Chthon Age 132 Abraxas Age 7

Chapter One

Abraxas woke in his bed to hear his mother screaming. He jumped up and ran towards the sound. Before he arrived the screaming stopped which made him run even faster towards his mothers scent. There was blood, a lot of it and he had to help her. When he arrived his bright little eyes filled with horror. His mother lay on the ground practically ripped to pieces. Four demons stood around her and laughed at the tears that started to roll down his face. “Look at the little baby!”

“yeah, crying over the blood of a woman. Pathetic”

“We better kill him so there isn’t another weakling demon running around in this world” They went for Abraxas and he made a geyser of water shoot up from under the earth sending one soaring through the air. While the other three were distracted with shock Abraxas concentrated with all he had started making their bodies explode. Guts and blood gushed everywhere as each man exploded from within. Abraxas fell to his knees panting. He had very little stamina for his magic. He crawled over to his mother. “Mom, wake up please.” He kept saying it but no answer came from his mother. She just lay there. He realized he had woken up much too late.

He held his mothers lifeless body and sobbed. He begged her to come back even though he knew it was fruitless. He couldn’t leave her out here for somthing to eat her so Abraxas started to drag his mother so he could burry her by the cabin she had built. Abraxas had to keep stopping due to how exhausted he was from the use of his magic but he eventually made it home with her.

He laid her on the living room floor then laid down so he could gather enough energy to bury her. His small body began jerking with tears again. He fell asleep not meaning to and didn’t wake again until dinner time. When his eyes opened he hoped it had been a terrible nightmare but when he looked at the floor his mothers lifeless eyes were looking at their cieling. He got up and grabbed a shovel before going outside. Once the hole was ready he hugged her again then drug her out. He looked down at her in the grave he had made and began crying as he spoke “You were a wonderful mommy. I’ll always remember the bedtime stories you told me and all the fun times we’ve had. I’ll always remember all the times you’ve protected me and shown me wonderous things. Thank you for all you ever did for me and for keeping me. I know how sad I made you because I look like my daddy. A lot of nights you sat up crying I wasn’t really sleeping. I just pretended to so you’d allow yourself to cry. I hate I caused you so much pain since you’ve made my childhood so happy. I wish I could have protected you like you’ve always done me”

Abraxas cried a little bit longer then buried her. He found some flowers and laid them on the mound of dirt. Abraxas didn’t know what to do now. When his mother explained about his dad she had told him that if she died to go find Chthon because he would take him in but Abraxas didn’t even know if he wanted to get to know Chthon. Abraxas had always resented him for not being kinder to his mother. Abraxas sighed and decided to respect his mothers wishes to find Chthon and live with him. It would be better than being alone.

Abraxas went to the nearest river and stripped his clothes. He got all the blood off of him then returned home to put on somthing else for his journey. It nearly brought him to tears again to see his mothers blood covering the floor but Abraxas knew the time for tears was over. He needed to get somthing in his stomach then hit the road. He couldn’t sleep here tonight because the smell of blood would attract monsters.He would clean up the blood but Abraxas didn’t know if he’d be able to manage it. It made him feel like he wasn’t a man since he couldn’t handle cleaning the blood but many demons had already made sure he knew how little of a man he was since he was so sensitive.

It was somthing his mother loved about him though so he didn’t care what they called him. If being a man meant you had to be heartless he never wanted to be a man. He wondered if Chthon would kick him out once he learned how sensitive he was. Abraxas opened the fridge, delighted to see there was some elk left. He took it out and prepared it then filled his belly. He sighed before walking out of the cabin. He didn’t stop to look at his moms grave again since he didn’t want to cry any more. He had to get some distance from this house before monsters swarmed at the scent of blood.

Abraxas didn’t know where to begin looking for his dad. All he knew was the his name was Chthon and he lived in a castle. His mother had never been specific as to where. He walked so he could ask any passerbys about Chthon. He hoped there weren’t too many men with the name Chthon that had a castle. Abraxas walked through the night even though he had intended to stop. He couldn’t rest until he found atleast one person to ask. He needed to know he was searching in the right direction. Around ten am the next day he saw two demon females swimming naked in a pond. He walked over and sadi “excuse me?” They turned to him and said “aw” at nearly the same time. The brunette said “aren’t you a cute little guy. What do you need?”

“I’m looking for a demon named Chthon. He has a really big castle.”

