Cipher & Fotia 2

Chapter One

Not many go to the world below Tresnia due to it being one of the most uncivilized and dangerous worlds known to demons, fairies, dragons and vampires. Cipher wanted to go though and he wanted to go for Fotia. Aside from being the most uncivilized world it produced the most gorgeous diamonds if you knew the right caves. He knew of this because Peony used to send people to their death just to fetch them for her. He had seen their beauty first hand and wanted to make a ring for Fotia using one. No other diamond was precious enough for her loving, amazing hands. He wanted to marry her but only if the ring was good enough and no diamond would be aside from one in the world below. Abraxas and Assaku didn’t like this idea one bit but knew he would be fool enough to go on his own if they refused so they were willing to accompany him.

Without telling the girls where they were going Abraxas and Assaku told their mates they wanted to bond with Cipher one on one and were going on a trip. They were all happy Cipher was finally that brave to go on a trip without Fotia by his side so were happy for the three men to go. Not that they wouldn’t miss their mates but Cipher bonding with the men of the castle was important too. Ava and Adette decided to have their own fun with Fotia since they never got her to themselves any longer.

This morning was the time so they hugged and kissed their mates goodbye then walked off. They would walk far enough so nobody would catch the scent of the world their portal would be taking them to. “Fotia will be happy with any diamond on her ring Cipher. Are you sure about this?’ Abraxas asked. “Yes, she deserves the most beautiful one the worlds have to offer. Thank you guys for coming”

“You are family now, will be even more so when you marry Fotia. Of course we wouldn’t let you do this on your own”

“That means a lot coming from you Abraxas since your her brother” Abraxas smiled at Ciphers words. “I know a man who will treat my sister right when i see one”

Fotia coudn’t help but miss Cipher already. She knew it was stupid and that he deserved some time away since he spent almost every moment in her company, especially after Peony had taken so much control from him. “Hey mopey, stop staring out the window and come spend time with us.” Ava said as she grabbed ahold of Fotia’s arm.

“Sorry, I know I’m being stupid.” Fotia replied.

“It’s normal when you’ve never been apart.” Adette said as Fotia and Ava sat down on Fotia’s bed.

“I wonder where they’re going. Cipher is usually very forthcoming, but this time he wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“Abraxas and Assaku didn’t tell us anything either other than they wanted to spend time with Cipher. Sometimes men can be very cryptic and even though it’s annoying it’s best to just let them have their fun.” Ava said with a big smile. “Everything will be okay, they’ll be back before you know it.”

“How about we go to one of the crystal caves and collect stones.” Adette said.

“Sounds fun, maybe I can find something to make a necklace for Cipher.”

“It’s absolutely adorable how much you two love each other. We never thought we’d get to spend time with you again.” Ava said and Fotia blushed as they headed to the library to let Chthon know where they were going.

“Cipher needed me.” Fotia replied softly.

“Oh we know.” Adette winked, making Fotia get redder.

Abraxas noticed how eager Assaku looked even though this trip wasn’t for him so he asked “why do you look so excited about being in this place Assaku?” Assaku smiled “I’m going to get one for Ava too.”

“Wow, I seriously thought you two were never going to get married with how long you’ve been dating”

“It was the first thought that came to my mind when Cipher requested I go. I’ve considered it many times and to be honest I don’t know what’s stopped me but I have the chance to get her a truly stunning diamond so I’m going to get one and propose to Ava too. That’s fine, right Cipher?”

“Yeah, I’m happy for you guys. Maybe we can have a double wedding like a few of your family members have done”

“If Ava wants to then sure” Abraxas wondered if maybe he should carry one home too for Adette. Here Cipher and Assaku were going to give their mates the most stunning diamonds known and Adettes ring was a fairy simple one, beautiful but simple. “do you two think I should make Adette a new ring?”

“Why not while we’re here anyway?” Assaku said. The words had barely escaped his mouth when they were staring down five massive creatures.

