Darryl & Garret

Chapter One

Darryl looked down at the young man seated in the cushioned chair, his wide green eyes, the splatter of blood staining his shirt and jeans. He looked traumatized, pale like he had see a ghost. He inhaled the air, taking in his scent. The boy was a fairy. Darryl looked back at his boss who was sitting behind his desk, waiting for Darryl to respond. “You want me to watch him?”

“Not want, Darryl, need. You’re the only one here who isn’t completely human, you have gifts, and he’s the only one who has seen this guys face and lived.”

“Oh don’t I feel special.” It was the first thing the boy had said and his voice shook.

“Officer Hawkins is going to protect you, he’s the best we have.”

The young man turned his gaze up to Darryl, those green eyes were far too trusting. Didn’t the kid know what he was? Couldn’t he see it in his eyes, the red orbs that he had inherited from his grandfather. “Are you really going to help me?”

Darryl sighed. “I need to talk to my boss alone for a moment.” He reached into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet and giving him some money. “Go to the vending machines, get yourself something to eat and drink, I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

He slowly took the money and stood, the top of his head barely coming to Darryl’s shoulder. “Alright.”

When the boy was gone Darryl turned to his boss. “Are you insane? The boy’s a damn fairy.”


“Don’t play dumb, you know what I was.”

His boss sighed. “An addict, I know, but the killer isn’t human, we’ve determined that and you are the only one on the force with preternatural blood. You’re nose, your ears, your speed and strength are all better than ours. I trust you to watch over him, to keep him safe even from yourself. He’s not going to want to leave that boy alive.”

Darryl sighed. “What’s his name?”

“Garret, nineteen, college student. He was on his way to the dorms when he happened upon the Ripper. As you could see, he’s more than a little traumatized so go easy on him.”

Darryl sighed in frustration. He didn’t like being anywhere near fairies due to his past addiction but his boss was right. He was the best man on the force for this job and if he didn’t take it it might cost this young man his life. It wouldn’t be fair to Garret for him to pass it up out of fear. This would just have to be the ultimate test and he would have to pass it. He refused to hurt this already traumatized man. “Fine, but if I get too worried about myself I’m going to tell you and you’re going to replace me.”

“You won’t hurt him and you know it”

“still, you understand that right?”

“who is whose boss Darryl?”

“Look, just promise me if anything happens, you get him somewhere safe.”

“I promise.”

Darryl nodded as he stood up and left the office. He saw Garret sitting on the bench next to the vending machine, an unopened soda in one hand and a bear claw with one bite taken out of it. He was just spacing out and Darryl knew he was still lost in that moment. He walked over and Garret snapped out of it, raising his head. “Come on, you’re coming home with me.”

“Really? I don’t have any clothes.”

“I have some stuff you can borrow tonight, we’ll pick you up a few things tomorrow.”

Garret nodded as he got to his feet. “How long will I be with you?” He asked as he followed him out.

“Until we catch the Ripper.”

“So a long time then?”

“Hopefully with your description we’ll catch him faster. It was very detailed by the way for being in the dark.”

“I’m a night fairy, good night vision. Not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse now.”

Darryl opened the passenger door of his car for Garret. “Right now let’s say blessing.” Garret got in and buckled up as Darryl went around to the driver side and climbed in.

“Officer Hawkins?”

“You can call me Darryl.”

“Okay, Darryl, am I going to die? Am I going to wind up like that woman?”

“No, I promise.”

Garret swallowed as he started to nod. Darryl was too tense over the whole situation for silence. He needed to keep his mind busy even if it meant talking about somthing as simple as the weather. “so, college, what’re you going for?”

“Um” Garret started with, having trouble thinking about anything else besides what he saw. Darryl waited patiently through the pause for Garret to say “I want to be an architect”

“are you doing well?” It was the next logical question to keep a conversation going. “yeah, I’m not having any trouble at all thankfully but I’m not incredibly far into my studies”

“Did you always want to be an architect?”

“No, according to my mom I wanted to be a top frog expert until I was about eight but since about nine or ten maybe I’ve wanted to be an architect”

“What made you change your mind?”

“When I was a kid I would explore this old building near my home. It had the most beautiful detailing.”

“How are you doing?”

“Fine I guess, I can’t stop seeing it.” He swallowed. “The blood and…and the body. His eyes and how they looked at me They said I was next.”

