Charlotte & Grayson 3

Chapter One

When Grayson was still a slaved pet for the horrible vampires that kept him one of the many horrific things he was forced to do was steal wolf babies so the leader could drink their blood. He loved the taste of the young werewolf blood better than any other. It would always sadden Grayson to see the petrified look on the childrens faces and watch them slowly die.

Even now he’d have nightmares about it and would wake up sobbing. Especially now that they had Willa. He couldn’t imagine loseing her so the guilt would somtimes weigh hard when he’d think of all the parents who were missing their children because of his acts for those vampires.

Vedrick, a father of four children Grayson had stolen had been hunting for Grayson for many years. Grayson killed Vedricks wife when he kidnapped the children. To him Grayson was a monster who took everything from him. Vedrick finally found where he lived and learned he had a family. All he was waiting on was an opportunity to steal his five month old little girl. At first he considered killing his wife but he knew he couldn’t do it. She had done nothing. It was Grayson who needed to pay. She was going to hurt enough at the loss of her baby.

He’d take the little girl far away and raise her as his own. Atleast then he’d have some sort of family and she wouldn’t be raised by such a murderous beast. He felt he’d be doing the Willa a favor. He had a note prewritten he was going to leave in the little girls room after he took her so Grayson would know who was making him pay for what he had done.

Vedricks opportunity came one morning when Grayson couldn’t find anything to eat. Their cupboards were almost bare because they hadn’t gone shopping in so long. He quietly went upstairs and kissed Charlotte. “I’m going to the store to get some things for the house. Would you like anything?”

‘Chocolate please” Grayson smiled and kissed her again “Of course my love. Rest while you can before Willa gets up” Charlotte smiled and faded back to her dreams. Grayson grabbed his keys off the key holder and ran to his car. He was starving and wanted to hurry back to make some breakfast.

It wasn’t long after Grayson left that Charlotte had a strange feeling like a sense of impending doom. She opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling for a moment. Willa started crying and she sat up. There was something off about that sound. She got up and started down the hall, thinking maybe her little girl was just hungry or wet. She pushed the door open and froze in shock. The bed room window was open and a strange man stood in the middle of the room holding her crying daughter. He growled low in his throat, the sound shocking her into motion. She attacked him like a woman gone mad, screaming at him to give her daughter back. He hit her in the face and she did a complete three sixty before falling to the floor. When she tried to get back up he kicked her in the stomach, sending her sliding across the floor into the wall. She blinked and he was half way out the window. She grabbed the stone around her neck and asked for a spirit to follow him before her vision turned to black.

Grayson was at the end of the road leading to his property when he realized he forgot his wallet. He sighed in exasperation, knowing his forgetfulness was from lack of sleep. No matter how many times Charlotte told him to sleep while she took care of their little girl in the middle of the night, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. She had carried the baby for nine months, went through nausea and not being able to sleep because Willa was constantly tap dancing on her bladder. The least he could do was pull a few all nighters. He turned back around and drove quickly back home. He pulled into the driveway and got out, a strange smell hitting his nose. He knew that smell, had it locked forever in his memory. He ran into the house, his heart beating out a fearful tat too.

“Charlie?” He yelled, receiving no answer. He moved slowly upstairs, the scent strongest there. He followed it to Willa’s room where Charlotte lay unconscious. He dropped down next to her and shook her. Her eyes snapped open and she looked up at him, bewilderment turning to horror.

“He took her, the man took her.” She was on her feet and to the crib in an instant. She lifted a note off the blanket and opened it.

It read “You killed my wife and stole my children. You don’t deserve a wife and daughter. I’m not half the monster you are so I let your wife live but you’ll never see your little girl again. -Vedrick” Grayson would’ve known even if he hadn’t put his name at the bottom of the note. He knew the smell of every child he had taken to the vampires, knew all their names. Nothing in the world could ever make him forget. Grayson crushed the note in his fist and punched the wall in frustration.

Charlotte started crying “What if he hurts her? It wasn’t your fault what you did.” Grayson couldn’t say anything. He was so ashamed. Charlotte already knew he had killed people but he still was too ashamed to speak. “As much as I know you hurt this isn’t the time. We need to go after him Grayson!” Grayson nodded. He inhaled the air then began to run.

Charlotte was close behind praying for her daughters safety. Grayson wanted to feel angry but couldn’t. He had wronged this man in the worst way possible. Killed the mans wife who had just been trying to protect her children. It had been one of his hardest kidnappings. The only time he was forced to kill a parent to take the children. He had messed up on that mission. He normally would take the children in the night and quickly but since it was four at once it had been much harder for them. He had allowed one to call out for his mother.

