Charles 19 Sophie 18

~ Prologue ~

It’s time for the competitions again. Charles, Sophie, Philip and Kaji are all on their way to compete. Charles is excited about being old enough to enter the sword fighting competition this year. He wished he could use his own sword but in the competition you have to leave your sword and take a dull one they give you so that nobody gets seriously injured.

Also on their way to the competitions are Connie and Kenneth who are now a couple. When Connie was banished and Kenneths family moved they ended up finding a home in the same village. Connie and Kenneth fed off eachothers darkness and formed an abnormal relationship. They were a couple but they still had sex with other people and committed horrible things together. The two were very hopeful they’d find Charles and Sophie at the events.

~ Chapter 1 ~

They arrived at the Inn they stayed at last time and got their rooms. Kaji grabbed Sophie by one of her shoulders to make her stop walking. “Hey Sophie, I have the room right above yours and Charlies if you decided to bunk with me a night or two instead of spending the whole week with Charles.” He smiled looking down at Sophie ignoring Charles now perturbed look. “Thanks for the offer but you know I’ll only stay with Charles.”

“I just had to make sure you knew you were more than welcome. Knock any time sweetness.” Charles and Sophie then went into their room. “You need to stop that Kaji” Philip said when Charles and Sophie were inside. Kaji laughed “she still isn’t his. I’m free to pursue Sophie until he gets a ring on that dainty finger”

“You’re lucky you haven’t been hurt that badly by Charles”

“What’re you talking about? That psycho broke my damn arm when I put it around Sophies waist at the last celebration.”

“Sophie didn’t like it. She pushed away from you and then you jerked her back.”

“Sophies just not used to other men touching her. She’d be fine with it if Charles didn’t act the way he does.”

“No she loves Charles just as much as he loves her.” Kaji huffed and went to his room. “You hungry Sophie?” Charles asked¬†“Yep and I know you have to be so what would you like to eat?”

“I just want fish”

“well lets find some” Sophie said smiling. Charles couldn’t wait until the people all got here tomorrow. He’d then have a reason to hold Sophies hand. Right now there were maybe thirty people so he didn’t have an excuse to. They found a place to eat that served fish and ordered. Charles ate like he was near death since all four of them forgot to pack a lunch for the trip. Sophie couldn’t help but laugh as she ate. “It must be hard to constantly be near starvation” she teased. Charles smiled as he almost laughed in return. “It’s not that late if you want to do something.”

“It’s fine we can just get to sleep early for tomorrow. I know you’re worn out. I mean you had to skip lunch. I’m so glad you survived.” Sophie said very sarcastically.”Charles stood after they paid and then they walked back to the room. Sophie wasn’t sure how she’d get any sleep with her clothes on this year. It was near impossible now to rest with them on but she was sure Charles couldn’t handle her even sleeping topless. She might kill her brave warrior. She let out a giggle thinking about it. “are you still laughing about how hungry I was?”

“No it’s nothing like that. I guess I’m just in a really happy mood. We had so much fun here last time.”

“I hope you have just as much fun this time.”

“I’m sure I will.” Charles took his shirt off then his shoes. Sophie took her shoes off and almost went for her shirt like normal but stopped herself. She got in the bed after Charles. He almost couldn’t hide his disappointment when Sophie didn’t lay her head on his chest like she had the year before last. He got over it quickly with the thought of getting to stay by her side all the time for a seven days and eight nights. Charles got lost in Sophie as he just looked over at her. He didn’t understand how she looked so cute, beautiful and sexy all at the same time.

Before he knew it he was sleeping. Sophie woke first, Charles was sleeping with his arms above his head. The blanket was only covering his pants because when she sat up motion caused it to move. She couldn’t stop herself from running her fingers along his chiseled torso. It took a lot of willpower to pull her hands off of him before he woke up and asked what she was doing. Sophie blushed and got out of bed to get breakfast. She was in such a hurry to get out she didn’t put on shoes. Small rocks in the grass hurt her feet. She hadn’t even noticed them before. Philip came over “where are your shoes Sophie?”

“I forgot to put them on” Philip lifted her “why didn’t you go back for them.” She blushed again “uh oh what happend?”

“I can’t tell you, don’t make me” Philip laughed “I wont, now where are you going. I’ll take you there then back to Charles.”

“I was getting breakfast.”

“I found the most amazing chicken. Want to get that?”

“Sure” Philip started taking her there and they both talked. Kaji came up “why does Philip get to carry you?”

“Because Philip isn’t lusting after me” Kajis jaw dropped and Philip had to put Sophie down he was laughing so hard. When Philip could collect himself he took Sophie for the chicken then took her back to the room. “Thank you so much Philip.”

“Not a problem. Don’t forget your shoes next time. The rocks could have cut your feet”

“I’ll try not to” Sophie went in and jumped when Charles was sitting up in the bed “Good morning”

“Morning, sorry I scared you. You almost went through the roof”

“I brought breakfast”

“without your shoes?”

“Yeah I forgot them but Philip carried me like the sweetheart he is.” Sophie sat down on the bed so she could eat with Charles. “why are you smiling so much?”

“Same reason you laughed last night, I’m excited about being back here” he lied. Charles woke up the second Sophie touched him. He just didn’t move so she wouldn’t stop. He threw a shirt on as soon as she walked out the door so she wouldn’t be embarrassed when she came back in. He wanted to bring Sophie her shoes when he saw she left them but then she would’ve known he was awake when she was running her fingers across his chest and stomach. He blissfully ate, his heart soaring since the moment he had felt her hands.

~ Chapter 2 ~

Before they left the room Charles offered his hand. He held Sophies very firmly once he had it. Charles wanted to finish the racing competition faster than he had last year and kick all the guys asses at it that he didn’t race last year. As they walked to where Sophie could sit Marnia glomped Sophie from behind startling Charles. “woah calm down big guy” Marnia winked. “Hey Marnia”

“Hey Sophie! I’m sorry I was just really excited to see you back. I looked for you the first two days last year. Why didn’t you two come?”

“There was just stuff going on. We decided to stay home.”

“Oh my” Marnia said stepping in front of Sophie to grab her necklace. “That is very beautiful. Where’d you get it?”

“Charles bought it for me”

“are you two dating now?”


