Dakarai & Nani

Chapter One

Nani sat chattering happily outside with a demon male named Vance. He had just been passing by and saw her playing with the children a few weeks ago and was now coming atleast every other day to spend time with her. Dakarai played with the children, hoping she didn’t notice the jealous glances he kept taking. He tried not to look at them but he couldn’t help it. Half the time he felt like punching the mans face into oblivion out of jealously. He almost dropped a little boy when this day after their goodbye hug Vance kissed Nanis cheek. Nani blushed deeply and wore a shocked expression as he said “sorry, you are just too beautiful today. Was that okay?”

“Uhm, yeah” she answered nervously. He smiled and hugged her again ‘see you later Nani!”

“Bye Vance!” she called as she waved. She felt more hate coming off Dakarai than ever and wished she knew why he hated Vance so much. He was quick friends with everyone but as soon as Vance came around she could feel the air chill. Today she was finalyl going to ask what that was about. Nani walked over to Dakarai and asked “could I talk to you?”

“yeah” he called to Colt who came to play with the children that were outside. They walked off and sat near what they considered their tree. “yes Nani?”

“You don’t like Vance. I can always feel it”

“He’s just shady to me”

“shady how?’

“I dont know. I’ve got a bad feeling about him”

“You cant give me a reason?’ he huffed and stood up quickly “just dont worry about it Nani” he could feel he hurt her and became angry at himself for getting flustered. He wanted to be open and honest with her but he had raised Nani. He feared telling her he loved her and coming to find she saw him as a father, brother or somthing along those lines. He could handle that if she felt that way and could resign himself to just friends but he knew if Nani knew he loved her in a romantic way and she thought of him as family she would be grossed out and uncomfortable. If he told Nani how he felt he gambled loseing even what they had now, he gambled her finding him repulsive for thinking of her that way. It made telling her how he felt nearly impossible.

Nani looked sadly after him, her heart aching in her chest. She wanted to know why he was so upset. He had always been so sweet and gentle with her, but now, he was always mad and it had everything to do with her friendship with Vance. She wanted to chase after him, but thought better of it and instead went to find Hafsah or Chione, hoping they could make sense of Dakarai’s attitude change. She went into the orphanage, following the sound of laughter to the large playroom they had had built for the kids. The two women she saw as her mother’s were playing a game of hide and seek with a group of kids and even in her sadness, she was still able to smile.

She watched them playing until it was nap time for the smaller children. Nani helped put them to bed then asked Hafsah and Chione if she could talk to them. With only the older kids running around they had the free time to sit alone outside and talk. “what’s wrong Nani?”

“Dakarai, I just..I’m upsetting him so much lately and don’t say it isn’t me. He hates my new friend and he feels so distant. We have always been best friends and now I barely feel like we’re friends and” she couldn’t stop herself from crying. Saying that she didn’t feel Dakarai was her best friend anymore outloud was simply too much for her. “Oh Nani” Chione said as she pullled her into a hug. She stroked Nanis hair and back in comfort while Hafsah spoke “You still mean the world to Dakarai sweetheart. There’s no question to that” Nani just kept crying so Hafsah got up to talk to her brother.

She had seen the way he looked at Nani had changed in the past years and it was about time he told her he loved her. It wasn’t fair to Nani to do this to her. She swung open his door without knocking then slammed it again ‘what the hell” he said as he stood from his chair. He had already been pissed off at himself for hurting Nani and he wasn’t ready for anything with his sister. “Shut up and sit back down” Hafsah commanded. She knew she didn’t have to worry about yelling now that the door was closed because his room was sound proof. He sat down begrudgingly. “Listen here you oblivious asshole. Nani is outside crying because of you and I fucking know why. You love her, you’ve loved her for a few years now and you aren’t man enough to say it so you torture her with your melodrama”

“Hafsah I raised her with you two”

“so fucking what? She thinks of us as mothers. She thinks of you as her friend. She just said so before bawling her little heart out”

“I just”

“No, you aren’t being gross or weird. You are no creeper. You’ve raised lots of little girls with us and this is the first time you’ve fallen in love with one of them. I saw this coming before the way you looked at her changed. You and Nani have always had a special bond and you know it. I don’t care what you do but you aren’t going to do this to her anymore. Come to terms with being her friend and her having guys attracted to her or man up and tell the woman you love her.”