Like any good caring mom she came running right away, fought him until he was forced to kill her. He remembered the childrens screams, the way they cried for their mother until the very end. Grayson prayed Vedrick wasn’t planning anything horrible for his little girl. He just couldn’t lose Willa. He couldn’t let Charlotte suffer for his past.

Vedrick ran through the woods with the screaming baby. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get her to be quiet. He came to a lake and took the dirt road up to the main road where he had his car hidden near a group of trees. He had a car seat in the back and put Willa inside, making sure she was strapped in properly. He wanted the baby to be quiet just for a moment. He felt a coldness move past him and shivered. He looked around, not see the spirit that lingered near the baby.

Grayson tore his clothes off and shifted as Vedrick’s scent became stronger. He burst through the woods, running along the edge of the lake and up the road. He could see the other wolf getting in his car and let out an angry howl. He jumped onto the hood of the car, his eyes staring into his enemy’s as he punched the gas. Grayson slammed against the windshield, wanting his daughter back. Vedrick slammed on the breaks, sending him tumbling off the hood and onto the asphalt. He raced after the car as it sped away, hearing Willa’s cries coming from the back seat. He skidded to a stop, unable to keep going and let out a mournful howl.

The sound of Grayson sounding so lost broke Charlotte’s heart. She wrapped her arms around his furry neck and started crying. His arms were suddenly around her as he shifted back to his human form. They cried together there in the middle of the road. “I’m going to get her back. I have to get her back, have to explain things to him.” He said sadly.

“I sent a spirit with her, to watch over her. Maybe we can call Rebecca. Chances are he’ll stop for supplies and he doesn’t know that a human knows what you are.” She pulled back to look into his eyes. “He said you killed his wife and took his children.”

He stood, pulling her to her feet. They needed to get home so he could put something on before a cop drove by. “I did. The vampires who turned me into their slave made me kidnap wolf children for them to feed on. I didn’t want to. Every child took another piece of my soul. Killing his wife had me drowning in blood. I made them my victims because I was to weak to fight back, to say no and let them kill me.”

They ran hand in hand back to their home. She leaned against the bedroom wall as he dressed. “It wasn’t your fault, doesn’t he understand what they did to you, how they broke you?”

“He should have come for me, not for you and our little angel. He should have killed me. I wouldn’t have fought back, I would have accepted it. He deserves his revenge, but not on you or Willa.”

“You better not let him kill you or I will never forgive you. Now call Rebecca and see if she knows anything.”

Charlottle sounded both angry and hurt. “I’m sorry Charlotte” He began and she stopped him “there’s no time, call Rebecca.” He frowned even more than he had been before and picked up the phone. “Hey wolfie” Rebecca answered ” I need you to lookout for somebody for me. A man named Vedrick, he’s tall, around 6’2. He has brown hair that just covers his ears and green eyes. He’ll probably buy baby things because he’s taken our little girl.” He almost couldn’t say that last part.

He felt so much pain and sadness running through him and crushing his heart. Rebecca gasped “have you called the police?”

“It’s my next call.”

“How’s Charlotte?”

“Not so good.”

“Hurry and call the cops love. I’ll call you if he comes in here.”

“Thank you.” Grayson wanted to start crying again but held it together to call the cops and give them a description of who took their baby. They said they were coming right over with CSi to check Willas room for any evidence. Charlotte had just been sitting on the bed looking deep in thought. Grayson stood in front of her “Charlotte.”

“I hate when you say things like you’d let someone kill you. You did terrible things in your past but you arent a terrible person. You’re a very god man, a good father and husband. Regardless your life with us should make you want to live. Aren’t you happy with us?” She began to cry. She wanted Willa and had been very hurt hearing Grayson say he would’ve let the man take his life. It made her feel like his life with her wasn’t good enough.

“I’m very happy, I love you two so much. Don’t take it like that Charlotte please.” His words were strained with his tears. I just have so much guilt over the things I’ve done. I really don’t deserve you or this life. I wont let anybody kill me though. I promise not to say things like that any more. Please dont’ be upset at me. I’m just so worried about Willa. I hate you two are being hurt because of me. I’m so afraid he’ll kill her.”

