Chthon Age 29 Ruth Age 21

Chapter One

It’s time for Ruths coming of age journey and the elders have permitted Chthon to accompany her. With him there it wouldn’t be hard in the slightest so Chthon planned to make this trip when he proposed to Ruth. He knew precisely when in the journey he was going to pop the question and couldn’t wait. He was confident she would say yes but asking still made him nervous. Especially because after he would be asking if she’d become a demon so he’d never have to lose her. Chthon didn’t know if his heart would ever be the same if she died on him from old age.

He hoped she’d say yes but if she said no he could give her time. He knew there was a big chance she’d say no because if her father found out she was a demon he would disown her. Chthon had seen more and more Weslys deep seeded hatred of demons no matter what they did to show they were kind. To him they were all monsters. He’d understand if Ruth refused to become somthing her father would hate. She loved her family very much and it would be wrong of him to pressure her so he wouldn’t no matter how badly he’d want to.

Ran to Chthons house and into his front door. He was waiting on the other side smiling “so I guess you’re ready.”

“Very!” she grabbed his hand to pull him out and he laughed. “can’t we eat breakfast first?”

“I guess” Chthon smiled then lifted her into a kiss. “it’s ridiculous your father wont ever let you sleep here. I don’t get whats different about going to the castle.”

“My fathers just weird. Be grateful he lets me sleep with you there.”

“Oh I am, now come in the kitchen and sit down. I’m making you breakfast this morning”

“but you prefer my cooking to your own.”

‘Yes but I was thinking last night that I should really cook for you more. It isn’t fair of me to ask you to cook all the time.”

“I don’t mind, I enjoy how much you love my food”

“Well this morning I’m cooking for you so sit down please.” Ruth pulled his face down to kiss his cheek then walked with him in the kitchen. She sat down at the table while Chthon began cooking. “we’ll be back here fast huh?”

“Oh no, I ahve lots of plans for the two of us. Besides, if I finish with you too fast it’ll look suspicious.”

“That’s true, I didn’t think of that.”

“You’re going to have a lot of fun. Atleast I hope you do.”

‘If I’m with you I know I will” Chthon smiled cheerfully as he finished the blueberry pancakes. When they were done he pulled their chairs as close together and ate. “these are good. You’ve gotten better”

“I’ve been practicing on Keltern and Maze. Poor guys” Ruth laughed “your cooking was never that bad baby.” Chthon pulled Ruth into another kiss. “These past four years have been the best in my life. Do you know that Ruth?”

“well they’ve been the happiest in my life too.”

“You want to be mine forever don’t you?” Ruth nodded then kissed his cheek “now lets go!”

“alright, alright. I’ll get my shoes on. Give me your bag so I can put some clothes in it for me.” Ruth grabbed her bag and he picked her up “I’ll take you too” He walked up the stairs and into his bedroom. He set Ruth on his bed then opened the bag to stuff a few changes of clothes in it. Once he was done he zipped it up then crossed over to the bed, pinning Ruth down. He moved his lips against hers roughly until she let out a small wimper. He smiled “do we have time for me to make love to you?” Ruth answered by putting her hands under his shirt to push it off. She took off all his clothes then he took off hers.

“not too much foreplay baby. I really want to go on our journey”

“How am I supposed to be fast when I have such a tasty and beautiful girlfriend?” Ruth giggled then pulled Chthon into a kiss. He broke the kiss to run his tongue slowly over her neck. He kept slowly sliding his tongue as her moans got louder and she became wetter. Chthon wanted to do much more but knew how excited Ruth was to be on the road so he slid himself in. He closed his eyes for a breif moment because it felt so good but then opened them back to enjoy the expressions on Ruths face. He moved as slow as he could in and out of her until she began to claw at him “chthon” she strained out “you said not too much forplay. This isn’t forplay” he licked her ear then whispered so close his lips moved against her earlobe “you should be more specific sexy”

He kept going as slow as he could. Ruth screamed and moaned as she and Chthon both began to sweat. He finally couldn’t take it himself any longer and started going fast until he filled her with his DNA. Ruth panted as if she had just been revived from drowning. “you’re…you’re” she couldn’t complete what she wanted to say. Even Chthon was tired from that. It had taken a lot of self control but he had just wanted to enjoy being in her. Chthon kissed Ruth then said “let me lay with you a few moments and I’ll carry you out since I’m sure you wont be able to walk for awhile”

“I love you, you knew what I meant baby”

“I had to take advantage. You just feel so good.”

“it’s a good thing I love how you look at me while you’re inside of me.” Chthon smiled and held Ruth tighter. As soon as he could make himself he stood up and pulled his pants up. He checked his pocket quickly for the ring then pulled his shirt on. Ruth dressed as fast as she could in her weakend state from him. He chuckled then helped her put the rest of her clothes on. “don’t look so smug. Next time you ask for sex and I’m in a hurry I’ll remember this” Chthons mouth slightly opened “was what I did bad? I didn’t think you’d honestly mind. I’m sorry..I’m so so sorry”

“It’s fine babe, I was teasing. I loved it.”


