Dakota & Rais 2

Chapter One

“Would you stop staring, it’s distracting.” Dakota said as he looked through the viewfinder of his camera.

“But I’m not even touching you, love, I’m merely admiring you as you work.”

“Maybe you should stop coming out with me.”

“I don’t think so, I enjoy it too much and you must admit you love having me here too.”

Dakota’s heart skipped a beat. “I don’t.”

“Lies will only get you in trouble my sweet.”

Dakota wanted to be irritated, but it was hard when Rais was so kind and honest, when he had done so much to help him. He forced himself to focus on his target, taking photo after photo. He glanced at Rais who was leaning against the wall staring out the window. He looked so at ease, like nothing could ever go wrong. Dakota took a few more pictures then turned away from the mirror and started out of the building they were hiding in. “I need to get home and get these uploaded.”

“You should be living with me, Dakota, it would be so much easier if you did.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

Because I would never get any sleep. He said to himself, the thought making him blush, but out loud he said, “I like my space.”

“My home as plenty.” Dakota started to speak and Rais raised his hand, silencing him. “Fine then you leave me no choice. I shall have to make you want to live with me.”

“I don’t think you can.”

Rais chuckled. “I can be quite tempting love.”

“What’s the rush to live together though?”

“I love you, that’s reason enough isn’t it? It’s hard when we have to separate.”

“Well, we’ll see, as much as I love you too I’ll be surprised if you can convince me to give up my personal space.” Rais kissed him, finding that surprised jolt adorable. Rais knew this was more about Dakota’s struggle to be close to people in general than anything else. He had been through so much pain and bullying in his life it was hard to trust and let himself settle into the fact somebody loved every bit of who he was and was going to stick around and be by his side forever. Dakota’s cheeks were pink when Rais broke the kiss. “Let’s get back to my place…the pictures.” was all Dakota said.

Dakota had to force himself not to jump out of the car when they finally pulled up to his apartment. He felt his face heat when Rais chuckled and refused to look at him as they headed inside. As usual, Rais’s presence filled the apartment. His heart tripped over itself as he made his way into his room and grabbed his laptop. “You know the deal, make yourself at home.” He mumbled.

“Don’t I always.” Rais said as he sat down on the couch and switched on the TV.

Dakota came out and sat down next to him and switched his computer on. He glanced at Rais who smiled even though he was looking at the TV. “You know, you don’t have to stay here while I do this.”

“But I like being here, Dakota.”

Dakota swallowed. It was the way Rais said his name, the way it rolled off his lips in that seductive tone. “It shouldn’t take me long then.”

“I’m sure my love.” He turned to Dakota and reached over, stroking his cheek. “Focus on work, I’ll order us something to eat.”


Rais called The Mac House, a restaurant that delivered and specialized in macaroni and cheese. Dakota had been reluctant to try it at first, like most probably were because its macaroni and cheese, but the food there was amazing. Rais enjoyed their Caribbean Jerk Chicken macaroni. It was of course macaroni and cheese mixed with chicken, jerk seasoning, pepper jack sauce and sauteed spicy greens. Dakota most often ordered their Mediterranean macaroni that had sauteed spinach, garlic, onions, dill, kalamata olives, roasted tomatoes, feta and white cheese sauce so Rais requested that. He made sure to also order a family size of their seasonal soup so they could share it. Rais was about to hang up after hearing his total but he couldn’t resist also ordering a Rainbow Grain salad for the two of them to share.

“Will that be all sir?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Oh it’s no trouble.” She gave him the new total and the time it would be arriving so Rais just gave the woman his card information.

Dakota said, “Their macaroni portions are so crazy large. We’re going to have a ton of leftovers with all that.”

Rais shrugged. “It still tastes amazing as leftovers.”


Rais sat back down next to him and pressed a kiss to his cheek, grinning when he blushed. “How is it going?”

“Good, but you’re being distracting.”

