Cordelia & Ajax

Chapter One

“Are you sure you’re up for this Cordelia, I mean he’s chased away every assistant he’s ever had, sent them running away crying and not just the women. He’s a cold hearted bastard.”

“Come now Jonathan, he can’t be that bad.” Cordelia said as she sat in her boss’ office.

Jonathan held up a finger then opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a bunch of envelopes and sat them on his desk. “All of these are two weeks notice. Some after the first day, some after the first week, the longest lasted a month.”

“What did he do, dangle them over a pool of starving piranha?”

“I’m just trying to show you how serious this is. He’s a real ass.”

“He’s an ass that’s trying not to make his deadline and that is something I just won’t let slide. The book will be finished on time, I swear.”

“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

“I have four brothers, remember, I’m used to the bull. Let me handle it and you just relax and try not to keel over.” She held out her hand. “Address and phone number, I’ll need them if I’m going to go over and terrorize him.”

“Alright, as long as you’re sure.” He scribbled down an address and phone number and handed it to her.

“Oh, the very famous Ajax Talos, he must be so proud of his name. Alright, wish me luck.” She winked and got to her feet and walked out of Jonathan’s office.

Ajax groaned when he heard a loud banging on the door of his apartment. He grabbed his pillow and covered his head and the banging continued for a time then stopped. His phone started vibrating and he growled and grabbed it off his bedside table, accidentally knocking an empty beer can over. He answered, “What?”

“Open the damn door before I break it down.”

He did not recognize the female voice. “Who in the hell is this?”

“The woman who is going to kick your ass if you don’t open the front door. I’m your new assistant.”

He groaned again and hung up on her then threw his covers back and walked sleepily out of his room and to the front door. He unlocked it and pulled it open, yawning. “What do you want?”

“How charming, you smell like a brewery.” She shoved past him. “What a mess, you’re just as bad as Argus. Well, lets get to cleaning then you can get to writing.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, we’re cleaning.”

“no the hell I’m not bitch. Women don’t tell me what to do” She turned around and slapped him ‘you wont be calling me bitch, not ever. I can’t help you’re drunk but i do know how bad it hurts to be slapped when you’re drunk so I’ll keep doing it until this place is cleaned and you lose that filthy mouth”

“jesus” he said then stomped off to the kitchen to clean in a room she wasn’t. Taking commands from a woman wasn’t somthing he did but resisting wasn’t worth another slap with a hangover. He mumbled about her angrily as he cleaned and she heard every word but didn’t care. He had pissed her off already so nothing he did today would phase her. Opinions of pig headed assholes didn’t truly matter. She came into the kitchen “wheres your toilet cleaner?”

“don’t fucking have any”

“thats disgusting”

“I really dont give a shit. I don’t want you here so any discomfort is your own doing”

“No, you arent doing your job so you’re forcing me to be here. Be a grown up”

‘you stop being a lady dog”

“saying that doesnt change what you mean, next time I’ll pop you”

“Go ahead and try, I’m ready this time.”

She glared at him and pulled out her cell, calling her brother Zelos. “What’s up Cordi?”

“I need you to bring some things to me, are you busy?”

“Nope, fire away.”

She rattled off a list of things she needed then gave him Ajax’s address before thanking him and hanging up. “Now you’ll have cleaning products.”

He gritted his teeth and glared angrily at her. They stood there having a stare down for what felt like an eternity and he finally turned away and went back to cleaning. “Why in the hell did they have to send another one?” He grumbled under his breath.

“I’ll be the last one they ever send, I’m not afraid of you like everyone else.”

He mumbled angrily under his breath the whole time they cleaned, telling himself he was going to give Jonathan a piece of his mind later. Cordelia’s brother showed up half an hour later, smiling warmly as he handed over the bags of what she had asked for. She tried giving him money to pay him back and he refused, telling her she could take him out for his favorite meal when she wasn’t busy. They hugged and he left. She turned away from her brother, the warmth leaving her face as she tossed him a scrubby and a bottle of 409. “Scrub the kitchen.”

