Cody & Ruvel

Chapter One

Cody leaned against her van as she waited for the real estate agent to get there. She had really loved the house she had found and couldn’t wait to get inside and look it over. She checked her watch. He had said he might be a few minutes late since he was coming over from another showing and her excitement far outweighed her impatience. When his car pulled up, she pushed off of the side of the van and walked over to greet him. He looked a little confused when he got out. “Cody Marshall?”

“Yes, that’s me.” She held out her hand and he took it.

“You’re uh…a uh woman?”


“I’m sorry, my assistant gave me your name this morning and I had no idea.” He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

She smiled. “You’re not the first to make that mistake so no worries.”

“Oh good, I mean not good because it makes me look like an idiot, but good because I’m not the only one.” He cleared his throat. “Shall we go inside?”

“Yes please.” She followed him up the driveway and onto the front porch where he punched in the numbers to the key box and took out the key. He unlocked the door and pushed it open then let her go in first.

“So why are you moving if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I live in an apartment complex and the guy next door has a cow any time he hears my violin, he’s such an ass.”

He chuckled. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I have the money for a house so why not get one out in the country where no one will bother me.”

“Sounds like you have it all worked out.”

She flashed him that electric smile again and his heart jumped excitedly in his chest. He walked her around the house, showing her all the rooms then took her outside and showed her the peach orchard. He liked how delighted she was about the place, her almost child like excitement making him smile. “Did the previous owners have any animals?”

“They had a couple of goats and a few chickens.”

“That’s so cool, I absolutely love this place.” She stopped and took in every scent around her, even breathing in Ruvel’s cologne. It mingled perfectly with his natural smell and she found herself drawn to it. She snapped out of it, shocked by her behavior.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, it’s just so amazing out here, I’ll absolutely take it.”

“great, I just need to handle some paperwork and it’s yours. You can go ahead and get movers and all that, wont take me long. Need you to sign a few things too”

“alright, thanks for coming out here”

“You are a fun person to show a house to. You look genuinely excited”

“Life is much better when you try to face every day and every situation with a positive attitude, besides, I should have gotten a house a long time ago. I have no idea why I didn’t”

“Let me know if you notice any problems. Should be in top shape but you never know. Here’s the key” he handed it over and told her the combination to the box it came from. “Thanks”

“We can meet tomorrow morning if you like so you can sign everything.”

“Sounds great, what time and where?”

“Kaffe 101, lets say nine?”

She smiled up at him and his heart did a little flip. “Sure, see you then.”

He just nodded, surprised at how much he was enjoying her company. He told himself it was because she was so young and beautiful and he hadn’t been with anyone since his divorce. It had been such a shock when his ex wife had brought him divorce papers and asked him to sign and when pressed as to what he had done wrong, she had simply said she didn’t love him anymore. He had never been so broken hearted in his life and had avoided intimate relationships with women afterwards. Cody however had easily caught his attention.

As soon as the handsome Realtor was out the door and starting his car Cody called a moving company and arranged for them to pack and bring her things. It cost a lot more to have them pack for her but it was worth it. She just hoped they didn’t break anything. With that done in a simple phone call she decided to call some of her friends and family to let them know she had found a new place. Going from one call to another ate up her time until she felt hunger pangs around six pm. “I have to go. I really need to grab a bite to eat”

“Okay, bye! So happy for you!” Cody hungup with a smile then went to the internet browser on her cellphone to find places to eat near her. A place called Hungry Henry caught her attention and she decided to give it a try. She purchased her food to go then drove to her previous apartment since there was nothing in her new home yet and she didn’t have her cable set to be cut off until her lease was up.

Ruvel sat down in his apartment, a bowl of chili cradled in his hand as he stared at the TV. For the first time in three years, he felt lonely. Being so close to Cody had made him yearn for someone he could talk to and be close to. He didn’t know what it was, if it was her easygoing nature or just how gorgeous she was, but her presence had awoken something inside him. He sighed and took a bite of his food, trying to distract himself. Once he was done with dinner, he washed out his bowl and went into the bathroom where he switched on the shower and stripped. He looked at himself in the mirror for a moment. He was in excellent shape for someone who sold houses for a living. He had been told by the other two realtors he employed that he was incredibly handsome and Jayden had even said he was jealous of his good looks.

