep, what’s your name?”


“Look, we’re hardly strangers now.” He sat down beside her. “I would love to offer a shoulder to cry on Miss Sophie” She sighed thinking she’d feel better if she talked about it again. “This guy I like saw me naked and was apparently really repulsed by it.”

“Is there something wrong with his eyes? Even with your clothes on you’re a very fine woman.”

She moved away a little bit “thank you sir.”

“My names Josep¬†not sir. How old do you think I am?”

“I don’t know, maybe 30” He laughed “I’m 23 my dear. How you wound me. How old are you? 22? 25?”

“I’m 14.”

“14, a ripe, beautiful young age. No wonder you’re so breathtaking. I will admit I’m sad to hear you’re still a child. I may not be a perfect man but that is not a low I’d go to.” Sophie felt comfort in his words. She could feel they were honest and he wouldn’t try anything. “want me to show you some of my favorite things out here in the lands between? It will be sure to make you smile.”

“I think that would be fun.”

“Good, he stood and offered his hand. He took it and helped her up.¬†“what a shame, god you are cruel for making me stumble upon such a fare creature that I can’t have. ¬†Maybe if I maintain a friendship until she’s older and whoever she likes remains a fool. For now I can atleast just admire her while making her feel better. A good man never leaves a sad woman alone.”¬†They walked and talked, Sophie amazed at everything he showed her. “are you hungry Sophie?”

“Very, I didn’t bring food since I left so upset.”

“If you accompany me to my town I will make you something delicious to eat.”

“I don’t know if I should, do you think I can make it back to Tresnia before night comes?”

“If you eat and leave right away.”

“then ok, my dad tends to not care as long as I’m home when night falls.”

“Can I carry you on my back to make this quicker? I want to have to rush as little as possible.”

“Sure” He got down and ran as soon as she was on and he had a firm grip on her legs. Sophies first thought was “he’s much slower than Charles to be so much older.” She got sad again¬†“stop thinking about him…he doesn’t like you any more”¬†He set her down in front of his home and cooked for her. They ate and she happily said “that was amazing, thank you Josep.”

“anytime. Please see me again”

“I will, can you take me home now?”

“Yes I will.” he got up and knelt down like he had before. he took off towards her home. He set her down a little bit outside her village “I would take you all the way home but i fear your father might get the wrong impression with me being so much older than you. I promise i mean you no harm Sophie.”

“I can tell, you seem nice.” He smiled, “I hope you dont let that silly boy keep you down. You are gorgeous and if it wouldnt be wrong I’d want to be with you.” She laughed “This is why I’m not scared of you. If you were a creep you wouldn’t be so honest.”

“I’m glad you appreciate it. Bye Sophie”


~ Chapter 4 ~

When Sophie arrived at her house she saw Charles sitting on her porch waiting. He had been sitting there all day waiting on her to return. He didn’t eat atall to make sure he didn’t miss her. When she walked up he stood “Sophie please just talk to me. What did I do? I’m so sorry for whatever I did to make you so upset with me. Let me fix it.” Charles was doing his best not to cry any more. He didn’t want to guilt her into talking to him. “Charles” she sighed and looked away “Charles what? Please Sophie.” He got closer to her. “It’s just that ever since you saw me naked you’ve been acting weird. You wont hug me or look at me for very long. If I touch you you freak out like I’m some sort of wild animal or disease. It was repulsive wasn’t it? You have a perfect body and I’m so plain.” Her words had trailed off into tears.

Just when he didn’t think he could feel worse his heart plumetted even further down into despair. He had made his beautiful and amazing Sophie feel like she was ugly. He had her in his arms in a second and kissed her cheek. “Put me down Charles, you dont want to be near me.” He hugged her tightly “No Sophie, it wasn’t that you looked bad. You are gorgeous, I’ve only been embarrassed I promise. I could never find you repulsive. I hate I made you feel that way.” She cried harder and he almost couldn’t stand again.

Charles kept himself up though because he didn’t want to fall with Sophie. “Can we go out like we were supposed to do today tomorrow? I promise I’ll stop acting weird.” Sophie nodded then asked “want to stay tonight?” Charles didn’t want to say yes out of fear he’d dream about her again but he was afraid of what might happen if he told her no. “Of course.” He kissed her forehead again. He walked inside still holding Sophie while she cried. She weepily looked at her father “Can Charles stay tonight? We’re going on a walk outside the village tomorrow.”

“How can I say no to that face Sophie, yes he can stay.” Charles carried her upstairs and sat on her bed to let her finish crying as he comforted her. Charles didn’t know how he felt in that moment. Sophie was crying because he was freaking out over seeing her naked. On the other hand he knew why she was mad at him now and could fix it. He would’ve done anything in the world to make her stop crying. When she stopped Charles said “Please, next time you think anything crazy like that ask me. Give me a chance to explain. I was miserable all day trying to think of why you didn’t want to hangout with me. You’re my best friend and I dont know what I’d do without you in my life.”

Sophie nodded “I didn’t want to hear you say I was repulsive. I just couldn’t talk today.”

“are we ok now Sophie?” She nodded and hugged him. “good, lets get to sleep for tomorrow.”

“alright Charles. Goodnight.” He kissed her again to make sure she knew she wasn’t disgusting to him. “Goodnight Sophie.” Charles let her go so she could crawl in bed. “let me get stuff for the floor.” She nodded again and he exited the room to ask her mother for something. “Only if you eat something first. You sat out there all day refusing to eat or drink even when i offered to bring it to you.”

“Yes mam” he sat down. “are you two ok?” Rowne quickly asked “Yes sir, she thought somthing that wasn’t true atall. I’ve corrected it now and we’ll be ok. I’ve just got to stop being weird”

“Good” Rowne was so glad, he was going to talk to Charlies dad tomorrow to get more of the story. Charles almost swallowed the whole plate in his rush to get back to Sophie. “Thank you mam goodnight.”

“Goodnight Charles” she said as she handed him the stuff for the floor. He ran up the stairs and into Sophies room. He put his stuff on the floor and took off his shoes and sword. “sorry your mom forced me to eat.”

“You didn’t eat dinner earlier?”

“No, I wanted to make sure i got to talk to you. I waited there ever since you walked off”

“aw, Charles.”

“I had to, like I said Sophie you’re my best friend. I need you in my life and you were trying to push me out. I had to pull you back before i lost you. My life would be nothing without you in it. It honestly wouldn’t be a life atall. I can’t apologize enough for being so weird. You are absolutely breathtaking. I shouldn’t have been that way. Your old Charles is back.”

“I’m glad, I’m sorry for not letting you talk” He rubbed her head “All that matters is that its over now.” She nodded and Charles got under his blanket and concentrated on the fact he could’ve lost her today. Charles hoped the depression he had been through trying to figure out why she didn’t want to be around him would keep him from dreaming about her again.

~ Chapter 5 ~

When Charles woke up he was grateful that he dreamt of nothing. It was very early morning and Sophie was still resting. He moved over to the bed and sat there. He wanted to hold her hand but knew she was going to wake up soon. It was almost funny now to think she thought he was repulsed by her when it was in truth, the complete opposite. He was still very embarrassed and hoped she didn’t find out that he was now having to relieve himself to thoughts of her. He had imagined her naked a few times before he saw her but it was never anything like she actually was.

Charles knew she wanted to go early so he gently shook her “You ready Sophie?” She moaned and stretched then rubbed her eyes. “Morning Charles, unless you want to see me naked again I’ll meet you downstairs.” He laughed a bit nervously and exited the room. He would loved to see that view again but he comforted himself in the fact he would marry her one day and he could see it all the time. He was nervous but a part of him felt she was going to say yes when he found the right time to ask her to be his forever.

Charles went downstairs and took his spot at the table. Sophie came down looking gorgeous as ever sitting beside him. “You two be careful out there, I’m trusting you to keep her safe Charles.”

“You know I will”

“They made a small bag and left.” Charles almost asked her what she did yesterday but didn’t want the happy mood to turn negative. He didn’t want her crying again. They walked close, Charles had missed being close to her that whole week he was keeping his distance. He was still having to remind himself that it was ok and he wasn’t doing any wrong by Sophie thinking about her in a sexual way when he was alone.

They got out to the land between towns and began exploring. Charles didn’t want to take her too far. He worried she may get hurt. She guided Charles to some of the places Josep showed her. Charles was as amazed as she had been. Sophie was slightly glad she had met somone older who had been out many times so she could thrill Charles. She suddenly heard a familiar voice behind them “Well hello again Sophie.” She turned and Charles tensed “Hey Josep.”

“You know him?”

“We met yesterday.”

“Is this the boy who made you so sad?”