“Stop ordering me around.”

“Stop being a self centered ass.” She shot back then went into the bathroom to get to work there

He groaned loudly, almost calling her a bitch but refraining. Cordelia scrubbed the bathroom until it looked new. This place was in desperate need of a deep cleaning just as it’s owner was. Her first day was spent getting his place inhabitable “well I’m done for the day and am going to watch TV”

“At your own place you mean”

“No, here, I’m not getting out of your hair period until I see some real progress”

“the hell you are! This is MY house! My publisher may have the right to shove you people down my throat but you dont have a right to stay here constantly. I want to relax”

“seems all you do is relax. You need me here to fufill what you promised. As I said, grow up and do your work.”

“fine” he said then went to his office and slammed the door. Cordelia sighed and walked into his kitchen to see what she could do about dinner for them. She saw clearly he mostly lived on fastfood so she decided to order somthing for now then go shopping the following day.

She decided on sushi and called her favorite place. She ordered for both of them, getting him something simple since she knew very little about his tastes. Once she had given the woman on the other end the address, she hung up and went to check on Ajax. She tapped on his office door and when he didn’t answer she pushed it open. He was sitting at his desk, an unlit cigarette between his lips, his fingers flying over the keyboard of his laptop.

“Hey, dinner’s on it’s way.” He turned his chair, leaning back in it and digging in his pocket.

“Damn it, where’s my lighter?” He turned back to his desk, moving notebooks and papers around.

She rolled her eyes and crossed the room, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth. “Smoking is bad anyway and disgusting.”

“Don’t start your damn nagging again.” He tried to snatch it out of her hand and she held it behind her back. “Irritating shrew, hand it over.” She went to slap him and he grabbed her arm as he got to his feet and pushed her against the wall. “Don’t slap me.” He said angrily. “Give me my cigarette?”

“No.” She replied defiantly.

“I can make you give it back.” She just kept glaring so he gave her a devious grin and kissed her. She was surprised and reflexively brought her other hand up to push at him. When she did he snatched the cigarette from her hand and moved away from her. “Thank you.”

“You son of a bitch.” She was a little breathless, her heart pumping in overdrive.

“Get used to it.” He finally found his lighter sitting on his bookshelf and lit his cigarette. He opened his office window, took a long draw off his cigarette and blew the smoke outside. “You seemed to think you can handle me, so stop being so pissed. You came here of you own accord.” He took another hit then tapped it out in his ashtray to finish later. “I’m going to take a shower then we can eat when whatever gets here.”

“me being here to make you work gives you no right to come onto me in any sexual way, even one as small as that”

“you women, stop waving that damn feminist flag and leave me alone or you’ll see me naked. I don’t need you whining about somthing else” she just shook her head and walked out. She wondered how a kiss from such a bastard could effect her in any way atall but it had and it actually did manage to piss her off. Men like that were for doormats with no self worth, not women like her. When the food came he was still in the shower which seemed ridiculous to her. She had never known a man who took such ridiculous showers. After his stunt she didn’t care how long his food sat out in wait for him so she just began eating and left him in there.

When he came out he was wearing a new pair of pajama pants and a loose fitting shirt. “what is this?”


“what kind of roll moron”

“I said you’d stop that”

“I can talk however I want so tell me what kind of roll it is”

“Not when you’re speaking to me like that” he grunted then grabbed the receipt out of the bag “good thing i can fucking read”


“Maybe you should make me a medal.”

“Not on your life asshole.”

He grinned and picked up the container with his food in it. He popped it open and grabbed his chopsticks, eating without complaint. “Pretty good.”

“So you can compliment someone.”

“I was complimenting the food.”

“Were you working on your book?”

He shrugged. “Maybe either that or bitching Jonathan out.” She głared and he ignored her. He finished his food then went to his fridge and pulled out a beer. She jumped up, snatching it away. “Not this again.”

