Charles & Sophie Wedding

~ Prologue ~

It’s now two weeks before their wedding and many of Sophies and Charles friends and family were coming from other villages to attend the wedding. They were staying with various people throughout the village that were more than happy to offer their homes temporarily. Sophie and Charles were very grateful to everyone. With more people in the village their were more mouths to feed so Charles had to help hunt daily. Most of the responsibility was on him and Rowne since it was Sophies and Charlies guests.

The only thing Charles didn’t like is it was causing him never to have a second alone with Sophie. They were either doing somthing to prepare for the wedding, having people visit, going out with family or he was hunting to feed them. He would be glad when they were married and everyone left. He wasn’t even getting time with Sophie at night because the two of them would be so tired by the time the sun set.

This day Charles was particularly sad because their house wouldn’t be theirs any longer. The final people arriving were Sophies cousin Jack, his parents and Jacks friend Ephraim. Their village had been attacked by a dragon recently and his house burned down so he was staying with them. Charles hated that a man not related to his wife would be in their home. He trusted Sophie but didn’t trust Ephriam not to make some type of move on her. He’d hate to have to break his bones right before their wedding.

~ Chapter 1 ~

Once they reached Sophies village Jack warned his friend again “I really hope you’re taking me seriously. Charles is a nice and very fun guy but you do not want to be on his bad side. He has a nasty temper, especially when it has to do with Sophie. Charles is not a man to mess with. My cousin is very beautiful and you’ll be tempted to flirt with her but it is in the best interest of your health to just be polite with no out of the way flirting.” Ephriam laughed “I’ll be good, I swear. You act like Charles can transform into some sort of demon.” Jacks dad laughed “He wouldn’t be too far off the mark to say Charles turns into a demon when angry. Charles is a force to be reckoned with Ephriam. Heed my sons words” Jack laughed again and soon they were at Sophies door.

Jack knocked and was greeted by Sophie and Drea. Sophie threw her arms around Jack then told them all to come in “You must be Ephriam. My name is Sophie and this is my soon to be husbands mother Drea.”

“Nice to meet you beautiful ladies.”

“I’ll show you each to your rooms.” Sophie lead them up the stairs and pointed out rooms for each of them. Jack, Noah, Courtney I have some wedding things to discuss with my second mother. Why don’t you show Ephriam around my village while I’m busy anyway.”

“sounds good” Jack said “I need a nap” said Courtney “I’ll sleep with my wife. You two boys behave”

“we will” they both said and walked out. “Damn, you were right. She’s stunning”

“and she’s a bride to be with a VERY protective fiance. I can’t stress the very enough. Be on your best behaviour. If you do slip up you better stay connected to Sophies hip. If he gets you out of her sight you will find a new meaning to the word pain” Ephriam laughed which concerned Jack. He didn’t think his cousin was taking him seriously. Jack showed Ephriam everything there was to see about the village. Jack spotted Rowne and Charles coming back with some other men and their kills. “You need to meet Charles and Rowne. Rowne is Sophies dad”

“Hi Jack!” Rowne said happily then asked “is this your friend?”

“Yep, this is Ephriam.”

“You look a bit older than Jack.”

“I’m twenty five sir”

“Have you met Sophie yet?”

“Yep, she showed me my room and now Jacks been showing me the village. Hey Charles, thanks for letting me come too. I would have felt weird being in Jacks house alone for so long” Charles just smiled and offered his hand. He couldn’t force out the lie of it was no problem because it very much was. “I have more to show Ephriam. We will see you men later.”

“Bye” Rowne said with Charles saying nothing. Rowne and Charles distributed the food with the other men. When it was doen Charles walked home. He would have run with hope to be alone with his Sophie but he knew now there would be no alone time except at night since they had guests in their own house. ¬†Charles walked in and was happily greeted by his mother and Sophie. Sophie ran into his arms and hugged him. She gave him a quick kiss then returned to Drea. He missed his long welcome home kisses. He wished they could just get married tomorrow and be done with it. “where’s Jacks parents?” Charles asked.

“upstairs sleeping, Courtney was tired and her husband joined her for a nap. Have you seen Ephriam and Jack?”

“Yes, I met his friend. He seems ok” Sophie and Drea giggled “He’s fine son” Drea said looking at her son in a humorous way. Charles sat next to Sophie. He felt grateful to atleast be sitting by her side. His mother wasn’t nearly as bad of an inconvenience as the rest of the world. At this point they knew better than to ask Charles opinion so the two kept talking like he wasn’t there. after a little bit longer Drea said “I’ll be heading home children. I love you both very much”

“we love you too” Sophie said. Charles got a little hope he was going to be alone with Sophie but before his mother could get out the door Jack came back in with Ephriam. Dea frowned, wishing she would have left earlier to give her son the time she could see he badly wanted. She decided to try and save the situation “could you two boys help me with some things around my house?”

“sure mam, lead the way”

“Thank you boys. Come along” Charles wanted to wrap his mother in a tight hug and say thank you but instead he held Sophies hand tightly as his mother left with the two boys. When the door was shut he scooped Sophie into his arms and ran to their room as quickly as he could without being loud and bothering the napping Courtney and Noah.

~ Chapter 2 ~

Charles locked their door and sat on the bed with Sophie in his lap. He kissed Sophie intensely. It felt so good to have lip contact with her that lasted more than seconds. He couldn’t get enough of the feeling it rushed through him. He laid her on the bed then took off his sword and shoes. He crouched over her, stopping briefly to admire her eyes. He went back to kissing Sophie like he was dyeing and the only way to keep him alive was to kiss her. Sophie had her hands moving through Charles hair, occasionally slipping down his back. All the love in the movements of his lips sent thrills of delight through her. Sophie managed to speak for a second against his lips “I love you” Charles stopped and smiled, he placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her head “I love you too, more than air, more than there are stars in the skys.”

“stop being so sweet. You’ll make me miss our alone time even more.”

“Can’t we get married tomorrow? Everyones here now.”

“Most came earlier so everybody could get to know eachother honey. We have the rest of our lives together and we see eachother, we just don’t get alone time.”

“But alone time is the only time I get to express my love and adoration. What if you forget how deeply I love you?” Sophie giggled “I hope that isn’t serious.”

“It wasn’t, I wanted to hear you giggle and I knew that would do the trick” She pulled him back down so they could kiss more. Charles stopped and laid at Sophies side “I will start to make love to you if we don’t quit now.” He said as he pulled her into him so he could wrap his body around her. “why’s that so bad?”

“I can’t control myself with you. I’d have you moaning loudly, we have guests so I can’t”

“so you can control yourself when making love to other girls then?” Sophie said with a teasing smile. Charles chuckled “You know what I mean Sophie” They just laid there wrapped around eachother until a knock sounded at the door. Charles held tighter “don’t go Sophie please. I’ve only just gotten to hold you, please” Charles voice sounded distraught, like he was pleading with her not to crush his heart. “Charles”

“I never get to hold you like this, I never get to have long kisses any more. I get to hold you when I come in at night but it’s not the same as when you’re awake to talk to me and hold me back. Don’t go please, they’ll think you’re gone. Please Sophie.”

“Ok sweetheart, I’ll stay. Don’t work yourself up.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s sweet.”

“How’re your vows coming?”

“I’m almost done” Sophie said triumphantly. She asked in return “How are yours?”

“I’m done”

“How long have you been done?”

“Three weeks ago.” Sophie sighed which made Charles laugh “well you are so perfect, they came easily”

“You’re perfect too”

“Not really”

“Yes you are.” Charles kissed her head as the knocking stopped. Drea kept thinking of everything she could to keep Jack and Ephriam from going home. She ran out of things to do around her house quickly because Paul was always on top of any problems. She had to think fast “Hey Jack, he needs to meet Charles and Sophies best friends.”

“Sure, let me introduce you to Kaji and Philip” Drea hoped the two men would be hard to find. The way Charles was looking at Sophie while the two of them were talking was absolutely heartbreaking. She could see so much sadness in him from not getting a moment alone. When they found Kaji he was stretching his arm. “Hey Kaji” Jack said “Hey Jack, who’s this?”

“I’m Ephriam, why are you stretching only one arm?”

“It was broken a few years back and it acts up on me somdays.”

“How’d it get broken?”

“Before Charles and Sophie got engaged I was after her heart too. I tried to put my arm around Sophie and she resisted. I only jerked her back once but that was enough for a visit from Charles later that night when Sophie was in bed. One movement and he broke the very arm I jerked her with. I have never done it again. I wish I hadn’t done it the first time so I wouldn’t have to deal with days like this.”

“I guess you weren’t kidding Jack”

“I’m not so no flirting please.” Kaji chimed in “and when Sophie says no or stop listen instantly. Unless you don’t mind broken bones or a bloody jaw.”

“I’m older than Charles though, aren’t I?”

“I’m older than Charles, there isn’t a man in this village who could beat Charles in a fight” Ephriam smiled taking it as a challenge. “Maybe he’d have a friendly fight with me.”

“Charles doesn’t have the time right now but maybe after the wedding.”

“since I’m living with him he may be able to squeeze it in”

“Be my guest but he’ll probably seriously hurt you, even in a friendly fight. You’d be safer with wrestling. He’s better at controlling himself with that because Sophie enjoys wrestling.”

“Not surprising from what Jack has told me of her. She sounds pretty amazing.”

“She is” Kaji said in a drifting off tone. Jack cleared his throat “where’s Philip?”

“Out with his girlfriend. He plans on popping the question a week after Charles and Sophie get married.”

“aw, good for him”


“do you have a girl Kaji?”

“Not a serious one. We’re pretty much fuck buddies. I take it youre single Ephriam.”

“Yes, I cheated on my last girlfriend and she dropped me as soon as I confessed. i felt so guilty I told her and there went my relationship. Now no other girls want me. She made sure the whole village knew why she left. I may have to move to find another girl. I’m considering it now that my house is burnt down.”

“Well if you can manage not to make Charles hate you before you get out of his house maybe you could move here.”

“Why would how he feels affect me being able to move here?”

“Because Charles is looked up to, to spite his temper. He’s very kind and helpful. Anybody who needs something knows they can go to him or Sophie. If he doesn’t like you, moving here will be a headache for you.”

“than I’ll try not to upset him or Sophie.”

~ Chapter 3 ~

Sophie could hear their guests were awake. They were talking but she couldn’t understand the conversation. She looked out her window and knew it would be dinner soon. “baby I need to get up and cook somthing for them.” Charles sighed “Can I help?”

“Of course” They got up and Charles changed his clothes realizing how nasty they were. “Sophie you should have told me to change first. I wanted to be with you so badly I paid no mind to how disgusting I was. I’m going to change our sheets really quick before I help you with dinner.”

“I don’t care as long as there isn’t blood all over you Charles, you know that.”

“I know but you keep our home so clean then I come in and get dirt everywhere.”

“I knew how messy and wild you were when I agreed to marry you now hush. Thank you for changing the sheets.” He smiled as Sophie left the room then whispered “You’re welcome Sophie Radky.” That’s what he always called her since they started living together. It still sent a jolt of happiness through his heart. He met Sophie downstairs and did what she asked to help with dinner. The smell got Courtney and Noah out of their room. “whatever you two are making smells amazing.”

“If Sophies as good a cook as my brother Rowne then it’ll taste amazing”

“I doubt I’m as good as my dad” Jack and Ephriam burst through the door. A really bad thunder storm started suddenly so they ran to Sophies house. They fell as they entered making Sophie laugh. “Is the rain going to kill you two?” Noah asked looking at them like they were foolish children. “well our hunger was going to kill us too. Smells like Sophies cooking”

“Yep, Charles and I are both almost done.”

“Charles helps you cook?” Ephriam asked. “When he can”

“wow, that’s just surprising. I’ve never met a man who wasn’t single that cooked.”

“My dad cooks too with my mom”

“Maybe if you spent more time cooking with Melanie you wouldn’t have had time to screw up your relationship.” Ephriam sighed. “I was drunk and dumb. Now I’ve paid the price and I haven’t drank atall since have I?”

“No, I still don’t excuse you for doing that even drunk”

“well it’s a good thing I’m a grown man then”

“stop you two” Courtney chimed in. “Noah, be nice to Jacks friend. You aren’t his father and he isn’t a child.” Courtney looked at Ephriam “are you going to try and win Melanie back?”

“I’ve tried and it’s impossible. I’m actually thinking about moving since my house was destroyed anyway.”

“where to?”

“Haven’t decided mam but I need to get away. Melanie has told every woman there I cheated on her and now none will have me”

“If you stay away from drinking you should do well in another village” Charles and Sophie finished cooking then served dinner to everyone. There was an awkward silence due to Noahs and Ephriams exchange until Courtney started talking about the wedding. That filled the evening up until everybody needed to go to bed. Sophie had to be fitted with her dress again. After tomorrow morning there would only be one more time she’d have to make sure it fit her properly. When everybody was in their rooms and comfortable Sophie and Charles went to theirs. “you don’t really have to go in the morning. We know it fits you.” Sophie laughed “You’ll see me later and I think you’ll love the dress.” Sophie took off her clothes making Charles get hard. He sighed and just gout undressed to crawl in bed with her. “Charles let me help you with that. We haven’t had sex for atleast five days.”

“and that was just a quickie” Charles said ¬†sadly but then continued “It’s fine honey, I want to really make love to you and I can’t have that so I’ll just deal with it.”

“If we do a 69 my moans will be so muffled that if I do my best they wont hear me baby”

“You want to?”

“very much” Sophie took her underwear and bra off then made sure the door was locked. Charles began to kiss her wildly then got into the proper position. They may have had a quickie five days ago but he hadn’t gotten a taste of her in almost a month because they were always rushing. Sophie drew him inside of her throat then he began to eat her like a starving animal. Sophie just licked and sucked on her hard husband. It was a good thing they did it this way or the whole house would’ve heard her. He was going at it much more vigorously than normal. She could tell how desperate he had been to have her in his mouth again. Sophie began to scratch at Charles back, it only making him hungrier.Sophie gagged a little and he almost went flying across the room. “you ok?” If Sophie would have had the energy she would be laughing. “Yes, I’m fine baby.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve missed tasting you so much.”

“That was amazing baby. Want me to finish you?”

“Can I keep tasting you while you do it?” Sophie smiled “of course.” He got back over her, he gave Sophie a few more orgasms before she finished him. “Let me heal your back” she said breathlessly. He wrapped her in a hug so it would be easy for her. She healed him quickly then he laid Sophie on her stomach and began to massage her “you don’t have to do that”

“I want to. Thank you for that.”

“You don’t have to thank me. You are way too good at that.” He massaged every inch of Sophie, both arms, legs, her neck, her feet, her back and even her hands. When he was done he cradled her while he started kissing Sophie again “Thanks for ignoring the door. I love you so much. We probably wouldn’t of been able to have tonight if whoever got a hold of us.”

