Chthon Age 55 Ruth Age 47

Chapter One

It’s ten years later and their youngest son Noah has just had his first baby with Alice. Lucy really wanted to meet her first niece but there was so much going on with the kingdom that Zeus couldn’t be pulled away. Their twin eight year old daughters bickered with their mother about going for a visit “why can’t we leave this world just because dad can’t!”

“Ava lower your voice when speaking to me. In this world it looks really bad on your father if I’m not seen by his side when he has meetings and appears places. He has many things he needs to tend to here and I can’t leave. I’m sorry girls.”

“I think dad just says that mom!”

“Yeah I don’t like dad” Olivia chimed in. “Go to your room right now girls. You are being very ill tempered and I wont deal with it. We can’t go and that’s that.” In Barense Noah and Alice had come to his parents castle to show off their baby girl Chloe. Ruth would barely give anybody else a turn with the little girl. Finally Nero begged enough to get to hold her. Alice had been very accepting that her husband and his family were demons aside from Ruth. She hadn’t even been angry Noah didn’t tell her until before they were married. She understood why since the villagers hated demons so much. It was a deep seeded hatred that would probably never leave the hearts of Tresnia.

Seeing how much Ruth fawned over little Chloe made Chthon want to have more children with her but he knew her human body was past the point of making healthy babies. That thought lead to the sad though that in three years her human body would be too old to handle the change of being a demon and he wasn’t close to convincing Ruth to be one. He had become much more selfish with Ruths time these past years and grew more selfish by the day since his time was drawing closer to an end. His thought process was broken by Alice speaking “I really hate Lucy isn’t here. Can’t we just go to her so she can meet that baby?”

Ruth answered “we thought you’d be nervous about traveling through dimensions with your newborn.”

“It’s safe isn’t it? We’ve all gone through easily every visit.”

“Yes but we still thought you’d worry. If you feel fine with it why don’t we bring the baby to her Chthon”

“I bet that would make Lucy very happy. I’m glad you trust us Alice. I would like to hold the baby when we pass through to be sure though”

“However you think it’s safest. I know you guys wouldn’t put her in danger. I’m glad I mentioned it since it was apparently worry over me that was making us not just bring Chloe to Lucy since Zeus is too busy. I miss Ava and Olivia too.” Noah hugged his wife from behind. “why don’t we all go tomorrow?”

“sounds great” Ruth answered with a smile. “we’ll be leaving then. How early will you guys be at our home tomorrow?” Noah asked then Chthon answered “We’ll be headed your way after breakfast in the morning” Noah and Alice hugged everybody then let Ruth, Chthon and Nero love on Chloe a little more before Noah picked up his wife and daughter then walked out.

Lucy went outside to lay among the flowers while she waited for her husband to finish talking with his father. There were many new ones planted here since she came. Every time Lucy found a new flower she liked Zeus would have it planted around the palace. He had a bad temper when he got angry but for the most part he had been a very loving and kind husband. Like he had promised when he was trying to win her over, Zeus gave Lucy everything she desired. The only thing she wished to be better was his relationship with their daughters. She hated they didn’t like their father but he didn’t give them any reason to like him. He only played with them when she insisted and they could tell it was forced. Zeus had absolutely no interest in the girls which deeply saddened her. She wanted Ava and Olivia to have memories like she did with her father.

Lucy couldn’t imagine a better dad than Chthon. She knew how Chthon was wasn’t typical of a demon man but with how sweet Zeus was with her she had hoped he would be among the few who loved their children. Lucy doubted Zeus would even care if anything ever happened to the two girls. He would care about her sadness but that would be it. Lucy knew she couldn’t force him to love their daughters so just tried to let the flowers relax her so she wouldn’t end up fighting with Zeus about it again. “I’ve lost you Zeus”

“Sorry sir”

“I want to step down and make you king Zeus but your mind is too wrapped up in your wife. She’s just a woman, you shame me and your bloodline carrying on with her like you do. You are twenty nine and need to snap out of it.”

“I can’t help I love my wife and you don’t”

“Men do not love, not their women anyway. It makes us dumb. You are obsessed with her and it’s why I can’t give you the throne.”

“Fine don’t, I can’t just stop loving her father. Lucy is amazing”

“Amazing yes but still just somthing you own. Your mistake is treating her like she’s equal to you. The only thing your doing right is raising those girls. I see how distant you are, like any man should be. Your only folly is your queen.”

“I don’t see it as folly. I feel happier than you probably ever have in your life.” Jeramiah laughed “foolish boy, you are still but a child in the mind. No matter for now. I’ll give you more time to set yourself straight and realize how stupid you’ve been. Don’t make me set you back on the right path by force Zeus. You were a son to be proud of until she came through our doors”

“If you’re done I’d like to go be with Lucy before we meet Danjal, Forneus, Gomory and Jinn after breakfast in the morning. I haven’t seen her all day and yes I’m excited to get back to her so just shut up and I’ll see you tomorrow” Zeus slammed the study door on the way out. Jeramiah growled then went to his room for the night. He slapped Reyna when he entered the room “you did somthing wrong with our Zeus” was all he said before laying down. Reyna just held her cheek for a few moments then crawled into bed. Zeus checked their bedroom first and didn’t see Lucy so he went to see if they were eating dinner without him. Nobody was there so he guessed she may have gone to lay among the flowers. Lucy heard him coming and stood. He ran to Lucy and spun her in a hug “I’m so sorry my father has kept me all day. what were you trying to say to me this morning before my dad jerked me away?”

“Nothing much, I want to meet my niece but I know you’re too busy for us to go.”

“I am, I hate to be but I am. I will go with you to see her once we have a couple of problems resolved. My father does plan to retire at sompoint which is why he demands I be at so much lately. As you’ve heard in meetings you’ve attended we’ve had quite a bit of havoc to deal with as of late. You aren’t angry at me for not being able to break away are you?”

“Not really, I just wish I could go alone with the girls” Zeus sighed “Lucy, I need you at my side. I couldn’t handle these things without my queen.” Lucy kissed Zeus’s cheek “it’s alright, you asked what had been on my mind this morning. I know we’ll meet Chloe soon”

“as soon as I’m not busy. Thank you for being so understand. I love you so dearly Lucy. Do you know that?” Lucy nodded and he smiled. He cradled her in his arms then asked “have you eaten my love?’

“I ate a little with the children because they couldn’t wait for you but I made sure I had room to eat with you aswell” Zeus gave her ¬†a truly happy smile which made it worth being hungry waiting on him. He took her to their bedroom then commanded the servants to bring them somthing to eat for dinner. Zeus began to undress Lucy slowly. HIs eyes needing to feast upon her nude form. Lucy smiled at the way he looked at her. It was a mixture of lust and amazement. He just looked down at her as she laid on the bed and he ran his fingers all over her body. He only stopped when the servants came in with food. Lucy sat up and they handed her a plate. At first Lucy had been shy when the servants came in and she was naked but she had come to realize they had seen Jeramiah, Reyna and Zeus naked aswell so it wasn’t a big deal to them.

The servants had provided them with gravy for their chicken. Zeus had long since learned that nothing burned Lucy so he quickly poured it all over her breasts saying “oopps, however are we going to get that off?” Zeus pushed her down grinning and Lucy laughed. Zeus dropped the plates on the floor then began to move his tongue as slowly as possible over her breasts where the gravy was. It started to excite Lucy, especially when he’d run his tongue over her nipples that were already beginning to harden with anticipation. Zeus sat up, bringing her left breast to his mouth. Zeus began to suck and lick at it. His previously soft shaft ¬†flinging up and slapping Lucy on her leg.She giggled lightly at him.

Zeus slammed her down on the bed and met their lips in a fervid kiss. His hands slid down between Lucys legs and took on a fast pace as his kiss got more impassioned. Lucy moaned loudly as she clawed him. After her fifth orgasm he parted their lips to enjoy her cries of ecstasy and her begging for him to go inside of her. “Oh Zeus please” she moaned in a loud cry. Zeus grew hard to the point where he had to be one with her so he thrust in. He gripped her shoulders so he could plow into her as hard as he was able to. Lucys moans intensified as she was nearing the point where her body couldn’t writhe with the pleasure any longer. The second he released into her he moved down to taste her “Zeus we have things to do in the morning.” she said so quietly it was almost inaudible”

“But we have all night my love. Many, many more hours to please you” was all he said before his tongue started moving against her. After the second orgasm caused by his very skilled tongue her body was left motionless on the bed, completely at Zeus’s mercy as to when he stopped. Lucy knew this could go on for hours though. Zeus was insatiable when it came to making love. Almost every time he would go on until Lucy lost consciousness. She lasted nearly two more hours before Zeus heard her heart slow to a sleeping rate. He smiled then kissed his way up and down her a few times. Zeus took off the only article of clothing he had left on him which was his shirt. He pulled the covers from under his wife then laid down to pull her on top of him. Once she was in a good position he draped the covers over her. He smiled joyously before wrapping his arms around her and falling asleep.