She stood and pulled him into her arms. She knew that if it meant his family never being hounded again he would gladly give his life. She kissed his chin and held tightly too him. They heard cars pull up and made it to the front door before anyone knocked. She handed one of the techs the note, apologizing for touching it in the first place.

“It’s alright Miss, no one knows what to do when they’re in shock.” He replied with a warm smile.

They sat on the porch and gave an officer their statement. When asked about why Vedrick blamed Grayson for the loss of his family they just said he must be delusional, that they didn’t even know him. The cop said maybe he had been stalking their family and if he took the baby maybe it was because it reminded him of whatever child he had lost. Grayson wanted so badly to tell the truth, but Charlotte squeezed his hand and looked sadly up at him and he couldn’t do it.

“We’ll need a picture of your daughter.” The officer said and Charlotte ran inside, pulling out the scrap book they had started for Willa. She took one of the most recent photos and ran back outside, handing it to the officer.

“Please just find her.” She begged.

“We will ma’am, we’ll leave no stone unturned.”

“Thank you so much.”

When CSI had collected what they needed everyone left. Charlotte felt so useless. She should have fought harder. “It’s not your fault.” Grayson said as if reading her mind.

“I tried so hard to get her back. He was just so strong.” She cried into his chest.

“He has rage on his side. It added to his strength.”

His cell vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out. It was Rebecca so he answered. “I just saw your man across the street at the baby store buying clothes. I sent my son to watch him.” Rebecca said.

“I hope you told him to be careful. He’s a wolf like me and highly unpredictable.” Grayson replied.

“Of course I did, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t tell him to keep his eyes and ears completely open.”

“Thanks, just keep on watching him. Maybe he’ll stay near town for awhile.” He needed to get to town, but he knew Charlotte would want to come. He didn’t want to put her in harms way again. “Call me if he does anything else.” He hung up and stuffed his phone back in his pocket. “I need you to stay here.” He said to his wife.

“Not on your life. I’m going with you to get her back. Maybe I can help reason with him. Besides, if we both go then one of us can distract him while the other gets Willa.”

“Sometimes I hate your logic.” She gave him a smile and it helped ease the tension. “There is one thing I need to get first.” He went inside and pulled his collar out of it’s hiding place. Maybe if he showed Vedrick the wolf would understand.

He still hated the thing but maybe now it could help him. Charlotte changed out of her pajamas then Grayson locked up the house. The two of them got in the truck and started to town. Grayson wanted to speed but getting in an accident or pulled over by a cop would do the two of them no good. Grayson found comfort in the fact Vedrick was buying clothes. It told him he wasn’t planning on hurting Willa. Charlotte held out her hand for Grayson to grab it. He was glad she did. Her touch helped him stay calm.

Charlotte needed his too. Charlotte wished she was tougher so she could’ve defended their baby. Fighting a rageful beast or not she should’ve been strong enough. Vedrick was almost a little happy picking out clothes. He loved having a child again. He hadn’t remarried because it hurt too much and he couldn’t get over his wife. She had been his first and only love. He thought he’d have forever with Nani. He felt he would’ve had forever if Grayson hadn’t taken away everything.

It wasn’t right he had a wife and daughter. Vedrick didn’t understand how a woman could love such a monster. He wondered if he knew about his past. Knew of all the horrible things he had done. Vedrick had learned more about Graysons bloody past than he ever cared to know hunting him. He had hurt so many lives. If he dared try and claim his daughter Vedrick was going to kill him before he could cause any more pain to anybody else.

Grayson’s cell vibrated as they made it into town and he pulled over, switching off the ignition. He answered, “What’s up?”

“He just came in here and bought formula and blankets. I asked where he was headed to and he said he and his daughter Tia were heading up into the mountains for a little while. He said he has a cabin up there.” Rebecca said. “Toby wanted to hide in his trunk, but I told him the bad man was just like you and would know he was there.”

“Do you know what part of the mountain?”

“No, but I don’t think it’s far. He headed out of the south side of town.”

“Alright, thank you Becca. I’ll call you when we have this resolved.” He hung up and started the car, heading south. “I need you to call that spirit back and ask him or her or it where we should go.”

Charlotte closed her eyes and whispered softly as she gripped the stone around her neck. She opened her eyes, looking confused. “The spirit is refusing to leave Willa. That’s never happened before.” She closed her eyes again, this time begging the spirit to understand that it was the only way they would find their little girl. The spirit relented, moving as quickly as it could away from the car and the baby to the woman summoning it. Charlotte opened her eyes, feeling drained. She needed blood to sustain her energy like any vampire. She was only a half breed so regular food usually sufficed, but on occasions like this when she would have to use every ounce of strength she had, she needed more.