Hafsah left, slamming his door and he growled in frustration as he rubbed the back of his neck. He knew his sister was right, that he was being horribly unfair to Nani. She had been through enough in her life without him adding to it. He sighed and left his room, finding Nani’s scent among all the others and following it outside. He found her outside sitting in the grass, playing with some flowers. He hated the sad look on her face, feeling it was unforgivable that he had put it there.

“Nani?” She looked up at him and he held out his hands. She dropped the flowers she was holding and slipped her hands in his so he could pull her up. “I’m sorry.” Fresh tears filled her eyes and he hugged her tightly. “Please don’t cry sweetie, I hate your tears.”

“You’ve been so different.” She said.

“I know.”

“Tell me why.”

He sighed. “I want to go somewhere where we won’t be disturbed, somewhere quiet. Would that be okay?”


“good, can we go now if we’re not needed here?”

“yeah, lets go talk to your sister or Chione” He held her a few more moments then they walked inside, first finding Chione. Dakarai was glad he didn’t have to speak to his sister again. She was furious with him and she had never come down quickly from her anger when he pushed her so far. He understood though. Every child she had raised she felt a motherly bond with them so all she saw was him hurting one of her babies. Her love for each and every child was somthing he admired in her. Chione assured them that she, Hafsah and Colt would be just fine minding the children on their own so they told everyone bye expect for Hafsah who was allegedly napping.

On their way out Nani said “Its curious Hafsah is napping without her mate. This is the first time I’ve ever heard such a thing. Think they got in an argument?”

“I doubt it” Nani gave him a small smile “have we gotten into an argument I don’t know about?”

“No, I promise to tell you everything when we arrive where I’m taking you. You haven’t done anything. It’s a personal problem with me”

“Okay” Dakarai took her hand, a caring gesture she was glad to feel again. She was starting to forget what things like this felt like with him.

“So where are you taking me?” She asked a few minutes later and he cracked a smile that sent her heart into a fit.

“Always with the questions. Ever since you were little, you would just ask and ask and ask until I finally told you, well not this time.”

“I never realized I was that nagging?”

“It wasn’t nagging, I promise.” She wasn’t sure how long they walked and was surprised when he suddenly lifted her off the ground and carried her into the woods. It was so much quieter with the trees around them, the only sounds were snapping twigs and singing birds. She found herself clinging a little tighter to him, a reflex she had not lost from childhood. “Don’t be scared, nothing can take you from me.”

She felt her cheeks redden at his whispered words in her ear and tried to relax. “How much further?”

“A few more minutes.” The sound of rushing water caught her attention and she was once again clinging to him.

“Are we crossing?”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll hop across the rocks.”

“The water’s so fast.”

“Don’t you trust me to keep you in my arms?”

“O…of course, it’s just fast and the rocks might be slippery and I bet it’s cold.”

“I’ll keep you dry, I promise.”

“I’ve always been able to trust you. Sorry for being scared. Go ahead”

“I haven’t been me lately. We don’t go anywhere together any longer so I understand. You aren’t used to this any more”

“I hope with today that’s going to change…I miss how close we used to be” He looked sadly at her “Me too” Their eyes sank into one anothers for a short time before he asked “you ready?”

“mhm” came out softly. He smiled, holding her a little tighter before approaching the clear, rushing water. He had no worries about falling. It would take a lot more than rushing water to knock a vampire of his age down. Even if he weren’t a strong, well aged vampire, nothing could overcome him when it came to Nani. This love that had developed had come close but he was going to talk to her and have what happens happened. She would either love him too, be grossed out or reject him but still remain friends. His sister was right, he had to know and he had to start accepting whatever her want was before he fully destroyed their friendship with his inner conflict.

The only answer that would be near impossible for him to deal with was Nani being grossed out by him but it was still a risk he had to take. He crossed easily and smiled down at Nani “see, all dry and on the other side”

“next time I wont worry atall”

“I don’t mind.” He carried her a little further into the woods until they came to a ring of trees with white bark.

“Wow.” She said, her eyes widening in wonder.

“I’m glad you like it.” He carried Nani into the ring and sat her on her feet, letting her go so she could look at their surroundings.

“Why are they the only ones like this?”