“Yeah but we’ve made up, it was a misunderstanding.”

“Glad to hear it beautiful”

“Her names Sophie” Charles would’ve glared saying it if he could’ve had a position where Sophie couldn’t see his face. “Down boy, I’m too old for her anyway as regretful as it is. I would never romance a child. Especially one who wont be a woman for many years.” Josep could feel the waves of jealousy and anger coming off Charles. It actually gave him the chills. It was close to intimidation. He shook it off though. Charles was only a boy and he was a man. There was nothing to fear of him.

“I’ll leave you two alone then. Like I said yesterday though Sophie, I really hope you’ll let me spend time with you again in the future. I stay out here a lot. I crave adventure so if you want me just come out here and I’ll find you as I did just now.”

“Ok” Charles hoped she wouldn’t, he worried she may like this older man. What if by being so weird about seeing her naked he had let her meet another man who would take her from him. He was ready to fight Josep to make him go away. When Josep was gone Charles asked “do you like him?”

“As a friend. He was good company while I was sad.” Charles had her in a tight hug again “I hope to never make you sad like that again. You will tell me when somthings bothering you if it happens again right?”

“Yes I will, don’t worry. You are still my one and only best friend. I prefer your company more than any body elses.” Charles smiled taking a few more seconds to hold her. “where should we go now?”

“I dont know, will you lead?”

“Of course” Charles smiled

~ Chapter 6 ~

When the day was coming to an end Charles asked “will you cut my hair again tomorrow?”

“Of course, do you still like it how I have it?’

“Do you? if you want something different do it. You can style it however you like” Sophie laughed “it’s your hair.”

“I know but you have such good taste. With the shirt you made me and how you do my hair I look pretty dang good. Perfect if I remember correctly.” Sophie blushed “Shut it, in comparison to my body, fuck it it cant be compared.” Charles smiled “that isn’t true, I wouldn’t have been so embarrassed if you didn’t look so gorgeous.” Sophie looked away from him. It sent her blood rushing through her body at uncomfortable speeds when he’d talk like that. He noticed she was getting uncomfortable and stopped his flirting. He was mainly saying it to be sure she knew how pretty she was.

They walked home and he hugged her goodnight. Sophie was so happy things were back to normal. “I have lessons after lunch. Would you like me to do your hair before or after?”

“Before and then may I watch your lesson?”

“I love when you come.”

“I will see you when I wake up in the morning. Have a good night Sophie”

“You too, don’t change back into that weirdo over night” Charles laughed “I’ll try not to.” Charles went down to the river to clean his shirt. He wanted to be able to wear it again the next day. He relaxed and carefully cleaned it. He adored it so much. It was something Sophie had taken the time to make for him. Anything Sophie gave him he held dear but things she made herself meant the most. He wondered if he’d ever get another shirt. He wished his whole wardrobe consisted of things she made.

He heard someone behind him. It was josep “were you challenging me boy?” Charles didn’t appreciate being called boy. “I’m Charles and if you’re after Sophie I am.”

“I’m a suitor in waiting I guess. When she’s an adult age difference wont matter. I’d go after her now but the world would look on me poorly. She isn’t your girlfriend is she?”


“Then it really isn’t your business who wants her then now is it?” His tone was snotty and daring. It was very much different from the one he had in front of Sophie. Not that Charles could talk. Most times who he was in front of her and away from her were two totally different people. Charles shot Josep his bone shaking glare. Josep was tempted to step back but was determined not to be intimidated by a child. “Why are you even concerned with her? Aren’t there women your own age perv.” Josep laughed “why yes there are but I’ve never met a woman more beautiful than Sophie. I tend to find woman sexy or not but she I actually find to be very beautiful, almost too much so.”

Charles was gritting his teeth at this point. His anger only giving Josep joy. “If you touch her or make any sort of move on her I promise you’ll regret it.”

“Brave man aren’t you? You can’t control what she or I do. I will spend all the time I want around her and if you’re thinking of telling her daddy well then to her you’ll be the tattle tail who chased her friend away. Do you want to make her unhappy with you again boy?”

“You’re so two faced, playing sweet in front of her and being a dick behind her back.”

“Well it goes both ways. I don’t see you acting like this around her either. She’s a sweet little thing and need not see this. I just followed you two today to make sure you knew I have every intention of spending all the time I can with that girl. Even if she insists on bringing you up.”

“so she talked about me yesterday?”

“Oh yes, but it was mainly about you reacting poorly to her naked body. Are you sure you don’t prefer men because she’s a little hottie even with her clothes on.”

“It wasn’t that you ass, like she said, she misunderstood.” Josep laughed “I’m surprised you’re talking to a fully trained swordsman and magician this way. You do realize I’m 23 don’t you?”

“I dont care, I could defeat you no problem.”

“Care to test that theory now?”

“Only if I have to, I have plans with Sophie tomorrow.”

“No, besides we’re in your village. I’d hate for Sophie to see us in a scuffle.” Charles lifted his shirt and began to walk home. He could feel Josep watching him. He wished he could tell Sophies dad but couldn’t bare Sophies anger again so soon. She thought he was nice. Charles hung his shirt to dry and then curled up in bed excitedly thinking about tomorrow with Sophie.

~ Chapter 7 ~

As Josep walked away he found himself wishing he knew where Sophie lived when he heard an old friend call “Josep! Is that you! I haven’t seen you in five years!” He turned “Rowne! I’ve missed you. I didn’t know you lived here.”

“Oh yes, how’s your mother? Not gotten herself in any trouble again has she?”

“No, besides if she had I would’ve hunted you down to help me again. I still owe you a great deal for helping me when I was eighteen.”

“Don’t sweat it. You must meet my family. I’m afraid my daughter has retired for the night but you can meet her in the morning if she doesn’t leave before breakfast.”

“She’s an early riser?”

“Yeah, she is always doing something with her best friend Charles.”

“Charles? Um what was your daughters name again? You told me all those years back but I’ve forgotten.”

“Her names Sophie, she’s fourteen now. Growing up too fast on me. You’ll love her, I just know it. Will you stay with us for a few days?”

“I would be honored” Josep said with a huge grin. He couldn’t wait to see charles reaction. He hoped this was the Sophie he met and not another. It was very likely it was her since she had the same age and name. They entered the house and Rowne told Josep he could sleep on the couch. “I appologize before hand if my daughter or Charles wakes you. I can’t tell her your here since she’s sleeping”

“It wont be a bother if they do. I like mornings.”

“How long have Sophie and Charles been friends?”

“Since they were babies. That boy has all the intent in the world to marry Sophie.”

“do you approve of that?”

“Very much, he’s smart and strong. He’s very good to my daughter. They had a falling out but it’s over now. From what I understand from his father even that was him being sweet towards my daughter. Thats a private matter though. I hope you understand. Why do you want to know anyway?”

“Just trying to catch up with you and to be honest I think I met your daughter during their falling out.”


“Yeah she ran outside your village and I saw her laying by some water looking very sad. You know I cant leave a woman in distress so I comforted her until she felt happy enough to be on her way. She has long dark brown hair and would stand about chest height to you and myself?”

“Yes, I think you did then. Thanks for being there for her.”

“She’s a sweet girl it wasn’t a job.”

“goodnight Josep, we’ll see in the morning if my daughter is who you met.” Sophie was up before the sun was even rising but she could tell it was coming soon. She laid there for awhile knowing nobody else in the house was awake and that Charles wouldn’t come until a bit later. She heard her father leave his room and go downstairs so she began to get ready for her day and find what she needed to cut Charlies hair before lessons.

She came downstairs hoping Charles would arrive soon. She noticed shoes on the arm of the couch “dad whose on our couch?”

“A man named Josep. I helped him save his mother once about five years ago. He says he may have met you.”

“Yes he did wow, I’m surprised you two know eachother.”

“Now that i know he lives near I plan to have him visit frequently.”

“I ¬†like him, Charles doesnt though. I can feel it.”

“Charles doesn’t like any man who is friendly with you.”

“He lets Philip talk to me.” Rowne laughed “Yes he does” She got in her dads lap “we need to do something together sometime dad.”

“Maybe Josep would like to go with us to this beautiful place we found when we were out to save his mother. I know you’d love it.”

“That would be amazing” Josep spoke since they had woken him up. he had been very lightly sleeping while he awaited Sophie. He didn’t want to miss her. “good, when shall we go? Can Charles come?”

“Of course he can baby.” Josep stopped his eyes from rolling. “I’ll talk to Arch about giving up his student. Besides he may have chance to fight while we are out. We can teach both of you.”

“But none of you know magic.”

