Charles & Sophie 2

Chapter One

Charles and Sophie have been married only a few weeks. They were engaged almost a year before having their wedding. Charles was now the strongest man in the village he went on all hunting expeditions and was at the front of any battle the village faced. One day a small child wandered in the village crying. A woman brought him to Sophie and Charles. “He said his parents were attacked by demons. They got seperated and they were far from home because they were going on a family trip together.”

The poor little boy looked no older than 5. The little boy said “I just need help getting back to my own village. Yours was the nearest one where we were attacked. Please take me home. My parents told me if we ever got attacked and seperated they’d meet me there”

Sophie looked at her husband her eyes pleading for them to help the little boy out. Charles said “Of course as long as you’re sure of the way back to where you live”

“Oh yes sir!” He said excited

“What’s your name darling?” Sophie asked

“Enzo mam.”

“Well Enzo I just made some food why don’t you go eat.” She could seeand hear the little boy was starving.

“We’ll leave in the morning after going to town to get ready for the journey. Is your home a long ways off?” Charles asked

“Yes sir, we traveled 5 days to get this far”

Charles smiled “Well that’s going to be a trip but not too bad. We’ll leave in the morning right after we get some supplies from the market.”

The lady that brought the child said “Don’t worry about it I’ll gather things tonight and set them at your doorstep to take in the morning”

Sophie sat Enzo down at the table and for him a bowel of stew that was left over from their dinner. Enzo smiled gratefully and thanked Sophie for the meal. Charles came and sat down next to him. “Enzo I’m Charles and this is my wife Sophie. Could you please tell us about your parents and the demon that attacked them? ” Enzo grew wide eyed trying to think of everything that happened in the village.

“We were walking in the forest and these monsters that looked like pale men with rows of sharp horns down their backs. They had long claws and black eyes. I just started running. All I could hear is my mother screaming as one chased me. My dad cut it down but then 3 attacked him”. He started looking really afraid again. Sophie picked him up and hugged him. “That’s all we need to know for the night sweetie. Are you sleepy?”

“Yes mam” she walked him up the stairs to lay him in the guest room. She told him stories until he fell asleep then she ran down to her husband “That poor baby, He seems so frightened. Lets make the journey as fast as possible so he can atleast be with people he knows”

“I’ll carry him like I had to do when I went with you on your journey” He said teasingly

“Oh hush, atleast I’m much better now. My magic is so good and I have lots of stamina”

Charles smiled “I know my love”

The next morning Enzo didn’t want to get up, but Sophie managed to coax him out with the promise of a slice of apple pie. He had jumped out of bed and into her arms, very nearly knocking her down. She loved children. She went through the sack of equipment waiting on their front porch to make sure they had everything. She smiled at Charles when he walked into the room. He grabbed her arm and pulled her aside.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“You have to understand that we may not find his parents. He said they just vanished and that usually means one thing.” He answered, his eye moving briefly and sadly over the boy.

“I know, but we have to try. As hard as it might be, we have to make sure.”

“I know, it’s just heart breaking.”

Charles looked at Enzo “I’ll let you walk to start with. Tell me when you’re tired and I’ll carry you”

“Can’t Sophie carry me?” Him saying that made Sophie grin. She couldn’t wait for her and Charles to have children. They had just started trying right after the wedding. Charles said “Sophie isn’t as strong as me. She uses magic. She can carry you somtimes but it will mainly need to be me.” Enzo understood and nodded his head. “I can’t wait to see my mommy. She looked so afraid when I saw her last and I want to see her happy again. I bet they are so worried.”

Charles looked sad again. He knew well that this trip most likely didn’t have a happy ending but him and Sophie were praying that atleast one of his parents survived. Charles had a suspicion though Sophie wanted to take him in if he didn’t. He couldn’t really ask her though with Enzo right there.

Enzo walked hand in hand with Sophie and Charles. Sophie already adored the boy. He was so cute with large grey eyes and a wealth of golden curls. He had such a happy, bright smile. She wanted to give such a sweet child back to his family. Anyone who raised such a boy had to be amazing. “How did you survive for five days in the wild, Enzo?” She asked.

“Papa taught me how to make a snare and skin animals and make a fire. He said if I ever got lost that I could live off the land until I found help.” He answered with a big smile.

“Your father sounds like a smart man.” Charles said.

“Oh he is. He’s kind of like you. Big, strong, and smart.”

It wasn’t long before Enzo asked for a piggy back ride and Charles squatted down so he could climb on.

Sophies heart ached thinking about how it would break his heart if he found out his was parentless. She just knew he had all this joy because he didn’t have a doubt in the world he’d see his mom and dad. She enjoyed seeing Charles with him though. She really hoped that if it was also what Enzo wanted that he’d let him live with them. They did well for themselves and would have no trouble taking care of Enzo.

