Cora & Abel

Chapter 1

“Cora,” the voice said, “Cora wake up.” Her eyes drifted open and staring back at her was Abigail.

“I’m sleeping, go away.” Cora grumbled.

“Get up lazy.”

Cora pulled her comforter over her head. Why did her ghostly companion have to bother her now. “Or what? You aren’t a poltergeist so there’s nothing you can do.”

“Abel’s just pulled up outside and I have enough energy to unlock your door. Would you like him to see you naked again?”

“Why not, then maybe we could be naked together.”

“Cora!” Abigail sounded so shocked and Cora couldn’t help but laugh.

“Alright, alright I’ll get up.”

She quickly pulled a pair of shorts and a sports bra and ran downstairs. She pulled the front door open just as Abel was about to knock. “I take it Abi came and got you out of bed. Thanks Abi.” He said and smiled that smile that made butterflies flutter in her stomach. He couldn’t actually see Abigail the way she could, but he could feel her presence.

“So what’s up with having me bugged out of a bed at six in the morning?” Cora asked, leaning her hip against the doorframe.

“Another dead woman, same as before. She’s been bit and drained. David wants to know if you can come and see if her ghost is still hanging around.” He smiled again and she couldn’t resist.

“Come in and give me a few minutes to get ready.”

“You look fine the way you are” She gave him a crazy look “In my sports bra?” She quickly pulled a shirt on. She then brushed her hair and teeth. “I’m ready, lets go.” They both said bye to Abigail and walked out to his car. She asked him “How are you always so excited about life so early?” He said “Well why aren’t you? You would seem to be happy to sleep precious day away. It baffles me.”

She rolled her eyes and looked out the window at the beautiful sunrise. One good thing about being forced out of bed so early was getting to see the sun come up in all its glory. Her favorite time of day was sunrise and sunset. Mainly sunset because she didn’t have to get up for it.

“So what’s the newest victims name?” She asked as they pulled up to the crime scene.

“Alexia, she was seventeen, our youngest so far.” He answered.

Cora felt a tightness in her chest. How sad for such a young woman to have her life cut so short. She jumped out of his car and walked grudgingly to where the body had been. It had already been taken away so as not to further scare the people standing outside the police barrier. There wasn’t a drop of blood on the ground, there never was.

Abel followed close behind, feeling sorrowful. He hadn’t actually wanted to wake Cora, hated that she had to be part of this darkness. She had used her gift to help people for so long he feared it was finally starting to wear her down. She needed a vacation somewhere nice and warm and he wished he could take her. She suddenly stopped, holding out an arm in front of him so her hand rested on his chest.

“She’s here, she’s afraid and crying.” She whispered. He knew it meant he had to be quiet and keep others back.

He stood there as still as he could possibly be. He was very careful not to make a single sound. “What happened” Cora asked her sincerely even though Cora had heard the same story over and over and had seen this so many times she still cared about each one and their heartache. Weepily the spirit told her her story.

When she was done Cora thanked her and assured her they would put an end to this monster. She told the spirit that she needed to move on. If she allowed herself to she would be at peace already doing all she could to get vengence for the life she lost.

“So what did she say?” Abel asked when Cora came back to him.

“Same as the others. A man about thirty years of age with dark blue eyes and short black hair approached her for directions while she was on her way home. She told him where he needed to go and continued on her way. The next thing she knew she was jerk back and there was a searing pain in her throat. The only reason I know it’s the same man is because she said he had a scar from his temple to his chin.” She answered, feeling like crying. “Oh Abel I’m so tired of this shit, so tired of trying to stop this monster.”

He hated how defeated she sounded. He pulled her into his arms, not caring if anyone saw. She needed someone who was alive to care. Ghosts could only give her so much and they were usually a reminder of her inability to catch a serial killer. He knew she blamed herself. “Come on, lets get you some coffee and a muffin then I’ll take you home.” He said, pulling back to look into her sad brown eyes. He brushed a fly away strand of her dark hair out of her face. He loved that wild mane.

“Okay, sounds good.”

She couldn’t believe he just hugged her like that. She really needed some coffee and to relax. Her defeat turning into more determination. Mainly because of Abel hugging her like that. His touch always revived her spirits. A smile shot acorss her face.

“That’s good to see. What’re you smiling about?”

“The coffee, I really need some!” She lied

They pulled up to a coffee shop and got out walking in together and going up to order. They always got the same thing so it didn’t take long. The people knew as soon as they saw them what to start making. It was ready in just a few minuets and they sat down. She jokingly said “It would be funny to come in here one day and order something different. I wonder how they would react” She smiled. “They’d probably think we were ill or had gotten possessed.” It was no secret to everybody around them that she could see and talk to spirits.