“They just love us baby”

“I know but I love you and want to be with you like we have been all these months before our friends and family filled the village. You sound so tired baby. Would you rather sleep on your stomach or back because I want to lightly run my fingers over you until you are sleeping so you can sleep hard.”

“On my back”

“That’s the way I like you to sleep so good. I love seeing that peaceful look on your face when you rest.”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too Sophie Radkey.” Charles saying that made Sophies brightest smile flash across her face. It almost brought him to tears he was so happy. “sleep now Sophie, you will be getting up early” Charles said as he slid his fingers softly up and down her body. When he knew she was sleeping he put the covers over her and kissed her head “You’re my world and always will be Sophie. I’m the luckiest man in the universe. I still can’t believe you said yes to marrying me. I will always live for your happiness.” Charles laid down then laced his fingers with Sophies “thank you” he whispered one last time before letting his exhaustion from the hunt take him away.

~ Chapter 4 ~

Sophie woke smiling since she felt Charles hand in hers. She woke him with a kiss. “Bye baby”

“Bye” Sophie stood and put some clothes on then ran down the stairs. Sophie almost went toppling over Ephriam since she didn’t expect him to be sitting on the porch. He quickly stood and balanced Sophie. “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“They are going to fit my dress again. It will form to my body perfectly on my wedding day. It’s pretty pointless but somthing our mothers insist upon.”

“Can I come with you? Only the groom can’t see you in your dress right?”

“No boys allowed atall, I’m sorry. Why would you want to come?”

“Noah hates me and I doubt your fiance likes me very much.”

“Charles is a teddy bear. I’m sure he likes you just fine” Sophie started running again. Ephriam went inside and sat on the couch waiting on Jack to wake up. He laughed softly at Sophie calling Charles a teddy bear. He didn’t sound like one atall. Charles came down the stairs “what’s so funny?” he asked Ephriam. “ah nothing, what’re you doing today?”

“I have to help with a couple things this morning. Not sure when I’ll be back. Why?”

“Could I help you?”

“I’d actually really appreciate that. It’ll get me back home faster. Thank you”

“No problem, honestly I want to get away from Noah. He hates me so much”

“are you ready to go?”

“Yep, I’ve eaten breakfast and everything.”

“I don’t eat breakfast much any more”


“I stay in sort of depressed state. Sophie and I really don’t get much time to ourselves.”

“you’re about to be stuck with the same woman for the rest of your life. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.”

“I will not be stuck, if anything Sophie will be stuck with me. I’m messy, have a very hot head and am not nearly as social as Sophie.”

“but everyone likes you and says how nice you are.”

“I’m social for Sophies sake. Sophie¬†likes people so I do my best to be friendly” The two men walked from place to place finishing what they needed to do quickly. At lunch Charles put a hand on Ephriams shoulder. “Thank you so much for your help today. We’re almost done.”

“No problem, you’re letting me stay in your home. It’s the least I can do.”

“You are ok, sorry if I was a bit cold at first. I just miss my time with Sophie. You coming upset me a little at first”

“I could tell, I told Sophie as much this morning but she didn’t think that was true and told me you were a teddy bear.” Charles let out a big bear laugh. “I felt like laughing too” Ephriam said with a smile. Almost to himself Charles said “Sophies so cute” Ephriam wanted to agree but decided he may be treading on thin ice if he did. When the woman were done squealing and talking about how beautiful Sophie was they took the flowers out of her hair and let it just fall down again. They took off her dress and let her put regular clothes on. “I’m going to get going girls. I need to work on my vows again.”

“why don’t you do it here?”

“I would but I think better in the meadow.”

“Be safe Sophie and stop stressing so much. You’d be done if you wouldn’t critique yourself all the time. I liked the first set of vows you wrote.”

“They need to be perfect.”

“all they need is to come from your heart Sophie” Drea said hugging her. She pulled back and looked at Sophie with a smile. “You could say blopp blippity to me son and He’d be happy as long as you say I do when they ask if you want to spend your life with him.” Sophie giggled “well I plan to come up with better than blop blippity” Drea giggled too “I love you sweetheart.” Sophie ran home to get some paper and already started vows. She was surprised to only see Jack there “hey cous, where you going?”

“Work on my vows in the meadow by the green lake.”

“Can I come?”

“I don’t know if thats a good idea.”


“You may tease me as I try to think up doming really sweet to say to Charles”

“I wont laugh I promise.” Sophie looked at the floor, she needed to think of another excuse. Gulliver had been helping her figure out what she wanted to say but he was afraid of people. He was a mix between a demon and a monster. He looked ugly and scary but was kind. Sophie hadn’t told anybody about him. He used to live much farther away but villagers attacked him and his wife. They broke into their home and killed Kara, leaving him to be alone. He moved far away finding a home in a cave near the green lake. Sophie found him trying to catch a butterfly in a jar. Gulliver had a collection of many beautiful things. All he did with his life was collect beautiful things to chase away the sadness of not having his Kara any longer.

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings Jack but I just want to go by myself.”

“I wont bother you Sophie I promise. I dont want to be here alone any longer.” Sophie sighed “If I bring you with me you must promise not to scare Gulliver. He’ll be scared enough by your presense alone. You are to be nice to him. Do you understand?”

“who’s Gulliver?”

“Promise me Jack.”

“I promise, he’s been helping you?”

“Yes, he’s very sweet and helps me put to words what i feel”

“why would I scare him?”

“He’s not human..” Jack tilted his head slightly “well, how long have you been friends?”

“about a month I guess”

“I’m sure he’s fine. I wont attack him or anything. I give you my word”

“then you may come but dont tell anybody about him. People scare him, villagers killed his wife simply because they looked scary. Gulliver and Kara never did a thing to anybody but they broke into their home in the night because he’s half demon, half monster and she was a demon.”

“My lips are sealed, lets get going” Jack was nervous as they walked along. He knew his cousin would befriend anything under the sun if it showed her any sort of kindness. He shuttered to think about what she may have been talking to the last month. The two made it out to the lake and Sophie said in a very serious tone “If I see your hand so much as reach for your sword I will be pissed. Do you understand me?”

“I wont Soph.”

“alright, we’re almost there”

~ Chapter 5 ~

Jack kept very close to Sophie as they approached Gullivans cave. “Gullivan” Sophie said softly. A dim light suddenly was showing in the dark cave. “Come, he’s home” Jack was tempted to unsheathe his sword but left it alone. Sophie could make you feel like the worst person on the planet with one look. It got much brighter suddenly as they went lower into the cave. Gullivan saw Jack behind Sophie and jumped “No! No!” He cried “a man follows you sweet friend Sophie! He’ll hurt me! He’ll destroy my pretty things!” Sophie ran towards the very large creature. He was 6’10, his three rows of teeth pointed, he was covered in orange and dark brown hair everywhere except his face that was thin and long. Gullivans eyes were yellow with a red cornea in one and a blue cornea in the other. Gullivans also had huge bat like wings that Jack couldn’t see because they folded together against his back when not in use.

Sophie hugged Gullivan “Jack wont hurt you. I’d never bring someone with me that would hurt you Gullivan. He’s my cousin. A new friend for you. He wanted to help us with my vows for Charles” Jack was confused to see such a large beast cowering so. He was confused in general. His instincts from how he was trained begged him to pull Sophie away and run home but he promised her. He gave Sophie his word he wouldn’t upset Gullivan and he wouldn’t tell the people in the village. Gullivan slowly stood and set Sophie down. “Nice to meet you Jack. Any relative of sweet Sophie must be good. I’m sorry I reacted the way I did. Humans only try to hurt me. I try to keep out of the way but they always run into me it seems. Sophies the only one who is nice, the only one who doesn’t look at me the way you are.”

“I’m sorry” Jack said looking away. “Don’t be sorry. Atleast you are ignoreing the urge to kill me”

“I’m sorry too gullivan. I should’ve came in alone first.”

“You never be sorry. You are a good friend to me and bring me happiness when you come. You were only bringing me a new friend. No sorries from you Sophie” jack started looking at all the shelves with beautiful bugs, stones and various other items on them. Gullivan smiled “You may touch everything but the shelf all the way at the back. Those belonged to my wife. It’s all I have left of her. Speaking of that Sophie, I made a new box to hold the clips she used to put in her hair. Would you like to see?”

“Yes please”

“Follow then” Sophie began to walk further back with Gullivan, Jack quickly got beside Sophie. Gullivan frowned smelling the boys fear for Sophies safety. He tried to change it to a happier mood. “Your scent is once again smothered in your husbands Sophie. He must truly hold you and touch you every chance he gets. A demon with any less of a nose wouldn’t even be able to find your scent under his.” Sophie smiled brightly “Yeah, he’s so sweet and affectionate.”

“He’s smart to be. He’s lucky to have such a nice, pretty wife. I was so lucky too. I wish I would’ve held Kara more.”

“I’m sure you were a great husband. Don’t go into that again Gullivan. No regrets for things you can’t change” They made it to his shelf of Karas things. He grabbed the box and handed it to Sophie “wow Gullivan. This is almost as beautiful as the music box Charles bought me” Gullivan smiled “That’s a high compliment. The only thing I’ve ever thought was prettier than that music box was my wife.”

“I can see why this took you so long.” Gullivan nodded “Yes it will never truly be a replacement for her original box but its very pretty.”

“what happened to the old one?” Jack asked “I dropped it and it broke into many pieces.” Gullivan was relieved that some of Jacks fear was gone. He’d never hurt Sophie. Sophie was his best friend. He only had one other friend in the world but Sophie was still his best. Her visits meant a lot to him. She eased his pain better than any of the pretty things he got to keep. “shall we work on your vows now Sophie?”

“Yeah, I love what we got on paper last time so we’ll just go from there.”

“alright, tell me about more times you were most happy with your Charles then and I’ll give you words you can say to him or we can just go with random things or thoughts you have around him.”

“I’ll tell you about my feelings when he last held me and when I woke to him holding my hand this morning” Gullivan smiled, it showed his three rows of teeth which added to Jacks fear. Gullivan didn’t notice. He loved hearing of such a happy relationship. He felt Sophie deserved that kind of love. Her stories of Charles often helped him remember happy times with his Kara. They finally finished her vows completely. Sophie gave Gullivan a tight and long hug “thank you so much for all your help!”

“Thank you for brightening my home. I hope you’ll still come now that we’re done.”

“Of course I will. I wish you’d come to my wedding. I wouldn’t let the villagers harm you.”

“I appreciate the offer but it’s too scary. You haven’t told anybody but your cousin right?”

“No I haven’t”

“Thank you, you have too kind of a soul to really comprehend how evil other humans can be. You may think they’d treat me nicely but they wouldn’t Sophie. They don’t have the heart you do. I’d ruin your wedding day.”

“If they caused a fuss it would be them ruining my day, not you”

“well, I don’t want anything to ruin such a special day for you and your love. Just come tell me about how it went when you can.”

“I will” Sophie smiled then told her cousin they were going home. Charles and Ephriam were wrestling in front of their home. Ephriam kept challenging Charles over and over. Each time Charles beat him he got even more frustrated. Charles got distracted when he saw Sophie coming which gave Ephriam the window to push Charles to the ground. Charles growled and quickly beat Ephriam so he could hug Sophie. Ephriam sat there even more upset. Charles just flipped him back and beat him so fast. He now realized Charles had been going easy on him this whole time and he still couldn’t beat the man.

“where’d you go after your dress fitting?”

“To work on my vows. I’m finally done”

“good” Charles said then kissed her. “having fun with Ephriam?”

“Yep, I’m glad he came”

~ Chapter 6  ~

They went inside and had the dinner Courtney made. After dinner they all sat in the living room a long while just talking about their days. “You look tired Sophie, why don’t you take her to bed Charles” Noah said. Charles didn’t have to be asked twice. He scooped Sophie up and went up to their room after saying goodnight. Charles locked the door and began undressing Sophie. He then took his own clothes off then pressed their bodies together. He let out a very content sigh. Sophie giggled, making Charles smile and say “I was just craving contact with your beautiful skin”

“I could tell. You almost ripped my clothes off”


“It’s fine, I love how you still crave me so much after living with me for almost a year.”

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted Sophie, all I need to be happy. I’m afraid I’ll completely smother you once everyone is gone and I can have you to myself again. Honestly with all the sex I plan to have with you, you wont be able to move anyway to escape me.” Sophie giggled again then kissed him. “I look forward to it” Charles got over her and started kissing all over her breasts. “Charles, we can’t”

“I’m not going to make love to you. I just want to kiss every inch of your skin.” He slowly went all over Sophies body kissing every bit of her. Finally he joined their lips together for a few moments then spoke “Goodnight my love. I hope you know the depths of my feelings for you. That I’ll do anything even just to make a small smile appear on that beautiful face.”

“I love you too Charles, so very much. You’re so handsome and sweet. You make everything fun no matter what we’re doing. I enjoy every second with you. I’m glad you built our house so fast.” Charles smiled “I worked as hard as I could without you getting upset. I wanted to live with you so badly. It’s been so perfect, I just want us to be married so everybody will call you Sophie Radkey. You’d think this close to your wedding they’d quit calling you Sophie Wilkinson.”

“I think they do that incase one of us backs out. We aren’t married until we’re married is how most think.” Charles suddenly looked upset “what baby?”

“You wont change your mind right?” Charles said as his heart sunk a little in sadness and worry. She pulled him down “didn’t I just tell you how happy I am. I wont back out. I love you so much. I can’t wait to marry you.”

“then lets not wait. Can’t we hurry our wedding? Please Sophie, I want you to be my wife. Everybodies here baby”

“Charles, nothing will change except what my last name is.”

“alot will change to me. When we go places I can introduce you as my wife, people will use my last name at the end of your first name. You’ll really be mine forever and the dream I’ve had since I was a little boy will come true.” Charles started crying as his voice broke with the last sentence. Sophie held him. He said softly through his tears “I just love you so much. So much I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes” He lifted her up and cradled her as he rested against the headboard. “I’m sorry, I’m crying all over you.”

“It’s sweet baby. I’ll talk to my dad and see about moving up our wedding.”

“Thank you, I’m not being too pushy am I?”

“No, you’re being crazy sweet though. My heart might burst” Charles smiled as Sophie wiped his tears away then kissed where they were. “want to go walking under the stars with me?”

“I’d rather carry you as I walk under the stars.” Sophie giggled “Ok” They got dressed then went outside quietly. They enjoyed the cool night air against their skin. Sophie marveled at the stars while Charles admired the look on Sophies face. He could stare at her forever. He wanted to be able to. Sophie noticed he wasn’t looking at the sky and laughed “i love you. Lets lay down together you romantic, sweet man.” Charles smiled and put her down then laid flat. Sophie put her head on his chest and he grabbed her hand. Charles decided to lay out here with Sophie until she fell asleep then he’d carry her back home.