They were coming up on woods and Charles asked Enzo if they went through there to get him home. He shakily said yes. Sophie could see the fear on his face and wanted to hug him protectivly. She knew he was safest where he was though. Charles wouldn’t let anything hurt him. Her magic was so finely trained now that she could take most things on her own.

The forest was cool even under the afternoon sun. Birds tweeted happily as the flitted from tree to tree. Sophie loved nature, it was where her power was drawn from. She could see Enzo shaking and rested a hand on him. He wasn’t cold, but he was quivering like a scared rabbit.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” She asked and rubbed his back.

“There were wolves. I could hear them but not see them. I thought they would eat me.” Enzo answered, peeking over Charles’ shoulder.

“It’s okay little one, Charles is the best with a sword. He won’t let anything hurt you and neither will I, you are the safest person alive.”

The sun began to fall and the darker it got, the more terrified Enzo became. Charles wanted to go as far as they could before resting. Sophie’s stamina had increased plenty since their climb journey to the mountain. She could go for two days without pause. He was proud of her. When it was finally dark Sophie snapped her fingers and a group of glowing orbs surrounded them, spreading two feet out in every direction.

‘Woah! That’s amazing Mrs Sophie”

“Thanks, I thought you’d feel safer if you could see”

“Is that hard to do?”

“Not really any more. I practice frequently. What did your mother do?”

“Just be my mommy” He had the biggest grin on his face. It was unbearably cute

Suddenly he started screaming in panic. Both Charles and Sophie asked him what was wrong. “They’re in the trees! They’ve come back!” Sophie looked up. It was easy to see their pale bodies. They were almost pure white. It jumped down at her and she sent thunder right into it killing the demon easily. She and Charles jerked around looking for more but there was only one.

The little boy was hysterical. I want Sophie he cried. Charles set him down and Sophie grabbed him holding little Enzo close to her. “It was only one sweetheart and it’s dead” Charles looked at him sympathetic. “Lets get some sleep when we get out of here. I think he needs a break after seeing those demons again”

They walked on, Enzo resting on Sophie’s hip. His head was on her shoulder. He was barely able to hold it up, but didn’t want to go to sleep. They broke through the tree line an hour later, coming out on an old deer trail. Charles sat their pack down and left to gather firewood. Sophie stood there rocking Enzo and singing softly.

Charles brought back a large bundle of wood. He loved how amazing Sophie was with the little guy. He desperately wanted children of his own. He had never known such a yearning. He stacked it in a neat pile then took the sleeping Enzo from her so she could start a fire. She whispered her command and the wood burst into flames. Charles tugged a blanket out of their pack and lay it on the ground. Sophie lay down and he put Enzo in front of her. He lay down behind her, wrapping his arm around both of them. If anything happened he would be up in an instant.

Enzo woke early in the morning “Sophie! Sophie! Sophie! Look! Look!” She sleepily rubbed her eyes searching for what he wanted her to see then noticed big beautiful birds with multi colored wings. They were huge and sang beautifully. “Aren’t they pretty? They’re almost as pretty as you” she smiled “You are too sweet Enzo”

“My Daddy says it’s important to remind girls how amazing they are because they forget a lot if you don’t tell them. He was always complimenting mommy. I want to be just like my Dad so I pay close attention to everything he says.”

Charles was just now getting up as Sophie pulled out some fruit for the three of them. They all ate and packed up. Enzo insisting he needed to help fold the blanket. It took much longer that way but she was having so much fun trying to help him do it. Charles didn’t mind either because he enjoyed seeing his wife so happy. He hadn’t realized how happy children would make her. He knew she wanted them badly but she just seemed to glow with Enzo.

Chapter Two

Enzo directed them up the deer trail. “I stayed on it for two days. Dad said deer trails usually lead to good places. He was right.”

The forest had grown a lot quieter than the day before. The colorful birds were the last animals they saw. Charles didn’t understand it and neither did Sophie. It wasn’t long before they figured out why. In the middle of the trail was a pile of animal carcasses. They had been torn to pieces. Enzo whimpered and clung to Sophie’s legs, burying his face in her pants. Charles approached the pile and studied the teeth and claw marks. They were not normal. A high pitched screech filled the silence, causing Enzo to scream.

Out of the forest white forms loomed. They bared teeth and shrieked. This must be their feeding area. They charged the intruders. Charles slashed one out of the air as it sprang at him. Sophie shot fire from one hand and electricity from the other. The demons writhed on the ground, screeching in agony.

Enzo was terrified but amazed at Sophie powers and how strong Charles was. Charles was having trouble keeping up with how many were coming at him. He realized why his parents had so much trouble. He couldn’t do this without Sophie by his side helping and as far as they knew his mother didn’t have any powers or fight well.

