Charles 18 Sophie 17

~ Prologue ~

Charles father forced Charles to tag along with him to visit his uncle in another village. They spent a week there and were finally coming home but ¬†two days before they were supposed to go home Charles and his short temperedness got him into a fight where he beat up ten guys very severely. His father at first told him he was grounded until they went home but then Charles talked back to his dad. As punishment he wasn’t allowed to see Sophie for another week once they got back. He was to stay in his room, anybody could visit him except Sophie since the only reason for him being in his room was to make sure he didn’t sneak off and see her.

~ Chapter 1 ~

“Dad please, just let me see Sophie for one second. I haven’t hugged her in so long.”

“You’ll survive son I assure you. You need to learn to control that damn temper when Sophie isn’t around. God forbid it but if that girl doesn’t marry you the worlds going to be in trouble if you can’t manage to keep your head when she isn’t around to worry about what she’s thinking. You will not be seeing Sophie for a week. Not even for a second so maybe next time I take you somewhere you wont make an ass of yourself. That was ridiculous and unnecessary. You embarrassed my brother with that scene. Charles you’ll be a man in just a few years. You can’t act like that.”

“I know dad, I’m really sorry I swear. Please don’t do this to me.”

“Keeping you from Sophie is the only punishment that will matter to you. I want you to always remember this next time you feel like cracking peoples skulls.” Charles just hung his head. They walked in silence the rest of the way back to the village. Being home only made Charles more depressed. He was going to have to be just a couple houses from Sophie without being able to hug her or make her laugh. Charles knew he over reacted in that bar but he really didn’t mean to go that far. He knew the next morning he had been wrong.

Sophie was sitting and eating dinner with her mom, dad and cousin who came to stay with them while Charles was gone. Sophie got really depressed the second day so Rowne invited her cousin Jack to keep her company. “dad I know it’s late but can’t I go wait by the road for Charles?”

“We don’t even know if they’re getting back tonight or in the morning Sophie. You know how I feel about you being outside when it’s dark. Please for an old mans nerves stay here. Charles will come as soon as he’s home I promise you. Has he ever not come to see you right away when he’s returned from somewhere?”

“I’m just really excited. I’ve had fun with you Jack but I’ve missed Charles so badly.”

“No offense taken cousin Sophie.”

“I’m going up to bed. Please wake me up if he comes to the door”

“I will sweetheart, you going to bed Jack?”

“May as well if she’s going.”

“Goodnight then you two.” Sophie and Jack went to Sophies room and settled in for the night. “I can’t wait for you to meet Charles again Jack. You haven’t been here in three years.”

“I’m sure he’s still just as amazing” Jack said semi mockingly “Cut that out” Jack laughed “Can’t resist. You talk about that man like he’s a god. You do it every day too. There hasn’t been one day you haven’t said something about Charles.”

“well I’m with him almost every day. Who else do you expect me to talk about?”

“I don’t mind Sophie. I just can’t resist teasing you for it.”

“Goodnight wiener face.” Jack laughed boisterously at that “Goodnight fatty” At Charlies house Drea was fighting with her husband. “This is cruel.”

“He wouldn’t be like this if you wouldn’t coddle him.”

“A week is a bit much, it wasn’t like he just attacked random people.”

“Only one man did anything. The other nine just were trying to help their friend.”

“Well they shouldn’t have butt in”

“Drea I’m done with this conversation. That boy is not seeing Sophie and you better not sneak that girl over while I’m out.”

“He should atleast see her in the morning. She’ll be waiting on him”

“I’ll go over there right now then and tell her she isn’t seeing him.” Drea scoffed and stomped to her room slamming the door. Paul walked out to go to Sophies. Rowne answered the door “Oh good you’re home. Let me get my girl.”

“No, I just came to tell you that CHarles is grounded and wont be allowed to see Sophie for a week.”

“Why?” Rowne said upset knowing how upset Sophie would be. “Charles got into a fight at the bar and brutally beat up ten men. Some have broken bones.”

“Didn’t they do somthing to him first?”

Paul huffed impatiently” I’ve done this shit with my wife and I’m not talking about it again. He deserves what he’s getting. That temper is out of control when Sophie isn’t near him and I’m putting a damn end to it. Just tell your daughter she can’t see Charles” Paul walked away and Rowne slammed his door pissed. He turned to his wife “did you hear how he talked to me? I could kick his ass myself”

“Calm down Rowne, you know you’re really upset because Sophie will be”

“Well I’m sure those damn asses deserved it. He’s punishing my daughter too with this. Sophie is going to be heartbroken in the morning. She’s been excited all day.”