“Whats a small guy like you want with a powerful demon such as Chthon?”

“I’m his son” The girls looked at eachother then stared at him for a moment. The blonde said “o my god now that you mention it you look so much like him. Gosh when you’re grown you’ll be one sexy dude.”

“So you know my dad?”

“Sure do, you see that great oak tree over there?”

“Yes mam”

“Walk over to it and start heading north. You keep going north until you reach a swamp. Then you will need to start heading west. Go west until you reach woods then seek out a man who lives in a cave. His name will be Stallin. He can help you the rest of the way to your father.”

“Thank you so much ladies”

“Thank us by finding us again when you’ve grown up.”

“Ok” he said even though he never intended to talk to them again. Abraxas started doing what he was told and regretted not asking about how far he was away. He shrugged, he wasn’t in a hurry anyway. Abraxas just took in the sights around him as he traveled. He hoped to see some pigs. Nobody else thought so but he thought pigs were adorable. He loved them and would never let his mother kill and eat any. He thought he might see some in the swamp though once he got there. Pigs and boars loved swamps.

Night came upon him and he sighed, knowing he should rest and eat. Abraxas took in the air to find some prey. The only creatures near were bunnies but they were all he needed. He pulled out his dagger and quickly killed one. After dinner he curled up in the grass and went to sleep. He was grateful when the sun woke him that nothing attacked him during the night. The fight with those four demons was the first fight he had done all alone so he wasn’t very sure of his skills. Especially because they wore him out too badly. If he fought something he’d be vulnerable until he slept.

Abraxas walked and walked, skipping lunch because he didn’t want to quit moving. He did finally stop around three when he walked by some berry bushes. He pulled a small container out of his bag and filled it. He ate as he walked along until he could smell the swamp and lost his appetite. He placed the container back in the bag then started to jog. He kept his head moving around so he would notice a pig if there was one. He didn’t want to stray off course looking for one so his only hope was that a pig would cross his path. Night came and there was no pig or any end to this swamp. Abraxas shut off his sense of smell then climbed in a tree to eat then rest. He opened his container back up, clearing it out of all berries. They were so delicious he wished he had gotten two containers full.

Abraxas slept soundly until he felt somthing climbing the tree. It was a mean looking demon troll. The creature was only slightly bigger than him so Abraxas wasn’t too afraid. He jumped out of the tree then guided the troll towards the water. Once they were near he made a tornado out of the water and sent the troll spinning. He finally stopped then made the troll combust. One second it was screaming and the next it lay dead. Abraxas didn’t really have the energy to get back up a tree but he had to find the tree he was at and force himself up. He walked and searched until he saw his bag dangling from a branch then forced his muscles to carry him up the tree.

Once he was comfortable Abraxas drifted to the comforts of sleep. Next it was the rain that woke him around five am. He grunted and decided that was all the sleep he was getting for the night. Breakfast was also out of the question unless he found fruit so it was good he had dinner last night. Abraxas got into a job again. The rain increasingly came down harder and harder. He became very cold and wished it would stop. He had absolutely nowhere to take shelter under and even if he did see somthing it would probably belong to a monster or demon who would try to hurt him if he entered. Finally around eight thirty the rain let up. “Thank you” Abraxas said to nature. He hoped the sun would dry him quickly so he could stop being cold.

Finally the swamp ended he was in open plains. He stopped and gathered what he needed for a fire to help him warm before he became ill. It would be miserable to keep traveling if he allowed himself to succumb to sickness. With that thought Abraxas decided he should start stopping at every meal instead of skipping like he had been doing so far. An empty stomach made it easier to fall prey to germs. Once he was warm he decided to sniff out some breakfast.

He groaned when he could only find bunnies again. He once again killed one quickly with his dagger than prepared it. He ate and then was back walking. He hoped the woods wasn’t too much further. He wondered if Stallin would actually walk with him to Chthons castle or if he’d just give him directions like the women did. He’d rather have company. The only friendly company Abraxas ever had was his mother and he was curious about other demons. His nose caught the scent of an apple tree. Abraxas ran to it making sure to pay attention so he could get back to the same spot he left. He gathered six apples then ran to get on the same path he had been on.