“I do Sophie.” Josep said proudly “huh?” Sophie looked confused then Rowne spoke¬†“He learned magic and swordsmanship.”

“You can do both?”

“Nothing says you can’t, people just tend to learn one so they can perfect their skill.¬†I think I’ve perfected both well. I’m better with my blade but I can most definitely help you with magic Sophie.”

~ Chapter 8 ~

Once again Charles spent the night dreaming of making love to Sophie. He was just grateful it atleast spared him the night he was in her room. He woke hot and having to fix himself before getting dressed. Charles walked out of his home happily. He was looking forward to Sophie running her hands through his hair like she always did while cutting it. She had to to get it right. Drea loved his hair and couldn’t figure out how Sophie did it. She told Charles many times how happy she was she taught Sophie to cut hair. She thought her son looked very handsome the way Sophie did it.

He knocked on her door and his mood shifted completely when Josep answered “what are you doing here?”

“Calm down Charles, he’s an old friend of mine. I helped him and his mother out once.” Charles didn’t say more and walked past him to Sophie. “you ready?”


“Ready for what?” Josep asked “I cut his hair for him. I styled it how it is now. I cut it once a month to maintain it. It’s time to do it again so I’m doing it before my lessons with Mizano.”

“Would you cut mine too while I’m here? It really needs to be done as you can see.”

“Sure but Charles is first.”

“Very well. I’ll see you later Rowne.” Rowne noticed Charles hate for Josep too. He shook his head laughing at how jealous teenage boys can be over the ones they love. Charles was more so but he also loved Sophie more than most teens love the one they are with. Rowne corrected himself, he thought of Sophie and Charles like they were a couple even though they weren’t. They were like one without the sex and kissing. They were together every moment it was possible.

Rowne felt Charles was being over protective again. He didn’t think Josep would really go after his daughter since she was only fourteen. Sophie slowly worked on Charles hair. She could always see how much he liked her hands running over his scalp so she did it more than she needed to. She finally finished and let him run over to the water to rinse the stray hairs on his shoulders.Josep got up and she asked “how do you like it?”

“Why don’t you make it your own like you’ve done for Charles?”

“I don’t know, I could do somthing for charles because I look at him all the time and that haircut I had actually imagined before i had the chance to do it.” Josep laughed “really?”

“Yep, I mean I spend every day with him almost so I dont see how that’s weird.”

“well how about you cut it to where it falls just past my ears for now and after we go on our trip and you’ve had time to look at me you can give me somthing I’d look good in.”

“What trip?” Charles asked barely holding back how pissed off he was Josep was going to be getting his hair cut by Sophie too. “You’re invited, they want to take us on a learning trip to see this really beautiful place they found.”

“How can you learn anything without a magician?”

“I am one” Josep smirked. “I thought you did swords?”

“I learned magic aswell. I will help Sophie along the way when we go. I look forward to getting to know the two of you better.” Charles sat down trying to keep his cool. He wasn’t going to fight with josep in front of his Sophie. Sophie quickly did Joseps hair. Charles was happy she was doing Joseps quicker than she did his. He wondered if she purposefully did it slower or it just took longer because of the style.¬†When she was done he also went to rinse then came back. ” I still have about an hour before i need to meet Mizano. What should we do?”

“Aren’t you going back to Rowne since he’s your friend?” Charles said sharply to Josep. “I guess I should. Have fun you two.”

“Bye Josep.”

“Bye beautiful little Sophie” Charles felt Josep was begging for it. One more out of the way compliment to Sophie and he was sure he was going to lose it. Sophie was his, he was going to marry her and Josep needed to back off. “Charles?” His mind calmed quickly “Yes?”

“Calm down or your head will pop off” He smiled “I’m sorry” She wrapped her arms around him “It’s ok, I did good with your hair again?”

“You always do. Thank you.” The two sat there and talked until it was time for her to meet Mizano. Charles could’ve strangled Josep when he saw him standing by Mizano. “Good girl, on time like always.”

“What’re you doing here Josep?” Sophie asked. Mizano answered “he wants to practice cooperative magic with you.”

“But I dont know him very well.”

“You had fun with me the day before yesterday didn’t you? I mean we aren’t strangers Sophie.” Charles smile almost hurt it broke across his face so fast at the sadness in Joseps tone from Sophie saying that. Mizano chimed in “It wont hurt anything, you need to practice incase you ever have want for cooperative magic. I’m sure I’ve explained this before but when you do this the two of you must be touching in some fashion. Most people choose to hold hands. It’s really the best way. Your magic will still be at the strength it normally is but will be amplified by how you feel for one another. Lovers can do amazing unthinkable magic, people who care for one another can be very great and if there’s no feeling atall the magic level wont change. It can only be amplified as high as the person who feels the least. One of you could be madly in love and the other have no feelings. If that were the case nothing would happen. Do you understand Sophie?”

“How can you tell if anything happens?” Charles asked nervously. He hoped it wouldn’t tell him Sophie liked Josep. “I know Sophies magic and Josep came to me about an hour ago and showed me what he can do so I’ll be able to tell how much change in magic there is. Sophie take Joseps hand please.” She walked over to him and he smiled down at her holding out his hand. He looked at her as though they were about to kiss. She placed his hand in his but he turned it so their fingers would lace. Charles leaned against a tree crossing his arms.

“Close your eyes, you don’t really need to but since it’s your first time combining energies with someone else it’ll help.” Sophie did as she was told then Mizano continued “I want you to really feel him and let your energies intertwine.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“She wants you to allow us to become one in thought and energy. Just relax and it’ll happen. You’ll feel it.” Charles grew more and more uncomfortable. Sophie took a deep breath then relaxed. She started to feel a strange sensation and then could feel herself wrapped in Joseps energy. It felt strange to her. Josep suddenly sighed while a very relaxed smile went across his face. His heart was racing, Josep had used cooperative magic countless times. Most times with women but he had never felt such a warm and comforting energy in his life. He wished he could stay locked like this and hoped Mizano would make this a long lesson.

Mizano noticed the bond was made and said “Free hand up.” They did it precisely the same time “Great job Sophie, you bonded with him in your first attempt. You’ve always caught on easy though. First just to test what kind of bond you have I want you to make an orb out of electricity. They put their hands in front of eachothers and soon there were sparks. Charles noticed a slight look of disappointment on Joseps face and hoped that meant Sophie didn’t feel what he wanted her to. “Very good stop” Josep didn’t release Sophies hand but they quit making the electricity.

This was the first lesson Charles didn’t enjoy in the slightest. It made his heart heavy to see Sophie holding Joseps hand. He felt regret not knowing magic himself. He sat down unable to hide his sadness through the rest of her lesson. While Sophie and Josep were busy at a task Mizano gave them she came over to Charles “You look like you might cry honey, want to know something?”


“Sophie bonded with him like she might Philip. She has no feelings of attraction to him. She sees him as a friend so there is power added when they bond but she wants him as nothing more.”

“Really!” Charles said excitedly “really, keep your eye on him though. When the bond first occurs you can tell a lot about each persons emotions before they even do anything. He has quite a bit of attraction to her. I just thought you’d appreciate knowing. It’s the only reason i did this lesson. I wanted to give you comfort in confirming Sophie has no want for him as more than her friend.” He hugged Mizano. “Thank you”

“You’re welcome. I’ll end it now.”

~ Chapter 9 ~

That night at dinner ¬†Rowne asked “why don’t we go ahead and go tomorrow, I talked to Mizano and Arch today and they are happy to spare you two for a few days.”

“Oh it will be fun so fun” Sophie said excitedly. Rowne smiled “With how adventurous you are I knew you’d be excited. It took seeing Josep again to remember the place.”

“I’m glad we’re going.” Josep added. Charles sat there in silence wishing that Josep would just go home already. “Charles do you want to spend the night? Your mom says it’s ok.”

“Yes please.”

“where will he sleep?” Josep asked not wanting Charles to stay. “He sleeps on Sophies floor when we allow him to stay.”

“Wow! Really?”

“Yes, he’s a trustworthy boy who is very respectful of myself, my wife and daughter. I know I have nothing to worry about.” Charles smiled feeling Joseps jealousy. “Josep, can I talk to you outside without Sophie and Charles?” Josep stood “of course you can Rowne” They walked out. “Hm I wonder what thats about” Sophie said. “Maybe he will tell Josep to get lost.” Charles said concentrating on his plate way too hard. Sophie laughed putting him at ease, He looked over at her, admiring the features of her face as she looked back at him.

Outside Rowne said “MIzano told me you have a strong attraction to my Sophie”

“You know I am an honest man Rowne. I will not try a thing. I will wait until she’s an adult. Please don’t be angry at me.”