“Wow, this just doesn’t seem like a friend type gift.” Charles cleared his throat. “I need to get going”

“well go” Marnia said. Charles sighed and Sophie spoke “He likes to know where I’m sitting.” Marnia giggled “well then lets find a seat before stud muffin is late.” They sat down and Sophie kissed Charlies cheek. He blushed badly not expecting it. He hoped for it but since she didn’t sleep on him last night he didn’t think he was getting his good luck kisses either. “Thank you”

“You don’t really need the luck but wont hurt” Charles smiled and ran off. “You made that boy redder than a babies spanked bottom.” Sophie laughed. “I just took him by surprise.”

“I’m jealous of that necklace. I wish I had a friend who bought me pretty things. I fuck guys and can barely get the time of day after. Have you two had sex?”


“Let me guess, still a virgin?”

“Yes and don’t give me a hard time about it.”

“I wont, I enjoy your company and wouldn’t dream of pissing you off.” Charles was extra energized from Sophies kiss. It sent tingles through him and he couldn’t get the smile off his face. Now he got to look forward to a kiss at every event, two if he won. Charles paused for a second when he looked at Sophie. A man sitting on the very top row with a hood on covering his head seemed to be staring right at her. He decided that maybe he was over worrying and the man was simply sleeping which is why his hood was up.

Sophie felt eyes piercing the back of her but guessed it was just rude men who weren’t taught by their mothers not to stare. The race began and Sophie watched Charles take off. He came in first like she knew he would. She stood and walked out of the stands with Marnia. Marnia looked at the hooded man as his head turned with Sophies every movement. “I think mr hood wants your body Sophie.” She looked back “I knew I felt someone watching me.”

“Just ignore him. Probably some creep” Before Sophie even saw Charles coming she was in his arms. She kissed his forehead then he put her down. The man in the hood rushed past. He was staying at the same Inn with Connie. He opened the door, Connie was laying there nude. “She’s here my pet. I saw Sophie and Charles at the event. God that girl is looking tasty.” Connie rolled onto her back “You can have her as long as you make her cry for me and I can get some of Charles”

“Deal, I’ll enjoy causing her pain. Pain is so arousing.”

“I know baby. Come on and pull my hair and fuck me until I’m chaffed.” He jumped on the bed and slapped her. Connie moaned and got on her hands and knees. He grabbed her hair pulling back tightly as he slammed into her. The whole time Kenneth thought how amazing it would be when he got Sophie alone. It would be even more fun if she was still that sweet little virgin he knew. When they were done they started talking about ideas so Connie could get Charles and Kenneth could get Sophie.

~ Chapter 3 ~

Charles, Marnia and Sophie all talked until the second event was beginning. Charles eagerly awaited his kiss while Sophie and Marnia found a place to sit. When Sophie went to kiss him she fell a little and ended up kissing just on the edge of Charles lips. Marnia laughed as Sophie covered her mouth “I’m sorry, I almost actually kissed you.” Charles had a hard time making words form “don’t be sorry” he said sounding breathless.Charles hugged her then walked away to get into his starting position. He couldn’t believe the feeling he got just from her lips against such a small portion of his. His heart wouldn’t stop pounding, he felt giddy and warm. It only made him want for a real kiss even worse than he already did.

“Sophie you little sneak”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!”

“Suuuuure, I’d try to nab a real kiss myself if I were you” Marnia winked. Sophies heart was also hammering, her lips on his felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. She couldn’t describe the feeling but it was the best one she ever felt. She wondered how she tripped, what if it was on purpose. There wasn’t really a reason for her to fall like she did so maybe her sub conscious did it. She sighed getting lost in what a real kiss might feel like. She tried to get it out of her head. Charles still obviously wasn’t ready for her. She needed to keep being patient for whatever to happen he was waiting for. She loved and wanted him too much to rush him.

Charles was slightly ditracted during this race where he also had to fight but the extra energy he got from Sophie still made him finish in good time. He was surprised he won this time. The year before last he simply tied. Once he could leave he ran to Sophie. He found himself hoping a slip like that would happen again. Sophie was nervous but kept herself from blushing as Charles hugged her. She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek “congratulations! You didn’t tie this year.” Charles smiled proudly.

“Marnia!” Mark called “yeah?” she said when he was at her side “dad wants your help with somthing so stop bothering Sophie.”

“She’s not bothering me.”

“All the same our father wants you Marnia”

“Alright, I’ll catch you two tomorrow. There’s no more competitions today so I’m sure I wont be able to find you. Watch out for mr hood Sophie.”

“Do you have anything planned Charles?”

“I sure do. I can’t have you being bored and not coming with me here. I need your good luck kisses and company.”

“There’s lots of girls who’d do that for you.” Sophie said looking away. Charles took her hand “Maybe but I only want your company and good luck kisses” It took a lot to force down the blush that tried to crawl onto her face. “Before we go out we should eat.”

“alright, what do you want?” Charles thought “lets see if we can find that old lady we ate with last time”

“Perfect” She said giving him a big smile that sent his heart racing. The old woman was very excited to see the two of them again “Oh Sophie, I think you’re even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”

“Thank you” Sophie said shyly. “No need to thank an old woman for telling the truth. My grandson would like you a lot. He’s here you know.” Sophie laughed not knowing how to answer. Charles didn’t say anything not wanting to be rude to the old woman since he liked her, well did anyway. They finished eating then Charles took Sophies hand to lead her out into the wild to show her stuff he didn’t last time they were here. “You shoudn’t take me very far right now.”

“Why not?”

“You just did two competitions, you aren’t tired?”

“I rested between and then for lunch. I’m good, I promise Sophie. I’m even good enough to carry you once you get tired.”

“Oh so you just know itll happen?”

“Sure do, who knows you better than I do?” He said half smiling at her. “I guess, the burdens of being my best friend huh?” Charles just chuckled. Charles took her through some absolutely gorgeous patches of forest. Sophie made him stop when they got to a part she just couldn’t leave. The trees bark were all shades of orange or purple, blue plants were all around and pink flowers were scattered everywhere. “want to climb a tree?”

“None of these look big and strong enough.”

“I’m sure I could find one” They walked ¬†around the area until they found a deeply dark purple tree with just as dark leaves on it. They climbed up to a really large branch hanging their feet off. It even smelled amazing out here. “I knew you would like this area. I was taking the long way so we’d come through here.” Charles wouldn’t tell Sophie but in preparation for this trip he walked all the way here when Mizano took Sophie out for a two day training session so he could find parts of nature she’d love. The village men told him about animals to show her but he knew how much she loved nature itself. He spent four days wandering around and just told Sophie he went to visit a cousin. He missed her but two of the days she was gone anyway and it was well worth it looking at her right now.

