Cora & Abel 6

Chapter One

It finally happened, the serial killer that had been traveling across the United States had made it to his town. It wasn’t as if Abel had wanted this maniac to come but he knew it would happen eventually since he hadn’t been captured yet. All they knew about the killer was that he was male, had aids and only killed happily taken men. It didn’t matter if they were married, engaged or just dating. If they were truly happy and treated their woman with respect they had a target on their backs with this guy.

It didn’t make sense to Abel. He had seen his fair share of serial killers and none ever chose victims based on how good hearted and faithful they were. They were normally punishing sombody for hurting them. How could he be angry at men who loved the women they were with? Abel sighed, knowing all serial killers were messed up in the head so he guessed it didn’t have to make sense.

He just hoped the killer went after him so they could figure out who he is. As a werewolf he couldn’t contract the aids and on top of that he would be able to subdue another human easily. The scent at this scene told him the man was a human. Before this crime scene he wasn’t so sure since the killer targeted such good people. Abel knew as a happily married man this maniac was probably coming and he couldn’t wait to put a stop to all this.

He watched the young man and woman as they walked down the sidewalk swinging the little boy between them. They were smiling, laughing, the little boy giggling as they swung him a little higher. His fingers tightened on the steering wheel of his car, his knuckles turning white. They sickened him, made his stomach twist in knots. He watched them until they disappeared into the mall then started his car. He would learn their habits and then he would destroy their happiness.

“Abel love, are you alright?” Cora asked as she rested her hands on her husband’s shoulders and looked over his head at the file he was reading.

“Yeah, just reading the files on each victim of this serial killer. I told you about him remember.”

“I can’t believe he’s in our town, it’s terrifying.”

“I promise I’ll stop him. Hey Abi if you’re here would you mind going and checking on Abigail, Christian, and Lewis?” The papers in the file gave a little flutter and he smiled. “Thank you.” He closed the file and reached up, pulling Cora down and kissing her. “This man is just so disturbing. There is no connection between these murders other than all of the men being in good relationships. No racial preference or anything like that, just plain old happiness.”

“Why don’t I make us something to eat and make you some coffee.”

“You are just so damn perfect baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Cora went into the kitchen to prepare Catfish Amandine and started a pot of coffee while Abel tried to wind down in the living room. He was glad he didn’t have to worry about his girls getting hurt since this psycho never hurt women. Whoever was doing this always made sure the male was alone somwhere before attacking. The safety of the men in this town worried Abel so much he wanted just to wander around town until he caught the scent from the crime scene and found their man. He would talk to Cora about it when she was done cooking. They had been through so much he hoped she would be open minded about him confronting a serial killer if he could find him.

Cora came out with his coffee and kissed his head before handing him the coffee cup Abigail Jr had given him on Fathers Day when she was five. Abel smiled “thanks beautiful”

“No problem, there’s more in the pot if you want any” She walked back in the kitchen to tend to dinner, leaving Abel with his thoughts about the case again. The next time his thoughts were broken Cora was asking him to pour drinks so he got up, set the table and poured his wife some sweet tea and poured another cup of coffee for himself.

“you want to ask me somthing” Cora said after swallowing her third bite.”yeah”

“then go ahead”

“I dont want to ruin dinner”

“go ahead Abel”

“Would you mind if tomorrow I go hunting for this bastard? I’m a wolf and can take him. If I don’t choose to wipe him out another man could die”

“what if he isn’t human?”

“he is, I got his scent at the crime scene”

She sighed. “As long as you’re careful and you come back to me.”

“I promise.”

“Grandma?” The drowsy voice of their grandson filled their ears and they both smiled as Rorie walked into the dining room rubbing his eyes. “Hey sweetie, come here.” He walked over and she hugged him. “You hungry?”


“Okay, lets get in your chair.” Abel pulled the chair between them back and Cora lifted him up into it before going into the kitchen.

“Your mom and dad should be getting here soon.” Abel said as he tussled Rorie’s hair.

“But I want to stay.”

Abel chuckled. “Well when they get here I’ll ask for you okay?”

“Okay.” Cora came back with a small plate and sat it down in front of Rorie. “Thank you grandma.”

“You’re welcome baby.”

Rorie ate and began talking but they weren’t sure what about. It was one of those kind of conversations with a toddler that you just smile and nod because while it doesn’t make much sense to you it makes perfect sense to them. He was still talking when Abigail, Christian and Lewis came through the door. Rorie got down excitedly and ran to his mother. “Hey baby”

“hey mommy!” Able hugged his daughter, son in law and grandson then asked “why don’t we keep Rorie tonight? He wants to stay and we’d love to have him”

“sure dad” Abigail answered then Abel looked at Lewis “you want to stay too?”


