Chthon Age 311 Abraxas Age 179

Chapter One

Chthon and Abraxas were playing with the demon hounds outside when Penelope walked up. Chthon and Abraxas each hugged her and asked her what was going on. ‘It’s Paul, I know how you feel about him. He is sort of an ass and I am working on it.”

“He’s more than an ass and I don’t think there’s a thing you can do. You’ve been a wonderful mother. There is simply somthing wrong with Paul.” Penelope frowned and Chthon sighed “I’m sorry, don’t frown please. Tell me what it is about him.”

“Well you know that boy Rowne he always fights with because he likes his girlfriend Drea?”


“Well Rowne broke up with Drea about two months ago and he is beside himself. He has been even harder to deal with because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions for Drea. He thinks she still has feelings for Rowne, which who knows she may since he is the one who left her but I just thought that maybe you could take them on this really amazing trip somwhere to help him win her over. If he was any better at expressing his emotions he probably could get her because I can tell he loves Drea.”

“He’s just emotionally stunted I know…I’ve seen him in action. Does he even want to come? He dislikes me as much as I dislike him.”

“Convince him you can help, you know Ruth would want you to.”

“That’s a dirty card to play” Chthon said with a smile to show he wasn’t angry she used it. “Can you blame a mother for wanting to make sure her son ends up happy?”

“I’ll help him for Ruths sake if he’ll accept it. You told me Drea knows about him and me right?”

“Yeah, she figured it out on her own. She accepted it and wasn’t put off by it atall. Paul was so happy when it didnt ruin their friendship.”

“Drea is a very sweet girl. Bring him to me tomorrow and we’ll have lunch together outside. I’ll discuss with him what we can do to help him woo Drea”

“Thank you grandpa” Penelope said as she hugged him. Chthon smiled “Ruth would want me to so I have no choice now do I?”

“Paul isn’t that bad Chthon” Abraxas chuckled. “Abraxas” Penelope said seriously and he shut his mouth before she grabbed him by the ear. She had quite the grip on her. “Let Abraxas take you home so it isn’t such a long trip.”

“Woudl you mind?”

“Of course not Penelope” Abraxas picked her up and ran away. Chthon sighed. He really wasn’t looking forward to spending time with Paul or helping him get a girl he didn’t deserve. He had met Drea a few times and she seemed like such a sweetheart, much to sweet for a rotten little boy like Paul. He felt bad for the young girl and wondered why Rowne left her. The two had seemed so close which was why Paul always picked fights with Rowne out of jealousy. Chthon waved the hounds off then laid down in the grass to think of romantic things he could do to help his grandson. He sighed then spoke to the sky “What would you suggest Ruth. I’ll do this for you but I don’t know how to make a sweet and loving girl fall in love with an annoying troll”

He heard Nigel laugh so Chthon sat up “I didn’t know you were there.”

“An annoying troll?”

“He is!”

“It’s just funny, you’ve adored every one of your descendants but him you just cant seem to stomach. Can’t blame you though. He has always been a little shit.” Both men chuckled then Nigel asked “what’s going on?” Chthon explained and Nigel said “Hm, that is going to be a tough sell if Drea is as nice as you say. Getting a beauty to fall for a beast is never easy but it can be done. Just think about stuff you…well…uh..never mind”

“You were going to tell me to think of stuff I did for Ruth.”

“Yeah but thats an asshole thing to say. I wasnt thinking”

“No, it’s a good idea. Don’t feel bad for it. You of all people in this castle should never feel bad for a thing. You are the best friend a man could ask for. I owe so much to you” Nigel smiled “just dont depress yourself ok? Nobody wants to see you stumbling all over the castle with your hallucinations.”

“I wont, it was a good idea Nigel. I can handle it. I’ll be a grown man and I will not run to alchohol to numb me”

Abraxas stayed when he got to Tresnia so he could spend the night and take Paul tomorrow so Penelope didn’t have to. ¬†Paul got home at dinner from training and asked what Abraxas was doing there his mother explained and Paul sighed “I’m willing to try anything to get Drea to be with me. I’ll even hangout with grandpa. Thanks Abraxas”

“You should thank your mother for requesting our help.”

“Thanks mom”

“Your welcome, I want you to be happy.”

“She’d make me unbelievably happy. I want to be with her so bad.”