“It would be a double standard if I were, my wife and I have a six year difference in age but I waited until we were adults and I expect you do the same with my Sophie IF she even gets interested.”

“You know I will don’t you?”

“Yes or you’d be home already. We spent a lot of time together and I know you will keep yourself controlled. I just am making sure to warn you that I will not tolerate a romance between you and my daughter until she’s a woman.”

“what was with the strong if before Rowne?”

“I doubt you could ever surpass what Sophie has with Charles. I doubt you could ever love her like he loves her. You’re a good friend but I want her to marry Charles. I can’t control what she chooses but I hope they get married one day. He treats her with the respect and love she deserves. You on the other hand are a huge promiscuous flirt.”

“I understand Rowne, I will only pursue her in adult hood if she doesnt want Charles as a husband. I promise you. I do hope you’ll be patient with my flirtatious tongue. I will control it as best I can.”

“I know, and thank you.” They went back inside with Rowne saying “we should all get some rest” Sophie ran up and hugged her father “night dad.”

“Goodnight Sophie.” She hugged Josep too then went upstairs with Charles. Rowne and Kyra soon retired to their own room leaving Josep just to stare at the ceiling on the couch. He hoped he’d have reason on the journey to fight so he could hold Sophies hand again. It increased his magic a little so her father would accept it while they were fighting something. He wanted to feel what it was like to bond with her again. Josep felt slightly embarrassed¬†that her father knew he liked her but atleast her father so happened to know him already.

Charles laid on the floor wanting to hold Sophies hand like he used to but he didn’t want to increase the chance of him dreaming about having sex with her. He sighed and knelt by the bed laying his head in front of hers. “I love you Sophie.” Charles whispered placing a hand on her cheek. “Why do you have to be so beautiful? I’m always having to chase other men away. I don’t want to lose you to any of them. I need you to marry me when we’re older. You’re the only girl for me, the only one I could ever want Sophie.” He just stayed there until he knew it was getting late and he didn’t want to be too tired on the trip.

He slept and started to dream his favorite dream since he was twelve. It was of him getting married to Sophie. The meadow was beautifully decorated and Sophie wore the most amazing dress that only highlighted how much she looked like an angel. He’d always cry in his dream because his joy was too much to contain. It had to spill out of his eyes. He made it to the point where he got to kiss his bride when he felt someone shake him. He opened his eyes to Sophie who seemed concerned “I didn’t know people could cry in their sleep” He pulled her down and hugged her. “you ok?” He nodded keeping her pressed against him.

“It’s still late Charles so we should sleep. I only saw you because I got thirsty.”

“Thanks for waking me.” He hoped he would keep on dreaming it when he fell back asleep. He was glad Sophie was concerned for him. Charles knew Sophie must have thought he was having a bad dream. If only he had the courage to tell her what his dream really was. Right now was yet another very tempting time. His fear of her rejection kept him from it though. He let Sophie go to get her drink and closed his eyes to invite slumber back to him

~ Chapter 10 ~

Morning floated over the horizon and they all came down for breakfast. Charles loved how excited Sophie was. It was so adorable he couldn’t quit smiling.He was still in the affects of his dream. He hoped he’d really get that one day. He loved Sophie with all his heart but if it ended up she didn’t want to marry him he’d accept it as gracefully as possible and hope she’d allow him to be her friend still. Her happiness was everything, he’d do anything it took to make her happiness be with him.

“You’re going to stare a hole through Sophie” Josep said antagonistically. Sophie was put off by the fact he’d point that out and embarrass Charles. She well knew he was staring but ignored it like she always did. Charles shot him a quick evil look and got up “I’m going to tell my mother and father bye”

“Can i come Charles?”

“Of course you can.”

“Hurry you two!” Rowne said as they went out the door. Charles picked up Sophie and ran not wanting to make her father wait. Sophie was surprised how fast he got home. After the goodbyes were over Sophie said “I can’t believe you got faster.” He smiled showing teeth it was so big. “I’m glad you noticed. I’ve been running more lately which is why I’ve come to fewer of your lessons.”

“It’s paid off, you shouldn’t work yourself so hard all the time.”

“How can I become the strongest and the fastest without working at it? I honestly don’t do it much since a majority of my time is spent with you.”

“You don’t have to hangout with me so much.” Charles gave her one of those looks again that asked if she was crazy. Sophie laughed then he ran back to her home. Rowne and Josep were waiting in front of the door. “Good boy, that was very fast.” Charles set Sophie down and the four of them began to walk. They passed by Philips house “Bye guys! We need to hangout again somtime soon.”

“we will Philip” Sophie called back. “How’s Philip been lately?” Rowne asked “Pretty good, we haven’t seen him much”

“Charles hogging you again?” Rowne winked and Sophie laughed. They were soon out fo town. “Lets go through Kulsa rather than Nulver. It’s easier that way right now.”

“How do you know?”

“I pretty much live on the land. I don’t go to my home very often atall. Me wandering is how I stumble upon all the fun stuff like meeting your daughter. If I stayed in my village I wouldn’t have met her or gotten reconnected with you.”

“Yeah, don’t be a stranger.”

“I wont” Charles walked a little closer to Sophie as he saw Josep doing it.¬†“Those two are going to make a Sophie sandwhich if they compete the whole way on who is walking nearest to her. I see I’ll have to be helping my little girl a lot. The troubles of having a beautiful daughter”¬†Rowne thought. He was glad to hear from Mizano Joseps feelings weren’t reciprocated in her. He’d make a poor husband, would no doubt cheat on Sophie if she ever chose him. He wasn’t the faithful type.

Rowne did chastise himself slightly since he hadn’t seen Josep in many years so it may be different. He did tend to over judge men who liked his daughter. Charles still remained the only man he’d be jubilant about marrying his daughter. He probably would be the only man he’d ever a hundred percent approve of but of course in the end it was Sophies choice. So far she loved Charles and he prayed almost nightly it would stay that way.

They saw many breath taking sights along the way. Sophie loved it best when they could see animals and hated that the men couldn’t see a single one without wanting to kill it. She hoped there would be a world one day where people were more willing to live with animals. She felt bad and wished she could appologize for the human race. Yeah there were bad animals and creatures but so many just minding their own business were killed far too often for Sophies taste.

Sophie began to get really tired but tried not to show it. Josep noticed “You look so tired Sophie, I will carry you the rest of the way or until you can walk if you want.”

“No offense but I’d rather Charles do it if he wants to.” Rowne had to try with all his will power not to laugh at Joseps face. It was in full shock. Rowne wasn’t sure if a woman ever denied him when he asked to carry them somwhere. He was a very handsome man so no wasn’t somthing he heard often. Charlies heart fluttered “would you rather me carry you or do you want to ride on my back?”

“what would be better for you?”

“It doesn’t matter I promise.” He just wanted to hurry up and hold her while an opportunity was there. “I’ll ride on your back” He quickly got down and then stood back up gripping her tightly. “comfortable?”

“Very, thank you” Josep was annoyed that him offering to carry Sophie resulted in Charles doing it. He wasn’t sure why Sophie wasn’t interested in him. This was his first experience with a woman not wanting him to just throw her in his bed and have him take her.¬†“The things I’d do to you Sophie”¬†Josep thought then quickly concentrated on where they were going before Rowne could see his thoughts on his face.

Josep felt he needed to snap out of it anyway. He still had to wait seven years for her to be old enough for him. He then thought¬†“well really four years until it wouldn’t be thought of as disgusting. I’ll ask rowne if i can ask her when she’s 18”¬†Charles spent the next few hours joking around with Sophie. Most of it was inside stuff between the two of them which annoyed Josep. At this point Sophie was laughing so hard Charles grew concerned about her breathing “You good Sophie?” She laughed a little longer with tears in her eyes “Yeah” Charles smiled and decided he’d lay off for awhile. He just loved her laughter so much he’d get carried away. One of these days he worried he might make her pass out.

~ Chapter 11 ~

Sophie got down “Thank you”

“any time” He said smiling at her. Sophie smiled back and her father began to talk about his adventure with Josep. Sophie listened very intently. Occasionally giving a wow or questioning something. Josep started talking about some things he had done on his own since then grabbing Sophies full attention. Charles looked in the opposite direction of the two of them talking. He had to keep control of his jealousy and he certainly didn’t have any adventure stories to tell her about since everything he did do he always brought Sophie or had already told her.

Sophie laughed making Charles have to fight off a frown. He hated other men making Sophie laugh. Rowne saw how tortured Charles was and felt bad for him. Sophie would always ¬†have other men flocking to her so he needed to get used to it anyway. He hoped Charles wouldn’t have such a hard time when the two of them got together.

