Chthon Age 45 Ruth Age 37

Chapter One

Ruth and Chthon were horsing around in the lands between with their fifteen year old daughter Lucy, their fourteen year old son Nero and their twelve year old Noah. The children were excited about their vacation in Holvincora the next day. Nigel was coming along too with one of his sons Wexsel. They’d have to pass through a dimension¬†but that world was so near theirs it wouldn’t be very hard to pass them all through safely. Just as they entered the castle to get Nigel and his son a woman came running up to them crying. “Are you Chthon?”

“Yes mam”

“There’s a very large village, about a three hour run for someone of our kind from here. There’s a horde of demons destroying everything and raping every woman they can get their hands on. You need to come and put a stop to it. If they are all even still standing. The demons have shackled almost all the girls in the village and wont let them go. Many men have died trying to save them. Please help Chthon. You’re the only one I can think to turn to. My friend Bella is one they have captured and are torturing. You can’t let them rape my friend and eventually kill her.”

Chthon sighed and Ruth grabbed his shoulder “go, I’m sure Nigel and Wexsel will be happy to escort us on our own. Aren’t we fine without daddy kids?”

“Yeah dad! Go be a hero like always!” Noah said proudly and Lucy clapped saying “go daddy!” Nero just held onto his mothers pants not saying anything. “alright I go but you and the kids be careful. Don’t leave Nigels and Wexsels sight. I promise we’ll take a trip together after this is handled.” Ruth kissed Chthon “you do amazing things, no more chatter and help those people” Chthon hugged Ruth then his children before running off with the demon woman who had beseeched his help.

They found Nigel and his son eating in the dining hall. Nigel stood and walked over when he saw Ruth and the children. “so that woman found Chthon?”

“Yeah, he wont be coming. You two still want to go?”

“Of course we do. Sit and eat then we will go to Tresnia since the way to that demention is near there.”

“alright, sit down children.” They all ate, chattering happily with the other people in the dining hall. When everybody was full they walked out of the castle then Nigel picked Ruth up so they could run back. The kids were already very fast so Nigel and Wexsel wouldn’t have to run too much slower than they were used to for them to keep up. When they arrived in their home Noah grabbed his mothers hand and asked “Since dad isn’t coming any more can I stay here with grandma and grandpa so I can hangout with Alice.” Nero laughed then taunted Noah. “shut up Nero! You’re just jealous because you don’t have a girlfriend!” Nero started to taunt again when Ruth said “that’s not nice Nero. Noah you can stay. With your father not coming it’s not a family vacation anymore anyway. Let me take you over now since we are all leaving right after breakfast. You better mind them though. They will tell me if you give them any grief and always remember that they can’t know about us.”

“Yes mam! I’ll go pack my bag!” Noah bolted up the stairs. He hadn’t wanted to go atall and was glad to have a way out so he didn’t have to leave Alice. Noah had only just gotten the courage to ask her out last week. She had been his closest friend since he was seven and she was eight. Since the two were so young Chthon didn’t see the need for Noah to tell Alice he was a demon just yet but he intended to make the boy if they were still together when Noah was eighteen. After Noah had his things collected Ruth spoke “while I’m gone help Nigel and Wexsel get situated Lucy.”

“Yes mam” Ruth left and Lucy gace Nigel a pillow and blanket for the couch then showed Wexsel to their only guest bedroom for the night.” Lucy made Nero brush his teeth then took care of her own before they settled in Lucys room to wait on their mother to read to them. When Ruth came back she grabbed the book she was currently on with the children then was happy to see them all ready for bed and in Lucys room. Nero crawled into his moms lap and Ruth began. She kept going until they finished the book since they had been almost done. Nero was sound asleep in his mothers lap. She carefully stood then took him to his room. She tucked him in then kissed his head “I love you Nero” was all Ruth said before going to Lucys room and kissing her head “I love you Lucy”

Ruth went downstairs to see if Nigel had what he needed. She found him passed out so knew he was fine. She then went to check on Wexsel who was staring at the cieling. “need me to read to you too?” Wesel chuckled “no mam. I’m just thinking. I got into a fight with my girl.”

“Need any advice?”

“I’m fine, but thanks for your concern. We’ll work it out when I get back.”

“Do you want tog o, we’re fine with just Nigel”

“I want the vacation from my girlfriend. I know thats horrible to say but it’s true”

“It’s not horrible if it’s honest. I’m sorry you’re having trouble”

‘Happens, we’re both full blooded demons so we’re bound to clash. Fighting is the demon way.”

“Doesn’t have to be” Wexsel smiled “Night Ruth”

“Goodnight Wexsel” Ruth sadly went to her room. She hated sleeping without Chthon. She laid in bed, tossing and turning until sleep finally claimed her. She had bad dreams about Chthon and those demons but she always did when he’d go help with somthing. She knew how powerful her husband was but it didn’t keep her from worrying about his safety. Especially when he was facing posibly hundreds of demons. She woke feeling like she had barely slept. Ruth woke both her children and told them to get dressed. Ruth went back into her rom and showered to help wake her for the day. Once she was clean she pulled on a sundress and put her hair in a ponytail before checking to make sure the kids really got ready.

They weren’t in their rooms so she went downstairs. “Morning mom! Nigels cooking” Nero proclaimed. “Yeah, I know it’s hard for you to sleep without Chthon so I thought I should cook for everybody.”

“Thank you Nigel”

“Don’t mention it. I would appreciate if you’d get Wexsel out of bed.”

“sure thing” Ruth ran back up the stairs then knocked on Wexsels door. He didn’t answer so she went in and shook him. He growled ferociously making Ruth jump. “Sorry Ruth” he said sitting up quickly “it’s fine, Your father wanted me to wake you”

“I’m really sorry I growled at you”

“I said it was fine, just try not to do it again” He nodded then she left so he could change in privacy. “he’s up”

“why is your heart rate elevated Ruth?”

“He growled when i shook him and it startled me” ¬†Nigel sighed “it’s fine Nigel”

“No, he’s becoming a rude, selfish little snot.”

“He said he was sorry. It’s not like he hurt me”

“Still” Ruth sat down while Nigel finished the hasbrowns and eggs. Wexsel came down as Nigel was serving everybody. When the table was set Nigel walked over to his son and hit him swiftly on the back of the head “Never growl at Ruth do you understand me?!”

“I’m sorry”

“Go sit down” Ruth looked at Wexsel appologeticly and without words he told her to forget about it. They all ate then prepared a small bag of things to take on the trip. Nigel picked up Ruth again “it’ll take us a few hours if you walk Ruth so I’ll carry you”


Chthon was hunting down yet another girl this morning. He killed all the demons in the village but quite a few escaped with girls before Talia could get help from Chthon. He had the villagers describe the demons they saw carrying girls away as well as they could. He was getting them back one by one and still had a lot of girls to go. He was glad his family just left without him. He wanted to be with them badly but knew he was the only demon who would help these girls and no human man could do this job. Chthon was intently following the scent of the woman he was tracking. They had given him one of her shirts so he could deeply inhale her scent off of it. This is the part of helping people Chthon hated the most. He only liked Ruths scent in his nose and it took a long time to fully get the scent of whoever he tracked out.

Chthon sighed as his mind drifted back to his beautiful wife. He grunted then put his attention back on task. The faster he did this, the faster he could be with his love again. He ran as fast as he could, following the womans scent and the demons he picked up that must be carrying her since their scents intertwined. He finally heard crying and the demon laughing. Chthon crept up quietly and saw he was raping her. Chthon decided to drown it and snapped his fingers. The demon released his grip and the girl covered her face and cried. Chthon jumped down and she began to panic. Chthon frowned feeling really bad for her. He thought it was best for her to go to sleep so he made her pass out. Chthon picked her up and ran back to the village.

He handed her to the nearest villager then got another description and somthing to smell. As Chthon ran off he hoped that girl didn’t end up pregnant. He was sure that demon had been raping her since he took her away. Most the girls he found were being tortured but he felt worse for the ones that were being raped and may have to bear a child that wasn’t of love. Nero and Lucy were amazing by this new world they found themselves in. There was no such thing as monsters or humans in Holvincora. Every animal and person were demons. They didn’t even mind that Ruth was human and her children were only half demon.

Chthon chose this place for a fun trip because of this. He wanted a place where they could go and not worry. It was now lunch time and the kids began to complain. “alright you two. We’ll go see my friend Jeramiah. He’ll have his servants prepare you a wonderful meal.”

“He has servants?” Nero asked “He’s the ruler of this world.”

“woah!” Nero said wide eyed. Nigel smiled and picked up Ruth again to run to Jeramiahs castle. They arrived in about a half an hour. They were let in immediately and soon greeted by the king, queen and his son Zeus. Zeus stared at Lucy unwavering or ashamed his eyes were locked on her. Nigel introduced everyone then told Jeramiah the kids were hungry. “I want to eat alone with Lucy, can we have a picnic outside together?”

“Do you mind Ruth?” Jeramiah asked. “do you want to baby?” Ruth asked her daughter “why not.”

