Cora & Abel 2

Chapter One

They’ve been together 2 years now. They had a gorgeous wedding. She teased Abel all the time because he cried during the vows and one of their friends recorded it. He was always such a tough guy so seeing him cry was sweet. Abel was constantly in the paper for catching crooks. He was amazing at his job and Cora couldn’t have been prouder of her husband. They decided to wait a year after marriage to try to have children so they haven’t been trying very long.

Abel was the one who wanted them most. He couldn’t wait to hear little feet running around the house. He didn’t care if it was a boy or girl he just wanted a baby. What the two of them didn’t know is most of the men he was putting away were from one gang and they were fed up with Abel. His wife was frequently in the paper with him and they decided that’s how they’d knock him down.

They were coming up with a plan to kidnap his wife. They’d keep her for a few days until they called him just to make him sweat. That was all they had planned so far but they hoped this would scare him out of law inforcement.

Cora sat on the couch reading some fashion magazine. She wasn’t really reading anything just staring at the pictures. Abel was at work and wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. “Why so glum?” Abigail said next to her. Cora shrugged. “It’s the whole baby thing right? Maybe you should take another test, come on. The worst it can say it try again.” Cora almost laughed at the dramatic voice she was using.

“Alright fine you obnoxious ghost.” She smiled and flipped the magazine closed. She went into the bathroom and opened a drawer. She had one test left. She was so nervous. “Stop looking at me, I can’t pee with you standing there.” She glared at Abigail.

“Oh fine.” She turned and left.

She finished using the bathroom and sat the test on the counter. She couldn’t just sit there and wait, she had to do something. She went into the kitchen for a glass of water then back into the living room. She felt a draft and shivered. She found the front door open and thought maybe it had not been completely closed and the slight breeze had blown it open. She turned, suddenly looking down the barrel of a gun. She was frozen, unable to move. She watched the gun raise and then come down to slam against her temple.

The man carried her off and layed her in the trunk of his car. Abigail was upset and wanting to tell Abel but Abel couldn’t hear her like Cora could. She went to the police station to try to get him to go home. When Abigail got to the police station she used all she had to move his phone. Abel noticed it move and had already had a bad feeling in his stomach. He figured he’d call Cora to relax. It had been a really rough day.

He called the house. Worried when no answer came. Cora always told him when she was going somwhere because he tended to worry. He told the chief he had to go home to check on his wife. Abigail was so happy she managed to get his attention. When he got to the house he noticed the door was open. His heart almost stopped in his chest. When he got inside he yelled for her but no response. He ran from room to room. When he got to the bathroom he noticed the pregnancy test.

Positive, He was so excited and thought maybe she had just went out to get some stuff to surprise him later. He thought it still odd the door was open. She knew better than that. Her not locking the door had sparked many arguments between them. He waited an hour and nothing and then he was really upset. He knew somthing happened to her.

Cora woke with a splitting head ache. It was dark and she had the feeling of moving. She could hear a motor running. She was in a trunk. She took a deep breath, trying not to panic. Everything would be alright, Abel would come for her. She wrapped her arms around herself, closing her eyes and imagining Abel was there holding her. The car rolled to a stop and her heart gave a lurch. What now?

“Come on you ding dong use your brain.” Abigail screamed. It was frustrating being dead. Abel had to know, his gut never failed. “Come on Abel.” She looked around in a panic, her eyes settling on a picture of Abel and Cora hanging on the wall. She went over, gathering as much energy as she could and knocked it off the wall.

Abel looked up at the sound of breaking glass. A picture lay on the floor near the door. “Not funny Abi.” He snapped. He reached down to pick it up. His eyes spotted something red in front of the door, small drops. He dabbed at it and rubbed it between his fingers. Blood. His heart went into overdrive, something had happened. Just then his phone vibrated in his pocket, making him jump. He pulled it out, not recognizing the number. He slid the answer icon, feeling compelled to do so.

“Hello.” He said.

“I bet you are wondering where your wife is.” A deep male voice said.

“Where is Cora?!”

“You’re the big shot police officer aren’t you? I’m sure you can figure it out.” He said in a snotty tone. They couldn’t resist calling him instead of their first plan of just making him suffer a few days. They had to hear the panic in his voice. They hung up the phone pleased with how afraid he sounded. Abel bolted to the station to tell the cheif and to get stuff to collect the blood on the floor praying it wasn’t only Coras.