“I know baby”

“I’m just glad Rowne was finally dumb enough to leave her. I knew he was an idiot so it was only a matter of time.” Abraxas swallowed what he was eating and said “you shouldn’t be happy the woman you care for got broken up with. It made her sad.”

“Well now I can make her happy. She came right over when he left her and she let me hold her while she cried”


“No bickering boys” Penelope said seeing what was coming. “sorry mom”

“sorry Penelope” They finished eating then Paul hurried to bed. When he was in Penelope thanked Abraxas again “it’s no trouble, Chthon may not like Paul but he loves him and you very much”

“I know”

“Do you know why Rowne left Drea?”

“I have no clue atall. One day they are head over heels the next he doesn’t want anything to do with her. I don’t understand atall and apparently she doesn’t either. Thats¬†the worst part for her. She can’t figure out what happened. His feelings just apparently changed over night”

“That’s just odd”

“well it gives my son a shot at happiness. She’s the only girl he’s ever liked”

“Chthon became really romantic for Ruth. I’m sure he still remembers some of the stuff he did to make her happy”

“Yeah, well goodnight Abraxas. You are welcome to anything if you get hungry or thirsty during the night”

“Thanks Penelope” Abraxas gave her a hug then went to his guest room. An hour before lunch Abraxas got Paul to hop on his back and they took off. Abraxas ran for home as quickly as he could. When they arrived Chthon had lunch set up for the three outside. “I set you a place Abraxas but you dont have to eat out here.”

“Thank dad, I’d love to sit with you two.”

“Good” Chthon was relieved Abraxas was staying. “so you really want my help?”

“I want Drea and I’m willing to be cordial with you to get her to be mine.”

“Cut the attitude from your tone right now little boy. I will only help you if you can be respectful to both me and Abraxas the whole time.”

“Yes sir” It still contained attitude but Chthon could tell he tried to correct it. “wow, you must seriously like Drea” Abraxas said shocked that Paul even tried to be polite. “I do, she’s all I think about.”

“do you have any ideas?” Chthon asked “no sir I dont.”

“well then I want to recreate a date i took Ruth on while she was alive. She enjoyed it very much so hopefully Drea will too.”

“When can we go?”

“I’m going to go back to the village and get your mother to ask her parents if she can take you two on a camping trip for a few days. I’ll have her stay in my castle so that they will think she’s really off with you and your mother even though shes really off with you, me and Abraxas.” Pauls eyes lit up “Lets go then, can we start today?”

“Sure, if she can leave tonight. Your mom also needs to agree. Let me go upstairs and pack incase she says yes” Chthon went in and Abraxas couldnt help but laugh at how excited Paul was. “You’re always so serious. This is crazy to see.” Paul wanted to snap at Abraxas for teasing him but decided against it out of fear of Chthon not being willing to help any longer. He wanted Drea more than he ever wanted anything. She was the only person he ever felt happy around. When Chthon came out Paul got on Abraxas’s back and they took off. Paul had Abraxas put him down when they arrived incase Drea was around to see.

They went to Pauls, Penelops and Dereks house and went in. “hey boys, back so soon?” Chthon explained the plan and Penelope thought it was a perfect idea. “I’ll go ask Dreas parents, do you want to come Paul?”

“Of course” Paul said in a jubilant tone that made both Chthon and Abraxas make a shocked face as they walked out. Chthon and Abraxas were at a loss for words at Pauls behaviour. “I didn’t know it was possible for Paul to smile” Abraxas said then Chthon laughed “There’s no end to the poweres of a good woman” They waited patiently and soon heard Paul and Drea chatting. They all walked in and Penelope explained to Drea what was really going on. “That sounds fun. I always like seeing Chthon and Abraxas” Drea walked over and hugged them both. “My husband is upstairs napping. I’ll let him know whats going on.” Chthon nodded and Penelope ran up. She came back down and said “alright, lets go”

Abraxas cradled Drea while Paul got on his back. Chthon picked up Penelope and they began to run off. They didn’t stop until they were in front of Chthons castle. “Please make yourself at home Penelope.”

“I will, you four have fun” Abraxas let both teenagers get down and begin to walk. Chthon asked “So Drea, How old are you?”


“So the same age as Paul then.”

“Yeah, we’re only two months apart”

“For this trip Abraxas and I are just here to guide you and keep you safe. Just pretend it’s you and Paul” Drea was confused by that but said “Ok” She turned and smiled at Paul almost making a blush creep up his neck which made Chthon smile. “How’s training been going Paul?”

