Claire & Hesperos

Chapter One

Black wings carried them across the sky, the wind whipping their dark hair around their faces. Claire flew ahead, leading the troop of armor clad angels through the night, swords at their hips as they headed for the battle raging not far ahead. An army of demons had attacked the city of Solas and they had been called on by their king to aid the humans living there. They were the most powerful of their kind, the Ridiri Dorcha, or Dark Knights. They were guardians, protectors, warriors who served the King of the realm, Apollo and he served the people. As they drew closer to the city they could hear screams and see fires raging. They dove downward, drawing their swords as they fell quickly to earth.

“Through the middle.” Claire yelled over the whistling of the wind. They pulled up a foot from the ground, slashing through the center of the demon army as they landed. The demons swarmed them, growling and screaming their rage. “Electric circle.” She ordered and they all went back to back, forming a perfect circle. They thrust their swords in the air, calling down lightening that hit their blades they arced out and hit demon after demon. Many fell, their bodies twitching as the current continued to move through their bodies. Those remaining backed away, suddenly terrified of this woman and her knights.

“Hold your positions.” A voice boomed over the sudden silence and a man came walking through the crowd. He couldn’t be much older than herself, his black hair hung in a ponytail, black wolf ears standing atop his head, and his deep grey eyes were filled with a burning rage. “Why have you interfered?”

“You are attacking innocent civilians and we have come to defend them.” Claire shot back.

“We have killed no one and I come only for what belongs to me.” He snapped.

“What do you mean?”

He raised his hand and pointed. “That man, the lord of this city has taken something precious to me and refused to give it back.” Claire looked behind her at the man named Crokus.

“What could be so valuable that you would start a war?”

“My sister, princess Leto, he has taken her and I want her back.”

She did not want to believe this demon, but she turned to Crokus anyway. “Where is she?” He opened his mouth and she added, “If you lie to me I will beat you into the ground.”

“I sold her, five days ago when he showed up demanding I return her. She’s long gone.” The demon growled and Claire held up her sword.

“Shaney, Phillipa grab that lying bastard and you demon.”

“Hesperos, my name is Hesperos.”

“Fine, Hesperos, you and yours will accompany me. None of your men are dead and they should consider themselves lucky. We must talk to the king about Crokus’ lies and then we will get your sister back.”
Hesperos wasn’t sure he could trust these angels but was willing to try anything to save his sister. He told his army to follow aside from a few he assigned to stay with the injured. The people of the city were relieved to see their attackers go and began to clean up the result of Crokus’s actions. Angry at the demons none in the city bothered to offer any aid to the ones left behind. They simply cleaned around them. As Hesperos was escorted to the castle his thoughts never left his sister. He needed her to be ok.

If she had been violated or beaten badly he didn’t know if he could forgive himself for letting her come to this world alone. Not that his sister was the type to be let do anything but still. he could have sent somone to watch over her without her knowledge. She was far too kind, too trusting to be going to other worlds alone. She had a heart of gold which made her an amazing person but also made her vulnerable.

Claire was outraged at Crokus and hoped the king could force out of him who he sold the girl to and how that person could be located. Sales of demons were against the laws so it would be hard to find the girl without Crokus telling but she knew her king and knew even if faced with that he would stop at nothing to make sure she was returned to her world.
They all walked in strained silence, Claire continuously glancing at Hesperos, not wanting him to the drop on her if he decided to attack. He was looking straight ahead, his face a mask of seriousness. “Do you always wage wars instead of coming to the proper authorities?” She finally asked and he turned his storm cloud grey eyes on her.

“He was warned, he knew the consequences of his actions. He thought to hide the truth from us, from me, but wolf demons have incredibly keen noses. I could smell my sister on him. So yes, when those I hold dear are in trouble, I go to war.”

“You could have spoken to the king.”

“Would you take the time to speak to your king if your brother or sister had been sold into slavery, would you go through the proper channels if there was a chance your loved one was being raped and beaten?” When she didn’t answer he went back to watching ahead of him.

Hesperos felt like he had made himself clear and did not need to give any other explanation but the truth. He had not killed a single man, woman, or child and had not allowed his warriors to do any harm. Anyone who had attacked them had been stopped with very little force. He simply wanted his sister back then he would leave with little to no fuss. When they made it to the castle they headed straight for the throne room to wait for the king. He had to be roused from his sleep in order to deal with Crokus.
When the king learned it was Claire who summoned him and why he quickly got up, not bothering to change out of his night clothes in order to see her sooner and hear this matter in full. Malvina got up aswell but didn’t sleep in much so she had to take the time to dress. She would just follow her husband when she was in proper clothing. Everyone bowed when Apollo entered the room, even the angry Hesperos since he knew it was proper and the king himself had not wronged him or his family.”I’ve heard only the summation of whats wrong. Please just explain the situation in full Claire.”