Gullivan could smell Sophie out and worried. The most dangerous creatures came out at night. He flew out of his cave and then into a group of trees around where she was. He was happy to see her husband there. He thought she was alone because Charles scent drowned out hers so much. If it were possible to fully erase anothers scent with your own he would have. He took another long intake of the air catching somthing weird in Charles scent. He couldn’t figure out what was off about it, Then he realized. It was so watered down with human blood it was hard to catch but he could because he had inherited his fathers nose. It had to be atleast five generations back but Charles had a small amount of demon blood in him. He couldn’t smell it on Sophie because it was barely there in his system.Now all of Sophies stories about Charles didn’t seem so far fetched. He was so skilled and strong with that hot head because he had demon running through his veins. A few more generations and it would be fully destroyed but it was still there.

Gullivan smiled, he was glad that far back in time a demon managed to live among humans in order to keep a line going that would enable Sophie to have her love. If the other villagers would have known there would be no Charles today to make Sophie so happy. Gullivan wondered if it came from his mother or father. From what Sophie told of Charlies dad he guessed it was in his fathers line. It’s probably what made his dad so cold. Gullivan decided to keep what he smelled to himself. Even this watered down if it got passed around someone far back in Charles line had been a demon he’d be rejected and treated like a full blooded demon even though they had accepted him so long. He knew too well the cruelty of people and how no demon, no matter how little blood they had could be accepted. No matter how nice you were they’d just try to kill you and claim you were the evil one.

~ Chapter 7 ~

Gullivan sat there just incase somthing came out. He knew Charles was strong but since he was there anyway he’d offer assistance if somthing tried to hurt them. Charles felt all of Sophies weight fall and knew she was sleeping. He moved slowly and got his arms under her gently. Once he had a good hold of her he started walking slowly home. Charles was quite about opening the door but then Ephriam spoke loudly, everything had been so quite outside it sounded like Ephriam was yelling even though he spoke in a normal tone “what were you doing out?” Sophie jumped and Charles glowered at Ephriam. “I’m sorry Sophie.”

“It’s ok, what were you saying?”

“I wondered what you two were doing out.” Ephriam said in a nervous tone. Charles wasn’t scowling any longer but that look he gave when Sophie jumped sent a cold chill up his spine and made his heart race in fear. “we were enjoying the stars. I guess I fell asleep and we’re going to bed now.”

“want me to take you back out so you can fall asleep looking at the stars again”

“It’s fine baby, no sense in you walking all the way back out there.”

“It’s not any trouble.”

“I know, just take me to our room.” Charles kissed her head and started going up the stairs without another word to Ephriam. Sophie whispered “goodnight Ephriam”

“Night Sophie, I’m sorry I startled you” When they were in their room Charles stood Sophie up so they could both get undressed again. “Charles, it’s not a big deal. I can tell you’re upset”

“he’s such an idiot. That’s why I don’t like people in our house. The last thing you should’ve seen before morning was the beautiful damn stars but no, his loud mouth scared you and here you are awake again.” Charles spoke trying to sound less angry than he was. Sophie hugged him “I like looking at you more than I like looking at the stars. I don’t care that he woke me up.” Charles sighed as he held Sophie close. She kissed his chest sending his heart offbeat and making him smile. Charles could feel his anger dissipate as Sophie grabbed his face so she could move her lips against his. She pulled away saying “he was only being friendly baby. Ephriam didn’t know he’d scare me. Will you rub me to sleep?” Charles traced Sophies neck then shoulder with soft, slow kisses. He felt the warmth of happiness spread through him when he saw goosbumps appear on Sophie “of course I will.”

Sophie got in bed with Charles close behind. Charles grabbed his fiance then pulled her until her body met his. Charles kissed the top of her head as he took in how amazing she always smelled. Her scent relaxed every muscle in his body, in this moment he even forgot about Ephriam. Charles let out a peaceful sigh then began to rub Sophie. His fingers barely touched her as they moved. The lighter he could do it the better it felt to Sophie. “do you have anything you need to do tomorrow?”

“Hunting” Charles spoke the word as if it were a horrible fate. Sophie almost laughed “I’m sure it’ll be quick. Besides it’ll give me some time with my dad in the morning. I’ll go have breakfast with him.”

“Sounds good, tell him I’ll do whatever it takes to have our wedding sooner.”

“I will”

“Good, get some sleep now Sophie.” Sophie gave Charles a kiss on the chest again then allowed his gentle touch to ease her to sleep. When she was gone to the world he tilted Sophies head up then placed a heartfelt kiss on her forehead. “sweet dreams Sophie Radkey” Charles enjoyed the time with his fiance a little longer before drifting off. He never knew how long hunting would take. Also with Sophie going to see her dad tomorrow she may not be back until that night. Charles only half slept just incase Sophie tried to leave him without telling him bye. Hunting seemed to go better when he got a kiss from her before he left.

~ Chapter 8 ~

Sophie woke then started to lift Charles arm off of her when he suddenly moved. “I’m sorry Charles”

“Don’t be, I want to get hunting with Kaji, Philip and a few of my cousins done as early as possible. It gets too hot later in the day and i need my kiss.” Sophie smiled then got over him. Sophie decided to be bad and slip her tongue in his mouth. Charles sat up so she was now straddling his lap as he slid his hands back in her hair. Sophie whimpered making Charles grow hard. She felt him pressing against her and smiled. “That noise wasn’t very fair to me Sophie”

“I couldn’t help it. You excited me”

“You started it by slipping your tongue in my mouth.”

“Couldn’t resist.” Charles bit her shoulder hard, making Sophie have to suppress a moan. Charles smiled wide when he saw the want in Sophies face. Charles whispered in Sophies ear “Can you keep quite enough for me to play a little before you go? I promise, only one orgasm and I’ll stop.” Sophies skin got a little warmer and she nodded. Sophie began to kiss Charles again as he laid her down on the bed. One hand stayed in her hair while the other explored her body until he got between her legs. Sophie kept herself silent until he brought her to orgasm. Charles mouth against hers kept it contained enough that they knew their guests didn’t hear. Charles voice was heavy with want as he said ‘I love you so much baby. Get dressed and catch your dad.”

“are you sure you don’t want me to fix you?”

“I’d rather get married to you faster than you do that for me. Just go before I become too weak to let you.” Sophie got from under her fiance then threw on some clothes. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before exiting their room. The two fingers he had in Sophie were soaked. Charles sucked Sophies liquid off his fingers, savouring the taste in his mouth before he jerked himself down to thoughts of her moans and body writhing. When he was done he pulled clothes on then walked downstairs. Ephriam looked nervous as soon as Charles came in the room. ¬†As Charles was getting a drink Ephriam said “I’m so sorry about last night” Charles hadn’t realized why he looked so nervous but now it hit Charles. The time between then and now with Sophie had wiped it from his thoughts since she wasn’t bothered atall. “It’s fine, she wasn’t upset so I’m not upset. For now on if I come in with Sophie that late don’t speak to us or I will be pissed even if she isn’t upset. You are only getting off this time because we had a really nice evening and morning.” Jack came down and into the kitchen “Morning Charles”

“Morning Jack”

“where you going today?

“To hunt”

“Can I come?”

“please, the help would be nice” Ephriam still felt a little afraid of Charles so decided to stay. He couldn’t get over the look in Charles eyes when Sophie jumped. “I’m going now Jack so come on. We have to meet the other men.”

“Why don’t you come Ephriam?”

“I’m fine, I saw some cute girls yesterday I might track down.” Jack laughed “always have girls on the brain”

“That’s easy to tease about when you have somebody Jack”

“True, sorry Ephriam” Ephriam sighed “well, I shouldn’t have gotten so drunk I suppose” Sophie quickly got to her fathers house and knocked on the door. Her mother answered “he’s still sleeping button. He’d probably be pleasantly surprised if his daughter woke him though. He isn’t dressed so I’d knock on his door.”

“Thanks mom” Sophie ran upstairs and knocked loudly. Rowne got up slowly wondering why his wife would knock. As he stood he smiled and quickly got dressed realizing it must be his daughter. Sophie leapt into his arms when he pulled open his bedroom door “Good morning Sophie, what do I owe this pleasure? You don’t come see me nearly enough.”

“I’m sorry dad, I came to talk to you about my wedding.” Rowne frowned. He was hoping she came to just hangout with him. He decided to ask “could you spend the day with your old man? We’ll talk about it over the course of the day.”

“I’d love to, in fact I think we need to have a father daughter day atleast once every two weeks.”

“I’d really like that. I’ve missed you, this house isn’t the same without my little Sophie. You got big on me and are already getting married. Atleast I saw that boys proposal coming. I never thought it would be on your coming of age journey but I knew he’d swoop you up quick if you’d have him” Sophie smiled “I’m sorry, I should come by more.”

“No more sorrys ok? Come to the market with me. I want to buy your mother an anniversary gift. It’s in two months but I want to be looking early.”

“sounds fun” Rowne kissed his wife “I’ll be spending the day out with Sophie so don’t expect me for lunch.”

“Have fun.” They walked out the door then Sophie asked “anything specific in mind?”

“Not really but I thought it would be a fun way to start our day. Maybe we can go fishing for our lunch.”

“I haven’t been fishing in so long! Lets do it!” Rowne smiled and they just made small talk until they got to the market. Sophie felt too guilty about not hanging out with her dad to talk about the wedding just yet. She could see a lot of sadness in his face when he was talking about missing her around the house. She’d talk to him while they were fishing. Sophie was glad they would be in the market again without Charles around so she could love on a stuffed bunny she found ridiculously cute. She didn’t want Charles to buy it for her because she felt too old for stuffed animals. Sophie could only hold it when Charles wasn’t around because any item she lingered at too long he’d want to buy it for her. Rowne was like that too but much easier to talk out of doing it. They browsed around being stopped by various family members to chat for a bit. Sophie loved seeing so much of her family and Charles at once.¬†She hadn’t realized how much of Charlies family she didn’t know before they were all here. Finally they found the booth that had the stuffed bunny she adored so much. She almost ran to it. The elderly woman who made it laughed “hello again Sophie”

“Hey Anara”

“Come to hug that bunny again?”

“Yes mam, you still don’t mind right?”

“Oh no, come as much as you like until someone buys it.” Rowne spoke “I can buy that for you Sophie.”

“It’s alright dad, I love to look at and hold it but I’m really too old for stuffed animals.”

“Nonsense, why is twenty one too old?”

“I don’t know, stuffed animals are for little girls dad.”

“You’ll always be mine” That made Sophie smile “dad I don’t want to take it home.”

“Correction, you DO want to take it home but you wont because you feel too old for it for whatever crazy reason” Sophie laughed “Dad”

“Ok, I wont buy it. When you come to your senses I’ll be happy to though” Sophie giggled “alright dad lets move on. Thank you Anara.”

“anytime sweetheart” Rowne added “You’ll make another one if she gets over this too old thing too late right?”

“I’d be happy to Rowne”

“I’ll pay you extra for your trouble if it comes to that” Sophie laughed again and nudged her dad. He smiled down at her then they kept walking through to find an anniversary present. Rowne settled on a pair of earrings and gave them to Sophie “will you keep this at your house so your mother doesn’t find them?”

“Of course, lets take them now before we lose them”

“Good idea, can I carry you so we dont waste any of our day together?” Sophie felt a sad tug at her heart “Of course you can dad.” Rowne smiled and picked her up before taking off in a fast run. It wasn’t long before he was setting her down at their front door. “You really don’t want to waste time huh?” Sophie said almost laughing at how fast Rowne got them there.

~ Chapter 9 ~

Sophie quickly put them in her underwear drawer then met her dad downstairs. “ready to fish?”

“Yes, Lets not go home and get yours. You can use my husbands” Sophie shook her head “I meant fiance.”

“This close you may aswell call him your husband”

“I like to”

‘well with me, call him your husband. He’s still treating you like you deserve right?” Sophie giggled “If you mean is he nice to me, he still treats me like I’m queen of the universe.”

“good, he better always treat you that way.”

“Hasn’t he our whole life?”

“Yes but somtimes its easy to get sucked into things and forget to be the spouse your other half deserves. I have no doubt Charles will always love you but dont let him ever start to neglect you. Make sure you tell him right away. I know he will never do it on purpose but he may do it on accident out of being busy”

“Ok dad, get out of papa bear mode and come fish with me. Charles is an amazing fiance and will be a wonderful husband and father.”

“Father? Are you pregnant Sophie?” They were almost to the river when Rowne asked that “daddy! No I’m not! Don’t say somthing like that so loud outside. Do you know how many people are in this village right now?” Rowne laughed “sorry sweetheart”

“I just said father because I’m excited about kids and I think about it alot.”

“well I hope you’re blessed with kids shortly after marriage.”

“Thanks dad” They arrived at the river and put their lines in. “so dad”

“Yes Sophie?”

“Charles and I want to get married sooner than our wedding date if possible.”

“Charles getting impatient on us?” Sophie laughed and Rowne nodded with a huge grin “That boy, he’s a dads dream.”

“How so?”

“Every dad dreams of their daughter finding the perfect man for her. I’ve seen many times when you two were growing up how deeply he loves you. That man was devoted to you even when you weren’t his fiance. I don’t worry he’ll ever cheat on you, beat you or stop treating you with respect. He loves you very deeply and I’m not shocked he’s wanting to have the wedding sooner”

“what can we do to speed it up?”

“The only big thing needed is for the trellis to be finished. Once that’s done we could have the wedding the very next day if you two wanted.”

“How close is it?”

“To be honest, about one fourth of the way done. The man in charge of making it has been very sick and can’t work on it. Tell Charles to meet me tomorrow morning at sunrise in front of my home. We’ll pay a visit to him and see if he’ll let Charles take over and finish it. It should take Charles two days.” Sophie smiled excitedly “he’ll be so happy to hear we could possibly be married in three days. I can’t wait to see his face tonight.”

“After I get Charles started on that I’ll make sure the village is informed on the change of date.”

“Thank you so much dad” Just as Sophie said that there was a tug on her line. The fish was very strong so she had trouble keeping her footing. Rowne tried to take the rod but she wouldn’t let him. It took a good bit of her energy but she managed to reel it in. Rowne was shocked at it’s size. “we’ll have plenty to eat with leftovers from that. We’ll have to go home to cook it.” Sophie had a very proud and satisfied look on her face. Rowne gave her a prideful smile “My baby girl, always amazing me” The two walked back to Rownes house to cook the fish and share it with Sophies mom if she was home.