They resembled centipedes with large, gaping mouths lined with black teeth. They were mostly blue and black with light amounts of orange covering their back. The creatures were coming at them and Abraxes attempted to make them explode but it failed. They decided they could take these with mostly brute force so just ran at the creatues. Assaku actually laughed when Cipher ripped off one of their legs and slapped the creature in the face with it. Asid from that small moment of laughter they were serious in their fight until all five lay dead. They were only minimally wounded so they kept to walking, not even bothering with the healing vials they carried.

They had agreed before leaving those would only be used if in dire need since much worse creatures lurked here than those things. “I can’t believe you slapped one of them in the face with their own leg” Assaku said in a laughing voice. “It pissed me off, ripping my damn clothes”

“such a girl” Abraxas said and Cipher gave a small glare. Abraxas smiled back, knowing the Cipher he first met wouldn’t have been able to glare at him.

“Don’t take it so hard, he teases everyone.” Assaku said as he shoved Cipher.

“I don’t know why he calls me a girl when he’s just as bad as we are when our women want something. We turn into brainless, doting, zombies.”

Abraxas and Assaku laughed. “We must enjoy it since we do anything for them.” Assaku replied.

“True, I’d rather be a brainless, doting, zombie for Fotia for all eternity than go back to the way I was. I really love her more than anything and if that makes me a girl then I’ll take it.”

Fotia, Adette and Ava talked happily as they made their way to the closest crystal cave. The sun was shining brightly and Fotia’s gryphon was flying lazily above them. “So when are you and Cipher getting married?” Ava asked.

“When are you and Assaku getting married?” She replied with a big smile.

“Good one. I don’t know and honestly I don’t care if we do or not. All that matters is that we’re together.”

“It’s the same for me. If Cipher asks I’ll say yes in a heartbeat, but if he doesn’t then I’ll still be happy. Just waking up every morning in his arms is enough for me.” Adette smiled, happy that they had found the kind of love she had with Abraxas. When they came to the cave Ava lit up the torches Chthon had mounted on the wall for them so the light bounced off the crystal and lit up the whole cave. “I’ll dive down into the water if you two want to search up here.” Fotia said and they both said okay. She pulled off her clothes until she was down to her panties and bra then dove into the cold water. She was glad she could breathe under water because she immediately gasped for air.

The men kept walking, guided by Cipher since he knew where he was going. Abraxas was curious if Cipher had been sent here himself to retrieve the diamonds but was still hesitant to ask any questions that might make him talk about his enslavement. Cipher was better but Abraxas would hate to rock the boat and give him nightmares again. Basically all questions he was cautious about he asked Fotia if he could get her alone a second. They didn’t get very far before they heard the moans of zombies coming their way. The zombies of this world were different in the fact they were like zombies on steroids. They were ridiculously buff, fast and were actually semi intelligent. They didn’t have the thinking capacity of humans or demons but they had more thought process than a zombie in any other world.

One managed to bite Assaku but they just kept fighting. Demons were among the few creatures that didn’t turn when bitten by an undead. It seemed to be an unending onslaught which was frustrating since they were still little more than pests to them despite their strength and intelligence. Suddenly they all started exploding, getting blood and flesh all over them and the trees surrounding. “Oh god Abraxas. I asked you not to do that with Zombies. They stink.” Assaku complained. “I know and I tried to resist the temptation but they were getting on my nerves. We’ll clean ourselves before returning to the castle”

“It’s not even that. I have to smell me” Abraxas rolled his eyes and they continued on their way “how far Cipher?” Abraxas asked “Not sure, never made the journey myelf. I just know where to go”

“How do you know/” slipped out of Abraxas’s mouth “I saw her maps she gave the men. I saw that face of apprehension Abraxas. Don’t be afraid to ask me things”

“I just don’t want to trigger anything bad”

“I’m alright now. Your sister has been my saving angel. She’s fully mended my soul and I haven’t had a nightmare in six months”

“I’m glad”

“As am I. Without her I would have become unstable. Her love and gentleness put me back together.”