“I’m fine since my daughter is”

“splendid. You go outside with her son and the two of you will be set up shortly” Jeramiah said cheerfully. Zeus took Lucys hand and kissed it making her smile and blush. He kept it as he led her outside. Nigel could feel Ruth was hesitant even though she allowed her daughter to go. He’d talk to her about it later if he found the chance. Zeus kept walking until they were surrounded by flowers. Most were types Lucy had never seen. It smelled really beautiful where he stopped “please sit down Lucy.” Lucy sat down and he sat just infront of her. “Your name is almost as pretty as your face. I wish we would have been introduced sooner. How old are you?”


“I’m nineteen. How long will you be in this world?”

“I’m not sure” Zeus smiled then reached out to touch the side of Lucys face “so beautiful” he said softly then leaned in to kiss her. Lucy pushed him back and turned her face. It was beet red and Zeus asked “what’s wrong?”

“What do you mean what’s wrong. I just met you.” Zeus chuckled “but I’m a prince. All women dream of princes don’t they?”

“I don’t care if you’re a prince. I wont kiss a boy I’ve only just met.”

“Please excuse me then Lucy. I am the kings son and as such all the women here would gladly kiss me if I tried. I could have any of them on a whim. I wasn’t aware you weren’t the same.”

“I’m not.” Lucy said still not looking at him. He touched her warm face and moved it so she’d be looking at him “then I’m sorry. Will you let me know when I can kiss you?”

“when?” Zeus chuckled again “oh what a wonderful woman Nigel has brought here. IF you decide I can kiss you will you tell me. I wont try again without your permission beautiful”

“If you try again I’ll leave”

“I won’t, don’t worry. It does make me want to ask you somthing though.”


“Do you think I’m handsome?” Lucy was blushing again “yes but I still don’t kiss boys I’ve only just met”

“It comforts me that you think I’m handsome but I wont try and kiss you.” soon food came out to them and they began to eat. Lucys heart was hammering with how Zeus looked at her. HIs eyes never leaving her face for a second. “why do you stare like that?” She said shakily. “I can’t admire you either?”

“Your eyes havent left me since I got here.”

“Because you are so stunning, the most beautiful work of art that has graced our castle.” Zeus sighed then continued “I’ve never had so many rules with a woman but I dont want you to leave my company so I will try to not let my eyes rest on you. I fear it may be impossible but I will try Lucy. Like I said, I’m not used to not having any girl I want”

Chapter Two

After lunch Jeramiah wanted to show Ruth and Nero around the castle. “we should get lucy and Zeus first right?”

“Oh no, my sons entertaining her. If she wishes to return to you he will guide her your way. Come now, let me show you my amazing home. I bet it’s better than your husbands.” Ruth followed. She didn’t know why the thought of Lucy being around Zeus gave her such an aweful and foreboding¬†feeling. Ruth shook it out knowing she had no reason not to trust the young man. Afterall these were people that Nigel considered friends. When Lucy finished she said “are we going to find my mother now?”

‘Am I that horrible to be around Lucy?”

“I didn’t mean it like that”

“well then would you let me show you some things?”


“May I please take your hand? Have I been good enough to earn holding that dainty hand of yours?” Lucy was blushing again and wished she could stop. “sure” she had never met a man so bold but this was her first time meeting a prince. It wasn’t fair he was so handsome. She didn’t want to be some mindless twat falling all over herself because a prince was near. Not that her attraction had anything to do with that but it was still the principle to Lucy. They had just met. He took her hand when she was standing and walked at her side. She could see him occasionally looking over at her in the corner of his eyes.They walked until up ahead everything was rainbow colored. The trees leaves were each a different color and so was every flower petal. Even the ground resembled a rainbow. Soon she was surrounded in a bright plethora of colors. She couldn’t help but be awed by it. Zeus smiled “this is why I can’t keep my eyes off you Lucy. You are as amazing to me as this place is to you.”

Lucys eyes met his and they both were frozen. Zeus slowly walked over and framed her face with his hands. “Can’t I just get one kiss? I’ve never wanted a kiss more” Lucy swallowed he looked almost too attractive to resist but she wanted to. Zeus sighed and let her face go “I apologize. I said I’d wait for you but our eyes meeting made me forget my word. I’ll take you back to your mother if you wish”

“You don’t have to do that Zeus”

“I don’t?’

“No, can we stay here longer?”

“We can stay here as long as you want Lucy” Lucy eventually got tired and sat down. Zeus sat at her side, still keeping her hand. “you aren’t tired yet of holding my hand?”

“How could any man grow tired of having contact with a woman such as yourself. I’m absolutely captivated by you Lucy. I’m certain you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” Lucy smiled making Zeus smile. “I mean it, you absolutely enthrall me Lucy. You have since you walked in the door and you only grow more appealing as I get to know you. I would die for just one kiss.”

“You can kiss me” Lucy said softly “hm?” Zeus asked. Lucy look at him “you may kiss me but don’t go too crazy.” Zeus gently grabbed her face again then brought their lips together. A genlte moan coming from him making Lucy burn with her blush. Zeus almost couldn’t let her go when she pulled back. Zeus couldn’t find words even though he was normally very smooth. Lucy noticed and said in her breathless voice “The prince finally can’t speak?” He chuckled “You truly are an amazing woman.” he touched his lips. “I’ve…I’ve never felt like this about a girl. I’m not sure what this is Lucy”

“well, write me when you find out if I’m already back in my world.” Zeus’s eyes got wider “but you can’t leave”

“I have to, this isn’t my home.”

“I will give you a room. You’re a grown woman Lucy. Stay, I beg you and I’ve never begged in my life”

“But my family is in my world”

‘They coudl visit you. Please Lucy”

“I don’t know, I’ve only known you today.”

“Can I ask you again when it’s time for you to leave?”

“I guess but please quit pressuring me now.”

“I will, may I hold you in my lap and give you another kiss Lucy?” Lucy nodded and he quickly picked her up and situated Lucy in his lap before locking their lips again. Witht his kiss he was a bit more daring and slid his tongue in. Lucy almost pushed him away but found herself unable to. Thirty minuets passed and they were still kissing. The two had become lost in it and unaware of the passage of time. Lucy finally pushed him back. He looked into her eyes making her even weaker than the kiss did.

“That was earth shattering Lucy. Thank you.” Zeus chuckled at his words making Lucy ask “what?”

“I’ve just never said thank you before. You are the first person to make me say it. I hope you enjoyed kissing me as much as I enjoyed kissing you.”

“I think I did.”

“Oh you think? Maybe we should start again so we can be sure.” Lucy shook her head. “why not?”

“Kissing leads to other things.”

“It doesn’t always have to. I am content with kissing. Hell, I’m ecstatic with kissing. You have the most supple lips mine have ever been pressed against.” Lucy got out of his lap and stood. He did the same then asked “am I…well…a girl like you…ugh am I your boyfriend now that we’ve kissed?” Lucy froze until Zeus asked “have you ever had a boyfriend Luce? am I the first man you’ve kissed?”

“Nu…no! I’ve kissed boys before but I haven’t had a boyfriend”

“I see, that’s why you’re so nervous.”

“you come on strong too”

“well, I’m a man who says what he thinks and is used to having whatever pleases him. You are the first woman who wasn’t instantly mine which isn’t fair being you’re the one I have desired the most. You are different and it makes me want you even more. I hope you’ll consider being my girlfriend. It wouldn’t mean you need to live here. I could always go home with you.”

“why would you do that? You wouldn’t be a prince there. People wouldn’t do your bidding.”

“You are worth walking away from how I’m treated here.”

“You haven’t known me 24 hours”

“I know, it’s crazy but you have cast a spell on me Lucy. If you refuse me I will beg like a dog and try until I change your mind. I will follow you wherever you run to and beg for your hand.” Lucy sighed “You lay it on thick”

“Thick with truth” Zeus smiled and Lucy giggled “you’re so corny!” Zeus chuckled then said “now look what you’ve done Lucy. That laughter is another thing I’m captivated by. You must be mine. What can I do?”

“Give me time”

“Time it is. Want to return to the castle? I can show you around.”

“That sounds great.”

“Could I have the privilege of carrying you?”

“I can walk, I’d like it if you held my hand though”

“If that’s what I can have I’ll gladly take it” Zeus took Lucy from room to room trying to wow her with his castle and everything he owned. “If you were my princess you could have anything you wanted. The servants would all do your bidding Lucy.”

“I wouldn’t make them. Why should they serve you or me?” Zeus laughed “well I’m a prince and as my girlfriend I would tell them to serve you too.”

“You didn’t work for your title, you were born into it so what makes you so special” She had Zeus at a loss for words. He finally decided on somthing to say “regardless if you’d agree to let me love you this castle would be yours, you could have anything your heart desires. If you can dream it I can make it happen.”

“You should try winning me by your own merit and stop trying to bribe me.” She had Zeus chuckling again “You really are somthing else Lucy. Not the average girl I meet atall. You need to stop making me want you more.” Lucy smiled at him. He was really nice and she enjoyed being around him even though he seemed to be a bit full of himself. She was sure it was only from growing up the way he had. How could sombody not be full of themselves when they were raised getting their way all the time. She hoped that maybe she could bring Zeus down to earth or atleast get him in the same orbit. When dinner came Zeus wanted to eat alone again but Lucy wanted to see her mother so he agreed to meet everybody in the dining hall.

