Chthon Age 124

Chapter One

Ruth had lived 105 years. The 88 years they had been together were filled with so much love and immense happiness. Ruth had now been resting in peace 11 years but Chthon had been living in turmoil without her love. He was so empty and his castle became more and more empty. He didn’t want to live any longer but he knew Nigel would kick his ass again if he said anything. Nigel had proved a true friend. He had stuck by his side no matter what he did or how he acted. Chthon knew he had become cold and unfeeling towards others. He still helped people who came to him for help but that was only in Ruths memory.

Chthon knew Ruth would want him to keep helping people who needed him. It also helped him get some of the agression out from his anger at being without her. Never for a second was he angry at Ruth for her choice but the situation made him mad very often. He loved having chances to beat up horrible people and save peoples family members.

A man pounded on Chthons door. He set his beer bottle down, his third of the morning and answered. “Chthon, you aren’t drunk again are you?”

“No I’ve only had a few this morning. What is it?”

“I just got a letter from one of my cousins. She travels a lot you see and when she was crossing these mountains a girl naked and obviously beaten and abused badly came running at her begging for help. A large demon the girl called Bixber came running after and captured the girl again. She wishes for you to save her as she was unable to.”

“I will do it, just let me shower and change so I don’t smell so heavily of alchohol.”

“Thank you Chthon. The mountains are the ones near Albyis.”

“The Vulinoma mountains?”


“alright, write her that she will be saved.”

“Thank you Chthon” Chthon nodded then sighed as he shut the door. “for you Ruth I will go again” Chthon stripped and got into the shower. He didn’t care enough to adjust the water. His whole body was numb as always with his grief. As the water ran over him memories played in his head again of Ruth. Her smile, how they used to play around and tease in the shower. Silent tears flowed as he did his best to get the alcohol out of his skin. Once he felt he had tried enough he dried and put on some clean clothes. He paused and ran his fingers over Ruths that still hung in his closet. He sighed again then left his room to go and help whoever needed it now.

Chthon ran at a fast pace to cover as much ground as possible before lunch. He would have to stop and eat because all he had for dinner and now breakfast was alcohol. When lunch came upon him he found a fruit tree then sat down in its branches to eat the bounty the tree had to offer. Chthon had gotten far but he knew he wouldn’t be there until tomorrow. He hoped he could go fast enough for it to be in the morning somtime so he could get back home. Once he had his fill he grabbed a few and put them in the bag he carried so he wouldn’t have to hunt later. Chthon still preferred meat but fruit trees stayed still for him. Chthon just didn’t care enough about life to waste that much energy eating food to sustain his.

Chthon was running again. He knew he should have stopped when night fell but decided to go until his legs were tired. They needed rest around ten so Chthon stopped and ate the fruit he had plucked for the evening. Once he was done he sprawled out on the grass and shut his eyes. “goodnight Ruth” Chthon whispered. He woke at what looked like eleven in the afternoon. He hadn’t intended to sleep that long but he didn’t much care. Chthon decided to not bother with breakfast since lunch was so near he’d just eat then. His legs were hard at work once again carrying him across the land. He was at the foot of the mountain around 1pm. Chthon stopped and smelled the air. There wasn’t any fruit near so he had to hunt. Chthon caught somthing quickly then cooked the meat before devouring what he needed and saving the rest in his bag.

Chthon began to scale the mountain as he hummed the anniversary song he had created just for Ruth. He kept humming until the happy feeling it gave him started making him sad instead. He sighed and concentrated as he kept climbing. He was glad when he made it to flat ground. Chthon heightened his sense of smell. If a woman was being abused there’d be old blood all in the demons home. Old blood was very distinctive so it was smart to follow it since he didn’t know the womans scent he was looking for.

Finally he found a place with a lot of it and followed. He was running once again to get his job done. Crying hit his ears and he knew he had followed the right path. He tried to doorknob to the home, pleased to figure out the demon had it unlocked. No doubt didn’t fear her running since he could catch her again. He saw the man on top of the girl and without a word snapped his fingers to drown him. Paula was shocked and didn’t understand what was happening. Chthon wasn’t paying enough attention to her to see her confused expression. When Bixber quit struggling Chthon walked over to the very afraid woman and offered his hand to help her stand.