Morning came over the horizon and Ruth nibbled at her husbands shoulder to wake him. He smiled then looked at her with love burning in his eyes. He sat up to get dressed. “I can’t wait to see Lucy and her girls again. I especially can’t wait to see her surprised expression when we show up. I know she must be sad not being able to come meet Chloe.”

“Yeah” Ruth said as she changed into a summer dress. Chton crossed the room once he had his clothes on and grabbed Ruths face. “You are far too beautiful Ruth. Still so perfect.”

“Please, I’m getting wrinkly” Chthon smiled and kissed the only one she had “you have a single wrinkle and even so it’s adorable.” Ruth giggled “right, adorable”

“I’m serious my love, absolutely adorable. You could never be anything less than stunning to my eyes.” They kissed, pressing into eachother softly. They pulled back and just looked into eachothers eyes until nero knocked loudly “you two up?!” Chthon sighed and Ruth said “yes dear, we’ll meet you at breakfast” She kissed Chthon again “there will be time for more staring later you marshmallow.” They held hands as they went down to breakfast. They finished quickly so they could make the trip to Tresnia to meet Noah, Alice and their beautiful little girl. Chthon was excited to hold his grandbaby again. Chloe was almost as cute as he found Ruth to be. He was just as much of a puddle for Lucy when she was a baby though.

When they arrived Noah told them Alice was upstairs feeding Chloe but it shouldn’t be too much longer. They all sat in the living room and chatted until Alice came down “I’m sorry for the wait. She was very hungry” Ruth smiled at her daughter in law “well there’s no rushing a baby. You don’t need to be sorry.” Alice smiled then Noah went to grab their bag. Nero stopped him “let me take it since you’ll be carrying your wife. I’m carrying mom and dads too.”


“Don’t mention it.” Noah and Chthon picked up their wives simultaniously then they all left to get to where they could travel to Halvincora. Lucy walked behind Zeus as they entered the room they held meetings. A new man was there Lucy hadn’t met before. All four men bowed until Zeus lifted his hand. He spoke to his wife “I know you haven’t met the man on the end Lucy, his name is Forneus. He spoke nervously “It’s a pleasure to meet you your mejesty” Lucy smiled. She wnated to say “it’s a pleasure to meet you too but knew she wasn’t supposed to and Zeus woudl get a scathing from his father if she did since he was already sitting in the room. The four men didn’t sit again until Zeus and Lucy were sitting. Zeus laced his fingers with Lucys and they began discussing how to handle the group of rebellious demons who were upsetting the order of things.

Lucy looked sadly over at Reyna who only seemed to look more pitiful by the month. It was heartbreaking to see a woman with the life beaten out of her so. She saw a bruise on her cheek and was tempted to hit Jeramiah but refrained knowing she’d only make it so Reyna would get a horrible beating. She had only stuck up for Reyna once and that was all because Reyna ended up near death that very evening. She wished Reyna would just leave Jeramiah but she was so lifeless Lucy doubt the woman ever thought of anything. Lucy sort of zoned out for the rest of the meeting until she noticed Danjal staring at her again.

Every time she came he’d eyeball her the whole time. She didn’t think Zeus ever noticed. If he did he never said anything during the meeting or later. Ava and Olivia were playing outside the castle when they looked excitedly over to see their grandparents, Uncles and Aunt coming with their cousin. Chthon handed Chloe back to Alice and ran to his two grandaughters “it’s so wonderful to see you two! Where’s your mother.”

“In a meeting with daddy” they said at the same time. “How long do you think they’ll be?”

“Who knows”

“well then, why don’t we all just go sit among the flowers and maybe Auntie Alice will help you hold Chloe”

“I’d love to do that” Alice said happily as Noah kissed her cheek. Ava and Olivia hugged everybody else then they walked over to sit down. Olviia got Chloe first “Just be really careful of her head. She can’t support it on her own”

“ok” Olivia said excitedly. “she feels so frail” Olivia said looking down in awe. After awhie Alice took Chloe for Olivia and hended her slowly to Ava. “same thing, just mind her little head”

When their meeting was finally over The king and queen stood and left first, then the prince and princess, then everybody else per custom. When Zeus and Lucy stepped out a maid was waiting “Miss Lucy your parents and brothers have come for a visit. Noah has brought his wife and child” Lucys face lit up making Zeus smile happily. He was so glad they had come to her so she wouldn’t be sad. ‘where are they?” Lucy said in a girlish tone. “outside princess”

“Thank you!” Lucy about dragged Zeus doiwn the hall and he enjoyed every second of it. When they stepped out the doors Chthon ran to his daughter and hugged her tightly. If she had been a human her bones would’ve broken but demons could handle a lot more pressure on their bodies than humans. Chthon often wished he could hug Ruth this tightly. When Chthon let go Ruth hugged Lucy while Chthon hugged Zeus who still felt awkward when Lucys parents hugged him. Affection, aside from sexual was somthing he never got any of before Lucy. Lucy quickly walke dover to Alice “please let me hold Chloe. I’ve been dyeing to” Alice handed her over and Lucy sat down “such a pretty little girl. Thank goodness she takes more after Alice than you Noah” Noah grinned “yep, that is all Alice”

“She looks like you too” Alice said cheerfully. Lucy retorted “no, she’s cute. If she resembled my brother she’d be ugly as dirt” Alice and Nero chuckled while Lucy gave a playful wink to her brother. “I have already had my servants prepare a room with a crib in it and other baby items for you and your family Noah. I wanted to be ready for your visit since Lucy longed to see you and the new baby so badly. I feel terrible I’ve been why she hasn’t come”

“You’re a prince, we understand.” Noah said giving his brother in law a warm smile to show he wasn’t upset. Alice chimed in “thank you for preparing somthing for us”

“You are Lucys family, somthing that makes her happy. Of course I’d want you to be as comfortable as possible here when you visit her. Come inside and my servants will guide you each to your rooms then meet us in the dining hall for lunch’ They all followed Zeus inside then he called for servants who lead their guests to their rooms. When they were gone Lucy hugged Zeus “You didn’t tell me you had special rooms made for them”

“It pleases you when they are here. Your happiness makes me happy so I like your family to enjoy it here so they visit more often.”

“I love you so much” Olivia and Ava had follower Nero to where his room was so they’d know. He was their favorite Uncle because he played with them nearly non stop while he visited. Nero still hadn’t found interest in any women so didn’t have a girlfriend to be wrapped up in when he visited. “so Nero, what’s it like not getting to spend any time in Tresnia anymore since you and Grandma are apparently traveling the world since grandpas death?’

“I don’t really miss it all that much. Never got attached to anything there. Your grandma still goes back from time to time so Noah and Alice don’t always have to go back to the castle and to pop in on all the people she loves but it’s not a hard gig.”

“why wont grandma just become a demon”

“I dont think she fully understand. I dont think it’s sunk in that shell die and be without us and dad….grandpa is too stupid to be more forceful with her. Grandma says no and he drops it…like a coward….he should love mom enough to push harder. It’s nearly too late and he doesnt do a damn thing…oh..sorry for cussing girls”

“It’s ok, daddy and Jeramiah cuss all the time”

“They shouldnt around such young ears.”

“It’s fine, they are just angry words. Can we play after dinner?”

“Of course” They all went into the dining room and ate lunch. Everybody chatting happily about their lives to catch up. When dinner was over Nero went outside with Olivia and Ava then Zeus said ‘what shoud we all do?”

“Alice and I regretfully need a nap. Chloe slept maybe an hour last night.”

“aw I’m sorry guys. Have a good nap”

“Thanks lucy, we love you”

“I love you too. I hope Chloe sleeps well”

“Us too” Lucy looked excitedly at her parents “looks like just us. What should we do?” Ruth said then Lucy answered. “Zeus added some new fish to my aquarium that don’t exist in Barense so you and dad haven’t seen them before. I’d love to show you!”

“Then please show us” Ruth said happily. Chthon and Zeus picked up theri wives then they started going up in the castle to arrive where Zeus had her aqaurium made. Every time Lucy and Ruth came in here it weas like their first time. They woudl point and chat while their husbands just watched them smiling. “so you’re still taking good care of my little girl?” Chthon asked Zeus “of course sir”

“Good, will you two have any more children?”

“Not sure”

“Doesn’t your line require a male heir to rule?”

“Yes but I have a bastard child who is male and can take over if needed.”