Ruth ran to her daughter and gave her a tight hug when she walked in. “hey mom, did you have fun today?”

“Yes, how about you? Was Zeus nice?”

“Yes, I like him a lot” Zeus smiled and stayed standing. He wanted to sit wherever Lucy decided to and feared she may not sit beside him if he sat first. She let go of her mother and took a place at the table. Ruth sat on her left while Zeus sat on her right. Dinner came out and Jeramiah said “so you all are staying here tonight yes? While you’re vacationing here I dont’ want my old friend and new friends camping. What do you say Ruth?”

“what do you think children?”

“That would be fine with me” Lucy answered. Nero said “I’m happy anywhere mom and this place is cool.”

“Then we will sleep here nights but we have plans to go places around your world so will only be here in the evening.”

“That’s fine, maybe my family and I can accompany you. My son seems to not be able to pry himself from your daughters side.”

“I see that” Ruth said plainly. She still felt guilty but somthing told her a relationship with Zeus would end in tragedy. It nagged at her but Lucy seemed to be started to reciprocate Zeuss feelings and she knew if she told her teenage daughter not to see him it would only make her like the boy more. It’s just how teenagers work. She also¬†had absolutely no reason to give Lucy as to why it wouldn’t be good to be with him so she wouldn’t feel right stopping her if Lucy decided it was what she wanted. Ruth concentrated on the fact these were Nigels friends and she was probably being over protective since Lucy was her only girl. When night came Jeramiah had the servants show everybody to a guest bedroom. They tried to give Nero his own room but he insisted on staying with his mother. The king gave Lucy the nearest room to Zeus’s he could, seeing how much his son fancied the girl.

As a servant helped Zeus get ready for bed he said “Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as Lucy? She makes the women I have slept with look like trash with the personality of a wall. She is spectacular and you should have heard the way she spoke to me. It’s like I was no greater than she.”

“so you’re serious about her then?”

“She will be my queen. I’ve finally found a woman worthy of my arm and I will have her.”

“If you’ve decided then why are you giving her an option sire?”

“It would be preferrable if she was mine willingly. I’d enjoy her much more. She’s beatiful and I enjoy her candor. If she was my wife by force she wouldn’t speak to me or laugh with me as she does now. I shall win her and hopefully keep her with honey rather than force. She’s worth a bit of real effort anyway. If you were worthy of her company I’d have you meet her to see just how amazing she is but she’s of a scale much higher than yours. I don’t even know why i speak to you.”

“Me neither sir, She does seem to be a lovely girl. I too hope it doesn’t come down to forceful measures. I liked your mother much more before she was broken.”

“It doesn’t appear I will need to break her. I seem to be winning her over. I may leave the castle if I need to.”

“That serious about her?”

“If you had hungout with her and felt what it is like to kiss her you’d understand. She is my queen and I expect everyone around her to make sure she’s tended to.”

“I will tell the other servants. Should I tell your father you’ve decided on a queen?”

“Please do but make sure he knows not to say anything to Nigel or Ruth since Lucy hasn’t agreed. I don’t want trouble”

“Yes sir”

“what was my mother like before my father was forced to break her?”

“It’s hard to describe sir. She was very funny, always making everyone around her laugh. She seems to have lost her sense of humor with her will though”

“That’s precisely why i want to win over Lucy. I want her how she is now.”

“You would be the first king in your line to put in effort and not just take what he wants”

“There’s a first for everything. Lucy is perfect and very much worth whatever I need to do to make her mine willingly. I expect to be woken the second Lucy leaves her room in the morning. If I find out she was awake very much longer than me sombody will lose their life.”

“Yes sir, I’ll make sure somone is keeping an eye on her door.”

“You better, send someone to her after you’ve talked to my father to make sure she’s comfortable in her room.”

“Yes sir, can I be going now?”

“Yes, leave me quickly so I can rest”

Chapter Three

Fulgur knocked on the kings door. “enter” Fulgur opened the door and bowed to the king and queen who were laying in bed. “I’m sorry to disturb you sire but I wanted to inform you your son has picked his queen”

“I knew it the second I saw the look on his face. When’s the wedding?”

“Apparently your son is handling it different than you and the kings before.”

“Close the doors and approach my bed to explain.”

“Yes sir” Fulgur did as he was told then continued “well he wants to try and woo her sir. He thinks so highly of her apparently he wants to try and earn Lucys hand instead of taking it.”

“My son? work for somthing? Does he know how?”

“It amazed me too sir but he wishes you wouldn’t go saying anything to her parents or to Nigel since he isn’t demanding her hand yet. He plans to resort to force if it comes down to his only option but he is apparently willing to do whatever it takes to make her desire him.”

“This should be quite a show. I wish him luck then. I don’t understand the want to work for somthing you don’t have to but I will humor my son. I’m sure if he does have to break her it’ll be easy. He’ll have her as docile and tame as Reyna here in no time huh sweetheart?”

“Mhm” Reyna sounded softly. “Thank you for informing me that my son has finally picked a queen. I’ve been wondering if he ever would. He’s always been such a picky boy”

“You’re welcome sir, his next command is that I send someone to check on Lucy to make sure she’s comfortable tonight. Who would you like me to send?”

“Since she will be my sons wife I only trust her in your hands or Stellas. You two have been around the longest and I trust you two will treat her with all the reverence she deserves as your superior. You make sure every servant knows she’s been chosen by my son.”

“Yes my lord, I will go fetch Stella, inform the servants then retire to my room for the night if you don’t have any commands for me.”

“Do you want anything love?” The kings attention now on his wife “No, I’m alright”

“Then go Fulgur and don’t come to my door again tonight.”

“Yes sir, good night” Fulgur went to the kitchens where he knew Stella would be at this hour. She stood when he entered “Yes?”

“You are to go to Lucys room and make sure she’s comfortable for the night. I need you to have someone watch her door until she comes out and tell our prince straight away. He will kill one of us if he isn’t awoken as quickly as possible. I am also to inform the whole staff our prince has chosen his queen so treat her as such. He is doing things differently than the kings before him so no we are not prepping for a wedding yet. Zeus plans to woo miss Lucy instead of forcing her to marry him so we don’t know when their wedding will be. Do not let Lucys parents or Nigel know of this. Am I understood Stella?”

“I will get busy.” They bowed to eachother then went their separate ways. Lucy wasn’t sleeping in her room when she heard a gentle knock sound at her door. “come in” Stella walked in :good evening miss. I hope I didn’t disturb you.”

“No, I can’t sleep,”

“Can I do anything to help you sleep? I could even wake the prince. He’d be happy to sit with you.”

“Oh no, nothings necessary. My dad is out fighting a lot of demons right now to help a village. I just worry about him even though i know how strong he is. I have a really great dad and I couldn’t go through life without him. I’d also hate to see my mom if he was gone. She’s probably laying awake too.”

“Could I atleast make you a nice cup of herbal tea? It’ll help soothe you.”

“Can i come with you?”

“You can go anywhere in the castle but the kings quarters”

“Then lets go make some tea. Would you sit and talk with me while we drink?” Stella had a completely shocked look on her face making Lucy ask “what is it?”

“I’m sorry miss Lucy but I am just a servant. I’m not accustomed to be asked to have a chat”

“Get used to it while I’m visiting.”

“Then shall we go miss?”

“My names Lucy, please use it?”

“Now that would be impossible mam. The king would punish me severely” Lucy sighed “then lets just go” Stella stood and opened the bedroom doors for Lucy again. Lucy looked in awe around the castle as they walked. She hadn’t let herself look half this impressed while she walked with Zeus. She had been preparing questions for tomorrow while she sat alone in her guest room so she could get to know who he was better. They finally arrived in a very large, beautiful decorated kitchen. “is there any room in this castle that isn’t beautiful?”

“The dungeon”

“Figures, this place is amazing. Even nicer than my fathers castle.”

“Are you a princess where you’re from?”

“No, my dad just built himself a castle” They chatted about her world until the tea was ready then they sat at a small table in the kitchen. They drank in silence except for a content sigh Lucy let out when she was done”

“Even the tea is amazing”

“You ready to go to sleep miss?’

‘Yeah, i don’t want to be sleepy tomorrow”

“Then let me escort you back”

“You have to don’t you?”

“I’ve been instructed to take special care of you so yes mam”

“alright then, lets go. Thanks for talking with me.”

“I enjoyed it very much mam” As soon as the maid was gone Lucy got under the blankets and marveled at how soft the blanket and pillow was. It’s what she imagined laying on a cloud with fluffy bunnies felt like. Lucy hoped her father was coming soon. It must have been a pretty big job for him still not to be there. Before Lucy knew it she had fallen asleep. Chthon was hurrying back to the village with the last girl he needed to find They thanked him and he girls parents offered him a place to rest for the night. “I would greatly appreciate it. I need to build back up my stamina so I can join my family on their trip” The family lead Chthon to their home and had him sit on the couch so they could make him somthing to eat. Chthon didn’t feel like eating but knew he’d get his energy back faster if he ate.