“good, we’ll keep both.”

“I guess we’ll just go and let you two enjoy your grandchildren then” Christian said with a smile. “alright, we love you two”

“Love you” Abigail gave her mother one last hug and a kiss “when do you want us back?”

“Oh we’ll just keep them forever” Abigail laughed “have more kids mom. I’ll be back to get them around threeish tomorrow”

“ok baby” Able managed to get his mind off the case as he played with his grandchildren. He let them stay up far past bedtime but bedtime was more of a guideline at grandma and grandpas house. When the kids finally crashed they carried the little ones to the room they shared and tucked them in before switching off the lights and on their nightlight. “Goodnight my loves” Cora whispered then helped her husband turn the lights all around the house off.

As the last switch got flicked down Able lifted his mate and licked her neck “Abel”

“They are sleeping”

“More kids?’

“of course” Able took her to their bedroom and playfully threw her on the bed before shutting and locking his door so the grandkids wouldnt accidentally walk in on anything. She loved the way his eyes looked when he was lustful now that he was a wolf. They actually burned with deep desire for her and it made him absolutely wild in bed. They drove eachother into full bodied orgasms, knowing just what made their mate tick. They wanted more of one another but once would have to do with little ones in the house.

He had followed them, the beautiful, happy couple, after they had dropped of their little one. They had gone inside their home, had switched the lights off and gone to bed. Now was the best time to attack, when they were helpless. He got out of his car and popped the trunk, grabbing the bag he kept stashed there. He approached the house quietly, his eyes darting around, his ears listening. There were no lights save for the street lights and no dogs barking. He stepped onto the front porch and sat his bag down, unzipping it and pulling out the lock pick set. He had done this so many times it had become second nature and he had the door unlocked in no time.

He stepped inside, closing the door softly and started up the stairs, feeling that familiar rage building in his mind, threatening to bubble over before he even made it to his goal. He pulled knife out of his bag, his fingers gripping it tightly. Christian’s eyes fluttered open, his body suddenly tense. He could feel something was wrong. He sat slowly up. When he heard the sound of an unfamiliar heart beat, he became still. There was someone in the house, someone who didn’t belong there, a threat to his mate. He shifted shape, the large wolf that was his counterpart standing between Abigail and the door to their room. The minute it swung open, he pounced, causing the man to scream in surprise. The sound woke Abigail who quickly switched on her lamp as wolf and man rolled down the hall. She heard a yelp and went running, nearly falling as she slid on the wood floors. The man was gone, the front door wide open and Christian lay at the top of the steps, a knife sticking out of his shoulder and blood on his face.

“Hurry up and call the cops and your dad.”

Gripped in confusion and fear she ran back into the bedroom and dialed her parents. Each ring felt like forever “Mom, tell dad sombody came into our house and attacked Christian. I’m going to call the police department as soon as I hangup so just tell him he can come” Waking up instantly she shook Able “baby! I think that mad man tried to kill Christian!” Abel almost magically teleported out of bed and began getting dressed. This late at night he had obviously entered their home with Abigail there. That wasn’t like him. He had always made sure the men were alone before attacking.

He was obviously getting to the point where he had no control and couldn’t wait which put a lot more lives in danger. What he feared most was him returning and harm coming to his only daughter. Abel rushed out the house and Cora knew she wouldn’t be resting any more this evening. She wished she could go but the babies couldn’t be left alone.

She decided to go sit in their room, just to be sure they were alright. She was aware they werent this mans type of target but it didn’t matter. Able was glad to see the rest of the department was already at the scene. Abigail scented her father and ran to him “is Christian okay?”


“good, he didn’t hurt you did he? He’s never attacked with the wife home”

“No, Christian made sure he didn’t come near me”

“Look, I’m going to go inside and get a good whiff of his scent, you go to our house.”

“Okay dad, I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” He kissed her forehead and headed inside, not needing to flash his badge. “So, fill me in, I need to know exactly what happened?” He asked the first officer on the scene.

“Christian said he and Abigail were sleeping when he heard footsteps. He got out of bed and attacked the killer. They wrestled for the knife and Christian wound up getting stabbed. The knife was left behind as well as the attackers blood. We were told he was positive for AIDS. We told Christian he should get tested, but he refuses to go. He bled right on Christian.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to him.”

“He also wouldn’t get stitches, said it wasn’t that bad.”