“This man is named Hesperous. He is prince of his kingdom. His sister, princess Leto was kidnapped upon visiting this world by Crokus who sold her the second he got heat from Hesperos. The demon prince is angry and rightfully so. All he wants is his sisters safe return and he’ll go home. He was only attacking because Crokus left him with no other choice. His sister could be getting raped or beaten at this moment so it atleast makes sense to me why he didn’t want to use his time coming here”
Apollo’s eyes turned slowly to Crokus and Hesperos actually saw the man flinch under that ice blue gaze. It amazed him even though he was leader himself. He had never seen anyone look at another being that way, the way the King’s eyes held no emotion as if he had gone dead inside. It sent a shiver up his spine. “Is this true Crokus, did you sell his sister to cover your ass?” There was no anger in the question, but Hesperos could feel the power in his words. It radiated out and touched Crokus, making him break out in a cold sweat.

“Ye…yes.” Crokus’ voice sounded pained as if the admission of guilt had been forced from him.

“You know such things are illegal Crokus, you know the punishment. Who did you sell her to?” Crokus started shivering. “I would very much like it if you answered me.”

“I…I sold her to…ah…to Vincinti and his gang. They pa…paid the most. They he…headed East.” Crokus’ nose started bleeding and Apollo smiled, the emotion that should have come with the turn of his lips never entering his eyes.

“Thank you for your honesty Crokus. “Shaney will you and Phillipa please remove him from my sight, take him down to the dungeon and tell Francis to give his fifty lashes before locking him up.” He turned his eyes to Claire and they softened, became warmer. Hesperos let out a breath he had not realized he was holding. “Nasty business the selling of others and sickening.” Apollo stood and walked down the three steps so he was standing before Hesperos. “I would like to greet you as an equal Prince. It is very nice to meet you and I promise you we will help you get your sister back.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Please call me Apollo, I get enough of that from everyone else. Even Claire says it though we grew up together.” Malvina entered the throne room and Apollo held his hand out for her, his eyes full of adoration. “This is my Queen Malvina. Malvina my love this is Prince Hesperos. I just got finished interrogating Crokus my sweet, I am truly glad you missed that.”

“So what are we to do about this young man’s sister?” Malvina asked, her face a mask of worry and sympathy.

“Claire, I would like you to accompany Hesperos to rescue the princess. I want Vincinti and his gang eliminated sister dear. Do not leave any of them alive to take another innocent.”

“Yes sir uh Apollo. We’ll pack what we need and head out now.”

“May your travel be blessed and your sword strike fast.” They both bowed to him then left the throne room.

“What did he do to that guy, it was terrifying.” Hesperos asked once they were out in the hall again.

“His father was an angel, his mother a witch. He uses his gifts to force you to tell the truth, it’s a psychic push. He breaks down any mental barrier and the harder you fight the more damage is done.”

“Truly amazing and terrifying. I am a proud man, but even I got a chill.”
“I think everyone does. He’s a good man though. Only uses that for the good of his kingdom””

“I am truly sorry i didn’t come to him first”

“don’t be, I said in there I understand”

‘will you be honest with me when I ask if you think they’ve forced themselves on her?” Claire sighed “I will and the truth is I don’t know. You can expect anything from them but I can say it’s not guaranteed” Hesperos seemed burdened and she wished she could have given him a better answer. “Just know that Crokus will be miserable and be looked at horribly for the rest of his days. Selling people of any race is forbidden and people don’t react well to it around here. I know that can’t do much since you still dont have her back but its somthing”

“Yes, i appreciate your king and am glad to hear Crokus will receive lashes” Hesperous watched Claire pack and commanded most of his army home. He was confident he along with Claire and but a few of his best men could get his sister back now that he knew where he was looking. “alright, I’m ready. Sorry it took me”

“You were fast but we must hurry. I can’t bare the thought of her with those men”
“How fast can you and your wolves run, I want to take to the sky.” Claire asked.

“We’ll be able to keep up with you just fine, do as you please.” She spread her wings and launched herself into the air, making him stare at her in awe for a moment. She was beautiful and graceful, soaring through the air like an eagle. He howled and took off through the forest, his pack members racing after him. He worried constantly about Leto. Five days she had been with those men, five days he knew she had suffered. He knew he should have acted sooner, but he thought that Crokus would return her like any smart man would do. He hated himself for failing her. He looked to the sky, watching Claire as she rocketed through the air. He had put his trust in this angel and her king. He hoped it was the right thing to do for his sister’s sake.

Claire found herself glancing down at Hesperos as she soared through the air and wondered what he must be going through. She wished she knew the right things to say to comfort him, but all she had was the truth. If Leto had not been raped yet then she was lucky. Vincinti, and the men and women who followed him, were merciless and no amount of begging would save you. Vincinti got off on pain and suffering. Victims who had survived him and his gang said he would set back and watch as his followers tortured them, a sadistic look of pleasure on his face the whole time. She wanted to get to Leto before she was to traumatized.

Chapter Two

Leto laid in her cage crying, wishing for her brother to come. They had just mercilessly beat her again, adding to the deep cuts and bruises that already covered her body. The group would have orgies with eachother while others sat out to beat her for the rest of the groups arousal. It was disgusting how hard her screams made the men and how her tears elicited moans from the woman when they’d glance at her. She tried to count herself lucky she was never forced to participate in the orgies like the other prisoner was but their whips still stung and their fists still battered her already tender flesh from previous beatings.