“I swear, now lets get going. I’m so excited and we’ve already spent almost two hours here.”

Chthon carried Ruth and their bag out of town happily. When they reached the woods Chthon veered off the path “where are we going?”

“I told you, I have many things planned for this trip. It’s going to be like a vacation.”

“I feel really bad for people that this is actually work for”

“They are and were probably all as excited as you so they didn’t mind. I’m glad you let me come help you”

“Like you would’ve stayed home if I asked” Chthon laughed “I guess, I planned to follow you to make sure you didn’t get hurt badly”

“I knew it, besides why not make this a fun and romantic trip?”

“precisely” Chthon said then stopped for a moment to kiss her. She smiled and looked happily up at him making his heart stutter. Her affect on him only grew stronger with each passing week they were together. Four years had gone by ridiculously fast which is why he really hoped she’d become a demon. It wasn’t time to think about that yet so he walked on until they came upon a very large candy house which got Ruth laughing. Chthon smiled “you know the story?’

“what kid hasn’t heard that story?”

“Well the owner of this house made it up and spread it around so children would quit eating her house”

“How’d you meet her” Chthon frowned. “what?”

“She brought me here to have sex when I was seventeen but that was so many years ago. It was just a one night stand and we became friends”

“so she’s a demon?”

“No she was just a little older than me then. She didn’t like the way villages run and made a house out of candy because she loves sweets”

“I don’t mind you had sex with her Chthon. I love you”

“I was just hoping I didn’t have to tell you that. It’s embarrassing when I have to tell you about past girls”

“I know they didn’t mean anything to you though” Chthon kissed Ruth “no they didn’t. You’re the only girl who’s ever meant a thing to me” They walked up and Chthon kicked the door so he wouldn’t have to take a hand off Ruth. Tani answered happily “welcome! Who’s this beautiful lady Chthon?”

“This is my Ruth, I thought she’d like your house so I brought her to see it”

“Come in then.” Chthon walked in then put Ruth on her feet before grabbing your hand. “So you’re the woman who finally made Chthon fall in love? He’s a hard sell.” Ruth smiled “well I love him very much”

“want a peppermint pie?”

“of course” Ruth said excitedly making the woman smile “you sure are peppy. I love it” Chthon sat down and put Ruth in his lap “do you ever break contact with her?” Tani said suppressing a laugh. “Not unless I have to” Chthon said making Ruth smile and kiss his cheek. “That’s really sweet. I’m glad you brought her to meet me. I was beginning to wonder if you’d ever come to see me again. I guess she’s why you quit coming”

“She’s the only woman I want now.”

“I knew you’d find love one day Chthon” They ate pies and talked. Before they knew it the day was over “wow how did we run through another day!” Ruth said shocked when she noticed the sun had been replaced with the moon. “You two are welcome to stay here.”

“want to sleep here Chthon? You’ve slept here many times before right” Ruth said like it was nothing but Chthon still felt embarrassed. “yeah, lets sleep here” Tina showed them to a room then they shut the door before stripping down to their underwear. “I’m glad the furniture is real” Chthon smiled “yeah, it would be terrible to sleep on candy” Chthon cleared his throat “are you really comfortable here? I didn’t think when I thought it would be fun to come. Somtimes I forget who I’ve slept with before.”

“It really doesn’t bother me Chthon”


“lets get some rest for tomorrow” Chthon snuggled closer to Ruth then they both slipped into sleep. The next morning they woke to cinnamon pancakes. Ruth scarfed them down because she loved them so much. “we’ll have to come back Chthon”

“You two are always welcome”

“Thanks for being such a nice host”

“You are an incredible person to meet Ruth. You two take care!”

“Bye!” Ruth said as Chthon picked her up and their bag before walking out the door. “I can’t believe there is really a candy house”

“I thought it would tickle you. Now I want you to meet a friend of mine.”

“Another one?”

“Yep, he’s a guardian of this forest.” They walked along until they found a large cave “Miroku, come” A very large wolf stepped out. Chthon put Ruth down and the wolf approached her. She ran her hands along its back then hugged it. “I’m Ruth, it’s very nice to meet you.” They stayed there for awhile until Chthon grew hungry “can we go up in a tree and eat Ruth?”

“I’m hungry too.” They said their goodbyes to Miroku then walked until they were at the path again before climbing up a tree. They each grabbed a pear out of the bag and ate. “this is already amazing Chthon.”

“I’m glad, you looked so happy with Miroku. Want me to take him to my castle?”