Abigail was happy somthing was happening now but she knew that the only blood he’d find there was Coras. Now she needed to find Cora to be with her and to help. She had a strong connection with Cora and knew she could find her. Maybe if she found where Cora was she could help Abel find her.

The trunk opened, bright light making her head throb. A figure reached inside, grabbing her by her shirt and hauling her out. When her feet were on the ground she kneed the man in the groin. He released her to grab his crotch and yell a string of expletives. She tried to run, but a hand grabbed her arm and yanked her back. She was backhanded hard across the face so her vision swam with tears. She looked up at her attacker. It wasn’t groin guy, but someone younger and less bald.

“How very unlady like.” He said cooly.

“You’re one to talk.” She snapped. The man forced her to walk. As far as she could tell they were in a warehouse. It didn’t look overly abandoned. In the middle of the room was a large cage. “I am not an animal you dick.” She said angrily.

“Could have fooled me.” He unlocked and opened the cage then shoved her inside.

“Who are you people?”

“We work for someone your husband pissed off. Our boss distributes drugs and sells people. Whether they be vampire, wolf, or human.”

“Oh cry me a river you monster. Tell your boss he’s in for a treat because Abel’s going to beat him to a bloody pulp.”¬†Abigail appeared next to her, her eyes worried.

“I did my best to get Abel to realize you were gone. He’s started looking for you and trying to figure out what’s happend”

“Thank you, I wish I could hug you.”

“Oh Cora your face. He got you good.”

“It’ll be fine god damnit I just need Abel to get here”

The man who slapped her came back over “Who the fuck are you talking to? Is Abel married to a crazy person?” She didn’t answer just looked at him giving him the most hateful look she could muster. It pissed him off “How can you have such balls when you’re in a cage you bitch. You need to respect me or I’ll hurt you worse than a mere backhand. I don’t know how Abel lets you behave but women need to respect men.”

Cora could barely contain her rage “Lets me behave! What a fucking dick.” She didn’t doubt her husband would save her. She hoped it would be soon. She was acting touhg but she was afraid of that man. Abigail had noticed Coras test was positive too but she didn’t want to tell her. She didn’t want her to worry more.

Abel paced back and forth, his hands clenched in fists as the techs went over his home for more evidence. His boss had promised they would do everything to help him find Cora. Everything obviously wasn’t enough. She was pregnant and in danger and he was here feeling useless. The number he had received the call from was untraceable. He just wanted Cora back. This was his fault, it had to be. He wanted them to call again, he wanted to speak to Cora and make sure she was okay.

Cora sat in the cage with Abigail. She was so upset she felt like crying. She should have locked the door. The man who had slapped her came back and unlocked the cage. She was on her feet in an instant, eyes burning with fire. “Come to knock me around some more?” She asked.

“No,” he raised a small plastic bag he had in his hand that had Taco Bell on the side, “I brought you food.”

Held it out, but she refused to reach for it. He smiled and sat it on the floor and backed out of the cage. She lifted the bag and pulled out a taco. She was hungry, but wasn’t sure if she could trust them. “I don’t think they want you dead.” Abigail said. She opened the wrapper and took a bite, chewed, and swallowed. When nothing diabolical happened she kept eating.

“Abi, I need you to check on Abel. If you can give him a sign that I’m okay.”

“Alright Cora, please try to do as these men say. This isn’t the time to be hard headed. They seem dangerous.” Cora nodded and Abigail took off to get back to Abel. Cora just continued eating while fighting back tears. She wasn’t going to let these low lifes see her cry. Once she had gotten over her suspicions of the food she was happy to get it. She had been so hungry.

She thought to herself “If only Abigail could talk to Abel like she could me. I would be found in no time.” Abi went as fast as she could to reach Abel again. She would much rather be back with Cora. She hated not knowing what was happening with her. Abi decided she’d try to help Abel figure out who it was the kidnapped Cora.

Cora liked to save the paper when Abel was in it so she went to her room to search through them to see if she recognized any of the men. Abi had gone around looking at them all before she left. She payed attention to their tattoos aswell so she could see if any man he’s arrested has a similiar one. She could move papers easy so it wouldn’t be hard.

