Charles & Sophie Engagement

~ Prologue ~

They’ve been back and engaged for four months. Charles had been working on their own house with his father and hers while the women took care of wedding plans. Sophie asked his input but he really didn’t care. Charles just wanted to be married to Sophie. He only agreed to plan their wedding so far ahead because Sophie wanted to make sure a few people she wanted to come in some other villages had plenty of time and warning to get here. She especially hoped the man that saved her from the demon hound Kenneth left her to would come when they were married. She hadn’t seen him once since Charles took her home. Her father said Norgish seemed really excited when he invited the elderly man.

~ Chapter 1 ~

Sophie walked over to where they were building the house to tell the men to come eat lunch. Charles jumped off the roof and ran to Sophie. He lifted her up and spun her around before kissing her. Charles kept kissing her until Rowne cleared his throat. Sophie pushed Charles away laughing. “Son, as much as I like the two of you together you know I hate when you do that in front of me. Brief loving kisses when I’m around. Sophies still my baby” Not moving his eyes away from Sophie he said “Ok, I’m sorry. I forgot you were there when i saw Sophie coming” Paul laughed and Rowne just started home. When they were out of sight Charles began to kiss Sophie again. His tongue sliding all around her mouth. Eventually she pushed him away again “Honey lunch is ready. You’ve been working too hard not to eat.”

“we could always find somewhere private where i can eat you” He whispered in Sophies ear “Charles” He laughed then started home. He kept looking down at her and smiling. Four months later and it still felt like she had only just became his. He smiled almost constantly, especially when he was with Sophie. His facial muscles were sore most the time from months of doing nothing but smiling. His happiness was too much to contain. The girl of his dreams was finally his and everything about being with her was better than he imagined. Every kiss and touch was intense and amazing. Making love to her was especially amazing. He could’ve never imagined how good it truly was. If Charles didn’t get to sleep with Sophie somtimes he’d still wake up in a panic.He’d be afraid he dreamed this heaven he was now in.

It was the main reason he worked on their house so hard. Charles wanted to be able to sleep with Sophie every night. They were very close to done. Once the roof was finished they’d just have to check everything one last time before him and Sophie could move in. Charles knew if he worked the rest of the day and all night he could finish. Charles ate quickly then impatiently waited for his father and Rowne to be done. Sophie put her hand on Charles leg. he turned to look at her and she smiled trying to get him to settle down.

“son we are almost done.” Paul said and Rowne laughed “i was just ignoring him” Drea added “Leave him alone. It’s cute how excited he is to have a house with Sophie.”

“I guess it’s been building up a long time. Weren’t you about 12 when you first started telling the world you were going to marry my daughter?” Rowne said playfully. Charles blushed and Sophie laughed. “You guys are so mean.” The two older men finished and walked out with Charles. They worked hard all day long until sunset. “Charles we need to go home” Paul said “I’ll be there in just half an hour. I want to finish what I’m doing.”

“alright, night son.” Paul said smiling as he walked away. It was getting darker and darker. Charles wished he could make the sun stop. He couldn’t work when he couldn’t see when suddenly there was a bright light. “Mizano, hey!”

“Want me to stay you crazy boy? You’ll hurt yourself working in such little light”

“Please” Mizano made her light brighter and Charles kept at work “Why are you still working so late?”

“I want to live with Sophie so badly. Being with her is better than I ever thought it would be. I’m tired of living in different homes. I want to come home to her every day. I want to wake up by her side and see that beautiful face every morning. I have to finish so I can have that.”

“well I’ll stay until you feel like stopping. I’ve found I have a lot of energy without a pupil to train. I hope I get appointed a new one.”

“I’m sure you will. You were a good teacher to Sophie”

“Not always”

“she never complained about you” Mizano smiled knowing Sophie only didn’t to him because of how easily he’d get in knots over things like that. Sophie would save the complaining for Rownes ear because he was easier to settle. Charles was oblivious to the hours passing by as he worked. He finished the roof “very well done. You should hurry to your room before your father learns you were out here all night.” Charles looked at her confused then saw in only about an hour the sun would be rising. “I didn’t know I had been out here that long. You could’ve told me Mizano.”

“I didn’t mind sweetheart.” They both went to their homes. Charles quickly took everything off and got into bed and went to sleep. When Paul tried to wake Charles up he didn’t respond atall. Paul just laughed and decided to let him sleep. He walked out to see all that his son finished before coming home. He met Rowne along the way. The two men froze when they saw Charles finished the roof of the house. they climbed up to check it and he did a perfect job. They were impressed since he had never helped with a house before. Rowne and Paul went about checking everything. A few things they needed to work on a little more which only took them until about lunch but then their home was perfect.

“I wonder how late that boy stayed out here to do this” Paul said slightly shaking his head. Rowne smiled “It’s amazing how much Charles can do when it’s for Sophie.”

“I know, when he was still a boy I’d remind him of that when he’d do things slow and half assed for me”

“where is he anyway?”

“I couldn’t get him up”

“I’m sure he was up at least half the night doing this. I’ll get my Sophie to drag him out of bed.”

“I’m not sure even Sophie could wake him up. He was out cold” Rowne gave Paul a look and Paul laughed “I guess you’re right. He’ll get up.” Rowne and Paul went back to Rownes house. Sophie and Drea were on the floor talking about flowers again. “Sophie will you go wake Charles.”

“He isn’t up?’

“No, he took it upon himself to finish your house last night. Who knows when he went to bed.” Sophie smiled. She was excited to see how it looked now that it was done. She got up and ran over to Charlies. She slowly pushed open his bedroom door then crossed the room to climb on top of him. She leaned down and started to kiss him. Only a few seconds later he put his hands in her hair and kissed back. When he let her go she smiled saying “good morning. It’s lunch time you know. I hear from my father you had a late night.” Charles gave Sophie a nervous smile knowing she didn’t like him working on their house at night. “It’s ok. Just show me” Charles sat up and wrapped his fiance in a hug. He held her there for a long while then kissed her head. Charles threw some clothes on then walked hand in hand with Sophie to their home. A huge smile appeared on Sophies face “It’s perfect. You did such a good job!”

“want to see inside?” Charles asked knowing Rowne and Paul would’ve already checked everything. They went from room to room. Sophie loved it all and kissed him. “I love you so much. Now we just need to put our things in here and buy furniture.”

‘well I’ve got plenty of money for that so all I need is for you to tell me what you want.” Sophie smiled “lets get Philip and Kaji to help us move our things.”

“your father and mine will help so we only need Philip” Sophie laughed “ok, lets go get our dad and Philip then”

~ Chapter 2 ~

They went to work getting Charles and Sophies things into the new home. Charles and Sophie planned on buying atleast a bed today so that their parents could keep each of their beds to have a guest room. Sophie had much nicer things than Charles so they used her dresser, desk and bookshelf in their own room while putting his stuff and what would be a guest room. When what they had was all placed where they wanted it dinner had come and gone. Drea was surprised all the men hadn’t realized it. “I’ll cook if everybody wants to come over” Drea said “I’ll help you” Sophie said quickly. “Thanks sweetie.” Charles took Sophies hand and walked with her.

When they were almost there Charles got sad thinking¬†“we never got around to buying a bed today”¬†When the girls were in the kitchen cooking Rowne said “I thought you’d be excited son. Why do you look sad?”

“I still can’t live with her there because we didn’t have time to buy a bed today” Rowne laughed “will it make you feel better if you can come over and sleep with Sophie tonight?” Charles sad demeanor¬†went back to happy “thank you”

“Just no funny business in that room. My room is pretty close to hers and I’ll have nightmares” Charles and Paul laughed. When dinner was ready they all ate and Charles went with Sophie back to her house. “Remember Charles” Rowne said seriously as they went to Sophie almost empty room. “I’ll be good sir” It wouldn’t be hard to be good for Charles. He really just wanted to hold Sophie anyway. He hadn’t gotten to just cuddle with her for atleast a week now and he missed it. He stripped down to his underwear and so did Sophie. Before she could get into bed he grabbed her arm to stop her. Charles kissed Sophies shoulder then whispered in her ear “you are so beautiful Sophie. You’ve always been the most beautiful woman on earth to me” He gave her a soft kiss on the lips then let her go. He followed Sophie into bed, tugging her into his arms.”

He gently slid his knuckles up and down on Sophies cheek to help her fall asleep. When she was resting he kissed her head then allowed sleep to find him. Sophie woke first and kissed her fiances cheek. He slowly opened his eyes “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you”

“Dont be, I enjoy getting up when you do”

“I’m going to help my mom with breakfast.”

“Then can we go buy stuff we need for the house?” Sophie nodded with a huge smile. When Sophie was going down the stairs Charles stretched then noticed Sophie had brought him a change of clothes from their house. He wondered when she had time to do that. He didn’t remember her carrying any clothes. He put them on then put his clothes where Sophies were. Her room felt odd being so empty. The second Sophie was done eating Charles said “are you ready?” Sophie laughed “yes I am.”

“where you two going?” Sophies mom asked “Buying stuff for our home.” Her mother got up and gave Sophie a tight hug “You are so close to leaving this house. I’ll miss you greatly Sophie”

“I wont be that far away.”

“I know, but i wont see you every day” Sophie gave her mother another hug then left with Charles. They about ran straight into Rowne as he was trying to come in the door. He was holding a very big bag “whats that daddy?”

“I decided as a house warming gift to buy everything you’d need for your kitchen.”

“Can i see?” Sophie asked excitedly. “of course, come tell me where you want everything. I didn’t get plates or bowls but you’ll be covered with everything else. I just thought you’d want to pick them.”

“Thanks dad. This is really wonderful” They followed Rowne and he sat down as Charles and Sophie put things where they wanted them. “I love everything dad!”

“Well I know my girl.I’ll be making you a table today so don’t buy that. I’ll see you two later.” Rowne said then left. “lets go!” Charles said looking like he was ready to jump out of his skin with excitement. Sophie giggled at him “calm down”

“I dont think it’s possible. We’re so close to having our own home together” Sophie kissed him. Charles pressed Sophie into him savouring every second. “where do you want to go shopping at?” Sophie asked as she pulled away. “I want to start in the town where I bought you the music box. I have a certain elderly lady to introduce you to”

“the same one you helped that week before i left?”

“Yep, I have to show her I did find the courage to ask you to marry me”

“Well then lets go.” Charles picked Sophie up then took off running. He wanted to get out of the village without people stopping to talk to them. He was determined to be able to start living in their house tonight. Once they were a good ways out he slowed down to a walk. “would you like to walk?”

“Yes” He set her down and they held hands talking until they reached the village. He went to the elderly womans home and knocked. When she answered she looked delighted to see him holding Sophies hand “so this is Sophie?” She hugged him “good boy, I told you that you had nothing to fear asking her out. Come in, the two of you.” When they were inside she hugged Sophie. “Such a pretty girl. When are you two getting married?”

“In eight months. Do you want to come?”

“I’d be so honored. I can only come if my children can come though. I can’t travel by myself.”

“They are more than welcome.”

“Then I’ll be there.”

~ Chapter 3 ~

They stayed until lunch talking to the woman. She tried to cook for them but Sophie wouldn’t let her. After they had all eaten Sophie and Charles left to look for dishes for their home. They checked in a couple shops until Sophie saw some plates she really liked. They were even more perfect because they had bowls and cups that matched them. The same people also sold silverware so Charles and Sophie bought all they needed. When they left Charles said “I can’t believe we found everything in one shop” Sophie nodded with a huge smile. Charles lifted her chin up so he could kiss her. When he pulled back he said “We can take these home and then we’ll go to Joseps village to buy a bed. I’ll carry you after we drop off our dishes so you don’t get tired.”

“alright” They walked home and then they put the dishes away. He got down so Sophie would climb on his back. He could run much faster that way. There wasn’t a lot of day left so he needed to hurry. It would be his own fault if they got to Joseps village too late though. He should have known Sophie and the elderly woman would’ve talked for so long with how friendly Sophie always is with the people she meets. Charles ran as fast as he could until they entered his village. Charles prayed they wouldn’t run into Josep. Sophie was actually his now but he knew that wouldn’t stop Josep atall from flirting.

Just as he feared he suddenly heard “Hey Sophie!” to make matters worse Kana was with him. Sophie jumped off of Charles back. “Hey Josep, who’s this?”

“My wife Kana.”