Charles would do anything for that smile, for her eyes to light up like they were now. “we dont have to hurry and leave right?”

“Of course not, just tell me when you’re ready to go.”

“Oh good, it smells and looks so amazing here.” Charles bravely took her hand again but didn’t look at her for her reaction. This moment had no excuses but he really wanted to. He wanted to hold her hand too badly to ignore it. Sophie just looked around acting as if he hadn’t done it. He breathed easy and just enjoyed the animal sounds and sights of this part of the woods.

~ Chapter 4 ~

A very long time passed then Sophie said “Lets go to where you were really taking me.” He held up a finger to tell her to wait then he jumped to the ground. He held his arms out. It was a very long fall but she jumped off without hesitation knowing Charles would catch her. “That was a much faster way to get out of the tree and I can carry you so you wont get tired on me.” Charles loved how much Sophie trusted him. She dropped out of that tree without the slightest hint of fear. “alright just stop if you need to.” He walked slowly through beautiful parts of the woods to make sure Sophie could really take it in. He watched her eyes darting form one area to another. “Fell free to ask em to stop any time. There’s more years to see everything.”

“I will, you slow down enough for me to see everything. Yes I noticed you slow down through pretty parts.” She said smiling. “Close your eyes please.” She did and Charles was very tempted to lean down and give her the long passionate kiss he was dieing to but he maintained his self control and went a little further. She heard tiny squeaks and got excited. Charles sat down and positioned Sophie so she was leaning against him. “Open your eyes Sophie” (picture below)

“O my god! They are so cute!” She turned and hugged him as tight as she could “Thank you!” a particularly tiny one jumped on Sophie. She got back how Charles placed her and lifted the little creature to kiss it “Hey there little one. You’re so tiny” It squeaked happily at her and she rubbed it against her cheek. A bunch of them came over surrounding them “aw, I think they like me. This is so freaking adorable. I want one so badly.” A black one crawled on Charlies shoulder and licked his cheek. “aw” Sophie said with the biggest smile he could remember seeing on her face. “want to see these again tomorrow?”

“Oh I’d love to! This is a crazy amount of cuteness. If you little ones didn’t have family you’d be coming home with me.” Charles just enjoyed watching Sophie play with the tiny creatures. He was glad he did this first. Before Sophie knew it the sun was starting to set. She sighed “I guess I have to leave you now”

“I’ll bring you back tomorrow Sophie”

“You had fun too?”

“Very much, we’ll come back tomorrow.” Charles walked quickly not wanting to be in the dark with Sophie any longer than he had to. When the sun was gone Sophie made a small orb so Charles could see better “thanks Sophie” She smiled at him then laid her head on his shoulder. Her eyes were heavy from how relaxing it was being carried by him. Charles noticed her fighting off sleep “You don’t have to stay awake Sophie.”

“But the light will go out if I do”

“I can find my way without it.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, don’t fight sleeping. I’ll see you in the morning.” Sophie sighed “Goodnight Charles”

“Night Sophie” When Charles made it back he sat on the bed still holding Sophie. He pushed off his shoes with his feet. He wasn’t ready to let her go yet. He leaned against the headboard then laid his head on top of Sophies. It was so relaxing holding her. Listening to her rhythmic breathing and feeling her warmth. He just wanted to enjoy being able to hold her for awhile longer. Charles got so relaxed he fell asleep not meaning to. He woke the next morning feeling better rested than ever. He realized he was still holding Sophie. He took a deep breath, he was thankful she didn’t wake up first and see the he held her all night. If she would’ve Sophie may have never fallen asleep in his arms again.

He gently laid her on the bed and took her shoes off. He put her under the covers like she slept there all night. He decided to hop in the shower. He folded his clothes neatly to set by the bag after he was changed.Charles cleaned himself then put on the clothes he took with him. He opened the door slowly happy to see her still resting. He put his clothes by the bag then sat next to Sophie. Now that he was over the initial fright of waking up holding her he was over joyed he got to do it. ¬†He’d try to do it again but didn’t want her upset or freaked out if she woke up with him still holding her.

After awhile Charles decided he should grab breakfast. The two of them skipped dinner last night so he was pretty hungry. He found some blueberries and started walking back. He gently set them on the table and ate a few. Sophie woke up and stretched “morning Charles”

“Morning Sophie” he smiled and Sophie slightly laughed “what?”

“So I guess it’s blueberries for breakfast then mr blue teeth.” Charles laughed “well come get your blueteeth too sleepyhead. I was beginning to think you’d sleep until the competition today.”

“Sorry, I fell asleep pretty hard.”

“No need to apologize crazy.” They ate then cleaned their teeth. Sophie grabbed some clothes and went to change. Sophie came out looking radiant in an outfit he had never seen before. “like it? I just made it last week”

“You look beautiful in anything.”

“Typical man response” she said sounding slightly annoyed. “No sorry, you’re absolutely gorgeous Sophie. A breath taking angel” his voice grew softer as he finished what he was saying. She looked into his eyes. They were full of adoration and awe. “Th thank you, you didn’t have to go over board but thank you” Charles smiled. “I didn’t I may have under stated it.” Sophie laughed “shut up” They walked out and Charles took her hand.

~ Chapter 5 ~

Connie approached a young woman. “Hey can I ask you a favor?”


“Well my friend played this practical joke on me and I want to get her back. I want you to go make friends with this girl named Sophie today. My boyfriend is going to point her out for you. The next time you see Sophie leave by herself in the morning from her room while her rather large friend is asleep I want you to run up to her and tell her your niece has gotten lost in the woods and that there’s no time to wake Charles. Ask her to come straight away.There’s monsters in the woods and Sophie is a sucker for children so will go without question. My boyfriend sits and watches their door every morning so he’ll know when you manage this ok? Walk with her until my boyfriend comes out then run away so our practical joke can work. We will even pay you whatever you wish.”

“I love practical jokes, sure I’m in. You don’t need to pay me.”

“Oh thank you, Sophies going to love it. We have such a good time. Let me get my boyfriend and he’ll point her out to you at the competition thats about to start.” Connie ran off and soon came back with Kenneth. “why is your hood up?”

“So she doesn’t know it’s him. She wont be surprised if she sees him so he’s gotta keep it up.”

“You guys are going all out for this huh?”

“Sophies a special friend” Kenneth responded with a smile. “Come, I’ll show you Sophie”

“What if she wont talk to me?”

