Chthon Age 25 Ruth Age 17

Chapter One

Chthon laid on the floor of his vast library. Every inch of wall had a bookshelf pressed against it. Chthon collected every book he could find because he enjoyed reading very much even though it was laughable for a demon to spend any time atall reading. His home was a castle he built for himself brick by brick. When his mother abandoned him when he was twelve he began work on this home and it took him until he was sixteen to finish. He made friends along the years that helped him get this very large, black bricked castle done. He always had company because he had so many rooms.

Anybody was welcome to stay at any time as long as they treated his home with care and never stepped foot in his library. That was his special place to relax and he made sure people regretted it when they did step in. Chthon actually made such a large castle so that he could have a multitude of friends over at once. Chthon heard a loud and panicked knock on the librarys door. He got up and answered “I’m so sorry to bother you in here Chthon but Malanivous took my daughter from me! He says she’s going to be¬†his wife whether she wants to be or not! He drug her off screaming and I knew I could turn to you for help. Please help me get Fiona back.”

“I will make sure he never lays a hand on her again. It was smart of you to come Nirobi. Guide me the way he took her and I’m sure I’ll find his revolting scent. When we catch up I want you to run with Fiona as far and fast as you can the second I hand her to you. I will take care of Malanivous on my own.” Chthon growled. “Thank you Chthon” Nirobi said before taking off as fast as she could. Chthon ran only slightly behind her since she was guiding. Once Malanivous’s smell hit his nose Chthon ran ahead with Nirobi struggling to keep up. She didn’t dare ask him to slow down though.

Malanivous had¬†raped and abused so many woman before Fiona and she didn’t want her daughter suffering any longer than she had to. Nirobi ran behind Chthon feeling like she failed as Fionas mother. She should have been able to protect her daughter but Malanivoushad overpowered her. Her bloodline was mixed with very mediocre demons so she wasn’t very powerful. Fiona couldn’t do all that much either since her father aswell had only been an average demon.

Chthon picked up speed as his worry for Fiona grew. Finally he could hear her screaming and Malanivous yelling then completely left Nirobi knowing she’d catch up. “Malanivous!” Chthon yelled as he slammed full force into the demon. Fiona screamed again since Malanivous didn’t release his grip. Chthon snapped his fingers and suddenly Malanivous started choking on water that filled his lungs. He released Fiona and she quickly got behind Chthon. Chthon was glad to see only her top was torn off. Her pants were ripped but he could tell Malanivous hadn’t yet been able to rape her.

Nirobi burst through the trees and Chton yelled “Take her away now!” Nirobi obeyed “Thank you Chthon” Fiona said weepily. Chthon let the man keep drowning until he passed out then he took the water out of his lungs and tied him up. He would make sure this man knew how he felt about demons who raped and beat women. He’d kill Malanivous but he wanted him to share with others who thought it would be fine to attack his female friends what would happen to them.

Chthon quickly got back to his castle and went into the room he had specifically for doing this type of thing. He chained each of Malanivous’s arms and legs to the wall. Then sat across the room thinking of how precisely he was going to deal with him to teach him a lesson. He would pay greatly since Chthon had already warned him before.

An idea hit Chthon and he walked out of the room and began yelling for Mirabella as he strode down the halls. “Yes” she finally answered “good, I have Malanivous in my dungeon where I handle demons such as him. He has decided not to heed my warnings, he tried to force himself on Fiona. One warning was more than he deserved and I have the perfect solution to our problem. I don’t have any healing magic as you know so I will need yours after what I do so he doesn’t die. Will you assist me Mirabella?”

“Of course, I’ll even help you torture the slime ball.” Chthon hugged her “I’m so sorry I couldn’t save your sister in time”

“It wasn’t your fault. It took us too long to realize she was gone. You went as fast as you could”

“I still wish I could have kept her from what he put her through.”

“well lets go take care of the bastard now”

“Just what I wanted to hear. Follow me Mira” They walked back down and Chthon grabbed a large pair of scissors. “what’re you going to do with those Chthon?” Mirabellaasked. “I’m going to cut off his penis so he has no reason to want to hurt women any longer.” Mira smiled sadistically. “Couldn’t have thought of somthing better myself Chthon” In one movement Chton ripped apart Malanivous’s pants then made his finger nails grow longer and pointed. Chthon stabbed them into Malanivous’s stomach to wake him. The demon yelled “Morning, it’s a shame you didn’t listen to me when I warned you.”

“I didn’t know she was your friend Chthon”

“Doesn’t matter, I dont approve of what you do atall and you will never do it again.” Malanivous saw the scissors in Chthons hand and asked “what’re you going to do?” Chthon smiled then grabbed him in one hand while the other quickly sniped it off. Malanivous started screaming, his screams carried through the entire castle until Chthon said “heal him now before he bleeds to death. he must warn other demons to mind what they think they have a right to do to you woman. I will not tolerate it.” Mirabella reluctantly healed Malanivous. The screaming stopped “Next time you will die very slowly if I hear of you even raising your hand to a female.” Chthon snapped to drown him all over again. Malanivous struggled until he was once again unconsious. Chthon lifted him up “I’m taking him to his home. I don’t want his filth in my castle. I will see you at dinner Mirabella.”

“I look forward to it Chthon” With that Chthon left and Mirabella went to cook with a few of the other girls. Chthon dropped Malanivous under the bridge where he lived then quickly got back home to enjoy his dinner with whatever friends joined him tonight. He was greeted by Mirabella and Nirobi when he walked in with kisses. “Thank you ladies. Is dinner ready?”

“Of course, come on” they walked into his dining hall and they all ate. After dinner Fiona came up and gave Chthon a tight hug “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, you need to train harder. I will help you out so you don’t get taken advantage of again.”

“Goodnight Chthon”

“Goodnight” he said kissing her head.¬†Nirobi took her daughter to bed and Mirabella slid her hands under Chthons shirt. “you want some dessert Chthon?” he smiled then leaned down to bite her ear “when have I ever said no to you?” he whispered then picked her up. When they got to his room he threw her on the bed making Mirabellalaugh. He took off his clothes then shredded hers. It extremely excited Mira when he’d do that. He took her rough and hard multiple times then laid beside her and went to sleep. Mirabella kissed his shoulder then passed out aswell. When Chthon woke he smiled then pulled the blankets higher on Mira so she wouldn’t get cold. He then walked to her room to get her something to wear. He laid it beside her on the bed then decided to go to a hotsprings nearby to soak in the water. Chthon always felt disgusting after sex and needed a good soak.

He took his clothes off when he got to the water then eased in with a sigh. Once his body was used to the heat Chthon ducked his head under. He came back up feeling clean again. He just relaxed and listenedto all the beautiful sounds around him. Once he grew tired of sitting there he pulled hsi clothes back on and began to walk to Tresnia. An elderly man sold chocolates there that he couldn’t get enough of. Since he looked human he could visit any town without causing any kind of a stir. Once he arrived at the stand Chthon chatted with the man then bought a large bag of choclates. He decided to eat them in a spot of woods nearby he really liked. When he was almost to his spot he heard a woman crying and followed the noise until he saw a girl with her head on her knees and arms around her legs crying. “excuse me” Chthon said feeling sad for her. Ruth lifted her head and wiped away tears “yeah?”

“why do you cry?” Chthon said as he walked over and kneeled in front of her. “My boyfriend broke up with me.”

“now why would he do a crazy thing like that?”

“He was tired of waiting on me. I’ve never had sex before and I’m not ready yet and he said that he couldn’t wait any longer. If I didn’t have sex with him right then he was going to move on. I didn’t want to so he broke up with me” Ruth began to sob again. Chthons heart was breaking. His biggest weakness in the world was a crying woman. “What can I do to comfort you?”

“Would you just hold me as I cry? My dad is gone and” she couldn’t finish before she was sobbing again. Chthon sat down beside Ruth and she crawled into his lap. He held her tightly until sh estopped crying “Thank you, what’s your name?”

“Chthon, what’s yours?”


“I like that name. I’m so sorry you were dating an ass. You are better without him I believe. It’s despicable he tried to pressure you like that. I want you to promise me you’ll never let a man pressure you into sex. That’s a very personal act, your first time is especially big and you better not let any man make you feel bad. You wait until you’re ready.”

“I just really liked him”

“You’ll find someone better I’m sure. You are absolutely gorgeous and obviously have self respect. Would you like some chocolate? I just bought it and I’d really like to share it with you.”

“I’d love some, thank you” Chthon opened the bag and they ate every piece together and talked happily. Chthon was glad when he finally made her smile. He couldn’t remember ever seeing somthing so radiant. His heart was beating funny and he had this odd sensation moving through his every pour. Chthon didn’t understand what this girl was doing to him but he did know he wanted to spend a lot more time with her. They continued talking long after the candy was gone. When the sun began to fade Ruth got out of his lap and said “I need to go home. My mom will be worried if I don’t show up.”

“May I walk you to insure you get there safely?”

“Please do” Chthon walked Ruth to her door then she said “Thank you for comforting me and sharing your¬†chocolate”

“I enjoyed spending time with you. Could I see you tomorrow?” Ruth smiled brightly almost knockinng him back. “I would like that very much Chthon.”

“Good I’ll meet you here at ten am. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect, thanks again for today. I would’ve been a mess all day without you.”

“Have a goodnight Ruth”

Chthon ran all the way back to his castle. He had never fet so excited in his life to spend a day with someone. He just wanted to get to sleep so he could hear her voice again. Once she wasn’t crying he found he absolutely adored Ruths voice. She was like ¬†a beautiful little song bird. He couldn’t imagine what kind of man would leave her just because of sex. It was very fortunate for him they broke up that very day. He wouldn’t have met her otherwise. He was glad the universe had arranged their meeting but wished it would’ve done it in a kinder way. Lullaby grabbed his arm as he rushed to his bedroom “where are you going? Dinners ready.”

“I will not be eating tonight. I just want to sleep”

“Maybe I could help get you there.”

“No thank you” Lullabys eyes grew wide and her mouth gaped open. “Are you sick Chthon? I’ve never heard you turn down sex”

“I met a very wonderful woman today and I want to get to sleep so I can see her again. She’s the only thought in my head right now and I want to just enjoy remembering our day until I fall asleep. I hope you’re not offended Lullaby”

“No, I’m just wowd. A woman who can make Chthon turn down a fun night. I need to meet this woman. You two aren’t dating right?”

“No, I didn’t ask her out, I’ve only just met her and she doesn’t know I’m a demon.”

“and now I’m in shock. I know you have a soft spot for humans but seriously? A human girl has got you all wrapped up around her finger in one day?”

“She’s really wonderful and her being human is insignificant. I view humans and demons the same.You should too Lullaby. We are not better than them.” Lullaby could tell she had upset him a little “Sorry Chthon”

“It’s fine, just let me go so I can get to sleep for my day tomorrow with her.” Lullaby let go of his arm and Chthon went into his room. He undressed and got in bed. He thought back on every second of his day with Ruth. That smile, her laugh, the way she spoke and how he felt when he was holding her. She had been incredibly funny too once she wasn’t sad. She was perfect in his eyes. Chthon jumped out of bed quickly and dressed again once the sun rose. He ate breakfast so he wouldn’t tire from the journey to Tresnia to see Ruth. Once he was full he took off in a full sprint to get to her. When he was close he rinsed in a lake quickly so he wouldn’t be sweaty when he gave her a hug. Chthon had to resist glomping Ruth when she came into view. He hugged her tightly enjoying her sweet scent. “was their anything you had in mind to do today?” Ruth asked when Chthon let go. “Why don’t you give me a tour of all the places you like around here.”

“ok” Chthon walked close by Ruths side as she showed him place after place and introduced him to her friends. Chthon hoped they wouldn’t run into Ruths ex. He feared he may lose his very volatile temper. He viewed him as cruel for what he did to Ruth. Somthing like what he did was low in Chthons eyes. “that’s everywhere” Ruth said smiling at him. “I enjoyed it. You showed me some places I hadn’t seen before and your friends seem very nice.”

“Want me to make us lunch?”

“Would you mind?”

“I love to cook, of course I wouldn’t mind.”

“Then please lead me to your home.” Ruth grabbed his hand making his heart go crazy again. She held it until they reached her door then she pushed it open. Ruths mother was laying down “is it lunch already?”

“Yeah I’m going to cook. Is it alright if my friends Chthon joins?”

“awe, is this the young man you were talking about last night?”


“Lovely to meet you. Ruth spoke highly of your day together”

“I’m glad, I really enjoyed getting to know her”

“Obviously since you’re here again.” Chthon smiled then they all went into the kitchen. Chthon didn’t notice he was staring at Ruth as she cooked until her mother began to giggle. He cleared his throat and sat up straight “sorry mam”

“Don’t be sorry. Where do you live?”

“I have a house in the lands between.”

“You’re brave not to live within the protection of a village. How do you deal with demons” Chthon couldn’t hold back his chuckle. “I manage mam”

“Do you live with your parents?”

“Nope, I haven’t seen them since I was twelve.”

“You’ve been on your own since then?”


“You poor boy, I’m sorry”

“I’m ok” When Ruth was doen cooking she set the table and they ate together. “Oh my god” Chthon said after his first bite. Ruth responded “is it bad?”

“No it’s just, you’re food is so amazing. I’ve never had any so good.” Ruth blushed and her mother giggled. “Little Ruth is a very good cook. I’m proud of her.”

“She is, thank you so much for inviting me to eat with you”

“Anyday you hangout with me I’ll cook”

“Now you’ll never get rid of me” Ruth laughed “good, I like you” Chthon just smiled at her. The sight making Ruths heart pound and increased her redness. She wished she could stop. When they were done Chthon helped Ruth clear the table then they sat down together on the couch. Another day flashed past him. He couldn’t help but frown when he noticed the sun was gone. “I guess I better leave you. It’s late and you need your rest. When can I see you again Ruth?”