“Nice to meet you.” Sophie offered her hand and Kana pulled her into a hug. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“what’re you two doing here?” Josep asked. Sophie responded “getting a bed for our house”

“Our house? You two are together now?”

“Yep, we’re getting married in eight months. Would you and your wife like to come?”

“we’d love to. I can’t believe that fraidy cat finally popped the big question.” Kana just started laughing “so now you aren’t a liar when you say youre engaged huh?” Charles wished there was any way to shut her up because he knew she was going to tell Sophie about their meeting on the coming of age journey. Josep laughed “Yeah Kana told me about your little lie Charles” Josep then noticed how confused Sophie looked and said “you never found out about that huh? When Charles was out on his coming of age journey Kana tried to sleep with him and the reason he used for telling her no is that he was engaged to you.” Sophies smiled showed she was trying her best to hold back a laugh. Charles was looking away and at the ground. Sophie grabbed his face and kissed him.

Kana laughed more then Josep said “at this hour the shop that sells beds is probably closed but you two can have my guest room and see him first thing in the morning. Kana and I love eachother and are very committed. I’ve left behind my dog days.”

“So have I” added Kana. “alright sounds fun” Sophie said smiling brightly. Charles just sighed. He didn’t want to be around either of them but he’d stay since Sophie wanted to. They walked with Josep and Kana to their home and caught up until dinner time. Kana and Josep got up to cook while Charles and Sophie sat on their couch. Sophie laid her head on Charlies shoulder then he laid his head on hers. “I love you” Sophie said softly. “I love you too” They sat there like that until Kana walked back in to get them for dinner. “awe, you two are precious. Come and eat with us”

Dinner felt like it took forever to Charles but Sophie was having fun talking to Kana and Josep. They talked until Sophie yawned. “I’m sorry”

“It’s fine. It’s pretty late outside. We should all get to bed. I’ll show you two to your guest room” Josep said with a smile. They followed Josep to their room then he said “don’t be afraid to ask us if you need anything tonight. I’m glad I spotted you Sophie. I’ve missed you a lot. You don’t visit me”

“I’ve been very busy” Josep smiled “night you two. Even though you hate me I’ve missed you aswell you ball of rage” Josep teased as he walked away. Sophie closed the door. “I’m glad Josep found sombody”

“Kana is perfect for him” Sophie was once against holding back a laugh with her smile. Charles kissed her ‘stop laughing at me”

“I’m sorry. It’s actually really sweet” Sophie said cupping his cheek and rubbing her thumb across it. “I’ve always wanted to marry you Sophie. Since we were little kids. I really did start telling people I wanted to marry you when I was twelve.” Sophie kissed him “I would’ve said yes to being with you years ago Charles”

“I was just so afraid that if you didn’t feel the same you wouldn’t be as comfortable around me and I’d wreck what I did have with you. I need you to breath Sophie” Charles said softly as he held her close. “lets get in bed” Charles picked Sophie up and set her in bed climbing in after her. Once he was laying down she began kissing him again he was tempted to take her but didn’t want Josep and Kana to hear. With how perverted they were they might try and join. When Sophie stopped she said “you are so sweet. You make me feel so special”

“Because you are” Charles said with all the love he felt filling his eyes. Sophie laid her head on his chest with her hand beside her head so Charles would hold it. Charles was relieved Sophie wasn’t going to take her clothes off here and grabbed her hand. He kissed her palm then placed it back by her head before shutting his eyes to make morning come. Before he knew it he was being woken up by one of Sophies sweet kisses. Charles couldn’t imagine a better way in the world to be woken up than by her lips pressed against his.

~ Chapter 4 ~

They went into the kitchen and ate breakfast with them. Josep spoke “we own a horse and can rent a cart to carry your bed.” Sophie hadn’t thought of a poor horse having to carry it. She hated how they were used but knew there wasn’t another way to get the bed to their house. “Thank you” Charles said pushing down the annoyance at even being in Joseps house. “does that mean you’re coming with us to buy one?”

“I haven’t seen you in a very long time so of course. As long as my wife doesn’t mind.”

“I don’t”

“Good then I’m coming.” Sophie wished Charles was being friendlier but knew he was doing the best he could. They set off as soon as everybody was done with their food. Once they were away from the house Sophie asked “why would your wife mind if you came with us?”

“Well, her and I both have a sorted past as you know. Mainly sexually. We decided we wanted to change that so we wouldn’t grow old all by ourselves. We decided to commit to one another and stay faithful no matter how hard. We thought the best way to start this off was to tell eachother about every person we’ve had sex with and all the people we seriously pinned after. I wanted you very very badly. There really aren’t enough verys to tell you. So I of course told her about it. Somtimes we still might let our flirtatious tongue slip but we’ve been trying hard and are honestly very happy. It helps tremendously we both have the same problem so can understand if one falters better. I think you’d be proud of me Sophie”

“I’m proud you’re even trying to be better” Josep smiled “still bright as ever. A true ray of sunshine. You’re lucky to have nabbed her Charles”

“I am’ Charles said not looking at Josep. It didn’t take them very long to pick one so Josep ran off to get the horse and a buggy so him and Charles could load it. “You should relax Charles” Sophie said as he instantly hugged her. “I’m sorry, I just dislike him so much.”

“he’s being alright now”

“Now, doesn’t change how he was”

“He cant change how he was either Charles. It’s not fair to hold it against him forever. He’s in love and isn’t after me.”

“The way he talked to you and looked at you didn’t make him seem very committed.”

“You over read men honey. Please loosen up more if you can”

“Anything for you my love” Charles kissed her to help him relax more. Charles didn’t want to disappoint Sophie. He hated when she’d give him a disappointed look. It about ripped him apart the one time she gave it to him when they were younger and he drew his blade the second he saw a wolf. He never wanted her to look at him like that again. Josep came back and they loaded it up to go home. Sophie was grateful once they were back. Josep helped Charles take their bed up to the room. Once it was situated Josep went down the stairs and hugged Sophie “It was so good to see you. Thanks for inviting me to your wedding. I’m going back to my wife now.” Josep let her go then walked out.

“you didn’t thank him Charles’

‘sorry, he instantly ran to you when we were done.” Sophie kissed Charles. Charles smiled when she pulled back as he realized he could now live here with Sophie. It was only just becoming lunch so they had time to get a little food for their home which was really all they needed. “you ready to buy some food?”

“First lets go thank my dad. Look at our table”

“That’s really nice.”

“Lets go thank him first.” Charles picked Sophie up and kissed her again “alright” Charles walked with Sophie to Rownes door and knocked. “good you two are back. Like the table?”

“Veyr much daddy, thank you!”

“Your mother and I bought you groceries too. Everything on the top shelf of our fridge is yours” Sophie jumped out of Charlies arms and hugged her dad. “I know you’d rather start enjoying your new house so let me help you take your food over then I’ll leave you two love birds alone.” At first neither man would let her help but she threatened not to speak to them and they allowed her to carry eggs. She sighed and followed them back to her house. She loved having a home with Charles. She couldn’t believe it was finally built. She especially loved how happy he seemed about it now that Josep was gone.

Rowne put everything away with Charles then hugged his daughter one last time. “You don’t let that boy stay up too late with you. I’m sure he hasn’t said a word but he has to join the hunt tomorrow to feed the elderly of our village. He needs to be out of this house no later than ten am.”

“He didn’t tell me, thank you”

“I knew he wouldn’t because he wont want to go to sleep tonight if I know that boy atall. You’ll keep him in line?” Sophie nodded and Rowne left. Charles was disappointed Rowne told Sophie. He could stay up late and still kill plenty tomorrow. Now Sophie would make him rest. “Charles why didn’t you tell me?”

“so you’d let me stay up with you late tonight.” Sophie giggled and kissed his cheek. “I hope you wont be gone too long tomorrow”

“I wont be. I’ll catch plenty in no time” With any other person Charles would have said kill but she had such a tender spot for the animals he said catch to make it a little less offensive to Sophies ears. Sophie began to cook for them and Charles started helping since he instantly knew what she was cooking. “will you sing while we cook?” Sophie smiled then began to sing. She kept singing until lunch was ready and they both sat down for the first time in their own kitchen. “I’m so happy” Sophie said glowing. “Me too” Charles didn’t stop looking at Sophie for a second as they ate. She seemed absolutely elated.

When they were done he went over to Sophie and lifted her up so she was facing him and would wrap her legs around him. “we need to break in our new house and bed.” Charles said then kissed her as he walked up to their room. Sophie smiled against his lips as he laid her down under him. Charles pulled himself up to take off his shirt, pants, and shoes as Sophie took off her clothes. Sophie was taking her bra off when Charles was done so he gently slid off her panties. Charles marveled his fiance as he ran his hands up her body. “You are so beautiful Sophie” Sophie slid her hands up his arms smiling at the way he looked at her.

Charles bent down then pulled Sophies stomach up against his mouth letting his tongue slide into her belly button and writhe around. Sophies breathing deepened as his tongue slid to her side traveling up and then across her chest stopping at her left breast so he could lick, nibble and suck at her nipple. His hands just kept traveling. Charles could never get enough of her soft skin. His tongue slowly started to travel up again until he reached her shoulder. Charles bit hard because Sophie loved it. She moaned and clung to him as he trailed kisses up her neck then bit her lower lip tugging it down so his tongue could play in her mouth.

He kissed her until he absolutely had to be inside of her. Charles picked Sophie up and she wrapped her legs around him as he pressed her against the wall. He pushed himself inside of her thrusting hard but making sure he lasted as long as he could. He didn’t stop kissing Sophie as each orgasm tore through her making her cling tighter to him. He finally let himself finish as one made Sophie almost go limp. He laid her down then grabbed the blanket that was folded across the room and brought it over. He opened the blanket then got under pulling Sophie against him so he could hold her. “I love you” Charles said in a very sweet tone. “I love you too”¬†Sophie lightly moaned as she nuzzled her head against his chest making Charles get hard again. Sophie giggled. “I’m sorry”

“You shouldn’t be sorry. Want to take me again?”

“Do you want to because it’ll go away if you want me to hold you”

“No please, sex with you is amazing” He put Sophie on her back then went under the covers. When he was low enough he pushed her legs apart pressing them firmly into the matress as he began to lick her. Sophie gripped the blanket and moaned loudly as his tongue would change from licking her hard to licking her softly to tease her more. Even more intense orgasms than before began to run through her body. She tried to say his name but couldn’t find her voice in all the immense pleasure she felt. Charles smiled when Sophie went completely limp. He wiped his mouth off on the shirt he had been wearing before.

Charles got over her sliding himself in. He moved in and out at a steady pace with his mouth by Sophies ear whispering about how deeply he loved her and needed her to be his forever. When he finished he took Sophie in his arms again and rubbed her back so she’d fall asleep. His smile returned once he felt her breaths get even. Charles just planned on laying there with Sophie close to his heart until she woke up.

~ Chapter 5 ~

Sophie woke to a loud knocking at the door. Charles sighed frustratedly. Sophie kissed him then got up putting some clothes. Charles just laid there not wanting to see who had woken his fiance up. Sophie shut the door behind her and ran downstairs. Sophie had to look down to see the twins Tristan and Reyna standing in front of her. “we went to your home and you weren’t there. Your mom said you lived here now.”

“Yep, I live here with my fiance Charles. This is where you should always come to find me.”

“Well my mom and dad want to have a date and were going to stick us with Lizzie as a babysitter” Tristan said then Reyna continued “She’s not half as fun as you. They said if you would we could have you instead.”

“sure, when?”

“In thirty minuets but they need you to come tell them in person you’ll watch us.”

“alright I’ll go with you then we’ll come back here and decide what fun things we’ll do.” The twins hugged her. “Could you wait here while I tell Charles where I’m going?”

“yes mam” They said at the same time. Sophie turned to go up teh stairs but Charles was already coming out “I heard and am coming too.” He kissed Sophies head when he got to the bottom of the steps. One they were out the door a twin took possesion of each of her hands. “I’m so glad you’ll watch us” Tristan said then Reyna spoke.¬†“Yeah we were worried with how little time we had when we found out who was watching us you wouldn’t be able to.” Tristan spoke again “when you have children are you still going to play with us?”

“Of course”

“when are you going to have some”

“after I’m married”

“I bet they’ll be cool like you” Sophie laughed “I’m sure they’ll be wonderful”

“How many kids do you want?”