“No then Jorgen would get jealous”

“True, he’ll be jealous even smelling Miroku on you”

As soon as they were both done eating Chthon jumped down from the tree and opened his arms to Ruth who jumped down into them. They walked onward taking a slow pace. They started talking about her birthday party yesterday and laughing about the cake fight. It was hard to clean up but it was worth it for all the fun everybody had. Night came upon them and they got to the side of the path. Ruth made a fire while Chthon hunted some meat for them to eat tonight. They had plenty of fruit but Chthon was a meat kind of guy. He came back shortly and prepared their food. “see I don’t cook all the time. You’re the one who cooks when we aren’t in a house.”

“well thats my fault though. You always bring plenty of fruit for us but I need meat so me cooking out here doesn’t count”

“It does count. I like the food you make out here.” Chthon smiled then got some stuff out of the bag to wrap what they didn’t eat up to make for other meals. Once that was done and the fire put out Chthon laid in the leaves so Ruth could pillow her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her as they laid there simply enjoying eachothers beating hearts. When Ruth was asleep Chthon let himself rest but not fully go out. He wanted to be ready in a second if somthing was stupid enough to come near them. Things passed them in the night but nothing dared step near Chthon and his resting girlfriend. When morning came Ruth sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes. “did you sleep well?” Chthon asked before standing up and grabbing their bag. “of course” Ruth took his hand and they walked on.

Ruth gasped when the cherry blossum trees came into view. Chthon enjoyed it very much. “They smell so sweet”

“and to think that they cant even be compared with your scent” Ruth smiled then he lifted her. “want to meet some fairies?”

“are you serious?”

“absolutely” Chthon smiled very wide and Ruth laughed “I’ll stop being so excited. Don’t laugh at me”

“No, I love it. I’m glad I still have things to excite you about even though I’ve been showing off for four years.”

“You’ll never cease to be amazing to me”

“I hope not.” He walked along then said a few thing Ruth didn’t understand but then a fairy and a few pixies appeared “Hello again Chthon, long time no see. Is this the beautiful woman who has stolen all of your attention?”

“This is my Ruth”

“Hey Ruth, I’m Faye. I know Faye the fairy. My parents thought they were funny. Do you two want to fly?”

“we can do that?”

“with my help”

“then please”

“Can I carry you on my back while we’re in the sky Ruth” Chthon interjected. “of course”

“I wont let her fall Chthon”

“Better safe than sorry with my Ruth” Ruth giggled and Faye rolled her eyes. Ruth thought it was sweet how Chthon fussed over her. It somtimes would get annoying but she always remembered it was only because he loved her so much. She got on and Faye blew dust on the two. Soon they were floating and looking all around the land at the beautiful nature surrounding them. They flew around until lunch time then slowly came to their feet.Faye waved her hand and the dust on them was gone. “I hope you two had fun.”

‘i did thank you” Ruth said happily. Then Faye flew off. “If you make a fire I’ll cook again” Ruth hopped down and got it started while Chthon got the deer meat back out. “so what would make a difference if we fell and I was on your back Chthon?”

“I could keep you from getting hurt. I’d probably be hurt regardless but I could keep you safe and that’s what matters. You didn’t really have to get on. It just made it so I could relax with you being so high”

“I know I didnt but I knew you wouldn’t have fun if I didn’t get on your back”

“Thanks for indulging me” Chthon cooked and they ate while Ruth went on about how amazing everything looked and about all the places she saw from that height she had never seen before. When they were done Ruth stood quickly “come on! I want to continue” Chthon laughed then stood. “it’s a good thing I’m a demon or I wouldnt’ be abel to keep up with you Ruth”

“do you need to rest more?”

“No I was just pointing it out.” Ruth wondered if Chthon had sex with Faye too. Her tone and the way she looked made Faye seem a bit jealous of her. She wouldn’t ask even though she wanted to because it always seemed to upset Chthon if he’d have to talk about sombody he had sex with in the past. She just walked at his side, enjoying the pleasant view of the cherry blossum trees.  Ruth got a dissapointed look on her face when they came upon more woods. “We don’t have to leave this area yet. Want to spend whats left of our day here?”

“Would you mind?”

“I told you, I want this as more of a vacation for us rather than a journey. I’ll set up a tent this time so we arent so exposed.”

“Can we see if there’s a walnut tree anywhere around here?” Chthon held up one finger then closed his eyes. Concentrating everything into his sense of smell and took in the air. He opened his eyes again and set his senses back right. “There is one. I’ll take you to it after I make camp for us”

“Oh good”

Chapter Two

Once their tent was ready Chthon swept Ruth off her feet then ran towards where he smelled the walnut tree. He kept running until they arrived then set her down and climbed up. He grabbed as many as he could then came down to sit next to Ruth. “Thank you”

“anything for you” Chthon said before he kissed her head. “It’s so nice out here Chthon.”