“Come now my love, this is tame compared to what I’m thinking. I think I deserve a reward for being such a good boyfriend.”

“Do you now?” Rais nodded. “What kind of reward?”

“How about you spend a week at my place.”

He glanced at Rais. “A week?”

“Why not, we’re dating aren’t we. Don’t you want to spend more time with me?”

“Um…I mean, it’s just you know I…”

Rais pressed another kiss to his cheek. “It’s just a week. What’s the harm? I mean I could always spend a week here.”

“You’d stay here?”

“There’s nothing wrong with where you live.”

“But your place is amazing.”

“I’d honestly live in a box for a week if it meant you’d let me stay with you Dakota.”

It touched him how much Rais seemed to mean that. “I guess I could stay at your place for a week, but only if you let me finish this without any more kissing or touching.”

Rais moved so there was a little more space between them, smiling even as he spoke, “Thank you.” Dakota just blushed more, making himself far too adorable. Rais forced his attention to the television, elated his mate was going to come home with him and stay an entire week.

Dakota finished up with work as their food got there and closed his laptop. Now that he was working for Rais, he had a lot more to do, making multiple copies of his photos not only for Rais and himself, but for their clients and even writing up small reports and filing them away. He leaned back, stretching his cramped muscles. “Want me to help?” He asked as Rais grabbed plates.

“No, just relax. You’ve worked hard.”

“I took pictures.”

“It’s still work. I just stood there looking beautiful and charming.”

Dakota chuckled. “You covered us with your shadows.”

“That takes hardly any effort at all.” He brought both of their plates into the living room and Dakota slid his laptop out of the way. “Would you like something to drink my love?”


“Alright.” He grabbed them both one out of the fridge then came and sat down next to him.

“You look incredibly please.”

“Of course, you’ll be with me all week.”

“We see each other a lot, it means that much to you for me to live with you?”

“Of course it does, you’re my life” Rais grinned as Dakota tried to hide the fact that made him blush. After they finished their food Rais helped Dakota gather what he needed to stay with him then they loaded the car. Rais surprised Dakota when he hugged him. “Thank you for trying this. I can feel how nervous you are about it, but I promise, you’re going to want to live with me after this week.” Once Rais let him go they got inside the car and Rais drove them to his home. His mind was busy with all the things he could do to charm his mate and convince him that they were ready to live together.

Dakota felt more nervous once Rais pulled into his driveway. His heart was jumping all over the place. “Are you okay love?” Rais asked as they got out.

“Fine, tired, it was a long day.” He grabbed his bag, trying to play off his nervousness.

“Then we should get you to bed.”

Dakota blushed and Rais chuckled as he let them in then followed Dakota up to their room. “I…I think I need a shower first.”

“I’ll join you.”

“I won’t take long.” Dakota sat his bag on the bed and opened it, pulling out a pair of sweats.

Rais chuckled as he hugged him from behind and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Let me or are you really that shy?”

“I’m not.”

“I promise to be good tonight, you need your sleep.”

Chapter Two

Dakota gave in. “Okay, but I’m kicking you out if you start to be bad.”

Rais kissed his cheek again then slid his arms from around Dakota so that he could grab a pair of sweats for himself out of the dresser. He just took the first pair he saw, eager to get in the shower with his boyfriend. The two went into the bathroom that connected with Rais’s room then Dakota adjusted the water, finding a good temperature quickly and stepping in after they both had stripped their bodies. Rais remained a gentleman the entire time just as Dakota had requested. This was their first night so even though Dakota was constantly a temptation he wanted to make sure he stayed comfortable and happy.

“You really need to learn to dry your hair.” Rais said once they were out and had their sweats on. He took the towel from Dakota and re-dried his hair.

“It’s fine.” He said blushing.

“You’re still human, I don’t need you getting sick.” He lifted Dakota’s head and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“B…but you’d just take care of me, right?”

“After punishing you for letting yourself get sick when you could have avoided it.”