“I see” was all Chthon said in response before going back to admiring his wife and daughter. Zeus also turned his attention back on the girls. A servant came by and asked “can I do anything sire?”

“Just tell us when Alice and Noah leave their room”

“Yes sir”

After a little bit longer Lucy turned to her mother and asked “I know I’m a grown woman mom but I really miss how you used to read to us. Could we go in the library and you read for awhile”

“Of course baby” Chthon and Zeus both picked up their wives again and walked to where Zeus had built a library for Lucy. Lucy grabbed a book and handed it to her mother. Each woman settled themselves into their husbands lap then Ruth began to read. Ruth read on and on until a servant interrupted “Alice and Noah are out of their rooms and looking for you all.”

“Lead them to the library please”

“Yes sir” Ruth paused reading until the got up their with Chloe “moms reading.” Lucy said happily. Noah excitedly sat down and motioned for his wife to sit in his lap. “please keep reading mom. It’s been so long” Ruth chuckled “I love you babies so much. You’ll always be my babies no matter how old you are” Lucy and Noah smiled then Ruth began to read again. They passed their day this way until dinner. Lucy actually looked disappointed when the servants came to fetch them. They all went down and ate dinner then spent hours talking and laughing. Noah and Alice were the first to leave “we should settle the baby”

“You two need to get to bed aswell” Lucy said looking at her daughters who didn’t dare complain infront of their dad. They walked over and hugged their mom goodnight then hugged their dad since they knew they were supposed to “will you tuck us in Uncle Nero” the girls asked and he cheerfully got up “after i tuck them in I’ll hit the hay too. See you all at breakfast”

“see you” they all said. The four left chatted until Ruth could barely keep her eyes open. Her human body was gaing and she just couldn’t pull the late nights she used to. Chthon kissed her cheek then said “I better take your mother to bed. Goodnight Lucy and Zeus”

“Night” they both said then Lucy got up to hug them. Once they left the room Zeus stood “why don’t we retire too then.”

“The sooner we sleep the sooner it can be tomorrow” Lucy said happily. Zeus smiled the picked her up again. On the way to the room he said “I was really hoping they’d come”

“The thought hadn’t crossed my mind that Alice would let them travel with the baby here. She’s in good hands with my dad though, I’m glad she realizes it.”

“Since she’s spent any time with you she’s probably convinced Chthons a god.” Alice crossed her arms and Zeus chuckled “I love you Lucy. I think it’s adorable how highly you think of your father. I wish I liked mine so much”

“Yours isn’t likeable so it isn’t your fault” They walked into their room and undressed “I know you’ll be anxious to be with your family as soon as your eyes open so should we shower tonight?”

“Yeah, better to do it while everybody is sleeping” Lucy started taking her clothes off making Zeus’s smile widen again. Zeus took off his clothes then walked in the bathroom to turn the shower on. Once it was running they stepped in Zeus looked seductively at his wife and said “I want to get you a bit dirtier before we get clean.” He closed what little distance was between then pushed her against the bathroom wall as he began to let his tongue play on Lucys neck. Once he had her moaning he turned her around so her hands were pressing against the wall. Zeus grabbed her breasts in each of his hands then began to slowly move in and out of her. Her first moan came out soundless but then they began to grow loud. “Oh Zeus” she said in a very needy moan. “want me to go harder baby?”

“Yes” she whimpered out and he went at a faster pace but still slow enough where he could enjoy being clenched by her tight heat. Their moans and names filled the bathroom as Zeus released into her multiple times. He’d stay so hard after giving her his DNA that he could just keep going” Lucy began not to be able to support herself so He turned her around and picked her up to move into her while he held her close. They joined lips as Zeus went two more times then he pulled out. Lucy was too weak to even hold her torso up. Zeus grabbed the body wash then sat on the floor of the shower. He scrubbed Lucy then rinsed her before turning off the water and getting out “Lucy said weakly “you didn’t wash” Zeus kissed her head “I’ll let you go to breakfast before me and I’ll shower in the morning. I don’t want to leave you alone in our room when you can’t move, what if you need somthing” Lucy smiled then said in a whisper “I love you” Zeus kissed her again “I love you too Lucy”

Zeus laid on the bed, wrapping himself around Lucy before they both drifted to sleep.When Lucy woke she tried to sit up immediatly but Zeus didn’t budge. She giggled then said “come on baby”

“Just a few more minuets” he said softly. “Zeus” he wrapped himself around her tighter. “Zeus” she said a little more seriously. “but you’re going to get dressed and run away when I let you go.”

“Zeus, I ahven’t seen my family in awhile”Zeus kissed Lucy “I guess I am being selfish.” he let her go sadly and she got up to pull some clothes on and brush her hair. She wlaked back over to her husband and kissed his cheek “want me to start the shower for you?’

“Please” Lucy went into the bathroom and got the water running. When Lucy came out of the bathroom Zeus was sitting up “I need another hug before you leave” Lucy smiled then got between his legs and hugged him. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me Lucy”

“You say such wonderful things. You make me so happy Zeus. I’m really glad we came here when I was fifteen. I wish we would have come sooner” They pulled back and kissed a few moments before Zeus said “me too” Zeus stood and Lucy took off running. She was in such a fast sprint she couldn’t stop when a servant walked through one of the doors in the hall. He turned to see what was coming and Lucy crashed into him. They fell on the ground and Fulim felt wetness on his hands then his eyes widened realizing he had just impaled the princess with the carving knife he was carrying. Lucy spoke calmly “don’t panic, I’ll be alright. Do not take the knife out ok? I want you to let it go.” The servant obeyed “good, now I want you to carry me to my mother. She will take out the knife and heal me.”

“Yes mam, I’m so sorry” Fulim said as they both stood and he picked her up “It’s mainly my fault. I was running too fast and you didn’t have time to react just as I didn’t have time to stop. Hopefully my husband doesn’t find out but if he does I’ll explain to him and make sure he understands this is my fault” Fulim nodded and started carrying Lucy to Ruth and Chthons room. Fulim had to use great self control not to shake. No matter what she thought and what she said to Zeus the prince would be furious with him. He hoped he wasn’t going to die for this. Lucy could tell how scared the servant was and she felt terrible. Zeus had a rotten temper and this wouldn’t go over well. She decided then and there to never run in the castle again. She couldn’t risk putting another servant in this position and wished she could take back the fact she had been running. She was just so excited to see her family.

Chapter Two

They made it to her parents room and Ruth gasped running out of the bathroom where she had been brushing her hair. “what happened?’ Ruth said as Fulim set Lucy down in a chair. “I was excited to get to the dining hall and see everybody so I was sprinting through the castle. Fulim came out of a door in the hallway just as I was running by. I didn’t have time to stop and he didn’t have time to react. We both fell on the floor, the knife he had been holding¬†ended up inside of me.” Ruth healed the wound then along with Chthon wrapped her daughter in a hug. Fulims fear was pouring out of hm. Lucy stood and put a hand on Fulims shoulder “see, I’m fine. He will smell my blood in the hall so will know quickly but I’m going back to the room now and I’ll explain to him that this was my fault. I will not let you get in trouble for somthing you couldn’t have avoided. I’m not even sure if my father would have had time to react. Please calm down”

“I’ll try princess, Zeus is just extra touchy when it comes to you. I doubt even your words will save me from his wrath.”

“I’ll make sure, I’m so sorry I’ve put you in this position Fulim. I will never run in the castle again.”

“I need to clean the mess in the hall”

“Lets walk together, I’ll see you in the dining hall mom and dad”

“Bye sweetheart” Ruth said as they exited. “what a way to start our morning”

“well how we originally started it was better” Chthon said as he licked Ruths shoulder. She giggled “I really enjoyed this morning”

“Me too” Fulim went to grab cleaning supplies while Lucy quickly walked to her bedroom. Zeus was just getting out of the shower so she didn’t have time to change out of her bloody clothes. His eyes widened and he crossed the room to her “what happened!” he said in a panicked tone. “I want you to listen to me before you explode ok? Please sit down” Zeus sat down and Lucy got in his lap to explain. “I was excited to be with my family so I was running very fast down the halls to get to the dining room. A servant” suddenly he interrupted her “You know the names of every servant. tell me the name Lucy”

“You’re supposed to be listening to me”

“what was the name”

“Zeus stop it and listen” He huffed and she continued. ” a servant came out into the hall and I couldn’t stop nor did he have the time to react to me. They had been carrying a carving knife so when we hit the floor it impaled me. They¬†apologized even though it was clearly my fault because I shouldn’t have been running down a hallway with so many doors. It was MY fault not theirs. They took me to my mother who removed the knife and healed me. I’m fine and it was my fault so don’t go ripping off heads.” Zeus wrapped his arms around Lucy to hug her and find the servants scent. When he found it he released and said “lets get the blood off of you then we’ll eat with your family.” Zeus carried Lucy to the shower then stood her in. The water was instantly hot since he had only just turned it off.