“I have lessons the next three days. They take up nearly my whole day but how about you meet me at my home in three days. In fact, I’ve been really wanting to go camping. Want to go on a couple day camping trip?” Chthon almost couldn’t contain how happy that thought made him. “Oh yes, I’d love to. Your parents wont mind?”

“Nope, I really don’t have any rules except not kissing boys under my fathers roof”

“Can’t blame a father. I’m really looking forward to seeing you again even though I haven’t quite left. Tell your father you will be safe with me out there so he doesn’t worry. Camping will be a lot of fun. I know the perfect place.”

“Goodnight Chthon”

“Goodnight Ruth” Chthon responded then hugged her.

Chthon walked towards his home slowly. He didn’t have anything to look forward to until three days passed so there wasn’t any reason to hurry. He was greeted by one of his demon hounds when he got back “Hey there Malinto. Lay with me under the stars?” The dog made a happy sound then it laid down. Chthon laid with his back against it and looked up. He smiled thinking about gazing up at the heavens with Ruth. His heart giving that familiar warmth and tingle as he thought of her. Now he realized what it was he was feeling. He loved her. For the first time in his life he actually loved somebody. Chthon had deep care for a few people and demons he knew but this was his first time experiencing love. Chthon was glad he could finally put a finger on how she made him feel. Why he didn’t want to leave her side. Even though he hadn’t been apart from her long it was already slow and torturous to not be with her. Chthon sighed and closed his eyes as he pictured her face. The soft edges and her stunning eyes. He wanted to get lost in them.

He wondered how she’d react once she knew he was a demon. He decided to go ahead and tell her on their camping trip. He was interested in more than friendship. He wasn’t lieing right now but keeping something like that from Ruth might aswell be lieing. He hoped she didn’t get freaked out but somthing told him she wouldn’t be. She had such a pure and sweet heart. He knew she wasn’t so closed minded to just hate a demon for being a demon. Chthon ended up falling asleep on Malinto and spent the night outside. He woke to Galfin jumping in his lap “Morning Chthon!”

“Hey little guy” Chthon said as he stretched. “Chthon could I spend the day with you? My mom and dad have been fighting non stop lately”

“I’m sorry buddy, of course.”

“Can you take em to that hot spring again”

“Sure, your parents know you came to me right?”

“Yes sir”

“Good, never come to me without letting your parents know”

“I know sir, guess what?”


“I’ll be eight tomorrow”

“You should have told me sooner. I’ll throw you a party in my castle”


“Yes, invite anybody you want.” Galfin hugged Chthon “Thank you, I wish you were my dad.”

“That’s really sweet but I think a comment like that would wound your father.”

“So, I don’t care. He barely even acknowledges me.”

“True, he may be a better dad than mine but he still isn’t a good father I suppose” Chthon sighed then decided he’d talk to the boys father and hopefulyl make him spend more time with Galfin. He wished Galfins father would play with him. Chthon did his best to be a second father to the small boy. Chthon had always wanted a family. He caught his mind starting to ponder what a family with Ruth might be like. “You look extra happy today Chthon”

“I am, I met an amazing woman the day before yesterday. Her names Ruth. I’ve already fallen in love with her.”

“awe, can i meet her?”

“Hopefully” They made it to the hot spring and slid in. “I love this place. You should bring Ruth” Chthon smiled ‘thats a good idea” When galfin grew tired of the hot springs he asked Chthon to play chase with him. They ran around laughing and playing for hours until Galfins mom showed up “hey boys.”

“You and dad done yelling?”

“Yes, I’m sorry baby. Thank you Chthon for entertaining him.”

“You kidding, I love this little guy.” Galfin hugged Chthon “bye”

“Bye” Chthon turned his attention to Galfins mother “Could you ask your husband to come speak with me when he has free time. Anytime in the next three days is good”

“I will”

“Thank you. Also I’m throwing your son a birthday party tomorrow. You bring all his friends”

“That is so sweet Chthon. We’ll be there” The boy and his mother walked away. Chthon wished he stayed longer. He still had hours to kill before this day was over. He decided to see if Fiona wanted to practice fighting so she wouldn’t be so vulnerable to male demons who thought they could bend woman to their will. ¬†Demons like that made Chthon feel shame. Most demons felt like they were better than humans and monster. Nearly all male demons thought all woman should just obey them and be their sexual slaves. He had a couple women who liked to have sex with him frequently but it’s because they chose that. They wanted him and were happy just being women he slept with. Chthon was jubilant at the thought of somthing more with Ruth though. He didn’t even want sex with those girls any longer. He knew they would understand.

As Ruth mock battled her mentor with magic her ex Tallin sat and watched. Some boys had told him about her walking around with some man and his ego was bruised she moved on so quickly. When Ruth noticed him she grunted. Her teacher sighed and said “i’ll leave you to deal with whatever nonsense he is bringing. It’s a good thing you two broke up sweetheart. He’s an ass and he never treated you like you deserved. If he’s here asking for you back please don’t take him.”

“I wont, bye Megan”

Tillan went¬†over to Ruth and grabbed her arm “who the hell were you walking around with yesterday!” Ruth shocked Tillan making him clench his teeth and let go when the current stopped. “It’s none of your business. You arent my boyfriend any longer.”

“We’ve been broken up three days and you’re walking around with some man.”

“He happens to be a sweetheart. When I was out crying he found me and gave me comfort after you so cruely left me because I’m not ready to have sex.”

“I have needs and as a woman you should have fufilled them” Ruth made a disgusted sound “why the hell did I ever like you! Let me go and don’t speak to me again!”

“Fine, I dont give a fuck.” Tillan said and stomped off angrily. Marie walked over after watching them argue. “You ok Ruth?”

“Yeah, if I ever date a creep again please shock me until my brain is wired correctly” Marie laughed “Chthon seemed like a nice guy. Hopefully you’ll date him next” Ruth blushed making her friend laugh “he’s a hottie Ruth and he seemed into you”

“I dont know, I think he’s just nice”

“I’m pretty good at noticing these things Ruth. He kept looking at you like you had fallen from heaven”

“I hope you’re right” Marie smiled “I know I am. Come hangout with my brother and I for the remainder of the day. I’m meeting him now.”

“Sounds fun” Ruth got home that night exhausted from training and hanging out with Marie. She fell alseep quickly and hard until the sun was once again above her village. When she walked out of her door to get to where she’d be training today she tripped over Tillan “what the hell are you doing at my door Tillan?” Tillan helped Ruth up “I just wanted to beg you to take me back. I’m sorry Ruth.”

“You’re not sorry, you see me around another man and want me back. Besides now I see how much of a jerk you are. Especially in contrast to Chthon. Chthon is nopthing but nice to me.”

“You haven’t known him that long”

“and that’s the saddest thing Tillan. He’s made me happier seeing him twice than you did our whole relationship. Back off” Tillan grunted and grabbed her arm tightly “You’re hurting me you ass”

“You aren’t going to throw away our time together. You’re mine! Not Chthons! I will not let you be with another man!” Ruth set Tillan on fire making him let go to roll in the grass. “Stop grabbing me like that! Next time you do that I’m going to burn you worse!” As Ruth walked to her mentor she rubbed her arm where he had gripped her. It hurt badly and she hoped it wouldn’t bruise. They fought again for most the day until her teacher decided to try and help Ruth increase the power behind her magic. That night Chthon just laid in his bed staring at the cieling. All he had to do was wait through tomorrow and he’d be going on a camping trip with Ruth. He had so much he wanted to show her in the wild. He hoped it would all be things she hadn’t seen before. He ran through these thoughts until there was a knock at his door. “Come in” Mirabella walked in and he smiled “yes?”

“I thought it would be fun to fool around tonight.”

“I’m sorry Mira but I’m not interested in that anymore. It’s fun having sex with you but I’m done with meaningless sex. I really love Ruth and I’m hoping she’ll eventually date me.”

“awe, that’s sweet Chthon. I knew this day would come eventually” Mirabella said as she sat next to him on the bed. “I’m so crazy about her Mira”

“You’re an amazing guy Chthon. I’m sure you’ll be able to win her heart. I’ll miss the amazing sex but I think it’s great you’ve found love. I’ll see you later Chthon. Have a good night”

“You too Mira” Mirabella almost cried when she shut the door. She hated this day was finally here. She really loved Chthon and now he was finally in love. She knew from the start that he didn’t feel that way about her but she hoped it would change. Mirabella was happy he did find love though. Even if his happiness wasn’t with her she wanted him to be happy. She went to her room as quickly as possible so Chthon wouldn’t hear. She didn’t want him to realize and then feel bad. She had done everything in her power to never show it was more than sex to her because she knew that would make him stop. Chthon wouldn’t have felt right having sex with her knowing she was in love and he wasn’t. That was just the kind of man he was.

Chthon laid in bed thinking about Ruth until his happy thoughts put him to sleep. The next morning Galfins father visited Chthon “hey, I didn’t talk to you at the party because it’s normally not a good talk when we talk” Chthon laughed “I figured which is why I didn’t try to talk to you. Why is it you don’t hangout with your boy? He really craves your attention”

“Because I’m not soft like you Chthon and I don’t want him being soft.”

“A man shouold love his family”

“says the human lover. Your father would be ashamed of you Chthon.”

“I don’t care”

“Obviously, I’m raising my boy the right way. If I showed him affection I’d ruin him. Your mother was far too kind to you for too long. I pity your children fi you raise them like you try to tell me to raise my boy. Demons need to be cold. Not all fluffy and full of emotion”

“Leave before i get cross with you. I don’t want to upset your son.”

“I’m not going to change Chthon and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t play with my son so much.”

“whys that” Chthon growled “because last week he got upset when I killed an animal slowly instead of giving it a quick death. He was fine with it until you came into our lives. Like I said, your ways make a man too soft. I want a son I can be proud of and you’re ruining him”

“Get out now!” Chthon yelled because he knew he was very close to beating Galfins father. The man left and Chthon slammed his door to lay back down. He hated that man. Why should you torture for no reason atall. That kind of thinking was repulsive to Chthon. Chthon hoped he really was rubbing off on Gulfin and making him into a decent man. He’d be sad if Galfin ended up anything like his dad. Chthon decided to tune back into happy thoughts and filled his head with Ruth. He had to play the same memories over and over since they didn’t have a bunch but they were amazing to think about no matter how many times they ran through his head. He planned on getting to Tresnia as early as possible tomorrow. He had been missing Ruth immensely these past few days.

Chthon decided to go out and find some beautiful flowers to give Ruth when he saw her in the morning. He hoped it wouldn’t be too forward of him but he really wanted to do somthing that would make her smile. He had never met a woman who didn’t like flowers so he thought it was a good idea. Chthon walked and walked until he finally saw some flowers he thought were stunning enough to be worthy of giving her. He picked the prettiest ones and made them into a bouquet which he tied with a small string he had brought along.

When Chthon arrived back at the house he decided to make Ruth peanut butter cookies since she told him how much she liked them. He hadn’t baked in years since his guests normally did the cooking since he let them stay. He walked in the kitchen where Fiona and Nirobi were “Hey Chthon, what’re you doing in here?”

“I want to bake cookies for Ruth since I’m seeing her in the morning. Will you two watch me and correct me if I’m doing somthing wrong or coudl do it better?”

“That is so freaking sweet! I’d love to, how about you Fiona?”

“Yeah, She must be really special if she has you in the kitchen” Chthon smiled “she is, she’s already very important to me. I’ve fallen in love and I hope I can get her to love me too. I want to hold her again like I did when we first met. I’m hoping maybe she’ll let me hold her at night so she wont get cold.”

“awe, our big scary demon is a mushy bowl of jelly.” Fiona giggled and Chthon laughed aswell “are you watching simply to tease me Nirobi?”

“It’s just sweet, I hope she returns your love Chthon” Chthon got quickly to work with only minor corrections from Nirobi and Fiona. When they were done he put them in a small container and hugged the two girls “thank you ladies. What would I do without such wonderful friends.”

“what would we do without you Chthon. You’ve done a lot for my daughter and I since you took us in” Chthon walked up to his room and set the cookies beside the flowers. He laid down on his bed wishing there weren’t so many hours left in his day. He began to ponder what else he could do but decided the flowers and cookies were enough to begin with. He didn’t want to give her too much and freak her out. She had only just went through a break up and probably wasn’t ready to be wooed by another man. Chthon decided the best way to make the day fly was to go read a book in his library. He walked in and picked a book he hadn’t started yet since he just finished one. He got a fire going then read by it’s light. He read and read until he finished it then noticed it was very dark outside. He had allowed himself to go so far into the story he didn’t realize time was going by. It had done it’s job far too well. He ran to his room and jumped in bed.

Ruth woke when sun rays hit her eyes. She smiled knowing Chthon would be coming this morning or afternoon and they would be going camping. She happily got up and put on some pants and a tshirt then packed a bag. She then tended to her hair before running downstairs to eat breakfast. Once she was finished she sat on her porch to await Chthons arrival. Chthon felt his heart leap with joy when his eyes finally found Ruth. She stood when she saw him coming she ran up and hugged him. He subtly took in how magnificent she smelled then let her go. He opened the bag he had and pulled out the flowers. “I picked these for you. I was hoping they would make you smile. I’m sure you’re still sad over your ex.”

“These are beautiful Chthon”

“Only true beauty such as yours knows beauty” he said making her blush. He then pulled out the cookies. “I hope these taste good. I don’t really bake but I wanted to make sure you were happy and not thinking of that jerk.”

“o my god, these are peanut butter cookies.”

“Your favorite right?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you made some for me and gave me such pretty flowers. Let me put the flowers in my room before we go. We can bring the cookies and eat them together later.”

‘alright, should I follow or wait out here?”