Fotia came up with many beautiful crystals, the one she would use to make a necklace for Cipher was a cloudy blue color. Adette and Ava had filled the little bags they brought and were smiling happily as Fotia pulled herself out of the water and put her own in her bag. “The ones we don’t use we can give to Aurel and Diana next time they visit.” She said as she dressed.

“That’s right, little Konstantin loves stones.” Ava said.

“We should get home so you can bathe and put on dry clothes.” Adette said. “I wouldn’t want you to freeze.”

“Alright, lets go then.”

They headed out of the cave and froze when they saw a cloaked figure standing there waiting for them. “May we help you?” Ava asked and the figure pulled her hood back.

“Excuse me, but you young woman are the one called Fotia, daughter of Chthon and Ruth?”

“Yes ma’am, I am.” Fotia answered. “Who are you exactly.”

“An old friend of your father’s. You can call me Humble dear.”

“Oh I’ve heard of you in bedtime stories. Why are you here, did something happen?”

She smiled. “Not yet dear, that’s why I’ve come to escort you home.”

“Oh, well, thank you” They followed Humble without question, knowing she knew of the future and prevented the horrors she didn’t want people or the world to face. A figure caught in the corner of Avas eyes and soon she was looking at a woman coming at them that Humble just as quickly cast back. Humble walked towards the woman on the ground and said “My my, if it isn’t Peony out of her cell. How did you get out? Did you seduce a guard by chance? Naughty girl and all to take control of these fine women. You were going to have Adette and Ava kill themselves then have Fotia kill Cipher. What mischief, it’s unbecoming of a woman” Peonys mouth was opened wide with shock, her eyes every bit as wide “how…but”

“You think you know it all you spoiled, stupid brat but you don’t. You go back to your home and you get in your damn cell. They are already hunting you. Get before I kill you myself for what you were going to do here today” Peony ran off, Humble knowing well she wouldn’t survive the trip home. A demon more powerful than peony would now cross her path and end her which would do the world a great favor. Ava, Adette and Fotia were shocked themselves “I will escort you the rest of the way” Humble said and the girls took a much quicker pace. When they arrived Humble said “I’ll be going to see Chthon now ladies. It was lovely walking with you”

“You too” Fotia said then hugged Humble for her aid. “I simply know what the world can and cant afford sweet one.” In the world below the power radiating off the three was enough to keep most monsters and demon back for the rest of the day. They decided to sleep in trees for the night as opposed to sleeping on the ground. They stayed safe until about three am when they heard a battle cry like sound from a bird of prey. They opened their eyes nearly in sync to see a creature that had the head of a dragon, the body of a horse and the wings of an eagle flying at them. It breathed out gas that would have knocked out nearly anything but only succeeded in knocking out Assaku.

Cipher launched himself out of the tree and onto the creatures back, grabbing ahold of its horns and using his strength to pull it into a nosedive. He jumped off its back right before it hit the ground and landed a few feet away. It got back up, shaking its head and Cipher and Abraxas faced it, ready to kill it if need be. It shook its head again then turned and flew unsteadily away. “You kicked that things ass.” Abraxas said as they made there way to Assaku. “Assaku, wake up.” Abraxas said as he shook his friend.

“Here let me try.” Cipher slapped him in the face and Assaku jerked awake.

“What the hell? How did I get on the ground? My head hurts.”

“That’s because you fell on it after that thing breathed its gas in your face.” Abraxas replied.

“Damn, I’m such a wimp.”

Cipher and Abraxas pulled him to his feet. “It has nothing to with whether you’re a wimp or not, some people are just more susceptible than others.” Cipher said as Assaku dusted himself off. “Come on, we’re getting closer.”

