Chris & Nomiki

Chapter One

Nomiki fell to the ground as she came through the portal, her bod fatigued from over use of her magic and blood loss. Her white dress was soaked red and her shoulder was killing her. She had received a letter asking for her assistance in ridding a village of dark witches. She had been asked to travel to a cave in the forest outside of said village and had found herself being ambushed by not one, but five dark witches who has sent the letter to bait her. She had killed three before she had started to tire and knew she was in trouble. One of them had managed to break her defense and shoot her with an ice spike. Even being as powerful as she was, she had fled and jumped through the first portal she came across. She groaned as she pushed herself to her feet, shivering as she realized it was not only dark, but snowing. The ground beneath her feet was blanketed in white and she was not wearing warm clothing.

She walked out of the small patch of woods and onto a cement pathway. It snaked away from her, passing a lake. She gripped her shoulder as she walked, her legs feeling heavy, the cold stinging her skin and turning her cheeks red. She tripped on a rock and was so weak she couldn’t hold herself up. She landed in the soft powdery snow with a thud and managed to roll onto her back. Tears filled her eyes as she felt her eyelids becoming heavy and wondered if this was to be her last day. She fell unconscious, her body going limp, her breath softer than a whispers.

Chris strolled at a leisurely pace through Agate Park, his breath coming out in white puffs as it hit the cold air. He sighed, feeling that loneliness setting in again. He was happy for his friends, found joy in seeing how much each couple loved each other, but there were times he craved that sort of connection with another person. It was the blood that first caught his attention and pulled him back into reality. In the moon light it looked like a dark stain against the paleness of the snow. He could see it made a trail and his heart gave a lurch as he followed it. He was surprised when he found the beautiful young woman laying on her back in the snow, her white dress covered with blood. He quickly lifted her and put his ear close to her mouth, relieved when he found she was breathing. He knew she had to be seriously wounded and had to get her to the hospital before she died of blood loss or exposure.

He ran rapidly to his car and laid her in the backseat before fumbling for his keys. Chris rushed her to the nearest hospital and explained to them how he found her. Assuring him they would keep him updated if he stayed they rushed her off. His heart wouldn’t allow him to leave so he sat in the waiting area. He was deeply concerned for her despite the fact he didn’t know this woman. He did his best to pay any attention to the book on his phone until a nurse came to him “Mr Beck?’


“she’s going to be fine. Want me to take you to her room?”

“yes please” He stood and she guided him to where she was staying. “if you need a coffee or anything sir the cafeteria is down the hall and to the right, youll see the sign”

“thank you” he responded and she walked out.

Nomiki felt much warmer than she remembered and she wondered for a moment if she was dead. She remembered falling in the snow, remembered she had been bleeding badly. She shifted a little, feeling the pain in her shoulder, pain meant she was alive. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking to bring the white ceiling into focus. A smell hit her nose, something unnatural and almost too clean. “You’re awake.” The voice startled her, but she was too weak to do much but groan in response. She heard movement and a face hovered into view. He was unfamiliar, but handsome. He had a kindness about him, a warmth she could see in his concern filled eyes.


“My name’s Chris, I found you in the park.” His voice was soft and she felt him gently take her hand. “You were unconscious so I brought you to the hospital.”


“Yeah, you’re okay now. The doctor patched you up.”

“I’m thirsty.”

He gave her a gentle smile. “Let me go tell a nurse you’re awake.” She was too tired to protest so she just nodded as best as she could.

He caught the attention of the first nurse he could see “she’s awake and thirsty”

“Okay sir, I’ll be in there in a moment” Chris went back into the room “a nurse is coming with something. I’m so glad I found you and that you’re okay. I know I don’t know you but I was worried anyway” She gave him the best smile she could manage. She wanted to tell him how thankful she was for obviously bringing her to his worlds healers but she was far too weak and in too much pain to be talking. That smell was bothering her too. She wasn’t used to air like this.

Chris stood by as the nurse raised her bed and checked her wound. Once she was done, she brought in a pitcher of water and a cup with a straw. “Need me to hold the cup?” He asked as he poured her some water.

“Please and thank you.”

He smiled as he held the cup up so she could get to the straw. She took a couple of drinks then nodded and he sat the cup down. “So, you never gave me your name.”

