Cora & Abel 5

Chapter One

Cora and Abels daughter is now twelve and is going on a week long camping trip with her Girl Scout Troup. They’ve been fundraising the past two years for it and are now going this summer. Cora is having a hard time letting little Abi go but all she talked about during this past school year was going with the other girls into the woods and staying in cabins all week. Abel came with Cora to drop little Abi off where the girl scouts have meetings. The bus would be taking them from there to the camp in another county. He hugged his daughter tightly and reminded her to never go off alone or talk to anybody that wasn’t a part of the girl scouts.

She rolled her eyes since he had told her that about a million times during the school year. Everywhere she went he had to lecture her on what all not to do. She found it annoying but knew he only did it out of love. “I love you daddy, I know what not to do. I knew it the first time you told me and I know it a million times later” Abel smiled and kissed his daughters head. Cora wrapped Abi in a tight hug “Don’t forget to write me. Your leader says they take mail out every day at ten am.”

“I promise to write you every night mom”

“I can’t call you because theres no cell service so please remember honey”

“I will” Abi turned and walked over to her friend Halie then got on the bus. Cora wanted to chase her daughter but Abel had his arms wrapped around her waist. “she’s going to have so much fun honey.” Abel said to reassure his wife. Abi waved at her parents as the bus drove off. As soon as their daughter was out of sight Cora turned into Abel and cried.

“She’ll be back soon. I’m planning on taking you on dates every day this week. It may just be bowling or it could be a really nice restaurant but we are doing somthing just the two of us every night. The only condition is you can’t cry all the time ok?” Cora nodded and wiped her face. Abel tilted her chin up and kissed her.

Abigail hovered close to little Abi. She knew the girl might ask her to go away, but she had felt a feeling of foreboding wash over her the minute the child had woke. She sat in the seat behind Abi, listening to the girls excited chatter. She searched the faces of the other boys and girls, looking for any sign of evil. She saw nothing and focused her attention back on Abi. Halie was asking her if there were any spirits around and Abi told her that Abigail was sitting behind them. Halie was both excited and jealous of her ability to see ghosts like Cora.

Cora sighed as Abel pulled into their driveway. The house would seem so empty without Abi’s gossiping and warm laughter. Abel parked and switched off the car. He unbuckled and leaned over, kissing her softly on the cheek over and over again until she was smiling. “There we go, that’s what I like to see. We have a whole week to spend together and I don’t want to spend it being sad.” He said and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry. The house is just going to be so quiet.” She said as she unbuckled and they got out of the car. He waited until she walked around the car before pulling her into his arms and kissing her more passionately, his tongue dueling with hers. He pulled back, leaving her breathless and flushed.

“I guarantee the house will not be quiet.” She turned a brighter shade of red. “What do you want to do tonight? We can do anything you want.”

“Can we see a movie?”

“Of course we can.” He lifted her off the ground and carried her inside. “You check show times and I will make us something delicious to eat.”

“You are just the best husband in the world.” She kissed his chin and he smiled.

“I know.” She giggled and he sat her on the couch before disappearing into the kitchen.

Cora grabbed her laptop off of the coffee table and opened it up. She was frozen, gazing at her background picture. They all had been laughing before they asked a stranger at the park to take their photo together. Little Abi hated this picture because she said her face looked funny from holding back laughter. Cora had it as her background because it was one of her favorites. They all looked so happy from such a great day as a family. As if Able had eyes in the living room he yelled “stop looking at your background and find us a movie” Cora laughed then opened Google Chrome.

“what kind of movie do you want?” She yelled to him. “anything honey, this week every date is fully about you. I haven’t gotten to spoil you in a long time and this is the perfect opportunity so it’s up to you. I’ll watch anything as long as you don’t sit around being sad and breaking my heart.”

“I love you so much”

“Love you too” Cora couldn’t decide. She had been wanting to see the newest scary movie but decided it may freak her out too much since her daughter way away. She finally decided a comedy was just what she needed to put herself in a good mood. Abel was really trying so she couldn’t let herself sit around pouting. She ordered the tickets online and printed them out. She cut them from the paper then quickly put them in her purse so she wouldn’t lose them. She went into the kitchen and hugged Abel from behind. I picked a comedy. I thought we could both use a good laugh.”

“perfect, get out of here though before you’re tempted to try and help me cook. You aren’t allowed now get.” Cora laughed “are you going to make me?”

“I’ll punish you tonight after the movie if you don’t” Cora laughed. “I’m going” She sat at the table not recognizing the smell. He must be cooking somthing new. Cora smiled now realizing he had been planning for awhile to make this week special for her so she wouldn’t be sad. Abel was making Chinese Lemon Chicken with fried rice. When it was ready he put it on two plates then brought it out to Cora “How long do we have before the movie?”

“Three hours.”

“good plenty of time. Which theater.”