Charles, Kaji, Philip and Jack returned with Charlies cousins. They were all very happy and proud to finish by lunch. They distributed the food where it was needed then went on about their lives. Charles left Jack behind in his rush to get home to Sophie. He hoped he would see her there. To his disappointment the only person there to greet him was Courtney. “Sophie still isn’t home” Charles sighed and asked her how her day was out of politeness. He knew Sophie would want him to be friendly with their guests. “My days been very peaceful. I was napping until Sophie came running in here with Rowne. They were very loud but I was glad to hear them having such a good time.” Courtney could see how disappointed Charles was Sophie wasn’t there so she told him what she heard to cheer him up.

“Turn that frown upside down Charles. Sophies very excited to be marrying you.” Charles gave her a puzzled look. Courtney smiled and continued “She called you her husband when she was talking to her father. To quote Sophie,¬†Lets not go home and get yours. You can use my husbands.” Charles smiled and went to their room to get a change of clothes so he could shower and be clean when Sophie got home. There was nothing that could wipe the grin of his face. He loved that she called him her husband. He wondered if she did to anybody else besides her dad.

~ Chapter 10 ~

After lunch Rowne wanted to take Sophie running through the treetops. It was one thing they did together that she never did with Charles. He wasn’t brave enough to take her up that high since it was somthing he didn’t do a lot. It was their thing and he hoped Charles would never get brave enough to do that with her. Sophie got on his back then Rowne ran off to find a good cluster of trees. Once he found a good spot so they could run awhile Rowne climbed up. “You ready?”

“Mhm” Rowne loved how excited his daughter sounded. Rowne jumped along the trees very fast as he held tightly to Sophies legs. Sophie laughed and just enjoyed being so high and feeling the wind against her face. Rowne ran until he couldn’t any longer then jumped down. He let Sophie go once he had stood up and she hugged him “Thank you so much dad! That was great! Mom doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

“I know, I tried getting her to do that with me again a few weeks ago. She is still too afraid.”

“Her loss. I know you quit because you’re exhausted so sit down and I’ll find us somthing to eat.” Rowne nodded then collapsed on the ground. Sophie giggled at the sight of her father laying flat on the grass. Sophie walked along looking for somthing to eat. She had been here once with Charles but it was so long ago she didn’t really remember this place well. Sophie found some bushes that were bountiful with berries. She began to pick some and put them in a small bag she had on her hip. A man scared her making her squish a few in her hands. She turned and he said “calm down love.”

“I’m Sophie, not love.”

“Calm down Sophie. I heard you giggling in the trees so I followed you two.”


“I just wanted to meet the woman who is marrying Charles.”

“oh, you’re a relative of my fiance?” The man smiled “I very much am but I haven’t spoken to anyone in my family for many years. In fact, I’ve only met Charles one time. It was brief but I can say I met him when he was two.”


“I’m not good for them.” Sophie looked confused. “I will not burden those beautiful ears with why even though I can tell you want to know. Please don’t be so tense. I only wanted to meet you. I’ve been waiting for a chance but you’re never alone. I can’t see my family so I had to wait for you to be alone. Your scent tells me you are an honest and good woman. The man who told me Charles was marrying you also told me nothing but good stories. I hear you make Charles very happy”

“Family needs eachother, whatever you did I’m sure they’ll forgive you.” the man laughed then smiled warmly “It’s nothing like that sweetheart.”

“whatever it is, if you’re related to Charles you should come to our wedding. Please.” The man smiled showing some teeth. A few were pointed like Gullivans. Sophie felt a little uneasy at the sight. Only demons or monsters ever had pointed teeth. She was now worried because he had to be lieing about being related to Charles. He could smell the fear and realized what she had seen. He shut his mouth quickly then said “what’s wrong?”

“your teeth..” He opened his mouth and they were all normal, just as human as the rest of him. “what’s wrong with them?”

“I guess nothing, maybe I’m over stressed since the wedding is so near”

“Probably, so much to do. I love weddings even though they can be a huge headache.”

“If you love them so much you need to come.”

“I guess i will on the condition I wear a hooded shirt and sit in the back. I don’t want anyone to see me.”

“If thats what it takes to get you there fine. Every bit of Charlies family should be there. I’m so glad you’re willing to come atall. Maybe you can get back in touch with everybody” He shook his head “I can’t Sophie. You are so sweet but I truly can’t. I’ll leave the second the ceremony is over.” Sophie sighed “what’s your name?”


“That’s an interesting name but not suprising from such an odd man. I hope me saying so doesn’t offend you.”

“Not atall, I’m glad you are so set on me coming to your wedding. It’ll be nice to see Charles marry what I hear is the girl of his dreams.”

“Who told you”

“My son Abraxas”

“How did he know?”

“He keeps watch over my family for me. He visited your village a few months ago. You wont recognize him though. He would’ve looked severly wounded with bandage covering most his face.” Sophie decided not to question further. The man seemed to be getting very uncomfortable. “want to meet my dad?”

‘No thank you, I would like a hug though” Sophie gave him a very warm, loving hug. She felt bad he was distant from his family members. She wished he would even try to get close to them again. Sophie hoped sombody at the wedding would recognize him even if he was hooded and speak to him. She would love to get to know Chthon further if she could. His voice was so kind, even his eyes poured warmth. She felt bad for briefly believing him to be a demon trying to trick her. “Invite your son too”

“I will, thank you for the hug and for being such a sweetheart. My sons talk of you was obviously very true. Charles chose a wife well, I’m proud of him for that and what a good man he’s become. I’m so glad he’s been able¬†to live such a happy and full life”

“He has a good heart and is doing better at controlling his temper.” Chthon laughed “Bad tempers run rampid through my line. I doubt it will ever be fully tamed. You best stay by his side, only the love of a good woman can tame the kind of temper in Charles. Promise me you’ll never leave him?”

“I wouldn’t want to” Chthon smiled and hugged her again “good, be safe out here Sophie. I will see you on your wedding day.”

“Bye! You be safe too!”

~ Chapter 11 ~

Sophie picked a few more berries then ran until she reached her father. “I was starting to worry about you. You took a long time”


“It’s ok, I’m sorry it took you so long to find food.”

“No, I ran into one of Charlies relatives and we talked.”

“Oh, they are everywhere aren’t they?” Sophie nodded and the two ate. Rowne sighed as he looked at the sky “already nearing dinner time. I ran with you longer than I thought”

“It was a really fun day. There will be much less chaos after the wedding and I promise to visit more. I feel like a bad daughter”

“I will be happy for you to visit more but do not call yourself a bad daughter. I know the wedding keeps you busy. I even know from Charles pouting on hunts that he doesn’t get a lot of time with you either. Lets go swimming and then I’ll take you home.”

“sounds fun, isn’t there a lake really close to here”

“Yes, I take it you’ve been around here with Charles?”

“Yeah, we were having a romantic day out” Rowne smiled and picked up his daughter. “Now it’s time to finish your fun day out with your dad.” Sophie smiled and held tight to him. They swam and laughed until the sky became tinted with red. Sophie dried them with the wind then Rowne ran to Sophies house. Sophie tightly hugged her father then told him “You better be up with the sun, with how badly Charles wanted this wedding rushed I’ll be surprised if he waits for the sun to rise.” Rowne laughed heartily. “I know, I’m going to bed straight after dinner”

“I love you dad.”

“I love you too Sophie. Hurry inside before Charles paces a hole in the floor.” Sophie smiled then turned to walk into her home. As soon as she walked in the smell of food hit her nose making her even hungrier. Sophie was about to walk in the kitchen when suddenly Charles had his arms around her. He spun Sophie in a circle then kissed her before setting her down. He had heard her come in and wiped the sweat off before running down. Charles got impatient waiting on Sophie and decided to pass the time doing push ups in their room until she got home. “I’m so happy youre back. Did you have fun with Rowne?”

“Yep, looks like you’ve been sweating”

“Yeah, I was doing push ups in our room while I waited for you. I tried to wipe as much off as I could before coming down. I’m going to shower now that you’re back. I will be out as fast as possible.”

“Ok, I’ll be in the kitchen” Charles kissed Sophie again then ran back upstairs. Sophie shook her head. No matter how much She told Charles she didn’t care how sweaty or dirty he was he still worried about how he looked or smelled around her. It was sweet though he cared so much. Sophie walked into the kitchen like she tried to before then asked “can I help you?”

“I’m very near done but thanks for the offer” Sophie sat on the counter “how was yor day Courtney?”

“Really good for me. It seemed terrible for Charles” Courtney couldn’t help but giggle. Sophie smiled “you should have made him go somwhere.”

“Well he did a few things but then just shut himself in his room. I was wondering what he was doing but I heard him tell you in there he was doing push ups. I’m not surprised, must take a lot of work to keep a body like that.” Sophie was so used to Charles being shirtless it only hit her just then Charles had come out in only pants. “Yeah, he does have an amazing body. I guess your husband isn’t home?” Courtney laughed “No, the men decided to sleep in the woods tonight. They thought it would be fun. In fact, I’m thinking of going to your parents house tonight so you two can be alone.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to, I’m leaving after dinner is finished.” Charles was coming down the stairs as she said that “where are you going?”

“To Sophies parents house after dinner. You two love birds will be alone tonight.” Charles face lit up making Sophie smile even more. Courtney had to force back a giggle. Dinner was soon ready and on the table. Sophie and Courtney discussed what she did with Rowne today as they ate. When they were all done. Courtney hugged Sophie and Charles “Bye, I’ll be back in the morning”

“bye, you sure you don’t want Charles to walk with you over to my house?”

“I’m sure Sophie.” As soon as Sophie shut the door and turned around Charles picked her up so that her legs wrapped around him. He started to kiss her hungrily. His untamed lust exciting her as he walked up the stairs. He pulled back once they were in their room. His eyes filled with deep love and need for her. Charles gazed at Sophie as though she was a goddess. Sophie smiled, hoping he saw the same amount of love in her own eyes. That she made him as weak as he was making her with that look. Sophie expected to be thrown on their bed right away but he just stood there, looking deep into her eyes. Sophie didn’t move, she adored being looked at like that. Without words he could express how intensely his love burned for her.

“I love you too” She eventually whispered making him smile “I’m sorry, I just get so lost in how amazing and beautiful you are.” Sophie began to kiss him again. This time he kissed back slow and sweetly. Charles wanted her to feel how much he adored her, how ecstatic he was about marrying her. Charles walked over to their bed, slowly laying Sophie down as his lips kept moving with hers. “What did your dad say?” He said crouching over Sophie. “That the only big thing to do is the trellis. He wants you to come over in the morning so you can get started. he says it should only take you two days.” Charles heart gave a little flip of joy. He kissed her head “I’m so glad, only two more days and I get to be your husband.”

“You don’t get to be anything. I’m the lucky one.” Charles shook his head lightly “I will always be the luckiest man in the world to have you. You’re the reason my heart beats. You are all that I need to be happy Sophie.” Sophie ran her hands along his six pack then across his hard, tight chest. “You are so sexy Charles”

“good, I try to be” Sophie smiled. Charles leaned down and bit her earlobe then whispered “I’m going to make love to you for a very long time and slowly to make up for all the time I’ve missed.” When the sun was high in the sky Chthon made his way to Pauls house. He wanted to let him know he was attending the wedding so Paul wouldn’t be shocked to see him there. Even though he’d be hooded Chthon knew Paul would know it was him, especially if Abraxas came. Chthon knocked, when Drea answered she greeted him with a tight hug “It’s been twenty years since you’ve been here! Hurry inside” Chthon did and Paul came in looking unhappy to see him “what are you doing here?”

“Shut up and listen before you go blowing your top. When Abraxas came to visit to see how you were doing he came back and told me everything you told him about Sophie. Yes the three of us agreed to let Charles live in ignorant bliss to his bloodline so I’ve kept my distance like you asked of me but I absolutely had to meet Sophie. You two don’t understand how hard it is to not get to be with your family. You and your future generations are all I’ll ever have of my Ruth. She didn’t want to become a demon since it meant one day leaving the village. She loved everybody here and I respected her wishes no matter how much they hurt. I let her stay a mortal and die when her body grew too old to move on. I actually went through the pain of faking my death when I was late in my forties according to what the villagers thought because I couldn’t stay any longer without the villagers knowing I wasn’t human. It took all my strength to walk away and only see Ruth every few months until she died.” Chthon was visibly close to tears as he spoke which shocked Paul into keeping silent as Chthon continued.

“All I’ve ever had left since her death is the occasionally visits from our descendants. The brief visits in the night so i can get to know you all and feel a small portion of the happiness I had with her. So many generations have passed we’ve now made it to Charles who barely has any demon in him atall and we never told him he was anything different from the other people here so soon I wont even get to see our descendants. I’ll be completely alone because I can’t fall in love again. I’ve actually tried but I can’t. Ruth still is all that resounds in my head. I am coming to this wedding and will not tell Charles why or who I am I promise. He’s happy and I wouldn’t dream of giving him the burden of knowing his lineage. It was a blessing to meet Sophie and I’m glad Abraxas told me about her. I talked to Sophie today just saying I was family but not how I was family. She insisted I come to this wedding and I’m going to go no matter how you feel about it Paul” Drea hugged Chthon again. He seemed grateful to have it and held her tightly against him.

~ Chapter 12 ~

“I think this is good for you too Chthon” Drea said when he let her go. “How could this be good for me? I’m so sad. I’ve always wanted to get to know Charles but have forced myself not to. I miss you all”

“It’s good because you need to move on. Ruth wouldn’t have wanted you to be alone for the rest of your eternity. You could love again if you allowed yourself to. Instead of letting your heart move on you’ve consumed yourself with the generations that have proceeded you two. After the wedding, no more visists from Abraxas. You need to find love again and be happy. I know you’ll never forget Ruth but you need to find someone to make you happy again. If you keep sending him you will never move past this book in the huge collection you’ll have in your eternity. Put this book on the shelf and pick another life story. Chthon hugged Drea again “I will try, I really will. Maybe I do need to leave and never look back to be happy again. I just really wish she would have wanted forever with me.”

“She did, she had forever with you as a human. You know she just loved her family and friends too much to ever be truly happy leaving them” Chthon nodded. Paul just stomped upstairs making Chthon sigh “He is by far the worst of my decendants. To think he helped give life to Charles whom I’m most proud of”

“You like Charles best? You barely know him.”

“You have always told Abraxas about him and he’s watched Charles many times for me. I’ve heard plenty from other demons too about his strength and valor. Especially when it comes to Sophie. Their passion runs as deep as mine did with Ruth. The two of them remind me so much of the love we shared. This wedding will mean a lot to me. I wish I could have known the boy like I have the generations before him but this really was best for him. I know it’s been hard and stressful for my line with Ruth. Always worried the other humans will find out and your life ruined because of your blood. I’m glad Charles and the rest after him will be happy, never knowing I’m in their line.”