The murders were all over the news and had the town in panic. She hated how they all depended on them to figure it out. It was so much pressure and so much lack of sleep. She did look at the brightside of all the time it caused her to spend with Abel.

“Thanks for the hug. I needed it.”

“I could tell” he said running his fingers through his hair

“I’ll try to not do that out there again”

She picked at her apple muffin, hungry but too irritated to eat. She couldn’t understand how the culprit had still not been identified. His scar was so distinct. She sipped at her coffee, going over every detail of the case. She wasn’t a cop like Abel, she wasn’t someone who should be tracking down a murderer.

“What’s wrong?” Abel asked.

“Just irritated and exhausted. I just don’t understand why the police can’t find this guy. He’s clearly a blood sucker, which are becoming more common due to them coming out of hiding, but a vampire with a scar is very uncommon.” She replied and yawned.

“You really aren’t a morning person.”

“I was until Abigail. She wakes me up anytime something happens. She figures I have the ability to help everyone. I still can’t get her to tell me what happened to her.”

“Maybe in time. Come on, I’ll take you home. We can talk more about all this death later.”

“How about over dinner, my treat.” She smiled as they left the table, tossing out their cups.

“Where are we going to eat?”

“I thought I’d cook for you.”

“You can cook?” He looked shocked.

“Jeez, yeah I can cook”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you” He smiled

He took her home and she went inside already worried about what she’d make for dinner. She decided she’d make something so good he’d feel terrible for doubting she could cook. She pulled out every cook book she had. She was going to search through every one and make the best recipe she could find. Abi noticed and came down to her.

“Why are you doing that?”

“I’m going to cook for Abel tonight”

The spirit giggled “are you nervous?”

“He did’t think I could cook. I just want to make him feel dumb”

That got the spirit laughing really hard. “You are too much Cora”

She just glared at the ghost and continued to flip through the pages. She hadn’t paid close enough attention to what Abel liked to eat. They were always so busy and most of the time they barely had time to share a muffin. She decided garlic lemon chicken was safe. She’s steam some broccoli and make her mashed potatoes. It was still to early to even start defrosting the chicken so she decided to go on a run. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail and pulled her shirt off. Just a sports bra would be fine.

“I’m going for a run Abi, want to come?” She said to the ghost.

“Sure, might as well. There isn’t anything to do around here.”

Abel sat in his office in homocide. He was typing up his report on the latest victim, making sure his superiors knew that Cora had helped. He kept glancing out the window, willing the sun to fall faster. He wanted to have dinner with Cora so bad he was practically giddy. He took a deep breath. It was just dinner with a friend. He had to tell himself that ever day just to keep from overstepping his bounds. Being around her on almost a daily basis was making it harder.

The day slowly went by until it was finally time for Cora to get ready. She decided to get dressed before cooking so she could finish it as close to time as possible so it would be nice and hot saying to Abi “That’ll show him” She went upstairs and couldn’t figure out what to wear. He mostly saw her in clothes she rushed to get on because it was always so early when he needed her. She wanted to look pretty for him. It’s the least she could do in return for all the days he stood there looking sexy.

She wondered what he really thought about how she looked. He must like her atleast as a person since they spent so much time together out of work too.

Abi said “Don’t be so nervous Cora”

“Who says I’m nervous!”

“Your face” she giggled

“What should I wear Abi?”

“How about a nice dress? Men love to see women in dresses. It brings out their beauty”

She gave a very unlady like snort, but had to admit to herself that Abi was probably right. She flipped through her clothes until she found the one dress she owned. It was a red spaghetti strap number that fell just above the knee. It wasn’t to dressy, but it was still very nice. She jumped in the shower, washing away the sweat from her run. Smelling like a gym was never appealing. She got out, dried, and pulled the dress on. Her hair was still damp, but she didn’t have time to do anything with it. It would dry and curl which would look like she’d styled it. It was her biggest secret. She found her heels and tugged them on. They were black and looked great with the dress.

She made her way downstairs and rifled through her freezer until she found some chicken breasts. She ripped open the package and pulled two out, sticking them in a large bowl and popping them in the microwave to defrost. She found a head of broccoli in the fridge and washed it then sat it on the counter. She went into the pantry and found four nice sized potatoes. She really hoped she could pull this off.

Chapter Two

She started cooking. Abigail wanted to laugh at her serious face but decided she didn’t want to die all over again at the hands of an angry Cora. She was doing great, she smiled impressed with herself. The whole meal was cooked without incident and she sighed with relief. She was grateful it worked out because she really wanted to impress him. She knew she did with being able to talk to spirits and see them but she wanted to impress him in many more ways.

She loved his smile, honestly she loved every thing about him. She set everything out on the table and looked at the clock. Only about 5minutes before he was supposed to get there. She ran to her mirror quickly to make sure he hair looked nice.