“it’ll only take me a second”

“Ok, I’ll wait” Ruth ran into her house and Chthon just stood their absolutely delighted at how happy he had made her with the cookies and flowers. She seemed especially moved that he had remembered her briefly mentioning her favorite cookie. He decided he’d attempt cooking for her more often. He’d practice and get good at it so she’d enjoy the food. The fact she was so amazing at cooking worried him when it came to his lousy cooking. Ruth came back out and gave Chthon another hug then surprised him with a kiss on the cheek. Now it was Chthons turns to blush. He would bake for her every day if it meant he was rewarded with a kiss. He held her tighter against him for a few moments then let Ruth go. “Thank you so much.”

“anything I can do to make you smile I will do it. Your smile is so dazzling. I loved when I finally saw that instead of your tears”

“where are we going?” Chthon had gotten so lost in the moment he forgot they were going anywhere. “Follow me but first hand me your bag so I can carry it.”

“I’m alright, I only brought what I needed”

“Please” Ruth laughed “Ok if you feel you must” She handed it to him and he held it in the same hand as his own. They talked about what they had been up to the last couple of days as they walked along until lunch time rolled around “want to have your cookies?’

“Sounds great, I bet they are amazing.”

“I really hope so. Feel free to spit it out if it’s terrible”

“Shush, they can’t possibly be that bad” They sat down beside eachother and he opened the small box and sat it between them. Chthon couldn’t help but stare as she grabbed one and took a bite. “perfect, thank you”

“are they really good. Please don’t lie to be nice”

“I’m not lieing they are good. Thank you so much” He grabbed one and was surprised that they tasted alright. He felt they could be better. He’d practice this the most since it was her favorite. He could only imagine all the jokes that would be made when the men and women who frequented his household saw him baking in the kitchen for Ruth. He didn’t care though. It was somthing he could do to make her happy and it would be especially worth it if she kissed his cheek every time he baked her somthing. His cheek still felt warm and tingly from her lips being pressed on them.

When they finished Ruth asked “are we almost there?”

“About twenty more minuets. Are you tired?”

“No” Chthon smiled “I would happily carry you.” Ruths heart went on its irregular rhythm thinking about him holding her for nearly half an hour. She was tired from all her training the past couple days so agreed to it “Training tires me out” Chthon threw the bags on his back then lifted Ruth in his arms. As hard as he tried not to smile his grin forced itself across his face with how incredible it was to have her so close. He listened to her heart and felt even happier. Even that was a pleasant sound. “How do you feel about demons Ruth?” Chthon asked nervously. “I have a friend who’s a demon. Don’t tell my father though. He scolded me when he found out and I told him we werent friends anymore but that isn’t true. He said that he’d get the other villagers to help him kill her if I kept being her friend. I still talk to Lilac in secret. She is a really amazing person and I enjoy her company”


“I know, it’s odd but I think you’d like her.” Chthon smiled “tell me about her” Ruth went on and on about the things she did with Lilac and her son Axel. Chthon happily listened to her tails as he purposefully walked slow. It would now take them a little bit over half an hour but he really didn’t want to put Ruth down. When they got there he put her down and kept himself from looking dissapointed. When Ruth finished the story she had been telling him when they got there he set up camp then sat down with Ruth. “I want to go ahead and get somthing out in the open.”

“What is it?” He sighed then said “I’m a demon who can look human. My father was able to and the trait passed to me. I just like you a lot…more than a friend. I wanted to be honest with you since I have hope that maybe once you’re healed from your break up that you may let me be lucky enough to call you mine.”

“why are you so nervous silly? I have just told you a bunch of stories about the other demon I’m friends with. I don’t mind and I wont tell. Thanks for trusting me and being honest. I thought you may be”

“Why’d you think so?”

“I had a feeling” Chthon hugged Ruth, relieved she didn’t mind that he wasn’t human. “I like you too Chthon but I think we should let Tillan have some time before we get together.” His heart started slamming and he held her tighter. Hearing her say his feelings were returned filled him with more joy than he had ever experienced. It wasn’t an I love you but he wasn’t brave enough to say that yet. He had used up all his courage just to talk about being a demon and saying he liked her as more than a friend. He let go then asked “if he broke up with you why would we wait to be together?”

“He isn’t taking me being around you so well and I don’t want to rile him any more.”

“You’re not his girlfriend so it isn’t his business who you hangout with. Has he been giving you trouble these past couple days Ruth?”

“Don’t worry about it Chthon. I just would rather give it some time so he doesn’t freak out. Will you wait a week to be my boyfriend?”

“I could wait for you as long as you need but he doesn’t deserve the courtesy. I wish you’d tell me what he did.” Ruth kissed his cheek hoping it would calm him down. It worked like a charm and he was blushing again. He decided to keep his cool. Ruth liking him was all he needed to keep calm and not go ask Tillan himself what he had done or said to Ruth to make her want to wait to be his girlfriend. “what’re we going to do Chthon? There’s a few hours of day left”

“Would you like to see some really cute shrews?”

“I’m up for anything you want to show me”

“Get on my back” Chthon asked with a smile. Ruth excitedly climbed on then he stood. His heart and soul feeling at complete ease being in contact with Ruth. When they were near where the creatures lived he set Ruth down “may I hold your hand?” Ruth answered by lacing her hand with his. He brought it to his lips and gave her a soft kiss. He lead her a little further until Ruth could see the Shrews. They were unlike any she had seen. They all had small sets of wings and were various shades of Purple, Black, Pink and Maroon. “These aren’t regular Shrews.” Chthon said smiling at Ruth. He loved how her eyes were filled with amazment. “why didn’t you say anything?”

“I wanted to surprise you, you haven’t seen these before right?” Ruth shook her head. Chthon sighed happily “good, I’m hoping everything I show you will be a first.” Chthon slowly moved his thumb back and forth against Ruths hand. He couldn’t get enough of how her skin felt. He wanted to kiss her hand again but he didn’t want to push it so he refrained. “so how old are you?”

“Twenty five, how old are you?’

“Seventeen.You don’t age right?”

“Nope, I’ll always look like this.”

“Then we better pretend you’re twenty one so you can be in the village longer without them finding you out.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“why’d your parents leave you?”

“It’s a normal thing for demons. They tend to leave their young when they are sure they can handle themselves.”

“So are you going to leave your children?”

“Never, I think having a family is very important and it’s somthing I would greatly enjoy with you” Chthon blushed a deep red. “I’m sorry, that was way too much to say. Please don’t get uncomfortable.” Ruth giggled “It was sweet Chthon. You already know I like you too so calm down and relax.”

“I’ve just never cared so much for another living creature. I don’t want to upset you and make you push me away. I’m not really sure what to do with myself around you. Having sombody in my life has never meant this much.” Ruth got into Chthons lap again and laid her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and laid his head on hers as they watched the Shrews and enjoyed the contact with eachother. Once the sun began to fall Chthon stood taking Ruth with him back to camp. He set her down and she made a fire. “I will go kill somthing for me us to eat. I’ll be right back”

“ok, not that you need to worry but be careful all the same”

“Of course I will. I have you to come back to”

After dinner Chthon and Ruth put out the fire and crawled into the small tent Chthon had set up. “Do you want to rest your head on my chest Ruth?” Ruth smiled and said yes. A blush appeared on her face again as she pillowed her head on him and he wrapped his arms around her. Chthon would love to sleep like this every night for the rest of his days. He loved how euphoric and calm he felt as she laid on him. Chthon fell asleep with a warm heart and a small smile on his face. Ruth fell asleep enjoying the beat of Chthons heart. Chthon woke before Ruth because he heard a twig snap outside their tent. He took the air in to scent what was near the tent. It was only a deer so he relaxed again. He gently rubbed Ruths back with his eyes closed and his large smile returning to his face. This was about as intimate as he knew he she would be comfortable with for a long time so he was enjoying it while it lasted. He was glad they would be camping a few days so he’d have multiple nights of such bliss.

When Ruth woke she sat up and Chthon said ‘good morning gorgeous. What would you like for breakfast?”

“anything, I’m not picky.”

“I’ll find us some fruit then.” Chthon hugged her then left. ¬†Ruth sat there surprised Chthon had gone the whole night and hadn’t tried anything. Her previous boyfriends took every chance they had to try somthing but Chthon had respected her wishes fully. She hoped it wasn’t only because they weren’t really dating yet. She considered maybe changing her mind on that until the worry overcame her that Tallin might pick a fight with chthon. She hated fighting, she hated violence of any kind and didn’t want it to be caused by her. She hoped if Tallin maybe had more time to cool off and find another girl there wouldn’t be any need for confrontation.

Ruth changed her clothes and brushed her hair. She got out of the tent to admire the nature around her while she waited for Chthon. She smiled at him when he came back. He was so handsome and sweet. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. Ruth was glad her father hadn’t been home when Tallin broke up with her. If he had she wouldn’t have been in the woods for him to find. Now that she thought about it, if one single thing had changed that day she probably wouldn’t have met Chthon. When they finished eating Ruth placed a kiss on Chthons cheek. His heart fluttered and he asked “can I kiss your cheek too?”

“I’d like that” Chthon pulled Ruth into a long embrace then pressed his lips against her cheek letting out a very soft moan at the contact. He didn’t know if he could handle really kissing her after that. Just that had driven him wild and made him want to make love to her more. He let her go and said “are you ready for what i have to show you today?”

“mhm” They stood together then began to walk. Ruth began to tell him stories about her and her friends. He listened closely to every one. Letting her adorable voice fill his head. It was the only sound he was paying any attention to, the only sound he ever wanted to pay attention to again. Suddenly they came upon a cave and he grabbed her hand as they walked in. “It’ll be dark at first and I know you can’t see in the dark like me. I’d rather carry you to make sure you don’t trip over somthing if you’d be ok with that.”

“I love when you carry me” He quickly lifted Ruth and held her close. He kissed her head then walked in. Soon it was so dark Ruth wouldn’t be able to see her hand if she had it on her nose. “you can see when it’s this dark?”

“Yep, I don’t need any light to see”

“How does that work?”

“How my eyes work changes. Everythings red right now but I can see everything. Even the fact you’re looking at me while you talk regardless of the fact you can’t see me”

“That’s really cool” Chthon smiled “I can do a great many things. I could put on a performance for you if you’d like” Ruth smiled “You don’t need to do that.”

“Why not? I like impressing you.” Ruth blushed and she soon noticed light coming back and the sounds of a waterfall. When Ruth could see again she realized they must have gone pretty far. This part was really large and a small hole was in the top where light was coming in and the water was rushing down hard and flowing like a river down the cave. “where does it end?”

“I don’t know, I would figure out with you but I don’t know what lives further. I really don’t want to put you in any danger. Look up” Ruth did and saw really long snakes with sets of small wings going down it’s body. They were all red, black or purple. “wow”

“Those are a type of dragon”

“So this isn’t dangerous?”

“They know better than to attack me.” Chthon walked up a large rock and sat down still holding Ruth as she looked up at the dragons who were somhow standing on the cieling of the cave. “They dig their claws in so they can stay up there.”

“Thanks for showing me”

“Well I enjoy the look on your face right now. I’m going to be making that wonderous look happen as often as possible.” Chthon kissed her head again to keep himself from kissing her lips. “How often am I going to see you once we start dating?”

“as often as you want me in your company.”

“well that would be every day but I do have magic lessons. Do you want to be with me every day I don’t have class?”

“with me you don’t need magic. I can protect you”

“I want to be able to protect myself too. I only have classes for four more years.”

“How long have you been taking classes? I know you guys learn either fighting with a sword or magic but when does it start? I’ve never been able to ask before since you’re the first human I’ve ever told I was a demon”

“we start when we are thirteen and take the classes until we are an adult at 21”

“Oh, so you aren’t considered an adult.”


“will your father be upset about you dating me?”

“Not if you tell him you’re 21, 25 he’d have a problem with but 21 would be fine.”

“Good, I’ll make sure to remember I’m 21. We could pretend I’m even younger though so my age better matches yours.”

“How old do you want to say you are to everybody else then?”

“I think 19, I want to be sure your parents don’t mind me” Ruth laughed “Ok, 19 it is”

“Will you be ok lieing to your parents?”

“Yeah, it’s absolutely necessary. There is no hope they’d accept you and it would make it really difficult for me to have a relationship with you if they knew. I’d probably have to end up choosing between you and them and I don’t want to have to make that choice.”

“I’m fine not telling them and saying I’m 19 as long as you’re fine with it.”

They sat there together listening to the water and looking at the dragons move around along with other creatures who’d wander past. “I’ve never seen creatures show such disinterest in people before” Ruth said surprised as a really large monster walked past. Chthon couldn’t help but chuckle. “Most things know not to bother me. In fact a majority are afraid of me which is why they do not look my way”

“but you’re so nice”

Chapter Two

“I have a very violent temper when I’m pissed off. I hope that doesn’t worry you. I’d never hurt you no matter how upset I got but when a demon or anyone for that matter hurts sombody I care about or does somthing I find despicable I somtimes lose it. You aren’t afraid of me are you?”

“No, I trust you’d never hurt me”

“Good, nothing in the world could make me hurt you. Besides I get so calm when you’re in my arms I doubt I could be violent around you.”

“That’s good to know, I really hate when things end up in fighting. That’s why i’m hoping if we give Tallin a week he wont be so upset I’ve moved on with you”

“I hope I’m not annoying but I’d really like to know what he said or did to make you worry about how he’d react”

“Please stop asking”

“alright, that was my final time then” Chthon was tempted to read her memories but decided that would be horrible of him. She didn’t want him to know so he shouldn’t go poking around her head. When it was lunch time Chthon stood and carried Ruth out of the cave and back to camp to cook the rest of the meat that was left from last night. “How far away do you live from my village?”

“If you walked to my castle on your own it would take you about five hours I think. I can make the trip in about an hour. I have to run so I get all disgusting but I always make sure to rinse off before seeing you”

“Can i see your castle somtime?”