“You’re lucky.”

“I don’t feel lucky.” He looked down at his hands. “I just ran.”

“Trust me when I say, she was already dead, there was nothing you could have done. If you had stayed, he would have killed you like all his victims.”

“That poor woman…all those people he’s killed…”

“We’ll catch him. Thanks to you we actually know who we’re looking for”

“If he comes after me I promise I wont be a coward again. I’ll fight him with you”

“I’m protecting you so you will do no such thing. Run if he comes, let me do my job” Garret shook his head gently and Darryl sighed “I’m sure you can tell I have vampire blood in me. I am extremely strong. I will be fine fighting him on my own. I bet this guy seems more powerful than he is because he always targets weaker beings. Even if he is strong enough to really fight someone like me he hasn’t been practicing.”

“I could tell”

He glanced at Garret. “And that doesn’t bother you?”

“Should it?”

Darryly huffed in response and went back to focusing on the road. He knew the kid had at least a little self preservation, he had escaped a serial killer, but it was like he didn’t get what even someone with a drop of vampire blood was capable of when it came to fairy blood. “Do you mind if I listen to music?”

“It’s your car.”

Darryl switched on the radio and tried not to focus too much on Garret’s scent or heart beat or the warmth radiating off his skin. It was almost a relief when they made it to his house and he was able to get out of the car and breathe in the fresh air. Garret gave him a confused, questioning look, but didn’t ask. He just followed Darryl inside, looking a bit lost. “You can have my room, I’ll take the couch to watch the door. There’s some leftovers in the fridge, I’ll go food shopping tomorrow, feel free to shower.”

Garret looked down at his clothes. “I forgot I had blood on me.” He swallowed, wanting them off.

Darryl good see the panic in his eyes and against his better judgement he grabbed his shoulders, giving him a slight shake. “Hey, look at me.” Garret tipped his head back. “You’re okay, you’re going to make it through this and get back to school.”

“It’s just I’ve never seen anything like that. I…I can’t stop seeing it and…and feeling the blood as it hit my face when he raised the knife. I keep thinking any minute I’ll wake up wondering what terrible food I ate to give me such a messed up nightmare.”

“Get in the shower, I’ll find you something that fits.”

“You’re such a giant, I just noticed.”

“It’s better clothes are too big than too small. I’m hoping theres something in my closet that’s too small for me so it fits you better. You know those well meaning people who buy you clothes as a gift and get the wrong size”

“Thank you for doing this”

“Protect and serve, it’s my job. I’ll guide you to the shower. When I get the clothes I’ll come in after knocking twice and just set them on the toilet for you if that’s okay”

“That’s fine” Darryl guided Garret to the bathroom then showed him how to adjust the water before walking out and heading to his room to see what he could find for Garret to wear. He slowly pushed through his shirts and was glad to find one that was a little small on him. One particularly interested guy had tried to woo him with gifts for awhile and this gift would finally come in handy. He decided to just give it to Garret since it was only in his closet because he didn’t throw anything away unless he had to. He didn’t like to feel wasteful.

There was no such luck with pants so he’d let him borrow shorts since that would be less noticeable than jeans.

Even though Garret knew he was coming back, he still jumped when Darryl tapped on the bathroom door. “Sorry.” Darryl said as he stepped in and Garret stuck his head out, smiling at him.

“It’s alright, I guess I’m just a twitchy guy.”

“You don’t have to cover up your fear you know, I understand.”

“It’s fine, thank you for the clothes.”


Garret smiled again and Darryl felt his heart skip a beat. “I’m going to go call my boss, let him know we made it here safe, take your time.”


Garret pulled his head back in the shower and Darryl left, pulling out his cell when he was in the living room. His boss picked up after a couple of rings and he let him know Garret was safe. “Listen, I don’t know if this is a good idea.” He said.

“I’ve never known you to give up in the middle of a case, Darryl, I’m not changing my mind. We both know this is good for you, so watch him like a hawk and keep me posted.” His boss hung up before he could further protest and Darryl found himself staring at his phone wishing his boss would spontaneously combust.

He eventually sat down on his couch and sighed. He thought about that smile, how it had effected him. It wasn’t a hunger like he expected but something else, something that felt good. Hearing the water stop is what eventually pulled Darryl out of his head “damn it, I should have been figuring out food for him” Darryl reprimanded himself as he stood to go into his kitchen. He had some fruits so he chopped them up and made a mini fruit platter for his guest. It was fast and he’d have a lot to choose from in case Garret was a picky eater. Darryl wasn’t normally the catering type but Garret had been through real, significant trauma and Darryl sympathized with that.