He sighed, not knowing why he cared so much. Cody was far too young for him and the last woman he had flirted with had been his ex wife. He was sure any exchange they had would be awkward at best and he would leave her feeling uncomfortable. He turned away from his reflection and stepped under the warm spray of water, letting it relax and refresh him. As soon as he was clean, he got out, dried and went straight to bed. He laid there for a time, just staring up at the ceiling and when his eyes finally drifted closed, he saw only Cody and her beautiful smile.

When Ruvel’s alarm roused him the next morning he found himself excited to see her. For the first time since becoming a single man he actually put thought into his outfit and spent a little longer than normal making sure he looked presentable. She might be out of his league but he still felt a need to look as handsome as possible when going somewhere with her. Lastly he put his cologne on and grabbed the paperwork she would need. He really wanted to make some sort of connection with her, even if it was only in friendship so he hoped over breakfast he could atleast manage friendship with Cody.

When he pulled up to Kaffe 101 he was only a few minuets early but he was pleasantly surprised to see Cody car, she had come early too. He smiled, knowing that didn’t necessarily mean she was excited to see him too but it at least meant he got to spend time with her right away. When he walked in Cody waved with a tired smile that he found absolutely adorable. He waved in return and sat down with her.

“Too early for you?” He asked.

“You would think I’d be used to it by now with performing at concerts, but nope.” He chuckled and she dropped another heart stopping smile on him. “You on the other hand seem to be absolutely chipper. How do you do it?”

“Well when you get to spend the morning with someone as beautiful and as charming as you, it’s hard not to be uppity.”

“Oh really, I made that much of an impression?”

He felt suddenly very embarrassed. “I’m sorry, how unprofessional of me.” The waitress came before either of them could say more and they quickly ordered. Ruvel sat there feeling awkward. He had not meant to flirt with her, but there was something about her that made him feel like a teenager. She suddenly reached across the table and grabbed his hand, making him jump.

“Why are you so upset?” She asked.

“I shouldn’t be flirting with a client.”

She giggled. “I can think of worse things than being flirted with by a handsome guy like you. Seriously, don’t worry about it.”

“I’ll try not too. An old guy like me should have better control of himself.”

“Old? You can’t be more than thirty.”

He chuckled. “Try forty.”

“No way, you’re lying.” Their coffee came and they thanked the waitress.

“I’m serious.” He pulled his wallet out and handed her his license.

“What are you a vampire?”

“Just good genes I guess.”

“well, to me you’re very handsome. It’s a compliment when you flirt with me.” He couldn’t stop the rush of blood to his face. “Good, I’m glad it wasn’t creepy or made things awkward” Codys smile stretched a little wider then she released his hand to drink some of her coffee. After her first sip she said “lets enjoy our coffee and chat for a bit before we handle paperwork, if that’s fine with you” he sat there wondering if he was still sleeping. This gorgeous woman was twenty years younger and undoubtedly had men beating down her door but she thought he was handsome, enjoyed that he flirted and wanted to just talk to him over coffee. “Ruvel?’ she said and he blushed again ‘sorry, yeah, lets wake up before we sign things”

Cody loved talking to him, had never met someone as interesting or as sweet. She could see that his grey eyes held a hint of sadness and she wanted to wipe it away. She noticed the fading line around his ring finger and wondered if that had anything to do with it. “You were married?”

He frowned and she wished she hadn’t said anything. “Yeah, how did you know?” She reached over and traced his ring finger and he pulled it away and dropped it into his lap. “Oh.”

“Sorry, I got overly curious.”

“It’s okay, really.” He gave her a sad little smile and she hated herself for hurting him. “I was twenty-six when we met, we dated for four months before I proposed and we got married a year later. Ten years later and no kids she asks for a divorce, I guess I was the only one that believed in forever.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s been three years.”

She got up from her seat and hugged him, making his heart jump in his chest. She smelled sweet and her warmth swept over him, bringing him a sense of peace. “It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, when you love someone and they rip your heart out, it’s bound to sting for awhile so it’s okay to still be upset.” He hugged her back, craving the contact even more than he wanted to avoid getting attached.