One managed to get on Sophies back. Charles killed it but not before it had dug it’s claws into her. She was bleeding but she got right back up to fight, casting spells more furiously until what was left of them retreated. Sophie dropped to her knees with the pain and Enzo ran up crying looking at her back. “Oh no Sophie. Please tell me you’ll be ok.

“I’ll be just fine sweetheart.” She used a curing spell. A gentle white light appeared on her back and it stopped bleeding. The claw marks almost compleatly vanished too. Enzos eyes were so wide. “Wow Sophie!” She smiled “I’ll make it go away compleatly later. I used a lot right there and we may need magic again later”

Charles was happy they fought them off but his heart had stopped for a moment when one jumped on her back. These creatures were unlike any they had seen until now and he wondered where they were coming from. Charles gently hugged Sophie incase her back still hurt “Are you really ok?”

“Yes I promise. Don’t get all worysome on me”

They ran as fast as they could, Enzo clinging to Charles’ back. They needed to get out of these woods. They knew running expended more energy, but it also allowed them to cover more ground. Sophie stayed alert, ready to strike at anything that came out of the woods. Charles counted on her to keep them safe while his hands were occupied keeping Enzo from falling off is back. They burst out of the tree line and onto a road. They all collapsed to the ground, catching their breath. Enzo went over and hugged Sophie, still upset over her being injured.

“It’s alright sweety. Just let me catch my breath and I’ll make it all better.” She wiped the sweat from her brow and called upon what little energy she had left to completely close the wounds. Her shoulders feeling better, less cramped. “See, all better.” She rolled onto her back, laying in the dusty road.

“Is she alright?” Enzo asked, flopping down next to her.

“It takes a lot of energy to do what she does. She just needs a little break, a drink of water, and a nice sweet apple. I promise she’ll be fine.” Charles smiled at the boy.

“I wish I could use magic.”

“We’ll see. I’m sure you’d have a real talent for it.”

Charles grabbed an apple out of the bag and some water and gave it to his wife. Enzo was hungry too so he got one. Charles was too on edge from the attack to eat. Even though Sophie was tough now he hated taking her on trips. He was in a state of worry nearly 24/7. Enzo started rubbing Sophies head.

“What’s that for?” she smiled

“It used to make my mommy feel better when she was tired. Thanks for not letting anything happen to me. Could you teach me how to do some magic? Nobody knows magic where I’m from”

“Really?” She said shocked

“Yeah, the one lady who knew it died without teaching anybody. Magic use in our village died with her” Sophie thought that was maybe why his mother didn’t know how to do anything. She may have not had what it takes to wield a sword and there’s no other option there. Sophie decided that had to be fixed. When they got home they’d discuss with their village maybe sending somebody to teach a few people so they can use magic again.

“Alright guys, we better get moving. The long we sit still, the better chance more of those things have of finding us.” Charles pushed himself to his feet then helped Sophie to hers. He gave her a quick kiss just relieved that she was okay.

“Ewww gross.” Enzo said and they laughed.

“Hey, some day you might kiss a girl.” Charles said with a smile.

“No way.”

“What about me Enzo?” Sophie lifted the boy in her arms.

“Well, maybe you and my mom, but no one else.” He leaned in and planted a big wet kiss on Sophie’s cheek.

They walked up the road, staying in the middle. If anything planned on attacking them, it would take it extra time for it to cross to the middle. Enzo walked between them, singing a song about a bunny rabbit. His small voice warmed both of them and they imagined what life would be like with children of their own. Charles only wanted one or two, but he’d give Sophie a house full if that’s what she wanted. She was over the moon for this little boy, already as devoted as any mother should be.

“Sophie why aren’t you a mom yet? I think you’d be a really good one.”

“Charles and I haven’t been married long so it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully soon”

“I can’t wait for you to meet my mother. You should teach her the song you sang to me!”

“I will” she thought it was sweet how much he talked about his mom and dad but it was hard to hear. She didn’t know if she could bare seeing his heart torn to pieces. They continued walking along. It stayed uneventful which was great because Sophie had overexerted herself so much with all those demons flying at them. Healing herself took the most out of her. That wasn’t a spell that was easy to use no matter how skilled you are.

As night fell they made camp in the middle of the road. Enzo was out before the fire was started. It had been an exhausting day for him. He was so little, yet so resilient. The trauma of the past couple of days had done nothing to dampen his spirits. Sophie stroked his hair, her head resting on Charles’ stomach. “If we don’t find his parents, I think we should keep him.” She whispered.

“I agree. Lets pray at least one of his parents survived though. I wold hate to have to explain to such a sweet boy that his parents died. If they are gone from this world, we will honor them by raising their son.” Charles replied and it brought tears to her eyes.

“You will be the most amazing father. You always know what to say and do.”

“And you will be the most amazing mother. I love watching you with him, the way you smile, the way you laugh. I want that for you.”