She had tried many times to break out in her wolf form but this cage was much too strong for her. She knew one day they were going to beat her to death if her brother didn’t come soon. After every beating she felt near death since they wouldn’t stop until everyone was done with the orgy. It didn’t even matter to them if she passed out. She would wake with much more injuries than she fell asleep with.
“Crying won’t get you anywhere little wolf.” It was the other prisoner sitting in the cage next to her, his back pressed against the bars as he stared off into the room. She sat up and moved closer to the right side of her cage.

“I know that, but I can’t help it.” He moved closer to her and reached through the bars, wiping away her tears.

“You have to become unfeeling, you have to withdraw until they finish with you. Soon they’ll tire of just beating you and force you to have sex with them. Don’t let them see you feel the pain.”

She wrapped her hand around the one of his that gripped the bars. “We’re going to get out of here, I promise. My brother will come for me.”

“I highly doubt that little wolf, but I hope you’re right.”
“he’d never abandon me. He just doesn’t know this world. He’ll save you too. Especially since you’ve offered me comfort so many times despite the fact you’re suffering too”

‘I’ve just been suffering longer and have resigned to my fate. Once you give up hope it’s a lot less miserable. One day they’ll kill me as they did the man that was in your cage before. They beat you, rape you and when they are done raping they kill you and buy another for your place. They always keep two from what i understand. one for beating and one for raping”

“then…then they’ll kill you when they want to rape me…”

‘shh, please don’t cry any more. I’m ready”

“No, don’t s”

“shut up!” an angry voice yelled over and she silenced herself before she received another beating. She and her fellow prisoner sat there holding hands through their cages. She couldn’t watch Ethan die. She needed his comforting touch and voice in this hell. She also didn’t want to see a new prisoner brought in and beaten while she was raped as he was during the orgies.
Claire called a stop to their run as she circled to earth and landed in front of Hesperos. “Why are we stopping?” He asked in an upset tone.

“There’s a ravine up ahead we have to cross. I’m not trying to keep you from your sister, I just didn’t want you getting hurt in your haste.”

“It’s fine, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I’m just worried.”

“It’s okay, we’ll walk from here.” She closed her eyes and her wings vanished.

“That’s a nifty trick.”

“I don’t like sleeping on them and it makes running through the woods a lot easier.”

He smiled warmly at her and she felt her cheeks grow hot. “Well let’s go.” She lead them through the still dark woods, picking her way carefully through thick brush and over fallen trees. When they made it to the ravine she pointed at a rope bridge to their left. They walked along the edge of the sheer drop and stopped at the bridge. “You and your wolves should go first. I’ve got the wings so I can catch you if you fall through.”

Hesperos started across first, testing each board as he crossed to make sure it was safe for his men. He froze half way across, catching his sister’s sent. He sniffed along the bridge, stopping when he found some of Leto’s hair. “They definitely crossed here.” He yelled back. He also found claw marks in the thick rope. She had fought to escape them.
He growled, an increased amount of anger boiling in his at the vision of his sweet sister fighting for her life and freedom while those monsters forced her along. He was a little less cautious now but still made it across safely with his men behind. With all across Claire let out her wings to fly and landed gracefully at the other side “I’m so glad that thing didn’t break. I’ll be in the air again” she said as she took off, knowing he wouldn’t care if she didn’t give him a moment to respond. Now that Hesperos had his sisters scent there was nothing that could stop him from pushing forward until he had her.

They just may have fallen in if Claire hadn’t landed to let them know a ravine was coming. It was about a half hour further when Claire noticed a fire burning. She landed, this time not being snapped at by Hesperos “We’re near, we need to be quiet and take them by surprise. I atleast hope thats the fire of the people we’re looking for”
They sneaked closer, Hesperos’ men immediately heading around to the other side of the camp without him doing a thing to direct them. Hesperos could smell his sister had been here, but her scent wasn’t strong. “Why do we have to be the ones to keep watch?” A man’s voice said angrily. Claire could see him poking at the fire with a stick.

“Because Vincinti said the new toy was a very important person, a princess.” A woman’s voice replied.

“It’s not fair the others get to have all the fun tonight, I want to play with her too.”

“Stop complaining and besides he still hasn’t had that man killed yet.”

“He’s only keeping the pathetic little shit around because Marilyn asked him too. Apparently she’s taken a liking to him. I want the woman, I want to hear her begging beneath me.”

Hesperos growled and jumped from the trees, startling the two. They jumped up, turning to run, but were headed off by the other wolves. Claire stepped out, unhappy he had jumped the gun, but understanding why he had. These sick creatures were saying such vile things that it had actually turned her stomach. “Grab them.” She ordered and the wolves jumped on them. “Now, I’m going to ask you a simple question and you are going to answer or I will cause you irreparable damage. Where is the wolf princess?”

“Fuck you.” The man shot back.

“Pull down his pants and pin him down please.” The wolves did as they were told and she crossed over to the disgusting little man, pulling her sword from her sheath. “Do you know who I am little man?” She twirled her sword, her eyes on the sharp blade. “I am Ridiri Dorcha and the King’s best. You might think that means I am above inflicting pain, but you are definitely wrong.” She stabbed her sword into the ground about an inch from his testicles. “Oh look I missed, I guess I should try again.” She raised the sword back up and started to bring it down again.