“Come on papa bear. Lets go to bed.”

“I’m going out, I wont sleep and just keep you up.”

“Rowne, maybe I can work somthing out with Drea for Charles to see Sophie.”

“Please do, I don’t want her upset.”

“I know papa bear.”

“Don’t laugh at me when you say it. I see that smile you’re pushing down”

“I’m sorry, it’s just from the day she was born you’ve been a protective papa bear. It’s sweet how much you love your daughter. Most men want only sons but our Sophie is the world to you and help anyone who upsets or hurts her. I’ve never known a father more protective of their daughter. That girl so much as frowns and you’re ready to break people necks.” Rowne smiled “I do need to let off some steam. Don’t wait for me.”

“Want me to tell Sophie in the morning?”

“Please, I dont know if I can take that heartbreaking face she’s going to make”

“alright Rowne, goodnight”

“Goodnight sweetheart” Rowne walked into the woods hoping an animal would attack him so he could let out his frustration at Paul. Jack was still awake in Sophies room and frowned as he lookd over at Sophie who even looked excited in her sleep. He didn’t want to see how sad she’d be either. He got up and walked out to talk to Sophies mom. “Hey Auntie”

“Oh, is Sophie awake too?”

“No mam, I was wondering if I could stay until Charles can hangout with Sophie. I’ve been having fun here and I’m sure Soph will appreciate the distraction.”

“That would be a great idea. I’ll send a letter to your mother.”

“Goodnight again”


~ Chapter 2 ~

Morning came and Sophie quickly changed and got herself ready. Jack woke up to see Sophies bright excited smile and found himself frowning again “what’s wrong sour puss?”

“You should talk to your mother.”


“Just go.”

“Um alright.” She walked out of her room and found her mother making breakfast “Jack says I should talk to you.”

“Paul came over last night, he says Charles is in trouble and he isn’t allowed to see you for another week.” Her mother didn’t look at Sophie. She could feel her happy energy go completely dull. “alright, is Jack still going home tomorrow?”

“No, he’s staying another week to keep you company.”

“That’s good atleast.” Sophie spoke like all the life had been drained from her body. She walked back upstairs “Sophie, it’ll be ok. Please don’t look like that. Why don’t we go wandering in the woods? It’ll be fun.”

“I guess” Sophie sighed knowing pouting would change nothing. Jack got ready and walked out with Sophie. “why don’t we get Philip too?”

“Sure” They made their way to Philips house. “Hey Phil! Want to go with Jack and I into the woods?”

“I thought Charles was getting home today?”

“He’s apparently in trouble and we can’t see him” Sophie said sadly. “I’m sorry, I’d love to hangout with you two. Just give me a second.” Jack and Sophie waited patiently for Philip to return then they all walked towards the woods. Time was flying for Philip and Jack but it felt even slower to Sophie than it had when Charles was away. He was home and she wasn’t allowed to talk to him about all that went on while he was away or hear about his trip. She couldn’t stop wondering how he got in trouble. She heard Philip draw his sword which brought her back to reality. There was a wounded wolf in the woods. It growled but didn’t get up. She saw one of its legs was badly hurt. “Put that away Philip! You too Jack!”

“It’s a wolf Sophie”

“You can’t kill it JUST because it’s a wolf. Look at her, she’s hurt you asses!” Sophie started walking towards it and it growled ferociously at her. “Calm down, I promise I wont hurt you. I know you can’t get up and run. Are your other legs hurt too?” The wolf starred at her as though it was pondering if it could trust her. It whimpered at her which she took as it saying she could come over. Sophie sat down and grabbed the leg that looked the worst and pushed her healing into it. Philip and Jack had their hands on their blades ready to move if it hurt her. Sophie tended to each leg and the wolf stood. It licked Sophies cheek “You’re very welcome. Run before someone from my village finds you so close. They’ll kill you in a second without worry whether you’re nice or not”

The she wolf nuzzled its head against Sophie then ran off. Sophie looked at the two boys angrily “sorry Sophie” they said at once. “You better be, that was a perfectly nice wolf and I can tell by her swollen nipples she has pups. You would’ve killed a mother leaving her babies to starve and die. I’m going home. Try not to slaughter innocent creatures while you’re alone out here.”

“Sophie” The boys said following her. “Do not follow me” Sophie snapped going the rest of the way home by herself. Jack sighed “Leave her be Philip, she’s not so angry at us as she is angry about not being able to see Charles.”

“why don’t we find her some blueberries. Maybe it’ll cheer her some”

“That’s perfect” The two boys went back to Philips to get a bowl then ran back into the woods. Sophie hugged her father who was sitting on the couch “you ok honey?”

