Cordelia & Ajax 2

Chapter One

Cordelia mumbled angrily under her breath as she cooked dinner, her face red, her teeth gritted. Ajax could be such an ass and all she wanted to do at that point was take the pot of boiling spaghetti and dump it in his lap. She didn’t know why she was taking it so personally lately. He had his moments and she usually replied with something snarky and they moved on. She could butt heads with the best of them since she had so many brothers, but lately she had been an emotional mess and had walked out on their arguments so he wouldn’t see her crying. She felt herself choking up and slammed down the spatula she was using to stir the hamburger around. “Stupid, jerk.” She said under her breath as she wiped at her eyes.

“Talking about me?” His voice startled her and she wound up knocking the pot of noodles over as she spun around. He was across the room in an instant and pulling her away from the hot water and noodles.

“Damn it, look at what you made me do.” She snapped as she tried to push her way out of his arms. “Let me go.” She yelled, but he only held her tighter.

“Are you okay?” He asked and was suddenly looking her over.

“What do you care, you’re nothing but a jerk.” She tried to push him away, but he was just too strong.


Her eyes burned and before she knew it she was crying with her face buried in his shirt. “Just shut up, I hate you.”

He stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry.” He tipped her head back and wiped at her tears. “I’m sorry, I’ve been stressed. This writer’s block is killing me, my parents want to meet you, and we’ve been going at each other like rabid dogs lately.” He sighed and pressed a gentle kiss against her lips. “Let me clean this up and order something.”

“It’s fine, I can make more noodles.”

“Just let me okay.” He had been trying to be nicer to her, but had failed at every turn. He wasn’t used to being on equal footing with a woman and had found changing his attitude more challenging that he thought it would be. They had had little arguments here and there, but now it was getting bad and he was trying really hard to reel himself in before she decided he wasn’t worth her time anymore. “Just go relax on the couch baby.”

“Okay.” She relented.

“Hey, I really love you Cordelia, I’m sorry for making you cry.” It was a shock since he had never seen her cry before.

“Just don’t burn yourself.”

“I won’t.” He let her go and got up, quickly switching off the meat then getting to work cleaning up the noodles. She had nearly been burned because of him.

She sighed as she sat on the couch. She tried to calm herself before he came back in there. He was an ass when they got together, had always been but she had had hope he would change. She wished it wasn’t starting to be so hard to deal with. She had put herself in this relationship though and she would try and stick it out as long as she could. She didn’t want to leave him, she loved him immensely. She sat there trying to think of all the reasons she did love him instead of concentrating on the reasons he was hard to deal with.

When Ajax had everything cleaned up he went back into his study and grabbed his phone. He decided Chinese was easiest and called, quickly placing his order and making sure he got Cordelia’s favorite food. He took a deep breath and went out into the living room where she was sitting looking a little despondent. “Hey sweet cheeks, what’re you thinking about?” He asked as he sat down next to her. “Is it about how sexy I am or about how much you hate me?” Her lips twitched up and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. “Tell me what’s up baby.”

She sighed. “I just feel so upset all the time. You’re such an ass, but I really love you and I hate you’ve been getting to me lately.”

He hugged her a little tighter and stroked her hair. “Do you hate me?”

She shook her head. “I’m just frustrated and my brain is all a mess.”

“Maybe I should put off writing for now and just spend time with you.”


“I mean it Cordelia, I love you and I want to be better. I…I need you.” It was hard for him to express himself, but he wanted to see her smiling, he wanted her sarcastic, witty responses. “You make me happy, I mean it.”

“I just don’t want to argue anymore.”

“Same here.” He tugged at his lip with his teeth. “Look, I don’t really want to go and see my parents yet, I want to introduce you, but not until we’ve both calmed down. My dad’ll point out everything because he’s worse than me. However, we do have this little summer vacation home that my parents hardly ever visit, how about we go. We cna leave our phones and computers and just unwind. It’ll gives us time to work out what’s been going on.”