“Wait, wait, I’ll tell you. She’s at Vincinti’s house. It’s about a day from here to the south east and there are a lot of people there. Please don’t cut them off.”

“If I had the time I would, but unfortunately I don’t.” She whipped her sword across his throat, causing blood to spray up into the air.

“He told you what you wanted to know.” The woman said in a panicky voice.

“I know.” She did the same to the woman and the wolves dropped their bodies. “Come we must get to your sister.”

Hesperos grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. “Thank you.” He kissed her cheek and she blushed.

“You’re welcome.” Her heart was thundering in her chest as they left the camp. The sun was starting to come up, turning the world a pale blue color. She wanted to take to the sky again, but knew she needed to conserve some of her energy in case she needed her magic. She watched Hesperos out of the corner of her eye, studying his handsome face and the myriad of emotions that played over it. She knew it was wrong to be attracted to him when his sister was in danger, but she couldn’t help it.

Chapter Three

They traveled non stop, nobody even venturing to ask Hesperos for a break. They were all demons and an angel after all so could handle doing this and still be able to fight for the princess. They were nearly there when Ethan and Leto were being pulled out of their cages for abuse and sex. Ethans heart broke again but more for Leto than himself. He hated her screams and tears. He hoped it was true and that her brother was coming to save her. As always they were both man handled into their position. Ethan with the group and Leto in perfect sight for everybody to be aroused by.

Leto tried to follow Ethans advice from the previous night but it proved impossible for her to hide her pain. The screams were wrenched from her throat no matter how she shoved them down. Hesperos and his men growled when Letos screams reached his ears. They all took off running, Claire staying in lead with Hesperos. She wnated to tell them to surprise these people but she knew sense wouldn’t get through to the demon wolf.
Hesperos let out a loud howl, the sound startling the everyone in the house. The other pack members joined in, the sound a warning to those within. “Shit, tie up the male, we have company.” Vincinti said as he pushed himself off of Marilyn. Two of the men tied Ethan’s arms behind his back and threw him against the wall. Once everyone was out of the room Ethan slipped his arms under him then pulled his legs through and used his teeth to untie the rope. He crawled over to Leto who was tied with her arms above her head. He struggled to his feet and held her with one arm while he untied her. She fell against him and he collapsed on the floor, scooting back to the wall and holding her close.

“That was my brother, he’s come for me, for us.” She said shakily as she clung to him, uncaring if they were naked.

“It’s best if we stay here until. We wouldn’t want to get mixed up in the fray.”

Claire grabbed Hesperos’s hand as he started for the house, pulling him back. “Just wait. We don’t know what they’ll do if we go running in there. I’m sure they heard your challenge, so wait.”

Hesperos knew she was right even though he hated waiting. He held tightly to her hand, afraid if he let go he might do something stupid. Vincinti exited the house with others following closely behind. They were all armed and glaring at the intruders. Hesperos and the other wolves could smell that they had just been having sex and all grew angry at the thought of Leto being one of their victims. “Who the fuck are you?” Vincinti asked.

“I have come for the wolf princess, give her to me now.” Hesperos growled.

“You must be her brother. Crokus told me of you, what a pathetic sight. To think you were the one who scared him into selling that wolf eared bitch.” Hesperos started shaking and Vincinti laughed. “Did I strike a nerve pup. Maybe you want her for yourself, are you that type of brother.”

“Let me have him Claire, I want to kill him myself.”

“Vincinti, I am Claire of the Ridiri Dorcha and the prince has challenged you for his sister. Will you accept this challenge?”

Vincinti grinned. “Fine and once I beat him he’ll become part of our little game. We can make him watch while we fuck his sister.”
Vincitis men and women along with Hesperos’s wolves watched as the two men walked into open grass. his was between the two of them so thats how the fight would be. “I am an angel you filthy beast” Vincinti said cockily. Hesperos gave a disgusted smirk “you really feel you can call anyone else filthy you rotten bottom feeder.” with that Vincinti pulled out a sword but Hesperos was unphased. He trusted his inner wolf and his own powers, he needed no blade to defeat this lousy excuse for a human.

Vincinti swung with intent to slice through Hesperos’s mid section but missed when Hesperos jumped then lunged, slamming a fist into the side of Vincintis head. Vincinti stumbled, easily knocked off balance and Hesperos used the opportunity to transform into his wolf. It stood tall, atleast eight foot. His deeply black wolf had thick fur and muscles along with longer fangs than was normal for a regular wolf. Vincinti looked in disbelief, not knowing a wofl demon could do that.
Claire stood there in wide eyed wonder, her hand instinctively going to her sword at the sight of the dangerous predator. Hesperos moved faster than she had ever seen someone move, mercilessly attacking Vincinti so the man was backing up, trying to run from the terrifying monster. Hesperos’ sharp claws tore Vincinti’s chest open, so he screamed in pain. He tried to run, but Hesperos grabbed him by the back of his neck and threw him across the ground then jumped on him before he could get up. He ripped the angel’s throat out with his sharp teeth and pulled back, his howl terrifying Vincinti’s followers. His eyes turned to that group and without a word the rest of his pack shifted and attacked them. They had been sentenced to death and the dangerous predators showed no mercy.