“Sorry, it’s Nomiki.”

“That’s different, beautiful, but very exotic. Better than Chris anyway.” She smiled and his heart did a little flip. “How’d you wind up out in the snow, bleeding?”

“I was ambushed, but I think I did more damage.”

“Did you have to kill someone?” Chris lowered his voice.

“Please, pay it no mind.”

“I need to call the cops, they need to be looking for these people.”

He went to pull out his phone and she reached out, surprising him when she grabbed his wrist. “You won’t find them. Please trust me, I know this might sound crazy depending on where I am, but I am a witch.”

“Like in a cult?”

She shook her head, looking frustrated. “No, you don’t understand.”

“Okay, okay easy, just calm down or you might tear your stitches. I won’t call the cops. Just please calm down for me.” He put his phone away and took her hand gently in his. He reached out with his other hand and tucked her hair back, letting his knuckles brush her cheek. “Everything’s okay, you’re safe here so rest.”

She breathed a little easier and relaxed. His reaction told her she had come to a world without magic. That could be tricky and she’d have to spend way more time healing than was needed but she was alive and that’s what mattered. She also had the opportunity to get to know this kind man who had helped her. She would reward him some how. She decided right there she would stay until she could figure out the best way to thank him for not letting her die. She didn’t realize she had fallen asleep until she was awake again and saw the kind stranger sleeping on the mini couch. There was some sort of white and green cup with a small brown sleeve beside him and it seemed as if he had changed his clothes. It made her wonder how long she had slept.

“Chris?” She said softly and he jerked awake, looking a bit lost for a moment.

“Holy crap, sorry.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “Shit, I need to call Peyton and tell her I won’t be coming to the studio.”


“Oh, I’m a band manager, they have practice.”

“If it’s important, please go.”

“It’s fine, just give me a minute.” He picked up his cup as he stood, yawned then brought it to his lips. “It got cold.” He sat it back down then dialed Peyton’s number. She answered immediately and the first thing out of his mouth was an apology and then he explained the situation. She assured him they would manage without him, that he was a hero now and he had to be Nomiki’s knight in shining armor. He glanced at Nomiki, glad she couldn’t hear Peyton trying to embarrass him.

He took a nervous sip of his cold coffee again and Nomiki asked “Did I sleep long?”

“It’s the next day now.” he looked at his watch “and almost lunch. What do you like? I’ll bring you something from anywhere”

“I don’t know what kinds of foods you eat here. Just bring me something you like eating” He didn’t say anything about her strange answer. Deciding her mind was probably still boggled from being beaten up so badly. “could you tell me what kind of meat you like at least? Pork, beef, chicken?”

“I guess chicken sounds nice”

“Then I’ll be back. Don’t let those nurses give you gross hospital food” She smiled and he blushed. They just looked at eachother a few moments before he cleared his throat and hurried out.

Chris went to his favorite Mexican restaurant and ordered two of their chicken and rice burritos. His thoughts continuously drifted to Nomiki while he waited. She was so mysterious and beautiful. Some of the things she said were so strange, especially about being a witch. He had known his share of Pagans, but he had never thought to get to in depth with their practices. He wondered if she was like them, but then there had been the need to not get the authorities involved. Was she running from something or someone? He sighed and grabbed his food when it was brought out. He went back to the hospital and straight to her room. She was sleeping, but she woke when he came in and he quickly apologized for waking her.

“It’s fine, something smells good.”

“I hope it tastes as good as it smells to you, I don’t know how you feel about Mexican food.” She looked at him questioningly. “It’s food made in the style of another country.” He pulled the burrito out and handed it to her. “I think they’re delicious.”

Nomiki unwrapped her food and took a small bite. She smiled as she chewed and he looked pleased. “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” He yawned, still feeling tired and his neck was sore from sleeping on the couch. He rubbed the sore muscles as he ate, knowing the wouldn’t be acting up if he had gone home and slept in his bed, but he couldn’t just leave Nomiki, he felt responsible.

“Let me.” She said as she sat her burrito down.

“It’s fine.”

“Please, you have done so much.” He relented and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. She let her fingers drift over his neck and pushed healing magic into the pained area, hoping he wouldn’t question it too much.