“Touch me and I’ll kill you.” He moved closer and she swung at him, her fist barely missing his nose. He grabbed her out of pure reflex thinking she was about to fall and quickly shoved away.

“Whatever, it’s not like I need it anyway. I’m going to my office.”

“You better write.”

“Or what?” She just glared at him and he smirked, leaving her alone in the kitchen. He flopped down in his chair, grabbing his cigarette and lighting it. He stuck it between his lips and stared at his computer. He had no idea why he was doing what she said. He told himself it was to stop her incessant nagging and the faster he wrote, the faster she would leave. “Stupid woman.”

There was a knock on the door as Cordelia was just sitting down and she got up to answer it, not wanting Aiax to be disturbed if he was actually writing. She pulled it open and the red headed man standing there looked a little confused by her presence at first. Realization dawned and he said, “So they finally sent him another one.”

“Who’re you?”

“Sorry, my apologies. I’m a friend of Ajax’s, my name’s Lycos.”

“A friend?”

“His only real friend. Is he about or did he manage to escape?”

“He’s in his office, please come it.”

“thank you, I apologize for how I know you’ve suffered so far. It’s not you, he treats everybody he meets like garbage, aside from me”

“I don’t really care so no need to worry. He can stomp on me all he wants as long as he gets his writing done” Lycos laughed “kudos to you if you survive this bastard” he walked to the office and knocked before walking in. He hadn’t waited for an answer, it was only a warning he was coming. “writing?”

“yeah, bitch wont leave”

“this one is pretty”

“lots have been pretty but yeah, I’d fuck her and change her attitude if she let me”

“stop, you know I don’t like when you talk about women that way. Try to be decent”

“sorry, I forget somtimes that you’re a pansy”

“don’t make me hit you”


“want to grab a drink later?”

“can’t, she’s not allowing drinking”

“wow, she’s actually stopping you from drinking? Impressive”

“shut it, she’s stubborn and I want her gone so Im trying to get this done”

“well, she’s got you behaving so I’ll go. She’s the first one in awhile to get you working and I wont spoil that for her.”

Chapter Two

“Like I care, she can be pissed off. It’s not like I wouldn’t have written eventually, fucking Jonathan.”

“You sound like such a whiny bitch.”

“I’ll kill you Lycos, I’ll kill you and make a hat out of your hide.”

Lycos laughed as he got to his feet. “Well since you don’t seem to care for her, maybe I’ll go a flirt a little. She seems nice enough, I wonder if she’d let me take her out.”

Ajax paused for a second then waved him off. “Whatever, have fun.”

Lycos left and went into the living room where Cordelia was watching TV and flopped down on the other end of the couch. “So what’s he tried to get you all riled up?”

“Called me a bitch, kissed me, the bastard. I should have cut his tongue out for that.”

“You’re pretty hot headed, believe me when I say that’ll work in your favor. He’s a pushy asshole so don’t be afraid to push back. Use what you have to your advantage. You’re beautiful, smart, and stubbirn so use it all.”

“Why are you being so helpful?”

“Because I’m his friend and he needs someone to set him straight. He was raised by an asshole who came from a long line of assholes so he thinks women are supposed to do what they’re told, the man is the boss, and fuck everyone else. He’s not used to someone standing up to him like you do. All of the people who have worked with him have run away in terror.”

“It’s my Hanzo blood.”

“Oh, so you come from good lineage, I’m just a lowly maned wolf.”

Her eyes lit up. “You’re a shifter?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Can I see?”

Lycos smiled. “Of course, close your eyes, I have to get undressed to shift.”

She excitedly closed her eyes. Cordelia might have leapt right out of her skin with her thrill when she felt a paw touch her. She instantly lifted him into a hug “oh god you’re so cute” she rubbed her face against his just as Ajax came out “I can’t work with all this noise!” Cordelia stood, still holing Lycos “like you care about working anyway. He’s really cute and I’m enjoying him”

“you’re here to work, not play with my friend”

“why do you care?’

