Dakarai & Nani 2

Chapter One

Hafsah and Chione had been gone a few days now, leaving the responsibilities of the orphanage in the hands on Dakarai, Nani, Colt and Curtis who had become an adult a few years ago but asked to stay to help around the house. With their orphanage only getting bigger due to knowledge of it spreading they could use the help so they happily decided to let Curtis just spend his life there. He now had his own room and had so far proven himself to be a big help. It also helped having an extra adult during times like this. The reason they were gone was they were helping some of their children who had become adults find their place in the world.

Instead of just sending them out of the home they would go from place to place, not returning home until Hafsah and Chione were satisfied their children had a good start to their adult lives. They had left with four this time so Nani knew they would be gone awhile. It was late at night so Nani was folding laundry while Dakarai was out hunting down more meat for the house. When his sister and her wife were gone he hunted at night while the children slept since they were even more outnumbered by children. Colt was mending a wall one of the children accidentally crashed into and left a hole in earlier that day while Curtis was still in the room of one of their girls, probably still reading to her. She often couldn’t sleep but it wasn’t for the same reasons Nani couldn’t sleep as a child.

Nani didn’t feel like the girl had it much better though. She could never sleep because even now, two years after being left here she still thought her parents were going to come back. Nobody had said that to her and none of them could look her in the eye and actually tell her what her parents had said. The father had gotten the mother pregnant again but they didn’t want more than the three they already had. Since she wasn’t proving to be powerful or even very pretty they decided to dump her and hope the new child was better. It was disgusting and Nani was glad she wasn’t born as a lot of demons were, with so little compassion or care for anybody but themselves in their hearts. She was glad Hafsah and Chione had started this house. Before this she might have just been killed by her parents or left in the wild. Nani was sure that still happened in their world but atleast some could just come here and be cherished, and shown they weren’t worthless simply because they weren’t precisely what their parents wanted.

Dakarai was happy when he brought down the large buck and quickly broke its neck to end its suffering he thanked it for providing food for him and his family then set to gutting it and cleaning it out. He lifted and tossed it over his neck then started for home. He was sweaty and sticky with blood when he got home and had to shift the deer to one shoulder to warn Nani off when she came running up to him. “I’m filthy love, let me get this strung up and skinned then I’ll bathe and we can spend some time together.”

“Can I at least have a kiss then?” She asked.

“Of course.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her soft lips, his heart doing that familiar flip. “God I love you.” He said when he pulled back and she blushed. He loved he could still do that to her.

“I love you too.”

As she followed him she said “everything that needs to be done for tomorrow is done so would you like some sort of snack? I know how tiring hunting food is”

“is there any cheesecake left?”

“No but I’ll make another”

“you have to be tired too Nani”

“Baking cheesecake is nothing Dakarai, I want to.” She left him, not wanting to hear his protests any longer. He smiled, looking forward to something sweet. Dakarai quickly strung up the meat then began taking care of skinning it. Curtis popped into the kitchen “I’m heading to bed Nani unless you need help with something”

“I’m fine, just making cheesecake for Dakarai”

“could I get some later if he doesn’t finish it?”

“Of course, finish off whatever is left if you want”

“Thanks, goodnight”

Dakarai stored the hide and antlers, deciding to make something out of them when he had the time then rinsed and bagged the meat, making sure there were no gaps so flies or bees couldn’t get in. He would cut it up in the morning then get it wrapped and frozen. He took the rest and disposed it out in the woods. There were plenty of wild animals that would be grateful for the meal. Once the kids were older he planned on taking them out and teaching them how to hunt. It was good to know, especially if they ever got lost. He then headed inside, pausing for a moment when he heard Nani humming to herself. He sneaked a peek into the kitchen and could see her sitting at the table reading a book while she waited for the timer to go off. He smiled as he headed to the bathroom, his heart swelling with all the love he had for her.