The girl he just brought back was staring doe eyed across the room.Chthon felt so sorry for all these girls. He didnt understand why so many demons felt they could do whatever they wanted with women. Like they were second class to them. It was sickening and still held hope there would come a day when this would stop. It made Chthon think of his boys and how proud he was of the men he was seeing them turn into. He hoped his daughter wouldn’t fall into the hands of a man who would mistreat her. He couldn’t raise whoever her husband would be so he just had to pray his parents raised him correctly and didn’t fill his head with faulty thoughts. The only thing he did know is that if any man dared lay a hand on Lucy in an ill mannered fashion he would pay with his life if Ruth didn’t stop him.

When Lucy woke and sat up in bed she jumped at the sight of Stella “didn’t mean to startle you mam. I just came in when the sun rose so I’d be ready to serve you when you woke”

“I can get myself ready but thank you”

“I’m required to help you miss. I’ll get in trouble if you don’t let me”

“I’ll tell Zeus to back off.”

“Zeus may steady his hand if you said so but not the king. The king keeps a very strict lead. I will be punished if you don’t allow me to assist you miss”

“Can you just sit in here and we can pretend you helped me? I’m a good liar. It’s a skill you have to perfect to get away with things when you have my dad” Stella giggled “alright miss but let me know if I can be of any help to you.”

“well I’m going to get a shower. I’m very confident after my fifteen years of practice I can manage a shower.” Lucy grunted when she finished speaking “what’s wrong miss?” Stella asked concerned “Nigel has my bag of clothes.”

“It’s no matter, I brought you a dress to wear.” Stella stood and held it out. “Hm, that’s ok I guess. Thank you Stella”

“is there somthing you’d prefer me bring you tomorrow miss?”

“A shirt and a cute skirt. Not too short though, I like them to just cover my knees”

“They will be made and brought to you tomorrow. Any color?’

“I can pick the color?”

“Yes mam”

“Hmmmm, black shirt with a black and white skirt please”

“Can i measure you? I took a best guess with that dress.”

“sure.” Lucy stood and took off her clothes then Stella took measurements of Lucys body.”

“There we go, hop in your shower.” Lucy took the dress then went in the bathroom. As soon as she was under the water Stella walked into the hall and summoned one of the servants under her. “yes Stella?”

“Go wake the prince and tell him Lucy is up and taking her shower.”

“Yes mam” The servant said then quickly walked towards the princes room. Stella went back into Lucys room and made her bed before sitting on the small chair she was in before. When Lucy came out she had pulled her dress on but couldn’t zip it. “I do need help with this Stella.”

“Of course mam”

“None of my dresses have zippers”

“I’ll make them without zippers if you don’t like it.”

“You made this?’

“Yes last night?”

“When did you sleep?”

“I didn’t but I will be catching a nap after I’ve left you at the breakfast table. Could I be so bold as to ask you a question Miss Lucy?’


“What is that odd shaped bruise on your left buttcheek?” Lucy giggled “It’s not a bruise, I wouldn’t expect you to know this since humans don’t exsist in your world but humans have things called birth marks. Not all but some humans do. My mother has one and I also got one. Nero has one too but not my brother Noah.”

“oh a birth mark. I found it interesting since it sort of appears to be a teddy bear”

“I know, thats what my mom and I think it resembles too.”

“Thank you for answering. I was feeling brave after how you treated me last night.”

“I don’t think I’m better than you Stella. I like talking to you. Ask me anything. Maybe we can discuss humans tonight”

“That sounds fun. I love learning about different creatures. So your mother is a human?”


“She seems very nice. Our world may be nicer if we had some humans in it too. Lets get going though, the prince will be waiting on us.”

“I still need to brush my hair.”

“Would you like help?’

“No” Lucy went back into the bathroom quickly and brushed her hair. When she came back out Lucy slipped on her shoes then followed Stella out the door. On their way down the hall she soon saw Zeus leaning against his door. “good morning beautiful” Zeus said with a smile as he started walking beside Lucy. “Morning, I didn’t realize my room was so near yours.”

“You’ll have to show me what room my father had prepared for you after we eat”


“Stella, you may leave us now. I have her from here”

“yes sir, I will see you tonight Miss Lucy” Stella bowed then walked away to get some sleep. She was exhausted and would find sombody else to watch Lucys room tonight. The only thing that kept her up last night was not wanting one of her friends to die. All the servants were very close since they were born into the service of the royal bloods. They all knew too well that if the prince or king threatened to kill one of them if somthing didn’t happen they would follow through. They thought nothing of taking one of their lives. “were you comfortable last night?”

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep and Stella made me tea”

“Good, next tiem you should wake me. Stella didn’t suggest it?”

“She did but I told her not to bother you.”

“It wouldn’t have been a bother atall Lucy. Please wake me next time”


“what was keeping you up? Was it anything to do with your room?”

“Not atall, in fact that is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever been in. I would’ve believed I was sleeping on top of a bunch of bunnies” Zeus chuckled “good”

“I just worry about my dad when he’s out fighting stuff.”

“I’ve heard your father is a very powerful demon. You shouldn’t worry about him unless he opposes a demon like me.”

“He could even beat you I’m sure.”

“I can take away a demons powers and make them nothing more than what you call humans in your world.”


“With just a chant and wave of the hand I can take them all away. So no your father couldn’t beat me”

“My dads very intelligent. He’d find away around your demonic magic” Zeus was chuckling again “what an adoring daughter he has. I hope to get you to adore me too. How am I doing on that by the way?”

“My thoughts of you are improving.”

“So I’ve made progress?”

“Yes” Zeus stopped and hugged Lucy. She coudlnt’ help but smile with how much happiness she felt coming off of him. He pulled back from it enough to kiss her making Lucy weak. Zeus smiled against her lips at the reaction he had caused and lifted her into his arms. “You obviously do like my kisses as much as I like yours. You could’ve fallen just now if I hadn’t kept you up.” Lucy blushed and Zeus kissed her head. He carried her into the dining hall and sat her at the table. “Uh oh, does Lucy have a boyfriend now too!” Nero said looking over at his blushing sister. “No I don’t Nero now can it”

“Leave your sister alone Nero” Ruth said. Nero sat and continued to eat. Soon plates were in front of Zeus and Lucy and they ate. “what’re we doing today Nigel?” Nero asked excitedly. “Jeramiah wanted to show you guys Stardust mountain. It’s a very beautiful place. I especially think Lucy will like it” Nigel said grinning at Lucy. The king cleared his throat “I suggested it because of the little lady. I’m sure you will enjoy it too Ruth. It’s regrettable your husband hasn’t arrived. It’s very romantic.”

“How so?” Ruth asked. The king answered “It will take us until dusk to get there walking but that will be fine. At night the mountain shimmers in the moonlight and flowers that stay shut while the sun is on them open up. There are also magnificent creatures that come out. It’s an amazing sight.” Jeramiah gave the briefest smile to his son. He picked such a romantic place to help him woo Lucy since that was the route he was taking with her. Jeramiah wasn’t interested in watching his son beg for love any longer than he had to. As a man he shoudl just be taking it from her but he was letting this go on out of respect for his friend Nigel since Nigel cared for this girl very much. Nigel didn’t even know why Reynas persoanlity changed when it did. He kept just how dark he could be from Nigel because he knew the man probably would quit being his friend.

Chthon ate breakfast with the family who insisted on rewarding him. “Please, we own a jewelry store. Don’t you have a special lady in your life?”

“Yes, my beautiful wife and my very sweet and intelligent daughter.”

“Please, pick from what have stored in our bedroom. We keep products in boxes in there before they are placed within the store. Take your pick of whatever you want for each of them. Nothing is too expensive for you to take for them.”

“Thank you so much. Can you take me up so I can hurry and leave. They are waiting on me”

“Yes please come.” He went upstairs with the husband and wife. He looked at a couple of things until he found a necklace with a moon and two stars on each side of the moon. It sparkled when it reflected off the sun.”My daughter would be blown away by this. She loves laying outside at night.”

“Then please take it and find somthing for your wife.” Chthon looked around some more. It was much harder to pick somthing for her since he scrutinized more when it was for his wife. He finally decided on a ring that had a emerald band with a amethyst butterfly resting on it. “They will be very pleased. Call on me anytime.”

“Thank you Chthon. Safe travels.” Chthon ran out and headed towards where the area was he could travel through dimensions and into Holvincora. It would take him a long time to get to his family but he was happy to finally be on his way and to have saved all the girls he did. He wished he could’ve only made it sooner so they wouldn’t have lost so many lives. When everybody was finished with their breakfast they all stood to go on their journey. Zeus took Lucys hand once they were outside. She just smiled up at him making his heart melt. He brought her hand to his lips to kiss it. Nero started to chuckle “He is your boyfriend!”

“I’m considering being his girlfriend Nero. I am not dating him yet” Zeus interjected “Yet? You say that like I have a very good chance at winning you over.”