“You can see it any time you want. In fact I’ll take you now if you desire it. From here it’s a longer trip but I don’t mind. We have the rest of our lives for more camping trips”

“Then I’d love to see it tomorrow.”

“Alright, we’ll leave once we wake up”

“I bet it looks really cool”

“I think it does, I built it myself with the help of my friends who also live there. Don’t be nervous, all the demons in my home are friendly and I would never let anyone hurt you”

“I’m not nervous atall, I’m excited” They finished eating then Chthon offered his hand to Ruth to help her stand up. He held it in his as they walked along. He craved contact with her and was glad she was letting him stay so close. He took her to where he knew a bunch of gorgeous birds stayed. “will you get on my back?”

“Ok” Chthon got down and Ruth climbed on. Next thing she knew he was standing on top of the tree that was previously besdie them.”How did we get up here so fast?” Chthon loved how amazed her voice sounded “I jumped. Much faster than climbing up here.”

“That is really amazing” Chthon smiled then moved Ruth so he was cradling her again. He whistled and suddenly birds started flying up and around from the trees. Chthon examined her very thrilled face. Nothing had ever made him so happy and he doubted anything or anybody but her would ever make him feel this way. For the first time he had someone whose happiness meant more to him than his own, who when he made smile brought him intense joy. He wished there was a way to save forever the look she currently had in her eyes as she watched all the colorful birds fly above. “do you like any in particular Ruth?” Chthon asked softly. Ruth turned her attention to him and her heart stammered. She was glad she wasn’t standing when she saw his adoration filled eyes. She couldnt’ remember anyone looking at her like that. She guessed this was the look her friend was talking about.

Ruth was at a loss for words as her eyes remained locked with his. She finally talked but even her words seem to be stuttering. “I like the yellow and white small ones with the orange beaks.” Chthon looked at her for a few more moments then began whistling again. Three of the birds she described flew over to her and began chirping and hoping around on her torso. “awe, thank you Chthon” he smiled “I’ll do anything to make you happy, always. No matter what you ask I’ll do it” They spent what was left of their day up in that tree. Chthon jumped across the tops of the trees so Ruth could see how beautiful the sun setting was until they got back. When he could see their tent bellow he jumped down making Ruth cling tightly to him “I’m sorry, I’ll warn you next time. You never have anything to worry about in my arms Ruth.”

“It just shocked me. You do things so suddenly”

“I will warn you from now on.” Chthon set her down and Ruth began to cook them somthing to eat for dinner. Chthon watched her like she was some sort of magical creature. Ruth giggled at him “I can’t possibly be that amazing” Chthon blushed, he had gotten lost in her and didn’t know how long he had been staring. “You are Ruth, does it make you uncomfortable when I stare?”

“No, it’s cute” Chthon grinned “Good, I love looking at you” Ruth finished cooking then Chthon spoke again “You can ask me anything Ruth. I want you to know everything there is to know about me but I’m not sure where to begin.”

“Do you have siblings?”

“I had one but she is dead”


“My father killed her because she made him mad.” Chthon looked away from Ruth. She coudl tell he was both sad and ashamed. “I don’t think you’ll kill me Chthon.” she said incase thats why he looked ashamed. “I hope not, I promise I’d never hurt you”

“and I believe you. I’m sorry about your sister.”

“Me too, my dad is a horrible demon and I hope you never encounter him.”

“I’m sorry I brought up somthing so terrible”

“No, I want you to learn about me, Even if some of it will sound very morbid.” Ruth thought about what else she would want to know. “How many girlfriends have you had?”

“I’ve never had a real girlfriend. I had girls I slept with but they weren’t my girlfriends. It was just nights of lust. They had no meaning atall.” Hearing that made Ruth worry she may be boring to him if he stayed around long enough to have sex with her. She didn’t know anything about sex and whoever he used to fool around with were probably really good. Chthon noticed she was uncomfortable and hugged her. “Next topic?” he said not knowing any way to comfort her on that subject. “It’s really sweet you want to be so open and honest with me.”

“I will always be truthful with you. I want you to know all about me just as I want to know all about you. I’m sure your responses will be happier. I atleast hope so.” Ruth kept asking questions until she started to yawn “lets go to sleep Ruth.” Chthon suggested and Ruth nodded. They got into the tent and took the same position they did the night before. Chthon was happy to have her against him again but was even happier none of his responses freaked Ruth out. He hated how upset she seemed about the girls he slept with though. He hoped she knew he really didn’t have feelings for them as more than friends. He wondered if she’d be ok with the fact they lived in his castle. He wondered if he should have told her that. He didn’t want to make her sad again but he would tell her before they went in the morning just incase it was somthing he should have mentioned.

Chthon couldn’t sleep, he didn’t even want to. He just listend to Ruth breath while enjoying the feeling of having her in his arms.He stayed awake through the night which felt like no time atall to him. He heard Ruths heart rate go back to a normal beat so he said “good morning cutie”

“I letteraly just woke up and I ahdn’t moved yet. How did you know?”

“I can hear your heart when I choose to. It’s a very relaxing sound so I listen to it when we’re laying down or when I’m carrying you. I can really listen to it whenever I want. I have very powerful senses I can turn as high or low as I want.”

“Is there anything you can’t do?”

“There’s plenty I can’t do.”

“I’m not so sure.” Chthon chuckled then got sad again since he had to ruin such a wonderful morning. Whe Ruth sat up his expression turned serious. “There’s somthing else I want to tell you since I think I probably should.”

“What is it?”

“The girls I used to have sex with live in my castle. It’s huge and I wont really see them unless I’m looking for them or they are looking for me but I swear I havent had sex with them since I met you. They’ve offered and I turned them down. You are all I want…I mean I’m happy to wait until you’re ready but I’m not interested in any woman but you. Nothing will happen between them and I ever again Ruth. I’ll tell them to find another place to stay if I have to but you don’t have to worry about me being with them in that way. I swear Ruth”

“Calm down Chthon, even if you had sex with them since you met me we still aren’t dating so I’d have no right to have a problem with it. You’ve been nothing but open and honest with me. I don’t want you to leave those women homeless. I trust you completely. You’ve given me no reason to doubt you Chthon. I’m sad you’ve had so much experience because I worry you’ll be disappointed when we have sex but I’m alright with them living in your home.” Chthon pulled Ruth into a hug “It would be impossible for me to be disappointed. I’ve had sex but I’ve never made love before. When you tell me you’re ready for that I will be making love for the first time in my life. You’re the only woman I’ve ever fallen in love with.” Chthon blushed at the words that had spilled from his mouth. “You love me?”

“Very very much.. Since the first day.”

“I love you too” she said softly. Her words making him shed a few happy tears. “I don’t care what Tillen says or does. I want to be your girlfriend right now. I’m not going to wait a week” Chthon pulled back and began to say something but she grabbed his face and began to kiss him. He pulled her on top of him as he laid down. The second her lips touched his he felt weak so decided it would be best to lay down for their first kiss. Having her on top of him would help keep his hands under control. His kiss got hungrier and hungrier the longer they kissed. Neither Ruth nor Chthon could pull apart. Chthon couldn’t keep himself from getting hard any longer so pushed her gently off. “That was so amazing. I didn’t know kissing someone could feel that incredible.”

“Me neither, why did you stop” Chthon looked away feeling bad even though he had kept himself soft as long as he could. “I…well…I got excited and we needed to stop since you aren’t ready to go that far. I’m sorry but I don’t want to upset you and I may lose myself if I kiss you once I’ve lost the battle of keeping myself down.” Ruth hugged Chthon “thanks for being so thoughtful and nice about it. You shouldn’t be sorry. I’m sorry” Chthon shook his head and held her tighter. “I don’t mind Ruth, your company is all I need. I’m fine with waiting. I wish I could still kiss you but I can’t trust myself to stay good once I’m hard.”

“I love you” Chthon melted all over again. He put his head against Ruths and said “I love you too. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, lets take down our tent and gather our things” They folded up their small blanket and then took down the tent and packed their bags. Chthon threw them over his back and then lifted Ruth. She smiled at him and he gave her a brief kiss. He had only just gotten down and didn’t want to pop back up. On the way to his castle he was the one asking her questions.. She went on and on answering every single one he had for her. He was mainly trying to figure out what types of things she liked so he could come up with ideas to make her smile. Two of Chthons demon hounds ran for them as they approached his castle. Chthon set her down and they began to sniff her. Ruth giggled as their wet noses moved against her. One almost licked her but Chthon told it no. He smiled at Ruth and said ‘they like you”

“I like them. I’ve never seen demon hounds so big”

“Yeah, I brought these guys up from hell. They originate from there. Even the ones I don’t keep as pets” Chthon took Ruths hand and walked with her inside. Every person that walked by greeted her and excitedly asked her questions. Everyone seemed very happy to meet Ruth. She enjoyed how proudly he told them they were actually dating now. “there are quite a few people living here.”

“My home is open to all as long as they respect my home, dont fight inside and stay out of my library.”

“You have a library” Ruth said with unbridled excitement making Chthons smile stretch as wide as it could go. “You like books then?”

“I love them” He quickly picked her up. He was excited to have another thing he was sure would light up her face. He walked through the library door and Ruth gasped “I didn’t even know so many books existed.”

“I go hunting for books. I buy every one I find. You’re always welcome to take any of them back to your house. We can even cuddle in here while I read to you or vise versa.”

“I would love to do that but first I want to see your castle”

“That’ll take us the rest of the day.”

“Well I’m always going to be with you so we have plenty of time to come in here and cuddle.” Chthon quickly lifted Ruth into a hug and kissed her passionatly as his heart fluttered. “I love you so much. I’m so happy you’re mine Ruth”

“I’m happy fate brought us together” he kissed her again then walked out of the library with her still wrapped lovingly in his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder as he walked from room to room telling her about them or who stayed there. His castle was even bigger than it looked on the outside. They didn’t even get to finish the tour since people kept stopping them to say hi to Ruth. It had spread to everybody that Chthon had fallen in love with her. Everybody, even Mirabella was happy Chthon finally had a woman in his life to love and have a family with. When dinner time came around Chthon carried Ruth to his dining hall and found a place they could sit by eachother. He pulled her chair close to his and she giggled. She thought it was really sweet how close he liked to stay to her.

After dinner Chthon said “I’ll have to show you around more tomorrow if you want to see more. Would you like to sit in my library for awhile with me. I can read you to sleep.”

“That sounds really nice.” Chthon got up and took her into his library where he stood her up again and said “Pick a book for me to read.” She looked around the many shelves having a very hard time deciding. She finally settled on one and handed it to Chthon. “This is a very good one. I enjoyed it a lot.” Chthon grabbed her hand and lead her to the couch where he sat down with his back against the arm rest and she got comfortable between his legs the laid back against his chest. Chthon gave her a quick hug and kiss on the head before beginning to read. Mirabella stared at the library door. She felt so jealous Ruth was in there. Not even she had ever been allowed in his library but he had taken Ruth in there already. She sighed sadly then walked to her room. She decided to move out and just tell Chthon she wanted to travel the world. She wanted his happiness and it was with Ruth but she didn’t think she was a strong enough person to actually watch them together day after day.

Chthon kept reading until he heard her heart beat slow to it’s sleeping pace. He set the book down then wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes. She made this room even more relaxing. He even enjoyed reading more when it was to her. Between the soothing sound of her heart and the warmth of the fire Chthon fell asleep even though he had intended to carry Ruth into his bedroom. He woke the next day with his neck hurting badly but it soon didn’t matter when he looked down at the ever peaceful Ruth. He really needed to stretch but ignored it and stayed perfectly still so she’d rest as long as her body wanted to. Ruth sat up quickly when she woke.

“why so jumpy?”

“did you get any sleep?”

“Of course I did. I haven’t been up for very long. Come here please so I can kiss you” Ruth smiled then leaned over Chthon to give him a kiss. This time he bit her lower lip before he pulled back, leaving Ruth very red. “was that too much?”

“No,it’s just nobodies ever done that before.” he sat up and kissed her cheek before stretching. “are you going to let me read you to sleep again tonight?”

“sure but I have to leave in the morning”

“why.” Chthon said in a near whining tone which embarrassed him. Ruth laughed which made his embarrassment even worse. Chthon hadn’t whined about anything since he was seven. “I have lessons to get back to Chthon”

“when will you have time off again?” he said trying to restore his tone to normal but it stil came out sad. He was glad it atleast wasn’t whiney now. “In five days but Melanie and Thomas are getting married the day after tomorrow. They’ll be wed in the morning, then after lunch the whole village will celebrate. Would you meet me at my house at lunch and spend the evening with me”

“Of course I will. I’m glad i will get to see you atall instead of missing you for five whole days.” Ruth hugged Chthon. He wrapped her in a death grip. It was a little painful but she knew he was just sad and not paying attention. When he let go he said “lets go eat breakfast before my last day of bliss for awhile is gone”

“Dont be sad Chthon. You’ll see me the day after tomorrow.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I wont be mopey today. Just give me a few moments to snap back into happiness. I somhow forgot you weren’t just going to stay here with me. You bring such color and life into this castle and I hate to see you go home but I know you must. I respect you don’t want to rely on me, it’s just hard to be away from you.” Ruth kissed his cheek then they walked to the dining hall. At breakfast Ruth said “That really was a good story. I’m disappointed we wont be able to finish it tonight.”

“You can take it home and keep it until you have finished the story.” A man choked on his food. “you ok?” Ruth asked and he laughed “Yeah, I knew he loved you but I can’t believe someone set foot in his library.Now to top it off he’s letting you take a book home. Normally people would risk loseing their hand for touching one of his books. I remember the poor soul who wandered into his library just last year. I’ll just tell you that nobody would dare break that rule again” Chthon cleared his throat effectively silencing Lievon. He didn’t speak again until he asked Ruth why she wouldn’t even eat anything that touched her raisin apple empandas. “I’m allergic to raisins. Very badly so it just wouldn’t be a good idea.” Chthon interjected into their exchange “why didn’t you say anything? You could’ve had a plate without that on there.”