He found it again with ease, feeling triumphant. He wasn’t so bad at taking care of himself like he thought he’d be. So far he had taken care of five demons all by himself. He knew his mother would be proud if she were still among the living. All he could do for her was live a life she’d be proud of and hope she somehow knew what he was doing. Yet another day was spent walking with no woods in sight. When night came he ate two of his apples for dinner then laid down in the grass. He liked the grass here. It was almost as comfortable to lay in as his bed. H ehummed one of his mothers lullabys until he was lost in dreams.

Chapter Two

Another dawn hit him and he ate two more apples. He only had one meal left of them which made him sad. He started walking again once he was full Abraxas ran when the woods came into view a little after lunch time. He didn’t stop until he was in the woods. “Now all I need to do is find Stallins house” Abraxas said triumphantly. He had never felt more proud of himself. Abraxas’s little eyes darted all around looking for a home as he walked around the woods. His happy demeanor not diminishing even though it was nearing another end to a day and he hadn’t found the house. Soon only the moon was left in the sky so he hunted until he came upon a baby deer. He killed it as fast as he could then cooked the meat he needed. What was left he wrapped and put in his bag to save for another meal.

Later that night he was awoken by a man “it’s not safe to sleep in these woods kid. Where’s your mother?”

“I don’t have a mother sir. She died and when she was still living she said if anything happened to her I should find my dad. Some lady gave me directions to this man named Stallin. She said he could help me find Chthon but she didn’t say where in the woods he was so I’ve been wandering all day.”

“It’s not shocking Chthon is your dad. You already look identical to him and you aren’t even a full grown man. I’m Stallin, follow me to my home. I’m sorry it was so hard for you to find little one. How old are you anyway?”


“Such a young age to lose your mother. Atleast Chthon is a good man and will definitly take you under his wing.”

“How is he nice when he refused to love my mother?”

“Judging by your age he gave her you after Ruths death. Your mother was a fool to pursue him which she obviously did since you breath. Chthon still very much loves his wife. Any woman who thinks they can change that is headed for heartbreak”


“Ruth was his wife for 88 years. She’s the only woman Chthon ever loved and the only woman he will love. I know your mother knew that so don’t go blaming Chthon for your mothers stupid choices” Abraxas sighed. When they made it to Stallins home he said “I only have one bed. Please take it little one. I’ll be right out here if you need me and we’ll work on getting you to your father in morning.”

“Thank you sir”

“It’s not a problem. Chthon would want me to help you. Does he know you exsist?”

“No sir”

“goodnight little one”

“Night, my names Abraxas by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Abraxas.” In the morning Stallin made omlettes for them both. Abraxas started to eat then asked “why do you think my mom went after my dad if he still loved his dead wife?”

“Who knows, but I assure you. I know Chthon well. He would not have lead her on. Your mother knew he had no feelings of love for her. She broke her own heart because Chthon would never lie to anyone. Not the man I know”

“Yeah…mom did say she was sorry for ever trying to make him love her”

“Just eat up and I’ll take you the rest of the way to your father. He’s a bit of a mess without Ruth but he still has a good heart. I’m not sure how he’ll welcome you but if it isn’t warm at first give him time. Chthons heart is in shambles and he just has a hard time getting through the day”

“He loved Ruth that much”

“Yes, she was an incredible woman. He was a lucky man to ahve her on his arm. She was somthing”

“did he have children with her?”


“Do you think he’ll want me since he didn’t love my mother and he has kids with the woman he loved?”

“Two are dead and one wont speak to him. Besides, even if he had his kids he would still love and take care of you. Chthon has a very big heart even if it’s hard to see now that he’s depressed.” They got ready then left. “How far?”

“Depends on if this is a smooth journey or not. A day or two is all.”

“Atleast i wont have to worry about getting lost anymore with you”

“I know you’re a young man but the trip could be made much shorter if you’d allow me to carry you. I could make it in as short as eleven hours.”


“Being Chthoins son you may be faster than me one day.”

“My dads that fast?”

“Oh yes, you have a father you can be proud of. He is a very powerful demon.”

“So I guess he’s why I can do what I do. My mom didn’t have a whole lot of magic but I can do many things. They all drain me though.”

“You probably just aren’t using them properly. I’m sure your father will teach you. He took a lot of time with his children of Ruth to teach them how to properly use all their magic.”

“were his kids powerful?”