“The one that’s about about fifteen minuets down the road.”

“Perfect” Abel looked at Cora waiting to see if she liked it since they never had it before. She took a bite and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. “You did great honey! Thank you for this” Abel smiled and relaxed. “I wanted to let you try somthing new but I was really worried. I’m happy you like it.”

Abi followed Halie off the bus with Abigail close behind. She retrieved her bag out from the undercarriage of the bus. “Did my mom send you?” Abi asked the spirit.

“No, she doesn’t know I’m here. I came on my own.” Abigail answered truthfully.

“Is something going to happen?”

“Yes, but I don’t know what. It could be a horrible storm or a grizzly bear attack. I just wanted to be here to protect you and your friends.”

“Okay, I believe you. Besides, your feelings are never wrong.” She was determined to enjoy the Canadian woods, but she promised herself that she wouldn’t take any foolish risks.

Abel rinsed the plates while Cora leaned against the counter. She absentmindedly played with her hair, twirling it around her finger then let it drop. “You look bored.” Abel said and her eyes jumped to his face.

“No, not bored, just waiting for you.” She replied with a smile.

“For what?” He crossed slowly over to her, placing his hands on either side of her, effectively caging her. She slid her hands under his shirt, brushing the waistband of his jeans. “Oh I see.” He leaned in, kissing her softly. She wrapped her arms his neck and he lifted her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and he carried her to their room, pressing her into the mattress. He pulled her clothes slowly off, kissing her skin as it was exposed. She tugged at his belt, desperate for him. “Easy baby,” he said as he pulled her arms over her head. “we have a whole week so lets take our time.” He ran his free hand lovingly over her, making her skin grow hot. She writhed and whimpered as he slid his fingers inside of her. He built her up torturously slow and then stopped before she could finish.

“Abel please.” She begged, wiggling her wrists. He kissed her then pulled his clothes off. He pulled her legs up to rest on his shoulders and leaned forward to kiss her as he pushed himself slowly into her. His hips took on an easy, gentle pace. She allowed herself to let go, moaning loudly.

The final orgasm Cora had gripped her entire body. She would have screamed but the grasp of the orgasm didn’t allow her to. Abel just enjoyed watching his wifes face as he moved in and out of her. Each expression of pleasure giving him joy. He found his release then pulled himself out of her. He kissed Cora then moved up on the bed to lean against the headboard. Abel pulled Cora up so she was laying against him. “We haven’t had sex like that in a long time.” Cora whimpered out. Abel knew that all too well. He loved his daughter dearly but he was happy for this week. The past few years sex always seemed so rush. He hardly even got time alone with Cora to show her how much he still loved her, that he still felt like he did fifteen years ago. Abel looked at the time. “we need to get ready.”

“I don’t think I can move.” Coras voice still in a wimper. Abel smiled and kissed her head “I’ll get you a soda out of the fridge then I’ll carry you into the bathroom to shower with me.”

“Sounds good.” He gently moved his wife on the bed then got up to grab her somthing to drink. He brought her back a pepsi. After she drank a bit he picked her up and set her on the bathroom counter to get the water ready. He helped Cora off the counter then they got in. Her legs wobbled a little which made him smile even more. “Don’t be an ass Abel” He chuckled “I’m just happy Cora. I missed making love to you. It always feels like we’re just quickly fucking anymore. I plan to make slow love to you every night this week. If you try to rush again like before I’ll make your build up even more torturous.”

They got cleaned then prepared for their date. Cora put on her husbands favorite dress and brushed her hair while Abel put on a blue dress shirt and dress pants. “You look so handsome.” Cora said hugging him. “and you are absolutely stunning Cora. You always looks so beautiful” Cora smiled loving how romantic Abel was being. “I love you”

“I love you too, so very much Cora” Once the girls were all sorted into their cabins and given the day to explore with the buddy they had chosen for the week their troupe leader Marna walked off to the dining hall to be by herself knowing nobody would be there until dinner. The leader of another troup saw her go in the dining hall and worried so she followed. She startled Marna when she said “should you really be here sweetie?”

“I love my girls. If I didn’t come they couldn’t come and they’ve all been so excited. I’m sure my ex only pulled the stunt he did to scare me from coming because he knows what these girls mean to me.” Brittany hugged her “does he know where this place is?”

“I don’t think so. It was just an empty threat anyways Brittany. I wouldn’t put these girls in danger by coming if I thought he was serious.”

“I just hope youre right. He hasn’t been right in the head since the divorce.”

“If he shows up we can send for police. If you see him just take the bus and go to the nearest town. I have a gun with me and their is one in the main office if we need it.”