“How much further dad?” Sophie asked. “We’ll be there tomorrow shortly after we wake up judging by the time now”

“I didn’t realize most the trip was just getting there and going back home.”

“Is that bad?” Josep asked. Rowne laughed “No she loves it, she has a very adventurous spirit.”

“My kind of lady” Josep smiled. Charles cracked his knuckles. He was still managing though. He kept himself together. He had to do it for Sophie. Charles knew he’d ruin her trip if he fought with Josep. Plus, how would he explain why it bothered him so much how Josep flirted with her. He’d then be forced to tell Sophie he loved her. She always saw through him if he attempted to lie.

The sun started to go down and Josep still was talking to Sophie. Rowne was proud watching Charles struggle. He was fully aware of what happened to men who flirted with Sophie so Charles allowing this to go on for so long took a lot of control. When the sun was about to be gone they found a place to rest for the evening. Sophie laid down next to her dad while Charles quickly took the other side of her before Josep could.“That fast little bastard”¬†Josep thought. Rowne sighed thinking¬†“will sleeping closest to her need to be a competition too?”¬†

After awhile everybody was asleep except Sophie. She was too excited and not as drained as the three men because Charles carried her for so long. That was her favorite part of the trip so far, especially when he started to be funny to keep her entertained.She couldn’t believe all the stuff Josep had done though. She wanted to experience all those things with Charles. Couldn’t wait to even. Sophie wanted to explore a little knowing Charles would carry her if she needed it tomorrow. She walked away from where they were sleeping studying the world around her to make sure she could find her way back.

She found many plants and small creatures she never saw before. She collected a few and put them in her small bag to show Charles when they got back home. She loved the smell and feel of the air here. She wished she could bottle that too and save it. She didn’t want to walk back but knew if she didn’t sleep soon Charles may be stuck carrying her the rest of the way tomorrow. She knew he was sweet enough to do it but she didn’t want to make him.

When she could finally see the three men sleeping again somthing fell on her head. It was a large yellow snake that started to coil around Sophies body. Her thoughts started to race, if she cast fire she’d get her hair burning, lightening was too much this close to her, ice could make her go hypothermic, what could she do with the earth right now and wind would be no use with the grip it was getting. She slowly walked with it then kicked her father “Ow Sophie jeez” He looked up and his eyes widened. “Stay clam and trust me enough not to move.”

He took out the thinner sword he carried since he carried three blades. Two different swords and a small knife he kept in his shoe. He made one quick movement and the snake fell off headless. She clung tightly to her dad glad to be out of the snakes clutches. “That thing could’ve killed you.” Her dad said with worry drenching his tone. He sat down leaning against a tree. “Come Sophie, sleep in my lap. It’s the only way I’ll get more rest”

“Yes sir” she said as she crawled into her dads lap falling quickly to sleep knowing he wouldn’t let anything hurt her. Josep woke first noticing the very large dead snake and Sophie sleeping in her fathers lap. Whatever happened he was glad she was ok and decided he’d make breakfast out of the thing. He made a fire and sliced it up. He pulled out a small pan he carried and began to cook it. The smell woke Rowne up. “why are you guys sleeping like that and why was there a dead snake?”

“It wrapped itself around Sophie last night.” He said in a whisper so he wouldn’t wake Sophie. Charles woke to the exchange. “what happened?”

“A snake thought Sophie would be a tasty snack last night apparently. I’m cooking him now for breakfast.” Charles heart slowed at the thought. “did it hurt her?” He asked quickly to Rowne. “Not atall. I think she bruised my side kicking me awake though to get it off of her.” Josep laughed which woke Sophie. “God dammnit Josep.” Rowne snapped “sorry I didn’t mean to get her up”

“It’s fine dad.” Sophie said sleepily. Josep spoke again “Next time you can give somthing wrapped around you a light jolt. You don’t always have to use your magic to its full power. Just practice using small amounts and you can get something like that off without hurting yourself.”

“Thank you” Sophie smiled. “I’m always here to help, I dont want somthing like that killing you because you didn’t know that. Mizano should’ve taught you that already.”

“She does her best” Sophie said defending her mentor. “I know her, she concentrates more on increasing the power of your attacks rather than skills like that. It’ll be good for you for me to be around.” They ate as soon as the meal was cooked then went on their way again. Now Josep went on about different cool things she could do with her magic that was very useful. She seemed to be more concentrated on him than yesterday which made Charles sad.¬†“He’s going to take her from me”¬†Charles thought to himself sadly.

~ Chapter 12 ~

Sophie saw how sad Charles was “Hey Charles” He looked at her trying to smile but it turned out to just be a weird movement of his mouth. “How’d you sleep last night?”

“Really well, I’m sorry somthing tangled around you while you were sleeping.”

“It’s my fault I wasn’t sleeping I was exploring. I saw some really cool things until that snake decided to land on me from the trees.”

“You should’ve woken me. I would’ve gone with you.”

“You carried me a long time yesterday, you needed rest.”

“I’m never too tired for you” Josep almost rolled his eyes. They were now in the area Rowne and Josep had been leading them too. She¬†looked over and saw multiple different flowers and more butterflies than she had ever seen. The woods that backgrounded the flowers were gorgeous colors of purple, pink and red. She could see deer and other wildlife roaming in them. Charles smile finally returned seeing Sophie like that.

“Go ahead Sophie” Rowne said smiling at her. He knew she wanted to run into it all. She took off holding Charlies hand the second her father said it was fine. “She talks to me all that time and then runs off with him.” Josep said crossly. “Josep, she loves Charles. She wants to be with him. The only reason she was talking to you was to learn. Sophie likes to learn. You have new things to offer her but she loves Charlie and prefers him over anybody. I would get over the fact now that she’ll always put him before you. I don’t know if you were aware of it but she quit talking to you because Charlies finally started showing how sad he was.

“So she’ll talk to me more later? I thought she just suddenly lost interest” Rowne laughed “That;s what you got out of that?” Josep laughed back “I’m not counting myself out of the running for your daughters hand when she’s a woman. I think I could stay faithful to her if I had her.”

“You think?”

“I’m promiscuous. A fact you pointed out yourself but I’ve actually had thoughts of only being with her since I’ve met her. It’s not all just I want to fuck her like normal.” Rowne punched him “sorry, I forgot I was speaking to her father and not just my friend.”

“Never speak of fucking my daughter again”

“I’m sorry”

“Next time I’ll kick your ass.”

“I understand”

“good” They followed Charles and Sophie “what happened to your lip Josep?”

“Nothing, just two men messing around” Sophie looked to her father who looked extremely wroth. The tension between the two men stayed high all day. Sophie was very curious as to what happened. Charles didn’t care, he was glad Rowne had punched the man in the face. Hopefully it was for talking so much to Sophie. Charles almost hoped for a reason to kick his ass when they got back home. ¬†Josep may be older but he had visually sized him up while he was chattering with Sophie and Charles felt he could take Josep.

“You and my dad need to stop being so serious Charles.” He smiled at her then said “sit down.”


“Do it please.” She did and he started to tickle her. She laughed hysterically and tried to get him off of her. “Charles stop” she managed to say through her laughter. “so I’m not too serious now?”

“No you’re not” she said wiping tears out of her eyes. “the second time this trip you’ve got me crying from laughing so hard.”

“I hope that’s a good thing” He said softly, his eyes looking at her adoringly. Sophie could barely handle it when he looked at her like that and spoke so sweetly. “Of course it’s a good thing”

“I’m sorry i’ve gotten so boring”

“What do you mean?”

“You talked to Josep all that time while we were walking. Most the trip really.”

“He was teaching me, Your so amazing at what you do and he’s an opportunity for me to get more amazing at what I do. I prefer you to anybody Charles. You’re far from boring.”

“I wish I could teach you.” Sophie giggled “we spend so much time together already, you’ll get too much of me if you keep trying to find ways to spend more time with me. Philip told me we’re like a married couple.” Charles blushed and his thoughts flashed through his dream he had so many times. “If only” he whispered even though he didn’t mean to say it out loud. He spoke it so softly Sophie couldn’t hear his words over the wild life. Josep came over and Charles gave him an icy stare that made him want to run. It pissed him off a little bratty boy kept making him feel small amounts of fear.

“We’re taking you to this amazing fruit tree that only grows near here. It’ll make for an amazing dinner. We can have snake again if one decides it wants to hitch a ride on you Sophie.” He said jokingly but Charles didn’t think that was somthing to joke about. A snake that size could’ve crushed her skull. Charles and Sophie followed Rowne and Josep who seemed to be getting along better.