“it’s very peaceful”

‘Most people have already encountered a lot when they are this far. How am I supposed to explain to everybody why nothing attacked us?”

“we could make up a story about this adventure. We read a lot. It could be fun to invent a story to tell everybody.”

“You really want to?”

“I brought paper” Ruth laughed “you planned on it?”

“well if you dont have a story to tell the villagers it may look odd. I don’t want to force you to choose between me and your family and I’ve seen over the years just how set in stone your father is about demons. I also feel it would boil down to a choice if he found out about me and it would cause you heartache no matter what you choose. Lets write a story so there’s no reason to think anythings odd.”

“Thank you Chthon, you do know I’m not ashamed you’re a demon right?”

“I understand how you feel perfectly Ruth. I really do. It’s why I brought paper so we could create a good story together.” Ruth hugged Chthon “lets take some more of these and then we’ll write until dinner?”

“sounds wonderful to me. We can take turns adding some to the story until its complete. We’ll stay in this area until we’ve written up to this point. We’ll do that the whole way” Chthon gathered more walnuts then filled his pockets before picking Ruth back up and running to their camp. He set Ruth down then pulled a conatiner out of their bag to keep the walnuts in for her. Chthon pulled the paper out and they took turns writing. It had them both laughing and talking cheerfully. They had almost brought themselves to where they were now when dinner time rolled around. Chthon Rolled the papers up and put a band around them while Ruth pulled out fruit for them to eat. “we should write stories together just for fun”

“Maybe I can get one of the authors I know to publish one.”

“That would be so amazing” Chthon smiled “I am having a lot of fun though. I would like to write stories with you on a regular basis after this.”

“Now that I’m an adult I can live with you all the time. You still want me to come to your castle?”

“It’s much nicer in my castle but I will still keep my house in the village so we can stay near your family. We can live in your village for a week out of every month”

“Thats wonderful” Chthon mainly wanted to keep the house because he knew if they got married and had kids Ruth would want to move back into Tresnia so she could raise them around family. When they were done eating Ruth said “we can finish writing in the morning. I just want to cuddle with you until we fall asleep.” Chthon smiled then got into the tent. Ruth followed and gave him a kiss. Chthon slid his hands in Ruths hair and began making out with her. Thinking about marriage and kids made him want to be passionate with her. Ruth giggled “sex it is then” she managed to say against his lips. Chthon smiled then undressed the both of them. He began to kiss all over her face then showered kisses over her neck and chest. He grabbed her right arm and kissed up and down then slowly moved his kisses over her chest again to kiss up and down her left arm.

Ruth leaned forward, biting his shoulder then moved up a little to suck on his earlobe. She trailed one hand down his chest then moved lower wrapping her hand tightly around him. Her hand moved fast, stroking him up and down. Chthon moaned as she kept going while still licking and sucking at his ear. Chthon grabbed the shirt he had been wearing and went into it. Breathing heavy he pushed Ruth down to thrust inside of her. He took a fast pace as his tongue dueled with hers. He kept going until liquid came rushing out of him again. “I love you baby”

“I love you too Chthon”

“Can I eat you now”

“Chthon you’re going to kill me” He smiled “so it that a yes?” Ruth laughed and nodded her head. He trailed kisses down until he was between her legs. He let his tongue grow wild all around her until he wanted her to say his name. He held her legs tightly then concentrated his tongue where it pleasured her most. Her back arched multiple times as orgasms thundered through her body until she was whimpering his name. The sound making him grow hard again. He stopped and once again thrust inside of her. Ruths whimpers turned to yells. He couldn’t get enough of the way she said his name when they made love.

When he was done he laid down with Ruth on top of him. “goodnight Ruth” Chthon said between his deep breaths. Ruth couldn’t even say goodnight which made him smile and kiss her head. She was out in seconds and he soon followed. Tonight he actually slept since there wasn’t much to be afraid of where they were now. When Ruth woke she kissed his chest then carefully moved off of Chthon. She wanted to read over the story they wrote. She opened their bag and changed her clothes quickly before reading what they had written so far. She especially loved Chthons parts.

Ruth began to write again since they were nearly finished. That way she coudl continue having fun with Chthon once he woke up. She jumped when a man said ‘what’re you writing?”

“a story, my boyfriend and I are writing it together. Please don’t talk so loud. He’s still sleeping.”

“sorry” he said in a lower tone then asked “may I read?”

“sure” She handed the story over and the man began to read. Before he was done Chthon woke up and quickly pulled on his underwear and exited the tent. ‘who are you?” Now it was Wendals turn to be frightened. “I was passing by and saw your girlfriend writing. I was curious and she is letting me read”

“ok” Chthon said then opened their bag to get clothes on. Wendal slowly turned back to the story wondering how he could go from hot to cool so quickly. Wendal finished then handed the paper back to Ruth “I’ll be going now, sorry If I disturbed you.”