Abigail said “Stop fussing, I can tell he likes you Cora, It’s pretty obvious. You are just blind.”

“I think you just like to meddle Abi”

Abi laughed “This is why I like staying with you Cora. You are so funny”

Abel knocked on Cora’s front door. He was nervous, unreasonably nervous. He heard footsteps on the other side of the door and it swung open. He froze, his eyes moving from the tip of her toes to the top her head. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair hung in dark curls to her shoulders. A deep crimson dress clung to her, accenting her breasts and hips and stopping just above her knees. Black heels made her taller and showed off her long legs. She smiled up at him and he nearly lost it.

“Did the little gerbil in your head stop running on its wheel?” She teased.

“Sorry it’s just…I mean wow.” He stammered, feeling for all the world like a teenage boy on his first date.

She laughed at how nervous he was. She was just as jittery. He looked good even for still being in the clothes he’d worn to work. He had lost the tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. It was untucked which she thought looked better anyway. “We’ll come in.” She stepped back to let him by then closed the door behind them.

They sat down at her table. He could barely eat he was so nervous. He always thought she was beautiful but tonight was the best she had ever looked. He got a little lost in thought and Cora asked “is it good?” He smiled “Yes it is, it’s amazing” she was proud of herself “to think you doubted if I could cook” he laughed and said “sorry” He thought how nice it would be for them to be together and to have dinners like this often.¬†Unbeknownst to him she felt the same way.

To make conversation she asked “How was the rest of work?”

“Very long and boring. It took the day forever to end”

She smiled and teased saying “All that excitement to see me dragged your day out I see. Can’t blame you there” she winked and laughed a little.

He raked his fingers nervously through his hair. Was he that obvious? A part of him hoped so, but another side of him said there was no way this would work and to calm down. “You would like that wouldn’t you? I bet you’ve been walking around all day swooning over me. For all I know you have a shrine of me somewhere.” He teased back and she laughed. He loved that sound. This is the Cora he remembered from the first day they met. Happy, smiling, care free. He would give anything to have that back.

“I might and it would be your fault for being so damn sexy. Stop dressing like you’re a model and I might be able to keep the drool in my mouth.”

“Oh for heavens sake Cora, just tell him.” Abigail said in her ear and she shot the ghost a death glare. “Don’t look at me like that geez. You’re the only woman who can scared the dead.” Abigail backed away through the kitchen wall.

“I take it Abigail said something irritating.” He said.

“Yeah she was just saying…” A loud banging on her front door cut her off. Who would be here at this time? She apologized and rushed to the front door. When she opened it there was no on there but lying on the porch with drops of blood on it was a white envelope.

She picked it up and Abel stood up out of his chair and gently took it from her. He opened it quickly and began reading. He got serious and said “I need to go back to the station right now” she was worried and said “I’ll go with you just let me get my shoes. I won’t be able to really keep up with you in these.” She quickly grabbed flip flops even though she wanted sneakers.

She thought sneakers would look dumb in a dress. She made sure everything was off and they walked out. She locked the door and they in almost a run got into his car. He wasn’t saying anything which made her worry more

“What did it say?” She asked as he sped down the street.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, taking a corner sharply.

“Give me the letter.”

“Not happening.” She tried snatching it off his lap, but he was quicker. He held the letter in his far hand, knowing she wouldn’t interfere with his driving just to get to it.¬†She glared at him. What could the letter have possibly said for him to be acting this way? She crossed her arms over her chest.

They screeched to a stop in front of the precinct. Abel jumped out and she followed. Abigail suddenly appeared next to her a confused look on her face. Cora shrugged and just followed Abel. He went straight to his chief’s office and she waited impatiently for him to come back out. Ten minutes later four more officers entered, talking animatedly.

“Abigail,” Cora said to the ghost, “go in there and see what that letter says.”

“Alright, give me just a minute.”

She leaned against the wall as Aigail looked over Abel’s shoulders. She returned quickly, her face pale and scared. “What did it say?” Cora asked, wishing she could shake the ghost.

“It just says you’re next in blood.”

A myriad of emotions raced through her, the top of which was anger. She marched toward the office, ready to give Abel a piece of her mind.

When he came out he didn’t give her any room to speak. He said “lets go back to your house. I’ll stay there with you tonight to make sure nothing happens. Tomorrow we are going to figure everything out and damnit if he comes to your house tonight it’ll all be fixed then. I can sleep on your couch right?” He looked so angry and panicked.

She nodded her head. Now not feeling so much like ripping into him. Since she wasn’t supposed to know what the letter said she just said “So I guess the letter was about me then” as they drove back to her home. “Yes, I’m sorry I just wanted to talk to the chief. This is too much and it’s going to stop. That monster has gone too far now”

She didn’t know before he was so protective of her. She thought of his face reading it, the way he was in his office. Maybe him wanting to see her was why his day went so slow. It made her happy in all the fear she felt about the letter. That monster was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Once back at her house she grabbed him blankets and a pillow. “Lock the windows upstairs and close the curtains. If someone tries to get in you let me know.” He said as he sat his gun on her coffee table.