Hesperos shifted back to his human form, the only thing remaining of the wolf were the ears atop his head. His shirt was torn so he ripped it off and used it to wipe the blood from his face. He noticed Claire had her hand wrapped around the hilt of her sword. “I won’t hurt you, I promise.” He said and she jerked her hand away from her weapon.

“Sorry, habit. Lets get your sister.”

They walked into the house, Hesperos wrinkling his nose at the smells. “Leto.” He called as they moved through the interior. “Let, it’s me.”

“Hesperos.” Her voice was muffled and coming from downstairs. They found the basement door and walked slowly down the steps, not knowing if there were anymore of Vincinti’s men. The minute Hesperos saw his sister he felt rage boil to the surface and he wished he could kill Vincinti a second time. “Hesperos!” He ran to her, dropping down on the floor and pulling her into his arms. She started crying and rocked back and forth, his heart aching for her. “I knew you’d come for me, I knew you’d save me and Ethan.” He noticed the other person in the room for the first time. “Can we take him with us, please, helped me.”

“Of course we can sister, anything you want.”

“Lets get them back to the castle so the healers can take a look at them.” Claire said as she crossed the room to Ethan. “I’m Claire, I’m going to help you walk.”

“Thank you.” She pulled him to his feet and draped his arm over her shoulder. Hesperos lifted his sister off the ground and they made their way upstairs. Leto turned her face into Hesperos’ chest at the sight of the shredded bodies and two of the male wolves took Ethan from Claire.
Claire hoped the castle healers would be able to close the deep scars both Ethan and Leto possessed. They had mended many scars such as these before so Claire had hope that the two wouldn’t have to spend the remainder of their lives with physical reminders of their abuse. She knew they would already have enough to deal with the mental damage their imprisonment had likely caused. Leto nor Ethan could or had seen themselves since being taken so neither knew or cared about the scars. Truly they tried not to look at themselves.

It had been hard enough to look at eachothers wounds. It hurt Ethan to be walking with these men. He had lost track of the weeks but for as long as they had him he was in a cage too short to stand in when he wasn’t being beaten or raped so his legs just weren’t used to carrying him any longer. He didn’t even know if he could be walking if these demons weren’t helping him along.

His mind eventually began to ponder what Letos home would be like and if there were only demons there. It didn’t actually matter but it was somthing to think about besides the pain his legs felt. They walked a little ways further and Hesperos decided to give everyone a short break since they had traveled so long and just came from a fight.

Chapter Four

“Leto, I’m going to find some food. I want you stay with Ethan and the others.”

“Okay, be careful.”

“I’ll go with him Leto.” Claire said with a warm smile.

“Thank you.”

Claire followed Hesperos, hating the look of sadness that appeared on his face the minute his back was to his sister. When they were completely out of sight she grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop. “Tell me what you’re thinking.” She said softly.

“I failed her Claire, I failed my little sister and I’m afraid of what that could mean. I’m to afraid to ask her what they did to her and her friend. I should have come with her when she decided to visit this world, but I didn’t and I deeply regret that. She’s far to trusting.”

“No one blames you for what happened. This was the fault of Crokus, Vincinti, and his men. You rescued her and she’s safe now, that’s all that matters.”

He reached up and stroked his knuckles over her cheek. “If it had not been for you, I might have never found her.” He leaned in an pressed a kiss against her lips. “Thank you so much Claire.” He whispered when he pulled back, leaving her blushing from head to toe.

“People don’t normally kiss each other thank you.” She stammered.

“I know, but I really wanted to. I don’t know how else to thank you so I’ll devote myself to you, I’ll give you all of me.”

“You don’t have to do that, you’re a prince anyway.”

He backed her up until she was pressed against a tree, a smile pulling at his lips. “I’ve seen my other half in you Claire, my perfect match and I want you to be my mate. I need someone as strong as you, someone as compassionate.” Her blush turned a deeper shade of red.

“We barely know each other.”

“Isn’t that the beauty of it. We can spend forever getting to know each other. It’ll be like a new adventure, exciting, scary, but worth it.”

She swallowed. “Lets find some berries for your sister and Ethan first. I need to think about it.”

“Of course, but know we wolf demons are stubborn, once we’ve caught a scent we like we follow it without stopping.”
A smile stayed stretched across his face as he tried not to chuckle at how badly Claire blushed. She didn’t stop until they were gathering berries and even then she still felt warm. They returned with plenty for Ethan and Leto and enough to tame the hunger of everyone else. They weren’t full but unlike these two they had been properly fed up until now. They stayed there only about a half hour before Hesperos lifted his sister and the two wolves helped Ethan up again.

They didn’t stop a second time. Hesperos really needed his sister looked over so that he could know without doubt she was going to be physically alright. Calires mind was consumed in their kiss. It felt so good to kiss him. She could even venture to say it was the perfect kiss. It was to her as if their lips were formed just to move against eachothers. The castle came into view and Claire let the servants know to get the king and the healers.