Cora held Abel’s hand in the dark theater. She laughed so hard at the movie that she had tears in her eyes. Abel leaned over and kissed her cheek, making her smile even more. She rested her head on his shoulder, just enjoying her time with him. She regretted thinking it, but she couldn’t wait until Abi was old enough to move out. She smiled as she thought about how the rest of the week would go. She knew they needed to talk about making more time for each other. Abi was now old enough to do most things on her own and spent most of her time with her friend Halie anyway. They deserved more time, especially since they had come close to death many times.

“Are you okay?” Abel asked in a whisper.

“I’m have mixed feelings. Joy and sadness. Lets not talk about it now. I want to enjoy this movie with you.” She answered softly.

Abel kissed her cheek again then wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He missed always being close to her. She was always so beautiful, always so tempting. There were times he forgot there was a child in the house and would find himself embarrassed at his attempts to seduce his wife. She would laugh it off and Abi would ignore it or tell them to get a room.

Abi typed a quick email to her mother. She found herself missing the familiarity of home even though the country side was gorgeous. She knew she should be having fun, but she felt a little sad. Halie told her it would pass, that she too had felt that way the first time she had gone on a trip like this. She sent the email then closed her laptop. Everyone else was outside cooking s’mores and she wanted to join in. Edgar, the boy she had a crush on was also there and she wanted to take the opportunity to get to know him. She knew her mother didn’t want her dating until she was seventeen, but she could at least try and make friends with him. She grabbed her sweater and tugged it on, heading outside to sit in front of the crackling fire with Abigail, Halie, and Edgar.

Chapter Two

When the movie was over Cora and Abel walked out. Cora still had the giggles from the movie. “I’m so glad I picked that one”

“Me too. I enjoyed listening to your laughter.” Abel had missed most the movie just listening to and looking at his wife. “Now we’re going to go home and I’ll cook for you again. Afterwards we can play some board games together.”

“That sounds amazing.” Abel held the theater door and the car door open for Cora as she walked out and then into the car. When they reached their home Abel picked up Cora to carry her inside. “Good lord Abel. How will I go back to real life once our girl comes home.” Abel sat Cora down on the couch then knelt in front of her with a hand on her cheek. “This wont change much when Abi gets back. You and I are going to have a date night once a week and damnit if I have to get a hotel room I’m going to make love to you. I hate how it’s become these past few years, I really do. I still love you as much as I did when we first got together and then some but I dont get many chances to show it any more. Somtimes I wonder if you still know how deeply I love you.” Cora just hugged him when he finished speaking “we really do need a date night once a week.”

“then it’s settled. Once a week we will have a date and a hotel room so I can make love to you instead of quickly fucking so our daughter doesn’t hear us or call for us in the middle. You sit here while I make dinner and relax alright?”

“alright” Cora just sat there jubilant replaying her husbands words in her head. She thought she would be depressed without her daughter but Abel had made this time absolutely wonderful. She still felt a pang of missing her daughter but she was happy to be able to enjoy her husband. Cora went into their board game closet to decide what to play with her husband after dinner. She decided on Pictionary Man, Dirty Minds and Operation. She loved watching him play Operation. He would get so hysterically angry. It was adorable and cute. Cora set the board games on the coffee table then went into the kitchen “I promise not to help if you let me sit on the counter”

“alright but there will be consequences if you touch anything” Cora just smiled and sat on the counter. She talked about the movie and wondered if her husband even watched it because he didn’t seem to know very much about what they just saw. Marnas ex husband was pacing around his mothers basement mumbling hateful things to himself about his ex wife. How she ruined everything and took all that he had in the divorce. He hated her and hated everything she loved. He knew she was out with those damn girlscouts she always loved so much. He hated those girls. Always thought she loved them more than him. Now he knew it because he didn’t think she ever loved him.

He was going to go get her and if she didn’t listen to him then he would kill her girls. He would make sure she understood that she was to blame before ending their lives. He grabbed his jacket and then the nine millimeter he had hidden between his mattress and box spring. She was going to take him back or suffer the consequences of her actions.

“You look like you’re starving?” Abel said as he made two plates.

“I’m always starving.” She smiled and winked.

“Hey now, be good.”

“I’m always good.” She hopped off the counter and they went into the living room. She set up Operation and he actually glared at the game as if he had come across his oldest nemesis and he was trying not to strangle it. She giggled and his eyes jumped to her face, softening in an instant. She loved when he looked at her like that. He handed her her plate and they ate quickly as she talked more about the movie, quoting her favorite parts. “Did you even watch the movie?” She asked when he just kept nodding his head.

“Of course I did.” He replied.

“What happened at the end?”

He opened his mouth then closed it again. He had not seen any of it. “They live happily ever after?”

She laughed, almost choking on her food. “Close enough.”

“I’m sorry love, but I was distracted. I guess I watched you the whole time.”

“Oh don’t apologize, it just tells me you still think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“I’ll always think that. No matter what happens, you’ll always be my gorgeous angel.”

