Claudette & Valo 2

Chapter One

“Claudette what are you doing?” Valo asked as he looked from the front lawn of his apartment complex to the roof where Claudette sat.

“Waiting for you to get home.” She yelled back.

“It’s dangerous up there, what if you fall.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

He sighed. “Please come down to me, I have a surprise for you.” Her face lit up and she quickly climbed down. His heart was in his throat the whole time and he resisted the urge to forbid her from ever doing such a thing again. She ran down the stairs and into his arms, her hug and happiness melting his heart.

“What did you get me?” She asked, her beautiful brown eyes looking up at him.

“I got us tickets to France. You said you wanted to go and your birthday is in a few days so I thought we could spend a couple of weeks over there.”

“What about work?”

He smiled and brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “I took some time off so I could be with you. You’re still getting used to how the world works and honestly I missed you. I was gone for three days last time and nearly went out of my mind. I want to spend some real time with you like a normal couple. I want to show you how much I love you.” She blushed and pressed her face into his shirt. He loved when she got shy, it was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. “What’s wrong baby?” He said with a hint of a laugh.

“Nothing, just the way you say things I guess and the way you look at me when you say them.”

“How do I look at you?”

“Like you’re a predator and I’m your prey, it reminds me of the way a lion looks at a gazelle.”

He chuckled and lifted her off the ground. She hid her face with her hands, but he could tell that she was still very red. “Come on, I haven’t seen you all day and I didn’t even get my kiss.” He coaxed as he took her upstairs and she opened the door for him. “I really want my kiss.” He kicked the door shut and lowered her feet to the floor, but kept his arms around her waist so she couldn’t escape. “Kiss me.”

She swallowed nervously, but pressed her lips into his anyway. She had really wanted to kiss him too. They both let out a contented sigh and Valo pulled back with a happy smile. “I love you Valo.” She said softly.

“I love you too, very much.”

“when’s the trip?” Claudette asked. He smiled “Tomorrow morning so we better get dinner ready and then pack” Even as he said the words he started to kiss her again. Claudette growing redder and redder and him stopping with an amused smile “alright my beautiful cherry. Lets get downstairs” Valo picked her up again then carried her to the kitchen where they made cheeseburgers and french fries for dinner. Valo had wanted to make love to her upstairs but that part of the relationship hadn’t developed yet. She got embarrassed so easy and he’d always end up backing off. It wasn’t like it was important anyway, it was somthing he deeply wanted but he loved her and wanted her first time to be wonderful. He thought maybe he could set up the perfect mood in Paris. Valo could spend the days making her smile and the nights making her moan if she’d allow him to.

They ate dinner, discussing his job and all the things they could do in France. Claudette was glowing more than she ever had and it made Valo glad he bought the tickets for them. She deserved a happy birthday. he had to make up for all the horrible birthdays she had as a prisoner. He tried not to think of that time though. It still made him furious to this day that her own father would use her like that.

Claudette chattered the whole time they packed about all the places she had seen and wanted to visit. She made sure to pack her bikini and flip flops since the beaches were so beautiful. Valo just smiled, loving the sound of her happy voice. He took their suitcase and sat it next to the door then went back to their room. “Do you want to take a shower?” He asked as he grabbed some night pants.

“With you?” She asked, her voice sounding small.

“That’s up to you. If you want I can go first and then you can go. It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Okay, as long as you’re sure.” He turned to look at her and she looked at her feet.

“Claudette, you have to trust me when I say I don’t care. I just want you comfortable so don’t worry about it.”

“Okay.” He frowned as he went into the bathroom and switched on the shower. He washed quickly then rinsed and got out. He pulled on his night pants and ran a brush through his hair before heading back to the room where Claudette was sitting and drawing.

“Shower’s all yours beautiful.”

“Okay, thank you.” She closed her sketch book and sat it down then jumped up and pulled one of her nightgowns out of her chest of drawers. He grabbed her as she passed by and pulled her tightly against him. He gave her a long kiss then hugged her. “What was that for?” She asked softly.

“For being the greatest thing that ever happened to me.” He let her go and she headed off to take a shower. Claudette switched the shower back on, her heart still racing and her skin still warm from his kiss. He was always showing her affection, especially when he came home from work. She sometimes hated how shy and unsure she was when she was with him, especially since he had been nothing but patient and kind. He had even purchased tickets to go to France simply because she had expressed love for the place and a want to go there. He was always like that, had even bought her new art supplies without her even asking for them. She loved him so much and was worried one day he would grow tired of her or angry with her.