“you’re being annoying, thats why i care” If Lycos could talk he would have told Ajax he was being jealous but he didn’t want to shift while Cordelia was holding him. They fought back and forth until Lycos pushed out of her arms. Cordelia sighed, she had taken this lazy jerks bait and fought with him. “I’m sorry Lycos. I’ll close my eyes so you can shift then leave”

Lycos shifted back and tugged his clothes on then gave Cordelia the okay to open her eyes. She glared at Ajax for his rudeness. “You are the biggest kind of ass, acting like that towards him.” She snapped, her hands balled into fists.

“You are my assistant, not his. If you need something to do then you can organize my file box.”

“You bastard, I’ll kick the shit out of you.” Lycos grabbed her shoulder, halting her step forward.

“I told you Cordelia, it’s just the way he is. Don’t let his rudeness get to much of a rise out of you and remember what I said.”

“Are you leaving?” She asked, some of her anger dissipating.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back around, especially now that you’re here to brighten up the place.” Ajax glared at him as he watched the wolf smile warmly at Cordelia. “See you later.”

“Alright, then stay safe.” Lycos just smiled as he left and Cordelia turned her eyes back to Ajax, looking even angrier that before.

“Organize your own file box.”

“You were sent here to work for me, not flirt with that stupid wolf.”

“I wasn’t flirting and even if I was, it would be none of your business. I’m not your lover or your girlfriend, I’m just here to make sure you finish your book on time.”

Ajax was so angry and he crossed the room before he could stop himself. She braced herself and swung at him when he was within reach. He grabbed her wrists and shoved her down onto the couch, straddling her hips so she couldn’t get away. “What you do is my business, everything you do could potentially effect my work.”

“Liar, you just want to control me, but it’s not going to happen. I’m not scared of you or intimidated by you you egotistical asshole.” His face moved closer to hers, his warm breath brushing against her skin and stirring up stray strands of her hair. He was close enough to kiss her and it had her heart dancing in her chest. Ajax himself got lost in the smell of her perfume. It was such a sweet scent and it stirred up a myriad of memories from his childhood.

“What are you wearing?” He asked.


He leaned closer, his nose touching her neck as he inhaled. “Your perfume, what is it?”

She was caught off guard by his sudden change in character. “It’s my body wash, made by a friend of my brothers. It’s jasmine, why?”

“No reason, just do your job okay?” He pushed off of her and went back to his office, slamming the door. Her sat down in front of his computer and lit up a fresh cigarette, wanting to wash away her smell. It stuck in his nose despite his efforts and he only wound up thinking about that past and the smell of jasmine as it grew in his mother’s garden.

Cordelia sat up and sighed. He was far too handsome and caused too much a stir in her. It did help knowing he had simply come from a line of assholes but didn’t totally quell how much he pissed her off. Countless people had horrible childhoods and poor examples for parents but they didn’t all grow up to be self centered pricks, in fact most of them didn’t. She wondered if Lycos was right and he could change if she helped him. He seemed pretty lost but a good guy like Lycos probably wouldn’t be sticking around if there wasn’t at least some good in him.

She sat watching TV, leaving him alone until she was too tired to stay awake anymore. She got up and walked to his office, knocking on the door. He didn’t answer so she pushed it open, a little surprised to find him sleeping on his desk, his head resting on his arms. She stepped out, found his room and grabbed a blanket off his bed. She went back to him and placed it over him then switched off his light and pulled the door closed. She went back to his room and pulled his closet open, happy to see that he at least had extra blankets and sheets. She grabbed a blanket, grabbed on of his pillows and went back to the couch, kicking off her shoes and laying down.

Deciding to sleep on one of his pillows was probably a mistake. His scent filled her nose, completely masculine. She groaned, forcing herself to focus on resting instead of how his lips had felt against hers or the warmth of his body washing over hers when he pinned her down. It took her a couple of hours, but she finally managed to close her eyes and drift off. Ajax jerked awake the next morning, not surprised he was still in his office. What did surprise him was the blanket draped over his shoulders. He had not covered himself last night, he was sure of that which meant it had been Cordelia. He sighed, pushing himself to his feet and stretching his aching back. He rubbed his fingers through his hair as he stepped out of his office, messing it up even more. He came to a stop when he saw her sleeping on his couch, her head tossed to the side, revealing the enticing line of her neck.

