Dafina & Marlin 2

Chapter One

They were preparing a quick dinner together and Dafina couldn’t get their therapists words out of her head. They had been seeing one once a week ever since they came back together and stopped their divorce proceedings just to make sure things stayed solid between them and they truly worked out and understood what had caused the rift between them in the first place. It had been incredibly helpful and insightful. This week she had brought up always being honest with eachother, mostly due to the fact if they had been more verbal when the other hurt their feelings things might not have gotten so out of hand between them. They were good at talking now but he still didn’t know she saw countdowns above peoples heads and for the first time in her life she felt guilty about that.

She had wanted to wait until after dinner was prepared to talk about it but her conscious just wouldn’t let her “Marlin” she said as she set down her knife and turned to look at him. He turned aswell “yeah honey?”

“Takara’s speech about honesty is weighing pretty heavy on me and I really need to talk to you about something” he looked scared now “what’s wrong?”

“I can see countdowns above peoples heads..it sounds crazy…I know….its not normal and I guess thats why I never said anything but maybe if you had known before things would have been easier. Like that brief period of time I drank so much. I may not have been alcoholic level but my drinking was out of hand and that caused so many needless fights between us because I think you would have understood if you knew what had upset me so bad”

“Your best friend killed her baby…I” she interrupted him “Marlin, it crushed me so bad because I knew since the day he was born he had a short life to live. I practically lived over there the day she was sent home from the hospital which I knew you hated too but I really wanted to save that baby. To try as hard as I did…and still…I still don’t know how I didn’t figure out she was battling post pardum depression..all I could think about was how stupid I was…I just..if I had been honest then you could have helped me, you might have understood my choices better. I am so sorry I kept this from you Marlin, I really am. It was stupid…do you believe me?”

“you’re admitting being dishonest with me. I’m not sure why you would make up being dishonest”

“are you angry?” he shook his head “I want you to be honest with me. I’m happy you’re being more honest now. Why would you keep that from me Dafina?”

“It sounds made up”

“It makes a lot of sense…it also makes me have to ask….you aren’t with me because I was going to kill myself if you signed those divorce papers right? If you can see countdowns…you knew”

“I did see your countdown plumeting…it’s what made me realize you cared about us…until that moment I didn’t think you gave a crap if I lived or died..I truly didn’t but I know what you’re asking and no, I’m with you because I love you.”

“I’m happy we’re back together..I’m so grateful for this chance but I don;t want you like that Dafina. Promise me you aren’t with me because you’d feel guilty about letting me take my own life…because you know I truly don’t see life as worth living without you…” his eyes were growing damp “I mean it Dafina, I will stay alive for you if you don’t want to be with me…my life wont be on your hands…it wouldn’t have been anyway, it was me taking my own life”

“I promise Marlin, I fell back in love with you. I really did. All seeing that made me do is realize you loved me”

“good” he pulled her into a hug and kissed her head.

They went back to eating, Dafina feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders while Marlin pondered her gift. He wondered what it would mean for their future, if she would want children or if she would be too afraid once their timer started. “So how long have you been able to see the timers?”

“Since I can remember. It was really confusing for me as a child, I didn’t really understand what it meant at first. Once I did, it was kind of scary. I could see when my grandparents were going to die, when a pet was going to die, it was terrifying.”

“And now?”

“I just kind of embrace it. I mean it can be hard, but it lets me help people.”

“I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like. I don’t know what I would do if I could see something like that. You’re a lot stronger than me.”

“do you have any other questions about it Marlin? Remember, Takara said not admitting something, even if you think it’s to protect the others feelings is bad’

“are you ever going to want a child with me since you’ll know precisely when they are going to die…would you be able to handle that?” he almost hated actually asking but he did still want children with her and he knew being more honest with eachother was the key to them lasting this time. “I do, I mean, if their count starts getting low Ill have the opportunity to figure out whats going to happen and save them. Have you been thinking about kids a lot lately?”

“yeah, things are so good between us again but I still have the bad habit of not verbalizing what I want and feel”

“we’ll both get better together and if you want we can go ahead and start trying.” his heart did a joyful flip “you’re that happy with me?”

“it’s like old times Marlin, it really is, only better because of how much this therapy has helped us mature”

“Maybe someday we won’t need it anymore.”

“It’ll happen, we just have to keep working on things.”

“I know, I want us to always be happy, I want to set a good example for our children so they know what a healthy relationship is.”