Dakota felt butterflies brush his insides and he wished he could look away, sure Rais could see what he was thinking. “We should get to bed right?”

Rais kissed him again then tossed the towel in the laundry basket and pulled him into the room. He moved the bag to the floor then pulled him into bed. “I love you, Dakota.” He pulled Dakota against him and pressed a kiss to the back of his neck.

“I…I love you too.”

Though Dakota had protested this as much as he had he found himself happy at the thought of sleeping like this every night. Rais held him in such a way that made him feel like the safest person in the world. He felt so cared about and it caused him to smile. Rais was already making him want to take his walls down and just trust in this relationship. He wanted to trust that they really would always be together and getting closer wouldn’t wind up in him being hurt. Thoughts of how this week might go stayed drifting around his mind up until sleep finally took him. Dakota woke in the morning finding he was alone. He sat up, throwing his legs over the side of the bed and going to find his boyfriend.

Rais ended up being in the kitchen, he and a chef that worked for him a few days a week were making breakfast. “Aw, and here I was hoping I’d get to wake you up.” Rais said with a wink. Even the way he winked was somehow handsome and charming, he just had a perfect face. Dakota stretched, and felt Rais admiring him. He wondered how hard it was for him to behave himself. He always acted like he was an animal in heat when they were together. He was still sweet and charming but he definitely desired him near constantly.

“Pay attention Rais.” His chef said. “You asked me to help and then get distracted, you can have him later.”

Dakota blushed and Rais laughed. “Alright, I’m sorry.” He rolled his eyes, making Dakota have to clear his throat to keep from laughing.

“Can I do anything to help?” Dakota asked.

Rais pulled a coffee cup out of one of his cabinets and made a cup for Dakota then handed it to him, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Go relax in the living room, watch some TV or something, we’ll be done soon.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and if you stay in here, Mike might kill me.”

“Alright, thanks.”

“Of course, now go before I get in even more trouble.”

Mike shook his head as Rais began actually helping cook breakfast again. “Get up earlier next time if you want to give him breakfast in bed.” Mike suggested.

And Rais said, “He makes it too hard. If he didn’t fit so perfectly against me I wouldn’t have had to struggle so much to leave him behind in my bed.” Dakota settled himself on the couch then took a long sip of his coffee. It was a little hot but Rais always had such amazing tasting coffee in his home and Dakota was excited to have some. He didn’t feel like putting any thought into what he was going to watch since he’d just be stopping to eat breakfast soon so he simply switched on the news and enjoyed his drink.

There were a couple of news reports that had him itching to investigate, but he kept himself from going and getting his phone and calling the authorities. He was supposed to be spending time with Rais, not focusing on work. “Time to eat my sweet.” Rais said, startling him. It wasn’t fair how quiet he walked. Rais’s eyes moved to the TV. “Are you working?”

“No, I wasn’t, I promise.”

Rais smiled. “I’m only teasing, I know it’s hard for you to turn it off. Come and eat with me.”

“Okay.” He switched off the TV and followed Rais into the dining room. Rais pulled his chair out for him and Dakota sat down. “Whatever you two were working on smells delicious.”

“You’ll love it, just give us a moment.” Rais left him there then he and Mike came back with plates and orange juice.

“You two enjoy, I have another engagement.” Mike said.

“Thank you.” Dakota said. It was strange being spoiled by someone. He usually grabbed a bagel or made a bowl of oatmeal. The food on his plate now looked so nice.

To Dakota’s delight the food on his plate tasted even better than it looked. Rais could tell how much he liked it and said, “I’d make sure you got food like this every morning if you’d stay here with me. Just that has to be tempting.”

Dakota swallowed the food he had in his mouth. “You have me there, Jesus this is good.”

Rais chuckled happily, just giddy to be sitting here with his mate enjoying their meal. He still wished he could have done breakfast in bed, but there was always tomorrow for that. They finished their food then Rais asked, “What would you like to do?”