Claudette knew they would just have to do it one day or she’d never quit being shy. When Claudette came out of the bathroom Valo was already laying in bed. He held up the covers for her to get inside of them so she just slid right in and laid her head on his chest. Valo gave a content sigh, kissing Claudettes head and taking in the aroma of her shampoo. “Is the alarm set?” Claudette asked “Yes” Valo answered into her hair. They slowly faded into sleep, waking easily the next morning. After getting ready they each stuck a frozen Jimmy Dean biscuit into the microwave and ate it as they walked out the door. Claudettes was even more excited than she had been yesterday. After this upcoming plane ride she’d finally have her physical form in France.

Checking their bags in and finding where they were to board was easy and soon they were called to load onto the plane. Valo gave Claudette the window seat since he knew it would mean more to her than to him. She held his hand tightly the entire flgiht, even after he has lost circulation from her excited grip. It was adorable and he was already trying to think of the next way he could make her this happy. It was a long flight and Claudettes excitement had kept her awake for all of it so she was exhausted when they walked to baggage claim after landing.

Valo hailed a taxi when they stepped outside and loaded their suitcase into the trunk before climbing in next to Claudette. “Pouvez-vous nous emmener a l’Hotel Paris France?” Valo said and the driver nodded before pulling away.

“What did you say?” Claudette asked.

“I asked him to take us to our hotel.” He answered. “You look like you need a nap.”

“I do, I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane.”

He chuckled. “I noticed. You can nap then we can go eat. There are some amazing cafes and bakeries around here.”

“I’m so excited Valo, thank you so much.”

He wrapped his arm around her. “I’ll do anything for you and take you anywhere. All you have to do is ask.”

When they got to the hotel Valo paid the driver then they got out and he retrieved their suitcase. “This place looks really nice.”

“It’s one of the highest rated hotels, very comfortable and has a great view.”

“You shouldn’t have spent so much on me.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her inside, going to the front desk and asking for their key. He showed the woman his I.D. and she handed the key over while wishing him a great stay. “Really Valo, you’ve spent too much.”

“There is no such thing as too much when it comes to you. I have plenty of money and I don’t mind using it on you. So if you see something you really want then tell me and I’ll buy it. I want to give you everything and I love spoiling you so let me.”

“Okay, as long as you’re sure.”

“I’m always sure my love.”

They took an elevator up to their room then set their things in the corner befor taking their shoes off and laying in bed. “I don’t know if I can nap. I’m so excited”

“But you’re tired too. We’re going to be here a long time enjoying ourselves so please nap so you can fully enjoy this place” Claudette kissed Valos cheek and he grabbed her face so he could kiss her lips. Claudette blushed but enjoyed his kiss. Valo smiled when he pulled back “I really love you Claudette”

“I love you too” It wasn’t long after Claudette nestled her head in Valos chest that she was sleeping soundly. He wrapped his arms around her tightly then fell asleep himself. They woke about forty five minuets later, Claudettes excitment waking her. Valo felt the jerk and his eyes opened “you ready for fun beautiful?”

“Yes, lets go eat somthing”

“Could I have another kiss?” Claudette quickly albeit nervously pushed her lips into his. “lets go” he said with a loving smile. They changed since the clothes they were wearing were wrinkly then they walked out. Valo hailed a cab again then asked the driver to take them to Le Meurice.

When Claudette saw the interior of the restaurant she once again wanted to tell Valo he was spending to much, but instead she just smiled and kept it to herself. He was always so happy to do nice things for her since she had escaped the lab. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy it, it was just she wasn’t used to this kind of affection. He had already reserved a place and they were promptly escorted to their seats. “This place is so amazing.” Claudette said softly and Valo reached across the table and grabbed her hand.

“I’m glad you like it. I thought it would be a good place since they have all this beautiful art.”

“Oh can we go to the Louvre after lunch?”

“We will go wherever you want. This trip is all about fullfilling your dream.”

She blushed and looked at her menu, making Valo smile. Their water came by and they ordered their food. Valo ordered some wine too since Claudette had never had it before. The waiter took their menus and left them alone. “You really don’t mind me dragging you around to all the places I saw while astral projecting?”