He sighed and put on a pot of coffee then walked over and gently shook her. “Hey, it’s morning.”

Her sleepy moan tickled at his manhood but he didn’t show it. “oh, morning. Doesn’t feel like I’ve been asleep long”

“Probably haven’t. Um..thanks for covering me I guess” she wanted to question if she was awake but he was trying to be nice, probably for once in his life so she didn’t think teasing him about saying an actual thank you was the right thing to do. “No problem”

“I’m making coffee if you want some”

“I’d love some” he stood “you can fix yourself in the bathroom. You look rough from sleeping”

‘Like you’re one to talk” he shrugged and walked into the kitchen. She guessed if he was going to be nice it atleast had to be a little backhanded. Cordelia folded her blanket then the one in his office before putting everything away then joining Ajax in the kitchen for some delicious morning coffee.

“So do you just stay looking like that all day?” She asked.

“Yeah, some women find my unkempt hair sexy.”

“Some women are stupid.” She didn’t want to admit that he was right.

“What about you, what do the men say about you?”

“I can’t believe you punched me you crazy bitch.” He arched an eyebrow. “That came from an ex who I found screwing a girl in our bed. She ran away and I broke his nose.”

“Why didn’t you give her the same treatment?”

“I chased her down and she started apologizing and saying she didn’t know, she was so distressed I knew she wasn’t lying. I let her go then went home and packed my things and left.”

He swirled his coffee around in his cup. “You said an ex, have you had many?”

“Just three.”

“Hmm, I take it none of them could handle you screeching at them?”

“Boyfriend number one was one I had in high school, we decided on different colleges and broke up, number two was the cheating scumbag, and three couldn’t handle me being honest. Good girlfriends lie to their boyfriends, he said. Apparently it was a massive blow to his ego. Of course of all the men I have had the pleasure of being around, your ego is the largest.” She took a sip of her coffee. “So, what kind of hobbies do you have?” She wanted to change the subject.

He shrugged again. “Does drinking count?”

“Don’t be snarky.” She snapped.

“Damn it fine. I like reading sometimes and I have a guitar I used to play and a piano at my parents house. I play it when I go over for the holidays. Writing started as a hobby.”

“Good thing you took it up”

“yeah, makes a living for me”

“when you actually get your books published”

“I’m getting it done”

“maybe after lunch you could play for me”

“why would I do that”

“I want to hear you. We’ve been doing so well this morning, can’t we stay on good terms” he was silent a few moments as he took another sip of coffee then said “fine, I will. I wont play long though”

“thanks” he shrugged then poured himself another cup “I’m going to work”

“without eating?’

“I’m tired of you” he lied. She made him feel odd. He wasn’t sick or anything like that and it was frustrating not to know what she made him feel. He might start being an ass if he stayed out there so it was bets all around if he got to work. If he was hungry he knew he could get her to make brunch.

Chapter Three

She sighed and got up to look through his pantry. She grabbed a bag of pancake mix and got work making breakfast. She was glad he had syrup and poured it over both of their plates. She took him his, walking into his office and sitting it down on his table. He paused for a moment, glancing at her then went back to work. She ate in the living room then rinsed her plate and pulled her shoes on. She popped her head into his office and said, “I’m going out to buy food and get me some clothes, try to get as much writing in a possible.”

He waved her off and she left, the sound of the front door opening then closing letting him know she was gone. He lifted his plate and took a bite of his pancakes. Even though they were something so simple, he found her dedication to her job to be astounding. He finished quickly then sat his plate down and turned back to his computer. He had done quite a bit of work since her arrival and knew if he kept going at this pace he would be done before he knew it. He felt a sliver of fear pierce his mind as he suddenly thought of her leaving the moment he was finished. He shook his head, not understanding why he would care. She was nothing but his assistant, bold, strong, honest, everything he had been taught to hate in a woman. She made him hungry for her, made him want to touch her, to dominate her until the only thing that came out of her smart mouth were moans. He was shocked at his train of thought and forced himself to focus on his writing.