Fotia wrapped leather cord around the blue crystal, using glue to keep it in place. She hoped he liked it once she gave it to him. She heard footsteps and then someone knocked on her bedroom door. “Come it.” She said, looking up from her work as her mother, father, and Humble came walking in.

“Humble told us what happened.” Ruth said as she sat down next to her daughter and hugged her.

“I’m okay mom. I was more surprised than anything. I guess I expected her to look more evil. I’m going to hate having to tell Cipher.”

“He’ll be fine dear and it’s best to tell him the truth.” Humble said with a warm smile. “That’s not what we came to talk to you about though.” Ruth and Chthon both got big smiles on their faces and Fotia looked between the two of them a little confused.

“Well what is it?”

“Fotia, you’re pregnant.” She nearly dropped the necklace in shock, but managed to hold onto it. She didn’t want the leather cord too come loose since the glue hadn’t dried yet. She sat it on her bedside table and placed her hands on her stomach.

“I’m pregnant?” She floated somewhere between joy and worry. “Will Cipher…”

“He’ll be very happy, I promise.” Humble said.

“What of Peony, what if she tries to hurt our child?”

“No need to worry about her and tell Cipher the same, she won’t be back.”

“This is all such a shock, but I’m excited so excited.”

“do you want to keep it a secret so Cipher knows first?” Ruth asked and Fotia nodded “yeah, I want him to know first”

“alright, we’ll keep this to ourselves until Cipher knows then” Fotia floated until the night where she fell into a deep rest. She hoped the men wouldn’t be gone too much longer. Fotia didn’t know how long she could wait to share the happy news. Abraxas graoned and halted his companions “what is it?”

“we’re walking through illusion, a demon here is toying with us. STOP THIS NOW! UNLESS YOU ARE A COWARD SHOW YOU’RE FACE AND DROP THE ILLUSION!” Abraxas commanded. A demon cackled and was suddenly right in front of them “That didn’t last long. Impressive”

“Get out of our way” Cipher looked around “shit guys, I don’t know where we are” The demon cackled again making Abraxas punch him in the face then hold him in a Full Nelson “Your laugh pisses me off. We are here for out mates and need to get back on track you asshole. How long were we in your illusion?”

“seven minuetes, juts turn around and go left for three then straight back for four. I swear your friend will know where he is then. This fucking hurts” Abraxas let him go “don’t toy with us again” they turned and went on their way. Relief washed over the three when that cackling demon had indeed told them the truth. “You’re amazing Abraxas” Cipher said in a somewhat marveling voice. “I was lucky enough to inherit most of both my parents power plus a few things they didnt have. I lucked out in the gene pool, nothing more”

“I’ve seen you practice Abraxas, you hone your skills a lot. It’s more than just the luck of the draw” Assaku added. “Chthon taught me the importance of keeping your skills sharp. If you aren’t preparred it could mean the loss of someone you love and I’m not willing to lose anybody I love.”

“Now that we’re back on track, we have to go down another level and then through this tunnel and we’ll be there. It sould take us a couple of hours.” Cipher said, feeling excited that they were so close. He wanted very much to get back home to Fotia. He missed her warmth being stuck in such a dark, cold place. Not waking up to her was unsettling.

Once Fotia had gotten over her shock she finished Cipher’s necklace then went down to sit in the garden. She lay in the grass with her hands on her belly and eyes closed, trying to hear the little heartbeat of their baby. When her ears were tuned in to the soft sound she stayed there, letting it take her away. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard and it lulled her to sleep. “Fotia.” A familiar voice roused her and she jerked awake, finding herself looking up at Ilios. “After all the nagging you give to Pagos and I you’re actually out here sleeping in the gaden alone.”

“Sorry, I hadn’t realized I fell asleep.” He pulled her to her feet and she stretched.

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, I feel amazing actually. Thank you for looking out for me.”

“That’s what big brothers are for. Come on, it’s already dinner time.”

