Desidaria & Trevor 2

Chapter One

Desidaria stood in front of the bathroom mirror crying. She was three months pregnant, hormonal, and couldn’t get her hair to do what she wanted it to. Trevor heard her weeping and ran into the bathroom thinking she was hurt. He forced himself not to smile when he saw her standing there, brush in hand, trying to fix her hair. He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her cheek.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked and turned her around so she could cry into his chest.

“I can’t get my hair to look good no matter what I do. I can’t believe I’m crying over it, how stupid.” She answered and he stroked her hair.

“Nothing you cry over is stupid. Let me do your hair.”

“Can you really?”

“Of course.” He leaned back and gave her a warm smile then kissed her softly. He wiped her tears off her face and took the brush from her. She turned around and he brushed it out and put it in a neat french braid. “There, you look so beautiful. I wish Emmit had not asked you to cover this fundraiser.”

“I’ll be fine, you’re going too. You look so good in this suit.”

“You look gorgeous always.” He replied and kissed her softly.

Andre and the other wolves who had left the pack had gathered other followers who believed only wolf born werewolves should be alphas. They planned on overpowering Trevor and taking Desidaria. Andre wanted to teach his old alpha a lesson he would never forget.

Desidaria made sure everything was in her purse that she needed then they put their shoes on and walked out to their car to drive over to the fundraiser. Trevor held Desidarias hand in the car as he drove. He hated how much she cried. It was painful to listen to but he just kept reminding herself it was only the baby and she wasn’t truly sad. Some of it was even cute like finding her with her hair brush. Luckily the fundraiser wasn’t very far away because Desidaria had to pee shortly down the rode. Trevor could always tell when she needed to and tried to rush her inside without people talking to her.

He guided her to a bathroom and she went in. He just smiled as he waited. When she came out he offered his arm and they went in so she could find who all she needed to interview for the paper. “sorry” Desidaria said, appologizing for having to go as soon as they got there. Trevor smiled “you know it’s no problem honey. You’re cute”

Desidaria took her arm from Trevor as she saw one fo the people she had to ask questions. Trevor just stayed where he was since normally he did nothing to help. Most the time he became a disruption since the person she was interviewing would often start asking him questions. Trevor just began scanning the room to see who all was attending this.

He spotted the mayor along with his wife and their son, there were a couple of men in military dress one of which smelled of tiger, and a few of the cities richest men and women. He also spotted the police chief and decided to go talk to him. He started across the room and was intercepted half way by one of his ex pack members, a woman named Luna. She smiled sweetly at him while he stared back with a mix of anger and bewilderment.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, glaring down at her.

“Seeing if you have decided to change your ways.” She wrinkled her nose. “Ugh you smell of that moon born bitch.”

A growl rumbled in his throat and he was pleased when she took an involuntary step back. “I am not giving Desidaria up and choosing another, especially not you.” He knew she had always had the hots for him. She always acted like she was in heat. It was annoying and disgusting. She had thrown herself at him after Desidaria had left the first time, even kissed him. He had wanted to scrub his mouth and body with bleach.

“You’ll regret your descision Trevor. She isn’t strong enough to hold the pack together. She’ll destroy it and you and whe she does you’ll coming crawling to us, begging for our help.”

“Run back to Andre now little tramp and give him my regards.” He stared her straight in the eyes and she quickly turned and ran. He was so angry he didn’t want to talk to the police chief any longer. He decided to find Desidaria. Just being in her presence soothed the beast within.

Desidaria saw Trevor coming and could see how angry he was. She was glad she only had a few questions left. She waited for the person to finish talking and then made her next questions as short as possible while Trevor stood at her side. He wanted to hold her but knew she was working and he needed to wait. He was glad that just standing beside her was helping because he didn’t want to make a scene at the party. Desidaria scribbled down her last notes from the woman “thank you for your time”

“No problem” The woman walked off and Trevor pulled Desidaria into a hug “what’s wrong?” she asked and Trevor took in her calming scent. He didn’t want to speak angrily to her “One of my ex pack members approached me, that disgusting tramp Luna. She was repulsed I was still with you and went as far as to threaten us. She nor Andre will ever touch you or our baby. I’ll rip their throats out.” His voice becoming a growl and raising. He was causing people to whisper and she rubbed his back “just settle. You are letting her win by getting riled up. Just stay calm, they wont do anything. I doubt they are that stupid since they have so few members and our pack is still so big”