“Because it’s not a big deal. I’m perfectly capable of just eating around it.”

“well I’ll make sure for now on raisins come nowhere near you. Is there anything else you’re allergic to?”


“Good” If Lievon had any less sense he would’ve laughed. It was hysterical to see the great Chthon all in knots over Ruth. When they were done eating Ruth asked Chthon “do you know how to dance? There will be dancing at the wedding.”

“I’ve never been invited to anything that involved dancing so no. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, I can teach you if you want.”

“That sounds fun, we can practice in my room” Ruth followed Chthon back to his room then she pulled him against her. “Normally the man leads in dancing but I will lead to teach you. Don’t worry if you step on me. Everybody does it when they are first learning. Want me to hum so there’s music?” Chthon nodded with a huge smile. Chthon had trouble at first following what she was doing but once he got the hang of it he had a great time. After a few hours of them laughing and dancing around Chthon asked Ruth if he could try to lead. “I think you can now. You’re learning so quickly” Chthon grabbed her hand and began to dance almost expertly with Ruth. “wow”

“I learn very fast. That’s the main reason why I know how to do so much and can cast such powerful spells. It is the one thing my father did do for me. I inherited alot of power through his blood.”

“Now that you’ve got this mastered want to take a break?”

“sure, I can go grab us some apples for a snack. I’ll hurry and be back” Ruth nodded then sat on his bed exhausted from dancing so long. She wished she had the stamina he did. She couldn’t see any hint atall that dancing for so many hours had tired him. Chthon was back almost instantly and sat beside her. “so, are you sure you want me to take your book home Chthon? I’m very clumsy and somthing might happen to it.”

“You are more important than my books. Reading it will make you happy during the nights I wont be by your side to make you happy. If I never see that book again it would be worth it if it made you smile even for a second” Ruth slammed into Chthon and hugged him tightly “You say the sweetest things.”

“I love you very much Ruth. All that is mine belongs to you. I meant it when I told you that I’ll do anything to make you happy. Whatever you want, you only have to ask me for it. You are my goddess who i will humbly serve” Ruth pulled back from the hug just enough to kiss him. Chthon put his apple down and laid back to enjoy the sweet taste and prodigious amount of happiness he felt when their lips were connected. Chthon got angry at himself when after awhile he once again started to become excited. He fought it off as long as he coudl because he didn’t want to stop kissing Ruth but eventually he had to push her off like before. “same reason?”

“Yeah” Chthon said sadly. Ruth felt really guilty. “we can make love Chthon. I want to” He sighed because he knew she was only saying that for him. He pulled her into his lap then put his fingertips under her chin to make her look at him “I can tell you are only saying that because you feel bad. I will not make love to you until you say that and mean it. You still don’t feel ready. I know when anyone lies to me. It’s one of my many gifts. Do not give yourself to me until you want it for yourself. I am not upset with you. I’m happy to wait as long as you need me to.”

“I just love you so much and don’t want you to leave me” Ruth said as she fought tears back. “I’m yours forever Ruth, I want no other woman. There isn’t a reason in the world I would ever leave you. There isn’t any way you’ll be getting rid of me either so get used to me being around my love. You’ve captured my heart and wrapped it around your very beautiful fingers. The only thing that will take me from you is death. Don’t think silly thoughts of me leaving you. It’s so ridiculous I should have laughed. I may have if you didn’t look like you were about to cry” They just sat in Chthons bed holding eachother until they heard the call lunch was ready. Chthon grunted “it can’t be lunch already.”

“we danced a very long time”

“It didn’t feel like that long.” Chthon stood and carried Ruth into the dining room again. They sat in the same spot and scarffed down their food. “can we go play with your hounds?” Ruth asked eagerly. “sure” Chthon grabbed Ruths hand and they walked out of the front door. Chthon whistled and five dogs came running. “would you like to ride on one?”

“I was actually hoping I could” jorger stepped forwrad wanted to carry Ruth. Chthon picked Ruth up and jumped on the hounds back like he had the tree the other day. Chthon sat Ruth down then held her firmly against him. “want him to run or walk?”


“You heard her Jorger” The hound took off. Ruth laughed and enjoyed the wind in her face. They ran around like this until Jorger became tired. They jumped back down and Ruth thanked him and then Chthon. “Would you like to walk down a very pretty path near here?”

“You’ll find I’m up for pretty much anything Chthon. Just lead the way.”

Ruth got lost in his words when they were on his bed and every moment she had spent with him so far. He really seemed to love her. She knew it would be amazing if she made love to him. Ruth realized the only thing holding her back now was the fear he’d be disappointed because he had apparently had sex with a few other women. As a virgin she didn’t know much of anything besides the stuff her friends would talk about after they had sex with their boyfriends. She would love not to be so awkward during those conversations. She decided then that she really did want Chthon. When she was at his house again during her next break she was going to seduce him and they would make love. She’d make sure she was as confident as possible by then so he wouldn’t think she was lieing to make him happy.

The two spent the rest of their day walking around. They didn’t head back until the sun was gone. The only light that remained was the stars and moon when Chthon lifted Ruth into his arms and ran back home. He went to his bedroom instead of the dining hall. When he put her on his bed he spoke “since this is your last night here for awhile I want to eat dinner with only you. I will be back with a plate for each of us.”

“Ok, hurry back”

“Of course” Chthon ran out of the room and Ruth just laid back. She sighed wondering how many other women had been on this very same bed. She got a little disgusted at the thought and pushed it out of her head so she’d be able to sleep in it tonight. She also knew it was just insecurity trying to creep back in since she was worried about how much he’d enjoy her. She’d be crushed if he told her it was horrible. Ruth was so lost in thought when Chthon came back in she jumped. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I just wanted to be back with you so I went as fast as I could go” Ruth smiled “I was just lost in thought. It wasn’t your fault I jumped”

“what were you thinking about?”

“How amazing you are and how happy I am to be with you. I don’t want anything to ruin it.”

“Like I said, nothing ever will.” He kissed her head then handed Ruth the food he brought before taking his place beside her. When Chthon finished his plate Ruth was still working on hers. “I’m going to grab your book. Don’t get scared when I pop back in here” Ruth giggled and he left. She quickly finished so they could get on with the story when he got back. She set both their plates on the dresser. Chthon was back in the door before she could make it to the bed. “Good, I was hoping you’d be finished when I got back. I only have so much night to hold you” She wasn’t sure what it was about his voice but how he said that gave her goosbumps and warmed her.

They crawled into bed. Chthon laid on his side, holding the book with one hand. Ruth snuzzled against him then sighed happily. Chthon kissed her head then smiled before reading where he left off. Ruth loved how happy his voice sounded as he read to her. He only finished two chapters when she fell asleep. He shut the book and placed it on his nightstand then just laid there admiring Ruth as she rested. “You’re so beautiful baby. Perfect in every way. Today was just as fun as every day before it. You bring so much joy to my life. You could never understand what you do to me, how you make my heart beat in such a way it has never before. I pray you never want to leave my side. I can’t go back to life without you in it.”

Chthon pulled the covers over them before scooting down slightly so his head would align with hers. He pressed his forehead gently into hers then wrapped his body around Ruth. A wonderful sensation slowly spread through his chest then floated through his veins to fill the rest of his body. He laid motionless but very much awake. He would have plenty of time for sleeping when she wasn’t here to hold. The emptiness he tried filling with books and meaningless sex was finally gone. Ruths heart fit in it perfectly and took away all the sadness. He didn’t realize how lonely he had been until this moment. He was always surrounded by people who lived with him but until he met Ruth last week he had an emptiness in his soul. She was apparently all he needed, his missing puzzle piece so he coudl truly be happy.

Ruth felt like she had slept for weeks when she woke up in the morning. His bed was so comfortable and she loved being in Chthons arms. Ruth kissed¬†Chthons head and he smiled. “It can’t be morning already” he said softly “yeah, I need to eat breakfast then you need to take me home”

“This early?’

“Yeah, my lessons are at lunch. I’ll get in trouble if I don’t show up. You’ll be seeing me tomorrow anyway. I hope you’ll survive twenty four hours.”

“I’m not sure, it’s pretty risky. My heart just might give out on me.” Ruth laughed “come on, lets go get some breakfast”

“No, I’m going to be selfish again this morning and keep you all to myself in this room. I’ll be back” Chthon said before running out his door. He came back with banana nut muffins. “these are better than the ones I make” Ruth said after she finished her second one. “pfft, I doubt that”

“You haven’t had my muffins.”

“I’ve had your cooking before though. Yours is the best and thats that. I think my mouth may have orgasmd when I ate your food.” Ruth laughed instead of getting nervous which made Chthon happy. She was obviously getting more comfortable when it came to that subject. Ruth smiled as she held back laughter at how slow Chthon was eating “stop that, I need to go”

“what? I’m not doing anything.”


“Can you blame me for wanting my amazing girlfriend to stay as long as I can get her to?” Ruth kissed his cheek “If you dont finish, next time I will leave the day before lessons instead of the day I need to be there.” She didn’t need to say another word. He almost swallowed whole what was left then grabbed her bag from the camping trip.He checked to make sure the book was in there. He had gotten up to put it in last night.When he saw it was there he lifted Ruth into his arms and ran quickly until he could see her village then slowed until he was walking. He set her down in front of her home. “Can I take your bag to your room?”

“That’s sweet, sure” Chthon held her hand as she opened her front door and lead him up the stairs. He set Ruths bag on the floor by her dresser then pulled her into him so he could take in her warmth and sweet scent one more time before he had to be away from her. “I love you so incredibly much Ruth.” Chthon said with a very sad look in his eyes as he ran his fingers over the side of her face. “Please don’t look like that Chthon. We’ll be seeing eachother tomorrow and then it’ll only be three more days after that and I can return to your castle.”

“How early can I come tomorrow?”

“I have to help with wedding stuff so I wont be free until lunch.”

“Why can’t I help you?”

“You really want to?”


“a man begging to work just to be around me. You really must be in love. Alright, but I have to get going at six in the morning. Maybe you could meet me later. I’m sure you can find me”

“No, I’ll be here at five. You’ll be up right?” Ruth smiled then gave him a quick kiss “Don’t get yourself in trouble Ruth” Chthon said knowing her father would be angry if he had seen that since she wasn’t allowed to kiss boys in the house. “My dads hunting Chthon but it’s cute you’re concerned. I love you very much and had a great time. Thank you for reading to me.”

“I put the book in your bag”

“Thanks” Chthon pulled Ruth into another hug. “I love you too Chthon. I can’t wait to see you again.” He slowly let go then walked out. Ruth sighed when he left. It was tempting to run after him but her lessons were important and she needed to do them. When Chthon made it back home he headed for his room but was stopped by Mirabella. “Morning Chthon”

“Morning Mira, how’re you today?”

“Great actually. I’m moving out. I really want to see the world. There’s so many amazing things out there. I’ve been here for many years and it’s time to move on.”

“You’re always welcome back. You’ve been a very good friend and I will not let anyone move into your room.”

“Thanks Chthon, I hope you and Ruth have a very happy life together. You really love her?”

“Immensely, she’s amazing. Everything I’ve ever wanted.”

“I’m so happy for you.” Mirabella said then gave him a hug. “I’m going to gather my things. Bye Chthon”

“Safe travels Mira” Mirabella had hoped he’d try to stop her but he apparently wasn’t going to. She packed only her clothes then walked out of the castle to start her new life. Chthon went straight to his bedroom to lay down where Ruth had slept. He took in the air to gather her scent into his nose. He sighed when it also gathered the scent of the girls he used to have sex with and let sleep in there. They were tainting the incredible scent Ruth had so he picked up the mattress and carried it outside. He then grabbed the blanket and pillows and threw them on top of the mattress before setting it on fire. “what’re you doing?” Nigel asked. “I only want to smell Ruth when I¬†Iay down at night. That mattress and bed set are covered in the scents of other girls so I’m burning this then replacing everything so ¬†that next time Ruth sleeps over I will only be wrapped in her sweet scent every night. I hate I’m going to have to wait five days.”

“Are you going to make her a demon so she doesn’t die on you?’

“I’m going to ask in a few years when I can marry her. Our relationship has only just begun and I don’t want to ask too quickly. It’s painful as you know and I think that would be a lot to ask of her right from the start. If she says yes to marrying me I’ll ask her.”

“I’m sure she’ll say yes.”

“I hope so but like I said, it’s not somthing I’m worrying about until she’s twenty one.”

“How old is she?”


“You do have a bit then”

“Things are wonderful how they are right now so I don’t mind the wait. It really wont be like waiting”

“well I’m off to visit my kids. Have a good day Chthon”

“Bye Nigel” When everything was burnt up Chthon sent the ashes rushing through the wind then ran to the same town he bought this matress in. He was going to get the very same bed. He purchased that then some blankets and sheets. He also got some new pillows. He piled them on top of the bed then carried it all home. He got shocked expressions from every person he passed in the town but he didn’t really notice it. Chthon took everything into his bedroom then put his new stuff on the new matress. Now that he had that taken care of he went into his library to lay on the couch and read. He walked along the bookshelves trying to decide what book to start. He grabbed a romance novel to hopefully get ideas of stuff to do for Ruth. He wasn’t used to being sweet and romantic but he wanted to be with her.