“Abigail never sleeps. If anyone tries to get in she’ll be the first to know. You don’t really have to stay here you know. My dad was a Seal, he taught me a thing or two.” She replied, still a bit perturbed.

“I’m not leaving you and that’s final. The only time a serial killer does something like this is when you’re getting close. If all goes well tonight I’ll call and ask if any evidence was found on the letter. Now please go upstairs, check the windows and try and get some rest.”

She was at a loss for words. She hated being ordered around and if she didn’t like him so much she would have slapped him. She spun around, stomping upstairs and into her room. She slammed her door for emphasis, not caring if it made her seem childish. She slipped out of her dress and flopped down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling until she drifted off.

Abel wasn’t sleeping atall. He felt bad she was mad at him but he didn’t feel wrong. He was only trying to protect her after all. He’d rather her be angry than hurt. His was afraid if he fell asleep he may not react in time if him or it managed to get in somhow. It could also attack her before Abi could tell her. Cora always took so long to get up. He hoped in the morning she wouldn’t be so angry with him. Mostly what he was hoping then was that nothing was going to happen tonight.

“You’re next.” The voice whispered. “You’re mine.” Something grabbed her in the darkness, warm breath touched her skin. She fought, but couldn’t escape the death grip holding her fast. A burning sensation blossomed at her throat, a sharp pain made her scream.

Her screams woke him. He grabbed his gun, running upstairs to her room. He burst through the door, gun raised. Cora tossed and turned in her bed, blankets around her ankles. She screamed and he rushed to her side, laying his gun next to her lamp. He gripped her shoulders, shaking her. She only fought harder. He hoped she’d forgive him for what he was about to do. He slapped her across the face, shocking her awake.

Cora stared up at Abel confused. What had happened? “Is something wrong?” She asked, rubbing her cheek. It stung.

“You were having a nightmare, I had to slap you to wake you up.” He answered, sounding apologetic.

“You could have been nicer about it.” She sat up, realizing she was in nothing but her panties. She blushed, too shocked to moved. He must have seen it in her eyes because he pulled her blanket up so she could hold it to her chest. “Thank you.”

“I’ll go now, you should go back to sleep.” He stood to leave and she grabbed is arm. She was terrified.

“Please stay, please.”

He couldn’t say no, she looked so lost again. He crawled in next to her, pulling her close. She rested her head on his chest, her leg thrown over his thighs. She was soon back asleep and he was left trying to behave himself.

Chapter Three

He wished she had put more clothes on before he got in with her.He was worried he may not be able to contain himself. He enjoyed the feel of her skin since his hand was directly on her back. He gently rubbed her enjoying the sweet scent of her hair. He was amazed at how fast she went to sleep. He was so relaxed and fell asleep too.

He woke to the sound of his phone. He immediatly realized he was late for work. He didn’t think about it because his alarm at his house just got him up every morning. He rolled her gently onto her back blushing at how beautiful and sexy she was. He was glad it didn’t wake her up. He grabbed his gun and got himself together and then ¬†left. he was going to get this guy soon before he could get Cora.

Her eyes flew open when her arm hit mattress. Abel was gone. She sat up rubbing her eyes and stretching. He must have had something important to do. She grabbed a baggy t-shirt out of her chest of drawers and headed downstairs. She put on a pot of coffee and started cleaning up the mess from last night.

The call had been from the lab. He rushed through the doors, sure he looked bad, but not caring. “What is it?” He snapped.

“Whoa slow down there buddy, rough night I take it?” The older woman before him said.

“Yeah, sorry. What did you find?”

“Saliva and fingerprints. Your killer must have been angry when he wrote that letter. He got sloppy.”

“So who is it?”

He watched as she opened a file on her computer. The face looking back at him had dead eyes. The killer was cold and calculating. “Who is he?”

“Gregor Jovavich. Ex military, wanted for murdering women all over europe and now the states. He’s been alive for over four hundred years. He went from slicing women open to draining them dry. He loves when they struggle.”

“Shit.” He said.

“Atleast we know who it is now” he said not masking his fear and frustration. He already knew this guy was dangerous but now he realized just how much. He hated Cora being home alone but last night he had already talked to the chief about making sure atleast one cop car always stayed near her house. It was to be unmarked and unnoticed by her. She was independent and he knew she wouldn’t want to be looked after.

He got a reminder of that last night when she stomped up to her room. Immediately her nearly naked body flashed in his mind and he turned bright red then shook the image out. He needed to concentrate on working and getting this guy. Not sit there thinking about how good she looked.