“Yeah just pissed at philip and Jack. They tried to kill a defenseless wolf in the woods.”

“They are warriors baby, it’s what they are trained to do.”

“Charles doesn’t draw his blade the second he sees a wolf.”

“That’s because you’ve gotten mad at him for it. He’s done it before right?”


“Well hopefully the two of them will learn to wait a second and not just kill on sight. I’m sure they were only trying to look out for you.”

“I guess, I’m just frustrated. Why a whole week? What could he have done to make himself grounded for a week?”

“I think it’s ridiculous too sweetheart but there’s nothing we can do. Paul is Charlies dad and Charles has to listen to him until he’s twenty one.”

“You can’t make Paul see reason?”

“He was pretty unreasonable last night and I don’t want to get in a fight over it with him. You lasted one week, a second will be ok. You have Jack, Philip, Kaji, Anna, Stacy and all your other friends to keep you company. I’ve got a good idea actually.”


“Want to go rough it in the wild with me for a few days? Some good old father daughter time would be fun. We can let Jack come too if you want.”

“O my gosh that would be perfect! When can we go?”

‘I can be ready by tomorrow morning.” Sophie hugged her dad “I can’t wait!” Rowne kissed his daughters head “No being sad though ok?”

“No being sad! Thanks!” Sophie walked up happily to her room. She loved being in the lands between. It was always so exciting. Rowne smiled then decided to go see Drea about letting Sophie get a hug from Charles before they left. He knocked on their door. Drea answered “Hello Rowne, what do I owe this visit?”

“Is your husband home?”

“No, he went out hunting.”

“So he’ll be gone awhile?”

“Most likely wont return until evening.”

“Do you think I could bring my girl over for a quick hug from Charles? She really missed him and I’m takig her out into the lands between tomorrow morning and staying out there a few days. You’ve always been a reasonable woman so I hoped you’d allow them to sneak a quick hug.”

“Of course, I hate my husband is doing this. Just make it really fast. He’ll be very angry if he catches them.”

“Gotcha!” Rowne ran to get his Sophie. Drea went up the stairs to wake up her son “what is it mom?”

“I’ve got a surprise for you. Come downstairs and wait. You’ll be very happy I promise.” Charles didn’t think anything was going to make him happy but he got up and walked down stairs. He stood there waiting very sadly. “Sophie, Drea is going to let you give Charles a quick hug. You’ll need to make it quick just incase Paul gets home early ok?”

“You’re the best dad ever!”

“Thank me later! Come on” Rowne picked up his daughter and ran her over. He stood her in front of the door “knock baby” Sophie did. “Aren’t you going to answer the door son?” Drea said with a smile. Charles realized what was going on and his face lit up.He jerked open the door as fast as he could. Sophie wrapped her arms around him instantly. Charles filled with butterflys as he felt tears trying to push out of his eyes. He missed Sophie so much and had been depressed since his father told him he’d have to wait another week to see her. He held Sophie tightly until Rowne spoke “come on before we’re all in trouble” Sophie and Charles let go “Bye” they both said sadly.¬†When Sophie and Rowne were gone Charles about knocked his mother over with a hug “thank you so much mom. I really needed that.”

“I know you did sweetheart. Go to your room before your father finds out”

“Yes mam, you’re the greatest mom a son could have. I love you”

“I love you too. Please don’t be too sad. Maybe when Rowne gets back with Sophie we can arrange that again.”

“where are they going?”

“He’s taking her out into the lands between for a few days so she doesn’t sulk at home.” A look of worry was now apparent in Charlies face. Drea laughed “You know Rowne will take care of Sophie. You don’t want her sitting at home sad right?”

“No, thanks again mom.”

“No problem now get in that room”

“Yes mam” Charles said with a smile.

~ Chapter 3 ~

Charles opened his bag to pull out the present he bought for Sophie while he was away. He was wandering around town to pass time and saw an elderly woman selling jewelry. Sophie didn’t really wear jewelry but a silver necklace with a wolf pendant caught his eye. Wolves always reminded him of Sophie because they seemed to like her the best out of any animal. It was a very beautiful necklace so he bought it hoping she would like it and wear it. He held it in his hands as he laid on the bed. Drea came in with lunch a little while later “what’s that Charles?”

“A present for Sophie.” Drea took it from her son “Oh wow, that’s beautiful. It must have cost you quite a bit.”

“It did but I thought it would look good on her. Even though Sophie doesn’t wear jewelry I thought she’d like it. She loves wolves so much and they really like her too.”