Chapter Two

He is his best to act normal when Garret finally came into the living room, but a smile pulled at his face when he saw how long his shorts were on him. “Do they look bad?” Garret asked.

“No just, you’re kind of small.”

“Just now noticing? Here I was thinking I was making it obvious.”

“Sorry, you hungry?”

“Not really, my stomach’s been in knots since…”

“Would you at least try? It might make you feel better.”

Garret gave him a little smile. “You’re actually really nice, the way you acted at the police station I thought I’d be a burden.”

“It was just the way my boss sprung it on me. He never really asks.”

“I won’t be any trouble, I promise.”

“I know, come eat.”

Garret immedietly started looking around Darryls kitchen as he sat down at the small, wooden table in the center of it. Half curious, half wanting to know his way around this place if anything should attack them in the night. It wasn’t tidy but it wasn’t disgusting either. He guessed Darryl would have cleaned for company if he would have known it was coming but otherwise lived in a lived in house, not a museum. He didn’t much mind either way if a house was clean or not, just as long as it wasn’t a complete dump. Though in this situation he probably would have stayed in a house with a hoarder to avoid being alone.

Garret knew he was only calm at all because Darryl was here and would help him if that thing returned for him. He knew it wasn’t really an if, it was when if the police didn’t get him before he got the chance. Darryl ate as Garret looked around, guessing he just wanted to know where he was. He’d give him a few more moments before pushing him to eat.

Just as Darryl was deciding to say somthing Garrets attention finally went to the fruit before him. He took his fork and stabbed through two pieces of kiwi and Darryl couldn’t help but watch him bring it to his mouth. There was something about Garret, somthing that scared Darryl since he knew he shouldn’t be close to a fairy.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Garret asked after he swallowed.

Darryl’s eyes jumped to his face. Did he realize how innocent and fragile he looked? “I’m not hungry.”

“Shouldn’t you eat too? I mean you are my bodyguard and I’m pretty sure bodyguards are supposed to always be at the top of their game.”

“You don’t have to worry about me.”


Darryl held up his hand. “Please, it’s alright. Would it be alright if I asked you a few more questions? It might help to get your mind off of things.”

“Good luck, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.” Fear made his chest feel tight. How could he close his eyes ever again?

“Hey, would you look at me?” Garret raised those beautiful green orbs and Darryl wished he didn’t look so trusting. “If you get scared, you can always come and get me. I don’t care how late it is.”

Garret nodded and took another bite of his food. He knew he could trust Darryl, there was something about him, something that said he meant every word. “So what did you want to know?”

“Just more about you.”

“Can I ask questions too then?”

It was hard for Darryl to say no to him and he wanted him to be comfortable, even if he himself was uncomfortable with delving into his past. He wondered what the odds were of addiction coming up and considered it probable since there were plenty of junkies in the world. “Sure, whatever you want. We can trade questions.”

“Okay, then for starters what’s your favorite kind of pie” Darryl almost smiled. The question just made him seem more innocent. Though Darryl did consider maybe he wanted an innocent question because of what they were going through. Maybe it was like watching a kids cartoon after a horror flick if you were too disturbed to sleep. “Peach Cobbler and I choose to ask you the same question”

“Pumpkin, does being that tall run in your family?”

“Yes, from what I know”

“So your kids will be tall too then. Cool, much better than being small like me”

“a second question? Cheater”

“It was more of a statement”

“well anyway, for the sake of things being out in the open, kids, biological ones anyway aren’t in my future since I’m gay.”


“Oh? Does that surprise you?”

“A little to be honest”

“What’s your orientation?”

“Gay” it was almost cute how shy Garret seemed about it.

“I bet your boyfriend feels lucky.”

Garret blushed. “I’ve never had one.”

Darryl couldn’t help but grin. “You? How is that even possible?”

“Hey you’re ahead now, that’s way not fair.” He pushed a piece of fruit around with his fork. “And to answer you, I’ve been focusing on school so I’ve never given anyone the time of day, even in high school. Some people think it’s weird, but no one caught my interest.” He glanced at Darryl. “What about you?”