Chapter Two

Abel sat at home and went through every report he had ever written up about an arrest. From breaking and entering to armed robbery and drug busts. He separated the one time idiots from the more serious cases. He had made a lot of enemies he was sure. Any of these men had the balls to come into his home and take Cora. He felt like punching something or crying. He tried not to think of what might be happening to his wife, he had to block it out.

Abigail found a picture of Abel and Cora at a police benefit. She lifted it and went into the living room where Abel sat hunched over a bunch of files. She dropped the picture on the paper he was reading, startling him. “Abi, I hope this means she’s okay.” Abigail hated how upset he looked. She looked over his shoulder as he flipped through page after page. It was starting to get dark outside when she recognized one of the faces. She slammed her hand down on the page before he could turn it. “This one hit Cora.” Se said angrily even though he couldn’t hear her.

He could feel it was Abigail telling him who had Cora. “Thank you Abi! I wish I could hear you speak so badly but I’m going to assume this is who has her. Please do anything atall if that’s what you’re saying.” She moved the picture again and Abel had hope. Finally he atleast had something to help him find her. The only thing that worried Abel now was that the man she pointed out had many offenses for abuse on his girlfriends.

Cora sat in her cage getting sleepy. They hadn’t even put a blanket in there for her. She called over to the man “I don’t get a blanket?”

“This isn’t a luxury hotel. You’re lucky you aren’t tied up!’

She sighed and layed down. It was so uncomfortable but she wanted sleep. Atleast it would help her escape from this hell for awhile. She layed there hoping she’d dream about being with Abel again. She was trying to will her brain to do so for her. After about a half hour she drifted off and thankfully her mind did as she was so hoping it would. She was laying there in bed with Abel. They were cuddling like they did every night. He was telling her how much he loved her. One great thing about Abel is he always reminded her how much he loved her.

Their spark for one another hadn’t dimmed in the slightest. In fact it seemed to only get more intense every day. Her dream was so real she forgot she was really in a cage. ¬†Meanwhile Abel was at the station. He was tracking down everything the man Abigail pointed out had been doing lately.

The man’s name was Emmanuel Smith. Abel had arrested him for drug and human trafficking. He was cold, ruthless and would kill anyone. He wouldn’t be the mastermind in all this, but it was certainly terrifying to think of Cora close to this man. She had a mouth on her and where he found it amusing Emmanuel would find it offensive. All the hoping and praying in the world could stop her from speaking her mind. Emmanuel seemed to have been quiet until now. Whoever he was working for had probably paid him to stay out of prison. He went through financial papers. There were receipts for various building. He would get a search warrant for each one.

Cora woke to the sound of her cage door opening. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. It was the bald guy she had kneed in the groin. She came to her feet, keeping her distance. He moved towards her and she could smell the booze. She held out both hands, hoping the gesture was enough to stop him. It was wasn’t. He grabbed her by her hair and tried to kiss her. “Get off you pig.” She screamed then bit him. He pulled back with a holler, hip lip bleeding. “You little bitch.” His breath was enough to make her vomit.

Abigail appeared in the cage as the man was assaulting her. She felt rage move through her, building up like a storm. She gathered energy and thrust it between them, knocking the man back. He looked shocked and was shaking. Abigail planted herself between them, hoping she would be able to stop him if he tried a second time. “Martin what are you doing in there?” It was the other man, Emmanuel. He had a backpack in one hand.

“Your buddy here was trying to kiss me and possibly rape me.” Cora yelled. The younger man walked up and grabbed Martin by his jacket and shoved him away. “I might be a bastard, but I’m not that much of a bastard. I was bringing you something.” He held out the backpack and she reach for it, grabbing it by one of the straps. “If he comes back just yell, I won’t be far.” He closed and locked the cage then left her with Abigail.

She opened it. Apparently he had felt bad watching her sleep without a blanket or pillow. There was also somthing to eat and a book. It was by JD Robb “Calculated in death”. She thought she might actually enjoy it. She looked at Abi and said “Atleast he isn’t pure evil and wont let that monster rape me.” Abi was comforted. She had been so worried that disgusting man would force himself on her.

She whispered to Abi “How close is Abel to finding me?”

“I got him pointed in the right direction. In the file at home his arrests were vague but he rushed to the station and has been busy learning all he can about who has you. He hasn’t slept a bit and I don’t think he plans to until he finds you.”