“Lucy was the best, Nico coming in a close second. Poor Noah couldn’t do very much but he had the heart of a lion. He was a very brave and smart boy. His speed was amazing two. Both boys were very fast.”

“what if I’m not as good as them and dissapoint Chthon?”

“He wont be dissapointed. Chthon didn’t care if he had powerful heirs like most male demons do. He’d be happy even if you were as weak as a human.”

“I guess he doesn’t sound as bad as i thought he was.”

“He’s not perfect but he’s far from bad”

“Thanks for walking me” Stallin chuckled. “If Chthon knew you came to me and I didn’t escort you then somthing happend to you. I’d lose my life boy. Chthon is very protective of his children”

“He doesn’t know me”

“Once he finds out your his he will instantly go back into dad mode. You just wait and see little one”

“Stop calling me little”

“I’m sorry Abraxas” Stallin picked Abraxas up then began running. When they jerked to a stop they were in front of the most aamzing thing Abraxas had ever seen. His mouth was gaping open and he pushed down his hair until it looked nice to meet his dad. “My dad lives in there! It’s huge! It looks awesome!”

“Yep, he built it with a few of his friends.”

“I’m scared he wont like me”

“I thought you didn’t like him?”

“I’m not so sure what I think.”

“I know he’ll like you because you’re his. Just go on little one. I wont be walking with you.”


“Too long of a story Abraxas. Just go meet your father.”

“Thanks for the help and for talking to me about my dad”

“No problem, I’m glad he has another son to hopfully bring some joy back to him”

Abraxas nervously approached the huge doors. He knocked as his heart started pounding in his chest. Wexsel answered “Hey little guy. What’s up?”

“My name’s Abraxas, my mom is Paula….well…was Paula….she died and she told me that if anything happened to her I should find my dad. HIs name is Chthon and I was told he lives here. Please tell me that’s true.” Wexsel stood in shock. There was no denying this boy was Chthons but he was floored with surprise. “Is he here?” Abraxas asked again. Wexsel finally spoke “yes, follow me please” Abraxas came in and everybody stared at him in awe. Wexsel knocked on Chthons door. Chthon answered “Yes?”

“Hi! I’m Abraxas” Abraxas said immediately before Wexsel could speak. Chthon looked at the boy, seeming confused. Abraxas continued “My mom was Paula and she told me that you were my dad and that I should find you if she ever died….she is dead sir…she said you’d let me live here.” Chthon picked him up, startling Abraxas a little as to what Chthon was doing. Suddenly he was pressed against his fathers chest “welcome, I could tell you were mine as soon as I looked at you but it shocked me a little. I was only with your mother once.”

“You’ll let me stay?” Abraxas asked as Chthon put him down. “Of course, you’re my boy.” Chthon turned his attention to Wexsel. “I want you to tell the person who has been here the shortest amount of time and lives on this hall to pick a different room. I want my son near me.”

“Right away” wexsel said then left. Abraxas almost cried. He didn’t even know if his father would accept him but Chthon had given him a hug right away and wanted him in a room near his. He held it in, not wanting Chthon to be upset with him already. “Have you eaten dinner Abraxas?”

“I didn’t even eat lunch sir”

“Don’t call me sir, I’m your dad. I understand since you haven’t known me if you want to call me Chthon but I’d prefer to be Chthon or dad.” Abraxas smiled “Then no I haven’t eaten dad”

“Dinner has passed but I can make you some sandwiches”

“Ok” Abraxas followed Chthon into his kitchen where he set Abraxas on the counter. “do you know why your mother didn’t tell me about you?”

“She said she couldn’t bare to look at you again”

“I wish I could have been there for you, I understand how your mom felt though.” Chthon finished the sandwiches then ate with him. “Your room wont be ready tonight. Want to sleep with me or do you want just a plain guest room?” Abraxas thought it might make him sound like a baby to say he wanted to sleep with his dad so he said “a regular guest room is fine”

“Alright then, come with me” Chthon led him to the nearest room he could find then opened the door. “If you need me ask anybody in this castle and they’ll walk you straight to my room.”

“Thanks dad” Chthon pulled Abraxas into a long hug “I’m glad you found me. To be honest with you your father is sort of a wreck but I’ll work on it for you. Please forgive me if I’m not the father you deserve.”