“I’ll talk to him, just call me if you find anything, get this place cleaned up and station someone across the street in case that son of a bitch comes back.”

“Yes sir.” He left the house, deciding to search the surrounding area and see if he could find a trail. The killer was bleeding. He knew he didn’t have to worry about Christian, he would heal and his werewolf blood would kill off the disease.

Chapter Two

Cora felt relief when Abigail and Christian walked in the door. They had a key and didn’t want their knocking to wake the children so they just came right in. Christian had blood all over him from the scuffle so he and Abi borrowed some of Cora and Abels clothes so they could take a shower. Once Cora heard the water running she brewed a pot of coffee, knowing nobody was doing anymore sleeping tonight. She decided some sort of comfort food was in order as well so she preheated the oven for chocolate chip cookies.

When Abigail and Christian got out they went to check on their sleeping pups then went into the kitchen where Cora was sitting on the counter wearing a worried expression. Christian hugged his mother in law “He’s human mom. He wont hurt Abel.”

“I know, it’s just not like we’re invincible”

“Have faith in him. He’s coming home and when he does one less bastard will be on the streets” She managed a small smile before silence filled the kitchen. Even as they sat down with coffee and cookies they all were just thinking about what might be going on wherever Abel was.

Abel stared frustrated at the spot where his killer’s car had been parked. He had followed the scent the car had left for a ways, but after awhile the scent had faded. On returning to the house he told his fellow officers not to bother checking at the hospital since he was sure the killer wouldn’t go there even though he was wounded. The man would probably bandage himself up and either come back for Christian or move on. He told them to put up road blocks at every exit in hopes they could trap this man inside their town. From the amount of blood that had been on Christian and Abigail’s floor, he knew the guy was seriously wounded and would be in a lot of pain.

“Why do you think he attacked with Abigail here?” It was his chief. He had offered to take rotation with a few of the officers that had volunteered to watch Christian and Abigail’s house.

“I don’t know, it’s very strange for him. It could have been he wanted Abigail to watch to gain some sort of enjoyment, it could have been because he didn’t think he would ever truly get Christian alone, or maybe he was just purely and simply impatient.”

“Maybe he’s just getting crazier, slipping further into a delusional state or something.”

“It does seem like his rage is intensifying.” Abel sighed. “I’m going to give the area another once over and then head home to check on my kids. If anyone hears or sees anything please call me, I want to be the one to take this bastard down.”

The chief nodded and Abel walked off purposefully. It was frustrating when he still couldn’t pick up that mans scent again but atleast his son in law was still alive. He loved Christian just as he was his own son and even if it weren’t for that he wouldn’t want his daughter to go through the pain of loseing a husband. Times when he just worried about loseing Cora were unbelievably painful. He returned to his car and sent a text so Cora would know he was coming home before he drove off.

When Coras phone lit up telling her Abel was coming home she refilled all their mugs then started a new pot for him. She also decided to make more cookies since they had eaten all of the first batch. Abigail came in the kitchen can i help mom?”

“No, the oven makes the cookies and the pot brews the coffee.”

“You can sit with Christian and i’ll keep an eye on things. You look stressed mom”

“He’s on his way home now and I assume since its this quickly that man is still out there. He attacked while you were home too. Just think if the babies had been over there.” Abi hugged her mother.

Abel sighed as he pulled into his driveway and switched off his car. This case was already exhausting. He didn’t want to have to wait for the monster to strike again and feared if he let word get out he would run. He looked at his home, could see his wife and daughter standing in the kitchen talking. He was still enraged that that man would dare go after his family. He got out of his car and walked up to the front door, pushing it open. Cora was in his arms in an instant, her arms going around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly against him.

“Hey baby.” He said and kissed her cheek.

“How was your search?”

“I didn’t find him, but Christian bit him good. He lost a lot of blood, not enough to kill him, but enough to weaken him.” He pulled back to look at her face. “Some of the boys are going to take turns watching their house in case he returns.”

“So he’s still out there?” Abigail asked as she sat down next to Christian.

“Unfortunately.” He sighed and kissed Cora’s forehead. “Finding him is going to be hard.”

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Yes please and a cookie once they’re finished.”

Cora smiled and gave him a quick kiss before pulling away from him and heading into the kitchen. As she was filling his cup she suddenly had an idea and quickly put the cream and sugar in, mixing it as she walked into the kitchen. “We can use Abi to broaden your search.” She handed him his cup.

“I never thought of that.” He took a sip and sat down. “She can go places I can’t and because she’s a ghost she doesn’t need a warrant.”