“Not at the moment, but I’ve had a few.” He had been with some he wasn’t even interested in, but that was another part of his rather checkered past.

“Oh, I imagine, you’re good looking and you kind of have this whole mysterious energy about you. I bet it draws people in pretty quickly.” He gave a nervous laugh.

Darryl smiled, enjoying Garrets nervousness, his compliments. “well I guess I’m ahead and that isn’t fair so ask me another question” He was tempted to flirt with Garret, far too tempted and they needed to get away from the subject of dating. “Um…do you like reading?”

“I take a book sometimes if I know I’ll be sitting somewhere awhile but I wouldn’t say I read very frequently”

“another question for me then to make us even. Since becoming an officer have people been sent home with you often?”

“Nope, you’re the first. Back to me right?”

“well I mean, technically that was your question” Darryl chuckled, truly enjoying Garret.

They continued to trade questions until Garret had eaten everything and then Darryl insisted he get some rest. “You look exhausted.”

“I’m not, I’m…” he yawned. “I’m wide awake.”

“You’re not fooling anyone, come on.”


Garret stood and Darryl sat his dishes in the sink. He followed Garret down the hall to the bedroom and checked the windows while he climbed into bed. “Remember, if you need me come and get me.”

“Do you think he’ll come for me tonight?”

“He has to follow your scent, assuming that’s how he hunts.” He turned to look at Garret who looked ready to bolt. He sighed as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. “Just one yell and I’ll come running.”

“Okay…thank you”

“I’m going to sleep with my door open. Please rest, you’re safe here” Darryl walked out. He wished his house guest were more comfortable and he knew he might be if he slept on the floor in there or something but Garret was a fairy and he just couldn’t put him in more danger by getting too close to him. He’d enter that room if Garret called out to him but only if he did. Darryl readied for the night in his bathroom, brushing his teeth and changing into pajama pants then settled into his own bed.

Garret was exhausted when he got up the next morning. He had tossed and turned all night, startling at every sound. He sighed as he got out of bed, yawning as he headed for the kitchen. He needed coffee if he was going to function. He looked through the kitchen until he found a half full container then he put some in and switched it on. “Are you going to put water in that?” Darryl’s voice startled him and he looked between his guardian and the coffee pot then back.

“Uh…oh…yes.” He quickly switched it off, feeling embarrassed as he put water in the back of the coffee machine. “Sorry, I’m just so tired.”

Darryl could see he was more than tired, he was absolutely beat. “Didn’t sleep?”

“No, not really.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I didn’t want to be a bother.” He looked down at his bare feet.

“Hey, it’s okay.” He wanted to comfort him, but worried about touching him. “Uh…” He let out a sigh and risked it. He gently patted Garret’s head and he looked up. Darryl’s heart danced in his chest and he let his knuckles slide over Garret’s cheek. His skin warmed as he blushed and Darryl quickly pulled away. “I know, I’ll make breakfast then we can get your things.”


Darryl concentrated on cooking, wanting to keep Garret completely out of his senses. He was so handsome and adorable, so touchable. He was far too touchable to be a fairy, the source of his once extreme addiction. Garret was obviously a good man, a man who deserved someone much better than he was. Even if he hadn’t once been addicted to fairy blood Garret was still more than a man like him deserved. He was better now, had been a long time but that didn’t change his past. Garret didn’t notice how hard Darryl was concentrating on the food. He was wondering if he was ever going to be able to sleep properly again. Even when this man was caught he could escape or he could find a lenient judge who might not punish him to the extent he deserved. What if he could hire a shark type of lawyer who could also keep this man able to harm people even if he’s caught.

Garret knew that even if you weren’t innocent a good enough lawyer could create enough doubt to let a horrible person roam free among the public. When Darryl turned around to serve the food he could see Garret was in his own head so came up slowly not wanting to scare him. “I hope it’s good” he said when Garret looked at him. Garret lifted his fork and took a bite “it is, thank you” Darryl almost frowned, his heart acheing for how small Garrets voice was right now.

“Hey, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

Garret sighed. “I don’t think I could ask for much more. You’ve already opened your home to me and you’ve been really nice. I don’t need anything else really.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“You’ll tell me if that changes?”