“I’ll go ahead and extend my dead line again”

“He’ll kill you”

“I’ve been doing it forever, he’ll wait. He’s got no other choice”

“They could eventually quit signing contracts with you”

“I make them too much money and I don’t give a damn anyway. you can’t leave me Cordelia…I can’t let that happen”

“You know I’m not going to”

“I don’t know that and neither do you..You’ve never stayed this frustrated with me before.” She kissed his cheek, not really knowing what else to do. She was still so frustrated with him. He got up and called his publisher “again?! You’re fucking kidding me Ajax!” Cordelia could hear the yelling. Ajax tried to go into another room but the two yelling back and forth could still be heard clearly. When Ajax came back he held Cordelia “see, he’ll wait”

She knew he had been missing multiple deadlines long before her but she still saw it as an expression of love for her which helped her calm down, if even just a little.

Ajax switched on the TV and went through the channels until he found one of her favorite shows. He wasn’t a big fan of it, but he would rather sit through something he hated to make her happy, than have her stay upset. His arms were back around her and they stayed that way until their food arrived. He went and paid for it then brought it back to her. “I hope this is okay.” He said.

“Thank you.”

“Just be happy for me.” As they were eating Cordelia started to feel a little nauseas. She paused and took a breath, drawing Ajax’s attention. “You alright?”

“Yeah, just a little sick is all.”

“Is the food bad?” He reached over with his chopsticks and grabbed some of the meat from her container and popped it in his mouth. “Tastes fine.”

“I don’t know what it is, but this is not agreeing with me today.”

He took her container and gave her his. “I’ll eat yours and you eat mine, I know it’s not your favorite, but hopefully you’ll be able to keep it down.”

She gave him a small smile. This was why she had chosen him and why she stayed. He really was trying. It was hard to see it sometime and it didn’t change he was an ass but he was her ass and he loved her. She knew that he honestly did want to make her happy. She took the food but she still felt bad. Ajax was worried “let me take you to a doctor tomorrow, just so we’re sure” she giggled “Ajax”

“No, please. I want to be sure you’re okay before our trip”

“It’ll be wasted money” He gave her a look “I throw my money away on stupid crap, this is important. Let me make sure you’re okay” There wasn’t any more anger left in her. She took his face in her hands and kissed him “I love you”

“I love you too. We’re seeing a doctor in the morning”

She decided not to argue with him, figuring he would just toss her over his shoulder and carry her to the car. She had often commented that he was half neanderthal, something he hadn’t disputed. When dinner was over, he cleaned up and put away their leftovers so she wouldn’t have too. “I’m going to have a smoke then we can shower, sound good?”

“Yeah, love you.”

He bent down and kissed her. “Love you too, just relax okay.”

“I will.”

She watched TV while she waited for him and thought about what might be wrong with her. She hoped maybe she had just caught the flu and that was it. The idea of it being some horrible disease frightened her. She didn’t want to put Ajax through the stress of something like watching her go through chemo. When he came out, she smiled at him and he picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. “I wish Lycos could see you.”

“Don’t you dare tell him, I’d never hear the end of it.”

She cupped his cheek. “It doesn’t matter what you say, you’re actually really sweet.”

“Your tears said otherwise, I’m still sorry baby. I’ll try harder for you, much harder.”

She smiled at him again, it doing little to ease his guilt. If he lost her he had no illusions it wouldn’t be his fault and he couldn’t deal with being the reason he didn’t have Cordelia.They took a long shower. They did more playing and fondling than actual washing and it left them both feeling happy and it chased most of her nausea away. The next morning Ajax got her an appointment for that same morning. It was so soon she didn’t have time to cook breakfast so they stopped at a Hardees on the way.

His leg bounced in the waiting room and Cordelia rested her hand on his knee to stop it “It’s all going to be okay. I probably have the flu honey” She was called back and he followed. Ajax was a little pissed off when the doctor came back in the room smiling. His girlfriend didn’t feel good and he damn sure better be taking this seriously. “You might want to sit down sir” the doctor said and Ajax looked at him like he was crazy. “Ajax, please sit” Cordelia tried and he listened. He still carried guilt over her crying. It was the first time he had seen it and he prayed it was his last.

“So, what’s going on? What’s wrong with her?”

“Ajax, calm down.”

“So I saw from your records that you’ve been taking birth control.”

“Yes, is it making me sick?”

“No, I hope that I am happy to inform you that you’re pregnant.”

Everything seemed to come to a screeching halt. Cordelia’s mouth dropped open and Ajax came to his feet, eyes wide in shock. “Pregnant? Are you sure?” He asked. “I mean sure, sure?”