He washed her slow, putting a lot of care into it. He was happy to see not a sign of her being stabbed on her skin. When Lucy was clean he pulled her into another hug. “Please be careful Lucy”

“I’m sorry, it really was my fault. I shouldn’t have been bounding through the castle like a child”

“servants should mind where their masters are. He should have been able to hear you.”

“You know Fulim did not inherit sharp senses. His hearing is equivalent to a humans”

“Fulim” Zeus said then Lucy sighed hating she had said Fulims name but then realized her husband had already said he even though she had been careful not to use any gender specific terms when explaining. “You knew it was Fulim before I said his name, you used he even though I didn’t say if it was a male or female servant.”

“You wouldn’t tell me so I found their scent when I hugged you”

“Zeus you better not do anything to him. Its my fault”

“as I said servants should mind where their masters are. I dont care if your stealthy when you run and he can’t hear above what humans can. He should be more aware when walking through doors with knives.” Lucy pushed out of his arms and got out of the shower “lucy” Zeus called but she just started drying. Zeus got out “Lucy” he said again and she said “I will be really pissed off if you punish Fulim for somthing that’s my fault”

“You could get hurt again if the servants don’t pay better heed to whats going on around them!”

“I’m not going to run in the castle any more!”

“you are my wife and can do what pleases you! They need to accommodate what makes you happy!”

“It would make me happy if servants didn’t get blamed for accidents that were my fault”

“Nothing is your fault as my queen” Lucy rolled her eyes. “That’s ridiculous thinking. I’m not perfect and neither or you. Do not punish him Zeus” They stared strong willed at eachother. Until Zeus sighed, shivering in the cold since he hadn’t dried. He turned off the water “I’m sorry Lucy, don’t be angry at me. I just love you and hate for you to get injured.”

“I love you too, are you going to punish him?”

“No I wont”

“Good, lets get dressed.” They went to their walk in closet and found clothes to put on. Once they were suitable for public Zeus gave Lucy a long kiss then lifted her. Lucy could tell he was still riled by his demeanor as he walked. She knew he really believed what he had said back there. It came from generations of pompus assholes who thought just because they were powerful meant they were better and all should grovel at their feet. She had undone a lot of his ways of thinking but some things were pounded so far in she knew they could never be fixed and could only hope her kids didn’t grow up to be so self entitled. It was a side of him she struggled against to make him see reason but accepted as a flaw. She loved all of him, to spite the ideals he had that she didn’t like.

All eyes were on them when they entered the dining hall “morning everybody” Lucy said as Zeus sat down. Instead of putting her in the seat beside him like normal he kept Lucy in his lap. Two plates appeared before him. Lucy grabbed her grape jelly toast and started to eat. Most of her family was done eating but had obviously waited. The only people not there were Nero, Olivia and Ava but they always did their own thing together. Lucy never said anything to Nero but her girls looked at him as if he was their father. It was sweet and sad at the same time. Lucy really wished she could make Zeus love them. He didn’t mistreat them but as a father he was neglectful. Lucy found herself hoping he’d have business to attend to today because she was so upset with him. Chloe started crying due to the tension in the room. “I bet she’s hungry” Alice said softly. Ruth got up “why don’t we go up and I’ll read like yesterday while Zeus and Lucy have breakfast”

‘sounds good, I love you little big sis” Noah said. As Chthon walked by he kissed his daughters head. He wanted to be mad at his son in law for makig this into a big deal but it would be the pot calling the kettle black since he was also unreasonable when somthing happened to Ruth. When they were gone Lucy said “you’re not eating”

“I have lost my appetite Lucy.” Lucy sighed and they ate in silence. Outside Olivia said “Uncle Nero, we have a question for you”


“Do you think grandpa would let us move into the castle?”

“You don’t want to live with your mother?”

“Well yeah but we dont like living with daddy. Moms the only person he’s nice to or likes. ”

“He loves you two”

“No he doesn’t Nero. He really doesn’t. He only tolerates us atall to make mom happy. He does the bare minimum to please her when it comes to us. We just wanted to run it by you before we asked grandpa”

“Have you talked to your mother?”

“No but we know she’ll let us go. Mom loves us unlike dad. She’d want us to be happy”

“Let me go pull your grandpa aside ok, wait here.”

“Yes sir” Nero went into the dining room and asked “wheres dad?”


“alright” Nero left then went to the library where he asked his dad to come out. Chthon reluctantly left Ruth and exited the library “yes son?”

“Ava and Oliva want to talk to you” Chthon followed his son out of the castle until they saw the girls “whats up?”

“Could we live with you?”

“If your mothers fine with it”

“really!” they said with a mixture of happiness and disbelief. “really, ask her later when she’s not fighting with your dad ok?”

“Yes sir! Thank you!” Chthon huged them with a smile then they all went to listen to Ruth read.

When their plates were cleared Lucy said “lets go join them in the library.”

“Don’t be so upset with me, please” Zeus said looking at her sadly. “I’m trying not to be, especially since my family is here. I just want to enjoy this time with them.”

“I’m sorry Lucy, why dont I carry you up to the library then I’ll retire to my room to cool down so I wont be such an ass and make this time tense. I truly do want you to enjoy your family” Lucy kissed his cheek “I know you really do try hard for me”

“I’d do anything to make you happy. I’m crazy about you Lucy which is why I lose my head when you get injured.” Zeus stood with Lucy in his arms then walked her up to join her family. He hugged her, lingering because he didn’t want to let go. He was only leaving because he didn’t want to ruin her fun. It pained him to think it but right now his presence was only making his love unhappy. He walked away while Lucy walked in. Alice looked ta her confused “where’s your husband? He’s always by your side.”

“He’s going to take a nap”

“You two still fighting?”

“Not really, just tension from being upset. He went to nap so he’d be in a better mood. He knew he was making you all uncomfortable”

“he’s alright if you want to go after him Lucy” Ruth said. Lucy shook her head “he needs to relax. he got really wound up”

“Would you like to listen to a story Lucy or go outside?” The girls jumped up “lets all play outside!”

“Outside it is” Lucy said with a smile. Chthon wrapped his daughter in a hug when he approached her “don’t be too hard on him honey. I’m sure you remember how unreasonable I can be when your mother gets hurt. It’s only because he loves you. It’s hard for us full blooded demons. You have a far more leveled head because of your mothers human blood but demons are very quick to anger and violence. It’s in our nature, now he needs to control it but you do need to keep in mind it’s harder for him to keep a calm head than it is for you. I know I’ve reminded you a million times but as a father I need to. The only thing you should never be patient with is if he hits you are one of your children. That kind of behaviour can escalate quickly and is never excuseable. No man should ever hit you for any reason Lucy. You tell me right away if that happens”

Lucy hugged her father tightly “I love you so much dad.”

“I love you too baby” They all went outside and played around until lunch. Lucy was surprised Zeus was still in his bedroom. “would you guys be upset if I checked on my husband?”

“Not atall sweetheart” Ruth gave her daughter a smile then a kiss on the cheek. “I just want to be sure he’s ok and coming to lunch. I’ll join soon”

“You don’t need to rush Lucy, we understand. We’re all married except Nero”

“we’re not married” the girls chimed in making everyone smile. Lucy walked down then hall while her family went to eat in the dining hall. Lucy pushed open her bedroom door to see Zeus sleeping soundly. She entered then crawled on top of him. As she was leaning down for a kiss his eyes opened and he smiled before lifting his arms to wrap around her. They entered a deep, loving kiss. Whe Lucy pulled back she said “It’s lunch time honey, how do you feel?”

“Better if you are not angry.”

“I’m not angry, I’ve had a very fun day so far with my family”

“I’m relieved, I can join you all now without bringing the day down”

“They are waiting for us in the dining hall”

“One more kiss?” Lucy grinned then leaned down. Zeus slid a hand behind her head so she couldn’t pull away. He needed her peace, the sensation that moved into him through her mouth. When he finally let go she giggled “I needed a long one”

“well lets go” Zeus stood and pulled on a shirt since he had stripped down to only pants. He laced hands with his wife then walked out. “have you been sleeping the whole time?”

“Most the time.”

“have any dreams?”

“Not that I remember” They entered the dining hall and everyone greeted Zeus with a smile. He smiled back the best he could then sat down beside his wife. They ate then Noah and Alice left to help the baby get some sleep. Lucy jumped up quickly to kiss Chloes head before they took her away. “what does my bautiful little girl want to do now?” Chthon asked looking at his daughter. “why don’t we all go just a little over an hour out where there’s a field with a bunch of gorgeous horses. I love going to see them.”

