Charlotte & Grayson

Chapter One

Charlie ran as fast as she could through the dark forest. Her shoes squished in mud. Her legs were being torn open by blackberry brambles. Her long brown hair kept getting hung in low hanging limbs. She searched the dark with her silver grey eyes, her heart hammering out a fearful beat. They were not going to get her or the blue necklace hanging around her neck. The stone was very powerful and she was the only one who knew how to use it. The men chasing her wanted her to resurrect their vampiric leader. He was an extremely powerful being who saw the human race as cattle. She tripped over a tree root, falling in the cold mud. She scrambled to her feet and continued running. She burst through the tree line and onto a farm. She spotted a large barn across the pasture and ran to it. She slipped quietly inside and shut the door. She peeked throu a crack and saw the men come out of the woods. They were scenting the air, trying to find her. She closed her eyes and gripped the necklace in her hand, calling the power forth to hide her. She couldn’t hold it for long, but she hoped it was long enough. When she opened her eyes she saw them move off back into the woods. She went to the very back of the barn, sneaking into the stall of a sleeping horse and laying down in the hay. The animal only gave her a quick glance then went back to sleep. She would stay there till morning and then move on.

Grayson woke up as early morning light filter in through his window. He sat up, stretching then getting out of bed. He changed into a pair of Levi’s, a t-shirt, and a pair of biker boots. He slipped on his jacket and grabbed his cowboy hat then went outside. There was a slight breeze and it blew a strange scent to him. He recognized that smell and he growled. Blood suckers had set foot on his property. He had no time to check them out at the moment. He had to feed the horses and chickens. He had thought coming out to the country would free him of other creatures of the night. He opened the barn door and his wolf nose smelled someone, a female.

He walked in quietly to sneak up on her. He found her still asleep and sighed. He then shook her to wake her up “What’re you doing in here!” He said angrily. She jumped up and away from him. “There were these men chasing me. I was hiding from them here and got tired. I’m leaving now. I’m sorry I disturbed you.” She seemed so apologetic he felt bad for being such an ass to a girl he didn’t know. Especially such a pretty girl.”Calm down, I’m sorry I woke you up the way I did. I just don’t like anybody else out here. Normally bloodsuckers are trouble” She was offended by the term.

“Asshole or should I call you dog. I’m half bloodsucker. Stupid hound.” She shoved her way passed him and. Out of the stall. He grabbed her arm and she slapped his hand away. “If I had known someone with such prejudice against a single species resided here I would have kept going.”

“You don’t smell anything like them, that doesn’t make since.”

“My human side hides it well. No one can tell. The only ones who know are those I tell.”

He stepped on between her and the exit. “Stop, I’m sorry. Your legs are bleeding please come inside and take a shower then I’ll bandage those up.”

Charlie wasn’t sure about him. He obviously preferred being alone and didn’t really like her kind. She so weighed her options. She could stay with him for a little while or she could keep going until she was cornered. She sighed, grabbing the necklace for comfort. “Fine, I’ll come inside.” She said.

“Great, would you like me to carry you? You seem like you hurt.” He smiled and it made her feel weak in the knees.

“Sure, fine.” He lifted her in his arms and walked out of the barn. She noticed he had very pretty eyes. They were an emerald green with a gold ring around the outside and a yellow sunburst around the pupil.

“So what’s your name?”

“Charlie.” He grinned and she glared up at him.

“It’s short for Charlotte asshole.”

“We’ll nice to meet you Charlotte, I’m Grayson.”

He showed her to the bathroom and gave her a towel. “If those are your only clothes I can give you a tshirt and some of my pajama pants while I wash them for you.”

“How’d you suddenly become so nice?”

“Like I said I’m sorry, I just woke up and I’m not always a morning person. I shouldn’t have been so rude. I hope you’ll forgive me”

“Well bring me some clothes and I’ll give you these after the shower. He walked off and handed her the clothes. She shut the door and got undressed. she was so grateful for a shower. She needed it badly. When she was done she got dressed and started looking for him. He appeared out of nowhere at her side “Looking for me?” She jumped “God! Don’t you knwo not to sneak up on people.”