“Sophies the nicest girl you’ll ever know. She’ll talk to and help anybody even if she’s only known them seconds. This wont fail. She’ll thank you herself after the joke. I promise this is all in fun.” Fiona nodded. He pointed Sophie out who was already sitting down with Marina. Kenneth climbed to sit on top while Fiona approached Sophie “Um hi, I’m Fiona. I was just looking for a place to sit and someone to talk to and you two girls looked nice”

“I’m Sophie this is Marina. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you” Fiona said smiling. “How old are you?” Sophie asked trying to be friendly to the seemingly nervous girl. “I’m sixteen, I’m here with my mom, aunt and niece. They are all off doing their own thing right now.”

“I’m eighteen and Marina is twenty three.”

“I guess I’m the baby in this then.”

“Not by much.”

“Who are you here watching?”

“I’m watching my friend Charles and she’s watching her brother Mark.”

“cool, I’m here to pick up men. It’s always the hottest guys who come to these things”

“I know!” Marina said over excitedly. “calm down girls” Sophie said mockingly. Charles placed second.Sophie thought that was great considering it was a swimming competition and Charles never really practiced it seriously. He’d only get in the water to rinse off or play with her. He came over looking sad. Fiona was glad to know this man was just Sophies friend.¬†“How in the hell is she just friends with that!”¬†Sophie hugged Charles “second is still amazing, you dont even practice swimming.”

“I guess” he said sadly since he wasn’t going to get a kiss. “The wrestling competition starts in an hour, I want to eat before then.”

“alright, by the way this is my new friend Fiona.” Charles smiled “I’m Charles” he said offering his hand for her to shake it. She shook and said “Nice to meet you” They got somthing to eat while Marnia and Fiona talked to Sophie so much he could barely get a word in. He only had an hour to spend with her and they were taking every second of it. Sophie looked happy though so he just ate and tried not to pout as he almost pointlessly attempted to speak to Sophie. Sophie finally noticed one of his attempts and put a finger on both of the girls lips “Charles tried to say somthing” Charles smiled and the two girls just looked shocked “what did you try and say Charles?”

“I hope the wrestling doesn’t make me too tired to take you back to those animals you loved so much.”

“If it does that’s alright, we can go tomorrow.”

“But i told you we’d go back today.”

“Doesn’t matter, if you’re tired I wont want to go. Besides the event you’re looking forward to most is tomorrow morning. We really shouldn’t go that far away”

“are you sure?”

“Yep, lets just go to sleep early tonight.” She took her fingers away from the girls mouths and the flood gates of words came pouring back. That was the only thing he really wanted to talk about so he didn’t mind as much any longer. He hoped she wasn’t going to collect any more new friends though. He wouldn’t hold his breath since Sophie made friends everywhere she went. It was time for the event to start so they all got up and the three girls found a place in the grass while Charles got put in a group. There weren’t as many this year but she was sure Charles would be very tired. It was really sweet to her he was concerned about taking her back out.

~ Chapter 6 ~

Marnia and Fiona looked like they were having trouble containing themselves as the men wrestled. Sophie tried not to laugh at them. She couldn’t imagine being driven by sex all the time. It’s not like she didn’t think about it but the only man that ever made her feel that way was Charles. Sophie felt eyes on her and saw the hooded man standing a few feet behind her. She could only see his mouth. The man smiled, it sent shivers through her and gave her a horrible feeling. That smile he wore was disturbing. It wasn’t kind and friendly in the slightest. Marnia noticed Sophie looking behind her and then saw the hooded man. “Jesus he’s creepy. You should tell Charles someone is stalking you.”

“Charles over reacts. This is a very public place. Whoever he is I’m sure he wont try anything. I’m with Charles all the time anyway.” Fiona chimed in “he probably isn’t a danger anyway. Maybe you know him Sophie.”

“That is true, I’ll go talk to him.” Marnia stood up and walked to the man but he ran away. Marnia sighed “Shy i guess”

“Maybe he’ll introduce himself later, the problem very well may be he’s shy” Sophie said then looked back. It was now Charles turn. Charles took down one man after another swiftly. Once he got to the eighth one he had trouble but still got him down. He wrestled until he beat everybody in his group. The other group finished at the same time. Charles and Edwin stood infront of eachother ready as soon as the ref told them they could go. “Begin” Edwin was taken off guard by Charles. He hadn’t expected him to be so strong. The two tumbled around getting covered in sweat and dirt. Charles finally pinned the man down and won.

Sophie hugged Charles and gave him his kiss. “Sophie, I’m disgusting.”

“Do i ever care?”

“No” Charles said smiling and then almost rolled his eyes at the way Fiona and Marnia were looking at him. “lets go to the room Sophie” Marnia looked like she just may pass out when those words left his mouth. When Sophie and Charles were out of ear shot Marnia said “That woman is so damn lucky. I need to go to my own room for obvious reasons. Hopefully one of these men can help me out” Fiona laughed “I’ll see you later.” Fiona was walking and almost ran into Kenneth “Try and keep Marnia or Sophie from coming up to me. If Sophie figures out who I am everything will be ruined.”

“why are you following her then?”

“I’m just keeping an eye on her. She’s very beautiful and I’ve always liked to look at her.”

“Doesn’t that upset your girlfriend?”

“Not in the slightest, you can ask her yourself. Connie knows I love her dearly. I may look at other girls but I love her.”

“Thats odd but whatever works for you two. I’ll try to keep them from approaching you.”

“Thank you for all your help.” Kenneth handed her some money “please take it as thanks from Connie and I.”

“Wow this is a lot. Thank you!”

“There’s a lot more if you make sure Sophie ends up in those woods alone. It doesn’t really have to be morning. I’m always watching unless I’m fucking Connie”

“alright” Fiona was a little put off by the way he spoke. She wondered if they really were Sophies friends. Sophie was so nice though, she couldn’t imagine somebody wanting to hurt her. Charles washed quickly and put on some pants before stepping out. “Lay on the bed willingly or I’ll force you down.” Sophie said looking up at him from her book. Charles laughed and laid down. He thought it was adorable when she talked to him like that. She climbed on his back and started rubbing him. Charles didn’t realize how much he needed it until she started. She rubbed him until her hands hurt too badly to continue. His muscles were like rubbing a brick wall.

She then just started sliding her fingers up and down his back and sides. Charles let out a very relaxed sigh “glad I could make you feel better. Having fun?”

“Yes, what do you want for dinner Sophie?”

“want to have chicken again? Philip was right, that stuff was amazing”

“That sounds good, since you rubbed me I’ll get it.”