“Thank you.” He said softly and she gave him a gentle squeeze before reclaiming her seat. He took a deep breath. “I guess you should sign those papers.”

“Sure, as long as you promise to come to my house warming party after I have everything set up.”

He smiled, this the sadness actually vanishing. “I promise.”

Chapter Two

She smiled again and he thought his heart might burst. Cody took longer to sign than most because unlike many who didn’t read at all she was at least skimming everything she put her name on. It was yet another surprising thing about her. When she was done they had one more coffee together “well, I better get going. I’m expecting you to keep your word”

“I will, just text me as soon as you know when you’re having the party. I gave you my personal number right?’ She pulled out her cellphone, opened his contact then gave it to him to check ‘yep, good. You can text or call for any reason really.. especially if you need help with the house”

“thank you” Cody hugged him again and he gratefully hugged back.

They parted ways both of them looking back at each other and smiling. Ruvel didn’t know what was wrong with him. Her touch had been so gentle, her skin soft. He took a breath, fearing that he was latching onto her in his loneliness. He had to take his time with her, get to know her. He was actually happy about being invited to her house warming party, though nervous since he wasn’t going to know anyone there. He wondered what her friends and family would think of him. “What the hell am I thinking?” He asked himself as he pulled away. Even though she had been fine with his flirting, that was all it would ever be. She was young and beautiful with so much potential and he was a middle aged divorcee.

Cody drove quickly home, excited about planning a party, especially since Ruvel was going to be there. As soon as she pulled into her driveway and was in her apartment she started making calls, making sure everyone could come at the same time. She even invited her parents, though she wondered how that was going to go over after she left the pack. She loved them, but she couldn’t take being set up with some annoying male who would rather hump her than get to actually know her. She understood they were wolves and their sex drive was higher than a humans, but she wasn’t going to just roll over and let some guy do as he pleased. She wanted someone who was wonderful and loving, but strong, someone who treated her like a person. When she had everything set up, she went ahead and made herself something to eat. She would call Ruvel later and make sure the day she had set up was okay. She didn’t want to interfere with his work.

She ate her food, cleaned up her mess then found Ruvels number in her phone. “Hello?” he answered after a few rings “it’s me, Cody”

“hey” she loved the light that filled his voice when he said hey this time. “How is this Sunday? My house wont be perfect but my things will be here so I can actually have the party”

“when are your things coming?”

“Tomorrow, don’t worry. I paid for the movers to arrange the heavy stuff. I went all out and it is worth it for me not to have to stress”

“Oh, that’s good” she could feel the disappoint, he had wanted to help her “but you know, it might be nice to have someone come over after they leave and help me with arranging the smaller items”

“I can do that”



“you don’t work?”

“I own the agency, I can do what i want”

“oh wow, I actually didn’t realize that” He smiled, feeling stupid to be so hopeful he was impressing her but hopeful all the same. “Just call me when you want me over and I’ll come”

“thank you”

“Have you done a walk through yet to be sure damages weren’t missed?”

“I did, thanks for reminding me though”

“I wouldn’t want to be responsible for selling you a faulty home”

She smiled. “You’re a really good guy Ruvel, your ex wife was an idiot.”

“She wasn’t a bad person you know, I just wished I knew where my future with her was going to go before hand.”

“Would you have still married her?”

He sighed. “I don’t know, probably. I loved her, she just didn’t love me nearly as much.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway, is there anything I should bring to your party?”

“No, just yourself.”

“Alright, well uh I guess I’ll be over tomorrow. I’ll bring pizza.”

“Okay, have a good day.”

“You too.” Ruvel hung up, his heart going a million miles an hour. He sat his phone down on his desk and tipped back in his chair, his mind a whirlwind of emotion. He knew he was digging himself in deeper, that he was letting himself get attached to a stranger, but for the first time in awhile, he was actually happy.

“Someone looks like he’s got a date.” He snapped his head up and blinked at Jayden who was grinning down at him.

“Nothing of the sort, I’m just helping one of our clients.”

“Is she pretty?”