“there’s a lot of hate for moonborn….there are so many ignorant wolves Desidaria. They could have gathered others”

“well then just stay at my side and all will be ok. I still need to talk to people. I’ll be as fast as I can, I promise”

“I just want to get you home and out of the open. There are so many doors and windows…I cant guard them all”

“baby, shhh. Everything will be ok. Trust yourself and me.” Desidaria began to rush her questions as fast as she coudl without being rude. Trevor wasn’t angry any longer but he seemed to only be getting more and more uncomfortable. “I’m sorry but before I talk to the last person i really need a drink”

“don’t overdo yourself. I know itll be fine. I just love you and our pup”

“I know baby, lets go get a drink and then I’ll do my last interview.”

Trevor scanned the room as Desidaria got herself a glass of water. He made sure to stay between her and the room. He jumped when she grabbed his arm. He took a deep breath and she smiled lovingly up at him. They found the last person she needed to talk to, the city’s top D.A. Desidaria smiled as she talked to the older man, liking the fatherly aura about him. He was kind and even asked to feel her stomach. As she reached her last question the lights in the room suddenly went off. Trevor grabbed Desidaria and put her behind him. Moonlight filled the room, bathing everyone in its pale light. The windows broke as men and women dove through them. Trevor recognized many of their scents and growled when he saw Andre. The pack gave loud howls, a war cry. Their eyes turned to him and Desidaria and he felt her grip his jacket. They rushed the people, attacking everyone as they moved toward Trevor. He met them head on, smashing his fist into the nose of the first of them. He shifted shape, rolling across the floor with two wolves.

The tiger shifted as well, knocking the wolf off of Trevor’s back. They battled the pack back to back, sending wolf after wolf sliding across the well waxed floor. Many of the people had fled, but a few brave men and women stayed to help the two shifters. Even the old D.A. picked up a chair and smashed it over the back of a large wolf, making it yelp and run. Andre kicked the tiger, sending him sprawling and jumped on Trevor. “You should have chosen us Trevor.” A scream broke Trevor’s concentration and he watched in horror as two large men grabbed Desidaria and dragged her kicking and cursing away. Andre held tightly to him and they rolled across the ground. Andre sent Trevor flying across the room and howled a retreat. Trevor raced after them, jumping through one of the broken windows as they piled into vans and sped away. He could hear Desidaria screaming and he let out a mournful howl.

The tiger joined him outside, both knowing they couldn’t outrun cars and shifted. The man offered his hand ” I’m Rashad Breedan. I’ll help you any way I can. Did you make out any plates?” Trevor shook the mans hand briefly “no, no I didn’t. What are we supposed to do. I don’t know where their new den is and since they brought cars I can’t track their scents.”

“you do know them though?”


‘well then we’ll find them/ You be able to tell the police just what they all look like so you’ll have the help of everyone. As a wolf I know you have a pack so that means you have an arsenal of people willing to help you get her. Lets start by giving police detailed sketches and then you should go tell your pack and ask for help.”

“How am I supposed to do those things while they have her?”

“Because it’s all you can do. You know as well as I we couldn’t outrun vans.” There had already been police at the function so he was able to rattle off his descriptions as fast as the sketch artists could hear them and put it to paper. It felt like it took forever. When he was done they wanted a statement but Trevor refused. He needed to get to his pack and let them know what happened and exchange ideas on how to proceed. The human cops weren’t going to be abel to do anything, try as they may. His pack needed to ahndle this and teach those bastards a lesson.

“Rashad please come with me.” Trevor said as he shifted back to his wolf form. Rashad followed suit and they ran down the road. He howled as they stepped on the property his pack inhabited. The wolves came running out of the house as he and Rashad took their human forms. “Trevor where is Desidaria?” A young teenage boy asked.

“You smell distressed, what has happened?” A woman asked.