They went off quickly and with the same haste the king, queen and what healers were in the castle were standing before them. “we’ll show you where to lay these two down” a brunette angel said so Hesperos and the two men helping Ethan followed while Claire stayed to inform the king of everything that happened.
“The wolves killed all of them and Hesperos made sure Vincinti will never prey on the innocent again.”

“Good and what of the man Ethan, do you know where he is from?” Apollo asked.

“He didn’t say, but he’s going home with Hesperos and Leto.” She felt sad thinking of him leaving.

“Claire, why do you look so down?” Malvina asked.

“Hesperos did the strangest thing. He said he was going to give himself to me, that he wants us to be mates. It took me by surprise and I don’t know what to say. He said he’d let me think about it, but I’m confused. I know it’s stupid to burden you two with such things, but you’ve always given me the best advice.”

“How do you feel about him?” Apollo asked.

She touched her fingers to her lips, remember the feel of his lips against hers. “He makes my heart race.” She blushed when they smiled at her. “I don’t want to leave here though, but he’s a prince and has to be in his world. He’ll just keep coming back for me.”

“So we’ll open a permanent gateway between our worlds and the only ones who will have the key will be myself, Malvina, you, and Hesperos. That way you can come and go as you please. My mother showed me how to do it a long time ago.”

“You would do this for me?”

“You are like a sister to us Claire.” Malvina answered. “We’d do anything to make you happy.” She hugged them both and they laughed, making her smile. She left the throne room and went looking for Hesperos. She found him standing guard outside the door of the room Leto and Ethan were being healed in. He smiled at her when she approached him, pushing himself away from the wall and ordering the other wolves to keep watch.

“I have some good news.” Claire said. “Can we talk in private?”

“Sure.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him through the castle until they were in the library where she shut and locked the double doors. “Are you planning on attacking me because I don’t think the library is a good place to have sex, I’m sure there are people who have a key.”

She blushed and glared at him. “That’s not why I brought you here you pervert.”

He shrugged. “I’m a wolf demon, nature packed two very sexual creatures into one being and let me loose on the world. I also seem to remember telling you I wanted you as my mate so my sexual attraction extends only to you. Anyway, what did you want to talk about?”

“I’ve decided to be your mate. I spoke to the king and queen and Apollo said he could open a permanent doorway between our worlds so we may go back and forth at our leisure without having to open a portal every time.”
Hesperos took Claires face in his hands and kissed her. It was odd how he did it because it was both lustful and sweet at the same time. She hadn’t any clue how he managed that but it felt amazing. “You will make a magnificent queen.”

“I hope so”

“I know so, I am very wound up and stressed about my sister. I think I will be until the healers are done with her. Could we just sit and cuddle? To be honest i want us to make love but you seem to not like to just jump into things” she blushed again “when I go home with you?”

“fine by me, let me hold you for now. I need the contact. I may not be able to resist a few nibbles though. Is that fine?”

“Nibbles are fine” she answered as she rubbed her arm. He half smiled, his eyes twinkle with how adorable he thought her. They sat on the couch the library had and he pulled her close. “you really do smell incredible, lavishly really. I’ve never enjoyed a females scent this much”

“um, thank you” he smiled into her hair since he had put his face in it “it is a compliment beautiful”

“You’re very sweet and handsome”

“hm” he made the sound joyously as he held her tighter, needing Claire closer “Do you like my wolf form? You seemed afraid”

“It was instinct, I’m sorry. I wont do it again”

“don’t be sorry, it can be unsettling. Especially because I was so angry over my sister”

“it’s amazing. I’ve never seen a wolf like that”

“me neither, my men shift too as I’m sure you saw a few do but I am the only one I’ve met that has a wolf like that in him. i wonder if our children will turn like that or if they’ll inherit your magnificent wings. You look so graceful when you fly” he felt her get warm and he chuckled “you’re my mate. I’m not saying right now but obviously we’ll have children”
“You like to move fast don’t you?”

“I believe in living in the moment, but I can slow down if you like. I just want what I want, I’ve always been that way.” He ran his nose up her neck to her ear where he nibbled at her earlobe. He then licked at the spot behind her ear, making her shiver. “Mmm, yummy.” He whispered.

“Stop, you talking like that isn’t fair. Don’t make me hit you with one of these books.”

He made a whining sound. “You’d punish me for being a good mate?” He asked with false hurt.

“Of course not, you’re just so sexy. I’ve never had someone try to seduce me.”

“You must have had men flirt with you?” She shrugged and he smiled as he kissed her neck. “I’m glad you never noticed then, that means I’ll get to be your first in everything.” He chuckled when she turned bright red and pulled her head down onto his shoulder. “You’re adorable.”

The door knobs of the library jiggled and she felt her heart slam against her chest. She came quickly to her feet and walked over to the door, quickly unlocking it and blushing when she saw one of the wolves standing there. “Yes?”

“Sorry to interrupt, but the princess is asking for Prince Hesperos.”

“Is she alright?” Hesperos asked.