“You do” Ruth just looked forward, containing her sigh. She wished she was happy for her daughter. She was normally leaping for joy when sombody would find their love but somthing told her that their love would end horribly. The feeling almost dragging tears out of her eyes. She wondered if it would do any good to talk to her husband about her thoughts. Maybe Chthon could help her relax and help her convince herself she was only being an overprotective mother over her only daughter. “are we going to stay outside tonight mom?” Nero asked and Nigel answered “If the king and his family can handle it why not. I know it would make Lucy happy”

“If you’re going to put it like that of course we are” Jeramiah answered. Zeus looked at Lucy “you like sleeping outside?”

“I love how the sky looks at night.” Zeus smiled as an idea formed in his head. As soon as they got home he would get the servants busy painting ¬†the ceiling of Lucys room and his room to match constellations in the night sky. He would make them put different ones in each room. It may even get her to sleep at his side one night if he got her distracted looking at his ceiling. He decided to find a bird when they stopped for lunch so it could be ready when they got back to the castle. He would be impatient for it to be finished so would rather them start now. A few hours later they all sat down “I’ll be right back” Zeus said as he walked away. Lucy felt a little sad he didn’t invite her wherever he was going which had Nero laughing “you’re such a jerk Nero!”

“Nero, what have I told you about teasing your siblings.”

“She looks like such a sad puppy dog because her boyfriend left without her.”

“Mom I’m going to punch him”

“Nero, I’m going to tell your father.”

“Sorry mom, don’t tell dad” The only noise as they ate was Wexsel, Nigel and Jeramiah talking and joking around. Ruth wondered why Reyna always seemed so zoned out. It was as if she was barely a person. She wondered if it was maybe the state of Zeus’s mother that made her uncertain about Lucy having a relationship with him. Zeus finally came back and sat as close as he could to Lucy. “sorry” he said then quickly started eating since everybody else had such a headstart. Lucy decided not to ask him where he went. She didn’t want to seem like she had missed him all that much to help level his head out. It definitely didn’t need to be inflated more than it was. Once everybody was done they began walking again.

Zeus’s father picked up his mother making Zeus want to hold Lucy even more but she had let him get away with so much today he was worried about over stepping and making Lucy back away again. Suddenly all heads turned as they felt sombody coming. “daddy!” “Chthon” the girls said at the same time in equal excitement. Chthon spun his wife around and kissed her “Hey!” Nigel and wexsel said. Chthon didn’t answer because he was so happy to see Ruth again. “I brought both of my girls a present” Chthon said looking into Ruths eyes. “what is it?” He put his wife down then pulled the ring from his pocket. He slipped it on one of her fingers “it’s gorgeous Chthon! Thank you” Ruth hugged her husband then kissed him “thank me with more of that later” Chthon winked and Ruth giggled. “I also have somthing for my sweet little girl.” Chthon said as he hugged his daughter. He pulled out the necklace and Lucy covered her mouth and bounced with a small squeal “you always buy the perfect gifts dad! I love you so much!”

“Do I know my girls?” Chthon said as he put the necklace on his daughter “yep” Ruth and Lucy said happily. He kissed his daughters cheek then Nigel cleared his throat “these are my friends I was telling you about Chthon. The man over there is Jeramiah, his queen is Reyna and his son is Zeus.”

“Nice to meet you all.”

“It’s been wonderful meeting your family Chthon. I’m glad you made it. We’re going to a very beautiful mountain and I felt bad that Ruth was going to such a romantic place without her husband.”

“I came back as fast as I could” Chthon said as he swept Ruth off her feet. Lucy grabbed Zeus’s hand again and they all began walking. “I’m sorry I have nothing for you Nero but my only choices were jewelry and I hope you don’t like jewelry” Nero laughed “it’s fine dad.” Chthon then noticed Lucy was holding Zeus’s hand and smiled. Now his only child without love was his Nero. He hoped Lucys and Noahs loves would last forever. He wanted them to have all the happiness he had with Ruth. He wondered to himself how Nero would offset the scale. This way Lucy was with a demon and Noah was with a human. He didn’t much care but he did wonder.

Chapter Four

Ruth started giggling at her husband because she could tell he kept taking in her scent. “what?” Chthon asked “you keep scenting me.”

“I’m trying to get those other women I had to track out of my nose.”

“It’s cute”

“well you’re cute. Where’s Noah?”

“He stayed in Tresnia because he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend. Chthon laughed “can’t blame the boy. I see you’re holding hands with Zeus, Lucy. Does my little girl have a love interest now.”

“Maybe soon, he’s sitll in a probationary period.” Chthon laughed “don’t torture the boy too long love” Chthon said with a wink. Lucy smiled “I’m so glad you could make it dad.”

“Me too, I thought of your mother and you kids the whole time” Chthon put his attention back on Zeus “My daughter loves the night sky. If you want to give her a gift she’ll love anything with the moon, stars or planets.”

“Thank you” Zeus said giving Lucys hand a little squeeze. He was already liking her dad. They walked along making small talk until they finally arrived at the very large and already gorgeous mountain in the sun sets rays. “lets eat before we climb” Nigel said. Jeramiah answered “good idea. We need to wait for night anyway to really enjoy the mountains beauty.”

‘Then this is the perfect trip for my Lucy. I know this is a funny thing to say since you’re a prince Zeus but the sentiment still stands. If you have my daughter you’re going to treat her like a princess right?”

“Of course I will”

“You better.”

“I plan to be very good to her if she decides to be mine” Now Ruth felt even worse. Chthon was encouraging the two while she was doing nothing but doubting them. Now she definitely decided to stop and only think positively. Her daughter seemed to really like this man and could possibly be very happy. She decided no more worrying and just let the two be. They all talked happily and ate until the sun was gone and the moon hung high above them in the sky alight with beautiful stars. Lucys mouth dropped and her father chuckled “I didn’t think of that. You have different stars than we do so this is new to Lucy. How are we ever going to get her to look at the mountain?” Lucy didn’t even respond and Chthon chuckled before snapping in front of his daughters face. She shook her head “sorry”

“Just come, we’re going up now.”

“If you’d let me hold you Lucy you could look at them as we walk up to where my father is taking us.” Lucy blushed lightly “Ok I guess” Zeus jubilantly lifted Lucy off the ground and held her close. He sighed happily as he looked at her briefly before walking with the others. Now Wexsel started to miss his girlfriend. So many happy couples while he had been doing nothing but fighting with his girl lately. Lucys eyes were glued to the stars and Zeus found it hard to keep his eyes out of hers. They were beautiful before but the stars inside them made them positively flooring. He was happy to find out they had different stars in their world so the ceilings he was having painted would be even more amazing to her.

The mountain finally caught Lucys attention as the moonlight made everything glitter and the most radiant snow white flowers with purple and blue lines running down the middle of the petals began to open. Lucy and Ruth could barely keep their Jaws closed. Even Jeramiahs wife was a little lively here. Lucy got out of Zeus’s arms and walked around before seeing an all white lioness walk up. It’s eyes were a very dark red but the rest of it’s body was a mystifying white that the moon just made gorgeous. On this mountain the moon seemed so close to them. “I think we should let these girls sleep on the mountain Chthon.”

“I think so too.” Lucy and Ruth barely aknowledge the men because they were so captivated by all the snow white animals, the sparkle and the gorgeous flowers. The air started to get a chill to it which gave Lucy and Ruth goosebumps. Chthon wrapped his arms around his wife while Zeus whispered to Lucy “Could I hold you tonight so you don’t get too cold Lucy?’Lucy smiled “you’ve been so good that I guess it wouldn’t be bad.” Zeus smiled and hugged her. “I’ll behave” When everybody laid down where they were going to sleep for the night the mountain became soundless, aside from the animals walking about who had no interest in bugging such powerful demons.

Chthon was wrapped as tightly as he could be around Ruth. The nights without her had been terrible and even laying on the ground he was sleeping better than in that lonely bed. The two fell asleep quickly since they both were sleep deprived from being separated. Lucy was still looking at the stars with Zeus who was too thrilled to go to sleep. Lucy was actually letting him cuddle with her. Lucy sighed “what is it?” Zeus asked. “You really are set on me huh? I figured that I’d play hard to get and you being a spoiled prince would get frustrated and walk away to find some easy girl but you’re really trying aren’t you?”

“You are worth the effort. I’ll do what I must to have you Lucy” Lucy sat up then leaned in to kiss him. Zeus’s heart stammered as he kissed back. Lucy parted their lips and whispered “I’m your girlfriend if you still want me Zeus” Zeus’s face filled with joy and disblief “are you serious Lucy?”

“mhm, I wouldn’t joke. I’ll be your girlfriend.” Zeus pulled Lucy into a very passionate kiss until Lucy pushed him away “you can’t kiss me like that with my father right there.”

“sorry, I’m just so happy.”