Cora hugged him unable to resist it. “You have been so sweet and romantic today”

“I just control myself around our daughter” Cora gave Abel a long kiss on the lips. “I love you so much”

“I love you too Cora. I’m so glad I have a chance to show it” It was now time for the girls to go in for the night at camp. Abi hugged Edgar goodbye after they exchanged numbers. They talked almost non stop that evening. Little Abigail and Halie found a set of bunk beds and crawled in for the night. Abigail decided just to float around camp so she could warn Little Abi as fast as possible once she figured out what was going to happen. She hated this feeling. Whatever was coming was going to be really bad. A part of her prayed for once in her life her gut was wrong. Abi knew Abel had planned stuff for every day this week. She didn’t want to ruin it for Cora or to see any harm come to Little Abigail.

Abi knew she could avoid atleast the second part. She wouldn’t let whatever it was get anywhere near her. She grew to love Little Abi just as much as she loved Cora. She loved the whole little family and didn’t want to see any of them ever get hurt or die. Cora couldn’t quit laughing at Abel as he demanded they play Operation one last time. She opened the game up setting it up once more for the night and Abel got to work. He got two pieces out then went for the wish bone. It buzzed and the nose lit up making Abel growl. “lets go to bed Abel before you throw this game in the trash.” He smiled at her “alright” He cleaned it back up since it was by his insistence she take it back out then they put their games away.

James drove fast, breaking the speed limit since the camp was so far away from his home. Suddenly he saw cop lights behind him and started cursing. He hoped the officer wouldn’t look in his trunk where he had put the gun. The cop strode up to the window and he rolled it down. “sorry my daughters at camp and is really homesick. I was just trying to get to her.”

“There’s never an excuse to put other peoples lives in danger. The cop began to write him a speeding ticket. He handed it to James then said “slow down” James nodded and the cop walked away. When the officer was in his car and driving away James took off again. He followed the speed limit signs now so he wouldn’t be pulled again. Once he was far enough away from this area he’d speed again. “Stupid pig cop. Thinks he’s better than me like she did” He began to grow even angrier.

“I was thinking we would sleep somewhere different tonight.” Cora said as she watched Abel rinse the dishes.

“Where would that be?” He asked.

“I put a call into a friend of mine named Jonathan when Abi told us she would be gone for a week. He has this farm about three miles out of town with a big open field. He said we could come out anytime we want. I was thinking we could take a couple of blankets and pillows and sleep under the stars tonight. I used to do it with my dad all the time. He would point out all the constellations.”

“If that’s what you want to do then we’ll do it.” He said and pulled her into his arms to give her a kiss.

“Are you sure? What if you have to go to work tomorrow or something?”

“I’ve got the week off. I told my boss I needed to spend some quality time with you and he said since we’ve both done so much to help them that I could have the week off.”

“He’s such a sweet man. I’ll have to bake him something delicious for being so good.” She hugged him tightly. “Lets get everything we need then and head out. I’ll text Jonathan.”

Abel helped her fold blankets and then grabbed their pillows. Cora found her cell and sent a text telling Jonathan they were coming out and would do their best not to scare the dogs. He said the gate was unlocked and just to come on in. She left a note on the counter for Abigail in case the young ghost came home and they were still gone. Cora briefly wondered where her spectral friend was, but soon decided that Abigail had wanted to give them their time together. They left their house, making sure the doors were locked before getting in the car. Cora was going to love showing the constellations to Abel. There were no streetlights near Jonathan’s farm so the sky would be full of the brightest stars.

James was now speeding again since he knew he was out of the area of that police department. He almost lost control of his car as he rounded a corner but managed to still keep it going. On half an hour left and he’d be there. That bitch would come back to him or pay with the lives of the children she loved so much. James slowed down as he reached the last stretch of road before camp. Abigail suddenly felt the mans energy coming. Never had she experienced so much hate. So much twistedness inside one spirit. The man who killed her didn’t even give her the chills the person coming was giving her.

She rushed back to Little Abi cabin and began screaming her name “what Abigail?” she snapped sleepily. “a mans coming. A horrible man. His spirit feels so twisted. He’s coming with intentions we dont need to wait around and find out about. You need to run and hide in the woods right now. He’s almost here Abi” Little Abi knew to take her seriously. Spirit Abi always knew what she was talking about with things like this. “Just let me get Halie” She whispered. Abi quickly got out of bed and shook her friend “jeez morning already?” Little Abi shushed her “I can’t explain right now but we need to run. I would warn the other girls but they’d just call me crazy and probably get our leader to make us stay in since we arent allowed out at night. You need to get up and run with me right now”

Halie listened to her friend and got up quietly. The girls snuck out and then ran as fast as they could into the woods. They kept running until their legs couldn’t carry them any longer. “what’s going on Abi?” Halie asked “Spirit Abi says a really bad man is coming. She always knows what shes talking about with this sort of thing. She doesnt know what he’s planning but it’s not going to be good.” A look a fear filled Halies face as they sat in the woods. Big Abigail spoke to little Abi again “I’m going back into camp. Once I know what’s going on I’m going to find your parents so they can get police out here. Do not trust anybody little abi. Run at the sound of anyone coming unless you hear your fathers voice. That man has evil in his heart. Promise me you’ll keep running”

“I promise Abi”

Cora and Abel lay looking up at the star filled sky. She excitedly pointed out each constellation in view. “That right there is Pegasus and next to him is Andromeda. She’s very beautiful.” She said.