“Claudette, I love you and love seeing you smile. I want you to be happy so I’ll follow you wherever you want to go.”

“What if I decided I wanted to move here, would you still follow me?”

“Of course I would. You aren’t some project of mine Claudette, you are the love of my life. Lets take our time and get to know this city and if you want to move here by the end of our trip then we will move here. I have enough money for us to live comfortably.” She felt herself tearing up, but quickly stopped the tears threatening to spill over when the waiter came back and poured their glasses of wine.

“I really hope you enjoy wine. If not I’ll order you somthing else. Please don’t force yourself to drink it just because I already paid for it” Claudette took a small, unsure sip then took a larger one. “this is really good. Thank you” Valo smiled “I waited until we came here because I knew if you were going to like any wine you’d like somthing from here. I didn’t want you to try somthing cheaper and think you don’t like wine.”

“how much is this wine”

“Doesn’t matter my love. Just enjoy it please” Claudette smiled and took another flavorful sip. Making love to him popped in her mind again. It didn’t help she knew he must be experienced while she was a virgin. She wouldn’t know what to do in bed with Valo. She had read in her books of making love but real life was different. Soon their meal came and Claudette was wowed. Valo had introduced her to many amazing foods but this was far beyond anything she had before.

“Can I have more wine?” She asked.

“One more glass. I don’t want you drinking until you get sick.” He waved down a waiter and asked him to pour another glass of wine for Claudette. He game back with the bottle and she stopped him half way, not wanting to get sick. They finished eating and drinking then Valo paid the bill which he refused to let Claudette see. He didn’t want her fussing over the amount. He pulled her out of the restaurant and hailed a cab. They climbed quickly in and Valo asked to be taken to the Louvre.

Chapter Two

He watched Claudette’s face as she excitedly studied the architecture around them. He would be sure to take her to an art store so she could draw whatever she wanted while they were there. He laced his fingers through hers and kissed her cheek, making her blush and her smile widen. When they got to The Louvre Valo paid the driver and they got out. She was practically skipping as they walked past the glass pyramid and into the front doors. He paid the entrance fee and let her hand go so she could explore to her heart’s content. “Stay in my sight.” He said, not wanting her to get lost in the big museum since she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings.

Claudette studied painting by Picasso and Da Vinci, statues by Michael Angelo and egyptian artists. She was awed and inspired by all the beautiful artwork and wondered if anything she ever drew was this beautiful. She turned to Valo who had finally caught up with her and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a big kiss. “Thank you so much.”

“You are very welcome baby. I love seeing you smile like this.”

“I hope one day my art can compare to all this”

“You are already very skilled. If you want to improve more they have amazing art courses here in France. They have some at home too so no matter where we live I can get you enrolled in a class if you wish it” Claudette felt as if she may cry again. Valo was such a sweet man, an absolute godsend. “you are so amazing”

“You are too. You are much more amazing than you give yourself credit for. Once we know where we are living I’ll enroll you in a class right away so you can improve on your already amazing drawing skills.”

“It’ll be weird being around so many other people. Aren’t classes big?”

“It’ll be a good exercise for you to get used to lots of people in your physical form. If it becomes too overwhelming I’m sure I can find a teacher willing to give you private lessons”

“No, I want to go to class. Maybe I can make friends if they don’t think I’m too weird. I’ll need to learn french too.”

“That I can teach you. We can start tonight when we are in our room. We cna have lessons nightly. A majority of the french speak english though so it wont be that big of a deal”


“Yep, Japanese and French take English in school”

“I always had private tutors” Valo kissed her, not wanting to get angry about her past. “lets continue looking beautiful”

They explored until Claudette became tired and Valo lifted her off the floor and carried her outside. They took a taxi back to the hotel and went up to their rooms. “Where would you like to go for dinner?” He asked.

“Can we just eat here tonight so you can start teaching me French?”

He smiled and sat down on the bed with her on his lap. “As long as you promise to sit right here while I teach you.”

She blushed. “Okay.” He grabbed her chin and kissed her before sitting her on the bed and finding the menu.

“Would you like me to order for you?”

“Sure, you know what tastes the best. Can we have wine with dinner?”

“Sure, we’ll do white this time.”

He called down and ordered their food and drinks. When he was done and had thanked the woman on the other end of the line he hung up and went back to Claudette. He sat down and pulled her back onto his lap, ran his fingers through her hair then pulled her down into another kiss. “Repeat after me.” He said softly. “Mon nom est Claudette.”