~ Chapter 13 ~

They ate their fill of the sweet tasting fruit and then got into a good spot to look up at the stars. Sophie was once again between Charles and her father Rowne. It annoyed Josep to no end her father was actually trying to help Charles win over Sophie. It wasn’t fair, Charles had too much advantage. He knew her longer, Rowne liked him, he lived very close to Sophie. He was still determined he’d win Sophies heart. He got every girl he wanted and Sophie would not be different.

Charles wanted to hold Sophies hand so badly. He was having to push it against the ground to keep himself from moving it onto hers. A small thorn pierced his finger. He jerked his hand up and Sophie saw the blood coming out. She grabbed his hand pulling it to her mouth. She pulled the thorn out with her teeth then sat up to spit it out. She didn’t release his hand for any of it. She was just starting to learn healing magic but she had enough in her to heal the tiny hole. She thought she’d do it playfully so she sent her healing magic through her lips as she kissed the tip of his finger.

A flash of one of his sex dreams came into his mind where Sophie slowly slid that very same finger into her mouth and licked it as she drew it out. He tore his hand from hers “thanks Sophie.” She was slightly hurt he jerked away from her. She semi frowned and decided it was a bad idea to heal him through a kiss. Charles saw he upset Sophie but he couldn’t explain.¬†“pervert is what she’d think”¬†He thought to himself.

“are you tired yet dad?” Sophie asked ina ¬†sad tone. “If you are sweetheart.” They all got up and walked to where they would sleep. Sophie didn’t look at or speak to Charles which terrified him.¬†“Oh god you’ve hurt her again. She’s not going to want to hangout with me. I’ve broken everything because my damn mind is in the gutter since I saw her naked. I wish I could turn these thoughts off. I hate that it’s normal.”¬†

Charles was on the verge of tears as they settled down. Rowne slept against a tree with Sophie in his lap even though she protested. It was to protect her but it was also so Jesop couldn’t get anywhere near her. Rowne was still pissed he had the words fucking and his daughter in the same sentence. When everybody was asleep Charles looked over at his sleeping Sophie while tears ran down his face. He couldn’t believe he got weird again for a moment and made her upset. He just didn’t want to get excited in front of her.

He was worried she wouldn’t talk to him tomorrow. Of course Jesop would probably seize the opportunity. He cried until he fell asleep. He had another unwanted dream of making love to Sophie. He was kissing her in his bedroom then he lovingly slid her clothes off then took off his own. He looked her in the eyes telling her how much he loved her then began to lick her neck and rub her. Her moans filled his room then he started covering her chest with sweet kisses. In his dreams it really was making love. He got to express physically every ounce of love he had inside of him. This time he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his hips. He pushed into Sophie making her say his name through a moan.

He kissed and bit her lips. She kept saying his name until it woke him up. It was Rowne, he went bright red. Rowne leaned down and whispered “Hurry and go into the woods before Sophie sees, you’re pitching a tent in your pants. Charles ran, he couldn’t feel more embarrassed. Rowne wanted to laugh at how freaked out he was. His father had explained everything to Rowne. How guilty Charles felt and how he wanted it to stop. Rowne couldn’t believe how much Charles loved his daughter. Most boys his age were perverts who would warmly welcome dreams like that but Charles felt bad about them.

Charles came back a little bit later unable to look Rowne in the face. “Rowne put a hand on his shoulder. “You’re father told me everything Charles. I’m not mad at you and you shouldn’t be so ashmed.”

“You’re not?”

“No, not in the slightest. You love and respect my daughter. I think you’re the only teenage boy that ever lived that would feel bad over somthing he cant control.” Charles looked over at Sophie where Rowne had set her down to get Charles up. She was still out so he said “I just love her so much and I feel it’s wrong of me to think of her like that.”

“stop stressing out about it Charles. The more you stress the more those dreams will happen. All men have those dreams. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner honestly. I guess seeing Sophie without her clothes finally broke those gates.”

“I guess, I honestly didn’t think about that stuff until now. The most I thought about was getting to kiss her.”

“You should just tell her Charlie.” Charles sat there in silence and Rowne didn’t press the issue further. When Sophie and Josep were up they gathered their things and set off for home.Sophie still wasn’t speaking to Charles which concerned Rowne. He wasn’t going to butt in though. As much as he wanted her and Charles to work out he tried to stick his head into their business as little as possible. “Sophie?” Charles finally said getting close to her. She just looked at him “I”m sorry I jumped last night when you kissed my finger to heal it.”

“It’s ok as long as you aren’t going to go back to being weird.”

“I’m not, I promise.” She smiled “good” Rowne smiled too and Josep sighed. He’d love her to kiss his fingers and Charles jumped away when she did it. He didn’t understand Charles in the slightest. Charles oddness was his gain though. Josep hoped he’d make Sophie run off again so they could be alone. He didn’t even want to be around Rowne now. He should accept his daughter is an attractive woman and not be so touchy about him talking about fucking her.

~ Chapter 14 ~

When they finally made it back to their village Josep went home knowing he wasn’t welcome to sleep over again since Sophie would be alone tomorrow. Charles had lessons and Rowne promised his wife they’d have a date. Charles walked Sophie to the door and hugged her tightly “You rest well tonight ok? I’m really sorry I freaked out again. I’m trying to stop being a nut” Sophie smiled “Goodnight Charles.” When she walked inside her mother excitedly hugged her and then her husband. It was very late so everyone went straight to bed.

Charles dreams once again filled with making love to Sophie. This time he was over her while she gripped his shoulders. “I love you charles, I love you so much.” Sophie kept repeating as he slid in and out of her. All he could say was her name. It started to feel even more amazing than it normally did. Charles felt like something was wrong. The vision of Sophie faded and he saw Connie sitting on him. She was jerking him off. “I can keep being Sophie for you. Close your eyes.” she winked. “He tried pushing her off but she had a firm grip on him. “You little whore let me go or I’ll punch you so hard you’ll lose teeth.”

She crawled away from him “You have a pretty impressive package there Charles. I’d love to feel it in me. I wont mind you calling me Sophie and picturing her. Wouldn’t that be a better way to get off to thoughts of your precious little Sophie than wearing out that hand?”

“get out of my god damn room, you’re disgusting. How the hell did you get in here?”

“Your parents left early this morning and I noticed they didn’t lock the door. I came in and saw you ready so i figured I’d pleasure you. When I started you called me Sophie. If that’s the only way I can have you I’ll take it. Come on, you wont get any from that goody two shoes. I have lots of experience. Come on call me Sophie again.” Charles back handed her as she tried to grab at him again. She looked at him shocked and ran. He had so much rage in his eyes.

This morning Charles didn’t have to get himself off. The thought of that disease infested whore touching him was enough to keep him down. He’d have to wash himself really well after lessons. God only know how long she was touching him. Connie walked off pissed and decided the only way Charles would ever give her what she wanted was to make his precious little Sophie disappear. She found one of the men she slept with and said “You know that stuff I wont let you do because it hurts or is too weird?”

“Yeah” he said excitedly. She leaned in to whisper “If you help me get rid of Sophie you will get five sexual encounters with me where you can do anything you want. I can’t say no.”

“why do you want to hurt sweet Sophie?”

“Because I want Charles and he wont have me. He only wants that prude for some reason. If I get rid of her I can finally have him.”

“what do i need to do?”

“She’s home alone, I’m going to ask her to come on a walk with me. Knowing sweet forgiving Sophie she’ll ignore everything I’ve ever done to her and come. When nobody can see I’m going to send all the electricity I can into her brain so she’ll pass out or die right there. Most likely just pass out which is why i need you. I can’t carry Sophie so when she’s out I need you to pick her up and take her as far away from here as possible and in the most dangerous area you can find to make sure she dies before ever stepping foot in this village again.”

“when?” Connie found herself shocked he was agreeing but with the things he wanted to do with her it wasn’t too far out there that he’d help her kill off Sophie. “Charles will be gone in about thirty minuets. Then we will go. Her parents are already gone and will be until tonight.” They waited and Connie checked Charlies house to make sure. She then went to Sophies “hey there, I’ve been feeling really down lately.”


“I’ve just always been such a bitch to you and I know I dont deserve it but will you please let me make it up to you. I found this really good fruit that I want to share with you.” Sophie thought about it and decided everyone deserved forgiveness “sure, one second.” Sophie got ready and followed her and Kenneth into the woods. Connie checked behind her and then quickly zapped Sophie as much as she could. Sophie couldn’t even scream, she couldn’t think and next thing she knew was black nothingness. “Run with her now before somebody finds us!” Kenneth kissed Connie and ran.

