Cody & Ruvel 2

Chapter One

Ruvel leaned against the doorframe leading into the living room, a cup of coffee on his hand as he watched Cody play her violin. Being able to wake up to that sound made his heart swell with joy. His love, his mate, his entire world was so beautiful as she lost herself in her music. She must have sensed him because she turned and looked at him, a smile pulling at her lips. She moved toward him even as she played and he let his eyes drop for just a moment to her partially swollen belly.

“Morning.” She said as she played softer and he leaned in, kissing her gently.

“Good morning.” Her smile widened and she finished playing then put her violin away. “Beautiful as always.”

“Me or the music?”

“Both.” She moved back to him, taking his cup and sipping a little. “Not too much.”

“Ruvel, one cup is fine.”

He sighed. “I know, it’s just our first baby and I’m always worried. I growled at one of your pack mates for heavens sake.”

“It’s okay, it’s normal for wolves to be overprotective when their mates are pregnant.”

“Still, I feel bad.”

“Silly man, if it bothers you then why don’t we go on a trip while I can still get around. We can get away from the phone calls and you can get away from work for a bit. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t even know where we’d go?” She shrugged “anywhere, come on, lighten up and lets have some fun!” He reached out and gently caressed her belly “Okay, but only if you take it easy”

“The baby will be fine Ruvel. I’d never do anything to hurt them” He kissed her “I know, you’re going to be an amazing mother.” They started throwing ideas back and forth about where to go before they finally settled on visiting Canada. There were many things there they both wanted to experience so they let their pack know, grabbed their passports and booked tickets. Ruvel was nervous about Cody riding in an airplane but he just kept reminding himself to relax, everything was going to be fine.

“You’re making that face again.” Cody she made sure they had everything they would need.

“Which one?”

“The worried one, it’s going to get stuck like that.” She zipped up their suitcase and he sat it on the floor for her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist and causing him to quickly grab her.

“Hey, easy, you might hurt your belly.”

“Shh, none of that, get into the adventurous spirit my love.” She kissed him. “I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful mate.”

“I’ll try to be fun and not worry so much”

“I know it’s only because you care but I really hope you do relax a little” He set her down so he could load their car then they headed to the airport. It was a few hours until their flight but they had to go through customs which was an even bigger nightmare than normal lately due to the terror threat rising a couple months back. “You really want to fly when they are this paranoid about letting people on planes?” Cody sighed and looked up at him “Ruvel, we’ll be okay. Please, you said you’d try”

“I know baby, I’m sorry”

Ruvel was glad when they finally made it through and we’re waiting for their turn to board and sat holding Cody’s hand, trying not to let every worse case scenario run through his head. “Everything will be fine baby.” She said.

“I know, I just can’t lose either of you.”

She kissed his cheek then rested her head on his shoulder. When they were finally called and were boarding, Cody whispered, “One of our flight attendants is a wolf.”


She nodded. “So we’ll be fine.”

It was a peaceful, uneventful flight and they got through customs in Canada easily. “maybe we should look up the address of where we are staying incase the cab driver doesn’t know where it is by name” Cody suggested and Ruvel pulled out his phone, agreeing it would be a smart idea. Once they had an address they found themselves a cab. He knew where to go but it hadn’t taken much of their time to look up the location. Cody had been in many cabs before and this one wasn’t very different from previous ones she had been in but even this was exciting to her. She was in a cab in Canada and best of all she was in a cab in canada with Ruvel.

“There are so many museums here and we can go to Niagara Falls, I’m so excited, my wolf is excited.” She said with a big smile.

“Just promise me you won’t go running through the woods alone.”

“I won’t and besides this is new for both of us right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like you never travelled with your ex right?”

He shook his head. “We talked about it, but it never happened. Besides, it’s better with you.”

She smiled, Cody loved it when he said sweet little things like that because she could tell he genuinely meant it. “well I wont be doing any running off at all. I want to enjoy every second of this trip with you. Once the baby is here we won’t get much alone time and once he or she can walk there will be endless running. You’ve seen how wolf pups are. It’s going to be amazing” Ruvel smiled “It is, I can’t wait to meet them and play with them”

Cody was even excited when they made it to their hotel. It was a beautiful place and Ruvel got them checked in, insisting on carrying their suitcase when she tried getting it. She just giggled, making him feel a little embarrassed at his overprotection. “Want to relax before we go out?” He asked when they got to their room.

She shook her head. “I’m too excited and besides, walking is good for the baby.”