Cora got dressed in shorts and a sports bra. She pulled on her tennis shoes and pulled her hair back. She stepped out onto her front porch, stretching her legs. The first thing she noticed was the silver car across the street. There was a man behind the wheel watching her. She didn’t make it obvious she knew. She stepped off the porch, jogging down the sidewalk. She heard the car behind her, following her. She wasn’t stupid. She decided to have a little fun with Mr. Unmarked Car. She took off at a sprint and ducked into an alley. The car followed her. She turned left, climbing up onto a stonewall and then into a tree. The car pulled around and the driver jumped out. He ran his fingers through his hair, his face terrified. Abel had had him sent. She dropped down from the branch slowly onto the roof of his car and sat down. He turned back to get in his car and nearl jumped out of his jeans.

“Good morning. You can’t fool the daughter of a military man.” She smiled and winked.

The cop laughed ‘Abel told me you were a smart one. He’s going to be so mad.”

“Not half as mad as me” She huffed then continued “Not at you though, at him for being like this. Men taking care of women ended a long time ago. I’m a big girl and to hell with him if he wants to stay with me tonight”

She climbed off his car saying “Have a good day and I don’t care if you tell Abel what I said” She continued her run. She laughed at the look on his face when he turned around and saw her but was still really upset Abel was acting this way. Such a nice dinner turned into all this. If only she had gotten that note when he wasn’t around. She just knew he wasn’t going to quit trying to protect her.

Abel’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and flipped it open. “What?” He listened to the voice on the other end and gre angry. “Well where is she? Just keep following her and I’ll be around later to take care of it.” He hung up and shoved his phone back in his pocket. Cora was in trouble, a lot of trouble.

Cora finished her run and waved at the young officer as she entered her house. She ran upstairs, taking a quick shower and getting dressed. She felt bad for the guy sitting outside. She knew how intimidating Abel could be to others. She made some lemonade and grabbed her package of chocolate chip cookies. She went out side, walking right over to the unmarked car. The man rolled his window down and she handed him the lemonade and cookies.

“Thank you, ma’am.” He said with a nervous smile.

“You looked a little hungry and thirsy. The lemonade is fresh and the cookies are from my stash.” She said sweetly. “If you need to use the bathroom the front door’s unlocked. Just make some noise so I hear you coming in. I have a gun strapped under my coffee table and I never miss.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“There’s a good boy. When Abel gets here tell him he can sleep in his car. Thank you sweety.” She went back inside, waving one last time before closing the front door.

The cop hoped Abel didn’t find out her door was being kept unlocked. He kind of thought she was crazy. She didn’t seem to worry in the slightest about this crazy killer after her. She acted like nothing was wrong. He was so grateful for the food and drink. He needed some comfort food after talking to Abel. He didn’t know how she was so brave with him.

He then thought “The girl must know he loves her. It’s clear to everybody in the department so it has to be clear to her. All I know is I can’t wait for that man to get off work. I don’t want that creep attacking her while I’m here and him hold me responsible” He shuddered at the thought. He took a glance at his watch and said “well only a few more hours”

Abel scoured the Internet for anything on Jovavich. He found birth records, death records, rebirth records and new clippings. The man had been executed only to be brought back to life by someone who was obviously deranged. He printed out everything, sticking it in a manila folder to read later and maybe show Cora just how dangerous the man was. He was so pissed, but he couldn’t just pick up and leave he had to finish his work. He checked his watch, groaning when he saw how slowly time was crawling by. When he got back to Cora’s he was going to shake some sense into her.

She lounged on the couch, bored out of her mind. She wanted to go somewhere, but didn’t want to be followed. It would look like she had some creepy stalker. She switched on the TV and flipped through the channels, landing on an episode of I’m Alive. It was about a man being attacked by a hippo and another man saving his life. It was very moving.

“Oh how sad.” Abigail said, appearing next to her on the couch.

“Very sad.” She replied and then turned to face Abigail on the couch. “Abi, when are you going to tell me how you died?”

“Probably never. I love being here with you. You’re like the family I never had. You know I was abused and when I died and found you it was like a breath of fresh air. I want to stay here. I don’t feel a tug to move on like many spirits do. I think my place is here for whatever reason.”

“I wish I could hug you right now Abi, you’ve always been so level headed.”

“I love you too Cora. You know you need to talk to Abel. He’s gonna be so pissed when he gets off work. I don’t think he knows how much he means to you. If you love me you’ll say something, even if it’s while you’re arguing.”

“Low blow Abi, low blow.” They laughed and went back to watching TV.

It was finally time for him to get off. He was so glad to finally be leaving so he could talk to Cora. he got in his car and drove a little over the speed limit to get to her house. When he got there he told the cop outside he could go now. He thanked him and left. Cora knew he was coming and sat there with the TV off. He knocked and noticed the door just pushed right open.