She was completely naked, her dark black hair tumbling to her hips. Her eyes a brilliant shade of green. Freckles dotted her cheeks and trim body. “Thank you”

“I’m Chthon, do you have clothes?” she nodded and ran to put them on. When she was done he asked “where should I take you? I will take you wherever your home is.”

“I’ve never really had a home”

“I live in a very big castle. I can give you one of the rooms to stay in but I will be straight forward with you. I’m not friendly and like to be left alone. Furthermore I do not tolerate people breaking my rules. There aren’t many and I am not patient when they are broken. ”

“I’d love to stay in one of your rooms. Thank you for the offer.”

“It’s no trouble. A lot of demons stay with me. My rules are do not go in the library, do not enter my room unless invited, last but the biggest and most important rule is NEVER touch Ruths things if I do allow you in my room. An invitation in is very unlikely but you will deeply regret it if you touch a single thing of hers. It will be easy to tell what’s hers because they will be feminine. Understand?”

“I understand and am very grateful for the offer. I wont anger you I swear”

“Let me carry you so we can travel faster. Not very many demons can keep up with me. My sons have been the only ones that I don’t have to be slower atall to run with.” Paula nodded and Chthon lifted her. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. It shocked her when he had absolutely no reaction. His face was completely void of any emotion. She guessed Ruth must be his wife then “so Ruths your wife?”

“was, she died but my heart is still married to hers. She owned it in life and still has it in death. It will forever only belong to Ruth”

“I see, I’m sorry”

“You did not take her from me so don’t be sorry” Was the last thing Chthon said before running. Paula had never gone this fast before. It was sickening and she wished he would slow down. Chthon was oblivious to how sick she felt. Her question had his mind going through memories again. Chthon only stopped when were at the point he’d need to start jumping down. Paula pushed out of his arms as soon as he stopped and threw up. She wiped her mouth then Chthon picked her up again without a word. “You ready for me to jump down?”

“Yeah” Soon they were falling, Chthon still with an absolutely serious face. Chthon landed on his feet and began running again until dinner came around. Just like before Paula puked when they stopped. Chthon just unwrapped already cooked meat and gave her some. Paual didn’t really feel like eating. Her stomach was in knots but she tried anyway. Puala didn’t know how far it was to his castle and didn’t want to starve on the way. Chthon quickly finished his food then laid down with a sigh that sounded as if his wife had only died yesterday. There was so much heartbreak in it that she wanted to hold him. She became confused when he said “goodnight Ruth”

“excuse me?” At first Chthon was shocked. Breifly he had forgotten the womans presence. He turned to her and said “pay no mind. I said goodnight to my wife for 88 years while she filled my life with the most unbelievable happiness. After she died eleven years ago….I never stopped.”

Paula just sat there unsure of what to say. She was glad speaking wasn’t needing because he simply rolled back over and went to sleep. Paula ate what was left of her food then laid down. She would’ve tried to hold him but she didn’t think he wanted that. Paula started to imagine what sort of woman would apparently be so wonderful he was still this attached eleven years after she passed away. She also wondered if his sons looked as handsome as he did. Paula didn’t feel like she was resting long when she felt Chthon shaking her. He gave her food again “lets eat so we can get back to my castle” Paula sat up and ate what he gave her. When they were done he lifted her again. She loved being in his arms to spite how col his demeanor had been so far.

He still had saved her from a horrible man who had been raping and beating her daily. He had offered his home when she had nowhere to go. She knew Chthon wasn’t bad, just broken. When they arrived at the castle he carried her in and set her down when he found Nigel. “Please give her a room” Chthon pulled money out of his pocket and gave it to her “buy clothes for yourself” Chthon then walked up to his room and closed the door. “welcome, what’s your name?”


“Beautiful name for a stunning lady. I’m Nigel, please follow me” Paula did as he walked down halls then he opened a door to a bedroom. “this is for you. Can I do anything else?”

“Could I meet Chthons sons?” Nigel sighed “you two talked about Ruth too didn’t you?”

“Yeah, why is that bad?”

“He’ll be drunk again tonight, just you watch. Please, by any means necessary don’t let him talk about Ruth. Avoid it at all costs. It only makes him worse. Don’t discuss his children either. Noah and Lucy are dead. His one living son has hated him since their mother died. We don’t even know where he is. He has descendants in Tresnia but don’t talk about them either. For the sake of everyone just don’t talk about his family. If you have questions ask me. I know him the best.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t intend to hurt him.”