They drifted off to sleep with Enzo clinging to Sophie’s hand.

Chapter Three

Sophie woke up and Enzo wasn’t there. She jumped up in a panic screaming for him. Her screams woke Charles and he jumped up aswell. Within moments she could see Enzo running to her with some flowers in his hand. She ran to him hugging him tightly. He pulled back. “I saw these flowers last night while we were walking here. It wasn’t far and I didn’t think you saw them so I wanted to bring them to you. I’m sorry if I scared you. I didn’t want to wake you up”

She took the flowers and kissed his head “They are very beautiful Enzo but please never do that again. If you want to show me somthing I’d like you to wake me first so I don’t have such a heart attack” He appoligized again then they walked hand in hand twords Charles. Sophie put the flowers in the bag and Enzos little face lit up “You’re going to keep them!” she smiled “of course, to remember you by when you’re with your mom and dad again”

They packed up and Charles asked Enzo “Where do we go now little guy?”

He pointed west and off they went. Enzo insisted on walking for awhile so he could hold Sophie hand. He was busy the whole time pointing out flowers, trees and animals. He was always so excited about everything no matter how often it passed. Pure amazment never left the little boys eyes.

The sound of flowing water filled the air. They stood on the bank of the river, Enzo marveling at its power. There were a few rocks spanning its width that seemed dry enough. “I’ll carry Enzo across and you follow. You’re the only one that can pull us out if we fall in.” He smiled and lifted Enzo in his arms. He had the utmost faith in his wife’s abilities.

“Go, I’ll be right behind you.” She smiled back.

Charles stepped onto the first stone and Enzo gripped tightly to his back. He hopped across to the next one, his foot slipping and dipping into the cold water. He managed to stay up. He felt air spinning around him and knew Sophie had formed an air pocket around them. If they fell, the ball would keep them from drowning and keep them dry. He continued across, going slowly. When he made it to the bank he sat Enzo down and turned to help Sophie across. His eyes widened when he saw pale creatures following her.

“Sophie behind you, hurry.” He screamed over the loud roaring.

She couldn’t hear him because it was so loud. She looked puzzled and Enzo pointed. She turned around just when one was on top of her. She already had the wind going so she used it to push them all back and knock the one on her off. It let out an ear piercing scream and Sophie lost her train of thought which was vital to her magic.

Charles started going his fastest across to get to his wife. The violent creature was on top of her like before and it slashed her face. Suddenly it was on fire screaming in pain as the others started running back at her. Charles had made it across and started cutting them down swiftly. With all she had she summoned fire again burning them all. Between the two of them they all fell.

Sophies face was pouring blood. She did her best but with all the magic she had used all she could manage was to make it stop bleeding for the moment. Charles picked her up and held her tight almost crying. Enzo on the other side was crying again too. She whispered to CHarles to hurry so they could comfort him. He kissed his wife where the monster had slashed her and got across as quickly as possible.

He sat her down and Enzo glomped her. “Your pretty face, you can fix it right”

“Yes baby I just can’t right now. I hope it doesn’t scare you too much”

Sniffling he said “You could never scare me. You’re pretty even with claw marks on your face”

It made her smile and she rubbed his head. She got up and looked at her husband “We need to keep going”

“Sophie, you’re bleeding?” Charles protested, grabbing her hand.

“We have to go. What if these things made it to his village and there are wounded that need our help?” She said and wiped the blood out of her eyes.

He couldn’t argue with her, not when she was so focused. She would go until she dropped from exhaustion. “Okay, you’re right. Enzo I need you to walk for awhile and stay close. Watch our back so I can help help Sophie walk.”

“Yes sir.” Enzo’s face was so serious it made Sophie giggle. She’d never seen something so adorable in her life.

Charles wrapped an arm around Sophie’s waist and Enzo gripped his shirt. The going was slow at first since Sophie had lost a lot of blood and a lot of energy. He wanted to order her to stop and rest, but he knew she’d refuse. He couldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to. She was stubborn. They only had a couple of days left and they would be at Enzo’s village and hopefully back in the arms of his family.

The sun was starting to set and Enzo decided to act like he was too tired to go on so Sophie would rest. “Sophie, I’m really really tired. Can we stop please?” Charles could tell he wasn’t but he was glad he was pretending for Sophie. She smiled “of course” She didn’t even sit down she went straight to laying. CHarles got everything ready for the night while Enzo sat near Sophie just staring at her.

“I was so scared Sophie. I couldn’t lose you too. I was afraid I was going to be alone again.”

“Oh I can handle anything. There’s no need to worry about me. Besides my husband and I compliment eachother. We can get through anything thrown at us as long as we are together.”

“I saw that. He sure went fast seeing you in danger”

Charles came and sat down too. He gently placed Sophies head on his lap and stroked her face. Concern filling his own.

“I thought I told you not to worry about me. You know I’m fine now. I’ll fix my face in the morning.”