“No I’m getting it.” Sophie suddenly found herself on the bed under Charles he began to tickle her. She squirmed and jerked as she laughed. “This will stop as soon as you agree to let me go get it.”

“Ok” She managed to get out. He stopped and Sophie still laughed for a few minuets. “You are horrible”

“But you love me” he said smiling “yes I do.” Charles blushed even though he doubted she meant it the way he wanted her to. He hugged her then walked out. Sophie sat there trying to catch her breath. She lost it before he started to tickle her. Charles over her like that on the bed had her heart racing. It was especially sexy how he managed to do it so quickly. She got herself collected long before Charles got back. He handed her food and a drink. They talked until Sophie could see Charles was very exhausted. “you need to sleep”

“But you aren’t tired”

“Nobody said I was” She picked up the mess off the bed then came back over and pushed Charles down. She got on top of him wrapping her arms around his body then laid her head on his chest “Now you can be rude and push me off of you or you can sleep. Its your choice.” Charles laughed “fine I’ll go to sleep, wouldn’t want to be rude” He slowly wrapped his arms around her giving her time to tell him she was uncomfortable before he did it. She didn’t say a word so he held her as he let sleep take him.

~ Chapter 7 ~

That night Fiona tossed and turned. There was somthing off about Kenneth. She had to back out. She was going to give the money back right that second. She got dressed and walked around hoping to see Connie or the hooded boy. She saw him sitting in the grass. He stood when she approached “what is it?”

“I can’t do this.” She said as she handed him the money. “somthing about this doesn’t feel right. I don’t know if you really know her and she’s such a sweetheart.” Kenneth sighed “fine” he walked away to tell Connie their plan had failed. “Why do you look so gloomy?”

“that girl backed out on us.”

“You don’t let her back out you fucking idiot! We have plans!”

“I dont want her that badly honey, she’s sexy and all but I’m ok. You can still fuck Charles if I can watch.”

“No, we planned on you getting Sophie in those damn woods.” she rifled through their bag and pulled out a gun. “You take this and you make that girl get back in. Tell her you’ll shoot her family. You’d do that for me wont you? I thought you loved me.”

“I do love you Connie”

“Then take the damn gun, find that stupid girl and get things back on track. I wont forgive you if this doesn’t happen. I wont see you as a man any longer and I can only love men.” Kenneth put the gun in his pants and left. Connie huffed and sat on the bed. Kenneth hunted for Fiona not wanting Connie angry at him. She was nowhere in sight so he guessed she went back to her room. He knew where it was since Connie made him follow Fiona until they knew her room number. He knocked on the door. “I told you I’m out”

“May I just come in a second?”

“Sure” As soon as the door was closed he pulled her into his arms then pressed the gun into the side of her head. “If Sophie isn’t in those fucking woods the second you have the chance I will kill your family and then you. If you try to go home I’ll know and kill you all. I’ve killed before and I’m not afraid to now do you understand me?”

“Yes” she whimpered. He let her go “I dare you to tell a soul about this. We picked you on purpose. We know your village and everyone you love. Pick Sophie or your family” Kenneth walked out the door and she fell to her knees sobbing “what have I gotten myself in to. I’m so sorry Sophie” She ran to the toilet and threw up. Kenneth walked back in to a angry Connie “baby she’s back in. I’m so sorry I tried not being a man. You still love me?”

“Yes I do, now come fuck me like you mean it.” He got undressed and she said “dont shoot Sophie when you’re done with her. I want to kill that little bitch myself”

“Yes mam.” Morning came and Charles woke feeling euphoric with Sophie sleeping soundly on top of him. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if she was naked so he could feel all of her soft¬†skin on his. He quickly pushed that out of his head before he got excited and ruined this. He slid one hand down her hair while letting the other move up and down on her back.¬†“I should protest sleep more often”¬†He looked at the sun glad to see he had two hours until the sword fighting competition. He had plenty of time to lay with the most gorgeous woman in the world, the woman he held the most precious in his heart. “I love you Sophie” Charles whispered.

Charles almost wanted to cry he was so happy. He just wanted to live here. He got so many chances to be near Sophie when they came for these competitions. At home they would’ve never ended up like this. He couldn’t even remember how long it had been since they had a sleep over. If Sophie didn’t wake up in time for the competition he didn’t know if he’d have it in him to wake her. He’d rather have this than go out there but he couldn’t explain that to Sophie without telling her how deeply he loved her.

A little later Charles heard a knock on the door and could’ve murdered the person on the other side for waking Sophie. It was Philip “aren’t you coming Charles?” He said a little afraid of the look Charles was giving him. Charles looked at the sun¬†“How the hell did two hours already pass!”¬†

“Thank you Philip. I didn’t realize the time” Charles threw a shirt on “I’ll meet you there Charles. Don’t wait”

“I can carry you. I wont know where you sit if you dont come now”

“You’ll see me when you’re done ok?” Charles sighed “alright” he ran off not wanting to be without her. Sophie changed and then made her way out to where Charles said that competition was. She was grabbed by Fiona who didn’t have to force her tears. Fiona felt horrible for what she was about to lead Sophie to “My niece is in the woods Sophie. I need you to help me find her. My mom and aunt are already looking. Please come now before something eats her.”

“O my god of course” Sophie ran with Fiona. Her heart racing for the small girl “we’ll find her don’t worry Fiona” That only made Fiona feel worse. They knew she was this nice, they were using her compassion against her. Why would they want to hurt Sophie? She couldn’t let them murder her mother though. Kaji saw Sophie running with Fiona as he was coming back to his room and decided to follow. It would be a good way to test his stealth, he wanted to see how far he could follow before they noticed him.

~ Chapter 8 ~

As Kaji followed he didn’t understand why Sophie wasn’t at the competition to watch Charles. Kaji didn’t join because he knew Charles could beat him. The two girls reached a¬†clearing and Kenneth stepped out with his hood covering his head. Sophie gasped and stepped back. Fiona cried harder “I’m sorry Sophie.”

“what do you mean you’re sorry?” Kenneth took his hood off “she’s sorry because she just tricked you Sophie. Still sweet as ever I see.” Kenneth said then shot two rounds off into Fionas head. Fiona hit the ground hard bleeding profusely. Sophie screamed, she hadn’t seen a gun before but had heard of them. Kaji jumped down form a tree angrily. “what the fuck you scum bag!” Just as the words left his mouth he felt something sharp and heavy bashed into his skull. Connie came behind him with a rock and started slamming it over and over then got up and smiled at Sophie “long time no see” Sophies eyes were wide and she was breathing heavy. She didn’t know if Fiona and Kaji were still alive.