“I need blood, take me to the butcher’s.” She said. Grayson didn’t argue, just stopped in front of the butcher shop and handed her his wallet. They sold blood here for blood pudding. She went in a purchased one styrofoam container. She waited until she was in the car and they were moving before opening it and drinking half. The spirit shimmered into view in the backseat, making Grayson jump and swerve.

“Baby calm down, you knew she was coming”

“I’m sorry, my nerves are just so bad right now.” Charlotte rubbed his hand gentle before turning around “where do we need to go?”

“Turn at the second left you see. Straight until you’ve reached a right turn. Then it’s all straight. I want to stay with the baby. I don’t think the man is emotionally stable. I feel a great disturbance in him. He’s experienced such heartbreaking pain.’

“Thank you that’s all I needed. Protect Willa please.” The spirit left them and Charlotte turned back around. She grabbed Graysons hand. It isn’t your fault. I love you so much. We’ll explain things to him. He’ll understand and give us our baby. If not we can take her back.” Grayson looked so heartbroken and scared. “I doubt he’d buy all that stuff for Willa if he was planning on hurting her Grayson.” Grayson nodded.

“I’m sorry Charlotte, I’m sorry this is happening. I don’t know why you married me. I shouldn’t have asked. I was selfish to. You make me so damn happy. I’m a selfish ass for staying with you.”

“Stop it right now! I love you and you saved me from the people who were trying to hurt me! You’re a wonderful man and father. Don’t you dare speak another word about me being better off without you.” Charlottes words were stern and Grayson gave her one last sorry. He gripped her hand tightly, grateful to have her. He lifted Charlottes hand to his lips and kissed her.

Vedrick paced in circles soothing Willa to sleep. He hummed his daughters favorite lullaby and she began to laugh “I guess all little girls like that song. You’re such a sweet little thing when you’ve stopped crying. We’re going to have a wonderful life together. It will be much better than the one you would’ve had with that monster and fool of a women who married him. I’ll raise you right and with all the love I couldn’t give my children.” He continued to pace until the little girl was fast asleep.

Grayson pulled to a stop out of sight of the cabin. He took a deep breath and switched off the car. He handed Charlotte the keys before getting out. “If anything happens, you take Willa and run. Don’t try to save me, just run.” He said and she nodded. He went into a crouch and moved quietly up the road, Charlotte close behind him. They moved through the woods and he inhaled the air. He could smell both Vedrick and Willa. He didn’t smell blood which helped calm his nerves a little. He moved quickly around the back of the cabin. He peeked in the back window and saw a playpen in the middle of the living room. Something moved and he was sure it was Willa. He pushed the door open, listening closely. He was halfway through the kitchen when he heard growling. He froze, turning his head to see Vedrick crouched in the pantry. He started to stand and the man launched himself through the air, slamming into him hard enough to knock the air from his lungs.

“Get her now.” He screamed and Charlotte ran across the room, lifting her daughter out of the playpen and running out the front door. She glanced behind her, seeing Vedrick break loose and give chase. She could hear him breathing. He reached for her hair and Grayson jumped onto his back. Charlotte took her daughter to the car and put her in her car seat. She cracked the window then locked the doors. She couldn’t bring herself to leave Grayson. She could hear them snarling.

Grayson and Vedrick rolled across the ground, grappling with each other. Neither of them had time to shift. He bit the other wolf and received a punch to the face. He hit the man in the ribs and they rolled again. Vedrick came out on top, pulling a knife out of his boot and raising it. He closed his eyes, waiting. Nothing happened and he looked up at Vedrick who was shaking, unable to strike the killing blow. Charlotte crested the hill and froze, staring at the two men who were locked in eye contact. She didn’t know what to do, was afraid to even breathe.

“I can’t do it, I can’t.” Vedrick said and his voice cracked. “I’ve wanted to for years, but I can’t. Why can’t I kill the one man who took everything?” He pushed himself back, dropping the knife and sitting in the dirt.

Grayson wasn’t sure what was happening but could see how distraught Vedrick was. Charlotte ran back to the car to grab the collar. She slowly walked up with it and Vedricks eyes jumped to her. Grayson tensed again incase Vedrick tried to hurt her. Charlotte kept a slow steady pace until she was standing right by Grayson. She leaned down just as slowly as she had walked and handed the collar to Grayson.