“I can’t believe I slept for so long.” Ilios just laughed as they went inside and joined their family in the dining room. Fotia could see that her parents were still very excited, but were managing to keep the happy news to themselves. Her father just winked at her and she did her best not to giggle as she ate dinner.

Chapter two

Cipher, Abraxas and Assaku moved slowly through the tunnel though they could see. They knew anything that lived in the tunnel would have the upperhand in a fight since this was their territory and they definitely didn’t want to be caught offguard.They had to tussle with a few giant snakes in the tunnel but it was nothing they couldn’t handle. They came out and only had to go a little further before they were all stopped dead in their tracks. Diamonds lined the cave and sat in piles. It was such a beautiful sight that they wished their mates were here to see. Abraxas picked one up then all the piles began to shake as a crystal dragon stood. If the three demons didn’t know any better they would have sworn that dragon was made purely out of the very diamonds it rose out of. It roared at them anf thrashed it’s tail threw a pile, flinging some diamonds right at them. Each of the three suffered cuts and knew this dragon must have claimed these as it’s hoard and was now using this cave as its home.

Abraxas fought to lock the beast so it couldn’t fight but it wasn’t working. Assaku and Cipher began to fight as Abraxas kept trying. Blood covered the cave when Abraxas finally managed to make the dragon stop. Cipher and Assaku panted as Abraxas came closer “we just want one a piece. I’m sorry. I’ll release you and let you move as soon as we’re far enough away. Dont worry or be afraid. I’m sorry we barged into your home”

They left, feeling a little guilty but glad they were abel to eventually just make it stop fighting so they woudln’t have to hurt the dragon more. When they were back in the world below Cipher said “I didn’t know they were stealing these from a dragon”

“we just wont tell anybody else about these diamonds or where they come from so not a soul will bother him again”

“Dragons sure are stingy” Assaku said.

“I don’t think they have a choice. It’s just part of who they are.” Cipher said as they started back up toward the surface.

“We should have asked it for a shortcut out of here. That tunnel was awefully small so it must have another way in.” Assaku said.

“It was better to just leave it after taking some of its diamonds than furthe enrage it and have it lie to us.”

“Dragons never lie, they may trick you, but they won’t outright lie. If you ask a dragon for directions you will eventually get to your destination, but it may be a long winding path that takes you days.” Cipher chimed in.

Fotia went upstairs with a big smile on her face and hopped in the shower. She couldn’t wait for Cipher to get home to tell him the good news. She hoped Humble was right and he would be just as excited as she was. She got out of the shower and hummed to herself as she dried and dressed. She went and climbed into bed, wondering what names Cipher would like for their child. It was still hard to believe she was pregnant and hadn’t noticed. She thought she probably wasn’t that far along, but longed to feel their baby kicking and rolling. “If you are a girl, your father is going to lose his mind because I know you’ll be beautiful. If you are a boy, I know you’ll be strong just like your daddy. I’m already impatient to meet you and for you to meet your family.” She kept talking to the baby until her eyelids became to heavy to keep open and fell asleep with her hands resting on her stomach.

Abraxas, Assaku and Cipher were just about to make a portal to leave when a group of Doxnikals were looking at the hungrily.

“sorry but we’re no meal” Abraxas said and soon had them howling and thrashing in pain as he made their blood boil “quick Cipher, make the portal.” A few had dropped dead by the time Cipher got the portal open. The three men jumped through and quickly sealed it. They sat down panting, noticing it was night time in their world. “seriously guy, lets get some good rest. Everyone at the caslte is sleeping anyway” Assaku suggested. They agreed and laid down right where they were. It was a rare demon to mess with Abraxas so they felt safe sleeping in the open.