He washed thoroughly then changed into some comfortable pajama pants, opting not to wear a shirt. They were uncomfortable to sleep in and he enjoyed the way Nani admired him when he didn’t. She was just pulling out plates for the two of them when he stepped into the kitchen. She turned, her eyes instantly traveling then that endearingly familiar blush tinted her skin. “tease” she said and he chuckled “I do love to tease you but you know this is just more comfortable anyway”

She cut a slice then set it on the plate “well come eat handsome”

“this then you?” she looked around and he laughed again “nobody is up but us”

“still” he could see her entire body was warm from his question.

Dakarai couldn’t help but flirt with her while he ate and Nani was burning up, unable to look at him she was so embarrassed. Even the way he ate seemed deliberately slow and seductive. “You’re not be very nice.” She finally manged to say.

“What do you mean?” She glanced up at him. He had his fork between his lips in an attempt to keep himself from laughing.

“You know.”

“You know I can’t help it when it’s you my love, especially when we get time alone. It’s also adorable watching your facial expressions.” He leaned forward and she raised her head, letting him kiss her. “Cheesecake tastes even better from your lips.”

“Stop.” She said softly as she covered her face. “So mean.”

Chapter Two

He chuckled happily “I would stop if you didn’t enjoy it but you know you do beautiful” He got up, taking her into his arms “lets go to bed, I want to enjoy eating you now” he whispered, knowing she hated risking the children hearing them. He took her straight to their room, planning to enjoy her as long as she could stand it. He set his beautiful little demoness on their bed then hooked his fingers into her shorts, slowly pulling them off to continue teasing and building her up. When he went back up for her underwear he slide his hands over her butt before grabbing the sides. He then slowly moved in, letting the heat of his breath hit her before taking the material in his mouth. He slowly brought them down, once again prolonging the process to build up her excitement for him.

He couldn’t wait for the rest of her clothes to be off before covering her with his mouth. A moan tried to come from her mouth but it became more of a squeak as she tried to be quiet so they wouldn’t wake anyone. His tongue slid around the ever building sea of her lube until she orgasmed but that would only be the first time tonight. He hastily took off his own clothes and let himself slowly slide into her depths. He moaned deeply once he was completely wrapped by her. She was tight, squeezing his length in her confines.

Her moans were lights whines as she struggled to control herself. He was moving slow, wanting to take as long as possible to climax within her heat. Once he could hold back no more he shakily breathed with his release then took off the rest of her clothes. “Nani” he said her name softly as he looked down at her, holding his left hand to her cheek. She was gorgeous, her face soft, her small body perfect and curved in all the right places, her blue eyes alluring almost to the point of hypnotizing him. Even her breasts, though on the smaller end were the perfect size and shape to him.

When he cupped them they were just too big for him to fit them entirely in his palm and it felt amazing to the point of relaxing his every muscle when he could just feel them. His hands found them once more, as they just had to do every time they made love and he began moving them in his hands. “Dakarai” she moaned and he leaned down to kiss her, still moving his hands as he slid his tongue around in her mouth. he tasted cheescake along with the familiar taste of her. It was such a mouth watering combination it had him hard again, hard and desperately desiring to plunge inbetween her thighs again.

He lifted Nani into his lap, right down on his shaft. He used one hand to continue feeling her breasts while he used the other to support her back. She rode him, milked him until he had once again released within her. Keeping her on his lap his mouth began to work her neck, occasionally raining kisses on her chest. He did this for some time before he slid a hand between her legs and began to rub her into repeated orgasm.

He only stopped when she started to become far too loud. He then bent her forward and slid back in as far as he could go before taking on a fast pace. They moaned together, Nani saying his name a few times until he released again then pulled her under the covers with him to cuddle “goodnight Nani’ his words were tender and so was her answer “I love you Dakarai, goodnight” They both fell into the peace of sleep in mere seconds, tired from a long day of watching children and a night of euphoric passion. After what her father had done to her as a child it had taken Nani a long time to be able to have sex with Dakarai but he had been patient and completely understanding and now, she wished she had started doing this with him sooner. This was nothing like the horror she suffered in the bed of her father. This was amazing and she felt treasured every second of it.