“Lets get some sleep handsome”

“alright” Zeus said with a huge smile across his face. Lucy rested her head back on Zeus’s chest and fell asleep. Now Zeus definitly couldn’t sleep. His heart was still beating off rhythm and his joy was barely containable. He wasn’t sure why the previous kings felt they needed to be violent right away. He had won her with just putting forth some effort. He guessed the effort part was too much for them. He and the rulers before him had been pampered since the day their mothers gave them life. You didn’t have to work for much of anything as king or prince so they opted to not even work for love. Zeus never wanted to hit Lucy if he could help it.

Nero was up at dawn and shaking his parents. “come on!” he yelled making Chthon groan and Ruth giggle at her husband. Nero was persistent until he had everybody awake. As soon as Lucy sat up Zeus gave her a soft kiss on the lips before standing and pulling her up. Jeramiah smiled over at them “so I heard last night you two are official now.”

“you were awake?” Zeus asked surprised. “Yes, I was happy to hear it but the issue stands of what we’re going to do.” Chthon sighed ‘well I know he’s your only heir and next for the throne so he really can’t come back with us. Lucy, you’re fifteen, an adult by demon standards. If you want to stay here with Zeus I will miss you around the castle but I will be happy for you and understand. You’ll have to be here anyway when he takes the throne as his queen. I will also be happy if you want to come home and I’ll just bring you here frequently since of course there’s no guarantee you’ll want to marry him and be his queen at any point.” Lucy didn’t know what to say. She didn’t consider she’d have to stay here because he was the only heir and would need to take over for his father one day. Chthon walked over and hugged his daughter “you don’t have to decide what you want right this second but I went ahead and threw your options out there so you could think on them. Take as much time as you want and always remember whatever you pick doesn’t have to be permanent.”

“alright dad” Chthon went back over to Ruth and picked her up. “are we ready to go back or do we have somthing else planned today?”

“I think we should give the children time to talk at home since Lucy has such a big decision” Jeramiah said and Chthon nodded. Nero couldn’t help but be sad. He didn’t want his sister to live so far away. Nigel noticed how sad the small boy now looked and tussled his hair, smiling down at him. Nero gave his best smile back up at Nigel then tried to keep it as they all walked along. When they arrived back at the castle the servants told the king dinner would be ready in a half hour so they all separated until then. Nigel and Wexsel took Nero outside to play so Chthon could have some time alone with Ruth while Zeus was guiding Lucy to his bedroom. He would be very cross with the staff if they hadn’t completed what he asked of them. With how many servants they had on hand they had plenty of time to complete his wishes.

Chthon sighed with relief when he laid on the bed with Ruth. He showered kisses all over her face and shoulders. Ruth smiled then grabbed his face to meet their lips. They just wanted to lay there locked in one another until dinner came. Especially because Chthon knew Nero was probably sleeping in their room so he wouldn’t get to be alone with his wife tonight. When Zeus walked through his bedroom door he glanced up then smiled when he saw they had completed his command. “Look up beautiful” he commanded softly. Lucy did and gasped “wow!” Zeus kissed her cheek “I’m glad you’re pleased. I had the servants paint my ceiling and your ceiling with constellations from our sky since you love stars so much.”

Lucy looked back at Zeus “But you only just learned that on our trip.” He smiled and pulled her into a hug ” When I left at lunch it was to find a bird to deliver a message to my servants. I wanted this done so you could enjoy it the second we got back” Lucy felt moved “that’s really sweet, not somthing I’d expect from a spoiled prince” He kissed Lucys head “please stop calling me that”

“I’m sorry, I guess it is kind of mean”

“Don’t be sorry, I just wish for you not to call me that.”

“Thank you for this. I love it.”

“Will you let me hold you on my bed while you look at it?” Lucy nodded and he picked her up. He walked over to the bed and settled in with her. Zeus sighed contentedly then placed another kiss on her forehead. Lucy slid her hands under Zeus’s shirt then began lightly running her fingers over him. “god that feels amazing” he said in a whisper. Lucy just smiled as she kept lightly tracing her fingers over his body. A maid knocked on the door and Zeus grunted angrily. “what is it?”

“I’m so sorry sir, it’s dinner time”

“fine, begone” Lucy sat up and Zeus made a whining noise. Lucy laughed “We can come back in here and do this more after we eat. He sat up quickly and hugged her “Thank you, in fact. I was hoping you might sleep in here with me tonight Lucy. I only have the intentions of doing what we were just doing then.”

“I’d like that” He smiled at Lucy then kissed her. He carried her down the hall looking like the happiest she had ever seen anybody. It made Lucy incredibly happy even though she was nervous about sleeping beside a boy tonight. Zeus sat her at the table where everybody else had arrived. “I was wondering if you two were going to show so I sent a maid to you. You must have lost track of time” Jeramiah said. “Yes sir” Zeus said in cheerful tone. Jeramiah smiled “Have you reached a decision Lucy?”

“No sir” The king frowned then went back to eating. When Dinner was over Zeus was ready to drag Lucy to the room he was so excited but her father spoke “Lucy, I want you to come for a walk with me”

“alright, I’ll meet you later Zeus”

“ok” Zeus said not hiding his disappointment. Chthon took his daughter by the hand and went outside with her. Zeus went straight to his room to await Lucy. He walked far away from the castle then sat with her in some grass. “I just wanted to tell you to not let anybody pressure you Lucy. Your life decisions need to be what please you. Not anybody else. If you want to come home with your mother and I want you to. I will miss you dearly if you stay but I’m not going to try and make this decision for you. You are a grown woman and need to do what makes YOU happy. Not me, not your mother, not Jeramiah and not Zeus. You need to promise me that what you decide will be what you want and not just you trying to please sombody else.”

Lucy hugged her dad “I promise”

“are you leaning either way?”

“I’m leaning more towards staying. Zeus is so sweet.”

“He better be and you better tell me if he quits treating you nicely. My daughter will always be treated with respect.” Lucy giggled “I love you dad”

“I love you too Lucy. Time has flown by so fast now that I have such a wonderful family. All my babies are growing up on me.”

“If I stay I’ll visit frequently.”

“Please do, especially for your mothers sake. Lets get you back to Zeus. I also want to talk to Nigel to see if he could try and get Nero to sleep in there room so I can be alone with your mother.” Lucy winked “I gotcha” Chthon laughed and walked with his daughter back to the castle. When they entered a amid was standing there “The prince requested I guide you back to his room incase you forgot where it is” Lucy and Chthon chuckled then went their seperate ways. When Lucy walked in the room Zeus was laying on his bed with his shirt off. Instead of pants he was wearing loose fitting shorts.¬†“Oh no, he looks even better without clothes. Thank god he left somthing on”¬†Zeus smiled as he got out of his bed and approached her. Lucys expression told him she very much liked what she saw.

Zeus pulled Lucy into his arms making her go into a full bodied blush. He kissed her cheek then said “I’m happy that I’m so appealing to your beautiful eyes. I was hoping you’d like what you saw when I’m wearing a little less clothes. I mainly did this so those wonderful hands could move across me uninhibited by my pesky shirt. I doubt you’ll be comfortable in that dress beautiful. You could take it off and rest in your underwear.” Zeus smiled even more when he felt her skin grow warmer. He started listening to her heart that was pounding in her chest. “I can’t.” She barely was able to say in her embarrassment. “you can’t what my love?”

“I can’t just sleep in my underwear with you.”

“well then, would you sleep in one of my tshirts? I bet you’d look adorable”

“Ok” Zeus kissed her head then grabbed her hand to guide her to his closet. “walk right in and pick a shirt. I’ll be waiting out here.” She realized she’d need help with her zipper and just stood there like she had when she walked in. Zeus had to hold back a happy chuckle. This is just the effect he wanted to have on her “what’s wrong?” he asked with a smile “I need you to unzip me first or I can’t get the dress off” Lucy said softly. He walked up behind her and slowly unzipped it, he did it slow hoping to drive her a little more crazy which he succeeded in. Lucy almost ran in his closet and shut the door. Zeus sat down on his bed, still listening to her fast heart rate. He felt so joyous, no woman had ever made him feel this way and he was glad to be giving her back some of what she did to him constantly.

Lucy slowly pushed open his closet door and walked over to where he was sitting on the bed. He grabbed Lucys shoulders and pulled her into a kiss. He then pulled her onto the bed. “You look very cute Lucy.” Zeus was using the word cute but his lustful tone told Lucy otherwise and made her even more nervous. Zeus laid down and Lucy put her head on his chest like earlier. Her hands were slightly shaking as she ran them over his torso. Her skin still very hot and probably would stay that way until she slept. Zeus got goosebumps and let out many content noises as she rubbed him. Zeus didn’t understand how just her touch was doing this to him. “could we kiss again Lucy?” Lucy lifted herself up and got over him.

As nervous as she was she didn’t let it stop her. Zeus slid his hand in Lucys hair and behind her head to hold her in his animalistic kiss. It was so passionate Lucys began to let out light moans and grew wet. Zeus felt her get even warmer and dared remove his hands from behind her head and slide them up the back of her shirt. He let his hands run smoothly up and down her back, getting closer to her butt everytime they went down in hopes she would let him touch it if he approached slowly. Lucy knew what he was doing but allowed it. He was so sexy, so nice, she wanted him as badly as he wanted her and was going to try and not let how nervous she was ruin it.