“we love you Chthon, very much. You’re a kind and amazing man. I can see many reasons Ruth loves you. Anybody should be proud to be your direct descendant. Humans fear creatures more powerful than they are though so reject them and try to opress their existence. Don’t put yourself down because humans are petty and fear what’s stronger than they are.” Chthon kissed Dreas cheek. “You are far too good a woman for that man up there.” Chthon pulled somthing out of his pocket. “Since I wont have anybody checking on you guys any longer I want you to have this whistle. It makes no sound that you can hear but it will call me if you’re in danger of any sort. Do not hesitate to use this if you have need of me. You are as much kin to me as Paul up there.”

“Thank you Chthon, why don’t you and Abraxas stay with us until the wedding. The guests we did have with us went home due to an emergency in their home village. We are alone here”

“sure they didn’t leave because of Paul?” Drea laughed “chthon”

“I’ll stay as long as Paul wont give you too much trouble because of it.”

“he wont, go get Abraxas and I’ll make rooms ready for the two of you” Chthon left with a smile. He ran off to call his son. Abraxas appeared “yes dad?”

“we are staying with Drea and Paul until the wedding. After this we will have no more contact with them.”


“Our wise Drea believes it will help me move on and let my heart love again.”

“I’ve thought that myself, she’s very smart and they don’t want you in contact with Charles anyway”

“Yeah, I’ll need you to help me stay away. Fight me if you must until I see the error in ever looking back to this village. This wonderful place where my Ruth once lived. When we get home, I think I will tell you the story of Ruth and I if you care to hear it.”

“I would love that very much dad”

“You do know I don’t love you any less than my children of Ruth right? I may not have loved your mother but I love you.”

“I do know, you show me a lot of love. I’ve never doubted you love me like them.” Chthon smiled and hugged his son “lets get in so we don’t keep Drea waiting” Abraxas nodded and they walked back to Dreas house. On the way Abraxas decided to spend more time around his dad. He was sure the man would need it since he was going to break away from the humans he loved so much. Abraxas wouldn’t say it to Chthon because he was so caring but he felt his dad did love them more than him because he had actual love with their mother. The only reason Chthon was in his life was because his mother died and Chthon took him in. Even though he felt his love was a bit less,¬†Chthon¬†was a wonderful dad and Abraxas was glad his father took him in and gave him such a good life when his mother died.

~ Chapter 13 ~

Their home that was just a half hour ago filled with moans and cries of passion was now silent after hours of making love. Sophie finally got too exhausted and needed to sleep. Charles was laying happily against the headboard as his fiance slept on his torso. He held her snugly against him, Sophies even breathing the only thing that could be heard in the stillness of their home. Charles decided to make Sophie breakfast in the morning before he left incase she was sore. They hadn’t made love like that in a very long time. He felt he probably over did it in his ecstasy about life with her. Charles had been in a euphoric state all day over what Courtney told him. Each minuet passed by slower than it normally would in his eagerness to express his love physically.

It took a lot of self control not to run straight to the room with her when he heard her open their door. He knew it was Sophie right away because when she was gone nothing felt right. Their home felt like a normal house when she wasn’t there to brighten it. Charles was tired too from working out in their bedroom. He had worked out earlier too before he finally settled on push ups to pass time. Ever since Sophie fell asleep a half hour ago Charles had been fighting rest. He waited all day to see his soon to be wife and was having a hard time allowing his eyes to close. He sighed then whispered a small portion of his wedding vows. “When I lay with you, listening to you breath. The life that flows inside of you, burns inside of me” He smiled thinking of all he had decided on. Still this very moment questioning if he should keep certain things in or add more to other things.

He tried so hard for what he said to her on their wedding day to accurately tell Sophie what he felt inside. It was just hard to explain to Sophie what he felt. The feelings that rushed inside of him when she was near were far beyond explanation. He did the best he could and hoped she would understand from that. The only thing that finally dragged Charles into sleep was wanting to be fully rested to work as hard as he could to finish the last thing needed so he could marry Sophie. He needed her by his side for the rest of his life, needed that smiling face to get him through the obstacles of his future and to help him not get angry so easily.

It seemed morning came seconds after his eyes were closed. He felt a little tired still but wanted to be married more than he wanted to sleep.”sophie” Charles whispered knowing he probably couldn’t get out of this position anyway without waking her. He said her name softly a few more times and she stirred “Hm?”

“I’m going to make you breakfast then leave.” Charles got from under Sophie positioned her back on the bed so she was comfortable. “is there anything you want?”

“More of you” Charles smiled with exhilaration. “well you can have more of me when we no longer have guests. I meant breakfast beautiful”

“anything you feel like making me” Charles kissed her cheek “I’ll be right back.” Sophie sighed contentedly while she just relaxed. She felt very sore and was glad he was making breakfast. She just wanted to lay in bed for awhile. Sophie wasn’t sure if she’d even be able to walk if she tried. Sophie had almost fallen back asleep when Charles returned with pancakes and sausage. Sophie sat up slowly, she found it really hard to accomplish. Now Sophie knew she wouldn’t be able to walk this morning. Charles handed Sophie the plated and put her glass of orangejuice beside the bed. Knowing Charles was waiting for her to Sophie took a bite “very good, thank you so much Charles”

“You’re welcome. I’ll be back tonight. Can I have a kiss before I go?”

“Of course, why even ask?” He bent down and gave her a long goodbye kiss. “I really love you deeply Sophie. Just waking to your stunning face every morning makes me feel elated and blessed that you’re mine”

“You’re far too sweet Charles. Do you want a hug? I can set my plate to the side.”

“I want one very badly”

“well come here then my sweet teddy bear” Charles guffawed as he hugged her. “What a wonderful sound to hear in the morning. That’s the only reason i called you that. You shouldn’t laugh though. You really do have the sweetest heart Charles.” He kissed her cheek before pulling back “Only for you”


“Bye Sophie” Charles forced himself to get dressed then move out of their room. Once he wasn’t looking at how cute she looked with her messed up hair from last night he could make himself run to Rownes house. To his delight Rowne was standing outside “I expected you earlier.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I made your daughter breakfast.” Rowne smiled “It’s not a problem. I figured you’d take a bit longer since you were abel to be alone with her last night.”

“what do we do?”

“Go talk to the man who was originally making the trellis so we can teach you how to do it. Once you know what you’re doing we will leave you to your work. Everythings set out in the field so you can just build it where it needs to be.”

“Ok, after you then” Rowne nodded and began walking with Charles. “I’m going to tell you about somthing as long as you pretend you so happened to buy it like you did that music box. Since you’ve bought somthing she desperately wanted on your own once she wont question if you do it again. I envy your ability to pick things for her.” Charles was excited “what is it?”

“Want to follow me to town so I can show you before we meet Nauta?”

“Please” Chares wanted to hurry but loved seeing Sophies smile when he got her a good gift. He’d just work harder to make up the time. Rowne and Charles weaved through the countless people as they talked about nothing. They knew if they were speaking nobody would stop them and waste their time. They reached the shop and Anara greeted them warmly “did you talk Sophie into that bunny she wanted so badly.”

“Nope, she’s still being ridiculous and saying she’s too old for it. I’ve brought her fiance to buy it so she’ll have to take it home like she’s wanted to so badly.” Anara giggled “I know, the only times I’ve ever seen her walk by me without hugging that bunny is when she’s with Charles” Rowne laughed “well thats because he wouldn’t have listened to her crazy talk of how she’s too old for it. I decided to take matters into my own hands for her.” Anara handed the bunny to Charles and he paid for it quickly. “Have a good day you two.”

“Bye Anara” The two men said at once. “Thank you Rowne, I wish she would’ve told me she wanted this.”

“well that’s why I want you to pretend you so happened to find it today. That way what she wont tell you she may tell me. A team effort to make my little girl happy. It’s ridiculous she feels too old for that. I loved how she looked hugging that thing. She was really adorable.” Charles smiled and picutred Sophie carrying it around. He was excited about going home tonight and giving it to her.

~ Chapter 14 ~

When Sophie decided to try standing up she wobbled to the bathroom. She smiled thinking of how smug Charles would look if he were here. Sophie turned the hot water up as high as she could stand it before getting in. Last night had been absolutely amazing. Sophie was grateful her Aunt and Uncle gave them time alone. When she was clean she went back to her room and got dressed. Before she even had her bra on she heard her Uncle,Ephriam & Jack walk in the door. She was grateful they hadn’t come any sooner. Sophie quickly pulled on pants and a shirt then came out. “Hey boys”

“Hey Sophie” they all said at once. “how was your night?”

“Great” Jack said excitedly. Ephriam nodded with a smile then asked “Is Charles here?”

“No, he’s helping make the trellis for our wedding.”

“I was happy to hear it’s been moved up” Noah said¬†“yeah, Charles is getting impatient.”

“why shouldn’t he? Marrying my beautiful little niece” Sophie smiled “well I’m going to see if Drea needs anything today.”

“Can I come Sophie?” Jack asked “sure”

“Can I come too?” Ephriam asked cautiously. He didn’t want to be alone with Noah. “The more the merrier.”

“Bye kids” Noah said then started making himself a snack. When they arrived Drea looked out the window since Chthon and Abraxas were with them. “It’s Sophie but she’s not alone. Go to your rooms you two.”

“who’s with her?” Abraxas asked “Her cousin Jack and some other boy I don’t know. Probably another relative.” Abraxas and Chthon went upstairs then Drea let the three in. “hello Sophie, so good to see you.”

“Hey mom, I came to see if you needed any help today.”

“Thank you, I have a lot to do today and a few of Pauls pants need mending.”

“So you’re leaving?”

“Not yet but soon” They sat on the couch “so who is this other boy with you?”

“Ephriam, he’s Jacks friend. A dragon attacked their village and his home got burned down so we allowed him to come to since he was staying with Jack.” Drea smiled at the boy “I hope Charles hasn’t been to mean to you. He gets easily jealous of Sophie”

“He’s been fine”


“Oh yes, everythings been fine. In fact we’ve actually had fun together”

“That’s surprising, You would be the only man besides Philip Charles hasn’t terrified when they’ve been around Sophie” Sophie laughed “stop that Drea before he gets paranoid around Charles” Ephriam thought in his head¬†“Too late Sophie, I’ve been paranoid since he gave me that glare for scaring you”¬†Chthon could smell Ephriam was nervous and could also pick up a hint of fear when she’d say Charles name. Chthon was sure somthing happened between the two at somepoint. Abraxas and Chthon were leaning against the wall listening to them talk. The two really wanted to go down and get to know Sophie and wished the boys would leave. Paul was paranoid they might discover Chthon and Abraxas so came out of his room where he had been brooding “Ephriam and Jack, I need help. Follow me right now.” They both stood instantly “yes sir” and followed him out of the house.

“Why’s Paul so pissed mom?”

“We have guests”

“Where are they?” Chthon and Abraxas came out and Sophie ran over to Chthon, wrapping him in a hug she said “Oh my goodness you’re trying to make up with your family” Chthon chuckled and hugged her back “Drea offered us a place to say since I told you I’d come to the wedding. This will be the last family gathering I attend. Sorry to let you down Sophie. I like you a lot.” Sophie frowned briefly “it’s ok, thanks for coming. Is this Abraxas?”

“Yes I am” Abraxas gave his biggest smile “Nice to meet you. Do you want a hug aswell?”

“Please.” Sophie went over to him and hugged him tightly. Abraxas loved the warmth her hug gave him. “why were you two up there?”

“we didn’t want your cousin and friend to see us. Remeber the two of us will be hooded at the wedding.”

“awe ok” Drea stood “I have to go Sophie”

“alright mom, I’ll take care of the pants.”

“Thank you so much, you are such a blessing Sophie”

“It’s not a problem mom. Have a good day” When the door was closed Chthon asked “after you take care of those pants want to go walking with us?”

“sure, Charles will be busy all day anyway so I’m alone” They walked upstairs with Sophie. She went into Dreas and Pauls room while the two men went to their own rooms. She wondered what they were doing until they both came back with sleeveless zip up shirts with hoods on the back. “I don’t see why you don’t want people looking at you”

“I wish I could explain” He’d have to say too much, they didn’t let people see their faces so they could come however far in the future they wanted without people questioning how they still looked so young since the last time they saw them. The two men both looked to be late in their twenties to spite how old they really were. Abraxas and Chthon patiently watched Sophie. She began to hum as she worked. The sound relaxing both men so they leaned against the wall. “I’m done” Her words shocked them into standing straight “very good, lets go then. It will look weird if you walk around town with two hooded men so lets go through the woods and into meadows.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Sophie said standing. They walked with her out and headed straight for the covering of woods. The two were just following her lead and she began to mindlessly walk to Gullivers since thats normally where she was going if she headed this way. On and on they went just talking with Sophie about whatever she brought up. Chthon began to regret coming out with her. He was enjoying Sophies company far too much.This would make it even harder for him to stay away. When they neared Gullivans cave Sophies eyes grew wide when she saw the purplish blue blood. She knew it was Gullivans “Oh my god Gullivan” She took of running and the men kept pace.”

“Who’s Gullivan?” Chthon inquired.¬†“A good friend of mine. When you see him please don’t tell anybody about him. The villagers would kill Gulliver” was all she coudl say before she was inside of Gullivers cave. There was more and more blood as they ran. Sophie was almost crying, it looked almost too much for him to be alive. Gulliver was just laying there in a puddle. His right arm and leg gravely injured. “Sophie?” Gulliver said weakly. The amount of his blood making it hard for him to smell but he recognized her touch as she placed her hands on his wounded arms. She sent a large burst of healing power into him. The warmth taking away the pain he was in. The wounds slowly closed. “Thank you Sophie, my sweet little friend”

“what happened Gulliver?” Chthon and Abraxas just watched in amazement Sophie was friends with such a big demon. Even more so she cared enough to be that concerned at his blood. Chthon had to admit to himself it wasn’t that shocking. He could feel and smell how kind her soul was. Gulliver tried to sit up. “Don’t move, you’ve lost so much blood”

“it’s rude to be laying about like this when a woman is present”

“Gulliver do not get up.”

“Yes mam, I guess at your request it isn’t rude”

~ Chapter 15 ~

“what happened Gulliver?” Sophie asked again. Just as he was about to tell her Gullivers eyes caught Abraxas and Chthon” Chthon put a finger over his mouth in order to tell him Sophie wasn’t aware they were demons. Chthon couldn’t smell them well but didn’t see the two as threatening. His eyes returned to Sophies concerned face “I wanted another butterfly to put with my other pretty things. most only come out during the day which is why i was out of my cave while the suns up. A few of the villagers rushed me when they became aware of my presence in the woods. It was horrible timing too, I almost had that black and blue butterfly. She was such a pretty thing. I tried to fly up and away but as soon as my wings were open a man slashed his sword through them. It was hard escaping but I managed.”