“Warrant for what?” Ghost Abigail asked as she walked through the living room wall.

“To search for a serial killer inside buildings.” Cora answered.

“Abigail, can you get a few of your ghostly friends together and ask them to help us search? Christian was face to face with this guy so he’s going to be able to give you an extremely detailed description, anything that was missed by other witnesses and the police.”

“of course I will” Abi flew over to Christian and Abigail jr and asked for a description. Abi explained to her husband and he told her absolutely every detail he could pull out of his memory. With that ghost Abigail flew off, wanting this over before somebody she loved died or was seriously hurt. Having so much coffee in their systems they knew they weren’t going to sleep so Abigail Jr said “why don’t we play Uno or somthing to pass some time. We can’t do much tonight and we need to try and think of somthing else”

“sure” Cora answered and they all sat down. Ghost Abigail quickly went to each of her friends and gave a description after enlisting their help to figure out where this crazed man was. When she had finally talked to everyone she began looking herself, glad as a ghost she couldn’t wear herself out. It was near morning when Christian decided to help the ghosts “Let me go lay down. I’ll astral project and search too”

“okay” Abigail answered then looked at her parents “I’m going to lay with him. Come get me up when the children are up”

“I will” Alone now Cora and Abel just cuddled on the couch. Seven am rolled around and the children got up. Cora went to start breakfast while Abel went to get his daughter. Abigail was woken up easily, sad to see that obviously none of the ghosts had come back and her husband was still gone.

“We’ll find him.” Abel said, hugging his daughter

“I know, I just wish it would be sooner rather than later. What if he hurts someone else? I’m your daughter and I know from your work how volatile serial killers can be.”

“He’ll have a hard time, he’s wounded.”

He groaned, his eyes fluttering open. He sat up slowly, his shoulder stiff and throbbing in pain. His skin was caked in dry blood, his blood. His shirt was duct taped to the large wound and he slowly untaped it and peeled his shirt away, hissing in pain. Some of the layer of dry blood came away and he started bleeding again. If he had known those people had a dog, he wouldn’t have gone inside, but there had been no sign of them having a pet. There had been no bowls or toys or that familiar smell of canine. He didn’t understand how it could have gone so wrong. Finding this empty shed had been a miracle and he had passed out right after stopping the bleeding. He grabbed another one of his shirts and used his knife to cut it into strips which he tied around his shoulder. He pulled on a clean shirt and then his jacket so it would hide any blood that seeped through.

He wasn’t sure where he would go now but he did know he was hungry. He decided to try and find a homeless shelter and beg for some food. The woman hadn’t had time to see the two of them when she came out so he was positive his identity was still unknown. He put his hood up as a precaution and walked swiftly. Even if he had to bum money off of someone before he left this town he would. Even a McDouble from McDonalds sounded good right now.

He found a woman and a little girl out walking a dog and asked “mam, could you spare a dollar or two? I’m so hungry” taking pity on him she gave him a five. “Thank you”

“Theres a homless shelter on Eastwood” she answered. “thanks again” he said and hurried off. He heard the woman reminding her daughter never to talk to homeless men if she was alone. He smiled, knowing she had no idea she had just talked to a man who had taken fourteen lives. It would be wise if she took her own advice.

He walked until he found Mc Donalds then ordered himself a mcdouble, fries and a dollar sweet tea. He wanted to eat there but there were too many men around so he walked out and away until he found a nice spot to eat by himself.

Christian’s body gave a little jolt when his spirit slipped back into it. He felt exhausted, hungry and thirsty. He sat up slowly, pushing his hair out of his face then getting to his feet. He could hear his sons giggling as they played downstairs and gave a little smile at the joyous sound. He hoped the ghosts had a better time than he had at finding the bastard who had invaded his home. “How you feeling Christian?” Abel asked, looking up from the file he had sitting on the coffee table.


“There’s coffee in the kitchen and we left you some breakfast.”

“Thank you.”

Abigail was sitting at the kitchen table with the boys, listening to them chatter and helping them color. He went to them first, giving them all kisses while Cora scooped food onto a plate and made him a cup of coffee. She brought them to him and he sat down with a grateful smile. “Didn’t find anything?” She asked.

“No, not even a hint of him. That’s what sucks about astral projecting, you can’t follow a scent.”

“It’s okay, I’m sure Abi and her friends are looking really hard. Just relax and eat.”

He smiled again. “Yes ma’am.”