With Connie on one side and Kenneth on the other she didn’t know what to do. “Take her now Kenneth!” He tackled Sophie and she sent as big of a surge as she had into him. Kenneth screamed and Sophie ran “You’re such a fucking pussy! I hate you! Get her back now!” Kenneth and Connie ran after Sophie. She hadn’t been running straight with Fiona so wasn’t sure where she was. She just ran, she didn’t know where but she had to get away. Charles kept scanning the crowd for Sophie. He couldn’t relax not being able to find her. He should’ve just waited. He didn’t care if he was late. He didn’t care about being in this damn competition now with her not watching.

Charles lost quickly because he was so distracted. He went to the stands to look for Sophie. Kaji found consciousness but he was disoriented. Judging by all the blood on the ground he guessed Fiona bled to death. He didn’t even care “fuck you” He said as he crawled past her. He was glad she died for setting Sophie up. He forced himself to get on his feet even though he was dizzy. He ran as fast as he could without hurting himself to find help. Blood was trickling down the back of his neck soaking his shirt.

He was almost out when he couldn’t walk anymore. He could barely crawl but he kept pushing himself until a man named Gunther found him “what happened?” he said as he knelt down to heal Kajis skull. “Soph….connie………shot….everywhere” he hated his words weren’t saying what he thought. “stop talking buddy.”

“Can’t….Sophie will…..die” When the man stopped the bleeding he helped Kaji stand “where do you stay?” Kaji started pointing him to Charlies room. He’d wait there and hopefully be conscious long enough to tell him what was happening. When Charles couldn’t find Sophie even in their room he waited for Philip to lose. When he did Charles quickly approached him “You are going to wait at my room incase Sophie gets back while I look for her.” Philip had to fight the urge to run away. Charles looked like he’d break every bone in his body if he didn’t do as he was told. He forced out “yes sir” Philip ran to Charles and Sophies room to wait. Charles was glad to finally be able to look for Sophie again. Charles was filled with worry when she wasn’t in the stands or in their room. That hooded man kept popping in his mind.

Charles felt like he should’ve beat the hell out of him and ask questions later instead of letting him wander around looking at Sophie. He tried to remain calm and hold on to hope she just got caught up in somthing. He couldn’t stand the worry that she may be in trouble. Philip saw the mage helping Kaji walk “Kaji! Do you know where Sophie is! Please tell me that blood isn’t any of hers?” Kaji tried to speak “Connie…Kenneth…..gun..” Kaji pointed knowing his words still weren’t doing what he wanted. Connie, Kenneth and a direction was all Philip needed. He wished there was a way to get Charles. “sir, I will probably die if I leave this spot. Do you know who Charles Radkey is?”

“who doesn’t, that man is amazing at these competitions.”

“You need to find him right this second. Tell him to get his ass back here right now.”

“alright but your friend needs more medical attention”

“go” Kaji said. ¬†Gunther ran as fast as he could until he saw Charles. “hey! Stop for two seconds.” Gunther let go of Charlies arm immediately. The look Charles gave him was so cold. “I’mmmm so sorry”

‘what do you want” Gunther was actually shaking a bit “I found this man with his head hit pretty badly and I brought him to his friend. He can barely talk but he was talking about these girls named Sophie and Connie. Philip told me to bring you back to your room” Charles almost knocked the man over passing him. Gunther laid on the ground still trying to breath properly. Philip was sitting on the ground with Kaji. “where’s Sophie!”

“He’s having trouble speaking because of how bad they injured his head but that new friend Sophie made, the girl. She set Sophie up. She took Sophie into the woods where Connie and Kenneth were waiting.” Philip pointed in the direction Kaji did “Come Philip, I’ll need you to get Sophie help for however she’s hurt while I take care of those bastards”. Charles felt intense fury blacken his heart and head. They were lucky he didn’t hunt them down and kill them the first time. This time they were not walking away. He wasn’t going to risk them coming again in the future and hurting his Sophie. Philip and Charles ran quickly looking through the woods until they heard Sophie screaming.

~ Chapter 9 ~

Sophie was almost out of magic and couldn’t run any longer because Kenneth broke her leg. He broke it so badly a little bit of bone was sticking out and her pants were soaking with blood. Sophie still fought, she was hitting and scratching Kenneth as he tried to take off her clothes. Connie got annoyed at how long this was taking and came over to pin her arms down. Sophie finally began to cry as she tried to set fire to them and nothing happened. She didn’t have a single drop of magic left in her body and Kenneth was now taking her pants off.

“please’ she whimpered. Connie laughed enjoying Sophies suffering. She suddenly stopped when Kenneth was jerked off of Sophie and slammed into a tree. She let go of Sophie to see Charles savagely beating Kenneth. Connie felt herself get wet and just watched as Sophie laid there crying. Philip gasped at the sight of Sophies leg. He picked her up trying to be gentle. “Come on Sophie” he said running back to find someone to help her.

Connie enjoyed watching Charles with Kenneth not thinking he’d lay a hand on her. Charles got on top of Kenneth and broke each of his legs since he saw Sophies leg when he pulled Kenneth off of Sophie. Kenneth screamed and wondered why Connie did nothing. “You’re lucky you’re dieing this fast.” Charles said as he thrust his sword into Kenneths heart. “That was really sexy Charles” she said even though he was walking up to her with disgust and hatred in his eyes.

He grabbed her by the throat “You’re a disgusting evil little bitch. I let you live the first time but I will not make the same mistake twice and let you come after Sophie again.” He stabbed his sword through her stomach then dropped her. She looked at him with an expression mixed with horror and disbelief. He then slammed his sword into her chest like he had Kenneth.

When Philip got Sophie into one of the medical tent about five healers followed. “Sophie it’s going to be absolutely disgusting but I need you to drink five potions for me. A break like this wont heal with just a spell. I need you to keep the liquid down no matter how much you want to throw up.” She just nodded as Philip held her. One man held her leg the way it was supposed to go since it had twisted when she tried to run on it. All but one pushed magic into her while the one left handed her the first potion. Sophie drank the five as quickly as possible. She almost threw up but managed to keep them down. “Good girl, I’m so sorry honey.” Philip held her and she stopped crying. The magic they pushed into her gave her such relief.