“I know, I’m just telling you now.”

“well um, where do I buy clothes?”

“want me to take you shopping?”


“well come on little lady” Paula smiled then followed Nigel out of the castle. Chthon had taken a bottle of vodka out of the fridge and was just sitting against his headboard. He was remembering making love to Ruth, her every move, those moans that he loved to hear so much. It trailed off into them just laying wrapped in eachother like they did so often in their marriage. He just kept drinking and drinking until he began to hallucinate. He had been abusing alcohol¬†so heavily since Ruths deaths these happened quite a bit. ¬†Ruth crawled up to him and he dropped the bottle. The contents starting to spill on the floor. He grabbed her and held her close. What he was envisioning as Ruth was really his pillow. He clung to her tightly “Don’t leave again Ruth…I can’t live like this but Nigel is making me…..I love you so much…what did I do wrong….what could I have done to make you happy enough to live forever with me….why did you let yourself die…..what did I do”

Wexsel walked by Chthons room and heard him talking to himself and crying again. He banged on the door “Chthon”

“Go away! Ruths here!”

“No she isn’t Chthon, please let me come in”

“I’m holding her” he said in a drunken slur. Wexsel opened the door “you’re holding a damn pillow you drunk” He looked and suddenly saw what it really was and sobbed even harder. Wexsel left to get a trash can so he could throw the bottles away that were starting to cover Chthons floor again. He came back and found Chthon passed out. Wexsel sighed and set the can down. He pulled his blankets up over him then began to throw the bottles away. Wexsel knew he didn’t have to worry about being load. When Chthon drank vodka he went out cold. Once they were all gone he got a broom and swept Chthons room then dusted. He did Ruths dresser first to get it done before Chthon saw him touching it. Libi saw Wexsel “want help?”

“Yeah, could you take care of his bathroom for me? If there’s puke on the floor I’ll get it but if you could do everything else”

“I can handle his vomit. He threw up on me a few weeks ago”

“Thanks” They finished making his room suitable for a person again then turned off his light before leaving. “Do you think he’ll ever stop mourning her?”

“I doubt it, you should have seen those two. That was real love. The kind of love everybody hopes to have. Ruth truly was his everything. They were like penguins I guess you could say. When Chthon mated with her he mated for life and would rather just be alone now that his mate is dead. When you love someone that much and are doomed to an eternity without them it breaks you and turns you into that mess you see now. I don’t think he’ll ever recover and I don’t blame him. I wish Ruth would’ve understood what she would do to him with her death. If she would ahve she would’ve become a demon no questions asked. It’s a shame he wasn’t more pushy about it.”

“I wish I would have been here while she was here.”

“You would have adored it here then. This castle was always so happy while she was in it. Ruth brought out the best in all of us”

Chapter Two

Nigel and Paula joked and talked while they shopped for clothes. Eventually Paula got up the nerve to ask about Chthons past more. “So…what happened to Ruth?”

“she was human and died of old age.”

“Why didn’t he change her?”

“She didn’t want to be a demon”

“Why wouldn’t she want to live forever with him?”

“Alot of things, mainly how her father was while she was growing up. She felt like she’d dishonor her father somehow. I noticed how you looked at him by the way and I advise you to smash those feelings now. Chthon wont reciprocate”

“Maybe I can save him”

“I assure you, you can’t. Short of bringing Ruth back there’s nothing you can do.”

“I wouldn’t bring her back anyway. She’s obviously an idiot.” Suddenly Nigels demeanor went from friendly and warm to pissed and impatient “Don’t you dare talk about Ruth that way. She had her reasons. She was misguided yes but she was not an idiot. Ruth was the greatest woman I ever had the pleasure of knowing and if you want to stay in that castle don’t you dare say things like that.”

“woah I’m sorry….did you love her too?”

“Like a sister, yes” Nigel didn’t speak to her the rest of the time until they got home and he put her clothes away “I will happily answer any questions you may have Paula but speaking ill of the dead will not be tolerated. You say somthing like that again and I will tell Chthon. You’ll be out of this house in seconds. Be stupid if you want and try to save Chthon so you can be with him. I can promise you you’ll end up with a broken heart if you go down that path. Especially if you go down that path hoping to replace Ruth because she will always be his true love.” Nigel walked out leaving Paula to her thoughts. She didn’t mean to offend him so badly. She now realized just how sensitive that topic was with everyone here. She couldn’t believe demons would be up in such knots over a human woman. Paula knew she could pull Chthon out of his depression and make him fall in love.