When Ruths lessons were done she stumbled home and crashed into her bed without dinner. When Ruth woke up she looked outside and was glad to see it was almost five. She wondered if he’d really show up that early. Ruth grabbed the dress she planned on wearing that day then grabbed the bra and panty set that went with it. She washed quickly then dried off before sliding on her underwear. She looked in the mirror, Ruth didn’t feel like she was very beautiful without clothes on. She sighed then brushed her hair before pulling her dress on. This dress was very flattering and she hoped Chthon would like it. She decided to put her hair in a ponytail today so she pulled a strand of ribbon out of the drawer in the bathroom and put her hair up. She smiled actually feeling cute. Nowhere near sexy or amazing but she felt cute.

She walked out and back into her room to grab her matching sandals before running downstairs to be pleasantly surprised with Chthon smiling at her from the couch. “Don’t you look splendiferous.”

“You look very handsome yourself.”

“Good, I must have tried on atleast five shirts trying to decide what to wear to a nice event,”

“You picked the perfect one. Have you eaten breakfast?”

“Honestly no, I was hoping to get to eat with you”

“I’ll make us omlettes” Chthon hugged Ruth then he sat at the table as she cooked. His anticipation for breakfast only grew when he began to smell it. He could tell it would be just as delicious as the last meal. She gave him his plate and he started eating. He had it all gone in moments. “were you that hungry?”

“You’re food is that good” Ruth smiled and continued eating “how was your night?”

“I read most of the day”

“I just went to sleep after training”

“How was your training?”

“Simple but tiring, she’s trying to build up my magical stamina.”

“Is that going well”

“yeah, I lasted a really long time” When she was done they walked outside. Chthon quickly took her hand for the contact. She held his hand snugly, happy to be with him again. They helped set up things until it was time for the wedding to begin. As they were finding seats one of Ruths cousins came up “Hey Ruth, who’s that with you?” he said hugging her “Hey Toby, This is my boyfriend Chthon. We just started dating”

“Oh good, I’m so glad you aren’t with Tallin any longer. He was a jerk” Ruth smiled then asked “who’s that with you?”

“My friend Bethany, Bethany this is my cousin Ruth.”

“Nice to meet you Bethany.”

“Nice to meet you. Are you two going to sit near us?”

“Of course” The four found seats by eachother and chatted. It was mainly Toby and Ruth talking but Chthon and Bethany would add things occasionally. Chthon could tell Ruth was close with this cousin so he was happy to meet him. Chthon found himself daydreaming about getting married to Ruth as they watched the ceremony. When it was over Ruth needed to go cook a few things for lunch. She squeezed Chthons hand and he turned to her with his adoring and wishful eyes. She smiled “I need to go cook a few things for the big lunch we will have.”

“Lucky bride and groom” Ruth giggled “come on” They walked hand in hand to Ruths house then she began preparing the things she agreed to bring. “is this how every wedding works?”

“Yep, the bride and groom get to be alone until lunch and then we all celebrate for the rest of the day. Don’t demons get married too?”

“Of course but it’s nothing like this. Demons tend not to be lovey, even if they do get married.”

“Well I guess you are a major exception. You are very romantic and sweet. Atleast from what I’ve seen so far.” Chthon hugged Ruth from behind “I’m glad I’m making you happy. It’s effortless to be good to you.” He took in her scent while he had her so close then let go so she coudl finish. When the first thing came out of the oven she said “don’t you dare eat any of that until lunch”

Chapter Three

“But it looks so tasty.”

“If you’re good Ill cook you dinner tonight before you go home.”

“I guess I’ll refrain then. Your parents wouldn’t let me spend the night huh?”

“Never in a million years”

“I figured” Ruth finished cooking what she promised. “I have to get my dad to help us carry all this.”

“No you don’t.” Chthon held his arms out then said “place them on my arms and hands and I’ll carry them this way.”

“But they are really hot”

“I can’t feel heat or get burned.”

“Like I said, is there anything you can’t do” Chthon chuckled then Ruth did what he asked her to do. They set them on the tables that had already been placed out by some of the village men. “I can’t believe that really didn’t hurt you.”

“It’s pretty hard to hurt me. It’s why I can protect you from anything so you don’t really need those lessons” Ruth laughed “I’m taking them Chthon. He grinned “I know, just making sure you don’t forget that you can quit at any time.”

“For now I’m going to go see if anybody needs any help”

“Lead the way my beautiful moonbeam.” Ruth smiled. The two helped where they could until everything was set up and it was time to celebrate. When the bride and groom came back and it was time to eat Ruth noticed that Chthon only was eating the stuff she had made. She just smiled and shook her head. When the music started up she asked “are you ready to dance?”

“Very much so” Chthon danced expertly with Ruth. Anybody else would have never know she had only just taught him. Chthon loved how Ruth smiled and laughed as they danced together. He enjoyed the slow dances a lot too. It was easy to hear her song bird voice as she spoke to him. People started to leave so Chthon knew his time with her was coming to an end. He put his mouth up to her ear and whispered “I just wanted to make sure I told you how stunning you look tonight Ruth. You are always lovely but this dress flatters you perfectly. I only wish there was a way to save how remarkable you look in it”

“when I come back to your castle I’ll make sure to pack it. I can just leave it there so I can wear it every time I come.”

“Can I buy you a dresser and some clothes so you don’t have to worry about a bag when you come?”

“It’s fine Chthon, I don’t want you to spend all that money on me.”

“I want to, please.”


“Good, when you come again we will go shopping in some villages. I want you to get everything you want. It doesn’t only have to be clothes. My room is your room. My house is also your house. It needs your touch so if you see somthing you want to place somwhere in my home tell me” They danced the rest of the night in blissful silence until it was time to go home. Ruths parents were there when they arrived. “Hey dad, this is my boyfriend Chthon” Wesly offered a friendly handshake and said “Nice to meet you young man. I’v heard only good things from my wife and daughter.”

“Nice to meet you sir, thanks for letting your daughter go camping and to my home with me”

“She’s seventeen, hardly a child any longer. I need to start easing up a bit. Just be good to her and respectful”

“I’m going to cook tonight dad. Can Chthon stay for dinner?”

“Of course, you traveling home tonight Chthon?”

“I have nowhere to stay here so yes.”

“How far do you live away?”

“About five hours” Chthon answered honestly. He could make it in one but to a human it was five hours. Her father sighed as if he was about to say somthing he didn’t want to but thought it was the right thing. “I will not have my daughters love walking that long in the darkness where demons could kill you. You will sleep on our couch.”

“Thank you so much sir”

“As payment you will help me with some things I need to take care of tomorrow morning”

“anything sir, thank you” Ruth went into the kitchen to cook. She was shocked her dad was letting a man sleep in the same house as her. When dinner was over Ruth brought Chthon a pillow and blanket for the couch then hugged him goodnight before running up to her room. Tomorrow she was supposed to have a large duel with some of the other students. She hoped Chthon wouldn’t come to watch because she knew he’d have trouble not intervening if she got hurt. Last time they did a battle like this Reginold lost one of his fingers because one of the warrior pupils wasn’t careful. If another incident like that happened the village decided they would end pupils battling one another to see who was strongest.

When the house grew silent Chthon searched for the sound of Ruths heart to lul him to sleep. It still beat like she was awake so he wondered what she was doing. Ruth was sitting in bed reading the book he was letting her borrow. She had to know what was going to happen next. She read and read until she noticed she was three quarters of the way through the book. She finally looked up in panic realizing she only had three more hours to sleep. “shit” she cursed closing the book and quickly falling asleep. When Ruths father came down that morning Chthon was just sitting on the couch. “has my daughter left yet?”

“No” he sighed then went back up the stairs and pounded on her door “Ruth you’ll be late and I know you’ve been excited about the battle.” when she didn’t answer Wesly entered her room and shook her. She jumped up “you’re going to be late Ruth”

“Oh god! Thanks dad” Wesly exited the room and moments later she ran down, slamming into Chthon to give him a hug before she left. He chuckled “Have fun”

“I will, love you!” she said as she ran out the door. “why is she so excited about today?”

“Twice a year the mentors take their pupils out into a very large and open meadow to have a battle. It’s friendly so basically you just fight to get the person out. The warriors and magicians duel one another until there is only one left in or the remaining two surrender to eachother. Ruth loves it even though she’s never won. I was really proud last time though. There were only five children left when she got taken out. Today there will be fourteen children fighting.”

“does she ever get seriously hurt?” Wesly laughed loudly at his worried tone “she’ll be fine, my Ruth is tough as nails. One year she did have to be carried to a healer but she was alright. partially why I let you stay. If she gets hurt I’m sure she’ll want her boyfriend.” Chthon now liked her lessons even less. He would have to practice great self control today if anything happened to her. Ruth found her mentor then followed her out to the large field with the other children who all looked as eager as she did to begin. She was a little worried Tallin was going to be joining this. She worried he may try to actually hurt her.

The battle began and the mentors got far away but close enough they could referee and make sure things didn’t get out of hand. The battle was fierce and hectic until they were down to eight children. The refs called for a short break so everybody could drink and eat somthing for lunch. Ruths friends Maze and Kelter approached her. “We have a proposition for you Ruth.”

“Yeah?” Kelter who was magic said “Bond with me since we’re both magic. Maze and I decided it would be better if the three of us teamed up and took out the other eight and then just settled it amongst us three.”

“That would make things easier and since we’d be in the final three our mentors are sure to be proud so at that point it wont matter who wins.”

“I’m so glad you’re in. We should do this at the start of every one of these for now on.” Ruth nodded then bonded with Kelter. Maze sighed looking at the bruise on Ruths face. “Tallin shoud’ve been disqualified for that Ruth. I could tell he was coming at you wanting to hurt you for leaving him.”

“Just leave it be. If he wants to be a child he can be a child. In this competition things like that happen. If he hit me outside of this it would be different but since it was during I’m going to let it go.”

“Well my main goal is to take him out. Can we target him first guys?”

“Please” Kelter said, he was just as outraged when he saw Tallin throwing punches at Ruth as Maze. Warriors were supposed to pin you down or manage to get their blade by your throat to take you out of this. Punching and kicking were not apart of this competition. If Ruth would’ve called him on it he would have been disqualified. Chthon and Wesly finsihed the final thing Wesly had to take care of that day and went home to have lunch. “I can’t believe we’re already done, you’re quite the impressive boy. How old are you?”


“and you live by yourself?”

“I have friends who live with me but yes. My mother left me when I was twelve and my father was gone long before.”

“I’m sorry”

“I’m very happy, especially now that I’ve met your daughter. You can’t fathom how happy she makes me. Don’t feel bad for me because I feel blessed.”

“Well you seem to make her really happy too.”

“I’m hoping I always do.” Wesly smiled “I’m hoping since she’s spending so much time with you that foolish little girl will stop messing around with demons. I discovered she had made friends with a demon and had to threaten her to make her break up the friendship. She doesn’t understand how dangerous they are. If it acted nice towards her it was only manipulation. There aren’t any good demons out there.” Chthon wasn’t sure how to respond but he was aware he was supposed to agree. “Yeah, I’ll keep here away from them” He forced out. Chthon didn’t want her father to tell Ruth she couldn’t be around him any longer so he’d have to humor Weslys simple minded talk. He could tolerate anything for her. “Good, tell me if she starts hanging around a white haired one. She looks like a very beautiful woman. Ruth told me her name but I’ve forgotten it. The only good thing that came out of that friendship was that the demon taught Ruth some new magic. Who knows what evil purposes she was going to use my daughter for. Luckily I found out in time so my daughter only gained somthing instead of getting hurt.”

Chthon was grateful her father didn’t speak again after that. Chthon could see how Ruth would think there was no hope of them understanding. He hoped her father never found out about him. “now that there’s nothing to do want to watch the rest of my daughters duel? Spectators are welcome but we watch at our own risk. Since they are still learning sometime the magic users attacks hit the crowd too. I’m sure quite a few people are still watching them fight. I know it isn’t over because Ruths not home. If she’s wounded her teacher will inform us where she is.”

“Yes, lets go” When they approached the field Ruths break was almost over. She noticed Chthon and her father so waved at them. Maze and Kelter waved too “You should let us hangout with you and your new boyfriend somtime.”

“Yeah, he seems nice”

“He really is. He treats me much better than any man I’ve ever dated.”

“Good, I’m getting tired of all these assholes.” Kelter said in a now angry sounding tone. “You shouldn’t let Tallin upset you so much Kelter”

“why? That man acted more like he owned you instead of dated you” Maze said just as angry as Kelter. Ruth sighed. “do they do this where you’re from Chthon?”


“Those two boys Ruth is sitting with have been her friends since she was five. She only sees them as friends though so don’t worry”

“I’m not, I love Ruth and she loves me. Other men being around her doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It would be a waste of my time and thoughts to concern myself about the men in her life”

“wow, you’re the first man she’s ever dated that didn’t have a problem with the fact her bestfriends are two guys. She’s practiced bonding magic with Keltern so she may end up holding his hand to do powerful attacks. They aren’t skilled enough in their bonding for it to have full affect unless they are touching.”

“Bonding magic?”

“wow they don’t do that where you’re from either? Magicians can sync together by touching hands and letting their energies mingle. Within the bond they can sense what eachother thinks, feels and depending on how much they care for one another their magic is amplified greatly. Ruth thinks of Keltern as an older brother and he thinks of her as a sister so their magic is very powerful.”

“aren’t they all against eachother though?”

“You can form teams to start with. Keltern and Maze don’t like fighting Ruth so they normally don’t. If it boils down to those three Keltern and Maze will forfeit so they don’t have to fight her.”

“I like them already” Chthon said making Wesly smile “you really aren’t a jealous man in the slightest.”

“Like I said, no reason to be. Even if she left me for one of them it would only say I wasn’t a good enough man to her.” Wesly patted Chthon on the back. “I like you kid. You’re welcome to spend as much time as you want with my daughter. Just no sleepovers in my home unless you come for an event and it runs late.”