“Shouldn’t we still work?”

“We can take a little break.”

“I didn’t realize the great and powerful Rais ever took breaks.” Dakota teased.

“Of course I do, especially when I have my sexy lover distracting me.”

Dakota’s heart jumped and he quickly stuffed food in his mouth. Rais just smiled and propped his chin in the palm of his other hand, admiring the blush that tinted his skin. “Stop.” Dakota finally said.

“Stop what?”

“Looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.”

Rais chuckled. “I can’t help myself, Dakota.” He reached over and let his fingers slide over Dakota’s hand, lightly brushing his skin. “Everything about you is so wonderful, it’s hard not to admire you.”

Dakota still wasn’t sure what to do with himself when Rais got this sweet. It was something he enjoyed but was still getting used to. “Um..what do you want to do besides take me to your bedroom?”

Rais chuckled. “The fall festival is still in full swing. Maybe we could go to that together, just for fun. Have you ever been without trailing someone?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then let’s finish our breakfast and go have some fun.” Though they had somewhere they wanted to go now they didn’t rush the rest of their meal, it was far too good for that.

Dakota even noted when they were done, “I see why you pay him to come sometimes.”

“Good, just remind yourself his food comes with staying with me. I’m also having him teach me some things so I can do it myself.”

Once they were finished eating, Dakota helped Rais wash dishes and then they went and changed their clothes. Dakota found his eyes riveted to Rais as he was pulling his shirt on and quickly looked away, blushing once Rais could see him again. “Is everything alright?” Rais asked.

“How do you always manage to look so put together?” Dakota asked as he pulled his own shirt on.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, your hair and clothes and everything else. I always look like I woke up in an alley.”

“I love how messy and unkempt you look, it’s adorable.” Rais replied as he pulled Dakota gently into him. “You have no idea how perfect you really are, do you Dakota?”

“Oh I know, I’m wonderfully perfect.” He tried sarcasm, feeling a little overwhelmed.

“Yes you are.”

Chapter Three

He knew what the sarcasm meant but he couldn’t live without his mate any longer. He felt that maybe if he brought him a little bit out of his comfort while spoiling him he might just take down those walls and live with him. Soon they were in the car and on their way to the festival. “Are you sure you didn’t even go to a festival when you still had your father? You were so young and memories from that age can be hard to dig up.” Dakota started to try and think about life when he still had a parent who loved him. Most of what he had held on to was what an incredible person his father had been, but honestly, he had always tried not to think about the memories. It was far too painful but now he wanted to know, had he gone to a festival with his father?

“Dad was busy a lot, he was a cop, but there was a day I remember, I think it was in Summer. It was a fair and I remember ice cream and cows.”


“There are always a lot of animals at the fair, cows, rabbits, sheep, all kinds and I think there was a place right next to where the cows were that sold ice cream. I remember the taste of chocolate and the smell of manure. I thought the cows were so cool.” He blushed when he realized Rais was smiling. “It’s lame, I know.”

“It’s adorable. I’m jealous I never got to see it. I can imagine your face covered in chocolate ice cream and you trying to climb into one of the pens.”

Dakota crossed his arms. “What about you? I know you were on the streets, but did you ever go to a festival or a fair?”

Rais nodded. “A couple of other kids and myself would sneak in through a hole in the fence.”

“Did you steal things?”

“I didn’t.”

“But you ate what was given to you.”

Rais chuckled. “Of course. It wasn’t often, but I enjoyed what time we had there before we got caught.”

Dakota thought of what Rais must have been like as a child the rest of the ride in the car. When they arrived Rais paid for everything despite the fact Dakota had attempted to pay for his half. That was how it normally went though. Rais took every chance he could to spoil him. “I figured why not just go for the bracelet to do anything we want. I don’t want to waste time having to come back for anything.” Rais took Dakota’s hand and they strolled on in. Rais seemed so happy that it rushed a tingling feeling into his heart. Rais had driven them there, had paid for everything and wasn’t even guaranteed anything and still, he was as happy as he could be just because they were together.