“You are such a sweet man Charles. When it comes to Sophie anyway.” His mother said smiling at him then added “You have a good heart son. ¬†You really should control your temper better. You do it around Sophie.”

“It’s not hard around Sophie. She makes me so happy. Plus I know if I did something like that around her she’d be upset with me. Sophies patient,kind and very forgiving. There’s nobody like her. I mean you’re awesome mom it’s just” Drea laughed “I’m not offended honey. It warms my heart when you talk about Sophie. I know how much you love her. Just please learn how to handle that hot head of yours when she isn’t around you. You could’ve killed somone. From what I understand you almost did son. You would’ve been arrested. Sophie would’ve found out.” Charles hadn’t thought of that. Drea could see the realization on his face. “In all actions you must imagine Sophie is watching and then decide what to do.”

“I will mom” She kissed Charles head “Good, I’ll try and get you more time with Sophie when she’s back I promise. I know you’ve learned your lesson but your father is a brick wall.”

“I know mom.” Drea gave Charles the necklace back and left. Charles put it on his shelf and started doing push ups. He didn’t want to get out of shape sitting in his room for a week. Charles was glad his mother thought the necklace was as beautiful as he did. He had more hope that Sophie would love it. He wasn’t very good at making things as much as he wished he was. Charles started taking odd jobs from time to time from villagers so he could buy her things. He actually hadn’t had enough for the necklace but his father was giving him lunch money daily. Charles would just pretend to go eat while they were there until he had enough for that necklace he saw. He only had to skip two lunches but didn’t tell his mom so she wouldn’t lecture him.

When Charles was done he looked at himself in the mirror. His hair was very messy from sleeping. He wished his mother would’ve told him Sophie was coming so he could’ve put himself together a bit. He wouldn’t dare complain though. He couldn’t be more grateful to her. With that hug it would be easier to deal with not seeing Sophie for awhile longer. He hoped if they did get them together again he’d have longer than ¬†a few seconds.

Charles decided to sleep again to speed time up. Just like nearly every time he slept his dreams filled with Sophie. They were cuddling in their own home. “You’re so gorgeous Sophie.” Sophie smiled “Well you’re so handsome.” she pulled him into a kiss. They laid there kissing just letting their day pass. Sophie started to take his pants off and Charles pulled back “No, I just want to be with you right now.” He went back to holding her then someone knocked on the door. He ignored it but the knocking got louder and louder until he was awake.¬†Charles sighed a bit angrily for being taken from his dream. It was Philip “How was your trip?”

“How are you up here? I can’t have company.”

“Apparently anybody can visit but Sophie” Charles grunted “I hate my dad. Come in”

~ Chapter 4 ~

“How was your trip Charles?”

“It was fun at times. Mostly boring and long. I didn’t want to go.”

“You made that very clear before you left.”

“How were things here?”

“Same old stuff, Sophie fell out of a tree being crazy. She was jumping across branches. Jack and I told her that wasn’t a good idea and she called us fluffy bunnies. Just as we worried she fell out. She didn’t break anything. Jack said she bruised her back though.”

“when was that?”

“two days ago I think, probably still has it. Not like we’d know. Jack only saw her back because Rowne freaked out and wanted to check her out”

“If you guys weren’t so slow you could’ve caught her.”

“we can’t help we aren’t as fast as you. Jack almost got her. Regardless she just laughed when she stood back up and went back to her day.”

“That’s good.”

“Well I’m going to go. I came because I knew you’d want to know the happenings with Sophie while you were away.”

“Thanks Philip”

“Sorry you can’t see her. She’s very upset about it.”


“Yeah, all she talked about yesterday was how excited she was you were coming home.” Charles smiled “You aren’t lieing to make me feel better are you?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it”

“Bye Phil”

“Bye Charles” Charles decided to do push ups again until he was tired enough to go back to sleep. he hoped he’d find Sophie again while he rested. Night came and Sophie crawled into her bed excited about going with her father and Jack out of the village. It would be perfect if Charles could come but she wasn’t going to dwell on it. Sophie shut her eyes and quickly went to sleep. When morning came she couldn’t get ready fast enough. She sent a shock through Jack. “damnit Sophie, you little” She smiled at him “Oh you’re a man”

“I think you over estimate men because you’re always with Charles”

“Just get ready whiny pants.” She ran downstairs and he got ready. When Jack got to the table Rowne said “I heard from Sophie you’re a wimpy kiddy baby whiner.” Sophie could’ve fallen out of the chiar with laughter. Especially when she saw the look on Jacks face. He gave Sophie a playful glare. They finished eating then set off. Sophie looked in the direction of Charlies home sadly. She wished he was coming along. Jack would be fun but she had to be so easy with Jack all the time. Jack was a total wimp compared to Charles so it was hard to go from being with Charles daily to being with her cousin.