“You didn’t, Chthon didn’t mean to scare you. He just gets jumpy when theres sombody near he doesn’t know. Especially when I’m talking to sombody he doesnt know while hes sleeping. Thats why after you explained he just got dressed, packed then sat down with me.”

“I’m glad, I just need to make deliveries. I’m a mail man”

“safe travels”

“You two, I wish there was more of that story to read. It’s coming along well”

“Thank you” Wendal waved then walked off. “why don’t you finish it up Chthon?” he kissed her head then took the paper and pen. Ruth ate the walnuts while he wrote. “There” Chthon put the paper back in the bag and stood. “Time to get through those woods. Can I carry you through there? The worst things hide in places covered with trees. I feel better”

“I’d like that. Keeps me from getting tired. Besides you made me a little sore.”

“good” Ruth giggled as Chthon lifted her. “I’m glad sombody else liked our story.”

“Me too”

“It must be an interesting life being a mail man.”

“Its a short one. Most mailmen die within five years of work since they are always humans.”

“Thats sad.”

“they do a nice service for people though”

“Yeah” There wasn’t anything to show Ruth here so Chthon was trying to get through it quickly. Plus the next place was where he planned on proposing to Ruth. The fireflies would make everything perfect and romantic. He held her tighter and kissed her lips. “I love you so much”

“I love you too. Is somthing on your mind?”

“Yeah, but youll know what it is later tonight.”

“a sexy man of mystery” Chthon wanted to check for the ring again but couldn’t without putting Ruth down and her noticing. Chthon grew very hungry halfway through the wood since he hadn’t eaten this morning. “why don’t we stop Chthon? Your stomach is complaining.”

“I’m anxious to get through this part”

“Everything will be fine. Nothing even has the balls to challenge you” Chthon smiled “I just want to get through here. We can eat at the next clearing. I’ll stop if you get hungry though.”

“Thats a double standard Chthon. Stop and eat now”

“fine.” he set Ruth on her feet. She made a fire while he hunted somthing to eat. He couldn’t find any deer so just killed a rabbit for them to share. It wouldn’t yield that much meat but it would be enough. He came back and prepared it. “I’ll eat fruit so you can have it all”

“do you want any?”

“You know I’m happy with fruit”

“Thanks then baby”

“Your welcome. Your hunger is just as important as mine.”

“I hate my stomach for giving me away”

“well I’m grateful to it. Thank you Chthons stomach.” Chthon laughed “you’re so cute” When Chthon was done he stood then lifted Ruth and their bag up again. “I hope we’ll be out of here soon”

“We’re halfway” Ruth fell asleep in his arms due to the silence and motion of his walking. Chthon took the opportunity to try and think about how he’d ask. He always felt corny when he’d think up stuff to tell her. If it wasn’t too corny he felt he had already said it a million times. Ruth woke about when they were only twenty minuets by Chthons estimation from exiting the woods and walking out into the open plain where fireflys gathered every night. “morning handsome”

“Morning beautiful, have a good nap?”

“Yeah, it’s so relaxing when you carry me” Chthon gave Ruth a quick kiss. “We’re almost out of here.”

“I was asleep that long?”

“Yeah, you know I didn’t mind though.” When they broke out of the woods Chthon got even more nervous. By the time they set up their tent and ate dinner it would be time for him to propose. They found a nice spot by the pond and Chthon set up their tent. When he was done Ruth started a fire while he ran off to hunt somthing for them to eat. Chthon took his time hunting so he could think more on how to ask Ruth to be his wife. He found a medium sized demon hound and decided he would be good. Chthon killed the hound quickly then brought it back to the fire. “wow” Chthon chuckled “Yeah, we definitely have breakfast and lunch tomorrow.” Ruth watched the fire as Chthon prepared the meat and then cooked it.

“we should go swimming tomorrow. Can we stay here another night?”

“Of course we can. We’ll spend the day just enjoying things in this area”

“I’m glad we’re doing things so leisurely.”

“Me too beautiful” Chthons voice sounded nervous. She hoped he was going to tell her soon what was on his mind. She almost crept to the thought of him breaking up with her but decided that was crazy. Chthon showed her every day how much he adored her. He only left her side when there was no way to avoid the separation. Ruth just hoped whatever it was wasn’t bad because it seemed to be by how he was acting. When dinner was done they ate then Chthon stood, offering his hand. Ruth took it and he guided her a little ways out into a big cluster of yellow flowers. Chthon sat down then opened his legs “sit please” Ruth sat so she was leaning against Chthon. He wrapped his arms around her and put his forehead on her shoulder.