“I can respect that” Chthon found it amusing how Wesly talked to him like he was just another child. He was surprised it took so many years for a human to be considered an adult. With demons you weren’t a child any longer once you hit twelve. That’s why his mother left him when she did. Kalgry yelled “Breaks over children. Get ready!” All talking stopped and Ruth stood with her friends. Chthon already felt tense. He really wished she didn’t participate in this sort of thing. She looked tired and he could see the bruise on her cheek. It was so dark it would be impossible to miss. Chaos was unleashed again as magic started filling the field. Perneus sent a wave of fire across the field. His magic was almost fully matured since he was twenty. Some of the small children watching got wide eyed. “It looks like a wave mommy!” a little girl yelled excitedly to her mother. There was a pond a little ways off but they coudl still summon its water together. Keltern grabbed Ruths hand and they cast water as hard as they could towards the fire. It also came out as a huge wave making the children bounce in excitement.

It soaked another man that had been close to Perneus. When the flames were burnt out Ruth and Keltern then surged electricity down the waters path to the two boys making them collapse to the ground. A ref called their names and said they were out. Their mentors carried the two boys off the field leaving Ruth and her two friends against three other children. One being Tallin and the other two being magic. Maze ran straight for Tallin while Ruth and Keltern ran for Kominyo and Celiby. “It’s a shame we’ve missed so much of the battle” Wesly said but Chthon barely heard him. His mind was racing with worry over Ruth. Tallin and Maze fought eachother ferociously. Neither boy had ever liked eachother so they were enjoying swinging blades against one another. Maze was still fired up about Tallin punching Ruth so he had even more strength and speed than normal.

Much to Mazes disappointment he ended up on the ground and was taken out of the game. Maze gave a very angry groan while Tallin looked smug. His mentor came and Tallin ran off to fight against Ruth and Keltern with Celiby and Kominyo. Those two magicians had bonded too so it was quite a show watching them battle. All Tallin cared about was defeating Ruth. He’d lose happily as long as he took her out of got another good swing at her. She was supposed to be sad for awhile then have sex with him. Instead she just moved on like he wasn’t anything. It pissed him off beyond belief. Tallin coming after them caused Keltern to break his concentration. The other two magicians finally landed a strong hit on the pair causing Ruth to scream. Chthon bawled his fists as he tried not to end the battle or simply pick Ruth up and carry her away.

Kominyo and Celiby took the opportunity of Tallin swinging at them to launch a surprise attack of flames against the three. Chthon didn’t know if she could dodge it since she was also trying to keep away from Tallin so he made it rain to drown the fire. The mentors and spectators looked up at the sky in shock at how suddenly a torrential downpour started. There had been so sign of rain so they were all confused. Chthon hadn’t meant to make it rain so hard but he couldn’t control his power very well while having to restrain himself so much. The ground was beginning to fill with water as if it may flood so the mentors called the duel off. Tallin wasn’t interested in stopping and actually raised his fist to punch Ruth like he had before when his mentor grabbed his hand. “don’t you dare. The duel has been called off.” Chthon was now shaking at the sight of Tallin daring to try and punch her. Especially after the battle had been called to a stop due to the rain.

Keltern helped Ruth up and they walked off the field to go home since that would be all for the day. Chthon ran to Ruth and hugged her tightly. Ruth could feel him shake “are you ok Chthon?” He just cradled her and gave her a long kiss so he could calm down. She was safe in his arms now so there wasn’t any reason to be upset. Now that he had more control he slowed the rain as he walked back to her home. He sat down on the couch with her, keeping her close and wrapped up in his arms. Chthon was going to let it lightly rain for about a half hour. The ground would be too soggy for the mentors to let their kids battle again. They were alone in the house because Wesly went to the bar with his friends and Ruths mom was with her friends.

When Chthon felt calm enough he carried Ruth to her room. “You should take some clothes in the bathroom and shower. I know you’re cold from the rain.”

“Why are you so upset Chthon? You are acting like I was seriously hurt or somthing.” Chthon sighed “just please get warm so you don’t get sick. We’ll talk when you’re out. Do you have what I’d need to make you hot chocolate?” Ruth smiled “yeah, I’ll hurry”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to so I can see why you’re so bothered.” Chthon kissed Ruths head when she walked back over to him with her clothes. “Don’t worry about me. Enjoy your shower then come to the kitchen.”

“I wish I had somthing for you to change into.”

“Cold doesn’t bother me.” Chthon followed her to the bathroom.Ruth handed him a towel to dry off with before she shut the door. He didn’t walk away from the door until she had the water running. When Chthon had what he needed he started making hot chocolate for the two of them and slowed the rain a little bit more. He wouldn’t be so upset if he didn’t witness Tallin try and punch Ruth maliciously. Chthon guessed the bruise on her face was from that ass. Ruth stayed in just long enough to get the dirt off and get warm before drying. She pulled her clothes on then went to the kitchen where Chthon was sitting at the table with two cups “feel better?”

“Yes.” She walked over and sat in his lap. Chthon kissed her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth. They pulled apart and grabbed their hot chocolate to drink it. “why do you look so upset Chthon?”

“Is that somthing you do for training often?”

“No, it’s only twice a year and it isn’t mandatory. I just like competing. It’s a good way to build your skills”

“Did Tallin give you that bruise?”

“Yeah but things like that happen in duels”

“That was no mistake Ruth. He wanted to punch you” Chthon said barely holding in his anger. “so it was me fighting out there. I wasn’t hurt.”

“You could have been. I hated seeing that and hearing you scream. It took all my self control not to go out there. You fight well but still….fighting like that is very dangerous. I’m sorry I halted it but I lost control. I hope you’re not mad.”

“Why would I be mad? You can’t help it rained.” Chthon frowned even more then looked at her pitifully. “Oh my god, you caused it to rain?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. They were about to engulf you in flame and unlike me flame can hurt you. I wasn’t intending to make it rain so hard but my emotions were so high from watching you fight. Do you forgive me?” Ruth hugged Chthon which wasn’t the reaction he was expecting atall. “I love you. It’s ok.”

“I love you too. I’m relieved you’re not angry.”

“You’ll have to tell me how you do that when we’re not here. I don’t want my dad to hear us talking about things like that. That is really amazing.” Chthon smiled. He thought she’d be wroth with him for making them stop the battle but she was actually impressed. Chthon was so used to being able to do these things that they were normal to him which is why he only thought of her anger. “I feel so much better now that I know you aren’t angry at me for making ti rain so hard. I really only intended to make it rain hard enough where fire magic couldn’t be used.”

“I believe you Chthon. Thanks for the hot chocolate.”

“You’re welcome.” Chthon was still upset about Ruths bruise but he could always handle Tallin later. For now he was going to enjoy being with Ruth while he could since he had to go home in a few hours. “why were you up so late last night?”

“I wanted to know what happened next in the book and lost time. I only got three hours of sleep” Chthon smiled “I’m so happy I bought that book. I was in a hurry when I saw it and almost didn’t buy it but I felt I needed to go back for it. I guess since the universe was planning on setting me up with you it wanted to make sure I got that book since you are enjoying it so much. I’m beginning to like fate. It’s my best friend lately” Ruth laughed. It was music to Chthons ears. He stopped the rain so their village wouldn’t flood since so much had come down in the begining. “how far are you into the book?”

“I ahve a fourth of it left.”

“How early will you wake for lessons tomorrow?”

“around seven to meet my teacher at eight”

“I’ll be here at seven with another book that’s similar to the one you’re reading now.I want to make sure you dont’ run out of stuff to read before you’re back in my castle.”

“You don’t need to do that.”

“I want to.”

“I’m normally tired after lessons anyway Chthon. Don’t go through all that trouble”

“anything for you is no trouble atall. Besides it’ll give me a reason to be here in the morning. My reward will be a hug and kiss from you. I’d run twenty four hours straight for one hug and kiss.”

“what am I going to do if you leave me? I’m already spoiled with your sweetness. I’ve never had a man talk to me quite like this before. Nobody else would make me happy after being with you. I love you so much.”

“You mean all of that?”

“Of course I do.” Ruth kissed him again and he slid his hand behind her head to hold her in it. They heard the door open and she got out of his lap. “Hey mom”

“Hey, how was the battle today?”

“Got canceled but I was in the final five”

“That’s my girl, Would you bake a cake? Marys son is turning five tomorrow and he asked me while I was over there if I’d get you to bake a cake for him. I knew you wouldn’t mind so I agreed.”

“Sure” Chthon looked outside and knew eh should start back. He hugged Ruth one last time. “I’ll see you in the morning”

“Be safe going home” Chthon smiled “You be safe here please” When Chthon was out the door Ruths mother asked “why is he seeing you in the morning?”

“I’m almost done with the books he’s loaning me and he’s going to bring me another one so I don’t run out of stuff to read while I’m not in his home. You should see his library mom. it’s amazing”

“That’s sweet he’s willing to take such a long journey just to give you somthing to read.”

“He’s the sweetest man I’ve ever met.”

“Well, hopefully you’ve found your husband then.” Ruth blushed then said softly “i hope so too” Chthon walked around the village looking for Tallin. Chthon wanted to make sure he never laid a hand on Ruth again. He was lucky she had such a calming affect on him or he’d do somthing far worse than what he was going to do. Chthon spotted Tallin flirting with a girl. He approached the two and Tallin glared at Chthon. “I’ll talk to you later Sammy. Go home”

“Bye sexy, don’t forget me” Samantha said before walking off “what the fuck do you want Chthon?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking to boy so I’d shut my mouth”

“You don’t scare me, what the fuck do you want?” Chthon grabbed the hand he saw Tallin raise to Ruth and Tallin let out a scream but no sound came out.Chthon didn’t let it go as he pushed Tallin to the ground placing his other hand on Tallins chest. Tallin was actually crying, he would have yelled again but still no sound came out of his mouth.Not being able to make noise freaked him out even more “Incase you’re wondering I’ve broken every bone in this hand. I could easily brake your ribs but I’m not going to this time. I’ve silenced you because you’re voice makes me sick. If you don’t want me to come back and brake your rib cage so you slowly drown in your own blood you will never look at or speak to Ruth again unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you dare lay your disgusting hands on her again you will die in the most agonizing way I can think of. I also better not hear of you repeating what’s happened tonight so think of a clever excuse as to why you no longer can use this hand. They can fix it but I’m sure it’ll take months and you wont have full function. I made sure of that by obliterating a few of the bones. Nod if you understand me”

Tallin nodded and Chthon could tell he fully understood by the terror and pain in Tallins eyes. Chthon stood then ran for home. As soon as Chthon was out of the village Tallin could use his voice again. He just sat there shaking in terror. His hand looked mangled and he didn’t go home until he thought of somthing good to say to his parents. When Chthon arrived back at his castle he went straight to his room without dinner. Between the stress of watching Ruth duel, worry she’d be angry that he made it rain and touching Tallin, he had no appetite. He just grabbed a pillow to cling to and went to sleep thinking about Ruth.

When he woke he ran to the library and grabbed the book he promised Ruth then took off for her home. He realized on the way he really needed a shower. He was almost embarrassed to let Ruth see him this way but he didn’t have time to go back and clean himself. When he got to her door he knocked. She answered with a bright smile. “You’re early.”

“Is that ok?”

“Of course, want to eat breakfast with me?”

“That would be wonderful, I’m sorry I’m so dirty. I’ll be clean the next time you see me.” Ruth laughed “I dont’ care Chthon. You’re still incredibly handsome” He smiled then hugged her. “do you think you could stomach kissing me while I’m this gross?” Ruth pushed Chthon back outside the house then pulled him into a passionate kiss. “stop being silly Chthon. Sorry i had to push you outside. My dads home”

“it’s alright” he said in a love filled tone. They went in and Ruth cooked for the two of them. Chthon set her book on the table. When they were done eating Chthon hated to go but stood anyway. “I can’t wait for these three days to be over.”

“Me too, when will you meet me here?”

“How early will you let me?” That made Ruth giggle again. “as early as you want.”

“so one in the morning?”

“why don’t we make it the night of the third day?”


“Yeah, might aswell if you’d just come at one am the next day” Chthon hugged Ruth then kissed her cheek. “Can i come early enough to eat your amazing cooking?”


“Bye then. I’ll see you in three days”

“Bye Chthon, I love you”

“I love you too.” He said giving her one last kiss before leaving.

The following two days Chthon ran from village to village searching for new books. He wanted to make sure Ruth never ran out of things to read. He stopped by every house he knew an author lived and paid them whatever they wanted for whatever new books they had. He managed to buy enough to warrant another bookshelf. He didn’t have any more room in his library so decided he’d need to start a new room for books. The second day he bought a bookshelf and placed it in the second library then lined up the new books. He hoped he had found a few that Ruth would love. The third day he decided to make peanut butter cookies so Ruth could have some when she came back to his home. He baked batch after batch as he daydreamed about Ruth being back in his arms. He pulled another batch out and he laughed at himself. There were cookies covereing every counter. He hadn’t realized he baked so many. Chthon checked his fridge and realized he needed to gather and buy more things since he had used so much on cookies. He ran to the nearest village and bought milk, eggs and a few other things before he ran home.

He ate a few of his cookies knowing Ruth couldn’t possible eat all of them. When it was nearing time for him to leave he took a shower. Chthon shaved then made sure he was thoroughly clean before putting on some clothes. Once he was ready he took off as fast as he could. His eagerness making him run even faster than normal. Three days had felt like three months even though he had kept himself busy book hunting the first two days. When he made it to her fornt door he wanted to burst in but managed to knock anyway. He was greeted by Wesly “Ruths cooking now. Come and sit with me and my wife in the living room.” Chthon walked in and sat down. He wanted to be in the kitchen but he couldn’t be rude to Ruths parents. He was so close to having her in his home again. He wasn’t going to blow it now by angering her father and having him tell her she couldn’t come.