“I’m sorry I’m really quite” She handed him her clothes. He couldn’t help but notice how adorable she looked in his tshirt and pajamas. He walked away smiling and told her to go to the kitchen and sit down in a chair. She walked into his kitchen and sat down. When he was coming back he made noise on purpose so he wouldn’t scare her.

“You don’t have to sound like an elephant running down the hall just don’t act like a ghost.” She smiled when he walked into the kitchen. He had a white container in one hand and some gauze wrap in the other. He dropped down on one knee in front of her and sat them on the floor then grabbed one ankle and rested her foot on his knee. He rolled up the pant leg and examined the cuts on her leg.

“Some of these are deeper than others.” He said as he opened the white container and started spreading some greenish gel on the cuts. She shivered a little at his touch.

“What is that stuff?” She asked, trying to distract herself.

“Aloe and calendula. It’ll keep inflammation down and sooth your cuts.” He wrapped gauze around her leg from ankle to mid calf and then rolled the pant leg back down. He grabbed her other leg and did the same. “You put this stuff on twice a day to make sure you don’t get an infection.” He stood and smiled. He handed her the container and she took it, smiling back up at him. His eyes dropped to her chest. “Nice necklace.”

She grabbed it in her hand. “Thank you, a dear friend gave it to me for safe keeping. The men who were chasing me are after it.”

He thought it was too soon to ask her about it. Especially since he was so rude when they first met. He decided that if today went well he’d ask more about it tomorrow. “Did you enjoy your shower?” He regretted asking that as soon as it came out of his mouth. He felt like it sounded creepy. She smiled “Yes I did thank you. I really needed one.”

“I have some stuff I need to take care of outside. You can just rest and make yourself at home.”

“Why can’t I help you?”

“Well I guess you can if you want but why would you want to?”

“You’re letting me stay here. I should earn my keep” she winked and it set his heart fluttering. “Alright you can come” He started telling himself to calm down. She was only staying a short while then leaving. She followed him outside and they began taking care of things around the yard. They stayed busy until he said “Are you hungry?” she was glad he asked “Oh yes”

“Then lets go back inside.” Without even asking her he picked her up and ran back to the house and set her down in a chair. He began cooking and soon set some food in front of her. She was surprised how good it was. “Wow you really know how to cook.”

“Well I’m normally alone and don’t like to go anywhere so I practice cooking a lot. I’m glad you like it”

“So what do you do out here?” She asked as she ate like a starving person.

“I train and rehabilitate horses. The two in the barn are mine. Shadow and Indigo are both Clydesdales. I had saddles and bridles specially made for them so I can ride them.” He sat down across form her and took a bite of food. “Would you like to go on a ride after we’re done eating?”

“Sure, I guess. I’ve never been on a horse.”

“Well that is unacceptable, a gorgeous young woman such as yourself should experience everything at least once.” She blushed and he coughed. “Sorry, that was inappropriate.”

“Thank you. I haven’t been called pretty in awhile so it’s nice.” Her smile lit up her face and made her silvery eyes shine.

They cleaned their plates and Grayson carried her to the barn. He said he was washing her shoes. He sat her down and she watched as he put a bridle on one of the horses and led it out then tied it up. “This is Shadow, beautiful isn’t he?” She nodded and smiled. He saddled the horse, making sure everything was buckled then turned back to her. She was so nervous. “Come here.” He said and she walked slowly over to him. He lifted her onto the giant horse and she started shaking. She was really hi off the ground. He untied the bridle and swung himself up behind her. One arm went around her waist and he directed Shadow with the other.