“My mate and your alpha female has been taken by Andre and his new pack.” Trevor answered. The pack gasped, a wave of rage moving through them. “They set a trap for me and Desidaria. Andre and Luna are now our enemies and traitors. We must search high and low for them. This man is Rashad and he will assist us.” Rashad nodded. “Frieda, take half the pack and scour the woods, Angelo take a quarter of the pack and search the West half of the city, Helios take the last quarter and search the East side. Rashad and I will try to track down some of the younger members of Andre’s pack. I recognized some of their scents. Anyone who is pregnant or have children stay here. I will not risk your safety. Go now and stay safe.” They all stripped down and shifted, a small group staying as ordered.

“What can you tell me of this Andre?” Rashad asked.

“He was one of my betas. He left with a few others when I refused to give Desidaria up a second time. He’s a cold hearted, coniving bastard who hates anyone who would mate with anything other than their own species. This is his revenge.”

“He sounds like the kind of man who will make mistakes in his blind quest for vengeance. Perhaps we should search around the building where she was taken. Perhaps you will find a scent to follow.”

They both shifted again and went back to the building where the event was held. Maybe there was atleast a wolf or two who didn’t come in a car. When they arrived they both slowly walked around the outside of the building. A magnitude of smells filled their noses due to how many people were at the party. To Trevors glee he found one. There must have actually been some that ran there. He was glad such fools left his pack. Now he had a direct link to where Desidaria was as long as nothing had obscured the trail.

He motioned for Rashad to follow and they bounded off. They ran hard and determinedly, leaving deep paw prints in the soft earth. They saw that this wolf was inexperienced because they could tell he tried to run softly as to not leave prints but they were still there. This had to be a fairly young wolf that made this mistake. They didn’t mind leaving prints because it would give his pack somthing to follow if they came up empty where they were going.

Desidaria was doind her best not to panic and stress for her babys sake. She was more pissed than anything to be tied up in a van with these assholes. “do you jerks really have nothing better to do than to worry about me?” A wolf she didn’t recognize scowled at her “shut you’re disgusting mouth. Moonborns are the lowest of the low. How dare you pretend to be one of us. You aren’t and you’ll never be.”

“I’m not the one pretending here. You are all weak, misguided fools and you will continue to be so if you follow Andre and an old way of thinking. You had to ambush us in a crowded room full of humans just to get me away from Trevor. Andre is scared of Trevor.”

The wolves with her growled. “A moon born bitch like you knows nothing of wolves. Andre is going to teach you and Trevor a lesson neither of you will ever forget.”

She was surprised they had not commented on the fact she was pregnant with Trevor’s child and wondered if they didn’t know. Trevor had known before she even took the test. He had said she smelled different. She wondered if Trevor’s scent was masking her own since they were always together unless she was at work. She was terrified for their baby. “Trevor will come for me.” She said, putting all her faith in her mate.

“And when he finds you he will be ready to step down as alpha and admit he was wrong.”

“You obviously don’t know my Trevor very well. He’s going to be very angry and will come at you and your master like a rabid dog. If you don’t want to die or end up severely injured I suggest you stay out of his way.”

Trevor was surprised when the young wolf’s scent headed back into the city. He and Rashad followed it to an apartment complex. They moved silently across the parking lot and to the front door of the wolf’s apartment. They shifted shape and Trevor knocked on the door. They heard running footsteps and Rashad took off, heading to the back of the building. Trevor heard a yelp then went around to see Rashad holding a teenage boy by the back of his shirt. There was something off about the boy’s smell.

“You’re a half breed.” Trevor said and the boy froze. “Why would Andre have you in his pack?”

“It’s because I’m his son.” The boy was obviously terrified of not only Trevor, but the tiger that had a hold of him.

Trevor was in shock. His mind actually stopped working for a breif passage of time until his heart rate brought him back into the hunt for his wife. “but you are half human. He doesnt like I’m with Desidaria because she started out as human.” Trevor said, still not beliving what he was finding out. “Yeah, my mother and him didn’t end well. She got tired of his..well I guess his animalistic ways and left him. He tried to keep things between them but my mom just didn’t want him any longer. I’m guessing that’s why he hates you and Desidaria being together so much. I woudln’t dare say to him he’s jealous but I think it hurts him to see you two when things didn’t work with my mom. That or he’s just still angry but regardless, even if it’s anger at mom there’s still jealousy in there that you keep your human female as a mate and he couldn’t keep my mother”

“why is he around you then?”