“Mon nom est Claudette.” She replied.

“It means my name is Claudette.”

“C’est agreable de vous rencontrer.”

“That one’s hard.”

“Just try.” He said as he kissed her neck, giving her goosebumps.

“I…I can’t think that way Valo” She said in a mouse like tone. He smiled against her neck ‘sorry baby, please repeat what i said”

“C’est agreable de vous rencontrer” She said slowly and with obvious struggle “very good beautiful. It means It’s nice to meet you. It’ll get easier as you gain more confidence and practice.”

“I’m sorry”

“for what?”

“Asking you to stop kissing my neck”

“Don’t be”

“I am all the same. You do all these nice things for me and all you want is to make love with me and I wont do it” Valo grabbed her face and turned it so she was looking at him “I don’t do these things in hopes they’ll earn me sex with you. Don’t ever feel that way. I do these things to make you smile because I love you, very much. I want to be one with you physically but I’ll be fine. You’ll be ready at sompoint. Lets just learn french for now. Repeat “C’est agreable de vous rencontrer” until it’s easy to say.

Claudette did until their dinner came up. Valo answered the door and their meal was wheeled in. They ate together, Valo happy and Claudette wishing she could just sleep with Valo. She was going to try and get herself to after they finished eating. Nobody else would be coming and she would have until they needed to sleep to get the nerve up to try sex with him.

They ate slowly and Valo told her the French word for each piece of food. She repeated what he said when she didn’t have a mouthful of food and he smiled and praised her sweetly. Her heart was beating so fast as she thought more and more about having sex with him. Her face turned bright red and he gave her a questioning look. She averted her gaze and he wondered if she was getting sick or if he had done something wrong. When they were finished eating he put their plates of the tray and pushed it to the side then lifted her and sat on the bed with her on his lap.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and brushed her hair behind her ear.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Then why do you look like that? You’re face is flushed and you won’t look at me. Were you thinking some inappropriate?”

She covered her face and he breathed in relief. “I thought you were sick or something. Don’t worry me like that and tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s too embarrassing.”

“It’s just us Claudette and you can tell me anything.”

She peeked between her fingers. “I was thinking about having sex with you, but the more I think about it the more nervous and shy I get. I know you tell me not to worry, but I can’t help it. I want you to make love to me, but I just get scared.”

He sighed, knowing this would never go away if he didn’t try a different tactic. “How about this, take a shower with me to get comfortable being naked together. We’ll take it slow and once you’re comfortable with that we’ll do other things.”

“but I’ll be teasing you. You’ll want me more naked and I’ll feel so mean”

“Don’t feel mean. I’ll be ok sweetheart”

“You’re sure”

“Yes, please, lets go into the bathroom” They walked in and they started taking their clothes off. Valos came off quickly but Claudette was struggling. “want help?” Valo asked and she nodded. Valo kissed Claudettes cheek then slowly finished removing her clothes. He stood there, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of them even as she covered her breasts with her arms. Claudette had her eyes shut so tightly it looked painful. Valo caressed her cheek ‘sweetheart, open your eyes and drop your arms. You are so beautiful it took me a  few momets to speak” Valo grabbed her arms and gently pulled. She allowed him to remove them and he had to resist letting his mouth travel her.

“Look at me baby” He coaxed and she slowly opened her eyes. Her face was beet red in seconds. Valo turned to start the water givng Claudete a full view of his behind. She thought his butt was adorable while his front was incredibly sexy. She found herself wanting to touch him but knew it wouldn’t be fair because she was too nervous to want him to touch back.

He turned back to her, smiling at the look on her face. He could tell she was having some sort of internal struggle so he reached out and turned her face to him. “You’re thinking again, tell me what’s going on.”

“Can we get in the shower first?”

He handed her in and he stepped in after her. He turned her around so she was facing him and gave her his sweetest smile. “Tell me.”

“Well, I want to touch you, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to touch me back.” He laughed softly and kissed her forehead.

“If you want to touch me then touch me and I will keep my hands to myself.”

“But what if you can’t?”