Chthon woke groaning around dinner. He was absolutely starving. He got out of his room and walked to the dining hall. His head throbbing the whole way. Paulas face lit up when she saw him come in. “ch” she started but a man put his hand on her mouth. “He’s waking up from passing out drunk. He wont appreciate yelling”

“sorry” Paula said continuing to eat. Chthon made a plate then walked out. “why isn’t he staying?”

“He likes to be alone. He used to be married and now his wife is gone. It’s a shame to see such a powerful man be reduced to this. This castle used to have a lot more people in it but slowly more and more move out.”

“does he ever hook up with girls?” The man laughed so hard he leaned over at the table “No, they try but he turns them all away. He’s not interested sweetheart so drop that idea”

“didn’t have to laugh. I’m pretty” Paula said angrily. “You’re beautiful, I agree but Chthon wont be swayed. HIs eyes and heart still belong to Ruth. I on the other hand would have some really dirty sex with you if you want me” Paula rolled her eyes and got up from the table to go to her own room. The man chuckled then went back to eating. Nearly two weeks past of Paula trying desperately to get Chthons attention but all her attempts failed. She was just as uninteresting to him as the first day. Nigel came up to her after she shamlessly bent over in front of Chthon wearing a skirt with no underwear. “I really don’t want to be rude but I thought sombody should hand your dignity back to you. You dropped it about a week ago.”

“very funny, why wont he just look at me!”

“I told you your efforts are fruitless. Besides, stunts like that wouldn’t appeal to Chthon. He would want a wholesome girl. Stop trying to flash your lady parts.”

“I’ve tried everything though and he reacts to nothing.”

“I can only say I told you so. There’s many other men. Go find one”

“I want Chthon. I really like the man I hear about in stories.”

“Thats the old Chthon. He’s not that man anymore.”

“I’ll make him that man”

“alright” Nigel said then walked away. Paula put somthing on more appropriate and knocked on Chthons door “yes?”

“Can I come in” Chthon sighed “fine” Paula walked in “will you play cards with me?”

“I’ll play one game if you go away for the rest of the night”

“alright, it’s a deal” Paula shuffled and dealt the cards she brought “lets play war so we can talk”


“why wont you hangout with your friends any longer?”

“I dont enjoy them.”

“What do you enjoy?’

‘Drinking until I see Ruth”

“You see Ruth?”

‘I get hallucinations form how long I’ve abused alcohol so I dont have to feel.”

“Thats not healthy”

“Oh no, I might die..please no” Chthon said as sarcastically as he could form the words. “Chthon” she said a little horrified. “I told you when I brought you here I’m not friendly”

“You once were, you can be that man again Chthon”

“I can’t be happy when I can no longer hold the woman I love”

“You could fall in love with someone else.”

“Nobody could ever compare to my Ruth”

“Don’t compare them then”

Chthon didn’t answer as the game continued. Paula sighed “it’s been eleven years Chthon. It’s time to move on. You can’t mourn her forever”

“I can’t stop”

“Yes you can”

“You are getting on my nerves”

“Somebody needs to. It would probably help if you didn’t say goodnight to that dead girl every night. That’s really freaking weird and not helping you.” Chthon stopped playing and gave her a look that made her want to run. He didn’t like her tone when she said “that dead girl” her tone was rude and disrespectful “get out” Chthon growled. “I’m talking to you” Suddenly Chthon had her by the back of the neck and shoved her to the floor outside of his room. He slammed and locked the door before reducing the playing cards to dust. Paula wanted to knock but found herself afraid. She ran to her room crying. It wasn’t so much sadness as it was frustration at Chthon. Chthon waited a few hours then went out to visit Ruths grave and see how Alice and Chloe were doing. Chloe had her own family now but Alice lived with them.

He put on his hooded shirt and walked out of the castle. He took off in a run hoping that Paula didn’t see him. When he arrived he went to see Chloe and her family first because he knew his heart would be in shreds after seeing Ruths grave as it always was. “grandpa!” Chloe said lovingly and wrapped her arms around him. Soon her son came running. “Grandpa!”. Chloe hadn’t found love until she was twenty eight so her son was sixteen and still living with them. Alice had stayed a single mom after Noah which is why she was living with her daughter. “where’s your husband?” Chthon asked Chloe as he stepped in. “Out with his friends”

“I was hoping to see him too.”