The sun set was stunning from where they were sitting. “you should be looking Chthon. It’s gorgeous” Chthon lifted his head and kissed her cheek. “You’re even more beautiful than that sunset” Ruth giggled “I’ll have sex with you later. No need to be cheesy”

“I’m not saying that to get you naked. I’m saying that because it’s true” Chthon said then rubbed the tip of his nose across the side of Ruths face. They sat there silently admiring the how breath taking the sunset looked until they couldn’t see it any longer. They soon saw beautiful constellations and the fireflys came out. All ruth could see was fireflys and stars. “wow” she said softly. Chthon smiled then kissed Ruths cheek.

Chthon got from behind her nervously and offered Ruth his hand again “we’re leaving?”

“No I just need you to stand for a few moments” Ruth took his hand and Chthon pulled her up. He knelt on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket making Ruth cover her mouth “oh my gosh” Ruth had known he was going to propose for three years since Adramalech told her when he had her captive but it was still shocking for him to do it now. She was excited and already near tears. “I’ve been thinking really hard on how to tell you how much I love you and how much it would mean to me if you’d become my wife but I just can’t think of a way. I try to show you every day how important you are to me and just how deeply my love for you burns in my heart. I can do many amazing things but the one thing I wish I could do. I would give up anything to have the power to make you see through my eyes and feel what my heart feels for a day around you. It would only be then that you would know the full extent of my love Ruth. You can just hug me and my heart goes off beat. Just your kiss is enough to melt my heart Ruth. Every day I get to wake up beside you I see as a gift and I want to be able to wake up beside you every morning for the rest of my life so will you please.” Chthons voice was breaking as he held back tears “will you please marry me”

Chthon was so scared in this moment. He was putting his heart out on the table. Ruth could either make it leap for joy or squash it into nothing with whatever word she chose to answer with. Ruth started crying “of course I want to marry you. Yes Chthon. Will you put that beautiful ring on me?” Chthon slid it on then lifted Ruth into a hug they kissed and he slowly brought her down. He laid back on the ground with Ruth on top of him. They both kissed as they were crying until Chthon sat up and wiped Ruths face. When he took his hands down Ruth kissed the tears still left on Chthons face. “I’m so glad you asked me.”

“I cant believe you said yes. I was even more worried than I realized. I was gripped with how terrified I was after I asked.”

“what foolish girl wouldn’t want to marry such a wonderful man. You make me really happy. I do know how much you love me Chthon. I see it every day”

“I just want to hold you. Can we sit like we were before?” Ruth nodded and wiped a few more tears that tried to roll down her face. Chthon situated himself then Ruth leaned against him. Chthon held her tighter than normal and she felt his tears start to soak her hair. “Oh Chthon”

“I’m so happy”

“I’m happy too. This is a really beautiful ring”

“I bought it three years ago. I’ve wanted to marry you for a very long time Ruth” Chthon and Ruth sat just gazing at the lightning bugs and beautiful stars that they could see perfectly in this wide open field. “I’m getting so sleepy.”

“Then sleep, I want you to fall asleep to this. I’ll carry you back. Let me cradle you” Ruth got up and repositioned herself in Chthons lap. He kissed her again then locked their eyes. Ruth held his face in her hands “I can’t wait for us to get married. Can we get married in two weeks after we get back?”

“anything you want. The wedding is yours. Do whatever you want. As long as you say I do I’ll be happy” a few more tears escaped Chthons eyes. Ruth never imagined he’d be so emotional about proposing. Chthon didn’t cry very often. She couldn’t even remember him crying since what happened with Adramalech. It seemed right now he could barely keep from it with how happy and relieved he was she said yes to him. Chthon decided against asking her to be a demon tonight. He just wanted to enjoy the jubilant dance of his heart now that he knew Ruth would marry him. He knew he atleast had her human eternity now. Just that was more than he felt like he deserved. Ruth was so kind and thoughtful unlike him who had a horrible temper and could be very selfish. The biggest thing that weighted on him was figuring out how much of a whore he was before she came into his life.

He honestly had no idea he fooled around with so many women. Chthon never deceived any of them, they all knew they were just sex but it still made him feel horrible and disgusting. Especially when he compared it to the fact he was the only man Ruth had ever been with. It was why he couldn’t quit crying. He could spend the rest of his life treating Ruth like a princess and not feel for a second he was worthy of her love. He just hoped she didn’t realize one day how much better she was than him and leave. He wouldn’t blame her but he didn’t want it to happen.

When Ruth went to sleep Chthon stood slowly. He walked at a gentle pace back to their tent. He got down on his knees when he got to the opening then walked on them inside. He laid Ruth down then grabbed their blanket He put a leg over her and then his arm as he drug the blanket to make sure she stayed warm all night. Chthon silently cried again until he fell asleep. Ruth waking in the morning woke Chthon. “I’m surprised you coudl get me in here without waking me up.” Chthon smiled. “Start the fire for me and I’ll make breakfast. Do you want to continue our story? We can work on it until after breakfast then go swimming like you wanted to.”