“wow, thank you” he said in a surprised tone. His neck felt better than ever. He continued speaking “did you take some sort of class on how to release tension in muscles?” She smiled “somthing like that. When I’m feeling better I will tell you all about me. If you don’t believe what I say I understand but I will tell you nothing but the truth”

“I’ll believe you” She asked him questions about his life and friends to pass the time and because she was genuinely curious. When they would finally release her he offered his home since she said she didn’t live there. He took her out to his car and he noticed once again she was confused. He hoped they weren’t prematurely releasing her. Her mind still seemed boggled to him. She got in, going on trust in Chris alone. In the car she asked “so the band you manage that you’re so fond of. May I meet them somtime now that I’m better?”

Chapter Two

“Sure, they’re going to be recording a new album in a couple of days so you can come to the studio with me if you like. Fair warning though, Peyton has a dog. He’s not mean, he just really loves people. Her and Ty’s daughter, my goddaughter, will be there as well. There are six band members in all, Peyton and Ty are the lead singers.”

“I’m sure I’ll like them.”

“They’re all really nice, I think you’ll get a long just fine.”

When they made it to his house, Chris got out and went around to help her, his heart flipping when she smiled up at him. He got her inside and showed her the guest room. He then gave her a tour around the house, explaining the shower and showing her how to work the TV. She looked around, her eyes curious about some of the things he had. She was like a small child and he couldn’t help but give a small laugh. She looked at him, her cheeks red.

“Sorry,” he said, “you just looked kind of cute. You reminded me of Clio when she first came over here, except she was touching everything and I was trailing behind her trying to make sure she didn’t knock anything dangerous over.”

She smiled “I know you think my head is just fuzzy, I understand but I really am from another world. So much here is new to me. I will show you my world if you ever feel ready. I will even tell you how I came to be here. You saved me, you deserve nothing but the truth from me” For someone who was speaking such nonsense she really seemed to be level headed. Like she really was from elsewhere. He decided not to close himself off completely to the idea and asked “I would like to know what happened to you” She could see his face was unsure but she was glad he was willing to listen. Nomiki began telling him of the letter and how it had all been a trap. She went into great detail about the ambush, the battle and how she came to be in his world.

Chris honestly didn’t know what to think of her story. It sounded so outlandish, but the look on her face said she absolutely believed her words. She didn’t sound like she was lying, but he just couldn’t wrap his head around this whole other world and magic thing. The only magic he had ever seen was done by an illusionist. “I can see you think I’m making it up.”

“It’s not that, it’s just…” he rubbed the back of his head. “This sounds like something you’d hear out of a fairy tale.”

“I’m not lying.”

“I know and I’m really trying to keep an open mind.”

“I already used my magic on you.”

He looked at her questioningly for a moment. “Wait, are you talking about my neck?”

“Yes, I healed your sore muscles.”

He rubbed at his neck. The pain had disappeared so fast and she had barely even rubbed him. “Really?”

“Yes, I’ll show you again.” She moved closer and reached up, letting her fingers slide into his hair as she called on that warm, healing energy. He felt it wash over him, easing every tense muscle as it traveled down his neck and into his back. His eyes closed and he let out a little moan that had her blushing.

“Wow.” He said softly and she pulled her energy back and dropped her hands.

“See, I told you.”

“That’s amazing, I’m sorry this is so much for me”

“don’t be sorry, you havent grown up around magic. It’s understandable.”

“So could I travel between worlds or do you have to be special?” She smiled “I could take you back to my world anytime you wished. Back and forth is easy if you know how to do it. Though while it’s easy you can’t mess around. An unskilled traveler can end up places they don’t mean to so don’t just let anyone take you somewhere new. I can take you no problem though. I promise I do it with ease”

“Does time pass the same?”

“Depends on where you go. In my world yes”

‘Do I have to keep this a secret?”

“I wouldn’t recommend running around proclaiming it but no, you can tell your friends”

“This is all so crazy. What else can you do?”

She sat down on the couch and he took the spot next to her. “Nature magic mostly. I can call on the elements, animals, I can make plants grow, and I can heal. White Witches use their powers for good.”

“So you’re like Jedi.”


He chuckled. “I’ll show you some other time.”