“Good, nothing really exciting yet. How about yours?”

“Same, they wont let me do very much yet.”

“I bet you’re amazing at what your teacher lets you do”

“I try, she says shes proud of me.”

“what happened to your arm?”


“It’s bruised”

“I don’t know.” That answer was a lie and Chthon wondered why Drea would have any reason to lie about a bruise. He let it go even though how she answered bothered him. They came out into a small clearing where you could see massive mountains in the distance. Chthon called out saying a few words Drea didn’t understand then names. Soon two dark green dragons came flying with three babies. One was purple, one was blue and the other was green like their parents. Drea got scared but Paul grabbed her hand. “They wont hurt us with my grandpa here. He called them for you to see. The big ones will even fly with us. Want to fly with me?”

“what if we fall?”

“The dragons wont let us fall. They are too scared of my grandpa” Chthon and Abraxas smiled. “is it really ok?” She turned to Chthon. He nodded then she said “alright, I’d love to fly with you Paul. Paul kept Dreas hand as he guided her to the female dragon. DRea got on first then Paul wrapped his arms around her waist. “You ready Drea?”

“Mhm” Chthon spoke to the dragon for a second then it took off into the air. Drea laid back into Paul while he held her tightly. She was nervous but she enjoyed how amazing everything looked. “are you having fun?” He asked softly into her ear. “Yes, thank you for letting me come out here with you guys”

“I really like you Drea”

“I really like you too” Drea said obviously not realizing how he meant it. When the dragon turned around Paul sighed knowing it was returning to Chthon and he wouldn’t be holding Drea soon. He held her a little tighter to him as he rested his head on hers. They landed and Abraxas helped the two down. “That was so much fun. Thank you Chthon!” Drea said as she ran and hugged him. “You can play with their babies now.’ She smiled then went back to Paul who the babies were surrounding because they had met him before.The purple one seemed to especially like Drea. Paul just liked seeing how happy she looked with them. They stayed until the sun began to set “lets find some food and a place to sleep guys” Chthon said. The dragons flew away and they walked on. When they found a nice area to sleep Abraxas spoke “we’ll be back you two. Don’t go anywhere”

“we wont” Drea answered sweetly. Paul smiled and took her hand again which made him and Drea blush. She was wondering why he had been so touchy with her. She wondered with how set she had always been on Rowne if she didn’t notice until now that Paul liked her as more than a friend because thats what it was seeming like since Rowne left her. Drea still felt incredibly sad and lost. She loved Rowne with every bit of her and she thought he felt the same but then one day turned around and threw her away. She could still hear in her head how cold he had been when he broke up with her. She frowned making Paul look at her with concern but he didn’t ask.

Drea decided that if Paul did like her he deserved a chance. She had to move on somtime and from how Rowne acted when he left her she knew he was never going to change his mind. He made it abundantly clear just how much he didn’t like her any longer. He wasn’t even willing to be her friend anymore which only added salt to her wound. She wished she knew what she did to make his feelings change so drastically. Drea ended up laying her head on Pauls shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her then gave her a gentle kiss on the head.

Chthon and Abraxas smiled when they came back to see the two like that. They stayed like that until the food was ready. “what did you think about flying?” Chthon asked to make conversation since he knew Paul wasn’t very good at talking. “I loved it so much. I want to do it again somtime”

“Paul would love to fly with you again in the future, wouldn’t you Paul?”

“Mhm, anytime. Just tell me” Drea smiled at him making his heart stutter. When dinner was done they put out the fire then all laid down. It was a little chilly and Chthon cleared his throat “You know it’s going to get pretty cold tonight. You and Drea should probably cuddle while you sleep Paul.” Paul went into a deep blush which almost made Abraxas laugh. Paul looked over at Drea and she said “I’ll cuddle if you want to Paul” Paul smiled and said “It’s probably a good idea so you don’t get cold out here.”

Chapter Two

Drea could hear Pauls heart slamming into his chest as she laid close to him.¬†“He really does like me and I never noticed it all this time.”¬†Drea thought to herself. She thought it was sort of sweet. A lot of things now made sense to her. Especially how touchy he was with Rowne. Paul was easy to stir regardless but Rowne breathing seemed to piss him off. Now she understood“He was so mean to my boyfriend because he was jealous of him. He brought all those random gifts to me because it was the only way he could show he cared.”¬†A lot of things ran through her head as she laid there. Drea smiled then let herself drift to sleep. Paul was trying to calm down but couldn’t manage it.