He got even more angry now knowing her door wasn’t even locked. He opened the door to Cora sitting there.

“I can’t believe you told him to just go away Cora. This man is dangerous who is after you”

She stood up “I don’t need a babysitter Abel!”

He slammed the papers he brought there on the table “Look at these Cora maybe these will knock some sence into that wall of a head you have”

It really sunk in for her how dangerous he was. Abel was still carrying on and she said “God Abel fine! I realize ok! I’m sorry! God If I didn’t love you so much I’d have already slapped the shit out of you multiple times starting last night” Abel suddenly went quite and then she realized what she had just said.

She put her hand on her face and Abel smiled pulling it away and pulling her into him. “I love you too. That’s why even though I knew you’d resent it I wanted to make sure you were taken care of. I’ve been really stressed out and scared since you got that letter. Maybe I shouldn’t have orederd you around. I’m sorry. Will you please let me stay tonight so I can make sure youre safe? I’ll never sleep at home not knowing if you’re ok.”

She hugged him back “You can stay Abel”

“Oh thank heavens.” He sighed and pulled her into his arms.

“Just stop treating me like a baby. I’m an adult, a full grown woman. You’ve seen that for yourself. I can handle all this. Stop going behind my back and asking poor, innocent cops to follow me around. That poor man outside was more terrified of you than the killer and had no idea how to handle me.” She wrapped her arms around his waist, rubbing her face against his chest.

“It would kill me if anything happened to you, I mean really kill me. I need you to live Cora, for me, for you, and even for Abigail.”

She was overjoyed she felt like crying. The last person who had given a crap about her was her father and he had passed four years ago. He had moved on pretty quick, knowing that his job in this life was done. A part of her had wished he had stayed. “I almost made you sleep in your car.” She said with a smile.

“You wouldn’t have been able to keep me out. I know how to pick a lock.”

“Must have been how you got your job. You’re still wearing the same clothes.”

“I didn’t have any time to shower this morning and I don’t carry extra clothes with me.”

“Well lets take a shower. I also have guy sweats upstairs. I wear them when I’m having a lazy day.”

Chapter Four

He looked a bit shocked and she said “Well you’ve already seen me in nothing but panties so there’s no need to be shy. You’re a sexy man. I’m sure even more so with your clothing off.” He smiled a bit nervous and they went to the shower together. She got the water running at a really good temperature and then they both took of their clothes.

He couldn’t believe she loved him. He had been so angry but as soon as those words left her mouth it all went away. Now he was in the shower with her. He hoped she liked what she saw. She noticed him just standing there thinking and pulled him close to her. She put body wash on her hands and started rubbing his chest, stomach and arms “You obviously aren’t going to wash yourself so I better take care of you” Just like she thought he looked amazing under those clothes. It was exciting her being in the shower with him.

He rinsed off and she went to get some for herself but he grabbed it “Let me return the favor” He said with flirty smile. He scrubbed her but very sensualy. “Stop being so bad Abel” he laughed and finsihed scrubbing her so she could rinse.

“You started it.” He crowded her against the shower wall, his hands on either side of her head so she couldn’t get away. “I’m just finishing it.” He kissed her, his mouth moving softly over hers. He tugged at her lower lip so she opened her mouth. His hands dropped to her bottom and lifted her off the floor so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He made love to her right there in the shower, slow, taking his time to savor every moment. He loved her soft cries and warm skin. He loved her smile and the way she laughed when he nibbled her collar bone. He wanted to spend his life forever in that moment, wished that time would freeze and they never had to move. When they had finished and caught their breath he dried them both then scooped her up and carried her to bed. She snuggled in close, wrapping herself around him.

“I love you so much.” She whispered as she drifted off.

“I love you too.”

He awoke looking down at her. So grateful yesterday was real. When he was leaving the station he in no way imagined last night would lead to that. Her I love yous playing musically in his head. He had a late shift today so didn’t have to rush off on her. He wasn’t going in to work until 1 in the afternoon. He decided to go to his home to get some clothes though. He threw a shirt and the sleep pants on she had givin him then walked down stairs and locked her door behind him.

He drove off in a hurry wanting to return before she woke up. Mainly he just didn’t want her alone in the house very long. There was no telling when the killer would try to attack and kill her. He was glad knowing tonight while he was at work she was not going to bother the patrol man outside her house watching her. He didn’t need stress like he had yesterday. Now things would be even harder for him. Now he actually had her which means a greater loss if that pshyco wins. He assured himself he wouldn’t though. The police station isn’t far from Coras house and the patrol man was right there.

“Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey.” Abigail’s voice said in her ear. She opened her eyes, very nearly going cross eyed at her close proximity.

“Good morning Abi, can I help you?” Cora sat up and stretched.