Late that night she woke with a dry mouth, often experiencing intense thirst after a night like that with Dakrai. She started to get up which woke him “go back to sleep, I’m only getting a drink”

“I can get it”

“No, It’s fine baby, rest” He had barely been awake so went right back to sleep at her insistence. She got up, able to easily get out of his arms now that he knew why she was leaving. Nani pulled on her shorts then grabbed a random shirt from her closet, slipping it on then heading back down the hall that lead to their kitchen. She was passing one of their young boys rooms when she heard whispering but it didn’t sound like any of their children so she moved soundlessly up to the door and began to listen. “You just need to bring one other child, why is it so hard?”

“Because…everyone here is my friend”

“Nobody here loves you, I need a little girl, one of the blond ones. You give me one of them and you’ll have more candy than you could ever eat, you’ll have your own home without any rules or spankings. You are all worthless nothings who will become worthless nothings I mean look at Nani. She grew up here only to become a caretaker herself here”

“why…why don’t you do it yourself”

“Because theres magic on this house. I can only get into your room because you invited me in. Look at me, you think a little girl would trust me? She’d run screaming to one of those older nuisances” the voice was growing angry now “you’re a monster, why is this so hard for you to do for me” Nani was about to yell for Dakarai when she heard a sort of growling sound from the other side of the door. It flung open and she was jerked inside by a creature who seemed over seven feet tall. It had grey eyes that were attached to a tightly pulled, grey face and long fangs that were so long they hung almost to its shoulders. It didn’t have a nose, more of just a hole where the nose should be but this wasn’t what was talking to Mark, what was talking to Mark was sitting on the bed and he scared her more than the thing holding her now.

The creature wrapped its hands tightly around her throat so she couldn’t speak “make your choice child. I’ll kill her if you dont go get a little girl for me”

“No, don’t” the boy started right when Nani set the creature aflame.

It was the shrieking scream of pain that woke Dakarai completely and for a moment he thought he had stumbled into some sort of nightmare. The high pitched sound was joined by that of a child and he shot out of bed, quickly grabbing a pair of pants and tugging them on. The smell of smoke and burnt flesh hit his nose, causing his stomach to do a little twist, but he ran through the door of one of the children. It was hard to take everything in with the smoke, the young boy pressed against the wall, his mouth open in a scream of fear, the creature, gaunt and an horrifying trying to slap away the flames on its skin and Nani pinned to the floor by her throat. Something snapped in him and he tackled the monstrous beast away from Nani and out the bedroom window.

The sounds woke the entire house and both Curtis and Colt came through the door, Colt going to Nani who was pushing herself up and gasping for air while Curtis ran for the window and looked down on the sight of Dakarai wrestling with something his mind could barely grasp. “Nani.” Colt said. “Are you alright?”

“Get the children to safety.” She coughed as she stood, one hand rubbing her throat.

“I’ll help Dakarai.” Curtis said and was already out the window before Nani could warn him not to.

Curtis had no idea what was going on but he’d protect this home. He owed Dakarai, Colt and Nani so much and not only that he wouldn’t let anything happen to these children. He had once depended on the protection this house offered and now it was his turn to be one of the adults and protect the children inside. Since the other creature was still panicking over being engulfed in Nani’s powerful flames Curtis jumped down on the creature fighting with Dakarai. He knew that fire was nowhere near burning out, especially since Nani had been scared at the time. He knew her story, her nightmares and the fires they had caused growing up. When Nani became scared something was catching fire and it took quite a bit to extinguish her flame.

“what’s going on?” Colt asked as they continued to herd children down into the basement. They would be going lower, into a place not even Dakarai or Curtis would be able to get into unless the allowed them in. Hafsah and Chione had created it a few years back and it was protected by much more powerful magic than the rest of the house was. This was only for emergencies and they felt this qualified as one. Once they shut the door and chanted whatever Hafsah had written down nothing was getting in unless it was some sort of god.