“My mom was a wreck too.” Chthon chuckled “night son”

“Night dad” Abraxas settled into his room and a wave f sadness hit him. Now that he was at his destination the picture of his mothe rlaying dead entered his head again and he cried. Chthon hadn’t gotten very far away when Abraxas broke down so he heard him and came running back. He opened the door “son what’s wrong?” Abraxas wiped at his face “I’m so sorry”

“Why are you sorry?”

“For being weak and crying….i just….my mom” Abraxas’s voice broke and Chthon picked the boy up “You should always cry when you need to. It is not weak atall. Only insecure men feel they shouldn’t cry when sad. You ahve just lost your mother so you have every reason to cry. Why don’t you rest with me tonight so I can comfort you.”

“You realy aren’t dissapointed in me”

“Not atall, always cry when you need to. It’s bad to keep your emotions inside.” Abraxas wrapped his arms around his father and started to cry again. Chthon was glad he had started crying so soon so the boy wouldn’t be alone all night so sad. Chthon laid Abraxas in his bed then got in the other side. “want me to hold you?” Abraxas nodded and Chthon tugged him in his arms. Abraxas cried until he was sleeping. Chthon felt so bad for him. He knew the pain of loseing the most important woman in your life. Once Chthon was sure Abraxas would stay asleep he rested aswell.

Chapter Three

Chthon woke up in the morning craving beer as he always did but then he looked over at the small child on his bed and sighed. No child deserved to be raised around a drunk, especially not his child. He changed his clothes then walked out of his room and into the kitchen finding Pesmany. “Could you do me a favor?”

“Anything, you saved my life so I owe you”

“Get rid of every ounce of alcohol in this house. I need to quit drinking for that childs sake and I will not be able to do it unless I dont have access. Get┬árid of it all and inform everybody alcohol will not be brought into my castle again until Abraxas is a man.”

“Yes sir” She answered dumb founded. It was hard to watch her start grabbing it but Chthon refused to let himself stop her. He wouldn’t do that to Abraxas. He seemed like such a sweet and promising little boy. Chthon got some lemonade instead as he tried to push away his desire for beer. He’d just have to allow himself to really feel his reality. “would you like breakfast Chthon?” another woman asked “Please, make somthing for my son too.”

“Of course” She got busy until she gave him two plates of muffins and eggs. Chthon took it upstairs then woke Abraxas. He sat up then Chthon handed him his plate before sitting down aswell. Abraxas looked ashamed and he was sure it was because of the crying. Chthon tried to assure him again “I told you it’s ok to cry over your mother or anything else that makes you sad”

“I’m just used to being called pathertic by male demons.”

“Tell me their names and I’ll kill them” Abraxas laughed, thinking his father was joking. “Why does my magic make me so tired dad?” Chthon half smiled “would you like me to teach you how to use your magic better and take full advantage of it? I may even show you that you have powers you don’t know of.”

“You’d really do that?”

“Yes, we can practice every day you feel like it” Abraxas hugged Chthon. “I wish I would have met you sooner….it would have been even better if you and mom…..” Abraxas’s excited face turned sad again. “I’m sorry son, I just can’t love any other woman but Ruth. She owns my heart to this very day”

“I know…….it’s…..it’s just hard thinking about my mom”

“finish your breakfast and we’ll go outside. The training will get my mind off alcohol and yours off your mother” Abraxas and Chthon quickly finished eating then set their plates on top of eachother before heading outside. Chthon could see quickly how powerful his son was. In fact the energy drain on him when he used magic was actually because he had so much power. He wasn’t channeling it properly and it took a toll on him. They practiced all day. They both laughed and Chthon gave him many proud smiles. Chthon was quickly realizing that this boy was more than just a copy of his looks but he was a copy of his power too. When dinner came around Chthon made Abraxas stop even though he didn’t want to. “We can do this again tomorrow. Please come in”

“alright, I didn’t know I coudl do so much”

“Yes, you shocked me today.”

“I could tell I was making you proud. It made me feel really happy”

“You’ll always make me proud as long as you live your life the best you can. I know you’ll make mistakes but as long as you’re trying your hardest I’ll always be proud” Abraxas hugged Chthon again making him smile. It was the first real smile he had ever made since Ruths death. It quickly vanished but it had been there all the same. Day after day passed like with with Chthon teaching him how to control his magic when he was suing it full force and how to use different amounts of magic without having to use all his energy to keep the control. ┬áChthon loved how much improvement he saw day after day. This was the nearest he had been to happy since Ruths death.