“I dont know” They arrived at the twins house and went inside. Reyna yelled “she’ll wathc us!” Their mother came running down “Hey Sophie, I hope they didn’t annoy you but they insisted you watch them.”

“I don’t mind atall”

“well be back tonight if that’s ok. Feel free to take them anywhere. We know with you and Charles our babies are in good hands.”

“That’s fine, have fun”

“You’re a dream Sophie” Their mother hugged her and then gave Charles a kiss on the cheek. When their parents were gone the kids jumped up and down “what’re we going to do?”

“anything you two think is fun.”

‘Can we climb trees?”

“yeah and Charles can catch us when we want to get down” Reyna said looking at her brother. “what do you think Charles?”

“sounds fun”

“yay!” The kids yelled then ran out the door. The kids were a little bit ahead of them but Charles and Sophie could see them clearly. “You know I’ll have kids with you as soon as your ready right?” Charles said. Sophie smiled “I know”

“good’ The children were already up a tree when Sophie and Charles caught up. “catch us!” Reyna yelled. Charles stood under the tree and she dropped. Charles spun her around then set Reyna on her feet so Tristan could jump. They did this repeatedly until dinner time rolled around. “what’re we going to eat Sophie?”

“what do you want loves?”

“Burgers” tristan said then Reyna added “yeah daddy just got all the stuff for them because he was going to have Lizzie make them for us.” Tristan spoke again. “she would have ruined them I’m sure” Sophie laughed “you two need to be nicer to her.”

“Sorry Miss Wilkinson”

“Its ok cuties now come on” The children took Sophies hand and walked along. Reyna asked ‘what’s your name going to be when you marry Charles?”

“Sophie Radkey”

“I like it” the little girl said smiling. “I like it too” Sophie said returning the smile. Charles loved when he heard her name with his last name. He wished people would already start calling her that way. They got back tot he kids house and Sophie cooked while Charles played with the two in the living room. The kids were all giggles and yawns when dinner was ready. They ate and then Charles picked up Tristan while Sophie picked up Reyna to put them in their room. Sophie read to the little ones until they fell asleep.

Sophie went into the kitchen to do dishes. “I’ll clean the counters and table while you do that” Charles said giving Sophie a quick kiss. “Thank you” When the kitchen was clean they relaxed on the couch together talking until the kids parents came home “thank you two so much.”

“It wasn’t a problem.” Their dad gave Sophie some money. “Take it and shush or I wont let you watch my kids again” Sophie laughed “thank you”

“You two have a good night.”

“Bye” Charles carried Sophie home. “you need to go to bed when we get there.”

“I’ll be fine honey”

“I’ll lay down with you.”

“alright I guess” Sophie smiled “you now live with me Charles. You will see me as soon as you get home.”

“I know” Charles kissed her head. “are you going anywhere tomorrow?”

“I dont have plans to. I’m going to make sheets for our bed so we arent directly on the mattress.”

“I wont be gone too long.”

“I’ll be home when you get home” Sophie said knowing he wanted to ask her to stay but wasn’t. Charles smiled “I’m too smothering aren’t I?”

“You’re fine Charles. It’s not like you try to force me to stay by your side. I like being with you.”

“Do you promise to tell me if I start to smother you? Its just so hard not to. I try not to be too much though.”

“Charles we’ve always spent all the time we can together. I’m not suddenly going to quit liking it. Don’t worry”

“But you promise right?”

“I promise”

~ Chapter 6 ~

They got in the house and went to shower. Charles rose again as the water rushed over Sophies body. He looked really embarrassed. Sophie just kissed him. She knew that would probably happen since it was their first time showering together. ¬†Sophie began to slowly kiss down him until she was on her knees. Sophie gave him a very slow teasing lick then slid him into her mouth. Charles put his hands in her hair as he moaned. Sophie sucked and licked him until he came. She spit it down the drain and rinsed her mouth with the water before spitting again. “You didn’t have to do that Sophie”

“I wanted to. Lets get clean now”

“Can I wash you?”

“Of course” Charles washed Sophie quickly not wanting to get excited again. Panic seemed to have settled itself in Charles head. He got excited for her so often and he worried she may think that’s all he wanted and he didn’t really love her. On top of that he worried with nothing to make him leave Sophies side he’d smother her. Between those two things he was becoming a wreck with worry that she’d back out of marrying him. What women would want a husband who wanted sex so often and wouldn’t leave her alone. They dried and Sophie grabbed his hand to drag Charles to bed. They got in and Sophie laid her head on Charles chest. “Goodnight sweetheart”

“Night Sophie. Do you know how much I love you?”

‘Of course I do.”

“You’re my everything. Please don’t forget that.”

“Go to sleep silly. You are just trying to keep conversation going so you don’t have to rest.” Charles sat up and brought Sophies lips to his. “Its not just conversation. I love you so much”

“I love you too. Are you ok?”

‘Yes, I just need to know that you’re aware of how madly I love you.”

“I am” Sophie said then hugged Charles “go to sleep please” They laid back down and Sophie settled herself on his chest again. His heart was pounding as if he was afraid. She ran her fingers gently over his stomach to help him relax. She kept going until sleep overcame her. Sophie woke first and carefully got out of bed to not disturb Charles. He didn’t need to be awake for another hour. She decided to go ahead and get her materials out to make their sheets. She wanted atleast three sets with matching pillow cases so she’d stay pretty busy today. Sophie hoped she could manage to have it done by the time Charles got home but it wasn’t likely. Her main goal was just to finish one. She’d make the first set simple so she could work faster.

Sophie took her materials into the living room then grabbed her music box. She still adored that beautiful music box Charles bought for her last birthday. She didn’t think he’d ever be able to top this gift. She wound it up as far as it would let her then opened the lid. She hummed along with the song as she started on the sheets for their bed. She just kept winding it back up every time it would stop. Charles woke up about fifteen minuets before he needed to and noticed Sophie was gone. He heard the music box and Sophie humming. Charles stood up with a smile and put some clothes on. When he was on the stairs Sophie stopped humming and looked up to smile at him “Good morning handsome”¬†Charles crossed the room to Sophie and hugged her. “Morning beautiful.”

“let me make you breakfast.”

“I’m not hungry”

“Charles you’re going out today. You can’t skip breakfast.”

“alright” Charles said and followed Sophie into the kitchen. He sat on the counter while Sophie made him scrambled eggs. Sophie handed him his plates and Charles jumped off the counter to sit at the table. He ate quickly so hed’ have a bit to just hold her before leaving. Charles laid down on the couch with Sophie on top of him. “where did we get this from?” Charles asked “My dad made this months ago. I think making things for our house is what kept him from being sad I was moving out.”

“I dont see how he had time with building the actual house.”

“well my dad and yours came home an hour before supper each night. You were the only one out here constantly.” Charles chuckled “I guess i was a little excited about living with you.”

“It was obvious” Sophie said lifting her head to kiss him. When she pulled back she said “you need to leave”

“I know, you dont have to wait on me. It was very nice of you to offer but I don’t want you to be inside until I get back if you don’t want to be.”

“I need to make sheets for us anyway. Its not good to sleep directly on the mattress.”

“I really truly love you Sophie Radkey”

“I love you too now get going so you can come back” He kissed her lips one more time then walked off to meet the other men. Sophie wound up her music box again then got back to work on the sheets for their bed. She ended up leaning back against the couch getting lost in the music. This box played the most entrancing song. Sophie looked around admiring her home. She was so happy. Life seemed perfect. Sophie couldn’t wait to get more things for their house to make it look like as much of a home as it felt like. Sophie kept repeating her new name in her head. Every time she said it it sounded better. She felt some regret for putting their wedding date so far off.

When the box stopped she jerked back into focus. Sophie wound¬†it again then got back to work. Sophie got excited when she heard a knock at the door thinking it was Charles. She was only slightly disappointed to see Drea. “hey mom.”

“hey baby, may I come in?”

“Please. Want to see our dishes?”

“Yes” Sophie showed her around their house even though she had seen most of it. “How do you like having your own home?”

“Oh I love it mom! Absolutely love it! I’m so happy here with Charles”

“I’m glad to hear it. What’re you doing?”

“Making sheets for our bed.”

“Is my son beside himself with happiness?”

“He was until last night.”

“what happened last night?”

“I’m not sure he just started acting weird right before bed. I asked if he was ok and he said yes.”

“Maybe he was just sad about leaving you today.”

“I guess, I hope I havent already upset him somhow.”

“You say that like its possible” Drea giggled then continued “I assure you, whatever is making my son upset has nothing to do with you unless it was just about missing you today” Sophie hugged Drea “How about I make some pot holders while you work on the sheets. Do you have the proper material for pot holders?”

“Yes mam, let me go get it.” Sophie ran upstairs then came back with what Drea would need. Drea sat by Sophie and worked until Charles came home. Sophie jumped up and ran into his arms. Charles smiled and gave her a gentle hug back before kissing her. Drea got up too and hugged her son. “that was fast Charles. It’s barely past lunch”

“I knew I could make it quick.” Charles said smiling. Drea smiled then hugged Sophie “bye you two. Enjoy your pot holders.”

“Bye mom!” They both yelled

~ Chapter 7 ~

“are you hungry? I haven’t eaten yet. Your mother and I didn’t even notice lunch came”

“yes, let me cook with you”

“want me to sing for you again?”

“If you wouldn’t mind” They got to work making lunch as Sophie sang. When their late lunch was ready the two sat down. “after this you are taking your shirt off and letting me massage you upstairs. I’m sure your muscles ache after hunting. Especially getting the job done so fast.”

“Thank you, You’re so good to me”

“well I love you. I’ve made good progress on our sheets. I’ll have to finish up once I’m done rubbing you.” They cleaned their plates then went up stairs. Charles took his sword, shirt and boots off then laid down on their bed. Sophie sat on him then began to work his back muscles. He didn’t realize they were so tense. It actually hurt a little as she rubbed him. He guessed it was because of how worried he had been since last night. Once she was done with his back she started on his arms. When they became loose she worked his legs. Finally she made him sit up so she could do his shoulders. Sophie hugged him from behind when she was done “better?”

“I’ve been better since I got home to you.” Charles said in a very relaxed tone. Sophie got infront of Charles wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. Charles had one hand on her side while the other was on the back of her head. Sophie pulled back and said “I need to work on that sheet now.” Charles followed Sophie downstairs. He laid on the couch as she sat back down on the floor. She grabbed her music box and turned the key so it would play again. Once it was running she began her work again. She finished the sheet in only twenty minuets. Pillow cases weren’t very hard atall so she finished two within an hour.

“I’ll put them on” Charles said taking the set from her. Charles came back down “now we need a bedframe”

“What I need right now is for you to hold me until dinner.” Charles smiled and walked over. He got behind her resting his back against the arm of the sofa. Sophie laid down against him and sighed “I love our house.”

“I’m glad, so youre happy with everything?”

“Very happy” Sophie had her hands resting on her stomach so Charles laced his together setting them on top of Sophies. Sophie looked up at Charles smiling making his heart melt. He leaned forward slightly to kiss her. When their lips parted he said “are you sure you want t sit here until dinner? We could go on a walk or somthing.”

“where would you want to walk to?”

“Nowhere i guess, just through the woods. Maybe we’ll see some animals.”

“well you need to change your pants first.”


“There’s blood on them.” Charles looked down. He hadn’t even noticed it in his hurry to kill the beasts, carry it back then get to Sophie. “I’m so sorry honey, I know you hate blood. I’ll shower since I’m sure it’s on my skin and we’ll go out”

“Don’t be sorry, I’ll shower with you” Charles froze “no no, we’re going on a walk. Just wait for me please.”

“Ok” Sophie said a little sad since he didn’t want her in the shower with him. Suddenly it struck her, he had been acting weird since their last shower. She wondered if it was because of what she did in there. He was moaning so she thought he liked it but maybe he didn’t. Maybe thats what was wrong. Sophie sighed with a heavy heart then sat down. She guessed she must not be very good at it since that was the first time she had a man in her mouth. She composed herself knowing Charles probably wasn’t saying anything so she wouldn’t be hurt. By the time he came running back down in new clothes she had a happy smile on her face and took his hand.

They walked along and Charles began to see subtle hints she was bothered by somthing. Charles stopped and turned Sophie to face him “what is wrong?”

“what’re you talking about?”

“Don’t lie, somthing is wrong with you. What’s wrong?”