She leaned over and kissed his cheek, getting a smile from him that took her breath away. They finished dinner and washed what little dishes they had together. As soon as they had them dried and put away, Marlin scooped her up, making her giggle. He carried her straight to their room and laid her out on the bed, his lips finding hers, their hands pulling at each others clothes. “I love you, Marlin, so much.”

“I love you too.”

Things seemed to only improve between them. They felt so much happiness and excitement at the thought of a child and now they were just spilling things out, being honest about absolutely everything. At their next therapist appointment she said fairly soon into them talking “you know I don’t think you two need me any longer. If what you’re telling me about your home life is true I think I’ve done all I can do here. I see a happy, healthy couple. I know it may seem sudden but you two being honest about your feelings, even if you think the other will get upset was the last thing I felt needed to be worked on and here you are telling me about all the spilling of guts that’s been happening since the last time I saw you”

Dafina smiled brightly “truly?”

“yes, don’t you two think you can do fine without me using the tools I’ve taught you?” Dafina looked at Marlin who gave her hand a reassuring squeeze “It would mean a lot to me for us to try, to see if we can be happy and healthy without her to guide us”

“Okay, I guess we’re done then. Thank you so much for everything”

“Oh thank you two, I have seen so many couples I couldn’t help. It gives me renewed vigor in my practice when I am successful in helping a relationship thrive” Dafina hugged their therapist, almost in tears she was so happy to hear from her that they didn’t need therapy any longer to be in a healthy relationship together.

“We should celebrate.” Marlin said as they left the office. “I mean, we did it, we really did it.” Dafina couldn’t help but let out a little laugh at how happy he was. “What?” He asked.

“It’s just good to see you so excited. I’m proud of you.”

“Of us, we did it together.”

She felt herself start to tear up and quickly looked away. “Sorry, it’s just being here with you when everything seemed so…so…”

“Hopeless? I know, I really do. Getting this second chance…I swear I will never mess up that bad again.”

They decided the would treat themselves to a spontaneous date. “How about ice cream and some shopping?” Dafina suggested.

“Sounds good, maybe we can go ahead and go to the baby store, start getting ideas for what we might want. I’m thinking puppies or monkeys.”

“either sounds adorable and they both would work no matter the gender” They went to the mall, grabbing some ice cream in the food court then hopping around from baby store to baby store. They knew she probably wasn’t pregnant yet but they couldn’t help buying a few adorable things they say. It never hurt to be prepared was said multiple times before they were even through half of the mall. They were in such good spirits and had plenty of money between them to already start spoiling this baby and this new beginning to their lives. They had pulled back from the very brink of divorce, made up and now had gotten through therapy together. It had been so hard at first, going through and talking about things with a stranger and having to actually talk about all their faults, casting all pride aside to make sure they would last this time.

“I think we got too much.” Dafina said as they started out of the mall.

“I think we could have bought more.” Marlin said with a chuckle.

“Do you think…” someone caught her attention as they walked by and she paused, “so?”

“Dafina?” Marlin stopped, his eyes following hers to the man walking towards the mall. “Dafina, what’s wrong?”

“He doesn’t have any numbers.” The man must have known he was being watched because he came to a stop and turned slightly to look at them.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean there’s nothing there, no numbers, no countdown. That’s not possible.”

“Do you want to talk to him?”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t want to freak him out.” She gave the stranger a smile and a wave before turning away.

“Have you never seen anybody like that before?”

“Not that I remember…and I mean, I probably would remember something like that.”

“weird, maybe things like werewolves and demons exist. I mean, if you can see countdowns above peoples heads is that really so far fetched? Maybe you’re like that because something supernatural is in your blood line”

“Huh, I never thought of that. If they do exist shouldn’t I have seen more?”

“I wouldn’t think they are that social. Maybe none have lived in our area until now if it isn’t about being social or not” She smiled which prompted him to ask “what?”

“it’s so nice talking to you this way” he smiled back “it is, this is fun honestly. I’m so glad you told me. I don’t mind us talking to him if you want, I’m sure we can still find him Dafina”

Her teeth tugged at her lower lip as she thought about it. This could be her only chance, but she didn’t want Marlin getting hurt if this guy was somehow dangerous. She fought with herself until he took her bags with an amused smile. “Hey.”

“Just wait here.” Marlin went and put their things in the trunk then went back to her, taking her hand and pulling her back in the direction of the mall.

“We don’t have to.”

“Yes we do, he’s different like you so I’m sure he’ll be happy to talk and shed some light on a few things. Besides, it’ll help me understand your gift better if we talk to someone as unique as you.”