Ruvel gently pulled her into him. “We’ll go wherever you like.” He rubbed one hand over her belly. “Sorry I’m being so worrisome, it’s just I never thought I’d get this chance.”

Cody couldn’t help but smile. “Stop apologizing silly, it’s actually really sweet and I don’t mind.” She hugged him. “You should hear the stories about my father. My mom says he was crazy worried.”

“well we are men helplessly in love with our mates.” They decided on going to Montreal’s Underground city for the scenic hike they offer. It had sounded completely amazing to Cody online and Ruvel had to admit he was curious too. Once they were on it he was happy they chose it. It was everything they thought it would be and Cody was absolutely glowing with happiness. It was definitely expensive at fifty six US Dollars a person but it was well worth it. Their ticket included a meal at a little cafe which Ruvel liked. He was sure she was hungry after all this walking around.

When they finished eating, Cody said she wanted to do some exploring and Ruvel took her hand and tugged her close, not wanting her running off. She smiled lovingly at him as she walked side by side, only stopping when something caught her eye. It was when a sweet scent caught her nose that she was the one leading Ruvel. “Slow down baby.” He said.

“Can’t, I smell something amazing. Do you smell it? It’s sweet and it’s making my stomach growl.” He chuckled and she looked up at him. “I know we just ate, but wolf and baby say now.”

He followed her right into a bakery where she ordered what she knew she was smelling for the two of them. “You have the best nose. This is great” Ruvel assented. “The baby wants one of their own so I’m going to get another one” Ruvel chuckled “I’ll get it for you honey” While he was up there he got himself one more too and they both enjoyed the amazing taste all over again. “I just know I will have gained about fifty or so pounds after the baby comes” Cody noted. Ruvel responded “I don’t care, you know that”

“I know and with all the running we wolves do I’m sure I’ll loose it.” She kissed his cheek. “You’re the sweetest, your ex should be ashamed.”

He couldn’t help but stop and kiss her, feeling her smile against his lips. He pressed their foreheads together and just looked into her beautiful eyes for a moment. “You are so wonderful, so everything. You have no idea what having you in my life has done.”

“I love you too.” She rubbed their noses. “Want to go back to our room?”


“Nope, the opposite actually.”

He grinned, realizing what she wanted and he was more than happy to oblige. When they were back in their room they slowly, teasingly undressed one another. Every brush of skin was light and seductive, building eachother up even now. Once naked he gave her a soft bite on her breasts then began to suck on and swirl his tongue on her nipples, making them hard. He then laid her down on the bed and spread her legs so he could devour her while still working her nipples with his hands “Oh Ruvel” Cody deeply moaned. His response was only to lick her harder, just the way she liked him to when he was between her legs.

Her entire body shook with her orgasm, her voice coming out in whimpering moans. Ruvel kissed his way up her, lingering on her belly for just a moment before moving up to capture her lips as he slammed into her soaked inner warmth. It took her breath away and she gripped tightly to him as his hips took on a quick pace. Every moan and quiver made him hungrier for his mate and he let himself get completely lost in her. He bit down on her shoulder, his fingers tangling with hers as he filled her. He pulled back, pressing a kiss to her shoulder then moved over to her lips.

“You okay?” He asked as he stroked his fingers through her hair.

“Yeah, perfect.” She smiled up at him. “Pregnancy has made me a little sensitive.”

He let his lips trail over her chin and down her neck then back up again. “No pain though?”

“Far from it.”

He gave her another gentle kiss then moved to lay next to her. “Love you.”

“I love you too” They started their next day at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum. On the way out Cody wound up buying a few books they were selling. Once again Ruvel insisted on carrying them around for her until they could drop them off at their room. “well then lets grab something to eat then we’ll get a ride back to our room to drop them off.” They decided to eat somewhere close and made the final decision based on online reviews of the places. The restaurant that won by being both close and not having bad reviews was Olive & Gourmando.

They had nothing but amazing reviews and the pictures online of their food had Cody’s mouth watering. She went with Oeuf Coquette while Ruvel decided to try Tartine. The service and food wound up being everything they were hoping for and Ruvel made sure to leave a good tip. “Now on to drop off those books” Cody said as they left. They weren’t incredibly far from their room so it wasn’t long before they were there.

“Where to next my love?” Ruvel asked as they were leaving again.

“The butterfly conservatory. I saw pictures of it and it looks so cool.”