“Then lets go but there’s somthing we need to discuss now that you’ve made up with your husband.”

“what is it?”

“The girls would like to live with me. I’m fine with it if it’s ok with you” Lucy sighed and the girls quickly said “we love you very much mommy, please dont doubt that but we’d be happier at grandpas.” Lucy understood, she knew her daughters loved her. Zeus just made them uncomfortable and hogged her from them. She knew they would truly be happier and live a very fun life with her parents and Nero. “you may live there. I will miss you girls dearly” The twins jumped up and hugged their mom “we’ll miss you too mommy. You are a good mother.”

“I’m not doubting that by your choice sweethearts. It means a lot to me you care so much for my feelings though”

“We’ve been so worried it would hurt you but we want to live there badly and nothing ties us here since we can’t take over for daddy one day”

“why don’t you girls hug your dad too?” They went over to them and he hugged them then they all stood to go see the horses. Olivia and Ava each took one of Neros shoulders as he had a hold of them with each hand. They laughed and talked with their Uncle. Lucy smiled at the site. She’d make sure he realized before they left that they had elected him their father since Zeus didn’t really want the job. They arrived at the meadow and there were horses as far as the eye could see. There was one of every mix and color. The twins squealed and ran to play around them. Nero ran close behind laughing. “Alice, I’ll hold Chloe so you can enjoy the horses with your husband. I can come here any time”

“Thank you Lucy”

“Yes thank you” Noah added once his wife finished her thanks. Zeus sat down and opened his arms, hoping Lucy would sit in his lap with the baby.She slowly got down and relaxed into him. Chloe was asleep and looking like a little angel. Lucy smiled down at the little girl as she layed against Zeus. Zeus would randomly kiss Lucys head until Ruth and Chthon came over “Hey sweetheart, your mother is tired so we’ll take a turn so you can run around with everybody else”

“Thanks mom and dad” Lucy whispered because Chloe was still sleeping. Lucy gently handed the little girl to her mother then walked off to find her favorite horse. Zeus followed close behind. Finally she found the one she called Spirit. “May I ride you?” The horse rubbed it’s nose on her face and Lucy smiled. She got on with Zeus then trotted over to Noah and Alice. “want to go down a nice trail near here with us? Mom and dad have Chloe by the way”

“Sure, how does that sound to you Alice?”

“Amazing but let me feed Chloe before we go off. I don’t want her getting hungry while I’m far off.” Alice hastily went over to her daughter rousing her from her slumber. Chloe didn’t mind, she just latched on and ate until she was full. Alice pulled her shirt back down and got on the horse with Noah. “Thanks mom and dad” Alice said before they trotted off. “How’s things in Tresnia?” Lucy asked “same old same old. They miss the rest of our family since dad died. Moms having fun living back at the castle with him while she pretends to travel the world.’

“Are you nervous about raising a little girl?”

“Nah, I’ll set any boys straight that give her trouble.” Lucy giggled at Noahs serious tone. Noah smiled “I hope you and your husband will visit soon Lucy”

“we will as soon as possible Noah, I swear”

“I’m holding you to that Lucy.”

Another day came to an end and they all went to their separate rooms. Lucys family would be leaving tomorrow after lunch and she was very sad. When Zeus got in the room with Lucy he lifted her so she’d wrap her legs around him then sat on the bed. “don’t be sad Lucy. You’re too beautiful to be sad. Especially after I angered you today. I want you happy. I live for that smile” Lucy kissed him and it almost brought Zeus to tears. He would’ve cried if he knew how. Zeus hadn’t been allowed to cry when he was a small boy so never had in adulthood. Once he even tried to force tears but none came. When Lucy pulled back she could see the emotion in his eyes. “I’m fine baby, I know they’ll come back. It just weighs heavier on me because my girls are leaving me too”

“I’ll give you more children” Lucy sighed “new children wouldnt make me forget them sweetheart’ Zeus kissed her head. “cuddle?”

“Yes” Lucy said smiling at him. He could still feel her sadness and said “tell them not to leave. Why give them permission to do somthing that will make you unhappy Lucy?”

“Because I love them so I care more about them than myself. They will be happier there. I had such an amazing childhood in my fathers castle. They will make some of the same memories I did now.”

“so in the end you’ll be happy?”


“good, can I do anything special for you?”

“You’ve built and given me everything I’ve ever desired Zeus. I can’t think of a single thing else I want”

“That’s astounding to hear. I will think of somthing to do for you when the girls are gone though. There has to be atleast one more thing I can do to make my wife even near as happy as she makes me”

“I’m very happy Zeus” They undressed then just laid with eachother. Letting the blissful moments pass. When Lucy was resting Zeus sat up and just admired her. He still felt bad, anytime Lucy spoke to him or looked at him angrily it practically tore his heart apart. He turned up his senses and let his hand slide over Lucys naked body. He let himself get lost in how her skin felt. It helped soothe his sad mind. He was always dissapointing her no matter how he tried. Most times it would shock him. How he was raised and how she was raised couldn’t be more different. Things he would’ve never thought were bad she’d make him feel low about. It didn’t help he was always feuding with his father over her. Jeramiah wanted her broken but Zeus loved her how she was.

Zeus put a hand on Lucys head to put her in a deeper sleep so he wouldn’t disturb her. He wanted badly to run his lips over her body. Zeus leaned down and trailed kisses over every inch of her multiple times. His movements slow, tender and loving. He was just enjoying the contact and taste. When he could stop he lifted the deep sleep he put her under so she’d be sleeping normally again. He then wrapped his arms around her body and pillowed his head on her chest. Zeus dialed all senses but his hearing down so her heart could help him sleep.

When Lucy woke she smiled down at her husband. She placed a hand softly in his hair which woke him up “good morning handsome”

“Good morning my beautiful bride.” She smiled “lets get up since my family is all leaving today. I need to talk to my brother this morning.” Zeus got off of Lucy then tey pulled clothes on. Before Lucy could leave Zeus pulled her into a hug. “I have a meeting to attend this morning so I wont be seeing you until tonight. I love you and cherish you. Do you know that Lucy?”


“You’ll never forget it even when I make you angry?”

“Of course not, people fight. It’s ok Zeus” Zeus went to his fathers room while Lucy went to Neros. She knocked on the door and he answered a few moments later. His hair was messy showing he had been sleeping “Yeah big sis?”

“can I talk to you about my girls?”

“Of course, come in” They sat down on the bed together and Lucy said “before they went home with you guys I wanted to make sure you realized they have elected you their father since Zeus doesn’t play the role very well” Nero smiled “I thought that but now you’ve confirmed. It’s sweet.”

“They love you very much”

“and they love you too Lucy”

“I know, This castle is just so gloomy and dads is bright and happy. I’m glad they’ll grow up the way I did.” Nero hugged Lucy “are you really happy with Zeus?”

“Yes, why would you ask?”

“I’m not sure, it’s just this castle. It gives me and Noah a rotten feeling. There somthing, especially about his dad that’s insideuous. I mean do you notice how he looks at you Lucy?”

“I know he doesnt like me”

“Lucy I see more than dislike in his eyes. I hate that i leave this castle every time fearing you’re going to get hurt or….”


“I’m sorry Lucy, I guess I’m just protective because I love you so much. You and I should spar somtime again. Remember how much we used to spar growing up?”

“Yeah it was so much fun. I felt bad for Noah though.”

“Yeah, he got so little power that he really couldn’t fight with us since he knew if he did win it was because we let him”

“I’m going to miss you all when you leave me”

“we miss you too. If you ever decide to leave this castle Lucy dad would take you back in a heartbeat. He worries too. It took awhile to come around. The only thing that got him is one day me stopping dad when Jeramiah was staring at you, that glare that looked as if he wanted you dead. I showed it to dad and now he worries too.”

“I think you all over worry. I doubt Jeramiah would go to any drastic measures”

“Lets hope not. If he does he’ll have the wrath of dad, Noah and I to deal with”

“Hush all that now. Today is the last day and we’re going to be happy”

“Where’s Zeus?”


“Lets go eat breakfast”

“sounds good, maybe we can spar after”


‘Yep” Lucy said with a happy grin. Zeus was barely eating the biscuits that were served at this early morning meeting. He wanted Ruth by his side but he wouldn’t ask her to come when her family would be leaving today. “where’s your mind Zeus?” one of the demons asked “My wife” Jeramiah groaned and the man that asked the question laughed “I’ve never heard of a king actually loving his queen before.”