“why wouldn’t you let me shower with you?’

“That hurt your feelings? I’m sorry. I only wanted to hurry”

“I dont think thats true.” Sophie said turning her head away from him. He grabbed her chin and gently turned her face back to him “why don’t you think that’s true Sophie?”

“You’ve been acting really weird since our last shower and now you wont even let me in with you.” Charles sighed “I just feel bad. Since we’ve been engaged almost every time we’re alone I get excited. I just…I just didn’t want us to get in there and me get turned on again. I love you and I want to spend real time with you. Making love is amazing but I feel like a horrible fiance for wanting you all the time. You are far more than just sex but you are so damn attractive.” Sophie hugged him “I love sex with you. You arent doing it too much Charles. I love that i turn you on so easily” He hugged her back. “so we’re good now?” Sophie nodded happily. He studied her for a minuet then decided she really was happy now.

“how do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Always know when I’m unhappy?” Charles smiled “because your happiness is the world to me. I need to be able to spot when you are unhappy so I can fix it. I want to spend my life making that gorgeous smile flit across that breath taking face” Sophie blushed slightly and squeezed his hand tighter. They walked along just enjoying the outside. When night came they walked out into a clearing where they could get a good view of the stars. “Lay with me?” Sophie smiled and he laid down. She laid down beside Charles taking his hand again. He lovingly stroked hers as they looked up at the sky. They laid there for hours until Charles felt Sophies grip loosen. He looked over at her and smiled seeing that she fell asleep. He scooped her up carefully then walked back home. Charles put her in their bed then kissed her cheek before wrapping himself around her. Sleep came to him quickly.

~ Chapter 8 ~

Sophie woke in the morning and smiled widely when she realized Charles was wrapped around her. He had his arms around her torso and a leg over and under her. She absolutely loved when he did this. It made getting up impossible without waking him though so she just laid there and enjoyed the closeness. A few hours passed and he finally moved. Charles kissed Sophies cheek “Morning beautiful”

“Good morning” He held her tightly to him for a moment before kissing her neck. His gentle kiss gave her goosbumps. He smiled and kissed her a few more times while trying to keep himself down. “I want to make you breakfast this morning” Charles said getting out of the bed. “alright, I’ll work on our second set of sheets then. I want us to have three” When Sophie got up Charles quickly cradled her in his arms giving her another kiss. He just stood there enjoying the taste and tingles running through him. He smiled when he pulled back and just looked into her eyes. That look of devotion and undying love filled his face again making Sophie pull him in for another kiss.

Charles walked down stairs and set Sophie down in the little work area she made in their living room then he went into the kitchen. Sophie sat there thinking about what she’d like this second set to look like since she now didn’t have to rush. She finally decided and grabbed the color materials she needed then got to work. Sophie felt like she had only just begun when Charles came into the living room to get her for breakfast. It wasn’t a very good attempt at an omelette but Sophie loved breakfast anyway just because he made it for her. “Thank you honey.”

“well I can’t help you when it comes to making sheets and things so I wanted to do this. You can try to help me get better at sewing if you want.” Sophie shook her head. “I’m fine with doing it on my own.” Sophie began to laugh remembering her last attempt at teaching him. He sewed a rag to his shirt. Charles knew precisely what she was laughing about and walked over lifting her out of the chair and carrying her upstairs. “I’m going to give you a real reason to laugh you meanie”

“No I’m sorry” she said right before he began to mercilessly tickle her. When Sophie began to cry from the laughter he stopped to let her breath. He hated for that beautiful noise to stop filling their home but he didn’t want her to pass out. She finally quit laughing and wiped her eyes. Sophie looked up at Charles for a few moments then he leaned down to kiss her. His tongue slid in Sophies mouth and began to duel with hers. He became hard almost instantly. Sophie started to take off his pants and then slid her hands under his shirt to take it off. He smiled against her lips and finished taking off his shirt before quickly undressing her.

“eager are we?” Sophie teased “always for you” He said his voice husky with desire. Charles pulled Sophie into his lap so she was straddling him as they kissed passionately. He felt Sophie get wet then quickly thrust himself inside of her. It was a hard, quick movement because he wanted her so badly. Sophie moaned loudly breaking their lip contact. Charles tilted her face up again so he could keep kissing her then he placed his hands on her hips lifting her up and down on him. Sophie almost couldn’t kiss back. Every time he pushed her back down he went deeper until he couldn’t any longer. He held her there kissing her more passionately than ever before until she was moaning too much to kiss him “Charles” She whimpered as she wrapped her arms tightly around him. Charles took his hand off her right hip and began to rub her slowly, still keeping himself in her as deeply as he could go.

Sophie eventually couldn’t even moan any longer. Charles laid Sophie on the bed and finished leaving them both panting. “You’re going to kill me but atleast death by orgasm would be a nice way to go” Charles chuckled then wrapped himself around her “I love you so damn much Sophie. I’ve always loved you and I’ll never love anyone else more. You are the most beautiful, sweet and amazing woman to exsist and I’m so lucky you want to marry me.” Charles said and then rubbed her gently to put her to sleep. “why do you always do that Charles? What if I dont want to sleep?” She said already fading. He just kissed her head and kept moving his hand gently over her back and arms. When she was resting he held her tightly to him. “I love you so much” he said again even though she coudln’t hear it now.

~ Chapter 9 ~

When Sophie woke she kissed Charles. He smiled at her with a calm relaxed face that exuded how happy he was. “I’ve got to go meet our mothers after we have lunch.”

“why?” Charles said sadly, knowing if he was allowed to come she would have said we. “They are still working on my dress for when we get married.”

“But that’s months from now. What if I get you pregnant and then all that work is ruined” Sophie laughed “well they can always make it bigger but we are not having a baby until after we’re married. You really do have to get better about not going inside of me. Charles smiled “well since we’ll be together forever it wont matter if I get you pregnant now.”

“It’ll matter to our baby. They might think we only got married because I was pregnant.” Charles kissed her “I’ll try to pull out more then.”

“More than try Charles’ Sophie giggled again. Sophie got up “I’m going to take a quick shower since you let me nap for so long.”

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep aswell. I just get so comfortable holding you. You put everything about me at peace. I’ve never known a greater happiness and calm than when you are in my arms.” Charles was looking at her with adoring eyes. “stop being so sweet or I wont be able to leave”

“That’s my goal” Charles winked then Sophie went into the bathroom. She undressed and realized she didn’t bring clothes. She yelled to Charles “will you pick some clothes for me?”

“I’ll set them on the counter” he answered so she got her water running. She started quickly washing herself as Charles went to pick somthing for Sophie to wear. He picked a dress since it would be easy for her to slip in and out of. He brought the dress in the bathroom then set it on the counter. He wanted to kiss Sophie again but knew he’d get excited if he looked at her. Just the thought of her body with water running over it got him up so he quickly got out of the bathroom. He sat on the bed and thought of every disgusting and horrible thing he could push through his mind until it was gone. Sophie came out almost the second he had it down. “you look so upset. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Go hangout with Philip or somthing.”

“His cousin is visiting”


“So she takes every chance she can to hang all over me. She’s far too touchy”

“She wants your body but she can’t rape you or anything so I dont see why your concerned about her.”

“I just hate when woman get all over me”

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ll try to keep my hands off of you.” Charles chuckled and stood to pull Sophie into his arms “you know good and well I dont mean you. I love when you touch me” Sophie kissed him “lets make lunch and dont let Caroline scare you. Just do something with Philip that she wont want to do” Sophie made them sandwiches and took out some fruit. They ate then Sophie gave Charles a long hug. “You aren’t allowed to just sit around our house and mope. I’ll be back this evening.”

“Do you know how late?” Sophie shook her head. Charles couldn’t fight off his frown any longer. “Honey, you live with me now. Before you know it you’ll be sick of me.” Charles lifted Sophie into a kiss “I could never get tired of you.”

“promise you’ll keep yourself busy?”

“Promise, hopefully Caroline wont follow us.” Charles just stood staring out the door as Sophie walked away. Charles cleaned up the small mess from lunch then decided to go upstairs and gather their dirty clothes. He would wash them before seeing Philip as a nice surprise for Sophie. He put them in a basket then took them down to the river to get them clean. Sophie met Drea and her mother at Mizanos to work on the dress. The three woman seemed more excited about the dress than she was. Mizanos husband walked by and smiled ‘well look at you Sophie, beautiful”

“Thank you”

“how’re you doing her hair?”

“get out of here. No boys!” Mizano said “come on”

“Go” Drea added and he walked away. Drea continued to speak when he was out of the room “I think we should braid some flowers into Sophies hair for the wedding. There’s some stunning white ones that Charles brought to me a few times because he thought they smelled good.”

“I’d love that” Sophie said cheerfully. Mizano said “Lets get Sophie out of this dress and go find some so we can figure out precisely how we want them in her hair for the big day.” They carefully got Sophie out of her dress and she put on the dress Charles set out for her this morning. Drea smiled when she put it on “you rarely wear dresses Sophie.”

“Your son picked this for me this morning”

“I guessed. You do look pretty when you wear them” The four women walked out and talked. Drea asked “did you find out what was bothering my son?”

“Yes mam but I dont want to talk about it.”


“I just don’t. It’s fixed now though”

“was it that bad?”

“No mam just not appropriate to talk about with you and my mom here” Sophie blushed and Mizano said “it was of a sexual nature then. I have to know what was it” Sophie was blood red and didn’t speak. Sophies mother giggled “you’re a woman who’s engaged Sophie. Nobody but your father pretends you’re a virgin” Sophies whole body was blushing and she said in a whispered tone “He was upset because he felt bad that we we’re having sex so much. He felt like a bad fiance for being turned on by me all the time.” The three women laughed while Sophie just covered her face. Mizano finally spoke “what did you tell him?”

“That I liked I turned him on so easily”

“Who knew Sophie was such a bad girl. You two go from virgins to this” Sophie didn’t know if she could possibly blush more. Drea smiling said “I think it’s more of my son being bad rather than Sophie. For awhile there he was fixing himself every morning to the thought of this girl”

“Please stop you three” They giggled a little more then left Sophie alone. She was still blushing when they reached the flowers. Drea rubbed Sophies back “there’s no need to be embarrassed. We all have sex you know”

“I know” The four women picked a bunch of them then went back to Mizanos to work them into Sophies hair. Charles had finished their clothes and asked a women he knew did magic to dry them. “You are a sweet man to take care of laundry. Most men consider that womans work”

“Most men are asses” Charles responded then walked back to the house to put them away. Once everything was where it should be Charles left again to go see Philip. He wished Caroline would go home and find some other man to feel up. Charles knocked on Philips door. His mother answered “He’s in the lake with Caroline.”

“Thank you, sorry if I disturbed you”

“Oh you’re fine honey, how’s living with Sophie?”

“a dream to be honest” Philips mother giggled. “you sure chased after her a long time”

“and thank god I finally caught her.” Charles said before walking off.

~ Chapter 10 ~

Charles walked over to the lake Philip always swam in. The two were playing around in the water making Charles wish it were him and Sophie. Caroline jumped out when she saw Charles coming. He sighed when he saw she had stripped down to nothing but her underwear. She hugged him and he gave her what symbolized a hug. “whats that wimpy thing about. A strong man like you is capable of a real hug”

“don’t you have some form of swimsuit?”

“I like swimming in my underwear. Lets all the handsome men see this sexy package. Is Kaji coming?”

“I have no idea.” It was a relief when Philip came up “hey Charles”

“Hey, I need to go hunting for more meat for our fridge. Want to help me?” Charles asked because he was sure Caroline wouldn’t hunt. Only female warriors ever hunted and he knew Caroline did magic. “That sounds fun! Lets go Phil!” Caroline said excitedly and both men looked at her shocked “really Caroline?” Philip asked¬†“Yes really, It’ll be fun watching Charles”

“Caroline he’s getting married”

“all I do is compliment him and admire him. I’m not going to try and have sex with him or take a kiss. Besides he needs to know I’m an option if he decides he doesn’t want to marry Sophie. You still have eight months to exchange her for me” Caroline said looking at Charles. His patience was already near its end with that last comment “Sophie is better than you could ever hope to be now shut your mouth.” Charles said with the anger obvious in his tone. “aw I’m sorry”

“you should be” Philip snapped “you aren’t welcome. Go home and I dare you to whine to my mother.”