When the sun rose they found a lake to clean off. They still smelled bad but they knew their mates wouldn’t mind. There wasn’t much they could do to fix that until they had soap anyway. They took off in a run to get home. Running it wouldn’t take them but an hour or two to finally be home with their mates. Cipher and Assaku hoped they could keep their diamonds hidden until they coudl form them and place them on rings for their girls. They would let Chthon know when they arrived at the castle. If anybody could help them get it done without the girls catching them it was him.

Fotia put some finishing touches on the necklace she had made, making sure there was no glue showing then taking a moment to inscribe the word daddy on the back. When she was finished she smiled at the finished product. She then decided to go spend some time in the library ad headed downstairs. Surprisingly there was no one in thee so she grabbed a book and started reading out loud for the baby. Cipher, Assaku, and Abraxas made it home a couple of hours later and snuck inside. They didn’t want their mates seeing them and the diamonds just yet. They found Ruth and Chthon out back with Amara, Ilios, Zeus and Lucy.

“You boys are back.” Ruth said and got up to hug them. “And you stink. What have you been doing?”

“Sorry, we went to the world below to get diamonds for the girls.” Abraxas answered.

“That’s incredibly dangerous.”

“We wanted to make rings for the girls. Assaku and Cipher are going to ask Ava and Fotia to marry them and I just wanted to give Adette something more beautiful than the ring I got her.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up with joy. “So what do you three need?”

“We were wondering if maybe you would help us make the rings while keeping the girls distracted.” Cipher answered.

“Give me the diamonds and I’ll take them up to our room. You three need to go see your girls and bathe, especially you Cipher and tonight when the girls are sleeping we’ll get to work on their rings.” Chthon replied with a big smile.

The men left without another word. Cipher ran quickly to find Fotia, needing to hold her again. He followed his loves scent to the library where he heard her reading out loud. When he opened the door she looked up from her book. A bright smile instantly went across her face as she got up to hug him “I’m so glad you’re home. I have a present for you, come to our room”

“after my kiss” He said as he swept Fotia off her feet then kissed her. She smiled when he pulled back “I’m sorry i smell bad” Cipher said remembering what he must smell like “It’s fine, I’m glad you had fun” Cipher walked to their room and set Fotia down. She quickly retrieved his present then handed it to him “I think you’ll like the inscription” Cipher turned it over and his jaw dropped. His eyes looked into Fotias with disbelief “truly?” Her smile grew happier and he knew it was true. “oh Fotia” He pulled her into him and gave his mate a tight hug and gentle kisses “I’m so happy, this is such wonderful news”

“I know”

“How did you find out? Do you feel ill?”

“No, I feel really good actually. A nice woman named Humble told me, speaking of which somthing happened while you were away I know I should tell you about”

“Can I clan myself first? I hate smelling so terrible”

“I don’t care Cipher”


“Alright, am I joining you?”

‘No, I just smell so bad. Please just wait here beautiful. I’ll be fast” She inwardly shook her head “alright, I’ll just go grab my book and keep reading to the baby” Cipher would have smiled wider if that was posisble “thats what you were doing?”

“yeah” Cipher kissed her again “I’m so happy to have a baby with you Fotia, you have no idea”

“well get in that shower so we can talk about what happened”

“alright” Cipher went into the bathroom while Fotia went to fetch her book and bring it to the bedroom. She hoped maybe Cipher would take a turn reading after she finished talking to him about Peony.

Cipher got quickly out of the shower, wanting to spend more time with Fotia and their baby. He couldn’t believe he was going to be a father. He hurried out of the bathroom and she looked up, nearly dropping her book when she saw him standing there naked. “Sorry, let me get dressed.” He grabbed a pair of pants and pulled them on then went and sat next to her. “So what did you have to tell me beautiful?” Fotia sat her book down and took a deep breath. A look of worry crossed his face. “Is there something wrong with the baby you didn’t tell me about?”

“No, nothing like that, the baby’s fine. Yesterday, Adette, Ava, and I went to one of the crystal caves where I got the one for your necklace. When we came out Humble was there and she said she had to escort us home. Since dad talked about her I figured we could trust her. Anyway, on the way home we were attacked.”