That made Cora feel better. ¬†She had no doubt her husband would find her. Reading would make the time go by fast too. She was grateful and decided to try and control her mouth. That wasn’t an easy thing to do though. Her whole life she’s always been mouthy. Abigail layed her head on Coras shoulder and Cora started reading. Hopefully she’d be able to fall back asleep.

Abel had not been granted the search warrants he wanted. The judge had said there wasn’t enough evidence. He had the address of Emmanuel’s ex wife a d he drove quickly. The house was pretty nice, the yard well maintained with a beautiful garden. He banged on the door and a young girl answered the door. She was maybe eight with bright green eyes and an olive complexion. “Hey sweety is your mommy home?” He asked with a smile. She nodded then yelled for her mother. A woman about his age came to the door. She looked just like the girl except for the eyes.

“Sorry to interrupt your evening, but I was wondering if you could tell me where your ex husband is?”

“I remember you. You’re the cop that put Emmanule away. Glad you did it. I haven’t seen him lately. He was supposed to come and see his daughter today, but failed to show up. He called and apologized, said he was busy.” She leaned against the door frame.

“You haven’t idea where he lives? I have his old address, but he moved.”

“Hold on just a second.”

She disappeared into her house, leaving Abel there with the little girl. He smiled down at her and she looked away, shy. “You want to see something cool?” He reached in his pocket and pulled out the little wallet for his badge and ID. He squatted down and flipped it open, handing it to her. “That means I get to protect people like you and your mom. Now, can you tell me if you saw your dad recently.”

She nodded and said, “Daddy came by a couple of days ago. He told mommy that Mr. White had a job for him and Uncle Martin, that they were gonna be at the warehouse and he couldn’t see me for a few days.”

The girls mother came back and Abel took his badge back and stood. “Here’s his current address. Whatever he did I hope you catch him.” She said.

“Thank you ma’am.”

Now he knew she was in one of those warehouses. Maybe with what the little girl said he could change the judges mind but he decided to check out Emmanuels old address to see if anything there gave him any clue to which one she was in. He didn’t care if he had to go find her without a warrant he just wanted his wife back with him and safe.

Nobody else had moved into the house yet so the landlord let him in complaining he never got the key back from the previous tenant. Abel went in alone. It seemed like people still came there from time to time. He decided to carefully look over every room. If he found any evidence atall it could be used since the owner of the property had given him permission to enter.

Back at the warehouse Emmanuel said “You don’t seem to be very afraid”

“Abel will get me and make sure you pay for kidnapping me.”

“He will have to do that a lot if you keep your door unlocked like that. You made the kidnapping easy silly girl.”¬†She felt like snapping but she held it back. She really didn’t want to make him angry since he was atleast being a little kind to her.

“Trust me when I say I’ve seen scarier. Two years ago someone was killing young girls. The man had me in his grasp and I put a bullet in his brain. He was a vampire and my great great something. He didn’t have to slap me be intimidating, he just had this air about him.” She tried for a light teasing tone. She thought she saw the briefest of smiles tug at his lips.

“No little girl like you could kill a vampire. You have to be crazy to even dream up such a thing.” Emmanuel replied.

“Twenty bucks says if you read a news paper from two years ago you’ll see an article about it. It stayed in the paper for months.”

He laughed and shook his head. “If I find an article that says you killed a bloodsucker I’ll give you a hundred.”

He walked away still laughing. Jovavich had underestimated her too, but he had been unstable. This man was intelligent and should no better. She had to find a way to get free. She looked around her cell. All she had were the things only mostly evil kidnapper had given her. She lifted the backpack. It had straps that could be fashioned into a garrote. She picked at the stitching along the edges. “What are you doing?” Abigail asked.

“Hoping that psychos bald buddy is as dumb as he looks.” Some of the stitches came loose and she yanked one end of the strap free.

“You can’t do anything stupid.”

“Too late.”

“You’re pregnant.” Abigail said in a panic and clamped her hands over her mouth.

Cora looked at her in disbelief. “I can’t be”

“You are Cora, I saw the test when Abel did. I promise I’m not lieing. I haven’t told you because I didn’t want you to worry more.” Cora felt overwhelmed. She was happy but now even more panicked at the mercy of these men. What if they attacked her and she lost the baby her and Abel worked so hard for. She wasn’t so sure she should try anything rash right now. She was angry at Abi for not telling her sooner but understood why she had been reluctant too.