He wished he was any better at controlling his emotions. Whatever he felt seemed to always take control and he was powerless to it. He tried and tried until Chthon startled him and put a hand on his head and whispered sleep. Within moments Paul was out. Chthon smiled, he had been listening to his heart pounding faster and faster. He knew the boy was loseing control of his emotions yet again so he helped him rest. While Chthon was by them he decided to find in Dreas memories why she had a bruise on her arm. He gently put a hand on her arm and closed his eyes to move through her memories.

Chthon growled as he pulled out of her head. He gently shook Abraxas who woke quickly “You keep guiding the children. Show them a really good time. I will be back as fast as I can. I hope Dreas father is still out somwhere but if ¬†he isn’t I’ll need you to entertain these two until I return.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Her father thinks its alright to pick on someone who is smaller than him. I’m going to show him how it feels to be bullied simply because someone can do it”

“She got that bruise from her father?”

“Yes now I will be back. I can not wait to handle this.”

“Go give him what he deserves. If you aren’t back by morning I’ll make sure these two still have fun.”

“Thank you son”

“Go on” Chthon nodded then ran off to find Dreas father in Tresnia. He went as fast as he could. Until he was finally at the village. They hadn’t gone too far since they spent so long with the dragons and didn’t leave until after lunch that day. He went to Dreas house then willed everyone inside to go into a deep sleep. Chthon pushed the door open and began to walk upstairs. Dreas mom was sleeping in the bed but he found her father laying on the bathroom floor. Chthon shut the door then silenced the man. Chthon went into his head to look at the past couple months to see what all he deserved payback for when he stumbled upon why Rowne had left Drea.

He saw tears and rage in Rownes eyes as the two men stood before eachother. “I don’t have to stop anything Rowne. As the man of my household I can punish my daughter as I see fit. Any adult or elder would tell you that. If I want to strip her naked, pour water on her and beat her with a whip it’s my right as her father. She’s lucky I dont do that to her since she deserves it. You make her act like a little boy Rowne. It’s disgraceful! She needs to be a lady and I will teach her to be. I’m tired of your shit and filling her head withnonsense. She never once stood up to me before you and it ends Rowne. Right now you hodl Dreas future in your hands. If you choose to remain her boyfriend I will beat her as long as her little body can take it without dieing every night for the rest of her life. She will deserved to be punished if shes stupid enough to be your girl. All you have to do is break up with her tomorrow and I swear I’ll never beat her again. I will still give her a good slap when she needs it but i wont beat her anymore. You can’t be her friend either until she has a new boyfriend you understand? So whats it going to be Rowne? You going to have me beating her as close to death as I can get her every night or will you walk away and I’ll never do it again”

Rowne stood there with his mouth gaping open. The angry tears now turned to those of sorrow. Rowne hung his head “You really wont hurt her anymore if I quit being her boyfriend?”

“Yes, this is a one time offer and if I see you two paling around before she’s taken by another man its off and I just may beat her until she dies. I will go unpunished since I gace her life, I’m allowed to take it away.”

“How can you be such a monster?”

“She’s just a woman Rowne”

“You’re a monster”

“Think what you will Rowne, do we have a deal?”


“Good, I expect you to break up with her tomorrow. If she’s still with you by dinner time I will beat her right then and there.” Chthon was crying himself as he pulled out of this mans head. He wanted to murder Dreas father right there. Chthon temporarily blinded the man and locked him in his own body before waking him and whispering “I’m going to teach you what it feels like to be helpless to a monster beating you. If I hear of you touching that little girl again I will come back and you wont live the second time.” Chthon wailed on him until he heard his heart beat slow. Chthon stopped then spoke again “remember this the next time you feel like picking on Drea” Chthon unlocked him and left.

Chthon was still seething as he returned. It wasn’t long until morning and he wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep anyway. He hoped Dreas father suffered a long time on that floor before his wife woke up and helped him. Chthon only let him live because he was still Dreas dad. Hopefully he would behave and he wouldn’t have to go back and kill him. Chthon wasn’t going to tell Paul and or his mother why Rowne had left Drea but Chthon thought a lot of him now. He wished he could show his face in the village and get to know Rowne but he would jeopardize his familys life among the humans. Drea woke first and gently pulled herself out of Pauls arm “Morning Chthon” she whispered with a smile “good morning. Any preference for breakfast?”