A girl with a small baby bump walked into the castle and asked a maid “I need to see Zeus. Is he in his quarters?”

“Yes mam but he has given us all strict instruction that he isn’t to be bothered tonight under any circumstances.”

“He’ll see me if you take me to him or not.” The girl pushed past the maid sending the maid in panic. “Please miss don’t!” The pregnant woman ignored her so the maid ran to get a male servant to help. Hopefully before she reached the princes room. Cynthia banged on Zeus’s door just as he had gotten his hands on Lucys soft hind. Lucy broke their lip contact and got off of him so quickly it was as though he might just burn her if she kept contact. Zeus got out of bed angrily growling and flung open the door “what did I say!” Then he noticed it was one of the girls he fucked from time to time. “didn’t my maids tell you to not bother me.”

“I have somthing important to talk to you about” Suddenly Lucy pushed past them to go to her room “wait Lucy, don’t leave me” Zeus pleaded sadly. “You two need to talk. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight” was all she said before taking off in a sprint. She was blood red and very embaressed she let things go so far and sombody had come knocking. Zeus stood there, shaking with his anger until he heard her door slam. He grabbed the woman by the wrist rough and painfully. “what’s your name?” he growled. She acted as if it didn’t hurt and said angrily “How do you not know my name?”

“I never cared enough to remember your name you filthy whore. Come with me now” He commanded and started leading her down the hall to get further away from Lucys room. He had an even tighter and more painful grip on the womans wrist. He finally stopped at some doors and kicked them open before flinging her inside. She fell down but quickly got up “I’m Cynthia you asshole.” He slapped her hard, busting her nose. “when I say I don’t want to be disturbed I mean it. You’ve just chased off my queen” Zeus said seething. “but I’m pregnant with your baby”

“Fine, I’ll send you money monthly to take care of it. Get out of this castle now”

“I thought that maybe”

“Nobody cares what you think. You were never anything more than a concubine to thrill me while I waited for a woman fit to be my queen. I’ve found her and you’ve ruined our evening. Get out right now so that maybe I can save my evening with Lucy” Cynthia ran out while she could. His eyes and tone said he was not in a playing mood. she couldn’t believe he didn’t even know her name after all the times she had been in his room. She was glad atleast he was going to help support it even though she had come hoping to be the next queen.

Chapter Five

Zeus wanted to go straight to Lucy but needed to get calm first. He went into his bedroom and took long breaths in and out. He hoped he would still be able to sleep with Lucy in his arms but worried she may already be asleep at this point. He asked a servant what room Lucys was and they guided him. The servant walked away and Zeus listened for Lucys heartbeat. It’s rhythm told him she wasn’t resting. He felt relieved and knocked gently “Lucy, may I come in”

“Yes” she answered quickly, making him smile and push open her doors. “I’m so sorry about that Lucy. That woman is gone. Please tell me I can still hold you tonight.”

“What did she want to talk about this late at night?”

“She’s pregnant and wanted help. I’ll be sending her money monthly for the child”

“Is it your baby” Zeus frowned “Yes it is but I do not want it or her. She’s nothing to me. You are everything. I made her leave as fast as I could. Are you upset by this?”

“No, It was before me. I’m glad you’re taking care of your baby”

“Of course, thank you for understanding. Will you come back to my room now?”

“Can we cuddle in here?”

“anywhere” he said getting on the bed and laying down. Lucy laid down beside him and he pulled her against his chest. Zeus put his leg and an arm tightly around her to make sure she stayed close through the night. It was saddening that their evening didn’t continue down the road it was on before their interruption but he was happy that he hadn’t lost this night completely. Lucy’s musical heart beat and the warmth of her breath on him was heaven to Zeus. Cuddling was new to him. He had never taken a woman in his arms before. Never had any interest in the creatures beyond sex until Lucy walked through his front door. This was somthing he could get used to doing nightly.

When morning came Stella was filled with questions since they never got to have their chat about humans and was also excited about giving Lucy her new clothes. Stella was like a teenage girl who had just obtained a new friend in her excitement. It was an honor to sombody like her that a future queen talked to her as if she was an equal so she was bouncing down the hall and flung open Lucys door since she knew the girl woke early “Miss Lucy I” was all that came out before she was getting glared at by Zeus and Lucy began to rub her eyes “good morning Stella.”

“I’m so sorry, I will leave your clothes and get out of your hair” Stella dropped the clothes in a chair and left hastily. She hoped she hadn’t angered the prince too badly. Lucy sat up quickly “that was really mean Zeus. I like her a lot. You shouldn’t have glared at her and chased her away”

“But she woke you”

“so, she thought I’d be awake since I normally get up early.”

“Don’t be angry Lucy. I wont glare at her again” Lucy got up and walked over to her clothes “she made them. I bet they’ll look amazing!” She took them in the bathroom to change while Zeus waited on her bed. She came out and Zeus smiled “very cute. I like it” Lucy walked over and hugged Zeus “please try to be a little kinder to the people who serve you. They do their best and I especially like Stella”

“anything for you. I’m very sorry I upset you”

“You can’t take it back, you can only be better so don’t worry about it.”

“I love you Lucy” Zeus said softly then pulled back to look in her eyes “please tell me you’re not planning on leaving this castle. That you’re not returning to your world with your family.”

“I’m going to tell my father at breakfast that I’ll be staying” He hugged Lucy a little tighter. “You’ve made me such a happy man Lucy”

“You need to go get dressed so we can eat.” Zeus grinned smugly “But you like how I look right now much more than with clothes on”

“Maybe I do but you still need to get dressed and quit teasing me.” Zeus stood, lifting Lucy into his arms. He set her by his door and said “you’re welcome to watch me change but I don’t know if you’re ready to see me fully naked” Lucy shook her head. “As I thought, just wait here and I’ll be dressed within moments” Zeus wasn’t even disappointed. Sex would come and she already was agreeing to stay with him in his castle. He had limitless time to woo her into making love and marriage. He felt he had come close last night, they maybe would’ve if that girl hadn’t interrupted. When he came out he took Lucys hand and they walked to breakfast. Ruth and Chthon weren’t there yet so they just began eating. Lucy saw Nero at the table so figured her father was just enjoying Ruth alone while he could. She wondered how much longer Nero would be clinging to their mothers hip.

Chthon bit Ruths shoulder making her giggle “Chthon not again! It’s breakfast time.”

“You are all I need for breakfast my love.” Ruth giggled as he licked up her side. “come on now.”

“just one more time.” Ruth laughed again “I love you Chthon, one more time” Chthon kissed Ruth “I can’t help it you’re so irresistible”

“You don’t even try to resist.”

“Why would I want to? You are a glorious and amazing woman. I love showing it physically. Just looking at you makes me hungry for this perfect body” They lost themselves in the throws of passion one more time then got themselves dressed and looking proper to meet everybody at breakfast. Lucy got out of her chair when they walked in and hugged her parents “I just wanted to go ahead and tell you guys that I’ve decided to stay here with Zeus.”

“I hope you’ll be very happy then baby” Chthon said and Ruth nodded “I love you Lucy, you can come home any time.”

“I’ll visit you guys as frequently as I can”

“You better, I’ll miss you. Especially at night when I’m reading to your siblings.” After breakfast Chthon told them he wanted to take Ruth ona ¬†romantic excursion around this world today and hoped Nigel would watch Nero. Nigel agreed then Ruth and Chthon walked out to spend a day with just the two of them. “what woud you like to do Lucy?”

“Get to know you better. I have about a million questions to ask you”

“Then lets go to my room and cuddle. As long as I can hold you I’ll answer every question you have” Lucy smiled then stood with Zeus to go back to his room. Outside Chthon asked “what is plaguing you Ruth? You’ve seemed bothered since I got here.”

“It’s foolish”

“Your feelings are never foolish Ruth. Please tell em what’s been going on.”

“I just have a bad feeling about Lucy and Zeus. It’s just this nagging feeling that they will end in tragedy. Maybe not today or tomorrow but in the future their love will lead to somthing terrible happening. Like I said it’s crazy”

“It’s not crazy” Chthon said, pulling his wife into his arms. “You’re just a worried mother over her only daughter. I wish she wasn’t staying either but she can’t live at home forever and I want all our children to find their other halves. Being alone isn’t a life atall. You’ve shown me that. I need you, you are the blood that keeps me running. I want them to find the person they need. Zeus seems to really care for Lucy”

“He does, I’ll try not to worry”

“Good, then let me spend this day making you happy and having fun in this world. Tomorrow we will go home.” In Zeus’s room he was holding Lucy happily and answering question after question until finally she couldn’t think of any more. “done already? That sucks.”

“Why does it suck?”

“You may want to get up and I really enjoy holding you”

“Do you have questions for me?”

“What’s your favorite animal?”

“Jellyfish, I know thats odd but I love them. I can breath under water like my father can so somtimes we go inot the ocean and admire the under sea life. I just love how jellyfish move through the water.”

“will you move into my room instead of having a seperate room from me? They can put the wardrobe thats being made for you in half of my closet. ”

“I wanted to start sleeping with you at nights anyway. I slept so good while you held me” Zeus kissed Lucys head “me too, you’re the first woman I’ve done that with.”