“Yes, the healers are done with her. She just wanted to say goodnight.”

Hesperos laced his fingers through Claire’s and pulled her out of the library. The male wolf smiled. “Has our prince finally chosen a mate?”

“Yes he has, the perfect mate.” Leto smiled at Hesperos when he entered her room. He let go of Claire and moved quickly to her side, taking her hand. “How are you feeling sister?”

“Much better. The healers said I would have a few faint scars on my back, but everything else is perfect.”

“How is your friend?”

“He had some internal injuries the healers had to take care of. He wanted to stay with me, but I told him to let them work on him. He won’t say so, but he’s scared to be alone. I’m having him brought in here and if it is okay, I would like him to stay in my room when we get home.”

“You’re an adult Leto, do as you wish. I have chosen Claire as my mate.”

“I’m truly happy for you brother, congratulations. Mother and father are going to be excited, they’ve been trying to get you to take a mate for a while now.”

He kissed her forehead. “You should rest now. I’ll be taking you home tomorrow.”
“sweet dreams,have a nice night with your new mate and let her rest” Claire blushed again causing both Leto and Hesperos to laugh. They left her, Hesperos even still wanting some of his men to keep watch of the door. “guide me to your room. I’d like to sleep with you tonight”

“do you think you can stop trying to seduce me?” He smiled ‘i can try, as I said, I am both wolf and demon. It’s hard to control. it’s especially hard now that I’ve found my love. My wolf makes me need to make you mine but don’t worry. If you say no it means no. If you say stop it means stop. It may be a struggle to maintain control but I would never be with you in any way you truly didn’t want”

“Ok, then follow me” He took her hand and let Claire guide him to her bedroom. It smelled sweet, almost as sweet as she was. He noticed the two vases of flowers “are those your favorite?”

“Yes, do you like them? I’ll have them out if they bother your nose or somthing”

“No, I like the smell. I’m not sure if we have any in my home since I’ve never been one to pay any mind to flowers but if you want them in our bedroom I’ll just come back here and get some if I cant find any in my kingdom”

“You don’t have to do that”

“I must, I want you to be happy. I need to make my mate happy. You obviously like these in your bedroom so you will have them. Truly for starters we can have sombody carry these back to my world. Then we’ll see about getting more when it comes to it” She smiled, thinking it crazy how much he already adored her and wanted to make her happy. All the same she couldnt get enough of how special he was making her feel. They crawled into her bed and cuddled together. Neither having cuddled before they had trouble finding a comfortable position but they both did manage to get one.

“what else makes you happy?” he asked softly, obviously in a state of pure relaxation. “thats a broad question”

“are we in any rush for you to tell me all the things that bring a smile to your face?”

“I think it’ll be more fun if you figure it out along the way”
“So it’s like a game?”

“Not really.”

“It’s a guessing game.”

She smiled. “Okay, it’s a guessing game.”

“I always win you know, especially when it’s something I really want.” He ran his nose along the back of her neck and she shivered. “Looks like I found one of your more sensitive spots.” He gave the back of her neck a gentle bite, making her jump in surprise. He laughed and held her tighter. “I’m going to enjoy getting to know you.”

“Such a bad dog. Do I have to start obedience training already?”

He chuckled. “I don’t think you’d succeed, I’m a pretty stubborn wolf.” He fell asleep quickly, his nose in her hair so her scent would stay with him. It took her longer since she felt so nervous, but she finally managed to calm herself enough to drift into a restful slumber. He woke first the next morning, his heart giving a leap of joy when he realized he was still in bed with Claire and it had not been a dream. “Hey beautiful, time to get up.”

Claire opened her eyes and blushed when she saw Hesperos staring down at her adoringly. She had never been looked at like that and it sent her heart into overdrive. “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Extremely well, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep without you. Your scent is so calming.” He pressed his lips into hers, melting into the sweet warmth of her mouth. He deepened the kiss, moaning as he swirled his tongue inside her mouth. She turned her head and he licked and bit her neck. She let out a soft little moan and he became even more aroused. “You taste so good Claire. You’re such a temptation.”

“Just wait a little longer, please. We should get Leto and Ethan home first.”

He pressed his forehead against her and took a deep breath. “Sorry, you’re right of course. I’m being far too selfish.” He gave her a quick kiss then climbed out of bed, pulling his boots on and stretching. “Come on before I can’t walk away.”

Claire scrambled out of bed, grabbing her boots and tugging them quickly on then grabbing her sword. They headed down the hall to where Leto and Ethan were sleeping and tapped lightly on their door. Leto answered with a smile. “We were just about to head downstairs. I can’t wait to be home.”

“Apollo would have made the gateway between our worlds and fashioned some sort of keys for us.” They walked downstairs, Ethan staying close to Leto, his nervousness showing even though he was trying to look calm. Apollo was sitting on the throne, looking extremely exhausted.

“Good morning, I hope you all slept well.” He said and got to his feet, Malvina standing with him and placing a hand on his back. He smiled lovingly at her as he walked up to the four of them, reaching into his pocket a pulling out four gold rings. “Hold out your hands please.” They all did and he slipped one on each of their pinkies. “Now, follow me and I’ll show you the door.”