“No, but thanks for asking”

“Could I hug you?” Drea nodded then walked over to him. She gave him a tight hug then they parted “let me find us somthing to eat. You should wake Paul. He’d love to sit with you.”

“He likes me doesn’t he?”

“Yes he does, he just hasn’t been able to express it.”

“I know, he has never been good at expressing his emotions like he wants to.”

“Well what we’re doing now he asked us to do to help him win you over.” Drea giggled “It’s sweet you guys decided to help him out.”

“well I’m getting breakfast. Go wake up Paul.” Drea stood there as Chthon ran off. She needed to get over Rowne and what better way than to fall in love again. Paul obviously really cared for her and they could probably have somthing special if she gave him the chance to fix the heart that was laying in pieces inside of her. Atleast she knew her father would approve of him. Drea rubbed Pauls arm “wake up sleepy head” Pauls eyes were heavy but he forced them open. He sat up quickly “morning Drea”

“Morning, Chthon went to get food”

“Did you sleep well Drea?” She nodded and Paul smiled “can we sleep like that the whole time we’re out here?” She smiled brightly then nodded again. Paul felt himself getting frustrated as he became more nervous. “are you ok Paul?”


“say what’s on your mind before you get all upset on me. Don’t bottle it up” Paul suddenly blurted ‘will you be my girlfriend?”

“Of course I will” Pauls face lit up and he pulled her in for a kiss. It didn’t feel quite like it did when Rowne kissed her but she decided right then that she wouldn’t allow herself to compare Paul to Rowne. They were two different men and it wasn’t fair to do that. She knew that once she could push Rowne out of her mind that being with Paul was going to be amazing. He had been a pretty good friend even though he had a temper almost as short as her fathers but she figured thats how all men were. Rowne was the exception and she chased him off so now she just had to go with what every other man was. Paul just couldn’t believe he was finally kissing Drea. He had finally gotten her and it was thanks to the grandfather that he hated. He hoped he didn’t have to thank him again for his help but he would if it was needed.

When Chthon came back Drea pulled away from Paul in embaresment. Chthon smiled then began to prepare and cook the food. “Get up Abraxas!” Chthon called to his son. Abraxas sat up almost instantly. Chthon was aware he had only been giving the two their privacy so he decided to let Abraxas know their moment was done. They ate then Paul took Dreas hand happily. ¬†She loved seeing him so cheerful. He had always been such a serious boy. Chthon just watched them out of the corner of his eye and couldn’t help but think how adorable love among children is. He wondered if he should tell Drea why Rowne left her. He was tempted to do it but he knew Penelope would be angry and think it was just out of spite for Paul.

Who knows, it may be but Pasul didn’t deserve such a sweet girl and she didn’t deserve to be with such an ass after dealing with her father. Chthon sighed then thought he sholdnt be so harsh about Paul. Ruth would be very dissapointed in him if she could hear his thoughts right now. He could almost hear her saying “People can change, especially children.” She’d want him to leave the situation alone and allow their grandson to be happy. He wished she was there to really tell him what she thought and discuss it. He frowned and Abraxas coudl tell Chthon was thinking about Ruth. “Dad”


“Why don’t you tell them about that monster we defeated a few months ago” Abraxas suggested to get his mind on somthing else. “want to hear it?” “yes” Drea said excitedly.

Chthon recounted the story to a very interested Drea. He kept telling her stories about his life until they arrived at a very large oak tree. “I’m going to take you to another world but promise me you will not stray from us. Not even for a second. In other worlds I am not as well known so you are not as safe. i also don’t know the land as well. Please Drea stay by our side and don’t stray. I will hate myself if harm befalls you and Paul will be an annoying little” Before Chthon could finish Abraxas swatted his head to shut his father up. Chthon smiled “thanks son” Drea kissed Pauls cheek since she saw how angry he got at Chthon. “I promise I wotn go off. Pauls hand seems super glued to mind anyway so I’ll atleast be with him.” Chthon smiled alright but for right now your hands will have to be unglued. I’m going to hold you and Abraxas is going to hold Paul to make sure you arrive safely and in the same spot as us.