Ruvel was beginning to relax more and more at her constant enthusiasm. It was amazing to him how she always seemed to put him at ease. She never seemed worried about anything and was always so understanding when it came to his fears. She waved a hand in front of his face and he realized he had been staring at her. “Sorry.”

“I must be beautiful.” She teased.

“More than beautiful, absolutely radiant.”

“My sweet wolf.” She gave him a long, love filled kiss. “Come on and make sure to get lots of pictures.”

Chapter Two

He did his best to get a nice close up shot of every butterfly that gave him the chance. About halfway through he couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of her before trying to get the butterflies again. She was so beautiful on her own but surrounded by butterflies made her even more so. He planned on using at least one of those as his new background for his phone. A bench came into view and Cody took the opportunity to rest. She didn’t want Ruvel to worry and if she was going to have to rest this was the best place to do it. “can I see some of the pictures you’ve gotten so far love?”

“Of course” he handed her the camera and she looked through “Oh wow, I really like a lot of these. I see some pictures of me too you goof”

“I had to”

“But we need some of you too.” She brought the camera up and took a picture.

“You’re way prettier than me though.”

“Oh hush, you’re incredibly hot, especially with that scruff.”

He cracked a smile and she took another picture then he pulled her into him and kissed her. She managed to get a picture of that as well then just cuddled with him for a few minutes as butterflies flitted around, some landing on them. “I’m glad you chose this place, it’s really peaceful.”

“No one wants to disturb the butterflies so they’re all so quiet.” She kissed his cheek. “How are you feeling mister stress?”

“Much better, thank you for suggesting this trip and thank you for not letting me feel like I’m crazy for worrying so much. My wolf really gets worked up, especially when I’m at work.”

“You’re such a wonderful mate, Ruvel, I always want you to know that.”

That night they went through the pictures on their camera and uploaded all the ones they liked, excited to share them with their family and friends and talk about their trip so far. As soon as the upload was over they shut the laptop and took a quick shower before crawling into bed for the night. In the morning Cody checked her Facebook, happy to see over forty notifications. She checked each one and responded before waking up Ruvel “Breakfast?”

“Okay, anywhere in mind?”

“Let me see” she searched breakfast and the area code they were in and started back at reading reviews. “Universel Déjeuners et Grillades?” She showed him their website “it looks good, lets go”

Cody stared at the menu when they were seated, thinking everything sounded amazing. Sometimes it was strange swinging from ravenous hunger to wanting absolutely nothing to do with food. “I can’t decide.” She said and Ruvel chuckled.

“Want me to order for you?”

“You might have to.”

Ruvel looked over the menu again, wanting to get her something the baby would agree with. “Okay, got it.” They closed their menus and he ordered for both of them when their server came over. “So, what’s next on our little adventure?”

“Why don’t you decide? I’ve been pulling you around since we landed.”

“You know I don’t mind.”

She smiled. “You’re so easy and sweet, but let’s do something you want to do, this trip is about both of us. We have to remember to get more souvenirs though, maybe some stuff for the baby..”

“then lets souvenir shop before we’re too busy having fun and forget again”

“Okay, but you’re still picking something fun to do as well Ruvel”

“I will, don’t worry” They enjoyed their breakfast then stopped at a few nearby shops and bought presents for everyone back home and a couple things for their growing baby. They took it back to their room “we’re going to need another bag to get this all home”

“we did go a bit over board”

“everyone back at home are going to be so happy though” He smiled, leaning down to kiss her. When they parted lips she asked “so what do you want to do?”


“LIke I’d forget it was your turn to choose” He grabbed their laptop and started it again. “Why don’t we see if St Paul street is as wonderful as people say”


They both enjoyed the drive over there and once they were out, he draped an arm over her shoulder, pulling her as close to him as he could. His wolf gave a little grumble when a man let his eyes linger on her a little too long. She let out a laugh which actually made him blush. “Sorry.” He said.

“Now that was cute.” She replied.

They found a lot of shops with things they wanted to take back so he found one with big duffel bags and purchased one so he could carry it all back to the room. The rest of their trip was spent between exploring and relaxing and making love in their room. By the time they got ready to go home, he felt less anxious about her pregnancy. “We’re definitely coming back when the baby’s old enough.” He said when they reached the airport.

“See, I knew you’d feel better after some time away from home.”

“I’m going to try to relax more and just enjoy every moment of you being pregnant and try not to let my worry get to me.”

She smiled. “Thank you for coming on this little adventure with me.”

“Thank you for showing me how wonderful being in love can be.”


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