“There’s a first for everything”

“Hm, well go be with her while we finish this up.” Zeus looked ta his dad who waved him off. Vuls continued speaking after Zeus left “Love will make him a soft king. How will we follow his lead?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already come up with a way to fix this. I’ve been patient with him long enough. I’m just waiting for the girls family to leave again”

“You were always a sick man. What wonderful way are you going to solve this problem?”

“Dismornifa Powder”

“Wow, you’re going to drive your own son crazy?”

“Hopefully he wont be on it long enough to cause a mental break. Given in small doses it just increases aggressiveness as you know. I’m going to give him more and more until he finally starts hitting her. If he breaks his queen he’ll become serious again. She fills his head with such aweful ideas. She’s made him so weak.”

“Love is a powerful emotion which is why we don’t humor it. What if you end up driving your son crazy before it actually makes him attack her? You have no other male heirs if he looses his mind which will happen if you keep him on it too long”

“I’ll make children with my wife again until she gives me another heir. She can handle it. Hopfully we wont have to go through so many girls before we get a boy next time.”

“Yeah, you had to kill a little over twenty girls at birth didn’t you?”

“It was annoying. Tomorrow I will start giving my son the powder. I pray I don’t drive him crazy. Remembering who he was he has amazing potential as a king but how he is now he can never be king so he can either become a man or his mental state will crumble and he’ll kill until he dies”

“I will miss you being king, you are the sickess demon I know. It’s why I look up to you so. I could never do some of the things you do. You’re a fine king, your son should hope to have your mind and your capability to not feel emotion”

“If this works out he could be. Beating a woman into her place is in his blood. This should end the way I prefer it”

Lucy was just getting up to go outside with Nero when Zeus busted into the dining hall “done already? You said you’d be busy until tonight.”

“Dad let me go”

“That’s wonderful, want to watch me fight my brother?”

“Why fight?”

“It’s somthing fun we used to do all the time. He wont seriously hurt me and if I do get hurt my mother will be right there to help me”

“Maybe he should stay in here with me” Chthon said and Zeus agreed. He couldn’t watch her even play fighting. “alright you babies. Come on Nero!” They ran out with everybody else following. “How’re things around here?” Chthon asked his son in law. “Wonderful, you have a truly amazing daughter.”

“I know, how’s that old man of yours”

“Still as grouchy as ever” Chthon half smiled. “I’m excited to be taking my grandgirls home”

” They’ll enjoy it there.”

“Yes, I’ll make sure they are very happy. I’ll be giving them Lucys old room. I haven’t let anybody use it sence she decided to stay here”

“That’s sweet” Chthon was now laughing. “what is it?” Zeus asked “we try so hard to talk to eachother but conversation seems to always fall flat.”

“I Know, it’s terrible. I’d love to talk with you more since Lucy adores you so Chthon but I’m not a big talker”

“I understand, I know your father and I’ve learned about your bloodline recently. Something peaked my interest you see, you definitely don’t come from a warm bloodline to say the least. It’s why I’m not angry at you for some things I would be otherwise. I can see how hard you try for Lucy, how much you love her. You’ve turned out really well for someone of your upbringing. I’m proud of my daughter for bringing out such a good person that was hidden within you.”

“Um..thank you sir”

“You’re welcome, that was a compliment.”

“I wasn’t sure” Zeus said nervously. “I demand you do one thing” Chthon said sternly. “what is it?” Zeus asked. “You tell those girls you’ll miss them. I do not care if it’s a lie. Tell them you love them and that you’ll miss them”

“I will”

“good, one other thing son.”


“You ever lay a hand on my daughter or allow your father to and I’ll break every bone in your body before I start making you beg to die. I learned in my searching and studying about your line that it’s particularly violent against women. It explains the state of your poor mother. That will not ever be my daughter you understand? I know you love her, I can see it but I can’t trust your father because he doesn’t even like her. Don’t you ever let him hurt her.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it Chthon, you have to know that.”

“If I wasn’t sure of your love I would drag Lucy out of your castle but I can see you have no intent or want to ever treat her like that. I just figure you need warning. I don’t trust your father.” Zeus was a little taken back. He had never seen Chthon like that.Zeus wasn’t afraid of Chthon but he had startled him a bit with his icy stare and tone. Zeus coudl easily wipe any demon clean of their demonic power aside form other demons who had the gift which was only his father, grandfather and greatgrandfather. His bastard child most likely had it but probably didn’t know it.

Chthon and Zeus found lighter talk to occupy them until Lucy and Nero came in panting and wanting lunch. Zeus leapt out of his chair to Lucy and picked her up “I’m glad I didn’t watch” Lucy giggled at his words “kiss me” she said breathless. Zeus leaned in. Brushing his lips gently over hers. They all sat together and had lunch. They said their sad goodbyes and Zeus told the girls what he promised Chthon. Chthon and Ruth wraped Lucy in a long hug one last time before walking out the door. A few tears escaped Lucys eyes sending Zeus in panic. ‘Maid” he called to a woman cleaning the railings of the stiars. “yes sire?”

‘Make a bowl of Lucys favorite icecream and bring it to our room”

“Yes sir” The maid bowed then went to the kitchen. Zeus picked up Lucy “don’t cry, please don’t cry”

“My babies”

“we can still get them back” Lucy giggled “all I need is my icecream and some love”

“That I can definitly do” Zeus said kissing her. He walked to their bedroom and set Lucy down before taking off everything but his underwear. He took Lucys clothes off too then pulled her between his legs.”I am going to make love to you after you eat your icecream”

“I look forward to it.” He nibbled her ear. It made Lucy giggle happily “I like your laughter much better than tears honey” Soon the icecream came and Lucy ate, thinking about how happy her girls would be. Once she finished she placed her bowl on the floor before Zeus broke it throwing the bowl off the bed. He did everything that pleased her most for as many hours as her body could take to ensure there’d be no more tears tonight. When Lucys body gave out on her he pulled her up on him so her head restd on his chest then went to sleep with a happy smile on his face. “You’re a miraculous woman Lucy. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you”

Chapter Three

Zeus woke back up an hour later and just relaxed as his wife still laid there sleeping. Thinking about what caused her to be so tired almsot aroused him again but he kept himself down. When Lucy finally woke she could barely move “a hot bath baby?”

“Perfect” she whimpered. Zeus clapped his hands. A servant came in “yes sir?” he said trying to hide his blush. He was new so this was his first time seeing Lucy naked. He thought she was very attractive but kept his eyes off of her. “Run my wife and I a hot bath with bubbles”

“Right away sir, anything else?”

“do you need anything Lucy?”

“No, I’m ok”

“Then hurry and draw our bath. Lucys sore.” Poland went into the bathroom as quickly as he could before his eyes disobeyed him and rested on the future queen. Zeus laid her flat and began to work her muscles before the bath. He had gotten better amd better at this over the years. “Thank you Zeus” Lucy said softly. He kissed her shoulder “as always, anything for my princess” When the servant told them the bath was ready he was dismissed. Zeus carried Lucy to the bathroom then sat with her in the tub. Lucy said softly “we should lay here until this water becomes cold”

“Good idea’ Zeus said softly then added “I’m so glad I was let go of the meeting”

“Me too” They had a lazy day for the remainder of it. Late in the night when he knew Zeus and Lucy were sleeping Jeramiah approached the head cook Malfesto. “My king, what brings you to my room at this hour?” Jeramiah handed him a bag filled with the newly created powder. “You are to put this in random meals every day. Put it in breakfast tomorrow and then maybe in dinner the next day. I don’t want it to always be the same meal. Only small doses though. I’m only trying to make him violent.”

“But sir for how long? This stuff will make your son lose his mind. He’ll go into a fit of blood lust and kill everyone who crosses his path until he’s finally killed.This stuff causes a demon to forever be stuck in that state.”

“Thats why I want you to be careful of how much you’re giving him. I’m only trying to make him beat Lucy into her place. I’m tired of her mouth and how soft she’s making my son. He’s a disgrace. You will do this in secret. I will kill you if I find out you havent been putting this in his food or that you’ve told”

“I understand your highness” Malfesto said solemnly. The king left him and he went back into his room with a heavy heart. Alll the servants adored Lucy, were looking forward to her being queen. Now they would have to watch the women they all loved so dearly be beaten until she didn’t have a will any longer. He also feared this stuff. It had the potential to make a demons mind crack with the first dose. It all varied on their will. Zeus was a far too powerful demon to give this too. He would be nearly unstoppable if he went into blood lust and lost himself forever.

Malfesto took a small amount in a tiny bag to the kitchen. He planned on putting it in the scrambled eggs he was preparing the prince. Stella was making the muffins when she noticed Malfesto crying as he stared at the pan with the eggs sitting beside it “Malfesto you need to get cooking. They’ll be up soon. Why are you crying?”