It amazed him how content Rais was to simply walk around with him. He finally decided on riding the super shot. “Unless you’re chicken.” He teased.

Rais chuckled. “Me? The only thing that scares me is never having you, Dakota.”

Dakota’s entire being warmed, his heart stuttering in his chest. “Well, that’ll never happen so…” he cleared his throat. “We should get in line.”

“Of course my love.” Rais pulled him gently along and they took a spot in line. Thankfully it wasn’t that long yet and they were soon sitting side by side, waiting to be buckled in.

They ended up riding it multiple times, both loving the rush of being flung up. Next they headed for some candy apples which lead them to viewing a performance. They had passed it on the way to the stand, thinking it looked interesting so they circled back once they had their apples. It turned out to be a series of little plays about different things that had happened to their town in the fall seasons of previous years. Overall it was fun to watch, the skits were more of a humorous spin on things so it kept them watching.

“We should ride the Ferris wheel next.” Dakota said and Rais chuckled at the boyish joy on his face. He was actually letting loose and probably didn’t even realize it. “What?”

“Just how happy you are. You’re so relaxed, like you don’t have a care in the world. My little workaholic can take a moment to breathe.”

Dakota blushed and looked away. “Yeah, so, I can’t help it. You make everything so enjoyable.”

“Oh? Do I now?”

Dakota’s heart skipped a beat at Rais’s suddenly seductive tone. “I didn’t mean it that way, you perv.” His eyes collided with Rais’s and he fought to push down the blush he knew was getting redder by the moment. “Maybe we should ride something different.”

“Oh no, no trying to escape, the Ferris wheel sounds like far too much fun.” He pressed a kiss to Dakota’s lips. “Very romantic.” He pointed at the wheel. “And look, they’re all enclosed for privacy.” He teased.

His heart stuttered again as he wondered what he had gotten himself into. Rais just pulled him along by the hand, happily grinning to get his mate alone on the ride and tease him some more. This one had a longer line, but it still wasn’t bad with how many carts they had for people to sit in. Once in line Rais took Dakota in his arms, holding his mate against him. Dakota felt like pulling out of the embrace a few times, but it felt far too good to be in his arms. When it came their time to get on Rais finally let him go, but Dakota already knew from the teasing that wouldn’t last long. The door closed and Rais kissed him on the cheek before tenderly grabbing his face and bringing him in for a real kiss.

“Rais.” He turned his head and Rais kissed at his neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin there. He pulled Dakota tightly against him, the fingers of one hand tangling in his hair as the other slid beneath his shirt. “Rais, w…we can’t on the Ferris wheel.”

“Can’t what?” Rais whispered in his ear, smiling when goosebumps formed on his skin.

“You know.”

“I don’t.” He nibbled at his earlobe.

“Have sex, there are too many people.”

“Don’t you remember, that’s not a problem for me my love, if I wished it no one would be able to see us.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“I might.” He bit down on Dakota’s shoulder, satisfied when he let out a little moan. “I just want to tease you a little, nothing more my love.”

Dakota’s heart still slammed against his chest regardless as Rais continued to nibble and kiss at him. He teased him most of the ride, almost laughing when they stopped and Dakota clumsily got out. “We could share a funnel cake now if you want.” Rais suggested and Dakota nodded. “I love you, immensely, you know that right?” Rais added.

“Yeah, I love you too.” Rais kissed his head again and walked him back over to where they had gotten their candy apples before the show earlier. Rais behaved himself now aside from keeping his hand on Dakota’s leg. He was impossible not to touch, he practically needed any contact he could get away with.