“Do want to tie them behind my back. The bathrobes have belts.” She shook her head so hard he feared she would get whiplash and grabbed her face in his hands to stop her. “I won’t touch you unless you say it’s okay, I promise. So do what you want.” He gave her a quick kiss then placed his hands behind his head and interlaced his fingers. She swallowed nervously as she slowly allowed her fingers to run over his chest. He had a scar on his shoulder from a knife and she traced it. She moved her hand lower over his solar plexus to his abdomen where he had a bullet scar. She couldn’t believe how dangerous his job was. She slid her hands around to his back, loving the feel of his muscles.

“I love how you feel” she said then kissed his chest. Her lips felt his goosebumps and then she suddenly noticed he was covered in them. He gave her his most innocent smile “I can’t help how my body reacts to you. It feels amazing for your hands to travel me” Claudette took a deep inhale and exhale “touch me” she said in an unsure voice. “You don’t seem like you really want it”

“just touch me, I want it” Valo unlaced his fingers then slid his hands from her hips and up her sides, marveling at how soft Claudettes skin was. He moved to cup her breasts and she closed her eyes. He took his hands off “you don’t like this”

“I do, I’m just nervous”

“are you sure we’re not going to fast?”

“You make it worse with all your questions Valo.” He began to touch her again, concentrating hard so his penis wouldn’t become erect. “can I wash you?” Valo asked “yeah, I’ll wash you too when you’re done” Valo kissed her softly then grabbed the body wash to scrub her. She grew hot as he washed her inner thighs and actually found herself growing wet inside. After she rinsed and it was her turn to scrub him she enjoyed getting to feel how muscular he was again. It was sexy to look at but even more so to touch.

“You okay?” He asked as her hands traveled over his abdomen and nervously lower. He moaned at her touch and balled his hands into fists at his side. Claudette loved the way his breathing quickened and wrapped her fingers around him, watching his face as she stroked him. “Claudette you have to stop baby.”

“I want to do this, I like how it makes you feel.” She swallowed nervously at how hard he had become, but his moans and gasps made her want to keep going. She loved his reaction to her slow teasing and loved that he was trying to held onto his self control for her sake. “You can touch me too if you want.” She whispered.

“Lets get out of the shower.” His voice was drenched with his need for her and it made her heart hammer quickly against her chest. She let him rinse off and they got out and quickly dried before he lifted her and carried her to the bed. He lay her down and got over her on hands and knees, the lustful look in his eyes making her nervous. He kissed her hungrily, his tongue playing around the inside of her mouth. He licked and kissed his way to her breasts, biting down so she moaned. He loved that sound, wanted to hear it as she writhed beneath him. He moved lower, her breathing quickening when he pushed her legs open.


“Do you want me too stop because I will.” He kissed her inner thigh, making her let out a little whimper of pleasure.

“No, keep going.” She finally said and he attacked her like a starving man, her loud cries exciting him beyond reason. She gripped the blanket beneath her, her whole body going out of control as she climaxed, her scream sticking in her throat so no sound came out. She went limp and he kissed his way back up her, giving her a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Do you want more or do you need me to stop? I can take care of myself so don’t be afraid to say no.”

“You.” She said weakly. “Want you.”

Valo kissed Claudette again, staying low and close to her so she could wrap her arms around him. Valo thrust hating the small yelp she gave but loving how she felt. He moved slowly in her, apologizing for hurting her. She just moaned in response, the pain gone so she was just enjoying the feel too. Valo went slowly until she climaxed again then sped up so that he could finish and hold her if she needed comfort after her first time. “I love you so much Claudette. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did”

“It was amazing. I’m glad we finally did. Maybe now I wont get so embaressed.”

“I hope you wont. It’s adorable but I don’t want you to be nervous about anything with me. You’re my world and I want you to always be happy, free and confident” Claudette moved to kiss Valo, pressing hard into his lips then parting them “you are so wonderful”

“Only for you, rest now. We have all of France to explore so we know where you want to live” Intertwined they slowly faded into rest. The next morning Claudette woke first but didn’t move. She wanted Valo wrapped around her a little longer before their day started. He stirred around forty minuets later. He could tell by how awake Claudette was she had been up for awhile “baby, why didn’t you wake me?”

“I wanted you to get all the rest you needed and I wanted to be held longer”

“How about you let me order breakfast and then I’ll hold you until it comes”

“Well, we should probably put clothes on too. Whoever delivers breakfast would appreciate it” Valo smiled “you get dressed while i call and then I’ll slip on pants. Valo ordered and they dressed then intertwined like they were before. “you sore?”