~ Chapter 15 ~

He went further than he ever had to a place where his dad had told him a story about how he nearly got killed. His father had scars from this place so he knew that Sophie couldn’t possibly survive if he left her here. “You’re a real gem Sophie and I’m sorry but I wont get this chance again. Girls will never let me do what i want.” He ran, leaving the unconscious Sophie to die in the wilderness with the terrible beasts his father spoke of.

He made it back to the village “She wont be coming back I promise. Can I go ahead an claim my first one?”

“After you swear you’ll tell nobody.”

“I swear.” They went off. Connie couldn’t wait until Charles got over Sophie and ravished her like she had always wanted from him. Charles trained harder than ever that day. He was so disgusted and pissed about what happened with Connie this morning. “you seem off today Charles, you ok?”

“I had a bad morning.”

“Fighting with Sophie?”

“Nothing like that, It’s Connie being a slut again.”

“She never stops being a slut.” Arch laughed. “why do so many men fuck her, I know you have, just why?”

“Most men will take any they can get, you put us to shame I’m afraid with your nobleness and dedication to a woman you aren’t dating and I know before you say it. I know you’re going to marry her one day.” When training was over he went to Sophies house. He knocked and knocked with no answer so he figured she went somwhere. He sat on her porch to wait. Connie came up “what you doing handsome?”

“Waiting on Sophie, do you know where she’s gone?”

“She went off with Mimi, they are sleeping at her grandmothers tonight.” Charles frowned. He wished he had gotten to say bye. He got up to sulk home. He wondered who Mimi even was. He guessed he didn’t know because he didn’t pay attention to any girls but Sophie. He felt some guilt for not knowing one of Sophies friends. Sophies parents came home that evening and called for Sophie. When no answer came her dad said “Shes probably sleeping. Lets get some rest too honey.”

Sophie woke up in pitch black, her head was throbbing and she felt like crying. She couldn’t see a thing so she knew she wasn’t in town any longer. She didn’t know what happened. She tried hard but her brain just hurt worse when she tried to remember. Sophie made a small orb of light. It wasn’t impressive but all she could do. She didn’t know this place atall and sat down crying. She would have to sit still for the night until she could see when the sun came up.

Every noise and growl scared her. She thought of Charles trying to get herself relax. She wished he was here .Sophie started to shake with the pain and fear. It made things even scarier she couldn’t remember anything that happened. Her last memory was Connie and Kenneth. She didn’t sleep, just sat there crying all night and begging for the sun to rise.

Mizano waited patiently for her student, she decided Sophie wasn’t coming when she was two hours late. She walked to her home to ask her parents because Sophie was very rarely late and never that late. “where’s Sophie?”

‘She’s not at lessons?”

“No I havent seen her.” Rowne got up and checked Sophies room. “well she isn’t here. Lets ask Charles, I’m sure he knows.” The three banged loudly on his door. Charles answered “yeah?”

“where’s Sophie?”

“She spent the night at Mimis grandmas I think.” Rowne looked puzzled but figured it was a friend he just didn’t know. “when you see her ask her why she never showed up for lessons.”

‘yes sir” Mizano was nervous. She felt like somthing was wrong with Sophie. “Rowne, I hate to be a worry wart but I think we need to get Josep.”

“why would we get Josep?”

“He’s bonded with Sophie, when you bond magically with someone at any time you can tap into the last 24 hours of their thoughts. He’ll just need somthing of Sophies to stabalize his connection with her mind. Please Rowne I think somthings terribly wrong here. I know it.”

“Calm down, Charles come with me. We’re getting Josep.” Charles felt worried and nodded quickly throwing his shoes on to run with Rowne. They made it to his village in record time. “what do I owe this visit?”

‘Do you know where Sophie is?”

“No, she’s missing?”

“Yes, could you come home with us and find her. Mizano says if you touch somthing of hers you’ll tap into her last 24 hours.”

“Yes sir. Anything for Sophie.” They all ran back to the village as fast as they could. They passed Kenneth and Connie on their way in. “Jeez, they’ve already figured out she’s missing. God damnit. She better be hidden well!.”

“I promise you she’s dead by now.”

“She better be”

~ Chapter 16 ~

Jesop sat on Sophies bed until he found her thoughts. “Don’t touch him or bother him. He’ll do precisely as Sophie did when she was here.” Rowne and Charles nodded fearfully. Jesop did a few things around Sophies room then turned as if someone knocked on the door. He walked down the stairs and opened the door. Jesop nodded and acted like he was putting on shoes. He walked out until they were deep in the woods. He made Mizano jump when he hit the ground holding his head. Mizano started to sob as Josep held his head screaming. “what’s wrong?” Rowne asked. “did something go wrong with the connection?” Charles added. She shook her head “No, sombody obviously hurt Sophie, he’s still in her thoughts.” She returned to sobbing and Charles went into a deep rage as he watched all the pain Jesop seemed to be in. Who ever did this was going to wish they weren’t alive.

He finally stopped writhing and began gasping for air. “Why are you not connected what happened?” Jesop looked up with tear filled eyes. “They hurt her really bad, her brain got too fried to be read. Our connection was destroyed. I can’t track her Mizano I’m sorry but I’m going to find the fucks face.”


“I’m going to find the last fucking faces she saw or atleast one of them. I saw both those damn assholes when we came in.” Jesop took off running with the other three close behind. Now that it was day time Sophie was walking around trying to find something she knew. Her head wouldn’t stop hurting and her body felt weak. To make matters worse there was now a giant troll in front of her with a demon dog at his side. It said something she couldn’t understand to the dog and it started attacking her. She cast anything she could muster. Casting relied on your thoughts and she couldn’t think so her attempts were almost laughable. She realized the dog was going to kill her. She cried and pictured Charles smiling face as she laid there with it attacking her.

She suddenly saw flashes of fire and lightening. Her eyes faded and she soon only knew dark again. A man in his forties had come to find herbs for a potion he was making and stumbled open her. When the dog was dead and the troll retreated he picked up the girl and put all the healing he could into her to close the huge gashes. He did it until he was panting. He stopped most the bleeding but she still had open wounds. She would’ve died in seconds if he hadn’t seen her.

He took her home “emily!”

“Yes dear?” She gasped “Get me Tanya! She needs more healing baby!” His wife left without another question. “Don’t die, you look much too young for death sweetheart” Tanya came quickly pushing all the healing magic she had. Norgish joined in even though he had pretty much used everything just trying to keep her from dieing out there.

His wife looked horrified at the small girl. “emily, she is young. Someone is looking for her. I want you to take Onix and search the lands between for anybody searching for a young girl.”

“I love you”

“I love you too. Be safe and dont stray from Onix. I cant have my wife end up like this poor girl” Emily ran as fast as she could and explained things to Onix. The two ran into the wild in hopes they’d soon find who did this to her. Josep had Kennth by the throat “I’m not playing this god damn game you sick fuck. What in the hell happened to Sophie?”

“Look it was Connies idea not mine.”

“I know, you just sat there and fucking watched her. You saw her hurting Sophie and you watched. What kind of pathetic worm are you?” Rowne was holding tightly to Charles with Mizano. If Charles beat him they couldn’t get an answer. “I took her to Blynot.” Josep dropped him in shock “If that girl is dead you’ll be following her when we get back.” Josep ran, ran knowing her life depended on it. Rowne and Charles caught up to Josep “Where is that?”

“You don’t know it because nobody should go there, especially not little Sophie. Rowne, theres no way shes alive if shes really there. I’ve been there once and it was enough for me.” This was the first time Rowne had ever seen Jesop cry so he knew this was serious whereever that boy had taken her. Onix and Emily kept running around praying they’d find someone, anyone. “That poor girl shouldn’t wake up among strangers.” Emily said to Onix. “I know, we’ll find who ever is looking.”

~ Chapter 17 ~

Josep, Charles, and Rowne saw a man and woman approaching. “Please wait!” Emily yelled “we’re in a hurry” Charles snapped.¬†“You’re missing ¬†a young girl aren’t you?” Rowne responded “yes, yes we are. Her names Sophie.”

“We don’t know her name but my husband saved a little girl from some beasts at Blynot.”

“That’s our girl”

“Good please follow us, if she wakes up she shouldn’t be among only strangers.”

“If she wakes up? What got a hold to her?” Josep asked.¬†“I don’t know but from the way she looked I think it was a demon hound. My husband and sister are trying desperately to keep her from dieing. What was a little thing like that doing in such a nasty place?”

“We can explain later” Sophie woke up gasping and in serious pain. “shh shh¬†little one, lay down and I’ll get you some food. I know you wont feel like it but you need to eat.”