“Very, very sure.”

“Holy shit.” Was all he could say and Cordelia couldn’t tell if that was a bad or good thing. He had never expressed a want for children before and she had kept it to herself, thinking she could just bring it up later. He sat back down. “I mean wow.”

“Do you two need a minute?”

“Please.” Cordelia said and he left. “Ajax, I swear I don’t know how this happened. I mean, I…”

He hugged her. “Just give me a minute, just hold on I need to process this.” He took a couple of deep breaths then pulled back to look at her. “Are you alright, are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine baby. Are you mad?”

He looked confused. “What? No, why would I be, I’m just really surprised. I mean I’ve seen you take your pills. Wow, I’m going to be a dad.” He looked really nervous. “Probably a shitty one.”


“Sorry, I shouldn’t say that, damn it.” He stroked her cheek. “Still want to go on that trip?”

“After this, I think I need it. This is a lot to take in.”

Chapter Two

“I’m so glad you’re happy about this”

“I get to have a kid with you Cordelia…I just…I have another reason to be a better person..I don’t want to raise him anywhere near how my dad raised me… I don’t want to be a shit father”

“You won’t be, have faith. Him huh?” she asked and he chuckled “having boys runs STRONG in my family. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a boy”

“will you be unhappy with a girl?”

“No, I’ll just be more stressed” She laughed and pulled him into a kiss. “I’ve always wanted kids Ajax”

“you should have told me. I guess it doesn’t matter though. Trying or not here we are. They’ll be lucky to have you as a mom” Later when they were back in the car he said it again, almost to himself “I’m going to be a dad”

When they got home he insisted she relax while he packed for their trip. She wanted to help, knowing he might not see certain things as important. “Just let me.”

“Honey, I’m not even showing.”

“I’ve stressed you out enough, please just relax on the couch.” She threw up her hands in defeat and he leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. “Love you.” She switched on the TV and he grabbed their biggest suitcase out of the closet. He thought he might keep her away for about a week so hepacked enough clothes, making sure she had her bikini since there was a pool there. He grabbed everything he was sure they would need out of the bathroom and even the book Cordelia was reading. It was one of his and even though he didn’t see his writing as anything special, she loved it. He double checked everything then zipped it up and took it into the living room.

“Should I look through it?” Cordelia asked.

“I’m sure I got everything. If I missed anything I can always buy it.” He held out his hand. “Where’s your cell?”

“In the room, I didn’t get to grab it this morning.”

“Good, I’m leaving mine too. There’s a phone out there if there’s an emergency.”

“Will you bring your guitar?”

“Sure, anything you want. Maybe I can play for the baby.”

She smiled at him again, her heart smiling with her. “I’m telling you Ajax, you’re going to be a great dad” He still didn’t look sure, his facial expression told her that. He kissed her forehead then went for his guitar. He put their stuff in the car and they went on their way. All he could think about on the way was his mothers miscarriages. Nothing caused complications like a woman being stressed while pregnant. Now not only did his relationship depend on him getting his act together the life of his child did.

“How far are we going?” She asked.

“It’s three hours so if you need a break just tell me.”

She rested a hand on his knee. “I’ll be fine.”

“How about ginger ale? My mom used to drink it.”

“I’ll let you know, I promise.”


She smiled and leaned over, kissing his cheek. “I hope the baby has your eyes. They’re so pretty.”

“Not like yours. Mine are so dark. Yours are bright and beautiful.”

“Well with you having blue eyes and me carrying the gene, who knows. Antaeus and Zelos both got blue eyes from my mom, while Argus, Limos and I got my dad’s eyes.”

“I really am happy about this. I’m scared out of my mind but I’m happy Cordelia”

“I’m glad, I mean, I knew the pill wasn’t 100% safe but it’s still pretty flooring.”

“I can’t wait for you to play your guitar for me. You haven’t played for me in a little while”

“All you have to do is ask Cordelia” She gave a half smile “Maybe it’s the hormones but you’ve just kind of…well…I feel like I just annoy you lately”

“You don’t, like I said in the kitchen last night, I’ve been stressed about my book baby.”

“Maybe you should have brought your laptop.”

He shook his head. “This week is about us and only us, no distractions. We’ll clear our heads then go home.”