Dafina’s heart danced. “You really are the sweetest man in the world.”

“I try.” He chuckled and bent to press a kiss to her cheek. “I really love you and if you want to do this, really want to do this then let’s go.”

Chapter Two

“I do” they rushed back in the direction they saw him and to their surprise he was standing just inside the entrance of the mall, seemingly waiting. ‘Um, hi” Dafina started and he smiled “I figured you were coming back. It was in the way you looked at me, I puzzled you”

“are you human?” she just came out with it and he said “lets meet at a park, a talk like this may unsettle a nosey mall goer”

“Okay which one”

“do you know the one by that really big Harris Teeter?”

“yeah, we’ve been a few times”

“that one, we can go ahead and go now”

“thank you” he chuckled “I have had the most boring day of my life. I’m glad to have a little excitement”

“it’s exciting for you to meet me?” now he looked confused “you don’t know do you?”

“something besides the fact I can see countdowns?” he smiled “well things have become more interesting than I originally thought they had. Lets go, I’m eager to talk” The three of them left the mall, getting into their own cars then meeting at the park they decided on. They found a secluded part and all sat down “I’m nervous to hear what you have to say about me so I want to start with you. Why don’t you have a countdown?”

“I’m immortal, we don’t have one unless events go into motion that would cause a death.”

“what are you that makes you immortal?”

“I’m a Blemmyes and believe me you don’t want to see what I look like when I’m not using magic to make my looks more appealing”

“Oh my gosh I love anything mythology related. I know what you look like”

“Nightmare stuff right?”

“don’t put yourself down”

“well it’s true, facts don’t really put me down. Why do you think I choose to look this way?”

“so what am I? The way you spoke in the mall told me you think I’m something”

“You are a type of elf believe it or not. A special race of elves could see when someone was going to die. I’m not sure how you don’t know, the elf that came into your line was probably generations back but your family didn’t talk to you, did they really not explain and make you feel alone in this?”

“Maybe it skipped a generation or two if it was far enough back. I don’t see why they wouldn’t talk to me”

“Maybe, powers can be funny like that, especially if its been watered down by human blood for awhile. Maybe when your mother or father didn’t have the ability the grandparents just decided to let them think they were normal”

“Is there anyway for her gift to be a danger to her?” Marlin asked, really wanting to understand as much as he could.

“Not really, it’s just seeing someone’s life expectancy. Her kind have often been asked to give an approximation of life, but time can vary depending on the circumstance. Kings, queens, even assassins would go to your people.”

“Assassins?” Dafina asked.

“As you can imagine they live an uncertain life, but your people could judge by the speed at which their time went down if they were headed for disaster. Sometimes they would accompany them on important jobs and see to it that death was kept at bay.”

“That’s amazing and kind of scary.”

“It takes a lot of will to wield a power like that. I imagine it’s rather stressful.” He chuckled. “Sorry, I’m not trying to bring the mood down, it’s just that it’s really cool meeting someone like you in a world where creatures like us are supposed to be mere stories. It’s also great that your mate seems to be totally fine with it. Most people would be running by now or trying to have us committed.”

“Mate?” Both Dafina and Marlin said in unison.

“Oh, sorry, it’s pretty much the same as marriage.”

“Oh, well, he is my mate then. I actually only told him recently what I can see but he accepted it right away” Marlin decided to ask “so what brought you to this area?” he shrugged “I’ve always gotten bored easily. I’m just trying to find something that will make my life exciting.”

“well, maybe we can all be friends now and get to know eachother”

“I was hoping for as much. If you’d ever like to get acquainted with your own race I know how to get there, just let me know” Dafina lightly gasped “you could do that?!” she asked louder than she had been intending due to her excitement. He chuckled “Yes, so you’re interested?” she looked at Marlin “would you be comfortable doing that with me?”

“of course, I mean, we’d have to take vacation from work but once that’s cleared lets go” she hugged him, inwardly scolding herself as she wondered how she ever let herself get close to giving up on things with Marlin. He was such a good man. It took a few days but they managed to get everything squared away so they could leave for awhile. Once ready, their new friend Nesor invited them to his place where he could begin the ritual to get them there.

“Just to warn you, you might throw up once we reach the other side. It can be a little disorienting for some.”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll be fine.” Dafina said and took Marlin’s hand.