“It’s my job to worry, Sophie.” He said softly. Enzo lay down next to her, his face full of concern. Sophie’s eyes began to drift closed and soon she was asleep. Charles wasn’t going to sleep that night. He wanted to make sure nothing else was going to happen. He knew if they pushed themselves tomorrow and all through the night they would get to their destination by noon the day after. Sophie would need as much rest as possible to regain her strength.

The sun rose on a peaceful forest. The tweeting of birds woke Sophie whose face felt like one big bruise. She looked up at Charles who was sitting there wide awake. “Were you awake all night?” She asked, startling him.

“Yes, I wasn’t tired. You should heal your face before Enzo wakes up.” He brushed strands of blood matted hair off her forehead.

She closed her eyes, allowing the warm healing light to move over her. The pain in her face was relieved and she traced her fingers over her face too insure everything was properly healed. She sat up slowly and stretched. Enzo shifted, his eyes opening. “Your face looks better.” He said and jumped into her arms.

“Lets eat and get going. We have a long way to go sweety.” She said and kissed his cheek.

They all ate. Charles was still stressed and not hungry but he decided he needed to eat somthing. They quickly packed. Enzo now a professional at the blanket. Enzo climbed on Charlies back so they could go quickly. Charles was done with this journey and wanted to get it over with. “How do you two move so fast?”

“Training” Charles responded. Enzo loved the breeze against his face since the two of them were almost jogging they were walking so fast. They were approaching more woods by mid day. Enzo said “Once we get through here my village is on the other side. It wont be long atall after this place” Charles was not excited about going through woods again. The most dangerous things were always in places they could hide.

He took in a deep breath. “We’ll walk a bit slower to make sure we are fully alert. Would you mind holding Sophies hand Enzo so I can get to my sword if I need it?” He jumped down “Of course” He held her hand really tightly and they walked along.

To Sophie the wood sounded normal which could be just as dangerous as silence. She lifted Enzo in her arms when the underbrush became to thick for him to get through. He was very happy to be on her hip. He talked and talked and talked. She couldn’t get a word in at all, it seemed like he never ran out of breath. The sound of twigs snapping made them freeze. Charles motioned for them to get down and keep quiet. They peeked through the brush, waiting.

A large wolf lumbered out of the trees. Its fur was matted with blood and its gait was slow. It seemed to be limping. It collapsed, exhausted. Sophie was up and at its side before Charles could get anything out. She ran her hands through its soft fur. One yellow eye looked up at her, filled with pain. “It’s okay, just hold still.” She whispered. She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against the wolf’s face. She whispered a chant, pushing her life force into the wolf. Bright gold light surrounded them both.

It got up feeling much better and licked Sophie. It was the wolfs way of thanking her. Enzo ran up and hugged it. He loved the feel of it’s soft fur. Sophie stood up and it walked over and stood beside her. She laughed “Are you wanting to come with us now?” The wolf just looked at her seeming happy and loving twords her.

Charles really didn’t trust the wolf. Not so much because it was a wild animal but because it was near his wife. They walked on, the wolf was walking along side while Sophie carried Enzo. He was now talking to the wolf like it understood him. “That was so nice of you to help the puppy” She giggled, it was adorable hearing him call a huge wolf a puppy. Charles was walking very close to his wife. She could tell he was nervous. Mainly because of how near he was keeping his hand to his blade.

“It’s okay, Charles. The wolf owes me. Maybe you should spend more time actually talking to nature instead of hacking at things.” She winked up at him and it calmed his nerves. “Enzo, would you like to ride the wolf?”

The boy gave a squeal of delight and raised his arms to be picked up. Sophie lifted him and sat him on the wolf’s back. “Hold on tight, but don’t pinch it.” She said, letting him go so he could ride on his own. He was so delighted and the wolf was happy to accommodate him.

“I guess we’ll travel faster this way.” Charles said and laced his fingers through Sophie’s.

“And if anything happens I can order the wolf to take Enzo away.” She leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Maybe you’re right. I should get out more.”

The rest of the day went by quickly and they stopped only once to eat and drink. Enzo fed the wolf a big piece of jerky. The beast was so enamoured with the boy and allowed him to grip one end of the meat while it gently chewed the other. They were soon back on their feet, Enzo riding the wolf like it was a horse. Both Sophie and Charles knew there would be no way to get rid of it. Night fell fast and Sophie summoned her orbs. The wolf could see perfectly without them and moved around and over obstacles with ease, never once bouncing Enzo.

Chapter Four

This trip had gotten him thinking though. He was always fighting somthing. He did make sure he had plenty of time for Sophie but he never really got into nature like she did. He decided when they got back he’d go out with her more rather than just being in the house with her. Just like a man his mind also wandered thinking about all the places they could have sex outside.