He went slow at first because he could tell how afraid she was. “You don’t have to be so scared. I won’t let you fall.” He sped up a little and she actually started having fun. She started laughing. It was a sweet sound to his ears. When the horse was getting tired he led it back and they got off. “I’m glad you started having fun”

“Thanks for taking me” He picked her up again “You do know I have no trouble walking right?”

“Well for now you aren’t wearing shoes” He set her down in the living room. “I have to go shower myself now. You can watch TV if you want.” He ran up the stairs and into the shower. At first she just kind of sat there looking at the ceiling. She was glad to have some peace. It seemed lately she was always on the run. She should’ve taken up riding horses sooner. She was happy Grayson stopped her from leaving.

He stood under the water trying to get rid of her scent. It clung to him no matter what he did. He loved her smell, it drove him crazy. Being pressed so close to like that had threatened to destroy his self control. He pressed his head against the cool shower wall. She was a stranger, a woman who happened to seek sshelter in his barn. He would keep her safe until she chose to leave and then that would be it. He had to keep telling himself not to get too attached. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew it would be futile. His heart beat so fast when she smiled so innocently up at him.

Charlie sat there watching Fright Night. She had loved the original and this one was just as good. She laughed when they made fun of the vampire’s name. She knew it was probably weird that she enjoyed vampire movies so much, kind of ironic. She was suddenly very thirsty and went into the kitchen. She found the cabinet with the glasses and pulled one out. She noticed the back of the cabinet was loose. She pulled it back and pulled out a black leather collar. She had not seen any dogs since she’d been there. She just looked at the piece of leather for a moment. She heard footsteps and shoved it back in its hiding place and pushed the wood flush with the wall.

When he came down his hair was still wet. It made him look really sexy. “What’re you doing?” She had a hard time speaking “I was thirsty.” She finished getting a drink. “Since you asked me, how did you enjoy your shower.”

“It was nice and also needed” He smiled “Aren’t you going to dry your hair?” she said with a faint blush. “No I let it dry on its own.” She walked past him to go back into the living room and her scent passed his nose. He got weak for a second and almost fell over. She turned around “Are you ok.”

“Oh yes, I’m fine. Just being a bit clumsy I guess” He followed her and sat by her on the couch. She laughed a lot more as she watched it. Greyson was shocked he could be so happy with somone else in his home. “You know after you leave you can visit me whenever you want. Atleast i hope you’ll come back.”

“I might” just her saying she might made him happy. He would feel sad if he never saw her again after this. “We should probably do your legs again before dinner.”

“Ok, I can do it myself.”

“I don’t mind” he got up to get the stuff and quickly set to work. “I guess you aren’t as much of a jerk as I thought.” He felt really bad now “I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I acted like that. I don’t have good people skills being alone all the time”

“Don’t you mean you dont have good blood sucker skills?” She said jokingly but she was still offended he said that atall. She could see the sadness on his face now “Hey I was just teasing you. I wont bring it up again. Don’t be sad”

“Thank you”

“Can I help you make dinner?” She asked happily.

“Sure, you can make the salad and I’ll bake so chicken breasts.” He answered.

“Probably a good idea. Men know breasts.” He started laughing.

They made dinner together. Grayson listened to Her talk about movies and how vampire movies had always been her favorite. She did her best Dracula impression which had them both laughing. They sat down at the dinner table and ate. “Is it alright if I ask why those vampires are after that stone?” He saw how nervous that made her. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too.”

“It’s okay. You’re letting me stay here so I think you deserve an explanation. You have to agree to let me ask you something in return though.” She said.

“I guess that’s fair.”

“It’s a necromancer stone. It’s made of sapphire. All the women in my family were necromancers. The vampires hunting me killed my mother and father. I stayed with a friend who gave me this. He said my parents asked him to take care of it. He was killed too trying to protect me. The ones chasing me want me to bring their leader back from the dead. He’s very powerful, has a lot of power over the elements and he loves blood.” She explained.

“So the stone is the only thing that can bring him back?”