She did her best to be gentle with him but she was so used to Charles she often accidentally hurt him. Atleast her dad would be with them for a few days. He could take as much as Charles could. She decided she’d try to find Charles some pretty things he didn’t already have while she was out. She’d get Jack to take it over for her. Charles was up even though he was stuck in his room all day. He hated knowing Sophie was going out and he was trapped in his room. Charles was also eager to give Sophie her present.

She never disliked anything he brought her before but he was nervous every time. He just wanted to make Sophie happy. To cause that breath taking smile to form on her face. He wanted to see those amzing eyes sparkle. Charles paced until he couldn’t any longer. He called for his mother. “Yes honey?”

“Since Sophie isn’t even in town could you ask dad if I can go out. I swear I wont leave the village.”

“I’ll ask him.” He heard his mom go down the stairs to speak with his father. She came back up “Charles?”

“Yes mam?”

“You can go out after lunch so Paul can be sure Sophies gone.”

“Yes mam” Charles said crawling back into bed to sleep until lunch. Sophie came into sight walking towards his bed with nothing on her magnificent curvy body. When she was standing between his legs he allowed his hands to travel over her. He put his hands behind her head and pulled her into a very hungry kiss. She got on him and straddled his hips. Charles unzipped his pants and started thrusting into Sophie hard. She began to moan making him thrust harder out of excitement. He released and then laid her on the bed. He ran his tongue all over her then pushed himself into her again going a second time. Sophie laid there breathing heavily when he finally laid down beside her pressing her into him. He was almost asleep in his dream when Sophie kissed his forehead and his eyes opened. His mother was giggling. “fix yourself, come eat then you can go out.” Charles blushed “yes mam.”

Charles was still red when he came downstairs. His mother had come in many times with him excited but it never embarrassed him any less. When Charles got up to go outside his mother said “Your father says be back in by dinner then straight to your room.”

“I wont be late.”

“If you aren’t he’ll let you go out daily while Sophie is gone.”

“I definitely wont then. I hate being trapped in that room”

“You definitely aren’t a man to be caged. Be safe sweetheart”

“You know I will mom.” Charles enjoyed the sun hitting his skin and the familiar sounds of his village. The most beautiful sound was missing but he made it through the first day. Oly six more days to get through without Sophie. He went to the places they normally went. It only tortured him but he did it anyway. Leah walked up to him “wow, Charles without Sophie. Whats this world coming to?”

“I’m grounded from her.”

“Figures, want to spend time with me today?” Charles wanted to say no but Leah and Sophie were friends. He didn’t want leah to cry to Sophie like she did the last time he wouldn’t hangout with her so he said yes anyway. He hated the way Leahs eyes always explored him. How she touched him every chance she got. He would just remind himself that atleast she wasn’t as big of a whore as Connie. They climbed into a tree and Leah tried to brush some of Charlies hair behind his ear. “Don’t do that please” She gave him a confused look “I see Sophie do that all the time.” Charles let out a semi frustrated breath “I know we don’t hangout much but how I am with Sophie is different than with everybody else. Things Sophie can do are not things you can do. I’d prefer you not touch me atall.”

“why? All I did was move your hair.”

“There’s just no reason for you to do it. Please just respect the fact I don’t like anybody touching me but Sophie”

“Are you two secretly fucking?”

“No we aren’t”

“Then why are you so committed to her? So many girls want you and would gladly let you do what you want with us but you barely even look at anybody but her. Sophie is sweet and I really like her but it’s not fair.”

“I couldn’t care less what you think is fair. Don’t touch me.”

“I can’t even give you oral?”

“For fucks sake woman. I don’t want it.”

“From me” Leah rolled her eyes “Fine I’ll just go. I was hoping I could get you to have sex with me today but I can see you are still as stubborn as always.”

“Thank you, goodbye.” Leah scoffed “You are such a jerk” Leah stomped off. Charles was glad he was alone finally. If he couldn’t be with Sophie he’d rather just sit in their tree alone. Charles looked at the clouds and played memories of him and Sophie pointing out clouds talking about how they looked like different things. He suddenly jerked and realized dinner was coming. The day past faster outside. Still slow but much faster than being in that room. Charles walked in and sat down. His father was there “good, you can go out tomorrow too”

“Thank you”

~ Chapter 5 ~

Sophie had a great day out with her father and Jack. Now she just laid under the stars beside her father. Jack and Rowne fell asleep quickly but Sophie loved the night sky too much to rest. She wondered how Charles was doing. She sighed then saw a faint bluish purple light flash a couple times. She stood and went to it. She snapped her fingers creating and orb of light as she walked. She couldn’t really make out the creature flashing. Soon it started walking to her and she felt fear crawl into her stomach. It looked mean and like it wanted to kill her. She turned to run back to her father but vines wrapped around her stomach. She touched the vines making fire rush up them and to the creatures body.