Dakota felt so happy and at ease out here with Rais and couldn’t help but fall even more in love with him with each passing moment. Rais insisted on winning him a few prizes and even gave a few to some of the kids loitering around who had stopped to watch him. He showed off at the rock wall they had set up, making Dakota roll his eyes when he talked the men there into letting him do it without a harness. “You’re a real wild man aren’t you.” Dakota said as they moved on to the animal pens.

“Living on the streets will do that to you.”

“Spent a lot of time climbing things you shouldn’t?”

“You have no idea.”

Rais laughed. “I have some idea. How many bones did you break?”

“A couple, but my kind are very resilient.”

“I bet you were even more of a show off then. I can just see you trying to impress the other kids and even the adults.”

“Well now the only one I want to impress is you. I think I’d do anything to make you look at me.”

They stayed until dinner time then drove to a nice restaurant they both liked. “Did you have fun today?” Rais asked Dakota.

And Dakota replied, “Yeah, I guess I’ll have to unwind more.”

“Good, I’m happy being with you even if we’re working, but I’d like to spend more days just having fun somewhere with you.”

“Is there anything else coming up you wanted to do?”

“No, but I’ll look into some things. Especially for this week, all part of my plan to make you want to live with me.” The waitress came and they gave her their orders, thanking her before she walked away. “We got the really nice one again.” Rais noted and Dakota nodded, she certainly did have an incredibly happy attitude as far as servers went. Dakota mostly liked her because his glass was never empty when she was their waitress. He drank a lot when he ate so it was nice to have someone who could actually keep up with him.

“I’ve been meaning to ask how your mother is.” Rais said.

“Good, she wants to meet you.”

Rais chuckled. “You say it with such disdain.”

“It’s not disdain, it’s self preservation.”


“She’ll meet you and see how wonderful you are and then she’ll start going on and on about us getting married and then after that it’ll be when will you give me grandchildren, will you adopt, surrogate? When?”

“I see.” He let his finger move over the edge of his wine glass. “Are you saying you don’t wish to marry me my love?”

Dakota blushed. “I…I didn’t say that.”

Rais smiled. “So you do want to marry me then, Dakota?”

“Uh…well…I mean.” He cleared his throat. “Shouldn’t you be focusing on getting me to live with you or something?”

“But this is so much more interesting. I wonder what it would take to get both of those things? Begging perhaps or seduction?”

“Be good, we’re in a restaurant.”

“Only for a bit longer my love.”

“I’ll eat slow.”

“I’m a patient man, Dakota.”

The trouble was he knew Rais very much was a patient man so he was red again. He had stumbled right into that talking about his mom, but they would meet eventually and despite shutting her out when he was younger she still loved him as intensely as if that all had never happened. He could tell she wanted him to find love and a husband, the general american dream with the white picket fence and all. She was such a good woman and he often regretted living the life the way he had despite the fact she understood he had probably missed out on having a lot more good memories because he pushed her away for so long.

Chapter Four

Rais teased and flirted with him all through dinner, amused at the fact Dakota had a little too much to drink and was having to think really hard about the words coming out of his mouth. He gave Rais a look that said he knew what he was up to and Rais guided him out after they finished eating and into his car. “You did this on purpose didn’t you?” Dakota asked as Rais drove home.

“I bought the wine, you’re the one who drank it.”

“You had just as much as I did, how come you sound sober?”

“My metabolism.”

“How unfair.” He crossed his arms. “Maybe I should punish you for that.”

Rais chuckled. “And how would you go about doing that, Dakota?”

Dakota blushed and had to look out the passenger window before he could answer. “You’ll just have to wait and see, you’re not the only one with tricks up his sleeve.” Rais stopped at a red light and reached over, gently turning Dakota’s face so he could kiss him. Dakota moaned into his mouth and Rais pulled back when the light turned green, leaving him flushed and his heart hammering in his chest. “Jerk.”

“You started it my love.”

They rode in relative silence all the way home, both men plotting different things. Rais startled Dakota when he swept him off his feet on the way to the door. “Hey.”