“You know your noises could give me nightmares.”

Cora blushed, a smile tugging at her lips. “You don’t even sleep.”

“Or dream so it would be quite a feat.”

She covered her face with her hands. She hadn’t thought she was that loud. Her skin was warm from head to toe, a full body blush. She shook her head and slid out of bed. “You have dead friends, go hang out with them next time. The cemetary is full of them, even a few cute boys.” Cora pulled on a pair of sweats and a tank top. She went downstairs and peeked out the window. Dudley Do Right was outside in his car, reading a book. She opened the front door and waved at him. He waved back with a smile. She was starving. She grabbed a banana off the counter and ate it. She had slept in longer than expected.

“Hey Abi, did Abel go to work?” She yelled since the ghost was still upstairs.

“I think he went to get clean clothes actually.” Abigail said as she appeared in front of her. “He was wearing your sweats and shirt.”

“Must be a late day today.” She threw the banana skin away and flopped on the couch. Abel wouldn’t be back until later. He lived further from the precinct than she did. By the time he had made it home, changed his clothes, and started back it would be time for work. “Come on Abi, we’re going to make my bodyguard take us to the cemetary. I feel like helping some souls.”

She tapped on the glass making the polic man jump and drop his book. She laughed “Hello my big brave defender. I’m going to the cemetary just so you know” He smiled “So you’ll be cooperating today? I’m so glad” He sighed.

She asked “can you take us there so I don’t have to walk?”

“Sure, no problem! Hope right in! What do you mean us?”

She somtimes forgot others didn’t see Abi. She giggled saying “My ghost friend. Hope she doesn’t scare you”

It wasn’t far away so they got there quickly. The police man said “Now I’ll be right here. Scream as loud as you can if somthing happens ok?”

“Ok! Try not to get lost in your book again. It’s too easy to scare you that way.”

“You’ll scare me no matter what. I doubt you’ve seen Abel and his full temper. He’ll rip me to pieces if somthing happens to you”

Abel sat in his office, going over all the papers he had printed the night before. He kept coming back to the name Marlene Cedar. He had looked her up many times and was having a hard time finding anything. He called a friend of his, a private investigator, who was amazing at finding lost people. He was just waiting for the call back. He read every page over and over, wondering who Marlene Cedar was. His cell phone vibrated and he flipped it open. “Talk to me.” He said.

“Hey man, it’s Rod. Marlene Cedar was Jovavich’s cousin. She was murdered twenty years ago, blood drained. I found some other things too. Apparently she looks just like his mother. So do all the other victims. I’m emailing you a picture of a painting I found now.”

Abel’s computer made a binging sound. He opened the file, his eyes widening in surprise. Looking back at him was a woman over four hundred years old that looked just like Cora. “I have to go.” He said and closed his phone. He sat it down, understanding dawning. Jovavich was killing his mother’s ancestors, his own blood.”

Cora walked through the cemetary with Abigail. She stopped to talk to a small six year old boy, explaining to him that his mother and father who had died along with him were waiting for him on the other side. He was so scared. She comforted him as best she could and waited patiently for him to shimmer and disappear. She didn’t know how long she was there, but the sun was suddenly closer to the horizon. She needed to get home. She turned to leave and almost ran into a man standing behind her. He had a scar on his face. It was the serial killer. He reached for her and she ducked under his arm, racing toward the car. She opened the passenger side door and ordered the police officer to go. He pulled away from the cemetary at break neck speed. She looked behind them seeing no one. When she faced forward again, the serial killer was on the hood of the car.

The car came to a sreetching halt in hopes it would knock him off but as he rolled he cut the tire. Cora and the police man jumped out. He drew his weapon. Cora couldn’t think of what to do. She didn’t have her cellphone with her and the cop was stupid enough not to call for back up as far as she knew. She decided to try and run home to get her cellphone or to flag somone down on the way.

She thought he’d stay still since he was at gun point but he started running after her. The seriel killer was fast and could’ve already pounced on her but he enjoyed the chase. He liked them nice and terrified when they died. The police man called into the station. A cop that heard the call ran to Abels desk and told him what was going on. Abel took off at almost the speed of light it seemed.

Chapter Five

She ran, glad that this was something she did every day. She had amazing stamina. She could here his feet thumping behind, hear him breathing. Abigail appeared next to her. “By me some time, please.” She said. Abigail gathered all the energy she could and placed herself firmly between the killer and Cora. He ran headlong into and was knocked back about six feet. It was all she could do. Cora hit her porch and fumbled with her house keys. “Hurry Cora,” Abigail screamed, “he’s almost here.” She got the key in the lock, turned it and shoved the door open. He was right behind her and she slammed and locked the door. She ran into the living room, reaching under the table and pulling the nine millimeter loose just as the front door exploded inward. She turned and fired. He dodged every bullet and was in front of her in the blink of an eye.