“Oh Gulliver” Sophie said in a despondent tone. “Don’t sound so sad Sophie. It isn’t your fault humans hate me for living.”

“It isn’t right. You are nicer than most the people I know and yet they try and hurt you when you haven’t bothered them atall. You were keeping to yourself like always and they come and attack you”

“You sound close to tears Sophie. Please don’t cry, you’ll crush my heart”

“But look at you. There’s so much blood” Chthon came up and knelt down behind Sophie, wrapping her in a comforting hug “he’ll be ok. You’ve shut his wounds and by his size and the amount of blood he has plenty to live. Do not cry because you’ll break my heart too”

“I’ll try not to. Gulliver has been such a good friend. He didn’t deserve to be hurt like this.”

“I can tell he didn’t. Just don’t let them do more harm by making you shed tears Sophie”

“I should fix your wing Gulliver. Open it please.” he slowly pushed himself into a sitting position and opened the wounded wing. Chthon helped Sophie up then she grabbed his wing. It was quickly healed then Gulliver thanked her again “I’m so glad you happened along here”

“Yeah, I was just taking a walk with these two so I could get to know them. They are relatives of Charles” Gulliver nodded “I know, I can tell now that my nose isn’t laying in my own blood.”


“Yes, I tell you time and time again that your scent is smothered in your husbands so i know his well. These two men carry a small portion of his scent, very distantly related.” Gulliver said looking at them with a knowing smile.¬†“well they are very nice. They don’t socialize with their family so this is my only chance to get to know them”

“well then you best be off Sophie. I will be alright now that you’ve come to mend me.”

“are you sure?”

“I think you forget I’m a demon. Which is funny considering how obviously I am one.”

“No, I just worry about you. You’re one of my best friends Gulliver.”

“and you’re mine, the best friend I’ve ever had. Go along now, I hate to see that sad look in your eye.”

“Will you let me catch a butterfly for you?”

“Would you really?”

“Yes, I’ll even try to find a blue and black one. That is if you two don’t mind Chthon and Abraxas.”

“we wouldn’t mind atall”

“then it’s settled Gulliver. I’m taking one of your jars. I’ll return with a beautiful butterfly for you to look at.”

“Thank you so much my friend. I wish I could hug you but I wouldn’t want you to be covered in my blood. The villagers may ask questions”

“You can hug me next time. I’ll see you in a little bit Gulliver”

“see you Sophie and Sophies friends” Sophie grabbed a jar then left “You two really wont tell right?”

“we swear Sophie”

“Good, he’s so nice. The villagers wont give him a chance though. All they see is the beast he looks like. Gulliver can’t help what he was born as. He’d gladly give everything he owned to help another. Well that is except Karas things.”

“who is Kara?”

“His wife. Gullivan didn’t always live here. He lived pretty far off with his wife but villagers found their home and attacked while they slept. By the time Gulliver knew what was going on she was dead. He flew on and on until he found a home in that cave. I met him a little over a month ago and we’ve been good friends. I haven’t even told Charles he is there. Charles wouldn’t be heartless and kill him but the less people know he’s there the safer my friend is.” Chthon hugged Sophie again “such a sweet soul. Such a sweet girl. Charles is lucky to be marrying you” Sophie hugged back “thank you” Chthon let go “Give me the jar. I am very fast and can catch one easy. You just lead me to one.”

“alright” Sophie said handing him Gullivers jar. They walked until they were among a bunch of butterflys. “If you accidentally catch more than one he wont be upset.” Chthon smiled and caught three in one movement. Sophies jaw dropped “wow!” Chthon realized he should have made it seem more difficult. “I love butterflys”

“I can see, you’re good at catching them. Lets take the jar back to Gullivers now.”

“why don’t you let Abraxas carry you so we can be quick.”

“are you fine with carrying me Abraxas?” He smiled and knelt beside her. She climbed on and they ran back to Gullivers cave. He looked surprised “Thank you, oh thank you. Sophie will you put it on Karas shelf?”

“sure Gulliver”

“My Kara sure loved butterflys”

“I know Gulliver” Sophie dissapeared into the back. Gullivers eyes turned to the two men who smiled back. They broke eye contact when Sophie returned. “Its on Karas shelf. Can I do anything else for you?”

“The only other thing I want is for you to come as soon as you can after you and Charles are married so I can hear of the wedding. I hope it turns out to be everything you want Sophie.”

“It’ll be perfect regardless. I’m so excited about marrying Charles. He’s so good to me. This morning he gave me breakfast in bed.” Gulliver smiled “good man, my best wishes Sophies”

“You take care of yourself Gulliver”

“I will try Sophie” Gulliver answerd then Sophie left with Chthon and Abraxas. “Thanks guys”

“No problem Sophie”

“I hate he has to hide in that cave. It’s just not fair. I couldn’t imagine living my life being hated because I breath. The rest of the villagers are missing out on such a good person because they can’t get past he’s a demon”

“I know that cruelty well Sophie. The world needs more people like you. The bad demons out number the good but the good ones have to suffer because of all the bad. There needs to be people like you who can love the ones who are good to spite all the bad.”

“Thanks Chthon. I’m kind of sad now and just want to take a nap so Charles will be home sooner. Do you guys mind if I go home?”

“of course not Sophie. I want to explore more out here. Abraxas, would you mind taking Sophie home for me?”

“Not atall dad”

“Thank you” As soon as Abraxas and Sophie were out of sight Chthon went back to Gulliver.

~ Chapter 16 ~

Chthon walked in slowly. “welcome back Chthon. I knew Charles had demon far back in his line but I didn’t know it was such a great and powerful demon.” Chthon gave him a friendly smile “yes, I’ve come to give you a gift.”

“A gift?”

“Do you want to attend Sophies wedding?”

“very much”

“well then do you own a ring?”

“I do sir, on the second shelf on the far left wall” Chthon walked over and returned with it. “I am going to give you the ability to appear human like I do. It takes a lot of energy at first and can be hard to do so you must practice to be able to hold the form well. Eventually you can look human all the time if you wish. Sophies and Charlies wedding is very soon though and you don’t have the kind of time needed to master your new gift before their wedding starts. I’m going to enchant this ring to help you until you can manage on your own. I recommend you wean yourself off of it because if this ring slips off you will shift back into your true form. Gullivers eyes were watery with happiness. “I understand sir. Thank you so much”

“I see you and Sophie share quite the bond. As a human man you can check on her from time to time and make sure she’s ok. I will not be coming anymore after this wedding and I’ll feel better someone as powerful as you is checking in on my family. You can do that in return for this gift I’m giving you?”

“I’d love to. Can I tell Sophie?”

“How would you explain you could suddenly look human? Just pretend youre another relative for the wedding. A distantly related relative. You may get to know them but start out pretending your twenty one because once youre late in your forties you can’t go around her any longer in this form. It wont age like a real humans”

“alright” Abraxas dropped Sophie off then went back to Dreas. He wondered what his father was up to. He knew better than to believe he wanted to wander. He had lived around here for years with Ruth and came randomly at night. He went back to Gulliver for some reason. Sophie walked straight to her room. She shut the door then stripped to take her nap. Between the sadness and all the energy it took to help Gulliver she needed rest badly. She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost instantly. When Paul ran out of things to ask the two men to do they started wandering around the village. They got bored and decided to see if Sophie was back home.

The two walked in the house “Sophie!” they called. Sophie fell asleep hard so didn’t stir even though they yelled at the top of their lungs. Jack knocked on her door. Sophie jumped at the sound and said “yes?” Jack heard sadness in her voice “You ok Sophie?”

“Yeah, give me a second to get dressed and I’ll come out” Sophie pulled her clothes back on and opened the door. Jack hugged her “you sure you’re alright.” She looked behind him and saw Ephriam at the bottom of the stairs “yes I am” she lied so she wouldn’t have to explain in front of her cousins friend. “it’s only two hours until dinner Sophie. What would you like to do?”

“lets just talk in the living room”

“Ok” Sophie and Jack went down the stairs and sat on the couch “tell me about your day boys” They proceeded to explain everything. After about a half hour of conversation Sophie heard a knock at the door. She answered to see man who was a little over six feet tall with dark black hair and sapphire blue eyes. He smiled warmly at her, a smile that said he knew her but she was sure she never met him. “is this the home of Charles and Sophie?”

“Yep, I’m Sophie”

“I’m from Charlies side of the family. I only just arrived today and figured out where your home is. Is he home? I’ve never gotten to meet him before due to my family and the rest of the family not getting along. They decided to play nice for the wedding though. Gullivan had been rehearsing what he’d say to Sophie from the second Chthon transformed him. He was nervous even though it seemed to be going well. “welcome! I’m so glad you could make it!” Sophie hugged him. He could barely contain how happy he was while he hugged her back. It felt much nicer hugging her this way. She was still smaller than him but it wasn’t hard to hug her like it was before. He actually liked how he looked as a human too. He would practice as much as he could so he could to keep like this for the rest of his life. He finally wasn’t ugly. People waved at him and talked to him. They didn’t run away screaming like they would have if he looked like himself.

“Please come in, what’s your name?”

“Gu” he froze. He almost ruined it all by saying his real name. He quickly spoke again “Gus” It was the first name he could think of that started with gu. “I’m happy to meet you Gus. Come talk with my cousins and I until my husband comes home so the two of you can get acquainted.”

“Thank you” he said as he walked in “These two boys are Ephriam and Jack. Jack is the smaller one”

“Nice to meet you two.”

“Come and sit” Ephriam said. Gus wasn’t used to being treated this nice by anyone but Sophie. He’d be forever in debt to Chthon. Gullivan wished there was anyway to pay him back for doing this. Gullivan sat down “Continue your story boys” Sophie said then Jack and Ephriam started talking about their day again. Gullivan really wanted to spend time with Sophie but he was happy with this too. He’d now get many years of friendship with her. He’d be able to hangout with her like any other human male. As soon as he was good at keeping a human form he’d move into the village to be around her when she had time for him.

~ Chapter 17 ~

Charles walked in the door exhausted after working hard all day after his workout and night with Sophie yesterday. He held the bunny behind him until Sophie ran to give him a hug. Sophie saw the bunny when she pulled back. Almost all of Charlies energy returned to him when he saw how happy her expression was. “Charles! This is so incredibly cute! I’ve actually looked at this a few times in the market” Charles smiled triumphantly. “After I left this morning I decided to buy you a present. I’m so glad you like it”

“I love it baby! Thank you! You are absolutely amazing!” Sophie forgot there were three other men in the room and gave Charles a very long kiss. It only stopped when Jack made a puking sound. Sophie laughed “sorry Jack”

“Leave that stuff for your room” Jack said back. “Now I feel really bad” Sophie said looking back at Charles “why?”

“Because I got so wrapped up talking to my friends and Jack I haven’t made dinner”

“That just means I get to cook with you.” Sophie hugged him again “I guess it does”

“awe, how mushy” Ephriam said feeling envious of Charles. He really wished he hadn’t screwed up his relationship. Gulliver just smiled as he thought back on his wife greeting him with hugs and kisses when he got home form somwhere. When Sophie quit hugging Charles she grabbed his hand and led him over to Gulliver “This is Gus, he’s one of your family members”

“Nice to meet you. I’ve met a lot of family I haven’t seen before thanks to this wedding” Gulliver smiled “Yeah, it made my parents get their heads out of their ass and try to make peace with the family”

“I hope it works out.”

“Me too, regardless I plan on moving to this village when I can.”

“I could help you with that. Just let me know when”

“Thank you” Gullivan said. He was pleased to see Charles was as nice as Sophie made him out to be. He didn’t know what he would have done if he wasn’t really the man he heard about. Sophie was an amazing woman and didn’t deserve any less than a man who would treat her like a princess. “now that your husband is home I’ll give you two space. Thanks for the warm welcome”

“Come back anytime” Gulliver walked out to go back to his cave. Charles carried Sophie to the kitchen then the two started cooking as Ephriam and Jack continued to talk. After dinner Sophie and Charles said goodnight then went to their room. “You are so good at picking out gifts Charles”

“I try to pay attention” It was all he could say. He didn’t want to lie to her if it could be avoided. It was true that he kept a lookout when they were shopping anyway. Sophie put the bunny on a shelf then jumped in bed with Charles. “will you really have the trellis done tomorrow?”

“From the looks of it yes”

“Oh good” Sophie said in an excited tone. Charles smiled then wrapped his body around Sophies. “I’m realy tired baby. I need to go to sleep”

“Then sleep my love” Sophie shifted a little to get comfortable then the two slipped into slumber. Morning rays woke Charles and he sighed as he looked at Sophie. Charles could lay there looking at her all day but knew he needed to go work on the trellis. If he worked hard he could possibly finish around three this afternoon. He wasn’t going to wake her this morning. He skillfully took his body from around Sophie and got out of bed. He changed his clothes then grabbed the bunny he bought her. He placed it in Sophies arms then walked out of their room. As much as he wanted a hug and kiss he wasn’t sure if he could leave her again today if he woke her up. That musical voice and loving embrace would make it so he couldn’t leave her.

Gulliver was walking back into town to see Sophie. The village was bustling in preparation for the wedding. He smiled as two children bumped into him “sorry sir!”

“It’s not a problem” he said cheerfully. The next thing that caught his attention was a girl who grabbed his arm. He looked at her surprised and unsure what to do. “sorry, I just saw you walking through and I wanted to meet you. I didn’t know your name so I just grabbed you. I hope you’re not upset”

“Not atall” Gulliver said as his heart went off rhythm like it had the first time he laid eyes on Kara. “my names Stacy. What’s yours?”

“Gus” Stacy smiled, it was a gorgeous sight. One he wanted to make appear again anyway he could. “so, who are you here for?”

“Here for?” Gus asked confused. “Are you related to Sophie or Charles silly.”

“Charles, how about you?”

“Neither, I’m Sophies friend. I live in this village” Gulliver was surprised at himself. He felt relief she didn’t say she wasn’t related to Charles and that she lived in this village. “where are you going?”

“I was going to visit Sophie and Charles. What are you doing?”

“I have some things to help with in preparation for the wedding.”

“I could visit Sophie later and help you out if you want me to.” Gulliver offered hopefully.¬†“That sounds nice. I want to get to know you better.” Gulliver smiled. A very beautiful and seemingly very sweet girl wanted to get to know him. A girl who had such a gorgeous smile. He was eager to get to know her and grateful she wanted his company. He followed her to where a few of her family members were and began helping Stacy with anything they assigned her to do.