“Yes, but I have to charge it, let it drain my power. Then it has to be placed around his neck.”

Chapter Two

“I see. I did not expect something like that.”

“I’m surprised you believe it honestly.” he laughed “why wouldn’t I?” She shrugged her shoulders. She wondered if she should bring up the collar. He may kick her out for snooping. She decided on another question “Why do you like to live alone?”

“Real friends are hard to come by. People turn on you a lot and I prefer the peace of being alone.”

“I hope my stay here doesn’t bother you too badly then”

“I invited you and I love having you here. You brighten this place up.” he smiled thinking once again he was probably going to creep her out. “I’m glad I’m not bothering you. I bet the moon is pretty tonight. Would you like to go outside? I love looking at the sky at night.”

“Sure.” They walked outside and she layed down on the grass. He nervously layed down beside her. She looked up at the sky with such excitement and joy. He didn’t realize he had started staring at her until she got over him holding herself up with her hands. “Why are you staring at me?” She smelled so sweet so he stammered “I’m sorry i didn’t realize. How rude of me.”

“I must have something on my face.”

“You have a cute little nose.” He touched her nose. “Two beautiful eyes and wonderful lips.” He brushed his thumb over her lower lip and she bit it. “I’d say it’s the prettiest face I’ve ever seen.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” She brushed her nose against his and rolled onto her back in the grass. “I love how bright the moon is out here, so beautiful. It’s better than the city. You can’t even see the stars in the city.” She raised her hand, wishing she could touch the dusty grey surface. She felt so sad all of a sudden. She longed for freedom, for a life. She hated the stone around her neck and would have pitched it into a lake if it wasn’t the only thing she had left of her family.

“Do you have a place you call home?” He asked, laying on his side and propping his head up with his hand.

“Not anymore. Hotels I guess and parks and forests.”

“You sleep outside, alone?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Unacceptable, you’re staying here until we figure this out.”

“ok.” He was happy she agreed. “We should probably get some sleep. Where am I sleeping tonight?” It occurred to him that he didn’t have a guest bedroom because he didn’t like to keep company. The only other room was a workout room for him. “I actually don’t have a guest bedroom but you can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“I will not kick you out of your own bed.”

“Well you’re not sleeping on the couch.”

“I guess we’ll just have to share your bed then. Unless that would make you uncomfortable.” He worried about himself sharing a bed with her but he decided he could handle it. “I guess that’s the only solution” They got up and he picked her up again. “Need anything before we go to sleep?”

“No I’m fine.” He walked to his room and set her down in front of the door. “One second.” He ran in to put a pair of pajama pants on himself. He didn’t want to make her change her mind because he slept in his underware. He came back shirtless and smiling nervously. She had to stop herself from gasping. He had the perfect amount of muscle. She wondered how such a handsome man didn’t have anyone. He must stick hard to this loner stuff.

They crawled in bed. Grayson was laying as close to the edge as possible. He really didn’t want her to change her mind. It had been so long since she had slept in a real bed. Especially one this comfortable. She went to sleep quickly. He rolled over “I’m glad you decided to stay” no answer came and he silently laughed. She just lay there with her head turned away from him and her hand open against her pillow.

She heard the window break downstairs and her mother screamed. She ran out of her and down into the living room. Her parents were fighting off the vampires. Her father screamed at her to run. One grabbed her mother sinking its fangs into her throat. Charlie screamed and tried to help her. The vampire batted her away, sending her flying across the living room. Her father ordered her to leave. She ran out the back door, tears streaming down her face.

Grayson heard her crying and his eyes snapped open. He turned over as she mumbled something in her sleep and tears fell into her hair. She had goosebumps on her arms and she was shaking. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Charlotte wake up.” He ordered. She started screaming and pushing at him, begging him not to hurt her. He shook her again and she jerked awake. She looked so confused.

“What happened?” She asked, reaching for the stone to make sure it was still there.

“You were having a nightmare.”