“Well he still loves me. I think he still even loves my mother but she wont budge. She is determined to never be with him again. He eventually gave up trying and just got angry”

“where is your father taking her? We aren’t afraid to hurt you even though you’re a kid. You participated in your fathers venture so you’ll be treated as anyone else. Where is he taking her.”

“I’m not telling you. I wont betray my father” Rashad tightened his grip and Trevors voice became much more threatening “where did he take my mate. If you don’t answer again my friend and I will rip you apart. Do you really want to risk that?” The young wolf just stared, as if pondering what to say. He sighed and looked away in shame. “fine….just dont tell my father I guided you. I will take you most the way. I don’t truly want her hurt either…I only helped because I dont want him to abandon me”

“Any man who abandons his child is a coward.” Rashad let him go and the young man gave a sigh of relief.

“My name’s Lysander by the way.” He said as he pulled his clothes off and put them through the window.

“I take it your mother is a fan of Shakespeare.” Rashad said and shifted.

“No, my dad is.” He and Trevor shifted shape then they all three headed back out of the city. Trevor tried not to think of what could be happening to Desidaria. She had never been one to mince words and now that she was pregnant and her hormones were had her on an emotional roller coaster she might say something that Andre would hurt her for.

The van finally came to a stop and the back door was pulled open. Two men dragged her out and across the leaf covered ground to and old barn. They were followed by a pack of wolves, some in wolf form and others in human for. She could smell blood on some of them from the wounds Trevor and the tiger had given them. The inside of the barn smelled musty and she fought the urge to sneeze as dust filled her nostrils. She was taken to an old horse stall where a metal collar was put around her neck and the ropes were removed.

“Well, well, we’ll look at this.” A voice said from the shadows. Andre dropped down in front of her, making her jump. “That collar suits you Desidaria.”

“Let me go and I can tell Trevor to forget about this.”

“It sickens me that he would take orders from a moon born weakling. His scent is all over you.”

“Glad to know your nose is working.” He growled and slapped her. She glared at him and that seemed to make him angrier.

Lysander lead them deep into the woods where Trevor caught Andre’s scent. Lysander came to a halt and they shifted shape. “This is as far as I take you. Will you kill me now to keep me quiet?” He said.

“Andre has not taught you enough. Pack law says children are protected until they turn eighteen. You look like you have a couple of years left before then so it was an angry bluff and nothing more. Hopefully Andre remembers this when he is handling my pregnant mate.”

“Pregnant?” Lysander looked worried. “None of us knew she was pregnant. Oh no, dad doesn’t know. Your smell is all over her so no one knows.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I can’t go with you, but if you keep heading south you’ll find a very big, very old oak tree. Head south east from there and you will find your mate. Please try not to kill my dad. I know you may have to, but please show him mercy if you can.”

“I don’t believe in killing people unless you absolutely have to. If your father doesn’t force my hand you will still have them after this is done. I especially will hold back since he has you. It would be cruel to leave you without a father if I could have spared his life”

“Thank you” Lysander said with genuine thankfulness. Trevor and Rashad shifted again and took off in the direction Lysander instructed. Trevor was only more pissed off that Andre had been in love with a human woman and probably still was. He would dare hurt his mate and judge him when he himself had fallen in love with a human woman. It was hypocrtical and he needed to grwo up. Not all relationships are meant to be and he needed to realize he shoudlnt condemn all wolf and human relationships because his failed.

They found the oak tree then started going south east as instructed. They ran as fast as they could. Trevor was impressed at how well Rashad was keeping up with him. Trevor guessed it shouldnt shock him since Rashad was obviously a military man. His uniform had been well decorated so he must be high up in the military. Trevor was already very grateful for the mans assitance and would think of a way to thank him once all was done and Desidaria, along with their baby was safe at home.

Chapter Two

They finally came up on a barn where Trevor found his mates scent and knew she was bleeding. He let out a growl and ran faster. He was glad Andres son had not led them astray. The other wolves spotted them and let out a warning howl to their leader that was still in the stall with Desidaria. Once their leader was warned they began to run at Trevor and Rashad.