He tapped his chin. “So have good witches never used their powers for bad. I mean you could use anything for good or evil.”

“I have not met one that has, but I’m not saying it’s impossible.”

“This is all so wild.”

She smiled. “Do you want to hear something crazier?”

“If you think my brain won’t melt.”

“I’m fifty years old.”

“That’s harder to believe than other worlds and magic” Nomiki laughed, her face looking so happy. It made Chris feel warm. Her laugh and smile were so beautiful. “well I am, how old are you?”


“Does my age bother you?”

“Not at all, you just look so young”

“Immortals normally stay looking young. I have seen demons as old as the worlds they are from who don’t look a day over twenty five”

“Demons too?”

“My world is filled with things you probably think aren’t real”

“Do age differences between matter much to people there..like when it comes to dating?” He blushed, not even sure why he was asking that. She was gorgeous and seemed to be a really good person so far but he barely knew her “No, not really. When you’re going to live forever age means a lot less” She paused a few moments then said “well, until somthing kills you. My forever would have ended if it weren’t for you Chris”

“I didn’t do much.”

“You could have left me, others might have.”

“Never in a million years. You needed me, even though you were unconscious and didn’t know it, I couldn’t just walk away and pretend like I didn’t see you. I’m glad I got to you before you bled to death or froze to death.” He reached out and brushed some stray hairs away from her face. “You’re such an amazing person. You dying would have been such a loss to the world, to any world.”

“Now I need to find a way to repay you for your kindness.”

“Just get better, that’s all I need.”

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t be so stubborn, just let me. It would make me happy.”

“Alright, alright, whatever you want.” He looked around. “So, hungry? I can make pretty much anything. Peyton insisted I learn how to cook when she came along, said I shouldn’t be surviving off of just microwave stuff.”

“I don’t know the food here well. Just make me something you like”

“Do you like really spicy stuff?”


“Okay, that I can work with” She followed him into the kitchen and watched him pull things out of his fridge then grab a few pans.”

“I’d like to have somthing to do with myself. Let me help?” Nomiki said and Chris answered “tell me some stories of your life and relax. I want to know so much more about you” She smiled and shook her head though she loved he wanted to know about her. She went back to her earliest memories of her life and began telling him about it while he cooked. She was in the middle of a story about herself as a ten year old when he started plating food. She thanked him and continued her story as he went to fetch glasses for drinks. He was sitting down just listening to her when she finished. “Now to try this great smelling food” she said and lifted her fork to try a bite.

“You weren’t kidding about it being spicy” She said and he laughed “sorry, I eat spicy so much it might be more so than I realize”

“No, it’s delicious”

“Kirk always says he’s surprised I haven’t burned my tongue off. Simon just tells him to stop being such a wuss.”

“Which members are they?”

“Kirk plays guitar and he and Cassandra are together, I hear he’ll be asking her to marry him soon. Then Simon plays violin and keyboard and he’s married to Russell. Simon’s the most serious out of all of us, unless he’s talking to Russell, Peyton or Clio.”

“And what do Cassandra and Russell do?”

“Cassandra’s our bassist and Russell plays drums.”

“What kind of music do they play?”

“Well, it’s mostly rock, at least that’s how I generalize it. They’re pretty good at playing different things though, they have some operatic stuff in there and they’ve done a couple of dubstep type songs.” He chuckled. “I’m sure none of that means anything to you, so I guess you’ll just have to see.”

“It doesn’t but I’d love to hear them play. When will they perform again?”

“I’ll take you next practice” She gave him a gentle smile then continued to eat. He wanted to hear more of her life but would be patient. After dinner she said “I’ll finish fully mending myself now that it wont freak you out. I could have fully healed the second day in the hospital but I didn’t want to alarm your healers” Nomiki closed her eyes and took care of what was left of her wounds. Chris’s mouth gaped slightly and she smiled humorously. He blushed and cleared his throat “That will take awhile to get used to”

“It’s just second nature to me. I get a cut and I heal it immediately. I can do the same for you, just ask if you ever hurt yourself.”

“Having you touch me like that might get a little addicting.” Her cheeks brightened and he silently reprimanded himself. “Anyway, I’m going to shower and get to bed, you should rest too after such an ordeal.”