Nesor opened the doorway between the two worlds and gestured for them to follow. Marlin held tightly to her as they stepped through, not wanting her to be pulled away should something happen. They both had a feeling of falling, their stomach lurching as they were transported from their world to another. Marlin managed to keep his breakfast down, but Dafina started throwing up almost the moment they were out. Marlin held her hair back and rubbed her back until she could stop.

“I guess we can consider this practice for when I get pregnant.” She said with a smile.

“I’ll probably drive you crazy following you everywhere and carrying everything for you.” He replied as he tucked her hair back. “I’ll be sick with worry when we’re working.”

“It just means you love me. Now come on, I want to meet these people.”

Dafina was looking everywhere, wanting to take every bit of this beautiful place in as they walked. They finally came upon someone and Nesor explained the situation. The woman hugged Dafina “welcome home, you should meet the record keeper. Maybe we can figure out who you came from”

“I’d like that”

“well I’m Levina by the way”

“I’m Dafina and this is my husband Marlin or mate or whatever other term you use here”

“well I’m sure you’re curious about your race. We’re incredibly friendly so I hope you’re comfortable with the fact I just hugged you because thats basically how we always greet eachother here. Keep in mind when people come to us you have the right to say no. Don’t feel pressured to work for anybody okay? You’re a being, not something to be used unless you want to help”


“we have a government but we’re mostly left to our own devices. You only have to worry about the law butting in if you’re hurting others”

“That’s cool”

“Yeah, I mean, like I said everyone is friendly so we don’t tend to need a higher power butting into our lives all the time. I know in most human worlds there are stores so another important thing for you to know is we don’t have stores in this world. We all make our own clothes, grow and hunt food and stuff like that. I have my entire outfit and my mother made my jewelry. Don’t worry about how you’re going to eat here though. I’m happy to open my home up for your stay and if we discover family here they’d probably be eager for you to stay with them so they can get to know you”

“Thank you”

“This place is amazing.” Marlin said as he and Dafina walked hand in hand. “It’s like being in a dream.”

Nesor chuckled. “I can assure you it’s not a dream.”

“What kind of world do you come from if you don’t mind my asking.” Levina said.

“Human, but they don’t know about people like you and Nesor.”

“I see. Did you know there are many other worlds and dimensions, some that started out human, but have learned to accept the preternatural?”

“I didn’t, that’s amazing. What about this world?”

“Many creatures pass through here, angels, demons, vampires, and even on occasion blemmyes like Nesor. Many people need our help so all races tend to seek us out.”

“You don’t have to feel so alone anymore, Dafina.” Marlin said with a gentle smile.

“I never feel alone, I have you.”

He tugged her just a little closer as they walked, his entire being warmed by her words. They arrived at the record keepers home who took some of Dafinas blood then disappeared for awhile, leaving them in his living room where Levina continued teaching Dafina about her home world. They sat there a long time but since Dafina had never come before Levina had plenty to talk about to fill the time. “I have found your line” he announced proudly. “Oh good, who is she related to?” Levina asked curiously. “She is descended Noah of the Etops line. There are still a great many Etops in our world Dafina. I found in my records he left purely out of curiosity. Now, I’m not sure how you came to be because he never returned to update me. I don’t even know if Noah is still alive being we are only immortal if we stay here. Anything living here lives forever but experiments have shown it’s something about this world that makes our elven race live forever. When we leave, we have a countdown but that’s nothing to fear. From other experiments we have come to find just visiting here for anything more than a week will increase your life span.

“That’s really cool, thank you”

“are you going to introduce her to her family now Levina?”

“Of course” they all hugged then left his home. It was weird for Dafina to be so affectionate with strangers but she enjoyed it. “Now don’t be nervous. Like I said, people here are incredibly friendly” Levina comforted as they drew near another home. “It’s hard not to be.” Levina knocked on the door and soon another woman answered “Hello Levina, who are these two?”

“This is Dafina and Marlin. Dafina is descended from your son, Noah”

“well I’ll be damned, it is such a pleasure to meet you young lady, please, come in”

There were two others sitting in the living room when they walked in. One was a young woman and the other a man. Looking between them and the woman who had answered the door, she could tell they were related. “Dafina, this is Angelica, her daughter Rowan and her son Ash.” Levina said with a warm smile.

Angelica gave them both a hug and the two teens stood and walked over, Rowan hugging them, but Ash opting to shake Marlin’s hand. “You’ll have to forgive my son, he’s a bit more reserved.”

“That’s fine.” Dafina said. “It’s really nice to meet you all.”

“Will you two be alright if I leave you here?” Levina asked. “I don’t want to be rude and just leave Nesor.”