Cordelia went home first to shower and change. She packed her suitcase then left for the store. She bought a cart full of groceries, paying for them and pushing them out to her car and loading them in the trunk. Even though Ajax was an ass, he still deserved something good to eat. As she made her way back to his place, she noticed Lycos walking down the street and honked as she pulled over. She rolled down the passenger window and smiled at him as he drew closer. “Well hello Cordelia.”

“Hey, you heading over to Ajax’s?”

“Yes ma’am, wanted to check on you after last night.”

“Well I’m fine, come on we can go together and you can help me carry groceries up because we both know Ajax probably won’t.”

He laughed “yeah, probably not going to happen” he quickly jumped into the car and buckled up, the click making Cordelia start driving again. “how was this morning?”

“actually really good. He was mostly nice”

“Glad to hear it. Hopefully you’ll see that side of him more while you’re there”

“I’ve got him working quite a bit so I might not be staying with him too much longer.”

“he’ll miss you” Cordelia couldn’t help but laugh “right”

“I’m serious, he likes you”

“maybe as a toy”

“No, he was jealous last night”

“well, maybe, I mean, that could be why he actually attempted some niceness atall this morning”

“I know it was”

“thanks for transforming yesterday and for helping me understand Ajax a little better”

“well, nothing ever gives someone the right to be a bastard but when someone has a past that helped nudge them towards being the kind of person Ajax is it’s good to know. I’d like to think he wouldn’t be such a sexist jerk if his father and grandfather weren’t or had wives that weren’t their doormats. Maybe you could break that cycle, give a Talos man an actual woman instead of a play thing”

Ajax had no idea how long he was at his computer or how long Cordelia had been gone, but he was suddenly pulled away from typing by the sound of car doors closing. He got up and looked out his window, frowning when he saw Cordelia and Lycos getting out of her car. They were talking and smiling, her musical laughter drifted up and made his heart stutter. He felt like punching something he was so frustrated. He didn’t want her around that wolf, didn’t want her getting so close to him. Once again he surprised himself. He was beginning to enjoy her constant defiance and hot temper and hated that Lycos was the only one who got her to laugh. He searched for the right word in trying to understand his feelings and came up blank. He could write book after book, but he couldn’t even describe his own emotions. He watched as they pulled groceries out of her trunk and he went to the front door and pulled it open for them.

“I got food.” Cordelia said as she passed him and went to the kitchen.

“Hello Ajax.” Lycos said as he followed her in.


“Play nice now.” Cordelia said on her way back and Ajax grabbed her arm as she went to pass him. “Can I help you?”

“How much more is there in the car?”

“A few bags.”

“Go make us something to eat, Lycos and I can handle the rest.” She arched an eyebrow in disbelief and he sighed. “You want to hear me play my guitar or not? You said after lunch. If we don’t have lunch then I can’t play.”

“Alright geez, don’t throw your bad attitude at me just to get you way.” She pulled her arm away. “Do you dislike anything in particular or have any allergies?”

“Anything edible is fine.”

“alright” she turned and walked back to the kitchen while Ajax and Lycos went for the groceries “that jealousy is venom. I’m not trying to take her from you Ajax”

“Like hell, she’s amazing”

“is she now?” Lycos said with a smile, embarrassing Ajax “shut up”

“It wasn’t me who said she was amazing”


“Ajax, stop. You like her, maybe even love her for standing up to you and as I pointed out, she’s gorgeous. She’s everything you need and I want you two to be together. She is a real woman though, you need to curb your attitude if you don’t want her to leave when your book is complete.” Ajax sighed and grabbed bags, walking without responding to Lycos. Lycos didn’t need a response but hoped Ajax was hearing him. Cordelia was truly everything he needed and Lycos didn’t want to see her slip through his fingers. Once up stairs Ajax set the groceries on the table and began putting everything away “not that I need it” Cordelia interrupted and he sat it by her. “thank you” he swallowed “you’re welcome” he said it quickly and seemed to walk as fast as he could to get another bag.