“fine” Caroline stomped away “I’m sorry Charles.”

“lets just go”

“don’t kill me but why does that sort of thing bother you so much? I’d love to look like you and have girls flirting with me all the time. Sophie doesn’t even get upset when girls flirt with you.”

“Sophie has much more patience than I do. After Connie I just can’t take it. She was enough crazy for me and I will never want anybody but Sophie. I especially dont want another nut job to attack her again, so I try to squash whatever women trys as fast as I can.” Philip hung his head thinking about what Kenneth and Connie did to Sophie. “I guess I can understand why you are so short tempered with girls now. Connie really was insane. I’m glad they didn’t get farther with Sophie than they did. Thank goodness for Kaji huh? We wouldn’t have found her fast enough without him”

“yes, as much as I dislike him I will always be grateful for his help that day. Lets not talk about that though. Its not somthing I should get my mind on while I can’t be with Sophie”

“what’s she doing?”

“They are working on Sophies dress right now”


“Very, I wish it wasn’t so far off.”

“How’s the sex?”

“amazing but I wont go into detail you pervert.” Philip laughed “I knew you wouldn’t.” After hours of the women trying different hairstyles they finally decided to call it a night at about five because all the husbands would be really whiney for their dinner. Sophie ran home excitedly. She burst in the door and yelled “Charles!” There wasn’t an answer so she looked all around. Sophie guessed he was still with Philip so she grabbed her music box then began working on the sheets for their bed again. She managed to finish it and noticed the sun was setting. Charles did too and ran with Philip home. They had already caught what he wanted to for their fridge and freezer. They put it in only an hour before Sophie came home. Now the two men had just been messing around in the forest.¬†Soon after Sophie started to make tacos Charles ran through the door. She couldn’t¬†leave since she was making the meat but she didn’t have to because Charles came in and hugged her from behind. “Did you have fun with our mothers?”

“Yep, did you have fun with Philip and Caroline?”

“Thankfully I didn’t have to see much of Caroline.” Sophie laughed. “why do you think she’s funny? It doesn’t upset you?”

“why should it? I know you love me.” Charles kissed Sophies shoulder “I’m glad” Charles kept holding Sophie as she cooked the meat for tacos. “Charles I need to get plates now. Let me go”

“If I must” He said releasing her. She put tortillas on two plates then put all the meat in a bowl then began to shred cheese. She put that in a smaller bowl and they both sat down. Charles looked more like he was breathing his food than eating it. “I’m glad you like it honey” Sophie said smiling. “You make everything taste amazing” Charles waited patiently for Sophie to be done since he finished long before her. “Have you been in our room?”

“Only a breif moment, why?”

“Just wondering.” Sophie smiled and walked up. She noticed right away all the clothes were gone. “what happened?”

“I washed our clothes before going to see Philip.” Sophie turned and hugged him “that was very sweet. Thank you” Charles grinned down at Sophie. Sophie started to take off Charles pants “men who do laundry deserve to be rewarded.” Charles grabbed her hands suddenly looking sad “I didnt do it so you’d have sex with me…..I wanted to make you happy” Charles said feeling very depressed she’d think he did that to try and get sex. “I know crazy. Don’t get all sad on me. I just want to have sex with you”


“yes, now get undressed before i punch you in the gut” Charles couldnt help but chuckle. “I love you”

“I love you but I will hit you.”

“I guess I better get these clothes off then.” Sophie smiled when she saw him get hard as soon as his pants were off. “Your manhood sure doesnt waste its time.”

“It’s your fault for being so sexy”

“I know, I just can’t help it though.” Sophie said pulling her dress off so she was standing in nothing but her underwear. “Let me finish that” Charles said walking over to Sophie. He bit her shoulder as hard as he could without breaking the skin which caused Sophie to sharply intake air. He unhooked her bra then knelt down to let his tounge slide up the inside of one of her legs. He went slowly but steadily up until he reached her panties. He grabbed them with his teeth and pulled them to the floor. Charles grabbed Sophie by the hips, confuseing her slightly as to what he was doing until he lifted her to his face and began eating her as he walked over to their bed. He threw her down then straddled her hips as he hungrily sucked and licked at her nipple. When she began to moan he pushed himself inside of her and put his forehead against hers. He slowly moved in and out trying to build her up with tension. Sophies moans turned into whimpers of pleasure and begging “Charles, I can’t take it”

He kissed her then started to eat Sophie again. Sophies heart could have slammed out of her chest as a new level of orgasm went through her. It finished and she could barely breath but he kept going “Cha..charles” She whimpered. He kissed where he was licking and said ‘im not done with you yet my love” Sophie tried to speak again but couldn’t when he began to concentrate on the area that gave her the most pleasure. Sophie didn’t know how much more her body could take and tried to move higher on the bed but Charles had firm unrelenting grip on Sophies legs. He had her limp again when he got over Sophie and finished quickly. Charles laid down beside her “will you sleep on top of me tonight?”

“You’ll have to help me get on top of you” A smug look took over Charles face as he put her on top of him. “You better wipe that look off your face or you’ll get a busted lip once I can move again” Charles laughed lightly. “I love you so much”

“I don’t know, you seem set on killing me with sex. My heart is still pounding.”

“I’m set on making you feel good during sex”

“Mission accomplished. No need to keep topping yourself. You seriously may kill me. It’s all fun and games until my heart bursts through my ribs” Charles laughed and began to rub her so she’d relax. “you sound like you can barely speak Sophie. Please go to sleep.”

“even your voice sounds smug” was the final thing she said before falling asleep. Charles just laid there happily with her. This really was a dream. He couldn’t believe he was marrying Sophie in only months, that he finally got to make love to her and live with her. That she would be the last person he saw every night for the rest of his life. He hoped they could have the day alone tomorrow. He decided right then there would be no sex. Just a day of hanging out. Even if Sophie tried to seduce him he’d keep a firm no to spite what his lower parts wanted.

~ Chapter 11 ~

Charles woke with his head and ankle killing him. Then shock set in when he realized he was in his room. Everything was in it like he hadn’t moved out. He shook his head with his eyes closed then looked around again, panic now set in. He ran out “mom!” he cried over and over. She came running to him “oh good you’re awake”

“where’s Sophie! Why am I here! I dont live here! I live with Sophie!”

“Shh shh son. Sit down, the healer said you may wake up in a panic. Please sit. Don’t leave this spot until I get back” Drea ran out. Charles heart was beating hard. “This can’t be real” he said now starting to slightly rock. His mom came back with one of the best village healers. “Drink this to help you calm down” He did as he was told and the healer spoke again “You were on Sophies coming of age journey and a monster gave you a very nasty blow to the head. You were near death by the time Sophie and Josep got you back here.”

“No, that didn’t happen. I finished it with her. We killed the dragon. We are engaged.” Drea hugged her son “no son, you’ve been in that bed for four months. You must have dreamt that.” Charles began to cry and ran out “charles!” his mother yelled. Charles ignored her and ran to where their home was. It was there, It had to be there. He froze and fell to his knees in sobs as he got to the empty piece of land where his house with Sophie was supposed to be. “No” was all he could force out of his mouth as he cried. HIs mother came behind him and wrapped her son in a hug “Come on inside and let me get you somthing to eat. All you’ve had these past four months was blended stuff we could pour down your throat. You need a real meal.

Charles could barely walk back. His mother sat him down and the healer asked “does your head bother you?”

“Yes, my head and my ankle hurt.”

“There shouldn’t be anything wrong with your ankle boy. Lift your pants.” Charles did and the woman said “No nothing wrong.”

“But it feels swollen”

“It isn’t, just calm down” Drea made food and he reluctantly ate for his mother. “Charles I wish I could put off telling you this but I’d rather you hear it from me than someone else since you think you’re engaged to Sophie.”


“Sophies engaged to Kaji. He asked her when she got back” Charles quit eating and cried harder than ever before. He couldn’t accept this. It had to be a nightmare. He was getting married. he finished that journey he knew he had. Drea tried to hug him but he pushed her away and ran to his room. He grabbed a pillow clinging to it tightly. He sobbed and sobbed until he realized this was reality. Everything was too perfect to be real. Charles cried until he was once again sleeping. Sleep was all he had. The reality of Sophie marrying Kaji was too painful to be in. Especially after living four months in his head being engaged to her.

Sophie woke and was immediately startled by how clammy Charles felt. Sophie shook him “charles! Charles!” when he wouldn’t stir she ran to get a healer. Healer Annabella came and took the covers off of him. Charles ankle was huge “oh good”

“what’s oh good about this! What’s wrong with him!” The healer examined his ankle and found fang marks “Looks like Charles got bitten by a Keltern. It’s nothing serious Sophie. It isn’t deadly to humans. Its venom will only put him in a coma like state for a few days to a couple weeks.”

“a few days to a couple weeks?”

“I know I’m sorry. He will be fine when he wakes up though. The swelling will go down if you keep ice on it”

“how did he not notice? He wasn’t complaining when he got home”

“Charles is a big and very tough guy. He probably didn’t feel it bite him. Most men would’ve passed out instantly. I’m surprised he got home and didn’t just fall out in the woods. Just get the man some ice in a rag and hold it to his ankle so the swelling will go away. It’s all you can really do for him. I’ll go get you some herbs for when he wakes up and give you the recipes of some things you can blend for him to pour into his mouth so he doesn’t starve to death waiting to be released from the venom.” Sophie nodded sadly then put the covers back on Charles. When the healer was gone she went downstairs to get some ice for his swollen ankle.

~ Chapter 12 ~

Charles woke again to Sophie entering his room. “Your mother told me you finally woke up. I’ve been so worried.” Charles sat up quickly and opened his arms hoping she’d give him a hug. Sophie ran over and they embraced eachother. “my mom tells me you are engaged now”

“Yeah, I’m so excited” Charles pulled back from the hug and put a hand on Sophies cheek. “so you’re happy?”

“very very happy. Especially now that my best friend is awake.” He gave her the best smile he could manage and said “then I’m happy.”

“I’ve got wedding stuff to help with. We’re tieing the knot tomorrow. You woke up just in time to be there” Charles lip quivered as he forced back his tears “That’s great. I’ll be there”



“You,your mother and Paul have seats in the front row.”

“Thank you”

“Don’t thank me. You’re my best friend. I need you there” Sophie gave him another hug. When she let go Charles struggled to do the same. When Sophie walked out his front door a few more tears escaped his eyes and he wiped them away. He took deep breaths to collect himself. Drea came in “I hope you wanted to see Sophie. I told her because I thought you would”

“Thanks for telling her I was up. I’ll be alright mom. The life I made for myself in my head was just so perfect and wonderful. I was so…” Charles couldn’t keep talking. Drea hugged her son “You wont be a horrible person if you dont go to that wedding.”

“i’m going for Sophie. It’ll be painful but my life still belongs to her no matter what. Now I’ll spend it making sure Kaji treats Sophie right. I love her and want to be in her life any way I can.”

“why did you wait all those years Charles?” He sighed and didn’t respond. Sophie sat on the bed holding the ice filled rag in different spots on his ankle to help the swelling go away. The healer came back with Charlies mom. “she’s actually helped take care of people going through this before so will be a great help to you Sophie.” Sophie and Drea hugged “I’ll stay here all day every day and only go home at night.”

“Thanks mom”

“That’s my son, I’m happy to help.” The healer left knowing she didn’t have to explain anything to Drea. “Lets make Charles some breakfast.” Drea said pulling out Sophies blender. She blended a few herbs and food items together until they resembled a liquid then grabbed a glass. Drea set the glass down on the dresser when they got to the room. “I’m going to prop him up a little while you pour small amounts at a time into his mouth ok Sophie?”

“Ok” Sophie grabbed the glass then Drea lifted him slightly. Sophie poured small amounts in his mouth until the glass was empty. “good job Sophie.”

“Is he in any pain?”

“He feels his ankle swollen and has a headache from the venom. After his ankle is down the only torture he’ll experience is whatever altered reality he’s living right now.”

“what do you mean?”

“Everyone who’s been bitten by the Keltern tells of an altered reality they lived while they were sleeping. It changes somthing in your life for the worst and they live whatever reality that causes until they are able to wake up.”

“changes somthing for the worst?”

“Yes, I’ll use past people I helped to explain it. The last man I helped it took him back to when he was thirteen. He was out in the woods with his brother when they were attacked by lions. In reality they both survived but in the altered he lived his brother died. A woman I helped she went back about seven months to when her husband left to take care of a job. In reality he came home to her. In the altered reality he came back proclaiming he found a new love and he left her.”