Now she had to have that on her mind aswell. Abi noticed her inner turmoil and tried to comfort her. “They obviously aren’t trying to hurt you as much as they are trying to hurt Abel. If they intended to do damage to you they would’ve done it. The only thing I think you have to worry about is the bald one and Emmanuel is near so I don’t think even that will be a big problem.”

“Thank you Abi, Thank you for staying with me. I’m so glad you’ve never left this world.”

Abi smiled “Abel will come I know it. If anything happend to you it would kill him. I honestly think he’d die of a broken heart. Just try to think of Abel and happy times to keep your mind busy.”

Another warehouse and a lot of nothing. Abel looked at the list in his hand. Only one more. He slid behind the wheel of his car, feeling exhausted. He wouldn’t stop until he had Cora, until she was back in his arms. He planned on having a long talk with her about locking the doors. She was far to trusting. The last warehouse was on the other side of town.

Emmanuel returned looking irritated. He was his phone. He hung up and unlocked the cage he grabbed Cora by her arm and drug her out. “What’s going on? Where are you taking me?” She tried to jerk her arm away, but he tightened his grip.

“That husband of yours in coming, we have to move you.” He was back to being cold.

She was torn between fighting to give Abel time and keeping her unborn child safe. Abigail shook her head, warning her to just go. Emmanuel lifted her into the trunk and closed the lid. She felt tears burning behind her eyes. “It’s alright Cora, Abel will find you. Just keep your cool okay. I’m right here.” Abigail said. She heard the rumble of the engine and the car was suddenly moving. What would Abel think when he saw that cage?

Abel finally made it to the last warehouse and walked inside. He was so tired. He hadn’t slept or rested since he realized his wife was gone. He made it to the part of the warehouse they had been keeping Cora.Then the cage caught his eye. He knew that’s where she had been because of the blanket and pillow in there. Suddenly all that tiredness turned to pure rage. He yelled frustratedly. How could they cage her like an animal?

He imagined how scared she must be. He was angry at himself for not coming sooner. Why did he even bother trying to get a warrant? Her being back with him was all that mattered. He then began running through the warehouse trying to find anything that could help him firgure out where they took her next. He had to hurry but wanted to be sure he didn’t miss a thing.

Chapter Three

There was an office with a locked door he immediately kicked in. His widened in shock at all the pictures of him and Cora pinned to the walls. Dates and times were written on sticky notes under each one. This had been going on for awhile. He studied the sticky notes. The first date was almost a year ago. The only case he could think of was the sting that had been launched on a group transporting twenty to thirty year old women across seas he had uncovered. It had been messy business. There was a piece of paper pinned to the wall among the pictures. It was a kidnapper’s to do list. The line that read “take girl to Mr. White” was underlined and dated for two days from now. He had forced them to skip all the other steps and go directly to their boss. His phone vibrated in his pocket. It was the same number as before.

“You found our little prison. You know this is all your fault. If you had not been nosing around so much maybe we could have left you alone.”

“Give me my wife, she’s done nothing to you.” He yelled.

“You have such a temper, you should learn to control it. You will see your wife in due time, but for now I just want to enjoy you squirming.”

“I’m coming for you Mr. White. I can smell your fear and I’m going to follow it right to you.”

The line went dead and he quickly called th precinct. He told them where he was and what he had found. He wanted to leave, but he knew the crime scene techs were a hell of a lot better at finding evidence than he was. They would literally go over the place with a pair of tweezers to collect everything. They could tell him from the dirt on the floor where Emmanuel had been.

The road got bumpy. It was so horrible in that trunk. It smelled really bad, like sombody had left food in it and forgot to take it out for a month or two. She felt like throwing up but kept it in. She didn’t want to end up laying in it until they got to their destination. The car finally stopped moving and he leaned against the trunk. “If you dare try to run away from me I promise you, you won’t be walking any time soon.”

He opened it and jerked her out of the trunk. She was so tired of being treated this way. Like she was just a worthless item to be dragged and caged. She hoped Abel could find somthing where they had been. When they got inside he took her to a man in the living room. He was a huge muscular man standing at 6’4. He had tattoos on his face and arms. The look he gave her sent a surge of fright through her body. She prayed Emmanuel wasn’t going to leave her alone with him.