~ Chapter 18 ~

Charles worked hard and as quickly as he could to finish the trellis while still making sure it was stable and looked good. Once he was finished all he had to do was inform Rowne so Rowne could confirm the wedding would be tomorrow morning. Today was hotter than yesterday so he was working without a shirt on. If it wouldn’t be inappropriate and cause more staring he’d take his pants off too. A couple of Sophies relatives and other girls thought they were sneaky and were sitting in a tree watching him. He would normally say somthing and make them stop but all he cared about was getting done. Sophie would be spending the night with her parents or his since it was customary that the bride and groom don’t spend the night before together. Charles wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight. He wasn’t sure if he knew how any more to sleep without Sophie at his side. Thankfully since he was a warrior it wouldn’t make him tired for their wedding if he just stayed up.

It would be a good chance to work out in the cool of the night. He wanted to always look sexy to Sophie and to be able to protect her from anything that may cross their path in the future. He knew his wifes adventurous and helpful spirit would get them into many unknown dangers. Anything that was thrown his way was worth Sophie. He just had to make sure he was prepared for it. Just as he was finishing two of his Aunts walked over to him. “hey” he said trying not to sound annoyed by their presence. He wanted to work,go tell Rowne then go home but he knew if he upset his Aunts by rushing them off Sophie would be unhappy with him. Family was very important to her.

“You’ve done such a magnificent job Charles, Sophie will be so pleased.” Kimberly said cheerfully. “Thanks, I hope it’s everything she wanted. Do you mind if I finish while we talk?”

“Not atall.” His two Aunts just kept rambling on. Charles only answered when he had to and tried everytime to make his voice sound like he was interested and enjoyed talking to them. Once he was done he hugged his two Aunts at once then said “I have to go rinse off then talk to Rowne.”

“alright, we’ll see you at the wedding tomorrow”

“see you” Charles took off running to the river. He wished he could go full speed but there were so many people in the village he would knock someone over if he tried that. Sophie was in her living room talking to Chthon, Abraxas and Norgish. Norgish was supposed to meet his wife so told Sophie he needed to be leaving. “wait one second Norgish. I’ve been making somthing for you and I just finished this morning.”

“what for?”

“do I need to have a reason to make a gift for the man who saved my life?” Norgish chuckled. “ah I saved your life when you were fourteen. That was seven, almost eight years ago Sophie.”

“Time doesn’t cheapen saving someones life. I wouldn’t be getting married to my wonderful husband if it weren’t for you. Just wait one second” Sophie ran away upstairs “you saved her life?” Chthon asked and Norgish nodded “Yes, I’m not related to her. We met because I was out collecting herbs for a sick person in my village when I heard her blood curdling screams. She was being mauled by a demon.” Sophie ran back down “I really hope you like this. I wanted a big project to do and I couldn’t think of anything better than making you a memento for saving me.” Sophie unfolded the blanket. It was a woven blanket that was a picture of a demon hound and the troll he fought off. “Oh my god.” Norgish said then covered his mouth. He knelt down and ran his hand on it. “The demon and troll I fought off.”

“Do you like it Norgish?”

“I love it, it’s amazing. This didn’t bring back your nightmares?” Sophie shook her head. “I haven’t had nightmares about this hound in years. It’s dead and the troll is probably still out in Bjorn.” Abraxas felt Chthon get angry. Chthon stood beside Norgish. “Is this an accurate representation Sophie?”


“Does that troll and demon hound on this blanket look like the ones who tried to kill you?”

“Yeah, I could never forget those faces. I thought they’d be the last I’d ever see. The troll didn’t try to kill me though. He just told the hound to. Well I’m guessing anyway. I couldn’t understand what the troll said but the hound didn’t care about me until the troll spoke. Then it started to attack.”

“Abraxas, we promised we’d help set up somthing with your cousin. I’m sorry Sophie but I will see you tomorrow at your wedding.Thanks for the tea.”

“Um ok, I’ll see you then.” Sophie went over to Chthon and gave him a hug then Abraxas gave her one “Bye guys. Thanks for deciding to help out”

“You’re welcome sweetheart. It’s really been great getting to know you. Charles is a very lucky man.” When Sophie shut the door she said “I hope my blanket didn’t upset them. Maybe demons make them uncomfrotable”

“Could be, you’re the only weirdo who likes them” Norgish said in a teasing tone. Sophie shot him a look and he laughed. She felt a little guilty about not asking them if they were comfortable with demons before she brought it down. She hated she just scared off some of Charlies relatives. Norgish folded the blanket and sat with it in his lap on Sophies couch. They talked about happier things until Charles about took the door off it’s hinges he came in so fast. Sophie ran to him and leapt into his arms. “You finished it!”

“Yep, we have until dinner together then you need to go to my mothers or your parents.”

“I’ll go stay with your mom” Sophie decided she’d appologize to Chthon and Abraxas tonight while she was there. Norgish stood and picked up his blanket “I’ll let you love birds have your day together since you’ll be seperated tonight. I’ve been here long enough anyway. I can’t wait to see you two tomorrow.”

“Bye Norgish” Sophie said hopping out of Charlies arms and giving Norgish a hug before he left. “Thank you so much for my gift.”

“You’re welcome” Sophie shut the door again then Charles lifted her into another kiss. He kept kissing her as he sat on the couch. His hands slid under her clothes “Charles, not here. My Aunt, Uncle, Ephriam and Jack might come back.” Charles sighed then picked her up again “Can I make love to you in our room please?”

“Sounds fun, just remember not to take too long.” Charles frowned then Sophie rubbed his cheeks with her thumbs “We’re getting married tomorrow. No frowning” He stood with her. He hated not being able to make love to her how he wanted but making love to her atall was amazing.

~ Chapter 19 ~

When they were out of the village Abraxas asked “where are we going?”

“That hound was mine. It was one of the hounds I gifted the troll demon Cacus for helping me with Anzu twenty four years ago. They were meant for his aid. I did not give them to him so he could terrorize sweet little girls. Sophie was a child when he told that hound to kill her. How dare he use my hounds for such a purpose. Especially on Sophie who I’m sure did nothing to him. She’s one of the few humans open and kind enough to accept and love demons. It makes me sick he used one of MY hounds to harm her.” Abraxas hadn’t felt his father this angry before. Chthon lost his temper frequently but it was never like this. Abraxas understood though. He was angry too and glad his father knew who to punish for whatever pain she went through. Abraxas was also grateful his father was allowing him to come. He would have been furious later if he found out Chthon had gotten revenge for Sophie without him. They ran swiftly across the lands between to get to where Cacus lived in Bjorn. When they made it to his home Chthon and Abraxas burst in. Cacus jumped to his feet and the hounds got excited. “what’s wrong Chthon?” Chthon glared at the troll making him nervous. “I misjudged your character is whats wrong.”

“I don’t understand what you mean Chthon”

“I gave you some of my hounds so you could live without hassle because you helped me but you are using them for more than keeping away other demons.”

“Why do you have any concern what i do with the hounds you gave me? They are mine aren’t they?”

“I gifted them to you but they will always be mine. I will not have them used to slay humans.” Chthons voice going into a deeper growl. “I’ve only ever used them against humans who were a threat Chthon. I wouldn’t slap you in the face like that” The troll lied and Chthon lost the small amount of control he had “You’re a liar! Seven years ago you told one to attack a little girl!” Abraxas could see the realization and shock in the trolls eyes while he felt the deep fury coming from his father. “Chthon I”

“Shut up! Hounds, stand.” Immediately all the demon hounds stood. “I want you to eat him alive. When you’re done you can return to my home if you want to live with me again or you can go free wherever you want. I’m very sorry i gave you all to him and I hope you will forgive me. I didn’t know he would use you like this.” Chthon and Abraxas stood there watching as the hounds devoured the screaming and begging troll. “This is better than he deserves father.” Abraxas said coldly. “It is but this is the last time I’ll be seeing my descendants of Ruth. I wont waste it with him. This is punishment enough” Abraxas nodded and kept watching. When their was nothing left of the troll Chthon asked “do you want to be my hounds again?” Each one came up and pressed their head against Chthons then Abraxas’s.

Chthon smiled “I’m glad they still love me. Every hound I call mine also loves humans. I know it’s the only reason Sophie lived. Jorger is the hound who is gone. He was always playing with Ruth. Knowing him he was trying to let her live until someone heard her screams and saved her. No doubt he lost to Norgish on purpose. I’m so sorry my old friend, so so sorry. You could have obeyed and killed Sophie in a single swipe but you let her live and died so you woulnd’t have to hurt a human again.

Abraxas and Chthon ran back to the village. Abraxas could feel how heavily this way weighing on his fathers heart “dad, you couldn’t have known how Cacus would use your hounds. You thought he was good.”

“My misjudgment got someone as wonderful as Sophie hurt badly. Who knows what other innocent lives he gave misery to. It’s amazing she can even still love demons after going through that.” Abraxas saw a few tears fly off Chthons cheek. He would ahve tried more to comfort his dad but knew it wouldn’t help. The guilt was heavy in his heart. “You care about Sophie a lot huh dad?”

“Oh yes, she’s the only woman one of my decedents has been with that was even able to compare to my Ruth. The way she carries herself, how kindly she speaks, so much of Sophie is like her. Charles is going to have a very happy and blessed life by her side. I find myself slightly envious but very happy. Charles is my most favoured descendant of Ruth so it is only right he should get to marry such an amazing woman. I hope you find someone amazing too Abraxas. You are a good boy who I am very proud of. You’re smart and have a good head on your shoulders. Why have you never been with anyone?”

“I haven’t found a woman who interests me yet.”

“Probably because you’re at my side so much.”

“I like being with you though.” Chthon smiled “well I think we should work on you finding love while I try after the wedding”

“sounds good dad”

~ Chapter 20 ~

When Sophies relatives came back to their house they all decided to go swimming in one of the lakes nearby. They stopped by Sophies parents house and knocked to see if Rowne wanted to come. “I’d love to!” he said obviously very excited. Once they made it to the lake they all laughed and splashed around in the lake until the sun started to fall. Sophie and Courtney dried them all off before Rowne and Charles started walking Sophie to Dreas house.Drea was very happy that Sophie was staying tonight “why don’t you two boys stay for dinner?” They smiled and thanked her before stepping in with Sophie. “Can I help you cook mom?”

“That would be nice Sophie. You two just sit with Paul, Abraxas and Chthon.” Rowne and Charles nodded then each took a place on the floor. “Who are you?” Chthon asked Rowne. Rowne offered his hand “I’m Sophies father”

“Nice to meet you. You’ve raised a remarkable young woman.”

“Thank you, I’m very proud of her.” They all sat there and made small talk. Rowne eventually asked “why are you two wearing hoods?” Paul cleared his throat “They have bad burns all over their faces. They don’t like people to see.”

“I’m sorry for bringing it up then. I just thought it was odd”

“It’s alright” Abraxas said and they continued their small talk until the girls called them for dinner.” Charles felt a little sad when it was time go but he was also thrilled about tomorrow. He was finally going to be married to Sophie. There would be nothing more he wanted in this world after that. Rowne and Charles took turns giving Sophie a long hug goodbye then they left. As soon as the door was closed Abraxas took off his hood but Chthon left his on. Abraxas could feel it was because he was silently crying. He had started as soon as Sophie walked in the door. It was a very slow but steady shedding of tears for what she had been through.

“you are going to be so beautiful tomorrow Sophie.” Drea said in a girlish voice. Sophie smiled “I hope so.”

“I’ve seen the way you’re going to look many times, there isn’t any hope so. I’ll be surprised if Charles has the mouth movement to say his vows that he worked so hard on. ” The happiness flowing off of Sophie made it to where Chthon could pull himself together. He wiped his face simultaneously as he took off his hood. They weren’t up much longer before Drea thought they needed to get rest for the wedding in the morning. Drea set Sophie up in Charles old room before her and Paul went into theirs. Sophie got ready for bed and recited her vows again in her head for awhile. When she was sure she wouldn’t mess up in the morning she went down for a glass of water and to see if Chthon or Abraxas was up. Sophie still wanted to apologize to them.

She was delighted when she saw him Chthon laying on the couch looking at the ceiling. He felt her happy energy enter the room so he sat up. “what’re you doing up?” he said with a small smile. “I was thirsty and I was hoping to find you awake”

“whys that?” Sophie crossed the room and sat infront of Chthon since he was sitting against the arm rest.”

“You left pretty quickly after I pulled that blanket out for Norgish. I’ve been worried it upset you. I don’t have a problem with demons so I forget they make regular people upset. I should have had Norigsh look at it later. I was so excited I didn’t think. I hope you didn’t leave because I was thoughtless.” Next thing Sophie knew she was pressed against Chthon in such a tight hug she couldn’t move. “I wasn’t upset. I honestly had something to do. I like demons too and it’s wonderful you don’t see them as horrible creatures even though one tried to kill you”

“well people had somthing to do with that too. I wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for Kenneth and Connie. Connie wanted me dead so convinced Kenneth to help her kill me off. She knocked me out and he carried me out to Blynot and left me to die. I’d have to hate all humans for that day if I decided to hate all demons. Regardless it’s wrong to judge a whole type of living creature for the actions of another. I’ve met many kind demons like Gulliver. He’s nicer than most humans I know.’ Chthon had to know all of what happened so he slipped into Sophies memories. He could view anybodies memories like a movie if he was touching them. They’d lose the time it took to watch them but he knew since it was night Sophie wouldn’t notice the time it took for him to see all of what happened since he didn’t have to watch it in real time.

He saw it all, Connie leading her out to where she electrocuted her. Then her waking up terrified in the middle of the pitch black night. He watched right up until the point they had her stable from the attack. Chthon left her head and couldn’t force back the tears. “why are you crying?” Sophie asked thinking he started crying right after she said how nice Gulliver was. He was aware of that so he said ‘you’re just so sweet. It’s a shame I wont be around after this wedding.”

“Well you can be”

“I really can’t” Chthon let her go. “Go on to bed, you need your rest for the wedding.”

“are you sure? I can stay until you quit crying.”

“I’ll be alright Sophie. You rest so you can enjoy yours and Charles special day tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, I’m glad I didn’t upset you at my house earlier. I had a fun day with you up until you left.”

“Abraxas and I did too” Sophie walked back to Charlies old room then Chthon held his face in his hands and continued to cry. If he could find Connie and Kenneth they’d pay too. He’d ask some people to see if they knew what happened to them after. He was angrier at them than Cacus. Those evil, heartless people actually targeted Sophie, used her kindness against her to lure her out and make her go through that miserable night. They would pay far more than Cacus did if he could find them.