“Sorry, they come and go.” She sat up and pushed her hair back away from her face.

“What was it about?” He wiped some of the tears off her face.

“My parents. Remember I told you they were killed. I was there when it happened. I was sixteen and so scared.” She started crying and he pulled her into his arms. “I couldn’t do a damn thing to save them. My dad made me leave, he kept screaming at me to run.”

He did his best to comfort her as she sobbed. When she stopped he layed down with her. He was still holding her close. “I really am sorry I woke you up.”

“Don’t be. I’m sorry about what happened to your parents.” She had her head pressed into his chest. “Are you going to be able to get back to sleep Charlotte?”

“Yeah, you don’t have to hold me anymore.”

“I don’t mind” She smiled “Thank you” He stayed awake until he could hear her breathing become slow and rhythmic. He was glad when he woke up the next morning that she was still asleep and didn’t have a nightmare again. He hated to wake her but he needed to feed the horses. He tried to gently get up but she woke up anyway. “I’ve got to feed the horses. Let me grab your clothes and you can take a shower. When I’m done why don’t we go to town so I can buy you some clothes? It must be horrible only having the one pair.”

“I can’t let you do that”

“Please, I would enjoy it.”

“Alright I guess” He walked away, he came back with her clothes then left again to take care of the horses. When she got out he was already dressed and in the kitchen cooking. “wow you did that fast.”

“Nah, you just take long showers” he winked at her and she laughed. “Well I like to enjoy them while I can.” It didn’t take him too long to set the bacon and eggs he made out. They ate and then he cleared the table. “How’re you feeling this morning.”

“Much better, want me to sleep on the couch tonight?” she laughed

“Of course not. You know I can just start off the night holding you if that would be better.” He flashed her a flirty half smile.

“You’re far too kind. It’s been awhile since I had someone be nice to me. Being homeless is no fun.”

“I can only imagine, so feed the horses and then to town.”

She followed him outside and he opened the two stalls, letting the horses out to roam. She helped him carry out hay and put it in a trough. She loved being here. It was so beautiful and full of life. She would remember this place for the rest of her life. “I guess we should get going.” She said sadly. They climbed in his truck and he drove them to town. It was a very big place, but it was very country. She really loved it. Everyone waved at Grayson and she wondered how such a loner could be so popular. They pulled in front of a general store and got out.

“Grayson.” A little boy squealed as they walked in. He ran at Grayson and he lifted the little boy into his arms.

“Hey little buddy where’s your mama?” He asked.

“Mama Grayson’s here.”

A woman about thirty came out, smiling really big. “Well hey there wolfy and who is this beautiful young lady?”

“This is Charlotte.”

The woman held out her hand and Charlie took it. “Please call me Charlie.” She said with a smile.

“I’m Rebecca. So what brings you two here?”

“Charlie needs some new clothes. All she has is what she’s wearing.” Grayson said.

“Oh my that’ll never do. Why don’t you and Toby hang out while I help her find something nice.”

She walked with the lady. “So Graysons popular huh?”

“The sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. It’s a shame he stays in that house so much.” They started looking at clothes. ¬†Charlotte hadn’t been clothes shopping in so long. “You look lost dear.”

“I just haven’t done this in awhile. I’ve been homeless so I just buy a new pair of clothes when what I have is absolutely ruined.”

“That is absolutely terrible! I’m glad Grayson is helping you out. He has a heart of gold. I’m sure it makes helping you easier since you’re so pretty.” Charlotte laughed. Rebecca demanded she try on everything they picked. Some they kept some they didn’t. When they were done Rebecca went outside to get Grayson and Toby. Grayson payed for it and they started to leave. The little boy was sad about Grayson leaving. Grayson felt bad and said “well why don’t we get some icecream together if that’s ok with your mom.”