“It’s probably magic.”

Nani let her hand rest against one of the trees and gasp at how warm it felt. “This is amazing. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“I wanted you to have something beautiful to look at while we talked.” She hugged him and his heart did a little flip. He was still worried about her reaction and he squeezed her a little tighter, his nose pressing into her hair.

“Dakarai, tell me what’s wrong.” She said softly.

Chapter Two

He sighed and was unable to let her go so he held her silently. She remained silent, willing to give him all the time he needed to speak as long as he did finally tell her what had made him so different. She could barely remember a time he was ever irritable and now it had been so constant. After a time he knew he couldn’t look her in the eye and spill his heart, he was far too afraid. “Just please promise me you wont hate me or think I’m disgusting. I don’t think I can take it” He said softly. The sad tone to his voice gave her heart a small twist “I could never hate you or find you repulsive. Just talk to me”

At the orphanage Chione went to her room to find Hafsah who was awake and still in a horrible mood. Chion sighed and crawled unto the bed towards her partner. “Hafsah baby”


“Your brother has gone with Nani to talk to her. Are you going to come out?”

“I’ll end up snapping at one of the children. I think it’s best I stay in here”

“Hafsah, I know this isn’t what you want to hear right now because you’re so protective of our babies but Dakarai hasn’t been trying to hurt Nani. In fact I know he kicks himself for it. Hurting her probably hurts him more than it hurts her in the first place.”

“why are men such morons” Chione smiled “He’s understandable afraid my love. He helped raise her and in most that would instill a more family type view than romantic. He just doesn’t want to gross her out”

“so hurting her is better? He obviously can’t handle just pushing down his feelings”

“I just want you to maybe be a bit more understanding. I’m glad you gave him that talking to because he needed it but if he comes back and still hasnt talked to her try not to be so cross”

“Nani is the sweetest girl we’ve ever had here. I just can’t take her crying. Especially over somthing my brother is just being an idiot over”

“It’ll work out. We both know she doesn’t think of him like a dad so it will work”

Dakarai finally ended the hug and looked fearfully into Nanis eyes. “I am always conflicted when I’m around you” he said with a long pause while cupping her cheek. He continued “I have always loved you and felt protective of you but a few years back I fell in love with you. Hell I drowned in a sea of love for you. One day you weren’t that little girl any longer but a gorgeous, amazing woman I couldn’t get my mind off of. I see you and I somtimes forget how to breath. Somtimes my heart is so wild I’m sure it’s going to give out from being overworked. I have gotten goosebumps from a simple kiss on the cheek. It kept getting worse and worse until I was afraid to touch you, afraid I would get so lost that I would show my feelings and you would get repulsed. I helped raise you and I don’t know how that makes you think of me but I want more than to be your friend. I would do anything presented to me if I could be you mate. As much as it would hurt for you to reject me it’s okay Nani. If you see me as family I’m sorry for putting this on you. You are too sweet for your own good and I don’t want you to feel bad for me. I am the fool who has so wholly fallen for a woman I might not even be able to have”

Nani let out a surprised, touched gasp of air. She struggled to find a good answer “You’re such an idiot!” she exclaimed then forcefully pulled him into a kiss. Dakarai felt a surge of thrill, relief and happiness rush through his every vein. The feeling enveloped his body in goosebumps as he sat down with Nani and held her in his lap.

“Men are such morons.” She said upon parting their lips and he gave a small chuckle.

“You sound like my sister.”

She started laughing. “Well she is my mom.”

He pressed his forehead against hers, his hands framing her face. “I love you so much Nani.”

“I love you too, never do something like that again. It was like torture not knowing what was going on with you. I hated it and thought I’d done something wrong.”

“You will never be the problem. I was being jealous and immature instead of acting like an adult and being honest with you.”


“Of Vance and how affectionate he is towards you.”

“We’re just friends, I’ve never been attracted to him.”

“He’s always hugging you and then he kissed you.”

“It was on the cheek.”

“But there was nothing just friendly about it. He really likes you, but I won’t let him have you.”

“Silly man, I don’t want him. I’ll tell him that he and I are only friends and nothing more. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.”

“Okay, do you trust him to take it well?”