“Would it be alright if I put barriers on your home?”


“For protection. I don’t know if I was followed and since I don’t know much about this world, it would make me feel better.”

“Whatever makes you feel safe. I also have a gun in my room and there’s a metal baseball bat in the coat closet over there. I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise. I might just be human, but I’m extremely resourceful.”

“I believe it, where can I sleep?”

“I have a guest room. Don’t be afraid to knock on my door if you need me. I also know being in a new world might be a bit..well scary even to someone like you.. you could always come into my room and lay with me if you needed to” He felt like an idiot but once he had started speaking he would have looked like a bigger idiot if he just stopped. She smiled at him again “I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you so much”

“even if you need something while I’m in the shower please get me”

“You are such a kind man, I promise, anything I need I’ll tell you”

Chapter Three

Chris was more than a bit embarrassed at himself and once he was in the shower he pressed his forehead against the wall and told himself to cool it. She was new here, she’d been attacked, and he was hitting on her. He couldn’t help himself. He was usually really good at talking to people, at keeping a straight face, it came with his job, but Nomiki made him feel like a teenager. Every time he looked at her, his heart went wild and he just wanted to touch her. He sighed and quickly cleaned then got out, drying and going into his room to pull on a pair of sweats. He could hear her moving down the hall to the guest room and he waited until he heard her go in before he crossed over and cracked his door open. He wanted to be able to hear her if anything happened.

Nomiki tossed and turned a bit, not used to staying in this new place. She listened, wondering if Chris was still awake. She was sure he was sleeping, this was his home after all. All of the sounds were so different from her world, the cracking and popping of the house as it settled, even the noises coming through the closed window. She was sure Chris had just learned to block it all out after being here for so long and he only listened for the important things like intruders. She turned onto her back and stared up at the ceiling, trying to will herself asleep.

It took most the night but she managed to fall asleep. The next day Chris made them french toast then said “You’re going to need some clothes. I can take you to Target. Its a store here”

“Yeah, I need something to wear that would look normal in this world” The two set their dirty dishes in the sink then settled into his car. “Do you have cars where you are from?”


“It’s going to make a semi loud sound when I start it up” He turned the key in the ignition and she said “so thoughtful, thanks for not letting it surprise me”

“I’ll try to warn you about things if I think about it.” She had never met such a thoughtful man in all her years. He drove her to Target then let her pick a few outfits from the womens section. “How do you like the womens clothes here?”

“They are nice, amazing they are mass produced it seems”

“Our world is very populated”

Chris decided to take her to the mall after they had paid and she had changed. She grabbed his arm once they were inside and his laugh earned him a small glare. “There are a lot of people.” She said.

“It’s okay, having you cling to me isn’t so bad.”

She blushed and he felt his heart skip a beat at his uncontrollable mouth. “Then I’ll just stick to you.” She replied. She was fascinated with the stores and even stopped him when she saw a pair of heels that she thought looked incredibly uncomfortable. “Do women here actually where these?” She asked.

“Yeah, you’ve never worn heels?”

“These are insane, you saw my boots, they’re almost completely flat on the bottom, it’s so much easier to run and climb.”

“Do you want a pair?”

“No way, I’d break something.”

He laughed “A practical woman, another amazing thing about you” This mall had a Dave & Busters inside and it caught Nomiki’s attention as they walked by “wow, what is this?”

“a place to eat and an arcade.” He instantly realized he said arcade as if she would know what that was “Arcades have games for people to play” Chris added. “Can we go in? I’d like to try some of these games”

“sure, we can just play until we’re hungry” Chris already had a Power Card but wasn’t sure how much he had on it so he checked at the desk, deciding to go ahead and put thirty more dollars on it to make sure she could do what she wanted. “Now lead the way Nomiki” She walked around, completely drawn in by all the lights and sounds going on around her. She stopped beside one of the racing games “It’s like what you did to get us here”

“Yep, want to race me?”

“Yes please”

“They sat down and he explained the game to her before sliding the card through the reader. She was actually fairly good for someone who had never played before.

She went over to a zombie shooting game next and Chris trailed behind her, laughing the whole way. “So, how do these work?” She asked as she picked one up and pointed at her face.