“where’s charles?¬†I want charles please.” Sophie started to cry and Norgish held her “I know, I’m so sorry sweetheart. You can’t be moving, I’ve only just gotten some of your wounds to close and I dont want any scars on you. Not so young, lay down for whoever Charles is.” Sophie laid back down and he got her some food. Tanya came back with two other healers “oh good, she isn’t lost.”

“Do you know where Charles is. Please all I want is Charles.”

“Honey we dont know where you’re from or this Charles but my sister is looking for your family now. We’ll get you to them as fast as possible.” The two men with Tanya felt so sorry for the girl. Holter thought¬†“she cant be more than 15, why was she out there?”¬†They all set to trying to shut her wounds. She grimaced in pain and Norgish held her hand “I’m sorry honey” Sophie passed out again after asking for Charles one last time.

When they got to Emilys town they saw blood on the ground. Mizano said “that’s Sophies isn’t it?”

“Yes it is” Emily responded sadly. She lead them to her home where there was even more blood trailing to the room Norgish gave her. Norgish seemed to pop out of nowhere. “please tell me one of you is Charles.”

“I am” Charles said “Thank god, I can’t hear her cry for you any longer. Every single time she wakes up she begs me to get you.” Charles ran following the blood trail. “Oh good you’ve got her waking up” Emily hugged her husband. “You’re who saved her?” Rowne asked “yes sir” Rowne embraced the man in a tight hug “thank you so much” he said as he began to weep. Josep followed suit.

Sophie was asleep when Charles entered. They had shut every wound but one on her face that was proving to be difficult. He uncontrollably cried looking at his Sophie. He crawled into bed and held her not caring if Rowne got mad. He had to hold her. He had been so afraid, he couldn’t lose his Sophie. Sophies dad, Mizano and Josep entered “we’re going to help shut her face ok Charles. Let her go for just a moment. She’ll scar if it’s not closed soon” Charles nodded and reluctantly let her go. Josep put his hand on one cheek while Mizano held the other. They pushed all they could until it was gone.

Charles took her back in his arms still crying. Rowne looked at the man who saved his daughter “I cant repay you for what you’ve done. Thank you. Please if theres anything I can ever do.”

“No need, why was she out there? Little girls dont belong there. Full grown warriors dont belong there.”

“we arent sure, she was missing and we found out some boy dropped her off there.” Norgish shook his head “what a sick twisted man. was he aware leaving her there was a death sentence to an inexperienced little girl?” Charles gripped Sophie harder feeling his rage building again.All he could think about was murdering Kenneth and Connie. Not even thoughts of Sophies being upset with him¬†could save them now.

“You all may rest here, it isn’t wise to move her after all her bodies been through. If it’s alright with her father I think Charles should stay with her. Without fail even when shes awake for a second she calls for Charles.” Rowne nodded feeling like crying again. Everyone left and Charles got under the covers with Sophie kissing her repeatedly on her cheek and head “I’m so sorry, please wake up Sophie.” He gripped her as tightly as he could without hurting her. “I love you Sophie, you cant die on me…please”

~ Chapter 18 ~

Sophie woke again in the dead of night “Charles, please bring me charles” Charles wasn’t sleeping. He lifted up so she could see him “Oh thank god” She hugged Charles. It felt like she was barely holding him and it broke his heart because he could tell she was trying to hold him tightly. His never ending tears still streaming. Every tear Sophie shed as she shook was killing him. “Don’t leave me please”

“I wont, I’m not letting you out of my sight. Maybe never again” Charles rocked her and gave comforting words until she was out again. His sorrow now shifting back to anger. The second he could leave Sophie they were both going to die an agonizing death for doing this to her. Sophie would give the shirt off her back to anybody and they left her somewhere to die.

Morning came and Charles was still holding Sophie. She woke again and smiled at him “I’m so glad you’re here. You wont leave me right.”

“No, I’ll be right here. Nothing else will hurt you Sophie I promise.” Rowne came in with food for the two of them. “Sophie he said you have to eat.”

“I’m not hungry”

“He knows but he said you need to. Charles please, I’m sure she’ll eat for you.” Charles nodded. Rowne could tell he hadn’t slept and had been up all night. Charles reached for her plate “Please Sophie, eat for me.” He fed her until the plate was cleaned. He ate with an arm still around her. He couldn’t¬†let her go for even a second. ¬†Norgish sat down grasping at his back in pain. “Oh honey, need me to tend to it again?”


“what’s wrong with him” Rowne and Josep asked at the same time. “He threw himself infront of the demon hounds claws to keep it from landing the final blow. It’s going to scar very badly. You’re a good man Norgish.” His wife said morosely.¬†“You really are”Rowne¬†said as Emily worked on her husbands back. “She should be fine to take home today. Just travel carefully with her.”¬†Mizano¬†nodded for the two men who seemed to be¬†loseing¬†themselves in sorrow again. She stood “I’ll go ahead and tell the elders of the sick crime Connie and Kenneth have committed against Sophie.”

“Make sure they know it all” Josep said darkly. “You know I will” She took off determined for those two to face their punishment. None was enough but anything was good. Around lunch time they prepared to take Sophie home. Sophie was gripping Charles tight. Even with him she was terrified of being outside. “Thank you sir” she said shakily. “Thank you for not dieing on me. I didn’t know if you were going to make it when I found you at the mercy of the hound.”

“I owe you a great deal” Charles said “Like I told her father, none of you owe me a thing. I didn’t save her for a reward.” They traveled home at a quick pace. Sophie had her head pressed against Charlies shoulder. He just wanted to get her in her bed where she wouldn’t be so scared. They got to the village and Charles took Sophie home as Mizano started talking to Rowne. “What happened when you told the elders?”

“They banashed Connie and her family. They said they’ve given them warning after warning but after this they wont tolerate their presense. Kenneths family left out of pure shame. We wont be seeing either of those monsters again.” Josep was dissapointed. He wanted to make them suffer like they had made Sophie suffer. He hadn’t known Sophie long but he had already seen how big of a heart she had. To do that to her was barbaric.

~ Chapter 19 ~

Charles went straight to Sophies room and sat down on her bed, he still had her wrapped in his arms which was where she wanted to stay. Now that she was in her room and could relax in his loving embrace she went to sleep again. The hand that was clutching his shirt slowly loosened until he knew Sophie was resting. He just looked down at her trying to keep from crying again. He would be forever grateful to the man who didn’t let his Sophie die.

One day he’d have to repay him if he could even though he asked for nothing. It was horrible to think that without him he wouldn’t have Sophie anymore. He wouldn’t have the girl who made his world spin, that a simple touch from her sent him to heaven. He had almost lost his love forever because Connie wasn’t happy with no. He could guess she was trying to eliminate Sophie so he would have sex with her not knowing he wouldn’t touch her if she was the only woman alive.

He wouldn’t touch any girl, Sophie was the only one in his head, the only one he ever thought of being with. He stopped going down that road though before he was crying again. He didn’t want to wake Sophie. What she needed was to sleep and for him to comfort her. Charles couldn’t believe she kept asking for him. He would’ve thought she’d atleast ask for Rowne too but apparently the only one she wanted was him. If it were a happier situation he would’ve smiled but he had no smile in him.

Rowne came in to give Charles the news he knew he wouldn’t want to hear. “Kenneth and Connie have been banished from our village. They wont be around any more.”

“They should’ve been killed” He said seething. “I know Charles but atleast they cant hurt Sophie again and you wont have blood on your hands. I could see from the way you looked and the hate I could feel in your heart you would’ve killed the two of them. It would’ve disappointed Sophie, I think this was best. I’m sure the elders did it so quickly to save you from spilling blood out of rage.” Charles looked back to Sophie, he cried again “You stay until my daughters alright, sleep with her, I dont care. She wants you for comfort so I dont mind if you live here until she’s comfortable and happy again.”

“Thank you sir” Charles said with a broken voice. A few days passed and Sophie was back to normal. Charles knew he wouldn’t be able to keep staying the night and being able to sleep in her bed soon so this night he didn’t sleep. Not that he’d gotten ¬†much sleep anyway being constantly worried about Sophie. Charles just took in her scent as he rubbed her sleeping face. “why can’t I live with you right now? I wish they wouldn’t send me home but I’m sure your father will soon. I love you, love you more than I can express Sophie. I pray you never get hurt again. I’ll do my best to always keep you from harm my love. You are my everything.” He whispered then kissed her cheek gently. Charles put his head on her chest holding Sophie as he listened to her beautiful heartbeat. He savoured the sound until she woke in the morning. Those bright beautiful eyes greeting him and filling his stomach with butterflies. “Morning Charles”

“Morning Sophie” he said softly.

~ The End ~

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