Chapter Three

Ghost Abigails friend Wade froze when he saw whom he was pretty sure he had been looking for. He got closer, knowing he could examine the man without detection. When he was fully convinced this was the man he rushed to Coras home to let her know before he tracked down Ghost Abigail. He had only went home with Ghost Abigail once but had no trouble finding Cora. Cora was playing with her grandchildren when Wade appeared “Do you know somthing?” She asked and told her where he saw the man. Cora quickly got up and called her husband, glad when he answered.

Cora told him where Wade had seen the serial killer then let him get off the phone so Abel could get over there before he moved on. Even if he left maybe Abel could keep the scent this time. Knowing he wasn’t needed here now the ghost left to tell the others they didn’t need to search any longer. Abel switched on his lights and drove as fast as he could to the srea described.

When he arrived the perpetrator had already left. He sighed “that would have been too easy I guess” He found the mans scent and followed. One mercy was that he wasn’t going back into town. The sent was leading him to a more rural area. Needing the speed of his wolf Abel stripped his clothes and shifted. He didn’t need his gun to make sure a human came along anyway.

The smell of blood was strong as he tracked his prey, the scent not diminished in any way by the slight breeze that started to blow through. Abel was glad the wound was so fresh, it made it virtually impossible for the killer to hide. Footprints moved off onto an old dirt road. It was covered in leaves and twigs, even a branch here and there. Some of the debris had been kicked out of the way as the killer had walked through. Abel knew this road lead to an abandoned farmhouse. The barn had been torn down, but there was a chicken coop as well as a shed and part of an apple orchard. He knew the man would be laying low until he was healed enough to actually move around.

Abel was pleased to find he had been right. The heavy scent told him who he was looking for was hiding in the shed. Abel shifted so he could open the door. He could see the look of surprise on the mans face and smiled triumphantly. It probably also had to do with the fact he was fully nude but he knew he had surprised the man. “My badge is with my clothes you bastard but I’m with the police department. Come willingly or I’ll rip you to shreds for touching my son in law”

He laughed “You’re just some crazy hillbilly” Abel shifted back to wolf form, the painful popping noises making the psychopath cringe. Abioyes eyes widened when the transform was complete. Now a powerful, angry looking wolf stood before him. His fur on end and teeth clinched Abel growled threateningly. “okay okay!” he said in a panic. He was terrified and confused. No wonder that dog came out of nowhere. They were a family of wolves.

Abel moved his head, instructing the man to come. Abioye stood and followed, not daring to walk too close to Abel but making sure he wasn’t walking too far away either. Once back at Abels clothes he went human and dressed, planning to keep the man in line with his gun now. At the car Abioye got in and Abel assumed the wheel. “why the hell did you attack with my daughter home?” Abel finally asked “I couldn’t wait anylonger. It’s not fair! My father should have loved my mother. She was wonderful. Why do all these women get good men but not my mother who was most deserving. It was an injustice”

“Shut your pathetic mouth. Many women have men who cheat on them, lie to them, and walk out on them and their children. The world isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t give you the right to murder people. An injustice is killing innocent men who did nothing but love their wives and girlfriends and fiances. Injustice is making mothers, wives, and girlfriends mourn the loss of their loved ones. You are nothing but a monster, a sick, twisted nothing who blames all his problems on a daddy who didn’t love him or his mother.”

“You know nothing.”

“I know enough, I know that you’re a coward, that you have to sneak up on your victims. A real man would have met them face to face, but you had to blitz attack them. People like you make me sick.” Abioye kicked the grate separating them. “Throw a tantrum if you want, hell kick out the windows, you’re still going to prison.”

Abel called Cora the second the other men started to book Abioye. It was a brief call but he wanted her to know that they were all safe. He kept a close eye on the man, making sure he didn’t try anything until the moment he was locked up. Abels chief grabbed his shoulder “Go home to your wife and kids. You’ve done enough today”


“How’s Christian?”


“Your family sure is resilient as hell” Abel smiled ‘see you tomorrow”

“see you, tell Cora hi”

“I will” Abel got in his car and drove home, glad Abigail and Christian hadn’t left. “is ghost Abi here?” Abel asked and Cora nodded ‘thanks for all your help”

“No problem” Ghost Abigail answered. Abigail, Christian and their children spent the night to unwind after everything. They played card and board games, eventually all getting in a light mood. The next morning they did what they always did after facing horrible things together. They just went back to their lives and put it behind them. Afterall unlike the other victims of Abioye atleast they all still actually had one another so they wouldn’t be selfish and mope when they were far more blessed than all those other families that lost genuinely good men.

~ The End ~

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