They ate the rest of their breakfast and got ready to head over to the university to pick up some things for Garret. Darryl hoped with fresh clothes and maybe his sketch books he would start feeling less anxious. He could only imagine what he must be going through. When they got there, they both immediately noticed the police cruiser and the ambulance sitting in one of the side lots. It wasn’t an uncommon sight to see at a college campus, but something didn’t feel right to Darryl, especially after the most recent attack. He pulled up to the cruiser and rolled down his window, gesturing for the officer to come over. “What’s happened?”

“A young man was attacked this morning in one of the dorms. He walked in on a burglar.”

“Which room?” Garret suddenly asked.


“Th…that’s my room. I share it with a guy named Michael, is he okay?”

“He’s fine, injured, but alive. The EMTs are in there with him now.”

Garret was out of the car before Darryl could get two words out and he quickly parked and chased after him. If the attacker was the killer, then he didn’t need to be running off. “Slow down.” He reached out, grabbing Garret’s arm.

“I have to see MIchael”

“I know I know, but let me come with you. If the burglar is the killer you can’t run off like that”

“I don’t care. I put Michael’s life in danger” Darryl sighed and lifted Garret into his arms then took off running with him. Should he have asked first? Yes. Should he be holding a fairy like this? No, It wasnt safe for either of them but he couldn’t take that soul destroying look crumpling Garrets innocent face. They arrived at his room and Darryl let him go, following him in. They too men hugged despite the EMT still tending to Michael. “sorry about that” Darryl said to the man and he said “I’m almost done. It’s no problem.” Darryl knew the man was probably used to things like that.

Chapter Three

“Are you okay?” Garret asked and Michael waved a dismissive hand.

“Perfect.” He replied, trying to sound reassuring.

“This is all my fault. That…that monster came here and you got hurt.”

“Hey, don’t talk like that.” He hissed when the EMT started bandaging him. “Christ, could you be any rougher?” The EMT apologized, not even fazed by his outburst. “He came at me like a wild animal, slashing at me, but I managed to block most of it. He jumped out the window when he heard people running down here.”

“I should have been here.”

Michael put a hand on his shoulder and Darryl felt a little stab of jealousy. It shocked him and he told himself to calm down. “I’m glad you were gone, he might have killed you. I don’t know the full details on what happened last night, but I’m glad you’re safe then and now.”

“Sir, we’re going to take you to the hospital if that’s okay. Some of your wounds need stitches and they’ll probably want to give you a tetanus shot.”

“Fine, if I must. It’s just some cuts.”

“Will he be safe?” Garret asked as he looked up at Darryl.

“The Ripper wasn’t after him, he was after you, chances are he’s already forgotten about your friend.”

Garret let out a breath of relief “I want to go with Michael to the hospital.”

“That’s fine, we’ll meet him and the EMT there.”

“He can’t ride with us?”

“It would be best to let teh EMT do his job. In the ambulance he’ll have everything he needs on hand if anything un expected happens with your friend”

“alright” Garret turned back to Michael “I’ll see you there.”

“Okay man” Though Garret wanted to rush out Darryl insisted on taking a moment to grab a few things so Garret could be more comfortable at his house. Only when a small bag was packed did they load back into the car and go to the hospital the EMT specified. Darryl sat outside the room Michael had been given and called his police station to see where they were in the investigation. They had followed up a few leads that didn’t pan out and he could hear the frustration in the chiefs voice.

“Just keep me posted, that son of a bitch was waiting for him.” He hung up, letting out a sigh. He let his eyes move to Garret who was swinging between upset and distressed. “You alright?”

“Oh yeah, walking on sunshine.” He sighed. “Sorry, you don’t deserve that. I hate he got hurt because of me, he could have died and it would have been my fault.”

Darryl had enough of him blaming himself and he wound up hugging him. Garret sat there in surprise, unable to move at first, but once his brain caught up he wrapped his arms around Darryl and sunk into his warmth. “None of this is on you, it’s the Ripper’s fault.” He stroked Garret’s hair, noticing how soft it was. He knew he should push him away, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he looked ready to break down.


“No more of that.” He leaned back, letting his fingers brush Garret’s hair back and slide over his cheek. “Both of you are alive and that’s all that matters.”

“I don’t know how I’d get through this without you. Thank you, thank you so much”

“I’m glad my boss didn’t let me pass it up.” Darryl meant it but he wasn’t so afraid of that anymore. He knew he wouldn’t hurt Garret, he couldn’t. He felt protective of him and apparently possessive. His mind drifted back to the jealousy he felt earlier. He was growing extremely attached to Garret and he wondered if he should tell him about his past addictions when this was all over. He was already scared enough without the information that the man protecting him was once addicted to fairy blood.