“He’s a nice guy. I think you are over judging because you were so jealous”

“Maybe, but demons and vampires are prone to bad tempers. I just worry, I never want you hurt again” She sighed “I find it amazing you want me even though you know full well how broken I am” she sighed again and looked away “I don’t know how we’re ever going to..um” Dakarai kissed her. He knew what she was talking about “You aren’t broken my sweet Nani and please let sex be the last thing on your mind. I’ve seen first hand your nightmares. It’s been a blessing to me that you havent had them in years. I’d be a real ass if I pressured you after seeing how much pain your father caused.”

“You sure it’s going to be okay that..well…that sex is more of a frightening thought to me than somthing romantic”

‘we’ll work on it over time but for now just dont worry about it at all”

“You’re so amazing” he smiled, kissing her once again to enjoy her taste and his bodies reaction to her. “You just let me know whats okay and what isn’t”

“Kissing’s fine.” He pushed his lips back into hers then let them drift over her chin and to her neck. He let his tongue move over her skin and she shivered.

“Is this okay?”


He pulled her tighter against him, his lips moving to her shoulder then back up to her lips. “You’re so beautiful my love.” He pressed their foreheads together and stroked her cheek. “I love you so much and I’ll never let you go. It took my sister yelling at me to get up the courage to tell you.”

“Hafsah yelled at you? I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I’m glad she did.”

“so thats why she’s in her room.”

“yeah, calming down”

“How long do you want to stay out here?”

“as long as you want. I can hold you anywhere so it doesn’t much matter” Nani laughed happily and kissed his cheek. “I can’t believe it has been only this the whole time”

“It was terrifying thinking about you telling me you saw me more as a father or brother”

“well you were stupid” he laughed “I see that” Dakarai just held her close as they sat there in happy silence. There wasn’t a need for words with the two of them so happy just to be close to eachother. They fell asleep in the circle, not even realizing they missed dinner. They both woke startled when a large Ogre asked ‘what’re you doing here. Tainting my sacred circle. Beasts like you shouldn’t be in it” Each word had been a progressively deep growl, becoming harder to understand as he spoke. Dakarai stood quickly, knowing Ogres were not pleasant creatures. “sorry, I didn’t know this was anybodies”

“You’ve ruined it hells creatures” Dakarai moved with Nani out of it, hoping the ogre would just let it go so he wouldn’t end up having to fight it.

“Why is he so angry?” Nani asked as she clung tightly to Dakarai.

“Perhaps a bad experience with vampires and demons.” The ogre pursued them, swinging at them when he thought he was close enough. Dakarai made it to the river and jumped quickly from rock to rock, only daring to glance over his shoulder when they were on the other side. The beast stood on the other side of the river, eyes blazing with fury.

“I guess he hates water.” Nani said.

“Good, I wouldn’t want to fight him. There is no reason for bloodshed.”

Nani kissed his cheek and his heart flipped. “Thank you for sparing him.”

He smiled as he slowed to a walk and planted a kiss on her lips. He would never get enough of their softness. He was already addicted. “I would never want you to witness such violence if it can be helped my love.”

She blushed and rubbed his nose against hers. “Stop.” She said shyly.

“But you’re just so cute, your cheeks are the brightest red, brighter than I have ever seen.” He chuckled. “And your nose.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “And your ears.” His lips moved over her cheek, his hot breath giving her goosebumps as he kissed her ear. “You might get teased looking so embarrassed.”

“You’re so mean.”

“Does my meanness make you happy at least?”


His smile widened and he kissed her again. Dakarai took Nani straight home and entered quietly so not to wake any of the children. It startled him for the second time this night when Colt got up from the couch “good, she’s fine. You two worried me when you didn’t come back”

“I was with Dakarai”

“you two weren’t on great terms though. You could have went separate ways. I’m your brother and will worry over you no matter how old we get so don’t complain. Now that you’re home goodnight” Colt walked away and Nani smiled “I guess next time we come home or warn him”

“yeah, we’ll just make sure he sleeps in tomorrow” Dakarai took Nani to her room and gave her a long kiss goodnight. He sighed peacefully “I can’t wait to see you in the morning”

“Me neither”

“I’m not trying to push you but I want you to know when you feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same bed as me you’re welcome. It will only be cuddling” Nani blushed deeply “O okay” Dakarai paused, hoping she might come tonight but she stayed silent so he knew she wasn’t ready despite the fact they had just slept so soundly outside together.