Charles walked out of the woods and went to their room. He took off his shirt that had Kenneths blood on it. If Connie wasn’t a girl he would’ve given her the same mercisless beating before killing her. He took a shower so Sophie wouldn’t smell or see any blood on him. After he was clean he got dressed and threw away the clothes he was wearing before. He started walking to the tent where the healers were. He saw Philip walking with Sophie in his arms. Charles took her from Philip “thank you” Philip couldn’t speak. his heart broke for Sophie. It was horrible listening to her cry. He was glad they could fix her leg. Before Charles walked away Philip forced out “she’s not supposed to walk today or tomorrow.” Charles nodded as Sophie clung to him with her face embedded in his shoulder.

Philip didn’t explain what happened to Sophies leg since they didn’t ask. He also knew as far back in the woods as they were Connie and Kenneth would be eaten before anybody ever found them. Philip just went to his room wishing he had been able to help Charles end the life of those horrible monsters. Charles sat on the bed cradling Sophie. “I’m so sorry Sophie. I promise they’ll never hurt you again.” Sophie just held tightly to Charles. She wasn’t afraid any longer now that she was with him but she needed to be as close as possible to Charles.

~ Chapter 10 ~

“Tomorrow can I take you back to see those little creatures? I know they’ll cheer you up.” Charles spoke softly. “I’m not supposed to walk atall. That’s a really long way to carry me since you’d have to carry me there and back”

“I want to, I need you to smile. It would make me very happy to take you back to see them. I can take you after breakfast and we’ll stay as long as you want to.”

“Thank you, that really would be nice.”

“are you hungry now? It’s a little past lunch.”

“No, they made me drink this horrible liquid and it’s still making me feel like throwing up.”

“I could get you that fruit you loved so much last time so you have a different taste in your mouth. If it’s what they gave me when a animal broke my arm I know getting the taste out of your mouth will make you stop wanting to throw up.”

“I’d hate for you to walk all that way and me not be able to eat.”

“You’re my best friend Sophie. Nobodies more important to me than you. I don’t care if you just take one bite. I want to make you feel better. I don’t mind going.”

“It’ll be worth a try if it’s worth it to you.” Charles stood and walked out of the room with Sophie. He wasn’t willing to leave her alone even knowing Kenneth and Connie were dead. Sophie just laid her head on his shoulder as he walked. He set her in the grass when they got to the tree and then handed her a fruit. She took a bite and ate. She actually did have relief with a new taste in her mouth and soon realized she was hungry. She ate it all and Charles handed her another one “Thank you” She smiled. It wasn’t her normal bright smile but he was grateful to even get one out of her. Charles started to eat now that he knew she was going to.

The rage was still making his blood boil which killed any appetite he should’ve had. Charles wanted to eat though to make sure he had energy for anything Sophie wanted. Charles never saw Sophie like this. She looked broken, like Kenneth cracked her soul in half. Sophie looking like that was killing him. He felt guilty for leaving her. He should’ve insisted on waiting. He wanted to but didn’t like to argue with Sophie. When they were done he lifted her again to take her back into their room.

He sat against the headboard keeping her tightly wrapped in his arms. “That was very sweet, thank you so much. I’m glad I don’t want to puke any longer.”

“I’ll do anything to make you feel better. If you think of a single thing I’ll do it. You only have to tell me”

“I just want you to hold me”

“Then I’ll hold you until you think of something else for me to do” Sophie smiled laying her head on his shoulder again. Sophie felt secure in his arms, knowing nothing could touch her so she fell asleep. When Charles noticed he finally let himself cry. He put his head on hers letting out his silent tears. He kept it under control so he wouldn’t jerk and disturb her. He knew she must need rest badly. He was so worried when he couldn’t find her. Seeing Kenneth trying to rape her, Sophie crying, the blood and bone coming from her leg was almost too much to bare. He didn’t know a heart could feel so much pain. Sophie was nice to everyone she met. There wasn’t a person on the planet she did anything out of the way to. Connie and Kenneth were absolutely¬†sick and he felt they deserved a lot more suffering before they died.

Charles shut his eyes to lightly sleep incase Sophie had nightmares tonight. He didn’t want it to be hard to wake him up if she needed him for comfort or to get her somthing. He woke to Sophie saying his name “yes Sophie?” he could see it was night now. “I can’t get back to sleep, can we go outside and look at the stars.”

“Of course” He stood ‘how long have you been up? You didn’t have to be awake by yourself.”

“Not very long, don’t worry”

“Will you wake me up the second you do next time?” Sophie nodded. He sat down with Sophie outside. “It feels so good out here.”

“How’re you feeling?”

“Much better, my leg hurts a little still”

“It probably will until after tomorrow. It was broken pretty badly and it’s healing still which is why they dont want you to walk.” Sophie sighed “I wish I knew why Connie hated me so much.”

“There’s no real reason, she’s a heartless bitch. Please don’t even try to think of anything you could’ve done different.”

“You’re so good to me Charles” They sat in silence while Sophie just enjoyed the stars and the feel of the outside air. Charles stayed there until Sophie was sleeping again. He stood slowly and took her back inside. Charles settled himself on the headboard again then went back into his light sleep. This time he woke to the bright sun coming in their window. Sophie looked peaceful. He was happy she made it through the night without nightmares. He just admired Sophie until her eyes opened “how do you feel this morning? Is there anything you want?”

“Can we go back to the fruit tree?” Charles smiled then walked out. They ate again then he said “You ready to go see those creatures.”

“Oh yes” She actually sounded excited. She didn’t look so broken any longer either. He could still see sadness in her face but it wasn’t complete brokenness anymore. He was so happy he almost cried again. Sophie felt bad she couldn’t walk atall on her own until tomorrow. She was glad Charles didn’t mind. He seemed more than happy to help her. How sweet Charles was never stopped amazing her. He always treated her with such respect and kindness. Sophie felt lucky that she was his best friend and had him in her life. She felt lucky they spent nearly every day together since they were children. She hoped even if he never asked her out things would be like this forever. That she’d always see him every day that it was possible.

~ Chapter 11 ~

They arrived where the small creatures lived. They seemed very excited Sophie was back. A few crawled on Sophie and she laughed. A huge smile formed itself on her face which made Charles smile and hug her tightly. There was that beautifully bright smile he loved so much. Charles was glad he had a way to bring it back. “You should take one of these home. You love them and they love you.”

“They like me visiting. I could never break up a family. Just imagine if some giant came and took me away from you.”