He still cried himself to sleep most nights but during the day he did alright now. The desire of liquoir became very small. This morning he was going to see Ruths grave again. He needed to see her, to have her scent wash over him. “ready for lessons dad?”

“Not today son, I’m going to Ruths grave”

“Can I come?” Chthon shook his head. “No baby, I will crumble and be a man that I don’t wish for you to see.” Abraxas frowned “let me help you dad. I want to be there to comfort you like you did for me with my mommy. Please dad.” Chthon sighed, it was hard to resist the face he was making “alright son” Chthon said as he squatted down “hop on” Abraxas jumped on his back then Chthon exited the castle. Abraxas laughed as his father ran. It threatened to make him smile again but none came this time.

Chthon really didn’t want to bring Abraxas along but in a way it was good. Without Abraxas at his side he may wander into a pub. He had to stay away from that stuff, he didn’t drink around Ruths children and it wouldn’t be fair to drink around Abraxas. He already felt strong love for the little boy, even without loving his mother. He was smart and very talented. His magic was incredible now that he was learning how to use it. Chthon was glad somthing good came from one of the worst nights of his life. Chthon was even having suicidal thoughts a little less with Abraxas around to warmly smile and give him a reason to leave his room.

Chthon would have a hooded shirt tailored for Abraxas since he would undoubtedly start coming every time. Chthon walked into the woods and found some beautiful yellow flowers to lay on Ruths grave. Abraxas picked a blue one to give to her. He grabbed his fathers hand as they walked. Abraxas looked up hoping for one of his rare smiles but none came. Abraxas wished there was any way to make his dad happy more often. Even though that happiness was always brief it meant the world to Abraxas who had begun to idolize him.

Chthon took the old flowers off the grave then put new ones on. Abraxas set the small one he grabbed on top of his fathers. “That was nice of you. I didn’t notice you grab a flower”

“I hear she was a really nice woman so I wanted to give her a flower too. I wish their had been pretty flowers where I had to bury my mom.” Chthon concentrated on what was left of Ruths scent. He let it fill his body and he soon fell on the ground. It scared Abraxas a little because he hadn’t been expecting it. Chthon just sat down, holding his face in his hands “I love you so much Ruth.” was the only audible thing that Chthon was saying. Abraxas started to hug his father from behind. It didn’t seem to be helping but he really hoped it did. Chthon was near passing out he had cried so much. Sleeping by her grave wasn’t anything new but he knew he had to make himself get up for Abraxas. A seven year old had no business sleeping in a graveyard.

“I don’t think I can make it home Abraxas. Lets go stay with one of my grandchildren. His name is Dax.”

“Ok dad” They went to Dax’s house and knocked on the door. “Hey grandpa, I see you are coming from Ruths grave. Please come sit on the couch. I’ll make you some nice coffee. As for you little guy how about some ice cream?” Abraxas nodded and followed his dad to the couch. Dax brought out the ice cream first then a little bit later gave Chthon his coffee. “Who are you?” he said looking curiously at Abraxas. “I’m his son”


“He had a one night stand with my mom and she’s dead now so he took me in”

“It’s nice to meet you. My names Dax if your father hasn’t told you” Chthon got up without a word and went upstairs. Dax sighed sadly then Abraxas asked “Is dad going to be ok?”

“Tomorrow he’ll be as ok as he normally is. Tonight he probably wont be coming out of his room again. I live alone so I ahve a room that’s only for him.”

“That’s nice but why do you live alone?”

“Haven’t found a woman to love and start a family with. After my coming of age journey I wanted my own home since I dislike my father. You can have your own room too. I’ll show you.” The two boys stood and went up the stairs. They could hear Chthons heavy cries when they were upstairs. Dax showed Abraxas the room he could have then told him to follow. “where are we going?”

“I want my mother to meet you.” They stayed at Chloes house and had dinner with her when the time came. “I better get this small fry to bed mom. Have a good night. I love you”

“Love you too Dax” They walked back to his home “Chloe is wonderful”

“She is, she’s a really good mom.”

“I don’t like your dad either though.”