He decided he needed to quit day dreaming and pay attention though. He hoped they could exit the woods soon. He felt better a wolf was on their side incase somthing attacked. Even if it ran off with enzo that would make it so they could just fight without worrying about him. Sophie leaned over to whisper to Charles. “I think we have a pet now” he laughed and agreed.

With early morning light came the sight of a small village in the distance. It was so small it looked like a speck on the horizon. It would be a few hours before they got there, but at least now they could see their destination and it gave them hope. Charles looked down at Sophie. She looked so exhausted, but she pushed on. It made him love her that much more. He looked over at Enzo who was sleeping soundly on the back of the wolf. He had to smile at this once fierce beast being so easily tamed by his wife and a young boy.

Sophie didn’t want to wake Enzo until the were in the village. He deserved to relax for a little while. She felt sad all of a sudden, a lump forming in her throat. She was so conflicted emotionally. She loved this little boy, but wanted nothing but his happiness. She didn’t want him to have to go through the loss of his parents. She hoped the villagers could shed some light on where the demons had come from. She would do anything to protect innocent lives.

Charles got closer to his wife and kissed her. “What was the for?” she smiled. “Just because I love you and you seem conflicted. Is it about the boys parents again?”

“Oh yes, I’m so worried they wont be there. He’s just so excited about seeing them”

“He says his dad is tough Sophie. I’m sure atleast one of them survived. If he is like me he’ll have his mother there waiting” He winked at his wife and gave her a sweet smile. She loved that smile. She hoped if she had little boys they’d be just like their father. She did hope atleast one of them would love nature as much as she did and they’d choose to learn magic. It seemed a majority of people choose the sword over magic.

The town was getting closer and closer. Sophies stomach was in knots. Charles was ready though, whatever the conclusion may be they’d get through it. If the worse happens and he has no parents he knew him and Sophie could help him along and make him feel better. Both of them were saying silent prayers in their head for the boys parents to be there with open arms to greet their son.

Everyone in the village froze at the sight that of what entered their village. One man had the sense to run, calling out the name of their village elder. The old man that greeted them was built like a grizzly. His eyes widened when he saw the little boy sitting on the back of the wolf. “Enzo, you’re alive.” He said and reached for the boy.

“Elder Ricard.” Enzo let the man lift him off the wolf and hug him.

“Sir, we’re sorry to frighten your people, but we had to bring him home. Are his parents alive?” Charles asked.

“His mother made it back, wounded, but breathing. We never found his father. Laralee said the demons took him away. We suspect to a cave about two miles from here.”

“We can alway have a look for you.” Sophie said, partially relieved.

“We would appreciate it, but please resupply and rest. You look particularly tired ma’am, a bit flushed.”

She blushed a little at his mention. The man lead them to his own home. He had a spare room. Another member of the village had taken Enzo to his mother. Enzo had yelled as they walked away “Don’t forget Sophie! You need to meet my mommy!” She was going to miss that little guy but was so happy for him that he would have his mother. Charles wrapped his wife in a hug.

“I love you Sophie. I promise when we get back I’m going to make even more time to be home with you and we’ll start our family.”

She hugged him back then kissed him.  They hadn’t had a real kiss since before they left. It was passionate and sweet. Charles was trying to kiss away the pain of the journey and her letting go of Enzo. The sweet little boy she had grown so attached to. The man came back and said “Would you like to meet Enzos mother now? I’m sure she’d love to thank you for all your help. You two are such good people. She’s been in shambles with worry for her boy hoping all they taught him he was putting to good use.”

They walked a little ways down a path until they reached a little house. The man knocked and a woman a little shorter than Sophie opened the door. Enzo ran out and hugged her yelling “Mommy it’s Sophie!” She excitedly said “Come in!” When her little boy let go they walked in and the mother hugged Sophie in tears. “Thank you so so much! I don’t know what I would’ve done without him! I could never repay you two for what you’ve done for my son and I.”

“We were very happy to help him home. You have such a tough little guy.” Charles said and lifted Enzo up off the ground to hug him.

“Puppy, puppy.” He giggled, reaching for the wolf. Charles plopped him on the floor so the boy could wrap his new furry companion in a big hug.

“Please sit and relax.” The woman clasped Sophie’s hands between hers. “Oh my you feel a bit warm, why don’t you come with me while your husband stays here with Enzo.”

“Okay.” Sophie followed the woman, a little confused.

Once they were alone in the kitchen Enzo’s mom turned to her and said, “Why would your husband let you fight demons in your state.”

“My state ma’am?” She arched an eyebrow, still confused.

“How can you not know. Dear, you’re pregnant.”

“Wait, what?”