“I was getting water and heard whispering. I knew that voice didn’t belong to anybody that should be here so I listened at the door. Just before I was going to get Dakarai that creature who had me pinned jerked me into the room. I..I couldn’t breath and next thing I knew I had set the man on Marks bed in flames. It was talking about wanting one of the girls…I just..I was so scared he might try to get one” Colt wanted to hug his sister but there was no time to pause. They shuffled all the kids below then Nani grabbed the paper Hafsah left down there in case they weren’t here for such an event and read the spell aloud to seal them in.

They both wanted to help but somebody needed to be in here for the children. Fire, hail, sleet, demons, vampires, bombs, nothing could touch them in here but still, some of these kids were as young as four, they needed the comfort of an adult. Colt now took the time to hug his sister, knowing the memories this could have stirred up for her. He wanted to apologize to her again but knew she didn’t want that. He just wished he had been able to protect her when they were younger.

Dakarai was proud of Curtis as they fought the one creature. The boy had grown up strong and fast. The other creature was still fighting to put Nani’s fire out, rolling on the ground as its flesh melted away. The one they fought growled at them, whipping at them with sharp claws so they jumped back. It slipped around them, grabbing its companion. “I’ll be back.” It hissed as it took off.

Curtis started after them, but Dakarai grabbed him. “Not now, we need to get back in there and check on everyone.”


“I know, but we need to account for everyone and I need to make sure Nani wasn’t seriously injured.”

Curtis sighed. “Fine, I understand.”

“We should also take some time to figure out what they are. We don’t know what kind of power they possess or how strong they actually are. Hopefully the one will die.”

They first put out the fire in the house so it wouldn’t be a danger to any of the children. There was so much to repair and replace but that wasn’t what they were worried about now. They went down into the basement then leaned over where they knew the door was even though it looked like regular flooring now, that was part of the magic. Dakarai tapped out the code so they’d know who was above them so Colt opened up, allowing Dakarai and Curtis to start helping children out. Dakarai knew it was selfish as a caretaker for these children but his biggest concern right now was his mate so he was relieved when she finally came out. She had waited, wanted to make sure not a child got left behind since it was so big down there.

He hugged her then looked her over, relieved to see she was unharmed physically “Im okay, my throat just hurts.” she looked over at Mark who seemed to be a mixture of nervous, ashamed and scared. “Mark baby, come here. I’m not angry. I’m sure you can explain” He walked over, glancing at the older men then back at her “can I talk to you alone?”

“They need to know too, I promise, you wont be in any trouble if you just tell the truth. We need the truth Mark” He looked ready to cry but he said “I didn’t know he was bad…I’m so sorry…I never thought they’d hurt anybody” Nani got down to his level so she could look him in the eye since he kept looking down “I know Mark, I’m sure everyone believes you” a tear slid out and he said “It started about two months ago when you guys took us out and I wandered off from the group”

He had a habit of wandering off so Nani asked a question to be certain she knew when he was talking about “On our way to take you guys camping?”

“yes mam”

“Okay, so what happened?”

“I was getting ready to head back to you guys when that thing you saw sitting on my bed appeared in front of me. He looks more cool to me than scary so I didn’t scream or anything but he did startle me a bit…he handed me some candy and asked me my name. He kept giving me candy as I talked to him so I kept talking. He must have heard Curtis coming because he ran off just a few moments before Curtis came and fussed at me for leaving the group…well…his candy was so good so I started getting myself alone as much as I could and eventually he said he could give me candy every night if I’d let him in my room. He said he couldn’t get in the house because he had tried to come adopt a child a few years back and Hafsah told him he wasn’t welcome there and made it so he couldn’t enter but he knew the spell she used and knew he could get in if I let him but even when I let him climb in my window he still couldn’t get in the rest of the house for some reason. He said he was just lonely and wanted a child but she thought he was too ugly for one. I told him that couldn’t be true but he said it was. He then told me the time he spent with me was the closest he’d ever be able to get to one so to let him in so he could see me every night”

“Mark, if Hafsah or Chione turn anybody away I can promise you there is something bad about them. They’d never turn someone away because of the way they looked”

“I’m sorry”

“Just tell me what started happening next okay?”