It let out a loud screech which woke Rowne and Jack. “Sophie!” Rowne yelled as he ran to her. A couple more appeared by her side wrapping their vines around her and taking off into the air. “Daddy!” She screamed. Now they were flying in the air with her. She was terrified of attacking them. She’d fall to her death if they let her go. “Daddy!” she screamed again. She couldn’t see him. Didn’t know if he could hear her. Rowne had his hands on his head unsure of what to do. He had to get back to the village and ask the elders how to find her. It was too dark to see which way they had flown Sophie.

“sir what do we do? What were those things?”

“Lumzers. we’ve got to ask the elders what to do and if they know where their nest is. They’ll take Sophie there.” Rowne and Jack left their things. They could make or buy more. They couldn’t make or buy another Sophie. They had gotten very far away. Rowne cursed himself for taking Sophie this far. She was just having so much fun. He just wanted to see his daughter smile. Jack didn’t have the stamina Rowne had “Rowne keep going. I’ll find my way home. You need to get help for Sophie. She’s my favorite cousin.”

“Be careful!”

“I will just run!” Rowne made it into town and knocked on one of the elders doors. The elder answered looking concerned. “Please forgive me, please my daughter was taken by Lumzers. We need to hurry before they eat her. Do you know where their nest is?”

“Rowne breath, you cannot find it in the dark. Charlies mom is an amazing magician. Get her to guide your way with orbs of light. After you have her go find Weston. He’s been to their nest a couple times to gather things for me. Carry me with you so they know how dire this is. How long have they had her Rowne?”

“I’m not sure, I ran as fast as I could.”

“There’s hope Rowne. They only hunt at night anyway. They’ll feed on her in the morning. Pick me up and let us make haste.” Rowne lifted the elderly woman and banged on Charlies door. Paul got up quickly hearing the urgency in the knock. “I need your wife. Lumzers took Sophie. They flew off with her and I need your wife to light my way.” Paul nodded and ran to get Drea. She got up quickly. “let us run. My son will not forgive me if those horrific creatures eat Sophie” They then took off to find Weston. He seemed to take forever to answer “what” he said half awake. Rowne explained again and the man was suddenly wide eyed and full of energy collecting his sword and shoes for the journey. “Follow me quickly. Drea let me carry you since I know you aren’t very fast” She nodded and Weston picked her up.

Rowne took the elder home and soon was out of the village with Weston and Drea. Paul sat on the floor cupping his mouth. Sophie might die and he knew it was his fault. He knew Rowne went on that trip with Sophie so she wouldn’t be sad. How could he look at Charles in the morning once he found out. “If there is a god save her. Save Sophie please. Shes as genuine and sweet as they come. God bless her soul” Paul began to cry.

Sophie could see they were landing. They dropped her from a pretty far height. Sophie felt pain surge through her body when she fell. She felt around her¬†“this is like a huge birds nest”¬†She made as big of an orb of light as she could make and saw lots of nests with scary looking creatures in them that glowed those beautiful colors that attracted her. “Oh Charles, please don’t let that last hug truly be our last.” She looked below and she was in such a tall tree the ground was hardly even visable. She had faith in her climbing and branch jumping abilities so quickly started to try and make her way down the tree. The creatures saw her and tried to go after her. She fought and climbed down as fast as possible but they dragged her back. She flailed and screamed “No!”

When they got back to the nest the Lumzer kept it’s vines tightly around Sophie. It was so tight she feared she’d lose circulation. “sleep” she heard the creature say in her mind. The voice was husky and sent her heart pounding harder “Please let me go”

“Food for our babies.” It spoke in her mind again. She guessed it was the only way it could speak “I don’t taste good I promise.” The creature licked her face ” you taste very good” Morning crept over the horizon and Charles came down for breakfast seeing his dad laying on the living room floor. “Mom?” Charles called. She didn’t answer so he began to search. When he couldn’t find her he shook his father until he opened his red eyes. “where’s mom and why are you sleeping on the floor?” Paul covered his face not wanting to look at his son.

~ Chapter 6 ~

Charles was worried looking at his father “where’s mom? Is she hurt? You look terrified.”

“S s s Sophie” he got out trembling with worry over her. Charles was now even more frightened “what happened dad?”