“Yeah but I liked how I got that way” A blush creeping in even as she spoke.

He rubbed his nose against her cheek then kissed her. She was still as shy as ever, but at least now she was more comfortable being naked around him. There was a knock on the door and Valo got up and pulled it open so the man could wheel in their breakfast. He took the other cart out and Valo gave him a tip before he left. Claudette got up and he pulled her into his lap at the small table. “I got us crepes with caramel and butter to share since you’ve never had that and some chocolat chaud or French hot chocolate.”

“You are so sweet.”

He grabbed a fork and cut off a piece of the crepe then brought it to her lips. She took the offered bite and actually moaned it was so good. “Hey be careful making noises like that or we’ll never leave this room. I want you to expeience all the things you dreamed of.”

She blushed and he smiled. “I can’t help it, the food is really that good.”

“You’re even better. I wonder what you’d taste like covered in caramel.”

“Valo, stop being bad.”

He chuckled. “Alright, I’ll be good. Lets finish breakfast my love then we can go to the Eiffel Tower and then the beach.”

They finished eating their crepes and drinking their hot chocolate then went ahead and undressed to put their swimwear on. He found himself staring at her, unable to look away. She smiled shyly and he was unable to keep from kissing her. “Do you want to do it again?” She asked.

“After we spend some time outside.”

They pulled their clothes on over their swimsuits then left their room to hail a cab. It wasn’t long before they were enjoying the amazing view of the Eiffel tower. Valo stood at Claudettes side, just enjoying her awe and amazement at the world around her. When lunch rolled around Valo took her to another highly reviewed restaurant that she thought was too expensive but this time she didn’t complain, knowing this made him happy. They ate slowly, savoring that scrumptious food. Over their leisurely meal Claudette said “I do want to live here, please Valo”

“then we’ll live here. I’ll make some calls tonight” Claudette smiled brightly, the shine of her smiling warming his whole body. “You ready for the beach?” Valo asked and she nodded. Valo called the waiter so they could pay and make their way over to the beach. Claudette ran when they got there, scaring Valo since he was afraid to be too far from her in a place where she didn’t know the language. The second her feet touched the sand her eyes were tugged down. Tears dripped from them as she remembered all the times she stopped at this very beach when she was forced to come all the way to France. Finally, her real feet were touching this sand and she wasn’t property any longer, she was with a man who loved her and made her feel special.

Valo caught up, being forced to pause before to pay their fare. He almost fussed at her for running like that but then he saw she was crying. He lifted her chin “what’s wrong?”

“I can’t believe I’m finally here in my physical body” She wrapped her arms tightly around him and cried. Valo stroked her hair and told Claudette how much he would always love her and assured her that he was going to take her anywhere she dreamed. When Claudette could stop her tears they stripped their clothes off and enjoyed the beautiful beach and friendly people that were there. They spent the rest of the day there, letting night fall so they could gaze on the beauty of the moon hanging over the water. Valo sat down, pulling Claudette between his legs so they could relax together. “This has already been so much fun” Claudette said then Valo answered “and i have so much more in store for you”

“When are we going to look at houses?”

“We can do it tomorrow if you want”

“tomorrow” Weeks past of fun and laughter in France. They found a beautiful home, bought it then had their stuff sent over. This house was bigger than their last so they needed to fill it but they were both thrilled to fill it with the beautiful furnishings France had to offer. Daily Valo had been working on Claudettes French. She was learning quickly though she didn’t think so. By the time their house was fully furnished she was practically fluent in French so Valo set her up in a art class. Valo walked with her and offered to sit with Claudette in class the first day but she insisted she needed to be brave and do this on her own. he respected her wishes and just went home, planning to pick her up when class was over.

Claudette sat between a young man and woman, both looking to be in their early to midtwenties. They each gave her a smile as she sat down and asked her name “Mon nom est Claudette”

“Mon nom est Camy” the woman said brightly then the man gave his name as John. Those two quickly became the first real friends Claudette had ever made. Valo was happily surprised when she made friends so quickly and invited them for a cookout so he could get to know them aswell. That night when she sat there with her friends and her boyfriend. It was almost too good to be true that she finally had the real life she always wanted, She wished there would ever be a way to truly thank Valo for giving her all of this. He was an amazing man and she was lucky he had been the one to hunt her.

~ The End ~

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