“The first two nights we just continued to talk but then he started asking for stuff…stuff from the girls like their hair clips and things like that…”

“and thats why things have been going missing around here lately?” he nodded, more tears streaming down. “Mark, that’s stealing. Stealing from your friends is never okay, especially if it’s just for candy”

“I’m sorry, I just liked his candy so much…it started out as just small things I wouldn’t think they’d miss all that much but he’s just been asking for more and more as time has gone on”

Chapter Three

“Do you have anymore of the candy?” Nani asked gently.

“Yeah, a few pieces from last time.” He wiped at his face. “They’re in my top drawer.”

“Curtis, you and Colt go up together and get it and be careful, we don’t know what it’s made of.” Dakarai said and they both nodded as they headed up to Mark’s room. “What was he asking for this time?” He asked as he turned his attention back to Mark.

“One of the girls, he said she had to be blonde.”

Dakarai nodded and then asked a very hard question. “Did either of them touch you inappropriately?”

“No, the one just gave me candy.”


Dakarai turned to Nani, taking her gently by the hand to pull her a few feet away from the children. “You know what that means.” He said, lowering his voice.

“They were grooming him to get one of the girls.”

“yeah, I heard them at the door. Poor baby, he was refusing to bring any girls into his room and it was getting so mad at him. He wouldn’t have done it, I really don’t think he would have”

“we’ll have to see what they were giving him, if it was really just candy. He’s a good boy, I doubt he would have been stealing from the girls like that unless they were at least giving him something addictive to keep him wanting them to come” The two of them calmed the children and started getting them back into rooms, hoping they would get more sleep since it was still late at night. Nani hoped the other children wouldn’t be mad at him since he was now in a room that had multiple children in it. Once they had the children settled back down they went to where Curtis and Colt were examining the candy.

“what have you found so far?” Dakarai asked and Colt answered “this isn’t just candy, taste some” He took a little of the pink powder and moved it around his mouth. Nani looked at him worriedly as she waited for what he thought. She was glad she’d have something to say to the other children so they wouldn’t be mad at Mark, especially the girls since he had been taking their stuff. “He was giving him something addicting. When I was a teen I remember this stuff was really popular, I think they called it Semp”

“Oh, yeah, my dad really liked that stuff..” Colt nodded, remembering that too. “so it really wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know what he was eating or that he might start doing stuff he wouldn’t normally to keep getting it” Curtis said and Dakarai nodded “After breakfast in the morning we will talk to the children and make sure they understand and remind them to tell us when strangers approach them, especially if they seem to want to talk to them alone.”

They took the candy outside and burned it so none would remain for the children to get then Nani went to check on Mark, feeling he should know right away. The three men went to assess the damage the short lived fire caused so they could figure out a plan to fix their home. They wanted things to get back to normal for the children as fast as possible. This was far from over but this was all they could do for now. “Mark baby?” Nani said as she entered the room he was sharing with a few other boys “yes mam?”

“that candy he was giving you was addictive, it wasn’t really your fault okay” Mark still looked heartbroken “the girls know its my fault their stuff is missing….they wont care…they’re going to hate me forever”

“I doubt that very much”

“Yeah, it’s going to be okay” One of the boys added. Nani was glad for it, she wanted one of his peers to tell him they didn’t hate him. Mark nodded then hugged Nani “I’m so sorry”

“You’re just little honey, you didn’t understand what was happening. Those creatures should be sorry for manipulating a child” She hugged him until he let go, wanting him to have as long of a hug as he needed before returning to her mate. They were throwing stuff away in Marks room that had been damaged by the fire but stopped when she entered. Dakarai needed to embrace her after what he had seen earlier. All he could think about was that thing crushing her neck or depriving her of air too long. “I’m okay, my throat is already feeling better”

“How is Mark?”

“worried the girls wont like him any longer”

“Hopefully when we talk to the kids after breakfast he’ll feel better”

“Yeah, one of the boys hes in a room with now already told him it was okay”

“I can’t believe this happened. I should have been playing closer attention when things started disappearing.”