Drea let go of Pauls hand and Chthon held her. When Abraxas had Paul Chthon stepped through the portal then Abraxas followed. Paul got out of Abraxas’s arms the second he could. He did not want Drea seeing him being carried by another man. Abraxas rolled his eyes then Chthon gently set Drea down. Paul quickly reclaimed her hand inspiring her to give him another kiss on the cheek. Drea looked around in amazement at the world before her. The sky was pitch black, not a star in sight. All the animals, trees and plants were glowing neon colors. “wow! Is it night time here Chthon?”

“Nope, it’s pitch black all the time. The life forms here dont require sleep so there isn’t much need for a day and night cycle. Everything glows so there isn’t a need for the sun either”

“This is amazing”

“My Ruth loved it too.”


“My dearly departed wife. She died a very long time ago”

“I’m sorry”

“Not as sorry as I. For whatever reason she didn’t covet eternal life with me. I must have failed her somhow.” Suddenly Paul pulled on Dreas hand because he wanted to go see some animals up close. Abraxas and Chthon followed closely. As he watched Drea and Paul interact with one of the animals Chthons head got fuzzy so he grabbed his head. He turned to Abraxas too who was also holding his head. Before Chthon could do anything all four were unconscious. Chthon woke with only Abraxas at his side. His eyes grew wide and he violently shook his son. Abraxas sat up and looked around “where’s Drea and Paul!”

“Somthing took them!”

“How did it make us pass out. There isnt any demonic sleep magic that works on us”

“In our world.” Chthon said solemly. “o my god” Abraxas said as his heart picked up the pace in his chest. “I will get them back. Lets follow their scent. If their scent breaks off into two paths you follow Pauls and I’ll follow Dreas”

“Yes sir” Abraxas said then they both took off. Just as Chthon feared the children were separated. They both split instantly since they had already locke don to the separate scents. They hadn’t agreed where to meet but Chthon knew Abraxas would just follow his scent if he saved Paul before he saved Drea. The neon colors zooming by made Chthon slightly dizzy but he kept his fast pace. He would have never come to this world if he had known it possessed sleeping magic that actually worked on him. After this he would never come back again with humans. He probably wouldn’t come again in general. Chthon was glad that somthing like this didn’t happen when he brought Ruth.

Chapter Three

Drea was woken to a creature feeling her. She jumped away and the man chuckled “don’t be afraid small creature. You make me curious.” His eyes swirled and were a soft blue. His skin seemed to move. It was a mixture of orange and yellow. He was such an interesting sight that she was curious about him aswell. His body shape was that of a troll in her world. “Your eyes travel me. Are there no creatures like me where you’re from. I saw you and those large creatures along with the other small one come in through the sky. How did you do this small creature?”

“My name is Drea. I’m a human and no, there’s nothing like you in our world. The large creature named Chthon is a demon and he used a portal to get here. All worlds are linked. You just need to know how to use the links.”

“Interesting, I’ve never heard the term demon. Nor have I heard of humans. very interesting, you seem to be a female. Am I correct Drea?”

“Yes, are you a male” He smiled “yes I am, I’m glad you could tell.”

“Do you have a family?”

“A family?”

“You know, a mate, children?”

“Oh, no I don’t. We call them pranza here.”

“We could learn a lot more about eachother but I’d rather be with Chthon, Abraxas and Paul again”

“Spend some time with me please? I promise I’ll return you to them.” He lied. Drea looked nervously at the door wondering how fast this creature was. “Why did you make us all pass out?”

“My friend Limop did that sweetie. He can make any creatures pass out. He was with me when we saw you coem into our world. We were both curious and wanted to take you small ones from the big ones. The big ones auras felt very menacing. The two of you seemed ok enough. I didn’t like Paul so I took you because he didn’t care which one he got.”

“They wont hurt you, please take me back to them.”

“I will later, come on. Just stay here and we can teach eachother things”

“You really will take me back in a little while?”

“I promised didn’t I?”


“well then I will. Could I touch you? Your skin feels so much better than mine does. I know you’re curious about my skin. I see the way your eyes look at it.” She nodded because she was very curious. She placed a hand on him and laughed, jerking it back. “what is it Drea?”

“Your skin tickles me” He smiled “Your skin relaxs me. I was sad when you woke up and moved away” His skin still slightly tickled her but she tried to stay still until he almost touched her breasts. She pushed him away quickly. “what?”