“Stick around until dinner time. He’ll be back”

“Hopefully” Dax said in an annoyed tone “Dax, don’t be like that while your great grandfather is here”

“Well you don’t know when he’ll be back do you mom? His answer to everything is to just walk out.” Chloe sighed “I’m sorry Chthon”

“What’s wrong?” Dax spoke over his mother who tried to speak “Mom and dad got in a fight and he stormed out.”

“why were they fighting”

“Dax!” Chloe said angrily. Dax spoke anyway ¬†“dad keeps flirting with other women and can’t handle when mom calls him on it” Chthon sighed. “go to your room Dax. chthon goes through enough without our problems! March right now!” Dax got up pleased with himself. He was glad to see his grandpa and hoped he’d fix it. It made Dax sick how his father disrespected his mother. When Chloe heard his door shut she said “I’m sorry Chthon”

“Don’t be sorry the problem is obviously with your husband. He better come back tonight or I’m going to talk to him”

” Grandpa that isn’t needed. We’ll work it out on our own.”

“To flirt with other women is disrespectful enough but to do it infront of you is a slap in the face. I will not let my grandaughter be treated that way” Even though Chloe was a grown up she still liked to sit in her grandpas lap. She settled herself in and Chthon kissed her head. “You should visit more”

“I should, I’m sorry sweetheart. How’s Alice?”

“Sleepy, thats why she’s not down here. I think she’s nearing her end already. She still misses dad.” Chthon rubbed Chloes arm “I wish you would have had the chance to know him. He would ahve been a great father to you”

“I know form the stories of him. He even died honorably.”

“He sure did princess” Chthon didn’t know why he didn’t come here more. The nearest he felt to happy was seeing his family. Alice had done a wonderful job at raising Chloe. Chthon guessed he probably wasn’t coming due to Alice’s failing health. He wasn’t sure how he could bare another death. It wouldn’t be as hard as Ruths but it would still be hard. Alice was very much like his daughter. She had been around since Noah had been little. Tucker didn’t show up for dinner so Chthon ate with them then said his goodbyes. He winked at his great grandson as a thank you and to tell him he’d make his dad behave himself and stop shaming Chloe.

Chthon looked for Tuckers scent and soon began following it. To make the situation worse Chthon found him up against a girl. Chthon grabbed a handful of hair and dragged him away. He slammed Tucker against a tree once they were far enough out nobody could see and allowed his jagged teeth to show as he growled his words “You are a lucky man to have Chloe. Your wife is still living and loves you very much yet you treat her like this. You are to never flirt with a girl again or you might end up having a terrible accident while your out. Do not forget all the beasts I control. I’d rather see Chloe a widow than have you walk on her like she’s rug. She deserves a man who respects her.”

“so so soooo” He was trying to say sorry but his terror prevented him. Chthon let go of the man and started wlaking back towards the castle. He decided against seeing Ruths grave right now. He couldn’t go before her in this sort of mood. Even in death he didn’t like her seeing him that way. He ran home hoping Tucker knew what was best for him. Chthon went straight to his room and settled into his bed to sleep. He hoped tomorrow would bring a better day.

After lunch the next day Chthon went outside to enjoy the sun on his skin. He’d start to feel sickly without the sun so this was one of the few things that drug him out of his bedroom. He closed his eyes and relaxed until Paula said “Chthon” He opened his eyes and glared. Paula frowned “I’m really sorry, I was out of line. Can I sit here with you if I swear not to talk about Ruth?”

“You aren’t even permitted to say her name”

“I wont”

“Then fine” Chthon shut his eyes again. Getting lost in his own head as the sun made his skin feel better. Paula looked down at him, trying not to appear as attracted as she was. He hadn’t bothered putting on a shirt this morning and she had been lapping up the view. She had been embarrassed at breakfast when she had to wipe a small amount of drool from the side of her mouth and Nigel saw her. Chthon could feel her gaze resting on him but decided it was better than her talking. For a few weeks she began to follow him outside every time he came to bask in the sun. They would just sit in silence while she looked at him until one day she spoke “Haven’t I been forgiven yet? Can we please even ahve a conversation.”