Mr White handed him handcuffs. “I wasn’t planning on having her here already. It seems we underestimated your husband Cora. We won’t make that mistake again.” He started dragging her up the stairs and he cuffed one of her hands to the bed. She sat in the center at the top of the bed doing her best to hold back the tears. All she felt like doing at this point was bawling. Emmanuel walked out of the room and left her there.

“Did you find anything?” Abel asked one of the techs. The man looked scared and he took a deep breath. The last thing he wanted wasto make these people think he would tear their heads off. “Don’t look so terrified, I just need to know.”

“Sme dirt where there was a car parked. It’s fairly fresh there’s a lot of it so the car probably didn’t. Have to drive very far. We found some blood in the cell, not Cora’s but a male named Martin Cragen. Hair and skin cells from three people. It also looks like one of the kidnappers had a heart. He gave your wife a bunch of stuff.” The man said nervously.

“Anything on this Mr. White?”

“You’d have to ask the guys going through the office.”

Abel thanked him and walked quickly across the room to the office. The men and women inside looked through everything a lot slower and calmer than he had. One of them looked up when he entered the room, she kind of frowned but didn’t tell him to leave. “Give me just a second okay, I know what you want.” She said as she gathered up a small stack of papers and handed them to Abel. “That’s everything your man Emmanuel has on Mr. White.” Abel flipped through the pages. There were copies of news articles and a picture of a big guy in a white suit shaking hands with the mayor. The name under the picture wasn’t White, but Reginald Connor. He almost laughed. What kind of bad guys as named Reginald? He flipped through more papers, coming across what looked liked a title for a house. It was out of town, about ten miles. He couldn’t tell anyone else right now. Too many cops and they might kill Cora. He handed the papers back to the woman and thanked her. He walked calmly out to his car and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He found Mr. White’s number and punched the redial button.

“Abel, how nice of you to call me.” He said.

“I’m coming for you right now Connor.” He replied cooly.

“I hope you can get here in time. My son Martin is quite restless. I told him he could have your pretty wife.”

The door to Cora’s room opened and in stepped Martin. She tried to stand, but the cuffs pulled her back down. She backed herself against the headboard. He grinned at her as he moved across the room. She kicked at him and he caught her ankle. She struggled, screaming as loud as she could. He grabbed at her clothes, trying to tear them off. “No, get away from me.” She screamed. He backhanded her across the face and her vision spun. He was suddenly gone and Emmanuel was standing over her. She blinked, seeing Martin on the floor with a gash in the back of his shiny head. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“I told you I’m not that much of a bastard.” He unhooked her handcuffs and pulled her to her feet.

He held tight to her arm and ran downstairs to confront Mr White. “What the fuck was upstairs about!? I thought we were trying to hurt Abel not her.”

“What’s wrong with my son having a little fun? Don’t act all high and nobel with your past.”

“There’s just some things you don’t do. This is a nice girl. She may not show the respect she needs to but your filthy son shouldn’t lay a hand on her!” Cora was surprised he was sticking up for her so much. He was holding her arm much too tight though. It hurt really badly but she didn’t dare speak up. Especially when Emmanuel was sticking up for her.

“How dare you talk to me that way! Whose been paying you all this time to do nothing but sit on your fucking ass?!” They continued to bicker. He kept a tight clamp on her arm which was only seeming to get tighter as he fought with Mr White.

“We need to stop this! I think Abel knows where we are! You left evidence you idiot!”

“You were fucking rushing me! If you would’ve planned better this wouldn’t have happend.”

‘Well who the hell loves their wife so much to work through the night. I knew he’d be upset but I didn’t expect all this! Just give the damn girl to me and get out of here! You’re of no use to me anymore. You wont see a penny from me again for stealing her from my son!” Cora still standing there shaking in fear. She tried to stop but she couldn’t. She felt tears forcing their way out of her eyes too. She just couldn’t hold back any more.

“You can go straight to hell you monster.” She screamed, her heart beat frantically in her chest. “You are nothing but an overgrown piece of shit that my husband’s going to wipe off the face of this earth.” The both just stred at her, Abigail looked so shocked and scared and kept shaking her head. Mr. White looked enraged he pulled out a gun and shot Emmanuel in the chest. His grip was so tight that when he fell he pulled Cora down with him.

“Let that be a warning you little bitch.” Mr. White growled.

“Oh no, no please no.” She pressed her hands against Emmanuel’s chest as hard as she could. He might have taken her from her home, he might have slapped her, but he’d also saved her life. “Don’t you dare close your eyes you understand?”