“It’s not anyone’s fault and we stopped it before it got worse. They could have hurt him.”

“We’re going to have to keep the kids out of his room until we can get a new barrier put on the window. Right now it’s the most vulnerable spot in the house.” He tipped her head back and let his fingers brush over the barely there bruises. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m perfect.”

He gently stroked her cheek. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you? I know your father…”

“Hush now, I’m so much stronger than I was before thanks to all the love and care in this house and because of your patience and compassion. I can work through my fears so please don’t worry.”

“I just don’t want you to have any setbacks. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are.”

“And if I do I know you’ll be there to help me get through it all again.”

“I will, even if it means you can’t make love to me again for awhile I’m okay with that”

“You’re amazing Dakarai, I’m truly okay” he kissed her forehead and Colt said “I know you’re having a moment but we should make a plan while we do this. Those things are dangerous and obviously the sickest types of monsters. I wish Hafsah and Chione were here to tell us what they learned about them when they came asking for a child” Dakarai sighed “They are pedophiles, that’s all we need to know. If we can’t figure out the rest we’ll have to fight them blind to what they can do but we’re taking care of them, they wont hurt another little girl”

They didn’t go back to sleep that night, there was far too much to do and all four of them were stressed. When dawn began creeping over the horizon Nani and Colt went to start on breakfast while Curtis and Dakarai continued trying to figure out what those beings were. When Nani was gone Curtis said “she really does seem fine Dakarai”

“You weren’t here when she was a child Curtis…she suffered so much, she had so many nightmares about her father and the things he used to do to her. It took her so long to be okay, to not have any fears or bad memories when I touched her. Its not sex I’m worried about, don’t get me wrong, I’m just worried about her suffering again. She felt so guilty too and I don’t want that again either.” Curtis didn’t know what else to say so he just went back to trying to find some sort of picture or passage that mentioned something like they saw in Marks room.

Working together Nani and Colt made a nice breakfast for the kids, going a bit further than usual since they all had a rough night. The kids soon started coming in and all their faces lit up at all the amazing food “I thought we all needed a better than normal breakfast” Nani said and all the kids agreed. Colt made plates for Dakarai and Curtis then left to take the food to them while Nani took care of helping the younger kids. As Dakarai took his plat Colt said “I’m going to help Nani, call us if you guys find anything”

“Thank you”

Once the children were done eating and the dishes had been washed, Nani and Colt gathered them all in the living room so they could talk. “We need to let you all know what happened between Mark and those monsters.” Nani said gently as she sat on the couch. Some of the children glanced at Mark who was staring at the floor.

“Was he really going to give us away?” One of the girls asked.

“No honey. Those creatures are really bad and scary, they gave Mark candy with drugs in it. They used that against him, but he wasn’t going to give any of you to them. It wasn’t his fault.”

“Mark was scared, but it was very brave of him to refuse them.” Colt added.

They talked awhile longer with the children and the girls all seemed to accept it wasn’t Marks fault and forgive him. “Colt, can you mind the kids so I can go back in there with Dakarai and Curtis?”

“Of course” she now looked directly at a group of teenagers “help Colt with the younger kids if he needs it okay?”

“Yes mam” they all said, always more than happy to help. When she was back in the room where they were studying she crawled into Dakarais lap “everything’s good with the kids now, they forgave Mark.”

“Good” he answered then kissed her head. He closed the book he had been holding “I think my time would be better spent on repairs right now to help keep the children safe without putting them below the basement.”

“I can just keep reading in here by myself” Dakarai stood, still holding Nani “come get me if you find anything” He set her down only when he had to pick up tools and materials. “what should I grab?” she asked and he said “nothing”

“Dakarai, I should be doing something”

“staying near me is all you need to be doing”

“Let me help, I want to be doing something”

“Alright, try to find a new blanket and dresser for him. I’ll move up a new mattress myself, thankfully his bedframe is fine”

“You do know I’m strong enough to carry a mattress. I think you forget sometimes I’m a demon”

“If you insist, alright, I’m just worried.”