Rebecca nodded her approval and they walked down the street to an icecream parlor after he put the bags in the car. The little boy was so happy. “You need to come out more Grayson”

“I’ll try little guy”

They all ordered ice cream then started back. “Did I hear her call you wolfy?” Charlie asked and he made a shushing sound.

“No one else around here knows about that. Rebecca’s the one that found me when…” He trailed off.

“When what?”

“Nothing don’t worry about it.”

“Does this have anything to do with that collar?” He squeezed his ice cream cone so hard it broke and ice cream got all over the place. He cursed under his breath and found a garbage can to throw it in. When they got back to Rebecca’s store he washed his hand and wiped off what got on his shirt. He came out of the bathroom looking angry.

“We’re going to head back, of anything else happens to that mare you be sure to call.” He said and grabbed Charlie’s arm, pulling her outside and to the truck. He opened the passenger side door and she got in. He slammed it shut then walked around and slid behind the wheel. She hated herself for opening her mouth. She kept glancing at him, scared to death of what he might do. He was looking straight ahead, glaring at the road.

She sat in silence. Almost wanting to cry because she was sure he was going to kick her out now. She was surprised he even let her in the car again. He didn’t look at her once the whole way back. The ride to town was so fast but the ride back seemed like it took forever. When they got there he jumped out and grabbed the bags setting them in the living room. He still said nothing. “You’re kicking me out aren’t you? I wasn’t trying to be nosy.” He interrupted her “You weren’t trying to be nosy? How’d you find it?”

“Wh..when I was getting a drink the other day” He just stared at her looking really upset. She didn’t know what to say or do. “I can just leave. I’m sorry.” she ran out of the door and into the woods again without giving him a chance to say a word. She started crying as she ran. She couldn’t believe how dumb she was. Things were so perfect and she ruined them.

He just stood there for a moment, his home feeling suddenly very empty. He had to go after her, had to explain things. He pulled his clothes off and stepped onto the porch. He shifted shape and ran across the field. The horses just watched him run by, used to the large male wolf. He caught her scent and ran into the woods. She was moving fast.

Charlie almost tripped over what she was sure was the same root that had sent her face first into the mud when she first arrived at Grayson’s farm. She ran through mud and underbrush, trying her best to go around the blackberry brambles. Something suddenly dropped down in front of her and she skidded to a stop. “Hello Charlotte, so glad to see you.” It was one of the vampires. His name was Adam.

“It’s daylight, what are you doing out here, shouldn’t you be in some dark hole in the ground?” She glared at him, her hand going to the necklace.

“The thick canopy provides adequate cover for one such as my self. Now, why don’t you come with me.” He moved closer and she back pedaled. “Don’t think you can keep running Charlotte.”

“I’m not bringing him back, I’m not letting him spread his bloodlust. Humans are not cattle.”

“Oh please, you have fed off of many. Even a little half breed needs blood every now and then.”¬†She tried staying out of his reach. If he got his hands on her there was a very slim chance she’d get away.

Chapter Three

After backing up slowly she turned to run again. To try to get back out before he caught her when another appeared “We’ve been waiting on you you know. Please come easy. We do need to keep you alive for a little bit.” She punched him in the stomach and pushed him over. She ran as fast as she could. “Get back here you little bitch! A half breed can’t outrun us!” Adam caught up with her slamming her hard into a tree. She felt a little blood in her mouth.

He jerked her to slam her into it again to knock her out when Grayson pounced on him. Charlotte was a little dizzy. She could feel it was Grayson. She wondered why he was even helping her. She was amazed how easily he took the other one down and how fast Adam got out of there. He’d come back again later with more people to take him down. She stood there, her eyes filling with tears again. He shifted back and approached her. He was a little hurt when she backed away a little bit. “I’m sorry”

“No I’m sorry I reacted the way I did. Will you please come home with me so we can talk?” She stared at him for a moment then nodded her head. He lifted her and slightly hugged her. He felt guilty he upset her so badly but was sure she’d understand when he explained everything. When they got to his home he put her in the living room. “I’m going to get dressed before i talk to you.” She was glad. It would’ve been hard to talk to him with all his sexyness out.