“What’s that to her left?” He asked, loving the sound of her voice.

“Perseus and above him is Cassopeia.”

“This is amazing baby.”

“I love the stars and could spend forever staring at them.” She raised her hand, wishing she could touch those twinkling lights.

He turned onto his side and brushed his fingers over her cheek then grabbed her chin. He turned her head toward him and she smiled warmly. “Thank you for sharing this with me.” He kissed her and she pushed him onto his back. She slid her hands under his shirt, running her fingers over his skin so he was covered in goosebumps. “Are you sure we’re far enough from Jonathan’s house?” He asked even as he pulled her shirt and bra off.

“I can’t even see his porch light.” She pulled his clothes off and then her own, tossing everything in a pile. She straddled him, her lips moving over his chest. She reached between them, stroking him until he was rock hard and trying to pull her down onto him.

“Cora please, stop teasing me.” He whispered huskily.

“I seem to remember you doing the same to me. It’s only fair I pay you back.” She grinned and he rolled her beneath him, thrusting into her hard so she cried out loudly. She looked embarrassed and he chuckled.

“You said we were far enough away.” He pushed into her again, going deeper. He kissed her cheek and chin then down to her breasts as he allowed his hips to take on a leisurely pace. Her loud moans and her nails running across his back excited him. He felt her tighten around him, her muscles quivering as an orgasm rushed through her. He rolled back onto his back, pulling her down hard as he thrust up. He found his release, moaning loudly. He pulled her down to kiss her, his fingers tangling in her hair and then moving to massage her neck and shoulders. He pulled the blanket over them and stroked her until she fell asleep.

Abigail watched the man get out of his car, his eyes looked manic and his face was flushed. He had a gun in his hand and started through the camp. “Marna.” He yelled. “Marna get your fucking ass out here.” He walked over and kicked in one of the cabin doors. The girls writhin screamed and he forced them out of their beds and outside. She had to tell Cora so she could tell Abel. He was a cop and could get them help.

Abigail went as fast as she could go. She soared through the air at a much faster pace than a car could go. Abi just hoped little Abi wouldn’t try to be brave and would keep hidden and as far away from that man as possible. “Marna!” James yelled shooting a bullet into the air. Marna came out “James, james I’m here. Lets the girls go back inside.”

“You don’t get to fucking tell me what to do you selfish bitch”

“what do you want James? We can talk about this.”

“I want you, I want our life back. I want things the way they were before you ruined everything!” The crazed look in his eyes was scaring her “James, just put the gun down.” In an instant reaction he shot at one of the girls but missed. The girls began to shake and cry “I said you dont tell me what to do. Take me back or they all die.”

“Ok, I’m yours I swear. Lets get remarried if you want. Just let the girls get back inside.” James stood there pondering then said “alright girls go back inside.” Marna slowly went over to him and he kissed her. “I hate when you make me do these things. Why do you have to make me a monster Marna?”

“I don’t know…I’m so sorry” Marna said unable to quit shaking in her fear. Big Abi made it to Coras home and noticed the note. She grunted in frustration then took off to find the address Cora had written down for her. Abi wished she could move faster. She didn’t want that man anywhere near little abi. She felt horrible. She should have warned Cora she had a bad feeling. Abigail felt stupid and would blame herself if her best friend lost her daughter.

Abi and Halie hid on the edge of the woods listening to James’s tirade. The latter was silently crying. Abi grabbed her friend by her shoulders and shook her. “You have to pull yourself together. We have to help them.” She said quietly.

“Okay, okay I’m sorry.” Halie said and took a deep breath. “What do you want me to do?”

“I’m going to distract him and then I want you to get everyone and move them into the main office and lock the door.”

“What if he shoots at you? He could kill you.”

“Just do what I tell you and everything will be fine.” Halie nodded and Abi picked up a rock. She moved around until she was behind James and then stepped out of the woods. “Hey asshole, go fuck yourself.” She screamed as she let the rock fly. James turned at the angry voice and the rock hit him in the forehead, tearing his skin open so blood ran down his face. He fired at her, missing. “Come on, come and get me.” She picked up another rock and threw it with deadly accuracy at his groin so he grunted and clutched himself. He screamed and started after her. She ran into the woods, moving as quickly as she could.