They went outside to the big garden, Apollo and Malvina leading them to the very back where there was a large willow tree. Built into the trunk, where one had not been before, was a green door. “This is amazing.” Hesperos said.

“If you aren’t wearing the ring, this door will not open. It will stay locked and no force can get it open, but if you are wearing one like all of us are it will automatically let you through. It took quite a bit of energy to manage this, but manage it I did.”
Claire hugged Apollo and Malvina “thank you so much”

“We can’t wait to see you again” Malvina said and Claire smiled “I’ll come back often. You two get some rest after we leave. You look especially tired Apollo”

“If my love will lay with me then I will”

“You know I will” Malvina answered. When Hesperos grabbed the door handle Claire was nervous but they passed through and were near instantly in Hesperos’s world. He kissed her cheek as he eyes traveled “welcome to your kingdom my queen” she smiled and they walked on to the castle. They didn’t want to overwhelm their parents with too much good news at once but the king and queen were far too perceptive to miss that their son had chosen a mate. She smelled of him already and even just the way he looked at her was enough to tell them.

Over breakfast Aikaterine and Arius did their best to get to know Claire and Ethan but Ethan seemed a little more nervous to talk so they left him alone, knowing he just needed some time to speak to them freely. After breakfast Claire and Ethan got a tour of the castle. “should we show Ethan to his own room Leto or will he be with you?” They asked about halfway through the tour “With me” their parents smiled then just continued. When the tour was done Leto and Ethan went to her room to give him a break and the comfort of just being with her. Since he had been through his trauma with her he was comfortable enough to lean on her for comfort.

“after lunch would you like to see the rest of the kingdom or get comfortable with our son?” Aikaterine asked. Claire blushed, knowing she told Hesperos they could make love here. She wasn’t quite ready so she said “I’d like to see some of the kingdom” That night their were no excuses left not to be alone with Hesperos. They went to his bedroom where her flowers already were “How?” she asked and he smiled “My men must have heard me talking to you about it last night and brought them when Apollo ushered them through earlier. Come, lay with me” she blushed and he grinned with a gentle expression “please Claire, just let me try to seduce you. If you want me to stop you just have to say so but I really think I could make my mate go crazy for me if she’d let me try”

“ok” Claire answered nervously as she walked over to his bed. Before she could lay down he took her from behind and pulled Claire against his body. He then licked that spot on the back of her neck that caused her to shiver just the previous night. She did it again and he gave it a gentle kiss and nibble. He licked again, covering her from head to toe in goosebumps. His tongue moved so slow, so perfectly against her neck. He bit her shoulder, causing a moan. “already responding so much. Just let me undress you my love” he whispered huskily.
He pulled her clothes off slowly, his fingers skimming lightly over her sensitive skin. “You don’t wear anything under these clothes?” He whispered as he slid his hands to her breasts.

“They fit snug so I don’t have to.” She writhed against him, feeling how hard he was through his pants pressed against her bottom. He moved one had up into her hair and tugged her head back so he could feast on the sweetness of her lips while the other moved down, his fingers rubbing over her so she whimpered. He nudged her legs apart and slid his fingers into her, his breath hitching at how wet she already was for him.

“You belong to me Claire, only I’m allowed to touch you like this.”

“I know, only you.” He pushed her onto his bed and pulled his clothes off before kissing her from her ankle to her shoulder then up to her neck where he bit her again, making her let out a little yelp. He lifted her hips and she bunched her fingers in the comforter when she felt him push the tip of his shaft into her entrance.

“Relax baby, I’ll be gentle.” His warm breath against her ear made her clamp down around him and he moaned loudly, pushing a little harder so she cried out his name at the sharp prick of pain. He was panting, his fingers gripping her hips as he buried himself completely in her. His heart thundered in his chest and he marveled at how snugly he fit inside her. He went at a slow pace, each thrust into her a little harder than the last, making her eyes fill with tears at the immense pleasure she was feeling. Her orgasm was intense, making her whole body jerk as she pulsed around him, her loud cries bordering on screams. His teeth clamped down on her shoulder and he let out a deep growl as he filled her with his seed. She collapsed onto the mattress and rolled onto his back as they caught their breath.

“If we do it like that all the time I don’t think I’ll survive.” He chuckled and pulled her into his arms, kissing her cheek, a smile of smug satisfaction pulling at his lips.

“You can’t say that, there’s so much more I want to do with you my beautiful future queen. Besides, we have have lots of cute little, wolf eared pups. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“A bunch of little yous running around is kind of terrifying to think about.” He rubbed his nose against hers and she couldn’t but smile at how loving he was. “I guess they will look adorable, especially if they have your wolf ears.” She reached up and stroked them. “They’re incredibly soft.”

“I love you Claire, I really do. I’m glad you chose to come home with me, though I would have just continued trying to convince you if you had not.”

“I love you too Hesperos, very much and it scares the crap out of me, but I’m truly happy to have you.”

“It will only get better from here, I swear it.” They fell asleep holding to tightly to one another, knowing that their days together would be filled with a sweet, unyielding bliss.


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