~ Chapter 21 ~

Charles spent his whole night quoting and rearranging his vows as he worked out. When the once dark sky was starting to lighten he went home to shower. He was a bundle of nerves at this point. He stood in the shower until the water was cold trying to settle his nerves down but he couldn’t. He wrapped a towel around his waist then went into his bedroom to put his suit on. He looked at himself in the mirror. The suit fit him perfectly but he wasn’t surprised. Sophie had made it herself. He fussed over his hair. He didn’t like it no matter how it was today. He sighed and just brushed it into the way he always had it. Sophie had loved him this long with his hair that way so he was sure she’d be happy with it today. He sat down saying his vows over and over until Noah knocked on the door. “You ready Charles?”


“Just so you know we’ll be going home after the celebrating is over. Married people should be alone on the night of their wedding.” Charles just smiled. He wasn’t sure what the right thing to say was even though he wanted to say thank you. After everything was set up for the wedding and all their guests were there Rowne walked to Dreas house to get his daughter and Charlies family. When Drea opened the door and he saw Sophie behind her he was almost knocked over. “That can’t be my little girl.” Sophie just smiled at him “what happened to the jans and muddy clothes huh?”

“I don’t think that would be very pretty for my wedding” Rowne smiled and hugged his daughter “You are breath taking Sophie. Are you ready to get married?” Sophie nodded with a grin stretched to its limit. Rowne sweeped his daughter off her feet then carried her out with Paul, Abraxas, Chthon and Drea following. When they arrived at the meadow Charlies family found their seats then Rowne put Sophie down. She grabbed his arm and he said “last chance to run away now.” Sophie giggled. “I can’t wait to be his wife daddy. Charles is such an amazing and wonderful man” Rowne smiled and a few people started to play music. Charles heart was in overdrive as he stood there waiting.

When he finally saw Sophie it threatened to give out on him all together. The only thing he could see now was just her. Everyone else including her father who was standing beside her disappeared from view. She was so beautiful, absolutely radiant in her white dress with purple designs on the top. He didn’t even realize he started to cry as he was admiring her. He loved her so much. When Sophie could see his eyes she felt like crying too. They were overflowing with the depths of his love and how much he needed her. Before he even said anything Sophie could see every word he wanted to say in just the way he looked at her.

A few of the people in the crowd started to whisper to one another about how beautiful Sophie looked and how sweet the two of them were. When it was time Charles said “You’ve been my world since i was twelve years old. My life has always been yours and I’m so lucky you’re giving your life to me in return. I could never be worthy of such a beautiful angel but I’m going to try as hard as I can to always make you happy and keep you smiling.” At this point Gulliver couldn’t fight back his tears anymore. Stacy grabbed his hand making a smile shine brightly on his face. She thought it was incredibly sweet he was so moved by this.

“You may not be an angel with wings but you’re an angel in how you touch everybodies lives around you Sophie. There’s not a person you’ve met that I haven’t seen you improve them in one way or another. You treat everybody you meet with such pure kindness no matter what or who they are. You’re heart is always open to forgive and is always overflowing with love for all creatures and people. I could only dream of being half the perosn you are which is what makes you an angel on earth. I love how when I’m tangled up in you at night and I’m listening to you breath the life that flows inside of you is burning inside of me. You will always mean more to me than anybody else coud ever fathom Sophie. You’re very aura is beauty and I love looking at life through your eyes. I think about you every second of every day and I will for the rest of my life.”

~ Chapter 22 ~

Sophie almost couldn’t see any longer she was crying so hard. Charles was always sweet and told her how much he loved her daily but that was enough to floor her. If he hadn’t been holding her hands she might have fallen to her knees. Charles was glad to see her reaction. He had gotten headaches trying to write out how he felt. By her reaction he was positive he got the message across and got her to understand how great his love was for her and how much she meant to him. Sophie struggled to begin talking. Rowne was holding Sophies mother as she bawled. Paul was having to do the same thing for Drea.

“I’ve loved you long before you realized it and I love you more with each passing day.You have always been such an amazing man and have protected me from more dangers than one man should have to for the one he loves.” Charles smiled and held her hand tighter “No matter what dangers I face I always know you’ll be there for me and get me out of it if I can’t do it myself. You’ve been my pillar of strength through so much and I am truly blessed that you love me so much. I may not see me quite the same way you do but I’ll be forever grateful to have you in my life. You were an amazing friend and have been an astounding fiance. I can only imagine how great of a life we will share as Mr and Mrs Radkey.” Charles started to cry harder. She had put that last part in knowing it would fill him with glee. “I fall in love with you all over again every morning when I wake up. We only spend moments in eachothers arms but you will spend eternity in my heart Charles Radkey.’ Charles barely waited for Sophie to say I do before pulling her into a deep kiss.

He half expected to wake up from this amazing dream any second. The whole time he had been with Sophie he expected to wake from a dream. Charles picked Sophie up and carried her home. Rowne would come get them when the village had all the tables, chairs and lunch set out. A majority of the women went to their homes to finish cooking or start their simpler items. When he got in their door he shut and locked it before running upstairs with Sophie. He was ecstatic to have a few hours alone with Sophie to make love to her like he did before everybody came. Nobody would knock until it was lunch time and the celebrating began. He stood Sophie up in the room and stepped back to take in how gorgeous she looked in her dress with the flowers braided into her hair.

He didn’t take his adoring eyes off of her while he took off his suit. He approached his wife slowly then pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pushed it down. It formed to Sophies torso but was loose around her legs so was easy to slip off of her. He put a hand on her cheek “You’re really Sophie Radkey now.” Sophie smiled her most warm and loving smile which threatened to make him cry again. He pulled Sophie into a slow seductive kiss. He nibbled and gently tugged at her bottom lip before slipping his tongue into her mouth. It moved slowly with hers as he hands traveled and worshiped her every curve.

He lifted Sophie up again then laid her down on the bed. He parted their lips and began giving her soft kisses down her cheek then her beck and all over her chest. While he was kissing around her stomach Sophie started to feel the occasional tear hit her skin. “awe baby, I love you too. I’m so happy we’re married now.” He came back up and began kissing Sophie again. This kiss was wild and lusting. Sophie let out a light moan making Charles crave more. He went back down to her sides leaving bite marks in her skin. Her moans were getting heavy while she increasingly got damp. He was hard and needing to be deep inside her while she clamped down on him. Charles lifted Sophie into his lap. He then pulled her down until every bit of him was inside of her. Warm wetness clenched around him as Sophie pressed her nails into his shoulders.

He licked and bit Sophies earlobe as he said his vows to her again while moving in and out of body. When he burst¬†inside of her he laid Sophie back down and started to kiss her again. When he parted their lips and looked down at his teary eyed wife he said “I love you so much Sophie Radky” before spreading her legs apart and letting his tongue play in her sweetness. His mouth covered her while his tongue moved around until Sophie couldn’t take another orgasm. Charles slid himself back in and finished quickly because he had been hard as stone for so long. He wiped off his mouth then sat against the headboard before pulling Sophie onto him so that she was laying with the upper half of her body on his torso. He began to lightly move one of his hands up and down her back. “Your vows were so beautiful Sophie”

“Not as beautiful as yours. I enjoyed hearing them again”

“Good, they express my love so well you’ll be hearing them a lot for awhile”

“You’ll have me crying a lot then.”

“I enjoy happy tears. They told me that I was actually able to make you understand how I feel about you. I want you to take a short nap so you aren’t too tired for everything later. I’ll wake you to shower before sombody comes knocking”

“Ok” Sophie said Softly. When Sophie was sleeping Charles wrapped his arms tightly around her and just admired how beautiful she was while enjoying the luscious taste still lingering in his mouth from licking her. It still baffled him how she could be so adorable, beautiful and mouth watering at the same time. Sophie was sure she’d die from an orgasm while he was sure he’d die from his heart not being able to handle all the love he had in it for her. His heart rate was rarely normal but he knew he’d die an extremely happy man.

~ Chapter 23 ~

Charles got lost in Sophie to the point he almost didn’t notice when it was nearing lunch. He shook her gently “Lets take our shower then I’ll get you back in your dress.” Sophie stretched then gave him a kiss on his chest before pushing off of him.” He stood and lifted her so that she wrapped her legs around his waist. He kissed her all the way to the bathroom then set her down to get the water ready. The water was really hot when Sophie stepped in. Charles pulled her against him and she could feel he was hard. She expected him to try and seduce her but instead he pushed his thumbs into her shoulders. The hot water and motion of his hands were so relaxing. He kept rubbing until they were completely loose then kissed her cheek.

“That’s why i wanted to shower. I’ll do the rest of you when you can just lay in the bed. I could tell your shoulders were bothering you and they are much easier to make loose when you’re in the hot water.”

“How’d you notice?” He gave her a look that said that was a ridiculous question then washed her and himself before turning the water off. Charles went down while he was drying off. “I’m getting better” Sophie smiled. “You don’t always have to ignore it.”

“Yes i do. I don’t want sex all the time to spite what between my legs may tell you. You are just so incredibly sexy its hard to keep that part of me down. It’s worse when we are in the shower.” It came right back up and Sophie laughed. Charles just walked out of the bathroom and began putting his suit back on. “we arent going to fix that?”



“I want to enjoy being with you now. We can have sex tonight when I can make love to you as long as I want. I don’t like quickies. I enjoy making love to you, not fucking you” Sophie hugged him once he finished pulling his pants up. “I love you Charles”

“I love you too Sophie. Always remember I love you more than there are stars in the vast heavens above” Charles put the rest of his clothes on while Sophie put on her underwear. She stepped into her dress and pulled it up until Charles grabbed it from her and finished getting her dressed. Charles went into the bathroom and got the flowers that had been in her hair. He carefully braided them back in. He almost had it looking just like before when he finished. Sophie looked in the mirror surprised. Charles smiled “did I do good?”

“Perfect, thanks honey” He smiled then turned her to face him again “You are devastatingly gorgeous right now Sophie. You always are but right now especially.” He had that adoring, honored look in his eyes again that was cherishing every inch of her. “You’ve got to stop looking at me like that” her words were almost inaudible they were so soft. He half smiled “why when it makes you look so adorable? I can’t help but look at you the way I do Sophie. I meant my vows with all my heart.” There was a knock on the door and Sophie could breath again as he looked away. Charles picked Sophie up then walked downstairs to find Rowne at their door. “Lunch is ready you two”

There were awes and low chatter when Charles walked over with Rowne while he held Sophie. He sat her down in her chair and they all ate. After everyone was full they started to play music so people could dance. This moment increased the already overwheleming happiness that Charles felt. So many times he had danced with Sophie at wedding celebratiosn when they were friends and now he was finally dancing with her as his wife. Chthon smiled when he saw Gulliver dancing with the same girl he saw him holding hands with. He whispered to Abraxas “I give that boy the ability to look human and within a week he’s found himself a girl” Abraxas just smiled and watched everyone dance. “You’re a really good dancer Gus”

“Thanks, you are too”

“Liar, I’ve stepped on your feet twice.”

“I barely felt it. I promise” Stacy smiled. “I really like you. I’m going to miss you when you go home”

“I was actually thinking about moving here.”

“Really” Stacy said excitedly then blushed. “Don’t be embaressed. I’m glad you want me around. It wont be right away but I’ll move here soon. I promise to come visit frequently until I move”

“How old are you?”

“twenty one”

“I’m twenty three” Gulliver just smiled. Stacy was a little worried she’d have less of a chance with him since she was older. Most men liked younger girls. He didn’t seemed swayed in the slightest though. Gulliver really didn’t like lieing to Stacy which is why he kept things about her as much as he could. He really liked her, could possibly fall in love with her. Somwhere down the road before he let things get too far he’d have to be honest with Stacy and hope she wouldn’t run away or be too angry he wasn’t completly honest at first. He decided not to worry and just enjoy being with her right now. Worrying about it and ruining this wonderful day he was having with her wouldn’t help him when that time came.

For now he’d just bask in that radiant smile and spend time with her. Kaji and Philip started talking beside Abraxas and Chthon. Chthon took the opportunity to ask “sir?” Kaji turned “Hi, I’m Kaji”

“I’m Chthon. I was wondering if you knew about Connie and Kenneth? I just met Norgish yesterday and heard about what happeend to Sophie. What became of those two after words?” Abraxas and Chthon could feel the boys go tense. Philip spoke “Don’t worry about Sophie. Charles made sure they wouldn’t bother her again” Kaji put his hand on the back of his head nervously “Yeah, nobodies seen them atall for two years” Chthon huffed “well atleast they’ve stayed away for two years” Chthon would need to read Charles memory then to know what happend but knew he wouldn’t have the chance to. Chthon decided to let it go. He could feel how much Charles loved Sophie so was sure he handled it so they wouldn’t show their faces again.

~ Chapter 24 ~

Eventually Rowne stole Sophie from Charles. Charles went over to his mother and asked for a dance while Rowne had Sophie. Gulliver and Stacy didn’t part for the entire night no matter what was going on. When the day was drawn to it’s end the whole village parted ways. Some people not from Tresnia went home while others opted to stay one more night. Chthon and Abraxas said their final fairwells to everyone before leaving the village to never look back again unless Drea called for him. She knew that was one for dire emergencies though so Chthon was sure he’d never see his decendants of Ruth again. It was a sad parting but it was needed if he was ever going to fully heal from Ruth and find love once more. He hoped if Gulliver did let himself fall in love with Stacy she would want to be a demon with him so he wouldn’t end up suffering like he had since Ruths passing.

Chthon left the book Gulliver would need if his cave on one of his shelves. He knew the demon would be smart enough to figure it out if he needed it. Gulliver decided to be brave before parting with Stacy and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He couldn’t help but have a huge grin when she blushed. “I’ll see you the day after tomorrow if you’ll have time for me.”

“I will”

“I’ll be at your house after breakfast”

“I’ll be waiting” Gulliver was going to spend all day tomorrow practicing holding this form without the ring. He wanted to live in the village to be closer to Stacy so planned on only seeing her every other day until he could hold the form without the use of his ring. His original want for the human form was long gone since the moment Stacy tugged on his arm. He’d still see his dear friend too but Stacy was quickly becoming his world. Charles carried his wife to their empty home. Sophies family already packed and left a few hours ago. “what’re we going to do now Charles?” he smiled “I’m going to make love to you until the sun brings us tomorrow. I’ll give you breaks but I want to have a whole night of making love to you.” Sophies heart hammered as he took her up the stairs. She knew how much pent up sexual tension he had from all the time with family and he was an endless ball of energy. While Charles undressed her upstairs she hoped she would always be this sexy and amazing to him, that the look he had for her in his eyes would never fade. He hugged Sophie tightly when they were both naked. He gave her a gentle kiss then held her face to lock their eyes as he said his vows to her one more time before he spent the night physically expressing his passion for her.

~ The End ~

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