“I like your taste in people Abraxas.” When they got back to Dax’s house Abraxas gently pushed open the door. He saw a few empty beer bottles on the floor and his father sprawled on the bed. It looked like he had cried for hours. Abraxas would have crawled in bed with him but he couldn’t stand how the room smelled. Abraxas went to his room and went to sleep. Chthon woke in the morning like he hadn’t drank anything last night. His body was just that used to the consumption of so much even though for the past few months he had stayed sober for his son. Still, he looked at the bottles and felt tremendous guilt. He could only pray Abraxas hadn’t seen. He had honestly tried to fight going downstairs but he got so lost in his grief. This was precisely why he had alcohol removed from his home.

Chthon picked up all the bottles and took them downstairs to throw away “morning grandpa” Dax said. “where’s Abraxas?”

“Sleeping still, we stayed pretty late at my mothers”

“do you know if he came in my room last night?”

“only for a second” Chthon sighed and looked even sadder. “why?”

“I’ve been staying sober for the poor little guy. He’s lost his mom and doesn’t deserve a drunk for his dad. I have stayed sober a few months now but last night ended that streak. I failed him…” Dax walked over and hugged Chthon “you knew I was entertaining him grandpa. You drank alone in your room and all he saw was you passed out and some bottles. You ahven’t harmed him but I’m proud of you for stepping up and trying to be a good dad to him. All you can do is move on from last night and try not to let it happen again.” Chthon smelled what Dax was making for breakfast and said “Abraxas wont eat that. I’ll make him some pancakes.”

“Who doesn’t like omlettes with diced pork?”

“He wont eat pig. He likes them too much.” Dax finished the omelettes for them. Splitting up the one that would have been for Abraxas. Chthon was just getting done with pancakes when Abraxas came down the stairs “good morning!” he said brightly, in hope his father felt better. Chthon put Abraxas’s pancakes on a plate then went over to hug him “I’m so sorry I got drunk last night. Do you forgive me son?”

“I understand, I’m not mad. I just felt bad for you”

“I really am going to do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.” They all sat down at the table and ate before Chthon told Dax that they would be heading home. Chthon was still pretty depressed so he just told Abraxas to do what he wanted. Chthon was far too down in the depths of his despair to put on a happy face for his son. Abraxas sighed, not sure of what to do with himself. This was the first day he’d have to spend all alone. He walked around until Nigel saw him “hey, where’s your dad?”

“He’s too sad to be around me” Nigel frowned. He was hoping Abraxas was the end of Chthon secluding himself but he was grateful Abraxas had atleast pulled his friend out of his bedroom for a few months. Nigel could see how sad Abraxas was so he said “why don’t we go on a walk?”

“Sure” Abraxas said in an excited tone. Nigel walked and talked with Abraxas. He seemed to be filled with questions about his father, Ruth and their decendants. They didn’t come back until dinner that night. Abraxas was heartbroken that Chthon didn’t come out for dinner. A week and a half passed where Chthon had completely shut himself off again. Nigel came pounding on his door. When Chthon answered he shoved him back in and slammed the door “you listen here Chthon! You were doing amazing with that little boy! You weren’t happy but damnit you were out of this god damn torture chamber. You will not wallow in here while that little boy lives in this castle. A week and a half is long enough now you get out there and you go back to being a good dad to him! As your friend I’m giving you the kick in the ass you need so if we need to come to blows to knock sense into you so be it! That child is seven and needs his father!”

Chthon just sat there dumbfounded. He hung his his “I’m sorry, thank you once again Nigel”

“Just get out there. I’m always here to give you a kick when you need it. I was so proud of you when he came. Make me proud again.” Chthon nodded and Nigel left. Chthon showered since he hadn’t in a few days then went to find Abraxas. he was outside playing with the demon hounds. Abraxas looked surprised to see his dad. He bounded over happily and hugged him “hey dad, how’re you feeling?”

“I seem to have let you down twice in a row. First I get drunk and then I lock myself away again like I had been doing before you. Do you think you could forgive me and we could start working on your magic again?”

“I was never mad, lets go” Chthon couldn’t believe how peppy this young man was. He was always so bright and happy even though it hadn’t even been a year since he lost his mom. He seemed to have an incredible ability to bounce back from anything. Chthon envied him for this. He was proud to have such a wonderful little boy and somday wished he’d have Nero back here to enjoy aswell. He knew that wasn’t very likely but he could hope that one day Nero would return. Then he’d get to be with two sons who brought him nothing but joy and the feeling of great pride.

~ The End ~

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