Abigail finally came to the farm and saw them sleeping in the field. They were naked, but covered. She wished she had not had to interrupt ther week together. “Cora wake up.” She said loudly and Cora’s eyes snapped open.

“What is it?” Cora asked, her voice waking Abel.

“You have to hurry, there’s a mad man at Abi’s camp. He has a gun.”

“What is it? You have that look on your face?” Abel asked.

“We have to go now. You have to call the cops and get them to where Abi is. There’s a man with a gun.” Abel threw the blanket off and Abigail snapped her eyes shut in embarrassment.

Abel grabbed his cellphone out of his pants and called the department nearest to his daughter. He explained to them the situation and they said they’d send their whole department out along with a negotiator. Abel hungup then started throwing his clothes on. Cora was already dressed and ready. They ran to the car so they could get home and find the address to the camp their daughter was staying at. Abigail said “i can fly faster than you can drive. I’m going to go help little Abigail”

“Thank you so much my dear friend. Hurry”

“what’s going on?” Abel asked. “Abi is leaving to help little Abi again.”

“Good” Abel almost drove into the grass when they reached their home. They screeched to a stop and they ran inside to get the address. It was on the fridge. Cora grabbed it and they ran out again but got in Abels cop car this time. He turned his lights on so they wouldn’t have to obey the normal laws. “Abel I know you want to get to our baby but you might kill us before we arrive if you dont slow down a little bit” Cora said after they skidded on a turn. Abel sighed and slowed slightly. Cora put a hand on Abels leg and rubbed up and down it “I love you. She’s a smart girl. You’ve taught her so much about how to handle bad situations. I have faith our daughter can handle this”

“she hardly listens to me Cora. She’s always rolling her eyes when I tell her how to be safe.”

“She still listens honey” As Little Abi ran she was glad the man was such a lousy aim. Each shot he fired missed her. Abi just kept running, she was’t willing to stop no matter how her legs begged her to. That man sounded and looked too crazed to be reasoned with. She knew if she just kept running her parents would come and everything would be alright.

When Abigail made it back to the camp she didn’t see anyone. She checked all the buildings and found the girls hiding in the main office. She didn’t see Abi and panicked. She picked up a pen and started scribbling on a piece of paper. Everyone screamed but Halie who moved to read what was on the paper. “She’s in the woods leading Marna’s ex husband away.” Halie said and Abigail felt fear chill her. She raced though the woods, listening. A gunshot went off and she followed the sound. She saw James following Abi, screaming at her as he shot at her. She caught up to Abi who looked focused.

“Abi, you need to get back to camp. The police and your parents are coming.” Abigail said.

“I can’t, he’s too close for me to double back.” Abi replied. James fired again and this time the bullet grazed her shoulder and she screamed.

“I’ll hold him off, just get back.” Abigail turned on James, gathering energy and slamming into him so he was knocked to the ground. She pinned him down, using her rage at Abi being wounded to fuel her.

Abel prayed that his daughter was safe. She was smart, but would do anything to protect her friends. He saw flashing lights ahead of him and realized he had caught up with the Mounties. He had not realized he was going that fast. He found their channel on his radio and told them who he was. They told him he was welcome to tag along. He took a deep breath and kept at the same speed as the other police cruisers. When they got Abi back he was going to teach her hand to hand in case something like this ever happened again. Cora already knew how to fight because of her father, but Abi was pretty much oblivious.

Abi finally made it back to camp and banged on the door of the main office. Marna’s let her in, re locking the door and grabbing the first aid kit to stop Abi’s arm from bleeding. She let Marna clean the wound and then wrap it in gauze. She knew her mom and dad would arrive soon with the Mounties, she just had to help keep the others quiet so James wouldn’t find them once Abigail’s poltergeist energy faded and he was able to find his way out of the woods.

Chapter Three

All the girls were crying. The one James shot at originally looked pale and frightened. Abigail went over to her and sat down pulling the girl into a hug “It’ll be ok. The cops are coming.”

“How do you know that?” Another girl asked “I can talk to ghosts and she told my mother. The cops are coming.’This is no time to talk crazy Abigail.”

“Just shut up and settle down. If you all keep going on like this he’ll find us” Marna shushed the girls “Mind your moth Lexi.”

“Don’t tell me what to do. It’s your fault he’s here!”

“Shut up Lexi!” Abigail yelled. The girl looked angry but she shut her mouth. Ghost Abi was running out of energy as the man struggled as hard as he could against her. She finally couldn’t hold him down a moment longer and he took off back to camp. Now he was going to kill them all. He knew Marna planned that with that little bitch. All those girls would die and Marna would watch their blood soak the ground. James reloaded his gun and took off in a run. The girls began shaking again when they heard James screams return “Marna you whore! You and your little bitches need to come out here!”