“No distractions, that’s a funny joke.” She teased.

“Okay, well maybe I’ll be distracted by you, but it’s worth it.”

Cordelia gave a contented sigh and rested her head on his shoulder. She fell asleep, making Ajax smile. He was going to put effort into reading up on pregnancy so he could help her through whatever problems she encountered. He wanted her to be happy for nine months, not completely miserable. He kissed the top of her head, feeling incredibly lucky that she was still around. By now, someone would have gotten tired of him.

She stayed sleeping all the way there, only waking when he prompted her “We’re here” she stretched and rubbed her face “wow”

“I’m glad you slept, you need it” Ajax took everything inside, once again refusing to let her carry anything then asked “You hungry?”


“I paid to get our fridge stocked before we got here. I’ll make you somthing. You just sit”

“I could at least stand in there and talk to you. I’ve been in the car for hours”

“Okay” She went with him in the kitchen and he started pulling out what he needed. She hadn’t pictured him to be the type to fuss so much over her, even pregnant. She didn’t know if it was still him worried because they had been fighitng so bad or if he’d stay this way over her pregnancy.

“I hope chicken, rice, and salad are okay. I tried for something not so heavy.” He said as he sat her plate down on the kitchen table. “I found some sprite in the pantry so hopefully that will help your stomach until I can get some ginger ale.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine baby, thank you.”

Ajax sat down and ate with her, his eyes watching her in case she got sick. She giggled at him and he had to look away. He wondered if he was worrying too much, but she hadn’t said anything so he wasn’t sure. She reached over, her and patting his arm and he raised his head, happy to see her smiling. “So?”

“It’s really good and I think our little one agrees.”

“Good.” They talked a little bit about baby names and getting a bigger place. He wanted to keep his study and still give the baby its own room. He was actually excited about decorating and told Cordelia he wanted the baby to have a lot of books. When they were finished eating, he raked everything out and stuck the dishes in the dishwasher. “Feeling okay?” He asked as he started patting his pockets.

“I feel great, did you lose something?”

“I forgot my cigarettes.”

“Do you want to go get some?”

He stared at her for a moment then glanced down at her belly. “No, I should stop right? I mean it’ll be bad for the baby.”

“You can always start smoking outside. Besides, you quitting cold turkey might not be a good idea.”

“Seriously, I’ll just stop and besides, I have you if I get stressed.”

It made her a little nervous to have him going cold turkey but if he was going to quit he needed her to have faith in him so she was determined not to have her mind on the possible negative outcome. It meant a lot to her how much and quickly he was wanting to change for their baby. “I’m so proud of you Ajax”

“I wont repeat my dad. I swear it Cordelia..I just wont” She kissed his cheek “did you have them stock candy? I’ve heard having candy helps. Sunflower seeds to. Just somthing to occupy the part of you that smokes to have something to do with your hands.”

“I’ll see” There wasn’t any and he sighed “Of course their isn’t”

“well we have been trying to eat healthier”

“perfecty timing huh?”

“I’m sure I subconsiously knew.”

“I’ll just go an get something later.”

“Go now honey, I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

She smiled. “Of course, I’ll just get aquainted with this place then unpack.”

“At least let me take the suitcase upstairs for you.”

“Alright, I love you.”

“I love you too, I’m not being too overbearing right? I mean I know I shouldn’t be so nervous, but I just don’t want to lose this baby, I’d hate myself if anything happened to him or her.”

“You’re perfect, I promise, I’d tell you otherwise.”

He took the suitcase up, hugged her and kissed the top of her head “I’ll be back soon” Ajax rushed out and got back in the car. When he left Cordelia made sure the door was locked then began unpacking, a huge smile on her face. She knew he’d be awhile so when the bags were unpacked she wasn’t surprised to still be alone. She decided to walk around and make sure everything was clean. It most likely was but if she found something while he was home he probably wouldn’t let her take care of it now that he knew she was carrying a child. When she found nothing she ran herself a hot bath to soak in.

Ajax bought a lot of different snacks. He wasn’t sure what would or wouldn’t work and he hoped between them and Cordelia, he’d be okay. He wanted to at least give the baby a smoke free house. He knew it wasn’t good for a newborn. He worried again about losing their first child, about seeing Cordelia go through the same mental and physical pain as his mother. Losing two babies had nearly broken here and he never wanted to see the look of devastation on Cordelia’s face. When he got back, he didn’t hear her and quickly dropped his snacks on the counter.