“Oh she’s beautiful, not just a yes or a no, but a beautiful.”

“Get back to work.”

Jayden held up his hands. “Alight, alright, but you should consider asking her out.”

“you don’t think that’s crossed my mind?”

“Do it, you’re a great guy” Jayden said then walked away. Ruvel sighed again. He definitely wanted Cody but he was still going to pace himself. The next day Cody excitedly waited for and greeted her movers “I’ve made sweet tea and lemonade if you guys decide you need a drink”

“Thank you mam”

“No problem” She watched them and talked when they spoke to her as they filled her home with her things. When they were done she gave them a nice tip “wow mam, really”

“You men did a great job and I appreciate it”

“Thank you” They left and Cody called Ruvel, disappointed when it went to voicemail. She was honestly surprised by how disappointed she felt. She decided since they had just met it would be rude to call again or text to see what he was doing so she just went into her kitchen and poured a glass of lemonade. About half an hour later Ruvel was growing impatient to see Cody so he went to check his phone and found he didn’t have it in his pocket. He quickly started searching his home, almost angry at himself when he found it on silent in the bathroom from where he had been playing candy crush while he relieved himself. She had called, half an hour ago at that. He quickly dialed her number “Please pick up” he whispered.

“Well hello,” she said when she answered, “I was beginning to think you forgot you’re supposed to be over here today.”

“I didn’t, I’ll come over right now. I just left my phone on silent.”

She giggled. “I’m just messing with you, come over whenever, it’s not like I’m in a real rush.”

“You need your place set up so you can actually live there and so it looks nice for your party. Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be there.”

“Don’t forget the pizza.”

“I won’t.” They hung up and he quickly got dressed, pulled his shoes on and ran his fingers through his hair on the way out the door. He went to Little Caesar’s and bought a pizza and a bottle of Pepsi then hurried to her place. She was waiting on her porch when he pulled up, wearing a pair of denim shorts and an old shirt that bared her midriff. Her hair was pulled back and she looked absolutely radiant. He got out, grabbing the pizza and soda, getting a big smile from her as he crossed the yard.

“Wow, you look just as good in casual wear as you do in a dress shirt.”

He felt his cheeks reddening and gave her a nervous smile. “Really, thanks.”

“Well come in then.”

He followed her inside and set the box and bottle on her table. “when we’re done eating do you want a little tour before you help me with little stuff? That way it’s easier for you to think of places things can go”

“Of course” Cody went into her living room and found a box with plates in it then brought two into the dining room “want me to wash these first? They were clean when they were packed.”

“No, thats fine. I’m not a germaphobe.” She smiled again “awesome” she gave Ruvel one of the plates then sat down across from him. “How was your day?”

“not much happened. I just stayed home so I’d be ready when you needed me”

“You’re so sweet”

“oh, that wasn’t selfless. I like spending time with you. I want to get to know you better, the girl under the radiant smile and ridiculously amazing eyes” he blushed and took his eyes off hers in embarrassment . “It’s a nice change of pace to meet a man who doesn’t just want to have sex with me”

“Guys your age are hormone factories” Cody laughed “that they are, especially the men I grew up around”

“I don’t mean to say I think you’re unattractive, you’re quite the opposite actually, you’re stunning, but you’re also really smart and fun.”

“Your ex has no idea what she lost. Maybe I should thank her because I probably wouldn’t get this opportunity if you were still married.”

Ruvel felt delighted at her words and had never thought of his divorce as any sort of blessing. Cody was right in her assumption they wouldn’t be spending any time together if he was still married, he wouldn’t be eating lunch with her or enjoying her chatter, he’d be in his office or at home. They finished with their pizza and Cody put the leftovers in the fridge to eat later. They walked around the house together, she giving him ideas on what she wanted each room to be. He nodded, wanting very much for this place to be perfect for her.

They situated her furniture first, then got to unpacking the boxes and putting things where they needed to be. He liked that she had a lot of books and couldn’t help but read each title as he slid them into place. “You like books?” She asked and nodded with a smile. “You can borrow some, then you’ll have more reasons to visit.”