“Attacked, by who?”

“By Peony.”

His eyes widened and his face became pale as he grabbed her and started looking her over. “Did she touch you, did she do anything to you?”

“I’m fine, Humble protected us. What she said would have happened would have been horrible, but she was there so I’m okay.” He crushed her to him, holding her painfully tight.

“I’m so sorry. it’s my fault she came after you.” He started shaking and she rubbed his back.

“It’s okay, Humble said not to worry about her.”

He pulled back. “How can I not worry? She might come back and take you from me. I can’t lose you.” He brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “I need you, I…” She kissed him, wanting him to forget about Peony and just be excited about their baby.

“calm down and just be happy. I’m safe and Humble is a wise woman. If Humble says Peony isn’t coming back Peony isn’t coming back” Cipher still couldn’t help but hold Fotia crushingly tight. She could hear his heart beat and kissed him again hoping it would help. When that only slightly helped she began to pull at his clothes. He smiled against her lips and she said “I guess I’m going to have to sex you into a calm” Cipher began to pull at Fotias clothes aswell until the two of them were naked. Fotia got over Cipher and began to ride him even as he took her right breast into his mouth. Fotia began to moan as he grabbed her hips to make Fotia go faster. His mouth didn’t stop savouring her breasts until he released into Fotias confines.

Cipher slipped out of her then brought Fotia back into his arms “feel better?”

‘Yes, does Chthon trust Humbles word?”


“Then I’m better. I know Chthons a wise demon. I’m so happy over this baby Fotia”

“Me too Cipher. Will you read to us?”

“anything for the two of you” They spent the remainder of the day relaxing and reader. When Fotia was asleep Cipher quietly left to find Chthon. Abraxas was already there so they were only waiting on Assaku to show up. Assaku didn’t keep them waiting too much longer and they all went into Chthons office to work of the girls rings. “This is such a sweet thing boys” Chthon said. Abraxas smiled “It was Ciphers idea. He wanted a really nice ring for Fotia” Chthon gave Cipher a smile that made Cipher realize he knew Fotia was pregnant. “I ddint know Fotia was pregnant when i planned this sir” Cipher said. “she’s pregnant?” Abraxas said and Chthon laughed “I know Cipher, she just found out herself while you were gone”

“Congratulations.” Assaku and Abraxas said at the same time then hugged him.

“Being a father is the greatest gift one can get.” Chthon said and that seemed to make Abraxas the happiest.

They worked on the stones, Chthon helping them shape then until they were the right size. They worked until it was early morning then worked on the bands. When the stones were finally set in the bands and they all thought they wee perfect, Chthon praised them on their abilities then they left. Cipher headed back up to Fotia, smiling when he saw her sleeping soundly. He hid the ring then crawled into bed and pulled her gently into his arms. He kissed her forehead and allowed himself to drift off.

Fotia woke around seven and stretched before setting up and smiling at Cipher. He looked exhausted and she wondered if he was still worried. She leaned down and kissed him and he smiled before rolling her beneath him. “Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning.” She replied softly as she slid her hand between them and into his pants. “Very good morning.”

“I can’t help it, I am a man after all.” She stroked him and he moaned. “Does someone want me to make love to her?”

“Yes, very much.” He kissed her as he let his hands travel her body, cupping her breasts and moving down her sides to her hip and bottom. He pushed his pants off and pushed slowly into her, making her moan loudly. He laced his fingers through hers as he moved in and out of her, enjoying her gasps and whimpers as he pushed her slowly over the edge. He leaned back, taking her with him so she was in his lap. He kissed her as he spilled his seed inside her, his loud cry muffled by her lips.

“I love you so much.” He said softly. “You’re so damn beautiful and I love you more than life itself.”