“Well first, never point a gun at your face. These aren’t real, but it’s good practice to just not do it.” He slid the card then got behind her, helping her position her hands and adjusting her stance. “Only ever point at someone or something you plan on killing.”

She blushed at how close he was. “Oh, I see. So they’re very dangerous.”

“Extremely so point at the zombie’s heads, it’s the best place to shoot them. A real gun kicks much harder, but games like this will help teach you how to aim.”

Nomiki was a bit nervous with the game at first but eventually started having fun. “Can I do it again?” She asked when the game asked if she wanted to continue and he slid the card, telling it to add a second player aswell “I’ll play with you now” Nomiki found she enjoyed the game even more with Chris as her partner. They played a couple times then she decided to try ski ball. It was during their second game of that she realized she was hungry “can we eat now?”

“Of course” They ordered some food and Nomiki talked excitedly. “This place is so much fun”

“we can stay until closing if it makes you happy”

“What if that little card runs out?”

“I’ll just put more money on it.”

“I don’t want to spend all your money”

“I make plenty, it’s fine”

“so it’s lucrative to be a band manager?”

“If you manage a good band”

Chris had never seen someone have so much fun in a mall before. Nomiki had this child like wonder about everything and at the end of the day she was so exhausted she fell asleep in his car on the way home. She was so beautiful, he regretted waking her up. “Nomiki, we’re back.” He said softly and she jerked awake.


“It’s alright, a little too much excitement maybe?”

She smiled as she got out and he popped the trunk then handed her the keys, telling her which one unlocked the front door while he grabbed her bags. “Do you need help?” She asked when he walked in and he shook his head, taking them straight to her room.

“So, are you hungry?” He asked as he went into the kitchen.

“Not really.”

“I’m starving.”

“You have quite the appetite.” She teased as she followed him.

“What can I say, I’m a growing boy.” She laughed and a big smile pulled at his lips as he pulled everything out to make a sandwich. She just watched him and his heart stuttered in his chest. He was going to have a hard time letting her leave. He sighed and rubbed at his neck.

“Are you in pain again?” She asked and moved closer.

“No, I’m fine.”

“But we had such a long day, let me help you.”

“Nomiki I…” he shook his head and smiled. “Let me eat then we can watch a movie or something. Tomorrow you get to meet the band.”

“alright, um, what is a movie?”

“Do people put on plays where you are from?”


“It’s that but with special effects and it’s recorded so it can be watched whenever”

“That sounds amazing”

“what kind of plays do you enjoy?” Chris asked as he prepared his sandwich. “do you have any funny ones?”

“I’m sure we could find one”

“I like this world a lot Chris. Thank you for introducing me to so much” She hugged him from behind and he froze. His heart warmed and his whole body tingled. He badly wanted to turn in her arms and kiss her. He would give her a little more time then tell her how he was feeling. Last thing he wanted to do was creep her out. He was falling for her so quickly and he couldn’t help it, couldn’t even slow himself down inside. When she let him go she went to the living room to wait for him.

He ate quickly then grabbed himself a beer out of the fridge, hoping maybe it would help calm him down. “Sorry, hope I didn’t take to long.” He said as he walked over to his movie shelf.

“Not at all, I was just admiring your home again, it really is quite nice.”

“Thanks.” He looked over the movies, not quite sure what she would like. He wanted to ask, but it’s not like she would know anything about any of them. He picked two, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and The Company of Wolves. He took them over to her and held them out. “You might like these.”

She took them and flipped them over. “What are they about?”

“One is about Robin Hood, he’s like a good thief who fights against bad guys and the other is a Little Red Riding Hood story, it has werewolves and stories within stories and this one really highlights the whole becoming a woman thing. They’re both really good.”

“Then let’s watch both.”

“Alright.” He took them, got everything switched on and put Robin Hood in. He then sat down next to her and pushed play then twisted the top off his beer.

“What’s that?”

“Beer…alcohol, you have alcohol where you come from right? Like wine or something?”

“Oh, is it good?”

He shrugged. “It’s kind of an acquired taste. It’s a bit bitter.”