Vedrick looked at it confused. Not that he wasn’t confused already by his lack of being able to kill the man he hated. Grayson sat up and began to speak “I know it means nothing to you but I’m so sorry about what I did to your family. It wasn’t by choice but by cowardice. I…” Grayson paused, it was still very hard for him to speak about what happened.

“I was a slave to a group of vampires who beat me near death when I’d disobey. They took me from my parents when I was a pup. Well I was given to them by my parents.”

“Your parents GAVE you away to vampires?” Vedrick said not looking at Grayson. “Yes, I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through. I deserve your hatred but my wife and daughter are wonderful people. Please leave them alone.” Charlotte chimed in “he’s really an amazing person. He escaped them and has spent the rest of his life doing nothing but good.”

Chapter Two

“They put this collar around my neck and chained me up every day. I hated them, loathed them. It took me so long to get up the courage and the strength to break free and kill as many as I could while escaping. I hated all vampires the way you hate me until I met my wife. She’s a half blood and the most loving creature in existence. I did many horrible things to men, women, and children. She never looked at me with anything but understanding and love. Please believe me when I say I would change everything if I could, I would give you everything back. I live every day with the faces of my victims in my head. I hear their screams and I hope they can forgive me.”

Vedrick looked at him with such guilt. He had spent so long looking for the man who killed his wife and took his children that he never stopped to think maybe Grayson himself was suffering. He wasn’t looking into the eyes of the cold blooded killer he hoped to find, but a beaten down and broken man who had tried to atone for his sins. Sins that shouldn’t even rest on his shoulders. He couldn’t bring himself to drive a knife into his heart because he was innocent.

“If you have to kill me to find peace then do it, but leave my family out of it.” He got on his knees and opened his arms wide, leaving his heart exposed.

“I can’t, it’s not your fault. You were another victim. I’m sorry I came here, sorry I hurt both of you.” Vedrick said and picked up his knife, handing it to Grayson.

“Thank you so much.” Charlotte said, shaking with fear. She wondered if Grayson knew this man was no killer, if he had left himself open to attack to prove his theory. He had not even tried to stop Vedrick from stabbing him, he had just laid there and waited.

Grayson got up and called to Vedrick “You shouldn’t have to be alone. Would you like to come home with us for awhile? We have a guest room. I took away all the family you had even if it wasn’t by choice. I can offer you time with mine. You can play with my daughter as much as you want.” Vedrick actually liked the idea. He had been so alone for so long. He longed for any type of family.

“You’d really want me in my home after taking your daughter?”

“You’re not a bad man.” Charlotte said “We’d love to have you. We could use all the help we can get with her.”

“Yes, I remember how babies are… if you really don’t mind I would like to have some sort of family for atleast awhile.”

“Come with us then.”

“Let me get a few things.” Vedrick grabbed his clothes and everything he had bought for Willa. He sat in the back with the baby as Grayson drove. Willa slept the whole way. When they arrived back at the house Charlotte said “I better call the police and tell them we have Willa. I’ll also let them know we aren’t pressing charges.” Grayson took the baby upstairs and laid her in her crib. “Let me show you your room.” He motioned for Vedrick to follow.

“You can use that dresser. We keep it empty for company.”

“You’re so kind. How long can I stay?”

“as long as you want to be around us. I can never fix what i’ve done but I can do this.” The police were very confused but told Charlotte to have a nice day and keep the house locked up. She began to make dinner. Grayson and Vedrick sat at the table. Vedrick felt really nervous. Still ashamed of his actions and not stopping to investigate what Grayson was going through at the time.

“I’m sorry for what you had to go through.” Vedrick finally said.

“It wasn’t your fault. I was given away by parents who didn’t care.” Grayson replied with a small smile.

“I should have stopped to think, but I was so angry and sad.”

“I don’t blame you and I never will. I want to ask you something. I have a lot of work coming up with breaking young horses. Every horse seems to have become pregnant at the exact same time and everyone wants me to break the babies when they reach a year. So would you like to stay on as a ranch hand and help me? Breaking and training horses is a lot of fun.”

“I would love that.”

“I also have someone I want you to meet that you might like. Her name’s Rebecca, you bought supplies from her. She may want to club you over the head at first, but she’ll warm up to you as long as you show her you mean no harm.”

He seemed to think about it for a moment. “Does she know about you?”

“She knows exactly what I am. She saved my life.” He answered.