“Really, I never had interest in holding a woman before you” Lucy smiled then Zeus said ‘One final question, can we make out again?” Lucy didn’t blush as badly as normal but nodded her head. Zeus got over Lucy, pinning one of her hands down with his while the other held her face. His tongue danced with hers as they both heated up. Zeus started kissing down her cheek and then neck. She didn’t stop him so he began to run his tongue around her neck then began to give her a hickey. Lucy moaned making him hard. Zeus bit Lucys shoulder then began to kiss her again. His hands moved off of her and then up her shirt to push it off. Lucy pushed against his chest. He almost couldn’t pull back but managed, breathing heavily “I want you so bad Lucy…I need you…I need to make love to you”

Lucy didn’t know what to say, she was wet and very excited but was scared. Nothing was said until Zeus asked ‘could I just eat you? It’ll be enough to quell me. I promise it will feel very good.” Lucy looked at him confused and he chuckled “so pure, I want to lick that tasty thing between your legs”

“You’ll only eat me”

“Unless you ask for more when I’m done I give you my word I’ll only eat you.”

“Ok” she said in a squeaky voice from how unsure she was. Zeus jerked off Lucys skirt and panties then spread her legs. He ran his tongue up one of her legs slowly, making Lucy moan again. He soon covered her with his mouth and went wild. His tongue thrashed and writhed against her as he held her still. He soon started going tortuously slow, he wanted to build her for a really good orgasm so she’d welcome him back for more of this succulent taste in his mouth when he desired it. Lucy gripped his blanket and moaned loudly. Lucy whimpered his name making him want to be inside of her even more. He decided to Finnish Lucy before he ended up crawling on top of her. Lucys back arched with her final orgasm as she gasped for air. Zeus kissed where he had been licking then asked “did you enjoy it as much as it sounded like you did?”

“Uh huh” she said weakly. “I could make you feel really good if you;d let me inside of you Lucy. Could I please. I’ll lick you again after. I love how you taste.”

“Ok” Zeus almost couldn’t believe his ears. He didn’t question it though. he took off Lucys shirt then thrust inside of her. She yelled his name as he uncontrollably thrust into her. “How’re you so tight Lucy” He moaned by her ear. Zeus didn’t want to pull out of her so lasted every second he could until he couldn’t hold back any longer and went into her. Lucy couldn’t move or speak. Zeus grabbed the side of her head and soon began to let his tongue play in her ear. “zeus” she just barely whimpered out again. He kissed down her body until he was once again covering her. Lucy wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. He slowly licked her, savouring her warm, sweet liquid in his mouth as orgasm after orgasm surged through Lucys small body. Zeus didn’t stop until Lucy passed out. He kissed her cheek “that was amazing. Hopefully I can build up your tolerance for intense pleasure like that. I still want you but you obviously need rest” Zeus was hard again, with one of the women he used to just fuck he would’ve put himself back in her without care of waking her up but he wanted his Lucy to rest.

Zeus went in the bathroom and relieved himself before coming back and holding her for awhile. He hoped she really enjoyed it and he hadn’t ruined everything by losing control like he did. His demon lust had completely taken over him and he couldn’t stop. Zeus decided to have the servants do another thing for Lucy to make her smile so he got up and pulled his loose fitting shorts on before going into the hall “yes sir?” a servant said. “Lucy likes jellyfish and being in the ocean. I want you to turn the second dining hall on the third floor into a big aquarium. Sort of like a tunnel she can walk through. The only important creature that needs to be in there is jellyfish but try to get a good variety for her.”

“Yes sir, is that all”

“No, I want someone to stand right here constantly until my Lucy wakes up so I can find someone quickly. She will be thirsty so I want whoever stands here to run get her a drink when I call then come into my room and run a hot bubble bath for us to soak in.”

“Yes sir. Anything else?”

“Melt chocolate on some strawberries. Have it ready before she wakes”

“Yes sir”

“You may leave, hurry and get things started. I will not be patient for Lucys aquarium”

“Yes sir” the servant said then ran off.

A two hours later Lucy woke in Zeus’s arms. She looked up and he smiled at her “did you have a nice nap? I’m very sorry for getting carried away. I’ve never had such an amazing taste in my mouth.” Lucy blushed and pushed her face into his chest making him smile even more. He called to the servant in the hall so they’d run off and get Lucy a drink. “You’ll have a drink soon. I’m sure you’re thirsty. You didn’t answer me, are you upset?”

“No, I really enjoyed it”

“I’m relieved. I’ve been worried as I laid here waiting for you to wake up.”

“How long have I been sleeping?”

“Nearly two hours”

“I’m sorry” Zeus chuckled “don’t be sorry, I pushed you past your limit on your very first time. I made sure not a soul made any noise near my room so you could rest as long as you needed.” The servant came in with a drink for Lucy and the strawberries he requested. Zeus pulled her up and sat her between his legs. The servant handed Lucy the drink then set the plate in her lap before going to run the bath. “I thought a snack might do you some good too. Do you like strawberries and chocolate?”

“Yes, thank you”

“Thank you for letting me have you. I really did need you. Your moans….I can’t think of a describing word that gives that sound justice but it’s amazing. It’s what got me so lost and unable to stop. At first I just had to hear you moan and say my name. Then how you taste overwhelmed me. I’ve never tasted anything so sweet and delectable. Lucy finished her drink then ate some of the strawberries with Zeus. The servant came out saying “the bath is ready. Does the prince and princess require anything else?”

“Take our dishes”

“Yes sir” the servant grabbed the dishes and left. Zeus picked Lucy up and carried her into the bathroom. He slowly sat in the tub with her as he positioned her to lay against his chest again. “I was sure you’d be sore from how hard I went into you so I thought a bath would be perfect.”

“You’re so wonderful, I really did enjoy having sex with you” Zeus shook his head “You are my love, we made love.” Lucy blushed with a smile as she enjoyed the hot water and the sweet scent of the bubbles. “I want to just relax with you until dinner. Tell me when you’re tired of the water and we’ll go back to my bed. I’m sure you’re too sore to want to do anything anyway”

“That sounds nice” Zeus leaned down and kissed her cheek “I owe Nigel thanks for bringing you here. I thought I’d never find a girl to be serious with. I knew I had to be with you from the second you walked in.”

“Hince the staring” Zeus laughed “Yes” Zeus rubbed up and down Lucys arms. They stayed until the water got cool then climbed out. Zeus didn’t seem to know where the towels were so Lucy looked under the sink. “you never get your own towel huh?”

“I’m trying to do things I don’t normally do myself. You seem to think less of me for relying on my staff”

“It’s lazy”

“I am a prince, nothing wrong with being a little lazy.”

“I think there is” Zeus sighed ‘well like now, I am going to learn to do more for myself”

“Thank you”

“anything for my princess” Zeus carried Lucy over to the bed and asked “are you ready for real lunch now?”

“I’m starving”

“How about sandwiches?”

“ok” Zeus called the maid and ordered them two tuna sandwiches. Chthon and Ruth were playing around in a really large field until Ruth started breathing heavy and laid down on the grass. Chthon laid happily beside her with his head propped up. “anywhere with you is so much fun Ruth.” Ruth smiled up at Chthon. He decided to ask her again even though he knew she’d crush him all over with her answer “I hate to ruin this fun day Ruth but I have somthing to ask you.”

“It’s about me being a demon again isn’t it love?”

“Yes, once you’re too a certain age I can’t change you Ruth. You make me so happy. I can’t live without you in my life.”

“You can and you will when the time comes Chthon. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for”

“Loseing you wouldn’t be a matter of being strong Ruth. You have taken my heart and replaced it in my body. You are what pumps my blood.”

“You’ll still have our children Chthon”

“Our children aren’t you Ruth”

“They will make you happy” Chthon sighed in frustration. He just couldn’t make Ruth understand and decided to drop it before he ruined the wonderful day they had been having. “I’m sorry i brought it up.” Ruth pulled Chthon into a kiss that nearly made him cry. He loved her so much, he just wished he could make her understand that he would crumble without her love. He wanted to make her understand how badly he needed her. They quickly lightened the mood with playing around again. They spent the rest of the day taking in the gorgeous sights and making eachother smile. They got back to the castle so late they missed dinner but the servants allowed them to use the kitchen to make somthing. When the food was done Chthon insisted on feeding Ruth which had them giggling even more. When the food was gone Chthon said “you ready to leave tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll miss Lucy. I hope she’s safe here”

“I told you to quit worrying. You’re just being a mother but her boyfriend and the king here are very powerful. Jeramiahs line hasn’t ruled for no reason. They have very powerful blood. They will keep Lucy safe.”

“but what if it’s one of them we need to worry about”¬†Ruth thought to herself sadly. Chthon lifted his wife up and took her upstairs. He wrapped tightly around her then kissed her cheek “you’ll always be my world Ruth. You’ve made a home in my heart and nothing will ever pull you out of it” Chthon whispered right before he drifted to sleep.

~ The End ~

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