“You’re drunk, let me get you to our room.” It made his heart stutter again hearing the words “our room” and he had to admit that was something he could get used to hearing. Tipsy he wasn’t sure why he held back at all when it came to this man. Rais was amazing, an incredible boyfriend yet he still fought him almost every step of the way, just as he had his mother after his dad died. Rais laid him gently on the bed before crawling on and starting to feel him up.

“Rais.” Dakota said in almost a moan.

Rais smiled. “I just want to feel you, if you permit something more to happen so be it but let me feel my mate.”

It felt amazing having Rais’s hands on him and he very nearly forgot his plans as Rais tugged his shirt off of him and lovingly stroked his skin. Dakota hooked his foot behind Rais’s knee and shifted his body over as he rolled Rais under him and pinned his wrists against the bed. Rais lay there grinning as Dakota reoriented himself. Moving that fast had made him a little dizzy, but he managed to focus on Rais. “Gotcha.” He said proudly.

“Every day.”

Dakota blushed. “Hush and don’t move.”

“As you wish.”

Dakota arched an eyebrow. “Really?”

“I’m at your mercy.”

Dakota huffed out a laugh as he bent down and kissed Rais, his hands pulling at his shirt until it was off. He really loved looking at him and touching him. He could deny it all day, but Rais was beautiful. He let his lips and teeth travel Rais’s torso, leaving bite marks on him. Rais closed his eyes, getting lost in the sensations his mate’s mouth was causing. “There, for getting me drunk.”

Rais huffed out a little laugh and pulled him back up and underneath him. “Consider me punished.”

They both stared into each others eyes until the hunger in both of them had their mouths moving against each others again. Their hands began traveling and soon they were lost in passion. They cuddled up to each other, bodies tangling when they were both spent and happily drifted to sleep. The next morning Dakota woke to breakfast in bed. Rais looked so utterly happy and proud of his breakfast. “Th..thank you.” He looked adorable and somehow ridiculously handsome when he looked that happy.

“I managed to get myself out of bed early enough to make this in time today. I really wanted to do this for you yesterday.”

“So are you saying if I stay here you’ll try to make me breakfast every day?”

Rais nodded then gently caressed his cheek. “Live here and marry me Dakota, please, yesterday was amazing and so was last night. Don’t you want that every night? I want you here with me so badly it hurts. I truly would do anything to have you here all the time.”

Dakota let out a little sigh. “I’m kind of surprised you want me here after I’ve practically strung you along.”

“Don’t be silly, I told you I’m a patient man. I love you, Dakota, you’re my everything. I want you here when you’re ready to be here.” He pressed a kiss to Dakota’s forehead. “You don’t have to be scared.”

“I know, it’s stupid feeling this way. You’ve done nothing but take care of me. You didn’t have to ask me to work for you or fall in love with me.”

“That’s not true, I absolutely had to fall in love with you. There is no one else in the universe that can make me feel the way you do.” He held up his hand before Dakota could say anything else and went over to the wooden box he had sitting on top of his chest of drawers. He pulled it open, took something out, and came back, taking a seat next to him. “I bought this ring back when I was just starting out, it’s the second thing I bought for myself, the first was food. I want you to have it. So will you please marry me?” He lifted Dakota’s hand and slipped it on his finger. “I know it’s simple but…”

“Shut up, you idiot.” Dakota reached up and wiped at his face. “It’s perfect so just stop. I’ll marry you alright and I’ll move in.”

“Dakota, don’t cry.” He wrapped him in a hug, pressing another kiss to his forehead and then pulling back to kiss his lips. “I love you, I’ll always love you, forever.”

“My mom is going to blow my eardrums out.” He said with a happy smile. He was scared, but he knew it was alright to take a leap of faith when it came to Rais. “I love you so much, thank you for everything.” Rais gave him another kiss then went and grabbed his own plate. They both felt so content as they sat there, Dakota most of all, his heart further mended by the wonderful man sitting next to him.


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