He came back down in a pair of sweats. He noticed she was bleeding a little and got her wet rag. He handed it to her and sat down. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Fine, I think teeth cut the inside of my lip.” She wiped the blood off her mouth then probed the inside of her mouth with her tongue. It hurt something fierce, but she would heal. “Tell me about the collar.”

He went into the kitchen and pulled the piece of leather out of its hiding place. He sat it on the coffee table and looked at it angrily. “I was a slave so to speak. You wonder why I don’t like vampires well the collar is one of the reasons. My parents gave me to a group of vampires that broke into our house when I was ten. They cared more about themselves than about their son. I was tortured, beat, collared and chained. I was their pet and they never let me forget it. They broke almost all of my ribs by kicking me. They made me chase down victims.” He swallowed down the sorrow. “I got tired of it after ten years of abuse and being forced to commit acts of violence. I killed some of them and ran. Rebecca found me passed out by the river just outside of town.”

“Why do you keep the collar?”

“To remind me that I’m free and I’ll never be anyone’s dog again.”

“I’m sorry. Not that it fixes anything. Are you sure you don’t want me to leave?”

“That’s the last thing I want.” He hugged her “Please don’t run away from me like that again.” She hugged him back “Well I will have to run away when all this is over. I can’t just live with you forever. You’ll want your.” he interrupted her by grabbing her face and kissing her. At first she didn’t know what to think. She kissed back waiting for him to stop and say something. It was a sweet long kiss “I’d love for you to stay forever. Will you please stay here and be with me?”

She wanted to cry again “That would be wonderful” He smiled and a few tears went down his face. “Why are you crying?”

“You looked so terrfied of me before. Also with how I acted when you mentioned the collar. The house felt so empty. I was afraid you wouldn’t like being around me anymore. I know I just met you but I feel like you and I belong together. I love your scent, I love your hair, I just love everything about you.” He picked her up setting her in his lap on the couch. He held her close kissing her. She pulled back “They won’t just retreat you know. They’ll be coming.”

“and I’ll kick their asses like before. I can’t believe that one wimp just ran away like he did.” She giggled and he put a hand on her face. He looked at her like he was looking at the most amazing thing in the world. It made her heart melt. He then touched her forehead to his.

“Lubirea mea si √ģncrederea sunt ale tale.” She whispered softly.

“What does that mean?” He asked.

“It’s Romanian for my love and trust are yours. My father used to say it to my mother.”

“I like that, it’s beautiful.” He kissed her and she winced. “Sorry, is your lip okay?”

“I think so. It might still be a little bruised. Even us half breeds heal fast.” She smiled and rubbed her nose against his. “You have no idea how lucky I am to have found you.”

“I’m glad you chose my barn, that you were pulled here for whatever reason. I have been so alone, so afraid to let anyone in.” He grabbed her hand and placed it over his heart. “Feel that? You’re the only that has made it do that.”

She felt butterflies brush her insides and her heart skipped a beat. He was so amazing, so beautiful. She could only imagine the pain and betrayal he had been through, the sadness and guilt he must feel. What she was going through was nothing compared to what he had lived for ten years. “I really love you. It’s crazy, but it’s true.” She said. She also feared for his life. When the sun went down they would be in real danger. Adam had many vampires with him. They would swarm the house and kill him to get to her.

“We should really just relax until the sun goes down. There will be a lot of vampires here.”

“Would you like to cuddle with me upstairs? I really enjoyed holding you last night.” She smiled “I’d love that” He stood up with her and went to his room. They layed tangled together on his bed. He just had to kiss her again and knew he had kissed her on the lips too much and caused her pain so he kissed her cheek and went down her neck then kissed one of her hands. She giggled “I had to kiss you some more and I knew your lips were out of the question.” He smiled.