Ruth enjoyed the sound of Chthons voice as he answered her parents questions and talked to them about his past three days and theirs. When she was done she called for her mother. “I guess she wants me to set the table for her.” Cindy walked in the kitchen and Chthon got more excited. Soon the men were called. As soon as he saw Ruth he quickly went over to hug her before she sat down. Once dinner and the talking was over Wesly said “You two be careful and fast traveling so you’re in the dark as little as possible. You don’t have very much sun left even though we had an early dinner.”

“we will dad” Ruth said giving him and her mother a hug before running to get her bag. She looked around her room to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything then came back down. Cindy pulled her daughter into another hug making her laugh. “Bye mom and dad. I’ll be safe and back soon” She walked out with Chthon and started towards his home. When they were out of sight of her parents home Chthon picked Ruth up and began kissing all over her face. “I missed you too” she giggled. He loved he was already hearing so much laughter come from those silky vocal cords. “I don’t know how I’m going to let you leave my castle again Ruth.” When they made it out of the village Chthon ran. He didn’t stop until they were right infront of his home.

He walked inside with a happy skipping in his chest. The instant Ruth was back in the castle everything seemed to be alive and not so dull again. He took her to his room then set her and her bag down. “tomorrow we get you that dresser.” Ruth went from excited to be with Chthon to extremely nervous now that she was in his room. She had promised herself she’d have sex with him. He was a wonderful man and very obviously loved her so there wasn’t any reason not to make love to him. She just couldn’t help but worry about being a disappointment and ruining what they had. Chthon got on the bed after they had both taken their shoes off and opened his arms. Ruth smiled then crawled over to him and laid against his chest. “finally” was all he said.

Ruth could barely enjoy being held because her nerves were such a mess as she tried to get herself to make some sort of move. She eventually decided that it was late and she could give herself to him tomorrow. “you ready to go to sleep Chthon?”

“If you are” His voice was so relaxed and happy. It chased away how guilty she felt for making him wait. He seemed perfectly content instead of annoyed like her previous boyfriends. They got under the covers then cuddled until they were both sleeping soundly. When morning came Ruth could see Chthon was out cold. She thought he looked adorable with his mouth slightly open and drooling. She just smiled as she admired her sleeping boyfriend. Her body was filled to it’s maximum with happiness until it came into her mind again they still hadn’t made love and she had never broken a promise to anyone. She wasn’t going to start with herself so she carefully got herself out of his arms and out of the bed.

Ruth just stood there trying to force herself to pull her clothes off. Her hands wouldn’t obey her no matter how much she willed them to move. She started to cry in frustration and disspointment in herself. Ruth walked out of Chthons room and into his library so she wouldn’t wake him. Nigel saw her walk out alone and crying. He wondered why so he turned invisible and followed her. When she shut the library door he leaned against it, only to hear her crying even harder once she was alone. Nigel was tempted to walk in the library and talk to her but he didn’t want to chance Chthons wrath. He liked living and having all of his body parts. It was still a hard choice because she sounded so sad. The sad waves coming off of her almost made him want to cry.

Nigel decided to see what Chthon was doing so stood and then leaned against his door. It sounded like Chthon was sleeping which puzzled him even more as to why Ruth would have left his room crying. He wondered if they had a fight last night or something. He decided that must be it and to stay out of lovers quarrels. If she was going to stay around she’d have to get used to how short a fuse Chthon ran on. Ruth finally pulled herself together and wiped her face off. She was going to try again after her eyes weren’t puffy. ¬†Ruth was thirsty from crying so much so she walked out of Chthons library and to the dining hall. “Morning Ruth, why isn’t Chthon with you?” Lievon asked. “He’s still sleeping.”

“Have you been crying sweetheart?”

“No” Lievon gave her a look that called her a liar but she ignored it “where’s the kitchen?”

“Follow me. It looks more like a cookie factory right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see” Lievon said as he guided her. When Lievon opened the door Ruth smiled and he said “You’ve turned Chthon into a master baker it seems. He just kept baking until he got ready to bring you here. Do you even like his cookies? Seriously, he’s not here so theres no need to lie.”

“They aren’t bad.” Lievon laughed and she added “it’s really sweet he tries. This is wonderful.”

“I take it peanut butter is what you prefer.”


“what would you like to drink?”

“What is there?”

“Anything you can imagine is here.”

“Apple juice”

“alright, one second” he poured her a drink and she grabbed a cookie and ate it. “these are better than the last”Lievon chuckled again. “you want to tell me why you were crying now?”

“No, it’s nothing you can help with. Can we just go back to pleasantly talking?”

“I guess so, how was your night?”

“I know thats a clever way to find out why I was crying but it has nothing to do with last night, it was wonderful”

“Is it your time of the month?” Ruth actually laughed really hard. She hadn’t expected him to ask such a question “No it’s not. Stop that and have normal conversation”

“How long are you staying this time?”

“My mentor is going on a trip with her family so I have a week and a half to be here.”

“Does Chthon know you get to stay that long?”


“He’s going to be very pleased. Have you seen the beginnings of a second library?”

“There’s going to be another one?”

“Yep, he was only here to drop off books the first two days you were gone. He ran from village to village to buy more books”

“I’ll let him show me”

“I couldn’t anyway. I’m sure nobodies aloud in that one either.”


“well before you came along his books were his prized possession. You are the first person to not get seriously injured or thrown out of the castle for being in there. You don’t get a second chance with Chthon if you touch his books. I’m surprised everyones aloud to come anywhere near you with how crazy he is about you. I don’t know what you’ve done but I do know you’re everything to Chthon now. If he did somthing to upset you he’d want to know Ruth”

“You’re going to keep going back to that huh?”

“out of¬†anyone here I’ve known Chthon the longest. He comes from a long line of horrible and sadistic demons. The line of men Chthon came from makes him out to be an angel. He has a really good heart to spite the temper he has and how much he loses it once he does get angry. He can’t help the darkness that lurks within him but he does his best to be a good person and he never does anything to anybody who didn’t first do somthing to him or somebody he cared about. I met chthon when he was thirteen and he’s like my brother. He is very fond of many of us in this castle and would do anything for most but you are the only person I’ve ever seen him love. He adores you Ruth and I would hate myself if you got upset and left him and I did nothing to help. I owe that man a lot and I just want to make sure you know how much you mean to him. I know without a doubt he loves you so talk about whatever he did. He didn’t mean to yell at you if thats what happened.”

Ruth walked over and hugged Lievon “He didn’t do anything. You’re a really good friend. I’m going to go back to his room and lay with him until he gets up.”

“good, Thank you.” Lievon could breath easier as she walked out and up to Chthons room. His heart had nearly stopped when he saw she had been crying. He worried she may leave him and break his heart. Lievon corrected himself in his head “demolish would be more like it.” Ruth quietly opened the door. Chthon was still out like he had been drinking all night. Ruth smiled and got back on the bed. She ran her fingers through his shoulder length hair then kissed his head causing him to wake up and wipe his mouth. “jeez I’m sorry. I can’t even remember when I last slept like that. Have you been up long?”

“Kinda but I’ve been alright.”

“You’re always welcome to wake me up the second you get up. I’d prefer it honestly.”

“I know. Can I have a real kiss now?” Chthon pulled her face into his and began to kiss her. He started to try and put her over him like he had the other times but she wouldn’t let him. In fact she pulled to get him over her “I can’t kiss you like that Ruth. I don’t have enough self control”

“But I want you. I really do. I’m just nervous. Please make love to me Chthon”

“are you sure? I’m not in a hurry. It’s paradise just being near you.”

“I really want it. I don’t want to be so nervous but I am. Just ignore it and make love to me” Chthon grabbed her pants, making sure he had his fingers in her underwear too before pulling them down. He was happy that he successfully got that much of her clothing off without destroying it. With every woman he fucked he had always just destroyed their clothes because he didn’t care. He put his hands under her shirt and felt her sides as he moved his hands up to get it off. He hated how nervous she looked. Her face was red with her eyes clentched tightly shut as if he were about to attack her. He kissed her stomach softly which made her grow even hotter with a blush. He then just held himself above Ruth admiring just how gorgeous she looked. Ruth opened her eyes “what’re you doing?” she asked semi shakily. Chthon lifted her off the bed and held her “I don’t think you’re really ready for me. I was just taking in how amazing you look without clothes hiding your beauty. Every inch of you is breathtaking. For right now lets just get you comfortable with the two of us naked. Does that sound good.”

“But it would only tease you more.”

“I can’t make love to you when you look afraid of me Ruth. My love will keep me under control and if I feel I’m about to lose it we’ll get dressed.”

“are you sure?”

“Very.” he set her on the bed then took his clothes off. “do you want to feel my chest Ruth?” he said getting back on the bed and kneeling in front of her. Ruth nervously put her hands on his rock hard torso. She liked how it felt to move her hands on him. She smiled when she noticed how much he liked it. “you can touch me anywhere you want Ruth.” she grew redder and he smiled “only do what you want. We’re not going to do anything. I just need you to be a little more comfortable before I can make love to you.” Ruth nodded “why don’t you feel me?”

“That probably wont last long but ok. Where can I without upsetting you?”

“Just touch where you want Chthon.” She said in almost a whisper. Chthon laid her down and ran his finger tips over her stomach then unhooked her bra. He gently squeezed each of her breasts then went down her sides again. Ruth could see the lust growing in his eyes. His hands almost went between her legs before he let out a long, heavy breath of air. “Ruth please hurry and get dressed. I’m having more trouble than I thought. Please just hurry” Chthon said burying his face in the bed. HIs voice sounded panicked and hungry for her. Ruth grabbed his head and pulled it up to make him kiss her. She wanted to do this and right now was the perfect opportunity to get him to just take her. He moaned and still seemed to struggle a bit at first but then coudln’t hold back any longer. He licked her neck hard and wild like he had become an animal.

He went down and tugged at her nipples with his teeth as he rubbed between her legs. His fingers went up and down, sliding a little further into her each time. Ruth began to moan which only pushed him further over the edge. He bit and sucked all over her stomach before going lower and covering her with his mouth. Ruths moans were so loud they were nearing screams as his tongue just seemed to go faster and faster over and in her. She found herself trying to move up the bed because it was so intense but she couldn’t move atall due to his tight grasp on her. When Chthon stopped he slammed himself into her depths making her release a yelp. As his hips started thrusting he moaned “Oh Ruth” over and over in her ears. Their moans mingled until he spilled inside of her and pulled out to hold her. “I didn’t hurt you atall did I? I wanted our first time to be more romantic but I’ll make it up to you next time.”

In her breathless tone she said “You only hurt me when you first went in but my mom told me it always hurts the first time. That all felt really amazing Chthon” Chthon smiled and held her tighter against him. “I’m glad to hear that. It was so amazing to taste you and be inside of you. Sorry i didn’t let you move away from my mouth. I couldn’t let you go. I did actually try but it was so good. Even better than your cooking” Ruth giggled lightly “it’s alright. I think I liked that the most.”

“Do you want to go relax in the hot spring near here? Maybe if we do that now you can avoid being sore.”

“You’re so thoughtful, lets go.”

“let me dress you first. Did you bring a swim suit? I dont want my friends to see you naked. You’re much too beautiful and I want to be the only one who sees you like this.”

“It’s in my bag sweetheart” He went over and handed it to her. “I’ll go out in swimtrunks.” He stopped then turned around to get on the bed and started to dress her making Ruth laugh. “I can dress myself”

“But I want to dress you. I had the idea as soon as I turened around.” He pulled her bottoms on then she sat up so he could do the top. Once that was done he pulled on his trunks and lifted her into his arms with an adoring smile. “I really love you”

“I love you too” she said before resting her head on his shoulder.

Chthon settled into the water with Ruth and sat down on a little edge in the water. Ruth gently moaned as the water surrounded her body. Chthon smiled as he pushed his head against hers while he held her close. Chthon moved Ruths head so she’d be looking in his eyes. He placed a hand on her cheek “You are such a beautiful woman. I feel so lucky you wanted to make love to me and that I’m the only man you’ve been with. It makes me wish I hadn’t slept with so many women before. I didn’t know I’d meet you and fall in love but I’m still sorry. I’m just glad you didn’t sleep in a tainted bed this time.” Ruth giggled “Tainted bed?”

“well the last time you were here it was the bed I’ve always had but I only wanted your scent in my bed so when you left I burnt the last one. The one you slept on last night is new so only you and I have been on it.” Ruth smiled “That’s sweet, I don’t care you’ve been with other girls. The only thing that bugs me about that is worry that I might not measure up” Chthon laughed boisterously. “It can’t be compared Ruth, I told you. Before you I only fucked. Having sex with you was worlds different than the women before. It was unlike any feeling I’ve experienced. Your moans, your taste, even the way you moved made my heart beat faster. It gave me immense joy and pleasure. What was meaningless before is an amazing experience now. I used to finish and just go about my day like nothing happened but this morning I feel stupendous.” Chthon didn’t break their eye contact for a second. That combined with his words made Ruth cry again “You’re so sweet.”

“and you’re so amazing. How long do I get to enjoy you this time?”

“I can stay for a week and a half. My mentor is going on vacation with her family” Chton kissed Ruth. She could feel the love moving through his lips into hers. He wiped away the few tears she shed and said “How am I going to let you leave me after you’ve spent that long here? I guess I’ll just have to deal with that when it comes. I’m excited you get to stay so long.”

“Me too” They just sat there holding eachother while they enjoyed the moment. Chthon wished there was anything he could say or do to make her stay with him all the time but he was lucky just to have these moments with her so he wouldn’t fight her on it. Chthon would take anything he could get from Ruth. As Ruth sat in Chthons lap, wrapped in his arms she actually considered quitting her lessons to stay here always but it got chased away by the fact that her father would be disappointed in her if she did that. The time she got with Chthon was plenty and she’d be done with lessons in four years. She hoped to convince him to move into her village at sompoint so she could be near him and the rest of her family.

~ The End ~

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