“Oh my god” Sophie said sadly “he’ll be ok. I just hope the venom was merciful enough not to make his altered reality somthing about you. You are all my son cares about though so chances are whatever his nightmare reality is, it has somthing to do with you.”

“well I’m going to be right here when he wakes up. I wont go anywhere to make sure he realizes as fast as possible what happened wasn’t real.” Drea hugged Sophie “I’ll be here everyday. Paul and Rowne will go get anything we need so there will be no reason you have to leave Charles.”

“Thanks again”

“No problem honey” Sophie realized her fiance was naked. She had been so upset until now she hadn’t thought about it since she saw him naked so much now. “do you want me to put underwear on your son?”

“that would be nice, thank you” Sophie grabbed a pair out of the dresser and slid them on him. “I’m so sorry I didn’t realize that sooner. I was just so upset”

“I know baby”

“I’m going to make another ice rag to get his ankle down more.”

“You’ve been doing a good job so far. It’s already half the size I know it started out as.” Sophie just gave her a quick smile and ran down stairs. Drea went over to her son and rubbed his head “wake up baby, that isn’t real. Come back to Sophie”

~ Chapter 13 ~

Charles was siting in his seat waiting on Sophie to walk down the aisle. Excited and happy chatter loomed around him. All of it was depressing and hard to bare. This was supposed to be theres. He guessed Sophie must have talked to him about her wedding while he was in his dream world because most of this was what they had planned for their wedding. The same flowers, the same types of decorations, everything was atleast somthing Sophie discussed with him as a possible option. He smiled at the thought that Sophie had come to talk to him while he was out. He just wished he had made it through that journey to ask for Sophies hand before Kaji.

His thoughts wandered to that world. It brought him both comfort and sadness at the same time. Charles wasn’t entirely sure how he felt. His emotions were a stir of so many things. ¬†His ankle was still throbbing even though everybody swore there wasn’t a thing wrong with it. He thought it may just be from lack of movement for so long. Charles snapped back into the ceremony when all heads turned to look at Sophie. There were gasps and talk of how beautiful she was. When Charles saw Sophie he was confused. She was wearing a yellow dress, Charles knew Sophie hated that shade of yellow. She often made puking sounds when she saw girls wearing that shade.

It made him question if this really was reality. His head began to pound and his mother rubbed his back “shhh son, relax”

“why is she wearing that color?” He whispered “Kaji asked her to.”

“why would he ask her to wear a color she hates?”

“This isn’t the time, just be quiet.” Charles shut his mouth before Sophie got near enough to hear him.¬†“that’s just wishful thinking Charles. This is how things really are. You aren’t engaged to Sophie and you’ll never be. She’ll never love you back so stop before you make yourself look like you’ve gone off the deep end”¬†Sophie got up to the trellis with Kaji and they joined hands. Charles heart now felt like it was being squeezed. When Sophie said I do Charles felt dead inside. He didn’t think he could feel worse until the moment Kaji kissed Sophie. Charles couldn’t breath, he was fighting for air but wasn’t able to make his lungs respond. He passed out on the ground making everyone jump up.¬†Charles woke again with the healer by his bed. “You passed out atSophies¬†wedding. Must be from that bad head injury. Probably shouldn’t have had so much excitement on only your second day awake.”

“I didn’t ruin her day did I?”

“Kaji settled her, she came and sat with you for a long time. Eventually Kaji forced her to go home.”

“what do you mean forced her?”

“well he is her husband now. He can tell her what to do.”

“Sophie doesn’t let any man tell her what to do.”

“she has to, she’s married now.” The same headache returned. This couldn’t be real. That girl couldn’t be Sophie. She wouldn’t wear that color, she wouldn’t let a man boss her around.” Days passed with no movement from Charles. Rowne would come every night and every morning to flip Charles a different way so he wouldn’t get bed sores. Rowne would also help Sophie change the sheets when she needed to. On day five Drea said “we need to give Charles a proper bath. I’m going to get Paul and Rowne to help move him into the tub so you can wash him”

“alright” Sophie said sadly. She just sat by her husbands side, her eyes with no tears left and her heart heavy. Every time her body had enough moisture she’d just cry again. She knew he’d wake up but this was horrible. She felt so bad for him, especially knowing that whatever altered reality he was living was torturing him in some way. She decided before Drea found their fathers she’d go ahead and give Charles his daily massage. Sophie didn’t want his muscles to hurt from lack of use so atleast once a day she’d work every muscle to make sure he could¬†function properly when he woke up. Her hands hurt from doing this day after day but she did it anyway. Whenever she could she’d do it multiple times in a day.

Her father came as she was finishing his feet. “hey sweetheart, how are you doing?”

“Ok, I’m just getting Charles loose again.”

“That’s a sweet thing Sophie. You will be a wonderful wife to my son” Paul said. Sophie was still kind of weirded out by how nice Paul had been to her while this had been going on. He was almost a different man. Sophie got off the bed and went into the bathroom to get water ready. Once the tub was half full Rowne and Paul lifted Charles and carried him in. They set him down as gently as they could. Rowne bent over with his hands on his legs “I’m getting so old. This is what I get for having a daughter later than most. You two better have kids quick after marriage Sophie” Sophie gave her dad a half smile then he continued “Paul, Drea and I will be downstairs. You just yell when you need Charles hoisted up so you can dry him ok?”

“thanks daddy, thank Paul”

“Thank you for going above and beyond for my son Sophie. Drea tells me everything you do for him all the time. You do more than she even tells you you need to do.”

“He’d do the same for me” Paul smiled “That he would.” The two men walked out and shut the door. Sophie grabbed a rag from under the sink then took her clothes off so she was in nothing but her panties. She was half afraid Paul might come in for some reason and she didn’t want the awkwardness of him seeing her naked. She grabbed the cup Drea had already put in there and poured the water all over his body. Charles was sitting in his and Sophies favorite tree alone when he suddenly felt this rush of warmth. It was so comforting. Then he heard faint singing in his head. He could tell it wasn’t coming from around him. He actually heard it inside of his head.

He thought it was his mind playing tricks on him again. He began to walk through the woods to try and get Sophies voice out. Charles stopped when he saw Kaji flirting with Nanako. Charles had Kaji on the ground before he even knew Charles was coming. Nanako ran off screaming “what the fuck are you doing?”

“Harmless flirting.”

“It’s not fucking harmless when you’re married. Especially when you’re married to Sophie. You’re a lucky son of a bitch. Too lucky to be doing this shit.”

“will you tell her? I doubt you’d go and hurt her like that.”

“No I will not but if I ever see somthing like that again I will bring you so close to your grave you’ll be begging me to put you there. You know what I did to Kenneth. I will mangle you you piece of shit if you ever flirt with another woman that isn’t your wife. Do you understand me?” Kaji was pale “do you fucking understand me?”

“ye yes please let me go”

“You are going to go and get Sophie her favorite flowers, do you know what her favorite flowers are?’


“good, go get them and go home to her you dog” As soon as Charles released his grip Kaji ran as fast as he could. Charles now was barely controlling his anger. He wanted to pulverize Kaji but didn’t want to hurt Sophie in doing so. Charles walked up to a huge tree and began punching it as hard as he could to let out his rage so he wouldn’t chase Kaji down. He stopped when his hands were bloody. He began to walk home, he wished he’d get knocked out again so he’d be back in that world he imagined for himself. Sophie appeared in front of him “What happened to your hands?”

“I was fighting a monster” Sophie grabbed each of his hands in hers and healed them “there all better. Have you seen my husband?”

“Yeah, you should go home. He has a surprise for you.”

“aw, thanks for letting me know. Want to hangout tomorrow?”

“sure, when do you want me to come over?”

“around lunch”

“I’ll see you then”

“Bye Charles!”

“Bye Soph”

~ Chapter 14 ~

When Sophie was done cleaning Charles she got out and dried herself so she could pull clothes back on. Once she was dressed she yelled for her father and Paul. They came running up and pulled Charles out. Sophie dried him quickly then pulled a new pair of underwear on him. They carried him back to the bed and laid him down. Just as Sophie got Charles tucked in there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it” Rowne said. It was Kaji “Hey, I wanted to see how Sophie was doing.”

“she’s fine”

‘Can’t I come in?”

“I doubt she wants company but I guess” Kaji walked in and came upstairs. Paul glared at the young man. “what’re you doing here?”

“Sheesh, just seeing how my friend is doing.”

“I’m fine Kaji.”

“I never see you outside.”

“I want to be here when Charles wakes up so he isn’t upset”

“You need fresh air though” Paul interrupted “she gets plenty of that when she opens her windows. You’ll see Sophie again when Charles is better” Sophie laughed at Paul “He’s not bothering me I promise. Thanks for the concern Kaji but I want to stay in here with my fiance.”

“alright, can I come over here atleast somtimes.”

“you’d be bored. Ask Drea, I only sit with Charles. You are welcome to talk to Drea and I if you ever feel like it.”

“That could be fun” Kaji said then walked out “bye Sophie” he said as he stepped out of the room to leave. Rowne hugged his daughter “speaking of fresh air, want me to open the windows for you again?”

“Please” Rowne kissed her head then Paul helped Rowne open the windows before they walked out. When they were outside Rowne asked “why are you always so extra chilly with Kaji?”

“I just dont trust the boy. I didn’t tell you but before Sophie went on her coming of age journey Kajis father told me he bought a ring to ask Sophie to marry him.”


“yes, I dont like him” Rowne shook his head “I thought he had a greater attraction than friendship. Poor Sophie, the only real male friend she has is Philip. All the other boys that talk to her are just skirt chasers.”

“you mean the boys that are brave enough to talk to her” Paul joked making Rowne laugh “yeah, Charles sure knows how to put the fear of god in a man.” Charles laid in his bed and found himself crying again. He wished he could ¬†stop but he longed for Sophie so badly. Now he found out Kaji didn’t even appreciate what a wonderful gift he had. He didn’t understand how lucky he was to have Sophie. Charles just wanted to hold and kiss her like he did those four months in his mind. Charles felt at this point he was being driven mad by his love and desire for Sophie. The world just didn’t seem right any longer. Sophie wore colors she hated, she let Kaji order her around. Yes thats how things were but Sophie would rather get kicked out of the village than be ruled by a man. Those months felt so real. Much more real than this world felt.¬†He sighed and wiped his tears away. Drea hugged Sophie “I’m going home for the night ok love?”

“alright mom, I’ll see you in the morning” Sophie crawled in bed and laid her head on Charles chest. “Please wake up, I miss you so much Charles” She got back up and kissed his cheek. She got right by his ear and whispered “please wake up Charles, that world is fake and you’ve got to realize it’s not real to come back to me. The snakes poison has tricked your mind. Please wake up.” She pleaded on and on as she began to cry again.

Charles woke up and looked around the room. He was hearing Sophies voice again. ¬†“please wake up Charles” Sophie appeared beside his bed. He jumped up “I am awake.”

“Please wake up”

“what’re you talking about?” Paul came in “shut up! We’re trying to sleep!”

“But Sophie”

“Sophies not here”

“But” Charles turned and she wasn’t standing there anymore. “Get in the damn bed son” Paul yelled. Charles crawled back in bed now sure his mind was completely gone.Charles looked at his ceiling. Sophies words faint in his head. He questioned how she got in and out of his room so quickly. Why would she say wake up? He heard hissing and snakes covered his body. He flailed trying to get them off. Sophie had been almost asleep when Charles started jerking. His face was contorted with fear. She hoped he was waking up. “Charles get up” Thinking it might help, she leaned down to kiss him. He hit her hard across the face. In his dream he had seen her coming as a really large snake. Sophies nose was bleeding and now was afraid. No matter how hard Charles fought more kept coming. They began to smother him.

Sophie couldn’t think of what else to do with him seeming so close so she quickly put her hands on him and sent electricity through his body. His eyes jerked open and she backed up against the wall. She wasn’t sure if he was awake as he laid there breathing like he had almost been drowned. Charles sat up and looked at her. Sophie still was afraid to move since she wasn’t sure if he was awake. Charles got up and turned the light on since his eyes wouldn’t adjust to how dark the room was. He looked around and almost cried he was so happy to be in his home.¬†“It was a dream!”¬†He thought happily until he looked at the bed again and saw Sophies nose was bleeding. “are you awake?” she asked looking scared.