Rashad’s roar was loud and terrifying, shocking the coming wolves so they skidded to a halt and stood frozen in fear long enough for Trevor to speed through their ranks. They came back to their senses, some chasing him and others attacking the large male tiger that was more than twice their size. Trevor howled, not only warning Andre, but calling his own pack to him. He knew they would race to help him and Rashad save Desidaria and the future of their pack. He slipped inside the barn and turned to face the wolves behind him. His fur stood on end and he bared his sharp canines, daring them to attack. Their submissive nature go the best of them and they started to back off.

More howls filled the night and they raced out of the barn as Trevor’s pack broke through the woods and began assisting Rashad. Trevor turned away from the door, coming face to face with a large silver wolf. Andre growled at him and Trevor growled back, staring into his eyes. They circled each other, snapping their teeth and barking angrily. They were suddenly on each other, biting and snarling until their coats were matted with blood. Trevor grabbed Andre by his scruff and through him into a pile of old crates that crumbled under the wolf’s weight. They shifted to their human forms, Andre struggling to his feet.

“Give me my mate.” Trevor commanded, his eyes blazing with rage.

“Or what oh mighty alpha, will you kill me?”

“If I must, but I would rather not.”

They heard footsteps and a few of his pack members, as well as Rashad, came in. Two of them had Lysander by his arms. “I told them to let him go, but they would not listen.” Rashad said.

“Release the boy.” Trevor said and they dropped him. “Are you okay child?”

“Yes, I’m fine. They didn’t hurt me.” Lysander answered. “Father you must let Desidaria go, she is not our enemy and she is pregnant. Please, this is why mom didn’t want you. You think only with the wolf, please or he’ll kill you. Not even our pack knows what I truly am, that you are a hypocrite and a liar.”

Andrea growled but knew the damage was done. They would ask questions and learn of his secret mate. He knew that too was why she didn’t want him, he was too ashamed of being with her when he should have been proud because she was an amazing woman. Andre just kept growling in his frustration. He didn’t want his pack to see him back down but it was hard to ignore the pleas of his only son. The baby he had with the woman he still loved. Andre knew he had to give up since all his followers seemed to be down. “fine, take her and go. She’s stinking up the place anyway Trevor”

“do you plan on telling your pack about your son there?” Andre growled “falling in love with his mother was foolish…look where it ended up. Desidaria will leave you too”

“No she wont, I don’t only think and act like an animal. I know how to be a person. Where is my mate?” Andrea walked and Trevor followed. Andre undid her collar and she got up, flying into Trevors arms. He growled again even though he was happy. Andrea had obviously hit her. “you’re a sad excuse of a man for hurting her”

“just take her and leave me alone. Set yourself up to be me, kid yourself”

“you are so stupid Andre. Your only problem is not taking personal responsibility for wrecking your own relationship. If you could take responsibility for your actions and see you have faults maybe Lysanders mom would want you.”

“he’s right dad” Lysandered dared to speak. Andre growled “aren’t you going to take her home?”

“dad! Are you still going to be a lieing, self centered fool! Just listen to sombody for once in your life” Lysander dared again. “your mother wont even speak to me anymore. How do you even suppose there’s fixing anything. She just quit talking to me”

“because you dont really talk to her. You throw a tantrum and dont honestly listen to what she has to say, thats not talking dad. I woudlnt want to talk to you either if you treated me how you did her” Andrea growled but frowned “You’ve gotten brave Lysander……do you think she woudl talk to me…if you promised for me that I would listen.”

“I think so, but you really cant throw another tantrum. Talk to her like a man instead of getting frustrated.”

“What if I lose my temper again and she throws me out?”

“If you can’t act like a person and treat her with the love and respect she deserves then I will leave your pack and join Trevor’s where I will not be looked down upon and my mother will be treated fairly. Be honest with the pack and my mother, stop hating good people because you are bitter and I will not only be proud to call you alpha, but father as well.”

Andre huffed and crossed his arms. “Fine, I will do as you say. My pack will leave you alone Trevor, take your mate and go.”

“I have to give you something first.” Desidaria said.

“Oh really, what exactly?”

“She turned and swung at Andre, catching him off guard as she caught him with a right hook. It nearly knocked him down. “If you ever, ever touch me again I will gut you, skin you, and mount your pelt on my wall.” Trevor grabbed her and pulled her back into his arms.