“You can’t touch me there”


“It’s a private area. You can’t just go feeling me up.”

“what do you mate with?”

“Excuse me?”

“When a man wants to make you his how do you humans do it?” Drea went blood red and he laughed He took off the cloth that had been covering him and said “Us male Mulfiks use this and insert it between a females legs. Is your chest where you mate? Is that why you dont want me to touch there?” Drea shook her head “no, when it comes to mating we’re the same I guess. Do females not have boobs here?”

“No, I like boobs though”

“Don’t touch them.”

“I wont, I did not understand that wasn’t ok. There aren’t humans and demons here. No type of female I’ve ever seen has had a chest like yours.”

“will you please just cover yourself again.”

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure you understood what I was asking since some thigns are different between our worlds.”

“A lot os different”

“Atleast not so much that we cant communicate Drea. I love how that name sounds.”

“What’s your name?”

“Bagewhist, It’s a common name here”

“I’ve never heard it in my world. I really want to go back to my boyfriend and his relatives.”

“Boyfriend? relatives?”

“well I guess my mate and his pranza.”

“So you’ve mated before?”

“He hasn’t stuck anything in me but we have kissed and he is my mate”

“here the only way to be a mate is to perform mating”

“In my world you can just be dating.” Bagewhist sighed “so many words that are different”

“Can i go back now?”

“stop asking”


“Why do you have to ruin this. We’re having a nice conversation aren’t we?”

“I want to have it around people I know.”

“I only just got you. You’re staying. Besides I want to see what its like to mate with a human female”

“I dont want to mate with you. I have a mate.”

“He hasnt claimed you yet so here you are not mates. You said yourself he hasnt put himself inside of you.”

“That doesnt matter in Barense.”

“It matters here. I caught you and you’re mine Drea” Drea electrocuted him and he screamed. She ran for his door and out into the unknown. Anywhere was better than in that strange mans house. She just kept running, she wished she knew how to find Chthon. Drea knew demons had strong noses so he would find her. Every creature that moved scared Drea now. She was afraid of being taken to another strange creatures house and another may not be as friendly as Bagewhist. She began to scream Chthons name. He had amplified his hearing all the way up so it reached him. He took off even faster. Paul woke to the sound of chopping. He was tied up on the floor “what’re you doing with me?”

“I want to see what a creature like you tastes like. I’m making a meal out of you.”

“No you’re not” Paul began to struggle but it was no use. He got more and more frustrated until he finally broke the ropes “how’d you do that!?”

“I have demon in my veins. I know how to summon my demon blood and use it to help me”

“Demon? What’s a demon?” Without answering Paul tried to run for the door but a purple neon roped wrapped around his waist and jerked him back. Paul looked at the monster, the rope was coming out of his finger. “you can not brake this one small creature” Just then Abraxas burst through the door and had his hand around its neck in an instant. He crushed the creatures throat and the rope dissapeared. “Thank goodness” Abraxas said then Paul asked ‘where is Drea?”

“Chthon is looking for her. A different creature must have taken her.” Pauls heart beat fearfully, he worried somthing may be trying to eat her too.

She felt Bagewhist chasing until a red neon rope went around her staomch and he started to drag her back. “No!” She screamed and then suddenly the pulling stopped. Chthon had tackled him and pulled his intestines out before slamming his fist into Bagewhists face a few times. He threw the dead creatures intestines down and walked over to Drea “you ok?”

“I am now, thank you”

“Let me find a place to rinse my hand and then I want to carry you out of here” Drea nodded and followed Chthon until they found a river. Chthon stuck is hands in and scrubbed. Once the blood was gone he lifted Drea “I’m sorry for brinigng you here. I didn’t know the creatures here were capable of using sleep magic on me. This is the first time in my life it’s worked.”

“don’t be sorry, this place was amazing until I realized Bagewhist wanted to mate with me”

“Men are always thinking about sex huh?” Drea giggled “almost all men.”


“Well when I dated Rowne he wanted to wait until we were married.”

“You talked about marriage?”