“Sounds perfect.” Ruth got up and Chthon watched her get out before getting out himself. Ruth got a fire blazing for Chthon to cook over then pulled the paper and pen out of their bag. Chthon kept glancing over at Ruth as she wrote. The pen almost didn’t stop moving so he knew she was making good progress. When he told her the food was ready she set the stuff down and said “I’ve almost written all we need for this part. You can complete the last bit.”

“you don’t want to? You seemed to be on a roll”

“It’s our story. I want you to write for this part too. I was just working on it while you cooked.” They ate happily then Ruth jerked off her shirt and pants. Chthon looked all around and Ruth laughed “come on baby. Get down to your underwear.” he did and picked her up. Making a dash for the lake and jumping in. “what color dress do you want me in?”

“can I think about it?”

“Of course” They swam and played in the water for a few hours then Chthon got out to finish up the story for this part. Ruth laid on the soft grass with an arm over her face as Chthon wrote. She was very distracting and making it hard to write since she was only in her underwear. He grew excited and then couldn’t think to write any longer. He put the paper down and crawled over Ruth. “so my seduction worked huh?” Ruth said smiling. Chthon picked her up and went into their small tent. He was over excited from his happiness and destroyed her bra and panties. Ruth just laughed it off. She loved when he was this hungry for her.

He sucked and licked on her breasts as he rubbed between her legs. She grew wetter and wetter until his hand was soaked. Chthon lifted Ruth into his lap and gripped her hips bringing her up and down. Ruth couldn’t believe how hard he was in this moment. Chthon bit her shoulder as he moaned. She pulsed and clamped around him as he pulled her up and pushed her down faster. He pushed himself as deeply into Ruth as he coudl go when he released then held her there as he began to kiss her. He tugged her bottom lip with his teeth then ran his tongue over every inch of Ruths mouth slowly. Her tongue began dancing with his and he grew rock hard again. He laid Ruth down this time and laced each of their hands. “I need you so badly Ruth” he said in another moan. “I need you too Chthon” her words and the love in her eyes were enough to make him go a second time.

Chthon picked Ruth back up so he coudl sit there holding her as they both caught their breath. “You stay in here so I can write. I’ll be inside you again if I ahve to keep looking at your perfect body”

“Oh no, not sex. Whatever will I do” she said sarcasticly. “Dont’ be bad lucious” Ruth smiled as he laid her back down and pulled his pants up. Ruth took a nap to pass time. When Chthon had them caught up to where they were he crawled back in the tent and smiled at his sleeping fiance. He was going to hold a celebration in his castle so everybody would know they were engaged now. He’d throw an even bigger party once they were married. Chthon just wanted to cuddle anyway so he pulled Ruth into him gently then shut his eyes to relax while holding her. He hoped she hadn’t been napping too long so he could enjoy this for awhle. Ruth was so active that it was had to get her to settle down for cuddling.

Chapter Three

Ruth woke feeling hungry. She noticed Chthon holding her and said “You were supposed to wake me up when you were done”

“I dont remember you asking that”

“I thought it went without saying”

“are you hungry? It’s probably three in the afternoon now but we can eat lightly so you wont be starving until dinner.”

“Ok, lets pull some fruit out.” They exited their tent and each grabbed some fruit to eat. Once they were done Ruth said “can I read what you wrote?’

“Go right ahead. Tell me if I should change anything.” Ruth read until she was done. “You don’t have to make me out as such an amazing fighter.”

“You would do that well if we were fighting those things”

“I guess, want to go swimming again until dinner?” Chthon took his clothes back off and Ruth ran with him over to the water, jumping in with a large splash. Chthon wanted to show off again. He lifted Ruth out of the water and set her on the edge. “I want to show you somthing.” Suddenly Ruth saw water rise from the lake and it began to form words. Ruth smiled when she saw I love you written in water right in front of her. “how do you do that?”

“It was one of the things I was born with. I got it from my mother. All I have to do is think of what I want water to do and it happens. My moms specialty was water.” Ruth got back in the water and wrapped her arms around Chthon. “so will our kids have water magic like you?”

“Probably, its honestly a roll of the dice. Some children like me inherit all their parents power. Others may inherit most but not all. You just don’t know. I especially don’t know since you’ll be my childrens mother. The human blood will make it less likely for them to have a lot of power”

“You don’t mind?” Chthon smiled “I don’t care about any of that. I love you and want to be with you always. I hate it when you’re out of my sight. I feel incredibly lucky you want to marry me too.” Ruth kissed him again. Chthon showed Ruth trick after trick until it was dinner time then cooked, ate and settled in their tent for the night. Morning came far too quickly for either of their liking but they both got up and packed their things. They ate their fill then packaged the small amount of meat that was left so they could eat it later. Once Chthon had the bag he laced his fingers with Ruths and they started on the path again. “How long does this plane last?” Ruth asked looking over at Chthon. “we’ll be here until about an hour before dinner if we keep this pace. I’m going to pick you up when we arrive at the swamp and run as fast as I can through there. It smells dreadful and there are  a few demons there that would be stupid enough to attack me.”