“You got that?” Trevor was having such a hard time not laughing and cleared his throat to keep it at bay.

“I understand.”

“Good, now go talk to Lysander’s mother and stop being an ass.”

“Her name is Titania.”

“And you must be her Oberon.” Desidaria said, her tone dripping with sarcasm. Andre glared as Trevor lifted her and carried her out of the barn. Andre’s pack members were injured, but all were alive. Trevor and Desidaria’s pack howled with joy when they saw she was alive and well. They ran over to her, the youngest of them whining. “I’m okay everyone, calm down and go home. This fight is over.”

“Rashad, you are welcome to stay with us if you like. It has been a long night.” Trevor said.

“Thank you sir, it would be an honor.”

They got home as quickly as they all could. Trevor laying Desidaria in there bedroom then showing Rashad which room he could have for the evening. He bid Trevor goodnight and asked him to tell Desidaria goodnight. Trevor thanked Rashad again before going to his mate “does your face hurt?”

“No, the adrenaline from being so angry took care of that”

“I’m so sorry I failed you”

“You didn’t fail me, you saved me and brought me home”

“How’s our little one?”

“Fine, but we can go get me checked out if that would make you feel better.”

“see how soon you can get an appointment tomorrow”

“I will, early in the morning”

“do you want a drink or anything?’

“I want a shower, water then to sleep”

“Let me get the shower going. I’ll rub you while we’re in there” Trevor said then kissed her. Trevor got up and readied the water before getting Desidaria. She had already stripped so he just had to before they got in. They got clean and then Trevor rubbed her until he felt sure she was completely loose. “thank you so much” Trevor kissed her shoulder “anything for you” They got out and Trevor grabbed shorts “get in bed and I’ll bring you water.”

“ok” Desidaria said even though she felt she could get her own. She knew Trevor needed to tend to her to feel better even though he hadn’t failed her or their baby in any way. She knew he was especially worried for the baby even though he hadn’t hit her stomach so she wasn’t worried any harm had befallen their little one. Trevor came back with water which she downed in one go. Trevor frowned “I’m sorry you had to be so thirsty”

“stop being a puppy. You are my hero babe. You didn’t fail tonight. You brought me and our baby home. You’ve also made Andre into a better man”

“I hope things work out for him”

“I’m sure it will” They got close in the bed and Trevor ran his hands lightly over his mate to help ease her. Desidaria sighed as her skin became blanketed in goosebumps. “Oh I love you” Trevor smiled “I love you too. I’m sure if you think our baby is fine they are but it’ll ease me for a doctor to say so”

“I know” He rubbed her for awhile longer then held her close. He took in her scent over and over until he was able to go to sleep. He was glad Andre wouldnt be a threat any longer and that his two loves had come out of the ordeal unscathed or disappointed in him for not keeping them safe. Desidaria was able to get her appointment the next day and they assured them both the bay was still perfectly healthy. They went out and and bought stuff for sundaes to celebrate and some movies from Redbox to watch together. Rashad decided to spend the day with them since they both said he was welcome to.

Andre stood on the front porch of Titania’s home, waiting for Lysander to bring her out. He could hear them arguing inside and sighed. He knew he should just leave and never come back. The talk with his pack had not gone well and only a small few had stayed. He finally got tired of the yelling in the house and went inside. He found them in the kitchen, Lysander pleading with his mother.

“There’s no reason to yell at him Titania, he’s just trying to do something good. Lysander why don’t you go outside and practice shifting. You still can’t do it on the run and it’s very important you learn.”

“Yes sir.”

Lysander walked out and Andre waited until he heard the front door close before turning his attention to the woman he loved. “I promised him I would listen to what you have to say and that I wouldn’t lose my temper. So you say what you have to say and I’ll say what I have to say and we’ll go from there.”

He leaned against the counter and crossed his arms, waiting. Titania took a deep, calming breath and said, “You are a selfish, idiotic wolf who is ashamed of his own son and the woman you claim to love. You act like a child when things don’t go your way and turn into a wild, snarling beast. I tried more than once, but every time it ends badly. I still love you Andre, but I can’t this anymore.” A tear slid down her cheek and he reached out, quickly wiping it away.