“Good night beautiful.”


She closed her door as soon as he left, her heart beating so fast that she thought it might burst from her chest. She wished she wasn’t so insecure. She knew he didn’t care, but she felt like she should trust him more. He was always so gentle with her, letting her take the lead. Ever since she had first met him, everything was her choice. If she wanted to be held, he held her, if she woke screaming and crying and she wanted only him, he came running. Now here he was again, telling her she could come and sleep with him if she wanted too and even though his voice and eyes had been hopeful, he had not pushed her. She turned away from her door, pulling one of her nightgowns out of her chest of drawers and sitting it on the bed so she could pull her clothes off. She tugged the nightgown on then slipped into her house shoes and left her room. She was so nervous, terrified even and she didn’t understand why. Dakarai was not some selfish brute of a man, but a kind and gentle soul.

Dakarai was just climbing into bed when a soft tapping came from his door. He thought it might be one of the kids and hurried to answer it. Sometimes when they had nightmares, he would let them stay in his room until they calmed down, even reading or singing to them if they needed it. He was taken back when he pulled the door open and there stood Nani, her face a mask of nervousness. He just stared at her for a moment, not sure if he was awake or not. “We…well are you going to let me in or not?” She asked, her eyes on her bunny slippers.

“Sorry, of course.”

Chapter Three

He moved aside and she walked in “I do want to sleep with you” He gave her a warm smile “good, I was so hoping you would” He shut the door again and went back over to his bed. Dakarai laid on the bed then held up the covers for Nani to get in. She took her shoes back off and got in beside him, happy when he put his arm around her. Dakarai held Nani tightly and gave her a brief kiss on the cheek. “It’s been a long time since I was in here”

“yeah but that was a good thing before. It meant you weren’t scared. I hope your nightmares stay away for good” He sighed and gave her another kiss before saying “Now I want this to be a nightly thing. You’re in here now so you’ll do this every night right?”


“I can feel how nervous you are my love”

“I know, it’s stupid”

“It’s not stupid. I’m your first boyfriend plus theres everything else”

“Thank you for always being so good to me”

“Always? Including all my attitude and craziness once I became attracted to you” She smiled “Yeah, even then. You’ve always been amazing” Nani yawned, earning another kiss from Dakarai “as much as I would love to keep talking we both need sleep. No doubt Vance is coming tomorrow”

“Such disdain”

“I’ll work on it. I just know he’s attracted to you and it’s hard for me. I wont be an ass, I promise”

“We’ll see.”

“I mean it, for you I can be extremely nice.”

She snuggled closer, her forehead pressing into his chest. She ever felt more at peace than when she was with him and she pressed a quick into his chest before closing her eyes and allowing herself to completely relax. Dakarai’s heart beat at an unbelievably fast rhythm. He could still feel the warmth of her lips pressed against him even though the contact had been brief. He looked down at her, marveling at the fact that she was there nestled close to him. He stroked his fingers through her hair, being sure to move slow so he wouldn’t wake her.

“I love you so much Nani, so much more than I can even begin to say.” She mumble something under her breath and he hoped it was her saying she loved him too. He held her a little tighter, letting his eyes close as he tuned in to the sound of her heart and allowed to carry him away.

Nani had fallen into such a deep sleep in his arms she could only half wake up for at least an hour. She just laid there in his arms, not fully belonging to sleep or the morning. She told herself she was just about to get up on her own when a knock sounded at the door “I’m about to make breakfast!” Chione yelled then walked away. Dakarai made a moaning sound that seemed to be a complaint. He didn’t want to let her go, not yet and probably not ever. “Morning” Nani said and he smiled “good morning my sweet”

“we still have to wait for her to finish cooking so don’t sound so displeased”

“it’ll come too fast and I know you probably want to go get dressed”

“No, I’ll lay here with you” He kissed her head “good” They laid there until Colt came “it’s ready sister”

“Okay” she called back. Dakarai kissed her “my room is sound proof, he can’t hear you when you answer”

“Oh, I forgot” he kissed her cheek and she laughed “you kiss me so much”

“I’ve been waiting to do it for a long time” Nani blushed, especially when he looked into her eyes. She could see lust in them and she wondered how long he had been in a lustful mood, he certainly hadn’t tried anything but would he if she stayed much longer. Nani got up more quickly than she intended and gave him a nervous smile “I’ll see you at breakfast okay”

“okay, are you alright?”