“Or maybe I’ll just visit because I want to see you.” He kept his eyes off of her face. He knew she was smiling even without looking at her, he could feel her happiness and that in turn brought him joy.

Around seven pm Cody said “lets stop for today. We can eat leftover pizza or order Chinese if you want to eat with me again”

“Lets save the pizza incase you end up feeling snackish later tonight. I’ll buy you some chinese”

“But you paid for lunch”

“so? You’ve paid me in a really nice day, one of the best I’ve had in awhile. I want to buy you dinner too for giving me the pleasure of talking to you since three thirty” Cody gave a sweet smile then hugged him “you honestly are too sweet. Thank you, I’ve enjoyed talking to you too. Its awesome to find someone who likes so many of the authors I do. It makes me able to forgive you for liking Peter V Bret.” Ruvel chuckled “where do you like around here? I’ll take you anywhere?”

“Asian Garden?”

“Sounds good.”

She made sure to lock up and they loaded into his car. “This is just like a date.” She said when they were on the road and she heard his heart stutter in his chest.


“Yeah, you’re taking me out for dinner after a busy day just because you want to.”

“Well…it’s just…” he stammered and she laughed softly.

“I was just kidding.”

“No, going out on a date with you sounds fun.” The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them and he swallowed nervously. “Sorry.”

“Then this is our first date.”

“Yeah I guess, but it’s not a real date. I should have flowers or chocolates or both and my hair is a mess and I haven’t shaved.”

She put her hand over his mouth. “Hush, you look perfect and I don’t need presents for this to be fun. We had a good day together, so lets have a good night too.”

Chapter Three

He smiled, his heart feeling light in his chest. There were a few moments of silence before Cody said “and to be honest I like a small amount of facial hair”

“so you’d like it if I left it this length?”

“If it doesnt make your face itchy. I know some men can’t stand it if it isn’t long or not there at all.”

“No, this doesn’t bother me. If it makes me more attractive to you I’ll leave it alone”

“I like it”

“Thats settled then.” Cody smiled, keeping how sweet she thought that was to herself so she wouldn’t sound like a broken record. When they arrived he held up one finger to tell her to wait, jumped out then ran to her side to open the door. As he slammed the door behind her he said “now this feels more like I should be treating you on a date”

“Thank you” she followed him inside, pondering for awhile if she should get her usual or somthing else she had been wanting to try. Since this wasn’t a place Ruvel went to often he suggested “why don’t I get the new thing you want and you can try my meal. If we both hate it I’ll order somthing else”

“You sure?”


“You’re making me want to kiss you” she said and she heard that adorable stammer in his heart. As if he was a school boy with his first crush he stuttered as he ordered, practically sweating with how Cody made him feel. To embarrass him further this didn’t ware off during the meal. Every fourth word it seemed had extra letters in it. As they left he said in his head “not even school boys are this bumbling. She probably doesn’t want to kiss you after all this nonsense”

He was still nervous once they got to her place and got out. He followed her onto the porch and into her home, hating he felt like such a weak moron. “We don’t have too much left, we worked pretty hard today.” She said as they took a seat in the living room.

“Yeah, it looks even better now that it’s actually full of your things.” She smiled and scooted a little closer to him, so his heart sped up. He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. “So, are you sure there’s nothing I should bring for your party. I can make something, I mean I’m a pretty good cook.”

“You really don’t have to bring anything, I just want you.” She saw him swallow and smiled. “You can be pretty cute sometimes.”

“I’m pretty sure men aren’t supposed to be cute.”

“Well you are, especially when you turn red.” She moved even closer and pressed her lips against his cheek. He turned to look at her and she took the chance to kiss his lips. He was a little surprised at first, but he found himself tangling his fingers in her hair and kissing her back. He pulled back, feeling breathless.

“This is entirely unprofessional.”

She grinned and rubbed her nose against his. “Who cares, I really like you and you like me too, I can tell.” She gave him another kiss and a moan slipped past his lips. “There is something I have to tell you and show you before we go any further, especially since my parents will be here for the party.”

“What is it?”