Abi held her breath wishing the other girls would do the same. One girl began to cry loudly giving away where they were. James banged on the door “Come out here now Marna! Bring that small bitch with you!” More girls began to cry. Marna would have gladly givin herself over but she knew if she opened that door he’d kill them all. James cocked his gun to shoot the windows out as the cop cars came pulling into the camp. James ignored them and shot into the window. All the girls screamed and got as low as possible.

Cora could hear the screams as she stepped out of the car. One of the Mounties handed Abel a bullet proof vest and a gun. “You stay here Cora.” He ordered, unwilling to argue on the subject. She got back in the car and started crying as they walked away. She would die if anything happened to their baby. She wouldn’t be able to live anymore. She had to put her faith in Abel and the other police.

“Marna help me move the bookshelf.” Abi said over the gun fire. Marna crawled to the other end of it and they managed to get it in front of the window so he couldn’t reach in and get a better shot off. They leaned against the bookshelf so he couldn’t move it. “Is anyone hit?” She asked. Everyone said no in unison. She was relieved that everyone was okay.

Abel had never been so enraged in his life. They all came up slowly behind the enraged man. One of the officers yelled to get his attention and he turned, looking like an angry cage animal. “Get back or I will murder them all. I just want my wife.” He screamed. Abel wanted to put a bullet between his eyes and shut him up.

“Listen,lets just calm down.” The negotiator said, sliding his gun back in its holster. “Just take a breath and put your gun down.”

“Get the fuck back.” James pointed his gun at the police officer. “I will kill you.”

“Calm down. Is everyone alive in there?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m sure ai hit one of those little bitches.”

Abel bristled at his daughter being called a bitch. It took everything he had not to pull the trigger. He just wanted his daughter back. He didn’t care about this psycho piece of shit. He wouldn’t be able to tell Cora that their daughter was dead of one of his bullets had found little Abi. There would be no looking her in the eye. He wouldn’t be able to handle her calling him a failure. He had to get their daughter back.

James groaned and held the part of his head that was bleeding. The negotiator spoke again “You look like you have a pretty serious injury there. You’ll need a doctor to tend to it. A few ambulances are on their way. You haven’t killed anyone yet right? That person you shot is ok?”

“I guess she is. She sure as hell could still run. She’s a crazy little shit. She was talking to someone who wasn’t there.”

“what do you mean?”

“as she ran she started looking to her side and talking to someone who wasn’t there. I didn’t see anybody but she seemed to be responding to someone.” Abels rage boiled. Now he knew it was his daughter that got shot but still he did his best to just stand there and let the negotiator work. If Abel missed he may just make the situation worse for little Abigail. “let us fix your head and then I promise you’ll get to talk to your wife. All you have to do to make her talk to you is put the gun down and get on your knees with your hands behind your back.”

“You’ll really make her talk to me?”

“we will, just set the gun down.” James slowly moved down and placed his gun in the dirt then put his hands behind his back as he knelt. The ambulances pulled up behind the cop cars. Two cops walked over to James while one cuffed him. Abel still wanted to blow James brains out but he knew he couldn’t. The girls all came out the building crying. All but Abi who just ran to her father. He hugged her and rubbed her hair. A paramedic came over to Abi and said “you need to come with us to the hospital.”

“Can my mom ride too? Is mom here dad?”

“yes she is I’ll get her” Cora jumped out the car and over to her daughter. The paramedic told Abel what hospital to go to before he walked away with the two girls. Abel gave the vest back to a officer then got in his car. He put the name of the hospital in his GPS and went on his way finally able to breath. Abel couldn’t have been prouder when his daughter came out of that office with her head held high. Sh ewas certainly tough like her mother.

Cora held Abi’s hand and Abel leaned against the wall as the doctor patched her up. There was an officer in the room who took her statement and both Cora and Abel found themselves becoming more terrified when she explained how she had lead James away. He wanted to both reprimand her and tell her how proud he was. Cora was the same way. He hoped his heart didn’t give out with all the worry he felt when his girls did something crazy. The officer and doctor left and Abel moved to the other side of the bed to hug his daughter. Abigail walked through the wall and sat at the foot of the bed.

“Thank you for coming with me Abigail.” Little Abi said with a smile.

“I could never let anything happen to you.” She replied.

“Abigail I hope you know how glad we hate to have you constantly hovering around.” Abel said, making the ghost smile happily.

They were allowed to take Abi home when the cops had everything they needed. They took Halie with them, calling her parents to let them know what had happened and that they would bring Halie home in the morning. The girls fell asleep in the back seat with Abigail watching over them. Cora slipped her hand in Abel’s, glad that everyone had survived. Her heart went out to Marna who she knew would be feeling guilty. The woman had to know that she had no control over her ex husband’s actions. When they finally made it home Abel lifted Abi out of the back seat and Cora got Halie. Abel took his daughter to her room and Cora took Halie to the guest room. They quietly closed the doors and Cora ran into her husband’s arms, crying. He lifted her and carried her to their room, kicking off his shoes and then laying her down and pulling hers off. He lay down next to her, pulling her onto his arms and stroking her hair until she cried herself to sleep. When he was sure she was completely out he cried quietly, letting all his fear and anger slip away with his tears. He never wanted to have the feeling of not knowing again. He had had it far to many times with Cora. He kissed Cora’s forehead and thanked god that his family was whole.