Darryl released him when a nurse came out and told them Michael wanted to see Garret. Darryl followed him in and leaned against the wall while he worried over his friend. “Are you going to be safe?” Michael asked before they left.

“Yeah, Darryl’s a cop so I’ll be okay.”

“Good because I’m pretty sure that guy’s adamant about finding you.”

“I know, but Darryl promised he wouldn’t let me get hurt.”

Michael chuckled and patted his head. “How cute, you like him.”

Garret blushed. “Hush, you’re obviously delirious because of pain meds.” He glanced at Darryl who didn’t seem to be listening, but he lowered his voice anyway. “Besides, we probably won’t see each other after this.”

“You never know.”

“Just get better and make sure to call your parents when you get the chance.”

“I will, now you go and make a good impression on that cute cop” Garrets blushing got worse and he waited for the heat to die down a but before returning to Darryl. “anywhere else you want to go?” Darryl asked and Garret shook his head “just back to your place I guess” They returned to Darryl’s car and went back to his home. Once there Garret put his stuff in the room he was staying in. He didn’t know if he should just stay in there or what. Darryl had been nice so far and it was starting to seem like he enjoyed his company so Garret decided to be brave and looked for Darryl to spend time with him.

Darryl was just hanging up his phone when Garret walked into the kitchen. He smiled, making Darryl’s heart do a little flip. “Sorry, were you busy?” Garret asked.

“I was, but I’m not now. Just talking to the chief. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, well as alright as it can be with a crazy pursuing me.” He gave a nervous laugh then cleared his throat. “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to hang out.”

“Hang out?”

“Yeah like maybe get some popcorn and watch a movie.” His eyes looked hopeful and Darryl, despite his better judgement, did want to get closer to him.

“We’d have to run to the store, I don’t have popcorn.”

“Maybe we could get some candy and soda too? We can’t go to a theater, but we could recreate the experience.”

“I think that will be a good way to spend whats left of the day. It will keep our minds busy while we wait for this all to pass” Darryl checked his gun again to make completely sure it would be ready if he needed to protect Garret then they both got their shoes back on and headed to a nearby store. It would have been nicer to casually look but Darryl didn’t want Garret out in public too long, too much risk of the killer seeing them. After throwing some candy and a couple different kinds of popcorn in the cart Darryl said “I have Amazon Prime so instead of spending more time outside the house looking for movies you can pick and buy any of the ones you want to watch in my home. They have everything so it can be any movie that pops into your head”

“Okay, thanks”

On the way home, Darryl went ahead and made a quick stop for pizza in case Garret wanted more than goodies then they headed back to his place where he let Garret go through the movies while he started the popcorn. He realized he was smiling as he put the bag in the microwave. He wasn’t sure why he was so happy, this wasn’t a date, he was protecting Garret.He sighed as he went back into the living room where Garret was still staring at the TV, an adorable look of indecisiveness on his face. “Find what you want?”

His attention was immediately on Darryl, a smile pulling at his lips. “No, sorry, there’s just so much.” He held out the controller. “Maybe you should choose.”

“You’re the guest and I mostly only put stuff on for noise.”

“For a cop, you’re really not much help.”


“Protect and serve right? So protect my sanity by serving up a funny movie.”

Darryl couldn’t help the laugh that slipped past his lips. This little fairy had so many endearing qualities about him. He was cute and had a good sense of humor and tried his best not to inconvenience others. Darryl cursed his weakness. “Alright, give it here.” He let his fingers slide of Garret’s has he took the controller and smiled when he actually blushed. The fact that he was so innocent and pure only made Darryl want to get closer. “Something funny?”

“Yes, I want to laugh.”

“You can’t go wrong with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Have you seen it?”

“I’ve seen posts about it online and know a lot about the movie from that but I haven’t gotten to see it yet” Darryl was actually happy he’d get to watch something with Garret that he really enjoyed and Garret had never experienced. With popcorn and candy out they started the movie and Darryl, though he knew he shouldn’t sat close to Garret. He did however make sure it wasn’t awkwardly close. Darryl had spent so many years being a selfish and sometimes pushy ass and he wouldn’t do any of that with Garret. Darryl enjoyed as the movie progressed seeing Garret wholly get into it, loving it every bit as much as he did.