“Who’s that girl standing next to you?” He asked confused.

“He’s slipping away Cora.” Abigail said. “He can see me.”

“You pig.” She screamed at Mr. White and he leveled the gun at her.

“Go ahead and do it I dare you. You won’t live to see another day.” Emmanuel was losing consciousness and she had to slap him to keep him awake.

“Please don’t die.” She said through her tears “You can’t leave me alone with him and his son you just can’t! Please!” Mr White grabbed her up by her hair. The fighting had taken so long Abel was pulling up in the driveway. He could hear his wife crying all the way out there. He took his gun out of his pocket and ran up to the house. Mr white wrapped a hand around her neck and pinned her to the wall. “Stop that fucking whining right now! I can’t stand when you bitches cry like that! Be a damn woman!”

He pulled up his gun and pressed it against her forehead. She was saying goodbye to Abel in her head as she fought for air in his tight grip. Next thing she knew she heard a loud bang and he wasn’t holding her against the wall any more. She fell to her knees crying. Abel ran to his wife and picked her up and hugged her. She was hardly understandable but she told him “We’ve got to save Emmanuel too. He helped me. We can’t let him die there Abel”

“What do you mean?” He asked as she crawled over to her kidnapper and pressed her hands against his chest.

“White’s son tried to rape me, but Emmanuel wouldn’t let him. Please call for help.” She focused on slowing the bleeding.

Abel was confused and scared and angry, but he called for backup and an ambulance. “Let me do that.” He took over pressing down on the bullet hole in Emmanuel’s chest while Cora talked to him, keeping him awake. His wife was always caring no matter who it was. It humbled him. She had even hated killing Jovavich, but she knew some things had to be done. She looked so pale and terrified yet she was forcing a man she barely knew to hold onto life.

“Long time no see Abel, how’s police life?” Emmanuel said.

“You have no idea how lucky you are.” Abel snapped and put more pressure on the wound.

“Lucky? Is that what getting shot is called?” He let out a small chuckle. “You know little lady, I owe you a hundred dollars. You shot a vampire point blank. Remind me never to screw with you again.”

Cora was in tears and tried not to smile. This man was an idiot, pure and simple. “Just stay awake you asshole.” The sound of sirens finally sounded in the distance. “You’re going to be alright, they’re almost here.”

“Before we end up not speaking again I’m sorry. I honestly regret kidnapping you. Especially seeing what Mark did to your face.” His slap had been nothing compared to the damage Mark did when he was trying to rape her.

The ambulance and cops were now in the yard. They quickly got Emanuel in an ambulance and gone. They tried to take Cora to get checked out but she had latched on to her husband and wouldn’t let go.The man just said to Abel “Ok, she looks like she’s fine just bring her to the hospital so we can be sure.” Her and Abel got in his car and drove to the hospital. All the way there he held her hand and looked at her whenever he could. He was so happy to have her back but seeing her face and her bruised arm filled him with sadness.

At the hospital they declared her fine and she got to go home with Abel. When they got to their house Abel must have rechecked to make sure their door was locked atleast 5 times. Cora really needed a shower. Once Abel was comfortable the two of them were safe he got in the shower with her. He had no intent of washing he just needed to hold her. He pulled her body into his haning his head down to lay it on top of hers.

“I love you Cora.”

“I love you too Abel”

She turned the water off and hugged his arms. They got out and dried off. They then jumped in bed where he pulled her into his arms again. He started crying, all the frustration, worrying, and fear was finally over but he needed to let it all out. He was so relieved to have his wife again. Cora hadn’t seen Abel cry since their wedding. She kissed him and he kissed her which only made him cry worse. “Abel I’m home sweetie. It’s ok. Didn’t I hear your boss tell you before we left to take a week off just to be with me? You don’t have to be away from me anytime soon.”

“I was so scared Cora. You are my life, my everything. If you would’ve died I couldn’t have gotten over it. I’d probably be dead th next day of a broken heart. I try to tell you every day how much you mean to me but I could never really express how much. I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave you alone when the week is up.”

She hugged Abel. So moved by his words. She was going to start listening to her husband and keep the doors locked when he wasn’t home. Mainly to protect their new baby. She was so excited about their future. She knew their child was going to have the most amazing father.

~ The End ~

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