He quickly was on top of her holding her neck tightly so barely any air could reach her lungs. She was absolutely terrified. He stroked her hair and asked “Are you ready to die? I can’t decide how long I want you to suffer” He clamped tighter on her throat. Just then Abel was pulling into the yard. He could see her door laying on the ground. He was quite and slow so he could sneak up on him. His heart pounding in his chest.

Abel stuck his head in the door. He could see Jovavich and part of Cora. He moved quietly, his gun leveled at the back of the man’s head. Jovavich spun around, holding Cora in front of him, a knife to her throat. “Let her go, it’s over.” Abel said calmly even though his heart was beating in fear.

“Mother will pay for leaving me, mother will suffer.” He said, his eyes wild and angry.

“She’s not your mother Jovavich, she’s just related.”

“Lies, lies. I’ll make you watch her die then I’ll kill you.”

Cora stood frozen. She was related to this psychopath? She knew what she had to do. She looked up at him, at this wild beast and said, “Sweety, you don’t want to hurt me.” He looked down at her, his eyes wide and empty. “You left me with him, you left.” He hissed.

“What the Hell are you…” She held her hand up, silencing Abel.

“I’m sorry, so sorry. You know I love you, you know that.” She whispered softly.

She felt his grip loosening and she raised her gun, pressing it under his chin. “I’m sorry.” She said and pulled the trigger.

He fell to the ground with a loud thud. Blood all over her and her house. Abel ran to her and scooped her up in his arms to spite everything she was covered in. “Abel god this stuff’s going to get all over you two hunny” he held her tighter “I don’t care, I just care that you’re ok. I’m so proud of how you handled that. That was so smart.”

“When have you known me to be stupid” She smiled as best she could but she had just been attacked, killed a man and was now covered in him. All the sudden she was crying “Oh god I’m such a baby” He set her down “No you aren’t.” Other officers came into the room.

“I’m going to take Cora to my house to get cleaned. I’ll give you my statements and hers tonight after she’s asleep ok?” They said ok and he took Cora by the hand to lead her to his car. She jerked away. Let me get a towel before this gets everywhere. She ran and was back quickly. They walked out and she set the towel on the seat and got in.

She cried harder than she ever had standing there in the shower letting Abel clean blood and brain matter off her. The adrenaline had finally worn off and was replaced by a rush of fear and sorrow. She could only imagine what had caused Jovavich to hate his mother so. What kind of man had his father been? How could his mother leave him? She knew he deserved death, but a part of her felt for him. Then there was how close she had come to never seeing Abel again. If he had not arrived when he had and if Jovavich had not believed her she would be dead.

Abel switched the shower off and quickly dried her. She had cried all her tears and he had held her while she did. It was hard to believe the storm had passed. He dried her and himself then swung her into his arms to carry her to his bed. “Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?” She asked with a smile.

“Of course.” He replied and cuddled up next to her.

“So I’m related to that psycho?”

“You look identical to his mother.”

“How sad. The other victims did too.”

She lay there listening to the beat of his heart. She was so exhausted and wanted tomorrow to arrive quickly so they could get on with their lives. Before she knew it she was asleep.

The next morning was hectic. Cora went and packed some of her clothes to bring to Abel’s. her house was now a crime scene and she wasn’t allowed to stay there. Not like she wanted to. Abigail, followed her around, ensuring she had everything she needed.

Abel made sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything in his report. He slipped on his jacket, ready to be home. He had to make a quick stop at the jewelry store. There was something he had to ask Cora.

He had a hard time choosing what ring to get her. It had to be perfect. Luckily he knew her ring size since they had been friends so long. He finally found one he thought was perfect for her. He bought it and drove home excited and nervous. He prayed she wouldn’t say no. He had to be by her side the rest of his life. He didn’t want to live in seperate homes any more now that she was finally his.

HIs mind was so busy with excitement and worry hopeing she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He got home and there she was just laying on the bed talking to Abigail. She sat up quickly when she heard the door open and ran up to him pulling on his shirt so she could kiss him.

“I’m so glad you’re home!”

He smiled thinking how nice that would be every day. He grabbed her hand and asked her to sit on his bed again. She smiled coyly “Are you going to seduce me?” He laughed and smiled “Nope, I have a very important question.”

He pulled the ring box out of his pocket and got down on his knee. “I didn’t have much time to plan this so I hope this speech doesn’t sound lame. I love you so much Cora and I know you love me too. I know we just started dating but we know eachother really well and have been good friends a long time. I want you to be mine and by my side forever. Will you marry me?”

She excitedly said “I’m so glad you asked! Yes, yes I will!” He put the ring on her and kissed her hand then they just laid on the bed together cuddling, so glad everything was over and their life could begin.

~ The End ~

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