“I am why? What happened to your nose?” Just as he asked the question he realized why she looked so scared. “did I?” Sophie just ran up and hugged him not answering. As much as he loved being in reality and her hugging him he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back a little “did I do that to you?”

“Yes but I know you didn’t mean to. A Keltern bit you. You’ve been sleeping for five days.” Charles picked Sophie up. All the happiness he felt was gone. He sat her on the counter and wet a rag to clean her face. When the bleeding stopped he picked her back up and then went to their bed. He cradled Sophie and began to cry. She wrapped her arms around his neck “Honey it’s my fault. When you were flailing like that I shouldn’t have gotten so close to you. It isn’t your fault baby please don’t cry. I’ve missed you so much.” He looked at her “I’ve missed you too. You were married to Kaji…i had to go to your wedding” He cried harder and Sophie just held him. “I love you” she said when his crying got softer. “I love you too…so much….I’m so sorry….”

“Baby you didn’t mean to.” She turned his head and began kissing him. Charles kissed her back as his hands explored her body. He got hard and he immediately stopped kissing her “no Charles, please take me”

“Do you really want me after…”

“If you mention my nose one more time I’ll break yours” His lips quivered slightly as he smiled.

~ Chapter 15 ~

Charles kept kissing Sophie as he laid her on the bed. He began to kiss her jaw line then down her neck. He held each kiss to her skin a few moments before moving on. When he was done he had kissed every inch of skin on her body. He looked Sophie in the eyes and said “I love you”

“I love you too baby” Charles pushed himself inside of Sophie making her let out a loud moan. He laced his hands in hers as he thrust. The sound of her moaning a sweet and welcome music to his ears. She shut her eyes just enjoying the intense pleasure then Charles begged “please look at me. I need you to look at me” Sophie opened her eyes again and saw that Charles was crying softly. “Charles” she moaned. “I love you so much Sophie” She wanted to answer but couldn’t because of the orgasm gripping her. Charles ejaculated and then picked Sophie up again to hold her. He gave light, loving kisses all over her face.

“I’m so glad that wasn’t real. I was so heartbroken Sophie, I thought I lost my chance to be with the most perfect girl in the world. It tore me to pieces seeing you in Kajis arms.” Charles began to shake with his tears. Sophie hugged him and stroked his hair “well you have me, you’ll always have me. In eight months you’ll be stuck with me the rest of your life. I’m yours and will be even after death. I bet you anything we’ll find eachother again in a next life. We’re truly soulmates Charles” ¬†Charles just held tight to Sophie until he finally quit crying. “we need to change the sheets. Your bloods on them”

“Ok, we have a lot now. I made us ten sets while you were sleeping.”


“I wanted to be here when you woke up and they didn’t know when that was so I didn’t leave this room. I made sheet sets to pass time. Your mom and I have made a lot of things for our house. She’s been here every day helping me.”

“Thank you”

“I was happy to do it baby. Sickness and in health right?” Sophie smiled and Charles hugged her tightly again. “How long was I out for again?”

“Five days.”

“That was so wonderful of you to stay in this room for me. I know how much you hate staying inside for very long.”

“I was so concerned over you I didn’t care. I needed to be here when you woke up” The two got off the bed and Charles changed the sheets. “you should get some more rest Sophie. It’s the middle of the night.”

“How can I sleep when you are finally awake?”

“I just want to hold you. I guess you don’t have to sleep but I want to lay down with you. I want to enjoy that feeling I get when you are in my arms.” Sophie kissed Charles then playfully bit his lower lip. He grinned “be careful”

“Of what?” She said coyly. He laughed lightly feeling happiness surge through him. Charles pulled Sophie into another kiss. He ran his hands down her back gripping her butt. Sophie smiled against his mouth. A second later he was on top of her on their bed. Sophie was on her stomach so Charles could run his tongue along her spine. He gave each of her shoulders hard bites across them making Sophie grow hot again. He slid his hands under Sophie lifting her into his lap so her back was against him. He rubbed her slowly as he licked and nibbled her ear. He kept her almost at orgasm but not quite making it. “Charles” she began to say repeatedly in a needy tone.

Charles turned her around to face him. He locked her lips with his as he speared inside of her hard and fast. He had built her up so much she was near screaming as she moaned. She scratched down his back only intensifying how much Charles was enjoying it. He gripped her hips as poured out inside of her clenching warmth. He didn’t part their lips as he pulled himself out and moved her so he could hold her in his arms. Charles didn’t know if he’d ever sleep again. He was terrfied of waking up again and not being with her. Sophie eventually broke apart the kiss. “I really need a drink Charles” Charles chuckled happily. Sophie couldn’t help but smile at the happiness she saw in his face and heard in his tone. “Charles stood with her and walked downstairs to the kitchen. He set her on the counter to make her a drink when she noticed there were trails of blood where she scratched him.

She jumped down and touched his back to heal the marks. When she was done she rinsed the blood from her hands “I was bleeding?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry”

“I loved it. I promise it didn’t hurt atall”

“You are made of steal my love” He chuckled again warming Sophies heart. He handed her a glass of water. Charles put an arm on both sides of Sophie while gazing at her. She smiled and slightly blushed. It was crazy to her how he could do that with just the look in his eyes. “I really missed you being mine. I want to always make you happy.” Charles said softly and ran his fingers across her cheek. When she set her cup down he took her back to their room. Charles wrapped himself around Sophie then pulled the covers over them. Charles closed his eyes pretending to go to sleep so that Sophie would get more rest. He didn’t want her to stay awake just because he was afraid to sleep. When she was resting he opened his eyes again. He let himself relax and just admire his soon to be wife until the sun came up and he heard a knock on the door.

Charles got up as qucikly as he could without waking Sophie. He pulled on some pants and answered the door. His mother looked at him in disbelief for a few moments then glomped him “O my god you’re finally awake!”

“yeah I woke up last night.” Drea noticed a sad tone creep into his voice. “why does that make you sad?”

“well, right before I woke up snakes were all over me. I….I hit Sophie pretty hard when I was still in that other world.”

“Oh honey, that actually happens alot when a person comes close to overcoming the venom from a ¬†Keltern. Sophie wasn’t mad was she?”


“Then everything’s fine, Sophie knows you’d never hit her intentionally.”

“It doesn’t stop me from feeling bad. her nose was bleeding.”

“Don’t, Sophies just happy you’re awake, I can promise you that. I can see she did her work well since you’re moving so nicely.”

“what do you mean?”

“She massaged every one of your muscles multiple times a day so that when you woke up you wouldn’t have any trouble moving. I know she wouldn’t say so herself but Sophie went above and beyond for you while you were sleeping. She wouldn’t let me do anything. I was only here telling her what she needed to do to care for you. Sophie did even more than I told her. It really moved your father and I. Charles just smiled “yeah, all she told me is about the things you guys made”

“we were some crafting fools while we sat in that room.” Drea giggled.

~ Chapter 16 ~

Charles sat downstairs with his mother as she told him about everything that happened while he slept. She made sure to tell him about everything Sophie did for him and how attentive and sad she was so he would know how deeply she loved him too. When she was done she asked “what altered reality did the venom make you live?”

“Sophie was married to Kaji” Charles said, his happy and moved expression turning sad again. “Oh no, I’m so sorry. I was hoping it wouldn’t do somthing like that. Those snakes are such nasty creatures.”

“I didn’t even feel it bite me”

“The healer guessed as much. I’m going to get going now since I’m sure you want to be with Sophie.” Drea hugged her son “I love you so much”

“I love you too mom. Thanks for telling me all that Sophie did.”

“I knew she wouldn’t tell you yourself and I thought you should know. I’m so glad she’s up there sleeping. She’s barely slept atall these past five days. I could tell by how tired her face always seemed. She was determined to be waiting for you when you woke up.” Drea walked out after one more hug. She went to Rownes house to let him know he didn’t have to come move Charles for Sophie. Charles went back upstairs. He took off his pants then started to lift Sophie so he could sit against the wall and hold her.Sophies eyes opened and he cursed “damn, I’m sorry baby. I just wanted to hold you.”

“it’s fine, it’s morning so I should be up”

“You need sleep, you havent been sleeping like you should.”

“You don’t know anything about how I’ve been sleeping so hush”

“My mom just left, we talked about everything. I know about all that you did to care for me while I was sleeping so you can’t lie. You’ve been working hard these past five days and not even getting the sleep you should have.”

“I’ll take a nap after lunch if you want me to rest that badly”

“Good, I’m holding you to that.” Sophie smiled at him then kissed his cheek. “I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Nope, I’ll make you breakfast.” He said walking down to the kitchen. He put her in the same spot on the counter while he pulled out what he needed to make them breakfast. There was another knock at the door so Sophie hopped off the counter and ran upstairs to get dressed. Charles hadn’t started cooking yet so he answered it. “I see you’re up now” Kaji said nervously since Charles looked like he wanted to kill him. “I guess I’ll go” Kaji said and slowly backed up. Charles slammed the door “who was there?” Sophie said as she came back down.¬†“Kaji” Sophie giggled at the annoyed tone Charles had when he said¬†Kajis¬†name “He can’t help he was married to me in your altered reality”

“I know, I just dont want to have to look at him for awhile”

“I can understand. Just don’t hurt him.” Charles smiled “I love you”

“I love you too” Charles couldn’t pull his eyes away from Sophie. She was wearing a pink and white dress that fit her perfectly. “That looks so pretty on you”

“I made it specifically to wear the first day you were awake.” He walked over and hugged Sophie as tightly as he could without hurting her. “You are such an amazing woman. Thank you for agreeing to marry me. I’m so lucky. I promise I’m going to make you as happy as I can. Always be mine, please.” Charles kissed Sophie then walked with her into the kitchen. After breakfast Sophie asked ‘want to go on a walk?’

“I’d love to” They walked around until Charles got fed up of everybody stopping him to ask him about what reality he lived and how he felt. “can we just go home Sophie?” He asked after the three teenage girls finally walked away “sure, it’s nearly lunch anyway” He picked Sophie up and ran before another soul could stop him. Charles didn’t put her down until they were in their room but even then he just sat her between his legs. He had a tight grip around her stomach as he rested his head on hers. ¬†“I’m sorry so many people stopped us. The villagers have been very curious. I’ve gotten quite a few visits.”

“How many from Kaji?” Sophie laughed “Charles” Charles moved his head over then tilted Sophies so he could kiss her. “Nobody annoyed you while I was out right?”

“Nope, your mom made sure nobody stayed long.”

“I wish you would have taken care of yourself more Sophie.”

“Your mom reminded me to. I was fine, I’m sure your mom exaggerated honey.”

“I’m sure she didn’t.” Charles said then kissed Sophie cheek. He then continued “what can I make you for lunch?”

“I’d rather us cook together.”

“Sophie you spent five days taking care of me. All I want to do is cook for you. Please let me do that.”

“Awe ok, can we just have a simple fruit salad then?”

“Of course, do you want it now?” Sophie nodded and he said “well get comfortable up here and I’ll go downstairs to make it quickly.”

“I’ll be waiting handsome.” Charles quickly kissed Sophie again before running down the stairs. Sophie took her dress off then her bra and panties. She got into a sexy pose on the bed to tease Charles when he got up there. She couldn’t wait to see his reaction. She loved the look on his face when she caught him offguard with her naked body. She especially loved to see him go up immediately. It made her feel happy she looked so good to him.

~ Chapter 17 ~

Charles finished cutting up the fruit they had into a big bowl for him and Sophie to eat out of together. He was hopeing she’d sit in his lap while they ate. He opened the door and nearly dropped their food on the floor. Sophie giggled as he set the bowl down with his pants now being pushed out by his manhood. “You are so bad.” He took off his pants so his excitement wouldn’t hurt then grabbed the bowl “We’re eating first because I plan to make love to you until you can’t move. Now that you’ve decided to be bad and tease me I may just keep on making love to you after you can’t move.” Sophie blushed making Charles smile. He handed her a fork and put the bowl between them. He couldn’t have her in his lap now and be good.

“Can I?” he asked nervously. Sophie was confused “can you what?”

“Well I normally stop after you go limp…can I keep enjoying how good you taste?” Sophie turned a deep red and answered “yes”

“If it becomes too much and you need me to stop just shake your head as best you can. I’ll pay attention.”