“yeah, sorry I got up so abruptly. Just being my weird self”



“I can help what I do but I can’t help how much I want you. It’s why I haven’t looked into your gorgeous eyes until now this morning. I knew you’d see the lust in them. Please don’t be upset. I won’t touch you like that, not until you tell me I can”

“I know that. I’m not afraid of you”

“Promise? You certainly were quick to get away from me” Nani got back on the bed and kissed him “I promise. I just had a weird moment. There’s nothing in the world that would make you hurt me” his smile looked relieved and he pulled her in for a long kiss before he let her go to get dressed.

Nani hurried to her room, her eyes stuck on the floor so she wouldn’t have to see the face of anyone who might spot her coming out of Dakarai’s room. She would be fa too embarrassed to explain to one of the children and Colt would definitely tease her. She managed to get into her room without being asked anything and she decided to bathe before going to eat. She made it quick, getting out and pulling on one of the dresses Dakarai had helped her pick out. It was a beautiful pastel pink with white lace over the skirt part of it. She felt a little nervous as she headed downstairs to the dining room and blushed when Hafsah, Chione, and Colt all looked at her.

“Stop staring.” Dakarai’s voice said from behind her and she jumped in surprise. He rested his palm against the small of her back and guided her to the chair next to his.

“She just had this adorable look on her face.” Colt said. “Like she’d been caught stealing cookies.”

“leave her alone” Colt chuckled “ah you know you’re in for the teasing of a lifetime sis but I’m happy for you.” Colts attention turned to Dakarai “I was about ready to kick your butt for how you were acting around her.”

“wouldn’t have blamed you. I was kicking my own for hurting her feelings. I don’t have as much control as I’d like to when I’m frustrated.” They ate their breakfast and somtime in the afternoon Vance showed up to see Nani. “hey, I have somthing to show you today” he said with his best alluring smile. Dakarai didn’t like it but he contained himself. If he was going to be with Nani he was going to force himself to learn more grace when somthing upset him. Children he had all the patience in the world for but adults were another story.

“Okay” she turned to Dakarai “are you coming too?”

“why would he come?” Vance sounded upset by the suggestions. Nani turned back to him “because he’s my boyfriend now. He admitted his feelings for me last night”

“he..you’re…what? I thought you liked me”

“as a friend..did you think we were somthing more?”

“well I thought we were headed that way. Dammit” Nani frowned “are you mad?” He sighed “No, just disappointed I missed my freaking shot by not even 24 hours”

“I’m sorry if I made you think I wanted that kind of relationship. I didn’t mean too.”

“No, you didn’t do anything. It was all me. I was stupid.”

Nani took his hands in hers and Dakarai had to wrestle his jealousy down. “Never think that loving someone is stupid. You’re a good man Vance, always so kind and polite. You’re a wonderful friend and I hope we can still hang out. I enjoy talking to you.”

He gave her a small, defeated smile. “I would like that.” He sighed and hugged her. “If he gives you any trouble, you know where to find me.”

“You don’t have to leave.”

“I need some time alone, just for the day.”

“okay” he turned from the doorway and walked off. Even his stride looked defeated and Nani couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty despite the fact Vance said it wasn’t her fault. Dakarai hugged her and she sighed “see? I told you he was a good guy”

“yeah, my vision of him was obviously skewed by my love for you”

“so you’ll always be nice when he’s around”


“I wish he wasn’t sad. I didn’t know he liked me”

“what’s not to admire about you?”

“take it to your room” Hafsah said and pointed to the children. Dakarai picked up Nani and took her back to his room. Chione laughed “you act like they were making out”

“what’s not to admire about you made me feel like they were getting there” Chione laughed again, filling the room with pure delight. Hafsah kissed her cheek “hey, we can’t all go to our rooms so contain that beautiful laughter: Chione smiled “I love you”

“I love you too”

In Dakarai’s room he sat with Nani on his lap holding her “what would you like to do today?” he asked and she answered “we’ll just play with the kids.”