“Cordelia?” He said loudly. When she didn’t answer he said her name a little louder.

“Upstairs.” He heard her yell back and he hurried up the steps and into their room. He saw that the bathroom door was partially open and stepped inside, relieved to see her relaxing in the tub.

“You should have waited for me.” He said with a little sigh.

“Well, get in with me now baby.”

He quickly undressed and she scooted forward so he could get in behind her. “So, you like it here?”

“It’s really nice.” She relaxed into him completely.

“There’s plenty to do around here. We can go to the lake and go fishing. I think my father left some poles here.”

She giggled. “You don’t sound like you want to go anywhere. Are you hoping to keep me in bed all week?”

“Well yeah, I was hoping.”

She laughed again, it was music to his ears. “we’ll do stuff too but I don’t want you to push yourself okay? Promise me you’ll always tell me when you’re tired.”

“I promise” He enjoyed holding her until the bath water started to get cold and they got out. He dried her and she was tempted to tell him she could still just as easily do it herself but she decided against it. This was the sweetest he had ever been and she decided just to enjoy it. Today she just wanted to enjoy the calm so she went braless in one of his shirts and pulled on pajama pants. He followed suit, pulling on pajamas and a comfortable shirt.

Chapter Three

Ajax scooped her up, making her laugh as he carried her back downstairs. He dropped her onto the couch then went and grabbed his bag of goodies. He rifled around and pulled out a bag of candied ginger and handed it to her. “For your stomach.”

“Thank you baby.”

“I want to keep you as comfortable as possible.”

“Sweet man, what else did you get?”

“Some butterscotch and cinnamon discs, sunflower seeds, and gum…a lot of gum.” He said as he looked in the bag. He pulled out the butterscotch discs. “I think I’ll start with these, I’ll taste sweet.”

“You’re already sweet enough.”

“You and I both know that’s a lie, I need to be much sweeter. Flowers and chocolates and lots of date nights.”

She laughed. “But I like your bad attitude.”

“I made you cry.”

“It was hormones, pregnant women have really crazy hormone changes. I might start crying for no reason like accidentally crushing a butterfly or dropping food on the floor. It’ll probably happen all the time and have nothing to do with you.” She kissed his cheek. “You should know by now that if you get out of hand, I’ll tell you so stop worrying, just relax with me.”

‘You’ve signed on to dealing with me the rest of your life. I don’t think you understand limits” He kissed her head and she giggled at him “I love you Ajax and thats never going to change. Even when I want to strangle you I’ll still love you and so will this baby. I’m so excited but we obviously need to get me on a different birth control after the baby. Maybe somthing else will work better for me. I want more but I want at least a year between them”

“An ex of mine had Mirena, she liked it”

“Thats for more like waiting multiple years though. It cost alot to put it in and to take it out”

“There you go talking about silly things like money. You know I have plenty of money”

“It’s still badto be wasteful” He held her a bit tighter “No money spent on you is wasteful Cordelia”

“I’ll think about it love.” She snuggled as close as she could get. “So, you said your parents wanted to meet me.”

He groaned. “Let’s not bring them up please. I’m liable to get into a yelling match with my father over you.”

“Ajax, I can handle myself.”

“You think I’m an asshole, but he’s way worse. I know we need to go, especially now that you’re pregnant, but I really don’t want to.” He rested his hand on her stomach. “I don’t want you stressed into a miscarriage.”

She smiled and pressed their lips together. He kissed back hungrily, unable to help himself. She was like an addiction and had taken complete control of him. She pulled back, grinning. “Feel better?”

He stroked her cheek. “You’re such a gift.”

“a gift that insists on meeting your parents” He was already well acquainted with how stubborn she could be and he knew there would be no talking her out of this. “I guess, just give me a little time with you here first”

“Don’t sound so defeated”

“I hate him”

“I’m sorry Ajax” Ajax rested his head on her shoulder “why do women go for men like my dad and I?”