“Close your eyes.” His heart flipped at her whispered request and he heard her stand up. Cody pulled her clothes off tossed them onto the couch then shifted into her wolf. She hopped up next to him and licked his face, making him open his eyes. He jumped up and over the arm of the couch when he saw the wolf sitting next to him. He hit the floor with a thud and she jumped down, making him freeze as she moved close enough that the tip of her nose was nearly touching his. He stared into her eyes and the longer he looked, the more he could see Cody there.

“Cody, it really is you.” He reached up and stroked her head and she shifted back to her human form, making his breath catch in his lungs.

“I hope this doesn’t change things between us because I really like you and want you.” Her lips were nearly touching his as she talked so he could feel her hot breath brush over his skin. “You make my wolf and I very happy, I’ve never felt like this for anyone, I want you as my mate.”

His heart might have beat out of his chest it was thumping against his rib cage so hard. Every thought of being slow and all his fear were nowhere to be seen with her this close and her nude form tantalizing him. He nervously swallowed again, his breath shakey as he answered her “I want to be yours too Cody. Kiss me again, please” Cody hungrily kissed him and a fire lit within his body he not only thought didn’t exist any longer but had never experienced in this intensity. She began to remove his clothes, happy when he allowed her to.

His whole body jerked when she stroked her fingers over his already hard shaft. The air rushed out of his lungs in a loud whoosh. She smiled, letting her lips drift over his chest, her teeth biting him so he moaned and tangled his fingers in her hair. When her mouth enveloped him, he thought he would burst right there, but he managed to hold himself back and enjoy the feeling of her tongue sliding over him. When was about to finish, he pulled back on her hair so she lifted her head. He rolled her beneath him, his lips pressing into hers as his hands moved over her. He sucked and bit at her breasts, his teeth marking her and making her moan loudly. His tongue slid over her abdomen, dipped into her belly button and moved lower to lap at the warmth between her legs. He lost himself in the taste of her, her moans of pleasure exciting him beyond words as he hungrily ate her.

Cody’s body seemed to shatter into a million pieces as an orgasm rocked her, her back arching off the floor as a scream was ripped from her throat. She laid their quivering as he kissed his way back up her and found her lips with his. “Hurry Ruvel.” She said in a begging tone and he held her legs open so he could thrust into her. Her immediate quivering nearly pushed him over the edge and he had to take a deep breath before allowing himself to move. Her tight heat gripped him and he slammed into her harder, their sounds of ecstasy filling her home. His whole body shook with the force of his climax, his final thrust filling her with his seed. He dropped down next to her, breathing heavily, sweat causing his hair to cling to his forehead. He pulled Cody into his arms and she rested her head on his chest, giving a sigh of content.

“I love you.” He said once he caught his breath and she raised her head, smiling at him.

“Really, that’s not just the sex talking?” She teased and he pulled her into a kiss.

“You showed me what it was like to feel for someone again. I love you Cody.”

“You’re so perfect.”

“You’re so beautiful Cody” They laid there happily until Cody’s phone started going off. “go answer it” Ruvel said after she ignored the first few rings “If it’s important they will leave a voicemail”

“We can cuddle in your bedroom after you see who it is” he loved how happy the idea seemed to make her as she answered ‘does this mean you’ll spend the night?”

“If you don’t mind me wearing this again tomorrow”

“of course I don’t” When she found her cellphone she saw it was one of her friends. She didn’t have to call back because they had sent a text as the phone quit ringing. She read it then responded before taking Ruvel by the hand and guiding him to her room. In bed she said “Maybe you could leave a change or two of clothes here so you can stay without worry when you want. You’re honestly welcome to bring as much over as you want.”

“When I come for your housewarming I’ll bring some stuff”

“Ruvel” she said softly and he kissed her head “yeah?”

“I want you as my mate, that’s like asking you to marry me. You’re welcome to live with me as soon as you’re ready for that step.”

“Isn’t it my job to ask you that?”

“It doesn’t work like that with wolves, when we find our mate, we stake our claim.”

He stroked his fingers through her hair. “Marriage huh?”

“I’ll never hurt you or leave you or stop loving you Ruvel. Wolves mate for life unless abuse is involved. Please think about it because I want forever with you.”

“I’ll let you know at the party. I just need time to wrap my head around all this.”