“I know but I’m really going to be fine. Helping isn’t going to make me any less fine” Dakarai waited for Nani to grab what he had asked for then they both walked to Marks room together. It was amazing to watch him in there. Dakarai could repair anything and make it look new. He was just starting to take a break with Nani when Curtis came in “We’ve looked through everything we have. Maybe it isn’t anything specific or maybe we just don’t have the books with him in it”

“We at least know the one isn’t a fan of fire so if it survived we can use that to our advantage. I want to keep everyone out of here until we can put the spells back on the window. I’m sure as long as we keep Mark’s door shut, nothing can get into the rest of the house.” Dakarai said. It was frustrating not knowing exactly what to do. Anything he had ever fought had had a clear weakness. He told himself he had to remain calm for Nani and the children and that he would destroy those monsters if they ever touched or threatened one of his loved ones again.

“Maybe Mark knows more about them. He may have caught more details than he realized.”

“Just remember to be gentle with him.” Nani said.

“I know, he’s been through enough already.”

Curtis headed back down and Dakarai wrapped his arms around Nani and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “You’re like a protective mama bear.”

Nani blushed. “Really?”

“You remind me of Hafsah and Chione. You make the same face when you’re determined.”

“They were amazing mothers to me, to all the children that come here. I’m proud of who I’ve become If I remind you of them.” They just cuddled a few moments, Dakarai needing the calm. When he could let her go he set to redoing the enchantments on Marks room. When Curtis came in he saw Dakarai was busy so he spoke to Nani “One major thing I found out is that Mark asked them where they lived. He doesnt know precisely but apparently he somehow lives on that trail we took the kids down, he saw the children walk by then began following, apparently waiting for one to wander off so they could talk since he didn’t think we would take to him”

“Go figure” Nani said then Dakarai added “His house could be invisible”


“Is there a way to find an invisible house?” She asked her mate, hoping since he was so much older he might know something she didn’t “Yep, anything else Curtis?”

“The one that had Nani by the neck is some type of vampire but more old school than you or I, he can’t be in the sunlight”

“then I want to leave soon and drag that things sorry ass out into the sun”

“Dakarai the children” Nani reprimanded and he apologized. They may not be in the room but they all had sensitive ears.

Chapter Four

Dakarai had decided to take both Colt and Curtis with him to kill the creatures and he made Nani promise to take the children into the basement if anything should happen and to stay there until they made it back. She reassured him that she would, not wanting to risk any of the children being taken away. “Just come back to me.” Nani said as she hugged Dakarai.

“I will.”

“And make sure nothing happens to Colt or Curtis.”

“I promise.” He gave her a quick kiss and his warmest smile. “Stay safe baby.”

“I will.”

He let her go before he changed his mind and walked away with Colt and Curtis following him. “This isn’t going to be easy boys.” He said once they were away from the house. “Those things are dangerous and incredibly strong. I could feel it.”

“Yeah, I’m just glad Mark letting him in his room didn’t give him access to the entire house”

“My sister and her wife have thought of most everything. In protecting the house they’ve accounted for how easy children are to manipulate” The three hurried, running as fast as they could until they were at the path. Dakarai pulled out three vials and handed one to Colt and Curtis. “Pour it in your eyes” they did without question then tucked the vials in their pockets for cleaning and reuse. “we’ll be able to see their home now if it’s truly on this trail” They walked along, each looking carefully then sure enough, there sat a large home that looked as if it could be beautiful but the creatures obviously weren’t taking care of it.

“I don’t want to lose either of you so know your limits, especially you Colt. I don’t want to have to return to Nani and tell her she doesn’t have a brother any longer” They stealthily approached the home. They knew the creatures wouldn’t expect them but they still wanted to be careful. A window was open which Dakarai shook his head at. Even with an invisible home, if you’re going to fuck with people that was incredibly stupid. They each carefully slunk into the window. They had made it inside but they knew better than to feel relief yet. This could be a trap unless they were really this dumb.

“Look at this.” Curtis said, kneeling down. “It’s string.”