“don’t equate yourself with your dad. Youre a good man, you try hard to be good to me. From what you’ve told me he doesn’t try at all”

“He really doesn’t and my mother just sits there and lets him treat her like garbage”

“Its hard when you love someone to leave, even if its what is best for you and don’t respond with any crap. You are whats best for me Ajax, I mean it” They got off the topic, Cordelia didn’t want him to get moody by talking about his parents too long so they just enjoyed eachother, clearing their head off all negativity in the world.

Ajax did his best not to keep Cordelia inside the whole time. Her stubborn suggestions had him taking her out to fish on their second day and he couldn’t help but smile when she excitedly caught a couple of fish. He cleaned them and fried them up back at the house. “We should bring the baby when it’s older.”

“He, it’s definitely a he.”

“I bet you it’s a girl.”

He grinned and leaned over to kiss her. “We’ll see.”

“How about this, whoever is right can ask the other for anything.”

“Anything?” He stroked his chin. “Alright, deal.”

Their nights were spent with him making love to her, wanting her to know how loved she was. He was more gentle some nights and it had her heart dancing with happiness. It was another side of him she was happy to discover. He played his guitar for her before she fell asleep and even sang a little to the baby which had her tearing up. Between her and his bag of goodies, he managed not to get too stressed over his lack of nicotine and often caught himself when he started to get snippy.

“I think I found the plot for my newest book.” He said sleepily as they cuddled in bed one night.


“I think it’s going to be about us, I’ll just change the names and put some drama in there. It’ll be a novel about my first and only love.”

“You’re going to make me cry Ajax.”

“Happy tears are okay, it just means I’m being a good husband.”


“As soon as we have the time, we’re getting married and that’s absolutely final. I’m not letting you slip away, I love you more than life.” He was half asleep, but she could tell he meant it and she gave him a love filled kiss before pressing her forehead into his chest and telling herself not to cry.

A week later they were on their way to see Ajax parents. He didn’t understand how Cordelia wasn’t worried at all. He hoped she wasn’t expecting a man on his level because he was a bigger ass than Ajax had ever been. He wasn’t going to emphasize how horribly his dad treated everyone around him, he had done that enough. If she believed him good if she didn’t she would see it tonight and hopefully that would be that of being around his parents. He certainly hoped she wasn’t going to subject their child to his or her grandparents. His mother was nice but his mother also chose to live the life of a doormat so he didn’t want his baby around her either. About the only way he’d want his kid around his mother is if she ever found some self worth and left his father.

When they arrived at the house Ajax grew up in he was glad to see his nanny. She had been kept on as a maid and even if they ever did fire her he would hire her. The only person he cared about more than the nanny that mostly raised him was Cordi. Cordelia knew who this was from Ajax talking about her and gave the woman a hug too. “It’s nice to finally see you Cordelia, pretty name”

“Thank you, I’ve heard a lot about you”

“She’s so beautiful Ajax, you did so well.”

“Are mother and father in?” Ajax asked, his voice cooling when he spoke about them.

“Your father is in his study and your mother is reading in the library. Go ahead and take Cordelia to the living room and I’ll tell them you’ve arrived.” She reached up and straightened his shirt. “You still don’t know how to dress.”

Ajax smiled. “I love you too AunaMarie.”

Ajax took Cordelia’s hand and guided her to the living room. The house was beautifully crafted and she would have stopped to get a better look, but Ajax didn’t look happy and she wanted to stay close to him. Her eyes brightened when she saw the piano and she pointed at it excitedly. “You said you can play, would you play for me and the baby?”

“of course’ he seemed to soften just a bit but he was still far from how he normally was. He sat down and like he had never quit playing daily his fingers gracefully traveled the piano making a gorgeous song fill the house. He seemed to get lost in it. It seemed this way because his parents came into the room and Ajax didn’t seem to notice atall. His mother took a seat semi near here. HIs father sat on the singular chair beside the couch and they just watched in silence. Maybe they knew he was gone and if they spoke he would stop. When Ajax finished his song he returned to the world, his disposition gaining more seriousness than she knew was in their when he noticed his mom and dad.

“That was beautiful honey.” His mother said.

He spun around on the bench then stood, taking Cordelia’s hand. “Mother, father, this is Cordelia my fiance, Cordelia these are my parents Sinclair and Christie Talos.”

“It’s very nice to meet you both.” She couldn’t help but be amazed at how much Ajax looked like his father, he was the spitting image. Same dark hair, though Sinclair’s had grey at the temples, same intense dark blue eyes, even the same business like expression.