“Sure, thank you ma’am.” Marlin said.

“Oh please, call me by my name.” She hugged them both then left them to Dafina’s family.

Chapter Three

“so who is Nesor?” Angelica asked so Dafina explained “He is a good friend of ours. We just met him kind of recently. He’s the one who let me know why I see countdowns above peoples heads”

“well I’m really happy to meet you. I’ve missed Noah, I really wish he would have ever come back but I just like to think if he died in another world he lived a happy life. Now I know he must have, he had children”

“I have a pretty good family so I imagine he had a good wife” Dafina said happily. “Have you asked them why you didn’t know before, out of curiosity?”

“No, we’re pretty honest with eachother so I’m thinking maybe the ability started skipping because the blood kept getting watered down by more and more humans so maybe when one generation couldn’t they let them think they were normal”

“Huh, maybe, well I’m incredibly happy you found out and brought your mate along. How did you take the news, you’re only human right?”

“I mean, it’s wild but I believed her. It’s actually exciting, thinking story book things are real”

“Incase nobody else has said it Dafina, you are always welcome here. You may have a lot of human in you now but this is your world and your mate would be welcome too should you ever choose to come and stay…I think you’d be happy and for me…it’s nice to have a little of Noah back”

“I’ll at least be coming to visit a lot.” They spent the rest of the day with Angelica and her children then the next day she took them out to meet more of their family here. It was amazing to her how fast they accepted her. They treated her like she had grown up here, like they had known her her entire life. Nesor and Levina joined them later that second day, seeming to be getting close themselves.

“I think when we go back, we should find out what happened to Noah.” Dafina said as she enjoyed her family. “I think it would bring a bit of closure, if I knew and could tell them something.”

“Whatever you want, baby.” Marlin replied as he brought her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to it. “This is all so, well amazing. I mean our children will have so many people to love them and if they inherit your gift, we’ll be better prepared to help them.”


“If more than one is okay with you.”

Dafina felt herself tear up with happiness. “I would love more than one.”

Angelica took them out into the village and showed them how their people worked. Dafina and Marlin watched transactions between some of the people and those who came for their services. They witnessed a couple of them with weapons getting ready to leave to aid assassins. Rowan and Ash had tagged along and Rowan had a million questions for them while Ash stayed quiet and observed. He looked like he was going to ask something a couple of times, but always wound up looking away when he caught Dafina’s eye. It wasn’t until the end of the day that he actually approached her.

“Excuse me, ma’am?”

“You can call me Dafina.”

“Dafina, I wanted to ask if you think it would be okay if I left with you when you went home?”

Dafina and Marlin exchanged a look. “Have you talked to your mother?” Marlin asked.

“Not yet, I wanted to get your permission first. It wouldn’t be forever, I would come back, but I want to see your world. I know Nesor would bring me back anytime I asked, he likes Levina.”

Dafina giggled “I think he likes her too. If your mom is fine with it we have the space in our house. You could have your own room there” He looked excited so Dafina hoped his mother said yes. If who she came from left and never came back she knew it might be hard for her to let another one leave. Ash ended up taking his mother on a walk to ask her. When they returned she was emotional but she had said yes “we’ll take good care of him.”

“You make sure he really comes back”

“I’ll kick his butt if he tries not to. I also plan to look into what happened to Noah okay”

“thank you so much, oh that means so much to me” They stayed through the next day but after that, with Nesors agreement he’d be coming back with Ash they went back home. “wow” Ash said when they got to the other side, seeming unphased by traveling that way. Dafina was nauseous again but she didn’t throw up. She was relieved since they were standing in Nesors room. At least when they went to that other world she had thrown up outside. Nesor made a point to say “I plan on going back a lot so just let me know when you’re interested” as they were heading out the door to the car. Dafina smiled “that in to her already huh?”

“You saw how beautiful she is right and..well she’s super nice too”

“Oh my gosh are you getting embarrassed?”

“don’t be mean” Nesor shot back.

Dafina teased him until they were home, leaving him a blushing mess by the time they got out and headed inside. Ash took in the house, amazed by all of the things they had sitting around. “That’s a TV.” Dafina said as she picked up the controller and switched it on for him. “You can watch whatever you want.”

“We’ll get you some clothes so you can blend it.” Marlin said as he watched the boys shock and amazement play across his face.

“I can make some.”

“Let us, it’ll be a fun experience for you.” Dafina said as they followed him into the kitchen. He looked out the window to their backyard.

“Do you think I could plant a small garden?”