He liked it so much Darryl then put on Life of Brian for them to watch. Between the two movies they each took a bathroom break and started the pizza since they were both getting hungry. Darryl got a call a good ways into Life of Brian and he told Garret to keep watching and he’d go into the other room to answer.

“Hey, what is it?” He said when he was out of earshot.

“Why hello Officer Darryl Hawkins.”

Darryl froze at the unfamiliar voice and pulled the phone away to look at the number. He didn’t recognize it. “Who is this?”

“Oh I think you know, Officer.” The voice was sing song and was more than demented. “I saw you with the boy, I would love to meet him.”

“What boy?”

“Don’t fuck with me you weak pathetic addict.” The voice suddenly growled and Darryl’s heart jumped.

“Darryl you’re missing the movie.” Garret said as he came into the kitchen. He could see that there was something wrong the moment their eyes met. “Is…is that him?” He moved closer. “Darryl?”

“Is that the precious little fairy boy? How sweet he sounds. His scent as well, isn’t it enticing, but you would know.”

“How did you get this number and who in the hell have you been talking to?”

“An addict knows an addict no matter what the addiction may be and your number wasn’t hard to find. I could hear the other officers saying your name. Officer Hawkins, Darryl. All it took was a small search. I’ll be seeing you, Officer, tell the boy hello for me.”

Chapter Four

Darryl gripped the phone, fighting the urge to crush it with all the intense emotion surging through his body. “Darryl” that sweet voice helped calm him. “It was that bastard, the serial killer” It might have been more comforting to Garret for Darryl to try to lie but he wouldn’t insult the mans intelligence and lieing was something he had sworn off all together. “wh…what did he want”

“doesn’t matter but if he has my number he can find my house. We need to go somewhere else. I have this one on DVD too. A present from sombody, maybe for my birthday or something, I don’t really remember or care. I’ll grab it. I’m sure a motel will have a DVD player I can play it in” Darryl grabbed his DVD copy of this movie, extra bullets and clothes for each of them before loading into his car and calling the chief.

“try not to stop the car. He might have waited to call until he was near you”

“I know, its why I rushed out.”

“I’ll send officers to your house just incase he was close”

“Thanks.” He hung up and glanced at Garret who looked scared all over again. He reached over, taking his hand and making him jump. “Sorry.”

“This is all my fault, maybe I should just let him have me.”

“Hey, don’t say that.”

“I mean it, Michael wouldn’t be in the hospital and you wouldn’t be in danger. So he wants to play with my insides, at least no one else gets hurt.”


“Sorry, I’m sorry, I just hate this, hate him. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He squeezed Darryl’s hand. “I…I like you so please don’t let him kill you because I’d be furious. I’d nag you in the afterlife.”

Butterflies filled Darryls insides hearing Garret liked him. He could tell by the way he said it he meant it as he was attracted to him. He had once laughed at men who claimed to feel butterflies but for the first time ever he was feeling it and he wanted more. Garret saying that almost meant he had to tell him about his past addiction. It wasn’t right to let Garret develop feelings without that type of information. Darryl still knew he could never hurt Garret but Garret had to know all the same. “Nothing will kill me, I swear it. I have a lot to talk to you about when this is all over”

“why can’t it be now. We’re just trapped in the car anyway”

“Because…” Darryl sighed “I don’t know if right now is the right time”

“theres never a precise right time for anything”

“for this there might be”

“tell me, please” Darryls heart now beat with fear. Too much fear to speak so Garret spoke again “I might die tonight. Please don’t let me not knowing what you had to say”

“I used to be addicted to fairy blood. Badly, I did…I did some things that would make you look at me different if you knew” There was only a brief silence before Garret said “That doesnt make me scared if thats what you’re worried about…you’re obviously a different man now.”

“How do you know that”

“You’ve been alone with me all this time and I had no idea. It explains the caution you seem to have. I might have even thought in a different situation you were scared of me”

“I was scared, scared of relapsing”

“But you haven’t, see? You’re a better man now”

“It doesn’t change who I was”

“I can hear the shame in your voice. That is why I’m not scared. You’d never hurt me, you’d never hurt anybody again” Darryl wanted to kiss him as relief now streamed through him. He might have if he wasn’t driving. “I’m glad…I’m glad you’re not afraid Garret”

“I’m afraid, just not of you”

When Darryl got them to a hotel, he hurried Garret inside and got them checked in then took his car and parked it out of sight. If they were being followed, he wanted to by as much time as possible and force the Ripper to search. He hurried back to their room and Garret hugged him the minute he was through the door. “You alright?”