“I don’t see a ring on her finger.” Sinclair replied.

“I haven’t been shopping for one yet.” He guided Cordelia over to the couch and sat, pulling her onto his lap.

Sinclair looked her over. “What exactly do you do Cordelia?”

“I’m a literay assistant, that’s how I met you son, he was my toughest case.” She said with a small laugh. “He’s a bit hard headed.”

“I’m not so bad anymore love.” Ajax could feel his father’s disapproving look and their eyes collided. “We have some news we’d like to share with you, something important. I wish AunaMarie to be present seeing as she raised me.”

“Then I’d really like to get to know more about you too.” Cordelia added. “Maybe a tour around the house, it’s really something.”

“fine” he yelled for AunaMarie and she came “sit, my son has news” She did, smiling at the two of them “Cordelia is pregnant and we’re both excited about the baby. It wasn’t on purpose, she was on the pill but apparently she’s that small percent. I’ve quit smoking for the baby” AunaMarie was the only one who looked truly excited for them “Oh that’s wonderful Ajax” his nanny said and his mother answered a bit hesitantly “that’s good news, smoking was so bad for you” His father spared no words “Were you really on the pill or are you after money? Thought you’d get yourself pregnant so even if my son leaves you he’ll have to shell money out every month so you can go on shopping sprees? You can’t possible make much”

Ajax wasn’t surprised at his fathers words or the calm way Cordelia responded “Your son sees me take my pill every morning. I take it as we sit down to breakfast so I never forget. Its a consistent part of my day. Besides, I do make plenty. If your son and I broke up I wouldn’t need or want his money, I could take care of the baby on my own but we’re not, I love him and he’s going to be a wonderful father.” His father still looked at her as if she was a bug he wanted out of his house. Cordelia stroked Ajax’s hand to ask him silently not to engage his father in a fight.”How about that tour?” AunaMarie nervously said, obviously trying to keep a fight from happening as well.

HIs parents followed but it was Auna who was really giving the tour. She told Cordelia about each room, having at least one adorable story about Ajax for each one. His father continued to be rude to Cordelia repeatedly but each time she responded with grace, not letting his attitude hurt her. When Cordelia was about ready to go she pulled Auna to the side “You seem like a good lady and while I don’t consistently work I would like you around if you want when the baby comes. Even when I’m not working we would pay you to just help around the house or if I need some rest careing for a newborn. I’m sure we can’t pay you what his parents do and I haven’t talked to Ajax though I am already offering because I know how much he loves you. I just wanted to let you know you could have a job with us if you want”

“Thank you, I would love it. I miss Ajax, he was never a perfect boy and has quite the attitude but I raised him, he’s like my own”

“I’ll tell Ajax we talked after we leave”

“about what?’ Ajax had come into the room with them “Oh, weren’t you with your mom and dad?”

“Dad got a call and mom followed him into another room. Everyone is having secret meetings without me though for my parents thats normal”

“I was letting Aunamarie know I would love her as a nanny if she ever wanted to work for us. I thought you’d be okay with it” He smiled “Okay with it? I would love it but as she probably mentioned we can’t pay you what my parents pay you. It would still be well though. Hell if you wanted to I’d hire you now so you can help her through her pregnancy” Auna assured them she’d call and they went back into the living room. What was left of the visit was still uncomfortable but they made it through. Ajax went ahead and told them they talked to Auna, knowing they wouldn’t care. They could replace her before the day ended.

In the car Ajax said “I can’t believe how you handled my father. He was such a bastard to you like I knew he’d be”

“I pity people as bad as him. It must be miserable to be that mean. You are an angel compared to him” Ajax chuckled “I hope Auna calls us soon. I would love to have her around again. She would take really good care of you too. My parents never deserved her services.” They talked about that and potential places to move into all the way home. When they arrived they looked at houses and soon found one they both loved. “I’ll set up a tour tomorrow” Cordelia said and Ajax kissed her head “lets get to bed now my love” She shut her computer off and followed Ajax to bed. They had so much to look forward to and she couldn’t wait to make the appointment tomorrow. Things were falling into place and despite what Ajax may think she was lucky to have him. He truly loved her, that and the baby in her womb was all she would ever need.

~ The End

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