“Alright, deal. I’ll work for you and you can just pay me in food.” They laughed and Charlotte looked into the dining room. They looked like they were getting along, like all had been forgiven. She hoped it stayed this way, that Verdick found happiness again. Meeting Rebecca would be a good idea. She was single and gorgeous.

Charlotte brought dinner out and they ate together happily. Vedrick seemed like such a sweet man. She was sure Renecca would warm to him quickly once they explained. Almost as soon as they were done Willa began to cry. “I’ll get her if you’ll do the dishes Grayson.”

“No let me take care of the dishes. You both go to your baby.”

“Thank you” Grayson said and followed his wife up the stairs. Charlotte lifted Willa out of the crib and rocked with her in their rocking chair. Grayson sat beside the chair admiring his wife and daughter. He was glad they were safe and he could do something to make amends with poor Vedrick. Grayson really hoped somthing would bloom between Rebecca and Vedrick so he could have a family again.

When Willa was resting again Grayson and Charlotte told Vedrick goodnight and went to bed. When Charlotte closed their bedroom door Grayson grabbed her and threw her playfully on the bed. Charlotte laughed. He crawled over her and whispered in her ear “I love you so much. I hope I never know the pain of losing my family.”

“You wont my love.” Charlotte said sweetly. Grayson began to kiss Charlotte and tug at her clothing. Soon he had everything off of her. He began to bite her sensually then he slid his hand between her legs. Charlotte began to writhe and he locked their lips as he thrust into her. It wasn’t so much sex he wanted as it was him wanting to be as close to her as possible and to be able to express his adoration for her. He wanted to watch her pleasure but had to keep kissing her so Vedrick wouldn’t hear. When he stopped she gasped. He smiled then got on his back pulling Charlotte on top of him. “was it good?”

“It’s always good.” She said weakly. He laced his hand in one of hers while putting the other on her head. They both drifted to sleep peacefully. Vedrick just laid down looking at the ceiling. He would’ve never guessed he’d end up staying in Graysons home. He had turned out to be such a good man. It was a lot to take in.

Introducing Vedrick to Rebecca the next morning almost had them both running. Grayson had to step in between the two when Rebecca came at Vedrick with a baseball bat. It seemed like it took forever to calm her down and explain what had happened. “You have no idea how lucky you are hound. If Grayson wasn’t standing here vouching for you I’d have you bludgeoned to death in an instant.” She snapped.

“A woman as beautiful as you should never have blood on her hands.” Vedrick replied and she blushed.

“That’s very sweet of you to say.” She said softly and shook her head as if she had been hypnotized. “Just don’t let me catch you doing something stupid.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Grayson and Vedrick left soon after, picking up lunch and going home. “That’s what we call a warm welcome and a you are forgiven from dear sweet Rebecca.” Grayson said with a smile.

“She’s certainly feisty.” He smiled back, feeling at little embarrassed. “Is she married?”

“Single, husband left when her son was three.”

“Asshole. Who leaves someone so wonderful?”

Grayson just smiled as they pulled into the driveway. They got out and went inside. He sat the back of sub sandwiches on the kitchen counter and went upstairs to find Charlotte. She was napping. He woke her with a kiss and she smiled happily up at him. He lifted her in his arms and carried her down to the dining room. He sat her gently down and Vedrick set the table.

“We’re very happy to have you here.” Charlotte said and reached across the table to squeeze his hand.

“Thank you.”

“Did you enjoy meeting Rebecca?”

“Uh, it was interesting. Close call describes it very well.”

Charlotte laughed “she loves our little girl very much.”

“She seems like a very loving person in general.” Vedrick already felt a little spark for her. The first time he’s felt anything like it since his wife. They talked until Willa woke. They all talked to her and played with her until the little girl was worn out. Charlotte yawned “god, I’m always tired.”

“Go back to sleep love. You just never get eight hours in a row is the problem”

“Yeah, atleast Willa is worth it though. We have such an angel.”

“I’m blessed with two angels” Grayson said carrying Charlotte to their room and laying her down. “you rest, I’m going to show Vedrick around the farm.”

“Alright my love” Grayson showed Vedrick how to do everything. He was pleased he learned so quickly. “want to ride a horse? A tame one I mean.”

“Sure” They for on and rode around the property. They had a really good time. “after you leave you better not be a stranger.” Grayson said. “I wont, thank you so much.”

“Thank you for your forgiveness.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” They put the horses away and went inside. A bright future seemed to be on the horizon for everybody.

~ The End ~

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