“okay but only if you’ll let me make a romantic dinner for us tonight. We’ll eat in our room” he said our room like it was a question “yeah, I thought I told you I’d stay in here” he smiled “great”

‘you’ve always been so good to me. I might be crazy and jumpy somtimes but I do trust you.” he tcuked hair behind her ear “thats all I’m asking. Just as I can’t control desiring you you can’t control still having a few issues from what your father did”

“I wish i was as strong as Colt”

“Colt himself sees the difference in his abuse and yours.Both painful but he would have rather the beatings than well”


“is there anything in particular I can make you for our date?”

“surprise me”

“lets go and play with the kids then”

They were mobbed by the youngest children the minute they came inside and some asked Dakarai to toss them in the air, while others wanted Nani to play with dolls. Nani always loved watching Dakarai play with the little ones. Someday she hoped to have children of her own and she wondered if he felt the same. Her cheeks reddened at the thought and her embarrassment grew worse when he found her staring at him and smiled at her. She looked away, her entire being hot. She forced herself to think of other things, mainly of what she wanted him to cook for her. He always made such delicious food, that choosing one thing would be hard and she didn’t want to ask for too much.

“Nani, you’re spacing out.” A little girl named Linnie said and she jerked her head up.

“Oh, sorry sweetie.” She said.

“Is it because Dakarai keeps staring at you?”

She turned a deeper shade of red. “Is he?”

“Yeah, see.” Linnie grabbed he face and turned her head so she could see that Dakarai hadn’t looked away from her. A little boy jumped on his back and he laughed as he pretended the boy had overpowered him.

“I guess he was.”

“He likes you.”

Chapter Four

Nani smiled “yeah, I think so too” Linnie giggled “you’re blushing so bad” Childrens laughter filled the room as Nani’s blush increased. Nani and Dakarai enjoyed some alone time in Dakarais room until they were needed to help get kids ready and in bed for the night. Hafsah, who had come to get the two said “why don’t you go ahead and start cooking your meal for you and Nani. That way by the time she’s done helping us you’ll at least be near ready for your date” He hugged her “thank you” not needing to be offered the opportunity again he rushed to the kitchen to clean up from dinner and make his own. Dakarai smiled as he felt Nani approaching him from behind as he cooked. She wrapped her arms around his waist and said “all done.”

“I am almost done as well.”

“I’ll go vacuum in the dining room if it’ll be long enough for me to”

“Colt already did it”



“okay, I’m sure I can find somthing to clean in the meantime”

“Okay, I’ll get you when I’ve set up” Nani began picking up toys and books from the living room so she could return them to their rightful places. If it belonged in a kids room she left it in front of the door unless it was a teenagers. The older ones could stay up as long as they wanted at night as long as they remained in their bedrooms so as not to disturb the younger children. Nani was wiping up some juice when Dakarai lifted her “everything is ready beautiful” she smiled “couldn’t wait a second for me to finish wiping that up?”

“I’ve waited much too long” He took her into his bedroom where he had used magic to make them room lit up by a light purple tint. It was a soft, romantic lighting. “pretty”

“I knew you’d like it”

She picked up her plate and began eating “Once again, amazing” he smiled, satisfied with himself “men do themselves a disservice who don’t know how to cook well”

“who taught you to cook again?”

“Mine and Hafsahs Aunt.”

“oh” Nani said uncomfortably. She remembered a long time back being told who taught Dakarai and Hafsah to cook. She was never seen now because she began feeding on unwilling humans and was slain because of it. “don’t be sorry for asking”

“I should have remembered”

“Nani, her death was her own fault. When you forcefully feed on anything but an animal you’re asking for death. I miss her but you can’t feel sorry for a person who brought it on themselves”

“But this is a date and here I’m asking about a dead Aunt” he chuckled “then lets drop it beautiful. Speaking of which I do need to get some blood though. I would have forgotten and felt awful tomorrow otherwise if you hadn’t asked. I’ll be right back” he stood and Nani said nervously “wait”

“hm? Want me to drink it after?”

“No it’s just…you have me” she looked away, beet red again. “I what?”