“Yeah, just glad you came back in one piece.”

“Such faith.”

Garret looked up at him, seeming a little irritated. “It’s not about faith, that guy is nuts. I know you’re all manly and tough and have years of experience under your belt, but he has no morality, his compass points completely south.”

Darryl tucked some hair behind his ear. “I’m okay, not a scratch.” He stroked his cheek, letting himself enjoy the warmth of his skin.

Garret was now fully feeling the embarrassment of telling Darryl he liked him. “You’re really adorable” Darryl said, his voice softer than before. “You’re going to be flirty in a time like this?”

“what else do we have to do but stress about him coming through the door? I’d rather flirt or just talk about things between us”

“Like what”

“you don’t want to know what I’ve done” Garret shook his head “You’re past is your past. If you want to talk about anything because you need to then I’m happy to listen but you don’t need to walk me through everything you’ve done. You’re different now, you’re good and that’s all that matters to me” It touched Darryl to his core how wholly forgiving Garret was. That he didn’t even want him to lay out his crimes. He just wanted him, how he was now.

They just ended up talking and getting to know eachother instead of watching the movie right up until someone who hadn’t announced themselves started moving the door handle. It was moved gently at first then madly, obviously by someone not of sound mind. Garrets natural reaction in his fear was to move closer to Darryl who quickly texted his chief, knowing he’d be mindful of his phone.

Darryl then took the safety off his gun and approached the door. The jerking of the door handle stopped and in the next moment the Ripper flew through the door, busting it all over the entry way to the room. Garret screamed, his chest tightening in fear. Darryl shot off a few rounds, wanting to wound him but not wanting to waste all his bullets. They wouldn’t kill a creature like him but they were designed to cause him massive pain, pain enough to weaken him. Tonight he couldn’t rely solely on his bullets, he’d have to use some of his strength as a vampire too.

Darryl and the Ripper were struggling on the floor and it was about the time he saw the killer slam Darryls head against it that Garret got past his fear and was ready to fight aswell. This man was after him and he wouldn’t allow Darryl to get hurt while he sat idly by and did nothing but cower.

He picked up a lamp, ripping the cord from the wall and throwing it as hard as he could at the Ripper. It him in the temple and he released Darryl, his eyes burning with rage as he turned them of Garret. He grinned and Garret felt a shiver move up his spine. “Hello little fairy, I’ve been looking for you.”

“Then come and get me.” He let his magic flow through him as the killer approached and forced himself not to back away. His kind were not incredibly powerful when it came to offensive magic. They had come from the darkest caves where they searched for precious stones and metals, not unlike dwarves. The one thing they did have was the ability to create light and when the Ripper reached for him, he held out his hand and sent a blinding flash into his face.

The ripper howled in pain and it gave Darryl the chance to grab him by his hair, jerk him away from Garret and send a bullet through the back of his skull and through his back so it would hit his heart. He had jerked him away mostly so Garret wouldn’t be covered in gore. Darryl let go of the monsters hair and let the body hit the floor. Shortly after the police men and women he worked with came. They gave their statements, got the all clear from paramedics then were able to go back to Darryls house. “are you okay?” Darryl asked as they stood in his doorway. “I will be”

“would you..well, I could hold you tonight to comfort you” If Garret hadn’t just been through something that traumatic he might have blushed but he simply agreed. First they each took showers then they both settled into Darryl’s bed. “I’m so sorry you’ve had to see so much Garret”

“It’s not your fault. Thank you for protecting me”

“Thank you for helping me back there”

“I couldn’t let him just hurt you. I had to help” Darryl held him just a little tighter. They talked until Garret succumbed to sleep then Darryl let himself follow. Garret took only a week off school but was soon back into the motion of things. Darryl and Garret met every night for dinner after his classes, deciding to get to know eachother more and grow closer before things got too serious between them. Darryl would have loved for Garret to move in right away, to hold him every night but Garret was worth waiting for. Especially since he was much more than he deserved. He’d go as slow as Garret wanted and he was utterly happy to do it.

~ The End

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