“Okay” Sophie said a bit breathless as she looked at the floor. When they were done Charles took the bowl and put it in the fridge. He set their forks in the sink then went back upstairs. He hugged Sophie “when I’m done I’m going to take the opportunity to massage you before I rub you to sleep. In that limp state it will be easy to get you really comfortable.” Charles said with a loving look and smile. She moved his hair away from his neck then began to give him a hickey. Charles got goosebumps then lifted her. He sat against the wall then spread Sophies legs so she’d straddle him as she moved to different places on his neck. Charles let his hands explore Sophie slowly. He loved her every curve. He squeezed her breasts just enjoying the way they felt in his hands.

Sophie pulled back then pressed their lips together. She nibbled at his bottom lip making him get so hard he had to be inside of her. He pushed her down on the mattress and thrust himself in. Charles went fast and hard as Sophie whimpered. When he found his release he kissed her lips once more before spreading her legs far apart and pressing them into their bed. He licked her vigorously, Sophie drove him mad with her moans and writhing. It wasn’t long before he was hard again but the sweet taste of her was impossible to pull away from. He was glad he didn’t have to stop when she quit moving. He couldn’t get enough of the way she tasted. Her moans and movements only made it better.

Sophie repeated his name over and over until she reached an orgasm height she didn’t know exsisted. Her whole body was gripped and tingled with intense pleasure. She could barely breath and became motionless under him. The pleasure didn’t stop though as it normally did. He kept licking and sucking at her. Sophie didn’t know how much better her orgasms could get before they killed her. She laid there shocked he managed to give her an even better one than she previously thought was the limit of what her body could handle.

Charles kept glancing up at Sophie to make sure she was still ok and enjoying it. His lower parts begged to be inside of Sophie but he couldn’t pull away from her sweet taste. He saw her slightly move her head and wasn’t sure if she was telling him to stop so went ahead. In doubt he’d go with she was done. He easily pushed himself all the way in. He thrust, each time he went forward every inch went inside of her soaked inner warmth. He lasted as long as he could then released. He wiped his mouth on the blanket then kissed her “I love you Sophie” He whispered in a tender tone.

He carefully put Sophie on her stomach then worked her muscles. He started at her back then did each of her arms. When those were done she did the same to her legs then neck. He put his fiance on her back again then slid his hands in her hair to rub her scalp. Sophie let out a soft content moan. He did this for a long time since he could see she was really liking it. Sophie was falling asleep just from that. Charles smiled as he felt complete bliss fill him. Sophie looked so happy and comfortable. Just the way he liked her to be. Nothing made him feel better than her happiness. Charles decided to do her feet after she woke up. He was going to keep rubbing her scalp until sleep took her away.

When she was resting he grabbed a small blanket and laid it on the bed. He knew she’d be sleeping hard so he picked her up without fear. Charles settled himself comfortably against the wall then pulled the small blanket over her. Charles gave Sophie the softest kiss he could give then just relaxed. He was very tired at this point but still was too afraid to sleep. His heart couldn’t handle that other world a second time. He couldn’t live as her friend again. Charles looked down at Sophie just admiring how beautiful she was. He used the sight of her gorgeous, peaceful face to keep him awake.

~ Chapter 18 ~

When Sophie woke up she smiled at Charles since he was looking directly at her. She sat up and hugged him “You look tired baby. You should have napped too”

“and miss how cute you are while you sleep? There’s always tonight.”

“we should go to bed early then. You may have been sleeping those five days but your body went through a lot.”

“Can we shower together?” Charles was really close to passing out and hoped a shower might help fight off how tired he was. “of course” Sophie jumped up to start the shower. Charles rubbed his eyes then stood. When he walked in Sophie was still leaning in the tub. Sophie turned around after she got the shower running and smiled “so thats why you wanted to shower with me.”

“that is not why, you know I cant help it” Sophie smiled then pulled him up to her giving him a kiss. “get in and I’ll fix it like the last time we showered together.”

“we should go back in the room or I’ll never be able to just shower with you. Every time we get in it’ll get up thinking you’ll lick it.” Sophie giggled “alright, but I dont mind”

“I know you don’t but I do.” He turned off the water then went with her back in their room. He sat down on the bed as Sophie knelt in front of him. As Sophie sucked on him ran is hands up and down her back. He began to moan her name. It started to feel so good he gripped the bed so he wouldn’t have to worry about gripping her too hard. He let out a loud moan as he burst into her mouth. Sophie didn’t have anywhere to spit so she just swallowed then laughed ‘wow, that had a lot more force than last time. It must have been good”

“It was very good baby.” he said short of breath. “good, now I dont feel quite as bad about you shattering my world all the time.”


“well when we have sex it’s mainly just you. You give me orgasm after orgasm and I don’t do too much for you. Even when I do I only can do it for so long before you’re pressing me into the mattress.” Charles smiled “As much as I’d like to pretend I’m doing that just for you, it’s what gives me pleasure. Every moan and movement you make gives me pleasure. Especially eating you, I hate when I have to stop. You taste so good.” Sophie was blushing again. She became hot with her blush when Charles lifted her on the bed and pressed her down as he crouched over her. He gently pressed his lips against her ear and whispered “I hope I’m always allowed now to eat you long after you’ve quit giving me the intense pleasure of your moans and writhing. I could never get enough of that sweet taste in my mouth.” His smile grew wider when he lifted up and saw Sophies expression. He cradled her and went back to the bathroom.

Charles washed her now wide awake again. He loved how much warmer her skin was right now compared to normal. When they were done Sophie was hungry so they finished their bowl of fruit. Charles wished he was able to stay up forever. He only could avoid sleeping for so long before he had to. Regardless he planned to stay awake as long as he could before risking going back to that place. Sophie could see how deeply in thought Charles was and asked “you ok?”


“I’ll lay with you if you want to nap.”

“I dont want to sleep Sophie. I’ll sleep tonight.” Sophie gave him a look then grabbed his hand to sit with him on their sofa. “are you afraid to go to sleep Charles?” Charles looked away wich gave Sophie her answer “baby, your mom would have said something if you couldn’t go back to sleep.”

“I’m just so scared. I don’t want to be without you again.”

“lets go talk to your mom. I’m sure she’ll tell you there’s no chance that’ll happen again” They put their clothes and shoes on then walked over to Dreas. ‘hey, how’re you two? Please come in” They came in and sat down “Charles is afraid to go to sleep. I told him you would have said somthing if he couldn’t sleep.”

“Charles the poison is gone. Once it loses it’s grip on your mind it’s gone. If you go to sleep you will not enter that altered reality a second time I promise. In fact if you ever get bitten by that snake again it wont be the same altered reality. It never is twice.”

“someones had to go through that hell twice?”

“a few people actually. You need to be careful in the woods to not let your ankle get exposed. You should rest though. Your bodies been fighting the poison while you were unconscious. You need to recover from the strain.” Charles just nodded. The fear still looming in his heart and head. “Thanks mom” Sophie said then left with Charles to make him sleep. She lead him upstairs then pulled her reluctant fiance into the bed. Charles sat up and Sophie tried pushing him down but he wouldn’t budge “come on Charles, your mom just said it was ok.” He shook his head. “please baby, you need to sleep.”

“I can’t, not yet. Just let me wait until tonight.”

“You are tired now though.” Charles pulled Sophie into his arms “I can’t, I’m too scared. I need you Sophie. It was too painful, I love you so much and you were with Kaji. It was the same torture as when we were friends but a million times worse.” Charles began to cry. He cried harder and harder as he pleaded with her until he was only saying “I can’t” repeatedly through his tears. Sophie rubbed his back “shhh, you don’t have to sleep yet baby. Don’t cry.” The heartbreak in his voice threatened to make her cry too but she held it back. Charles kissed Sophie, he needed the comfort her lips brought him. Charles was pressing Sophie so tightly against him it hurt her but she didn’t tell him. She couldn’t remember seeing him this upset. Sophie never knew him to be afraid of anything.

~ Chapter 19 ~

Charles couldn’t leave their room. He just sat there holding Sophie. He didn’t want night to come, he didn’t want to take the risk of being ripped out of his perfect life and into hell. “I’m sorry” he whispered after a few hours. “why are you sorry?”

“we’ve sat in this room all day because I can’t pull myself together.”

“Charles, it’s ok to be scared. I’m glad being with me means that much. I just wish you weren’t so afraid of sleeping. Your mom wouldn’t lie to you.”

“I know, I’ve just always loved you so much. With everything that I am. I’ve known since I was a little boy I wanted to be by your side forever, that i wanted to make you happy and be your husband. Each year got harder and harder just being your friend but I stayed that way because I couldn’t risk you freaking out and not wanting to be around me atall. I had so many nightmares about confessing my feelings and you pushing me out of your life completely. I was happy as your friend even though I longed for more but now that I have you, now that i can hold and kiss you anytime I want and I can freely tell you how much I love and cherish everything about you and every moment we share I can’t go back. I felt dead in that world.”

“You wont go back, You’ll wake up to me laying by your side.” Charles gave Sophie a long and loving kiss. He just held their lips together as his hands framed Sophies face. When he pulled back he looked into her eyes and said “You are the only woman I’ve ever wanted Sophie. I could never love anyone as much and as deeply as I love you. I’d do anything to make you happy. If you told me the only thing that would make you happy was for me to cut off my arm I’d do it.” Sophie laughed “well I guess it’s a good thing then I like your arm.” he smiled and kissed her again. “can we stay in here the remainder of the day so I can just hold you. I need to if I’m going to be brave enough to sleep tonight.”

“I’d like that, you surround me with such love and warmth when you hold me.”

“Good, I try to push all my love into you as I hold you close.” The two laid down and Charles wrapped himself around Sophie. He breathed her sweet scent in and let himself just relax. He slipped into the soothing calm that always came when Sophie was this close. Before long, night was upon them. “you ready baby?”


“You’ll be fine, I promise everything will be ok. You’ll wake up and I’ll still be right here.”

“can we go on a walk?”

“Charles you’re only stalling.” he sighed “yeah…” Charles kissed her. “I love you so much Sophie”

“I love you too” Sophie stayed awake to make sure he slept. Hours passed and he whispered “I’m trying, my heart is fighting with me though.”

“I know, just try and relax” Sophie would have moved her hands around to rub his back but how tightly he was holding her prevented any movement besides her head. Sophie smiled about an hour later he loosened telling her he was sleeping. She could move a little more and readjusted herself before going to sleep aswell. Charles didnt’ dream that night because of how hard he slept. He was even more exhausted that he thought he was. Sophie woke first that morning, glad to see her fiancee still getting the rest he needed. She kissed his chest a few times and he stirred. He his flew open quickly and looked down. Sophie smiled up at him “see?” Charles rolled her under him and began to kiss her. His tongue pushed into her mouth. It traced her teeth then began to roll around with hers.

He felt so jubilant to have woken back up and still be with his Sophie. He went to sleep absolutely petrified of not being Sophies fiance when he woke. He kissed down each side of her neck then gave each of her nipples attention with his mouth as he squeezed her breasts. He held his face above hers just looking at her eyes. “I love you so damn much. All of me belongs to you. My life belongs to you Sophie.” Sophie smiled and said “I love you too Charles” Charles thrust himself inside of her hard but went at a very slow pace. It was steady but very slow. Sophie took deep breaths and let out light moans of pleasure. He kissed her with a slight smile. He just wanted to be this close to her. To actually be apart of her. He admired Sophies face as he slowly moved. He could see her tension building. “Baby you have to fuck me harder” he shook his head and whispered in her ear. “I’m enjoying you far too much to go any faster than this my love. ”

He felt her squeeze tighter around him, her wetness building and traveling down him. “I love you Sophie Radkey.”

“I love you too” she said in a needy voice. He whispered to her all the things he loved about her and how happy he was until he decided to release her tension. He suddenly started thrusting hard. He put his arms under her and held her shoulders, slamming into her. Her moans were loud and made her arch her back in her nearly unbearable orgasms. He pushed her over the edge many times before he couldn’t hold back another second and released into her with a loud cry of his own. Sophie laid on the bed breathing like she just ran a marathon. Charles kissed her as he caught his own breath.

“I can hear it at my funeral now, death by orgasm” Sophie teased making Charles smile happily. “I truly love you with all my heart Sophie Radky.”

“and I truly love you, I can’t wait for that really to be my name”

~ The End ~

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