Abel drifted off to sleep around four am. He still had his wife wrapped tightly in his arms. Morning came and Abel woke first. His movement also woke Cora up. “Morning baby”

“let me make us some breakfast. I have all the stuff for some really good omelettes.”

“Thanks.” Abel went to the kitchen then Cora went to check on her daughter. She was talking about what happened on her cellphone with some friends while also typing about it on Facebook. Cora smiled glad to see her daughter unphased. Cora mouthed that she loved Abi and she used her shoulder to hold the phone while she made a heart with her hands. Cora smiled then went to the guest room. Halie was still sleeping so she closed the door back quietly. Cora couldn’t get to the kitchen fast enough to be with her husband.

She kissed his back and gave him a hug before sitting on the counter. “Our girl is undisturbed. She’s just in there telling her friends about it like she was talking about a trip to the mall.”

“I’m very proud of her” Abel said. “I hope she always stays such a strong girl.”

“well she’s inherited your luck so she’ll need to be. She’ll stress her husband into an early grave like you’ll do to me” Cora laughed. Ghost Abi came into the kitchen “morning Abi. Thank you so much for all you did. Things would’ve been much worse without you.”

“Yes thank you. I wish we coudl hug you.” Able added. Abigail smiled “I love this family very much.”

“we love you too” When the omlettes were ready Cora went and woke Halie and pulled little Abi off her phone and laptop. They all ate and then got in the car to take Halie to her parents. They ran out their home when Coras car pulled up. Halies parents hugged Abis then they went back home. “if you guys dont mind I’m still filling people in on what happend.” Little Abi said when they got back. Cora laughed “go on, I think we can manage without you.” Abi smiled and then ran back into her room.

“You were right. She didn’t even have a nightmare.” Abel said as he watched his daughter disappear upstairs. “I almost told her she had been an idiot last night after purposely attacking and provoking a mad man. I’m glad I held my tongue.”

“She would have understood honey. She knows the only reason you get onto her is because you love her.” Cora grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the couch. “Come and hold me.”

Abel lay on the couch and pulled her down on top of him. She rested her head on his chest and he grabbed the controller and turned on the TV. He settled on National Security so Cora would laugh. He loved her laugh and was rewarded instantly with it. He smiled and kissed the top of her head and felt suddenly very tired. He fell asleep before he could stop himself, his arms locked tightly around her. Cora smiled when she saw Abel had fallen asleep. She kissed his chin and watched the rest of the movie. After it was over she gently shook him and he snapped awake.

“I’m sorry, I must have been more tired than I thought.” He said and let her out of his arms so they could oth set up.

“It’s okay babe, we all had a hard night. Abi is quiet so I think she may be asleep too.” Cora leaned in and kissed his cheek. He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her until she was breathless.

“I’m so happy to have you Cora. Without you, our wonderful little girl and Abigail my life would be meaningless.”

“You would still have your work saving innocent lives.”

“It would be nothing without you. You bring a whole new perspective to being a cop. You see the spirits of those who desire justice and push me and the rest of the precinct into working harder.”

“Oh yes because you were all a bunch of lazy slobs until I came along.” She teased, making him laugh.

“I know, papers and coffee cups everywhere. It was utter mayhem. Now you say you’re coming by and the boys hop right to cleaning up.”

“I love you Abel.” She glanced at the clock. “I’m going to make lunch, why don’t you go and see if our baby girl is hungry.” He kissed her one more time before heading upstairs. He would never get tired of feeling her lips against his. They were so soft and warm. He sighed happily as he knocked on Abi’s door.

She didn’t answer so he pushed it open slowly. He chuckled when he saw she was sleeping with the phone on her face. He walked over and gently shook his daughter. “are you hungry sweetheart?”

“what time is it?”

“around twelve.” Abigail hugged her dad “you know the only reason I wasn’t scared is because I knew you would come. As I ran from that man I kept reminding myself that you were coming as fast as you could. I really have the best dad in the world. I know I can always count on you” Abel hugged his daughter tightly “I love you so much. Maybe next time you can try and not be so brave?” Abi laughed. “lets go eat dad.” Abel carried his daughter to the kitchen where they all laughed and talked as Cora cooked somthing for them to eat.

Abel just sat on the counter taking this moment in. He had such an amazing family. Abel felt truly blessed and lucky. The past fifteen years was well worth the five hardships they’ve been through. He’d go through anything for his family. He hoped Cora and Abigail would always know how much he loved them.

~ The End ~

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