“I can’t tell you”

“Yes you can, you know my lips can hold all secrets. What’s going on?” Malfesto grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear. Even more tears poured from his face as he had to repeat his orders. To Stella Lucy was a dear friend “Malfesto you can’t!” Stella said covering her mouth as she too began to cry at the thought of Loseing Lucy. She’d be but a shell like their current queen. Stella didn’t know if she could bare seeing Lucy that way. “I don’t have a choice Stella” Stella turned sharply and went back to her business. Malfesto finally broke the eggs and poured the small amount of powder in before scrambling them. They called another servant to bring all the food out when the time came to serve. They couldn’t quit crying.

Zeus started feeling odd the second he finished breakfast “are you ok baby?”

“I don’t know, I feel weird. My head is fuzzy”

“Maybe we should lay back down and cuddle”

“sounds good, I have a meeting later”


“I know, I feel the same. I’ll just be grateful I was excused yesterday”

Lucy woke from their nap before Zeus and started playing with her kitten Raja. Lucy laughed as the kitten chased it’s tail. It woke Zeus and he turned over quickly and yelled “Shut up Lucy!” Lucys head jerked towards him and the kitten ran away. Zeus’s eyes snapped open, shocked by his own tone and words. Lucy stood looking confused and hurt. Zeus sat up “I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I yelled like that. Please forgive me.” Lucy still stood there so he got up “Oh please baby, it’s just the stress from these meetings. I’m really sorry”

“I’ll let you slide this once but don’t ever talk to me like that again”

“I wont I’m sorry” Zeus said as he hugged her. Zeus went into the closet to get ready for the meeting ashamed of himself. He kissed her cheek, not even asking her to come he felt so bad for talking to her like that. Lucy decided to go talk to Stella some. She went to where the maid normally worked and couldn’t find her. She finally found her outside, looking pained. “what’s wrong Stella?”

“Nothing baby, just my time of the month”

“I’m sorry”

“what can i do for you Lucy?”

“Nothing, just trying to find somthing to do before I go slap my husband.”


“He yelled at me for no reason. He normally likes to get woken up by my laughter but he yelled at me for it just now” Stella sighed then simply said “men” They hungout all day until that evening when Zeus was free again. He went out to their garden and made Lucy a bouquet then followed her scent to figure out where she was. He found her in the library. He held out the flowers with a puppy dog face. “I’ve already forgiven you Zeus”

“I still feel bad though” Lucy hugged him “lets just go to bed” The next three days he snapped at her here and there causing fights to the point she decided to move back into her old room for awhile. ¬†“You will come back to our bedroom Lucy!”

“No i wont” Then somthing neither of them ever expected happened Zeus raised his hand to hit her and froze in that moment. Lucy covered her mouth in shock and started crying and Zeus found himself unable to move. Not understanding all this fighting or the fact he had actually just raised his hand to the woman he loved. He ran out of the room, he ran straight out of the castle and as far as he could until he collapsed crying. For the first time in his life Zeus shed tears of sorrow. He felt so lost and angry all the time and he wished he knew why. He was afraid of himself now that he had raised his hand to Lucy.

Lucy just got in bed and cried, not knowing what to do. He almost hit her. Zeus had been so wonderful and was suddenly turning into a jerk. The most confusing thing about it is that he seemed confused. Like he wasn’t in control of himself. She was going to make him go to his father and ask for a break. He very obviously needed one. She hoped if he just got to relax with her awhile maybe he’d go back to being her sweet prince instead of this jerk that had seemed to come out of the blue. The Zeus she had been with all these years was in there. She had been seeing the turmoil and confusion on his face these past four days and felt how genuine his words were when he’d apologize and beg her to forgive him.

Lucy tried to stay awake to talk to Zeus about what just happened and ask him to talk to his father but she fell asleep. Zeus finally came back in when he could quit crying. He slowly pushed open the guest room door and started crying again at the sight of her. Unlike the violent tears that came before these were slow and silent. He hugged her because he absolutely had to and she woke up. “Lucy I’m so sorry…please don’t leave……I dont know why I raised my hand but I wouldn’t allow it to move. I would never allow it to move in that way…please” He started to shake again and Lucy was even more shocked than before. She had never seen her husband shed a single tear. It was even more shocking when she saw his face. He had obviously been crying the whole time he was gone.

Lucy hugged him “I love you Zeus and I’m not leaving unless you do actually hit me. I think your problem is you need a break. I promise to sleep with you tonight if you go tell your father right now you need a break from learning how to rule. I don’t care how late at night it is.”

“You really will let me sleep with you if I wake him up and demand a break?”


“Just give me a few moments. He’ll be angry if he sees I’ve been crying” They held eachother until he could stop. Zeus wiped his eyes and took some deep breaths. “You’ll be in my room?” Lucy stood and nodded. Zeus gave her the best smile he could manage at the moment then went to wake his father. His father would be cross if he was already resting but it was worth dealing with if Lucy let him sleep with her. He needed her comfort. These past four days had been such a struggle. Lucy had no idea how much he fought himself every second of the day. All his thoughts were horrible and violent. It took everything he had to control himself as much as he was. He was hoping Lucy was correct and all he needed was a break.

Chapter Four

Zeus knocked on his fathers door and heard a growl on the other side. It told Zeus that his father had been asleep. “what is it boy!”

“I just need you to listen. I’m not going to meetings for awhile. I need to take time with Lucy to sort out some things.”

“what things?”

“I was almost a monster like you and hit my wife. I kept it from moving against her though. I’m obviously under too much stress and need a break for awhile”

“How did you keep yourself from hitting her?”

“I love her father, I’ll never hit her like you do my mother, never”

“Fine! Go!” Zeus left and Jeramiah was tired of this. He should have already beaten the sense into Lucy but he hadn’t done it once. The powder finally moved his hand for him and still he didn’t hit her. It was dangerous but Jeramiah didn’t care. He went quickly to the Malfestos room and banged as loudly as he could. “what is it sire?”

“We are upping the dosage you give to my son. I don’t give a fuck so dont say a damn word to me. You need to start giving it to him in two meals a day and upping how much you give him at once! It’s been four days! He should be screaming at her constantly and hitting her until she can’t move! Do as I say!”

“Yes sir” Jeramiah went back to his room and Malfesto sadly went to bed. Zeus opened his bedroom door to see Lucy sitting against the headboard. HIs heart soared as he quickly got on the bed. “Thank you Lucy. I know I don’t deserve you being in here”

“shh, lets just go to sleep and try to work whatever is going on out tomorrow.” They removed their clothes then Zeus pulled Lucy into him and wrapped tightly around her. For the third time in one day tears began to roll down his cheeks. Lucy found herself feeling sorry for her obviously tortured husband. She wished she knew what was going on. When Lucy woke the next day she was in a little bit of pain from how tightly she had been pressed into Zeus’s chest through the night. “Zeus honey” Lucy said, waking her husband. “yes?”

“Please loosen up a bit” He sat up and positioned her in his lap “sorry” Lucy kissed his cheek. Zeus leaned into it. “Lets go to breakfast.” Lucy said softly. Zeus nodded and they both put their clothes back on. Once Lucy was ready Zeus picked her up and carried her to the dining hall. They ate and suddenly Zeus’s head started throbbing. He groaned so deeply it could’ve been a growl. “Are you ok?”

“are you ok?” Zeus mocked back. “What the hell is your problem?”

“My problem is you ask stupid questions but all you are is a stupid bitch so what else do I expect!” Lucys jaw dropped. This wasn’t Zeus, their was somthing wrong with him. His face was different, his eyes glowing. Zeus suddenly had Lucy by the wrist “let go of me!” she said pulling away as he started dragging her back towards their room. “We haven’t had sex in days and you’re going to fuck me” Now she really knew this wasn’t Zeus atall. He never said fuck me. He always asked her to make love to him. Lucy knew Zeus was resistant to locking magic but she had to try. He wasn’t in control and may seriously hurt her. With all the power she had in her she tried to immobilize him. They were almost to his door when he froze.Lucy jerked away as hard as she could and began running.

She thought it was her locking magic that kicked in but he had just fought his way into control over himself. He couldn’t believe the things he had just said and done. He began to cry as his head throbbed from keeping himself from chasing her. He was afraid of what he might do if he caught up to Lucy.Zeus fell tot he floor in pain. His whole body hurt, suddenly he felt himself loseing again. A maid came by “Prince?” Zeus was gone again. He got up, lifting the maid and throwing her down the hall. He got on top of her and beat her until she died. With that Zeus’s mind finally snapped under all the pressure. He could almost feel his mind actually crack as all thoughts left his head that weren’t sick and violent.