“The Lumzers have her. They took her last night. Your mother went with Rowne so she could light his way to save her.” Charles was pissed now “and why the fuck did nobody wake me up?” Paul didn’t answer so Charles spoke again “I’m going after her too. I don’t care how long you ground me.”

“But son you don’t know the way.”

“My teacher took me there last year. I know the way” Charles ran out. He took off as fast as he could. He couldn’t let those beasts eat his Sophie. The sun was steadily rising and he prayed she wasn’t already a meal for the Lumzers. Sophie was fighting with all her strength as they tried to get her down to feed their young. One managed to bite her legs. She charged it with as much electricity as possible as she struggled against the vines. She sent fire up the creatures again and jumped without thinking. Sophie was falling and very fast. She cast wind at the ground with every bit of magic she had in her. She concentrated and remembered everything she was taught by Mizano.

Rowne was running and could see his daughter falling. He took off faster. His legs ached but he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t lose his only girl. ¬†She was too young, she had too much to do in her life still. “Good girl Sophie” Drea yelled and jumped out of Westons arms. She stood under Sophie casting wind up into the breeze Sophie had created. Sophie felt herself fall slower as air was pushed into her. Then to her terror she felt vines around her again “Damnit!” It started flying her back up. Rowne cursed and Weston lifted Drea again. They all started to climb up as fast as they could.

Drea skillfully maneuvered the trees. It didn’t shock Rowne in the slightest. Charles had no doubt got his love of climbing from Drea. He used to climb into trees with her all the time. They reached the top and saw Sophie still fighting. She hadn’t given up even though she was covered in red lines and bloody bite marks. Drea spoke “Weston throw me to the nest! I’ll use my wind to push me all the way. I promise I wont fall.” Weston did as she said without hesitation.Drea landed in the nest getting¬†a nasty bite herself.

She grabbed Sophies hand “Sophie bond with me now!” Sophie tried to feel Dreas energy like she had been taught and quickly bonded. As soon as Drea felt the bond she cast fire. It engulfed every nest and set the tree ablaze. Sophie looked at Drea who seemed to be both shocked and moved. Sophie didn’t understand. That was a mighty powerful blaze but she didn’t know how good Drea was. She never saw the woman fight before. Everyone quickly got down from the tree. Sophie collapsed, her father rushed over and held her. He just kissed her head multiple times “I’m so glad you’re alright”

Soon Charles was there and saw Rowne holding Sophie and the once huge towering tree in complete flame. Charles got in front of Rowne and looked at Sophie with now tear filled eyes. “Hey bestest buddy” Sophie said weakly from fighting so hard and being up all night. “Hey Soph” Rowne handed Sophie over to Charles. He held her lovingly “I was so scared when my father told me this morning.” he whispered to Sophie. “Thank you for coming.”

“I’ll always go wherever you need me. Even if you need me to run into hell itself I’ll go for you, anywhere for you” Drea hugged her son from behind “will you let me heal her son?” Charles nodded and slowly set Sophie down. Drea still had that very touched look on her face while she healed Sophie. Sophie was too weak and tired to ask. She appreciated the warmth and relaxation Dreas healing touch offered.

~ Chapter 7 ~

Charles ran back home with Rowne close beside him. When they got back to the village Rowne said “If your father will let you please come to our home”

“I’m his mother and I say he goes. You go sit with Sophie and I’ll deal with your father.” Charles nodded gratefully. He walked upstairs with Sophie and laid her down. He took her shoes off and soon her mother was bursting in the room. She hugged her daughter tightly “I’m alright mom, just really tired.”

“I’m so glad” She kissed Sophies head then left the room to sob in her husbands arms. Charles laid on the bed by Sophie “Go to sleep if you’re tired.”

“But then I’ll leave you all alone. I’ve only just gotten to see you. Your dad might make you leave again. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I wont let him move me no matter what trouble I get into. The only person who could force me out of this room is your father and he’d even have trouble” Sophie smiled “Thank you.” She got under her covers with Charles and she fell asleep quickly. As soon as Charles knew she was sleeping he wrapped his arms tightly around Sophie. He forced himself to wait a little longer to be sure then he kissed her repeatedly on the cheek, head and shoulder. He had to, he was lucky they hadn’t eaten her already. Charles didn’t know how Sophie survived but he was thankful she did.

Times like this he wished she wasn’t such an adventurous spirit. That she’d stay safe and close to home like all the other women. Charles held himself up on an arm as he looked down at Sophies beautiful obviously very worn face from the night and morning she went through. He slid his fingers on her cheek wanting badly to kiss her. “I love you Sophie, even when I can be man enough to tell you there isn’t enough time in the world to show you the extent of my love for you.”