Cordelia actually paused for a few moments “he just said you’re welcome” she pondered in her head.

When all the groceries were brought up and put away, Cordelia made them sandwiches while Ajax got his guitar and Lycos sat in the living room. Ajax flopped down in the couch, making sure the instrument was properly tuned. “Lycos can you come pour us some milk please?” Cordelia called from the kitchen.

“Would you like to help her instead?” Lycos asked in a whisper.

“No, just get.”

Lycos chuckled as he went into the kitchen and poured milk in three glasses. He carried them into the living room and Cordelia soon followed with the sandwiches. She sat it on the coffee table and they all ate and talked, most of the conversation going on between Cordelia and Ajax. Once they were done, Cordelia cleaned up then sat back down in the living room, eagerly waiting for Ajax to start playing. “Don’t blame me if it sounds like crap, writing hasn’t given me much time to play.”

“I’m sure it’ll be perfect.” Cordelia replied and he cleared his throat. He let his fingers move over the strings, playing a soft, slow melody.

Cordelia felt herself being swept away by his music, loving the way his fingers plucked the strings and how serene he looked. Her heart quickened and she found herself pressing a hand to her chest. It was as if she was seeing him for who he truly was. He finished the song and looked up at her face, his heart doing a little flip at the look she was giving him.


“It was beautiful.” She replied.

“I was really hoping to screw up, maybe drive you away with some terrible music.”

“Well you failed, guess you’ll have to try another time. Now, back to work.”

“Keep me company? It’s kind of boring sitting in my room alone with only the tapping of buttons.”

“I need to get going anyway.” Lycos said as he stood and stretched. “Thanks for lunch Cordelia, I’ll see you later.”

“Alright, stay safe.”

“Always.” He left and she followed Ajax into his office, taking a seat on the floor while he sat at his desk. She leaned against his bookshelf while he typed, thinking the sound was very calming.

“Hey can you hand me that book on psychological disorders?” He asked and she turned around to find what he was talking about.

“I don’t see it.”

“Really?” She heard him move out of his chair and behind her. She turned to look at him, still on her knees on the floor. His face was mere inches from hers and she felt her heart slam against her chest. “Probably because it was an excuse to get you to put your guard down.” His lips pressed against hers before she could reprimand him.

All notion of reprimanding him was lost as their lips caressed eachothers. She put her hands on either side of his face and the room seemed to fall away. He had never gotten lost in a kiss before but there seemed to be nothing but just them in time and space. Both their hearts kept missing beats, almost in rhythm with eachother. This kiss was pure bliss, harmony at it’s finest. His appetite for her increased and he felt as though he was starving, starving for this woman before him. He couldn’t remember ever feeling this way but as they kissed in this mind boggling way it came to him, he loved her. This wasn’t lust, it was actual love.

She tried to pull away and he held her to him, not ready to surrender those sweet lips quite yet. She gave no protest, practically a slave to him now as their hearts and minds went wild. When the kiss broke reality was still gone. All they could see and feel was one another. The dazzle of eachothers eyes and the passion that still made their bodies frantic. “I think I love you” he whispered without even meaning to.

His words took her by surprise and she wasn’t sure if she had even heard right. “Say that again?”

“I…I said I think I love you.”

She smiled warmly up at him and he let out a groan as he captured her lips again, already addicted to them. He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back, letting his lips drift down her neck and to her shoulder. “I think I love you too.” She whispered and her words hit him like punch in the gut. The air left his lungs and heat rushed to his groin. He needed her, to bury himself in the warmth between her legs and hear her loud, uninhibited moans. He made fast work of her clothes, his lips feasting on hers, giving her no time to protest.