She pressed a kiss against his chest, making his heart flutter. “I understand, I really do.”

“I do love you.”

“I love you too.”

She snuggled closer, draping a leg over his thighs and resting her hand on his chest. He reached up and placed his hand over hers, happy to be so close to her. He fell asleep and she laid there listening to the beating of his heart. Cody didn’t understand how someone could break the heart of such a gentle, loving man. She was going to spend an eternity mending his heart and showing him that a love like theirs could last forever.

Two days passed and it was time for Cody’s housewarming party. Her parents were there first and she was glad they had been thoughtful enough not to bring Kendric with them. Unless they asked him for privacy he followed them like a baby duckling did it’s mother. “thanks mom” her thanks was understood without explanation “You left because of him, you should know we wouldn’t bring him here”

“you honestly didn’t have to leave atall but you didn’t give me the opportunity to choose”

“because I didn’t want you kicking him out. He’s a pervert but not horrible. He didn’t deserve to be kicked out of the pack and I know thats what would have wound up happening if I stayed” her father sighed “as long as you know you are more important than him”

“I love you guys”

“we love you too”

“He’s not here yet but I’ve actually found a mate”

“really?” her mother seemed over joyed “yeah, he’s a sweetheart, everything I want”

“is he a wolf?” her father asked and she shook her head “Human” she could tell it wasn’t what he preferred but he still said “I’m glad you’re happy. We’ll change him if he wants that and knows about you”

“he knows but long story short he hasn’t told me yet if he really wants to be my mate. His ex wife just up and left one day without any real reason so if he says yes to me it’ll be a huge thing for him” her father nodded “the offer wont expire, i want you happy” she hugged him “I know you do dad” Two more friends arrived then much to Codys excitement Ruvel came in “Ruvel!” she exclaimed then ran to hug him “hey beautiful”

“come meet my parents” his smile broadened as she pulled him over to them “mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Ruvel” her father gave him a firm handshake “nice to meet you”

‘You too sir”

“If you need to talk to my daughter about somthig her back yard seems pretty empty”

“dad” Cody quickly said and Ruvel looked at her “No, I’m ready to talk to you Cody”

‘Oh, ok” Cody excused herself to her friends then went out back with Ruvel. She felt a little nervous about his reply but wanted it all the same. “Cody, when my wife left me I didn’t know if I could love again. I thought I was going to be with her forever and then she left me with no more reason than she had fallen out of love. I was a mess, a train wreck with certainty I would always be that way, at least when it came to relationships. I stayed afraid of relationships but then you came along and broke down those walls without even trying or me realizing. You know, I’ve been thinking about what you said to me the second day we were together, that you were lucky she left me. It got me thinking that I”M the lucky one she left me because I think you’re my twin flame. Most people call that soul mates. There’s no way my heart could have let you in so easily if you and I weren’t somthing that was meant to be. I love you Cody Marshall and ” he bent down on one knee, revealing a gorgeous ring “I want to be your mate”

She was so excited that she jumped on him, her arms going around his neck as he fell backwards. She pressed her lips into his and he gave a little chuckle as he turned his head away. “Easy, we’re in the backyard.”

“I love you so much, be mine forever okay, let us change you into a wolf so we never have to be apart.” She replied and lifted her hand so he could slip the ring on.

“I’d do anything to stay with you.”

“I’m so happy Ruvel, more happy than I’ve ever been.”

“Me too baby.” He smiled up at her, his fingers sliding over her cheek. “You’re my miracle.” He gave her a quick kiss. “Let’s tell the others.”

“I think they already know.” They looked toward the house and could see everyone standing at the kitchen window cheering or giving approving smiles. She pushed off of him, letting him get to his feet then grabbing his hand and pulling him into the house. They received hugs and Cody’s father shook Ruvel’s hand. The rest of the party was spent talking about their wedding, Cody’s mother especially excited for her daughter. At the end of the day, after everyone had once again given their congratulations and hugs and left, Ruvel carried Cody into their room and stripped her down. He slowly and gently made love to her, showing her how much he loved her and how excited he was for their future together. They held tightly to each other afterwards, both of them feeling complete for the first time in their lives.


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