Is it a social thing among the men here then? I can’t imagine just wanting to drink something until you ended up liking it” He chuckled. “I guess, women drink it too though” The commercias grabbed Nomiki’s attention and they quit talking. When the movies started she had questions about them and he happily talked to her about whatever she asked. The rest of that day was spent sitting together on the couch, enjoying movies. It was time for bed again and he deeply wanted to lay with her. It wasn’t even sexual though she was a beautiful woman. He wanted to hold her.

He didn’t put words to his wants and just went to bed, reminding her whatever she needed, he was right there. It was easier for her to fall asleep the second night and she woke excited to meet the band Chris managed. He enjoyed her enthusiasm and spent the morning telling her things about them so they wouldn’t be so unfamiliar to her when they met.

After lunch they headed over to the studio and were greeted by Peyton’s big doberman. “No jumping Nexus.” Chris said and the dog cocked his head.

“Oh he’s so cute, hello pretty boy.” Nomiki squatted down and rubbed the dogs head and Nexus gave her a big kiss.

“Sorry, he loves everyone.” Peyton said as she came into the entryway. Ty was following her with Clion on his hip.

“Peyton, Ty this is Nomiki, the woman from the park. Nomiki this is Peyton and Ty, the lead singers of Until Dark and this little cutie is my goddaughter Clio.” He held out his hands and Clio went right to him. “Can you say hi Clio.”

“Hi Clio.” She replied and Chris gave Peyton and Ty a look as they laughed.

“Talk to Kirk, he started her on it.” Ty said then turned to Nomiki. “It’s nice to meet you and we’re glad you’re here.”

“Not just any woman could make Chris stay in a hospital.” Peyton added and Chris felt his heart skip a beat.

“He’s been so kind.”

Chris cleared his throat. “Alright, let’s introduce her to the others then you can all get to recording, afterwards I need to talk to you all about Nomiki.” He glanced at Nomiki and she smiled.

“Whatever it is, you know we’ll listen.” Peyton said. “Just promise me it’s not something bad like she’s really a lizard person.”

“You’re still such a dork and no she’s not.”

After recording was finished he told them the truth about Nomiki. They all listened and he couldn’t tell if they were believing him or not. At the end of his story Nomiki said “If any of you have a wound or something that needs healing I can show you my magic. That or I can take you all to my world. I’ve never transported so many people but I want you all, as Chris’s friends to know I’m telling the truth…I like him a lot”

“You’d really take us?” Peyton asked, sounding excited. “You’d all have to promise me you’ll listen if I do take you. My world is dangerous and I would feel extremely guilty if one of you got hurt”

“If they got hurt because they didn’t listen to you it would be their own fault” Simon said, pulling out a cigarette. “Simon! Clio!” Ty snapped.

“Habbit, wasn’t going to light it in here with her” Simon responded and went outside. “It would be amazing to go” Kirk said and Nomiki smiled “do you want to see where I’m from Chris?” She asked, really wanting to introduce him to her world like he had with his own. “yeah, if these knuckle heads give you grief there I’ll handle them” She smile wide, looking like she came close to laughing. When Simon came back in she gave a long speech of what she could think to warn them about then asked “you all ready?’ They all assured her they were and Nomiki took them through. She was aiming to appear in front of her home and hoped she nailed it. She normally wasn’t off but she had never brought people with her.

Transporting so many people had her swaying a little and Chris wrapped his arms around her to steady her. “You alright?”

“Yeah, I’ve never brought anyone with me and there are so many of you.”

He tucked her hair back. “Do you need me to carry you?”

“So sweet.” She looked around and was happy to see all of his friends had made it intact and they were on the other side of the pond next to her home. “That’s my home.”

“This is so weird.” Kirk said as he held tightly to Cassandra. “I mean really weird.”

“It’s beautiful.” Peyton said as she turned in circles with Clio in her arms.

Simon had his arms wrapped around Russell’s shoulders and he silently took in their surroundings. “Simon, nothing’s going to get me.” Russell reassured.

“Just stick close.”

“You’re reacting better than I thought.” Nomiki said with a happy smile.

“They’re all in shock and awe I think, except Simon, not much gets to Simon.” Chris said with a small laugh.

“What about you?”

“I’m here with you so I’m fine.” He lifted her into his arms. “There, now you won’t fall over.”