“What would we talk about? You’re getting bored of stalking me?”

“I’m not a stalker!”

“You follow me out here every time I come and just look at me. Can’t believe you called me creepy for saying goodnight every night to the woman I still love very deeply.”

“whatever, why don’t we go on a walk? Please”

“I guess so but i’m going to Ruths grave a little later. Before you ask no you may not come. Her grave is a sacred place and I want you nowhere near it” That hurt her feelings but it wasn’t like she’d want to go anyway. Paula was determined to break through that icy shell. She stil felt she could make him love her. They walked on, not really going anywhere. Chthon was only walking to appease her. Suddenly Paula stopped in front of Chthon “am I beautiful?”

“why do you ask?”

‘I just want to know if you think I’m beautiful”

“You are an attractive woman.”

“Then why don’t you ever look at me?”

“I have no reason to when I can still invision my Ruth perfectly in my head. She’s more beautiful than you could ever hope to be.” He had stung her again but she wanted him, needed him. Paula tried to grab his face and pull him into a kiss but he slapped her. Paula fell to the ground with the force “This is why I dont speak to you. I give you an inch and you take a mile! One more incident and you are out of this castle! I’m tired of you! Can’t you understand I can only love Ruth! You’re nothing more than a pest!” Chthon turned and ran to the house to get his hooded shirt so he could see Ruth. Paula just sat on the ground crying. ¬†Five months passed with Paula still trying to catch his eye. Chthon was about to go to his room after lunch when Paula stopped him “chthon?”


“Could you teach me how to play chess?”

“Will your hands remain on the pieces?”


“Then fine” Paula smiled then they went into the courtyard with the board. They sat cross legged then Chthon started going over what each piece can do and what their names are. The first game was slow because he explained everything he did. Paula decided to be good, he was showing her some attention. It was better than none. After dinner she asked him to play more and he said “Going to Ruths grave then I will come home and drink until I can’t feel the heart wrenching pain and the hollow emptiness.”

“I hope this doesn’t make you angry but why do you go see her if it makes you sad?”

“It’s the nearest I can get to her. It’s all I have aside form our descendants.” Chthon left and Paula decided to check out Chthons room. He hadn’t let her inside since they played cards and she was curious. She pushed open his doors then got on his bed laying down. She sighed with how comfortable it was. She could imagine him over her, having his way with her body. She decided to get up before she got too excited. She saw there were two dressers beside eachother. One was white and painted beautiful with birds and flowers while the other was plain. She guessed the white one was Ruths. As curious as she was about Chthons room she was even more curious about this human woman who still had a hold of Chthons heart. She pulled open the top drawer and picked up a piece of her lace panties.¬†“these are cute”¬†Paula thought to herself and wondered if Chthon would know if she took them. She had about a million pairs in there so Paula decided it was safe to pocket the one she had in her hand.

Paula knew men didn’t pay attention to such things. They just liked to rip undergarments off. She could woo other men with how cute these were if Chthon would never have her. Paula wouldn’t give up on him anytime soon but if she couldn’t chip away some ice she would need some other man to release her sexual tension while she tried to get in Chthons pants. Paula poked around Ruths belongings until she heard Nigels very angry voice “what the fuck are you doing you stupid little brat!”

“I was just looking”

‘You’re lucky Chthon didn’t find you touching her things! get out this second or I’ll tell him when he arrives home!” Paula ran while Nigel shut Ruths drawers and sighed in relief she hadn’t unleashed the beast sleeping in Chthon. They actually had to rebuild a little of the castle the last time a person was seen touching somthing that belonged to Ruth. Nigel didn’t want to rebuild again or feel the terror when Chthon was in full demon form. Not everybody knew Chthon wasn’t born into a human form. What he really looked like was unnerving.

Nigel felt uneasy with worry Paula may have taken somthing of Ruths. She seemed childish enough to do it. He decided just to accuse her and see her reaction. Nigel got up and pounded on her door. She opened “yes?”

“I know you took somthing from Ruths drawers give it back now!”

“God damnit, how the hell did you know. You loved her as more than a sister didn’t you!”

“I did not, I just ahve a keen eye.”

‘On her underwear?” Nigel began to laugh “what’s so funny!” Paula demanded. “I didn’t know what you stole atall. You’re a real creep huh?”