“Nothing could take you from me, I dont care how big it is.” Sophie laughed sending tingles through Charlies body and clearing out all anger he had in him still. “Lets just say hypothetically something took me home”

“Nope, cant even happen hypothetically.”

“Charles” He chuckled “I get it Sophie, I wish these lived near our village.”

“There’s plenty of animals I like seeing near our village”

“It’s normally the worst ones like those wolves. You make me so nervous.”

“They are mostly nice creatures, people make them aggressive because you warriors just go slashing at them the second you see them.”

“I don’t any more Sophie” Charles sounded a little hurt “awe, I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about.” Charles said smiling at her.After they sat there a few hours Charles asked “do you want to see some amazing scenery? I’ll stay here as long as you wish but I know some very pretty sights around here if you’d like to see.”

“That sounds great!” Charles stood with Sophie and began to walk. “You’ve been holding me since breakfast. Your arms don’t hurt?”


“Please set me in the grass somewhere if your arms need a break from holding me”


“I’m serious Charles” He smiled “sure, I’ll totally put you down if my arms get tired”

“You liar” Charles laughed boisterously. He was happy to have a reason to hold her constantly. He didn’t like this reason but all the same he didn’t have to try and think of reasons to have her close to his heart. The closer she was to him the more at peace he felt. Now that she was happy he could enjoy this time with her. Sophies jaw actually dropped when Charles stood with her looking over a cliff. Below there were mountains and beautiful fields. She could see unicorns and other gorgeous creatures. She looked at Charles for a moment then gave him a long kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much Charles. I don’t think I could live without you in my life. You make me so happy. I wish you knew how happy you make me.”

“well your friendship makes me very happy too so I’m sure I understand. You’ll always be my best friend Sophie and I’ll always look out for you and make sure you’re happy.” Sophie just smiled at him. “It’s lunch, I’m sure you’re hungry”

“There’s some fruit trees kind of close. Lets start heading to them.”

“You say that like you don’t have full control where I go”

“I still want to make sure we’re going where you want.” He walked with her to the trees then sadly put her down even though he knew he had the rest of the day to hold her. He got her some food and sat down at her side. He got lost looking at Sophie again. It was easy to get lost in how breathtakingly gorgeous she was. He jerked his eyes away from her as soon as he could knowing how creepy that must be. He sighed and then kept eating. He really did plan on always being there for her. Even if he had to endure Sophie marrying another man one day he’d stay by her side and make sure he treated Sophie how she deserved to be treated.

~ Chapter 12 ~

The day ended much too soon for Charles. He carried Sophie into their room as the sun was setting. He kicked his shoes off then set Sophies on the bed to get her shoes off. He noticed Sophie smiling “what?”

“Just the way you’ve been helping me. You do everything so lovingly and you missed all the competitions today.”

“Competitions are nothing compared to my best friend Sophie.”

“You’ll be joining some tomorrow since I can walk in the morning right?”

“You really think I’m letting you out of my sight after what happened yesterday, what could have happened” Sophie could hear the sadness in his voice as he finished what he was saying. “I doubt Connie and Kenneth will come back and you shouldn’t worry about what could have happened. You saved me in plenty of time.”

“But..it wasn’t fast enough Sophie. They broke your leg…if Kaji hadn’t crawled back and told Philip what was going on I may not have found you in time.” Sophie hugged Charles “stop with the what could’ve¬†or mightve happened. I’m fine and everything will be fine.” Charles lifted her into his lap and kept embracing Sophie tightly. He was forcing back tears again. The image of how he found Sophie was painful, the thought she might have died hurt even worse. “dont be so sad Charles, I’m not.” Charles touched his forehead against Sophies “I can’t help it Sophie. You’re my everything” Charles got the overwhelming urge to kiss Sophie. He tilted his head and started to move forward when Kaji knocked on the door freezing Charles in his tracks. Just like in the water the year before last he had been only a slight movement away from his lips connecting with Sophies and some asshole ruined it.

He set Sophie on the bed and answered the door angrily. When he saw it was Kaji he tried to calm down. Sophie would’ve been much worse off without him and Charles knew he didn’t interrupt on purpose. “I saw you and Sophie come back. I wanted to see how she was. I’ve been worried about her” Charles moved so Kaji could enter. “why so red Sophie?”

“No reason” Sophie said as she collected herself. This time she was sure he was about to kiss her. She was almost angry at Kaji herself. Sophie knew Charles wouldn’t try again. “Hey, how’s that leg of yours?”

“Good, I havent used it atall thanks to Charles”

“That’s great” Kaji said then hugged her. “You should really stop helping people.”

“Very few people that ask for help have malicious intent. I thought she was my friend”

“You can’t trust people you’ve known one day.”

“Its nicer to go through life trusting and being nice rather than assuming people are out to get you” Kaji sighed “well I just wanted to see how you were.”

“Thank you for following us and jumping out when you saw Kenneth pointing that gun at me.”

“What kind of man wouldn’t have?” Kaji hugged her again “you two have a good night ok.”

“Ok, it was sweet of you to check on me.” Kaji walked out. He intended to stay longer but could feel he wasn’t wanted. Charles shut the door wanting to hide with how embarrassed he was. He could barely look at Sophie. She had to know what he was trying to do. “are you tired Sophie?” He asked knowing he had to say something. “yes very” Sophie answered seeing how embarrassed Charles was. Charles took off his shirt looking really sad and conflicted. She wanted to go and take a kiss but she wasn’t sure if she should. Countless men told her it would bruise his ego really badly if she didn’t wait on him to make the first move. Right now he looked so upset she felt cruel for even wanting to go over to him and kiss him.

He got in the bed “Charles?” Sophie said after he got under the covers. “yes?” His face still screaming how heartbroken he was. “Will you cuddle with me tonight? I hate to ask but” Charles half smiled “I’d love to. Anything to make you more comfortable until tomorrow.” Charles got on his side then Sophie snuggled up against his chest. Charles wrapped his arms around Sophie. “are you comfortable”

“Very, thank you so much. Thank you for today and for agreeing to cuddle with me. You might just need to replace me as your best friend, I’m afraid I’m getting annoying. Poor Charles having to hold me” She said trying to lighten his mood. Charles smiled “It’s no trouble atall Sophie. I’m glad to. I’ll hold you every night that we have left here if you need me to. You did go through alot.” Sophie liked that idea “If you’re serious I’d be very happy if we slept like this until we went home. Can you handle tonight and three more nights of holding me?”

“Of course I can”

“Good, goodnight Charles”

“Goodnight Sophie”

~ The End ~

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