“well…isn’t fresh blood better? Hafsah and Chione drink from eachother….it’s only you that drinks the animal because you didn’t have a mate….” He knelt in front of her looking more surprised than she could remember seeing him “You’d let me? Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like we have to rush into that or do it at all if it’ll scare you. It will hurt a little when I break the skin”

“I’ve thought about it before…you know…since I’ve always known what you are…I want to if um you want to” she had been looking at the ground so he turned her face to him “promise me you’re sure. It doesn’t have to be so soon Nani. I didn’t even think to ask it of you yet.”

“I promise I’m sure” he looked so hungry now. Like she was some sort of dessert that he had been craving for an eternity and was finally allowed it. From the second she said she promised it wasn’t just admiration and lust in his eyes but an emotion that was almost eager and starving. “we’ll eat first. You can change your mind at any moment Nani. Don’t do it if you think it will upset you”

“I want to. This isn’t something I just thought of now Dakarai”

“I know but I have to be sure. I’ve just gotten you and I wont push you into somthing that will make you back away from me. I had a girlfriend when I was very young that thought she was ready for me to do that. I did and she broke up with me. She said she agreed and then felt like she couldn’t back out. You can back out Nani”

“Dakarai, I want to” He nodded and kissed her forehead before returning to his plate. “though, the animal blood is for Curtis too. I think you’ve forgotten he’s a vampire again”

“Oh yeah, why doesnt he feel or smell like one?”

“We have no idea. He carries no scent to most. You have to have a powerful nose to smell him at all. It’s scary to think about”

“but you, Hafsah and Chione can smell him?”

“Yes, that will be a great advantage to him as an adult”

They continued eating, Dakarai glancing at Nani every now and then. He listened to her heart, her breathing, caught every expression. He wondered what she was thinking, if she thought about him feeding on her and was scared. She had seemed so sure and he didn’t want her to change her mind, he wanted to taste her, to get lost in the delicious warmth of her blood. When they finished dinner, he took their plates and sat them on his chest of drawers then returned to her, his hands taking hers gently and bringing them up to his lips. “Are you sure Nani, really sure?”

“Of course, I’ve thought about it, really thought about it. I want you to, so please don’t worry.”

He stroked her cheek and pressed his lips into hers. “If at any time you feel uncomfortable, tell me to stop and I will, I promise.”

“I will.” He kissed her again then swept her hair back away from her neck. His fingers wrapped around her nape and he let his lips drift over her soft skin. His tongue slid over her pulse and she shivered, a small gasp slipping past her lips.

“I love you.” He whispered then sank his fangs into her soft flesh, moaning at the taste of her blood as it rushed over his tongue. Her whole body jerked and he started to pull away, afraid he had scared her, but she tangled her fingers in his hair, holding him there.

“Please don’t stop.” She whispered. “I want you too.”

He began drinking from her veins again. She tasted absolutely luscious and it definitely wasn’t only because it had been so long since he had fresh blood. She was his soulmate and her blood was the only blood he would ever need if he could keep her at his side for eternity. His tastebuds wanted to be selfish and keep taking from her but he stopped when he had all he needed. “thank you” he said as he rested his forehead against hers a few moments. He then went into the bathroom to rinse his mouth and brush his teeth so she could kiss him without consuming her own blood. He brought out a rag with him and wiped her neck “thank you” he whispered again and she said “you already said that sweetie”

“You tasted so good. You were really okay?” She blushed “i liked it” his smile widened and he hugged her, dropping the rag to the floor “I love you so much. Lets lay down. You aren’t used to that so have to feel a little weird”

“yeah” he took off his shirt and laid down with her “I’ll let you up to change in a few moments”

“You shouldn’t have been so scared Dakarai”

“I told you I was left for feeding off a woman who gave me permission when I was young and you Nani mean more to me than she ever could have. It would have hurt way worse for you to get freaked out”

“well now you know. You can feed off me any time you want” He gave her a slow kiss, his breath minty from the toothpaste. They went between kissing, talking and just staring at eachother until Nani began to feel sleepy “I better go change”

“dang, we havent moved your things yet”

“No but I’m sure we can get plenty of help to take care of it tomorrow”

“yeah, it’ll be first thing” she smiled at him again before walking out to change into bed clothes. She brushed her teeth and hair once she was ready then returned to him. The two wrapped securely in one another, feeling like nothing in the world could touch them. They were both blissfully happy and knew they would always remain that way as long as they had eachother.

~ the end

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