Dakarai got down next to Curtis and examined it while Colt kept a look out. It was pulled really taut and low enough no one would trip over it. He followed it with his eyes and saw more pieces zigzagging across the floor. There was even some near the window. “It’s almost like web.” Dakarai finally said.

“And you’ve walked right into it.” The voice had Dakarai and Curtis coming to their feet and before either of them could issue a warning, Colt was grabbed from behind by the semi burned creature and pulled further into the darkness of the house. The other creature tried cutting them off, but Dakarai tackled it and yelled for Curtis to go after Colt. He knew together they would be able to fight that thing. It was still wounded from Nani’s fire.

Curtis gave chase without a second thought, knowing Colt needed him more than Dakarai did. “You shouldn’t have come here but we knew you would! You goody two shoes are so easy to predict!” were the last words Curtis heard before he went into a pitch black room. It was almost eerie silent in here, like they had stepped into another world. He was grateful his night vision was so good. Otherwise he’d probably be useless right now. The horrifically burnt creature slammed Colt to the ground and Curtis took the opportunity to run froward, landing a sharp upper cut into the creatures chin. Colt felt pain in his ribs from the force of him slamming into the floor but he got up to help Curtis, unwilling to let his friend fight alone a single moment

The vampire Dakarai fought with was strong. The creature attacked him like a wild animal, slashing at him with sharp nails that ripped his shirt open and cut his chest. It slammed against the wall trying to dislodge him, but Dakarai held on tightly with one hand while he punched with the other. They found themselves struggling on the ground, the vampire biting into Dakarai’s shoulder with a growl of rage. Dakarai rolled toward the window and the vampire screamed when the sliver of sunlight hit his skin. He scrambled away from Dakarai, now fearful. “Oh no you don’t you son of a bitch.” Dakarai grabbed its ankle and hauled it back, wrapping an arm around its throat and throwing himself back and through the window with a loud crash. The screech hurt his ears as blisters boiled up on the creature’s skin, but he held on. Even when flames sprang up on its skin, he dared not release it until it went limp.

Dakarai made absolutely certain the vampire was dead before running in to help the younger men. He was proud they didn’t need his help. As he came in he found them walking back into the original room they had been in. “did you make certain?”

“yes, how should we get rid of their bodies?”

“I still don’t know how they work so as gruesome as it may be I think it’s best we cut them up and burn their flesh. Afterwards we’ll bury what’s left, if it’s too much for you to stomach I’ll do it by myself”

“I want to help, you and Nani might decide to leave one day. I need to be able to handle things” Curtis said. “So far the thought has never occurred to us but in any case it is better if you guys can handle this stuff. I just want to be sure these things can’t come back to hurt another child. A lot of different things can regenerate in many different ways.” They took care of the bodies then checked their home top to bottom to be absolutely sure they weren’t leaving any captives anywhere. With no child in sight they returned home to Nani and the kids.

Nani ran out, needing to hug Dakarai. She then went to her brother and Curtis “how did it go? You three look tired, we were all so worried”

“They are dead and I did my best to make sure they couldn’t be brought back” Dakarai answered then Curtis asked “are there any leftovers in the fridge?”

“None of that, I’ll cook something fresh for you three” They tried to protest but she made them something fresh anyway. They each ate gratefully along with a few kids who decided they were hungry again. Afterwards Nani checked them each for wounds but they didn’t need her to do anything, their bodies could heal the few wounds they received while fighting. Dakarai suddenly lifted her “I really need to lay down for a bit. It was a long, hard day”

“we’ll just call you if we need help” one of the teenage girls said and Nani answered “thank you sweetheart, we’ll do something special for you older kids for helping so much during this” in the room she told Dakarai “they are such good kids. I miss them all when they grow up”

“I know, Curtis actually mentioned today us leaving, he wanted to help with disposal to make sure he knew how”

“I never want to leave here. I would if you wanted to but I really enjoy taking care of these kids”

“I don’t want to leave either” she snuggled up closer to him “I’m so glad you three came back okay and those horrible men are really gone”

“we’re going to have quite the story for Hafsah and Chione when they get back”

~ The End

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