“You look so tired. Did you have troubel sleeping last night my love?” He smiled at her question and laid her down on the bed to retrieve the ring he made her. He was confident she would say yes but asking still made him nervously swallow. He bent down on one knee and Fotia covered her mouth with her hands “Cipher”

“I went on the trip with Abraxas and Assaku to get what i need to make you the perfect ring. I couldn’t propose to you with anything inferior and this was the only diamond that was worthy of your hand Fotia. I have fallen madly in love with you. I am so grateful to you for pulling me out of the darkness and despair I was in when I came to this castle. You were there for me everytime I needed you and you were always so patient and kind. I love you so much and want to spend my life with you and however many children we have. Will you please be my wife Fotia?”

Teras cascaded down Fotias cheeks “Yes, a thousand time yes” Cipher slipped the ring on Fotias finger then kissed her before asking “woudl you like a double wedding with Ava? Assaku is going to ask her too”

‘That woudl be sweet. If Ava wants it I’m happy to do that”

“We’ll see after he proposes. He was just as excited as me so it was probably this morning aswell”

“we’ll see at breakfast. I still need to anounce I’m pregnant. I wanted you to be the first to know” Cipher kissed her again “We still have an hour before the staff serves breakfast, want to shower with me?”

“Of course” Cipher wiped at her tears ‘Fotia”

“I can’t stop. I’m just so happy and hormonal” Cipher laughed then picked her up to carry Fotia to the bathroom for their shower. They took a long shower. They did more cuddling than actual washing but Fotia just wanted to be in Ciphers arms. She couldn’t believe how gorgeous the diamond was and couldn’t think of anything being more beautiful than it.

They got out, Cipher refusing to let her dry herself just so he could touch her some more. He kissed her belly as he bent to dry her legs, making her smile. They got dressed and headed downstairs hand in hand. When they got to the dining room Ava and Adette jumped up excitedly and they showed each other their rings. Adette had put hers on her right hand because she still very much loved her wedding band. “So are we having a double wedding?” Ava asked as they sat down.

“I would really love that, but before we start planning, Cipher and I have an announcement.” She laced her fingers through Cipher’s and smiled at him. “We’re going to be having a baby.” All the women in the room save for Ruth jumped up with squeals of delight and hugged her while the men congratulated Cipher.

“Oh my god, that means we have to hurry and start planning before you start to show.” Ava said.

“I don’t mind having a belly while we’re getting married.” Fotia replied.

“I don’t want you standing up there with a big belly and you know you would be if we took out time.”

“Okay, we’ll shoot for next month.”

They talked excitedly as they ate about wedding plans and baby names. Everyone couldn’t wait until the new baby was here and were looking forward to celebrating a new life. By the time breakfast was over Fotia was exhausted and Cipher took her away, making everyone grin as he carried her upstairs to nap. “We didn’t have to leave Cipher.”

“You need rest, you’re pregnant.”

“Oh no, you’re going to be one of those husbands. Overprotective, constantly hovering, wanting to do everything for me.”

“I’m sorry, is that bad?”

“No, it’s cute.” She allowed him to lay her down then pulled him down next to her. “I need my pillow.” She said as she rested her head on his chest.

Cipher wrapped his arms happily around Fotia, excited for their wedding and future. He felt the utmost gratitude to Humble for not allowing Fotia to be hurt or killed by the hands of Peony. Now that he had Fotia he didn’t know what he would do without her. The next weeks were all planning and happy talk of the wedding that was soon to be. Everyone in the castle was shocked over Ava and Assakus wedding plans but were equally happy to see them getting married alongside Fotia and Cipher. When the big day came Ruth cried as she did everytime a family member married and everyone gave the two couples congratulations. Assaku and Ava decided to go on a honeymoon while Fotia and Cipher decided just to stay home. They could go on trips with their child when they were here and old enough to travel. At this point in time they just wanted to be with eachother and their family. They wanted the baby to feel even in the womb how great and loving of a family he or she was coming into.

~ The End ~

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