They layed there until he got up and said they should get something on their stomachs before the sun goes down. She agreed and they went downstairs. They just made some sandwiches and a salad. When they were done he reached over and grabbed her hand. “Are you going to be touching me constantly now?” she teased. “I’ll stop if it’s annoying you.”

“It’s fine. I like it. I just wanted to tease you.” He was a little worried about tonight but there was no way he was going to lose her. He was finally happy and he’d never forgive himself if he let that get stolen away. It would now be sunset any moment.

The sat in the dark house, staring out the living room window. The horses were safe in the barn. They watched the tree line, waiting for the vampires to come. Charlie grabbed his hand, squeezing it in fear. She didn’t like this at all. When the first of them stepped out of the woods she very nearly jumped out of her skin. They watched the pale form move quickly across the field. More followed. She counted about ten of them. As they drew closer to the house they slowed down and then stopped. She could see Adam standing at the head of the group. “Come out Charlotte and we won’t kill your little pet.” He yelled.

A growl rumbled in Grayson’s throat. He would kill that one, tear him to pieces. If it had not been for Charlotte he would have been out there already, raging through their ranks. He wasn’t scared of these creatures. His abuse had hardened him. The vampire yelled some more, taunting Charlotte. He could feel her shaking. “Then I guess we’ll have to make you come out.” Grayson picked her up as they rushed the house and ran upstairs. He lowered her to her feet and jumped up, grabbing the metal loop connected to the stairs that led up to the attic. He pulled it down and lifted her into the attic as the sound of windows breaking reached his ears.

Charlie expected him to follow, but instead he kissed her and slammed the heavy door shut. She started screaming and banging on the door, demanding that he come back. She started crying, her fists hurting and she pounded on the wood. He had to be insane to face them alone. She grabbed the stone, closing her eyes. She could help him even from there. She called for the shadows of the dead, dark spirits that feasted on evil souls. The process was draining.

He shifted, he knew locking Charlie up there would would make her angry with him but he couldn’t risk her getting hurt or taken away by one of them. He took two of them down trying to get to get to Adam. Adam and the rest attacked him at once. He tried to knock them off but he wasn’t able to. ¬†Suddenly it seemed he had help, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the angry spirits attacking them. It was now only between Adam and Grayson. Adam was weak from the spirits.

“Can’t the little half breed fight her own battles? She’s even more disgusting than I thought.” Grayson lunged at him ¬†and they rolled down the stairs. Grayson ended up on top and started gashing Adam. The spirits started to devour him until suddenly he was gone. He looked around and all the vampires were gone. Grayson was bloody and tired but he made his way back up the stairs to get Charlotte.

He shifted back as he got to the top of the stairs.When he opened the door she fell out. Using the necklace to help him took so much out of her she passed out. He caught her almost falling over with exhaustion. He carried her to the bed and layed her down then went to the bathroom to clean up. He rinsed in the shower. When he was done with that he bandaged all his wounds. Then went to his room to look at his beautiful Charlotte. He was glad she passed out so she wouldn’t be awake to fuss at him for locking her up.

He smiled when he looked at her still asleep. He’d fix the house in the morning. He got in bed beside her and went to sleep. When Charlotte woke up the next morning she looked around frantically. It woke Grayson up and she could see some bruising. “Why did you do that!” as relieved as she was she was still with him and he was alive she was very angry. “I couldn’t risk losing you. I need you Charlie.” He said it so sincerely she couldn’t keep her angry face and she hugged him. “Did the spirits help?”

“Yes” he kissed her forhead. “Thank you” They got up and cleaned up the house. They had to go to town for some new windows. She was amazed how handy he was. “You can do anything huh?”

“well I made this house.”

“wow really!”

“I wanted it to be perfect. It finally is now that you’re in it.” She blushed. He continued saying “is there anything I can do to make this place even more perfect for you while I need to fix it anyway?”

“Nope, everything’s perfect just how it is.”

~The End~

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