She blushed, loving the contact. They all wanted to see her house first so they walked over to it and went inside. It wasn’t a very large home so all of them were a bit cramped but they enjoyed the tour and were excited when she started directing Chris to town. Peyton and Cassandra were more excited about Chris’s potential girlfriend. It was blatant he cared about her and wanting something more than friendship. In town she had Chris put her down but took one of his hands in hers, not ready for her contact with him to end. It would just be easier to give them a tour this way. Nomiki seemed to be well known and liked around town. She kept having to stop and talk to people who approached her. They had many questions about her friends.

She wanted to take them into the nearby wood but didn’t think it a good idea to take so many powerless humans, especially when one of them was a child, into the woods by herself. “I’m going to ask some of my friends here if they’ll come with us to tour the woods. Our moon is very bright here so you’ll be able to see perfectly. I love how our world looks under our moon. I just don’t want to take so many people without powers out there by myself at night.” They all seemed excited and Nomiki went to a nearby friends house. “Nomiki, hey” Nerida said cheerfully, causing her sister to run up behind her. “Nomiki” Sonet said just as happily.

“Hey” Nomiki moved to hug them then asked “I want to show my new friends our woods. Will you come so I know they are safe? They are without magic”

“Oh sure! Hey everyone!” Nerida walked past Nomiki to say hey. They were all amazed at the two girls. Nomiki began speaking “so they are twins. They just don’t look identical. They have been my friends a long time.” She then began telling Nerida and Sonet about her new friends. “Now that introductions are over lets go! You will love it here!” Sonet said. They all had an amazing evening but at the end Nomiki was afraid she wouldn’t have the energy to take them all home safely so she booked everyone at a local inn since her home was too small to house them. They discussed them not leaving their rooms until Nomiki came for them unless it was absolutely needed for some reason. She showed Chris his room last and said “I would feel more comfortable staying here with you all so I know you’re safe. May I share a room with you or do I need to get another? Please, only share one with me if you want to. I truly don’t mind getting my own”

He thought to himself “is this a good time to tell her how I feel?” he decided on yes and invited her in “It would be an honor Nomiki” Once inside he said “I have to be honest about something before you share the bed with me”

“what? Do you have night terrors or somthing?” He smiled “no, I just…I have feelings for you.” He was already blushing “As in I want to be more than friends with you” She knew what he was asking, he was too much of a sweetheart to mean he wanted to get in bed with her and have sex. He was asking her to be his girlfriend. “I’d like to date you aswell Chris. You’re very handsome and charming. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt something between us” Chris felt so much relief. He was glad he finally just said something. He hugged her and kissed her head. “How is this going to work?”

“what do you mean Chris?”

“I mean I have to manage my band and I don’t know if you want to leave here”

“we can go back and forth. It wont be so hard to just take you with me”

“You might be on a hectic schedule, managing a band can sometimes be crazy with concerts and interviews and everything else. It would mean spending a lot of time in my world since this place doesn’t have cell service.”

He looked so nervous and she couldn’t help but smile. She grabbed his face in her hands and pulled him down to meet their lips. Chris was surprised at first, but the sweet taste of her lips melted him on the spot. His heart danced uncontrollably in his chest and he lifted her, carrying her over to the bed. His fingers laced through hers as he let himself be swept away on that wave of passion. Her cheeks were flushed when he finally pulled back and he was sure he was just as red. “Wow.” She said softly.

“That was definitely something else.” He gave her another gentle kiss. “It looks like I’m already addicted to you. You aren’t going to be able to talk anymore with all the kisses I’ll be giving you.”

She laughed. “Stop, I can’t just become mute. Some of my spells require…” He kissed her again and again and she started laughing at how silly he was being. He smiled happily down at her then got up to pull his shoes off. He hadn’t brought anything to change into and he didn’t want to start undressing in front of her when they had just started dating so he stayed in his clothes. He would set a reminder on his phone to tell him to bring clothes to her place next time they were here.

After telling everybody they were together the next day she showed them a few more things then went back to her house so she could take along some stuff to have at Chris’s. He in turn a few days later brought clothes to her house. Chris couldn’t believe he was going to live in two worlds now and even more so he couldn’t believe such an amazing woman had agreed to be his.

~ The End

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