“I’m sorry Titania.” She looked up at him in shock, he could see it there in her eyes. “I know I’m a bastard and I’m sorry. I am a wolf, a wild animal, but I am also a man with a brain. I don’t always use it and I sometimes get so frustrated that all I want to do is growl because I’m not good with words, but I really love you and our son more than anything. I did something horrible last night because I was jealous of my old alpha. I plan on begging him to let me and my pack into his and apologizing as best as I can, but not until I have you back. I’m I’ll tempered, I’m far to stubborn, and easily frustrated, but I promise that if you give me another chance that I will change for you and Lysander.” He dropped down on his knees in front of her. “This is me, an alpha and a proud man, begging you to take me back.”

Titiana didn’t know what to say. She could barely believe her eyes. The man who had never so much as apologized for a thing was on his knees. He could tell she was a little overwhelmed by him getting down but he would do anything to have her again. He had been a fool and selfish but he honestly loved her then and now. “what would your pack say? All they have to do is disapprove and I’m nothing to you again…” She said and Andre frowned with a heavy heart and bowed with his hands on the floor. It shocked Titiana even more “please…this is the last chance I need. I need you Titiana and I am truly sorry. I was so stupid, I’ve missed you so much it’s only made me into an Aguirre man. I have already told my smaller pack my love for you. I’m not ashamed of you and I’m not ashamed to beg as much as I need to because of my desperate need for you. I’ve never loved any woman like I’ve loved you”

“you really are serious” Her tone drenched in disblief. “get up Andre” she said softly and he did. She hugged him “I forgive you but this is your last chance. I will never take you back if you act like you did before or are ever ashamed of us. A man who loves his family should never be ashamed of them” He hugged her crushingly tight as tears forced their way out “thank you so much. You ahve no idea how I’ve longer to hold you again”

“I’ve missed you too.” Her voice told him he was holding her too tight and he loosened his grip. Andre pulled back enough to kiss her. It felt so powerful to have their lips together that he held it until she pulled away. “so you’re leaving?”

“not yet, I want to be with you right now. I’ve had to miss you so long because I was an ass” She smiled and wiped his face. After he had a few hours with them he asked “could I bring you with me to Trevors…I dont want us to be apart..” she smiled “of course I’ll go”

Trevor wrestled with Rashad while Desidaria watched and laughed. She enjoyed seeing her mate so carefree and found it incredibly cute when these big tough men wanted to play like puppies and kittens. The men quickly broke apart when a car pulled up and Andre got out with Lysander and a woman that they all knew had to be Titania. They immediately went on the defensive and Desidaria knew if they had been in animal for their hairs would have been standing on end.

“Trevor, what are you doing here?” Trevor asked, doing an amazing job of not yelling.

“I have come to beg forgiveness and ask that you except me and my family into your pack. I know I do not deserve it, but if not me then please except Titania, Lysander, and the rest of my pack. I will never for another pack if you refuse.” Andre answered and dropped down so he was on all fours, his head down so the back of his neck was exposed.

Trevor didn’t know what to say or think. He had never seen this side of his old beta so was very confused and skeptical. He also didn’t like it when lower ranking wolves bowed to him. He was an alpha, not a god. Desidaria stood and moved to stand next to her mate. Even though Andre had threatened and hit her, she could still find it in herself to forgive him. “Andre you do not have to bow to us, we are all equals here.” She said softly and Andre looked up at her. “Please stand.”

He got to his feet and looked to Trevor.”Do you also forgive me?”

“If Desi says yes then so do I. Welcome home brother.”

He smiled and held his hand out to Titania, she took it and he pulled her in front of him. “Thank you for your forgiveness. This is Titania, my mate and Lysander’s mother. I would ask during the next full moon that you make her moon born.”

“Is that what she wants?” Trevor asked.

“Yes, it is. We talked about it before, it didn’t go well, but now it’s set in stone.” Titania said with a warm smile.

“Very well, I will have it arranged, but for now why don’t you all join us for dinner. I was planning on barbequing some steaks and having Desidaria make mashed potatoes and green beans.”

“We would love to, thank you.” They smiled at each other, the previous night forgiven. Trevor would let his pack know that they would be recieving some new and one old member into the pack. He lifted Desidaria and carried her inside as the tohers followed. A feeling of warmth and happiness filled the house as they talked and laughed.


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