“They were cute and she obviously doesn’t use them.”

“For your own safety give them to me so I can put them back. You really don’t want Chthon to find out.”

“Fine” She huffed then grabbed the underwear. She threw it at Nigel and he took it back to Chthons room and put it away. He dropped to the floor laughing again. Once he could pick himself up he went to his room to go to bed. His old, dear friend sure was a lot of work. Nigel felt he owed it to Chthon though. He could’ve been a monster like some of the ones Chthon had killed but Chthon worked hard to bring him into the light. Nigel was determined to pay Chthon back by helping him now that he had fallen into darkness. Nigel only wished there was any way to give Ruth back to him. If anybody deserved to be with the one they loved it was Chthon. Around three am Chthon came home crying. He did what resembled walking to the fridge and grabbed all the alcoholic drinks he could carry. Chthon slammed his door then sat on the floor. He began singing the song he always sang to her.

“I remember what you wore on the first day

You came into my life and I thought heyYou know, this could be something

‘Cause everything you do and words you sayYou know that it all takes my breath awayAnd now I’m left with nothing

So maybe it’s true that I can’t live without youAnd maybe two is better than oneBut there’s so much time to figure out the rest of my lifeAnd you’ve already got me coming undoneAnd I’m thinking two is better than one

I remember every look upon your faceThe way you roll your eyes, the way you tasteYou make it hard for breathing

‘Cause when I close my eyes and drift awayI think of you and everything’s okayI’m finally now believing

Then maybe it’s true that I can’t live without youAnd maybe two is better than oneBut there’s so much time to figure out the rest of my lifeAnd you’ve already got me coming undoneAnd I’m thinking two is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first dayYou came into my life and I thought, hey

Maybe it’s true that I can’t live without youMaybe two is better than oneThere’s so much time to figure out the rest of my lifeAnd you’ve already got me coming undone

And I’m thinking, ooh, I can’t live without you’Cause, baby, two is better than oneThere’s so much time to figure out the rest of my lifeBut I’ll figure out with all that’s said and doneTwo is better than one, two is better than one”

He suddenly was jerking with his tears. He opened a beer bottle and chugged it. He kept drinking until he finally passed out. His dreams only wanted to torment him though. He was sitting with Ruth on their fifth anniversary. They just admired the sky as he held her close “I love you so much Chthon. Thank you for today. You make every anniversary so wonderful”

“You deserve it. Once a year I ahve to make sure you know how happy I am that you gave me another one of your life. It’s such a gift you’ve given me these past five years. I’m so lucky”

“I’m the lucky one Chthon”

“You’re not normally a liar” Chthon said playfully making Ruth laugh. “I’m so glad I get to spend forever with you my love” That memory played over and over until he finally awoke. He grabbed another bottle off the floor and started to drink again. He hated when he read his own memories. All they did was cause him more pain.

A few more months passed and Chthon allowed Paula in his presence more and more because she behaved better and better. She had decided to get a better reign on herself to get closer to him. She decided the only way to get him in bed was to wait until he was drinking again. She knew if she just got him to have sex with her that he’d be able to move on and fall in love with her. She would wait until he was particularly out of it so that it would be easier to get him started. She knew he’d fight her like always so he had to be really weak from alcohol for her to get him in the bed. Even though it was a low and horrible thing she had justified it in her head as a way she’d be helping him move on from Ruth. They were out on a walk again, this was a little bit against Chthons will but he was enjoying the sun.

Paula went for his hand and he jerked it away “I do not want to hold your hand. I do not look at you like that”

‘But you’ve admitted I’m pretty” Chthon sighed “you’re really going to go back to being annoying aren’t you? I’ve finally become able to indure your presence and you start this again. I love Ruth, my heart is hers and always will be.”

“I’m sorry Chthon”

“Be sorry by shutting up. I do not want to be around you any longer. I’m going back to my room”

‘Chthon no, please. I’m sorry”

“are you really?” Paula sighed “don’t go Chthon”

“You wont touch me?”

“I wont”

“then lets go to lunch together.”

“alright” In the dining hall Paula tried to scoot her chair closer to Chthons but he pushed her chair right back. She frowned then ate. After lunch Chthon said “I’m going to Ruths grave again. I want to put new flowers on it.”