“Ok, I’d hate to stay in a swamp very long anyways”

“You have too beautiful of a scent to be in a swamp too long.” Chthon brought her hand up to kiss it then admired the ring on her finger a minuet before kissing it again with a smile. Since it would be Ruths turn to write next she was thinking of all the things she would write once they were at the other side of the swamp. It occupied her mind right up until they got near it. The stench filled Ruths nose and she almost gagged. “Yeah, I wanted to have dinner first but this is worse than I remember. Can we just run now? It’ll be late when we eat dinner but I hate this.”

“Please, I can wait” Chthon picked Ruth up and took off as fast as he could. Ruth couldn’t even see the things they were passing. Ruth felt light headed when Chthon stopped “you alright sweetheart?” Chthon asked concerned. “yeah”

“I don’t think you should stand.” Chthon said setting Ruth down. He handed her some food then sat beside her. When he was done he quickly got their tent set up so he could lay down with her. Once he was holding Ruth he said “I’m sorry, I went too fast”

“It’s ok, I’m glad we got out of there so quickly”

“You can’t see it because it’s so dark here but we are infront of the mountain. Once we scale it all we have to do is get an emerald and we can go home. I’m going to summon Lafyette to fly us most the way.”


“a Gryphon”

“That’s amazing!”

“I knew you’d think so. Get some rest please so I don’t have to feel guilty any longer” Chthon said placing a loving kiss on Ruths forehead. Ruth easily slipped into slumber with Chthon soon following. When the morning brids woke Ruth she smiled seeing Chthons head on her chest. She ran her fingers through his hair “Chthon” Ruth said softly. “A little longer please”

“alright” They laid there peacefully for two hours then Ruth said “Come on, we cant lay here froever. Just let me get up to write.”

“but laying isn’t enjoyable if I’m not laying with you.”

“we can cuddle at home Chthon” Chthon slowly pushed himself up. “don’t pout Chthon” He sighed “I’m sorry” They both got out of the tent and Chthon went hunting while Ruth started to write. It wasn’t flowing as well as the last time she wrote but she got a decent amount done in the time it took Chthon to kill and cook somthing. After he ate he took the paper and wrote out the rest so they were caught up again. “I really liked all that sweet stuff you wrote. Is that really how you feel and think?”


“get on my back so I can jump up this mountain.”

“You can really do that?”

“It’ll take a few jumps but yep”

Ruth got on and he held her legs tightly. “I hope I’m not hurting you but it would be very bad if you fell off me.”

“It’s ok” It was painful how tight he was holding her but she didn’t want to fall off of him anymore than he wanted her to fall. “you ready?” Ruth held him a little tighter “ready” Chthon leapt up. She felt him jump four times before his grip loosened. “You can get off now.” Ruth dropped “Holy crap” Chthon smiled “I told you”

“i didn’t doubt you but thats amazing. I dont think you’ll ever stop impressing me”

“I hope I never do.” They walked along until they approached the mouth of the cave. Chthon grabbed Ruths hand and walked in. The dragon opened its eyes for a brief moment then shut them again. Chthon grabbed an emerald and they walked out. Ruth had expected they would atleast have to fight the dragon. Ruth had never really seen Chthon fight anything before so now she kind of wanted to to see why even a dragon wouldn’t oppose him. Chthon walked to the side of the mountain and whistled loudly before yelling “Lafyette!” They stood there a few moments before a beautiful gold and brown gryphon came flying and landed behind them. ‘good girl. I need you to carry my fiance and I back to Tresnia but not all the way. I want you to drop me right before the first forest ok?” Lafyette nodded then Chthon picked Ruth up and set her on. Chthon got on behind her and held her tightly again.

The view was amazing as they soared through the sky. Ruth was disappointed when they got close to Tresnia and landed. “can we ride on him again somtime?”

“Of course, just tell me when you want.” Chthon only let Ruth stand long enough for him to get their bag in a good position again and lifted her up. “I can’t wait to show everyone our book”

“I can’t wait to move you into my castle and to tell everyone we’re getting married” Ruth kissed Chthons cheek. “Thank you for this amazing trip.”

“I love you so much Ruth.”

“I love you Chthon” Chthon still didn’t want to ruin this time by asking Ruth to be a demon. He decided to put it off a little longer so if she said no they wouldn’t go home looking sad. He had plenty of years left to ask her to become one so he didn’t see the point in risking ruining the happiness they both felt right now.

~ The End ~

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