He pressed his forehead against hers a few moments then went back to holding her. He heard the door open and quickly pulled away sitting up. Drea smiled at him “if you would be hoping to fool her father that was a horrible job” Charles was glad it was only his mother. She was holding the present he had for Sophie. “I thought you might like to give this to her when she’s up and feeling better.”

“Thank you mom”

“You aren’t grounded any longer by the way.”

“Oh thank goodness.”

“Bye son. I know she’ll love your present.” Charles laid back down pulling Sophie into him. It was the most comforting feeling he had ever known. Nothing compared to the way he felt when Sophie was in his arms. Any type of contact with Sophie made Charles feel whole. He was so glad he wouldn’t have to be stuck in that room plagued with emptiness not being able to look at Sophie or touch her.

Charles slipped the necklace into his pocket. A few hours later Sophie was up. Charles smiled at her “feeling better?” She hugged him “Very, I’m so glad you didn’t leave. I hope you weren’t bored.”

“Not at all. I promise. I have a gift for you.” Charles said nervously. “what is it?” Charles stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out the necklace he bought Sophie. Sophies face lit up and happiness filled her eyes “It’s so beautiful Charles. I love it! This is the best thing you’ve ever bought me. Please put it on me.” Sophie turned and Charles put it on her. “I have to show my dad.” Sophie got up and ran. Charles had a huge smile on his face. She was always happy to get his gifts but she seemed to honestly adore this one. It was well worth the money he spent.

Rowne bent down and held the necklace “wow Charles, you got this from old lady Mariam. How on earth did you afford it? Her items she works on herself giving them great detail and strength. Sophie probably couldn’t break this if she was trying to. Her items come at a very high cost due to their high quality. I’ve bought Sophies mother things from her.”

“I do odd jobs all the time sir. I saw that and had to get it for her.” Charles was embarrassed Rowne had brought up the cost in front of Sophie. Rowne could tell and didn’t push it further. “Sophie why dont you go find your mother. She’s outside.”

“I want to show her this too anyways.” Sophie ran out then Rowne stood infront of Charles “You do odd jobs all the time? What for?”

“To be honest with you sir to buy your daughter things. She makes me such nice clothes and other stuff. I’m no good at making things no matter how I try so I started taking small jobs so I could buy her things. I saw that necklace and had to have it for her. I never spend the money I make unless it’s for Sophie.”

“I’m shocked you had enough for that necklace though.”

“I almost did. I had to not eat lunch for two days to get the money I was missing” Rowne put a hand on Charlies shoulder. “I’m glad my daughter has a man in her life that loves her so much. I truly do hope she marries you when you ask” Charles looked around afraid of Sophie hearing. “I wouldnt be that dumb Charles, calm yourself. Thank you for loving my girl the way you do.”

~ Chapter 8 ~

Sophie came back in “mom loves it too” She hugged Charles and kissed his cheek “You’re really amazing. Thank you so much Charles”

“You’re welcome” Charles said with a huge smile on his face. “I want to go thank your mom again for healing me and helping save me. I can’t believe she jumped in that nest.”

“She jumped in the nest after you?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know your mother was so brave.”

“I wasn’t aware of that either.” Charles said sofly. He was giving her that look again like she was the only girl in the world, like she was brighter than the stars and the one thing he needed to live. Sophie felt a bit weak in the knees again but this time she knew it wasn’t because of what she went through. She had to break eye contact with him so she could breath. They walked to his mothers house. Charles completely unaware his thoughts ever showed in the way he looked at her wondered why Sophie had a red tint to her beautiful cheeks.

They walked in and Drea hugged Sophie tightly. “thank you for everything Drea”

“Oh sweetheart thank you”

“Why?” Sophie felt tears in her hair “why are you crying Drea?”

“It’s just, I know you call me second mommy sometimes but I didn’t know until i bonded with you that you meant it.” She hugged Sophie tighter “Aw Drea, I was wondering why you looked so touched after we bonded. I do love you just like my own mother. I spend more time with you than I do my own actually.”

“I just never knew you loved me that much. I love you too, so much, you’ve always been like my daughter to me”

“I guess that’s why we created such powerful magic together.” Drea nodded. “There isn’t a greater magic than when people who love eachother bond in battle.”

“Well thank you for jumping into the nest to help me.”

“Like I would’ve ever let those nasty creatures eat you for their breakfast. I doubt my son would have forgiven me if I would have done anything different” Charles came over and hugged them both. Charles was happy to hear the two women who meant everything to him loved eachother so much.

~ The End ~

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