‘Oh I can see it dear, I can sense things. I promise you you have a little one. I guess that’s why your husband let you travel in your condition. You better take it easy on the way back and don’t push yourself.” Sophie filled with excitement. “Could she be right? Regardless she had a huge smile across her face”

Enzos mom smiled “I see your pleased with that. I’m glad I told you.” Sophie ran up to her and hugged her excitedly. When Sophie released her she gave Sophie a drink and somthing to eat. She sat down “How was the journey?”

“Long” they both laughed then Sophie asked “How’re you doing? Recovering well?”

“Oh slowly but surely”

Sophie got up and placed a hand on her healing all her wounds. Enzos mom was shocked “Oh my gosh! I feel better! Another kindness and I have nothing to offer you but that food I’ve givin you”

“It’s really fine mam. I loved traveling with your son” She smiled and got excited again. Incase the woman was wrong she was afraid to tell Charles and get his hopes up of a baby. Sophie finished eating and Enzos mother walked with her to sit on her couch. She lead Sophie to the end of the couch saying “This si the most comfortable spot. A woman in your condition needs the best spot in the house” Charles heard that and looked confused at them.

Enzos mom turned around and said “You better take care of her on the way home. You wouldn’t want any harm to come to that baby she’s carrying” Enzo jumped up “Really mommy Sophies pregnant!?”

She smiled at her boy and hugged him again “Yes she is, to think she didn’t notice it.” Sophie looked at Charles who was smiling at her.

They chatted for a long time with Enzo’s mother. Enzo lay on the floor curled up next to the wolf. Both of them were sound asleep. Charles lifted the boy slowly into his arms and carried him into his room, laying him down and covering him up. He kissed his forehead then left quietly. Sophie was hugging Enzo’s mom bye when he re-entered the living room.

“Please be extra careful tomorrow Sophie, those caves are dangerous.” Enzo’s mom said.

“Don’t worry about me. Charles would kill anything that tried to hurt me and I’m very good at using magic. Speaking of, if you would like you and Enzo could come and visit our village where we could train you. It would be useful if you were ever attacked again.” Sophie said with a smile.

“I would like that. Maybe I can talk to Elder Ricard and see about sending our strongest men and women over for training.” She threw her arms around Sophie again. “Thank you, both of you for everything.”

“Come on pup.” Charles said, patting his leg. The wolf jumped up with a wag of its tail.

They walked back to the Elder’s home. Smiling at him as they entered. They were both tired and Charles was both excited and worried. He didn’t want Sophie anywhere near a cave full of demons, especially not now. They climbed into bed, Sophie falling immediately asleep and Charles holding her drifting off into restlessness.

He was just staring at her. She looked so happy in her sleep. He wished she would let him go alone but he knew she would never allow him to do that. He’d just have to be on his toes tomorrow. Nothing was going to get near her. He set his hand gently on her stomach. He was so happy. Almost as happy as when Sophie agreed to marry him which was pretty good considering nothing could beat how he felt.

Sophie still gave him butterflys. He felt so lucky laying there next to his beautiful, strong and sweet wife. He couldn’t wait to meet his son or daughter.  He really didn’t care if they had a boy or a girl. He gave her gentle kisses on her cheeks and the hand that was nearest to him. He just looked at her awhile longer before deciding he needed to force himself to get some sleep.

He didn’t want to be tired and unaware tomorrow. He had to protect his wife and future child from any harm. He put his arms around her and kissed her gently on the lips before nuzzling his head against hers and falling asleep. HIs dreams were filled with horrors that night. Nightmare after nightmare of somthing happening to his Sophie.

“Charles you’re going to break my hand.” Sophie’s voice broke through his nightmare, bringing with it love and light that chased the shadows away. He opened his eyes and she was looking up at him with a pained smile on her face.

“I’m sorry.” He released her hand and sat up. “I was having a bad dream.”

“Everything will be okay. I won’t do anything stupid, I promise.”

“I should tie you up and make you stay.”

“You know that wouldn’t work love. I’d just follow you and be so pissed I wouldn’t bother to use common sense.”

Her smile was so warm. He had no idea how she stayed so positive. She didn’t even seem scared. “Well we better get ready then. You need less bloody clothes. You should look for some while I gather supplies.”

Chapter Five

Sophie went to Enzos house to ask his mother if she had anything since his mother was only a little smaller than her. She held her belly all the way there. It was her way of telling the baby how much she already loved him/her. She knocked on the door and was let inside. “May I borrow some clothes please?”

“Of course you can sweetheart! Follow me upstairs.” Sophie walked behind her. There were lots of paintings on the walls. “Do you paint?”

“Oh yes I love it”

“You’re very good” Sophie smiled. Enzos mother pulled out a skirt and a tshirt for her. “I doubt any of my pants will fit you dear”

“That’s fine thank you so much!” His mother shut her bedroom door to let Sophie change. It had been awhile since she wore a skirt and she felt sexy in it. “I’m going to rest a little more before the trip” she said as she walked back down stairs and out the door. Sophie made her way back to where her and her husband were staying. She layed there and fell right back asleep.