“You can do whatever you want, but if you are ever unsure about anything let us know.” Marlin answered. “There are a lot of things in this world that can be very dangerous, like cars and some animals and people who might try to take advantage of someone with your curiosity.” Dafina laughed and Marlin felt his face start to heat up. “What?”

“You already sound like such a dad, it’s cute.”


“Yeah, it’s great.”

“I’ll be sure to ask before doing anything, I wouldn’t want to cause you two to worry about me.” Ash replied as he turned and smiled at them. “Thank you for this opportunity.”

They spent the first days getting him acquainted with their home and the things that were different about their world. He seemed eager to learn how to drive a car so Marlin started giving him lessons during the time Dafina was investing trying to figure out something about Noah, the elf that had been in her line. One day she ended up at a nursing home of one of her relatives she had barely known. She sat down to talk with her, the elderly lady saying “what got you asking about Noah Etops?”

“just exploring my family tree. Marlin and I are trying for children”

“How wonderful, well Noah was a sweetheart. He was in our family quite a few generations back but his death, while a sad story was such a loving act it was shared for a few generations, until me I guess. I just never found a reason to tell it until now”

“so he died then?”

“Yes, he and Annabelle were out. I’m afraid in my old age I don’t remember how the whole story goes…I should have shared it much sooner, when I remembered more detail but anyway they had certain plans but their friends wound up canceling. They already had a sitter for their kids so Annabelle still wanted to have a fun day out with Noah. They went downtown and were having a good day until he started panicking. As Anna told it she just assumed he must have had some premonition of what was to come because he suddenly became in a hurry to get home or at least get her out of the street. It turns out a few police officers were chasing a criminal and shot at him, trying to stop him but they missed and the bullet ricochet. He had some incredible reflexes I suppose because he took it for her. She said it was like he knew it was coming. He slipped away telling her how much he loved her and she kissed him. It was the last moment Annabelle had with Noah.”

Dafina was crying “wow”

“Yeah, I’m glad I wound up passing down the story. He deserves to be remembered”

“thank you for seeing me” Dafina wiped her face, standing “He’ll never be forgotten. I promise” She went home, telling Marlin and Ash what she had found out. “Mom will be happy” Ash said then suggested “lets go home and tell my mom. She shouldn’t have to wonder why he never came back any longer. It took her so long to have kids again after his loss. I think missing my much older brother about killed her, I think she’ll feel much better knowing this”

Nesor was sad to hear the news of Noah’s death and gladly took them back, walking with them until they came to Levina’s He told them to take their time, that he wouldn’t go far. Ash looked dejectedly at the ground as they walked and Dafina took his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “It’s going to be alright.”

“I know, sorry, it’s just, I never got to know him.”

“Sure you did, through Dafina.” Marlin said as he tussled the boy’s hair. “And also through your mother and sister. He’s part of all of you. When you look in the mirror he’s right there because you’re brothers.”

“I really appreciate that, thank you.”

They told Angelica and her husband who was now home from the job he was on last time they were there gently but they knew nothing would help the pain that followed. Through her tears she said “My brave boy, Noah was always so brave…it’s so good to know for sure what became of him, even if he died…I imagined he had to of to never come back home.” she wiped at her face, continuing to speak though it was a little harder to understand in her emotional state. Her husband held her, rubbing her back even as he cried himself “He must have really loved her”

They stayed again for awhile, using up what was left of their vacation time before heading home again. This time Nesor only dropped them off, wanting to spend a little more time with Levina before he went back to their world. That night as Marlin held Dafina in his arms she said “this has been such a crazy year” He chuckled “I think thats an understatement baby. We spent a lot of it in couples counseling, we have decided to have a baby, we’re already well into their room even though you aren’t pregnant yet, Ash is staying with us most the time, we’ve found out you’re descended from an elf, with a heart of gold I might add, we now are growing vegetables in our back yard, and we now basically have this whole other family. Oh an we met a Blemmys which i looked up and jesus”

“hey, be nice”

“he’s okay with it”

“yeah, but still” he kissed her head “sorry”

“I think it would make me feel better to try some more for a baby. I hate we had to break Angelica’s heart with the news”

“you gave her closure, the knowledge her son died a heroic death for the woman he loved” she slid her hand under his shirt and he smiled, more than willing to make love to her. They spent the night wrapped in ecstasy, hoping desperately they’d be blessed with a little life inside her womb. They had such an amazing life now, such a big family to share and they couldn’t wait to share it with their child.

~ The End

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