“Bye Paula.” Was all he said before going upstairs to get his hooded shirt. ¬†Once he was out of the castle Paula went to buy some new lingerie from a woman in a nearby village who sold it from her home. She got there as quickly as she could. She knocked on the womans door and she said “I’ve heard you make some very sexy lingerie.”

“a customer, please come in. Sit on my couch and wait for me to call you upstairs” Paula nodded and the woman left. It wasn’t too long before she was calling Paula to come. Paula loved them all. She scanned each one, unable to choose what to buy. She finally decided on somthing dark. She didn’t want to resemble Ruth, form what Paula had seen Ruth wore bright colors. Paula payed the woman then ran back to the castle. He was always his drunkest after going to Ruths grave so this would be the perfect night to take advantage of him and show him another woman could be just as enjoyable, hopefully more so than Ruth.

When Paula got to her room she showered and then sprayed a seductive scent on her body. It was enchanted to be particularly alluring to men. This would help her weaken his resistance even more. This stuff especially drove pure blooded demons like him crazy. Paula put the tight fitting lingerie on and admired herself. “You sexy little fox” she said to herself. Paula put a dress on over the lingerie so it would easily come off. She had to get him hard quick. She was counting on his pure blood. Demons were sexual hounds by nature and she knew she’d need every trick in the book to coerce this man.

When he came home just like always he was carrying all the alcohol he could to his room. When the door was closed she waited a few hours. to make sure he was good and drunk before entering. She pushed open his door and he looked up at her saying “I didn’t invite you” in slurred words. She pushed him down on the bed he was sitting on then began to lick his neck. He pushed her back “no, stup that” She ripped off her dress and grabbed his hands, pressing them against her breasts. “How long has it been Chthon.” She pulled a finger up to her mouth and sucked it. He tried to get up but she shoved him down with all her strength. “stop this please” his words barely understandable they were slurring so much.

She slipped her hand in his pants and began to rub him. She put her body close to his so the scent she had sprayed on would fill his nose. “But I love Ruth” he said in a sad tone. She kept rubbing, his demonic lust was starting to get the better of him and he had trouble fighting her. Between all the alcohol he consumed and her unrelenting efforts he ended up destroying her lingerie and slamming her on the floor. It hurt like hell but she was pleased to see him crawling over over. He licked up her neck then grabbed her breasts painfully hard as he suddenly thrust himself inside of her. He was already hard due to all her rubbing. She hadn’t expected him to hurt her so much and felt like a terrible person. He didn’t want this, not in the slightest. Even being inside of her she could see so much pain and sorrow on his face. When he released, her breasts were bruised and her back red from being pounded so hard on the floor.

Chthon began to cry, it was the hardest she had ever seen a person cry in their life. It almost looked like he was having seizures he was jerking so hard with his loud sobs. She thought this woudl be good for him but now she felt like a ¬†heartless bitch. All she had done tonight was damage this poor man that had saved her life. She got up and ran to her room. She would put on clothes and leave, never to make him look at her face again. She yellled “I’m so sorry Chthon” as she ran away. Chthon began to throw up he was so disgusted by what just happened. He puked until his body absolutely couldn’t any longer. Nigel came in and rubbed Chthons back “it’s ok buddy”


‘I know Chthon. You need to get in the shower and get some water in you ok? I’ll clean up this vomit”

“Ruth” was all he could manage to say through his torrential downpour of tears. Nigel drug Chthon to the shower then laid him in. He turned the water on then went to go clean up all the throw up. He noticed the ripped up womans underwear and grew angry. This was the worst Nigel had ever seen Chthon and it was Paulas fault. He could tell by the smell. Chthon in his deep sorrow caused the sky to rain down on the earth. Paula still left that night, she was too ashamed of herself to stay so she ran out in the pouring rain to figure out a new life for herself. Chthon caused it to rain for five days. The only thing that stopped ¬†him was Nigel fetching Chloe to beg him to stop the rain. He did it for her then just rolled over and grabbed another bottle. He didn’t know he could feel lower than before but here he was. Nigels heart ached for his best friend. “I’m sorry Chthon”

“all the sorrys in the world wont give me back Ruth. I am nothing without her love.” Chthon said before staring blankly across the room and becoming unresponsive. Nigel felt like crying so left them room to leave the hollow husk that had once been such a happy and carefree man.

~ The End ~

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