Charles had gotten a bag ready in town and walked back to meet Sophie. When he came in and saw her sleeping his first thought was how cute his wife looked. He really didn’t want to get her up for the trip but he knew he had to. He softly touched her head and rubbed her hair saying “Get up hunny”

They moved quickly through the woods, following the path Ricard had shown them that lead to the cave. They were both very alert. They had been snuck up on more than once by those pale, ferocious creatures. A dark figure moved swiftly through the trees to their right. It was the wolf, its head low and tail down as it moved over and around obstacles. The wolf would know before they did if something was wrong. The cave suddenly loomed up before them, dark and ominous. Sophie snapped her fingers, sending a single ball of light ahead of them. Too much light would give them away, but the single orb could be easily mistaken for a fairy or firefly.

They moved into the darkness, Charles leading the way with Sophie in the middle and the wolf bringing up the rear. Sophie knew he was putting himself between her and any potential harm. It was both irritating and endearing. The smell of sulfur was their first indication that they were getting closer to the origin of the demon problem. The wolf whined, its sense of smell more sensitive. She placed a calming hand on its head to quiet it. The tunnel opened up into a larger room. In the center was a large glowing pit surrounded by the pale vile creatures. One raised its head, scenting them and alerting the others with a screech.

Soon they were all screeching and Sophie couldn’t think again. She held her ears trying to calm her mind down. The wofl howled as 100s seem to be coming after them. Charlie had no idea there would be so many here. He had to concentrate and not worry about her. He couldn’t be distracted while fighting. Sophie got her head together and suddenly they were all frozen in a huge block of ice.

Charles had never seen her do somthing that amazing before. She was very skilled but didn’t realize she could do that. She wasn’t going to let any of these monsters that cause Enzo so much pain hurt her family. Especially not her unborn baby.

“How did you do that?” Charles asked as the pale creatures slammed against the ice.

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t let anything happen to the baby.” She replied, her hand going to her stomach.

The ice began to crack and one of the demons punched through. Charles cut off its pale arm and it fell back, gripping its stump and screaming. The ice wasn’t going to hold for long. “We have to push them back.” He was chopping arms left and right and the wolf was snapping and biting, taking fingers.

Sophie’s mind raced. If she could erect a wall of ice then she should be able to do more. “Get behind me, now.” She ordered. Charles had never seen her be so authoritative, usually letting him lead the charge. She swirled her hands in the air, pulling heat from the pit. She whispered, calling out the fire. It danced white hot and blinding bright in her hands. She added to it, drawing in more and more energy. She thought of the baby, of the monsters killing innocent people, of Enzo’s smile when he was back with his mother, and of Charles and his dedication. She pushed the fire forward so it melted the ice. She threw it at the demons and it seared through them so fast they had no time to scream. She directed the ball to the ceiling of the cave and it slammed into it with explosive force. Large chunks of stone fell from the ceiling, covering the hole. She collapsed to her knees and said before she passed out, “Find Enzo’s dad.”

Charles picked up his wife and searched the cave to see if he was anywhere to be seen. He saw a man laying in a blody pile and ran up to him. He checked and he was still alive but barely. He asked the wolf to get him on its back and the wolf did. Charles and the wolf ran back to town as fast as they could. Charles was so impressed with his wife.

He couldn’t have possibley been more proud of her. He held her tightly as he ran. He was impressed with the wolf too. It didn’t seem to have any trouble carrying Enzos dad. This would be one of the many stories he’d look forward to telling his future child.

Sophie woke with a headache. She looked around, surprised to see her self back in Ricard’s house. She heard noise, voices talking excitedly. She managed to get out of bed and walk slowly out of the room. “Sophie.” Enzo cried happily and ran up to her. She dropped down and wrapped her arms around the small boy. He kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand, dragging her into the living room. Charles met her halfway across the room, lifting her happily into the air. He kissed her as he lowered her back to the ground.

“It’s about time you woke up, lazy.” He said with a smile.

“At least I don’t eat people out of house and home.” She smiled back. Ricard and Enzo’s mom were also there as well as a man that she had never seen before, but by his curly hair and bright eyes she guessed was Enzo’s father. They both hugged and thanked her, grateful of having their family back together. Ricard tried to pay her for closing the pit and destroying all the demons, but she refused to take his money.

“It’s my gift for the baby.” He said, holding out the sack of coins. “Take it you stubborn thing.”

“Alright, alright.” She smiled up at him and he smiled back.

As day went and night came Sophie and Charles snuggled together under Ricard’s roof. They would be going home in the morning to announce the pregnancy. “Are you happy?” She asked, listening to the sound of Charles’s heart.

“More than you know my love, more than you know.”

~ The End ~

Note: Stacy Meyer also attributed to this one

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