The king heard the commotion and walked out to see Zeus violently killing servant after servant. He smiled and decided to track Lucy and bring her to him. Lucy was running to the part of the world where she could travel to Barense. She was terrified and it’s all she could think to do. Suddenly Jeramiah was infront of her causing Lucy to slam into his chest. He grabbed her hair “you’re coming with me.” He chanted and suddenly Lucy felt all her magic leave her body. “you bastard! you’re whats wrong with Zeus aren’t you!”

“No you are! You forced me to do this to him. Now I’ll have to start all over with a new heir! He fought for so long he’s lost his mind. Now I’ll have to kill him after he kills you” Jeramiah ran with Lucy back to the castle and threw her among the dead bodies and blood spatter. Lucy looked around in horror. Blood was covering everything in the castle and dead bodies covered the ground. Her eyes found Zeus, ripping Stellas throat out. Lucy screamed and Zeus’s attention turned to her. He laughed manicly as he approached her. Lucy was as helpless as a human and knew she couldn’t escape. “Zeus please. You love me…please. I’m your wife”

Noah arrived in Holvincora and ran towards the castle. Alice had left one of the babies blankets that her mother made so really wanted it back. Noah went hoping none of the maids simply threw it away. The heavy stench of blood hit his nose and he ran faster in fear. If he could smell this blood so heavily this far from the castle then it must be soaked in blood. His heart raced in worry for his sister.

Zeus threw Lucy around sending her crashing into things. Suddenly he had her pinned against the floor then began punching all over her body over again and over until Noah tackled him. Lucy was barely conscious but she screamed “Noah no! Run you idiot! Run!” Before her brother could say a word to her Zeus ripped out Noahs heart then punched his face so hard it shattered his skull. Noah hit the ground and Lucys scream carried through the whole castle. As Zeus came back she said trembling “Zeus, If you are in there atall fighting what’s happening I love you and I know this isn’t you, I know you aren’t in control. I love you even now. I’m so sorry your father has done this to us. I don’t blame you Zeus.” Zeus hit the ground convulsing. Lucy could feel her life slipping away. Her lungs were filling with blood, and there was too much pouring out of her for her to survive this.

Zeus sat up crying again. His face was contorted with despair at the scene all around him and being aware of all that just happened. He cradled Lucy. “No..Lucy…. I….” He was trying to speak through his tears but he couldn’t form a sentence until finally he said “I’m so sorry…..o my god Lucy”

“I love you Zeus.” Was the last thing Lucy said before her body went fully limp and her life left her body. Zeus bellowed in his agony. :Lucy wake up please” He cried and held her until Jeramiah approached him laughing. “don’t cry like a little bitch Zeus”

“This is your doing…Lucy said”

“It had to be done son.” Zeus set Lucy down. He couldn’t take this back but he could kill his father for her. He had even killed her brother right in front of her, had become an uncontrolled monster yet she died saying how much she loved him, how she didnt blame him. He lunged at his father and they began to fight.¬†Jeramiah soon learned he had greatly underestimated his sons power and the amount he loved Lucy. His rage at her demise helped him fight stronger and faster until his father lay on the ground, coughing blood. He chuckled even though he was near death “what a shame, you could have been a great king if she hadn’t sullied you” was all Jeramiah said before dying. Zeus limped to the mostly destroyed castle and found his sword. He walked back to where his Lucy was and hugged her one last time. “I’m so sorry. I love you Lucy” Zeus stabbed himself through the heart, unable to live with his wifes blood on his hands. His body fell over Lucys as his heart quit beating.

When Noah didn’t return home that night Alice worried and sent a bird to Chthon so he could check on him. The second Chthon got the letter he ran to Tresnia so he could get to Halvincora. The world around him felt of death and sorrow. Like a horrible tragedy had happened. He ran as fast as he could. The first thing he came upon was Jeramiah laying dead then, nearly stopping his heart he smelt his daughters blood. He ran until he saw the ruin of Jeramiahs castle and the stench of blood made him want to turn his sense of smell off but he needed to find Lucy and Noah first.

Tears tumbled until they were a waterfall when he saw Zeus and Lucy laying on the floor covered in blood. Neither of their hearts beating he saw Noah near by also dead. Chthon fell to his knees and bellowed just as Zeus had before. He picked up Lucy, Zeus and Noah to give them proper graves behind his castle in a small cemetery he would make for them. Chthon was unable to run as sobs wracked his body. He just slowly walked out of Halvincora and the ruin it was now in. It took him hours to reach where he could shift through dimensions but he didn’t rest. He moved through. He had to let Alice know. His heart grew heavier. Chloe would never have the chance to know Noah, never have the chance to see what a good dad he would have been to her.

When Alice could quit shaking in her tears she said “what happened Chthon? Have you read their memories? You can still do that after death right?”

“I can Alice but I don’t have the strength right now. I will need my wifes comfort to handle watching my children die” HIs voice cracked as he handed Chloe back to her mother so he could carry the three. “I promise you, when I do I will have Nigel come and tell you what happened.” Alice began to cry again then Chthon went home. When he was close he laid the bodies down to make sure the girls were in their rooms still. He couldn’t let them see their parents this way. Ruth was waiting outside and ran to Chthon when she saw blood all over him “what’s happened?” Chthon couldn’t answer yet. He just pulled Ruth into a hug. When he coudl talk he said “Lucy, Zeus and Noah are dead…I ahven’t read their memories yet because I dont think I can handle it without you there to hold me when I pull out. I left them just a little ways away incase the girls were up for whatever reason. I can’t have them seeing their parents this way.

Nero came out, he could smell his father was home. “what’s wrong?”

“Your brother and sister are dead…so is Zeus. They aren’t far, hold your mother and I’ll bring them. You need to help me make a grave behind the castle for them.” Neros heart had sunken in his chest as far as it would go. He nodded and held his mother. He wouldn’t cry right now. He would be tough for his mother. Chthon soon returned and Nero had to hold his mother because she almost fell to the ground with her sobbing. She dried it up as fast as she could so she could be there for her husband while he figured out what happened. Somthing told him looking through Zeus’s mind would be the most helpful. Nero set Ruth down beside Chthon then Chthon put a hand on Zeus’s chest. Ruth wrapped her arms around her husband and kept telling him how important he was to her and how much she loved him to help with whatever he was seeing. She knew he couldn’t hear her but she somehow hoped it helped him.

She couldn’t imagine actually witnessing their deaths like Chthon was doing right now. Chthon pulled out jerking violently with his tears. He turned into Ruths arms and just held her shaking. Nero hugged him too, it was now even harder not to cry but he refused to let himself. When Chthon could speak his tone was broken. You could hear the heartache in his voice and see the pain on his face. “Jeramiah did something to Zeus, forced him into blood lust. I know I’ve taught you about that Nero. I think he was putting Dismornifa powdered in Zeus’s food. Zeus had no control over his actions. In the end he got his head back because Lucy kept trying but it was too late.” Chthon went into uncontrolled sobs again then said “He really did love our Lucy to fight the powder so long. I’ve seen mightier demons crumble sooner. He may have done it but it wasn’t really Zeus. He still deserves the same honorable burial as our children.”

Nero understood but Ruth didn’t. Chthon had only taught Nero about it so he’d know the taste if someone was slipping it to him. He taught Nero about many dangerous thigns that could be made to manipulate him. Nero spoke “father I’ll get some of the men in the castle to help me make the graves. You go to your room with mother.”

“Thank you son”

“Your welcome dad, please go. You two need eachother comfort.”

“are you sure your alright?” Ruth asked “I’ll be ok mom.” Chthon stood, carrying Ruth in. Nero followed to gather some men to ready graves. After they were buried he checked on his parents and they told him to send Nigel with the news to Alice in Tresnia and to tell her that Noah died defending his sister from a monster. Chthon didn’t feel she needed to know details or who. The cheerful and bright castle laid to rest that night in mournful spirits. The twins ran to Neros room like they always did in the morning and pounded until he got up. When Nero answered the girls said “wow Uncle Nero you look rough. You ok?” Nero had cried for hours that night so didn’t get much sleep after the burial. He motioned for the girls to enter his room then explained that their parents were dead as gently as you could explain somthing like that to eight year olds.

Nero held them as they cried. The whole castle mourned until about three days later Olivia and Ava burst into their grandparents room and said “No more being sad! We’ll always remember and miss our mommy but mommy would want us to be happy. So we all need to smile for her! Today is the end of tears over mommy, dad and Noah! By tomorrow we expect dry eyes through the whole castle got it!” Ruth smiled then laughed with Chthon “come hug us” The girls got on the bed and hugged them. “so last day of tears right?”

“Last day” Ruth said softly.

~ The End ~

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