“Yeah, he told me on our third date he wanted to marry me when we were old enough” Chthon frowned then Drea said “don’t frown, I’m ok. Life moves on and I think I can be very happy with Paul”

“Really?” Drea nodded and Chthon gave her a small smile. They walked until Chthon found Abraxas’s scent. “I’m going to run now. Let me know if I’m too fast. I dont want to make you ill because you aren’t used to the speed”

“I will” Chthon ran until he met up with Paul and Abraxas. Chthon set Drea down so Paul could hug her. Paul hugged her way too hard but she couldn’t speak to say so. He pulled back only enough to kiss her. They kept kissing until Chthon said “I want to get the two of you out of here now.” Abraxas picked up Paul while Chthon reclaimed Drea. They ran for the portal and passed through quickly. It was night in their world so they quickly walked away from the portal and found a nice spot to sleep. “You two must be hungry, I’ll hunt us somthing.” Chthon said standing. Paul had a tight hold on Drea as she sat between his legs.

Paul kept giving Drea kisses on the top of her head “I’m fine Paul”

“I was just so scared. The one that had me wanted to eat me. What did the monster that had you want?”

“For a mate apparently”

“did he do anything to you?’

“I didn’t let him”

“I’m so glad you could defend yourself”

“Me too, I was freaked out when i realized what he wanted” Chthon soon came back and cooked. When the food was done Paul didn’t want to let her go. “Please eat Paul” He sighed then released her so Chthon could hand him his portion. They all ate then settled down to rest. Chthons mind was too busy to sleep but he still laid down. He was debating again if he should tell Drea why Rowne left her. He just didn’t know which was the right way to go about things or if his thoughts were being influenced by the fact he didn’t like Paul. He knew if Ruth were here she would know what he should do but the fact remained she wasn’t and he would never have her again to help him see the right path to take. Chthon just eventually decided that when in doubt to just butt out.

He looked over at Paul and Drea. Paul was wrapped around her. Chthon imagined laying like that with Ruth. He flipped through memories of them cuddling until he began to cry. It was getting worse and worse so he walked away. Chthon didn’t want his cries for Ruth to wake the children who needed rest after such a scare. He hated the world for creating beings that didn’t live forever. Ruth should have never died and it was the earths fault for not making her life span unlimited like his. He stomped on the ground and uprooted a few trees in his anger until suddenly he felt his sons hand on his shoulder.

Chthon began crying again and Abraxas just held him “I know dad, I’m so sorry”

“I miss her so much”

“I know” The two men just stood there until Chthon managed to stop crying “thank you son, I’m sorry you ahve to be there for me more than I am for you.”

“Don’t mention it dad. I don’t mind. You’re a good father even though you dont see it”

“I’m not as good as I could be”

“just come back and we will all go to sleep” Chthon nodded and walked with his son back to Drea and Paul. Chthon smiled at the tight grip Paul still had on Drea. His mother was obviously right about him loving her. He was surprised the little snot was capable of love. Chthon settled down and allowed sleep to take him. It wasn’t very hard since he had worn himself out with crying and uprooting things.

When morning came Paul woke first and kissed Drea awake. She slowly began to kiss back and he smiled “Good morning”

“Morning Paul” He slid a finger slowly down her cheek. “I love you” Drea didn’t want to lie and say she loved him too but knew how badly it would wound him if she didn’t respond with I love you too so she smiled and said “I love you too” as sincerely as possible. One day it would be true so she may as well say it now. Paul kissed her again until Abraxas cleared his throat. Paul groaned, angry at the interuption. He got off of Drea and sat up “I’m going to catch breakfast, try not to be having sex when I get back” Drea blushed and Paul grunted angrily again. Drea looked over at him “don’t be angry Paul”

“My family are such assholes”

“They are very nice, don’t over react. he was teasing” Paul sighed “alright” he grabbed her hand tightly and sat his head on his knees. After they are they decided to just go home where it was safe. They went to Chthons castle to meet Penelope. “why back so soon?”

“A little too much adventure but as you can see these two small love birds are together now” Penelope hugged Drea “I’m so happy, my little boy has always wanted to be with you” Drea smiled then Nigel helped Chthon and Abraxas get them back to Tresnia. Instead of running Chthon decided to walk home. He told Abraxas to run but he refused. “dad, what did you see that upset you so bad when you looked in Dreas dad head?”

“I saw why Rowne left her and I struggled with how I should handle the situation” Chthon explained and Abraxas said ‘it’s not your place to butt in. Let Paul be happy, Rowne and Drea will move on to live happy lives.”

“I hope so, I truly hope I made the right choice in not telling her”

~ The End ~

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