“You’re so damn beautiful.” He whispered as his mouth drifted down her neck to her breasts and his hand traveled down her abdomen. She let out a loud moan when his fingers pressed into her, her back arching off the floor. He explored, finding her most sensitive spot and using it to drive her over the edge and into a mind blowing orgasm. Her legs shook and her entire body quivered. Her head was in a haze and she couldn’t move. “I’m not done yet Cordelia, not even close.”

She had no idea she could take this much as he pushed her past every limit she thought she had. After his second ejaculation into her depths he lifted Cordelia off the floor and carried her into his bedroom and laid her down before clumsily getting in beside her and resting his head on her chest. “as unromantic as this sounds after that mind blowing experience, please tell me you’re on the pill” Cordelia gave the best laugh she could muster. “I am” he kissed where his head laid “I love you” she smiled and rested her hand on the side of his face “I love you too, and that”

“I can do much better than that” her smile widened “I’m not sure that;s possible” stroking his ego might not be a good idea but she honestly wasn’t sure how that would be possible. He let his hand travel her until his breathing let her know he was asleep. It was wild experiencing that with him and now seeing him in such a sweet way as they lay together. She could have never imagined such a sweet man was hidden under the man she had first met.

Ajax jerked awake a couple of hours later, his head still resting on Cordelia’s chest. He froze, listened to her breathing and when he heard how soft it was he raised slowly up, knowing she was sleeping. He propped his head up with his hand and just watched her. She was so beautiful, even in her sleep with her head tossed to the side and her hair a mess. Her arms were by her head and her breasts rose and fell with each breath, exciting him. He stroked her cheek, let his fingers travel down her neck and chest where he cupped her breast. He lowered his head to the other, his mouth sucking on her so her breath quickened and she moaned in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered open, her fingers tangling in his hair and pulling gently. He moved up, his lips pressing against hers in a passionate kiss. He could have stayed there forever, could have easily lost himself in the sweetness of her lips.

“What time is it?” Cordelia asked when he finally pulled back.

“I don’t know, my phone’s in my office.” He stroked her cheek and she gave a happy sigh.

“What’s made you all love dovey?” She asked as she snuggled closer.

“This idiotically stubborn woman with a saucy attitude and a penchant for taking my things and slapping me. She’s the exact opposite of what I thought I wanted which makes her so damn perfect.”

“Mmm, she sounds like a keeper.”

“She is and incredibly beautiful and did I mention sexy, especially her temper, the way her eyes flare to life when she’s just about had enough of my bad attitude.”

“I wonder what she thinks of you?” Cordelia said with a smile.

“She thinks I’m sexy and I’m one hundred percent sure my kisses make her hot for me and my aggressiveness, I think she likes that too.”

“You’re that sure of yourself?”

He nodded, “Of course maybe I should test that theory just to make sure, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.” He grinned at her, winking so she laughed.

“Tell you what, you get to work on your book and I’ll make dinner and afterwards we can do whatever you want.”

“There’s a lot I want to do, are you sure?”


“Alright then.” He got out of bed and pulled his chest of drawers open and threw on a pair of sweats. “You have to stay naked though, it’ll remind me to stay on track.”


“That wolf is never going to let me hear the end of this. Oh well, I guess I can take his teasing.”

She smiled at him, the motion further brightening that gorgeous face. He could bask in that warmth all day. Though his book was taking him away from Cordelia it was what brought her to him and once it was done, he was free to have her all the time. They walked out of his room together, stopping to kiss one last time before they parted. Cordelia cooked carefully, set the table then served before going to Ajax’s office and pushing the door open. “Dinners ready baby” his eyes left the screen and traveled her body. She could see the lust swirling in his eyes. He stood and crossed the room to her “lets hurry and eat then” he whispered, his voice soaked with promise.

That evening and all the days that followed were the epitome of happiness. They’d fight every now and then but it always ended in passion and love. Cordelia and Ajax were both madly in love and knew their relationship was worth every time they butt heads.

~ The End

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